A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 7, Acton, Chiswick, Ealing and Brentford, West Twyford, Willesden

Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
List of illustrations x-xi
List of maps xii
Editorial note xiii
Middlesex Victoria County History council xiv
Classes of documents in the Public Record Office used xv-xvi
Classes of documents in the Greater London Record Office used xvii
Note on abbreviations xix-xx
Ossulstone Hundred (continued) 1
Acton: Introduction 1-2
Acton: Communications 2-7
Acton: Growth 7-14
Acton: Social and cultural activities 14-16
Acton: Manors and other estates 16-23
Acton: Economic history 23-30
Acton: Local government 30-32
Acton: Public services 32-35
Acton: Churches 35-39
Acton: Roman catholicism 39
Acton: Protestant nonconformity 39-42
Acton: Education 42-49
Acton: Charities for the poor 49-50
Chiswick: Introduction 50-51
Chiswick: Communications 51-54
Chiswick: Growth 54-68
Chiswick: Social and cultural activities 69-71
Chiswick: Manors 71-74
Chiswick: Other estates 74-78
Chiswick: Economic history 78-86
Chiswick: Local government 86-90
Chiswick: Churches 90-93
Chiswick: Roman catholicism 93
Chiswick: Protestant nonconformity 93-95
Chiswick: Judaism 95
Chiswick: Buddhism 95
Chiswick: Education 95-99
Chiswick: Charities for the poor 99-100
Ealing and Brentford: Introduction 100-101
Ealing and Brentford: Communications 101-105
Ealing and Brentford: Growth of Ealing 105-113
Ealing and Brentford: Growth of Brentford 113-120
Ealing and Brentford: Social and cultural activities 120-123
Ealing and Brentford: Manors 123-128
Ealing and Brentford: Other estates 128-131
Ealing and Brentford: Economic history 131-144
Ealing and Brentford: Local government 144-147
Ealing and Brentford: Public services 147-149
Ealing and Brentford: Churches, Ealing 150-153
Ealing and Brentford: Churches, Brentford 153-157
Ealing and Brentford: Roman catholicism 157-158
Ealing and Brentford: Protestant nonconformity 158-162
Ealing and Brentford: Ukrainian orthodox church 162
Ealing and Brentford: Judaism 162
Ealing and Brentford: Education 162-170
Ealing and Brentford: Charities for the poor 170-172
West Twyford: Introduction 172-173
West Twyford: Manors 173-175
West Twyford: Economic history 175
West Twyford: Local government 175
West Twyford: Church 175-176
West Twyford: Roman catholicism 176
West Twyford: Protestant nonconformity 176
West Twyford: Education 176
West Twyford: Charities for the poor 176
Willesden: Introduction 177
Willesden: Communications 177-182
Willesden: Settlement and growth 182-204
Willesden: Social and cultural activities 205-208
Willesden: Manors 208-216
Willesden: Other estates 216-220
Willesden: Economic history 220-228
Willesden: Local government 228-232
Willesden: Public services 232-236
Willesden: Churches 236-241
Willesden: Roman catholicism 241-242
Willesden: Protestant nonconformity 242-246
Willesden: Russian orthodox church in exile 246
Willesden: Judaism 246-247
Willesden: Hinduism 247
Willesden: Islam 247
Willesden: Buddhism 247
Willesden: Education 247-254
Willesden: Charities for the poor 254
Index: A-J 255-267
Index: K-Z 267-279
Corrigenda to volumes IV, V, and VI 280