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A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 12, Chelsea. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 2004.

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NOTE. Page numbers in bold denote the main entry for that item. An italic number denotes a map or illustration. A number preceded by the letters pl. refers to one of the colour plates between pages 140 and 141.

Buildings, streets, and localities are in Chelsea except where otherwise stated. Most references to roads, squares, and alleys are to their first occurrence in the text, to subsequent development, or to buildings which do not have individual names. Roads are generally indexed under their modern names, with cross-references. Proper names which occur only incidentally have not been indexed.

Abbey, Edwin,

Abbott, Cath.,

-, Johanna, see Boevey
-, John

Abigail, Revd Alf.,

Abingdon, earls of, see Bertie

-, John,
-, abbé,


Adams & Durban,

Adams, Holden, & Pearson,

-, Cyril,
-, Wolff,

Admiral Keppel P.H.,

Adoration Réparatrice, Sisters of,

Aerated Bread Co.,

Aethelflaed of Mercia,

Aethelred of Mercia,

Ahlul Beit Foundation,

Akers, Curtis,

Al Fayed, Mohammed,

Al-Rayes, Sabah,

Albert Bridge,

Albert Gray House,

Albert Memorial,

Albin, Baron of, see Mayerne

Albion Place,

Albion Terr.,

Aldridge, Jos.,

Alexandra Mansions,

Aleyn, John,

Alfred, king,

All Souls' cemetery, see Roman Cathm, cemetery

Alldin, Hen.,

Allen Hall,

-, Anne, w. of Sir Jos.,
-, Edw.,
-, Frances, m. Wm Monson,
-, John,
-, Sir Jos.,
-, Jos., his son,
-, Sir Thos.,
-, fam.,

Alston House, see Shrewsbury Ho.

Amersham (Bucks.),

Anchor House,

-, Edw.,
-, J. Macvicar,
-, Wm,

Anderson-Pelham, Chas, Lord Yarborough,

Angel and Soldier P.H.,

Angelopoulos, Gianna,

Angoûlèm, dchss of, dau. of Louis XVI,

Ann Place,

Annigoni, Pietro,

Antrim, earl of, see MacDonnell

Ape, see Pellegrini, Carlo

Apothecaries' Company (or Society) of London,
-, estate,

Apothecaries' Garden, see Chelsea Physic Garden

Appleton, Ralph,

Appletree, John,

Arch House,

Arch House wharf,

Archer brewery,


architects, see Adams, Holden; Adler, Cyril; Anderson, J. Macvicar; Ashbee, C.R.; Bailey, T.J.; Basevi; Beazley & Burrows; Bennet, Hubert; Bentley, J.F.; Blomfield; Blore; Bodley & Garner; Braddell; Brock; Brydon; Buckland & Haywood; Burges; Burnell; Cadbury-Brown; Caröe; Chamberlin; Chermayeff; Chisholm; Clark, S.B.; Colman, W.G.; Conran Roche; Corfiato; Crabtree; Crewe; Cromie; Cubitt, Jas; Deane; Edis; Emden; Espinasse; Farey; Figg; Fitch; Forrest; Fry, Maxwell; Geldart; George Drew Dunn; Gersdorf; Gibson, Sir Don.; Giles, John; Godfrey; Goldie, Edw. and Geo.; Godwin, E.W., and Geo.; Graham; Green, Leslie; Greenaway; Gropius; Hall, E.T.; Handford; Harston; Hemings; Hill, Oliver; Holland, Hen. jun.; Hoole; Hudson, Wm; I'Anson; Jacobsen; Jenkins, Revd Wm; Jones, Inigo and Wm; Joseph, C.S. and Delissa; Joseph & Smithem; Joubert; Karslake; Keogh; Knott; Krauze; Lamb; Lansdell; Leoni; Long; Lutyens; Lyons; McAslan; Mackmurdo; MacManus; Mathews; Maufe; Mellor; Mendelsohn; Mocatta; Monson, E.C.P.; Newman & Billing; Peacock, Jos.; Peebles; Pocock, Wm F. and Wm W.; Pole; Porfiri; Pryce; Pugin, A.W.N. and E.W.; Rees; Reilly; Ricardo; Riley, W.E.; Roberts, Alf.; Robinson, G.T.; Rosenauer; Salway; Sanders; Scoles; Sedding; Seddon; Seifert; Sharp, Rob.; Shaw, R.N.; Sheppard Robson; Simpson, John; Slater; Smith, J.T.; Snell, H. Saxon; Soutar; Spiers; Stephens, C.W.; Stevenson; Stiles; Stokes; Tait; Tanner; Tarring; t'Hoff; Thorpe; Trench; Tripe; Turner, John; Vanbrugh; Vernon, Geo.; Voysey; Waller, Fred.; Warren, Rob.; Webb, Phil.; Wheeler; Wigley; Wilford, C. Edm.; Wills; Wilson, Hen.; Witherington; Woodward; Wyatt, Jas, Mat. and T.H.; Wylson; Young, Keith and Wm; YRM

Arden, John,

Argyll, duke of, see Campbell

Argyll House,

Army and Navy Depository,

-, Cath.,
-, Dorothy, m. John Saunders,
-, Eliz., m. Wm Arnold (d. by 1685),
-, Eliz., m. John Greene,
-, Eliz., m. Edw. Burnaby,
-, John, of Fulham,
-, John, of Kens.,
-, Mat.,
-, Valentine,
-, Wm (d. 1638),
-, Wm (d. by 1685),
-, Wm, his son,
-, fam.,

Arnold estate,

Arrowsmith, W.G., rector of Chelsea,

Arthur Street,

artists, and see Abbey; Bethell; Boyce; Brown, Fred; Christian; Collier, John; DaCosta; Dicey; Dyce; Fildes; Furse; Guthrie; Hannah; Hunt, Cecil and Wm Holman; Huxley; John; Jopling, Louise and Joe; Kennedy, Edw. and Florence; Maclise; Martin, John; Menpes; Merritt; Miles, Frank; Morgan, Evelyn and Wm de; Naftel; Northcote; Pearce, Chas; Pellegrini; Rossetti, Dante G.; Rothenstein; Sargent; Shepard; Stuart-Wortley; Sutherland; Topolski; Trier; Turner, Jos.; Walker, Ethel; Walton, E.A.; Warren, Hen.; Whistler

Artizans' and Labourers' Dwellings Improvement Act,
-, artizans' dwellings, see Chelsea: working-class housing

Arts Council,

-, Eliz., w. of Hen., Lord Arundell, see Panton
-, Hen., Lord Arundell of Wardour,
-, Thos,

-, C.R.,
-, Eliz.,

-, John, earl of Ashburnham,
-, Wm,

Ashburnham Cottage,

Ashburnham estate,

Ashburnham House,

Ashburnham Mansions,

Ashburnham Park Nursery,

Ashburnham Road,

Ashfield, Washington Cornelius, otherwise Winter,

-, Revd Chas,
-, Hen., n,

Ashwell, Mary,

Astell, Mary,

Astell Street,

atte Water:
-, Helen, m. John Shoreditch (d. 1407),
-, John,
-, Rob.,
-, Wm,

Attwood, Thos,

Aubrey, John,

Aufrere, Geo.,

Austin, Rob.,

Automobile Engineering Training Coll.,

Aveling, Dr Jas,

Aylworth, Mrs,

Babbington, Ann,

Babeham, Wm,

Bacon, Montague,

Bacun, John,

Badminton (Glos.),


-, Ric.,
-, T.J.,

-, John,
-, Mary, wid. of Sir Ric., m. Ric. Fletcher, bp of London,
-, Sir Thos, and his wid. Constance,

Baker's Buildings,

Baldwin, Thos,

Balfour, Max,

Ballard, Amos,

-, Jeffrey,
-, John,

-, Chas Alb.,
-, Thos,

Banque Arabe et International d'Investissement,

Banstead (Surrey),


Barbutt, John David,

Barclay, Dr, medical officer for Chelsea,

-, Benj.,
-, John, & Co.,

-, Jas,
-, John, and his w. Alice,
-, Ric.,
-, Ursula, w. of Jas, m. Thos Hungerford,
-, Revd Wm,

Barnes, Gen. Sir S.S.,

Bartholomew, John,

Basevi, Geo.,

Basil Street,

Basset, Jas, and his wid. Maria,

Bateman, Lady,

Bates, Harry,

Battersea (Surrey),
-, manor,
-, nonconformity (prot.),
-, nursery gdns,
-, park,
-, Rom. Cathm,
-, St John's coll.,

Battersea Bridge (old and new),

Baum, John,

Bayford, John,

Bayley, Sim.,

Bazaar (boutique),

Bazalgette, Sir Jos. Wm,

-, Alice, m. Adam Powell,
-, Anne, m. Wm Dabourne,
-, Kath., w. of Thos,
-, Thos,
-, Wm,

Beattie, Jas,

-, John, Lord Beauchamp of Powick,
-, Ric., bp of Salisbury,
-, Thos, earl of Warwick,

Beauchamp Place,

Beauclerc Buildings,

Beaufitz, Rob., and his w. Joan,

Beaufort, Margt, dchss of Somerset,

Beaufort, dukes and dchss of, see Somerset

Beaufort Gardens,

Beaufort green,

Beaufort Ground,

Beaufort House (formerly Winchester Ho., Buckingham Ho.),
-, description,
-, dom. bldgs,
-, estate,
-, water supply,
-, wharves,

Beaufort House (flats),

Beaufort Street (formerly Beaufort Row),

Beaufort Street (later Duke Street), see Duke Street

Beaver, A.,

Beazley & Burrows,

Beckett, Sam.,

Bedford, John,

Bedfordshire, and see Harrold

Bedyk, Adam de, and his w. Sibyl,

-, Eliz., m. Thos Lowndes,
-, Eliz., w. of John, see Boevey

Belgrave Market Act,

Belgrave Market Co.,

Belgravia Theatre, see Court Theatre

Belhaven, Lord, see Hamilton

Bell, -, schoolmaster,

bell founding,

-, John,
-, Rob.,

Belle Vue House,

Belle Vue Lodge or Cottage,

Bellie, Mrs Sarah,

Benevolent Soc.,

-, Chas, earl of Tankerville (d. 1722),
-, Chas, earl of Tankerville (d. 1753),
-, Hubert,
-, Jas,
-, John,
-, Sir John, Lord Ossulston,

Bennett, Anne,

-, J. F.,
-, Thos,

Berenger, Baron de, see Random

Berkeley, Wm, Earl Marshal and mqss of Berkeley,

Berkshire, see Reading

Bermondsey (Surrey),

Bernard, Geo.,

-, Gian Lorenzo,
-, Paolo or Pietro,

Berthe, Miss,

-, Lord Albemarle,
-, Chas,
-, Eliz., w. of Rob., earl of Lindsey,
-, Montagu, earl of Abingdon,
-, Rob., earl of Lindsey and Lord Great Chamberlain,

Bertie House, see Lindsey Ho.

Bethell, Slingsby,

Bethnal Green,

Betjeman, Sir John,

-, Geo.,
-, John,

Bettsworth Cottages,

Bevan, H.E.J., rector of Chelsea,

Beverley (Yorks.),

Bevis, L. Cubitt,

Biddle, Sampson,

Bidwell, Fr M.J.,

Bilby, Thos,

billiard table making,

Binns, Joshua,

Birch, Miss,

Birks, Thos,

Birmingham (Warws.),

Birmingham, Bristol, and Thames Junction (later West London) Rly,

-, John,
-, Lettice, m. Rob. King,
-, Wm, and his w. Joan,

Birtwhistle, Miss D.M.,

Bishop & Co.,

Bissett, Rob.,

Black Boy tavern,

Blackhouse alias Whitehouse,

-, closes,
-, growth,

Blacklands House,
-, asylum,

Blacklands Lane, see Draycott Ave

Blacklands or Whitelands Lane (S. of King's Rd), see Cheltenham Terr.

Blahnik, Manolo,

-, Mary, w. of Sir Wm,
-, Ric.,
-, Sir Wm,
-, Wm, scrivener,

Blake estate,

Blameber or Bomflur, Mr,

Blantyre Street,

Blenheim Street,

Blizard, Wm,

Blizards Place,

Blois, Gervase of, abt of Westminster,
-, Dameta, his mother,

Blomfield, Sir A.W.,

Bloomsbury, see Montague Ho.

Blore, Edw.,

Blue Bird Garage,

Blue Cockatoo restaurant,

-, G.F., rector of Chelsea,
-, Revd H.,
-, Hen.,
-, Reg.,

Bodley & Garner,

Boevey (Boeve):
-, Andrew,
-, Ann, m. David Bonnell,
-, Anne, wid. of Wm, m. 2 Sir Jas Smith,
-, Eliz., m. 1 - Lemott, 2 John Beex,
-, Jas,
-, Johanna, wid. of Andrew, m. John Abell,
-, Johanna, m. Abr. Clarke,
-, John,
-, Margt, wid. of Jas,
-, Mary,
-, Wm,

Boevey estate,

Bolding, John, & Sons,

Bolingbroke, Vct, see St John

Bolton, Mr,

Bolton, mqss of, see Powlett

Bolton Place,

Bolton Studios (Kens.),

Bombay, bp of, see Harding, John

Bomflur, see Blameber

Bond, Edw.,

Bond Street (later pt of Cale St),

Bonifacio, Alf.,

-, Ann, see Boevey
-, David,

Bonnin, Jas,

-, Chas,
-, Mrs Sophia,
-, Wm Bramwell,
-, Mr or Admiral, see Turner, J.M.W.

Bosbury, John,

Bosio, Fr Phil.,

Boston (Mass., U.S.A.),

Botiller, Ralph,

Boulers, Reginald, bp of Coventry and Lichfield,

Bowack, John,

Bowen, John,

Bowers, Peter,

-, Andrew Robinson Stoney,
-, Fras, heirs of,
-, Mary Eleanor, m. 1 John Lyon (later Bowes), earl of Strathmore, 2 Andrew Robinson Stoney (later Bowes),
-, Talbot, and his w. Agnes,


Bowyer, John,

Box Farm,

Boyce, Geo. Pryce,

Braddell, Darcy,

Bradshaw, Wm,

Bragg, Thos,

Bramerton Street (formerly Caledonian Terr.),

Brandon, Alf.,

Brass, John Hen.,

-, Edmund, Lord Bray,
-, John (fl. 1349), and his w. Joan,
-, John, bro. of Sir Reg.,
-, John, Lord Bray (d. 1557),
-, John (fl. 1820),
-, Kath. w. of Sir Reg.,
-, Margery, m. Wm Sandys,
-, Sir Reginald,
-, Wm,

Brecht, Bertolt,


-, Revd Jos. Geo.,
-, Wilford Geo.,
-, fam.,

Brewer Street,


Brickbarn close,

Brickills, see Stanley Ho.

Bridgewater, duke of, see Egerton

Bridgwater, Shepheard, & Epstein,

Brighton (Sussex),

Brise (Brice), Geo., n; and see Bryce

Briskett, Lodowick,

Brissac-Bernard, Margery de,

-, ctss of,
-, earl of, see Digby

Britannia Place,

British and Foreign Schs Soc. and British schs,

British Federation of University Women,

The British Flower Garden,

British Gas Corp. (later British Gas plc),

British Museum, see Montague Ho.

British Transport Commission,

British Union of Fascists,

British Waterways Board,

Britten Street,

Broadstairs (Kent),

Brock, E.P. Loftus,

Bromfield, Wm,

Brompton (Kens.),
-, Brompton cemetery,
-, Brompton Hall manor,
-, Brompton hosp., see Royal Brompton hosp.
-, Brompton Oratory, see London Oratory
-, chapel,
-, estates,
-, mkt gdns and nurseries,
-, nonconf. (protestant),

Brompton County Court,

Bromwich, Thos,

-, Eliz., m. Rob. Cecil,
-, Thos,

Brookwood cemetery, Woking (Surrey),

-, Alex., rector of Chelsea,
-, Fred,
-, Jos.,

Browne, Thos, rector of Chelsea,

Brunel House (flats),

Bryce, Geo., and see Brise

Brydon, J.M.,

Buccleuch, dchss of, see Scott

Buchanan, coachbuilders,

Buckingham, dukes of, see Villiers

Buckingham House, see Beaufort Ho.

Buckinghamshire, and see Amersham; Hartwell; Iver

Buckland, Wm of, see William of Buckland

Buckland & Haywood,

Buckmaster, wid.

Bucks Place,

builders, developers, and bldg trades, and see Appleton; Bennet, John; Biddle; Blizard; Bonnin; Charlton, Thos; Chase, Sam.; Clarke, Jas; Clarkson, John and Wm; Cole, Chas; Coles, A.N.; Collett, John; Cook, Fras; Couzens; Cox, Wm; Cubitt; Deacon, Thos; Denys; Fulcher; Godwin, Geo.; Gregory; Greaves, Chas; Harding, Thos; Hearne, Thos; Hill, Thos; Holland, Hen., sen., and Ric.; Hutchins, John; Jackson, Chas; Kent, Wm; Lloyd, Wm; Luing, Rob.; Margetts, Hen.; Maddox, Oliver; Morbey; Parker; Perrin; Piper; Pocock, Wm; Potter, Jas; Powell, Thos; Rowles, Hen.; Sampson; Scott, Thos; Smith, Wm; Stallwood; Stanton, Chas.; Stephenson, Geo.; Taylor, Fras; Thomas, Cadogan; Thorn, Alex.; Timbrell; Todd, Geo.; Tregeare, Hen.; Turner, John; Wall, Chas; Ward, John; Westerband; Whitehand; Whitehead, Wm; Willett, Wm; Williams, John; Witt; Wright, Edw. and Hen. John;

Bulkley, G.W.,

-, Edw.,
-, Hen.,
-, John, mkt gdnr,
-, John, of Birmingham,
-, Wm, gdnr (d. c. 1902),
-, Wm, gdnr (d. 1913),

Bull Walk (later Paradise Walk),

Bull's Establishment for New and Rare Plants (Bull & Son),

Bull's Gardens,

Bunce, John,

Burchard (?Burchett), John, n

-, Eliz.,
-, Jane, wid.,
-, John,
-, Wm,
-, fam.,

Burdett-Coutts, Angela

Burges, Wm,

-, Revd Ric.,
-, Sabina Stirling,

Burghley, Lord, see Cecil

Burgoyne, Thos,

Burke, Lady Dorothy,

-, Edw.,
-, Eliz., see Arnold;
-, and see Greene, Edw. Burnaby

Burne-Jones, Edw.,

Burnell, H.H.,

Burnett, Mrs,

Burney, Fanny,

Burnsall, Martha,

Burnsall Street,

Burr, Geo.,

Burrard, Harriett,

Burrows, G.M.,

Burton's Court,

Burton, John,

-, Edw., president of Magdalen Coll., Oxford,
-, Martha, w. of Rob.,
-, Mary, dchss of Ormonde,
-, Mary, w. of Edw., see Tate
-, Mary, m. Phil. Herbert, Benj. Tate,
-, Rob.,
-, Revd Weedon (d. 1823),
-, Revd Weedon (d. 1831),

Butterworth, Jos.,

Butts close,

Byfield, organ-makers,

cabinet making,

Cadbury-Brown, H.T., & Partners,

Cadman, Wm,

-, Chas, Lord Cadogan (d. 1776),
-, Chas Gerald John, Earl Cadogan,
-, Chas Hen. Sloane, Earl Cadogan,
-, Chas Sloane, Earl Cadogan,
-, Edw. Chas, Vct Chelsea,
-, Eliz., see Sloane
-, Geo., Earl Cadogan,
-, Geo. Hen., Earl Cadogan,
-, Gerald Oakley, Earl Cadogan,
-, Lt.-Col. Hen.,
-, Hen. Chas, Earl Cadogan,
-, Wm Bromley, rector of Chelsea,
-, Wm Gerald Chas, Earl Cadogan,
-, earls, as patron of chs,
-, fam., n
-, residences,

Cadogan and Hans Place Estate Co.,

Cadogan and Hans Place Estate (no. 3) Co.,

Cadogan and Hans Place Improvements Act,

Cadogan Arms P.H.,

Cadogan Ave,

Cadogan baths,

Cadogan Court,

Cadogan Electric Lighting Co.,

Cadogan Estate,
-, leases,
-, philanthropic grants,
-, purchases,
-, rebuilding and improvement,
-, sales of land,

Cadogan Estate Office,

Cadogan Estates Ltd,

Cadogan Gardens (formerly Leete Street),

Cadogan Hotel,

Cadogan House,

Cadogan Iron Foundry,

Cadogan pier,

Cadogan Pier (Chelsea) Ltd,

Cadogan Place,

Cadogan Square, pl.

Cadogan Street,

Cadogan Terr.,

Caizon, John,

Cale, Judith,

Cale Street,

Caledonian Terr., see Bramerton Street

Callow Street (formerly Park Rd W.),

Calthorpe, Lord, see Gough-Calthorpe

Calthorpe Place,

Camberwell (Surrey),

Cambridge Terr.,

Camera Gardens,

Camera Square,

Camera Street,

-, Donald,
-, John, duke of Argyll,
-, Sarah,

Campleman, Sarah,

Canary Wharf (Poplar),

Cancer Research Institute, see Institute of Cancer Research

Canteen tavern,

Canterbury, abp, see Plegmund

Canwell House,

Carbery, earl of, see Vaughan

Carey, Cath., m. Chas Howard,

Carlton Tower Hotel,

Carlyle, Thos,

Carlyle's ho.,

Carlyle Garages, see Blue Bird Garage

Carlyle Gardens,

Carlyle Mansions,

Carlyle pier,

Carlyle (formerly Oakley) Sq., pl.

Carne, Chas,

Caröe, W.D.,

-, Hen.,
-, Peter,

Carshalton (Surrey),

Carter, John,

Caryll, John,

Catesby, John,

Catharine Lodge,

Catholic Apostolic Ch.,

Cattleugh, Mr,

-, Lady Jane, m. Chas Cheyne,
-, Wm, earl of Devonshire, and his w. Eliz.,

Caversham Street,

-, Anne,
-, Brownlow, earl of Exeter,
-, Diana, w. of Sir Edw.,
-, Sir Edw., Vct Wimbledon,
-, Eliz., see Brooke
-, Sir Rob., later earl of Salisbury,
-, Wm, Lord Burghley,

Cedar Studios,

Cennick, John,

Central London Electricity (formerly Charing Cross Co.),

Chalkhill (Kingsbury),

Chamberlain, Wm,

-, Dr Edw.,
-, John,
-, fam.,

Chamberleyn, Rob.,

Chamberlin Powell & Bon,

Chambers, Dr Thos,

Chambord, comte de,

Champion, Wm,

Chancellor, Lord, see Finch

Chantrey, Sir Fras,

Chapel Place,

Chaplain & co.,

-, Geo Hervey,
-, J.R.,
-, Ric.,

Chapman, Taylor & Partners,

-, John,
-, Rob.,
-, fam.,

Charing Cross Co., see Central London Electricity

Charity Commissioners,

Charles I,

Charles II,

Charles, Prince of Wales,

Charles II Place,

Charles Street, see Seville St

Charlton, Thos,

-, Laur.,
-, Sam.,
-, Thomasina, wid. of - Cootes,

Chassaing, Mrs,

Cheeke, Lady,

Chelsea, Vct, see Cadogan

-, acreage,
-, advowson,
-, agric.,
-, artists' studios and hos,
-, baths,
-, board of guardians,
-, bomb damage,
-, boundaries,
-, boutiques,
-, bridges, and see Albert Bridge; Battersea Bridge; Chelsea Bridge
-, burial grounds, n,
-, cage,
-, canal, see Kensington canal
-, chars,
-, Chelsea detached, q.v.
-, Chelsea Park, q.v.
-, Chelsea, Little, see Little Chelsea
-, chs, pls. and see Chelsea: Old Church; St Luke
-, coach svces,
-, commercial and ind. prems,
-, common, see Chelsea Common
-, common meadow, see Lots meadow
-, commoning or pasturage rights, and see Chelsea: Lammas grazing
-, communications,
-, conservation areas,
-, constituency,
-, convalescent homes,
-, defence association,
-, dispensaries,
-, ducking-stool,
-, electricity,
-, farm-gardening, see mkt gdns and farm-gdns
-, fields,
-, fire,
-, flats,
-, freeholders,
-, friendly socs,
-, gas,
-, geol.,
-, glebe,
-, bldg on,
-, leases and lessees of,
-, Hans Town, q.v.
-, hosps,
-, improvement commission,
-, inclosure,
-, industry and trades,
-, Jews,
-, Kensal Green and New Town, see Chelsea detached
-, Lammas grazing rights,
-, lecturers,
-, libs.,
-, local Act, see St Luke Chelsea Poor Rates Act
-, Lots, the, see Lots meadow
-, lunatic asylums,
-, manor and ests,
-, Chelsea manor, q.v.
-, mkt, see Belgrave Market Co.
-, mkt gdns and farm-gdns (garden ground), in Westfield, in Eastfield,
-, metropolitan boro.,
-, arms,
-, chars,
-, housing,
-, improvement schemes,
-, municipal artists' studios,
-, road schemes,
-, wards,
-, mills,
-, missions,
-, mortuary,
-, Muslims,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, nursery gdns and nurserymen,
-, offices,
-, Old Church,
-, incumbents,
-, Lawrence (lord's or Shoreditch's)
-, chapel,
-, More chapel,
-, Petyt Hall, q.v.
-, vicarage hos,
-, omnibus svces,
-, osier ground,
-, overcrowding,
-, parish land,
-, par. officers,
-, perceptions of,
-, pest ho.,
-, philanthropic socs,
-, pks and open spaces,
-, place name,
-, pleasure resort,
-, police,
-, poor,
-, poor relief,
-, poor-hos,
-, pop.,
-, (hos),
-, pub. hos,
-, rlys and Underground rlys,
-, power sta., see Lots Road Power Station
-, stas,
-, rectors, and see Arrowsmith; Bevan; Brown; Browne; Cadogan; Drake; Elsmere; Hampden; Heber; Hook; Hosebound; King; Kingsley; Larke; Littleton; Loasby; Martin; Reginald of St Albans; Richardson; Sturgess; Walesby; Ward; Watson; Wellesley; Wilkinson
-, rectory,
-, hos,
-, wharf,
-, riverside, dom. bldgs, and see Chelsea Reach
-, roads
-, Roman Cathm, q.v.
-, St Luke's ch., pl.
-, sanitary improvements,
-, schs,
-, sewerage,
-, pumping sta.,
-, shops and retail trade,
-, slaughter-hos,
-, slum clearance,
-, soc. character,
-, soc. life,
-, South-East, growth,
-, stocks,
-, street lighting,
-, technical schs,
-, theatres and cinemas,
-, tithes,
-, town halls,
-, tram svces,
-, Upper Chelsea, par. of (Holy Trinity),
-, vestry rooms and halls,
-, Village, growth,
-, dom. bldgs,
-, wards,
-, watches,
-, water,
-, wharves,
-, workho,
-, infirmary, and see St Luke's hosp.
-, schs,
-, working-class housing,

Chelsea (Mass., U.S.A.),

Chelsea and Westminster Healthcare NHS Trust,

Chelsea and Westminster hosp.,

Chelsea Arts Club,

Chelsea Barracks,

Chelsea Benevolent Soc.,

Chelsea Bridge,

Chelsea Bridge Road,

Chelsea Building Soc.,

Chelsea Bun Ho. (Westm.),

Chelsea Cloisters,

Chelsea College (King James's Theological Coll.),

Chelsea College (formerly South-West London Polytechnic Institute; South-Western Polytechnic; Chelsea Polytechnic; Chelsea Coll. of Science and Technology),
-, polytechnic sch.,

Chelsea College of Art and Design,

Chelsea Common or Heath,
-, acreage,
-, growth,
-, inclosure,
-, pond,
-, sewerage,

Chelsea Community Centre for Unemployed Men,

Chelsea Court,

Chelsea Creek, see Counter's (or Chelsea) Creek

Chelsea detached (also called Kingsholt or Kensal Green),
-, baths,
-, chars,
-, estates,
-, Kensal Green cemetery,
-, Kensal New Town, n,
-, Kingsholt,
-, lib.,
-, lighting,
-, local govt,
-, parl. representation,
-, schs,

Chelsea Drug Store,

Chelsea Electricity Supply Co.,

Chelsea Embankment,
-, dom. bldgs, pl.

Chelsea Farm, see Cremorne Ho.

Chelsea ferry,

Chelsea Festival,

Chelsea Flour Mills,

Chelsea Flower Show,

Chelsea Football Club,

Chelsea Gardens Guild,

Chelsea Girl boutiques,

Chelsea Harbour (Fulham),

Chelsea Health Society,

Chelsea House (mansion),

Chelsea House (flats),

Chelsea Hospital, see Royal Hospital

Chelsea Hospital for Women,

Chelsea Hotel,

Chelsea Housing Assoc.,

Chelsea Housing Improvement Soc.,

Chelsea Improvement Act,

Chelsea infirmary, see St Luke's hosp.

Chelsea Institution,

Chelsea Life School,

Chelsea Literary and Scientific Institution,

Chelsea Lodge,

Chelsea manor,
-, courts,
-, customary rights, see Chelsea:
-, commoning or pasturage; Lammas grazing
-, customary works,
-, demesne, and see below, manorial est.
-, fee farm,
-, manor ho. (medieval),
-, manor ho. (Tudor), see Chelsea Place
-, manorial estate,
-, additions by Sir H. Sloane, gifts of land, leases, leases granted by Sir H. Sloane, purchase by Sir H. Sloane, sales, and see Cadogan Est.
-, officers,
-, tenants, and see Chelsea; freeholders

Chelsea Manor Buildings,

Chelsea Manor Street, and see Upper Manor St

Chelsea Market,

Chelsea News,

Chelsea Palace Theatre (formerly Chelsea Palace of Varieties),

Chelsea Pensioners, see Royal Hospital, pensioners

Chelsea Physic Garden,
-, curators, see Anderson, Wm; Miller, Phil.

Chelsea Park,
-, ch.,
-, dom. bldgs,
-, estate,
-, growth,
-, mkt and nursery gdns,
-, sch.,
-, soc. character,

Chelsea Park (ho.),

Chelsea Park Dwellings Co.,

Chelsea Park Gardens,

Chelsea Place (Tudor manor ho.),
-, bldgs,
-, water supply,

Chelsea Porcelain works,

Chelsea Potter P.H.,

Chelsea Pottery,

Chelsea Reach,

Chelsea Rectory Act,

Chelsea Relief of Hardship Fund,

Chelsea School of Art,

Chelsea Set,

Chelsea Society,

Chelsea Soup Soc.,

Chelsea (formerly Trafalgar) Square,

Chelsea Steamboat Co.,

Chelsea Swimming Bath Co.,

Chelsea Temperance Soc.,

Chelsea Villas, see Limerston Street

Chelsea Waterworks Co.,

Chelsea Wharf,

Chelsea Yacht & Boat Club,

Cheltenham (Glos.),

Cheltenham Terr. (formerly Blacklands or Whitelands Lane),

Chermayeff, Serge,

Cheshire, Revd Chris.,

Chesney, John,

Chester Beatty Institute, see Institute of Cancer Research

Chesterfield, earl of, see Stanhope

-, Chas, Vct Newhaven,
-, Edw.,
-, Eliz., see Thomas
-, Lady Jane, see Cavendish
-, Laetitia Isabella, ctss of Radnor, w. of Chas, Vct Newhaven,
-, Wm, Lord Cheyne, Vct Newhaven,

Cheyne Centre for Spastic Children,

Cheyne Child Development Service,

Cheyne Gardens,

Cheyne Hospital for Children (formerly Cheyne Hosp. for Sick and Incurable Children),

Cheyne House (Chelsea Embankment),

Cheyne House (Upr Cheyne Row),

Cheyne Mews,

Cheyne Row, pl. and see Carlyle's ho.; Orange Ho.

Cheyne Walk,
-, dom. bldgs,
-, nos
-, nos
-, no.
-, no. (Magpie & Stump), see Magpie
-, no.
-, nos
-, nos
-, nos see Church Row
-, nos and see Arch Ho.
-, nos and see Dog P.H.
-, no.
-, nos
-, nos
-, nos
-, gdns,

Chichester, bp of, see Hare, Fras

Chigwell, Wm of, see William of Chigwell

-, Thos,
-, Wm,

Children's Friendly Soc.,

Chisholm, R.,


Christchurch Street,

Christchurch Terr.,

Christian, Clara,

Christian Arts Centre,

Christian Brothers,

Christian Scientists,

-, Jas Edw.,
-, Thos,
-, Wm,

Christie's mill,

Church of Scotland,

Church Army Mission,

Church Building Commissioners,

Church (Ecclesiastical) Commissioners,

Church House (?Church Pl.),

Church Lane, see Old Church Street

Church Pastoral Aid Soc.,

Church Row or Prospect Place (nos Cheyne Walk), Church Street, see Old Church Street

Churchman, Thos,

City (or Citizen) Steamboat Co.,

City of London Parochial Charities Act, The City Gardener,

City Parochial Foundation,

Civic Amenities Act,

Clabon Mews,

Clapham (Surrey),

-, Mary,
-, Steph. McDonnell,

-, Alan, MP,
-, S.B.,

-, Abr.,
-, Mrs Frances,
-, Jas,
-, Johanna, see Boevey
-, Sam.,

-, John,
-, Wm,
-, fam.,

Clarkson's timber wharf,

Clayton & Bell,

Clement, Hector,


Cleves, Anne of, former queen of Hen. VIII,

Clifford fam.,

Clinton otherwise Fiennes, see Fiennes

Clock House,

Clunie House,

Clutton, Hen.,

Coach and Horses P.H.,

coach building, and see Buchanan

Coenwulf, king of Mercia,

Cohen, Denis,

Coke, Lady Mary,

-, Andrew,
-, Chas,

Coleridge, Revd Derwent,

-, A.N.,
-, Wm,

College of St Mark and St John, see St Mark's

College Place (later pt of Cale St),

College Street, see Elystan Street

-, John,
-, Thos,

-, John,
-, Marion, see Huxley
-, Sir Rob., Lord Monkswell (d. 1886),
-, Rob., Lord Monkswell (d. 1909),

Collingwood Street,

-, Jos.,
-, Mary,

-, John,
-, W.G.,

Colvile, Sarah,

-, Jas (d. 1822),
-, Jas (d. 1832),

Colvill's nursery (Colvill & Son, formerly Colvill & Buchanan),

Commercial Tavern,

Compassion, Sisters of the,

Compton, John,

Comyn, Hen.,

Congregationalists (Independents),
-, Welsh,

Conran, Terence,

Conran Roche,

Conservative Party,

Convers, John, and his w. Joan,

Conway, Fras, Lord,

-, Edwin,
-, Fras,
-, Rob.,

Cook's Ground, see Glebe Pl.

-, Christine, see Haseley
-, Thos,

Coope, Ric.,

-, Ant. Ashley, earl of Shaftesbury,
-, Mr,

Cootes, waterman, see Chase

-, Sir John (d. 1721),
-, Sir John, son of Sir John,
-, Sir Walt.,

Corfiato Thompson & Partners,

Cornelys, Theresa, or Mrs Smith,

Cotes, Wm,

Cottage, the (no. Upper Cheyne Row),

-, Adriana de, see Mayerne
-, Armand de, marquis de Montpolian,

Counter's (or Chelsea) Creek,
-, wharves,

Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion,

Couper, John,

Court Theatre (formerly New Chelsea Theatre, Belgravia Theatre),

Couzens, Jos.,

Coventry and Lichfield, bp of, see Boulers

Cow and Calf P.H.,

cowkeepers, and see Trigg; Wray

-, Jas,
-, Jos.,
-, Steven,
-, Wm,

Cox's close, see George Pl.

Crabtree, Wm,

Cranfield, Sir Lionel, earl of Middlesex,

Cranmer Court,

-, Geo.,
-, Thos,
-, Thos, & Co.,

Creake, Thos,

Cremorne, Vct, see Dawson

Cremorne Arms P.H.,

Cremorne estate,

Cremorne Gdns (pub. pk),

Cremorne House (Chelsea Farm),
-, estate,

Cremorne housing est.,

Cremorne Lane, see Hob Lane

Cremorne pier,

Cremorne Pleasure Gardens,

Cremorne Road,

Cremorne Terr.,

Cremorne Wharf,

Crespelle, abbé,

Crew, Thos Fras,

Crewe, Bertie (W.R.),


Crispe, Wm,

Crispin, Gilb., abt of Westminster,

-, John, alderman of London, and his w. Margt,
-, Margt, m. Sir Wm Stokker,

Croke's estate,

Cromie, Rob.,

Crompton, Thos,

Cromwell, Sir Thos,

Crosby Hall, pl.

Cross Keys tavern,

Crowder, Beatrix,
-, The Crown,
-, as landowner,
-, as patron of ch.,

Crown Lodge (formerly Wray Ho.),

Cruden, Alex.,

-, Jas,
-, Thos,

Culford Gardens,

Culliford, Ric.,

Cumberland Arms P.H.,

Cumberland Street,

Cuper, Josiah,

Currie, J.,

Curtis, Wm,


-, Anne, see Beane
-, Wm,

DaCosta, John,

-, Anne, Lady, see Sackville
-, Lord, see Fiennes

Daimler motorcar manufacturers,

Dalby, Isaac,

Daltons stable,

Danby, earl of, see Danvers

Danish Embassy,

-, Anne, m. Sir Hen. Lee,
-, Hen., earl of Danby (d. 1644),
-, Hen.,
-, Sir John,
-, John,
-, Jos.,

Danvers House and est.,

Danvers Street,

-, Mary, see Robinson
-, Mrs.,

D' Arnaud, J.,

Dartrey, Lord, see Dawson

Dartrey Road,

Daughters of the Cross,

Davey, Thos,

Davey's nursery,

-, R.H., incumbent of Old Church,
-, Ric., see Davis
-, V.W.
-, or Davis, Wm,
-, and see Davis

Davies Educational Services Ltd,

-, Colin,
-, Edw.,
-, John,
-, (or Davies), Ric.,
-, (or Davies), Sarah, w. of Ric.,

Davis (formerly Davis's) Pl.,

Dawliffe Hall Educational Foundation,

-, Philadelphia Hannah, wid. of Thos,
-, Thos, Lord Dartrey, later Vct Cremorne,

De Wuits, Mr,

Deacon, Thos,

Deal, Geo.,

Deane, Humph.,

Dearmer, Percy,

Defence, ministry of (formerly War Office),

Defoe, Daniel,

Delahay (formerly Farnley) House,

Denton, Son & North,

Denyer, Eliz. Dennis,

Denyer Street,

Denys, Lady Charlotte, w. of Peter,

Deptford (Kent),


Derry, bp of, see Barnard, Revd Wm

Derry & Toms, Messrs,

Desmoulins, Jacob,

Devereaux Land (King's Rd) Ltd,

Devine, Geo.,

Devonshire, earl and ctss of, see Cavendish

Devonshire, see Exeter; Plymouth

Devonshire Place,

Dew, Tompkins,

Dicey, Frank,

Dickins, Chas,

Dido and Aeneas,

Digby, Geo., earl of Bristol, and his wid. Anne,

Dilke, Sir Chas, MP,


Ditch, The,

Dodd, Moses,

Dog P.H. (later Sun or Rising Sun), in Lombard Street,

Doggett, Thos,

Dominiceti, Dr Bartholomew,

Dominy, John,

Don Saltero's coffee house, see Saltero's

Donne Place,

Dorchester Court,

Dovehouse (or Dovecote) Close,

Dovehouse Green,

Dovehouse Street,

Dover (Kent),

-, Chas,
-, Geo.,
-, Geo. Fras,
-, Thos,

Downing's floorcloth factory,

-, Chris.,
-, Sarah, see Stanley

D'Oyley Arms P.H.,

D'Oyley Street,

Doyley, Revd Dr,

Drake, Thos, rector of Chelsea,

Draycott Avenue (formerly Blacklands Lane; Marlborough Rd),
-, shops,

Draycott Place,

-, Christine, w. of John, later m. John Rolle,
-, John,

Dressler, Conrad,

Druces' wharf,

Drury, Alf.,

-, Jane, see Guilford
-, John, earl of Warwick and duke of Northumberland,

Dudmaston Ho.,

Duesbury, Wm,

Duffet, Thos,

Duffield, Michael,

Duke of York, see Frederick Augustus

Duke of York Square,

Duke of York's HQ, see Royal Military Asylum

Duke Street (formerly Beaufort Street),

Duneau, Fras,

Dunmore, earl of, see Murray

Dunn, Sam.,

-, Clara,
-, Hen.,

Duras, Marguerite,

D'Urfey, Thos,

Durham, canon of, see Wellesley

Durham House (formerly Ship tavern),

Durham Place,

Dyce, Wm,


Dyer, Wm,

Dytche, Sarah,


Earl Marshal, see Berkeley, Wm

Earl Street,

Earl's Court (Kens.),
-, manor,

East Anglia,

Eastlake, C.L.,


Easton, Hugh,

Eatley, Chas,

Ebury, see Westminster, Ebury

-, Antoine Geo.,
-, Frans Frederick,

Eden, F.C.,

Edis, Rob.,

Edith Grove,

Edith Grove housing est.,

Edith Pope House,

Edmund, brother of Edw. I,

Education, bd and ministry of,

Edward I,

Edward of Salisbury, sheriff of Wiltshire,

-, Thos,
-, Mrs,

Edwell, Wm,

Edwin, Mr, surgeon,

Eeds, Ric.,

Egerton, Fras, duke of Bridgewater,

Egfrith, king of Mercia,

-, Christian Mary,
-, Frances Eliz.,

Eglwys Annibynnol Gymraeg, see Congregationalists, Welsh

Ekins, Justinian,

Eldred, John,

-, local,
-, national,

Electric Theatre,

Elgin, Lord,

Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance,

Elizabeth I, as princess,

Elizabeth, queen mother, wid. of Geo. VI,

Elizabeth Street,

Ellard, Edw.,

Ellerman, Sir John,

-, Anne, see Stanley
-, Jas,
-, Wellbore, Lord Mendip,

Ellis Street,

Elm House (asylum),

Elm Park Gardens,

Elm Park Gardens Mews,

Elm Park House (formerly Park Ho.),

Elm Park House (flats),

Elm Park Mansions,

Elm Park Road, Elm Park Terr.,

Elmes, Cath.,

Elsmere, Sloane, rector of Chelsea,

Elystan Place,

Elystan (formerly College) Street,

Embankment Gardens,

Emden, Walter,

Emmett, Wm,

Empty Homes Group,

English Heritage,

English Stage Co.,

Espinasse, François,

-, Thos,
-, Wm, Under-treasurer of Eng.,

Essex, see Paglesham

-, John,
-, Kath., m. Wm Hunteley,
-, Maud, wid. of Ric.,
-, Ric.,
-, Wm,
-, fam.,


Evans, T.J.,

Evans Cottages,

Evans's farm,

Evelyn, John, diarist,

-, John,
-, Lavender Eliz., see Sloane Stanley

Exeter, earl of, see Cecil

Exeter (Devon),

Exeter, deans of, see Gamble; Sutcliffe

Exeter Place,

Exeter Street,

Exotic Nursery, see Royal Exotic Nursery

Expiation, Brotherhood of,

Eyton, Revd Rob.,

Fairfax, Thos,

Fairfield House, see Tooting, Lower

Farey, Mic.,

Farm House, see Pont St

Farnley House, see Delahay Ho.

Farquhar, Sir Walter,

-, Benj.,
-, Eliz.,
-, Frances,
-, Mary Ann,
-, Thos,

-, Sir Everard,
-, Wm,

Fearne, Sir John,

Feathers inn (later Princes' Arms),

-, Revd Dr David,
-, Revd Peter,

-, Audrey, m. Hen. White,
-, Julian, w. of Rob.,
-, Rob., alderman of London,

Fenrother's estate,

Ferguson, Thos,

Fermanagh, Vct, see Verney

Fernshaw Road (formerly Maude Grove),

Fernside, Sarah,

Festing, Michael Christian,

Field, Mrs Julia,

Field House,

-, Benj.,
-, John,

-, Edw.,
-, Lady Eliz., m. Sir Art. Gorges (d. 1625),
-, Eliz., w. of Theophilus, earl of Lincoln, see Gorges
-, Gregory, Lord Dacre of the South,
-, (Clinton otherwise Fiennes) Hen., earl of Lincoln,
-, Theophilus, earl of Lincoln,
-, Thos, earl of Lincoln,

Figg, J.,

Fildes, Luke,

Finch, Sir Heneage, Lord Chancellor,


Fire Brigade Act,

First Street, pl.

Firth, J.F.B., MP,

Fish, John,

Fisher, Thos,

Fitch & Co.,

FitzMoore, Edw.,

Fitzwater, Lady,

Flatts, the,

Fleet's garden,

-, John, and his w. Margt,
-, Ric., bp of London,
-, Mr,

Flight fam.,

-, Luke Thos,
-, Luke Trapp,

Flood Street (formerly Robinson's Lane; Queen Street),

floorcloth making,

flour mill,

Flower, Mr and Mrs Wickham,

Follett House,

Fontana, Giovanni,

Forbes, Sophia,

Fordie House,

Forrest, G. Topham,

-, J. Lawson,
-, W. Lawson,

Forth, Mic.,

Foundry Place,

-, Hen.,
-, Sir Steph., Paymaster-General of the Army (d. 1716),
-, Steph. (fl. 1776),

France, ambassadors from,

-, Edw.,
-, Revd Phil.,
-, Wm,

-, John,
-, Thos,

Franklin's Row,

frankpledge, views of,

Franks, Jacob,

Franous, abbé Jean-Nicholas Voyaux de,

Freake, C.J.,

Frederick Augustus, duke of York,

Free and Easy, or Arthurian, Society,

Free Registry Office for Young Servants,

Freemasons' hospital,

Frenshe, John,

Frenshe's estate,

Freshwater Corp.,

Friendly Pipe Manufactory,

Frogatt, Wm,

-, Eliz.,
-, Maxwell,

Fry, Mrs Eliz., Sch. of Discipline,

Fryer, Mrs.

Fulcher, Nat.,

-, agric.,
-, Chelsea Harbour, q.v.
-, chs,
-, estates,
-, inhabitants,
-, Jews,
-, manor,
-, mkt gdns,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, rly sta.,
-, Roman Cathm,
-, schs,
-, Stamford Bridge stadium,
-, technical schs.,
-, Walham or Wanden Green,
-, Wanden manor,

Fulham Road,
-, Amelia Pl.,
-, dom. bldgs,
-, Hollywood Pl. (nos 429-35),
-, Kimbolton Pl.,
-, offices,

Furse, Chas,

Gamble, Revd H.R.,

Garden Corner,

Garden Row,

Gardener, Wm, curate at Chelsea,

Gardeners' Company of London,

gardeners, see Akers; Bull, John and Wm; Davey; Davies, Wm; Duneau; Hutchins, Mat.; Knight; Little, Hen.; Rubergall; Salmon

Gardiner, Germain,

Garlethorp (Garthorp), Thos,
-, his w. Margt,

Gas Light & Coke Co.,

gas lighting,

Gaskell, Mr, surgeon,

Gateways, The,

Gaumont cinema,

Gawnte, Wm,

Geldart, Revd Ernest,

George, Prince of Wales,

George Drew Dunn Partnership,

George Field,

George Place (on Cox's close),

George Place (Lwr Sloane St),

George Street (Hans Town),

George Street (Fulham Rd), see Limerston Street

Georgian Group,

Gersdorf, Sigismund von,

Gertrude Street (formerly Stanley Villas), pl.

Gervoise, see Jervis

Gibbons, Grinling,

-, Chas Herb.,
-, Wm,

-, Sir Don.,
-, John,

Gilbanck, Thos,

-, John, & Gough,
-, Wm,

-, Fras,
-, Ric.,

Gillick, Ernest and Mary,

Ginger Group,

Girls' Public Day School Trust,

Gitto, John,

Gladdish's wharf,

glass making,

Greater London Council (GLC),
-, planning policies,
-, technical colls,

Glebe Place (formerly Cook's Ground),

Glebe Studios,

Gleig, Revd Geo. R.,

Gloucestershire, see Badminton; Cheltenham; Tetbury

-, Geo.,
-, Geo., & Co.,
-, Mr,

Glyn, Sir Ric., alderman of London,

Goat tavern (Duke Street),

Goddard, Wm,

Godden, John,

Godfrey, W.H.,

Godfrey Street,

-, E.W.,
-, Geo.,

-, Edw.,
-, Geo.,

Goldring, E.G.,

Goldsmiths' Company of London,

Goodson, John,

Goodwin, John,

Goodwyn, Rob.,

-, Eugene,
-, fam.,

-, Lady Charlotte,
-, Lieut. Col. Jas Willoughby,
-, Wm, MP,
-, Sir Willoughby,

Gordon House,

Gore, Revd Mr,

-, Sir Art. (d. 1625),
-, Sir Art. (d. 1661),
-, Art. (d. 1668),
-, Dudley, m. Sir Rob. Lane,
-, Lady Eliz., see Fiennes
-, Eliz., m. Sir Rob. Stanley, Theophilus Fiennes, earl of Lincoln,
-, Eliz., w. of Sir Art. (d. 1661),
-, Eliz., dau of Sir Art. (d. 1661),
-, Frances,

Gorges estate,

Gorges House,
-, as sch.,
-, water supply,



Goss, Sir John,

-, Sir Hen.,
-, (later Gough-Calthorpe), Sir Hen., Lord Calthorpe,
-, Sir Ric.,

Gough House,
-, estate,

Gouyn, Chas,

Government buildings,

Graham, Alex.,

Granada TV studios,

Grand Junction Water Co.,

Grand Waterworks Co.,

Grandison, Vct, see St John

Granet, Dr Bonaventure,

Grant, Mary,

gravel digging,

Gray, Jeremiah,

Great Conduit Field,

Great George Street,

Greaves, Chas,

-, Leslie,
-, Wm,

Green's brewery, see Poole's brewery

Green's Row,

Green & Stone,

Green Lane, see Green Lettuce Lane

Green Lettuce Gardens (mkt gdn),

Green Lettuce Lane (later Green Lane; Green Street; Mossop Street),

Greenaway & Newberry,

-, Alex. Plunket,
-, Edw. Burnaby,
-, Eliz., see Arnold
-, Frances, wid. of Thos,
-, John (d. c. 1683),
-, John, son of John,
-, Mary,
-, Mary Plunket, see Quant
-, Pitt Burnaby,
-, Thos,
-, Wm,
-, fam.,

Greene estate,

Greenfield, John, and his w. Lettice,

-, Revd J.D.,
-, John, of Westm.,
-, John,

Grignon, Mrs,

Grimstead, Chris.,

Gropius, Walter,

Grosvenor, Sir Thos,

-, Eliz., see Harris
-, Eliz., m. Edw. Peacock,
-, Wm,

Grove Cottages,

Grove Dwellings,

Grove House, see Spring Gardens

Gruneberg, Chas,

Guilford Jane, m. John Dudley, duke of Northumberland,

Guinness Housing Trust and estates,

Guizot, François,

Gully, Sarah,

Gunning, Emily Josephine,

-, Jas (d. 1819),
-, Jas (fl. 1855),
-, Rob. (d. 1852),
-, Sir Rob. (d. 1905),
-, Sir Rob. Benyon Nevill,
-, Sir Ronald Vernon,

Gunter estate,

Gunter Grove,

Guthrie, Jas,



Hailand & Fisher,

Hailstone, Hen.,

Haines, Alf.,

-, Anna Maria,
-, Cath.,
-, Chris.,
-, E. T.,
-, John Paxton,
-, Rob.,

Halle, Wm,

Halsey, Revd John FitzMoore,

Halsey Street,

Hamey, Dr Baldwin,

-, Eliz., dchss of,
-, Jas, mqss, later duke, of Hamilton,
-, Sir John, Lord Belhaven,
-, Wm, duke of Hamilton,
-, Wm, (d. 1859),
-, Wm Ric., antiquary,
-, Lady,

Hamilton's survey,


Hammersmith College of Art and Building,

Hampden, Geo., rector of Chelsea,

Hampshire, see Mottisfont priory


Hampstead Heath,

Hampton Court,

Hanaway, Jonas,

Handford, G. C.,

Hannah, Rob.,

Hans Crescent,

Hans Place,
-, nos

Hans Town, in Chelsea,
-, chs,
-, commissioners,
-, dom. bldgs,
-, fire,
-, growth,
-, lighting,
-, local Act,
-, loc. govt,
-, mkt gdns and nurseries,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pub. hos,
-, pub. svces,
-, residents,
-, roads,
-, sewerage,
-, soc. character,

Hans Town Brewhouse,

Hans Town School of Industry,


-, John, bp of Bombay,
-, Thos,

Hardwick, Eliz. (Bess of Hardwick), w. of Geo. Talbot, earl of Shrewsbury,

Hare, Revd Fras,

Harefield hospital (Uxbridge),

Harman (or Herne), Nic.,

Harriet Mews,

Harriet Street,

-, Lady Anne,
-, earl of, see Stanhope

-, Edw.,
-, Eliz., m. Wm Grove, Renatus,
-, Thos,
-, Revd W.,

-, Mrs Ann,
-, Dr Thos,

Harrods department store,
-, depository,

Harrold (Beds.),


Harston, A. & C.,

-, Jas,
-, Miss,

Hartwell (Bucks),

Harvest, John,

Harvey Nichols' drapery store,

Harwood, Wm,

Harwood & Co.,

-, Agnes, wid. of Sir Thos,
-, Alice, wid.,
-, Christine or Christian, m. 1 Hen. Waver, 2 Thos Cooke,
-, Sir Thos,

Haseley's estate,

Hasker Street,

-, Hans, earl of Huntingdon (d. 1828),
-, Selina, w. of Theophilus, earl of Huntingdon, and see Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion
-, Theophilus, earl of Huntingdon,

Hatchett, Chas,

Haverbarght, John,

Haworth, Sir Lionel Berkeley Holt,


Heal's store,

Health, ministry of,

Hearne, Thos,

Heath, John,

Heatherley Sch. of Fine Art,

Heathfield (E. Sussex),

Heathfield Terr.,

Heber, Dr Reginald, rector of Chelsea,

Hedderley, J.

Helder, Wm,

Hemings, Fred.,

Hemus Terr.,


Henley, Rob.,

Henniker Mews,

Henniker Street (later pt of Beaufort St),

Henry Smith's charity estate, see Smith, Hen., charity est.

Henry VIII,

-, Sir Hen.,
-, Mary, w. of Phil., see Butler
-, Phil., MP,

Hereford Buildings,

Hermann, Paul,

Herne, see Harman

Hertfordshire, and see London Colney

Heveningham, Wm,

-, Eliz. de,
-, Margt de,
-, Nic. de,
-, Ric. de (fl. 1314),
-, Ric. de (d. c. 1370),
-, Wm,

Hickes, Andrew, and his w. Joan,

Hicks, Wm, see Ick

Higginbottom, Thos,

-, Ann,
-, Octavia,
-, Oliver,
-, Thos,
-, Wm,

Hill House sch.,

Hillyard, Nat.,

Hinchliffe and Co.,

Hinson, see Powell

Hitchcock, Miss

-, Anna, wid. of Dr Benj.,
-, Dr Benj.,

-, Sir Hen., MP,
-, Hugh,
-, Sir Sam., MP, Vct Templewood,

Hob Lane (later Cremorne Lane),

Hobart, Charlotte Selina, see Moore


Hobury Street,

Hofland, Hen.,

Holbein Buildings,

Holbein Mews,

Holbein Place,


-, Cath., w. of Nic. sen.,
-, Nic. sen.,
-, Nic. jun.,
-, Wm,

Holding, W.W.M.,

Hole in the Wall P.H.,

-, Hen., sen.,
-, Hen., jun., architect,
-, Ric.,

Holland, ambassador from,

Hollywood House (asylum),

Hollywood House or Lodge (Kens.),

Hollywood Place, see Fulham Rd

Home Office,

Hook, R. S., rector of Chelsea,

Hoole, Elijah,

Hooper, J. Clifford,

Hoopers, coach builders,

Hope, Hen. Phillip,

Hopewell, G. Doreen,

Hopperton, Rob.,

Hopson, Chas, Deputy Clerk of Works,

Horniman, Emslie, MP,

Hortensia Rd,

Hortulan Ho.,

Hosebound, Nic., rector of Chelsea,

Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest, see Royal Brompton hosp.

Houghton (Norf.),

Housing and Local Govt, ministry of,

housing assocs,

-, Cath., see Carey
-, Chas, Lord High Admiral and earl of Nottingham,
-, Edm.,
-, Edw., duke of Norfolk,
-, Jas,
-, Katharine, queen of Hen. VIII,
-, Margt, see Stewart

Hubbard, Brian,

-, A. W.,
-, Wm,

Huggett, John,

Hugo House,


Hume, Cardinal Basil,

Humphreys, Thos,
-, his wife,

-, Ant.,
-, Edm.,
-, Thos,
-, Ursula, see Barnard

Hungerford's estate,
-, farmhouse, see Wrennall's farm

-, Cecil,
-, Hugh,
-, Wm,
-, Mrs Wm,
-, Wm Holman,

-, Jane, m. John Kyngton,
-, Kath., see Est
-, Thos,
-, Wm,

Huntingdon, earl of, see Hastings

Hunton, Sam.,

Hurlock, Ric.,

-, Eliz.,
-, John, builder,
-, John, lecturer at Chelsea,
-, John, his son, also lecturer,
-, Mat.,

Hutton, Jas,

Huxley, Marion, m. John Collier,

Hylton, Jack,

Hyndman, Cath. Eliz.,

Hyndman's char. trustees,

I'Anson, Edw.,

ice skating,

Ick or Hicks, Wm,

Inner London Education Authority (ILEA),

-, French, and see Huguenots
-, Irish,
-, Welsh,

Imperial Gas Light Co.,

Imperial Institute,

Improved Industrial Dwellings Co.,

Independents, see Congregationalist

industrial dwellings, see Chelsea, working-class housing

industries, see bell founding; billiard table making; brewing; cabinet making; coach building; distilling; dyeing; floorcloth making; glass making; gravel digging; malting; metal working; motor works; paper-staining; porcelain and pottery making; sanitary fittings manufacture; silk making; tapestry weaving; tobacco-pipe making

Ingram, Capt., major of the Royal Hosp.,

Inland Revenue,

Inskip, Peter,

Institute of Cancer Research (formerly Cancer Research Institute; Chester Beatty Institute),

Ionesco, Eugene,

Ireland, John,

Irish residents, see immigrants

Iron Steamboat Co.,

Iver (Bucks.),

Ixworth Place (formerly Leader Street),
-, pl.

-, Chas,
-, John,

Jackson & Graham,

Jackson's Buildings

Jackson's Place,

Jacobsen, Arne,

Jacquet, J.L.,

Jamahariya sch.,

James I,

-, Henry (author),
-, John, curate and schoolmaster,

Janaway, Thos,

Janaway's foundry,

Jehovah's Witnesses,

Jellicoe, Ann,

-, Revd John,
-, Revd Wm,

Jenny's Whim,

-, Mary, w. of Wm, m. 2 Sir John Awbrey,
-, Wm, Secretary to the Treasury,

Jerningham fam.,

Jerome, Jerome K.,

Jervis (Gervoise, Jervoise), Ric.,

Jerwood Foundation,

Jeuslin, Mrs,

Jew's Row or Royal Hospital Row,

Jews' burial ground,

John Lewis Partnership,

John, Augustus,

Johns Street, see Justice Walk

-, John,
-, Nic.,

-, Lady Cath.,
-, Inigo,
-, Mary Ann, m. Steph. Riley,
-, Peter, draper, and see Peter Jones; PJ2
-, Ric., earl of Ranelagh, Treasurer of the Royal Hospital,
-, Wm,

Jones Brothers,

Jopling, Joe, and his w. Louise,

-, C.S.,
-, Delissa,

Joseph & Smithem,

Joseph Constantine Steamship Line,

Joubert, Felix,


Jubilee Cottages,

Jubilee Place,

Justice Walk (formerly Johns Street),