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A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 7, Acton, Chiswick, Ealing and Brentford, West Twyford, Willesden. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1982.

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Among the abbreviations used in the index, sometimes with the addition of an s to indicate plurality, the following may need elucidation: abp., archbishop; agric., agriculture; Alb., Albert; Alex., Alexander; Alf., Alfred; almsho., almshouse; And., Andrew; Ant., Anthony; Art., Arthur; Bart., Bartholomew; bd., board; Benj., Benjamin; bldg., building; bldr., builder; bp., bishop; bro., brother; Cath., Catherine; Cathm., Catholicism; ch., church; chars., charities; Chas., Charles; Chris., Christopher; Coll., College; ct., court; cttee., committee; ctss., countess; Dan., Daniel; dau., daughter; dchss., duchess; dist., district; dom., domestic; Edm., Edmund; educ., education; Edw., Edward; Eliz., Elizabeth; fam., family; Fras., Francis; Fred., Frederick; gdn., garden; Geo., George; Geof., Geoffrey; geol., geology; Gilb., Gilbert; govt., government; Hen., Henry; Herb., Herbert; ho., house; hosp., hospital; Humph., Humphrey; ind., industry; Jas., James; Jos., Joseph; Kath., Katherine; Laur., Laurence; Lawr., Lawrence; ld., lord; libr., library; Lond., London; m., married; man., manor; Marg., Margaret; Mat., Matthew; mchss., marchioness; Mic., Michael; min., minister; mkt., market; mus., museum; Nat., Nathaniel; Nic., Nicholas; nonconf., nonconformity; par., parish; Pat., Patrick; Phil., Philip; pk., park; pop., population; pub., public; Reg., Reginald; Ric., Richard; riv., river; rly., railway; Rob., Robert; Rog., Roger; Rom., Roman; s., son; Sam., Samuel; sch., school; Sim., Simon; sis., sister; soc., social or society; sta., station; Steph., Stephen; svce., service; Thos., Thomas; Vct., Viscount; Vctss., Viscountess; w., wife; Wal., Walter; wid., widow; wkho., workhouse; wks., works; Wm., William.

Aberdeen, earl of, see Hamilton-Gordon

Aberystwyth and Chiswick Electricity Supply Corporation,

-, Cath.,
-, Viel of, see Viel
-, and see Adams-Acton

-, Acton, East, q.v.
-, Acton Green, q.v.
-, Acton hill,
-, Acton Park ind. est.,
-, Acton ponds,
-, Acton, South, q.v.
-, Acton Town, q.v.
-, Acton Vale,
-, ch.,
-, Acton wells,
-, adult schs.,
-, agric.,
-, airfield,
-, almshos.,
-, baths,
-, Bedford Pk., q.v.
-, bd. of health,
-, boro.,
-, arms,
-, council,
-, wards,
-, boundaries,
-, bridges,
-, Brunel coll. of technology,
-, cage,
-, canal, see Grand Junction, Paddington branch
-, cemeteries,
-, chamber of commerce,
-, chars.,
-, Church Acton, see Acton Town
-, chs.,
-, coach svces.,
-, common fields,
-, common meadow and pasture,
-, common rights,
-, commons and wastes,
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, Acton Ho., Acton Vale,
-, Acton Lodge,
-, Friars,
-, Friars Place,
-, White Ho.,
-, and see (all s.v. Acton) farms; flats; housing; man.
-, drainage,
-, electricity,
-, farms and farmhos.,
-, Acton or Springfield,
-, Butlers,
-, Friars Place (Hamilton Ho., Narroway's, Snell's),
-, Kingswood,
-, Lower Place,
-, Wells Ho.,
-, fire,
-, flats,
-, Steyne Ho.,
-, Friars Place,
-, Friars Place green (Worton or Watton green),
-, friendly socs.,
-, gas,
-, geol.,
-, halls and institutes,
-, hosps.,
-, housing and council estates,
-, Acton Pk.,
-, Acton Wells or East Acton,
-, Beaumont Pk.,
-, Friars,
-, Gt. Western (Lond.) Gdn. Village Soc.,
-, Hanger Hill Gdn.,
-, Highlands,
-, Railway Cottages,
-, South Acton,
-, South Acton Sta.,
-, Southfield Pk.,
-, ind.,
-, librs.,
-, local bd.,
-, offices,
-, officers,
-, man. and other estates,
-, Acton, ct., customs, officers,
-, Berrymead, Priory,
-, Cowper-Essex,
-, Elms, ho.,
-, Fosters,
-, Friars Place,
-, Frowyks',
-, Goldsmiths', East Acton Man. Ho. formerly Fosters or Hill Ho.),
-, frontispiece,
-, Heathfield Lodge, ho.,
-, Mill Hill, Ho.,
-, St. Bartholomew's, ho.,
-, St. Paul's, ho.,
-, Springfield, ho.,
-, mkt. gdns.,
-, mkts. and fairs,
-, Mill Hill Pk.,
-, mills,
-, Ministry of Pensions bldg.,
-, moated site,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, North Acton,
-, ch.,
-, Old Oak common (formerly Old Holt wood),
-, Old Oak wells, see Acton wells
-, omnibus svces.,
-, par. officers,
-, Park Royal, q.v.
-, pks. and open spaces,
-, police,
-, polytechnic, see Chiswick, polytechnic
-, poor ho.,
-, poor relief,
-, pop.,
-, pub. hos.,
-, Bell,
-, Blue Anchor,
-, Crown,
-, George,
-, King's Arms,
-, Old King's Head,
-, Princess Victoria,
-, White Hart,
-, rlys. and Underground rlys.,
-, stas.,
-, rectors, and see Antrobus, Wm.; Elford; Nye; Ryves: Saunders
-, rectory,
-, retail trade,
-, roads, and see Acton Town, roads; Uxbridge Rd.; Western Ave.
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, convents,
-, schs., and see Haberdashers' Aske's sch.
-, sewerage,
-, soc. life,
-, South Acton, see Acton, South
-, sport,
-, technical coll.,
-, Thomas Huxley coll.,
-, tithes,
-, town hall,
-, tram svces.,
-, urban dist.,
-, council,
-, offices,
-, wards,
-, water,
-, West Acton,
-, ch.,
-, Willesden Junction, q.v.
-, woodland,
-, Worton or Watton green, see Acton, Friars Place green

Acton, East, in Acton,
-, allotments,
-, almshos.,
-, chs.,
-, dom. bldgs.:
-, Beeches,
-, Chestnuts,
-, East Acton Ho.,
-, Glendun Ho.,
-, Grange,
-, Hindley Ho.,
-, Ivy Lodge,
-, Lodge,
-, Manor Ho., see Acton, man. and other estates, Goldsmiths'
-, Shakespeare Ho.,
-, White Ho.,
-, farms and farmhos.,
-, Bishops,
-, Cotchings,
-, Curles or Curlewyns,
-, Dowyscroft,
-, Farm Ho. (Elms),
-, Fowlers,
-, Manor,
-, Parkers,
-, Stud,
-, Taygrove (Parkes),
-, flats,
-, East Acton Ct.,
-, Perryn Ho.,
-, green,
-, growth,
-, halls,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pop.,
-, pub. hos.:
-, Bull's Head,
-, Goldsmiths Arms,
-, Horse and Groom,
-, rly. sta.,
-, roads,
-, East Acton Lane,
-, schs.,
-, sewerage,
-, water,

Acton, North, see Acton

Acton, South, in Acton,
-, ch.,
-, ind.,
-, ind. est.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, rly sta.,
-, schs.,
-, South Acton Working Men's Club,
-, vicars,

Acton and Chiswick District Post (Acton District Post),

Acton and Chiswick Express,

Acton Borough Post,

Acton, Chiswick and Turnham Green Gazette,

Acton Gazette (Acton and Chiswick Gazette, Acton Gazette and Express),

Acton Gazette and General District Advertiser,

Acton Gazette and West London Post,

Acton Green, in Acton,
-, ch.,
-, common,
-, dom. bldgs.:
-, Bedford Ho., see Bedford Pk.
-, Fairlawn,
-, Melbourne Ho., see Bedford Pk.
-, farm, Gregories,
-, mkt. gdns.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pop.,
-, pub. ho., Duke of Sussex,
-, rly. sta.,
-, roads,
-, schs.,
-, water,
-, and see Bedford Pk.; Turnham Green

Acton Housing Assoc.,

Acton Liberal Assoc.,

Acton Liberal and Radical Club,

Acton-Madrid air race,

Acton Press,

Acton Town (Church Acton), in Acton,
-, chs.,
-, dom. bldgs.:
-, Acton Ho.,
-, Bank Ho.,
-, Baxter's ho.,
-, Derwentwater Ho.,
-, East Lodge,
-, Fighters,
-, Glenelg,
-, Grove Ho.,
-, Hill Ho.,
-, Lichfield Ho.,
-, Mitre Ho.,
-, Oaks,
-, Orger Ho.,
-, Springfield Ho.,
-, Suffolk Ho.,
-, West Lodge,
-, Woodlands,
-, farms and farmhos.:
-, Patermanhall,
-, Scoriers,
-, flats:
-, Moreton Tower,
-, Rosemont Ct.,
-, Rufford Tower,
-, growth,
-, housing and council estates,
-, ind.,
-, mills,
-, pop.,
-, pub. hos.,
-, Cock,
-, George and Dragon,
-, Hartshorn,
-, King's Head,
-, Pineapple,
-, Prince of Wales,
-, Red Lion,
-, Star,
-, Tabard,
-, White Lion,
-, rly. sta.,
-, retail trade,
-, roads,
-, Churchfield Rd.,
-, High St.,
-, Horn Lane,
-, schs.,
-, Steyne,
-, water,

Acworth, J. E.,

Adair, Wm.,

Adam de Herewinton,

Adams, Maurice B.,

Adams-Acton, John,

Addey, Rob.,

Addington, Hen., Vct. Sidmouth, prime minister,

Adelaide, dau. of Wal. of Cranford, m. Morel,

Adult Orphans Institution,

aeroplane ind.,

Agar, Hen., Vct. Clifden,

Agfa Gevaert,

Ainsworth, Wm. Harrison,

Aiton, Wm.,

Akers, Edm. Fleming,

Alan of Morton, minor canon of St. Paul's,

Alchemist, The,

Alcock, Sir John,

Alder, J. S.,

Alderton, Agnes, see Clavell

Alexander I, Tsar of Russia,

Alexian Brothers,

-, Agnes, see Knight
-, Edw.,
-, John,
-, Rob.,
-, fam.,

All Souls Coll., Oxford (as landowners),

-, David,
-, Fras.,
-, John Wilson,
-, Thos. Corfield,

Allhusen, Wm. H.,

Alliance Aeroplane Co.,

Allnatt (London) Ltd.,

Allycock, Thos.,


-, Wm., s. of, see William
-, his dau., see Halvedieval, Sabelina

Amami Silvikrin,

Amelia, Princess, dau. of Geo. II, n

American Can Co.,

Amondesham, see Awnsham

-, John,
-, Lucy, see Perrin

Anderby, Wm.,

-, John,
-, Wm.,

-, Ben.,
-, Ric.,

Angelo, Hen.,

Angier, Wm.,

Anglo-Catholicism, see ritualism and High Church practices

Annandale, marquess of, see Johnstone

Anthony, Wm.,

-, Edm.,
-, Wm., rector of Acton,
-, Wm. Thos.,


architects, see Adams; Alder; Ashdown; Atkinson, Wm.; Baker, Sir Herb.; Belcher; Bell, Chas.; Blomfield; Bodley; Brooks; Burton, Decimus; Cachemaille-Day; Caroë; Church, W. D.; Clarke, T. C.; Coe; Cummings; Currey; Cutts; Dance; Day; Farey; Francis; Gibbons, J. H.; Gibbs, Jas.; Glanfield; Godwin, E. W.; Goldie; Gordon & Gordon; Green, W. Curtis; HallJones; Hare; Hayne; Heaps; Hesketh; Holden; Horne, E. H. and Jas.; Jones, Inigo; Joseph; Jowers; Keen; Kelly, J.; Kent; King, C. R. B.; Kirby; Landauer; Little; MacDonald; Mangan; Marshall, Edw.; Maufe; May, E. J.; Maynwaring; Moffatt; Monson; Mumford; Newman & Newman; Newton; Parker, Barry; Pearson, F. C. and J. L.; Pite; Pocock; Prynne; Pywell; Riley and Glanfield; Rovedino; Scott, G. G.; Sedding; Seely and Paget; Sharpe; Shaw, R. N.; Shearman; Smee & Houchin; Smirke; Smith, S. and W. Bassett; Snell, Alf. Saxon; Soane; Spalding and Spalding; Stock; Stocking; Sutcliffe; Tarring; Tarver; Teulon; Tinkler; Tite; Treherne; Unwin; Voysey; Wallis, Filbert & Partners; Walters; Webb, Sir Aston and John; Wills; Wyatt, Jas.

Arden, Eliz., Ltd.,

-, duke of, see Campbell, John
-, earl of, see Campbell, Archibald

-, Hen.,
-, Mary Ann, see Gurnell

Army & Navy Stores,

Arundel, John,

Ascot Gas Water Heaters, see TI Gas Spares

-, Eliz., see Poulett
-, John,
-, Wm.,

Ashdown, J.,

-, Eliz., see Sutton
-, Sir John, Bt.,
-, Sir Ric., Bt.,

Ashford, Jas.,

Ashford-in-the-Water (Derb.),

Ashton, Jos.,

Asians, see immigrants

Aske, Rob.,

assize of bread and of ale,

Associated Automation Ltd. (formerly Hall's Telephone Accessories),

Associated Dyers and Cleaners, see Eastman & Son

Associated Talking Pictures,

Assyrian ch.,

Aston, Sir Rob.,

Athelstan, King,


-, Eliz., see Farmer
-, Wm.,

-, C. N.,
-, Chas.,

-, John,
-, Wm.,
-, Mr.,

Atwood, see Wood

-, Sir Art.,
-, Eleanor, m., Sir Wm., Roberts,
-, Rob.,

Auchmuty, Sir Sam.,

Augustinian nuns,

Austin, Hen. de Bruno,

Aveling, Geo.,

Aviation, Ministry of,

Awnsham (Amondesham):
-, Gideon,
-, Jane,
-, Marg.,
-, Ric.,
-, Rob.,

Ayers, Chas.,

Ayloffe, Sir Jos., Bt., and his w. Marg.,



-, Fras.,
-, Sir John,
-, John,

-, Anne,
-, Uriah,

Bacon, John, the younger,


Bagley, Jas.,

Bailey, Jas.,

-, Alex.,
-, Colin, w. of Jas.,
-, Jas.,

-, Sir Herb.,
-, Sarah,

Balcon, Sir Mic.,

-, F. A.,
-, Wm.,

Bale, Thos.,

Balfour, Art. Jas., prime minister,

Ball, Wm.,

Ballard, Montagu,

-, Adam, mayor of Lond.,
-, Ric.,

-, John, prebendary of Mapesbury,
-, Ric.,
-, Ric., jr., n

Band, Jas.,

-, Moses,
-, fam.,

Bannister, Jos.,


Barber, Wm.,

Bard, Stanislaus,

-, Ric.,
-, Sim.,
-, Wm.,

-, Anne, w. of Wm.,
-, Ant.,
-, Hen. (fl. 1643),
-, Hen. (d. 1695, ? another),
-, Hen. (d. 1745),
-, Hen. (fl. 1745, another),
-, Mary, w. of Ric.,
-, Scory,
-, Thos. (d. 1630),
-, Thos. (d. 1643),
-, Wm. (d. by 1607),
-, Wm. (fl. 1630),
-, Wm. Geo.,
-, fam.,

Barker Motion Picture Photography Ltd.,

Barkstead, Sir John, Ld. Barkstead,

-, Joan, see Gloucester
-, Ric.,
-, Rob.,
-, Thos.,

Barlow, J. and E.,

Barnard, Fred. Augustus,

-, Eliz.,
-, Jane,
-, John,

Barnes, Hen., and his w. Anne,

Barnett, Hen.,

-, Anne, m. Sir Thos. Edwardes, Bt.,
-, Thos.,

Barrett, fam.,

Barry, Eliz.,

Bartholomew, Mr.,

Basing, Thos. de,

Basingstoke (Hants),


Basset, John,

-, Chas.,
-, Eliz., Vctss. Bateman,
-, Mary,
-, Sir Wm. (d. by 1664),
-, Sir Wm., s. of Sir Wm.,
-, Wm. (fl. 1719),
-, Wm. (d. c. 1797),
-, Wm. (d. 1820),

Bates, Hen. Stratton,

Bath, marquess of, see Thynne, Thos.

Bath and Wells, bps. of, see Mawe; Stillington

Battersea (Surr.),

Baxter, Ric.,

Baynard, Edw.,

Bayshe, Edw.,

Beach, T. W.,

Bean, Wm.,

Beauchamp, Rob. de,

Beaufoy, Hen.,

Beauties of Flora Displayed, The,

Bedford, earls of, see Russell, Fras. and John

Bedford Park, in Chiswick and Acton,
-, amenity soc.,
-, ch.,
-, dom. bldgs.:
-, Bedford Ho.,
-, Melbourne Ho.,
-, South Parade,
-, Sydney Ho.,
-, Tower Ho.,
-, flats,
-, Bedford Pk. Mansions,
-, Ormesby Lodge,
-, St. Catherine's Ct.,
-, Sydney Ho.,
-, growth,
-, pub. ho., Tabard inn,
-, residents' cttee.,
-, retail trade,
-, schs.,
-, soc. life,

Bedford Park Co.,

Bedford Park Estate Ltd.,

Bedford Park Gazette,

Bedyngton, see Benyngton

Beechams Ltd.,

Beechey, Frances,

Beeling (Bellings), Sir Ric.,

-, Mary, see Cromwell
-, Thos., Vct. (later Earl) Fauconberg,

Belcher, J.,

Belemains (Belemus), John, vicar of Chiswick, prebendary of Chiswick,

Belemore, John,

Belemus, see Belemains

-, Chas.,
-, Mr.,

bell-founders, see Bagley; Culverden; Knight, Ellis; Mears; Whitechapel foundry

Bellings, see Beeling


Bennet, John, Ld. Ossulston,

-, Edw.,
-, John,
-, Marg., see Moyle

Bentley, Thos.,

Benyngton (Bedyngton):
-, Alice, see Willesden
-, Wm.,

Berkeley, Maurice of, see Maurice

Berkshire, see Hungerford; Maidenhead

Berkshire Estates Co., see Reading Land Co.

Bermondsey (Surr.),

-, Agnes,
-, Mary,

Bertrand, John,

Betele, see Curson, Rob.

-, Hugh,
-, Slingsby,

Betjeman, Sir John,

Beveridge, Wm., vicar of Ealing, later bp. of St. Asaph,

Bigg, S. H.,

-, Edw.,
-, Hen.,

Bilton, Percy,

Birch, Wm.,

Birchall, see Kelly & Birchall

-, John,
-, T.,

Birkbeck Land Soc.,


Birnie, Sir Ric.,

Blackshaw, Eliz.,

Blomfield, Sir Art. Wm.,

Blondel, Thos.,

Blondin, see Gravelet

Bloxwich (Staffs.),

Blue Ribbon Gospel Army,

Blund, Geof.,

boat bldg.,

Bodley, G. F.,

-, Sir Frank de,
-, Joan de, see Capella
-, John de,
-, Nicole, see Capella

Bollo brook,

Bolton, Jas. J., min. of St. Paul's, Kilburn Sq.,

Bombay, bp. of, see Macarthur

Bond, Percival,


-, Hugh,
-, Nic.,

Bonus, John,

Book Centre,

-, Felix,
-, Wm.,

Booth & Co.,

Bordall, Wm., vicar of Chiswick,

Borg-Warner Ltd., see York Shipley

Borsley, Jos. Atkins,

Bosch, Rob., Ltd.,

Boston, Vct., see d'Auverquerque

Boston Land and Investment Co.,

-, Sir Edw.,
-, Jane, w. of Sir Edw.,
-, John,
-, and see Butler

Bouchier, Ant.,

Boughton-Rouse, see Rouse-Boughton

Bounds, in Willesden:
-, man., see Willesden, mans.
-, prebendaries,

Boveney, see Buneney

Bovington, Wm.,

Bowack, John,

Bowden, fam.,


Bowman, John, chancellor of St. Paul's, rector of Ealing,


-, Chas., earl of Burlington,
-, (or Fitzroy), Charlotte, m. 1 Jas. Howard, Wm. Paston,
-, Charlotte Eliz., Baroness Clifford, m. Wm. Cavendish, duke of Devonshire,
-, Eliz., ctss. of Glasgow, n
-, Eliz., w. of Fras., Vct. Shannon,
-, Fras., Vct. Shannon,
-, Ric., earl of Burlington (d. 1698),
-, Ric., earl of Burlington (d. 1753),

Bradford Property Trust,

Bradley, Chas.,

Bramley, Thos.,

Bramwell & Harris,

Brand, prebendary of Brownswood,

-, Anne,
-, Mary,

Brande, Sarah Wilhelmina,

Brandon, Thos.,

Brasier, Edm.,

-, Baldwin,
-, Cath., m.-Welby,
-, Cath. (? same as last), m. 1-Webb, 2 John Hall,
-, Fred.,
-, Joan, w. of John de,
-, John de,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Breadstreet, Wm. of, see William

-, Eliz., see Paulet
-, Fras.,

Brent, Woolsey, w. of Geo.,

Brent, Lond. boro.,
-, arms,
-, wards,

Brent, riv.,

Brent Civic Review,

Brent reservoir,

-, Gervase of, see Gervase
-, Thos. of, see Thomas

-, barony of, see Kielmansegge
-, earl of, see Ruthven; Schomberg
-, Vct., see Joynson-Hicks

Brentford (Old), in Ealing, and (New), in Hanwell,
-, agric.,
-, almshos.,
-, baths,
-, boro., see Brentford and Chiswick M. B.
-, the Borough,
-, boundaries,
-, Brentford dock,
-, Brentford End, see Isleworth
-, bridges,
-, the Butts,
-, cage,
-, canal, see Grand Junction
-, cemeteries,
-, chars.,
-, ch. ho.,
-, chs.,
-, coach svces.,
-, common fields,
-, common rights,
-, commons and waste,
-, courtho.,
-, dispensary,
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, Brent Ho.,
-, Clifden Ho.,
-, Lamberts (? Noy's ho.),
-, New Grove Mansions,
-, and see (all s.v. Brentford) farms; flats; housing
-, electricity,
-, farms and farmhos.:
-, Bord's,
-, Sergeaunts,
-, ferries and fords,
-, fire,
-, fisheries,
-, flats,
-, friendly socs.,
-, gas,
-, geol.,
-, Griffin Pk.,
-, growth,
-, the Ham,
-, the Hollows,
-, hosps.,
-, St. Lawrence's,
-, housing and council estates,
-, ind.,
-, librs.,
-, local bd.,
-, offices,
-, local govt.,
-, Lot's Ait,
-, mkt. gdns. and nurseries,
-, Market Place,
-, mkts. and fairs,
-, mills,
-, mus.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, Old England,
-, omnibus svces.,
-, par. officers,
-, pks. and open spaces,
-, police,
-, poor law union,
-, wkho.,
-, poor relief,
-, pop.,
-, pub. hos.,
-, Black Boy and Still,
-, Castle (formerly Harrow),
-, Fox and Hounds,
-, George,
-, Number
-, Red Lion,
-, Star and Garter,
-, Three Pigeons or Doves (formerly Crown),
-, rlys. and Underground rlys.,
-, stas.,
-, retail trade,
-, roads,
-, Brentford High St.,
-, and see Great West Road
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, convent,
-, Rom. remains,
-, schs.,
-, sewerage,
-, soc. life,
-, sport,
-, stocks,
-, tithes,
-, town hall,
-, Town Meadow,
-, dock,
-, tram svces.,
-, Troy Town,
-, urban dist.,
-, offices,
-, wards,
-, and see Brentford and Chiswick U.D.
-, vicarage,
-, vicars, and see Tooke, John Horne
-, watch box,
-, water,
-, wharves,
-, wkho.,

Brentford, battle of,
-, and see Civil War

Brentford Ait (Surr.),

Brentford and Chiswick M.B.,
-, arms,
-, wards,

Brentford and Chiswick Times,

Brentford and Chiswick U.D.,

Brentford and Isleworth Labour Party,

Brentford Community Assoc.,

Brentford Electricity Supply Co.,

Brentford Gas Co., and wks.,

Brentford Independent,

Brentford Nylons,

Brentford Philanthropic Soc.,

Brentford Publishing Co.,

Brentford Soap Co.,

Brentford Town Hall and Market Ho. Co.,


-, Chas. (d. 1799),
-, Chas. (fl. 1823),
-, Geo. Art.,
-, John,


Brice, John,


Bridgwater, dchss. of, see Egerton, Rachel

Brierley Hill (Staffs.),

Bristol, John of, see John

Bristow, E.,

British and Foreign Schs. Soc. and British schs.,

British Can Co.,

British Caudron Co.,

British Ensign Motor Co.,

British European Airways,

British Land Co.,

British Leyland,

British Medical Assoc.,

British Oxygen Co. (B.O.C.),

British Piano mus.,

British Rail:
-, Eastern Region,
-, London Midland Region,

British Thomson Houston Co.,

British Transport Commission,

-, Ralph,
-, Rob.,

Broad, Hen.,

Brodrip, Fras.,

Brok (Broke), see Brook

Broken to Harness,

Brondesbury, in Willesden,
-, chs.,
-, dom. bldgs.:
-, Brondesbury Ho.,
-, Brondesbury Pk.,
-, farm ho., Mapesbury,
-, flats,
-, growth,
-, ind.,
-, Jews,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pop.,
-, prebendaries,
-, rly. stas.,
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, schs.,

Bronnley, H., & Co.,

Brook (Brok, Broke):
-, Maud, wid. of Lawr. del,
-, Rog., s. of Wm. de, see Roger
-, Thos.,

Brooke, Earl, see Greville

Brooks, J.,

-, Ambrose,
-, Lancelot ('Capability'),
-, Mic.,

Brownswood, prebendary of, see Brand

Browse, G. F,

-, Ernest Brudenell, M.P.,
-, Sir Rob. de,
-, Thos., earl of Elgin,

Brucesmith, B.,

Brun, Roger, prebendary of Brondesbury,

Brunel, I. K.,

Brunel coll. of technology, see Acton; university, see Uxbridge

-, Anna Eliza, m. Ric. Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Grenville, duke of Buckingham and Chandos,
-, Jas., duke of Chandos,
-, Marg., see Nicoll

Buchan, G. F.,

Buck, Fras.,

Buckell, A. C., vicar of St. Saviour, Ealing,

-, Hen.,
-, Mr.,

Buckingham and Chandos:
-, dchss. of, see Brydges, Anna Eliza
-, dukes of, see Grenville estates of,

Buckinghamshire, earl of, see Hobart


Buckmaster, John, vicar of Ealing,

Budder, Hen.,

Budgett, Jas.,

builders and bldg. ind.,


Bulwer, Rebecca,

Bulwer-Lytton, see Lytton

Buneney (Boveney):
-, Alice of,
-, John of,

Burder, Geo.,

-, Fras.,
-, Sir Fras., Bt.,

Burgensus, see Florence

Burges, Wm.,

-, Sir Bart. de,
-, Sir. Hen. de,

Burlington, earls of, see Boyle, Chas. and Ric.

Burney, Chas.,

Burrell, Messrs.,

-, Eliz. Mary, m. Sir Thos. Rob. Salusbury,
-, (formerly Salusbury), Lynch,
-, Sarah, m. Sir John Salusbury,

-, Chas.,
-, Decimus,
-, John,

Bury, Ric.,

Busby, Ric.,

Butcher, Hen.,

Bute, marquess of, see Crichton-Stuart

-, Hen.,
-, Sam.,
-, and see Boteler

Button, Ralph,

Byfield, Ric.,

Bynoe, F.,

-, Edm.,
-, Noel (Lady Noel-Byron), w. of Geo., Ld. Byron,
-, Thos.,

CAV (later Lucas CAV), Ltd.,

Cachemaille-Day, N. F.,

Caesar, Cn. Julius,

-, John,
-, Jos.,

Cambridge, see Corpus Christi Coll.

Camera, Ric. de, prebendary of Chambers, rector of Willesden,

-, Archibald, earl of Argyll,
-, Colin,
-, John,
-, John, duke of Argyll,

canals and canal transport, see Grand Junction canal

Canning, Geo., prime minister,

Canonesses Regular of the Lateran,

Canossian Sisters,

Canterbury, abp. of, see Jaenbeorht

Canute, King,

Capel, Dorothy, Lady Capel,

-, Bart. de,
-, Hen. de,
-, Joan de, m. John de Bohun,
-, Martin de,
-, Nicole, w. of Bart., m. 2 Sir Frank de Bohun,

Careley, John,

Carey, Thos.,

Carlisle, bp. of, see Goodenough, Sam.

Carnwath, ctss. of, see Morrison, Jane

Caroë, W. D.,

-, Ann,
-, Geo., Ld. Carpenter,

-, Colston, vicar of Ealing,
-, Frances, see Howard
-, Sir Hen.,
-, Jane, see Perceval
-, Jonathan Thos.,
-, J. W. Comyns,
-, Rob., earl of Somerset,


Carrington, Nathan,

Carrington and Whitehurst,

Carter, Ann,

-, Fras.,
-, Hen. Fras.,
-, Rob.,

Case, Thos., rector of St. Giles in-the-Fields,

Cave, Sebastian,

Cavell, Humph.,

-, Cath., dchss. of Devonshire,
-, Georgiana, dchss. of Devonshire,
-, Harriet, m. Earl Granville,
-, Lt.-Col. Hen.,
-, John,
-, Victor Christian Wm., duke of Devonshire,
-, Wm., earl (later duke) of Devonshire (d. 1707),
-, Wm., duke of Devonshire (d. 1764),
-, Wm., duke of Devonshire (d. 1811),
-, Wm. Geo. Spencer, duke of Devonshire (d. 1858), n,
-, Sir Wm., duke of Devonshire (d. 1891),
-, fam.,

Central Aircraft Co.,

Central London Rly.,

Ceppeham, John of, see John

Chaloner, Sir Thos., and his w.,

Chamberlain, Neville,

Chambers, in Willesden:
-, man., see Willesden, mans.
-, prebendaries, and see Camera

Chancery Lane, see Holborn

Chandos, duke of, see Brydges, Jas.

Chantrey, Sir Fras.,

Chapman, John,

Chappell, Hen.,

Chardin, Sir John,

Charity, Daughters of, of St. Vincent de Paul,

Charity, Sisters of (under Protection of St. Vincent de Paul),

Charity of Jesus and Mary, Sisters of,

Charles I,

Charles II,

-, Alice, see Cornhill
-, Thos.,
-, Sir Thos.,

Chatsworth (Derb.),

-, agric.,
-, Beaufort Ho.,
-, detached,
-, Lots Rd. power sta.,
-, man.,
-, tithes,

chemical ind.,

Chesebrough-Pond (formerly Chesebrough Mftg. Co.),

Cheshir, Chas.,


Chesterfield, earl of, see Stanhope

Chesterton, G. K.,

-, Anne, m. Sir John Parrott,
-, Frideswide, see Frowyk
-, Sir Thos.,

Chichele, Thos.,

Chicheworth, John, s. of Isabel of, see John

Chilcot, Dr., curate of Brentford,

-, Thos. (fl. 1572),
-, Thos. (d. c. 1658),
-, architect, see Goldie & Child

Chippenham (Wilts.),

Chisnall, John,

-, Geof. of, see Geoffrey
-, Rob. s. of Gilb. of, see Robert
-, Wal. of, see Walter

-, adv.,
-, agric.,
-, allotments,
-, almshos.,
-, baths,
-, Bedford Pk., q.v.
-, bd. of health,
-, boro., see Brentford and Chiswick M.B.
-, boundaries,
-, bridges,
-, Buddhism,
-, burial bd.,
-, cemeteries,
-, chars.,
-, Chiswick Eyot,
-, Chiswick New Town,
-, Chiswick Pk.,
-, rly. sta.,
-, Chiswick Town, see Chiswick, Old
-, Chiswick village, see Chiswick, Old
-, Church wharf,
-, chs.,
-, coach svces.,
-, common field,
-, common rights,
-, commons and waste,
-, customary wks. and svces.,
-, dom. bldgs.:
-, Camden Ho.,
-, Chestnut Lodge,
-, Chiswick Staithe,
-, Devonhurst,
-, Fox's ho. (also Morton Ho.),
-, Grove End,
-, Hollies,
-, Manor Farm Ho. (or Manor Ho.),
-, Staithe Ho.,
-, Suffolk Ho.,
-, Thames Bank,
-, Thames Village,
-, and see (all s. v. Chiswick) farms; flats; housing; mans.
-, drainage,
-, electricity,
-, farms and farmhos.:
-, Grove,
-, Grove Pk. (or Smith's),
-, Sutton Ct.,
-, ferries,
-, fire,
-, fisheries,
-, flats,
-, Burlington Ct.,
-, Dewsbury Crescent,
-, Hartington Ct.,
-, Prebend Mansions,
-, Sutton Ct.,
-, gas,
-, geol.,
-, glebe,
-, Grove Pk., q. v.
-, Gunnersbury, q.v.
-, halls and institutes,
-, hosps.,
-, housing and council estates,
-, Glebe,
-, Hogarth,
-, Homefield,
-, Nightingale Close,
-, Riverview,
-, ind.,
-, Jews,
-, librs.,
-, Little Sutton, see Sutton, Little
-, local bd.,
-, offices,
-, London Stile,
-, Magnolia wharf,
-, mans. and other estates,
-, Chiswick Ho., Ho.,
-, Corney Ho., Ho. (also called Norfolk Ho.),
-, Grove Ho. (or Chiswick Grove), Ho.,
-, Prebend or Chiswick, man. ho., cts., man. customs,
-, Sutton or Sutton Ct., man. ho., cts., man. officers, man. customs,
-, mkt. gdns. and nurseries,
-, mkts. and fairs,
-, mills,
-, mus., and see Gunnersbury, mus.
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, office blocks,
-, Empire Ho.,
-, Oliver's Island,
-, omnibus svces.,
-, par. officers,
-, parkland,
-, pks. and open spaces,
-, police,
-, polytechnic,
-, poor relief,
-, pop.,
-, pound,
-, prebendaries, and see Belemains
-, pub. hos.,
-, Counter Ho.,
-, Feathers,
-, George (later George and Devonshire),
-, Pilot,
-, Roebuck,
-, rlys. and Underground rlys.,
-, stas.,
-, rectory,
-, river, see Thames
-, roads,
-, Chiswick High Rd.,
-, and see Chiswick, Old, roads; Gt. West Rd.
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, convents,
-, Rom. remains,
-, sch. of art,
-, schs.,
-, sewerage,
-, soc. life,
-, sport,
-, Strand-on-the-Green, q.v.
-, Sutton, Little, q.v.
-, tithes,
-, town hall,
-, tram svces.,
-, Turnham Green, q.v.
-, urban dist.,
-, offices,
-, wards,
-, and see Brentford and Chiswick U. D.
-, vicarage,
-, vicars, and see Hughes, Thos.
-, water,
-, woodland,
-, wkho.,

Chiswick, Old (Chiswick Town or village), in Chiswick,
-, amenity soc.,
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, Bedford Ho.,
-, Boston Ho.,
-, Burlington Corner (later Lamb Cottage),
-, Cedars,
-, Chiswick Lane,
-, College Ho.,
-, Corney Lodge,
-, Greenash (later Eyot Villa),
-, High Ho.,
-, Hogarth's ho.,
-, Lamb Cottage, see Chiswick, Old, Burlington Corner
-, Norfolk Ho.,
-, Old Burlington,
-, Old Vicarage, see Chiswick, vicarage
-, Rothbury Ho.,
-, Turret Ho.,
-, Walpole Ho.,
-, Fisherman's Corner, Place, see Chiswick, Old, Sluts Hole
-, growth,
-, ind.,
-, pop.,
-, pub. hos.,
-, Burlington Arms,
-, Griffin brewery,
-, Lamb brewery,
-, Mawson Arms (later Fox and Hounds),
-, Red Lion,
-, retail trade,
-, roads,
-, Chiswick Mall,
-, schs.,
-, Sluts Hole (later Fisherman's Corner),

Chiswick and Brentford Gazette,

Chiswick Constitutional Club,

Chiswick Express,

Chiswick Gazette,

Chiswick Polish Co., see Chiswick Soap

Chiswick Press,

Chiswick Soap Co. (later Chiswick Polish Co., then Chiswick Products Co.), n,

Chiswick Times,


-, John,
-, Sir Montague, Bt.,
-, Penelope, w. of John, see Herne
-, Penelope, sis. of Sir Montague,

Cholmley, Marg.,


Christian Scientists,

-, Thos.,
-, W. D., & Son,
-, Wm. Hen.,
-, and see King Church

Church, Sisters of the,

Church End, in Willesden,
-, Chapel End (Queen's Town),
-, chap.,
-, sch.,
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, Elms,
-, Mead Ho.,
-, Timbers,
-, farms and farmhos.:
-, Church,
-, Dudden Hill,
-, fire,
-, growth,
-, housing and council estates,
-, Church End Paddocks,
-, Church Farm,
-, Meyrick Rd.,
-, ind.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pop.,
-, pub. hos.:
-, Five (later Six) Bells (formerly Parrot),
-, White Hart,
-, White Horse,
-, rly. sta.,
-, retail trade,
-, roads,

Church Extension Assoc.,

Church of England, religious orders, see Church, Sisters of the; St. Margaret; St. Mary and St. John

Church Patronage Soc.,

-, Chaloner,
-, Dorothy, formerly Lady Dacre,
-, Wm.,


Civil Service Sports Council,

Civil War,

-, Sir Chris.,
-, Marg., see Moyle

Clark, Marg.,

-, John (fl. 1696),
-, John (fl. 1807),
-, Rob.,
-, Sam.,
-, T. Chatfeild,

-, Agnes, m. 1-Alderton, 2-Hore,
-, Alice, m. John Living,
-, Eliz., m.-Cogges,
-, Isabel, see Heyward
-, John,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,

Clayton & Bell,

Clements, Benj.,

Clements Knowlinge,

Clements Tough,

Clergy, Soc. for Maintaining and Educating Poor Orphans of the,

-, Germanus the, see Germanus
-, Wm. the, see William

Cleveland, dchss. of, see Villiers

Clifden, Vct., see Agar

Clifford, Baroness, see Boyle, Charlotte Eliz.

-, Ann,
-, Col. E. J. StraceyJas. (d. 1682),
-, Jas. (fl. 1796),
-, fam.,

Close, John M.,

Cloud, Geo.,

Cloutte, J. Russell,

Clutton, Thos.,

Coach and Horses Yard, see Westminster


Coales, J., & Son,

Cobbett, Wm.,

Cobden, Edw., rector of Acton, canon of St. Paul's, archdeacon of London,

-, Wm. (fl. 1791),
-, Wm., s. of above,

Cocks, W. J.,

Coe, H. E.,

Cogges, Eliz., see Clavell

Coham, Art., vicar of Chiswick, canon of Salisbury, archdeacon of Wiltshire,

Cohen, B. S., firm,

Coke, Mary,

Colborne, Prisca,

Cole, Martin,

Coleman, Wm.,

Coles, C. H.,

Collier, Jas.,

Collins, John,

Cologne cathedral,

Colriche, Wm. of, see William

Combe, Wm.,

Comet and North West Startler (later Comet and Bargain Seekers Guide),

-, Charlotte, Baroness Ferrers, m. Geo. Townshend,
-, Geo., earl of Northampton,
-, Jas., earl of Northampton,
-, Jane, ctss. of Northampton, see Fox
-, Mary, dowager ctss. of Northampton,
-, Spencer, earl of Wilmington,
-, Wm.,

Congregation of Jesus and Mary,

Congregationalists (Independents),

Conservative Freehold Land Soc.,

Conservative party,

Consolidated Pneumatic Tools Co.,

-, Cath.,
-, Wm.,

-, Cath., Vctss. Conway,
-, Moncure,

Cook, Wm.,

-, Geo.,
-, Sir Miles,

Coope, Ric.,

-, Ant. Ashley, earl of Shaftesbury,
-, Rob., vicar of Ealing,

Co-operative Wholesale Soc.,

Co-Partnership Tenants,

Copcot, Ric., and his w. Grace,

Copeland, Alex.,

Coplestone, Edw., dean of St. Paul's,

Copley, John, Ld. Lyndhurst,

-, Mary, m. Wm. Dickens,
-, Thos.,

Corbet, fam.,

Cordy, John,

-, Alice of, m. 1 Hen. Frowyk, 2 Thos. Charlton,
-, Hen. of, dean of St. Paul's,
-, John of,
-, Ric. of,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Cornhill Insurance Co.,

Cornwallis, Chas., Ld. Cornwallis,

Corpus Christ Coll., Cambridge,

Corsellis Son & Mossop,

Corson, Alex.,

Cosser, Steph.,

Costain Ltd.,

Cotching, Son & Co.,

Cote, John atte,

Cotesworth, Anne,

-, Miss C. C.,
-, Hen. Mayner,

County of Middlesex Independent (later Middlesex Independent),

Covent Garden, see Westminster

Coverdale, John,

Coveton, Thos.,

Cowley, Chas., n

Cowley, Phil. of, see Philip

-, Rog., curate at Acton,
-, Sam.,

Crabb, Thos.,

Craig, E. T.,

-, Gilb. of, see Gilbert
-, Wal. of, see Walter

Cranmer, Rebecca,

Craven Arms (Salop.),

Crawford, Hen.,

-, Ann,
-, Sarah,

Crichton-Stuart, John Pat., marquess of Bute,


Cricklewood, pt. in Willesden,
-, chs.,
-, dom. bldgs.:
-, Cricklewood Lodge,
-, Oakland Ho.,
-, farms and farmhos.,
-, Clock,
-, Cricklewood (Slade),
-, growth,
-, ind.,
-, Jews,
-, libr.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pop.,
-, rly. sta.,
-, retail trade,
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, schs.,
-, soc. life,
-, Staples Corner,

Cricklewood and Willesden Advertiser,

Cricklewood Christmas Advertiser,

Cricklewood Gazette,

Cricklewood News,

Cricklewood Observer,

Cripps, Wm.,

Croft, Mr.,

-, Mary, m. Thos. Belasyse, Vct. Fauconberg,
-, Oliver,
-, Ralph, Ld. Cromwell,

Crooks, Jas.,


Crowmere, Wm.,

Crypto Electrical Co.,

Cubitt's Yacht Basin Co.,

Culverden, Wm.,

Cummings, E. S.,

-, Allan,
-, Isabella, ctss. of Glencairn,

Currey, H.,

Currey's Ltd.,

-, Rob. (fl. 1412),
-, (or Betele), Rob. (d. 1409),
-, Sarah, see Willesden
-, fam.,

Curteis, Sam.,

Curtis, Thos., vicar of Ealing,

Cusack, Capt. Jas.,

Cust, Sir Brownlow, Bt.,

customs, see manorial customs; tenures

Cutts, J. E. K. and J. P.,




Dacre, Lady, see Chute

Dallmeyer, J. H.,

Damer, Lady Caroline,

Dance, Geo., the younger,

Daniel, Mrs. Mary,

Daniel Deronda,

Darlington, earldom of, see Kielmansegge


-, Sir Fras., Bt., Ld. Le Despenser,
-, Sarah, see Ellis

Daunt, Thos.,

-, Frances, m. Wm. Eliott,
-, Hen., earl of Grantham, Vct. Boston,

-, Ivor,
-, Thos.,

Davis, Ric.,

Davy, Ellis,

-, Alf.,
-, Hen.,
-, John,
-, Lydia, m. Thos. Moore,

Day, R. P., and see CachemailleDay

De Leon, Jack,

de Maistre, Roy,

de Morgan, Wm.,

Dean, Edw.,

Decies, Baron, see Horsley-Beresford

Defence, Ministry of,


Denew, Jas.,

-, Anne, m. Thos. Watts,
-, Wm.,

Denys, Jos.,

Derby, Cobbett,

Derby, ctss. of, see Stanley

Derbyshire, see Ashford-in-the-Water; Chatsworth

Derwentwater, ctss. of, see Radclyffe

Despard, Geo., min. of St. Paul's, Kilburn Sq.,

-, dukes of, and see Cavendish, Victor and Wm.
-, earl of, see Cavendish, Wm.

Dewell, Thos.,

-, Chas.,
-, Fras.,
-, Mary, see Coppin
-, Wm.,

Dickenson, Edw.,

Dickenson Rob Group,

Dimbleby, F. W.,

Dimbleby Newspaper Group,

Dinsley, Temple (Herts.),


District Post,

District Rly., see Metropolitan District Rly.

Ditton, Long (Surr.),

Divine Word Missionaries,

Dobue, John,

Dodd, Revd. Wm.,

Doddridge, John,

Dollis Hill, in Willesden,
-, dom. bldg., Dollis Hill ho. (Gladstone Pk.),
-, farms, Dollis Hill Ho. or Farmho.,
-, flats,
-, growth,
-, ind.,
-, Jews,
-, pk.,
-, pop.,
-, rly. sta.,
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, sch.,

domestic svce.,

Donaldson, John,

-, Bridget, ctss. of Morton, see Heathcote
-, Jas.,
-, Jas., earl of Morton,
-, Col. Pat.,

-, Isabella Maria, see Willan
-, (formerly Douglas), John Kearsley,
-, Thos. Willan,
-, Wm. Moffat,

Downside abbey (Som.),

Drake, Wm., n

Draper, Warwick,

Drayton Green, in Ealing,
-, ch.,
-, dom. bldgs.:
-, Drayton Ho. (E. of green),
-, Manor Ho.,
-, farms and farmhos.,
-, Baldswells,
-, Drayton,
-, green,
-, growth,
-, moated ho.,
-, pks. and open spaces,
-, pop.,
-, rly. sta.,
-, sch.,

du Cros, W. & G.,

-, Art.,
-, Ric.,

Dudden Hill, see Willesden

Dudding Park Estate Co.,

-, Alice, Lady Dudley, later Dchss. Dudley,
-, Rob., earl of Leicester,

Dugdale, John,

Dumouriez, Gen. Chas.-François,

Dunkerron, Vct., see Petty

Durand, canon of St. Paul's,

Durham, bp. of, see Egerton

Duveen, Jos.,

Dyer, Sam.,

Dyne, T. G.,

E. Alec Colman Group,

-, adult educ.,
-, adv.,
-, agric.,
-, allotments,
-, almshos.,
-, baths,
-, boro.,
-, arms,
-, council,
-, wards,
-, and see Ealing, Lond. boro.
-, boundaries,
-, Brentford, Old, see Brentford
-, Brentham,
-, bridges,
-, cage,
-, Castlebar Hill,
-, cemeteries,
-, chars.,
-, ch. ho.,
-, chs.,
-, coach svces.,
-, common field,
-, common rights,
-, commons and waste,
-, dispensary,
-, dom. bldgs.:
-, Castle Hill Pk.,
-, Fordhook,
-, Goodenough Ho.,
-, Holly Ho.,
-, Nile Lodge,
-, Woodbury,
-, and see (all s.v. Ealing) farms; flats; housing; mans.
-, drainage,
-, Drayton Green, q.v.
-, Ealing Common,
-, Ealing Dean, q.v.
-, Ealing detached, and see Bedford Pk.
-, Ealing village, q.v.
-, electricity,
-, fair,
-, farms and farmhos.:
-, Absdons,
-, Absdonsland,
-, Botelers,
-, Brent,
-, Brentside,
-, Cooper's,
-, Crowchmans,
-, Drayton Green,
-, Hanger Lane,
-, Little Ealing,
-, London Style,
-, fire,
-, flats,
-, Ealing Common,
-, Ealing Village,
-, St. Stephen's Rd.,
-, friendly socs.,
-, gas,
-, geol.,
-, glebe,
-, green,
-, Gunnersbury, q.v.
-, halls and institutes,
-, Hanger Hill,
-, Haven Green,
-, hosps.,
-, housing and council estates,
-, Beaconsfield,
-, Castlebar Pk.,
-, Cleveland,
-, Ealing Village,
-, ind.,
-, Jews,
-, librs. and reading rooms,
-, Little Ealing, see Ealing, Little
-, local bd.,
-, dist.,
-, offices,
-, London Stile, see Chiswick
-, mans. and other estates,
-, Boston (Burston, Bordeston), man. ho., cts., officers,
-, Castle Hill Lodge (Kent Ho.),
-, Castlebar Ho.,
-, Castlebar Pk.,
-, Coldhall (West Ealing), man. ho. (Niagara Ho.), ct.,
-, Drayton Ho.,
-, Ealing (Ealingbury), cts., officers, man. ho. (Gunnersbury Man. Ho.),
-, Ealing Grove,
-, Ealing Ho.,
-, Ealing Pk. (Place Ho.),
-, Elm Grove (Hicks on the Heath), ho.,
-, Gunnersbury, n, man. ho.,
-, Hanger Hill and Wood's, Ho.,
-, Hope-Edwardes,
-, Pitshanger, man. ho. (Farmho.),
-, Twyfords,
-, mkt. gdns. and nurseries,
-, mills,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, office blocks,
-, Bilton Ho.,
-, omnibus svces.,
-, par. officers,
-, par. wards,
-, pks. and open spaces,
-, police,
-, poor relief,
-, pop.,
-, pub. hos.,
-, Cricketer,
-, New inn,
-, rlys. and Underground rlys.,
-, stas.,
-, rector, see Bowman
-, retail trade,
-, roads,
-, Gunnersbury Ave. (formerly Lane),
-, Hanger Lane,
-, and see Uxbridge Rd.; Western Ave.
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, abbey,
-, convents,
-, schs.,
-, sewerage,
-, soc. life,
-, sport,
-, Stevens Town, see Ealing Dean
-, technical coll.,
-, tithes,
-, town hall,
-, tram svces.,
-, urban dist.,
-, vicarage,
-, vicars, and see Gilbert, Thos.; Relton; Sturgess
-, watch ho.,
-, water,
-, woodland,
-, wkho.,

Ealing, Little, in Ealing,
-, dom. bldg., Rochester Ho.,
-, gas,
-, growth,
-, pks. and open spaces,
-, pop.,
-, pub. ho., Plough,
-, rly. sta.,
-, retail trade,
-, roads,
-, Rom. Cathm., convent,
-, schs.,
-, soc. life,

Ealing, Lond. boro.,
-, arms,
-, offices,
-, wards,

Ealing Advertiser,

Ealing and District Weekly Post (formerly Ealing Weekly Post),

Ealing and Shepherd's Bush Rly.,

Ealing Civic Soc.,

Ealing Cottage Dwellings,

Ealing Dean, in Ealing,
-, allotments,
-, chs.,
-, growth,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pks. and open spaces,
-, pop.,
-, pub. hos.,
-, rly. sta.,
-, retail trade,
-, schs.,
-, Stevens Town,

Ealing Gazette,

Ealing Guardian,

Ealing Pk. laundry,

Ealing Philanthropic Institution,

Ealing Post and General Advertiser,

Ealing Ruri-Decanal Assoc.,

Ealing Studios,

Ealing Tenants Ltd.,

Ealing village, in Ealing,
-, almshos.,
-, ch.,
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, Ashton Ho.,
-, Cross Ho.,
-, Old Rectory,
-, Owls,
-, Pitzhanger Manor Ho.,
-, St. Mary's Rd.,
-, West Lodge,
-, and see (all s.v. Ealing village) farms; flats; housing
-, farms and farmhos.:
-, Abyndons,
-, Denys,
-, fire,
-, flats:
-, Ealing Ct. Mansions,
-, Haven Ct.,
-, gas,
-, growth,
-, housing and council estates:
-, Ashton Ho.,
-, Beaconsfield,
-, Grange,
-, Old Rectory,
-, office blocks,
-, pks. and open spaces,
-, pop.,
-, pub. hos.,
-, Bell,
-, Coach and Horses,
-, Feathers,
-, retail trade,
-, roads, High St.,

-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,

East Acton, see Acton, East

East Acton Brickworks & Estates,

East India Co.,

East Twyford, see Twyford, East

East Willesden Courier,

Eastman & Son (later Associated Dyers & Cleaners),

-, Chas.,
-, Maria, m. Gen. Chas. Otway,

Ebers, John,

Ecclesiastical Commissioners (as landowners),

Eco, Tobias,

Ecton, John,

Eden, Sir Fred. Morton, Bt.,

Edge, S. F.,

Edmonds, Miss A.,

Edmund Ironside,

Edmund of Grimsby,

Edward I (Lord Edward),

Edward VII, as Prince of Wales,

Edward Augustus, duke of Kent,

Edwards (Edwardes):
-, Anne, see Barratt
-, Ellen Hester Mary, m. John Thos. Hope,
-, J. Passmore,
-, Marg.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1663),
-, Thos. (d. 1757),
-, Sir Thos., Bt.,

-, John, bp. of Durham,
-, John, s. of bp.,
-, Rachel, dchss. of Bridgwater, m. 2 Sir Ric. Lyttelton,

Egmont, earl of, see Perceval, John

Eileen, dau. of Morel, m. Pain,

-, local,
-, parliamentary,

electrical ind.,

Eley, I.,

Elford, Thos., rector of Acton,

Elgin, earl of, see Bruce

Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Co.,

Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance,

Eliot, Geo., novelist,

-, Frances, see d'Auverquerque
-, Fras. Augustus, Ld. Heathfield,
-, Geo. Augustus, Ld. Heathfield,
-, Wm.,

Elizabeth I,

-, Sir Ric., Bt.,
-, Sarah, w. of Sir Ric., m. 2 Sir Fras. Dashwood,

-, Edw.,
-, Sir John,
-, Sim.,
-, Thos. (d. 1523),
-, Thos. (d. 1566),

Elstree (Herts.),

Ely, bp. of, see Kirkby, John; Mawson, Matthias

Emerton, Dr. J. A.,

Empire Steam Laundry,


Engineers, see Institution of Production Engineers

Ennos, Isaac,

Environment, Dept. of the,

Erland, Thos., see Urlin

Erlich, fam.,

-, Frances, see Pierrepont
-, John, earl of Mar,

Esher (Surr.),

Essex, king of, and see Romford

Estcourt, Frances, m. Revd. Wm. Hall,

-, Hugh,
-, Wm.,

Ethelred, king of England,

Ethelred, king of Mercia,

Etheridge, Thos.,

-, John,
-, Rob.,


Evelyn, John,

Evershed & Vignoles,

Evesham, Wm. the seneschal of, see William

Ewin, Wm. Howell,

Eyles, Irwin,

Farey, M.,

-, Eliz., m.-Atkinson,
-, John,
-, Thos.,

Fauconberg, Vct. (later Earl), see Belasyse

Fayrsire, see Veyser

Featley, Dan., rector of Acton and of Lambeth,

Feckenham, John, dean of St. Paul's, abbot of Westminster,

Federation of Synagogues,

Fellenberg, Philipp Emanuel de,

-, Dorothy,
-, Wm.,
-, Mme,

-, urban dist.,

Ferreira, A.,

Ferrers, Baroness, see Compton, Charlotte

-, Sir Hen.,
-, Sarah, see Lethieullier

Fiat Ltd.,

Fielding, Hen.,

Fighter (Fyghter, Vighter):
-, John (fl. 1382),
-, John (d. 1420, ? another),
-, Thos.,

Filbert, see Wallis, Filbert

film ind.,

-, Jos.,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm. (fl. 1670),
-, Wm. (d. 1701, another),
-, fam.,


-, St. Luke, Old Street, ch. of St. Thos. Charterhouse,

Firestone Tyre Co.,

-, Cuthbert, and his w.,
-, (formerly Jeddere), Jacob,
-, Marg., see Frowyk
-, Sir Mic.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1601),
-, Thos. (d. 1769),

fishing and fishermen,

fishing and hunting rights,

Fittler, Jas.,

FitzAlulf, see Peter

FitzHerbert, Maria, m. Geo. IV,

FitzMaurice, Fras., earl of Kerry,

Fitzroy, Charlotte, see Boyle

FitzWalter, Geof.,

Fitzwilliams, Ric., and his w. Eliz.,

Flaxman, John,

Fleetwood, Sir Wm.,

Fleischmann, Art.,

Florence, Nutus of, his w. Mary, and his bro. Burgensus,



Forth, earl of, see Ruthven

Foscolo, Ugo,

-, John,
-, Sir Wm.,

Foulsham, Chester,

Fourmaintraux, Pierre,

-, Ann,
-, Mary Ann,
-, W. J., & Son,

-, Chas.,
-, Chas. Jas.,
-, Geo., Quaker,
-, Hen., Ld. Holland,
-, Jane, m. Geo. Compton, earl of Northampton,
-, Sir Steph.,
-, Steph., earl of Ilchester,

franchises, see assize of bread and of ale; elections; fishing and hunting rights; frankpledge

-, F. and F. J.,
-, H.,

-, Edm.,
-, Sir Thos., Bt.,

-, John (d. 1596), n,
-, John (d. c. 1605),
-, Sir John,
-, John (fl. 1670),
-, Ric., n,
-, Sir Ric.,
-, fam.,

frankpledge, views of,

Fraser, Sim., Ld. Lovat, n

Freelove, Ric.,

Freeman, Paul,

Freeson, Reg, M.P.,

-, Wm., & Sons,
-, fam.,

Frost, Joan, w. of Wm., m. Mat. Grey,

-, Alice, see Cornhill
-, Eliz., w. of Sir Thos.,
-, Eliz., m. Sir John Spelman,
-, Frideswide, m. Sir Thos. Cheyney,
-, Hen. (d. by 1412),
-, Hen. (d. c. 1460),
-, Sir Hen. (d. 1505),
-, Hen. (d. 1520),
-, Marg., m. Sir Mic. Fisher,
-, Thos. (fl. 1365),
-, Thos. (fl. 1422),
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1485),
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1506),
-, Thos. (d. c. 1514),
-, fam.,

-, Gauntlett,
-, Jas.,

Fryer, Hen.,

Fulchered (fl. 1086),

Fulguardeby, John of, see John

-, agric.,
-, man.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, and see Hammersmith; Shepherd's Bush

-, John,
-, John Bird,

Fuller, Smith & Turner,

Fulton, Hamilton,

Furnell, Lewis,

Furnese, Hen.,

-, Geo.,
-, Geo., & Co.,
-, fam.,

Fyghter, see Fighter

Fylkes, Thos.,


G.L.C., see Greater London Council

G.W.R., see Great Western Rly.

Galloway, John,

Galloway, ctss. of, see Stewart

Galvayne, Sidney,

Garraway (Garway):
-, Eliz., w. of Sir Wm.,
-, Sir Hen., ld. mayor of Lond.,
-, John (fl. 1569),
-, John (fl. 1631),
-, John (fl. 1655),
-, Paul,
-, Phil.,
-, Sibyl, see Lane
-, Sir Wm.,
-, Capt.,
-, fam.,

-, David,
-, Nathan,

Garway, see Garraway

Gas Light & Coke Co.,

Gascoyne, Sir Crisp, ld. mayor of Lond.,

Geach, Mrs.,

-, Chas.,
-, Geo.,
-, Sophia,
-, Wm.,
-, and see Gery

Geary, Fred.,

-, John Chas.,
-, John Chas., & Co.,
-, Wm. (fl. 1788),
-, Wm. (fl. 1804, ?another),
-, fam.,

General Film Renters,

Geoffrey of Chiswick,

George V,

-, Chas., Ld. Gerard, earl of Macclesfield,
-, Sir Gilb.,

Germain, Geo.,

Germanus the clerk,

Gervase of Brentford,

Gery, Sir Thos., and see Gearey

Gibbes, see Gibbs

-, Capt. Fred.,
-, Hen.,
-, J. H.,

Gibbs (Gibbes):
-, Jas.,
-, Rog. (d. 1581),
-, Rog., s. of above,

Giblett, Paul,

-, Fred.,
-, Jos. (fl. 1769),
-, Jos. (fl. 1778, another),
-, Sarah, wid. of Jos.,

-, Edw.,
-, Geo. Mowbray,
-, Thos., vicar of Ealing,

Gilbert of Cranford, rector of W. Twyford,

Gillett, John,

Girls' Public Day Sch. Trust,

Gladstone, Wm. Ewart, prime minister,

Glanfield, E. B., and see Riley and Glanfield

Glasgow, ctss. of, see Boyle

-, Eliz., see Thorney
-, John,

Glastonbury abbey (Som.),

Gledstanes, Fras. Garner,

Glencairn, ctss. of, see Cunningham, Isabella

Glendinning, Rob., and his w.,

-, Joan, m. 1 John Staunton, 2 Thos. Barley,
-, (or Jones), John,
-, Thos. of, see Thomas

Glynn, Rob.,

-, Sim.,
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

-, Wm. (d. c. 1760),
-, Wm. (d. by 1801),
-, Wm. (d. c. 1823),

-, E. W.,
-, Mr.,
-, fam.,

Goldie and Child,

Goldie of Kensington,

-, John,
-, Mary, m. 1 Sir Wm. Reade, 2. Sir Edw. Spencer,


Gomeldon (Gumbleton), Wm.,

-, Wm.,
-, Wm., & Son,

-, Benj.,
-, Ursula, see Roberts

Goodchild, John,

-, Sam., bp. of Carlisle,
-, Wm.,

Goodman, Gabriel, prebendary of Chiswick, dean of Westminster,

Goodsman, David,

Gordon & Gordon,

-, Algernon W. S. Temple-, Earl Temple,
-, Wm. Steph., Earl Temple,

-, (later Morgan, Sir Chas., Bt.), Chas.,
-, King,

Gower, see Leveson-Gower

Grace, W. G.,

Grafton Paper Mfg. Co.,

Grand Junction (Grand Union) canal,
-, Paddington branch,

Grand Junction Waterworks Co.,

Grand Union canal, see Grand Junction canal

Grantham, Jos.,

-, Baron, see Robinson, Thos.
-, earl of, see d'Auverquerque, Hen.

Granville, Ctss., see Cavendish, Harriet

Grava, Rob. de,


Gravelet, Jean François, known as Blondin,

-, Mat.,
-, Morgan,
-, Walwyn,

Gray, Ric.,

Great Central Rly. Co.,

Great West Road,

Great Western (London) Garden Village Society,

Great Western Rly. (G.W.R.),

Greater London Council, housing estate,

Greaves, H. P.,

-, Jas.,
-, John, see Lockyer
-, W. Curtis,
-, Wm.,

Green Park, see Westminster

-, schs.,
-, urban dist.,

Greening, fam.,

Greenlaw, B.,

Greenwood, J. T.,

-, Anna Eliza Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-, see Brydges
-, Ric. Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-, duke of Buckingham and Chandos (d. 1839),
-, Ric. Plantagenet Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-, duke of Buckingham and Chandos (d. 1861),
-, Ric. Plantagenet Campbell Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-,duke of Buckingham and Chandos (d. 1889),

-, Anne, see Reade
-, Sir Thos.,

Greville, Fras., Earl Brooke (later earl of Warwick),

-, Joan, see Frost
-, Wm.,

greyhound racing,

Griffin, Rog.,

-, Ralph,
-, Wm.,

Grimsby, Edmund of, see Edmund

Grossmith, J., & Son,

-, Archibald,
-, Frances, see Hale

Grosvenor Carriage Co.,

Grove, Rob. atte,

Grove Park, in Chiswick,
-, amenity soc.,
-, ch.,
-, growth,
-, hotel,
-, retail trade,
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, schs.,
-, soc. life,

Grunwick Ltd.,

Gueri, canon of St. Paul's,

Guild, Chas.,

Guinness, Art., Son & Co. (Park Royal),

-, Jos. (d. 1766),
-, Jos. (d. 1786),

Gumbleton, see Gomeldon


Gunnersbury, in Ealing and Chiswick,
-, ch., n,
-, dom. bldgs.:
-, Gunnersbury Ho.,
-, Gunnersbury Lodge,
-, Gunnersbury Pk.,
-, ind.,
-, manor, see Ealing, mans.
-, mus.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pk.,
-, rly. sta.,
-, Rom. Cathm.,

-, Jonathan (d. by 1753),
-, Jonathan (fl. 1780),
-, Mary Anne, m. Hen. Armstrong,
-, Susannah, see Swinden
-, Thos.,

Gurney, Jos.,

Gwynne's Engineering Co. (later Gwynne Cars),


Haberdashers' Aske's sch.,

Hacche, fam.,


Hadath, John E. Gunby,

Hadham, Phil. of, see Philip

Hadley, John,

Haig, Messrs.,

-, Anne, w. of Sir Mat.,
-, Chas.,
-, Frances, m. Archibald Grosvenor,
-, Gabriel,
-, Sir Mat., Ld. Chief Justice,
-, Rob.,
-, Thos. in the, see Thomas
-, Wm.,

-, John,
-, fam.,

Halifax, marquesses of, see Savile

-, Cath., see Bray
-, Frances, see Estcourt
-, Geo.,
-, Hen.,
-, Jas.,
-, John,
-, Wm. (d. 1726), rector of Acton,
-, Wm. (? another), vicar of Ealing,
-, Revd. Wm. (fl. 1797),
-, fam.,

Hall, Lewis & Co.,

Hall-Jones, F.,

Hall's Telephone Accessories, see Associated Automation

-, Sir Wm., Bt.,
-, Wm.,

-, Sabelina, dau. of Alulf, w. of Sim.,
-, Sim.,

Hambro, Chas.,

Hameldon, Ric. of, see Richard

Hamilton, Archibald,

-, Isabel Maria, see Marjoribanks
-, John Campbell, earl of Aberdeen,

-, chs.,
-, fire,
-, ind.,
-, min., see Hutchinson, Mic.
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, Old Oak housing estate (L.C.C.),
-, rly. stas.,
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, sch.,
-, Shepherd's Bush, q.v.
-, soc. life,
-, Stamford Brook common,
-, Stamford Brook ground, and see Bedford Pk.
-, Willesden Junction, q.v.
-, Wormholt:
-, farm,
-, man.,
-, tithes,
-, woods,
-, Wormwood Scrubs common,

Hampden, John,

Hampshire, see Basingstoke; Osborne (I. W.); Winchester; Woolston

-, Belsize manor,
-, hosp.,
-, Jews,
-, Kilburn, q.v.
-, New Coll.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, convent,
-, sch.,

-, Hampton Ct., honor of,
-, Hampton Hill,

-, ch.,
-, detached,
-, Brentford, New, see Brentford
-, hosp.,
-, man.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, schs.,
-, urban dist.,

Harding, Wm.,

Hardinge, Geo.,

-, Thos., the elder,
-, Thos., the younger,

Hardy, Thos., novelist,

Hare, C. G.,

Hargreaves, Timothy,

Harlesden, fam.,

Harlesden, in Willesden,
-, chs.,
-, coach svce.,
-, dom. bldgs.:
-, Bramshill Ho.,
-, Glynfield (Glenfield) Ho.,
-, Knowles Tower,
-, River's Cottage,
-, Roundwood Ho.,
-, and see (all s. v. Harlesden) farms; flats; housing
-, farms and farmhos.,
-, Elmwood,
-, Fortune Gate,
-, Greenhill,
-, Haycroft,
-, Rectory (Manor),
-, Sellon's,
-, Upper Roundwood,
-, fire,
-, flats:
-, Harlesden Rd.,
-, Roundwood,
-, growth,
-, Harlesden Working Men's Club,
-, housing and council estates:
-, Church Rd.,
-, Furness,
-, Glynfield Ho.,
-, Railway,
-, Rectory (Willesden Manor),
-, Roundwood Pk.,
-, ind.,
-, libr.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, office blocks,
-, pks. and open spaces,
-, police,
-, pop.,
-, prebendaries,
-, pub. hos.:
-, Crown (? formerly Anchor),
-, Green Man,
-, Royal Oak,
-, rly. sta.,
-, retail trade,
-, roads,
-, High St.,
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, schs.,
-, sewerage,
-, soc. life,
-, tithes,

Harley, Edw., earl of Oxford,

Harman, Hannah,

-, John,
-, fam.,

Harper's Magazine,

Harraway, Wm.,

Harrington, Thos.,

-, Hen.,
-, Mary,
-, Thos.,

-, Flambards man.,

Harrow Observer group,

Harrow Road and Paddington Tramways Co.,

Hart, Percival,

Hartley, Thos.,

Harvest (Harvist):
-, Abraham,
-, Anne, see Trimmer
-, Edw.,
-, Fras.,
-, Wm.,

Harvey, Col. Edm.,

Harvist, see Harvest

Haward, Thos.,

Hawe, Ric.,

-, Fras., vicar of Willesden, canon of St. Paul's,
-, Geo.,
-, Lydia, w. of Wm.,
-, Mary, see Roberts,
-, Wm. (d. 1736), vicar of Willesden, canon of St. Paul's, min. of Kingsbury,
-, Wm. (fl. 1749),

-, Hen.,
-, Jas. (fl. 1635),
-, Jas. (fl. 1738),
-, Jerome,
-, fam.,

-, Hayes Pk.,

Hayne, W.,

Hazard, John,

-, Geo. Trafford,
-, Lola, see Montez

Health, Ministry of,

health, see cholera; smallpox; tuberculosis; typhoid

Heaps, S. A.,

-, Ann,
-, Jas. (fl. 1816),
-, Jas. (d. 1834, ? another),
-, John,
-, Nic., bp. of Rochester,

-, Bridget, m. Jas. Douglas, earl of Morton,
-, Sir John, Bt.,
-, John,

Heathfield, Ld., see Eliott, Fras. and Geo.

Heaton, John,

-, Sir Chas.,
-, Edw.,

Heilbron, Jas.,

Heinz, H. J., & Co.,

Hellier, Wm.,

-, Eliz.,
-, John, min. of St. Paul's, Kilburn Sq.,
-, fam.,

-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, poor law union,
-, wkho.,

Henley, W. E.,

Henry II,

Henry VI,

Henry, canon of St. Paul's,

Henry, son of Rainier,

-, Mary, see Moyle
-, Thos.,

Heptonstall, Thos.,

-, Mat.,
-, Phil., earl of Pembroke,


Herewinton, Adam de, see Adam

-, Fred.,
-, Sir Jos., M.P.,
-, Jos., M.P.,
-, Penelope, m. John Cholmeley,

Hertfordshire, see Dinsley, Temple; Elstree; Letchworth

-, Eliz.,
-, John, Ld. Hervey,
-, Wm.,

Hesketh, R.,


Heston and Isleworth M.B.,

Hethe, Ric. atte,

-, Isabel, w. of Ric., see Twyford
-, Isabel, m. Thos. Clavell,
-, Ric.,

Hicks, see Joynson-Hicks

Hierde, Laur.,

Hilger & Watts,

-, Geo. (fl. 1674),
-, Geo. (fl. 1708),
-, Ric.,

-, Jos. Steph., vicar of Christ Church, Ealing,
-, W. E.,



Hobart, John, Ld. Hobart, earl of Buckinghamshire,

Hodgson, Rob.,

Hofwyl (Switzerland),

-, Jane, see Thornhill
-, Wm.,

Hogg, Quintin,

Holborn, John, rector of Acton,

-, Chancery Lane, Took's Ct.,
-, St. Giles-in-the-Fields, rector, see Case

Holden, Chas.,

-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,

-, Chas.,
-, F. W.,

Holland, Ld., see Fox, Hen.

Holland & Holland,

Hollis, Sarah, see Roberts

-, John,
-, Sarah,

Holt, Chas.,

Holy Child Jesus, nuns of the,

Holy Family of Bordeaux, Sisters of the,

Homeless, see National Institute for Homeless and Destitute Children

Honda Ltd.,

Honeywell Information Systems,

Honyng, Wm.,

Hooke, Sir Hele, Bt.,

-, Ann,
-, John,
-, Sir Wm.,

-, Ellen Hester Mary, see Edwardes
-, Fred.,
-, John Thos.,

Hopkins, Helen,

Hore, Agnes, see Clavell

Horley, Rob.,

-, E. H.,
-, Jas.,
-, Revd. Thos. (d. 1824),
-, Thos. (fl. 1824-35),
-, Sir Wm.,


horse dealing,

horse racing,

Horsley-Beresford, John, Baron Decies,

Houchin, see Smee & Houchin


Hounslow, Lond. boro.,
-, arms,

Hounslow Borough College,

Hounslow, Brentford, Chiswick Post,

Housework, see National Institute of Housework

How, Rob.,

-, Charlotte, see Boyle
-, Frances, m. Rob. Carr, earl of Somerset,
-, Frank,
-, Geo., n
-, Harriet, m. Geo. Leveson-Gower, duke of Sutherland,
-, Jas.,
-, John,
-, Maria, dchss. of Norfolk, m. 2 Peregrine Widdrington,
-, Mary, ctss. of Suffolk, see Maynard,
-, Phil., earl of Pembroke,
-, Sarah, w. of Thos.,
-, Mrs.,

Howell, Sarah,

Hubbard, Ric.,

Hubbold, Ann,

Huddle, Wm.,


Hudson Essex Motor Co.,

-, Capt. Edw.,
-, John,
-, Thos. (d. 1833), vicar of Chiswick, canon of St. Paul's,

Humber Ltd.,

Hungerford (Berks.),

-, Hen. G. Bonavia, min. of St. Paul's, Kilburn Sq.,
-, Ric.,

Hunter Dunn, And., vicar of All Saints, S. Acton, bp. of Quebec,


Huske, Lt.-Gen. John,

-, Eliz., see Roberts
-, Wm.,

-, Chas.,
-, Mic., min. of Hammersmith,

-, Jas.,
-, Mat.,

Huxley, T. H.,

Hyatt, Hen.,

Hyndham, John,


Ibbetson, Julius Caesar,

Ilchester, earl of, see Fox, Steph.

-, Asian,
-, Irish,
-, Jewish,
-, West Indian,

Imperial Dry Plate Co.,

Imperial Land Co.,

Imperial Property Investments Co.,

Ind & Smith,

Independent Labour party,

industry, see aeroplane ind.; basketmaking; boat bldg.; bone-crushing; brewing; brickmaking; builders; chemical ind.; coachbuilding; cycle-making; distilling; electrical ind.; engineering; film ind.; fishing; gravel; gun-making; instrument making; jam making; laundries; lime burning; malting; mineral water wks.; motor ind.; munitions; paper and pulp making; potteries; printing; railway engineering; rubber making; slaughtering; soap making; starch making; tanning; textile ind.; tilemaking; timber yards; turpentine making

Industry, sch. of,

Ingram, fam., and see Winnington-Ingram

Inskip, John, see Lade

Institution of Production Engineers,

instrument making,

Irish, see immigrants

Irish Literary Soc.,

Irish National League of Gt. Britain,

Ironside, Col. Gilb.,

-, Brentford End, chap. of All Angels,
-, chars.,
-, hosp.,
-, ind.,
-, man.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, nursery gdn.,
-, schs.,
-, union wkho.,
-, and see Brentford, Brentford dock

Isleworth Brewery Co.,

Islington, London Fever hosp.,

-, John,
-, Thos.,

-, G., & Sons,
-, John,
-, W. H., printers,

-, Eliz.,
-, Sir Hildebrand,

Jaenbeorht, abp. of Canterbury,

jam making,

Jantzen Knitting Co.,

Jeddere, Jacob, see Fisher

Jefferys, fam.,

Jehovah's Witnesses,

Jenkins, Edw.,

Jernegan, Sir Hen.,

-, Jos. (d. by 1846),
-, Jos. (fl. 1846),

Jews, and see immigrants

Joan of Somery,

John, s. of Isabel of Chicheworth,

John, vicar of Willesden,

John of Bristol,

John of Ceppeham,
-, his s. John,

John of Fulguardeby, and his w. Margery,

John of Northwich,

John de Paris, and his w. Agnes,

John of Sutton,

-, John,
-, Dr. Sam.,
-, Dr. Wm. (fl. 1791),
-, Dr. Wm. (fl. 1830),
-, and see Jonson

Johnson and Turner,

Johnstone, Geo., marquess of Annandale,

-, Chas.,
-, E. C., & Son,
-, Inigo,
-, John, see Gloucester
-, John Andrews,
-, Ric., Vct. (later earl of) Ranelagh,
-, fam.,
-, and see Hall-Jones

Jonson, Ben., and see Johnson

Joseph, N. S.,

Joseph and Dawson,

Jowers, Alf.,

Joye, Jas.,

Joynson-Hicks, Wm., Vct. Brentford,

Jullion, Thos.,

Jupp, Wm.,

Jupp & Sons,