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A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 11, Stepney, Bethnal Green. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1998.

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Kareswell, Adam,

Katherine Wheel, on Wapping border,

Kay, Jas. Phillips,

Kay St.,

Keats Ho. (T.H.), flats in Bethnal Green housing est.,

Keble Coll., Oxford, warden of,

Kechenfeld, at Bishop's Hall,

Keeling Ho. (M.B.), flats in Claredale housing est.,

Keeves, John,

Keldavy, in Poplar,

Kello, John,

Kelsey, Geo.,

Kelsey (formerly Cross) St.,

Kelvedon (Essex),

Kemble (Robt.) Christian Institute,

Kemeys, Geo.,

-, John (fl. 1693),
-, John (fl. 1814),
-, Leslie H., architect,
-, Ralph, gdner.,
-, Thos., bp. of Lond.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1686),
-, Thos. (fl. 1754),
-, Thos., ? another (fl. 1789 and 1800),
-, Thos., ? another (fl. 1814),
-, Mrs.,

Kemp est., see Snow est.

Kemp's Gdn.,

Kendall, John,

Kenilworth Rd., n,

-, Eliz., see Lodowick
-, Matt.,

Kensington, and see Notting Hill

Kensington, archdeacon of,

Kensington, South,

Kensington Gdns., Kensington,

-, G. B., & Co., brush manufacturers,
-, fam.,

-, Edw. Augustus, duke of,
-, Joan, ctss. of, and Baroness Wake, m.1 Sir Thos. Holland, 2 Edw. Prince of Wales,
-, Marg., ctss. of, and Baroness Wake, w. of Edm. of Woodstock,
-, Thos. Holland, earl of, see Holland -, earl of Kent,

Kent, and see Bromley; Gillingham; Greenhithe; Greenwich; Henshurst; Lewisham; Margate infirmary; Richborough Castle; Romney marsh; Rotherhithe; Rundale; Sydenham; Woolwich

Kenton, Ben.,

Kerbela (formerly Edward) St.,

Kerr, John,

Ketteringham (Norf.),

Key (formerly John) St.,

Keymer, Abraham,

(?) Keynes, Wm. s. of, see Wm. s. of Wm. s. of (?) Keynes

-, John,
-, Wm.,

Kildy's ground, see Cambridge Heath cemetery

Kilhamites (New Methodist Connexion),

Kilner, -,

-, Bryan, perpetual curate of St. John's,
-, Edw.,
-, Eliz., see Busby
-, Hercules,
-, Joshua, rector of Bethnal Green and of Woodchurch (Ches.),
-, Martha,
-, Mary, w. of Hercules,
-, Rob.,
-, Sar., w. of Edw.,
-, Thos.,
-, Thos. Sclater,
-, -, bldr.,
-, -,

King Edward Institution, Spitalfields,

King Edward St., Spitalfields,

King John's Palace or Gate (Worcester Ho.) (M.E.O.T.), pl.

King (later Gosset) St.,

King St., near Hackney Rd.,

King St., off Old Ford La.,

King St., Wapping,

King's Arms P.H., Abbey St.,

King's Arms Row, Old Ford La.,

King's Head P.H., Ratcliff,

King's Head P.H., Virginia Row, n

King's Head P.H., Wheeler St.,

King's Row, Cambridge Rd.,

Kings Field, see Cradfords

Kingshold man. (Hackney),

Kingsland Rd., in Shoreditch,

Kingston, Hugh,

Kingswood (flats), Bates housing est.,

Kington, Rob. of,

Kinloss, Mary, Baroness, see Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Grenville

Kirby (or Kirkby):
-, Ann, see Lenton
-, Eliz., see Watson
-, John,
-, Marg., see Thompson

Kirby's Castle (Blind Beggar's Ho., White Ho., Bethnal Ho.) est. and ho., pl.

Kirkwall (formerly North) Pl.,

Kirton, Chas., vicar of St. Andrew,

Kittisford Pl., Hackney Rd.,

Knave of Clubs P.H., Club Row,

-, Anne (Pickering), w. of Sir Hen., m. John Vaughan,
-, Sir Hen.,
-, and see Knyvett

-, Geo.,
-, Pet.,
-, Ric.,
-, Thos., brewer,
-, Wm.,

Knight-Bruce, Geo. Wyndham Hamilton, curate-in-charge of St. And.'s ch., later bp. of Mashonaland,

Knightley, T. E., architect,

Knights Hospitallers, see Clerkenwell

Knockfergus, in Wapping,

Knottisford St., n, n,

Knowles, Sam.,

Knyvett, Avice, wid. of Sir Ant., and see Knevet

Kray bros.,

Kyrle Soc.,

Labour party,

Lamb Gdns., n

Lamb Pl.,

Lamb Row,

Lamb St. (later part of Three Colts La.),

Lamb's Fields,

Lambard, Thos.,

-, Wm. (fl. 1563),
-, Wm. (fl. 1638),

Lambeth, Meth. orphanage in,

Lacy, Ric.,

Laing Homes,

Lakeview (M.B. & T.H.) housing est.,

Lalleford, John,

Lambourn, (Berks.), Uplambourn man.,

-, chancellor of duchy of, see Gates
-, John of, duke of Bedford,

Lance, Revd. Hen.,

Land mills, in Stratford Bow,

Land Mills, capital messuage, in Stratford Bow,

Landmarsh, in Walmarsh,

Landwall, in Wapping,

Lane, J. J., engineers,

Lanfranc (T.H.) housing est.,

Lanfranc (formerly Lawfranc) Rd.,

Langford, Rob.,

Lansbury, Geo., Labour politician,

Lansdell Pl.,

Lansmere Terr., Old Ford Rd.,

Lara, bldr.,

Lark Row, in Cambridge Heath,

Lasdun, Sir Denys, architect, and see Fry, Drew, Drake & Lasdun

Latham, Jas., bldr.,

Lathrop, John,

Latter-Day Saints (Mormons),

Launder, Thos.,

Laurence, Ric.,

Lausanne St., see Claremont St.

Law, John,

-, Jane, w. of Thos., see Bate
-, Thos.,

Lawfranc Rd., see Lanfranc Rd.

-, Geo.,
-, Revd. John,
-, Thos.,

Lawrence St.,

Lawrence (Susan) Ho. (M.B.), flats, later part of Lakeview housing est., n,

Layton, Sir Ric.,

Lazar ho. (M.E.O.T.),

Lazarus Soc.,

Lazonby, Sam.,

L.C.C., see London County Council

Lea, Ric.,

Lea river,
-, ford,
-, hithe,
-, mills,
-, traffic,

Lea Bridges (Hackney and Leyton, Essex),

-, Sam.,
-, Steph.,
-, Thos.,

Lealand, John, bldr.,

Leamouth, in Poplar,

Leapman, S.,

Leavitt, Ric, bldr.,

-, Baptist,
-, John atte, vicar of Stepney and parson of St. Marg., Friday St.,
-, Sir John,
-, Ric., rector of Stepney,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm. (fl. 1598),
-, Wm. (d. 1720),

-, Eliz., wid. of Geo. (d. 1785),
-, Geo., cowkeeper (fl. 1694-1711),
-, ? Geo., (another) (fl. mid-18th cent.),
-, Geo. (d. 1785),
-, Mary, wid. of Geo.,
-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,
-, farm of, n

Lefflete, Thos., see Erneys

Legg, C. A., architect,

Le Grew, Jas.,

Leipzig Univ., Germany,

-, Sir John,
-, Wm. (fl. 13th cent.),
-, Wm. (fl. 1655),
-, Wm., s. of Wm. (fl. 1655),

Le Mounier, Mic.,

Lenham Ct., the Nichol,

Lenin housing est., see Cambridge Heath (M.B.) housing est.

Leno, Dan, music hall artist,

-, Ann (Kirby), w. of Mic.,
-, Mic.,

Lenyng, John,

Leopold Bldgs. (T.H.) housing est., and see Improved Industrial Dwellings Co.

Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement,

Lessada St.,

Lester, Thos.,

Letchford Bldgs., in Three Colts La.,

Lettice de Munteny,

Lettice, w. of Wm. le Blund, q.v.

-, Erasmus,
-, w. of, wid. of Wm. Goddard,

Leverington, Rob.,

Levesque, Dan.,

Lewes, -,

-, Ant., see Tapper & Lewis
-, J. A., architect,
-, Sam.,
-, W. J., mayor of Bethnal Green M.B.,

Lewis (Sam.) Housing Trust,

Lewisham (Kent),

-, Jane, wid. of John,
-, John,

Leyborne, Dr. Rob., portionist of Ratcliff, later rector of St. Dunstan's, Stepney,

Leyden (Netherlands),

Leymouth in Eastmarsh, see Eastmarsh

Leyton, see Harrow Green

Leytonstone (Essex),

Lhereux, later Happy, fam.,

Liberal party,

Liebig's Malted Food Co.,

Liefing (Lyving), s. of, see Adam

Limborough (Linborough), Jas.,

Limehouse, formerly in Stepney,
-, Balls Cross, q.v.
-, ch. and par. of St. Anne,
-, dusthills,
-, est.,
-, lime kilns,
-, shipbldg.,
-, tram svces.,
-, wharf,

Limehouse basin (or Regent's canaldock),

Limehouse cut,

Limehouse dock,

Limehouse field,

Limehouse St. (later Narrow St. or Way), in Ratcliff and Limehouse,


Linches, the, in Wapping and Shadwell, and see Dean's Linches

Lincoln, archdeacon of, see Chedworth, John


Linden Bldgs., Shacklewell St.,

Lingwood, John,

-, Jas.,
-, John David,

Linschoten & Co., patent colour manufacturers,

Lintot, soc. of,

Lions Gdn., in East Smithfield,

Liptrap, John,

Lisbon St.,

Liss (Hants),

Litchfield, John, bldr.,

Litlington, Ric.,

Little Bacon St., see Bacon St., Little

Little George St., see George St., Little


Lloyd, Marie,

Local Govt. Act,

Local Govt. Act,

Local Govt. Board,

Lochamme, in Shadwell,

Lockacre, ? in Bow,

Lodowick (Lodwick):
-, Chas.,
-, Chas., s. of Chas.,
-, Eliz. (Kenrick), w. of Waldrof, and probably w. of David Clarkson,
-, Eliz., see Streatfield
-, Thos.,
-, Waldrof,
-, -,

Lollesworth (Spitelhope or Spitelshot), in Spitalfields,

Lollesworth field, Spitalfields,

London, Ailnod of, see Ailnod

-, Aldgate,
-, Bars,
-, tram svces.,
-, Aldgate High St.,
-, archdeaconry of,
-, Austin Friars,
-, Bank of England,
-, Bevis Marks synagogue,
-, Billingsgate mkt.,
-, Bishopsgate,
-, Bishopsgate St.,
-, Bishopsgate Without,
-, Bond St., omnibus svces.,
-, Broad St. sta.,
-, Bull and Mouth Yard,
-, Cannon St.,
-, Charterhouse,
-, Cheapside,
-, Christ's hosp.,
-, chs. and pars.,
-, St. Botolph (without) Aldgate,
-, St. Botolph (without) Bishopsgate,
-, St. Cath. Coleman,
-, St. Helen, Bishopsgate,
-, St. Marg., Friday St., parson of, see Lee
-, St. Peter upon Cornhill,
-, St. Swithun, rector of, see Frere
-, City,
-, citzens, hunting rights of,
-, Clothworkers' Co.,
-, Coopers' Co.,
-, corporation, as patron of chs.,
-, Drapers' Co.,
-, Dyers' Co.,
-, East India Ho.,
-, Indep. ch. in,
-, (ld.) mayors, and see Aleyn; Bamme; Billingsley; Bowyer; Colet; Eswy; Gresham; Marowe; Philpot; Pulteney; Waleys; Warren
-, Mercers' Co., hall,
-, militia,
-, Orphans' Fund of,
-, Pulteney's Inn in,
-, Sion coll.,
-, Tower,
-, coach svces.,
-, Drury Lane theatre,
-, Edgware Rd.,
-, Fenchurch St.,
-, Goodman's Yd.,
-, Great Fire,
-, Great Synagogue,
-, Hart St.,
-, Holy Trinity, Aldgate, priory of (alias Christ Church),
-, est. of,
-, Houndsditch,
-, Hyde Park Corner,
-, Ironmonger Lane,
-, Lombard St.,
-, Marshalsea,
-, Minories, without Aldgate, house of Minoresses,
-, New Synagogue,
-, Newgate,
-, omnibus svces.,
-, Oxford St.,
-, Piccadilly,
-, Portsoken,
-, St. Bart., Smithfield, priory of,
-, St. Helen's, Bishopsgate, priory of,
-, est. of,
-, St. Mary Graces abbey (or abbey of the Tower),
-, cem. of,
-, abbot of, see More
-, St. Mary without Bishopsgate, hosp.
-, man. of,
-, est. of,
-, St. Paul's cath., q.v.
-, St. Paul's sch.,
-, St. Peter's gate,
-, St. Thos. of Acre, coll. or hosp. of,
-, est. of,
-, Savoy, hosp. of the,
-, est.,
-, Master of,
-, sheriff of, see Gibson
-, Sion Coll., Victoria Embankment,
-, Smithfield mkt.,
-, Trinity Ho., see Trinity Ho., Corp. of

London diocese:
-, bps., and see Baldock; Basset; Blomfield; Bonner; Dunstan; Fauconberg; Fitzjames; Fitzneal; Foliot; Gravesend; Kemp; Niger; Ridley; Sudbury; Tunstal; William of Ste.-Mère Eglise; Winnington-Ingram
-, as lords of Stepney man.,
-, as lords of Wick man.,
-, as patrons of chs.,
-, palace of,
-, foundation grant of see,

London & Blackwall Cable Railway,

London & Suburban Land & Building Co.,

London Baptist Assoc.,

London Chest hosp. (formerly City of London Chest hosp. and City of London Hosp. for Diseases of the Heart and Lungs),

London City Mission,

London City Mission Magazine,

London Congregational Union,

London Co-operative Tailoring,

London County Council (L.C.C.),
-, architects,
-, as educ. authority,
-, as housing authority,
-, housing ests., and see Avebury; Boundary St.; Collingwood; Darling Row; Dinmont; Eastman St.; Hereford; Hollybush Gdns.; Horwood; Minerva; Newling; Park View; Pritchard; Teesdale; Wellington (formerly Waterloo)
-, pks. and open spaces,
-, tram svces.,

London Diocesan Fund,

London District Unitarian Soc.,

London Docklands Development Corporation,

London Electricity Bd.,

London Electricity Plc,

London Fever hosp.,

London field (M.E.O.T.), and see Galeysfield

London French Church Soc.,

London General Omnibus Co.,

London Glass Works,

London Govt. Act, 1899,

London Govt. Act, 1963,

London Hosp., the, Whitechapel Rd., Whitechapel,

London Orphan asylum,

London Parks and Works Act, 1887,

London Passenger Transport Board,

London Soc. for Promoting Christianity among the Jews,

London (later Dunbridge) St.,

London Terr., Hackney Rd.,

London, Tilbury & Southend (L.T.S.) Rly.,

London Transport Executive,

London Univ.,

Long, Miss Emily Searley,

Long Mead gdn.,

Long Parliament,

Longman Ho. (M.B.), flats in Cranbrook housing est., n

Longman (formerly Sidney) St., n,

Longmead, in Bernes man.,

Longmead, in Mile End,

Longmead, in Poplars man.,

Lord, Thos.,

Lord Camden P.H.,

Lord Morley's house, Stepney Green,

Lord Wellington P.H.,

Lord's Farm,

Lord's Wk., see Gibraltar Wk.

Lorde, Rob.,

Lorden Wk.,

Loton, Ric.,

-, Guy,
-, Marg., 1st w. of Sir Nic., see Pulteney Marg. (de Vere), 2nd w. of Sir Nic., wid. of Sir Hen. Beaumont, m. 3 John Devereux,
-, Sir Nic.,

-, Anne (Wentworth), w. of John, Baron Lovelace,
-, John, Baron Lovelace,

Loveless (Geo.) Ho. (M.B.), flats in Dorset housing est.,

Lovell, Wm., bldr.,

-, Wm. (d. before 1681), n
-, Wm., innholder (d. 1681), n

Loxame, Ric.,

Loxham, Wm., rector of St. Mat., Bethnal Green,

Loxley, Ric.,

Loyal United Friends,

-, Jas., bldr.,
-, Jos.,
-, fam.,

Lucas St.,

Lucy, Geof. de, dean of St. Paul's cath.,

Lude, Wm. de, prebendary of St. Paul's cath.,

Ludlow, And. of,

Lye, Thos.,

-, Alice, w. of Lancelot,
-, Lancelot,

Lymestreet (Forbystreet, q.v.), in Limehouse,

Lynde, Phil.,

Lynne, John,

Lynston, Wm.,

Lynton, Rob. de,

Lyons Hall,

Lyons, Israel, Ellis, architects,

Lysander Ho. (L.C.C.), flats in Minerva housing est.,

Lyte St.,

Lyving, see Liefing

Lyving de fonte (? another), heir of, see Daniel

M.E.N.T., see Mile End New Town

M.E.O.T., see Mile End Old Town

-, John Loudon,
-, -,

Macarthur (Mary) Ho. (M.B.), flats in Greenways housing est.,

McAuliffe (Allen) Ho. (M.B.), flats in Approach Rd. housing est.,

McCain, John,

Mace St., n,

MacGachen, John Drummond, vicar of St. Bart.'s,

Mackey, R.,

Mackrabie, Alex.,

Macklin, Wal., n

Macpherson, Annie,

Maddox, -,

Magdalen Coll., Oxford,

Magpie alehouse (M.E.O.T.),

Maiden La., Shadwell,

Maidhurst Rd., see Medhurst Rd.

Mainard, Christine,

Malie, Caroline (Pyott), w. of -,

Malin, Wm.,

Maliphant, Geo., architect,

Malmesbury (flats), Bates housing est.,

-, Ant. (d. 1777),
-, Ant., s. of Ant.,

Manchester, earls of, see Montagu

Manchester St., see Menotti St.

Manchester St., Great,

-, John, gdner.,
-, John, gdner., s. of John,

Maneton, see Benet of Maneton

Mangles, Capt. Tim.,

Manly, Maj.,

Mann, Jas.,

Mann, Crossman & Paulin, brewers,

Manners, Isabel, dowager countess of Rutland (d. 1606),

Manning, Card. Hen. Edw.,

-, John,
-, Wm.,

-, Jane, w. of Sir Thos., see Fuller
-, Sir Thos.,

Mansford Bldgs.,

Mansford (T.H.), housing est.,

Mansford Rd.,

Mansford (formerly Elizabeth and Rushmead) St.,

Manwaring, Thos.,

Mapes (Mape) St., n,

Maple of London,

-, Fras.,
-, John,

Margate (Kent) infirmary,

Marian fathers,

Marian Pl.,

Marian Sq.,

Marian St.,

Maries (Gwilym) Ho. (T.H.), flats in Mansford housing est., n

mariners (seamen),
-, almshos. for,


Maritime Penitent Female Refuge,

Mark Ho. (L.C.C.), flats in Park View housing est.,

Market Sq.,

Market St., see Winchester St.

markets, see Bethnal Green, mkts. and retail trade; London, Smithfield mkt.

Markhams (Markham) est.,

Markhams field,

Marlaw, man., see Old Ford, man. of

-, Agnes, w. of Ric.,
-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,

-, Alice, w. of Thos. (fl. 1553),
-, Cath., w. of Wm. (d. c. 1465),
-, Joan, w. of Wm. (d. c. 1499), see Chedworth
-, Steph.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1486),
-, Thos. (d. 1538),
-, Thos., s. of Thos. (fl. 1553),
-, Wm., mayor of Lond. (d. c. 1465),
-, Wm. (d. c. 1499),

Marowe est., in Poplar and elsewhere,

Marprelate tracts,

-, John,
-, John, the elder (? another),

Marriott (or Merrett), Sam., gdner.,

-, Sar.,
-, Thos.,
-, Thos. Coxhead,
-, Thos. Coxhead Chisenhale,
-, Wm. Coxhead,
-, fam.,

Marsh, in the Isle of Dogs,

marsh, see Ralph of the marsh

-, east marsh of Stepney,
-, south marsh,
-, and see Eastmarsh; Landmarsh;Romney marsh; St. Katharine's marsh; Stepney or Poplar marsh; Walmarsh or Wapping marsh; Wete marsh; Woolwich marsh; Wylde, the

Martha (or Norfolk) St., in Cambridge Heath,

-, Jas.,
-, Sam.,
-, -, n

Martine (?), dau. of Salomon of Stepney and w. of Ric. Grumbald,

Mary I, Queen,

Mary, Queen, w. of Geo. V,

Mary's Row (later John's Pl., Essex St., and Blythe St.) n,


Maryon, Sam., carpenter and bldr.,

Mashonaland (Africa), bp. of, see Knight-Bruce

-, Ann, see Merceron
-, Thos.,

Mason Pearson Bros.,

Massingham, Jos.,

Masters, Mary,

Matcham, Frank, & Co.,

Matilda (or Bellona) Rd., in Cambridge Heath,

Matravers, -, bldr.,

Matthew, John,

Matthew's Pl., Hackney Rd.,

Maud, dau. of Bern. s. of Rob.,

Maud, dau. of Bern. of Stepney,

Maud, wid. of Rob., s. of Chedric,

Maud, wid. of Rob., s. of Ralph the clerk,

Maughan geyser factory,

Maurice of Harlow, canon of St. Paul's cath.,

Maurice, F. D.,

Maxfield, John,

-, Christine, dau. of Wm.,
-, Isaac, n
-, Jas.,
-, Jas., the younger,
-, Phil. Jas., par. and vestry clerk,
-, Sam.,
-, Wm.,

May & Son,

May, Norton & May,

'May's Farm', n

May's La., see Pollard Row,

Mayesling, land on the Linches,

Mayfield Ho. (M.B.), flats, later part of Approach housing est., n,

Mayfield Ho., Old Ford Rd.,

-, Edw.,
-, Hen.,

Maynard, Wm. Hen., vicar of St. Peter's,

Mayne, John, curate,

M. B. W., see Metropolitan Board of Works

Meacock, Hen.,

-, Jas., gdner.,
-, Matt.,
-, Thos. Blewett,
-, -, bldr.,

Mead St.,

Meadows Dwellings, housing est.,

-, John,
-, Thos.,

Meath Gdns.,

-, Nic.,
-, fam.,

Medhurst (or Maidhurst, formerly Alma Terr.) Rd., n

Medway Rd., in Bethnal Green and Bow, n, n

Meeting House Alley, in Wapping,

-, Eliz., w. of Thos.,
-, Hilary,
-, Isaac,
-, Thos.,

Mempris est. (M.E.O.T.),

Mendip Hos., housing est.,

Mendoza, Dan.,

Menotti (formerly Manchester) St.,

-, Ann (Mason), w. of Jas., n
-, Hen.,
-, Jas.,
-, Jos.,
-, his dau.,
-, Mrs. and Miss,
-, fam.,

Merceron Hos., flats, later part of Victoria Park Sq. housing est., and see East End Dwellings Co.

Merceron Rd.,

Mercers' Co., see London, City, Mercers' Co. est.,

Mercers Great Place, Stepney Green,

Merrett, Thos., bldr.,

Messag', see Rob. le Messag'

Mestear, Pet.,

Methodist Sunday Sch. Soc.,

-, Middlesex chap.,

Metropolis Church trustees,

Metropolis Local Management Act,

Metropolitan Board of Works (M.B.W.),

Metropolitan commission of sewers,

Metropolitan District Railway (District line),

Metropolitan District Visiting Soc.,

Metropolitan Poor Act,

Metropolitan Public Gdns. Assoc.,

Metropolitan Railway,

Metropolitan Street Improvements Act,

Metropolitan turnpikes commissioners,

Metropolitan Visiting Assoc.,

Metropolitan Water Board,

Meure (or Meare), John,

Mewes (alias White Horse) est. (M.E.O.T.),
-, ho. or inn,

Mewesdown (M.E.O.T.),

-, Lydia, see Jarvis
-, Pet.,

Middle Walk,

Middlemarsh, in Wapping marsh,


Middlesex, archdeanery of,

Middlesex, liberty of,

Middlesex, West,

Middlesex chap., see Methodists

Middlesex St., see Petticoat La.

Middlesex Terr., Hackney Rd.,

-, Fred.,
-, Harriot (Acton), w. of Sir Wm.,
-, Sir Wm., Bt.,
-, Sir Wm. Fowle Fowle, Bt.,

Middleton (Jas.) Ho. (M.B.), flats, later part of Mansford housing est.,

Middleton St.,

Mikardo, Ian, M.P.,

Milaunde (Mile End), see Emma de la

Mildmay Deaconesses,

Mildmay Misson,

Mildmay Mission hosp.,

Mildmay Trust,

Mile End, n,
-, Court ho.,
-, Indep. ch.,
-, Lazar ho.,
-, man., see Ashewys; Hulls
-, pillories,
-, pop.,
-, ward,
-, waste,
-, Wycliffe Indep. chap.,

Mile End Corner, see Darling Row

Mile End Gate,

Mile End green,

Mile End Green, see Stepney Green

Mile End New Town (M.E.N.T.), n,
-, boundary,

Mile End Old Town (M.E.O.T.),
-, dist. ch. of St. Philip the Apostle,

Mile End Rd.,

Milkhouse (or Milkwives) Bridge,

Milkhouse Bridge est.,

Milkhouse Bridge field,

Mill fields, in Hackney,

Mill Hill field,

Mill Hill Field est.,

-, Ann,
-, Wm., bldr.,

Millfield (? Bethnal Green),

-, Florence Sophia,
-, John Remington,
-, Marion Jane, see Fox
-, Sam.,

mills, and see Bethnal Green, mills; Bullivant mill; Crachlegh mill; Crash mills; Cyclone mills; East London silk mills; fulling mills; oil mill; paper mills; saw mills; Wapping, mills

Millwall, in Poplar,

-, Humph.,
-, John,
-, Mary, dau. of Humph., see Hayes

Milton Ho. (M.B.), flats in Bethnal Green housing est.,

Minerva (L.C.C.) housing est.,

Minerva St., in Cambridge Heath,

Minerva Terr., Hackney Rd.,

Minories, Minoresses, house of, see London, Minories

Minter, F. G., bldr.,

Minto Pl., Canrobert St.,

-, Alice, w. of John,
-, John,

Mitcham (Surr.),

-, Marg. (Bokelton), w. of Sir Ric.,
-, Sir Ric.,
-, Wm.,

Moane, John,

Mocatta, Abraham de Mattos,

Mocatta Ho. housing est.,

model dwellings,

Modling Ho.(M.B.), flats in Cranbrook housing est., n

Moffett, Noel, and Associates, architects,

Mohawk Ho. (T.H.), flats in Lanfranc housing est., n

-, Alice, w. of John, see Trentemars
-, John,

molond, n, n

-, Eliz. (Strange), w. of Rob.,
-, Rob.,

Monasterio, see Christine de Monasterio

Mongay, Wm., see Mountjoy

Monk & Brown,

Monks mead, in Stratford Bow,

Monksfield, Ric.,

Monmouth., Jas., duke of, see Scott

Monson, E. C. P., architect,

-, Edw., of Boughton,
-, Edw., earl of Manchester,
-, Geo.,
-, Hen., earl of Manchester,
-, John, earl of Salisbury,
-, Maud (Fraunceys), ctss. of Salisbury,
-, Sir Sam.,
-, Sidney,
-, Wm.,

Montague St.,

Montford, Hen., s. of Sim. de, and see Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green

Montford Ho., housing est.,

Montgomery, Lord, see Herbert

Morland, Sam.,

-, Adrian,
-, Mary (Borough), w. of Adrian,

Moore Ho. (M.B.), flats in Bethnal
-, Green est.,

Moravian Church,

-, Mary, dau. of Rob. de,
-, Rob. de,
-, Wm. de (d. by 1348),
-, Wm. de (d. 1363),

More, Hen., abbot of St. Mary Graces and later vicar of Stepney,

Morey and Holmes, bottle manufacturers,

-, Sir Chas., Bt.,
-, Eliz. (Mussell), w. of Thos. Wilkins,
-, Eliz. Mary, see Bates
-, Jos. Chas., bldr.,
-, Thos. Wilkins,

-, Alice (or Amice), wid., m. John de
-, Colewell,
-, John, n
-, John, s. of John,
-, ? Margery, w. of Wal., see Stepney
-, Thos.,
-, Wal.,

Morice est., in Stepney, Bethnal Green and Hackney,

Morley, Lord, see Parker

Morning Chronicle,

Morning Post,

Mormons, see Latter-day Saints

Morpeth Rd.,

Morpeth St. (formerly Union Row), n,

Morris Ho. (M.B.), flats in Bethnal Green est.,

-, Art.,
-, Herb., later Baron Morrison of Lambeth,

Moseley, Wm., n

Mosley, Sir Oswald, Bt.,

Mosleyites, and see Fascists

Moss St.,

Mote, Thos.,

Mote, the, near Limehouse,

Mott, Thos., and see Mote

Mount (later Swanfield) St.,

Mountjoy (Mongay), Wm.,

Mousbroun (Mucebron), Wm.,

Mowlem St.,

Moyne, Thos. le,

Mucebron, see Mousbroun

Mudd, Wm.,

Mulberry Ho., housing est.,

-, Aubrey, w. of Ralph de, see Ewell
-, Ralph de,

Mundy, Wm., architect,

Municipal Reformers,

Munteny, see Lettice de Munteny

murder in Nova Scotia Gdns.,

-, David,
-, Francis (? recte Frances),
-, Jane, n
-, Temperance, see Phillips

Murton, John,

Museum Bldgs. (Ho.), housing est.,

music and drama,


Mussel (Ebenezer) Ho. (T.H.), flats in Patriot Sq. housing est., n

-, Ebenezer, n,
-, Eliz., see Morgan
-, Sar., w. of Ebenezer, see Gretton

Mynot, Mic.,

Nag's Head Field,

Nag's Head housing est.,

Nag's Head Housing Soc.,

Nag's Head P.H., Hackney Rd.,

Nag's Yd.,

Naish, Jas., carpenter and bldr.,

Narrow St. or Way, see Limehouse St.

Nasflete (Poplar),

National Front,

National Health Act, 1948,

National Labour Party,

National Soc. and National schs.,

National Standard club,

National Union of Working Classes,

-, Ant. (d. 1756), carpenter and bldr.,
-, Ant., rector of Netteswell,

Natural Food Co., see Allinson's Bread Co.

Naylor, Joshua,
-, w., wid. of Thos. Blackett,

Naylor est.,

-, Abraham,
-, Thos.,

Nelson Gdns.,

Nelson Pl.,

Nelson St., off Hackney Rd.,

Nelson St., in the Nichol,

Nelson St., off St. Peter's St.,

Netherlands, see Amsterdam; Leyden

Netteswell (Essex),

Netteswell Ho., Victoria Park Sq., n, pl.

Nettlefold (John) Ho. (T.H.), flats in Mansford housing est.,

-, Alice, ctss. of Salisbury,
-, Eliz., w. of Sir John,
-, Fras.,
-, Sir John,

New Castle St., see Castle St., New

New Cock La., see Cock La., New

New Commonwealth club, Bethnal Green Rd.,

New Court House, on Mile End green,

New Era Ests.,

New Gravel La.,

New Grove, near the Oval,

New Labour club,

New Survey,

New York (formerly Blisset) St.,

Newark St. (M.E.O.T.),

Newarke, Hen., Vct., later marquess of Dorchester,

Newbiggin, in Poplar,

Newbrigge (? Poplar),

Newham, Fras.,


Newling (L.C.C.) housing est., pl.

Newling St.,

Newlon Housing Assoc.,

Newman & Billing, architects,

Newmarket Terr., Russia La.,

Newport (formerly Bedford, later Cudworth) St.,

newspapers, local,

-, Agnes (Ewell), w. of Sir John (I),
-, Eliz., dau. of Thos., see Hertishorne
-, Sir John (I),
-, Sir John (II),
-, Sir John (III),
-, Marg., dau. of Thos., see Hervey
-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, and see Peyroun

Nichol (Nicoll):
-, John, of Gray's Inn (fl. 1680),
-, John, of Hatton Gdn., n
-, John, of Hendon (fl. 1725),
-, John, the elder of Colney Hatch (d. 1731),
-, John, the younger (d. 1747),
-, Marg., see Brydges
-, Mary, w. of John, of Hendon, n
-, fam.,

Nichol (Nicoll or Nicholl), dist. and est.,

Nichol Row,

Nichol (later Old Nichol) St., and see Nichol est.

Nichol St., Half,

Nichol St., New,

Nichol St., Old (briefly Calvin St.),

Nichols, Thos.,

-, John,
-, Sar.,

Nicole, Francus,

Nicoll, Jas., bldr., and see Nichol

Niger, Rog., bp. of Lond.,

Nightingale, John,

Nightingale La. (Whitechapel),

Nineveh Corner, in George St.,

-, Mrs. Joan,
-, Thos.,

nonconformity (protestant), see Baptists; Brethren; Christian community; Christian Tulipeans; Congregationalists; Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion; Jehovah's Witnesses; Kilhamites; Latter-Day Saints; Methodists; Pentecostalists; Presbyterians; Salvation Army; Society of Friends; Unitarians; United Reformed Church

-, John,
-, earl of, see Bigod

Norfolk, and see Ketteringham; Norwich

Norfolk Arms P.H., Ivimey St.,

Norfolk Arms P.H., William St.,

Norfolk St., in Cambridge Heath, see Martha St.

Norfolk St., off Somerford St.,

Norman soc.,


-, Hen.,
-, John,

North Passage, Green St.,

North (later Kirkwall) Pl.,

North Side, see Jews' Wk.

North St. (formerly Ducking Pond Lane, later Brady St.), in Bethnal Green and Whitechapel,

North St., off Green St.,

North St. (later James St. and Sceptre Rd.),

North St., off Bethnal Green Rd.,

North St., New,

North Conduit St.,

North East cemetery, see Cambridge Heath cemetery

North East Lond. Auxiliary,

North Eastern hosp., see Queen Elizabeth's Children's hosp.

North Eastern Leader,

North London Railway (N.L.R.),

North Metropolitan Tramways Co.,

North Thames area (of London Electricity Plc),

North Thames Board (of Gas Council),

North Thames district (of British Gas Plc),


Northampton Arms P.H., Northampton St., and n

Northampton Ho., Elizabeth Terr., Hackney Rd.,

Northampton Pl., Hackney Rd.,

Northampton St.,

Northcroft, ? in Stepney,

Northesk Ho. (L.C.C.), flats in Collingwood housing est.,

-, Edw.,
-, Wm., n

Northhyde, field in Bethnal Green,

Northstreet, in Poplar,

Northumberland, duke of, see Dudley, John

Northumberland Wharf, Bishop's Rd.,


-, Nic., vicar of Stepney,
-, Thos.,

Norton Folgate, liberty of,

Norton Ho. (M.B.), flats in Cranbrook housing est., n

Norton St., n,


Norwell Pl., Bethnal Green Rd.,

Norwich (Norf.),

Norwood (Surr.),

Nosterfield, Thos.,

Notcutt, John,

Notting Hill (Kensington),

Nottingham St.,

Nova Scotia,

Nova Scotia Gdns.,

noxious trades,

Nuisance Removals Acts,


-, John,
-, Mat.,

Oakley (Oakey) St.,

Octagon, Somerford St.,

Odell, Islip, bldr.,

Odo parmentarius (tailor),

O'Donnell, Hugh, bldr.,

Offenbach Ho. (M.B.), flats in Cranbrook housing est., n

-, Rob.,
-, Sir Thos.,

Ogborne, Wm.,

Oger, s. of, see Peter

oil mill,

Old Artillery Ground, liberty of,

Old Bethnal Green Rd. (formerly Rogue or Whores La.),

Old Castle St., and see Castle St.

Old Castle St. mission,

Old Church Rd.,

Old Ford, Edm., s. of Gerard of, see Edm.

Old Ford, in Stepney, and see Aleford
-, ch. of St. Mark,
-, ch. of St. Paul,
-, man. of (Marlaw or Badby),
-, mill,
-, omnibus svces.,
-, reservoirs and waterworks,

Old Ford La. (later Rd.), n,

Old Ford marsh, in Stepney,

Old Gravel La., in Wapping and Stepney,

Old Prison House, see Prison House

Old Street, Shoreditch and St. Luke,

Oley Pl. (M.E.O.T.),

Olga St.,

-, Sim.,
-, Thos., bldr.,

Oliver Twist (by Chas. Dickens),

Olley, Wm., bricklayer and bldr,

Onaker (? location),

Open Coll. of the Arts, Victoria Pk. Sq.,

Orange Ct., Old Nichol St.,

Orange (later Satchwell) St.,

Ordish, Fred., architect,

Ordway, Ric.,

Orgar, s. of, see Jeremy of Stepney

Orion (? formerly Ashington) Ho.(G.L.C.), flats in Collingwood housing est.,

Orsett (Essex),

Osbert (? Trentemars), s. of, see Geof.

Osborn Pl., Whitechapel,

Osekyn, Isabel, w. of Rog.,

Ossery, John,

Ossiter, see Assiter

Ossulstone hundred,
-, Tower Division,

Our Mutual Friend (by Chas. Dickens),

Oval, the,

Ovington, fam.,

Owen (alias Pulteney), Rob.,

Owen (Rob.) Ho. (M.B.), flats in Dorset housing est.,

Oxenbridge, Clement,

Oxford, and see Wycliffe Hall

Oxford, earl of, see Vere

Oxford and Cambridge club,

Oxford hall, Victoria Park Sq.,

Oxford Ho., Hackney Rd.,

Oxford Ho., university settlement,

Oxford Ho., Musical and Dramatic assoc.,

Oxford St., off Cambridge Rd.,

Oxford Univ., see Brasenose Coll.; Keble Coll.; Magdalen Coll.

Pace, Ric., vicar of Stepney and dean of St. Paul's,

Packer, John Graham, vicar of St. Peter's,

Paddington, n

Page, Wal.,

Pain's gdn., n

Palestine Pl.,
-, chap. in, see Bethnal Green, churches, Episcopal Jews' chap.

Palfrey, Wm., bldr.,

Palfryman, Mrs.,

Palm St.,

-, Rob.,
-, Sam.,
-, Wm., bldr.,
-, Wm., haberdasher,
-, Wm., s. of Wm.,
-, Wm., & Co.,

Palmer's Rd.,

Panfield (M.E.O.T.),

Pankhurst (Sylvia) Ho. (M.B.), flats, later in Greenways housing est., n

Panther P. H., Hope Town,

paper ind.,

paper mills,

Paradise Row, pl.

Paris, Mat., chronicler,

Parisians, soc. of,

Parish Clerks of London, Co. of,

Park Ho., in Grove Rd.,

Park Ho., in St. James's Rd.,

Park (later Welwyn) St.,

Park Terr., Old Ford Rd.,

Park View (L.C.C.) housing est.,

Parker, Wm., Lord Morley,

parliament held at Stepney,

Parliament (later Witan) St.,

parliamentary constituencies,

parmentarius (tailor), see Odo

-, Ann, w. of Thos.,
-, Eliz., wid. of Thos.,
-, Thos., merchant tailor (fl. 1650),
-, Thos., ? another (d. c. 1682),

Parmiter's char.,
-, almshos.,
-, est. of,
-, sch.,

Parmiter (formerly Gloucester) St.,

Parmiter St. ind. est.,

Parrish, Wm.,

Parsons (alias Fairbrother), Thos.,

partible inheritance,

Particular Baptists, see Baptists

Partridge, Edw.,

passavant', see Edwyn passavant'

Pastoral Aid Soc.,

Patcheco, Roderick,

Pate, Chris.,

Patience St. (formerly Ass Park),

Patriot Row,

Patriot Sq.,

Patriot Sq. (T.H.) housing est., n,

Patronage Board,

Pattishall, Martin, dean of St. Paul's cath.,

Paty and Burchall, Messrs., cotton manufacturers,

Paulet, Wm., marquess of Winchester,

Pavilion theatre, Whitechapel Rd.,

Pawley, Paul,

Pawne farm, in Hackney,

Payne, Sam.,

Peabody Trust,
-, housing est. (Peabody Bldgs.), and see Nag's Head housing est.

Peachey Edwards Ho. (M.B.), flats in Claredale housing est.,

Peacock Ct. (or Pl.), off Cambridge Heath Rd.,

Peacock P.H.,

Pearlman Moiret Associates, architects,

Peasants' Revolt,

-, Joan (Hadley), w. of (? Sir Wm.) Pecche,
-, Sir John, s. of Joan,
-, Sir Wm., grds. of Joan,

Peck, John,

Pedley St.,

Peel, Sir Rob., Home Sec.,

Peel Grove,

Peel Terr., Old Ford Rd.,

-, Sir John,
-, Marg., w. of Sir John, prob. wid. of Sir Wm. Pulteney,

Pellow Ho. (L. C. C.), flats in Collingwood housing est., n

-, Blanche, dau. of Ric., see Richards
-, Ric., brewer,

Pelter St. playgrd.,

Pemel, John,

Pemel's almshos. (or Drapers' Almshos.), pl.

-, Mat., ? gdner.,
-, his wid.,
-, Wm., ? gdner.,

Penn est.,

Penn's gdn. or nursery,

Pennefather, Revd. Wm.,

Pennethorne, Sir Jas., architect,

-, Thos.,
-, Thos. of Chigwell, s. of Thos.,
-, Thos (? another),

Penry, John,

Pentecost, s. of Alan the draper,


Pentonville, Clerkenwell,

Peny, Rob.,

Peppiatt, John, bldr.,

Peppys, Sam., diarist,

Pepys Ho. (M.B.), flats, later part of Rogers housing est., n,

Pereira, Ephraim Lopez, Baron D'Aguilar,

Pereira St.,

Perkins, Marg.,

Perry, John, bldr.,

Perseverance Terr., Church St.,


Pert, fam.,

Peste, Wm.,

Peter, s. of Oger,

Peter, s. of Rog.,

Peter St.,

-, Chas.,
-, Chas. Rob. Carter,

Petley est., see Hare Marsh demesne est.

Petticoat (Artillery) Lane (later Middlesex St.), in City and Stepney,

Pettit, Wm.,

Peyroun (? recte Neyrnuit), John,

philanthropic bldg. cos., and see Bethnal Green House Property Assoc.; Columbia Mkt.; East End Dwellings Co.; Four Per Cent Industrial Dwellings Co.; Guinness Trust; Improved Industrial Dwellings Co.; Peabody Trust; Sutton Dwellings Trust

-, Edm.,
-, Ellen,
-, Jos.,
-, Mary Eliz.,
-, Sam.,
-, Temperance (Murray), w. of Edm.,
-, -, n

-, Edw.,
-, Sir Geo.,
-, ho. of,
-, Hen. (d. 1567),
-, Hen. (fl. 1637),
-, Joan, w. of Sir John,
-, Sir John (d. 1384), mayor of Lond.,
-, John (d. 1415),
-, John (d. 1484),
-, John (d. 1502),
-, Sir John (d. c. 1637),
-, Marg., w. of Sir John, see Stodeye
-, Marg., dau. of Sir John,
-, Sir Pet.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1389),
-, Thos. (d. 1586),
-, Wm.,

Philpots, capital messuage, see Hulls, man. of, man. ho.

Phoenix works,


Piccards and Wallons, soc.,

-, Anne, dau. of Sir Chris., see Knevet
-, Sir Chris.,
-, Edw.,
-, Sir Jas.,
-, Jas., s. of Sir Jas.,
-, Marg. w. of Sir Jas.,
-, Marg., wid. of Thos.,
-, Thos.,
-, Thos. (d. 1582), ? s. of Thos.,
-, Wm.,

Pickersgill, E. H., M.P.,


Picton, Wm.,
-, his s., see Richard

pigeons, see bird fancying

Pike, Chas.,

Pilkington, Thos.,

Pinchbeck, Wm.,

-, Alice de,
-, Rob., s. of Rob. de,

Piots land, see Pyotts est.

Pitt, John, bldr.,

Pitt St.,

Pitt's Head P. H., Tyssen St.,


-, Humph., duke of Gloucester,
-, John, duke of Bedford,

-, Revd. Fras.,
-, Sir Hugh,
-, Wm.,

Platt (Hugh) Ho. (T.H.), flats in Patriot Sq. housing est., n

Plaw, -, bricklayer,

play (theatre),

Pleasant Pl.,

Pleasant Row, near North St.,

Pleasant Row, off Green St.,

Pleystowe, Ric., cooper,

Plumbe, Rowland, architect,

Plundit, see And. Plundit

Plunkett, -, timber merchant and bldr.,

Plymouth Brethren, see Brethren

Poitou (France),


-, John,
-, Marg., ctss. of Salisbury,

political clubs, and see radicalism

-, Jas.,
-, Wm., bldr.,

Pollard Row (formerly Rogue, Coate's and May's La.),

Pollard St.,

Polsted, Mr.,

Polter, W.,

Pomfret, Ric.,

Pomfret (Pontefract, Pountfreit, Pountfreyt) man., in Poplar,
-, bond tenants,
-, chap.,
-, customary tenants and svces.,
-, demesne,
-, man. ho.,
-, mill,

Pond close,

Pond field (M.E.O.T.),

-, Alice of,
-, Sir Ric. of,
-, Wm. of,

Pontefract, man. of, see Pomfret

Pontier, Eliz.,

-, John, bldr.,
-, -,

Poor Law Act,

Poor Law Commission,

Poor Man's Guardian,

Poor's Lands (or Land) est.,

Poorefield, in Stepney and Hackney,

-, Anne, w. of Sir Wm.,
-, John,
-, Maria,
-, Mic. (d. by 1808),
-, Mic. (d. by 1848),
-, Sir Wm., Bt.,
-, fam.,

Poplar, in Stepney,
-, Blackwall, q.v.
-, chap.,
-, ch. and par. of All Sts.,
-, Isle of Dogs, q.v.
-, Leamouth, q.v.
-, man.,
-, copyhold,
-, ct.,
-, freehold of,
-, man. ho.,
-, tenants,
-, marshes in, and see East Marsh; Stepney Marsh
-, metropolitan boro. (M.B.),
-, Millwall, q.v.
-, pop.,
-, tram svces.,

Poplar High (formerly Poplar) St., in Poplar,

Poplar marsh, see Stepney marsh

Poplar Ruridecanal Conference,

Poplar (later Poplar High) St., in Poplar,

Port of London Authority,

Portland Pl., White St.,

Portman Pl., Globe Rd., in Mile End, later in Bethnal Green, n,

Portsmouth (Hants),

-, Cecily, w. of Wm. (fl. c. 1350),
-, John (d. 1388),
-, John, cordwainer (fl. 1405),
-, John (fl. 1681),
-, Thos.,
-, Wm. (fl. c. 1350),
-, Wm. (fl. 1380),
-, Wm., priest (fl. 1487),
-, Wm. (fl. 1653),
-, fam.,

Potters ferry,

Potter's Row, in Cambridge Heath,

Potts, Ann,

Potts (Pott) St.,

Poulton, W. F., architect,

Pountfreit, man. of, see Pomfret

Pountfreyt, adv. of chap. of, see Pomfret, chap.

-, John,
-, Pet.,

Powell, -, dyer,

Powis, Lord, see Grey

Powle, Sir Stephen,

Poyster St.,

Pratt, Edw.,


Preedy, John, bldr.,



-, John (fl. 1672),
-, John (fl. 1703),
-, John (fl. 1763),
-, Thos.,
-, Thos., radical,

Preston St., Victoria Pk.,

Preston's gdn.,

Prestonian soc.,

-, A. W., bldr.,
-, Jas., bldr.,
-, John, bldr.,
-, Thos.,

Prickard, Mr., see Pritchard

Priestley (Jos.) Ho. (T.H.), flats in Mansford housing est., n

Priests (Ordination of Women) Act, 1993,

Primitive Methodists, see Methodists

Primrose St.,

Prince of Wales, see Edw.; Geo.

Prince of Wales P.H., n

Prince Regent, see Geo., Prince of Wales

Prince's Ct., Tyssen St.,

Prince's Pl.,

Prince's ('Coomb', later Chambord) St.,

Prince's Terr., Bonner Rd.,

Princelet St., Spitalfields,

Princess Elizabeth of York children's hosp., in Shadwell,


Prison (later Old Prison) Ho., Whitechapel High St.,

-, And. (fl. 1789),
-, And. (fl. 1889),
-, Clive Fleetwood,
-, Ion, n
-, John, publican (fl. c. 1730),
-, John, tilemaker (fl. 1790),
-, Dame Sarah,
-, fam.,

Pritchard est.,

Pritchard Ho. (L.C.C.), flats in Pritchard's housing est.,

Pritchard's (Pritchard) (L.C.C.) housing est.,

Pritchard's Rd. (formerly Ann's Pl.),

Privy Council,

Proby, Edw.,

Progressive party,

Prospect Pl. (or Row), Russia La.,

Protestant Alliance,

Protestant Refugees from High and Low Normandy, soc. of,

Providence Pl.,

Prusons Island, in Ratcliff,

Pryour, John,

Public Health Act, 1866,

Public Libraries Act, 1875

Public Welfare Assoc.,

Pulley, Jon.,

-, Sir John, mayor of Lond.,
-, John de (? another),
-, Marg., w. of Sir John, m. Sir Nic. Lovayne,
-, Marg., w. of Sir Wm., prob. m. Sir John Pekbrugge,
-, Rob., see Owen
-, Sir Wm.,

Pulteney's Inn, see London, City, Pulteney's Inn in

Punderson, Capt. Jon.,

Punderson's Gdns.,

Punderson's Pl.,

Punderson's St.,

Purim Pl., Dog Row,

Pusey, Edw.,

Puteaux Ho. (M.B.), flats in Cranbrook housing est., n

Pye, Dame Hester,

Pyke, John,

Pynchepole, Rog.,

-, Ann, see Gubbs
-, Ann, see Righton
-, Blanch, see Hinckley
-, Caroline, see Malie
-, Chas.,
-, Jane, w. of Wm., see Christmas
-, John, s. of Ric.,
-, John (d. 1689),
-, John (d. by 1734),
-, Pyarea, w. of Ric.,
-, Ric., grocer (d. 1620),
-, Ric. of Streethay, s. of Ric., and n
-, Ric. (d. 1747),
-, Rob.,
-, Susan, see Cockram
-, Wm. (d. 1643), n
-, Wm., s. of Ric. of Streethay, and n
-, fam.,

Pyotts (Pyott, Piot) est.,
-, mansion ho., see Corner, later Aldgate Ho.

Quaker St.,

Quakers, see Society of Friends

Queen Adelaide P.H.,

Queen Adelaide's charity,

Queen Adelaide's dispensary, in Warner Pl.,

Queen Anne's Bounty,

Queen Elizabeth's Children's (formerly North Eastern, later Queen's) hosp.,

Queen Margaret Flats, St. Jude's Rd.,

Queen St., near Hackney Rd.,

Queen's Bldgs., Gosset St.,

Queen's Children's hosp., see Queen Elizabeth's Children's hosp.

Queen's Head, in Mile End,

Queen's Own Light Infantry Regiment, Tower Hamlets militia,

Queen's Pl., near Hackney Rd.,

Queen's (or Charlotte) Row, Cambridge Rd.,

Quilter St.,

Quiltotex Ltd.,

Quinn, Thos., bldr.,

Quinn Sq.,

Racine, Jas., dyer,

racism, and see anti-semitism

Radford, Rob.,

Radical club,


Ragged Church and Chapel Union,

Ragged London,

Ragged School Union (later Shaftesbury Soc.),

Railton, Wm., architect,

Ralph of the marsh,

Ralph the clerk,
-, s. of, see Ralph; Rob.
-, est. of,

Ralph, grds. of Brice of Stepney,

Ralph, s. of Ralph the clerk,

Ram Alley,

Ramesey, John de,

Ramsey St.,

Ranwell West (T.H.) housing est.,

Rapley Pl.,

-, Alice, wid. of Edm.,
-, Alice, dau. of Hugh, see Shakerley
-, Edm.,
-, Hugh,

Ratcliff, in Stepney,
-, almshos.,
-, char.,
-, ch. of St. Jas.,
-, chwdn. of,
-, fire at,
-, pop.,
-, portionist of,
-, shipbldg.,

Ratcliff Cross, in Ratcliff,

Ratcliff Highway (formerly Shadwell St.), in Shadwell and Wapping, pl. and see Broad St.

Ratcliff St., in Ratcliff,

Ratcliff Wall, in Ratcliff,

Rathbone (Wm.) Ho. (T.H.), flats in Mansford housing est., n

Rathbone Soc.,

Ravenscroft, Jas.,

Ravenscroft St.,

Raymond, Thos.,

Rayner, Edw.,

Raynesford, Sir John,

Reason (Reyson, q.v.):
-, Ric., n
-, fam., n

Recoches, Louis,

Red Cock, Spitalfields,

Red Bull P.H., near Stepney ch.,

Red Cow est.,
-, Red Cow (or Milkho.),

Red Cow La.,

Red Cross P.H., Hare St., and n

Red Flag, singing of the,

Red Ho., asylum,

Red Lion farm, M.E.O.T. and Whitechapel,

Red Lion inn, M.E.O.T. and Whitechapel,

Red Maid La., Wapping,

Redclyf, the,

Redclyff (Ratcliff),

Redding, demesne close,

Rede, John le,

Redene, in Ratcliff,

Redistribution of Seats Act, 1885,

Redmill Ho. (L.C.C.), flats in Collingwood housing est.,

Regent's canal, pl.
-, dock, see Limehouse basin
-, wharves,

Reimund of Blithenhal (Bethnal Green),

Renvoize, Pet.,

Repton club,

Repton Sch. (Derbys.),


Revocation of the Edict of Nantes,

Reymond, Wm., n

Reymund, n

Reymund, s. of Aluric,

Reymund, s. of, see Adam

-, Edm.,
-, G. W. M., n
-, John, bldr.,

Reynolds Ho. (M.B.), flats, later part of Approach housing est.,

-, John the older (fl. 1362),
-, John the younger (fl. 1362),
-, John (d. 1421),
-, and see Reason

-, Wm. (d. 1843),
-, Wm., file maker,

-, Sir Edm.,
-, Eliz., wid. of Rob.,
-, Rob., Baron,

Richard II,

Richard Aynolf,

Richard, s. of Wm. Picton,

Richard Fitzneal, bp. of Lon.,

Richard of Hecham,

Richard, the bp. of Lond.'s beadle,

Richard, s. of Ric. of Gloucester, see Gloucester, Ric. of

-, Blanche (Pelter), w. of Morgan,
-, Morgan, skinner,
-, Wm.,

-, Chas.,
-, Jon,
-, Sarah, wid. of Chas.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1647),
-, Thos., clothworker (fl. 1706),
-, fam.,

Richardson's gdn.,

Richborough Castle (Kent),

-, Priscilla, w. of Sir Wm.,
-, Thos., and n,
-, Wm., haberdasher,
-, Wm., bricklayer,
-, Sir Wm., hemp merchant,

-, John,
-, Sam., farmer and brickmaker,
-, est. of,

-, Nic., bp. of Lond.,
-, S. Forde, M.P.,

Ridley Hall, Cambridge,

Ridley Ho., university settlement, St. James's Rd.,

Righton, Ann (Pyott), w. of -,

Riley, Wm., bldr.,

Riot Act,

riots, and see Gordon riots

-, John, bricklayer and bldr.,
-, Thos. Hen.,

Ripple, Salomon de,

Rising Sun, Green St.,

Risley, Sir John,

Rissemad, near Old Ford,

ritualism, see High Church practices

Robert (? de Barton), dean of St. Paul's cath.,

Robert de Tessunt (or Teffunt), s. of, see John

Robert le Coner,

Robert le Cutiller,

Robert of Aleford (? Old Ford),

Robert Fafiton,

Robert le Messag',

Robert, s. of Bernard of Stepney,

Robert, s. of Chedric,

Robert, s. of Ralph the clerk,
-, his wid., see Maud

Robert, s. of Roscelin,

Robert, s. of Terricus,

Robert Turneboet',

Robert St.,

-, Patrick,
-, Ted, vicar of St. Jas. the Less,

Roberts (Ted) Ho., flats for elderly,

Robertson, Geo.,

Robertson's ginger beer factory,

Robesard, Sir John,

-, Ann, wid. of Wm., m. Fras. Howell,
-, Ann, dau. of Wm., see Sotheby
-, Humfry,
-, Sir John, lieutenant of Tower Hamlets,
-, Percy, architect,
-, Wm.,

Robinson Rd., n,

Robinson's Charity est.,

-, Edw. Rob., architect,
-, John, bldr.,
-, Nehemiah,

Rochelle St.,

Roebuck P.H., Hackney Rd.,

Rodland, s. of Bernard,

Roger, s. of, see Peter

Roger the sheriff,

Roger, vicar of Stepney,

Roger Dowley Ct.,

-, Sgt. Maurice, V.C.,
-, Thos.,

Rogers (M.B.) housing est.,

Rogue La., and see Bethnal Green Rd.; Old Bethnal Green Rd.; Pollard Row

Rogueswell common (M.E.O.T.),

Rolfe, Hen. W.,

-, Rob.,
-, -,

Roman Catholicism,
-, convents,
-, schs.,
-, and see Augustinians of the Assumption; Charity, Sisters of; Christian Retreat, Sisters of the; Congregation of Our Lady (Canonesses of St. Augustine); Divine Love, Missionaries of the; Holy Family of Nazareth, Sisters of the; Marian Fathers; Marists

Roman Rd. (formerly Claremont, Esmond and Bridge Rds. and Green St. q.v.),

Romford (Essex),
-, coach svces. from,
-, rly. svces. from,

Romney marsh (Kent),

Ronan Point flats (West Ham, Essex),

Rondeau, John,

Rooff, J. & R., bldrs.,

-, John the elder (fl. 1471),
-, John (? another, fl. 1494),
-, Thos.,

Roos, Lord, see Cecil

Ropemakers field, in Shadwell,


Ropley St.,

Roscelin, s. of, see Robert

Rose La., Spitalfields,

Rose St.,

Rosemary La. (formerly Hachestreet, q.v.) in Whitechapel, St. George-in-the-East, Shadwell and Ratcliff, and see Cable St. and Brook St.

Rosery, the, flats in Stepney,

Rothschild, fam.,

Rotheley, Wm.,

Rotherhithe (Surr.),
-, tunnel,

Rothleys mill, in Stratford Bow,

Rous, John le,

Row, Dame Alice, wid. of Capt. Jas. Cook,

Rowe, Hen.,

Rowlandson, Thos.,

Rowlandson (Sir Graham) Ho. (T.H.), flats, part of Dorset housing est.,

Rowley, R. J., bldr.,

Rowley Bros., bldrs.,

Royal Adelaide Provident institution,

Royal Commission on Ecclesiastical Discipline,

Royal Contract Estates,

Royal Horse Guards,

Royal Regiments of Tower Hamlets militia,

Royal Standard P.H., n

Royal Victor Pl.,

Royal Victor P.H., Old Ford Rd.,

Royston housing est.,

Royston St. (formerly Wellington Pl.),

Rubin, M., & Sons, shoe manufacturers,

Ruby, Thos., n

Rumbolds, man. of, see Cobhams

Rundale (Kent),

Rush croft, n,

Rush or Rushby La., and see Russia La.

Rush mead, n

Rush Mead est.,

Rushbrook, Tim.,

Rushmead (formerly Elizabeth, later Mansford) St.,


Russia (Rush or Rushby or Blue Anchor) La., n, n,

Russia La. nursery,

Rutherford Ho. (L.C.C.), flats in Collingwood housing est.,

Rutland, Isabel, dowager ctss. of, see Manners

Ryder, Sir Wm.,

Saber, Wm.,

Saffron Close est.,

Saham, Ric. of, rector of Stepney,

Sailmakers' almshos., in Tottenham,

Sainsbury's, retailer,

St. Andrew's St.,

St. Anne, Limehouse, see Limehouse

St. Anthony's club, see Eastbourne club

St. Bartholomew, Smithfield, priory of, see London, St. Bart., Smithfield

St. Clare, abbey of, see Holy Trinity liberty

St. Clement Danes, Westminster,

St. Dunstan, dedication of Stepney ch. to,

St. Dunstan's church, see Stepney, chs.

St. Faith's mission ch., see Stepney, missions

St. Francis of Assisi mission,

St. George-in-the-East (formerly Wapping-Stepney), in Stepney,
-, ch. and par.,

St. Giles-in-the-Fields,

St. Giles without Cripplegate,

St. Gilles Ho. (M.B.), flats in Cranbrook housing est., n

St. Helen's priory, see London, St. Helen's

St. Helena, governor, see Johnson, Edw.

St. Hilda's East, university settlement,

St. Ives, Adam of, see Chaungeour

St. James Ct., flats in Bethnal Green Rd.,

St. James's Ave. (formerly Bonner La. and St. James's Rd.),

St. James the Less medical mission and dispensary,

St. Jermyn:
-, John,
-, Marg., w. of John,

St. John, Lady Kath.,

St. John of Jerusalem, see Clerkenwell, Knights Hospitallers

St. John St.,

St. John's girls club,

St. Jude's Pl.,

St. Jude's Rd.,

St. Jude's St.,

St. Katharine by the Tower, precinct,
-, hosp. of,

St. Katharine's marsh, near Tower of Lond.,

St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, see Shoreditch

St. Leonard's priory, Stratford at Bow,
-, 'abbess' recte prioress of,

St. Luke, Mdx.,

St. Margaret, Sisters of Soc. of,

St. Margaret's Ho., university settlement,

St. Martin-in-the-Fields,

St. Mary Graces abbey, see London, St. Mary Graces abbey

St. Mary in the marsh, chap. of (Poplar),

St. Mary, Stratford Bow, see Stratford Bow

St. Mary Matfelon, see Whitechapel

St. Mary without Bishopsgate, hosp. of, see Lond., St. Mary without Bishopsgate, hosp. of

St. Matthew, Bethnal Green, see Bethnal Green, ch. and par.

St. Matthew's Pl., Hackney Rd.,

St. Matthew's (formerly Church) Row,

St. Osyth (Essex), abbey of,

St. Pancras,

St. Paul, Thos. of,

St. Paul, Shadwell, see Shadwell

St. Paul's cathedral, London:
-, canons of, see Henry; Maurice; Silverstone; Sired
-, dean and chapter of,
-, as lords of man. of Shadwell,
-, deans, see Chishull; Colet; Cornhill; Lucy; Pattishall; Pace; Rob. (?de Barton)
-, parochia,
-, prebendaries, see Ashewy; Gravesend; Lude
-, sch.,
-, sergeant of, see Jordan

St. Paul's close,

St. Paul's est.,
-, n

St. Peter's Pl.,

St. Peter's Sq.,

St. Peter's St. (later Ave.),

St. Peter's Terr.,

St. Peter's (T.H.) housing est.,

St. Philip the Apostle, Newark St., see Mile End Old Town

St. Saviour's priory, Haggerston (Shoreditch),

St. Sepulchre, par. of,

St. Thomas à Becket, see Becket

St. Thomas of Acre, college or hosp. of, see London, St. Thos. of Acre

St. Winifred's well,

Sale St.,

Salisbury (Wilts.),

Salisbury, ctss. of, see Montagu, Maud; Neville, Alice; Pole, Marg.

Salisbury, earl of, see Montagu, John

Salle (or Sawlle):
-, Alice, w. of Nic.,
-, Nic.,

Salmon and Ball P.H., Cambridge Rd.,

Salmon's La. (Ratcliff and Limehouse),

Salomon of Stepney,
-, dau. of, see Alice; Cath.; Martine (?)
-, est. of,
-, s. of, see Daniel, Wal.

Salomon, s. of Siward, heirs of,

Salomon, s. of Wal. of Stepney,

Salomon, s. of, see John

Salomons, Israel Levin,

Salvation Army,

Salvayn, Maud, wid. of Sir Rog.,

Samford, Sir Rog. de,

Samme, Thos.,

Sampson, Ric., vicar of Stepney, later rector of Hackney, bp. of Chichester and of Coventry and Lichfield,

Sandbach, Ric., rector of Stepney,

Sandhill in the marsh, in Poplar,

Sandys, Windsor,

Satchwell (Satchell):
-, Rob.,
-, fam.,

Satchwell Rents,

Satchwell Rd.,

Satchwell Row,

Satchwell (formerly Orange) St.,

Satchwell's gdn.,

Sathewell mill, see Shadwell, mill

-, Edw.,
-, J., bldr.,
-, Marg., w. of Edw.,
-, Ric.,

Saunders nase, in Poplar,

Saunders Terr., Old Ford Rd.,

Saunderson, Chris., smith,

Saunderson's gdns.,

Savoy, hosp. of the, see London, Savoy, hosp. of the

saw mills,

Sawlle, see Salle

Sceptre Rd., formerly North and James St.,

Schadflet, see Shadfliet

School Board for Lond. (S.B.L.),

Schoolhouse La. (Brook St.), Ratcliff,

Schuster, Miss,

Science and Art Dept.,

Sclater (Slaughter), Thos., see Bacon

Sclater (Slaughter) St., pl. and see Anchor St.

Sclater's land, see Slaughter's land

Scot, Wm.,

-, A. J.,
-, John, brickmaker and bldr.,
-, Rob.,
-, Sam., brick merchant and farmer,
-, Sam. ? another,
-, Thos., brickmaster,

Scott (also Fitzroy and Crofts), Jas., duke of Monmouth,

Scott St.,

Scray, Adam,

Scripture Readers' Assoc.,

-, Sir Geof. de,
-, Hen., Lord Scrope of Masham,

seamen, see mariners

Seares, Thos., bricklayer,

Sebright, Wm.,

Sebright Arms P.H. (later music hall and theatre), off Hackney Rd.,

Sebright Ho., Dinmont housing est.,

Sebright Pl., in Cambridge Heath,

Sebright St., in Cambridge Heath,

Sebright St., off Bethnal Green Rd., n

Sebrights (Sebright) est., and see Hospital Land

Segrave, Steph., rector of Stepney, later abp. of Armagh,

-, Geo.,
-, Wm., bldr.,

Selby St.,

Sellewood, Wm.,

Seven Stars P.H., Fleet St.,

Seven Years' War,

Severne, John C.,

Severne St., see Abingdon St.

Sewardstone (Essex),

Sewardstone Rd.,

-, Joan, w. of John,
-, John,
-, M. R., mayor of Bethnal Green M.B.,

-, Edm.,
-, Sir John,
-, Marg., w. of Sir John,
-, Reginald,
-, Thos.,

Shacklewell, in Hackney,
-, man.,

Shacklewell St.,

Shadfliet (Schadflet) in Stepney marsh,

Shadwell, see Brice of Shadwell

Shadwell, in Stepney,
-, chap. (later par. ch. of St. Paul), and see Mead
-, hosp.,
-, inns,
-, man.,
-, ct.,
-, man. ho.,
-, tenants,
-, mill,
-, par.,
-, Rom. Cath. ch.,
-, well,

Shadwell field, in Shadwell,

Shadwell St. (Wapping), and see Ratcliff Highway

Shaftesbury, earl of, see Cooper, Ant. Ashley

Shaftesbury Soc., see Ragged Sch. Union

Shaftesbury Terr.,

-, Alice (Ratcliff), w. of Ralph,
-, Anne, see Tracy
-, Ralph,

Sharp, John, gdner.,

Sharp's gdn.,

-, Geo. Bern.,
-, Chas. Southby, bldr.,

Sheffield, fam.,

Shegog, John,

-, Cuthbert,
-, Eliz. (d. 1732),
-, Eliz. (fl. 1790s), see Durham

Shelfield, Wm., arrowsmith,

Shelley Ho. (M.B.), flats in Bethnal Green housing est.,

Shenfield (Essex),

Shenton, Revd. Wm.,

Shepherd's Pl. or Row, Bethnal Green Rd.,

Sheppard Ho. (T.H.), flats in St. Peter's housing est.,

Shepton Hos., housing est.,

Sherwood, toft in Mile End,

Shillitoe, John,

-, shipwrights,

Shipman, Thos.,

-, galley of Edw. III,
-, Katherine, chalk boat,
-, Margaret Cely,
-, Mary Rose,

Shipton Ho., flats in Nag's Head housing est.,

Shipton St., n

Shipyard, the, in Limehouse,

Shipyard close, in Limehouse,

Shipton St.,

shoemaking and shoemakers,


shops, see Bethnal Green, mkts. and retail trade

Shops Bill, 1911,

Shore, Pet., M.P.,

-, John,
-, Nic. of,

-, n,
-, boundaries,
-, burial ground,
-, ch. and par. (St. Leonard),
-, chwdns.,
-, Haggerston, q.v.
-, Hoxton, q.v.
-, medical officer of health,
-, metropolitan boro. (M.B.),
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, schs.,

Shoreditch and Bethnal Green Nursing Assoc.,

Shoreditch High St. (Halliwell St.),

Shoreditch Side,

Short, John,

Short St.,

Sickle Penfield (Sutlepen's) est.,

Sidney (Sydney, later Longman) St.,

Sierra Leone, bp. of, see Beckles

Sigsworth, Alice,

Silberston & Sons,

silkweaving and silkweavers,

silkwinding (or throwing),

Silver St., see Willett St.

Silverstone, John of, canon of St. Paul's, rector of Stepney,

Simcock's (or Sincock's) well, and see Snecockswell

-, Wal.,
-, fam.,

Simkin's Gdns., est.,

Simpson, Wm., bldr.,

Sion coll., president of, see Barnes, Geo.; London, Sion coll.

Sired, canon of St. Paul's cath.,

Sisters of Charity,

Sivill Ho. (T.H.), flats in Dorset housing est., n,

Siward, s. of, see Salomon

Six Acre Close,

Sixteen Acre field,

-, Thos.,
-, Thos., of Shrewsbury (? another),

Skinner, Bailey & Lubetkin, architects,

Slater, John,

Slater, Buckingham & Co.,

slaughter hos.,

Slaughter's (Sclater's) land (Red Cow est.),

Sleigh Ho. (M.B.), flats in Greenways, later Digby, housing est., n

-, Edw., bldr.,
-, Hen., mason,

Sloane St., in Chelsea,

Smale, Adam,

Smarts St.,

Smart's gdn., John, n

-, Belinda (Colebrook), w. of Sir Chas. Joshua,
-, Sir Chas. Joshua,
-, Dorothy,
-, Edw., bldr.,
-, Hen.,
-, Jas.,
-, Jim,
-, John,
-, Noah, bldr.,
-, Pet.,
-, Dr. Southwood,
-, Wm.,
-, and see Smyth, Smythe

Smithfield market, see London, Smithfield mkt.

-, Ann, see Hamilton
-, Jas.,
-, Marg., see Head


-, Hen.,
-, John,
-, Margery, wid. of John,
-, Sir Wm., Bt., lieutenant of Tower Hamlets,
-, fam. (16th cent.),
-, and see Smith, Smythe

-, John le,
-, Thos.,
-, and see Smith, Smyth

Smythesfield (? near Old Ford),

Snecockswell, and see Simcock's well

-, Eliz.,
-, Thos.,

Snow est.,

Soane, Sir John, architect,

Social Democrats,


Society for Promoting the Bldg. of Churches,

Society for the Diffusion of Pure Literature among the People,

Society for the Education of the Poor of Bethnal Green in the principles of the Established Church,

Society of Friends (Quakers),

-, Joan, wid. of John,
-, John,
-, his ho.,

Soissons, Louis de, architect,

Soldier, the, Mile End Rd.,
-, est.,

Soloman, Lewis, architect,

Somerford Ho., private flats,

Somerford (formerly Summerford) St.,

Somerford St., New,

Somerset, and see Bruton

Somerset, Lady,

Somerset Bldgs., off Hackney Rd.,

Sons of Prudence,

Sons of Temperance,

-, Ann (Robinson), w. of Jas.,
-, Adm. Chas. (d. 1854),
-, Chas. Wm. Hamilton (d. 1887),
-, Fred. Edw.,
-, Jas. (d. 1685),
-, Jas. (d. 1720),
-, Jas. (d. 1742),
-, Wm. (d. 1766),
-, Wm. (d. 1833),
-, fam.,

Sotheby (Southerbies) est.,

South, Wm., bldr.,

South St., see Florida St.

South Conduit St.,

South Mimms,

South Pavement,

Southcomb, Thos., bldr.,

Southcroft, in Walmarsh,

Southern Housing Group,

Southern Railway,


Southwark (Surr.),


Southwood Ho. (T.H.), flats in Mansford housing est.,

Sovereign Ho. (G.L.C.), flats in Collingwood housing est.,

Spencean soc.,

-, Chas., & Co.,
-, John,

Spencer Passage, Pritchard's Rd.,

Spenser, John, s. of Rob. le,

Sperhankes, John,

-, John,
-, Wm., daus. of,

Spert, Sir Thos.,

Spicer, Ric.,

Spicer (later Buxton) St., in Bethnal Green and M.E.O.T.,

Spilmanstreet, near Stepney church,

Spir, Wm.,

Spital Sq., Bishopsgate Without,

Spitalfields, formerly in Stepney,
-, ch. and par. of Christ Church,
-, chwdn. of,
-, église de St. Jean, see Huguenots
-, est.,
-, Huguenots,
-, mkt.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pop.,
-, portionist of,
-, Roman Cathm.,
-, Roman cem.,
-, schs.
-, silkweaving,
-, Wheler's chap.,

Spitalfields, rural dean of, see Barnes, Geo.

Spitalfields Acts,

Spitalfields almshos., in St. John's St., Bethnal Green,

Spitalfields Bengali Action Grp.,

Spitalfields Community Action Grp.,

Spitalfields Housing Assoc.,

Spitalfields Housing and Planning Rights Svce.,

Spitalfields Local Cttee.,

Spitalfields Project,

Spitalfields sewer,

Spitalfields Sunday Sch. Subs. Soc.,

Spitalfields Sunday Sch. Tract Soc.,

Spitelhope and Spitelshot, see Lollesworth

Spittal St., off Spicer St. (M.E.O.T.), n

Spittle Yard (? location),

Spread Eagle Pl. (M.E.O.T.),

Spurgeon, Chas. H.,

Spyer, Hans,

Squerryes Court, Westerham (Kent),

Squirries St.,

Staffordshire, see Streethay

Stainer, Rob.,

Stainers land,

Stamford Hill, in Hackney
-, cong. chap.,
-, tram svces. to,

-, Tim.,
-, Wm., vicar of Stepney,

Stanfield, Thos.,

Stansby (or Drury), -, Jesuit,

Staple of Calais, merchants of the, see Cely; Fenne; Goddard

Starky, Rog.,

Staveley, Hen.,

Stebbenheth, de, est., and see Stepney, of

Stebbenheth as cognomen,
-, John de,

Stebbenhithe close (? location),

Stebunheath (Stepney),

Steeple Ct.,

'Stepenhyth', place of,

-, Jas. Thos.,
-, Dr. Thos. Bowman,

Stephyn (or ? Stepkyn), Amy or Anne,

Stepkyn (alias Typkyn), John,
-, wid. of, m. 2 Wm. Chester,

Stepney, of (de Stebbenheth):
-, Cath., w. of John,
-, Edm.,
-, John of, the elder (d. 1281-2),
-, John of, the younger (d. by 1326),
-, John of, clerk (fl. 1317-24),
-, John of (? another) (fl. 1327-32),
-, Margery, wid. of John, ? m. 2 Wal. Morice,
-, Wal.,
-, and see Alex.; Benet of Maneton: Bernard; Brice; Dan., s. of Salomon; Jeremy; Salomon

Stepney, pl.
-, acreage,
-, adv.,
-, agric.,
-, almshos.,
-, boundaries,
-, bridges,
-, burial grounds,
-, chantries,
-, chars.,
-, chs.,
-, St. Ant.,
-, St. Dunstan, pls.
-, St. Phil., incumbent of,
-, church ho.,
-, churchyard,
-, coach svces.,
-, common lands,
-, manorial (roadside) waste,
-, communications,
-, curates,
-, dedication of par. ch.,
-, drainage,
-, fairs,
-, fire,
-, fraternity of Our Lady and St. Anne,
-, fraternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
-, geol.,
-, glebe,
-, halls,
-, hamlets, and see Bethnal Green; Limehouse; Mile End New Town; Mile End Old Town; Old Ford; Poplar; Ratcliff; St. George-in-the-East; Shadwell; Spitalfields; Stratford Bow; Wapping; Wapping-Stepney; Wapping-Whitechapel; Whitechapel
-, ind.,
-, lecturers,
-, mans. and ests.,
-, Ewell, q.v.
-, Huscarl, q.v.
-, Stepney man., copyhold, cts.,customary tenants, customs, works, and svces., demesne, hamstall, man. ho., man. officers, n, n, pound, prison, and see Bishop's Hall
-, map of,
-, mkt.,
-, metropolitan boro.,
-, mills,
-, missions,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, E. Lond. tabernacle,
-, omnibus svces.,
-, par. of St. Dunstan,
-, par. officers,
-, pks. and open spaces,
-, plague,
-, poor relief,
-, pop.,
-, rlys. and Underground rlys.,
-, rly. stas.,
-, rectors, and see Baldock; Barneby; Canterbury; Cawley; Crull; Deuza; Donne; Gravesend; Henry; Lee; Leyborne; Saham; Sandbach; Segrave; Silverstone; Vawdrey; Wright
-, rectory,
-, ho.,
-, relief,
-, roads,
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, schs.,
-, select vestry,
-, shipbldg.,
-, slum clearance,
-, tithes,
-, commuted,
-, tram svces.,
-, turnpikes,
-, vestry,
-, vicarage,
-, ho.,
-, vicars, and see Anderson; Colet; Frere; Goldman; Greenhill; Heynes; Hoyle: Jerome; Lee; More; Norton; Pace; Roger; Sampson; Stamp; Utye; Willan; Wright
-, watchhos.,
-, water transport,
-, workho.,

Stepney, suffragan bpric.,
-, bp. of, see Winnington-Ingram

Stepney and Hackney, liberty of, court of record,

Stepney (Bapt.) Coll., Stepney Green (M.E.O.T.),

Stepney (formerly Mile End) Green (M.E.O.T.),

Stepney High St., in Ratcliff,

Stepney Huscarl (or Huskarl), man. of, see Huscarl, man. of

Stepney marsh (Poplar marsh),

Stepney Rents, in Bethnal Green,

-, Alice, wid. of Pet.,
-, Pet.,

-, Hen.,
-, Thos.,

Stevenson, John Jas., architect,

Stillwell, Mrs. Mary,

Stint, John,

-, Idonea, dau. of John, see Brembre
-, Joan, w. of John,
-, Joan, dau. of John, see Goodlake
-, John,
-, Marg., dau. of John, m. 1 Birlingham, 2 Philpot, Fitznichol, Bamme,
-, Margery, dau. of John, see Vanner
-, Thomasia, dau. of John, see Hadley
-, fam. est.,

Stokswellstreet, ? in Poplar,

-, Gilb. at,
-, Thos.,

Stonebridge (Mile End Gate), in Stepney,

Stoner, Clement,


Stoneyfield, in Ratcliff and Limehouse,

Stonier (or Stonyer), John,
-, est. of,

-, Eliz., w. of Wm., see Fenne
-, Wm.,

Stony Rockfield, and see Stonerock

-, Martha, see Baker
-, Pet.,

Stortford, see Bishop's Stortford

Stowland, in Stepney marsh,

Stracey, Thos.,

Strahan Rd., n

Strand (Westm.), Adelphi chap. in,

-, Sir Baldwin,
-, Eliz., see Molyneux
-, Marg., wid. of Sir Baldwin,

Stratford, Jeremy of, see Jeremy of Stepney

Stratford (Essex),

Stratford Bow (Bow or Stratford-le-Bow), formerly in Stepney,
-, bridge,
-, chap. of St. Kath.,
-, chap.,
-, ch. and par. of St. Mary,
-, coach svces.,
-, ests.,
-, Green Goose fair,
-, mill,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pillory,
-, priory, see St. Leonard's priory, Stratford at Bow
-, rector of, see Driffield
-, tram svces.,

Stratford field, in Mile End and Stratford,

Stratford Langthorn (Essex),

Stratten, Jas.,

Stratton, Adam de, clerk,

-, Eliz. (Lodowick), w. of Geo.,
-, Geo.,

Streatley Bldgs. (L.C.C.), flats in Boundary housing est.,

Streethay (Staffs.),

Strode, Hen.,

Stubbs Ho. (M.B.), flats in Cranbrook housing est.,

Structadene Ltd.,

Strügnell, Alf., vicar of St. Jude's,

Stüppell, Geo. M., asst. curate of St. Jas. the Gt.,

Sturdy Ho. (T.H.), flats in Lanfranc housing est., n

-, Ric.,
-, Sanderson Turner,

Stybbanhythe (Stybba's hythe),

Style, Edm.,

Sudbury, Sim. of, bp. of Lond.,

Sufflee, Jas.,

Suffolk, and see Ipswich

Suffolk Pl., in Cambridge Heath,

Suffolk (later Coventry) St.,

Sugar Loaf P.H., Bethnal Green village,

Sugar Loaf Walk,

Sugarloaf La.,

Sulkin Ho. (M.B.), flats in Greenways housing est.,

Summerford St., see Somerford St.

Summerlease, in Stepney marsh,

Sun P.H., Sclater St.,


Sunday School Tract Soc.,

Sunday School Union,
-, E. Lond. Auxiliary,

Sunewineshamme meadow, ? in Shadwell, Limehouse or Poplar,

Surat Pl.,

Surrey, duke of, see Holland, Thos.

Surrey, see Bencham; Bermondsey; Herne Hill; Mitcham; Norwood; Rotherhithe; Southwark

Susan (Trentemars), s. of, see Geof.

Sussex, and see Eastbourne Coll.

Sutlepen's fields, see Sickle Penfield

-, Ric. of,
-, Rob.,
-, W. R.,

Sutton Dwellings Trust,
-, housing est.,

Swan, Limehouse,

Swan close,

Swan (later Cygnet) St.,

Swan's Nest (or Hermitage), near Wapping,


Swanfield (formerly Mount) St.,

-, Ann,
-, Rob.,

Sweetapple, Jos.,

Sweetapple Ct.,

Sweetapple Sq.,

Swetyngfeld, ? in Shadwell,

Swift, John,

Swinburne Ho. (M.B.), flats in Bethnal Green housing est.,

Sydenham (Kent),

Sydney Terr., Grove Rd.,

Syward, Vincent,

Tagg St.,

tailor, Odo, see Odo parmentarius

-, Florentine,
-, Mary,

Tales of Mean Streets,

Taleworth, John de,

-, Edw. (fl. 1814),
-, Edw. (fl. 1851),
-, Geo.,
-, John,

Tanner, John Jos.,

Tapp St.,

Tapper & Lewis, architects,

-, Eliz. (Jarvis),
-, Sir Geo. Ivison, Bt.,
-, Sir Geo. Wm. Gervis (or Tapps Gervis), Bt.,

Tapps-Gervis-Meyrick, formerly Tapps, fam., n

Taps Land,

Tarring, John, architect,

Tate Ho. (M.B.), flats in Cranbrook housing est.

-, Wm., bldr.,
-, -, bldr.,

-, John,
-, Thos.,

-, Jos.,
-, Wm. Hen.,

Teale St., in Cambridge Heath,

Teale St., S. of Bethnal Green Rd.,

Teesdale (L.C.C.) housing est., n

Teesdale St.,

temperance movement,

Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Grenville, Mary, Baroness Kinloss,

Temple St., in Cambridge Heath,

Temple (or Westover) St., off North St.,


Tent St.,

tenter grounds,

Terrace, The, Old Ford Rd.,

Terricus of Aldgate,
-, s. of, see Robert

Terricus, s. of Edrich of Aldgate (? same),
-, wid. Florence,
-, brother, see Adam

Tessunt (or Teffunt), see Rob. de Tessunt

Thames river,
-, ferry,
-, flooding,
-, hithe,
-, mills,
-, names derived from,
-, tunnels, pl.
-, walls,
-, wharves,

Thelloe, Pet.,

Theobald of Helles,

The Times,

-, Ralph,
-, daus. of,
-, fam.,

Thickness est.,

Thieving La., see Globe Rd.

Thomas, s. of Alex. of Stepney & w. Angeline,

-, Jane,
-, Jemima Marg.,
-, Joshua,

Thomas (or White's) Passage or Granby's Row, near Bethnal Green Rd.,

Thomas Pl.,

Thomas St., near Bethnal Green Rd.,

Thomas St. (Passage), North St.,

Thomas St., off Brick La.,

Thomas St., off Dog Row,

-, Marg. (Kirby), w. of Wm.,
-, Wm.,

Thoralby, John,

Thorne, Thos.,

Thorne Ho. (M.B.), flats in Greenways housing est., n

Thorne Ho., Wapping,

Thornton hall, Mount St.,

Thorold Sq.,

Thorold St.,

Thoydon Rd.,

Three Acre close,

Three Colt (formerly Forby or Forbes) St., in Limehouse,

Three Colt Yard (later Ct.), Mile End,

Three Colts (formerly Water) La., n, and see Lamb St.

Three Colts, formerly White Horse, P.H. (M.E.O.T.),

Three Compasses P.H., Sclater St.,

Three Golden Lions P.H., ? Bishop's Hall,

Three Sugar Loaves, St. John St.,

Throckmorton, Sim.,

Thruxton (Hants),

Thurgood, Edw.,

Thurleigh (Beds.),

Thurlow St.,

Tich, Little,

Tilehouse, the, see Ewell, man. of

Tilehouse, barn, in Whitechapel,

Tilehouse meadow, ? Wapping,

Tilekilnfield (later Clay Pits), on Chambers est.,

tilemaking, tileyards, see brick and tilemaking

-, Ben.,
-, W.,

Tilley, Wm.,

timber ind.,

Timmings, -, ale-ho. keeper, ? Timmins, Wm., q.v. n

Timmins, Wm., brickmaker and bldr.,
-, -, his wid.,

Tite, Sir Wm., architect,

-, Ann (Blake), w. of Chris.,
-, Chris.,

Toddington man. (Beds.), n

Tollit St., Mile End,

Tolpuddle martyrs,

Tolly, -, bldr.,

Tonneman Mead, in Poplar,

Topsfield man. (Hornsey),

Torrens Act,

-, almshos. in,

Totty St.,

Tovy, Wal.,

Tower, Ric.,

Tower, abbey of the, see London, St. Mary Graces abbey

Tower, liberty of the,

Tower Hamlets, deanery of,

Tower Hamlets, lieutenant of, see Robinson, Sir John; Smyth, Sir Wm., Bt.

Tower Hamlets, Lond. boro. (L.B.),
-, arms,
-, as educ. authority,
-, as housing authority,
-, housing ests., and see Brierley Gdns.; Janes (Mary) Ho.; Lakeview; Lanfranc; Leopold's Bldgs.; Mansford; Rowlandson (Sir Graham) Ho.; St. Peter's; Sheppard Ho.;
-, sale of council housing,
-, boundary,
-, conservation areas,
-, neighbourhoods, and see Bethnal Green; Bow; Globe Town
-, politics,
-, pop.,
-, Soc. Svces. Dept.,
-, wards,

Tower Hamlets Borough Plan,

Tower Hamlets Campaign Against Estates Sales,

Tower Hamlets commissioners of sewers,

Tower Hamlets court of requests,

Tower Hamlets Engineer Volunteers (later East London Royal Engineers),

Tower Hamlets Environment Trust,

Tower Hamlets militia, see Queen's Own Light Infantry Regiment; Royal Regiments

Tower Hamlets Vietnamese Families Assoc.,

Town Planning Act,

Town ward,

Townsend Gdn., Poplar,

Toye, Sam., bldr.,

Toye's Bldgs., model dwellings in Mansford St.,

Toynbee Hall, Commercial St., Whitechapel,

Toynbee Housing Assoc.,

Tractarianism, and see High Church practices

-, Anne (Shakerley), w. of Sir Paul,
-, Eliz., see Geary
-, Geo.,
-, Sir Paul, Bt.,
-, Paul, s. of Sir Paul,
-, Paul, s. of Vicessimus,
-, Paul, s. of Paul,
-, Vicessimus,

Trades' hall, Abbey St.,

Trafalgar Pl., off North St.,

Trafalgar St., off Turville St.,

Transfer of Powers (London) Order,

Treadway, -,

Treadway (formerly Harvey and Hope) St.,

Tregoult, Rob.,

Tremayne, Ric.,

-, Alice, dau. of Wal., m. 1 Wm. Haunsard, 2 John Mokking,
-, Beatrice,
-, Edm.,
-, Edm., the younger,
-, Geof.,
-, Joan, wid. of Edm.,
-, John,
-, Maud, wid. of Edm. the younger, m. 2 Wm. de Gloucester,
-, Osbert,
-, Susan,
-, Wal.,
-, Wal., s. of Edm.,
-, fam.,
-, est. of,

Trentemars est., in Stepney, and see Bernes man.

Tresham, Maurice,

Trevelyan Ho. (M.B.), flats in Greenways housing est.,

Trevitt, Jas., vicar of St. Philip's,

Trevor, Sir Thos.,

Triangle, Columbia Rd.,

Trinity almshos.,

Trinity Chambers, Old Nichol St.,

Trinity Ho., Corp. of,
-, Master of, see Cooke, Wal.

Trinity Minories Lib., see Holy Trinity, liberty of

Tripany, Chas.,

Triple, John de,

Triquet, Pet.,

Trist, Geo.,

Trotway iron works,

Truman, Jos.,

Truman, Hanbury, Buxton & Co., brewers,

Truman's (formerly Black Eagle) brewery, in Spitalfields,

Truss, Alex.,

Trussell, Edw.,

-, Christine, w. of Wm. of,
-, Wm. of,

Tudor Lodge, Victoria Park,

-, Eliza Isabella (Tyrell),
-, John Lionel,

Tufnell Park, Islington,

Tully, J., bldr.,

Tunamcroft, in Stepney marsh,

Tunstal, Cuthbert, bp. of Lond.,

Tunstall, Cuthbert, another,

Turin St. (formerly Hope Town and Union St.),

Turk, Wal.,

Turk St.,

Turkey, Humph.,

Turk's Head P.H.,

Turneboet', see Robert Turneboet'

-, Chas.,
-, Jas.,
-, Wm., bldr.,

Turney est.,

Turney field,

Turnip field, n,

-, Fras.,
-, Jane, see Bate

-, Ellen,
-, Geo. (d. 1730),
-, Geo. (d. 1735),
-, Lytrott,
-, Ric.,
-, Wm.,

Turville St.,

Turville St., New,

Tuscan Ho. (T.H.), flats in Digby housing est., n

Twentyacres, ? Bethnal Green,


Twig Folly,

Twig Folly bridge,

Twig Folly Wharf,

Twig St.,

Two Loggerheads P.H.,

Twyford, man. of, in West Twyford,

-, Dr.,
-, Wm.,

Type St.,



Typkyn, see Stepkyn

-, Eliza Isabella, see Tufnell
-, John (later Sir John, Bt.),
-, Sir John Tyssen,
-, Sar. (Tyssen), w. of John,

Tyrell St.,

-, Fras.,
-, Mary, wid. of Wm.,
-, Sam., n
-, Sar., wid. of Sam.,
-, Sar., dau. of Wm., see Tyrell
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Tyssen St. (later part of Brick La.),

Tyssen St., New,

Tyssens (Tyssen) est.,

Tytherton (flats), Bates housing est.

-, Edw.,
-, Ric.,

Underwood, -,

Underwood Rd., Stepney M.B.,

Undeutsch, Nic.,


Union Building Soc.,

Union Movement,

Union Row, see Morpeth St.

Union St. (formerly Hope Town, later Turin St., q.v.),

Unitarian Domestic Mission,


United Methodists, see Methodists

United Radical club, Kay St.,

United Reformed Ch.,

United Synagogue,

University club,

University Ho.,

university settlements,

Upscher's (Upshot) est., n

Urswick, Sir Thos.,

Usk St.,

Utye, Dr. Emanuel, vicar of Stepney

Uvenus (? Young), John, see John


Uxbridge, Augustine of,

Vale, Geo., n

Vale (Geo.) Ho. (T.H.), flats in St. Peter's housing est.,

Vallance Rd.,

-, Hen., vintner (d. 1354),
-, Hen., vintner, the younger,
-, Joan, w. of Hen., see Haunsard
-, Margery (Stodeye), w. of Hen. the younger,
-, Wm.,

Valline, -,

Vanneson (or Van Heson), John,

Vanton, Gerrard, weaver,

Vassall, John,

-, Alesia, wid. of Sir Thos., w. of John Burton,
-, Anne (Pickering), w. of John, see Knevet
-, Eleanor,
-, Sir Hamo,
-, Joan, w. of Sir Wm.,
-, Joe, mayor of Bethnal Green M.B.,
-, John,
-, Marg.,
-, Margery, w. of Steph.,
-, Steph.,
-, Sir Thos.,
-, Sir Wm.,
-, heirs of,

Vaughan (M.B.) housing est., n,

Vavasseur, Carter & Collier,

Vawdrey, Dan., rector of Stepney,

Velletri Ho. (M.B.), flats in Cranbrook housing est., n

Ver, Wm. de,

Vere, John de, earl of Oxford, dau. of, see Lovayne, Marg.

Vevers, Sam., bricklayer and bldr.,

Viaduct St.,

Vicars, Penelope,

Victoria Park,
-, mtgs. in,
-, sports clubs,
-, swimming,

Victoria Park cemetery,

Victoria Park Housing Assoc.,

Victoria Park Picture Theatre Co.,

Victoria Park Rd., see Approach Rd.

Victoria Park Sq., pls.

Victoria Park Sq. (Charlwood) (G.L.C.) housing est., and see East End Dwellings Co.

Victoria P.H., Morpeth Rd.,

Victoria station,

Victoria St.,

Victoria Terr., Grove Rd.,

Victoria works,

victualling trades,

-, Geo. Bussy, earl of Jersey,
-, Judith (Herne), w. of Wm.,
-, Wm., earl of Jersey,

Vincent St.,

Vine, Hen., bldr.,

Viney, Josiah,

vineyard, vinery,

Virginia (U.S.A.),

Virginia (G.L.C.) housing est.,

Virginia Planter P.H.,

Virginia Rd. (formerly Old Castle St. and Virginia Row, q.v.),

Virginia Row (later Rd.),

Virginia St.,

Vivian (formerly Woodstock) Rd., n,


-, Rob., vestry clerk, n
-, Rob. the younger, town clerk, n

Vulliamy, Lewis, architect, n,

Vyner St.,

Waddilove, Jas., bldr.,

Wade (Art.) Ho. (M.B.), flats in Dorset housing est.,

Wade St. (Poplar),

Wadeson St.,

Wadley, Ezekiel, bldr.,


-, Blanche, wid. of Thos.,
-, Joan, Baroness, see Kent, ctss. of
-, Marg., Baroness, see Kent, ctss. of
-, Thos., Lord Wake,
-, fam., est. of,

Wakeford (Kenneth), Jerram & Harris, architects,

Walcot, Ric.,

-, Margery, w. of Ric. de,
-, Ric. de,

-, Hen. le, mayor of Lond.,
-, John le,

Waleysfield, see Galeysfield

-, John,
-, Dr. John,
-, Mat.,
-, T. L., architect,
-, Wm.,

Walkden & Wetherall, printers,

Walker, -,

Wallace Collection,

Wallop, Ric.,

Walmarsh or Wapping marsh, in Wapping-Stepney,

-, Edm.,
-, John,

Walsham, Wm., architect,

-, Anne (Fenne), w. of Hen.,
-, Hen. (fl. 1558),
-, Hen. (fl. 1637),
-, Hen., s. of Hen.,

Walter of Stepney, s. of, see Salomon

Walter, s. of Adam,

Walter, s. of Bernard,

Walter, s. of Cole, Alan,

Walter, s. of Salomon of Stepney,

Walter St., n

Walthey, Salamon,

Walton, Thos.,

Wapping, in Stepney,
-, Horsway, q.v.
-, mills,
-, pop.,
-, rly. svces.,

Wapping Ho., in Wapping,

Wapping (formerly Gravel, then Old Gravel) La.,

Wapping marsh, see Walmarsh

Wapping Wall, in Wapping,

Wapping Wall road,

Wapping-Stepney (later part of St. Geo.-in-the-East),

Wapping-Whitechapel (in Stepney, later par. of St. John, Wapping),

war damage, and see Bethnal Green, bomb damage

-, Dr. John,
-, John Abernethy,
-, Thos.,
-, trustees,

-, John,
-, Patient,
-, Ric.,
-, Sam.,
-, Wm., bldr.,

Ward's Row,

-, John, vintner,
-, John, of Squerryes Ct.,
-, John Roberts O'Brien,
-, fam., of Squerryes Ct.,


Wards land (Turney est.),

Ware, Ric.,

Ware (Herts.),

Ware Park (Herts.),

Warley, John,

Warley (formerly William) St.,

Warn, -, bldr.,

-, Eliz, dau. of Rob., see Green
-, John,
-, Nowell,
-, Rob.,

Warner & Ramm, Messrs.,

Warner Pl., off Hackney Rd.,

-, Joan, w. of Sir Ralph,
-, Joan, dau. of Sir Ralph, see Cromwell
-, Sir Ralph, mayor of Lond.,
-, Sir Ric.,

Warren, the,

Warris, Thos.,

-, Joan (Huscarl), w. of Wm.,
-, Ric.,
-, Rog.,
-, Wm.,

Washington Ho., Wapping,

Water La., see Three Colts La.

Waterhouse, Paul, architect,

Waterlader, see Ghyepe

Waterloo Ho., formerly workho.,

Waterloo housing est., see Wellington housing est.

Waterloo (formerly Albert) Rd.,

Waterloo Town,

Waterlow, Sir Sydney, Bt.,

Waterlow (M.B.) housing est., pl. and see Improved Industrial Dwellings Co.

Wates (London), bldr.,

Watford (Herts.),

-, Eliz. (Kirby), w. of John,
-, John,
-, -, bldr.,

Watts, Mary, see Goodman

Watts-Ditchfield, John E., vicar of St. Jas. the Less, later bp. of Chelmsford,

Wear St.,

-, Edw. Bird,
-, Hen. Fred.,

Weatherhead's Gdns.,

Weaver Ho. (M.B.) housing est.,

Weaver St.,

Weavers' Fields (Field),

weaving, weavers, see silkweaving

-, Anne, architect,
-, Jas.,

Webb (Beatrice) Ho. (M.B.), flats, later part of Lakeview housing est., n,

Webbe, H.B.,

Webbe institute,

Webster, Arth.,

Webster printing works, St. Matthew's Row,

Wedgwood Ho. (M.B.), flats in Greenways housing est.,

Weeley (Essex), adv. of,

Weinberg, Baruch,

-, Hester,
-, John,

Weld, Lady Frances,

Wellclose Sq. (in St. Geo-in-the-East and Whitechapel),

-, Alice, w. of John,
-, John,

Wellington (formerly Waterloo) (L.C.C.) housing est.,

Wellington Pl. (later Royston St.),

Wellington Pl., off Old Bethnal Green Rd.,

Wellington pond,

Wellington Row (or St.), off Virginia Row,

Wellington St., off Globe Rd., see Cyprus St.

Wellington St., Waterloo Town,

-, Ant.,
-, John, bldr.,

Welsh, John, bricklayer and bldr.,

Welwyn (formerly Park) St.,

-, Agnes, w. of Mic.,
-, John,
-, Mic.,

Wennington St.,

-, Anne, wid. of Hen. and w. of Sir Wm. Pope,
-, Anne, dau. of Thos., earl of Cleveland, see Lovelace
-, Henrietta Maria, Baroness Wentworth,
-, Hen., Lord Wentworth,
-, Jane, wid. of Thos., Lord Wentworth, see Borough
-, Martha, Baroness Wentworth, w. of Sir Hen. Johnson,
-, Philadelphia, Lady Wentworth, w. of Thos. (d. 1665),
-, ho. of, pl.
-, Thos., Baron Wentworth (d. 1551),
-, Thos., Lord Wentworth (d. 1584),
-, Thos., Lord Wentworth, later earl of Cleveland (d. 1667),
-, Thos., Lord Wentworth (d. 1665),
-, Wm.,

Wentworth, barony of,

Wentworth St., Spitalfields,

-, John,
-, Sam.,

Wesleyan Missionary soc.,

Wesleyan Sunday Sch. cttee.,

Wesleyan Tract Soc.,

Wesleyans, see Methodists

Wessex St. (M.E.O.T.),

West, Eliz.,

West St., off Bethnal Green Rd.,

West St., in Cambridge Heath,

West St., off Green St.,

West End of London,

West Ham (Essex), and see 'Hamme'

West Heath, in Mile End and Bethnal Green,

West India docks, in Poplar,

West India Docks Co.,

West Tilbury (Essex),

Westbrook Ho., flats in East End Dwellings, later Victoria Park Sq. (or Charlwood) housing est.,

Westbury St., Spitalfields,

Westheath, Mile End,

-, Aubrey, w. of John,
-, John,

Westmacott, Ric.,

Westminster, and see St. Clement Danes; Strand

Westminster abbey:
-, abbey and abbots,
-, chamberlain,
-, dean and chapter of,

Westminster Hall,

Westminster St., see Baroness Rd.

Weston, Rob.,

Westover St., see Temple St.

Westwall. in Poplar,

Wete marsh, the, in Poplar,

Weymouth Terr., Shoreditch,

Whaley, -,

Wharf Cottage, Park Terr.,

Wharf Rd.,

Wheatsheaf P.H., on Bethnal green,

Wheeler, Thos.,

Wheeler (Wheler) St., in Bethnal Green and Spitalfields,

Wheler (Wheeler), Sir Geo.,

Wheler est., in Spitalfields,

Wheler's chap., tabernacle, see Spitalfields, Wheler's chap.

Whetecroft (? M.E.O.T.),

Whiltenbury, Jos.,

Whisker's gdns.,

Whitby St., see York St., Lt.

-, Chas. (d. 1754),
-, Chas. (fl. 1771),
-, John,
-, Martha (Wightwick), w. of Chas.,
-, Miles,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm., leatherseller (fl. 1517),
-, Wm. (fl. 1754),
-, Wm., brickmaker,
-, Wm., architect,
-, fam.,

White Bros.,

White Bear P.H., in Dog Row,

White Cock P.H., Spitalfields,

White Hart brewery, Sugar Loaf Wk.,

White Hart Pl.,

White Hart P.H., Bethnal Green Rd.,

White Hart P.H., in Ratcliff,

White Hart St., see White Horse St.

White Horse (later Three Colts) farm and inn, see Mewes

White Horse La., and see Commercial Rd. East

White Horse P.H., Hare St.,

White Horse (or White Hart) St., in Ratcliff, and see Clevestreet

White Ho., see Kirby's Castle

White Lion St., Spitalfields,

White Roding (Essex),

White St.,

White's Passage, see Thomas Passage

Whitechapel (St. Mary Matfelon), formerly in Stepney,
-, adv.,
-, boundaries,
-, chap. (ch.),
-, dock,
-, Homefield, q.v.
-, par. of,
-, rlys.,
-, rectory,
-, vicarage,
-, wharf,

Whitechapel field, in Whitechapel,

Whitechapel High St. (formerly Algatestreet) in Whitechapel,

Whitechapel La. (? later Brick La.), in Whitechapel and Spitalfields,

Whitechapel Rd., in Whitechapel,

Whitman Ho. (M.B.), flats in Bethnal Green housing est.,

Whitwell & Co., soda makers,

Whores La. see Old Bethnal Green Rd.

Whyatt (Builders),

-, Idonia, w. of Nic. of, m. 2 John Gosebourne,
-, Nic. of,
-, Rob. of,

Wick man., in Hackney,

Wicker, John,

Wierley, -,

Wigborough, Great (Essex), rector, see Gosson

Wigginton, Wm., architect,

-, Martha (Willett), wid. of Ric.,
-, Martha, see White
-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,

Wilcox, John,

Wild, Jas. Wm.,

Wilkinson, Jos.,

Wilkinson (Ellen) Ho. (M.B.), flats in Greenways housing est.,

Willan, Miles, canon of Windsor, vicar of Stepney,

Willcox, Wm., bldr.,

Willet (or Silver) St.,

-, Martha, wid. of Thos.,
-, Martha, dau. of Thos., see Wightwick
-, Thos.,

Willetts (Willett) est.,

William, chaplain of Stepney,

William ludimagister, ? Walker, Wm.,

William of Aldgate, s. of, see Benet

William of Ste.-Mère-Eglise, bp. of Lond.,

William the chamberlain,

William, s. of Eylwake,

William, s. of Wm. s. of (?) Keynes,

William (later Squirries) St.,

William (later Warley) St., Globefields, n,

-, John, goldsmith,
-, John, merchant,
-, Sir Ric., see Cromwell
-, Thos., Resurrectionist,
-, Thos. Geo.,

William Pl.,

Williamson, Benedick, architect,

Willis, Wm., bldr.,

Willmott Dixon, bldrs.,

Willow Wk.,

-, David, bldr.,
-, John,

Wilmot Grove,

Wilmot Ho.,

Wilmot Sq.,

Wilmot St.,

Wilmot's Folly, later the Abbey,

-, B. R., rector of Bethnal Green,
-, Martin,
-, Phil.,
-, Susan, wid. of Thos.,
-, Susanna,
-, Thos.,
-, T.,

Wiltshire, see Salisbury

Wiltshire brewery, Hackney Rd.,

Wimbolt St.,

Winchcomb, Rog. of,

-, John of,
-, Nic. of,

Winchester, bp. of, see Wykeham

Winchester, marquess of, see Paulet

Winchester (or Market) St.,

'Windham, Lady', and see Wyndham

Windmillshot (? in Bethnal Green),

Windsor, canons of, see Willan; Heynes

Windsor Ho. (M.B.), flats in Greenways housing est.,

-, Ben. Godfrey,
-, Edw. Wm.,

Winkfield (or Wingfield):
-, Cath., w. of Wm., see Hadley
-, Wm.,

-, Chas., bldr.,
-, Hen., bldr.,
-, (or Winckler), Theodor,

Winkley (formerly Catherine) St.,

Winnington-Ingram, Art. Foley, rector of Bethnal Green, bp. of Stepney and of London,

Winter, Revd. Cornelius,

-, Hen.,
-, Jane (Gubbs), w. of Hen.,
-, Martha,

-, Ben., cowkeeper and bldr.,
-, B., bldr.,

Witan (formerly Parliament) St.,

Withers, Rob.,

Wittenham, see John of Wittenham

Wix, Fred. Gibson, vicar of St. Jas. the Gt.,

-, Cath., w. of Sir Wm., see Hadley
-, Sir Wm.,

Wolfe, Nic.,

Wolsey, Cardinal Thos.,

Woluresesland, ? in Shadwell,

Wolveridge (or Woolveridge):
-, John, plasterer and bldr.,
-, John, ? another,
-, Thos.,

Wolverley Grammar sch. (Worcs.),

Wolverley Pl., in Cambridge Heath,

Wolverley (later Gillman) St., in Cambridge Heath,

Wolverley St., off Bethnal Green Rd.,

Wolward, John,

Wontner Smith, A., architect,

-, Jane,
-, Tobias,

Wood Close (field),

Wood Close (rd. off Hare St.),

Wood St.,

Woodchurch (Ches.), rector of, see King

Woodhouse, Revd. W.,

Woodland, W.,

Woodland, close (prob. in Bethnal Green),

Woodman, -, of Notting Hill, architect,

Woodman P.H., n

Woodroffe, Nic.,

woods, and see Bishopshall woods

Woods and Forests, Commrs. of,

Woodstock Rd., see Vivian Rd.

-, Emmote,
-, Thos.,

Woodyard, Ben.,

-, Geo.,
-, G. H., curate,
-, G. J.,
-, Sir Leonard,

Woolwich (Kent),

Woolwich marsh (Kent),

Worcester Ho., see King John's Palace

Wotton, John,

Wren, Sir Chris.,

Wren Ho. (T.H.), flats in Lanfranc housing est., n

Wright's Rd., Bow,

-, Fras.,
-, John,
-, John, vicar, later rector, of Stepney,
-, Lawrence,
-, Mary,
-, Mat.,
-, Rob., bldr.,
-, Thos.,

-, Sir Hen.,
-, Thos. Hen., architect,

Wycliffe Hall, Oxford,

Wyers, bldr.,

Wyersdale, Ben., gdner.,

Wykeham, Wm. of, bp. of Winchester,

Wylde, the, marsh near Limehouse,

-, Barbara, w. of Sir Wadham,
-, Eliz., w. of Thos.,

Wyott, Rob.,

Yardley, John,

Yate, Sir Edw., Bt.,

-, Edw., carpenter and bldr.,
-, Sam.,

-, Alice, w. of Nic. of,
-, Aline, w. of Nic. of, see Bathonia
-, Nic. of,

Yelf, -,

Yepe, see Ghyepe


York, Alb., duke of, and w. Eliz., duchess of,

York hall, Old Ford Rd.,

York Pl. (M.E.O.T.),

York (later Ebor) St., in Bethnal Green and Shoreditch,

York St., Globe Rd. (M.E.O.T.),

York St., Little, later Whitby St.,

Yorke, Rosenberg & Mardall, architects,

-, C. D., & Co.,
-, Ric.,

Young's Wharf,

Zealand (formerly Blenheim and Auckland) Rd., n,