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A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 4, Harmondsworth, Hayes, Norwood With Southall, Hillingdon With Uxbridge, Ickenham, Northolt, Perivale, Ruislip, Edgware, Harrow With Pinner. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1971.

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The following abbreviations have been used: adv., advowson; agric., agriculture; Alex., Alexander; And., Andrew; Ant., Anthony; abp., archbishop; Bart., Bartholomew; Benj., Benjamin; bp., bishop; bor., borough; Cath., Catherine; chant., chantry; chap., chapel; char., charity; Chas., Charles; Chris., Christopher; Chron., Chronicle; ch., church; coll., college; ctss., countess; ct., court; Dam., Daniel; dchss., duchess; econ., economy; Edm., Edmund; educ., education; Edw., Edward; Eliz., Elizabeth; f., father; fam., family; Fr., France; Fred., Frederick; Gaz., Gazette; Geof., Geoffrey; Geo., George; Gilb., Gilbert; Godf., Godfrey; Hen., Henry; Herb., Herbert; ho., house; hosp., hospital; Humph., Humphrey; inc., inclosure; ind., industry; Jas., James; Jos., Joseph; Lawr., Lawrence; ld., lord; man., manor; mchnss., marchioness; Marg., Margaret; mkt., market; m., married; Mat., Matthew; Mic., Michael; Min., Ministry; Nat., Nathaniel; Nic., Nicholas; nonconf., nonconformity; n, note; par., parish; pk., park; Phil., Philip; pop., population; Prot., Protestant; R.D., Rural District; rly., railway; Ric., Richard; riv., river; Rob., Robert; Rog., Roger; Rom., Roman; Sam., Samuel; sch., school; Sim., Simon; s., son; sta., station; Steph., Stephen; Thos., Thomas; U.D., Urban District; univ., university; vct., viscount; Wal., Walter; wid., widow; w., wife; Wm., William.

A.E.C. Ltd.,

A.E.W. Ltd.,

Abbs, Maj. Wm.,

Abell (Abel), Hen., Marg.,

Abercorn, marquesses of, see Hamilton

Aberdeen, Earl of, see Gordon, Geo.

Abrey, see Aubrey

Acton, par. and Bor. of,

Addington, Hen., Vct. Sidmouth, prime minister,

Adelaide (of Saxe-Coburg Meiningen), queen of William IV,

Admiralty Record Office, n

Ady, Thos.,

ldred (fl. c. 780),

lmer (fl. c. 1066),

Aeneid, the,

thelheard, Abp. of Canterbury,

Ainslie Tilemaking Co.,

Air Control Installations Ltd.,

Air Min., and see airfields; R.A.F.

Airfields and airports, see Great West Aerodrome; London Airport(Heathrow); Northolt Airport;R.A.F.

Albert, Prince Consort, m. Queen Victoria,

Albert Iron Works,

Aldenham (Herts.), man., Titburst and Kendalls,

Alder, J. S.,

Alder, Turrill & Danvers,

Aldwin, Eliz., see Street; Phil., (fl. 1767), of Pinner Place,

Alfwin (fl. 1232),

All Souls Coll., Oxf., chaplain of, see Young, Patrick

Allen, David, Ltd.,

allotments, garden,

almshouses, see Edgware; Hillingdon; Ickenham; Norwood; Ruislip; Southall; Uxbridge

Alperton, in Harrow, n, n, agric., bridges, ch., St. Jas., common, Alperton Green, educ., farms, fields, head tenements, houses: Alperton Cottage, Exhibition Cottage, inc., ind., inns: 'Chequers', 'Pleasure Boat', 'Plough', mill, pop., Prot. nonconf., rly. sta., roads,

Alston, Chas., Vicar of Northolt,

Alwin (fl. c. 1066),

Amersham (Bucks.),


Anderson, John (fl. 1642), John (fl. 1712), Sarah, see Wilkins

Andrew, Eliz., n; Wm., n

Andrews, Ric.,

Anglesey, marquesses of, see Paget

Ankerwyke Priory (Bucks.),

Annesley, Jas.,

Anselm, Abp. of Canterbury,

Ansgar the Staller,

Ansgot (fl. 1086),

Antonie, Ric., Wm. Lee, see Lee

Antony, J. H.,

Apostolic Church,

Appleby, Thos.,

Arnold, Eliz., wid. of John, Hen., John, Mat., poet, Tanner, fam.,

Aronle, Wm. atte,

Arthington, Thos.,

artists' materials,

Arundell, Hen., Thos.,


Ascough, Francis, Geo. Merrick, fam.,

Assemblies of God, the,

asylums and mental homes,

Atkins, Geo.,

Atkinson, Hen., Sam.,

Atlee, John,

atte Aronle, see Aronle

atte Crouch, see Crouch

atte Downes, see Downer

atte Hill, see Hill, Guy

atte More, see More, John

atte Mulle, see Mulle

atte Oke, see Oke

atte Perry, see Perry

Attempt, the (journal),

Attewood, Edith, see Ruislip; John,

Aubrey (Abrey), Cath., see Purchace; Edw., Wal.,

Augo, Thos. de, see D'Eu

Aunger, Thos.,

Australia, emigrant to,

Awsiter, Francis, John, Ric. (fl. 1587), Ric. (fl. 1627), Rob., fam.,

Aylward, Adam, Sim., Wm., fam.,

Aynesworth, Geo.,

Ayrton, M.,

Babington, Ant.,

Bacon, John, the elder, fam.,

Baker, Sir Herb., Jos.,

Bakerloo line,

Baldock, Rob. (fl. 1434),

Banks (Bankes), Anna, Sir Jos., Ric., Thos.,

banks, see Uxbridge

Baptist Union,

Baptists, and see Baptist Union; London Baptist Property Board; Particular Baptists

Barber, Judge Wm.,

Barclays Bank Ltd.,

Barham, Geo. T.,

Barker, Thos.,

Barn Mission, Southall,

Barnebieu, Thos.,

Barnes, F.,

Barnet, Ric.,

Barnet (formerly Herts.), mkt.,

Barnet, London Bor. of, arms,

Barnville, Eliz., m. Sir Thos. Frowyk, Thos. Jakes, John (fl. 1317), John (d. by 1482), Wm., fam.,

Baron, Edw.,

Barry, Vincent,

Bartholomew Fair,

Basset, Fulk, n; Gilb., Joan, wid. of Ralph (fl. 1326), Ralph (fl. 1326), Ralph (fl. 1355), Thos., fam.,

Bastian & Allen Ltd.,

baths, public, see swimming pools

Baunton, Wm., Rector of Harrow,

Baxter, H.,

Beaconsfield (Bucks.),

Beasley, Thos.,

Beauchamp, Ric., Bp. of Salisbury,

Beaumont, Hen., John (d. 1342), Sir John (fl. 1386), fam.,

Bec (Eure, Fr.), Abbey,

Becket, Thos., Abp. of Canterbury,

Bedford, Peggy,

Bedford, Duke of, see John

Beeton, Mrs., author, n

Begg, Mrs. (fl. 1789),

Bell Punch Co.,

bell-founders, see Eldrid; Janaway; Mears; Swain

Bellamy, Anne, m. Nic. Jones, Audrey, Bart., Cath., w. of Ric. (d. by 1609), Cath., w. of Wm. (d. 1581), see Page; Faith, Jerome, Mabel, see Boys; Mary, Ric. (fl. 1516), Ric. (fl. 1540), Ric. (d. by 1609), Rob., Thos., Wm. (fl. 1553, ? d. c. 1566), n, Wm. (d. 1581), fam.,

Bellme, Rob. de, Earl of Shrewsbury,

Bellinhurst, Hen.,

Bellowe, John,

Benedict, priest of Tokyngton, chap.,

Bennet, Anna, Isaac, Sir John (d. 1627), John, Ld. Ossulston (d. 1695), John (fl. 1761), Leonora, Marg., see Moyle; Nat., fam.,

Bentley Priory, in Harrow Weald, Harrow, chap., ho., man., rel. ho.,

Beornwulf, King of Mercia,

Bere, Thos., parson of St. Mic. Paternoster,

Bereford, Edm. de, Rob. de,

Bermondsey Spa (formerly Surr.),

Bernard, John,

Berrick Salome (Oxon.),

Berridge, Guy,

Best, John, n

Betham, Edw.,

Bett, Hen.,


Bilcheham, Osbert de,

Bingley, John,

Bird, Edm., Francis, John (fl. c. 1500), John (fl. 1553), John (fl. 1720), Ric., Thos., fam.,

Biscoe, Elisha, Elisha, his s., Ric., n; fam., n

Bisham Abbey (Berks.),

Black & Decker Ltd.,

Black Death, the,

Black Prince, see Edward, Prince of Wales

Blackwater, Edm., Isabel, see Pycot

Blackwell, Chas., Mary Ann, T. F., Wm., fam.,

Blair, Eric ('George Orwell'), J. C.,

Blasson, Wm.,

Blencowe, Rob. Willis, Rob. Willis, his s., Revd. Wm., fam.,

Bletchingley (Surr.),

Bliss, John,

Blomfield, Sir Arthur,

Bloxham, John de, John his s., Rob. de, Rog. de, Thos. de, fam.,

Bloxham (Oxon.),

Blunt, Chas. Vaughan, Mary, see Hart


Bocket, Martha, fam.,

Bocuinte, Hen.,

Bodymead, Mat., fam.,

Bohun, John de, Earl of Hereford and Essex (d. 1336), John (fl. 1472),

Bolnehull, Nic.,

Bolton, Wm., Rector of Harrow and Prior of St. Bartholomew's, Smithfield, n

Bonsey, Sam.,

books, see Penguin Books

Booth, Barton, Revd. Geo.,

Boreman, Rob., Thos.,

Bosco, Wm. de, see Boys

Boston, Thos., Vicar of Hillingdon, fam.,

Botewlle, see Botwell

Botiler (Pincerna), Peter, Steph., Wm., fam., and see Butler

Botwell (Botewlle), in Hayes, chap., ch., St. Anselm, clubs and societies, common, educ., fields, houses: Bell Ho., Botwell Ho., Whitehall, housing estates, ind., pop., prehistoric implements, Prot. nonconf., Rom. Catholicism, tithes,

Botwell Brotherhood, Sisterhood,

Bouchery, Gilb., Curate of Northolt,

Bouchior, Thos.,

Bourchier, Sir Thos.,

Bourne, Wm. St. Hill, Vicar of Pinner,

Bowen, Martha,

Bowler, Thos.,


Boyce, see Boys

Boyd, Dr. Rob., Wm., his s.,

Boyle, Ric., Vct. Shannor (d. 1740),

Boys (Boyce, Bosco), Sir John (d. 1447), John (fl. 1817), Mabel, m. Ric. Bellamy (fl. 1516), Thos., Thomasine, see Goodlake; Wm. du, Rector of Harrow, fam.,

Brabazon, Edm.,

Brabourne, Wm., Vicar of Northolt,

braille apparatus,

Bray, Wm., n

Bray (Berks.),

Braybroke, Rob., Bp. of London, reg. of, n

bread and ale, assize of, see franchises

Brembre, Sir Nic., Mayor of London, Idony, his wid.,

Brent, London Bor. of, arms, educ., offices, rates, wards,

Brent, riv.,

Brent Reservoir ('Welsh Harp'), in Hendon,


Brentford Gas Co.,

Brentford Poor Law Union,

Brethren, see Brotherhood Movement; Christian Brethren; Exclusive Brethren

Brett, John,

Brewer, Cecil, John Norris,


Brian, Thos., Headmaster of Harrow Sch.,

brick- and tile-making,

Bridge, Ric.,

Bridges, Thos., and see Buryges

Brigginshaw, Rob.

Brighouse, Geo.,

Bright, Jeremiah, Thos., Vicar of Ruislip,

Briscoe, G.,

Bristol, Bp. of, see Wright, Rob.

Bristow (or Springe), Ric.,

British Electric Transformer Co.,

British Empire Exhibition (19245),

British European Airways,

British Gas Light Co.,

British Israel World Federation,

British Oxygen Co. Ltd.,

British schools, see Protestant non-conformity, educ.

British Transport Commission,

Brittridge, John,

Broad, C. B., & Co.,

Broadwater's Bucks. Advertiser, see Buckinghamshire Advertiser

Brocas, Anne, see Pexall; Bernard, Pexall,

Brockley Hill (? site of Sulloniacae), in Edgware and Little Stanmore,

Brok (Brook), Lawr. del, Rog. del, Wm. del, f. of Rog., Wm. del, s. of Rog., fam.,

Bromley, John,

Brooks, Jas.,

Brotherhood Movement, the,

Brown (Browne), Ant., Claude, Sir Humph., John, Rob.,

Brownie, rope manufacturers,

Brummel, Geo. Bryan ('Beau'), n

Brunel, Isambard Kingdom,

Brunel Univ.,


Brydges, Geo., Ld. Chandos of Sudeley, Jas., Earl of Carnarvon, later Duke of Chandos, Jane, wid. of Geo., Ld. Chandos, m. Geo. Pitt (fl. 1669), Lady Jane (fl. 18th cent.),

Bryers, Edw.,

Buckingham, John de, Rector of Harrow,

Buckingham Palace, see Westminster, City of

Buckinghamshire Advertiser, formerly Broadwater's Buckinghamshire Ad vertiser and Uxbridge Journal,

Buckinghamshire Paper and Box Co. Ltd., see Bux

Bucknall, Sir Wm.,

Bucknalls, in Watford (Herts.), man.,

Budworth, (fl. 1792), of Pinner Place,

Bugbeard, Agnes, see Lyon; Thos., fam.,

building firms and products, and see brick-and tile-making

Bullock, Ric., Thos. (fl. 1419), Thos. (fl. 1540),

Bunce, Wm.,

Burbage, Cecily, see Green; Mary, w. of Rob., Rob., Thos., Wm.,

Burch, Hen.,

Bures, Isaiah, Vicar of Northolt,


Burges, Wm.,

Burgiss, John, and see Buryges

burial boards,

Burke, Edm.,

Burne-Jones, Sir Edw.,

Burnell, Barbara, Thos.,

Burnett, Ric.,

Burnt Ho., see Dorman's Well

Burrel, Anne,

Burrough, Edw.,

Burrows, Wm.,

Burt, (fl. 1785),

Burton, Thos.,

Buryges (? Bridges, Burgiss), Rob., Rector of Hayes,

Buscold, (? same as Ric. Biscoe),

Bush, John,

Bushey (Herts.),

Bushey Heath (Herts. and Mdx.), see Harrow Weald, common

Butler Hugh, and see Botiler

Butterfield, Wm.,

Button, John, n

Bux Ltd., formerly Buckinghamshire Paper and Box Co. Ltd.,

Byles, Sir John Barnard,

Byng, Geo., M. P. (fl. 1819), Geo., Earl of Strafford (d. 1886), Gen. Sir John, later Ld. Strafford of Harmondsworth and Earl of Strafford, fam.,

Byrkhede, John, Rector of Harrow,

Byron, Lord, see Gordon, Geo.

Cabus, John, Reynold,

Cachemaille-Day, N. F.,

Caesar, Caius Julius, n


calico printing,

Calvinistic Methodists,

Cambridge, Univ. of, Gonville and Caius Coll., and see King's Coll.


Camden, Wm.,

Campbell, Lady Juliana,

Campion, Edm.,

Canada, emigration to,

canals, see Grand Junction Canal; Paddington Canal; Southall, canals

Canning, Geo., prime minister,

Cannon, Geo., John (fl. 1553), John (fl. 1664), Rob.,

Canterbury (Kent), Cathedral Priory of Christ Church, Chapter of, Priory of St. Gregory,

Canterbury, abps. of, and see thelheard; Anselm; Becket; Chichele, Hen.; Cranmer; Lanfranc; Pecham; Reynolds, Wal.; Rich, Edm.; Stratford; Walter; Warham; Winchelsey; Wulfred

Cantilupe, Nic. de,

Cape Building Products Ltd.,

'Captain Swing',


Carewe, Nic.,

Carey, Wm. Ferdinand, Ld. Hunsdon (d. 1765), Grace, see Waldo

Carlton, Sam.,

Carnarvon, Earl of, see Brydges, Jas.

Carpenter, Wm.,

Carr, Sir Edw.,

Carter, John, Rog.,

Castre, Thos. de,

Catholic Apostolic Church,

Catuvellauni, n

Cecil, Rob., Earl of Salisbury, fam.,

Celotex Ltd.,

Celtic remains, see Edgware, fields; Grim's Dyke; Harrow; Uxendon

cemeteries, and see Uxbridge, Windsor Street

Central line,

Cenwulf, King of Mercia,

Chadborne, Thos., Wm.,

Chalkhill, Edw., n; fam., n

Chamber, Wm.,

Chamberlain, Anne, see Cheeseman; Constance, see Hardy; Francis, Geo., later Denton, Leonard, Sir Ric., Rob.,

Champneys, Basil,

Chandler, Alice, see Tyere; Ric.,

Candos, Duke of, see Brydges, Jas.; Ld., see Brydges, Geo.

Chantilly (Oise, Fr.),

chantries, see Harmondsworth; Harrow; Hayes; Hillingdon; Ickenham; Uxbridge

Chapman, Hen., John, Ric., Sarah, see Saunders

charcoal-burners or -sellers,

Charles I,

Charlotte (of Mecklenburg-Strelitz), queen of George III,

Charlton, Alice, Eliz., John (fl. 1334), John (fl. 1350), John (fl. 1453), Juette, m. 1 Nic. Shorediche, Sir Ric. de Stanley, Sir Ric., Sir Thos. (d. 1410), Thos. (fl. 1429), Thos. (fl. 14478), Sir Thos. (d. 1465), fam.,

Chauncey, Jos. de, Prior of Clerkenwell,

Cheeseman, Alice, Anne, m. Francis Chamberlain, Christian, n; Edw., Rob.,


Chertsey Abbey (Surr.),

Chesshire, Sir Edwin,

Cheyney, Frideswide, see Frowyk; Sir Thos., n; fam.,

Chichele, Hen., Abp. of Canterbury, Thos.,

Chichester, Bp. of, see Sherborne

Child, Agatha, wid. of Sam., Ant., Chris., Francis, Hen., John, Rob. (d. 1675), Rob. (d. 1782), Sarah, m. wid. of Rob. Sarah, m. John Fane, Earl of Westmorland, fam.,

Child-Villiers, formerly Villiers, Geo., Earl of Jersey, Sarah Sophia, see Fane

Chinnor (Oxon.),

Christ Church, Cathedral Priory of, see Canterbury

Christ Church, formerly Cardinal Coll., Oxford, Dean of, see Coxe

Christian Brethren,

Christian Scientists,

Christmas, John, Matthias, Rob.,

church-houses, see Harrow; Hillingdon; Northolt; Norwood; Pinner; Ruislip

Church of Christ,

Church of England Trust,

Church of God,

Church Patronage Society,


Civil Aviation, Min. of,

Clapham sect, the,

Clare, And., Rector of Ickenham,

Claretian Missionaries,

Clarke, Abraham, Dr. Adam, Cath., Hen., J. G., Thos. (fl. 1743), Thos., Rector of Ickenham, Thos. Truesdale (d. 1840), Thos. Truesdale (d. 1890), fam., and see Clarke- Thornhill; Clerk

Clarke-Thornhill, formerly Clarke, Clara, see Thornhill; Thos. Bryan, Wm. Chapel,

Claxton, Edw., fam.,

Clayton, Sir Rob., Ld. Mayor of London, Rob., his s.,

Clerk, Gilb., Marg., his wid., m. Finch, and see Clarke

Clerkenwell, in Finsbury, ch., St. Peter, Grand Priory of the Knights of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, Prior of, see Chauncey

Clitherow, Sir Chris., Ld. Mayor of London, Chris., Jas., fam.,

clocks and watches,

Clovesho, Councils of,

Clutterbuck, Thos. (fl. 1756), n, Thos. (fl. 1801),

Cnut, King,

coach services,

coachbuilding, see vehicles

Cochrane, Admiral the Hon. Arthur,

Cockburn, Dr. John, Vicar of Northolt,

Cockerell, C. R.,

coconut fibre,


Coggs, John, Ric.,

Coghill, Hen. (fl. c. 1642), Hen. (? another, fl. 1664), Thos.,

Cole, Jas.,

Colfox, Ric.,

Colham, in Hillingdon, agric., ct., man., grange, Northall, pop., man.-ho., man. officers, mills, Colham or Lower Colham, formerly Port, mill, Viewsley, formerly Bury, mill, services, customary,

Colham Garden, in Hillingdon and West Drayton, man., man.-ho. (Burroughs),

Colham Green, in Hillingdon, housing estate,

Colham Moor, see Yiewsley Moor

Colle, Thos. de,

Collet, Hen.,

Collins, Ant., Dan., Vicar of Ruislip and Canon of Windsor, Dr. John,

Colnbrook (Bucks.), chap., curate, see Hall

Colne, riv., Bigley Ditch, Duke of Northumberland's (Duke's) River, formerly Isleworth Mill River, Frays River (Cowley Stream), Longford River, formerly New River, King's River, Queen's River, Cardinal's River, Hampton Court Cut, and Hampton Court Canal, Middle River (Drayton and Staines Mill Stream), Old River (Poyle or Pyle Mill stream), Shire Ditch, Wyrardisbury River, formerly Hawthorn's River,

Colne Valley Water Co.,

Colte, Eliz., fam.,

Common Road Conveyance Co.,

Commonwealth immigrants, see immigrants

Compton-Burnett, Dame Ivy,

Comyn, Wm.,

Congregationalists, and see London Congregational Union; Penge

Conolly, Dr. John,

Conservative Land Co.,

Constantinescu, Geo.,

Consterdine, John, Vicar of Edgware,

Conyers, Marg., fam.,

Cooke, Sir Geo., Geo. John, fam.,

Cooper, A. F. Ashley, Cropley Ashley, Earl of Shaftesbury, Jos., Wm. Bush,

Copland, Anne, Frances, John, fam.,

Corbavia, Bp. of, see Peter

Corlette, Hubert Christian,

Corne, Thos.,

Cornwall, earls of,

Cornyssh, Raphael, Thos.,


Coston, Sim.,

Cotes, Ric.,

cotlands and cotmen,

Cotman's Town, later Hayes village or Hayes Town,

Courtenay, Hen., Earl of Devon, later Marquess of Exeter,

Courtney, Francis,

Coventry, Francis, Curate of Edgware, Geo. Wm., Earl of Coventry, Thos., Ld. Coventry, fam.,

Coventry and Lichfield, bps. of, see Langton, Wal. de; Northburgh, Rog.; Wright, Rob.

Cowley, curate, see Lightfoot; housing estate, man., formerly Cowley Peachey, Prot. nonconf., rly. sta., Rector of, trade and ind.,

Cowley Hall, in Hillingdon, man., man.-ho., mills (Cowley Hall, Crouch, Town, Wode),

Cowley Peachey, see Cowley, man.

Cox, Jas., Headmaster of Harrow Sch., later Curate of Pinner, Ric., applegrower, Ric., banker, banking fam.,

Coxe, Ric., Rector of Harrow and Dean of Christ Church,

Crab, Rog.,

Cragg, Wm.,

Craig, Sir Gordon,

Cranford, Wm. of,

Cranmer, Thos., Abp. of Canterbury,

Cranwell, Thos., Wm.,

Cratford, Chris.,

Crawford, Gen. Copland, John,

Crees, Wm.,

Cressett, John,


Crisp, Steph., n

Crispin, Miles, Maud, his w., see Maud

Critic, The, character from,

Crockford, Wm., of Crockford's Club,

Croft, Sophia Jane, see Lateward; Sir Thos.,

Croft-Murray, fam.,

Cromwell, Oliver, Lord Protector, Rob., Thos., later Ld. Cromwell and Earl of Essex,

Crosby Valve & Engineering Co. Ltd.,

Cross, G. C., & Co.,

Crouch, Rob. atte, Rog. atte, n; Wm. atte, n

Crown Cork Co. Ltd.,

Croydon (formerly Surr.), perculiar deanery of, man. of abps. of Canterbury in,

Cruce, Ric. de, Rog. de, n,

Cuffley, John Rob.,

Culley (Cullee), Wm.,

Cunningham, John Wm., Vicar of Harrow,

Curzon, Hon. Juliana,


Cwenthryth, Abbess of 'Southminster' (Minister in Thanet),

Dacre, Lady, see Fiennes; Lord, see Fiennes

Dalling, John,

Dalton's Dairies Ltd.,

Dancer, Dan., Hen.,

Daniel, Sarah, see Page

Danvers, Ric.,

Darcy, Arthur, n

Dartmouth, Earl of, see Legge

Daughters of the Cross,

Davell, Eliz., Wm.,

Davis, Louisa,

Davison, Hen.,

Davy, John, Mary, see Reading

Dawley, in Harlington, ch., St. Jerome, educ., ind., man., n

Day, Chas.,

Dean, Ric., Vicar of Harrow,

Deane, Francis, fam.,

De Burgh, Cath., m. Jas. Godf. Lill, later De Burgh, Easter, Fysh, Hubert, n; Jas. Godf., formerly Lill, Mrs. R. L., fam.,

Deering, Eliz., Wm.,

Deloitte, Wm. Welch,

Demainbray, Steph.,

De Musset, Alfred,

Denham (Bucks.), man.,

Denton, see Chamberlain, Geo.

Derby, earls of, see Stanley

Dereham, Joan, see Roxeth; John,

Dereham, Elias of, Rector of Harrow, n,

De Salis, Peter, Fam.,

Desiccated Milk Co.,

Despenser, Hugh le, the younger,

D'Eu (de Augo), Thos.,

De Veil, John, Curate of Edgware,

Devon, Earl of, see Courtenay

Dey, John, Curate of Pinner,

Dicket, fam., n

Dickson, Wm.,

Disney, Thos., Curate of Edgware,

District line,

Dobbs, John Hen.,

Dr. Triplett's School, in Hayes,

Dodd, John (fl. 14th cent.), John (fl. 1787), Sir Sam., fam.,

Doharty, John, n

Dominican sisters,

Donaghue, Steve,

Dorman, Ralph,

Dorman's Well (Dormoteswell), in Southall, chap., farm, houses: Dormans, later Burnt Ho., man., mill, pk.,

Dorney (Bucks.),

Dowding, Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh, later Ld. Dowding,

Down and Connor, Bp. of, see Edgeworth

Downe (Dune), Rog. de la,

Downer (atte Downes), Ric.,

Downing, Edm.,

Dowsett, John,

Dowson, John, professor of Hindustani at Univ. Coll., London,


Drake, Admiral (fl. 18th cent.),

Draper, Jasper, n; Margery, n; fam., n

Draycote, Wm.,

Drayton, West, ch., par., ind., man., and see Colham Garden; Prot. nonconf., rly., rly. sta., Vicar of, and see Lessy; and see Yiewsley and West Drayton U.D.

Drummond (of Charing Cross), Geo. (d. 1789), Geo. Harley (d. 1855), John, fam.,

Drury, Hen., n, Jos.,

Druvall, Henricus or Hugh de, n

Duberly, Jas.,

Duck, Thos., Wm.,

Dune, see Downe

Dunham (Ches.), man.,

Durant, Denise, John,

Durham, bps. of, see Langley; Ruthall; Tunstall

Dwight, Wm. (fl. 1637), n,

E.M.I. Ltd.,

Ealing, par. and Bor. of, tithes,

Ealing, London Bor. of, arms,

Ealing Golf Club, course,

Early, Wm.,

East, John, Mat.,

East Acton Brick Works & Estates Co. Ltd.,

East End, in Pinner, farm, East End, houses (East End Farm Cott., East End Ho., Tudor Cott.), East Ho., n

Eastcote, in Ruislip, char., ch., St. Lawr., farms (Cuckoo Hill, Field End, Fore Street, Ivy, Mistletoe, Park, St. Catherine's, Southill), houses (the Barns, Eastcote Ho., Eastcote Cottage, the Grange, Old Cheyney Cottage, the Old Shooting Box, Ramin, the Retreat), Hayden Hall, fields, inns: 'Bell', 'Black Horse', 'Woodman', pop., Prot. nonconf., rly. sta., roads, Field End Road, houses in,

Eastend, Eliz., m. Nic. Marsh, Thos.,

Eastfield, Wm., Mayor of London,

Ebury, Lord, see Grosvenor

Ecclesiastical Commissioners,

Eden, John,

Edgar, King,

Edgeworth, Edw., Bp. of Down and Connor, Maria, Ric.,

Edgware, adv. agric., almshos., , bridges, char., ch.: par., hall (Truth Hall), St. And., St. Peter, ct., curacy, curates and vicars, later called rectors, of, and see Consterdine; Coventry, Francis; De Veil; Disney; Fiott, Nic.; Lea; Martyn; Scutt; Swift; Whiston; curates' ho., drainage, econ., Edgware village, , educ., fair, farms, Brockley Grange, Earlsbury, George, Manor, Nicoll's, Strensham's, fields, Celtic fields, houses (Blacking- Bottle Lodge, Bromfield Ho., Edgware Place, Newlands Grange), housing estates, inc.,

Edgware, inns ('Bell', 'Boot', formerly 'Boot and Spur', 'Chandos Arms', 'Green Man' or 'Greyhound', 'Leather Bottle', 'Red Lion'), 'George', 'Sparrow Hawk', Jews, local govt., man.: Edgware, Edgware Boys, man. and par. officers, mkt., mkt.-ho., poor relief, pop., Prot. nonconf., public services, rly., rly. sta., roads, Barnet Lane, houses in or near, Deacon's Hill, Watling Street, Rom. Catholicism, services, customary, tithes, trade and ind., woodland, and see Edgwarebury; Elstree

Edgware and Hampstead Rly. Co.,

Edgware Highway Board,

Edgwarebury, in Edgware, Bury Farm, Edgware- bury Ho.,

Edlin, Edw., n; Eliz. (fl. 1580), Eliz. (fl. 1770), n; Jane, John (fl. 15223), John (fl. 1558), n; John (fl. c. 1600), John (fl. 1664), Mary, n; Ric. (fl. 15223), Ric. (fl. 15734), of the Marsh, Ric. (fl. 15734), of Woodhall, Ric. (fl. c. 1600), of the Marsh, Rob., Thos., n; Wm. (d. 1606), Wm. (fl. 1672), Wm. (d. 1795), Mrs. (fl. 1770), fam.,

Educ., Min. of,

Edward II,

Edward III,

Edward IV,

Edward VI,

Edward, Prince of Wales (Black Prince),

Edward, Mirabel, see Mirabel; Ric.,

Edwards, Jas.,

Edwy, King,

Egerton, Lady (fl. 1759),

Ela (Isabel), dau. of Wm. Fitz Patrick, Earl of Salisbury, m. Wm. Longespe, Earl of Salisbury (d. 1226),

Eldrid (Eldridge), Brian, Wm.,

Electric and Musical Instruments Ltd.,

electrical goods,

electricity, supply of,

electronic equipment,

Elgood, Sir Frank,

Elige, Mary,

Elim Church,

Elizabeth I, statue of,

Elizabeth (Woodville), queen of Edw. IV,

Ellis (Elys), John, Vicar of Ruislip, Rog., Dr. Wm.,

Elstree (Herts.), Elstree village, houses in Edgware par., Hill Ho.,

Elthorne, hundred of, ct. petty sessional division,

Elveve, w. of Waterman,

Ely, John,

Elys, see Ellis

Emanuel Hosp., in Westminster,

Empire Pool and Sports Arena, Wembley,


English Church Union,

English Metal Powder Co.,

Enystoo, Hugh,

Erskine, Sir Wal.,

Esher Place, Esher (Surr.),

Essex, earls of, see Bohun; Fitz Peter; Mandeville

Etherington, Joshua Glover, Miss (fl. 1869), fam.,

Eton Coll. (Bucks.),

Eugene Aram,

Eustace, Revd. Chetwood,


Everley, Geof. of, Rector of Harrow,

Evesham Abbey (Worcs.), n, Abbot of, see Walter

Ewelme (Oxon.), see Wallingford

Ewer, John, n; Obadiah, n

Exclusive Brethren,

Exeter, Marquess of, see Courtenay

Express Dairy Co.,

Eyre, Chris., Eliz., see Hulse

F. T. Products Ltd.,

Fafiton, Rob.,

Fairey Aviation Ltd., and Westland Helicopters,

fairs, see Edgware; Harrow; Ickenham; Pinner; Southall; Uxbridge

Fane, Sarah, Ctss. of Westmorland, see Child; Sarah Sophia, m. Geo. Villiers, later ChildVilliers, Earl of Jersey,

Farey, Cyril Arthur,

Faulcon, Nic.,

Fearne, Eliz., w. of Mat. (fl. 1770), n; John, Mary, m. Hen. Sayer, Mat. (fl. 1733), Mat. (fl. 1770), Ric., Mr. (fl. c. 1700),

Fellowes, Wm.,

Fenner, Sir Edw. (d. 1612), Edw. (d. 1615),

Ferris, Mat.,

Fiennes, Anne, Lady Dacre, Gregory, Ld. Dacre, Marg., Lady Dacre, m. Sampson Leonard,

films and photographic equipment, and see Gaumont British Pictures; Independent Television Authority; Kodak; Technicolor

Finch, Geo., Hannah, m. Dan. Hill, Hen. (fl. 1553), Hen. (fl. 1573), Hen. (fl. 1642), Hen. (fl. 1785), Hen. (d. by 1798), John (fl. 1548), John (fl. 1572), Marg., see Clerk; Wm. (fl. 1509), Wm. (fl. 1547), fam.,

Fiott, Harriet, see Lee; John, later Lee, see Lee; Nic., Vicar of Edgware,

fire service,

Fisher, Marg., see Frowyk; Mic.,


Fitton, Frank,

Fitz Count, Brian, Maud, see Maud

Fitzgarret, Edw.,

Fitz Neal, Ric., Bp. of London,

Fitz Patrick, Ela, see Ela; Eleanor, Ctss. of Salisbury, Wm., Earl of Salisbury,

Fitz Peter, Geof., Earl of Essex,

Fladgate, Francis,

Flambard, Sir Edm., Edw., Eleanor, m. Wal. Tyrell, Eliz., Sir John, fam.,

Flanders Green (Herts.),

Flaxman, John,

Fleet, Ann,

foods (manufactured), and see jam-making


Ford, Wm.,

Foreign Office Sports Assn.,

Fortescue, John Faithful,

Foster, Sir Mic., Thos.,

Fountain, E. & J., millers, Peter,

Fox, Chas. Jas., Geo.,


Fraine, Jos.,

franchises, bread and ale, frankpledge, hundred ct.,

Francis, Alice, wid. of Thos., Alice, m. Sir Thos. Travers, Maud, Sim., Thos., fam.,

Franklin, Sir John, Mary (fl. 1735), Ric. (fl. 1597), Ric. (fl. 1677), Sir Thos., fam.,

frankpledge, see Franchises

Franks, John,

Frene, Alice de, see Lacy; Hugh de,

Friends, Society of (Quakers),

Frost (Frosten), Rob., Rob., his s., Wm.,

Frowyk, Eliz., m. Sir John Spilman, Eliz., w. of Sir Thos., see Barnville; Frideswide, m. Sir Thos. Cheyney, Hen. (fl. 1347), Hen. (fl. 1410), Hen. (fl. 14478), Hen. (d. 1505), Marg., m. Mic. Fisher, Ric., Rog., Thos. (fl. 1410), Sir Thos. (d. 1506), Thos. (d. by 1522), fam.,


Fry, Eliz., prison reformer, Timothy,

furniture-making, chairs,

G.C.R., see Great Central Rly.


Gairdner, Jas.,

Gard, Geo., Rector of Ickenham and Vicar of Ruislip,

Garden Estates Ltd.,

Garrard, Jas.,

Garrard & Co. Ltd.,

Garrett, Sir Geo., John,

Garrick, David, Emma, see Hart

Gas, Light, and Coke Co.,

gas, supply of,


Gauger, Wm. le,

Gaumont British Pictures,

Geddinges, see Yeading

Geffrey, Wm.,

Gelder, Sir Alfred,

Gell, Mrs. Charlotte,

George, Sir Ernest,

Gerard, Sir Chas. (fl. c. 1622), Chas. (d. 1701), Eliz., m. Warwick Lake, Miles Stapledon, Sir Francis, Sir Gilb., Master of the Rolls (d. 1593), Sir Gilb. (d. 1670), Philip, Ric., Sir Thos., Wm. (d. 1584), Wm. (d. 1609), fam.,

Gibberd, Sir Fred.,

Gibbon, Edw.,

Gibbons, J. H.,

Gibson, John, Vicar of Heston, John (fl. 1728), John (fl. 1795), fam.,

Gifford, Andrea, John, Wm. (fl. 1599), Wm. (fl. 1629), fam.,

Giggs, John, n

Gilbert, Sir Wm. S.,

Giles, Nat., Vicar of Ruislip,

Gissing, Geo.,

Glacier Metal Co. Ltd.,

Glanville, Ranulph de, n

glass, stained,


Glaxo Ltd.,

Gloucester, Bp. of, see Pritchet(t)

Glover, Eliz., J. A., Joshua,

Glyn, Mills & Co.,

Godard, M. , French teacher,

Godbolt, Thos., minister of Uxbridge,

Godding, J. W. S., John, Rector of Hayes,

Godstone, Eliz.,

Gogswell & Harrison Ltd.,

Gold, Hen., Vicar of Hayes, Thos.,

Goldington, Ric., n

golf, and see Hillingdon Golf Club; Northwood Golf Club; Pinner Hill Golf Club; Ruislip Golf Course; Sudbury Golf Club; West Mdx. Golf Club

Gomersall, Wm.,

Goodall, Fred.,

Goodchild, Thos.,

Goode, Chas., Lettice, see Hulse

Goodlake, Thos., Thomasine, m. Sir John Boys,

Goodwin, Phil., Curate of Pinner, Thos.,

Goodyer, Wm.,

Gordon, Fred., Geo., Ld. Byron, Allegra, his dau., Geo. Hamilton-, Earl of Aberdeen, prime minister,

Gore, hundred of, ct., meeting-place,

Goring, Wm.,

Gosfright, Peter,

Goulds Green, in Hillingdon, poor relief,

Grafton, Thos.,

Graham, Jas., Thos. (fl. 1713), Thos. (fl. 1807), fam.,

Grail, the (Rom. Catholic secular organization),

Grainge, Rogers, & Grainge,

Grainger, Jos.,

Gramophone Co., see Electric and Musical Instruments Ltd.

Grand Junction, later part of (new) Grand Union, Canal, and see Paddington Canal

granite works,

gravel- and sand-digging,

Gray, Revd. Edw., John, fam.,

Great Central Rly. (G.C.R.),

Great Northern Rly.,

Great West Aerodrome, Heathrow,

Greater London Council,

Green, Cecily, wid. of Sir Rob., Cecily, m. Wm. Burbage, Hen., Sir Rob., S., Sir Wal., fam.,

Greenford, Great, ch., educ., man., man. and par. officers, rectors of, township,

Greenford, East, see Perivale

Greenford, Little, see Perivale

Greenford Dye Works,

Greenford, U.D.,

Greenhill, Agnes, Eliz. (fl. 1803), Hen. (fl. 1553), Hen. (fl. 1817), John, Sam. (fl. 1773), Sam. (fl. 1829), Thos. (fl. 1803), Wm. (fl. 15223), Wm. (fl. 1547, 1553), Wm. (fl. c. 1660), Wm. (fl. 1852), fam.,

Greenhill, in Harrow, n, char., ch., St. John the Baptist, clubs and societies, educ., farms: Finch's, later Hill's, Greenhill, Manor, fields, head tenements, house, Greenhill Lodge, housing estates, inn, 'Six Bells', later 'Marquis of Granby', man.-ho., Prot. nonconf., roads,

Grendon, Wm. de,

Greville, Chas.,


Griffin, Edw., Jas., Mrs. (fl. 1581),

Grim's Dyke, properly Ditch, in Harrow and Pinner, ho., see Harrow Weald, houses

Grimsdale & Sons,

Grimwade, Thos.,

Grosvenor, Ld. Rob., later Ld. Ebury,


Gurney, Jas.,

Gyes, Wm.,

Hacche, de la, fam.,

Hadley, John,

Haigh, Geo., & Sons Ltd.,

Hale, Ric., Wm.,

Haley, Ralph,

Hall, Helen, Rob., Curate of Colnbrook, Timothy, Vicar of Hayes, Wm., fam. (Hall & Sons),

Hallingbury, Great (Essex), n

Halsey, Edw., Mary,

Hambrough, John, Oscar Holden,

Hamilton, Emma, w. of Sir Wm. Hamilton, Jas., Marquess, later Duke, of Abercorn, John Jas., Marquess of Abercorn,

Hamilton & Co. Ltd.,

Hampton, Rob.,


Hampton Court, in Hampton, chase, Palace,

Hamson, H. T.,

Hamton, Mr. (fl. 1676),

Hanwell, man., Wharncliffe Viaduct,

Hanwell Lunatic Asylum, see St. Bernard's Hospital

Harburgh, Hen.,

Harcourt, Chas. H.,

Hardy, Constance, m. Geo Chamberlain, later Denton, Sir Thos.,

Harefield, house, Harefield Place, man., Brackenbury,


Harling, J. A., & Co.,

Harlington, educ., tithes, Vicar of, see Mann; and see Dawley

Harman, Geo.,

Harmondsworth (?Hermonds), adv., agric., barn, , bridges, chant., char., ch., par., clubs and societies, commons and moors, ct., ct.- ho., curates, drainage, econ., fields, houses (Centre Ho., the Grange, Harmondsworth Hall, the Lodge, the Sun Ho., formerly the 'Sun' inn), Court Lodge, Manor Farm Ho., housing estates, inc., inns, 'Five Bells', 'Magpies', later 'Old Magpies', 'Sun', 'Three Magpies', later 'Three Pigeons' and 'Magpie and Pigeon', local govt., council offices, man.: Harmondsworth, Barnards, Luddingtons, Padbury (Padburylands), man.-hos., man. and par. officers, mills, pop. (inc. Colham), prehistoric earthwork, priory, Prot. nonconf., public services, rectory, roads, 'Roman camp', Rom. Catholicism, services, customary, tithes, trade and ind., vicarage, vicarageho., vicars of, see Horne; Lidgould; Tyson; Wiche; Wombe; workho., and see Heathrow; London Airport; Longford; Perry Oaks; Sipson; Southcote

Harold, Earl,

Harpenden, Ralph de,

Harries, Thos.,

Harrington, Cath., see Wright; Sir Jas., fam.,

Harris, Baldwin, G., brickmaker, Geo., antiquary,

Harrison, Fred., J. T., architect, John, Lane, fam.,

Harrow, adv., agric., bridges, Celtic remains, and see Grim's Dyke; chant, char., ch., par., church-ho., clubs and societies, Harrow Young Men's Soc., ct., see Harrow-on-the- Hill; Sudbury; Uxendon; Wembley; curates, and see Monro; drainage, econ., educ., and see Harrow Coll. of Further Educ.; Harrow Sch.; fair, fields, highway-rates, inc., inns, Jews, local govt., man. govt., par. govt. to local govt. after

Harrow, man., demesne estates, see Headstone, man.; Pinner, Pinner Park; Pinner, Woodhall; Sudbury, man.

Harrow, mkt., n; mills, par. officers, poor-ho., poor relief, pop., Prot. nonconf., public services, rly., rly. sta., rectors of, and see Baunton; Bolton; Boys, Wm.; Buckingham; Byrkhede; Coxe; Dereham; Everley; Layton, Ric.; Letch; Marchford; Offeham; Rapistagno; Sackville; Testa; Tunstall; rectory, and see Harrow-on-the-Hill, Rectory manor; rectory-ho., and see Harrow Sch., the Grove; roads, Rom. Catholicism, Rom. remains, services, customary, social hist., suburban development, tithes, trade and ind., vicarage, vicarage-ho., vicars of, n, and see Cunningham; Dean; Joyce; Launce; Layton, Arthur; Pakeman; Saunders; Wilcocks; Williams, Wal.; woodland, workho., and see Alperton; Greenhill; Harrow, North; Harrow, South; Harrow, West; Harrow-on-the-Hill; Harrow Weald; Kenton; Norbury; Pinner; Preston; Roxeth; Sudbury; Tokyngton; Uxendon; Wealdstone; Wembley

Harrow, bailiwick or liberty of, officers, n,

Harrow, Bor. of, see Harrow U.D.

Harrow, London Bor. of, arms, educ., officers, offices, rates,

Harrow, North, district, ch.: St. Peter, St. Alban, St. Martin, educ., housing estates, Prot. nonconf., rly sta., Rom. Catholicism,

Harrow, South, District, ch., St. Paul, educ., housing estates, Prot. non- conf., rly. sta., Rom. Catholicism,

Harrow, West, ch., St. And., Roxbourne, educ., rly. sta.,

Harrow and Stanmore Gas Co.,

Harrow and Uxbridge Rly. Co.,

Harrow Brick and Tile Co.

Harrow Coll. of Further Educ., formerly Harrow Technical Coll.,

Harrow District Gas Co., formerly Harrow Gas, Light, and Coke Co. Ltd.,

Harrow Gaz., see Harrow Observer and Gaz.

Harrow Local Board of Health,

Harrow Observer and Gaz., formerly Harrow Gaz. and Wealdstone, Wembley, and Harrow Observer,

Harrow-on-the-Hill (Harrow Town), in Harrow, , n; agric., ch., see Harrow, ch.; clubs and societies, ct., Rectory man., n, educ., John Lyon Sch., formerly Lower Sch. of John Lyon, and see Harrow Sch.; fair, see Harrow; head tenements, houses: Pei-Powder Ho., and see Harrow Park; Harrow Sch.; housing estates, inns ('Castle', 'Crown', ? formerly 'Plough', 'King's Head', formerly 'Upper King's Head', 'North Star', 'Wheatsheaf', 'Wheatsheaf', ? for- merly, 'Load of Hay' and 'Brick- layers' Arms') 'Crown and Anchor', 'King's Head', 'Queen's Head', 'White Hart',

Harrow-on-the-Hill, man.: Flambards (Flamberts), Rectory man., man. -hos., n, and see Harrow Park; man. officers,

Harrow-on-the-Hill, mkt., see Harrow; pop., Prot. nonconf., public services, rly. sta., roads, High Street, houses in, West Street, houses in, Rom. Catholicism, temple, theatre, trade and ind., well,

Harrow-on-the-Hill U.D., officers, rates,

Harrow Park (the Park), successor to Flambards man.-ho., Harrow Pk. Estate Trust,

Harrow Post,

Harrow Press,

Harrow Sch., buildings (Art Sch., Bradbys, Byron, formerly Pond, Ho., the Copse, Leaf Sch., Moretons, Museum Sch., Music Sch., New Sch., Newlands, Old Sch., Science Sch., Speech Room, War Mem. Bldg.), chap., Druries, formerly the Abbey, the Grove, formerly rectory-ho., Headmaster's Ho., sanatorium, formerly Sudbury Hill Ho., Vaughan Library, estate, see Preston; farm, headmasters of, and see Brian; Cox, Jas.; Launce; Wordsworth, Chris.

Harrow Town, see Harrow-on-the-Hill

Harrow U.D., later Bor., arms, officers, offices, rates, wards,

Harrow Waterworks Co.,

Harrow Weald (the Weald), formerly Lower End of Weald, in Harrow, n, n, bridges, chap., char., ch.: All Saints, Perpetual Curate of, see Monro; St. Barnabas, St. Mic. and All Angels, formerly Wykeham Hall, clubs and societies, 'the City', n, common: Weald Common, called Bushey Heath, drainage, educ., farms, Anderson's, Kenton Lane, Lower Priory, Mease Place, Priory, Weald Copse (Coppice), later Copse, fields, head tenements,

Harrow Weald, houses (Brookes Ho., Hanworth Ho., Harrow Weald Park, later the Manor, Hillside, the Kiln, Kynaston Court, Kynaston Lodge, Priory Ho., formerly Farm, Wealdstone Ho., Woodlands), Brookshill, later the Hall, the Cedars, Corner- hall, Grim's Dyke, Harrow Weald Ho., Harrow Weald Lodge, n, the Hermitage, and see Bentley Priory

Harrow Weald, housing estates, inc., ind., inns ('Bell', 'Case is Altered', 'Duck in the Pond', 'Green Head', 'Hare', 'Nag' ('Nag's Head'), later 'Cold Harbour', 'Plough', 'Queen's Arms', 'Red Lion', 'Rose and Crown', 'Seven Bells'), New Coll. estate, pop., Prot. nonconf., roads, Rom. Catholicism, windmill, woodland, Weald Wood, and see Hatch End

Hart, Emma, m. David Garrick, John, Chester Herald, Mary, m. Chas. Vaughan Blunt, Percival, fam.,

Harvest, Revd. Wm.,

Harvey, John,

Hastings, Mrs. (fl. 1799),

Hatch, Hen., Rob., fam., and see Hacche

Hatch End, in Pinner and Harrow Weald, chap., All Saints, Wood- ridings, ch., St. Anselm, Vicar of, common: Hatch End Green, educ., farms: Dove Ho., formerly Tyndales, Waldo's, houses: Dove Ho., Letchford Ho., New Dove Ho. (the Mansion), man., Marlpits, Prot. nonconf., rly. sta., Rom. Catholicism,

Hatton, Sir Chris,

Hatton, in East Bedfont,

Hawes, And.,


Hawkins, Dan.,

Hawtrey, Chas., John (d. 1593), John (fl. 1650), Ralph (d. 1574), Ralph (d. 1638), Ralph (fl. 1669), Ralph (? another), (fl. 1685, 1695), Ralph (d. c. 1725), fam.,

Haye, de la, fam., see Hegge

Hayes, Chas., Sarah, m. Francis Otway,

Hayes (Linga Hse), adv., agric., chant., char., ch.: par., , St. Nic., clubs and societies, ct., ct.-ho., curates, and see Lee; Sturmer; drainage, econ., educ., and see Dr. Triplett's School; farms, Park Farm, fields,

Hayes, houses: Fairfield, Gothic Ho., Hayes Court, Hayes Park, Manor Ho., formerly the Rectory or Rectory Manor Ho., Manor Ho. (1860s), later Manor Lodge, Old Tithe Yard, Wistowe Ho.,

Hayes, housing estates, Minet housing estate, inc., inns ('Angel', 'Cock', 'Queen's Head', 'Turnpike', 'Wag- gon and Horses', 'White Hart'), 'Adam and Eve', local govt., man.: Hayes, n; Hayes Park Hall, man.- hos., and see Hayes, houses; mill, par. officers, pk., poor relief, pop., Prot. nonconf., public services, rly., rly. sta., rectors of, see Buryges; Godding, John; Jane; Lenee; Murimuth; Ruthall; Taylor, Elias; Townsend, Jas.; Vitio; Warham; Young, John; Young, Patrick; rectory, rectory-ho., and see Hayes, houses; roads, Freeman's Lane, cottages in, Rom. Catholicism, services, customary, tithes, trade and ind., Minet industrial estate, vicarage, vicarage-ho., vicars of, see Gold, Hen.; Hall; Reeve; workho., and see Botwell; Cotman's Town; Hayes End; Wood End; Yeading

Hayes, Harlington and District Chronicle, see Hayes Chronicle

Hayes and Harlington U.D., arms, officers, offices,

Hayes Chronicle (formerly Hayes, Harlington and District Chronicle),

Hayes End, in Hayes, fields, house: Springfield Ho., Prot. nonconf.,

Hayes Gazette,

Hayes News,

Hayes Post,

Hayes Town, see Cotman's Town

Hayes, U.D.,

Hayley, Hen.,

Haynes, Hen.,

Hayward, C. F.,

head tenements, and see Alperton; Greenhill; Harrow-on-the- Hill; Harrow Weald; Pinner; Preston; Roxeth; Uxendon; Wembley

Headstone (Heggeton), in Pinner, agric., ch., St. Geo., educ., farms, Headstone, as Moat Farm, man., man.-ho., chap., Prot. nonconf.,

Heal, Ambrose, Sir Ambrose, his s.,

Heath, John,

Heathcote, Sir Wm.,

Heather, Wm.,

Heathrow, in Harmondsworth, barns, ch., St. Saviour, fields, Prot. nonconf., and see London Airport (Heathrow); Great West Aerodrome

Heddesore (? Hedsor, Bucks.), Godf. de,

Hedger, John,

Hegge, Ailwin de la, Wm. de la, fam.,

Heggeton, see Headstone

Heinz, H. J., & Co. Ltd.,

Hemel Hempstead (Herts.),

Heming, Geo. (fl. 1783), Geo. (fl. 1805), Mary Ann, Ric., fam.,

Henderson, A.,

Hendon, man., and see Brent Reservoir; Mill Hill; Redhill

Hendon, Bor. of,

Hendon Poor Law Union, workho., see Redhill

Hendon, R.D.,

Hendon Rural Sanitary Authority,

Hendon U.D.,

Henry I,

Henry II, as Duke of the Normans,

Henry III,

Henry IV,

Henry VI,

Henry VII,

Henry VIII,

Her Majesty's Stationery Office,

Herbert, Wm., Earl of Pembroke (d. 1570), Wm., Earl of Pembroke (d. 1630),

Hercies, in Hillingdon, man., and see Hillingdon, farms

Hereford, Earl of, see Bohun

Herefrething Land,

Hering, Thos.,

hermitage, see Sudbury

Hermonds, see Harmondsworth

Herne, Ann, m. Ric. Page (fl. 1745), Francis, Mary, fam.,

Herrick, Sir Wm.,

Hertingdon, Adam de,

Hesdin, Ernulf of,

Heston, tithes, Vicar of, see Gibson; and see Osterley

Heston and Isleworth, Bor. of,

Hetherington, G. B. (fl. c. 1847), (fl. 1870),

Hewitt, Wm.,

Hewlett, Dr. Thos., Dr. W., fam.,

Heywood, John,

Hickman, John, and see Hykeman

Hicks, Geo.,

Higate, Thos. (d. 1576), Thos., his s.,

Higgs, Sam., Wm., n

Highbury Coll., in Islington,

highway boards,

highwaymen, and see Turpin

Hilingford, John de,

Hill, Dan., Guy atte, Hannah, see Finch; Hen. Finch, Jas., John, Mary, Thos., fam.,

Hiller, Edw.,

Hillingdon, Ld., see Mills

Hillingdon, adv., agric., almshos., bridges, chant., char., ch.: par., All Saints, North Hillingdon, St. John the Evangelist, Uxbridge Moor, churchho., common: Coney Green, earthwork, warren, Pield Heath, and see Goulds Green; Hillingdon Heath; Uxbridge Common; Uxbridge Moor; ct., see Colham; detached area in Ickenham, drainage, econ., educ., Bishopshalt Grammar Sch., farms (Austen, Hercies, Hillingdon Heath, later Park Field, Hillingdon Ho., Pole Hill, Rabbs), Colham Manor (Manor), Philpots, Rye Fields, fields, Hillingdon village,

Hillingdon, houses: Blue Ho. (Belmont), the Cedar Ho. the Chestnuts, Cowley Grove, the Firs, Hillingdon Court, as sch., Hillingdon Ho., estate, pk., Hillingdon Park, formerly Coomes or Little London, Hillingdon Place, Moorcroft, Newcrofts, Warren Ho., n

Hillingdon, housing estates, inc., inns: 'Red Lion', lesser estates, local govt., Hillingdon East and Hillingdon West, civil pars., man., mills (Kelsey's, Rabbs (Robbs), later Cowley, Upper Colham), par. officers, pk., poor relief, pop., prehistoric remains, Prot. non- conf., pub. services, rly. sta. (in Ickenham), rectory, rectory-ho., later Bishopshalt, roads, Vine Lane, houses in, Rom. Catholicism, Rom. remains, tithes, trade and ind., vicarage, vicarage-ho., vicars of, and see Boston; Knightcote; Mason; Taverner; workho., and see Colham; Colham Garden; Colham Green; Goulds Green; Hercies; Hillingdon End; Little Hillingdon; Uxbridge; Yiewsley

Hillingdon, London Bor. of, arms, officers,

Hillingdon (Town) End, suburb of Uxbridge in Hillingdon, ch., St. And., houses in and near, Park Lodge, Prot. nonconf.: Methodist Central Hall, vica- rage, formerly Maryport Lodge,

Hillingdon Golf Club,

Hillingdon Heath, in Hillingdon, common, houses, Norringtons, Shammonds, market gardening,

Hillingdon Hosp.,

Hillingdon Varnish Works,

Hinton, fam.,

Hinxman, John,

History of Uxbridge, The,

Hitchin, Thos.,

Hivac Ltd.,

Hoare, Hannah, Hen., Ric., Sam. (fl. 1803), Sam. (fl. 1852), Sarah,

Hobdellway & Co. Ltd.,

Hoby, Sir Phil.,

Hodsdon, John,

Hodson, Thos.,

Hog Moor, see Uxbridge Moor

Holborn, Bor. of, ch., Holy Trinity, Gray's Inn Road,

Holden, Chas., n

Holland, Joan, w. of Sir Thos., m. Edward, Prince of Wales, Sir Thos., Thos. (fl. 1656),

Hollis, Isaac, John,

Holme, John,

Holwell, John Zephaniah,

Holy Trinity, Abbey of, see Rouen

Hood, Edw.,

Hoover Ltd.,

Hoppere, Adam, n

Horde, Alan,

Hore, John, see Okebourne

Horne, John, Vicar of Harmondsworth,



horticulture, see market gardening

Hospitallers, Knights, see Clerkenwell, Grand Priory of the Knights of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem

hospitals, medical, and see Hillingdon Hosp.; St. Bernard's; St. Mary at the Cross; St. Thomas's; St. Vincent's Orthopaedic; Wembley Hosp.

hospitals, medieval, see Emanuel; St. Bartholomew; St. Thomas of Acon; Savoy

Houblon, Rebecca, char. of, n

Hounslow Heath, barracks,

Hovenden, Chris.,

Howard, Charlotte, Edw. Alex., Henrietta, Thos., Duke of Norfolk,

Hubbard, John, John his s., Rector of Shepperton,

Hudson, Rob.,

Hughes, Chas., Rector of Perivale, John, Rob., Thos.,

Hull, fam.,

Hulse, Eliz., wid. of John, m. Chris. Eyre, John, Lettice, m. Chas. Goode, fam.,

hundred ct., see franchises

Hunsdon, Lady, see Waldo; Ld., see Carey

Hunsley, Mat.,

Hunt, John,

Hunter, John, Sarah,

hunting, and see draghounds; fox-hunting; stag-hunting

Hurley Priory (Berks.),

Hurlock, Joan,

Hurst, Harriet,

Huscarl, Wm., fam.,

Hutchings, Milton, W. J., Milton Hutchings Ltd.,

Hutchinson, John, Thos.,

Hutton, Rob., Thos.,

Hyde, Wm.,

Hykeman, Rob. (? same as Rob. de Bloxham),

Ickenham, adv., agric., almshos., chant., char., ch., par., common: Ickenham Green, Ickenham Marsh, ct., curate, detached area in Hillingdon, drainage, econ., educ., fair, farms, Home Farm, Ivy Ho. Farm, Long Lane Farm, Manor Farm, Swakeleys Farm, fields,

Ickenham, houses: the Buntings, Ickenham Hall, Swakeleys Cottage, Ickenham village, inc., inns: 'Coach and Horses', local govt., man., man. and par. officers, man.-ho., nonconf., pk., poor-ho., poor relief, pop., rly., rly. sta., rectors of, and see Clare; Clarke, Thos.; Gard; Nicholas; Payn; Pell, Hen.; rectory, rectory-ho., roads, tithes, and see Swakeleys; Tickenham

immigrants, from the Commonwealth, Irish,

Independent Evangelical Churches, Fellowship of,

Independent Television Authority,


Indians, see immigrants

Ingall, Parsons, Clive & Co.,

Ingram, Arthur,

Innes, Geo., fam.,

Iremonger, Revd. Lascelles,

Irish, see immigrants

iron foundries,


Isabel (of France), queen of Edw. II,

Iver (Bucks.),

Ives, Thos.,

Jackson, Martha,

Jakes, Eliz., see Barnville; Thos.,


James I,

James II,

James, Emily, Peter,

Janaway, Thos.,

Jane, Thos., Rector of Hayes, later Bp. of Norwich,

Jehovah's Witnesses,

Jelf, Sir Ernest,

Jellicoe, John Rushworth, Earl Jellicoe,

Jenkinson, Rob. Banks, Earl of Liverpool, prime minister,

Jenkins, G. H.,

Jennings, Edw., Thos.,

Jenyns, Jas., John, Rog., fam.,

Jersey, Ctss. of, see Fane, Sarah Sophia; earls of, and see Child-Villiers


Jews, educ., and see Synagogue, United; Synagogues, Federation of

John, Duke of Bedford (d. 1435),

John, King,

Johnson, Lancelot, Mary, fam.,

Johnson, Matthey & Co. Ltd.,

Jones, Anne, see Bellamy; F. E., Nic., Wm.,

Jonson, Ben,

Joyce, Francis Hayward, Vicar of Harrow,