A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 4, Harmondsworth, Hayes, Norwood With Southall, Hillingdon With Uxbridge, Ickenham, Northolt, Perivale, Ruislip, Edgware, Harrow With Pinner

By Diane K Bolton, H P F King, Gillian Wyld and D C Yaxley/ Edited by T F T Baker, J S Cockburn and R B Pugh. This volume covers 10 parishes in north-west Middlesex, completing Elthorne hundred, and covering half of Gore hundred. Five lie within the London Borough of Hillingdon, the others within Ealing, Barnet, or Harrow.

Victoria County History - Middlesex. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1971.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
List of illustrations x-xi
List of maps and plans xii
Editorial note xiii
Middlesex Victoria County History council xv
Classes of documents in the Public Record Office used xvii
Classes of documents in the Greater London Record Office (Middlesex records) used xviii
Note on abbreviations xix
The hundred of Elthorne (continued) 1
Harmondsworth: Introduction 1-7
Harmondsworth: Manors and other estates 7-10
Harmondsworth: Economic and social history 10-15
Harmondsworth: Local government 15-17
Harmondsworth: Church 17-19
Harmondsworth: Roman catholicism 19
Harmondsworth: Protestant nonconformity 19-20
Harmondsworth: Education 20-21
Harmondsworth: Charities for the poor 21-22
Hayes: Introduction 22-26
Hayes: Manors and other estates 26-29
Hayes: Economic and social history 29-31
Hayes: Local government 31-33
Hayes: Churches 33-36
Hayes: Roman catholicism 36-37
Hayes: Protestant nonconformity 37-38
Hayes: Education 38-39
Hayes: Charities for the poor 39
Norwood, including Southall: Introduction 40-43
Norwood, including Southall: Manors 43-45
Norwood, including Southall: Economic and social history 45-48
Norwood, including Southall: Local government 49-50
Norwood, including Southall: Churches 50-52
Norwood, including Southall: Roman catholicism 52-53
Norwood, including Southall: Sikhs 53
Norwood, including Southall: Education 53-55
Norwood, including Southall: Charities for the poor 55
Hillingdon, including Uxbridge: Introduction 55-69
Hillingdon, including Uxbridge: Manors and other estates 69-75
Hillingdon, including Uxbridge: Economic and social history 75-82
Hillingdon, including Uxbridge: Local government 82-87
Hillingdon, including Uxbridge: Churches 87-91
Hillingdon, including Uxbridge: Roman catholicism 91
Hillingdon, including Uxbridge: Protestant nonconformity 91-95
Hillingdon, including Uxbridge: Education 95-98
Hillingdon, including Uxbridge: Charities for the poor 98-100
Ickenham: Introduction 100-102
Ickenham: Manors 102-104
Ickenham: Economic and social history 104-105
Ickenham: Local government 105-106
Ickenham: Church 106-108
Ickenham: Nonconformity 108
Ickenham: Education 108-109
Ickenham: Charities for the poor 109
Northolt: Introduction 109-113
Northolt: Manors and other estates 113-116
Northolt: Economic and social history 116-117
Northolt: Local government 117-119
Northolt: Churches 119-121
Northolt: Nonconformity 121
Northolt: Education 121-122
Northolt: Charities for the poor 122
Perivale: Introduction 122-123
Perivale: Manor 123-124
Perivale: Economic and social history 124-125
Perivale: Local government 125
Perivale: Churches 126-127
Perivale: Nonconformity 127
Perivale: Education 127
Perivale: Charities for the poor 127
Ruislip: Introduction 127-134
Ruislip: Manors and other estates 134-137
Ruislip: Economic and social history 137-140
Ruislip: Local government 140-142
Ruislip: Churches 142-144
Ruislip: Roman catholicism 144-145
Ruislip: Protestant nonconformity 145-146
Ruislip: Jews 146
Ruislip: Education 146-147
Ruislip: Charities for the poor 147-148
The hundred of Gore 149-150
Edgware: Introduction 151-155
Edgware: Manors 155-157
Edgware: Economic and social history 157-161
Edgware: Local government 161-163
Edgware: Churches 163-166
Edgware: Roman catholicism 166
Edgware: Protestant nonconformity 166-167
Edgware: Jews 167
Edgware: Education 167-168
Edgware: Charities for the poor 168-169
Harrow, including Pinner : Introduction 169-172
Harrow, including Pinner : The growth of the hamlets 172-198
Harrow, including Pinner : Suburban development 198-203
Harrow, including Pinner : Manors 203-211
Harrow, including Pinner : Other estates 211-218
Harrow, including Pinner : Economic history 218-234
Harrow, including Pinner : Social history 234-237
Harrow, including Pinner : Local government and public services 237-249
Harrow, including Pinner : Harrow church 249-255
Harrow, including Pinner : Pinner church 255-257
Harrow, including Pinner : Modern churches 257-260