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A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 12, Chelsea. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 2004.

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BC Borough council
BL British Library
Bacon, Atlas of London (1910) New Large-Scale Atlas of London and Suburbs, ed. G.W. Bacon (1910)
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Beaver, Memorials A. Beaver, Memorials of Old Chelsea (1892)
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Blunt, Chelsea R. Blunt, An Illustrated Historical Handbook to the Parish of Chelsea (1900)
Booth, Life and Labour C. Booth, Life and Labour of the People in London (17 vols. revised edn 1902-4). Chelsea surveyed in 1899
Booth's Map (1889) Charles Booth's Descriptive Map of London Poverty, 1889 (London Topographical Society 1984)
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Bowack, Antiquities J. Bowack, The Antiquities of Middlesex (1705)
Bradley, 'Gothic Revival' S. Bradley, 'The Gothic Revival and the Church of England, 1790-1840' (London Univ. Ph.D. thesis, 1996)
Bryan, Chelsea G. Bryan, Chelsea in the Olden & Present Times (1869)
CCC Council for the Care of Churches (formerly Council for Places of Worship).
CL Chelsea Library
CLRO Corporation of London Record Office
Calamy Revised Calamy Revised, ed. A.G. Matthews (1934)
Cal. Middx Sess. Bks Calendars of Sessions Books, 1638-1752, at LMA
Cal. Middx Sess. Rec. Calendar of Sessions Records, 1607-12, at LMA
Chantry Cert. London and Middlesex Chantry Certificate, 1548, ed. C.J. Kitching (London Record Society, XVI, 1980)
Chelsea BC, Mins Chelsea Borough Council, Minutes, in CL
Chelsea Chars 1862 The Chelsea Charities, 1862. Report of the Committee of the Vestry (1863)
Chelsea cuttings at Chelsea Library
Chelsea Dir. (1878) Chelsea, Pimlico and Belgravia Directory (1878)
Chelsea Misc. at Chelsea Library
Chelsea Scraps at Chelsea Library
Chelsea Settlement Examinations 1733-66 Chelsea Settlement and Bastardy Examinations, 1733-1766, ed. T. Hitchcock and J. Black (London Rec. Soc. xxxiii, 1999)
Chelsea Soc. Rep. Chelsea Society Annual Reports
Clarke, London Chs B.F.L. Clarke, Parish Churches of London (1966)
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Croker, Walk from London to Fulham T.C. Croker, A Walk from London to Fulham [c. 1845], enlarged by B. Horne (1896)
Cruchley's New Plan (1826, 1829) [G.F.] Cruchley's New Plan of London and Its Environs (1826, 1829)
DNB Dictionary of National Biography
Davies, Chelsea Old Ch. R. Davies, Chelsea Old Church (1904)
Davies, Greatest Ho. R. Davies, The Greatest House at Chelsey (1914)
Dean, Royal Hosp. C.G.T. Dean, The Royal Hospital, Chelsea (1950)
Denny, Chelsea Past B. Denny, Chelsea Past (1996)
Edwards, London Street Improvements P.J. Edwards, History of London Street Improvements, 1855-97 (1898)
Endowed Chars London (1897) Endowed Charities (County of London), I (Parl. Papers, 1897 (394), LXVI(2))
Endowed Chars London (1901) Endowed Charities (County of London), IV (Parl. Papers, 1901 (133), LI)
Endowed Chars London (1904) Endowed Charities (County of London), (Parl. Papers, 1904 (333-II), LXXIII)
Educ. Enquiry Abs. Education Enquiry Abstract, 1833 (Parl. Papers, 1835 (62), XLII)
Educ. of Poor Digest Digest of Returns to Committee on Education of Poor (Parl. Papers, 1819 (224), IX(1))
Faulkner, Chelsea T. Faulkner, Historical and Topographical Description of Chelsea and its Environs (2 vols. 1829)
Faulkner, Chelsea (1810) Single volume edition, mainly superseded by the above
Freshfield, Communion Plate E. Freshfield, Communion Plate of the Parish Churches in the County of London (1895)
GLC Greater London Council
Guildhall MSS City of London, Guildhall Library. Contains registers of wills of the commissary court of London (London Division) (MS 9171), bishops' registers (MS 9531), diocesan administrative records (MSS 9532-9560), and registers of nonconformist meeting houses (MS 9580)
Hamilton, Map (1664-1717) J. Hamilton, Map of Chelsea (1664, continued to 1717)
Hist. London Transport T.C. Barker and M. Robbins, History of London Transport (2 vols. 1975)
Hist. King's Works, IV History of the King's Works, vol. IV, 1485-1660 (Part II), ed. H.M. Colvin et al. (1982)
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Holme, Chelsea T. Holme, Chelsea (1972)
Hug. Soc. Huguenot Society of London
Hunting, Manor Ho. to Mus. P. Hunting, From Manor House to Museum (1995)
Hutt, Royal Hosp. G. Hutt, Papers Illustrative of the Origin and Early History of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea (HMSO 1872)
ILEA Inner London Education Authority
Images of Chelsea E. Longford, Images of Chelsea (1980)
Improvement com. mins. MS volumes at Chelsea Library
KL Kensington Library
Kens. Kensington
Dr King's MS 'An Account of Chelsea', bound MS vol. in CL, with original pagination from p. 145
LAARC London Archaeological Archive Research Centre, Museum of London, 46 Eagle Wharf Rd, London N1 7 ED
LB London Borough
LCC London County Council
LCC, London Statistics LCC, London Statistics (26 vols. 1905-6 to 1936-8, beginning with vol. xvi). Followed by ibid. new series (2 vols. 1945-54 and 1947-56) and by further new series from 1957
LCC, Names of Streets LCC, List of the Streets and Places within the County of London (1901 and later edns)
LMA London Metropolitan Archives. Formerly the Greater London Record Office (GLRO), and contains the collection of the former Middlesex Record Office (MRO)
Lambeth Pal. Lib. Lambeth Palace Library
Loobey, Chelsea P. Loobey, Images of England: Chelsea (1999)
Lysons, Environs D. Lysons, The Environs of London (4 vols. 1792-6 and Supplement 1811)
MB Metropolitan Borough
MBW Metropolitan Board of Works
MCS Metropolitan Commission of Sewers
MLR Middlesex Land Registry. The enrolments, indexes, and registers are at LMA
Mackeson's Guide C. Mackeson, A Guide to the Churches of London and Its Suburbs (1866 and later edns)
Middx County Rec. Middlesex County Records [1550-1688], ed. J.C. Jeaffreson (4 vols. 1886-92)
Middx County Rec. Sess. Bks 1689-1709 Middlesex County Records, Calendar of the Sessions Books 1689-1709, ed. W.J. Hardy (1905)
Middx Sess. Rec. Calendar to the Sessions Records [1612-18], ed. W. le Hardy (4 vols. 1935-41)
Middleton, View J. Middleton, View of the Agriculture of Middlesex (1798)
Mudie-Smith, Rel. Life R. Mudie-Smith, The Religious Life of London (1904). Census taken 1903
N&Q Notes & Queries
NMR English Heritage (formerly Royal Commission on Historical Monuments of England), National Monuments Record
NRA(S) National Register of Archives for Scotland
Newcourt, Rep. R. Newcourt, Repertorium Ecclesiasticum Parochiale Londinense (2 vols. 1708-10)
Old OS Map Old Ordnance Survey Maps: edition published by Alan Godfrey, Gateshead, from 1983 (reduced facsimile reproductions of 1:2,500 maps c. 1865-1914). Chelsea is covered by London sheets 87 (1865, 1894), 88 (1869, 1894), 74 (1871, 1894), 100 (1894).
ONS Office for National Statistics, Birkdale. Formerly the General Register Office (GRO)
PO Dir. Post Office Directory
PRO Public Record Office
Pearman, Cadogan Est. R. Pearman, The Cadogan Estate: The History of a Landed Family (1986)
Pevsner, London, ii. N. Pevsner, Buildings of England: London except the Cities of London and Westminster (1952)
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P.N. Middx (E.P.N.S.) Place-Names of Middlesex (English Place-Name Society, vol. xviii, 1942)
Places of Worship Places of Worship in Chelsea [Chelsea Soc. and RBKC exhibition catalogue (2001)]
Poor rate bk MSS in CL, covering 1695-1705, 1707-16, 1716-27, 1728-42, 1748-51
Pop. bk (1801) In Chelsea Library
RBKC Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Reid, Hundred Yrs in Chelsea Par. H. Reid, One Hundred Years in a Chelsea Parish. A history and survey of Christ Church [1939]
Regency A to Z The A to Z of Regency London, intro. P. Laxton (1985). Reproduction of R. Horwood's Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster (1813 edn)
Rep. on Bridges in Middx Report of the Committee of Magistrates Appointed to make Enquiry respecting the Public Bridges in the County of Middlesex (1826). Copy at LMA
Rep. of Com. on London Sqs Report of Royal Commission on London Squares (Parl. Papers, 1928-9 [Cmd. 3196], VIII), App. III
2nd Rep. Com. Met. Improvements 2nd Report of the Commissioners. . . to inquire into . . . improving the Metropolis (1845), copy in CL
5th Rep. Com. Met. Improvements 5th Report of the Commissioners . . . to inquire into . . . improving the Metropolis (1846), copy in CL
Richardson's Map (1769) Cadogan Estate Office, Richardson's Map of Chelsea, 1769
Rocque, Map of London (1741-5) J. Rocque, Exact survey of the cities of London, Westminster, and the borough of Southwark, and the country near ten miles around (1746, facsimile edn 1971)
Stroud, Smith's Char. D. Stroud, The South Kensington Estate of Henry Smith's Charity (1975)
Stanford, Map of London (1862-5) Stanford's Library Map of London and Its Suburbs (1862 edn with additions to 1865)
Survey of London, II LCC, Survey of London, vol. II, Parish of Chelsea (Part I) (1908)
Survey of London, IV LCC, Survey of London, vol. IV, Parish of Chelsea (Part II) (1913)
Survey of London, VII LCC, Survey of London, vol. VII, The Old Church, Chelsea (Part III) (1921)
Survey of London, XI LCC, Survey of London, vol. XI, Chelsea, The Royal Hospital (Part IV) (1927)
TLMAS Transactions of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society (1856 to date). Consecutive numbers are used for the whole series, although vols. VII-XVII (1905-54) appeared as NS I-XI.
Thompson, Map (1836) F.P. Thompson, Map of Chelsea (1836)
Vestry mins MS volumes in Chelsea Library
Vestry mins Printed vols. 1881 to 1900, in Chelsea Library
Vestry orders MS volumes in Chelsea Library
Vestry orders, 1662-1718 Vol. entitled 'Orders of Vestry and Poor rates 1662-1718, in Chelsea Library
Vestry rep. Printed vols in Chelsea Library, 1856-7 (1st rep. of vestry appointed under Metropolitan Local Management Act, 1855) to 1899-1900 (44th and last rep.)
WAM Westminster Abbey Muniments, in the Chapter Library
WCS Westminster Commission of Sewers
Walker and Jackson, Kens. and Chelsea A. Walker and P. Jackson, Kensington and Chelsea: a social and architectural history (1987)
Walker Revised Walker Revised, ed. A.G. Matthews (1948)
Walkley, Artists' Hos in London G. Walkley, Artists' Houses in London 1764-1914 (1994)
Westm. Westminster
Westm. Dom. Westminster Domesday in Westminster Abbey Chapter Lib.