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A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 11, Stepney, Bethnal Green. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1998.

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NOTE. An italic page number denotes a map or figure on that page. A page number preceded by the letters pl. refers to one of the plates between pages 138 and 139.

Buildings, streets, and localities are in Bethnal Green except where otherwise stated. The municipal ownership of housing estates, so described to distinguish them from landed estates, is indicated by the abbreviations G.L.C., L.C.C., M.B., or T.H., all other housing estates being company owned or private. M.E.N.T. denotes Mile End New Town, M.E.O.T. Mile End Old Town.

A Child of the Jago,

Abbey, the, see Wilmot's Folly

Abbey Pl.,

Abbey (formerly Benal Abbey, later Buckfast) St.,

Abbott, John, bldr.,

-, Cath., dau. of Sir John, see Chicche
-, Joan, dau. of Sir John, see Vaughan
-, Sir John,
-, Marg., dau. of Sir John, see Heryng
-, Margery, w. of Sir John,

-, Eve, wid. of Sim. of, see Causton
-, Sim. of, draper,
-, Steph. of,

Abingdon (Severne, later Herald) St.,

Academy Ct., The,

Acres Land,

-, Caroline,
-, Cecily, w. of John, see Green
-, Harriot, see Middleton
-, John,
-, Nath.,
-, Nath. Lee,
-, Wm.,

Ada Pl.,

Ada Ho. (L.C.C.), flats in Pritchard's housing est.,

Adam, John,

Adam le Despenser,
-, his w. Cath., dau. of Salomon,

Adam, s. of, see Walter

Adam, s. of Edrich of Aldgate,

Adam, s. of Liefing (Lyving),

Adam, s. of Raymond, n

-, Edw.,
-, -,

Additional Curates Soc.,

Adelphi Terr., in W. Bethnal Green,

Adelphi Terr., Old Ford Rd.,

Africa, beads for,

-, Fred. (fl. 1817),
-, Fred. (fl. 1849),

Agent Nurse's ho. (M.E.O.T.),

Agombar fam., boot makers,

Ailnod of London,

Ainsley St.,

Ainsworth, Rob., lexicographer,

Alan le Baud,

Alan the draper, s. of, see Pentecost

Alba, bp. of, see Deuza

Albany Terr., Old Ford Rd.,

Albert, Prince Consort,

Albert Rd., see Waterloo Rd.

Albion brewery, Whitechapel Rd.,

Albion St., see Arundel St.

Albion St., Duke St.,

Aldgate, see London, Aldgate

Aldgate, see Benet, s. of Wm. of Aldgate; Crepyn, Ralph; Edrich of Aldgate; Terricus of Aldgate

Aldgate Ho., see Corner Ho.

Aleford (? Old Ford), see Rob. of Aleford

Alexander of Stepney,
-, s. of, see Thos.
-, wid. Angeline,

-, Anne, w. of Wm.,
-, Geof.,
-, Sir John, mayor of Lond.,
-, Maud, w. of Geof., m. 2 Gatyn, Thos.,
-, Rob.,
-, Wm.,

Alfred, s. of, see Edm.

Algar, ? father of Cole, Wm.,

Algatestreet (Aldgatestreet, Algatestrete, later Whitechapel High St.) in Whitechapel,

Algodsmill, on the R. Lea,

Algor (Algar):
-, Jas.,
-, Marg., w. of Jas.,
-, Ric.,

Algoryshyde, in Stepney,

Algot', s. of, see Edm.

Alice, dau. of Salomon of Stepney and w. of John of Wittenham,


Aliens Act,

-, Anne, w. of Hen., wid. of Ric. Elkyn,
-, Hen.,

All Saints, Poplar, see Poplar

All Saints' Mission, Vyner St.,

-, Eliz. (Dallock), w. of Rob.,
-, Rob.,

Allen & Hanbury, manufacturing chemists,

-, Agnes, w. of Sir Guy de,
-, Sir Guy de,

-, Maud, w. of Rob.,
-, Rob.,

Alliance party,

Allinson's Bread Co. (formerly the Natural Food Co.),

-, John (d. 1807),
-, his wid.,
-, John, s. of John,
-, fam.,

Allport's nursery,

Alma Rd. (formerly St. and Pl.),

Alma Terr., see Medhurst Rd.

Almanus, s. of Edw. de Brok,

Alpha, Jas.,

Alstone, Geo., incumbent of St Philip's, n,

Alstonesland, in Poplar man.,

Althans, Hen.,

Alton, Jas.,

Aluric, s. of, see Raymund

Alvares, Jacob,

Alwin, s. of Brihtmar,

Alwy' (? Aswy), Ralph, and see Ashewy

Alzette Ho. (M.B.), flats in Cranbrook housing est., n

-, Dutch, see Caron
-, French,

Ames Ho. (M.B.), flats in Cranbrook housing est., n

Ames Pl.,

Ames St., n

Ames St.,

Amicable Soc. of Master Tradesmen,


Anchor (later part of Sclater) St., and see Ancre, l', P.H.

Anchor St., Lt., see Chance St.

Ancient Order of Foresters,

Ancre, l', P.H., n

Anchor St., n

-, Ant., vicar of Stepney and theologian,
-, Jas., & Sons, bottle manufacturers,

Andrew Plundit,

-, Fras.,
-, Susanna, w. of Fras.,
-, Susanna, dau. of Susanna, see Grunwin
-, Thos.,
-, Wm., n

Angeline, wid. of Alexander of Stepney,

Anglesea (or Artillery) St., pl.

Ann (later Florida) St.,

Annesley, Dr. Sam.,

Ann's Pl., see Pritchard's Rd.

Anti-Racist Committee of Asians in East London,


Antill Rd., in Bethnal Green and Bow,


Appleford, Tim.,

-, Anne, w. of Thos.,
-, Thos.,

Approach (Rd.) (M.B.) housing est.,

Approach (formerly Victoria Park) Rd., n,

-, Ric.,
-, Wm.,

Arberry Rd., n,

Arbeter Fraint,

Arbour Sq., Mile End,

Archall's (or Archill, ? recte Orchil) factory,

architects, see Armstrong & MacManus; Ashpitel; Baily Garner; Baines; Bennett, T. P., & Son; Blashill; Blomfield, Sir Art.; Blore; Bodley, G. F.; Bodley & Garner; Booth, Ledeboer & Pinckheard; Brandon; Busby, Chas. Augustus; Champneys; Clarke, T. Chatfeild; Clutton; Cutts; Dance, Geo. the elder; Darbishire; Darby; Davis, Hen.; Davis & Emanuel; de Soissons; Dunn; Durst; Emden & Egan; Emmanuel, Ern.; Feilden & Manson; Ferry; Fleming, Owen; Forshaw; Fry, Drew, Drake & Lasdun; Giles & Gough; Goldie; Gray (Chas.), Searle & Son; Habershon, W. G. & E.; Hamilton, Ian; Hamilton, Wakeford & Partners: Harston; Hills; Howes & Jackman; Jones, Harold; Jones, W. Alban; Joseph & Smithem; Kemp, L. H.; Knightley; Legg; Lewis, J. A.; Lyons, Israel, Ellis; Maliphant; Moffett, Noel, and Associates; Monson; Mundy; Newman & Billing; Ordish; Pearlman Moiret Associates; Pennethorne; Plumbe; Poulton; Railton; Robinson, P.; Robson, E. R.; Skinner, Bailey & Lubetkin; Soane; Solomon, Lewis; Stevenson; Tapper & Lewis; Tarring; Tite; Vulliamy; Wakeford, Jerram & Harris; Walker, T. L.; Waterhouse; Webb, Anne; White, Wm.; Wigginton; Williamson; Wontner Smith; Woodman; Wyatt, T. H.; Yorke, Rosenberg & Mardall

Ardent Ho. (T.H.), flats in Lanfranc housing est., n

Argos Ho. (G.L.C.), flats adjoining Minerva housing est.,

Arline St.,

Armagh, abp. of, see Segrave

Armorer, Thos.,

Armstrong & MacManus, architects,

Arnold Circus, Boundary St. housing est.,

Arran Terr., Victoria Park,

Art of Boxing,

Artichoke Lane, Wapping,

Artichoke P.H., Cambridge Rd.,

Artillery Lane, see Petticoat Lane

Artillery St., see Anglesea St.

Artisans' Dwelling Act,

artists' studios,

Arts Metal Crafts Ltd., n

Arundel (or Albion) St.,

Ashewy (Aswy, Eswy):
-, Adrian,
-, Ralph, mayor of Lond. (d. 1247),
-, Ralph, s. of Ralph,
-, Sir Steph.,
-, Thos., prebendary of St. Paul's cath.,
-, and see Alwy'

Ashington Ho., see Orion Ho.

Ashley's mission,

Ashpitel, Art., architect,

Ashwell, Jos.,

Ashwell (Herts.),

Ashwell St.,

Ashwyes Great Field, in Whitechapel and Mile End,

Ashwyes (or Mile End) man.,
-, man. ho.,

Askew, John,

Askey, T. W. H.,

Aspinall, Nic.,

Ass Park, and see Patience St.


Assiter (Ossiter):
-, John,
-, Ruth, w. of Wm.,

assize of bread and of ale,

Association of Jewish Socialists,

Assumptionists, see Augustinians of the Assumption

Aston, Wm. of,

Aswy, see Ashewy



Atfenne, John, see Fenne


-, Ric.,
-, Wm.,

Atkinson, Wm.,

Attractive Cinema,

Aubrey, s. of Baldwin,

-, Sam. Chas.,
-, Thos.,

Auckland Rd., see Zealand Rd.

-, Eliz., w. of John, see Chedworth
-, John,
-, Thos., Ld. Audley of Walden, Ld. Chancellor,

Augentem, Giles,

Augustinians of the Assumption (Assumptionists),

-, Chris.,
-, John (fl. 1550),
-, Sir John, Bt. (d. 1742),
-, Ric.,
-, Rob. (fl. 1674),
-, Rob., of St. Martin-in-the-Fields (fl. 1692),
-, Thos. (d. 1658),
-, Thos. (d. 1701),
-, Thos. (fl. early 18th cent.),
-, Mr., of Hoxton (fl. 1647),
-, Mr. (fl. 1703),

Austens (Austen) est.,

Austin, Jane,

Austin Friars, see London, Austin Friars

Austin St.,

Austin's gdn.,

Austyn, John,

Avebury (L.C.C.) housing est.,

Aynolf, see Richard

Ayres, Geo.,

Ba, de, see Bathonia

-, John, fishmonger of Lond.,
-, John, s. of John,

Bachelors benefit soc.,

Back Church Lane (Chapel St.), Whitechapel,

Back Lane, later Globe Rd., see Globe Rd.

Back Lane to Whitechapel, in Ratcliff,

Bacon (formerly Sclater), Thos.,

Bacon St.,

Bacon St., Great,

Bacon St., Little,

Bacton St.,

Bacton Tower (T.H.), flats, later part of Digby housing est., n,

Badby, Wm.,

Badby, man., see Old Ford, man. of

Bailey (Bayley):
-, Ann, dau. of Art.,
-, Art.,
-, Kath., see Heath
-, Mr.,

Baily Garner, architects,

Baines, Geo., architect,

Bakehouse, the, part of Stepney man.,

-, Hen., n
-, Martha (Storer), w. of Wm.,
-, Mary,
-, Pet. Wm.,
-, -, bldr.,

Baker's Arms Gdns., see Bourne's Gdns.

Balaam Bros., bldrs.,

-, Ralph of, bp. of Lond.,
-, Ric. of, rector of Stepney,

-, Eliz., dau. of Geo., see Rich
-, Geo. (d. c. 1539), arms,

Baldwin, s. of, see Aubrey

-, Edw., & Co.,
-, Matt.,
-, Thos.,
-, -,

'Balley's Land', see Bailey

Balls Cross (later Ballscross), in Limehouse,

-, Adam, mayor of Lond.,
-, Marg., w. of Adam, see Stodeye
-, Ric.,

Bampfield, Fras.,

Bandon Rd.,

Banfield, Martha, wid. of John Coleman,

-, Providence chap.,
-, Shoreditch tabernacle,
-, Trinity chap.,

Barbados, W. Indies,

-, Dr. Hugh,
-, John,

Barnard, Edw., and see Baynard; Bernard

Barnard's Lane,

Barneby, Thos., rector of Stepney,

-, Agnes, see Wendover
-, Edw.,
-, Eliz., see Baynard
-, Geo., vicar of St. Barnabas, president of Sion coll., and rural dean of Spitalfields,
-, Hen.,
-, Wm.,
-, and see Bernes

Barnet charity ests.,
-, Chancel est.,
-, Jesus Hosp. est.,

Barnet Grove (formerly Hart lane), n,

Barnet Grove (T.H.) housing est.,

Barnet (Herts.) market,

Barnet St. (later Columbia Rd.),

Barnett, Abraham, bldr.,

Barnett Market (M.E.O.T.),

Barnhamme (Barnhammesmead, Bernamesmede), near Old Ford,

Barnsbury man. (Islington),

Barnesley Ho.,

Barnesley St.,

Baroness Rd. (formerly Westminster St.),

Barossa Pl., in Cambridge Heath,

Barretts, bldrs.,

Barrowists, see Brownists

Barrows, Geo.,

Barry, Hilda,

Barsham, Edw.,

Barth, -, gdner.,

Bartlett, Sam.,

Barton, de, see Rob. (? de Barton), dean of St Paul's cath.

Barton Terr., Robinson Rd.,

Barwell Ho., n

Barwells, see Cradfords est.

Barwood (Beardwood), bldr.,

Basefield (M.E.O.T.),

Basse, Hen.,

-, Aline, dau. of Sir Phil., see Bigod
-, Fulk, bp. of Lond.,
-, Sir Phil.,

-, Geo., n
-, Jane, w. of Thos., wid. of Turvill, m. 3 Thos. Lawes,
-, Thos.,

-, Eliz. Mary (Morgan), w. of Ely,
-, Ely,

Bates, E., & Co., brickmakers,

Bates (Eliz.) Housing Assoc.,

Bates (Eliz.) housing est.,

Bates (Eliz.) Trust est.,

Bates Pl., in Old Ford Rd.,

Bath St., near Hackney Rd.,

Bath (later Birkbeck) St.,

Bathonia (or Ba), de:
-, Aline, w. of Hen., m. 2 Nic. of Yattendon,
-, Hen.,
-, Joan, dau. of John, see Bohun
-, Sir John de,

Bathonia est.,

Baths Act,

Battle Bridge hosp., Islington and St. Pancras,

Baud, John, and see Alan le Baud

Baxendale St.,

Bayley, see Bailey

Baynard (or Barnard):
-, Eliz., w. of Thos.,
-, Thos.,

Baynes, Wm.,

Bayning, Paul, Vct.,
-, trustees of,

Bayst, Wm.,

Beane, Wm.,

Beardwood, see Barwood

Beasley's gdn.,

Beaumont, Sir Hen., wid. of, see Lovayne, Marg.

Beaumont Sq. (M.E.O.T.),

Beautility, furniture manufacturers,

-, Alice, sister of St. Thos. à,
-, St. Thos à,
-, Wm.,

Beckles, Edw. Hyndman, vicar of St. Peter's and bp. of Sierra Leone,

-, Edith, w. of Rog. of,
-, Hamo of,
-, Hamo, s. of Hamo of,
-, Hen. of,
-, John of,
-, John of (? another),
-, Rog. of,

Bedford, Chris., rector of Bethnal Green,

Bedford, duke of, see Lancaster, John of

Bedford St., see Newport St.

Bedford Terr., Old Ford Rd.,

Bedfordshire, see Thurleigh; Toddington man.

Beechwood Ho. (L.C.C.), Dinmont housing est.,

-, Hugh,
-, Hugh, s. of Hugh,
-, John,
-, Rob.,

Belhaven St.,

Bell Lane, Stepney,

Bellona St., see Matilda Rd.

Belt (Geo.) Ho. (M.B.), flats in Greenways housing est.,

Ben Jonson Rd., Stepney,

Benal Abbey St., see Abbey St.

Benbow, Wm.,

Bencham, in Croydon (Surr.),

Benet of Maneton (or of Stepney),

Benet, s. of Wm. of Aldgate,

Beneyns, in Mile End,


Bening, Arnold, & Son, papermakers,

-, Geo.,
-, Lady,

-, Jas. T.,
-, T. P., & Son, architects,
-, Wm.,

Bennetts, in Mile End,

Bentham (Jeremy) Ho. (T.H.), flats in Mansford housing est.,

Bentworth Ct. (G.L.C.), in Granby housing est.,

Beny Lane,

Benyngfeld, John de,

Berkhamsted (Herts.) sch.,

Berkingclay (Essex),

Berkshire, see Lambourn; Windsor

Berkshire, convalescent home in,

-, John,
-, Marg., w. of John,

Bermondsey (Surr.), n

Bernamesmede, see Barnhamme

Bernard of Stepney,
-, dau. of, see Maud
-, s. of, see Rob.; Rodland; Walter
-, est. of,

Bernard (Barnard):
-, Agnes, wid. of Rob.,
-, Agnes, dau. of Rob.,
-, Rob.,
-, fam.,

-, Hugh de, see Hugh de Berners
-, Sir Ralph de,

Bernes (Barnes), man. of, in Whitechapel,

-, Sir John,
-, John Hen., carpenter and bldr.,

Berwick, Ric.,

Bery, le, part of Pyotts, n

Besant, Sir Wal.,

Bethnal Green (formerly in Stepney), and see Blethenale; Blienhale; Blithenhal(e)
-, acreage,
-, adv.,
-, agric.,
-, almshos.,
-, art galleries and studios,
-, asylums,
-, baths,
-, Excelsior,
-, bomb damage,
-, boundaries,
-, bridges,
-, Buddhists,
-, burial grounds,
-, canals, see Regent's canal
-, chars., and see Poor's Lands est.
-, chs.,
-, St. Matthew (par. ch.), pl.
-, churchyard, social life, and see Bethnal Green, rectors; tithes
-, Episcopal Jews' chap., n, pl,
-, French Protestant ch.,
-, Holy Trinity,
-, vic.,
-, St. Andrew,
-, parsonage, vic.,
-, St. Barnabas, pl.
-, parsonage,
-, St. Bartholomew, churchyard, parsonage, vic.,
-, St. George's chap.,
-, St. James the Great, parsonage, vic.,
-, St. James the Less, parsonage, vic.,
-, St. John, pl. parsonage, vic.,
-, St. Jude, parsonage, vic.,
-, St. Matthias, parsonage, vic.,
-, St. Paul, parsonage, vic.,
-, St. Peter, pl. churchyard, parsonage, vic.,
-, St. Philip, parsonage, vic.,
-, St. Simon Zelotes, parsonage,
-, St. Thomas, parsonage, vic.,
-, coffee hos.,
-, common fields, and see Eastfield
-, common lands,
-, manorial waste,
-, communications,
-, conservation areas,
-, dispensaries,
-, drainage,
-, electricity,
-, estates, and see Austens; Barnet charity; Bishop's Hall; Broomfields; Bullocks; Burgoyns; Byde; Cambridge Heath; Cass; Chambers; Cradfords; Eastfields; Fitches; Fullmore Close; Goosefields; Hare Marsh; Haresmarsh, Great; Jarvis's; Kirby's Castle; Markhams; Milkhouse Bridge; Mill Hill Field; Naylor; Nichol; Penn; Poor's Lands; Pyotts; Red Cow; Rush Mead; Saffron Close; St Paul's; Sebrights; Sickle Penfield; Snow; Sotheby; Thickness; Turney; Tyssens; Willets
-, factories, workshops and warehos.,
-, fire,
-, friendly and benefit socs.,
-, gas,
-, gentrification,
-, geol.,
-, halls and institutes,
-, hermitage,
-, hosps.,
-, housing ests., and see s.v. Bethnal Green, metrop. boro.; G.L.C.; housing assocs. and trusts; L.C.C.; philanthropic bldg. cos.; Tower Hamlets, Lond. boro.
-, ind.,
-, institutions,
-, Jews,
-, lecturers,
-, librs.,
-, local board of health,
-, mkt. gdns., see gdns. and gardeners
-, mkts. and retail trade, pls.
-, medical officer of health,
-, metropolitan boro. (M.B.),
-, as housing authority,
-, housing ests., and see Approach; Bethnal Green; Bondfield (Marg.) Ho.; Burnham; Butler; Cambridge Heath; Claredale; Cranbrook; Delta; Digby: Dorset; Greenways; Hadrian; Hooke Ho.; Lakeview; Lawrence (Susan) Ho.; Mayfield Ho.; Pepys Ho.; Reynolds Ho.; Rogers; Vaughan; Waterlow; Weaver Ho.; Webb (Beatrice) Ho.
-, boro. architect,
-, boundary,
-, mayor,
-, wards,
-, missions, and see Jews, missions to
-, Anglican,
-, Undenominational, andsee Lond. City Mission; Mildmay Mission
-, mortuary,
-, music and music hall,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, academy,
-, omnibus svces.,
-, orphanages,
-, par. divisions,
-, par. officers,
-, pks. and open spaces,
-, police,
-, poor law union,
-, poor relief,
-, pop., n, (hos.),
-, pub. hos.,
-, rlys. and underground rlys.,
-, Bethnal Green Junction sta.,
-, Bethnal Green Underground sta.,
-, rates,
-, rectors, and see Bedford; Gibson, Tim.; Hansard; King, Joshua; Loxham; Wilson; Winnington-Ingram
-, rectory,
-, ho.,
-, relief,
-, roads,
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, schs. and academies,
-, Parmiter's,
-, parochial char., and see Bethnal Green Coll. for Further Educ.; Bishop's Hall, dissenting academy at; Open Coll. of the Arts
-, select vestry,
-, sewerage,
-, slum clearance,
-, soc. life,
-, stocks,
-, theatres and cinemas,
-, tithes,
-, town hall,
-, tram svces.,
-, vestry,
-, clerk, n, and see Brutton, Rob.
-, wards,
-, watchhos.,
-, water,
-, workhos.,

Bethnal green, in Bethnal Green,

Bethnal Green and East London Housing Assoc.,
-, housing est., see Queen Margaret flats

Bethnal Green Charity Organisation soc.,

Bethnal Green Churches' Fund,

Bethnal Green Cinema Co.,

Bethnal Green Coll. for Further Educ.,

Bethnal Green Free libr.,

Bethnal Green Fund,

Bethnal Green Gdns., conservation area,

Bethnal Green health centre,

Bethnal Green hosp.,

Bethnal Green House Property Assoc.,

Bethnal Green (M.B.) housing est., n,

Bethnal Green Museum,

Bethnal Green neighbourhood,

Bethnal Green Philanthropic Pension soc.,

Bethnal Green radical club,

Bethnal Green Rd. (formerly New Cock La. and Church St., q.v.),

Bethnal Green Soc.,

Bethnal Green Times (later Eastern Argus)

Bethnal Green village,

Bethnal Green Working Men's Benevolent soc.,

Bethnal Ho., see Kirby's Castle

Bethnal Ho. lunatic asylum,

-, John,
-, Vincent,

Bevin Ho. (M.B.), flats in Greenways (later Digby) housing est., n

Bhownagree, M. M., (later Sir Mancherjee), M.P.,

Bible Defence Assoc.,

-, Aline (Basset), w. of Rog.,
-, Rog., earl of Norfolk,

-, Giles,
-, Jas. Goden,
-, Pet.,

Billet (Bilert), Wm.,


-, Hen., mayor of Lond.,
-, Wm.,

Bine (?) (? Bohun), Rob. de,

Bird, Wm.,

Bird Cage P.H., Virginia Row, n, n

bird fancying,

Birdcage Walk,

Birding Bush field,

Birkbeck, Geo.,

Birkbeck St., see Bath St.

-, John,
-, Marg, w. of -, see Stodeye
-, Thos.,

-, Jas.,
-, John,

Bishop of London's Fund,

bishop's field at Blithenhale (Bethnal Green),

Bishop's Hall (Bishopshall, Bonner's or Bonner Hall), est. and ho., pl.
-, chap.,
-, dissenting academy at,

Bishop's Rd. (later Way), pl.

Bishop's Stortford (Herts.),

Bishop's St.,

Bishop's Way, see Bishop's Rd.


Bishopsgrove, part of Stepney manorial demesne,

Bishopshall woods,


Bissaker, Mrs.,

Bitter Cry of Outcast London,

Black Bull P.H., Bethnal green,

Black Bull P.H., Thomas St.,

Black Ditch, the,

Black Dog P.H., Bethnal Green Rd.,

Black Eagle brewery, see Truman's brewery

Black Prince, see Edw., Prince of Wales

-, Thos. (d. 1701), wid. of, see Naylor
-, Thos., s. of Thos.,

Blacktop, Edw.,

Blackwall, in Poplar,
-, coach svces.,
-, omnibus svces.,
-, shipbuilding,

Blackwall tunnel,

Blackwell, Ric.,

Blackwood Ho. (L.C.C.), flats in Collingwood housing est.,

-, Martin,
-, Frances, see Foche

-, Ann, see Todd
-, Humph.,
-, Jas., auctioneer and developer,
-, Rob.,

Blanche, John,

Blancmuster, see Wm. de, and Alice his w.,

Blashill, T., architect,

Blenheim Rd., see Zealand Rd.

Blethenale (Bethnal Green),

Blienhale (Bethnal Green), tenement,

Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green, legend of,
-, statue of,

Blind Beggar P.H. in Bethnal Greenn village,

Blind Beggar P.H., Whitechapel Rd.,

Blind Beggar's Ho., see Kirby's Castle

Blisset (later New York) St.,

Blissett (Blisset):
-, Revd. Geo.,
-, Jos. (d. c. 1708),
-, Jos. (fl. 1748),
-, Sar. (née ? Coling or Haynes), w. of Jos. (d. c. 1708),
-, fam.,
-, -,


Blithenhal, see Reimund of Blithenhal

Blithehale, Blithenhale, Blythenhale, and see Bethnal Green

-, Sir Art., architect,
-, Chas. Jas., bp. of Lond.,

Bloomsbury, in Holborn,

Blore, Edw., architect,

Blue Anchor Lane, see Russia Lane

Blue Anchor P.H., in Chance St.,

Blue Anchor P.H., in Russia Lane,

-, Lettice, w. of Wm.,
-, Sim.,
-, Wm.,

-, S.,
-, Wm.,

Blythe (formerly Essex) St.,

Blythenhale Ho. (T.H.), flats in St. Peter's housing est.,

Board of Education Scheme,

Board of Health,

Bodley, G. F., architect,

Bodley & Garner, architects,

body snatching,

-, Felicia, see Frebarn
-, John, potter,
-, John, s. of John,

-, Humph. de, earl of Hereford and Essex,
-, Joan (de Bathonia), w. of John de,
-, John de,
-, and see Bine

-, Cath., see Falk
-, Marg., see Mitton
-, Phil.,
-, Rog.,

Bokkemad, near Old Ford,

Bold Defiance,

Bolemad, in Old Ford,

Bolyfan mill, see Bullivant mill

Bond, Ben.,

Bondfield (Marg.) Ho. (M.B.), flats, later part of Lakeview (T.H.) housing est., n,


Bond's Pl., Cambridge Heath,

-, Edm., bp. of Lond.,
-, Solomon,

Bonner Hall, see Bishop's Hall

Bonner Lane, N. of Old Ford Lane, see St. James's Ave.

Bonner Lane (later St.), S. of Old Ford Lane,

Bonner Methodist Home,

Bonner Rd.,

Bonner St., n,

Bonner's Fields,


-, Chas.,
-, Steph.,
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

Booth, Chas., social reformer,

Booth, Ledeboer & Pinckheard, architects,

Border's gdn.,

Boreham St.,

-, Jane, w. of Wm., wid. of Thos., Lord Wentworth,
-, Mary, dau. of Wm., see Moore
-, Wm.,

Borough, the (Southwark),

Borough of Bethnal Green Working Men's club,

Borton, R., bldr.,

Bothe, John,

Bothelelcroft (unlocated),

Botulph, John,

Boucher P.H., n

Boult (Adrian) Ho. (T.H.), flats, part of Mansford housing est., n

Boundary St. (formerly Cock Lane), pl.

Boundary St. gdns.,

Boundary St. (L.C.C.) housing est. (or scheme), pl.

Bourne, David,

Bourne's (or Baker's Arms) Gdns., n

Bovill, F. A.,

Bow, see Stratford Bow

Bow creek,

Bow neighbourhood,

Bow Rd., in Stratford Bow,

Bow team ministry,

-, Wm., bldr.,
-, W. S., bldr.,

-, Martin,
-, Paul,

Bowes est. (or land), part of St. Paul's est.,

Bowle, John,

bowling, bowling greens,

Bowman, Chris., daus. of,

Bowry, Mary,

Bowry's almshos., in Bromley, pl.

-, Dan., bldr.,
-, Fras.,
-, John of Histon (Cambs.),
-, John (? another),
-, Thos.,
-, Thos. (? another),
-, Sir Wm., ld. mayor of Lond.,

Box, Gillian, wid. of Hen.,

boxing, and see Mendoza

-, Hen., bldr.,
-, Hen., gdner.,

Bradfield (M.E.O.T. and/or Stratford Bow),

Bradford, Revd. W.,

Bradlaugh, Chas., freethinker,

Bradley Ho.(M.B.), flats in Claredale housing est.,

Bradshaw, Wm.,

Brady (formerly North) St.,

Brady St. Bldgs., Stepney M.B., n, pl.

Brady's Bldgs., Hart Lane,

Braemar St.,

Brailey, Wm., carpenter,

Braintree (Essex),

Brampfield, Fras.,

Bramston (or Brampston):
-, Hugh,
-, John (d. 1504),
-, John, mercer,
-, Rog.,

Brand, Thos.,

Brandon, David, architect,

Brasenose Coll., Oxford Univ.,
-, principal of, and see Cawley
-, fellows of,

Brayne, John,

Breedon, Wm., carpenter and bldr.,

-, Idonea, w. of Nic.,
-, Nic.,

Brendmill (Burnt mill) hill, Wapping-Stepney,

Brendwood, John de,


-, Mary,
-, Wm.,

Brewerton, Jas., n

brewhouses and brewing, and see Albion brewery; Truman's brewery; White Hart brewery; Wiltshire brewery

Brice of Shadwell (and of Stepney and Hecham),
-, w. Cath., dau. of Salomon,
-, grds. of, see Ralph

Brice of Stepney, see Brice of Shadwell

brick and tile making,

Brick Lane, n, pls. and see Whitechapel Lane

Bridge (later Roman) Rd.,

Bridgman, Thos., gdner.,

Brien, w. of,

Brierley Gdns. (T.H.) housing est., n,

Brierley St.,

Brigge, Wm.,

Brighton Terr., Bishop's Rd.,

Brihtmar, s. of, see Alwin

Brine (Jas.) Ho. (M.B.), flats in Dorset housing est.,

British and Foreign Schs. Soc. and British schs.,

British Assoc. for Promoting Co-operative Knowledge,

British Brothers' League,

British Columbia (Canada), bishopric of,

British Gas Corp.,

British Gas plc,

British Legion,

British Mission,

British National Party,

British Union of Fascists,

British United Shoe Machinery Co.,

Brittain, Wm.,

Brixton Hill, Lambeth, coach svces. to,

Broad, Wm., gdner.,

Broad St., Ratcliff (later Ratcliff Highway),

Broad St., in Wapping-Stepney,

Broadmead, ? in Shadwell,

Brochenale, see Bethnal Green

-, Capt. Jas.,
-, John,

Brockweir (flats), Bates housing est.,

Brodesfield (Brodfield), in Whitechapel,

Brodow Mead, in Stratford Bow,

Brok, see Edw. de Brok

-, Edw.,
-, Ric.,

Brokestreet, see Brook St.

Bromby, Hen. B., vicar of St. John's,

-, Art.,
-, Cath., wid.,
-, Wm.,
-, Wm (? another),

-, almshos. in,
-, boundaries,
-, mans. of,

Bromley (Kent),

Bromley Hall, man. of, in Bromley,

Bromley marsh, in Bromley,

Bromleystreet, ? in Bromley,

'Brompton Boiler, the', see Bethnal Green Museum

Brook, Sir Basil,

Brook St. (Brokestreet, Jonson Rd.), later Ben in M.E.O.T. and Ratcliff,

Brook St. (Brookstreet), in Ratcliff, and see Hachestreet and Schoolhouse Lane

-, A. J. S. (Tom), mayor of Bethnal Green M.B.,
-, Wm., sr. and jr.,


Broom field,

Broomfields est., n,

-, Dan.,
-, Geof.,
-, Jas.,
-, Jos.,
-, Margaretta,
-, R. B. & Co.,
-, -,
-, fam.,

Brown's gdn.,

-, Arn.,
-, Wm., the elder,

Browning, Rob., heirs of,

Brownists (or Barrowists),

Brownswood man. (Hornsey),

Bruce Grove, see Elmslea

-, Isambard,
-, Marc,

brush manufacturer,

Bruton (Som.),

Brutton, Rob., vestry clerk,

Bruty, Wm., bldr.,

Bryceson, organmaker,

Bryan, Isaac,

Bryant & May,

-, Edw.,
-, Lady Isabella Anne, n
-, Jas., duke of Chandos,
-, Jemima (Egerton), w. of Edw.,
-, J. G. W., n
-, Marg. (Nichol), w. of Jas., duke of Chandos,

Buchtel, Jospa ben Jacob,

-, Eliz., w. of Wm.,
-, Wm.,

Buckfast St., see Abbey St.

Buckhurst (formerly Essex) St.,

Buckingham Terr., Bonner Rd.,

Buckinghamshire, convalescent home in, and see Fleet Marston

Bucointe, Hen.,


builders, developers, and bldg. ind., and see Abbott; Baker; Balaam Bros.; Barretts; Barwood; Berry; Blake, Jas.; Borton; Bowen, Wm. & W. S.; Bowyer, Dan.; Bradbury; Breedon; Bruty; Bumford; Cannon; Catchfield; Catling; Caton; Causdell; Chambers, Geo.; Chidgey; Clapson; Cohell; Colson; Cotterell; Cubitts; Davis Bros.; Dible; Ditchman; Dobbins; Dodd; Dolly; Eele; Evans, John May; Ewin; Farmer, W.; Firne; Fleming, T.; Flick; Forrest; Foskett; Foulkes; Fuller, Fras.; Gadbury; Gadenne; Galton; Gee; Gisby; Godfrey, J.; Goodman, Jas. & Josiah; Gosset; Green, Jas. and Thos. and Wm.; Hall, W. H.; Hallett; Harris, Wm.; Harrison, Thos.; Hartshorne; Hatchell; Hawkes; Hayward; Hewitt; Higgs; Hill, Josias; Holdworth; Holland Thos., Holland & Hannen; Howard; Huxtable; Jackson & Todd; James, Sam.; Jarvis, J., & Sons; Jenkins, J.; Johnson, J. H.; Jones, Wm.; Judd; Laing Homes; Latham; Lealand; Leavitt; Litchfield; Lovell; Lucas; Maryon; Matravers; Mead; Merrett; Miller, Wm.; Minter; Morgan, Jos. Chas.; Naish; Natt; Nicoll; Odell; O'Donnell; Oliver; Olley; Palfrey; Palmer, Wm.; Peppiatt; Perry; Pitt, John; Plunkett; Pollard; Poole, John; Preedy; Price, A. W. and Jas. and John; Reynolds, John; Riley.; Rippin; Robson, John; Rooff, J. & R.; Rowley, R. J.; Rowley Bros.; Saunders, J.; Scott, John; Seares; Selby, Wm.; Shaw, C. S.; Simpson, Wm.; Sleymaker; Smith, Edw. and Noah; South; Structadene Ltd.; Timmins; C. S.; Simpson, Wm.; Sleymaker; Tolly; Toye; Tully; Turner, Wm; Vevers; Vine; Waddilove; Wadley; Walsham; Ward, Wm; Wells, John; Welsh, John; Whyatt; Willcox, Wm.; Willis; Willmott Dixon; Wilmot, David; Winkley, Chas. and Hen.; Wire; Wolveridge, John; Wright, Rob.; Yates, Edw.

Buky St., Wapping,

Bullard, Ric., mercer,

Bullard St.,

Bullard's (formerly Cemetery) Pl., Morpeth St., n,

Bullen Ho. (L.C.C.), flats in Collingwood housing est., n

Bullivant (Bolyfan) mill,

Bullivant river, in Bow and Hackney,

Bullock Hunters,

bullocks, chasing,

Bullocks (Bullock or Clay Pitfield) est.,

Bully Rag Row, see Digby Walk

-, Ed., engraver and bldr.,
-, John, bldr.,

Bumpstead, John,

Bunsen Ho. (M.B.), flats, later part of Lakeview (T.H.) housing est., n

Bunsen St.,

-, Alice, dau. of Phil. de, see Wellington
-, John de,
-, Phil. de,

-, Cecily, see Green
-, Wm.,

-, Eliz., w. of Sir John,
-, John,
-, Sir John,
-, Marg. (d. 1393), w. of Sir Wm., grddau. of John Gisors III,
-, Marg., wid. of Sir Wm.,
-, Sir Wm. (d. 1407),

Burchall, Ric.,

Burdett, Pet.,

Burdett Rd. (M.E.O.T. and Limehouse),

Burdett-Coutts, Baroness Angela,

Burganes, lands in Shoreditch and Hackney, and see Burgoyns

Burgh (de):
-, John,
-, Ric.,
-, Rob.,
-, Thos.,

Burghley, Lord, see Cecil

Burgoyn, Thos.,

Burgoyns (Burgoyn, Burganes) est.,

-, John,
-, Thos.,

burial grounds:
-, plague cem.,
-, and see Bethanal Green, burial grounds; Jews, Sephardim

Burnham (M.B.) housing est., n,

Burnham (Bernham) Sq.,

Burnham St.,

Burns Ho. (M.B.), flats in Bethnal Green housing est.,

Burnside St.,

Burroughs, Jeremy,

Burt (Thos.), Ho. (T.H.), flats in Mansford housing est., n

-, Alesia, w. of John,
-, John,
-, Wm.,
-, Wm., & Sons, dye manufacturers,

Burton & Garraway, merchants,

Burton field,

Burton (later Collingwood) St.,

-, Chas. Augustus, architect,
-, Edw. Scalter,
-, Eliz. (King), w. of Hen.,
-, Hen.,
-, Marg., see Butcher

Busby St.,

-, Edw. Augustus,
-, Marg. (Busby), w. of Edw. Augustus,

Butcher Row, in Radcliff,

-, Chas. Salisbury,
-, John,
-, Revd. John Banks Meek,
-, Sam.,

Butler est.,

Butler (M.B.) housing est., n,

Butler St., pl.

Butt, Jas.,

-, Chas.,
-, Sir Thos. Fowell, Bt.,
-, fam.,

Buxton (formerly Spicer) St. (Bethnal Green and M.E.N.T.),

-, John,
-, Thos. Plumer,
-, Sir Thos.,
-, fam.,

Byde est.,

Byford, John,

-, Joan, w. of John,
-, John,

cabinet making, and see furniture making

Cable St. (formerly Hachestreet, q.v.), in Whitechapel, St. Geo.-in-the-East, and Shadwell,

Cade, Jack,

Cadell Close, n

-, Cornelius,
-, Eliz.,

Calais, and see Staple of Calais, merchants of

Calamy, Edm., biographer,

Calder, Wm., gdner.,

Calvert Ave.,

Calvin St., see Nichol St., Old

-, John of,
-, Maud (Ewell), w. of Steph. of,
-, Steph. of,

Cambridge club,

Cambridge Circus (or Cres.), in Cambridge Heath,

Cambridge Heath (Camprichesheth, Colmrichehath),
-, chap.,
-, turnpike, pl.

Cambridge Heath (or North East London) cemetery (or Kildy's gound),

Cambridge Heath est., in Cambridge Heath,

Cambridge Heath (formerly Lenin) (M.B.) housing est., n,

Cambridge Heath mission,

Cambridge Heath (formerly Cambridge) Rd., pls.

Cambridge Pl., in Cambridge Heath,

Cambridge Rd., see Cambridge Heath Rd.

Cambridge Row, Cambridge Heath,

Cambridge St., off Bethnal Green Rd.,

Cambridge Univ., see Clare Hall

Cambridgeshire, see Catley

Camden Gdns.,

Camden Row,

Camden St.,

Camp, Mrs.,

-, Ann (Hamilton), w. of Jas.,
-, Jas.,

Campbell (Jas.) Ho. (M.B.), flats in Approach Rd. housing est.,

Camprichesheth, see Cambridge Heath

Canada, emigration to,

canals and canal transport,

Cannock, Thos.,

Cannon, Geo., bldr.,

Canon, Wm.,

Canonbury man. (Islington),

Canrobert St.,

Canterbury, John of, see John of Canterbury

-, abp. of, and see Cranmer; Dunstan
-, archdeacon of, see Chichele
-, dean and chapter of,

-, Bridget, wid. of Wm.,
-, Wm.,

Careswyesham (? location),

-, Marg., wid., see Chedworth
-, Thos.,

-, Alan,
-, Anne, w. of Alan,

Carlisle, bp. of, Treasurer,

Carlisle St.,

Carlo, Seth,

-, Mary, w. of Wal.,
-, Wal.,

Carnegie, And.,

Carnell (Cardnall):
-, Abraham,
-, Edw., cowkeeper and brickmaster,
-, Edw., saddler,
-, Sam.,

Caroline St.,

Caron, Noel de, Dutch ambassador,

Carson, Wal.,

-, Ansell,
-, Eliz.,
-, Geo.,
-, Geo., of Hackney,
-, John,
-, Kath.,
-, fam.,

Carter est., see Hare Marsh demesne est.

Carter St.,

Carter St., another,

Carter's Rents,

Cartwright, Ric.,

Cartwright (John) Ho. (T.H.), flats in Mansford housing est., n

Casket St.,

Caslon, Wm.,

Caslon (Wm.) Ho. (T.H.), flats in Patriot Sq. housing est., n

Cass est.,

-, John,
-, John, s. of John,

Castello (atte Castle):
-, Joan, w. of John de,
-, John de,
-, Nic. de,

Castle Ct., Castle St.,

Castle (later Old Castle) St. (later Virginia Rd.),

Castle St., New,

Caswell, John,

Catchfield, Claxton, bldr.,

Catesby, Rob.,

(Ca?)tesplace (? location),

Catherine, dau. of Salomon, m. 1 Brice of Shadwell, 2 Adam le Despenser,

Catherine St., see Winkley St.

Catley (Cambs.),

Catling, Jas., bldr.,

Caton, John, bldr.,

Caunton, John,

Causdell (Cansdell), Wm., bldr.,

-, Christian, w. of Wm. of,
-, Eve, w. of John of, wid. of Sim. of Abingdon,
-, John of,
-, Pet.,
-, Wm. of,

Cawley, Dr. Ralph, rector of Stepney, later principal of Brasenose Coll.,

-, Eliz., dau. of Wm., Lord Burghley,
-, Ric.,
-, Wm., Lord Burghley,
-, Wm., Lord Roos,

-, Geo., merchant of Staple,
-, Marg., see ships

Cemetery Pl., see Bullard's Pl.

Central (undergrd. rly.) line,

Centre St., in Cambridge Heath,

Chadwick, Edwin,

chalk mills,

-, Jeremy, n,
-, Laurence, n

-, Wm. the, see William the chamberlain
-, Maj. -,

-, Geo., bldr.,
-, Jas., n
-, John,
-, Mary, see Dorrill
-, Mr., scrivener,

Chambers est.,

Chambord (formerly Prince's) St.,

Champain, John, n

Champeneys gdn., near Wapping,

Champneys, Basil, architect,

Chance (formerly Lt. Anchor) St., n

Chandler & Co., brewers,

Chandos, duke of, see Brydges

Chandos est.,

Chapel Lane, in Poplar,

Chapel St., see Back Church Lane

Chapel St., near Hackney Rd.,

Chapman, Jas.,

Chapman's gdn., n

Charing Cross hosp.,

Charity, Sisters of,

Charity Organization Soc.,

Charles I,

Charles II,

Charles St., near Bethnal Green Rd.,

Charles St., in Cambridge Heath,

Charles St., near Hackney Rd., see Hassard St.

Charles St., in Whitechapel and Bethnal Green,

Charles Terr., Bishop's Rd.,

Charlotte Bldgs., in the Nichol,

Charlotte Row, see Queen's Row

Charlotte St.,

Charlwood housing est., see Victoria Park Sq., housing est.

Charterhouse, see London, Charterhouse


Chater Ho. (M.B.), flats in Greenways housing est.,

Chaterton, Cecilia (Culverwell), w. of Laur.,

Chaungeour (of St. Ives), Adam,

Chauser, John,

-, Anne, m. - Crosby,
-, Eliz., m. John Audley,
-, Joan, m. Wm. Marowe,
-, Joan, w. of Wm. the elder,
-, John, archdeacon of Lincoln,
-, Marg., dau. of John, wid. of - Carewe,
-, Marg., wid. of Nic., m. 2 Geo. Conghurst,
-, Nic.,
-, Wm. the elder,
-, Wm., s. of Wm.,

Cheeseman Court,

Chelmsford, bp. of, see Watts-Ditchfield

Chelsea, omnibus svces.,

Cheltenham Ladies' Coll., Glos.,

chemical ind.,

Cherker, the, brewery (? location),

'Cherrington Row', n

-, Eliz., wid. of Sir Fras., see Elliott
-, Mr.,

Cheseman, Rob.,

Cheshire, see Davenham; Woodchurch

Cheshire Foundation,

Cheshire St., pl.

Chester, Wm.,
-, his w., wid. of John Stepkyn, q.v.

Chester Pl.,

Chester St.,

Cheyney, John,

-, Cath., w. of John,
-, John,

-, Alice (Clopton), w. of Hen.,
-, Hen.,
-, Thos., archdeacon of Canterbury,

Chichester, bp. of, see Sampson, Ric.

Chidgey, -, bldr.,

Chien Noir P.H., n

Chigwell (Essex) sch.,

-, Harriet (Gascoigne), w. of Thos. Smith,
-, Sam. Preston,
-, Thos. Smith,

children's homes, see Bethnal Green, orphanages

Chilton St.,

Chipping (or High) Barnet (Herts.),

Chisenhale Rd., n,

-, John de, dean of St. Paul's cathedral,
-, John, s. of Sir Wm. de,
-, Sir Wm. de,


Chorley, John,

Christ Church, Spitalfields, see Spitalfields

Christian Brethren, see Brethren

Christian Community (La Communauté Chrétienne),

Christian Instruction Soc.,

Christian (Community) Memorial hall,

Christian Retreat, Sisters of the,

Christian Socialism,

Christian Soc. of Operative Silkweavers,

Christian Tulipeans,

Christine de Monasterio,

-, Jane, w. of John, wid. of Wm. Pyott,
-, John,

Christopher St.,

Christ's Hosp., see London, Christ's Hosp.

-, Jas. (d. 1686), master weaver,
-, -,

Church Action with Unemployment,

Church Army,

Church Bldg. Commrs.,

Church Commrs., see Ecclesiastical Commrs.

Church Passage, Spitalfields,

Church Pastoral Aid Soc. Patronage Trust,

Church Pastoral Soc.,

Church (later St. Matthew's) Row,

Church St. (or Lane, later Bethnal Green Rd., q.v.),

Church St., M.E.N.T.,

Church St., Spitalfields,

Church Terr., Bonner Rd.,

Church ward,

Churchfield, in Limehouse,

Churchstreet, in Ratcliff,

Churt, Nathan (later Baron), M.P.,

Cigne Noir P.H., n

Circle Thirty Three, housing assoc.,

Citizens' Advice Bureau,

City Circuit (Wesleyan),

City Garden Pl.,

City of London brewery,

City of London Chest hosp., see London Chest hosp.

City of Paris P.H.,

City of Nineveh,

City Parochial Charities Fund,

City Rd., Shoreditch and Finsbury,

City Wk., St. Matthew's Row,

Civic Trust,

Clapson, Isaac, carpenter and bldr.,

Clapton, in Hackney,

Clapton, Upper, in Hackney,

Clare Hall, Cambridge Univ., est.,

Clare Hall Cottages,

Clare Hall Ct.,

Clare Hall Row,

Clare St., in Cambridge Heath,

Claredale Ho. (M.B.)), flats in Claredale housing est.,

Claredale (M.B.) housing est.,

Claremont (later Esmond) Rd., see Roman Rd.

Claremont (or Lausanne) St.,

Clarence Pl.,

Clarion Ho. (M.B.), flats, later part of Lakeview housing est., n

-, Edw., broker,
-, Jos.,

-, Eliz., w. of Wm.,
-, Hen.,
-, Sir John,
-, Rob. (d. 1610),
-, Thos., salter,
-, T. Chatfeild, architect,
-, Wm.,

'Clarks Land',

-, David, ?his w. Eliz., see Lodowick
-, David, s. of David,
-, Geo., surveyor,
-, Matt.,
-, Rob.,

Clarkson St.,

Clay Pitfield, see Bullock's est.

Clay Pits, see Tilekilnfield

Clemens, Alf. Ric., vicar of St. Bart.'s,

Clempson, Ben., brewer, n

Clergy, Corp. of the Sons of the, see Corp. of the Sons of the Clergy

Clerk, Rog., baker,

clerk, Ralph the, see Ralph

-, Agnes (Jarvis),
-, Jarvis,

-, ho. of correction,
-, Knights Hospitallers,
-, man.,
-, priory of St. Mary,

Cleveland, earl of, see Wentworth

Clevestreet (later White Horse St. Ratcliff), pl.,

Clive (later George) St. (M.E.O.T.),

Cloker, John,

-, Alice, dau. of Rob., see Chichele
-, Rob.,
-, est.,

Clore, Sir Chas.,

clothing ind.,

Cloutesfield, ? in M.E.O.T.,

Clovilla, Wm. de,

Clowes, Hen.,

Club Row,

Cluff, Wm.,

Clutton, Hen., architect,

Clynes Ho. (M.B.), flats in Greenways, later Digby housing est., n


Coate St.,

Coates, Thos.,

Coates's Farm,

Coates's Lane, see Pollard Row

Cobden Ho. (L.C.C.), flats in Avebury housing est.,

-, Eliz., w. of Reynold,
-, Sir John,
-, Maud, w. of Thos. of,
-, Reynold,
-, Thos. of,
-, Sir Thos.,

Cobhams (or Rumbolds), man. of, in Stepney and Hackney,

Coborn, Prisca,
-, chars. of,

Coborn Rd.,

Cock (or Cox), Ursula,

Cock Hill, Shadwell,

Cock Lane (later Boundary St. and Bethnal Green Rd.),

Cock Lane, New, and see Bethnal Green Rd.

Cock P.H.,

-, Rebecca, w. of Sigismund,
-, Sigismund,
-, Susan (Pyott), w. of Wm.,
-, Wm.,

Code St.,

Codrington Ho. (L.C.C.), flats in Collingwood est.,

Cohell, Sam., carpenter and bldr.,

Cohendezevedo, Jacob,

Cok, Sim.,

Coke, Revd. Edw. Fras., vicar of St. Jas. the Gt.,

Colbourne, J., vicar of St. Matthias, n

Colchester road, the,

Coldharbour (Coleharbour) St.,

-, Alan,
-, Alex.,
-, Amice, wid. of Alan,
-, Asketin (or Anketun),
-, Eldreda, wid. of Asketin,
-, Rob.,
-, Rog.,
-, Thos., n
-, Wal.,
-, Wm.,
-, and see Algar

Cole est., in Stepney and Hackney,

Colebrook, Rob. of,

-, Belinda, see Smith
-, Sir Edw. Art., Baron Colebrooke of Stebunheath,
-, Sir Geo., Bt. (d. 1809),
-, Geo. (d. 1809),
-, Hen. Thos.,
-, Sir Jas.,
-, Sir Thos. Edw., Bt.,
-, barony,

-, Anne, w. of Rob. (III),
-, Cath., wid. of Hen., see Drake
-, Eliz., wid. of John,
-, ? Eliz., see Dallock
-, Hen.,
-, John (d. c. 1662),
-, John (d. c. 1735),
-, Marg., w. of Thos.,
-, Martha, wid. of John, see Banfield
-, Rob. (I),
-, Rob. (II),
-, Rob. (III),
-, Rob. (IV),
-, Steph.,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, Mrs. -,

Colemans est.,

Coles, Geo.,

-, Christine, wid. of Sir Hen.,
-, Sir Hen., mayor of Lond.,
-, ho. of,
-, John, vicar of Stepney, later dean of St. Paul's cath.,

-, Alice (or Amice) Morice, wid., w. of John de,
-, John de, mercer,

Coll Sharp Ct.,

College Ho., Hackney Rd.,

Collesfield (? location),

Colleshach (? location),

Collier, Hen.,

Collier's (Collier or Collyer's) Lane (later Hackney Rd.),

Collier's Row, n,

Colliers, Ric., wid. of,

Collingwood Ho. (L.C.C.), flats in Collingwood housing est., pl.

Collingwood (L.C.C.) housing est.,

Collingwood (formerly Burton) St., near Dog Row,

Collingwood St., in the Nichol,

Collins, Wm. (? alias Hercules),

Collyer's Lane, see Collier's Lane

Colman, J. & J. of Norwich, mustard manufacturers,

Colmrichehath, see Cambridge Heath

Colney Hatch, Friern Barnet,

Colson, Geo., carpenter and bldr.,

Colt, Wal.,

Columber, Sir Phil. de,

Columbia, British, see British Columbia

Columbia Market,

Columbia Meat Co.,

Columbia Rd. (formerly Crabtree Row and Barnet St.),

Columbia Sq.,


Colville Ho. (L.C.C.), flats in Waterloo housing est., n


Commercial Co.,

Commercial Rd. (Whitechapel and M.E.O.T.),

Commercial Rd. East (formerly White Horse Lane) in Ratcliff,

Commercial St., Whitechapel,

Commission for New Churches,

Commissioners for Bldg . Fifty New Churches,

Common Lodging Houses Act,

Commons Preservation Soc.,


Comonfield (or Turney),

Compounding, Cttee. of,

Conduit, Alan at,

Conduit close, and n,

Conduit field,

Coner, see Rob. le

-, Geo.,
-, Marg., w. of Geo., see Chedworth

Congregation of Our Lady (Canonesses of St Augustine),

Congregationalists (Independents),
-, chaps.:
-, Adelphi,
-, Bethnal Green,
-, Ebenezer or Park,
-, Gibraltar,
-, Victoria Park,
-, Virginia,

Connett Ho. (M.B.), flats in Claredale housing est.,

Conservative party,

Conservative Working Men's club,

Constable, Chas.,

-, Alice, wid. of Capt. Jas., see Row
-, Capt. Jas.,

Cook's almshos., M.E.O.T.,

-, Eliz., dau. of Nic. the elder, see Buckeridge
-, Nic., innholder,
-, Nic. the elder,
-, Nic. the younger,
-, Wal., Master of Trinity Ho.,

Cookson, Jos.,

'Coomb' St., see Prince's St.

Coombes, Sam., carpenter,

-, Ant. Ashley, earl of Shaftesbury,
-, Jos.,
-, Thos.,

Cooper's Gdns.,

Coopers' almshos., Ratcliff, pl.

Coppeley, Rog.,

copyholders and copyhold,
-, enfranchisement,

-, Sir Wm., master of the Rolls,
-, -, master of workho.,

Cordova Rd.,

Cordova works,

Cordwainers mead., in Limehouse,

Cordwains, est. in Limehouse,

Cordwell alley, in Limehouse,

Corfield St.,

-, Ric.,
-, -,

Corn Laws,

Corner (later Aldgate) Ho., pl. and see Pyotts est.

-, Hen. de, dean of St. Paul's cath.,
-, Reginald of,

Cornhill, soke of,


-, Joan, w. of Thos.,
-, John (d. c. 1430),
-, John (fl. 1489),
-, Thos. (fl. 1359),
-, Thos. (fl. 1430-72),
-, and see Cornwallis

Cornwall, Sir Edwin, Bt., M.P.,

Cornwall Rd. (formerly St., later Ave.),

-, Sir John,
-, Sir Thos.,
-, and see Cornwaleys

Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy,

Cosen, Edw.,


Costermongers' Union,

-, Alice, dau. of John, see Mitcham
-, John,


Cotterell, Sam., bldr.,

Cotton, Wm.,

Cottrell-Dormer, Florence,

Countess of (Lady) Huntingdon's Connexion,

County of London Plan,

Cousins, T.,

Coventry and Lichfield, bp. of, see Sampson, Ric.

Coventry Ho., private flats in Coventry St.,

Coventry (formerly Suffolk) St.,

Cowdery, Charlotte,

cowkeeping and dairies, and see Carnell; Chalker; Gosdin; Leeds; Wire

Cowley Peachey, man. of, in Cowley,

Coxe, Isaac,

Coxhead, Sir Thos.,

Crab, Rog.,

Crabtree close,

Crabtree Lane (later Crabtree Row and Gascoigne Pl.),

Crabtree Row (formerly Lane, later Columbia Rd.),

Crachlegh (Crachehegh, Crachegg) mill, ? in Hackney,

Cradfords (Cradford, later Kings Field and Barwells) est., n,

Craft Sch. memorial gdns., in Globe Rd.,

Cranbrook (M. B.) housing est., pl.

Cranbrook Pl.,

Cranbrook Rd.,

Cranbrook St.,

Cranbrook Terr.,

Crane Ho. (T.H.), flats in Lanfranc housing est., n

-, Isaac, & Sons, silk-throwsters,
-, Jeremiah,
-, fam., throwsters,

Cranmer, Thos., abp. of Canterbury,

Crash (Cresse) mills, in Wapping,

Crashmills meadow, ? in Wapping,

Crathe's mill, ? in Hackney,

Craven Bldgs., Poyser St.,

-, ? Cecily, w. of Wm., see Green
-, Wm.,

Crepenne, ? in Wapping,

-, Edm.,
-, Mary, wid. of Edm.,
-, Ralph (or of Aldgate), clerk,
-, Ralph, s. of Wal.,
-, Wal. (or of Gloucester),

Crepyn, man. or est., in Stepney and Hackney,

Crescent Pl.,

Cressemills, see Crash mills

Cressingham, Hugh of,

Crevequer, fee of,



Cripps (Stafford) Ho. (M.B.), flats, later in Digby housing est., n,

-, Ellis, ald.,
-, Sir Nic.,
-, his ho.,

Crispin, John,

Cristendom, Rob.,

Croft, Chas.,

Croft Ho. (L.C.C.), flats in Dinmont housing est.,

Crommesplace (? location),

-, Fras.,
-, Sir Hen.,
-, Joan (Warren), w. of Sir Hen.,
-, Sir Ric. (formerly Williams), gent. of the Privy Chamber,
-, Thos.,

Cropats ditch, in Wapping,

Cropats well, in Wapping,

Cropet, stream. in Wapping,

Crosby, Anne, see Chedworth

Cross St., off Cambridge Rd.,

Cross St., off Green St.,

Cross (later Kelsey) St., off Mape St.,

Cross St., in north-west Bethnal Green,

Crosse, John,

Crossfield, see Harefield

Crossley, Thos.,

Crow, John,

Crow & Ledger, est.,

Crowden & Keeves,

Crown, the,
-, as patron of churches,

Crown P.H., n

Crown Row (M.E.O.T.),

Crown Wharf, Globe Rd.,

Crown works, Temple St.,

Croydon, Ric. of,

Cruden, Alex.,

Crull, Rob., rector of Stepney,

Crump, Miss Mary Edith,

Crump, Geo.,

Cubitt Town, in Poplar,

Cubitts, bldrs.,

Cudworth (formerly Newport) St.,

Cuff, Wm.,

Cuff Pl.,

Cullen, D.,

-, Cecilia, dau. of Eliz., see Chaterton
-, Eliz.,
-, Eliz., dau. of Eliz., see Gouge

Cumberland Pl.,

Cumberland St., Shoreditch,

Cumberland Wharf, Green St.,

Curates Pastoral Aid Soc.,

Curr, Allan,

Curtain Rd., Shoreditch,

Curteysfield, near Stepney church,

Curtis, Wm.,

customary tenure,
-, svces., commuted,

Cut Throat Lane, in Shadwell,

Cuthberd's est., see Rush Mead

Cutiller, Rob. le, see Robert

Cutts, J. E. K. and J. P., architects,

Cyclone mills, in Cambridge Rd.,

Cygnet (formerly Swan) St.,

Cyprus (formerly Wellington) St.,

D'Aguilar, Baron, see Pereira

dairies, see cowkeeping

Dallock, Eliz. (? née Coleman), w. of Rob. Allan,

Damien St., Stepney,

Dance, Geo., the elder, architect,

Daniel, heir of Lyving de fonte,

Daniel, s. of Salomon (or of Stepney),

Daniel, Ric.,

Daniel (Danyel) est.,

Daniel St., and n,

Dannetts field,

Danson, T.,

Danyels, see Daniel est.

Daplyn, Thos.,

Darbishire, Hen. Ashley, architect,

Darby, A.E., architect,

-, Sir Geo.,
-, Thos., Lord Darcy (d. 1537),

Daring Ho. (T.H.), flats in Lanfranc housing est., n

-, Sir Rob.,
-, Thos., carpenter,

Darling Pl.,

Darling Row (formerly Mile End Corner),

Darling Row (L.C.C. & G.L.C.) housing est.,

Darwin (Chas.) Ho. (T.H.), flats in Mansford housing est., n

Davenham (Ches.),

Davies, Wilfred,

-, A.,
-, Hen., architect,
-, Israel, n
-, M. & A.,
-, Thos. and Wm., floor-cloth manufacturers,
-, -, vinegar manufacturer,

Davis & Emanuel, architects,

Davis Bros., bldrs.,

-, Jas.,
-, Thos.,
-, Thos., s. of Thos.,

Dawkes, Wm.,

d'Azevedo, Moses Cohen,

Deacon, Ric.,

Dean's Linches, in Shadwell,

Deane, Mary, wid. of Gen. (or Adm.) Ric.,

Debenham, John,

Debeze, Pet.,

Deccombe, Mary (Dormer),

Declaration of Indulgence,

Deedes, Sir Wyndham, n

Deedes (Wyndham) Ho. (T.H.), St Peter's housing est.,

Defence of the Dissenters' Education, by Palmer, Sam.,

Delfont, Baron, see Grade, Bern.

Dell, Nathan,

Delta (M.B.) housing est., n,

Delta St.,

Dence Ho. (L.C.C.), flats in Avebury housing est.,


Denmark Terr., Bonner Rd.,

Denny, Sir Ant., of Privy Chamber,

Dent, Jos.,

Dent & Child, dye makers,

Denton, Edm.,

Derbyshire St.,

Derehawe, gdn.,

Despenser, see Adam le Despenser

Deuza, Gaucelin (Gamaliel) Jean, cardinal, later bp. of Alba, rector of Stepney, and n

-, John, Lord Devereux,
-, Marg., w. of John, see Lovayne

Devonshire, Jos., carpenter,

Devonshire St., Mile End,

Diamond Ho. (T.H.), flats in Lanfranc housing est., n

Dible, John, bldr.,

-, Chas.,
-, Nic.,
-, fam.,

Dickens est.,
-, ho.,
-, gdn.,

Dickens (Chas.) Ho. (T.H.), flats in Mansford housing est.,

Dickson, Rob.,

Digby, Chas., sr. and jr.,

Digby (M.B. and T.H.) housing est.,

Digby St.,

Digby Walk (Bully Rag Row),

-, Jos.,
-, Nic.,

Diggons St. (M.E.O.T.),

Dike, fam.,

Dinmont (L.C.C.) housing est.,

Dinmont St.,

Diss St.,

Dissent, see nonconformity (protestant)

District line, see Metropolitan District Rly.

Disused Burial Grounds Act,

Ditchman, Wm., bldr.,

Divine Love, Missionaries of the,

Dixon, Rob.,

Dobbins, David, bldr.,

Docherty (Jas.) Ho. (T.H.), flats in Patriot Sq. housing est., n

Dock close, ? in Limehouse,

Dock Field,

Docklands Light railway, pl.


Dodd, -, bldr.,


Doe, Mrs. Esther,

'Dog Corner',

dog fighting,

dog kennels,

Dog Row, pl.

Dolly, Frank, bldr.,

Dolphin P.H., Bishopsgate,

Dolphin P.H., Cock Lane,

Dolund, Wm.,

Donegal Ho (G. L. C.), flats in Collingwood housing est.,

Dongola St. (M.E.O.T.),

Donne, Gabriel, rector of Stepney,

Dorchester, marquess of, see Newarke

Dorée, Geo.,

Dorell Glass Co.,

Doric Ho. (M.B.), flats in Cranbrook housing est., n

Doric St., n

-, Ann, see Gill
-, Barnard,
-, Mary, see Deccombe
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

-, John,
-, John Chambers,
-, Mary (Chambers), w. of John,


-, Hugh,
-, Joan, w. of Hugh,

Dorset (M.B.), housing est.,

Dorsett, John,

Doulton & Co., brick merchants,

Down, the, in Stratford Bow,

Downing St., Westminster,

Doyle, -,

Dragoner, John, see Drayner

-, Cath., w. of Harry, wid. of Hen. Coleman,
-, Harry,

draper, see Alan the draper; Abingdon, Sim. of

Drapers' Almshos., see Pemel's almshos.

Drayner (or Dragoner):
-, John,
-, Marg., w. of Thos.,
-, Thos.,
-, -, dau. of John, w. of - Halton,

-, Jos.,
-, Wm.,

Driffield, Revd. Geo. Townsend, rector of Bow,

Driffield Rd., n,

-, Eliz., w. of Ric.,
-, Geo.,
-, Ric.,

Drury, see Stansby

Dubber, Thos.,

Duckett, Sir Geo.,

Duckett's canal,

ducking pond,

Ducking Pond, Ratcliff,

Ducking Pond Lane, see North St.

Dudding pond, in St. Botolph Aldgate,

Dudley, John, duke of Northumberland,

Duke of Wellington P.H., Cyprus St.,

Duke St.,

Dun Cow P.H. in Dog Row,

Dunbridge St., see London St.

-, Agnes, wid. of Ric. de,
-, Ric. de,

Dunn, E.T., architect,

Dunstan, bp. of lond. and abp. of Canterbury,

Dunstervile, Thos.,

-, Isaac,
-, fam.,

Durant St.,

-, Col. (? Jas.),
-, Eliz. (Sheldon), w. of Jas.,
-, Jas.,

Durham Pl., Hackney Rd.,

Durham Row, in Ratcliff,

Durham (later Teesdale) St.,

Durst, Austin, architect,

Dusthill, in Limehouse,

-, Alex.,
-, Wm.,

Duthie's nursery,

Duthoit, Jonathan,

Duval, Pet.,

dyeing ind.,

Eade, Jonathan,

Eagle Street (M.E.O.T.),

Earl of Ellesmere P.H., Chisenhale Rd.,

East & West India Docks & Birmingham Junction Railway,

East Anglia,

East Cross route,

East End Dwellings Co., housing ests., and see Evesham Ho.; Gretton Hos.; Meadows Dwellings; Mendip Hos.; Merceron Hos.; Montfort Ho.; Mulberry Ho.; Museum Bldgs. (Ho.); Ravenscroft; Shepton Hos.; Westbrook Ho.

East End of London,

East End mission,

East Greenwich,

East Ham (Essex),

East House est. (M.E.O.T.),

East India Co.,

East India Dock Rd. (Poplar),

East India docks,

East London Advertiser,

East London Auxiliary, see Sunday Sch. Union

East London Church Fund,

East London Democratic Assoc.,

East London General Pension Soc.,

East London Handbook and Diary,

East London Observer,

East London Railway,

East London Royal Engineers, see Tower Hamlets Engineer Volunteers

East London silk mills,

East London Tramways Co.,

East London Water Co.,

East marsh (Poplar), and see Eastmarsh

East Smithfield (St. Botolph Aldgate),

East St., off Russia Lane,

East St., Twig Folly,

Eastbourne (formerly St. Anthony's) club (or Ho.),

Eastbourne Coll. (Suss.),

Eastern Argus,

Eastern Counties (later Great Eastern) Rly.,

Eastern Literary and Scientific institution,

Eastern Post,


Eastfields (Eastfield or Greenways) est., n,

Eastman St. (L.C.C.) housing est.,

Eastmarsh, beside Leamouth, and see East marsh

Easton, Hugh,

Eaststreet, in Poplar,

Ebor St., see York St.

Eccles, -,

Ecclesiastical (later Church) Commrs.,

Eck, Herb. V. S., curate-in-charge of St. Andrew's ch.,

Edes, Edw.,

Edger, Jos.,

Edger's gdn.,

Edgworth, Edw., curate of Stepney,

Edith Gdns.,

Edith Pl.,

Edmanson's almsho. char., Bromley,

Edmonds, Garnham, M.P. and mayor of Bethnal Green M.B.,

Edmond & Mears, tripe dressers,


Edmund, s. of Alfred,

Edmund, s. of Algot',

Edmund, s. of Gerard of Old Ford,

Edmunds, Rob.,

Edrich, s. of, see John

Edrich of Aldgate, s. of, see Adam; Terricus

Education Act of

Education Dept.,

Edward I,

Edward III,

Edward VI,

Edward, Prince of Wales (Black Prince),

Edward, Prince of Wales (Edw. VII),

Edward de Brok,
-, s. of, see Almanus

Edward (later Kerbela) St.,

Edwin, Wm.,

Edwyn passavant',

Eele, Aaron, bldr.,

-, Ann (Head),
-, Charlotte, see Hammond
-, Jemima, see Brydges

Elam, John, rope spinner,

Elderton, Edw.,

Electrical Transformer Ho., Waterloo Rd.,

Electricity Act,

Elfsus (Aelfsus),

-, Margery, w. of Nic.,
-, Nic.,

Elizabeth (later Rushmead and Mansford) St.,

Elizabeth Terr., Hackney Rd.,

Elizabeth Mary Bates housing est., Housing Soc., Trust, see Bates

Elkins, Jas., dyer,

Elkyn, Anne, wid. of Ric., see Alington

Ellesmere Rd., n

Ellington, Wm., ? bldr.,

-, Alice, w. of Thos. Gerrard,
-, Eliz., m. Sir Fras. Cherry, ? Sir Thos. Hunt,
-, Edw.,

Ellis, Wm.,

Elmeshale, John, clerk,

Elmslea, in Bruce Grove, Tottenham,

Elsbury, Sam. and w.,

Elwin St., off Hackney Rd.,

Ely Place, Holborn,

-, Clemence, w. of John,
-, John,

Emden & Egan, architects,

Emerald Furniture Co.,

Emerson, Thos.,

Emma de la Milaunde (Mile End),

Emma St.,

-, Ern., architect,
-, Joel,

Employment and Relief Assoc.,

Emsley, Sam.,

Engels, Friedrich,

Engleburtt, Wm.,

Ermine St.,

Ernest, John,

Erneys (alias Lefflete), Thos.,

Erthbury Field (M.E.O.T. and Wapping),

Esmond (formerly Claremont) Rd., see Roman Rd.

Essex, and see Berkingclay; Braintree; Chigwell; East Ham; 'Hamme'; Harrow Green; Havering; Ilford; Kelvedon; Lea Bridges; Leytonstone; Netteswell; Orsett; Romford; St. Osyth; Sewardstone; Shenfield; Stratford; Stratford Langthorn; Weeley; Wigborough, Great; West Ham; West Tilbury; White Roding
-, archdeacon of, see Goldman
-, bp. of Lond.'s mans. in,

Essex, earl of, see Bohun

Essex St., off Cambridge Rd., see Buckhurst St.

Essex St., off Old Bethnal Green Rd., see Blythe St.

Esspec Finishers Ltd., n

Esturmy, Thos.,

Eswy, see Ashewy

Etgose (or Etgoos):
-, Alice, wid. of Ric.,
-, Eliz., dau. of John, see Driver
-, John,
-, Ric.,

Etwell, Hen.,

Eustace of Fauconberg, bp. of Lond.,

-, Dan.,
-, Geo.,
-, John May, bldr.,
-, Mary,
-, Rob.,
-, Revd. Rob.,

Evesham, battle of,

Evesham Ho., housing est.,

-, Agnes, dau. of Ric. of, see Neyrnuit
-, Aubrey, wid. of Ric. of, m. 2 Ralph de Munchensy,
-, Eleanor,
-, Margery, dau. of Ric. of, see Gisors
-, Maud, dau. of Ric. of, see Cambridge
-, Maud, w. of Ric., of,
-, Ric. of (d. c. 1280),
-, (? Sir) Ric. of (d. by 1291), s. of last,

Ewell (or the Tilehouse), man. of, in Wapping, Stepney, and Hackney,

Ewen, Thos.,

Ewin, Alf., bldr.,
-, trust of,


Excelsior cinema,

Exeter, dean of, see Heynes

Exmouth Ho. (T.H.), flats in Lanfranc housing est., n

Elywake, s. of, see William, s. of Eylwake

Eynsham, John of,

-, Hen.,
-, John,

Ezra (formerly James) St.,


-, John Geo.,
-, fam.,

Fafiton, Rob., see Robert Fafiton

Fairbrother, Thos., see Parsons

Fakys, Nic., brickmaker,

Falcon Pl.,

Falcon P.H., Victoria Park Sq.,

-, Cath. (Bokelton), w. of John,
-, John,
-, Nic.,

Fanne, Laurence,

Fanshawe, Thos., Queen's Remembrancer,

-, Dan.,
-, Titus,
-, Ursula,
-, Wm., carpenter and bldr.,
-, fam.,

Farnworth, Jos.,

Fascists, and see Mosleyites

Fauconberg, see Eustace of Fauconberg, bp. of Lond.

Federation of Synagogues,

Federation of Working Men's Clubs,

Feilden & Manson, architects,

Felix Pl.,

Felix St.,

Fellowes, Wm.,

Female Guardians Assoc.,

Fenn (Wm.) Ho. (M.B.), flats, later in Dorset housing est., n

Fenne (Atfenne):
-, Anne, w. of John (d. c. 1524),
-, Anne, see Walter
-, Christian, see Hodgson
-, Eliz., w. of John (d. 1474), m. 2 Wm. Stonor,
-, Hugh, s. of John (d. 1474),
-, Hugh, s. of John (d. c. 1524),
-, John, merchant of the Staple (d. 1474),
-, John, merchant of the Staple (d. c. 1524),
-, Marg.,
-, Rob.,

Fenne est., in Stepney,

Fenne's great place, ? near Stepney Green,

-, Anne (Hodgkins), w. of Edw.,
-, Edw.,
-, Mic.,

Ferrey, Ben., architect,

Fichet, Chas.,

Fielden (John) Ho. (T.H.), flats in Mansford housing est., n

Filoll, John,

Finnis St.,


Finsbury Sq., St. Luke's par., Mdx.,

Firne, Chas., bldr.,

Fish, Jacob, n

Fisher, Capt. Rob.,

Fisher's almshos.,


fishing and fowling,

Fitches (Fitch) est.,

Fitzjames, Ric., bp. of Lond.,

Fitzneal, Ric., see Ric. Fitzneal, bp. of Lond.

-, John,
-, Marg., w. of John, see Stodeye

Five Mile Act,

Fleet Marston (Bucks.),

Fleet St.,

Fleet St. Hill (or Little Fleet St.),

Fleetwood, Wm., Recorder of London,

-, Owen, architect,
-, Thos., bldr.,

Flick, -, bldr.,


Florence, wid. of Terricus, s. of Edrich of Aldgate,

Florida (formerly South and Ann) St.,

Flower (Flowerkin):
-, Pet.,
-, fam.,

Flower Pot P.H., Brick Lane,

Foche, Frances, m. Martin Bladen,

Foliot, Gilb., bp. of Lond.,

Fontaneau, Louisa,

fonte, see Lyving de fonte

food ind.,


footware, see shoemaking

Forbes St., see Three Colt St.

Forby St. (Forbystreet or Forbylane), Limehouse, and see Three Colt St.

Ford, arms of,

-, Art.,
-, Judith, w. of Art.,

Foresters' (or Royal Foresters') music hall, Cambridge Rd.,

Forrest, Chris., bldr.,

Forsaith, J.,

Forshaw, T. H., architect,

Forster, Rob. le,

Fortescue, Wm.,

Foskett, Hen., bldr.,

-, John,
-, Mary (Helden), w. of Thos.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1482),
-, Thos. (fl. 1752),

Foster St.,

Fotheringay, John, smith,

Foulkes, Jos., bldr.,

Foulmere, and see Fullmore Close

Fountain St.,

Four Per Cent Dwellings Co.,
-, housing est., see Mocatta Ho.

Fournier, Geo.,

Fourteen Acre, the,

-, Geo., Quaker,
-, Maj. Geo. Malcolm,
-, Marion Jane (Mills), w. of Maj. Geo. Malcolm,

Fox St.,

Foxes Lane, in Shadwell,

France, and see Poitou

Francis, Adam, see Fraunceys

Frankel, Sam.,

frankpledge, views of,

Fraunceys (Francis):
-, Adam,
-, Adam, the younger,
-, Agnes, wid. of Adam,
-, Hugh le, see Hugh
-, Maud, see Montagu

Frazier, Alex.,

-, Felicia, w. of John,
-, John,

-, Hen.,
-, Wm.,

freemen and freehold,

freehold estates in Bethnal Green,

Fremantle Ho. (L.C.C.), flats in Collingwood housing est., n

French Reformed Church,

Frere, John, vicar of Stepney and rector of St. Swithun (Lond.),

Friar's Mount, and see Mount St.

Friendly Artisans, the,

Friendly soc., the,

Frink, Dame Elis., sculptor,

Fry, Drew, Drake & Lasdun, architects, and see Lasdun

Fryer, Jas.,

Fryes (or Fryers) field,

-, man.,
-, man. ho.,
-, omnibus svce.,
-, rector, see Heynes

-, Fras., bldr.,
-, Jane, wid. of John, m. 2 Sir Thos. Mansell,
-, John, 'judge',

Fuller St.,

Fuller's almshos., pl.

fulling mills,

Fullmore Close (Foulmere) est.,

Furby, Geo., ironmonger,

furniture making,


Furtado, Isaac Mendes,

-, Ann, wid. of Sir Thos.,
-, Sir Comport, Bt.,
-, Sir Thos., Bt.,

Gabell, Wm.,

Gadbury, Thos., bldr.,

Gadenne, John, carpenter and bldr.,

Gale's Gdns.,

Gale's Gdns. (G.L.C.) housing est.,

Galeysfield (Waleysfield), later London field, in M.E.O.T.,


Galton, -, bldr.,


Game, Rob.,

Gammon, Rob.,

gardens, gardeners and nurseries, and see Allport's nursery; Austin's gdn.; Beasley's gdn.; Border's gdn.; Bourne's gdn.; Brown's gdn.; Camden Gdns.; Chapman's gdn.; Cooper's Gdns.; Duthie's nursery; Edger's gdn.; Edith Gdns.; Gale's Gdns.; George Gdns.; Goodwell's gdns.; Greengate Gdns.; Hambleton's gdn.; Hollybush Gdns.; Kemp's Gdn.; Lamb Gdns.; Long Mead gdn.; Nova Scotia Gdns.; Pain's gdn.; Penn's gdn. or nursery; Preston's gdn.; Punderson's Gdns.; Russia Lane nursery; Satchwell's gdn.; Saunderson's gdns.; Sharp's gdn.; Simkins Gdns.; Smart's gdn.; Weatherhead's Gdns.; Whisker's gdns.

Gardiner, John,

-, John,
-, Jos. (Hardwoods), timber merchants,
-, fam.,

Gardner's Rd.,

Garlik, mess. by Stepney chyd., n

Garner Passage,

Garnett, Hen., Jesuit,

Garrett, fam.,

Garrett St.,

Gas Acts, 1948 and 1972,

Gas Council,

Gas Light & Coke Co.,

Gascoigne (or Gascoyne):
-, Harriet, see Child
-, Joel,
-, Pet.,
-, Wm.,
-, Wm., s. of Wm.,

Gascoigne est., see Fitches est.

Gascoigne Pl. (formerly Crabtree Lane),

Gascoyne, see Gascoigne


Gatehouse, the, mansion (M.E.O.T.),

Gates, Sir John, chancellor of duchy of Lancaster,

-, Maud, w. of Thos., see Aleyn
-, Thos.,

Gauber (or Gawber) St.,

Gavill, Rob.,

Gavin, Dr. Hector,

-, Eliz (Tracy), w. of John,
-, John,

-, Jonathan, carpenter and bldr.,
-, Miss Mabel,
-, Miss Millicent,

General Baptist Assembly,

General Baptist Assoc.,

General Improvement Areas,

Geoffrey, s. of Osbert (? Trentemars), and see Trentemars

Geoffrey, s. of Susan (? Trentemars), and see Trentemars

George, Prince of Wales, Prince Regent,

George field,

George Gdns.,

George P.H., Old Bethnal Green Rd.,

George St., off Old Bethnal Green Rd.,

George St., on Hare Marsh est.,

George St., on Tyssen est.,

George St., Little, off Cambridge Heath Rd.,

George Walk,

George's Pl., Old Ford Rd.,

G.E.R., see Great Eastern Rly.

Gerard of Old Ford, s. of, see Edm.

Gerbier, Sir Balthazar, n,

Germany, and see Leipzig

Gernon Rd.,

-, Alice, see Elliott
-, Edw.,

Gervis, Sir Geo. Wm. Tapps, Bt., see Tapps

Ghyepe (or Yepe or Waterlader), John le,

Gibbons, Wm., leatherseller,

Gibraltar Bldgs., Gibraltar Gdns.,

Gibraltar Field,

Gibraltar Pl., off Bethnal Green Rd.,

Gibraltar P.H., Gibraltar Wk.,

Gibraltar (or Lord's) Wk., n,

-, Avice, wid. of Nic., see Knyvett
-, Nic. (d. 1540), sheriff of London,
-, Tim., rector of Bethnal Green,
-, Tim., Meth. min.,

Gibson's almshos.,

Gibson's schs.,

Gift Fund of the Grand Council of the Knights of Burgundy,

Gilbert, s. of Emma de la Milaunde (Mile End),

Gilbert, Lewis, licencee, n

Giles & Gough, architects,

Giles Row,

Gill, Ann (Dormer),

Gillingham, Rog., n

Gillingham (Kent), man. of,

Gillman (formerly Wolverley) St.,

Gilnest, Hugh,

Gilson & Bliss,

Gisby, Mic., bldr.,

-, John (II) (d. 1296),
-, John (III),
-, Marg., granddau. of John (III), see Burcestre
-, Margery (Ewell), w. of John (II),

Gittings, Edw.,

Gladstone Radical or Working Men's club,


glass ind.,

Glaxo Group Ltd.,

G.L.C., see Greater London Council

GLEB ind. est., Ebor St.,

-, Dr. Hen.,
-, Sir Thos.,

Globe Alley, Wapping,

Globe Cottage,

Globe Hall,

Globe Pl.,

Globe Rd. (formerly Back Lane, Thieving Lane, Globe Lane or St.), n,

Globe Terr.,

Globe Town,

Globe Town neighbourhood,

Globe Wharf, Mile End Rd.,


-, Maud, w. of Wm. de, see Trentemars
-, Ric. of, alderman,
-, Ric., s. of Ric. of,
-, Wal. of, see Crepyn
-, Wm. de,

Gloucester, Humph., duke of, see Plantagenet

Gloucester Pl., Cambridge Heath,

Gloucester (later Parmiter) St.,

-, Wm.,
-, his wid., m. 2 Erasmus Leveningham, q.v.

-, Dr Ben.,
-, Ben., of Bishopsgate St.,
-, Cornelius,
-, Dan.,
-, John, carpenter and bldr.,
-, -,

-, John,
-, Susan, w. of John,

Golden Pl., Bethnal Green Rd.,

Goldie, Edw., architect,

Golding, fam.,

Goldman, Geo., vicar of Stepney, later archdeacon of Essex,

Goldman Close,

Goldsborough, Sir John,

Goldsmith's Row, in Shoreditch, later in Bethnal Green,

Goldstein, Woolf,

Golfreland, in Stepney or Hackney,

-, Idonea, dau. of Joan, see Grey
-, Joan (Stodeye), w. of Thos.,
-, Marg., dau. of Joan, see St. Jermyn
-, Thos.,
-, Thomasia, dau. of Joan, see Hadley

Goodluckhope, near Leamouth,

-, Beatrice, w. of Thos.,
-, Eliz., dau. of Thos., see Haliley
-, Harold,
-, Jas. and Josiah, bldrs.,
-, Josiah,
-, Mary (Watts), w. of Wm.,
-, Rowland,
-, Thos. (fl. 1545),
-, Thos. (d. 1606),
-, Wm.,
-, Wm. (? another) and w. Alice,

Goodman's Fields, in Whitechapel,

Goodwell's gdns.,

Goosefields est.,

-, Eliz.,
-, Gen. Chas. Geo.,

Gordon riots,

Gore Pl. or Rd.,

Gore Terr., Bishop's Rd.,

Gosdin, Jos., sr. and jr., cowkeepers,

-, Idonea, w. of John, see Wick
-, John,
-, John (? another),
-, Margery, w. of John,

Gosling, -,

Gosset, Dan., bldr.,

Gosset St.,

Gosson, Steph., lecturer of Stepney, later rector of Gt. Wigborough,

'Gouch', Dr., and see Gouge

-, Anne, w. of Thos., clerk,
-, Edw.,
-, Eliz. (Culverwell), w. of Thos., of Stratford Bow,
-, Nic.,
-, Thos., of Stratford Bow,
-, Thos., clerk,
-, Thos., s. of Thos., clerk,
-, Wm.,
-, and see 'Gouch'

-, Sir Edw., n
-, Edw. Thorston,
-, Frances, w. of Sir Edw.,
-, Mr.,
-, fam.,

Goulden Pl., Old Bethnal Green Rd.,

-, Bern., Baron Delfont,
-, Louis, Baron Grade,

Granby (G.L.C.) housing est.,

Granby St.,

Granby's Row, see Thomas Passage

Gratefig, Rob., s. of Rob.,

gravel digging,

Gravel field,

-, John,
-, Wm.,

-, Ric. of, bp. of Lond.,
-, Steph. of, prebendary of St. Paul's, rector of Stepney, later bp. of Lond.,

-, Geo.,
-, Thos., n
-, Lady,

Gray (Chas.), Searle & Son, architects,

Great Eastern Railway (G.E.R.),

Great Haresmarsh, see Haresmarsh, Great

Great House, in Mile End,

Great Place, the, see Mercers Great Place

Greater London Council (G.L.C.),
-, as housing authority,
-, housing ests., and see Darling Row; Gale's Gdns; Granby; Victoria Park Sq. (Charlwood); Virginia
-, sale of council housing,

-, Alice, w. of Wal.,
-, Cecily, wid. of Rob., m. John Acton,
-, Cecily, dau. of Rob., m. 1 Wm. Burbage, ? Wm. Craythorn,
-, Edw.,
-, Eliz.,
-, Eliz. (Warner), w. of Wal.,
-, Jas., bricklayer and bldr.,
-, John,
-, Jos.,
-, Joshua,
-, J. R.,
-, Rob. (fl. 1541),
-, Rob., s. of Wal.,
-, Rog.,
-, Thos.,
-, Thos., baker and bldr.,
-, Wal.,
-, Wal. (? another),
-, Wm.,
-, Wm., bldr.,
-, Mrs., schoolmistress,

Green, the (Bethnal Green Village),

Green Dragon, Ratcliff,

Green Dragon alley, in Limehouse,

Green Goose fair, see Stratford Bow

Green Heath business centre, Three Colts La.,

Green Man P.H., Cambridge Rd.,

Green Pl., William St.,

Green St. (later Roman Rd., q.v.), n,

Green ward,

Greenbank, road,

Greencoat Properties,

Greenearth business centre, off Three Colts La.,


Greengate Gdns.,

Greenhill, Wm., vicar of Stepney,

Greenhithe (Kent),

Greenways (Grunwins) est., see Eastfields est.

Greenways (M.B.) housing est., n,

Greenwich (Kent),
-, tunnel,

Greenwood, Jas. Geo.,

Grenville Ho. (T.H.), flats in Lanfranc housing est., n

-, Isabel, wid. of Sir Ric.,
-, Sir John,
-, Sir Ric., ld. mayor of Lond.,

-, John, n, n
-, Sarah, w. of John, wid. of Ebenezer Mussell,
-, Wm. Wal.,

Gretton Hos., flats, part of East End Dwellings, later of Victoria Park Sq. housing est.,

Gretton Pl.,

-, Edw., Lord Powis,
-, Idonea, w. of Thos.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1404),
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1570),

greyhound's leash, svce. of,

Greyland, Rob.,

Griffin's Pl., Dog Row,

Grimley, Thos.,

Grimond, Jos., Lib. politician,

Grindall Ho. (L.C.C.), flats in Collingwood housing est.,

Grosvenor Pl.,

Grosvenor St.,

Grosvenor Terr., Cambridge Road,

Grove Ho., in Grove Rd.,

Grove Rd., n,

Grove St., in Hackney and Bethnal Green,

Grove St., off Bethnal Green Rd.,

-, Martine (?), w. of Ric., see Martine (?)
-, Ric.,
-, Wal.,
-, fam.,

Grumbold man. (Hackney),

Grunwin (Greenway):
-, Fras.,
-, Jas., merchant tailor,
-, w. Susanna, dau. of Susanna Andrews,
-, fam.,

Grymbaldes, see Danyels

Guardian Soc. for the Preservation of Public Morals,

-, Ann (Pyott), w. of John,
-, Jane, see Winteringham

Guild of St. Matthew's,

Guinness Trust,
-, housing est.,

Guizot, François,

'Gundesfield', possibly Gyesfield, q.v.

Gwynne, Laur.,

Gwynne's Pl., Hackney Rd.,

Gyescroft (? in M.E.O.T.),

Gyesfield (M.E.O.T.),

-, Mat.,
-, Theodore,
-, W. G. & E., architects,

Hachestreet (later Heggestreet, Hoggestreet, Hog Lane, Rosemary La., Cable St., and Brook St.) in Whitechapel, Wapping-Stepney, Shadwell, and Ratcliff,

-, Alice, w. of Ric.,
-, Isabel, dau. of Ric. of,
-, Niel of,
-, Ric. of (d. 1343), woolmonger,

Hackney, n,
-, asylum in,
-, boundary,
-, ests.,
-, Homerton, q.v.
-, Hungerdown, q.v.
-, mans.,
-, demesne,
-, Ewell, q.v.
-, Grumbold, q.v.
-, officers,
-, metrop. boro. (M.B.), n
-, mill,
-, missions,
-, omnibus svces.,
-, Pawn farm, q.v.
-, par.,
-, rector of, and see Sampson
-, schs.,
-, tram svces.,
-, turnpike trust,

Hackney, South,
-, tram svces,

Hackney Council of Social Svces.,

Hackney marsh, in Hackney,

Hackney Rd., pl.

Hackney Rd. Philanthropic,

Hackney Rd. Ward,

Hackney Wick,
-, man. of, see Wick

-, Cath., m. 1 Wm. Winkfield, m. 2 Sir Wm. Wolf,
-, Joan, dau. of John, see Pecche
-, John,
-, Margery,
-, Thomasia (Stodeye), w. of John,

Hadrian (M.B.) housing est., n,

Haggerston, in Shoreditch,

Hague St.,

Haines, Mr.,

Hakeneye (Hackney) hedge, in Mile End,

-, Ellen, w. of Sir John at,
-, Sir John at,
-, John at, of Dorset,
-, Marg. (Philpot), w. of John at,
-, Wm.,

Half Moon P.H., Collier's Row,

-, John,
-, Nath. Brassey,
-, Rob. Wm.,
-, Wm.,

-, Eliz. (Goodman), w. of Wal.,
-, Wal.,

-, John,
-, Sir Phil.,
-, W. H., bldr.,

Hall Close,

Hall of Science, Old St.,

Hallett, -, bldr.,

Halliford Terr., Grove Rd.,

Halliwell St. (Halliwellstreet), later Shoreditch High St.,

-, Eliz., dau. of Sir Rog.,
-, Sir Rog.,
-, and see Drayner

-, John, dyer,
-, John, ? another,

Ham, East, see East Ham

Ham's Alley,

Hambleton's gdn.,

'Hambletons (recte Hamiltons) land',

-, Ann (Smithsby), w. of Sir Hans,
-, Ann (d. 1771), see Campbell
-, Donald, architect, see Hamilton, Wakeford & Partners
-, Sir Hans, Bt.,
-, Ian, architect,
-, -, gdner.,

Hamilton Rd.,

Hamilton, Wakeford & Partners, architects,

-, Hen. Law.,
-, Jas. Thos., & Co., brickmakers,

'Hamme', ? W. Ham (Essex),


Hammersmith Gate,

Hammett (Jas.) Ho. (M.B.), flats in Dorset housing est.,

-, Charlotte (Egerton), w. of Wm.,
-, Wm. Osmond, n

Hampden Pl.,

Hampshire, and see Hinton Ho.; Liss; Portsmouth; Thruxton

Hampshire Hog (? Hog and Pye) P.H.,

-, boundary, n
-, ch. of St. Paul,
-, Unitarian mission,

Hampton, John,

-, Cornelius (II),
-, Rob.,

Hanbury St. (Spitalfields),

Hand, fam., paper-stainers,

Hand-in-Hand Teetotal Provident loan soc.,

Hanover Sq. (Westm.),

Hansard, Septimus Cox Holmes, rector of Bethnal Green,

Happy, see Lhereux

-, Art.,
-, fam.,

Hare Ct.,

Hare Marsh demesne (Carter or Petley) est.,

Hare P.H., in Cambridge Heath,

Hare (later Cheshire) St.,

Harefield (or Crossfield),

Hares Marsh, Great (field), n

Hares Marsh, Little (field), n

Haresmarsh (district), n,

Haresmarsh, Great, est.,

Harford, Ann,

-, John (fl. 1544),
-, Sir John (d. 1612), poet, n

'Harinsardesfeld', see Haunsardsfield

Harlow, Maurice of, see Maurice

-, Jane, w. of John,
-, John,
-, Rob.,

Harman, Wm.,

Harold Ho. (M.B.), flats in Cranbrook housing est., n

Harold St., n

-, Eleanor, w. of John of Rushall,
-, John,
-, John, of Rushall (Staffs.) (? another),

Harringay man. (Hornsey),
-, demesne,

-, Sir Percy, Bt., M.P.,
-, Renatus the elder,
-, Wm., bldr.,

-, Charlotte, n
-, Hen.,
-, Rob.,
-, Thos., brickmaker and bldr.,

-, Geo., and sister,
-, Thos.,

Harrow Green, in Leyton (Essex),

Harston, A. & C., architects,

Hart, Thos.,

Hart (Hart's) St. or La., later Barnet Grove,

Hartley St.,

Hartshorne, Thos., brickmaker and bldr.,

Harvey Ho. (L.C.C.), flats in Collingwood housing est.,

Harvey St., see Treadway St.

Harwood, John,

Hassard (formerly Charles) St., near Hackney Rd.,

Hastelow, Hen.,

Hatch, atte:
-, Peter,
-, fam.,

Hatchell, Thos., bldr.,

-, Edw.,
-, John,

Haughton, see Horton

-, Alice (Trentemars), w. of Wm. the younger,
-, Joan, dau. of Wm., m. 1 Hen. Vanner, m. 2 Thos. Cornwaleys,
-, Wm.,
-, Wm., the younger,

Haunsardsfield ('Harinsardesfeld') (? M.E.O.T.),

Havelock Hill,

Havering (Essex), forest of,

Hawes, -,

Hawkes, Hen., bldr.,

Hawkins, Wm.,

Haydore, Wm.,

-, Chris. Dan.,
-, Mary (Millward), w. of Thos.,
-, Thos.,
-, est.,

Hayes (or Haynes) factory, in Cambridge Heath, n

-, Bridget,
-, Jos.,
-, Wm.,

Hayward, Jos., tiler and bldr.,

Hayward (Chas.), research bldg.,

-, Alf.,
-, Ann, see Egerton
-, Ellen, wid. of Alf.,
-, Sir Fras.,
-, Jane, wid. of Sir John,
-, Sir John,
-, Marg. (Smithsby), w. of Sir Fras.,

Head (Alf.) Curacy fund,

Headlam, Stewart, curate of St. Matthew's,

Headlam St.,

Health, General Board of,

Health, Minister of,

health authorities,

Heaman, Sibyl,

Hearts of Oak,

-, Bailey, n
-, John,
-, Kath. (Bailey), w. of Thos.,
-, Thos.,

Heath Pl., Cambridge Heath,

Heathpool Court (G.L.C.), flats in Collingwood housing est.,

-, Brice of, see Brice of Shadwell
-, Ric. of, see Ric. of Hecham

Hedwynesfield, in Stepney marsh,

Heggestreet or Hoggestreet, see Hachestreet

Hegner, Ehrliholtzer & Co., manufacturers of pipe hose,

-, Frances, wid. of Godfrey,
-, Godfrey,
-, Mary,
-, Mary, dau. of Mary, see Foster

Helen's Pl.,

Helles, see Hull(es); Theobald of Helles


Helwys, Thos.,

Hemings (Hemmons, Hemonds, Hemond):
-, Edw.,
-, -,

Hemmans, Thos.,

Hemmynge, Edw., brickmaker, n

Hemonds, see Hemings


Henley, John,

Henrietta St.,

Henry VIII,

Henry, canon of St. Paul's, rector of Stepney,

Henshurst (Kent),

Herald (formerly Abingdon) St.,

Herat St.,

-, D.,
-, Wm., Lord Montgomery,


Hereford (L.C.C.) housing est.,

Hereford St.,

Hereford and Essex, earl of, see Bohun

Heritage Pl.,

Hermitage, see Swan's Nest

-, Fred.,
-, Judith, see Villiers
-, Nath.,
-, Sir Nath., ald.,
-, Lady, ? wid. of Sir Nath.,

Herne Hill (Surr.),

Hertford Union canal,
-, wharves,

Hertfordshire, see Ashwell; Barnet; Berkhamsted Sch.; Bishop's Stortford; Chipping Barnet; Ware; Ware Park; Watford

-, Eliz. (Neyrnuit), w. of John,
-, John,

-, Joan, w. of Ralph de,
-, Ralph de,

-, John the elder,
-, John, of Thurleigh (Beds.),
-, Marg. (Neyrnuit), w. of John,

-, Marg., wid. of Sir Wal.,
-, Raymond,
-, fam.,

-, John, s. of John,
-, Nic.,

Hewitt, Wm., bldr.,

Heynes, Sim., vicar of Stepney, rector of Fulham, canon of Windsor and later dean of Exeter,

Heyward, Ric.,

Hickes, Wm.,

Hickmans lands, in Stepney and Hackney,

Hide, -, bldr.,

Higgins, Geo.,

-, Fred., bldr.,
-, Jos., bldr.,

High Church practices (ritualism),

High Holborn,

High St., Hoxton (Shoreditch),

Highbury, see Islington

-, Jas.,
-, Josias,
-, Rob., ? gdner.,
-, -, seaman,
-, -,

Hill St., in Cambridge Heath,

Hilliard, John,

Hills, G. M., architect,

Hilly Lynch, in Wapping,

Hinckley, Blanch (Pyott), w. of -,

Hinton Ho. (Hants),

Hinton St.,

Histon (Cambs.),

Hoare, Sam.,

-, Jesse,
-, Wm. (fl. 1660),
-, Wm. (fl. 1831),

Hockenhill, Geo.,


-, Geo.,
-, John,

-, Anne, see Fenwick
-, Mic.,
-, Thos.,

-, Christian (Fenne), w. of Thos.,
-, John C.,
-, Thos.,

Hog and Pye P.H., see Hampshire Hog P.H.

Hog La., see Hachestreet

Hogge La. (later Petticoat La. and Middlesex St.), in Botolph without Aldgate and Whitechapel,

Holand, Ralph,

Holborn, and see Ely Place; High Holborn

-, Eliz., wid. of Thos.,
-, Eliz., dau. of Eliz., see Burcestre
-, Thos.,

Holdsworth, Edw., carpenter and bldr.,

Holgate, Geo.,

-, Sam.,
-, Thos., bldr.,
-, Thos., earl of Kent (d. 1397),
-, Thos., earl of Kent and duke of Surrey (d. 1400),

Holland & Hannen, bldrs.,

-, John,
-, Thos.,

Hollybush Gdns.,

Hollybush Gdns. (Ho.) (L.C.C.) housing est.,

Hollybush Pl.,

Hollywood (Thos.) Ho. (M.B.), flats in Approach Rd. housing est.,

Holman, P., M.P.,

Holman Ho. (M.B.), flats in Cranbrook housing est.,

Holwaye, Wm.,

Holy Family of Nazareth, Sisters of the,

Holy Trinity, Aldgate, see London, Holy Trinity, Aldgate

Holy Trinity, liberty of (formerly precinct of the Minoresses' abbey of St. Clare),

Home Secretary, and see Peel, Sir Rob.

Homefield, in Whitechapel,

Homerton, in Hackney,

Honorable Sons of True Temperance,

Hooke Ho. (M.B.) flats, later part of Lakeview (T.H.) housing est., n,

Hopcroft, Wm.,

Hope Bldg. Soc., n

Hope P.H., Pollard Row,

Hope (later Treadway) St., in Cambridge Heath,

Hope St., Spitalfields,

Hope Town (later Union St. and Turin St., q.v.),

Hope Town mission,

'hopes' (enclosures of reeds),

-, Ben.,
-, -,

Hopper, Ric.,

Hopwood, Geo., and w.,

Horne, David,

Horniman, John,


Horton (or Haughton), Rob.,

Hortons field,

Horsway, in Wapping,

Horwood (L.C.C.) housing est.,

Hosford, Wm.,

Hospital Land, and see Sebrights est.

hospitals, see Bethnal Green hosp.; Jews, hosp.; London chest hosp.

Housing Acts,

housing assocs. and trusts, and see Bates Trust; Bethnal Green and E. Lond.; Circle Thirty Three; Lewis (Sam.); Newlon; Spitalfields; Toynbee; Victoria Park

housing cos., and see philanthropic bldg. cos.; housing assocs.

housing ests.,

-, Ben., gdner.,
-, John,

Howard, Rob., joiner and bldr.,

Howard's Pl., in Cambridge Heath,

Howe, John,

-, Ann, w. of Fras., see Robinson
-, G., M.P.,

Howes & Jackman, architects,

Hoxton, in Shoreditch,
-, man. of,

Hoyle, Joshua, vicar of Stepney,

Huddleston Cl.,

-, John,
-, Rob.,

Hugh de Berners,

Hugh le Fraunceys,

Huguenot friendly benefit soc.,

Huguenots, n,
-, ch. in St. John St. (église de St. Jean, Spitalfields),

Huleatt, Hugh, vicar of St. John's,

Hull(es) or Helles:
-, Alan de,
-, Alice, wid. of Theobald,
-, John of,
-, Theobald of,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Hulls (or Mile End) man.,
-, man. ho. (Philpots),

Humfrey, Nic.,

Hungerton, Rog.,

Hungerdown, in Stepney and Hackney,

-, Eliz., w. of Sir Thos., see Elliott
-, John,
-, John, s. of John,
-, Nath.,
-, Ric.,
-, Sir Thos.,
-, W. T., druggists,

hunting and hawking,

Huntingdon, see Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion

Huntingdon Bldgs., Bethnal Green Rd.,

Huntingdon Industrial Units, in Bethnal Green Rd.,

-, Alexandra, w. of John,
-, Eleanor, dau. of John (another),
-, Humph.,
-, Joan, dau. of Ralph, s. of Humph., see Waryn
-, John,
-, John (another),
-, Ralph,
-, Ralph, s. of Humph.,
-, Rog.,
-, Wm.,

Huscarl, man. of, in Stepney,

Huscarles, messuage,
-, land,

Huxtable, Geo., bldr.,

Hyde, the,

Hyperion Ho. (T.H.), flats in Lanfranc housing est., n

Iarvis, see Jarvis


I.L.E.A., see Inner London Education Authority

Ilford (Essex),

-, Afro-Caribbean,
-, Bengalis,
-, Commonwealth,
-, Dutch,
-, French,
-, Huguenots, and see Huguenots
-, Irish,
-, Jews, and see Jews
-, Lithuanian,
-, Nigerian,
-, Pakistanis,
-, Poles,
-, religious refugees,
-, Russians,
-, Somalis,
-, Vietnamese,
-, and see aliens

Imperial Gas Co.,

Imperial Ho. (T.H.), flats in Lanfranc housing est., n


Improved Industrial Dwellings Co.,
-, housing ests., and see Jesus Hosp. Barnet; Leopold Bldgs.; Waterlow

Incorporated Church Bldg. Soc.,

'Incorporated Gas Co.',

Independent Gas Light & Coke Co.,

Independent Labour party,

Independents, see Congregationalists


-, John,
-, Oliver,
-, Rob. de,

Inman, Geo. Seaman,

Inner London Education Authority (I.L.E.A.),

International Bible Students Organization,

Ion Sq., and see Pritchard

Ipswich (Suff.),

Iremonger, Fred. A., vicar of St. Jas. the Gt.,

Isle of Dogs, in Poplar,
-, chap. in,
-, flooding,

-, man.,
-, Barnsbury, q.v.
-, Union Congreg. chap., Highbury,

Ivanhoe Ho. (T.H.), flats in Lanfranc housing est., n

Ivery, Thos.,

Ives, Seaman,

Ivey, Thos.,

Ivimey St.,

Ivy, Wm.,

-, Eliz., w. of Sim.,
-, Sim.,

Jackson and Todd, bldrs.,

Jacob Home, part of Mildmay Mission hosp.,

Jamaica Ho., Bethnal Green Rd.,

James I,

James, Sam., bldr.,

James Pl.,

James (later Chilton) St.,

James (later Ezra) St.,

James St., see North St.

Jameson Ct., Russia La.,

Janes (Mary) Ho. (T.H.), flats in St. Peter's housing est.,

Jaques, Frank,

Jarman & Platt, furniture manufacturers,

-, Agnes, see Clerke
-, Eliz., see Tapps
-, J., & Sons, bldrs.,
-, Lydia, w. of Pet. Mews,
-, Wm.,

Jarvis's (Jarvis) est., n

Jay, Art. Osborne Montgomery, vicar of Holy Trinity,

Jefferies, John,

Jefferys St.,

Jehovah's Witnesses,

Jemmett, Abraham,

Jenkins, John, bldr.,

Jenkinson Ho. (M.B.), flats in Greenways housing est.,

-, John,
-, Thos.,

Jeremy of Stepney (or Stratford), s. of Orgar,

Jerome, Wm., vicar of Stepney,

Jersey, earls of, n; and see Villiers

Jesus Hosp. Barnet housing est.,


Jewish Converts Institute,

Jewish Times, The,

-, Ashkenazim,
-, asylum,
-, burial ground,
-, clubs,
-, hosp.,
-, missions to,
-, newspapers,
-, Yiddish newspaper,
-, schs.,
-, Sephardim,
-, burial ground,
-, synagogues,
-, and see Bethnal Green, churches, Episcopal Jews chap.; Bethnal Green, Jews; immigrants, Jews

Jews' Walk (or North Side, Old Ford La.),

Jobson, Sir. Fras.,

John of Canterbury, ? rector of Stepney,

John of Wittenham,
-, w. Alice,

John, s. of Baldwin,

John, s. of Edrich,

John, s. of Rob. de Tessunt (or Teffunt),

John, s. of Salomon,

John Uvenus,

John's Pl., see Mary's Row

John (formerly Johnson, later Key) St., E. of Dog Row,

John St., in Hackney,

John St., off Green St.,

-, Edw., governor of St. Helena,
-, Fras.,
-, Sir Hen.,
-, John,
-, J. H., bldr.,
-, Martha, w. of Sir Hen., see Wentworth
-, Mary,
-, 'Justice', prob. Edw., q.v.
-, Wm. Pryor,

Johnson St., see John St.

Johnson St., Stepney,

-, Sir John,
-, almsho. char. of,
-, Thos.,

-, Harold, architect,
-, Jas.,
-, John,
-, R. C., vicar of St. Paul's, Bethnal Green,
-, Thos.,
-, W. Alban, architect,
-, Wm. (d. 1749),
-, Wm., bldr.,
-, Wm., comedian,
-, -,

Jordan, sergeant of St. Paul's,

Jorey (Jorye or Iorye), Col. Jos.,

Joseph, Sir Maxwell,

Joseph & Smithem, architects,

Jowitt Ho. (M.B.), flats in Greenways housing est.,

Joyce, Isaac,

Jubilee line,

Jubilee St., Stepney,

Judd, A. S., bldr.,