Corrigenda to Volumes III and V

Pages 227-228

A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 6, Friern Barnet, Finchley, Hornsey With Highgate. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1980.

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Earlier lists of corrigenda will be found in Volumes I, III, IV and V
Vol. III, page 15a, line 12, for '1884' read '1887'
104b, line 13 from end, for 'John' read 'Richard'
113a, line 28, for 'John' read 'Richard'
145a, line 8 from end, for 'probably in 1872' read 'in 1873'
145, note 26, delete whole footnote and substitute 'Ex inf. Mr. H. V. Borley.'
190a, lines 3-4, for 'between 1878 and 1881' read 'in 1884'
190, note 57, delete whole footnote and substitute 'Ex inf. Mr. H. V. Borley.'
208b, lines 2-3, for 'Marylebone to High Wycombe' read 'Paddington to Park Royal'
208, note 43, delete whole footnote and substitute 'Ex inf. Mr. H. V. Borley.'
290c, s.v. Fox, delete 'John, bp. of Winchester, iii. 104, 113' and after '325' add '; iii. 104, 113.'
Vol. V, page ix, last line, for 'III and IV' read 'I, II, and IV'
5a, line 12 from end, for 'west' read 'east'
5b, line 28, for 'Wembley' read 'West Hampstead'
6a, line 17, delete 'later'
9b, line 30, for 'Olympia' read 'Olympus'
12b, lines 8-9, delete from 'near' to 'London.'
15a, lines 8-9 from end, for 'the Underground group at once' read 'John Laing & Sons'
15b, line 16, delete 'As at Golders Green,'
15b, line 17, for 'in the station forecourt' read 'at the station'
15, note 74, delete whole footnote and substitute 'Jackson, Semi-det. Lond. 142.'
35b, line 14 from end, for 'Hood' read 'Flood'
37a, line 26, for 'Sherman' read 'Shearman'
37b, line 3, for 'architect' read 'architects'
37b, line 5, for 'was' read 'were C. Nicholas and'
54b, line 20 from end, for 'Co.' read 'Country'
62a, line 19 from end, for 'Co.' read 'Country'
93a, line 35, for '1847' read '1843'
93, note 87, delete whole footnote and substitute 'W. Keane, Beauties of Mdx. 194.'
94a, lines 30-1, for 'London Passenger Transport Board' read 'Metropolitan Railway'
95, note 26, for '95' read '98'
109, note 1, for 'Gaz.' read 'Observer'
111a, line 3 from end, delete 'opposed by Edgware vestry27'
111b, line 4, for 'that date' read '1912/13'
113b, line 18, for 'Court' read 'House'
114b, line 8 from end, for 'message' read 'messuage'
120, note 34 to read 35
120, note 35 to read 34
124, note 45, for 'Harmoniuous' read 'Harmonious'
133, note 62, for 'Gillan' read 'Gillam'
136, note 96, for 'Helen' read 'Henrietta'
136, note 7, delete from 'The London' to 'Cockfosters'
137a, line 7, delete 'Steam and'
143, note 14, for '1912' read '1907'
161b, line 32, for 'by' read 'in the style of'
186a, line 11, for 'western bellcot' read 'bellcot over the chancel arch'
186a, line 29, for 'red' read 'stock'
212, note 42, for 'N. P.' read 'H. P.'
212b, line 13, for '1852' read '1850'
212b, line 19, for 'at' read 'via'
214a, line 5 from end, for 'Corinthian' read 'Tuscan'
219, note 8, for 'below' read 'above'
255a, lines 1-2, for 'Aiar' read 'War' and for 'Wded' read 'Aided'
257, note 67, for 'Radcliff' read 'Radcliffe'
291b, line 6, for '1971' read '1917'
312, note 92, delete 'Kelly's Dir. Mdx. (1926);'
319b, line 7, for 'ten' read 'nine'
345a, lines 23-4 from end, for 'Taylor and A. R. Jennett' read 'Tayler and A. R. Jemmett'
348a, line 3, for 'Curtiss' read 'Curtis'
381c, s.v. architects, for 'Jennett' read 'Jemmett' and insert 'Nicholas, C.'
382a, s.v. architects, for 'Sherman' read 'Shearman' and insert 'Tayler'
401c, s.v. Jennett, for 'Jennett' read 'Jemmett'
403a, s.v. Laing, insert '15'
404c, s.v. London Passenger Transport Board, delete '94'
406a, s.v. Metropolitan Railway, insert '94'
406a, s.v. Metropolitan Railway Co. Estates, for 'Co.' read 'Country'
408a, s.v. Nicholas, insert 'C., architect, 37;'
Vol. V, page 409a, s.v. Page, for 'Sam. Hood' read 'Sam. Flood'
413b, s.v. Sherman, for 'Sherman' read 'Sherman'
415c, s.v. Stanmore, Little, delete 'Stone Grove Court, 113'
416a, s.v. Stanmore, Little, Stone Grove Ho., for '112' read '112-13'
416c, insert 'Tayler, A. S., architect, 345'
416c, s.v. Taylor, delete 'A. S., architect, 345'