Index: K-Z

A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 6, Friern Barnet, Finchley, Hornsey With Highgate. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1980.

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A P Baggs. Diane K Bolton. M A Hicks. R B Pugh, 'Index: K-Z', in A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 6, Friern Barnet, Finchley, Hornsey With Highgate, (London, 1980) pp. 218-226. British History Online [accessed 20 May 2024].

A P Baggs. Diane K Bolton. M A Hicks. R B Pugh. "Index: K-Z", in A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 6, Friern Barnet, Finchley, Hornsey With Highgate, (London, 1980) 218-226. British History Online, accessed May 20, 2024,

Baggs, A P. Bolton, Diane K. Hicks, M A. Pugh, R B. "Index: K-Z", A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 6, Friern Barnet, Finchley, Hornsey With Highgate, (London, 1980). 218-226. British History Online. Web. 20 May 2024,

-, Pet.,
-, Pet. Edm.,
-, Susan,

Keats, John,

Keller, Leopold,

-, Joan, w. of John, m. Thos. Walker,
-, John,

-, John,
-, Nic.,
-, Ric.,
-, Sarah, see Draper
-, Wm., Ld. Rochdale,

-, Alice,
-, Anne,
-, Cath., see Cheyney
-, C. E.,
-, Marg., m. Wm. Cromer,

Kendrick, John,

Kenn, Chris.,


-, Geo. (group of cos.),
-, John le, n
-, M. P. (firm),

Kentish Town, in St. Pancras,

-, Anne,
-, Hen.,

-, Rob.,
-, Wal.,

-, Frances,
-, Geo.,

-, Alex.,
-, Eliz.,
-, Hezekiah,
-, Wm.,
-, Dr. (fl. 1728),
-, Mrs. (fl. 1728),

Kingsdon, John,

-, Geo.,
-, Mary,

Kingston, earl and duke of, see Pierrepont, Rob.

-, Israel,
-, John,
-, Wm.,

Kitchen, Ant., and his w. Cath.,

Kleinert, Tobias,

-, Art. John,
-, Mat.,
-, fam.,

-, Chas.,
-, E. F., architect,
-, T.,
-, Wal.,

Knights Hospitallers, see Clerkenwell

Knights Templars,

Knightsbridge, see Westminster

Kynaston, Herb.,

L.C.C., see London County Council

L.E.R., see London Electric Rly.

L.P.T.B., see London Passenger Transport Board

Labour party,

Ladbrook, Sir Rob.,

Ladds, John, architect,

-, Sir John, bt. (d. 1740),
-, (formerly Inskip), Sir John, bt. (d. 1759),
-, Sir John, bt. (d. 1838),

Lancaster, duchy of,

Lander, Wal. Savage,

-, Jos. Wilmington,
-, fam.,

-, Edm.,
-, Olive, see Blechenham

Langhorne, John, bell-founder,

Langley, John,

Lant, Thos., rector of Hornsey,

Lateran, canons regular of the,

Latewar, Thos., rector of Finchley,

-, Baldwin,
-, Dan., lecturer at Highgate,

Latreille, Geo. Birkett, vicar of St. John's, Brownswood Pk.,

Lauderdale, earl, duke of, see Mait land

Lawford, John,

Lawrence of Allerthorpe,

Lawton, Rob.,

Layfield, Wm., n

Layton, Edwin,

Lazarus, Ern. Art.,

Le Corbusier (Charles-Édouard Jeanneret),

Lea, riv.,

Leach, C. P., architect,

-, John Temple,
-, Wm.,

-, Margery,
-, Ric.,

Lee, John,

Lee Conservancy Board,

Lee Valley Water Co.,

Legeyt, Miss H.,


Lehmann, Fred.,

Leicester, earl of, see Dudley, Rob.

Leicester, soke of, in Ossulstone hundred,

Lemon, Mark,

Lenney, Sam.,

-, Jas.,
-, Jas. Hen.,
-, fam.,

Lewin, J.,

Leynham, see Plomer

Liberal party,

Lightfoot, John,

Limehouse, see Stepney

-, Geo.,
-, Hen. (fl. c. 1570),
-, Hen. (fl. 1600),

Linklater, Rob., vicar of Holy Trinity, Stroud Green,

Lisson, see St. Marylebone

Lister, Rob.,

-, Anne, m. Sir Rob. Sprignell,
-, Sir Mic.,

-, Eliz.,
-, Misses,

Lombard, Picot the, see Picot

-, Geof.,
-, John,

London, Thos. of, see Thomas

London, Wal. of, see Walter

London, n,
-, Aldgate, Holy Trinity priory, prior,
-, apprenticing,
-, Bluecoat sch.,
-, Charterhouse,
-, Christ's Hosp.,
-, chs. and pars.:
-, St. George in the East,
-, St. Leonard, Foster Lane,
-, St. Paul's cathedral, q.v.
-, St. Peter-le-Poer,
-, citizens and merchants,
-, City:
-, companies: Goldsmiths' Co., Merchant Taylors' Co., Stationers' Co., and see Pewterers
-, Corporation,
-, (ld.) mayors, and see Abney; Ashurst, Sir Wm.; Barentyn, Drew; Barnes, John; Basing, Adam de; Brembre; Hewett; Ireton, Sir John; John of Northampton; Martin, Sir Ric.; Norman; Pritchard; Rowe, Sir Hen., Sir Thos., Sir Wm.; Tovy; Waleys, Hen. le; Wilkes, John; Wollaston
-, coach svces.,
-, employment of Mdx. residents,
-, mkts.,
-, omnibus svces.,
-, rlys. and Underground rlys.,
-, St. Bartholomew, Smithfield, hosp. of,
-, school board,
-, Smithfield, West, q.v.
-, Temple, master of the,
-, Tower,
-, liberty,
-, tram svces.,
-, vagrants from,
-, Westminster, q.v.

London, bps. of, n,
-, Bishop of London's Fund,
-, patrons of chs.,
-, and see Aylmer; Belmeis; Blomfield Chas.; Campbell; Fitzneal; Fletcher; Foliot; Gravesend; Hen. of Sandwich; Jackson, Thos.; Juxon, Wm.; Savage, Thos.; Warham; Wealdheri

London and Quadrant Housing Trust,

London Baptist Assoc.,

London Chronicle,

London City Mission,

London County Council (L.C.C.),

London Diocesan Church Building Soc.,

London Diocesan Home Mission,

London Diocesan Penitentiary (later House of Mercy),

London Electric Rly.,

London Electricity Board,

London Female Preventive and Reformatory Institution,

London Financial Assoc.,

London General Omnibus Co.,

London Housing Trust and Quadrant Assoc.,

London Land Co.,

London Parochial Charities,

London Passenger Transport Board (L.P.T.B.) (later London Transport),

Lorchyn, Ric.,

Lorenzen, Christian Carl,

-, Hugh,
-, Rob.,

Lotus Engineering Co. (later Lotus Cars Ltd.),

-, Jane, Lady, see Roper
-, Jane, schoolmistress,
-, Sir Rob., n

Low, Mrs. Sophia,

Loyal Highgate Volunteers,

-, Lewis,
-, Sam. Jones, Ld. Overstone,

Loyd-Lindsay, Harriet Sarah, Lady Wantage,

Lubetkin&Tecton, architects,

-, Jas.,
-, John,
-, Jos.,
-, Wm.,
-, Mr.,

Lucas Industries,

Luce, fam.,

-, Eliz., see Scudamore
-, Nic.,

Lycett, Sir Fran.,

Lylborne, Ric.,

Lyllie, Ric.,

Lynn, J.,

Lyons, John,

Lytton, Edw. Geo. Earle Lytton Bulwer-, Ld. Lytton,

M.E.T., see Metropolitan Electric Tramways Co.

McDowell, Pat.,

Macfarlane, Chas.,

Mackworth, Geo.,

McQuoid, Percy,

-, Edw.,
-, Marg., see Graves

Madge, S. J.,

Magdalene, duchess of Uzès,

Magnetic Recording Co.,

-, Anne, ctss. of Lauderdale, see Home
-, John, earl, duke of Lauderdale,
-, Mary, m. John Hay, Ld. Yester, marquess of Tweeddale,

Malcolm IV, king of Scotland,

Maltzan, Count,

Mancell, -,

Manchester, bp. of, see Moorhouse

Manehale, Ric. de,

Manfred of Harringay,

Mann Egerton&Co.,

Manor Farm Dairies,

Mansfield, earls of, and see Murray

Manypeny, John,

Mar, earl of, see Erskine

Marble Arch, see Westminster

-, Thos.,
-, Sir Wm.,

Marie Auxiliatrice, Sisters of,

-, Frances, w. of Wm., see Cockayn
-, Frances, w. of -, see Brown
-, Wm.,

-, Rob.,
-, Thos.,

marshal, Sim. the, see Simon

-, Hen.,
-, John, rector of Finchley,
-, Nat., rector of Finchley,
-, Thos.,

-, Agnes,
-, Sir Ric., ld. mayor of Lond.,
-, Ric.,

Marvell, And.,

Marylebone, see St. Marylebone

Mason, fam.,

-, Chas.,
-, Jas.,

Matthew of Ditton,

-, Fran.,
-, W. R., vicar of Christ Ch., Crouch End, dean of St. Paul's,

Mayhew, fam.,

-, Russell,
-, Steph.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Mayo, Chas., lecturer at Highgate,

Mead, Wm.,

Mears, bell-founders:
-, C.&G.,
-, Geo.,
-, Thos.,

Meautis, John,

-, Geo.,
-, fam.,

Mellon, Harriot, m. Thos. Coutts, Wm. de Vere Beauclerk, duke of St. Albans,

Mendham, Jos.,


Menuhin, Yehudi,

Mercy, Brothers of,

Merry Miller Bakeries,

Metherill, R.,

Methodist Youth Department,


Metropolitan Board of Works,

Metropolitan (Brush) Electric Light and Power Co.,

Metropolitan Electric Tramways Co. (M.E.T.),

Metropolitan Police District,

Metropolitan Rly.,

Metropolitan Tramways and Omnibus Co.,

Metropolitan Water Board,

Metz, M. de,

Michaelides & Son,

-, county council,
-, hostel,
-, county ct.,
-, educ. cttee.,

Middlesex Freehold Land Assoc.,

Middlesex Messenger,

Middlesex Polytechnic,

Middlesex Regiment,

Middlesex Rifle Volunteers,

-, Anne, see Reade
-, Jas.,
-, John de,
-, Rob.,

Midland Rly.,

Midwinter, Dan.,

Mile End, see Stepney

Mileham, C. H. M., architect,

-, Hen. Stewart, vicar of All Saints', Oakleigh Pk.,
-, John,

Mill Hill, in Hendon,
-, rly. sta.,

-, Agnes,
-, Chris.,

Mills-Carver, Mrs.,

Milne, Oswald, architect,

Mimms, South,

Minories, Holy Trinity,

-, David,
-, Sophia,

Moese, Thos. de,

Moger, Rob.,

Mohun, soke of,

-, Eliz.,
-, John,

Monck, Gen. Geo. (duke of Albemarle),

Monkey, Hen.,

Montfort Missionaries,

-, Temple, architect,
-, Thos.,

Moorhouse, Jas., curate of Hornsey, bp. of Manchester,



Morgan, Guy, architect,

Morgan Godbold&Co.,

-, Jas.,
-, Mrs. Sharma,

Morland, Geo.,

Morrell, Lady Ottoline,

-, Randall, architect,
-, Rob., rector of Friern Barnet,
-, Wm.,&Co.,

Morton, Wal. de,

Moseley, Nic.,

Moselle stream,

Mosse, fam.,

Mothercraft Training Soc.,

motor ind.,

-, Ernald de,
-, Joan, see Bedyk

-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,

Mumby, A. E., architect,

-, Alex.,
-, David Wm., earl of Mansfield,
-, Wm., earl of Mansfield,
-, Wm. David, earl of Mansfield,

-, Fran.,
-, Sir John,
-, Lady,

Muswell Hill, in Hornsey,
-, Athenaeum,
-, chapel,
-, chars.,
-, chs.,
-, Clerkenwell detached, see Clerkenwell
-, common,
-, dom. bldgs.:
-, Bath Ho. academy,
-, Belle Vue,
-, Carisbrooke Cottage,
-, Elms,
-, Essex Lodge,
-, Grove,
-, Grove Lodge,
-, Lalla Rookh,
-, Laurel Bank Cottage,
-, Limes,
-, Mattysons,
-, Milford Lodge,
-, North Lodge,
-, Summerlands,
-, Wellfield Ho.,
-, Wood Villa,
-, electricity,
-, fire,
-, flats,
-, gas,
-, halls and institutes,
-, ind.,
-, Jews,
-, librs. and reading rooms,
-, man., see Hornsey, mans.
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, poor hos.,
-, pop.,
-, pub. hos., Green Man,
-, rly. stas.,
-, retail trade,
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, schs.,
-, sewerage,
-, vicars, see Dunn, E. A.; Jackson, Thos.; Simpson, C. E.
-, water,

Muswell Hill Record (later Muswell Hill Record, Alexandra Pk. and Friern Barnet Journal, later Record),

Muswell Hill Times,

Mutton brook,

Myddelton and Alexandra Pk. Laundry,


National Assoc. for Mental Help,

National Corporation for the Care of the Old,

National Freehold Land Soc.,

National Hosp. for Diseases of the Nervous System,

National Hosp. for the Paralysed and Epileptic,

National Land Corporation,

National Standard Land Mortgage #x0026; Investment Co.,

National Soc. and National schs.,

Navvy Mission Soc.,

Nazareth, Poor Sisters of,

-, Hen.,
-, Sam.,

Neumegen, Leopold,

-, Edw. (d. 1671-2),
-, Edw. (fl. 1672), and his w. Theodora,
-, John,

Neville, John de,

New Barnet, see Barnet, New

New River,

New River Co.,

New Southgate, see Southgate, New

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, duke of, see Holles, Fran.

Newcombe, Fred.,

Newcombe Estates,

-, Thos. Campion,
-, Mrs.,

Newman&Billing, architects,


Newton, Jos.,

Nicholl (Nicoll):
-, John (fl. before 1575),
-, John (d. 1688),
-, John (fl. 1697),
-, John (d. 1731),
-, John (d. 1747),
-, Marg., m. Jas. Brydges, marquess of Carnarvon, duke of Chandos,
-, Rob.,
-, Sarah,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

-, Sir Chas., architect,
-, Cornelius,

Nillson, John,

Noel, Ann, n

-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

nonconformity (protestant), see Assemblies of God; Baptists; Brethren; Christian Scientists; Congregationalists; Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance; Free English Ch.; Jehovah's Witnesses; Mennonites; Methodists; Moravians; Pentecostalists; Presbyterians; Quakers; Railway Mission; Salvation Army; Spiritualists; Swedenborgians; Unitarians; United Apostolic Faith Ch.; United Reformed Ch.; Universalist Ch.

Norbury, John,

Norden, John,

Norfolk, duke of, see Howard

Norman, John, mayor of Lond.,

Norman &Beard,

Norman &Co.,

Norris, Wm.,

North, fam., rectors of Friern Barnet,

North Circular Road,

North End, in Finchley,
-, dom. bldgs.:
-, Courthouse (later Court Ho.),
-, Etchingham Lodge,
-, Fairlea,
-, Fallow Cottage,
-, Fallow Lodge or Holdenhurst,
-, Finchley Lodge or Lodge Ho.,
-, Glenroy,
-, Grange,
-, Moss Hall,
-, Orchard Ho. (later Lodge),
-, Pigensland,
-, Saxonhurst (formerly Sussex Lodge),
-, Two-Chimney Ho.,
-, Fallow Corner, n,
-, pound,
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, Tally Ho Corner,
-, and see Finchley, North

North London Advertiser,

North London Mercury and Crouch End Observer,

North London Rly.,

North London Tramways Co.,

North Metropolitan Electricity Supply Co.,

North Metropolitan Power Supply Co.,

North Metropolitan Theatres,

North Metropolitan Tramways Co.,

North Middlesex Chronicle,

North Middlesex Gas Co.,

North Middlesex Golf Co.,

North Thames Gas Board,

Northampton, John of, see John

Northern Heights of London,

Northern line (Underground rly.),

Norton, J., architect,

Norton Folgate, see Shorditch

Nottinghamshire, see Stoke

Notton, Wm. of, see William

Oakleigh Park, in Friern Barnet,
-, Athenaeum,
-, ch.,
-, flats,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pop.,
-, rly. sta.,
-, schs.,
-, vicar, see Miles, Hen.

-, John,
-, Rob.,
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

Old Artillery Ground,

-, John (d. 1680),
-, John (fl. 1680),

Oldes, Sir Wm.,

Oldham Estates Co.,

-, Isabel, dau. of John,
-, Isabel, w. of Wm., see Hackney
-, John,
-, Wm.,

-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

-, Eliz., m. Wm. Rolfe,
-, John,

-, Ann,
-, Edw.,
-, Mary, m. Jeremy Becket,
-, Ric.,

Orsley, John,

Orthodox church,

-, John (fl. 1476),
-, John (fl. 1773),
-, Ric.,
-, Wal.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Ossulston, Ld., see Bennet

Ossulstone hundred,
-, components,
-, ct.,
-, divisions,
-, meeting-place,
-, officers,

-, Eli,
-, John (fl. 1398), and his w. Marg.,
-, John (fl. 1431),
-, fam.,

Our Lady of the Cenacle, Sisters of,

Overcourt Ltd.,

Overstone, Ld., see Loyd

Owen, John,

Oxford, earl of, see Vere

Oxford, Queen's Coll., q.v.

Oxford Street, see St. Marylebone

Pack&Chapman, bell-founders,

-, Westbourne,

Paddington Canal,

Page, fam.,

Palmer, Wm.,

Palmers Green, in Southgate,

Papworth, J. B., architect,

Parker, Wm.,

Parkinson, Rawlinson, architect,

Parliament Hill Fields, see St. Pancras

Parrott, Anne, see Cheyney

Parsons, Thos.,

Pasley, Admiral Sir Thos., bt.,


Paterson, John Yates,

-, Coventry,
-, Ric.,

-, Cath., m. Sir Wm. Stapleton,
-, Fran.,
-, Sir Geo.,
-, John Wm.,
-, Rob.,
-, Sir Wm., bt.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

-, Edw.,
-, Rebecca,
-, Rob.,

Pawley, C. J. G., architect,

Paxton, Sir Jos.,

Payable, Wm.,

-, Cecily, see Aglionby
-, Sir Rob.,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,

-, Sir Paul, and his w. Rachel,
-, Paul,

-, Sir Edw.,
-, Edw., n
-, Mark Beauchamp,
-, Ric. (d. 1615),
-, Ric. (d. 1671),
-, Rechord,
-, Thos., n
-, Wal.,
-, Wm. (d. 1623),
-, Wm. (fl. 1673),
-, fam.,

-, Edm. Courtenay, curate of St. Jas., Muswell Hill, bp. of Derby,
-, Miss S.,

Pearson, J. L., architect,

Pelytot, Phil.,

Pemberton, Sir Fran.,

Pembroke, ctss. of, see Compton, Anne

Pendered, Wm.,

-, Mrs. (fl. 1702),
-, Thos.,

Pennithorne, Sir Jas.,


Penystone, Sir Formedon, bt.,

-, Sam.,
-, Wm.,

-, And.,
-, E. L.,
-, Sir Hugh,

Perse, Thos.,

-, Tindal,
-, Wm. (d. 1608),
-, Wm. (fl. 1627),

Pestalozzi, Johann Heinrich,

Pewterers' Company's Housing Assoc.,

Piccadilly line (Underground rly.),

Pickford's (carriers),

Picot the Lombard,

Picot, John,

-, Hen., marquess of Dorchester,
-, Rob., earl of Kingston, marquess of Dorchester, duke of Kingston,

Pike, Chas., architect,

Pinhey, W. Barnaby, architect,

Piper, W.,

Piriton, Ric. of, see Richard

Planet Building Soc.,

Platt, Wm.,

Plomer (or Leynham):
-, John,
-, Marg., w. of John,

-, Chas. (fl. before 1790),
-, Chas. (d. 1906),
-, Mark,
-, Thos.,

Plowman &Co.,

Plucknett, Geo.,

Pole, John atte,

Poley, F. W., architect,

Pontrell, John,

Poor Child Jesus, Sisters of the,

Popham, Sir John,

Poplar (formerly in Stepney),
-, Bromley (by Bow),
-, Stratford (at Bow), prioress,

Porero, Fran.,

-, Edw.,
-, John Brookes,

Portpool, see Holborn

Portugal, queen of, see AmÉlie

Post Office, General,

Pott, J. H., architect,

Povey, John,

Power, Geo.,

Pratt (Prate):
-, Ric.,
-, fam.,


-, Mary,
-, Wal., rector of Finchley, canon of St. Paul's,

Pride, Eliz.,

-, J. B.,
-, Thos.,

-, Hester, w. of Thos.,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm. (d. 1620),
-, Wm. (d. 1664),
-, Wm. (d. 1744),

Priory Footwear (formerly Handbag Co.),

-, Dame Sarah,
-, Sir Wm., ld. mayor of Lond.,

Privy Gardens, see Westminster

-, Chas.,
-, Heneage,
-, Sir Heneage, and his w. Ellen,
-, John (fl. 1684),
-, John (fl. 1726),
-, Sir Thos., bt.,
-, Wm.,

Prudential Assurance Co.,

-, Cath.,
-, John Hey,
-, Lt.-Col. John,
-, fam.,

Puleston, Rog.,

Pulham, Sam.,

-, Frances, w. of Sir Wm.,
-, Gen. Harry,
-, Henrietta Laura, ctss. of Bath,
-, John de,
-, Wm., earl of Bath,
-, Sir Wm., bt. (formerly Johnstone),
-, fam.,

Puncheon, Nic.,

Putto, Ric.,

Pymm, Geo.,

Pymme's brook,

Quakers (Friends),

Quarles, Hen.,

Queen Anne's Bounty,

Queen's Coll., Oxford, n

-, Thomasina, see Gilpin
-, Wm.,


Railway Mission,

Ramsbottom, John,

Randolph, John Honywood,

Rank's Bakeries,

Ranulph, earl of Chester,

Ratcliff, see Stepney

Rathband, Wm.,

-, John, and his w. Eleanor,
-, fam.,

-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,

-, Anne, see Jemmett
-, Sir Jemmett,
-, John,
-, Sir Jonathan,

-, Anne, m. Rob. Middleton,
-, Sir John, bt. (d. 1694),
-, Sir John, bt. (d. 1712),
-, Thos.,

Reed, Talbot Baines,

Regent's Canal,

Regent's Canal Co.,

Remington, Jos., n

Rew, fam.,

Rey, Geo.,

-, S. F. (fl. 1884),
-, S. F. (fl. 1917 ? another),
-, Thos.,
-, V. F.,
-, fam.,

Rhodes &Co.,

Richard II,

Richard of Finchley,

Richard of Haversham,

Richard of Piriton, canon of St. Paul's,

Richard of Stoke,

Richard of Topsfield,

Richards, Benj.,

-, E. W.,
-, John,

Richardson&Gill, architects,

Richson, Chas.,

ritualism and High Church practices,

Rivers, Margery de,

Robert, Thos.,

-, Mrs. D. M.,
-, Johnson,
-, Jonathan, n
-, Kilham,
-, Thos., rector of Friern Barnet,
-, fam.,

Robin, fam.,

-, Pet.,
-, Wm. Heath,

Robson, John,

Rochdale, Ld., see Kemp, Wm.

Roger of Arderne,

-, Sam., poet,
-, Thos.,
-, -, schoolmaster,
-, and see Vass&Rogers

-, Eliz., see Ore
-, Rob., and his w. Agnes,
-, Wm. (d. 1649),
-, Wm. (fl. 1637-68),
-, fam.,

Roman Catholicism, and see De La Salle; Good Shepherd; Lateran; Marie Auxiliatrice; Mercy; Montfort Missionaries; Nazareth; Our Lady of the Cenacle; Passionists; Poor Child Jesus; Sacred Heart; St. Martin of Tours; Sion; Xaverian

Rook, Ric.,

-, Jane, m. Sir Rob. Lovell,
-, John, Ld. Teynham, n

Rose, Wm., n

Rosier, John,

Ross Hammond Investments,

Rotch, Thos.,

Rothenstein, Sir Wm.,

Roubiliac, Louis François,

Rougemont, Mr.,

Rouw, Hen.,

-, Ant.,
-, Charlotte,
-, Eliz., w. of Nic.,
-, Sir Hen., ld. mayor of Lond.,
-, Mary, m. Sir Edm. Denton,
-, Sir Nic.,
-, Nic.,
-, Sarah, see Duncombe
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1570), ld. mayor of Lond.,
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1696),
-, Thos.,
-, Sir Wm., ld. mayor of Lond.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Rowlow, Ric.,

Royal, Wm.,

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, see R.A.D.A.

Ruggevale, Ric.,

Rugmoor, see St. Pancras

-, John (fl. c. 1570),
-, John (fl. 1693),
-, Thos.,

-, Chris.,
-, Merlian,

Sacred Heart, Sisters of the,

Sacred Hearts, Union of the,

Saffron Hill, see Holborn

Sainsbury, Geo.,

St. Alban, Vct., see Bacon

St. Albans, duke of, see Beauclerk

St. Albans (Herts.), abbey of,

St. Anne, Soho, see Westminster

St. Bartholomew, Smithfield, see London

St. Clement Danes, see Westminster

St. Giles-in-the-Fields, see Holborn

St. George, Hanover Sq., see Westminster

St. George in the East, see London

St. James, Piccadilly, see Westminster

St. James's Palace, see Westminster

St. John, Smith Sq., see Westminster

St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of the Hospital of, see Clerkenwell

St. John's Coll., Cambridge, n,

St. Katherine by the Tower, see Stepney

St. Leonard, Foster Lane, see London

St. Luke, Old Street, see Finsbury

St. Margaret, see Westminster

St. Martin-in-the-Fields, see Westminster

St. Martin of Tours, Sisters of,

St. Marylebone,
-, cemetery in Finchley,
-, Lisson,
-, Oxford Street,

St. Mary-le-Strand, see Westminster

St. Pancras,
-, boro.,
-, burial bd., cemetery in Finchley,
-, chars.,
-, ch.,
-, dom. bldgs.:
-, Beechwood,
-, Caen Wood Towers,
-, Fitzroy Ho.,
-, Kenwood Ho.,
-, farm and farm-ho., Fitzroy,
-, Highgate cemetery,
-, Highgate (part of) in, n,
-, Highgate ponds,
-, Holly Village,
-, infirmary (later part of Whittington hosp.),
-, Jews,
-, Kentish Town, q.v.
-, mans. and other estates:
-, Cantlowes, ct., officers,
-, Fitzroy Pk.,
-, Ken Wood,
-, Ossulston Street,
-, par. officers,
-, Parliament Hill Fields,
-, Rugmoor (Rugmere) (lost),
-, Tottenham Court,
-, vicars,

St. Paul, Covent Gdn., see Westminster

St. Paul's cathedral, London,
-, canons, and see Archer; Baker; Barkham; Barville; Bernays; Carr; Cotton, Wm.; Crowe; Dalton; Dunn, E. A.; Edwards, H.; Hall, John; Hill, John; Jeakes, J.; Preston; Richard of Piriton; Spendlove; Waller; Worrall; Wykes; see also Brownswood, prebendaries; Cantlowes prebendaries
-, chapter, n,
-, deans, see Feckenham; Matthews, W. R.
-, prebendal mans., see Hornsey, mans., Brownswood; St. Pancras, mans., Cantlowes

Saint-Simon, Claude-Henri de Rouvroy, comte de,

Salis, see de Salis

Salisbury, bp. of, see Donaldson

Salmon, F. H.,

Salomons, E.,&Jones, J. P., architects,

Salvation Army,

-, Ant., architect,
-, Eliza Anne,
-, Osbert,
-, Mrs.,

-, Ric.,
-, and see Anderson

Sands, Thos.,

Sandwich, Hen. of, see Henry

Sanger, 'Lord' Geo.,

-, John,
-, Rob.,
-, Thos. (d. c. 1509),
-, Thos. (fl. 1691),
-, fam.,

-, H. A.,
-, Jas., lecturer at Highgate,
-, Ric. (d. by 1766),
-, Ric. (d. by 1775),
-, Thos. (fl. 1789),
-, Thos. (? another),

-, Eliz., w. of -, m. Sir Wm. Brereton,
-, Jane,
-, Thos., bp. of Lond. (abp. of York),
-, Wm.,

Savoy, see Westminster

Scaldeford, Steph. de, rector of Finchley,

Schneytler, John,

-, John (d. 1720),
-, John (d. 1728),

Scotland, king of, see Malcolm IV

-, Jas.,
-, John (fl. 1569),
-, John (d. c. 1612),
-, John (d. 1670),
-, Sir Steph.,
-, T. H. B., architect,

Scrase, Sally, m. Ant. Dickens,

Scrimgeour, Wal.,

-, Sir Chas.,
-, Eliz., m. Nic. Luke,
-, Jane,
-, Rowland,
-, Sim.,

-, Anne, w. of John, m. Sir Wm. Hedges,
-, Eliz., m. Thos., Ld. Trevor,
-, John,
-, Hester, m. Sir Jas. Bateman,
-, Messrs., architects,

Sebright, Wm.,

Sedding, J. D., architect,

Seely &Paget, architects,


Seven Sisters and Finsbury Pk. Journal,

Seven Sisters Road,
-, rly. sta.,

Seward, Wm.,

Shadwell, see Stepney

Shadworth, John,

Shakespeare, Sir Geof., bt.,

Sharp, C. J., vicar of Christ Ch., Crouch End,

-, Emily,
-, Matilda,

Shaw, John,

Shay, Alice,

Shee, Sir Wm.,

Sheldon, Mrs.,

-, Geo.,
-, John,
-, Rob. (fl. 1514),
-, Rob. (fl. 1547),
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Shepherd's Hill, in Hornsey,
-, ch.,
-, flats,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, (road),
-, schs.,
-, Shepherd's Cot,
-, soc. life,
-, sport,

-, Chas., rector of Hornsey,
-, Jack,

Sheridan, Helen Selina, Lady Dufferin, ctss. of Gifford,

-, Anne, w. of Thos.,
-, Thos.,

Sherman, Wm.,

-, John,
-, J.,


-, Haggerston,
-, Haliwell,
-, Hoxton,
-, Norton Folgate,

Shrewsbury, ctss. of, see Talbot

Shropshire, see Stanton Lacy

Shropshire Lad,

Silley, G. M., architect,

Simeon trustees,

Simmonds, John Caleb,

Simmons, Sydney,

Simms, Fred.,

Simms Motor Units (later Co.),

Simon the marshall and his w. Alice,

-, C. E., vicar of St. Geo., Cranley Gdns., Muswell Hill,
-, Florence Alice,
-, Hannah Albertina,

Sims, Ann,

Sion, Fathers of,


-, Eliz., w. of Sir John, m. Sir John Dauncy,
-, Geo.,
-, Jas.,
-, Sir John,
-, John (d. c. 1520),
-, John (fl. 1552),
-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm. (d. by 1552),
-, Wm. (fl. 1607),

Sketchley, Thos.,

-, Eliz., m. Humphrey Cholmley,
-, Fran.,
-, Thos.,
-, Wiburga, m. Ric. Wymark,

Sleigh, Thos.,

Smallbourn, Wm.,


Smart, Geo.,

-, Anne, w. of John,
-, Anne, w. of Rob.,
-, Chas. Wm.,
-, Geo., architect,
-, Geo., rector of Friern Barnet,
-, Geo. (d. 1835),
-, Geo. (d. 1847),
-, Geo. (fl. 1855),
-, Geo. Knights,
-, Hen.,
-, Hen. John,
-, Jas.,
-, John (d. by 1484),
-, John (fl. 1645),
-, John (d. 1655, ? another),
-, John (d. 1847),
-, John (fl. 1873),
-, Joshua Toulmin,
-, Ric.,
-, Rob.,
-, Sarah, see Thomas
-, Thos.,
-, Vernon,
-, W.C.,
-, fam.,

Smithfield, East,

Smithfield, West,
-, mkt.,
-, St. Bartholomew's hosp., see London

Smythe, Geo. Edw.,

Snetzler, John,

soda water,

Somerton, fam.,

Soutar, J. C. S., architect,

Southampton, Ld., see Fitzroy

Southey, Rob.,

Southgate, formerly in Edmonton, see Palmers Green; Southgate, New

Southgate, New (Colney Hatch), in Southgate and Friern Barnet,
-, ch.,
-, halls and institutes,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pub. ho., Railway hotel,
-, rly. sta.,
-, schs.,
-, vicars,
-, and see Betstile

Southgate and Colney Hatch Gas Light and Coke Co.,

Southgate Gas Co.,

Southwell, Thos.,

Southwood, Vct., see Elias

Spears, Rob.,

-, Agnes, m. Rob. Tickill,
-, Gregory,
-, Hugh,
-, Isabel, see Turvey
-, John (fl. 1528),
-, John (fl. c. 1578),
-, Margery, w. of Gregory,
-, Nic.,
-, Ric.,
-, Rog.,

Spendlove, John, rector of Finchley, canon of St. Paul's,


Spitalfields, see Stepney

sports and recreations, see athletics; bowls; boxing; cricket; fishing; football; horse-racing; skating; swimming; tennis

Spragg, Geo.,

Sprigge, Josiah,

-, Anne, see Livesey
-, Sir Ric., bt.,
-, Ric.,
-, Sir Rob., bt.,
-, Rob.,
-, fam.,

Spurgeon, J. A.,

Standish, Rob.,


Stanton Lacy (Salop.), man.,

-, Cath., see Paul
-, Sir Thos., bt.,
-, Sir Thos.,
-, Sir Wm., bt.,

Staunton, Thos.,

Stebbing, Wm.,

Stennett, Sam.,

Stephen, Douglas, and Partners, architects,

-, Hen.,
-, Hen. Chas.,

-, Bethnal Green, q.v.
-, Limehouse,
-, man.,
-, Mile End,
-, Poplar, q.v.
-, Ratcliff,
-, St. Katherine by the Tower,
-, Shadwell,
-, Spitalfields,
-, Wapping,
-, Whitechapel,

Stewdley, Hugh,

Stile, Edm.,

Stockdale, John, architect,


Stoke, Ric. of, see Richard

Stoke (Notts.), battle of,

Stoke Newington,
-, boro.,
-, chs.,
-, Clissold Pk., q.v.
-, electricity,
-, local govt. division of Hornsey,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, schs.,
-, water,

Stokker, John,

-, John (fl. 1592),
-, John (fl. 1655),

Storer, John,

Stortford, honor of,

Stourton, Mr.,

Strachey, John, lecturer at Highgate,

Stratford (at Bow), see Poplar

Strawberry Vale brook,

Streatham and Imperial Estate Co.,

Stretton, Hen.,

-, Sam., and his w. Anne,
-, Wm.,

Stroud Green, in Hornsey,
-, ch.,
-, dom. bldgs.:
-, Stapleton Hall,
-, Vicarage,
-, fire,
-, halls and institutes,
-, librs. and reading rooms,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pound,
-, pub. ho., Stapleton Hall tavern,
-, rly. sta.,
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, schs.,
-, vicar, and see Linklater

Stroud Green brook (Boarded River),

Stuart, Lady Arabella,

Suffolk, earl of, see Howard

Suffolk, see Felixstowe

Summers, O. C., Ltd.,

Sutcliffe, G. L., architect,

-, Chris.,
-, Ric.,

Sutton, see Chiswick


Sweet, J.,


Swinstead, Frank,

T.&H.J.R., see Tottenham and Hampstead Junction Rly.

-, Hernicus the, see Hernicus
-, Wm. the, see William

Talbot, Mary, w. of Gilb. Talbot, earl of Shrewsbury,

Tame, Maria,

Tankerville, earldom of,

Tanner, Hen.,


Tanqueray, John,

Tarring, J.,&Son, architects,

-, Mary, see Jackson
-, Wm.,

Tateburn, see Dollis brook

-, Thos.,
-, -,

Tattam, John,

Tayler&Green, architects,

-, Brian,
-, John, poet,
-, John, oculist,
-, Timothy,
-, Wm. Alf.,

Tegetmeier, Wm. Bernard,

temperance halls and socs.,

Templars, see Knights Templars

Temple, Earl, see Grenville

Temple, the, see London


-, copyhold (customary),
-, enfranchised,
-, freehold,
-, knight svce.,
-, leasehold,
-, socage,

Teulon, Miss,

Teynham, Ld., see Roper

Thames Water Authority,

-, Marg., prime minister,
-, Wm.,

Thaxted (Essex),

theatres and opera hos.,

Thicknesse, Fran. Norman, rector of Hornsey,

Thomas of Banbury and his w. Joan,

Thomas of London,

-, Revd. John,
-, John,
-, Mrs. Palmer,
-, Sarah, m. - Smith,

Thomson, Jas., architect,

-, John, architect,
-, Col. Rob.,

Throckmorton, Thos.,

-, Agnes, see Spencer
-, Rob.,

Tickner, Thos.,

Todd, Benj.,

Tollington Park, in Islington:
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, sch.,

Tomlin, John,

Tomlinson, Chas.,

Tooke, Thos.,

Topsfield, Ric. of, see Richard

-, boro.,
-, chs.,
-, farm, Tottenham Wood,
-, man.,
-, Ducketts,
-, nonconf. (protestant), n
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, schs.,
-, sewerage,
-, Tottenham woods,
-, vicar, see Roberts
-, water,
-, Wood Green, q.v.

Tottenham and Edmonton Gas Light and Coke Co.,

Tottenham and Hampstead Junction Rly. (T.&H.J.R.),

Tottenham Court, see St. Pancras

Totteridge (Herts.),
-, man.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, rly. sta.,

Tovy, Mic., mayor of Lond.,

Tower of London, see London

Towers, John,

Townsend, Jos.,

-, Alice, see Francis
-, Sir Thos.,

-, Eliz., see Searle
-, Thos., Ld. Trevor,

Trillo, A. J., rector of Friern Barnet, bp. of Chelmsford,

Trinder, Dan., vicar of St. Mic.'s, Highgate,

-, John (d. 1602),
-, John (fl. 1628),
-, Rose,
-, Sarah, see Campe
-, Susan, w. of John, m. Edm. Underwood,
-, Wm.,

Truefitt, Pet.,

Trumpington (Cambs.),

Tryon, Chas.,

Tufnell Park, see Islington

Turberville, A. C., vicar of St. John's, Brownswood Pk.,

-, Chas.,
-, Pet.,

Turpin, Dick,

-, Adam, and his w. Alice,
-, Isabel, m. Ric. Spencer,
-, Marg., w. of Rob., m. Thos. Corbrond,
-, Marion,
-, Rob.,

Turvin, Ric.,

Tuscany, grand duke of, see Cosimo

Tutchin, John, and his w. Eliz.,

Tweeddale, marquess of, see Hay

Twyford, John,

Twyford, see Willesden



Tyrhtel, bp. of Hereford,

-, Alice, w. of John, m. John Vaughan,
-, John,

-, Anne, m. John Anger,
-, Ant.,
-, Hester, m. Sir Edw. Graves,

Underground rly.,

-, Cecily, m. Thos. Walker,
-, Joan, see Brokherst
-, Wm.,

Underwood, Edm., and his w. Isabel,


United Apostolic Faith Church,

United Dairies,

United Estates&Investment Co.,

United Reformed Church,

Universalist Church,

Uren, R. H., architect,

Urgle, Thos.,

Utber, Ric.,

Uthwatt, fam.,

Uzès (Gard, France), duchess of, see Magdalene

Van de Linde, Gerard,

Vane, Wm. Harry, earl of Darlington, duke of Cleveland,

Vanity Fair,

Vass&Rogers (later Rogers),

Vaudry, Jas.,

-, Alice, see Tyson
-, Ern.,
-, Jas.,
-, John,

Vere, Rob. de, earl of Oxford,

-, John,
-, Thos.,

Victoria, Queen,

Victoria line (Underground rly.),

Vigorous, Wm., rector of Finchley, archdeacon of Essex,

Viney, Josiah,

Vivian, Hen.,

Vogel, John Wm., and his w. Anne,

Vulliamy, Lewis, architect,

-, Field Marshal Geo.,
-, John,

Wales, prince of, see Henry

-, Hen. le, mayor of Lond.,
-, Joan le, see Basing

-, Cecily, see Underhill
-, Dorothy,
-, Edm.,
-, Joan, see Kellet
-, John,
-, Ric.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1487),
-, Thos. (fl. 1537),

Wallen, F., architect,

Waller, Jas., rector of Finchley, canon of St. Paul's,

-, John,
-, Judith, see Woodford
-, Oliver,

Walsingham, Sir Fran.,

Walter of London, rector of Hornsey,

Walter the chamberlain,

Walthamstow (Essex),

Walton, Chris.,

Wantage, Lady, see Loyd-Lindsay

Wapping, see Stepney

-, Jas.,
-, Wm.,

Ware, Ric. Cumberlege,

Warham, Wm., bp. of Lond. (abp. of Canterbury),

Warneford, Sam. Wilson,

-, Hen.,
-, J., bell-founder,
-, Jacob,
-, John (d. 1619),
-, John (fl. 1620),

-, Rob.,
-, fam.,

Warwick (Warws.), priory of St. Sepulchre,
-, prior,

Waterlow, Sir Sydney, bt.,

Watkin's omnibus co.,

Watling Street, see Edgware Road

Wattnall, Thos.,

Waugh, Benj.,

Way, Jas.,

Waymouth, W. C., architect,

Wealdheri, bp. of London,

Weathercock of Finsbury Pk.,

Weatherley, John,

Welby, Ric.,

-, Sir John,
-, Mary, m. Sir Thos. Allen,

-, Thos. atte,
-, Wm. atte, and his w. Agnes,

Wells, Wm., n

-, John,
-, S. S.,

West Middlesex Electric Lighting Co.,

Westbourne, see Paddington

Westbury, Ld., see Bethell

Westbury (Wilts.),

Westfield, Thos., rector of Hornsey, bp. of Bristol,

Westminster, city and liberties of,
-, abbey (later collegiate ch. of St. Peter),
-, abbots, and see Feckenham
-, chs. and pars.:
-, St. Anne, Soho,
-, St. Clement Danes,
-, St. Geo., Hanover Sq.,
-, St. Jas., Piccadilly,
-, St. John, Smith Sq.,
-, St. Marg.,
-, St. Martin-in-the-Fields,
-, St. Mary-le-Strand,
-, St. Paul, Covent Gdn.,
-, Ebury,
-, Knightsbridge,
-, Marble Arch,
-, officers,
-, Ossulston Ho.,
-, palaces:
-, St. James's,
-, Whitehall (Westminster),
-, Privy Gardens,
-, Savoy,

Westminster Freehold Land Soc.,

Westneys, John,

-, Nat. Thos.,
-, Wm.,

Wetwang, John,

wheelwrights, see blacksmiths

Whetnall, Rob.,

Whetstone, in Friern Barnet and Finchley,
-, cage,
-, ch., All Saints' dist.,
-, Coleharbour,
-, dom. bldgs.:
-, Bell Ho.,
-, Derwent Lodge,
-, Friern Lodge, and see Friern Barnet, farms, Frenchman's
-, Friern Watch,
-, Limes,
-, Priest's Ho.,
-, Wood Ho.,
-, Woodside Ho.,
-, flats,
-, ind.,
-, man., see Friern Barnet
-, mill,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, office bldgs.,
-, pop.,
-, pound,
-, pub. hos.,
-, Bull and Butcher, n
-, George,
-, Green Man,
-, Griffin, n
-, Swan, n
-, Swan and Pyramids,
-, Swan with Two Necks,
-, Torrington Arms,
-, Windmill,
-, rly. sta. (Totteridge and Whetstone),
-, ratepayers' assoc.,
-, retail trade,
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, schs.,
-, Woodside, Woodside Pk., ch., rly. sta.,

Whetstone Freehold Estate Co.,

Whipple, Rob.,

-, Thos.,
-, Thos. Reader, rector of Finchley,

White, Allom&Co.,

Whitechapel, see Stepney

Whitehall Palace, see Westminster

Whitehead, John,

Whiteley, Wm.,

Wighel, Thos.,

Wiking, John,

-, Mary,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,

-, Israel,
-, John, ld. mayor of Lond.,

-, John,
-, John Jas.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Willanton, Rob., rector of Hornsey,

-, Harlesden,
-, Twyford,

William I,

William of Notton and his w. Isabel,

William the chamberlain,

William the tailor,

-, David,
-, Hen. Reader,
-, John,
-, Mary,

-, Jas.,
-, Malcolm,

Willis, Hen.,

Willmer, Dr. Hen.,

Willoughby, P., architect,

-, H. W.,
-, Hen., architect,
-, Rechord,
-, Sarah Anne,
-, Thos.,

Wilson's omnibus co.,

Wiltshire, see Westbury

-, Barnes,
-, Hen.,
-, Joshua,
-, Sam. (d. 1854),
-, Sam. (fl. 1863),
-, fam.,

Winch, Susannah,


Wollaston, Sir John, ld. mayor of Lond.,
-, his w. Rebecca,

Wolstenholme, Dean,

-, Jas.,
-, Rob.,


Wood Green, in Tottenham,
-, Alexandra Palace, q.v.
-, boro.,
-, gas,
-, hosps.,
-, ind.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, police,
-, schs.,
-, sewerage,
-, sport,
-, urban dist., council,

-, Jas.,
-, Judith, m. Oliver Wallis,

Woods, Wm.,

Woodward, Jas.,

Worcester, soke of, in Ossulstone hundred,

Wordsworth, Wm.,

-, Eleanor, see Baston
-, John,

workmen's rly. tickets,

Worley, Wm.,

Wormald, Edw.,

Worrall, Thos., rector of Finchley, canon of St. Paul's,

-, Chas.,
-, Hen.,
-, Lucy,
-, Phil. Stanhope,
-, Ralph, rector of Finchley,

-, Adam,
-, Amelia,
-, Geo.,
-, Geo. Jasper,
-, Jas. (d. 1828),
-, Jas. (d. 1870),
-, Wm.,

Wyatt, Sir Thos., rebellion of,

Wykes, Thos., rector of Finchley, canon of St. Paul's,

-, Eliz.,
-, John,

-, Ric.,
-, Wiburga, see Slade

Wyndsor Recording Co.,

Xaverian Missionary Fathers,



Yardley, Edw., lecturer at Highgate,

-, Fran.,
-, Jas.,

Yeo, John,

Yester, Ld., see Hay

Zenana Missionary Soc.,