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A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 9, Hampstead, Paddington. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1989.

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Kanep, Gilb. le, n

Keats, John,

Keats Grove,

Keats Ho.,

Keble, Jos.,

Keble Coll., Oxford,

-, Ant.,
-, Fras.,

Keep the Aspidistra Flying, see Orwell

Keith Ho.,

Kellond, Chas.,

-, Edw.,
-, Herb.,

Kelson St.,


Kelyng, Edw.,

Kemble, Chas.,

-, Fras.,
-, John,
-, Ric.,
-, fam.,

-, Thos., bp. of Lond.,
-, Thos. (? more than one),
-, Wm.,

Kemplay Rd.,

Kendal Ct.,

Kendal St.,

Kendall, H. E.,

Kendrick, Jos.,

-, Chris.,
-, Eliz., see Cholmeley

-, Archibald, marquess of Ailsa,
-, Mrs., singer,

Kensal Ho.,

Kensal New Town, in Chelsea detached, later in Kensington,
-, nonconf. (protestant),

-, ch. (St. Mary Abbot's),
-, hosps.,
-, St. Charles,
-, Kensal New Town, q.v.
-, Kensington Palace,
-, Kensington Palace Gdns.,
-, man. and other est., and see Ladbroke; Notting Barns; Portobello
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, poor law union,
-, schs.,

Kensington Gdns., in Paddington and Westm.,

Kensington Gdns. Sq.,

Kensington Gravel Pits, in Paddington and Kensington,

Kent, Eliz.,

Kent, see Charlton; Quex Pk.; Tunbridge Wells; Westgate-on-Sea

Kent's Pl.,

Kenwood (Cane Wood), in St. Pancras,

Kenwood Ho.,

Kenwood Preservation Council,

-, Edw.,
-, Eliz.,
-, Wm.,

-, Rob. M.,
-, Wm.,

Kesteven, Thos.,

-, Sarah,
-, Thos.,
-, - (fl. c. 1740),

-, Eliz., wid. of Jonathan,
-, Hen. Garrett,
-, Sir John, Bt.,
-, Jonathan,
-, Jonathan Hen.,
-, Wm.,
-, Wm. Cade,

Keyham Ho.,

-, Chas.,
-, Eliz.,

Keyser, Eliezer Isaac,

Kidderpore Ave., Gdns.,

Kidderpore Hall, and see Westfield Coll.

-, John de,
-, Maud of, n
-, fam.,

Kilburn, in Hampstead (part),
-, assembly rooms ('Kilburn town hall'),
-, chs.,
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, farms and farmhos.,
-, flats,
-, growth,
-, halls and institutes,
-, housing and council est.,
-, ind.,
-, Irish,
-, Jews,
-, lodging hos.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pks. and open spaces,
-, pop. (hos.),
-, poverty,
-, priory, n,
-, bldgs.,
-, priors,
-, pub. hos.,
-, retail trade,
-, chamber of trade,
-, roads, pl.
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, schs.,
-, Theatre Royal (later Kilburn Empire Theatre of Varieties),
-, wells,
-, wood,

Kilburn Bon Marché,

Kilburn Bridge farm,

Kilburn brook,

Kilburn Grange,

Kilburn High Rd., pl.
-, Priory works,
-, St. George's Terr.,

Kilburn Lane,

Kilburn Pk. Rd.,

Kilburn Priory (rd.),

Kilburn Priory or Gate (est.),

Kilburn priory est.,

Kilburn Sisters,

Kilburn Vale (est.),

Kilburn Woods est.,

-, Leonard,
-, Silvester,

-, Chas. Bean,
-, Frances,
-, John,
-, Wm.,

King and Queen P. H.,

King Edward's Hosp. Fund,

King Henry's Rd.,

King of Bohemia's Head P. H.,

King William IV P.H.,

King-Harmon, Sir Chas.,

King's Arms P.H.,

King's Coll., Cambridge, fellow of,

King's College Mews,

King's College Rd.,

King's Fund coll., see Bayswater

King's Gdns.,

King's Head P.H. (Bayswater),

King's Head P.H. (Hampstead town),

Kingdom, Wm.,

Kingdon, Emmeline,

Kingdon Rd.,

Kinghall or Kingswell est.,

Kingscroft Rd.,

Kingsgate (est.),

Kingsgate Mews, Pl., Rd.,

-, Geof. de, n
-, Rob. de,
-, fam.,

Kingswell est., see Kinghall

Kingswood Ct.,

-, Chas. Hen., Baron Wotton,
-, Kath., his mother, see Stanhope

Kirkpatrick, Revd. Ric. Carr,

Kitchin, B.,

Kit-Cat club,

Klein, Melanie,

Klippan Ho.,

-, Chas.,
-, Wm. (? more than one),

Knights Hospitallers, see Clerkenwell

Knights Templars,

Knightsbridge, in Westm., man., cts., customs,

Knollys, Edw. Geo. Wm. Tyrwhitt, Vct. Knollys,

Knox, E. V.,

Knyvett, Sir Hen.,

Kokoschka, Oscar,

Korda, Sir Alex.,

Koulermos, Panos,

Kylemore Rd.,

L.C.C., see London County Council

L.G.O.C., see London General Omnibus Co.

L.N.W.R., see London & North Western Rly.

laboratory supplying,

Labour party and voters,

Ladbroke est., in Kensington,

Ladywell Ct.,

Laing, John, & Co.,

Lakis Close,

-, Hen.,
-, Joan,
-, John,
-, Mary, m. Edw. Josselyn,
-, Ric.,

Lambe, Jas., and his w. Esther,

-, Edw.,
-, Fras.,

Lamboll Pl., Rd.,

Lamerton's (shop),

Lampet, Revd. Barrett Edw., and his w. Rose,

Lanark Terr.,

Lancaster, earl of, see Edmund

Lancaster (flats),

Lancaster Gate, see Bayswater Rd.

Lancaster Gate (Church Com. est.),

Lancaster Gate hotel,

Lancaster Gate Housing Assoc.,

Lancaster Grove, Rd.,

Lancefield St.,

Land Building Investment and Cottage Improvement Co.,

Land Co. of Lond.,

-, Chas.,
-, Sir Edwin,

-, John,
-, Jos.,
-, Peter, perpetual curate of Paddington,
-, Sam.,
-, Sir Thos.,
-, Thos.,

Lang, Jas.,

Langford, Wm.,

Langhorne, Sir Wm., Bt.,

Langland Gdns.,

Langtry, Lillie,

Lansdowne, mchnss. of, see PettyFitzMaurice

Larke, Wm.,

Lasdun, Sir Denys,

Laski, Marghanita,

Lasted Lodge,

Latimer, Hugh, bp. of Worcester,

Latin, --, nurseryman,

Latter-day Saints, see Mormons

Lauderdale Mansions,

Lauderdale Rd.,


Lauriston Lodge,

Lavender Cottage,

Lavers & Westlake,

Lavie, Germain,

the Lawn,

Lawn Bank,

Lawn Cottage,

Lawn Ho.,

Lawn Rd.,

Lawn Rd. (flats),

lawn billiards,

lawn tennis,

-, D. H.,
-, Sir Fred.,
-, Fred., Ltd.,
-, Frieda,
-, --, of Bristol,

Le Breton, Phil.,

Le Carré, John,

Le Corbusier (Charles-Edouard Jeanneret),

Leamington Ho.,

Leammell, Alf.,

Leatherhead (Surr.), sch.,

Leckhampton, Thos.,

Ledbury Rd.,

-, J. T.,
-, Lancelot,

Leek & Westbourne (formerly Westbourne Pk. and Leek & Moorlands) building soc.,

Left Book Club,

Legg, Hen. Simpson,

Legge, Wal.,

Leicester, O. H.,

Leighton, Fred., Baron Leighton,

Leighton Ho.,

Leinster Gdns.,

Leinster Sq.,

Lennon, Dennis, & Partners,

Lessingham, Mrs., see Hemet

Lethbridge, Geo.,

Leuty, John A.,

Lever, Wm. H., Vct. Leverhulme,

Leverhulme, Vct., see Lever

Levy, Ted, Benjamin & Partners,

-, F. J.,
-, John (fl. 1807),
-, John (d. 1928),
-, John, Partnership,
-, Mary Ann,
-, Sam.,

Liberal party and voters,

-, Hen.,
-, Mary, see Nelthorpe
-, Thos.,

Liddell est.,

Liddell's farm,

Lightwater (Surr.), convalescent home,

Lilley & Skinner,

Limbrey, Ric.,

the Limes (flats),

Lincoln, canon of, see Dunster

Lindfield Gdns.,

Lindo, F. C.,

Lindsay, Wm. Hen.,

Lindsay, Neal & Co.,

Lindsey, earl of, see Bertie

Linford, A. H.,

Lingard Rd.,

Linnell, John,

Linstead St.,

-, Eliza,
-, Sir Jas.,
-, W. J.,
-, and see Sinton

Lisburne Rd.,

-, John,
-, Thos., of Lambeth,
-, Thos., of Paddington,
-, Wm.,

Lisson man., in Marylebone, bailiwick,

Lister, Mrs.,

Lithos Rd.,

Litlington, see Nicholas

-, Dorothy, m. John Mills Jackson,
-, John,
-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,

Little Dene,

Little est.,

Little Venice, in Paddington,
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, island,
-, pool,
-, Rembrandt gdns.,
-, studios,

Little Westbourne,

Littles farm,

Littlewood, Wm.,

Littleworth, in Hampstead,
-, dom. bldgs., pl.
-, pop.,
-, pub. ho., see Jack Straw's Castle

Lloyd, Marie,

Load of Hay P.H.,

Lobb, Steph.,

Lock hosp.,
-, chapel,

Lockyer, Jas.,

Lodington, Dan.,

Lofte, John at,

-, Helen, wid. of Ric., m. 2 Bart. Quyny,
-, Ric.,

the Logs,

Lombardy Pl.,

-, ch., St. Benet, Paul's Wharf,
-, citizens and merchants,
-, City:
-, Apothecaries' Co.,
-, (ld.) mayors, see Beckford, Wm.; Hart, Sir John; Sheldon, Sir Jos.
-, hosps.,
-, Newgate gaol,
-, St. Paul's cathedral, q.v.
-, Smithfield, gallows,
-, water supply, conduit ho.,

London diocese:
-, bps., and see Aylmer; Blomfield, Chas.; Compton, Hen.; Jackson, John; Kempe, Thos.; Robinson, John; Sheldon, Gilb.
-, as lords of Paddington man., and see Paddington Estate
-, as patrons of chs.,

London Academy of Music,

London & Birmingham Rly.,

London & City Real Estate,

London & North Western Rly.,

London and Paddington Steam Carriage Co.,

London & Westminster Newspapers,

London Assurance Group,

London Baptist Assoc.,

London City Mission,

London Congregational Union,

London Conveyance Co.,

London Co-operative Soc.,

London County Council (L.C.C.),
-, as housing authy.,
-, fire,
-, pks. and open spaces,
-, schs.,
-, sewerage,
-, tech. educ.,
-, tram depot,

London Diocesan Deaconess Institution,

London Electric Rly.,

London Electricity Board,

London Embassy hotel,

London Fire Brigade,

London General Omnibus Co. (L.G.O.C.),

London Merchant Securities,

London Metropole hotel,

London Passenger Transport Board,

London Permanent Building Soc.,

London Regiment,

London Residuary Body,

London School Board,

London Soc. for Teaching and Training the Blind,

London Street Tramways Co.,

London Transport Executive,
-, Westbourne Pk. garage,

London Univ.,
-, Lillian Penson hall,
-, and see Bedford Coll.; University Coll. sch.; Westfield Coll.

Long, Edwin,

-, Thos. Norton,
-, Wm.,

Lonrho (co.),

-, Chas.,
-, John le,

Lord Hill's Rd.,

the Lothians,

Loudoun, John Claudius,

Loudoun Rd.,

Londoun Rd. Mews,

Loughborough, Ld., see Wedderburn

Love, Geo.,

Lovel, Fras.,

Lovell, G. W.,

Lovelock, Thos.,

Loveridge Rd.,

Low, David,

Lower Chalcots farm,

Lower Cross Rd.,

Lower Flask P. H.,

Lower Porchester St.,

Lower Terr.,

Lower White Ho.,

Lowfield Rd.,

Lownds, Louisa,

Loyal Hampstead Assoc.,

-, David,
-, Seymour,
-, and see Connell

Luder, Owen,

Ludford, Alice,

Luffingham, Wm.,

Luke of Hedham,

-, John,
-, Wm.,

-, Sir Edwin,
-, Eliz.,

Lycett, Sir Fras.,

Lydford (est.),

Lyell, Mic.,

lying-in hosp., see Queen Charlotte's

Lymington Mansions,

Lymington Rd.,

Lyncroft Gdns.,

Lyndhurst Gdns., Rd.,

Lynd, Rob.,

-, John (fl. 1295),
-, John (d. 1592),

MARS (archit. group),

M.B.W., see Metropolitan Board of Works

Macaulay, Dame Rose,

Macbeth, Rob.,

Macclesfield, earl of, see Parker

McCulloch, fam.,

MacDermott, Norman,

MacDonald, Jas. Ramsay,

McInerney, Thos., & Sons,

Mackenzie, Sir Compton,

Mackeson Rd.,

Mackmurdo, A. H.,

Maclaren, J. M.,

McMillan, Misses,

McMorran, D. H.,

McQuoid, Percy,

Madariaga, Salvador de,

Magee, Revd. A.,

Magic Flute P. H.,

Magnus-Allcroft, Lady,

Maida, battle of,

Maida Ave.,

Maida Hill, see Edgware Rd.

Maida Hill East, see Edgware Rd.

Maida Hill West,

Maida Pl., see Edgware Rd.

Maida Vale, in Paddington,
-, chs., pl.
-, dom. bldgs., pl.
-, farms and farmhos.,
-, flats,
-, growth,
-, hotels,
-, housing and council est.,
-, Jews,
-, libr.,
-, pop., density,
-, poverty,
-, pub. hos.,
-, retail trade,
-, roads,
-, schs.,

Maida Vale (Church Com. est.),

Maida Vale (G.L.C. est.),

Maida Vale (part of Edgware Rd.),
-, Canterbury Villas,
-, Carlton Villas,
-, Portsdown Terr.,
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, flats,

Maida Vale Mansions,

Maitland Ct.,

Mall studios,

Mallory, Anne,

Malton, earl of, see Watson-Wentworth

Malvern Rd.,

Manby, Chas.,

Manchester, bp. of, see Moorhouse

Manchester Mews, Pl.,

Mandeville Ct.,

Mangoda (fl. c. 975),

Manners Rd.,

Manning, Hen. Edw., Cardinal,

-, Rosemary,
-, W. P.,

Manor Cottage,

Manor Farm (Frognal),

Manor Ho. (Hampstead man. ho.),

Manor Ho. Ct.,

Manor Ho. farm (Paddington),

Manor Ho. hosp.,

Manor Lodge,

Manor Mansions,

Manor Pl.,

Mansell, Hunt & Catty,

Mansfield, Kath.,

Mansfield, earls of, see Murray

Mansfield Cottage,

Manstone Rd.,

Marban Rd.,

Marble Arch Street Rail Car Co.,

Marble Ho. (flats),

March, earl of, see Mortimer, Rog.

Marchant, fam.,

Maresfield Gdns.,

Mareys, John,

Marie Curie hosp.,

Market St.,

Marks, Ric.,

Marks & Spencer,

Marlborough Mansions,

Marlborough St.,

Marnham, Herb.,

-, Ann,
-, Blandine,
-, Edw.,
-, John,
-, Ric. (fl. 1742),
-, Ric. (fl. 1773),
-, Ric. (fl. 1818),
-, Rob.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1676),
-, Thos. (fl. 1716),
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

-, Revd. D. H.,
-, Fras.,
-, Rosamond, w. of Fras.,

Marston Close,

-, John,
-, Kingsley,
-, Leslie,

Martines, Sebastian Gonzalez,

Martyrs Memorial Trust,

Marx, Karl,

Mary I, Queen,

Mary, queen of Geo. V,

Mary Immaculate, Oblates of,

Mary Wharrie Ho.,

Marylands Rd.,

-, farms, St. John's Wood farmho.,
-, flyover, see Edgware Rd.
-, hosps.,
-, Jews,
-, man. and other est., see Eyre; Lisson
-, New (later Marylebone) Rd.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, nurseries,
-, pk.,
-, pub. ho., Eyre Arms,
-, St. Marylebone, metropolitan boro.,
-, schs.,
-, turnpike trust,
-, Tyburn, q.v.

-, John,
-, Jos., and his wid. Marg.,

Maryon Hall,

Maryon Mews,

Maryon Terr.,

Maryon-Wilson, see Wilson

Masaryk, Thos.,

Mascall, John,

Masefield, John,

Maseres, Fras.,

Mason, Fras.,

-, John,
-, Wm.,

Matcham, Frank,

Mather, And.,

Matheson, Hugh M.,

Mathews, Chas. Jas., and his w. (Mme. Vestris),

Maufe, Sir Edw.,

Maurice, C. E., and see Morice; Morris


Mawson, Thos.,

-, E. J.,
-, Phil. Wm.,

Mayer Hillman,

Maygrove Motors,

Maygrove Rd.,

Mayne, Marion,

Maze hotel,

Mazenod Ave.,

-, Harriet, see Parkinson
-, Revd. Thos. Wynter,
-, - (fl. 1770s),


Mears, Mrs.,

Measures, Harry B.,

Meath, earl of, see Brabazon, Reg.

Medical Research Council,

Medley, John Edw.,

Medley Rd.,

Melbourne (Australia), bp. of, see Moorhouse

Melbourne Ct.,

Melbourne Ho.,

Melville, Sir Jas. Cosmo,

Melville Hall,

Menelik Rd.,

Menet, John F., and his wid. Louisa,

Mercy of the Holy Cross, Sisters of,

Meredith, Geo.,

-, John,
-, Mary, see Ashton

Merton Rise,

Messina Ave.,

metal working,

Metcalf, John,

Metcalfe, Ric.,

Methe, Rog. de la, n

Methodists (or Wesleyans),
-, Methodist International Ho.,

Metropolitan & St. John's Wood Rly.,

Metropolitan Assoc. for Improving Dwellings of Industrial Classes,

Metropolitan Asylums Board,

Metropolitan Board of Works (M.B.W.),
-, fire,
-, open spaces,
-, sewerage,

Metropolitan Commissioners of Sewers,

Metropolitan District Rly. (District line),

Metropolitan Electric Supply Co.,

Metropolitan Electric Tramways Co.,

Metropolitan Free Drinking Fountains Assoc.,

Metropolitan Music Hall (later Theatre of Varieties),

Metropolitan Rly.,
-, 'Inner Circle',

Metropolitan Rly. Surplus Lands Co.,

Metropolitan Theatre of Varieties, see Metropolitan Music Hal

Metropolitan turnpike trust,

Metropolitan Water Board,

Mew, Fred.,

Mewès & Davis,

Meyer, Thos.,

-, Alice,
-, Wilfrid,

Michael, Edw.,

Michell & Phillips,

Middlesex County Council,

Middlesex Rifle Volunteers,

-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,

Midland Rly.,

-, Chas.,
-, John,
-, Revd. John,

Milford, J.,

Milford Ho.,

Mill glass works,

Mill Lane,

Milligan, Rob.,

Mills, Ric.,

-, A. A.,
-, John Vine,
-, Oswald,

Milton, Hen.,

Minoprio, Ant.,

Minster Rd.,

-, Arnold,
-, John,
-, Thos.,

Mocatta, Fred.,

Moholy-Nagy, László,

Mondrian, Piet,

Monmouth Rd.,

Monsarrat, Nic.,

-, Edw.,
-, Sam., Baron Swaythling,

Montagu Grove,

Montauban, G. H.,

Montefiore, Sir Jos. Sebag,

-, Anne,
-, Chris.,
-, Edw.,
-, Hen.,
-, John,
-, Temple Lushington,

Moorhouse, Jas., bp. of Melbourne (Australia) and of Manchester,

Mordaunt, Anne, see Waad

Morel, Abbé Jean-Jacques,

Morell, Dr., asst. curate of Paddington, and see Morrell

Moreton, Hen., earl of Ducie,

Moreton (ho.),

Morice, John, and see Maurice; Morris

Morison, Jas. Cotter,

Morland, Geo.,

Morley, Hen.,

Mormons (Latter-day Saints),

Morrell, Zechariah, and see Morell

Morris, Wm., and see Maurice; Morice

-, Eliz., see Frederick
-, Sir Fred., Bt.,
-, Sir John, Bt.,
-, Wal.,
-, Sir Warwick, Bt.,
-, fam.,

Morshead Rd.,

-, John,
-, Rog., earl of March,

Mortimer Cres. (est.),

Mortimer Rd.,

Moscow Ct.,

Moscow Rd.,


Mother Huff's P.H.,

motor car dealers and repairers,

the Mount,

Mount Charlotte Hotels,

Mount Cottage,

Mount farm,

Mount Grove,

Mount Sq.,

Mount Tyndale,

Mount Vernon hosp.,

Mount Vernon Ho.,

Mount Villa Cottage,

Mountague, Fortune,

Mowlem, John (formerly Mowlem, Freeman & Burt),

Moyne, Baron, see Guinness, Wal.

Mozart (est.),

Mozart St.,

Muir, Edwin,

Mulberry (flats), Mulberry Centre,

Mulberry Close,

Mulberry Housing Trust,

Mulock, Dinah Maria (Mrs. Craik),

Mulready, Wm.,

-, Ric.,
-, Mrs. (fl. 1714),

Mulys (ho.),

Mumford, W.,

-, Luke,
-, Thos.,

Munford, Jas.,

Municipal Reformers,

Munt, Wm.,

-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

Murdoch, Jas. Gordon,

Mure (or Mure Warner) & Co.,

-, Sir Chas.,
-, David Wm., earl of Mansfield,
-, John,
-, Wm. David, earl of Mansfield, as Vct. Stormont,
-, W. H.,

Murray Ct., n

Murry, John Middleton,

musicians, composers, and singers, and see Bax, Sir Arnold; Beecham, Sir Thos.; Bliss; 'Boy George'; Brain, Dennis; Braithwaite, Warwick; Brendel; Butt; Chevalier; Davies, Sir Hen.; Delius; Dubourg; Elgar; Ferrier; Flower; Ford; Legge; Lloyd; Lutyens, Eliz.; Novello; Patti; Schwarzkopf; Sharp, Cecil; Shaw, Martin; Walton; Wood, Sir Hen.

-, E. B.,
-, E. P.,

Mutrix Rd.,

Myra Lodge,

Myrtle Cottage,

N.L.R., see North London Rly.

Nag's Head P.H.,

Nalton, Revd. Sam.,

Napier, F. R.,

Narcissus Rd.,

Naseby Close,

-, John,
-, Paul,
-, Ric. (Beau Nash),

Nassington Rd.,

National Institute for Biological Standards and Control,

National Lending Library for the Blind,

National Soc. and National schs.,
-, coll. (Berridge Ho.),

National Standard Land Mortgage and Investment Co.,

National Sunday Sch. Union,

National Telephone Co.,

Naylor, Thos.,

Neagle, Dame Anna,

Neale, Jas.,

-, Sheffield,
-, Sir Thos., Bt.,

-, Anne,
-, Cath.,
-, John (d. 1641), and his wid. Mary,
-, John (fl. 1682),
-, Jos. (d. 1736),
-, Jos. (d. 1744),

-, Sir John, Bt.,
-, Jos.,
-, fam.,

Neeld Rd.,

-, Geo.,
-, T. Marsh,

-, Edw. (d. 1680),
-, Edw. (d. 1720),
-, Mary, wid. of Edw. (d. 1680),
-, Mary, m. Thos. Liddell,

Netherhall Gdns., Terr.,

Netherwood St.,

Netley Cottage,

Nettlebed (Oxon.), convalescent home,

Nevill, R.,

-, C. R. W.,
-, Hen. Woodd,
-, fam.,

New Bldgs. or Ct.,

New Coll. of Independent Dissenters,

New End,

New End hosp.,

New End Sq.,

New Grove Ho.,

New London Properties,

New P.H.,

New River Co.,

New West End, see West End

Newman, John,

Newman & Billing,

Newman Hall,

Newport, John de,

Newton, E. E.,

Newton Rd.,

newspapers, and see Hampstead and Highgate Express

Nicholas of Litlington,

Nicholls, -, sculptor,

-, Ben,
-, Sir Chas., Bt.,

Nickson, Ric.,

Nicol, s. of, see Robert

-, Don.,
-, Edw.,
-, Jenny,

Nicoll Rd.,

-, Florence,
-, J. S.,

Nihell (or Nihill):
-, Felicity,
-, Lucy,
-, fam.,

Nivison, John, Baron Glendyne,

Noble, F. W.,

Noble Art P.H.,

-, Baptist, Vct. Campden,
-, Baptist, earl of Gainsborough,
-, Edw., Vct. Campden,
-, Edw., earl of Gainsborough,
-, Juliana, see Hicks
-, Susannah, mother of Baptist, earl of Gainsborough,
-, Wriothesley Baptist, earl of Gainsborough,

Noel Pk., see Tottenham

-, Jos.,
-, Jos. Fras.,
-, Mary, w. of Jos.,

nonconformity (protestant), see Assemblies of God; Baptists; Brethren; Catholic Apostolic Ch.; Christian Community; Christian Scientists; Church Mystical Union; Congregationalists; Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion; Ethical Ch.; French Protestant Ch.; Jehovah's Witnesses; Methodists; Mormons; Pentecostalists; Presbyterians; Salvation Army; Seventh-day Adventists; Society of Friends; Spiritualists; Unitarians; United Ch.; Welsh Presbyterian Ch.

Norfolk Cres.,

Norfolk Mansions,

Norfolk Sq.,

Norman & Beard,

Norman & Davison, and see Trehearne

-, Chris.,
-, Ric. (fl. c. 1762),
-, Ric. (fl. after 1800),

-, Anne,
-, Edw., Baron North,
-, Fountain,
-, Rob.,

North End, in Hampstead, pl.
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, flats,
-, Gibbet Hill,
-, growth,
-, Parkgate, see Spaniard's End
-, pop.,
-, pub. hos.,
-, Sandgate,
-, sch.,
-, Wildwood Corner,
-, woodland,
-, and see Littleworth; Spaniard's End

North End (ho.),

North End Hill, Rd., Way,

North End Ho.,

North End Lodge,

North End Rd. (later Fairhazel Gdns.),

North Hall Cottage, n,

North London Rly. (N.L.R.),

North Metropolitan Rly.,

North Star P. H.,

North Villa,

North West London Press,

North Wharf Rd.,

Northcliffe, Vct., see Harmsworth, Alf.

Northcote Ho., Mansions,


Northern line,

-, Down Barns,

Northumberland, see Woodhorn

Northumberland Pl.,


Northwood, in Ruislip,

Northwood (later Norwood) farm,

Norway Ho.,

Norwich, Vct., see Cooper, John Julius

Norwich, dean of, see Goulburn

Notre Dame de Bon Secours, Sisters of,

Notting Barns man., in Kensington,

Nottinghamshire, see Welbeck Abbey

Novello, Vincent,

Nunn, Thos. Hancock,

Nutting, Susan, see James

Nutley Terr.,

Oak Hill Ho.,

Oak Hill Lodge,

Oak Hill Pk., Way,

Oak Hill Pk. (est.),

Oak Lodge (Belsize),

Oak Lodge (Kilburn),

Oak Tree Ho.,

Oakeshotts grocery,

Oakhill Ave.,

Oakington Rd.,

Oaklands Hall,

the Oaks,

Oakwood Hall, pl.

Ogden, Hen. Jos.,

Ogilvie, John,

oil depots,

Old Brewery Mews,

Old Cottage,

Old Court Ho.,

Old Grove Ho.,

(Old) Mansion, pl.

Old Roman Catholics,

Oldrey, H. B.,

Oliphant St.,

Oliver, Jas.,

Ollier, Chas.,

O'Meara, Barry,

-, Dan.,
-, Kath., his wid., see Stanhope

One Oak,

Oppidans Mews, Rd.,

Oram, Wm.,

Oranjehaven, see Bayswater Rd.

Orchardson, Chas.,

Oriel Ct.,

Oriel Ho.,

Oriel Pl.,

-, Edw.,
-, Fras.,

Orme Ct. (flats),

Orme Ct. (rd.),

Orme Sq.,

Orme's green, see Westbourne green

Ormond, dchss. of, see Butler, Eliz.

Ormonde hotel,

Ornan Ct.,

Ornan Rd.,

Orsett Ho.,

Orsett Terr. (formerly Pl.),

-, Anne, m. John Little,
-, Wm.,

Orwell, Geo., his Keep the Aspidistra Flying,

Osborn Terr.,

-, Ld. Sidney Godolphin,
-, Thos.,

Osborne Ho.,

Osgood, Rebecca,

Osmond, see Boissevain

Ossington St.,

Ossulstone hundred,
-, Holborn division,

Otes, s. of William,

Oudh (India), queen of,

Our Lady's Missionary League,

-, Col. John,
-, Wm.,

-, Ern.,
-, Ern., & Williams,

Oxford, earl of, see Harley

Oxford, Regius Professor of Hebrew, and see All Souls' Coll.; Keble Coll.; Queen's Coll.

Oxford Arms P.H.,

Oxford Sq.,

Oxford Terr.,

Oxfordshire, see Nettlebed

-, Ric. of,
-, Wm. of,

-, adv.,
-, agric.,
-, almshos.,
-, asst. curates,
-, baths,
-, Bayswater, q.v.
-, boundaries,
-, bridges,
-, burial bd.,
-, cemeteries,
-, chars.,
-, charters,
-, chs., pls.
-, coach svces.,
-, common fields (Westbourne man.),
-, common pasture,
-, communications,
-, conservation areas,
-, dispensaries,
-, drainage,
-, electricity,
-, engine ho.,
-, fire,
-, friendly socs.,
-, gas,
-, geol.,
-, hosps.,
-, inclosure,
-, ind.,
-, Jews,
-, Kensington Gdns., q.v.
-, lecturer,
-, librs.,
-, Little Venice, q.v.
-, lodging hos.,
-, Maida Vale, q.v.
-, mans. and other est.,
-, Paddington, cts., customs, demesne, man. ho., and see Paddington Estate
-, Rectory,
-, metropolitan boro.,
-, as housing authy.,
-, arms,
-, wards,
-, wharves,
-, missions, and see London City; Railway
-, mkt. gdns. and nurseries,
-, mkts., canalside,
-, mortuary,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, oil lighting,
-, omnibus svces.,
-, Paddington green, q.v.
-, par. officers,
-, par. wards,
-, pks. and open spaces,
-, police,
-, poor relief,
-, poorhos.,
-, pop.,
-, density,
-, pub. hos.,
-, Queen's Pk., q.v.
-, rectory,
-, retail trade,
-, rlys. and Underground rlys., and see Great Western Rly.
-, roads,
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, convents,
-, St. Peter's Pk., q.v.
-, schs.,
-, select vestry,
-, sewerage,
-, soc. life,
-, steam coach svces.,
-, technical coll.,
-, tithes,
-, Tomlins Town,
-, town hall,
-, tram svces.,
-, Tyburnia, q.v.
-, vestry offices,
-, vicarage ho.,
-, vicars, ministers, and perpetual curates, and see Campbell, Archibald; Crane, Chas.
-, watchho.,
-, water,
-, Westbourne green, q.v.
-, wkhos.,
-, chapel,
-, infirmary,
-, laundry,
-, woodland,
-, Paddington wood,

Paddington and North Kensington Health authy.,

Paddington assoc.,

Paddington canal (branch of Grand Junction canal),
-, basin,
-, passenger transport,
-, pool,
-, walkway,
-, wharves,

Paddington Churches Housing Assoc.,

Paddington Community hosp.,

Paddington Estate,

Paddington Gen. hosp. (formerly infirmary),

Paddington green, in Paddington,
-, pl.
-, almshos.,
-, chs., pls.
-, churchyard and burial ground,
-, dom. bldgs., pl.
-, farms and farmhos.,
-, flats,
-, growth,
-, hotels,
-, housing and council est., Hall Pl.,
-, lodging hos.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, open space (green), pl.
-, police sta.,
-, ponds,
-, pop., density,
-, poverty,
-, pub. hos.,
-, retail trade,
-, roads,
-, schs.,

Paddington Ho.,

Paddington Soc.,

Paddington Soc. for Promoting Christian Knowledge among Canal Boatmen,

Paddington Volunteers,

Paddington Waterways Soc.,

Padmore, John,

Page, Rob.,

-, Wm., Baron Paget (d. 1678),
-, Wm., Baron Paget (d. 1713),

-, Fras.,
-, Marg., see Pawlett

Pakistanis, see immigrants

Palace Ct. (flats, Bayswater),

Palace Ct. (flats, Frognal),

Palace Ct. (rd.), pl.

Palace Ct. Ho.,

Palace Ct. Mansions,

Palatine, count, see Frederick V

-, Sir Fras.,
-, Fras. Turner,

Palgrave & Co.,

Palgrave Ho.,

-, Chas. Jas.,
-, Frances, m. John De La Fontayne,
-, Sir Geof., Bt.,
-, John,
-, Sam., artist,
-, Sam., biscuit mfr.,

Palmerston Rd.,

Pandora Publishing Co.,

Pandora Rd.,

paper ind.,

the Parade (Cricklewood),

Parisot, Peter,

-, John Jas.,
-, Thos.,

Park Bldgs.,

Park Ct. hotel,

Park Pl.,

Park Pl. Villas,

Park Plaza hotel,

Park Rd. (Belsize),

Park Rd. (Maida Vale),

Park West,

-, Geo., earl of Macclesfield,
-, Thos., earl of Macclesfield,

Parkgate (ho.), and see Spaniard's End

Parkhill Rd.,

-, Emma, m. Chas. Trueman,
-, Harriet, m. Revd. Thos. Mead,
-, Jane,

Parliament Ct.,

Parliament Hill, in St. Pancras,

Parliament Hill Fields, in St. Pancras,

Parliament Hill Rd.,

-, Hen. Brooke, Baron Congleton,
-, Sir John, Bt.,
-, Joshua,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,

parquet floor making,

Parry, Sir Wm.,

Parsifal Rd.,

Parsonage farm,

Parton, John,

Passionist Fathers,

Passive Resistance League,

Passmore, see Caroë

Patmore, Coventry,

Patti, Adelina,

Paulet, Sir Wm.,

Pavilion Cottage,

-, Eliz., m. Ric. Arthur,
-, John (fl. 1640),
-, John (fl. 1764),
-, Marg., m. Fras. Painter,
-, Thos.,

-, Fras.,
-, Geo.,
-, Hen.,
-, fam.,

-, G. A.,
-, John,

Peach St.,

Pearce, Wm. Hen., and see Peirce; Pierce

Pearman, T.,

-, Hesketh,
-, J. L.,
-, John,
-, and see Pierson

Peebles Ho.,

Peel, Sir Rob.,

Peirce, Wm., and see Pearce; Pierce

Pelham, Geo., bp. of Exeter,

Pemberton, Sir Max,

Pembridge Mansions,

Penne, Hugh,

Penney, Wm.,

Penrose, Sir Roland,


Pentland, Baron, see Sinclair

Pepys, Sam.,

Perceval, Spencer,

Perceval Ave.,

perforating machine making,

Perkins, Annette ('Polly Perkins'),

Perkins Heights,

Perrin, John,

Perring, Sir Wm.,

Perring & Co.,

Perrin's Ct., n

Perrin's Lane,

Perrin's Pl.,

-, John Padmore,
-, Wm.,

Peter's Ct.,

Peters, Thos.,

-, Clement,
-, Jas.,

Peto, see George, Ern.

Petrie, Sir Flinders,

Pettie, John,

Petty-FitzMaurice, Louisa or Maria, mchnss. of Lansdowne,

Peverell, Ranulf,

Pevsner, Sir Nikolaus,

-, Harry St. John,
-, H. A. R. ('Kim'),

Philharmonia Orchestra,

-, John,
-, John Wicking,
-, Sir Ric.,
-, Sam. March,

Philo-Investigists Soc.,

Philpot, Wm.,

Philpott Terr., see Edgware Rd.

Phyllis Ct.,

piano making,

-, Jos., perpetual curate of Paddington,
-, Wm.,

Pickering Pl., Terr.,

Pickett, Jos.,

Picketts farm,

Pickford & Co.,

Pickwick Papers,

Picton, Lt.-Gen. Sir Thos.,

Pierce, Wm., and see Pearce; Peirce

Pierson, Peter, n; and see Pearson

-, Chas.,
-, Chas., his s.,
-, Jas.,

Pilgrim P.H.,

Pilgrim's Ct., n

pill making,

Pink, John,

-, Anne, w. of Wm.,
-, Anne, m. Isaac Honywood,
-, Rebecca, m. Isaac Honywood (d. 1721),
-, Wm.,
-, --, m. Ric. Hodilow,

Pite & Balfour,

-, David, Baron Pitt of Hampstead,
-, Thos., Baron Camelford (d. 1793), and his wid. Anne,
-, Thos., Baron Camelford (d. 1804),
-, Wm., earl of Chatham,

Pitt Ho.,

-, Black Death,
-, and see Bayswater, pest ho.

-, Thos.,
-, Thos. Pell,

Platt's est.,

Platt's Lane,

Plaw, John,

-, Sir Chas.,
-, Jane, see St. John

Plumbe, Roland,

-, John,
-, Wal.,
-, Mr. (fl. 1653),

Pocock, Geo.,

poets, see Adams, Sarah Flower; Blake, Wm.; Browning, Eliz. Barrett and Rob.; Byron, Geo. Gordon; Coleridge, Sam.; Cory; Crabbe, Davidson, John; Donne; Drinkwater; Dryhurst; Empson; Flecker; Grigson; Hopkins, Gerard Manley; Keats; Knox; Masefield; Meynell, Alice; Morris; Patmore; Pope, Alex.; Radford; Read; Rogers; Shelley; Sitwell; Spender; Macneice; Tagore; Taylor, John; Tennyson; Thompson, Fras.; Verlaine; Wordsworth

Poles, see immigrants

Pollaky, Ignatius Paul,

Pollard, Rob.,

Pollard, Thomas & Edwards,

Pollexfen, Hen.,

Polygon (flats),

-, Asketin,
-, Cecily,
-, Gallota atte, n,
-, (or Ponder), fam.,

Pond Street, pl.

-, Jas.,
-, Lionel,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Ponting, T. H.,

Pool, Thos.,

Poole, Paul Falconer,

-, Alex.,
-, Chris.,
-, fam.,

Popes est., ho.,

Popham, Sir John,

Poplar Ho.,

Poplar Pl.,

Poplars (est.),

Popple, Hen.,

Porchester Gate,

Porchester Pl.,

Porchester Rd., n

Porchester Sq.,

Porchester Sq. (est.),

Porchester Terr., n,

-, F. W.,
-, Horatio,
-, John Vining, and his w. Mary Ann,

Porteus Ho.,

Porteus Rd.,

Portnall Rd.,

Portobello est., in Kensington,

Portsdown Rd.,

Portsdown Terr., see Maida Vale (part of Edgware Rd.)

Portsea Hall,

Portsea Pl.,

Post Ho. hotel (Bayswater Rd.),

Post Ho. hotel (Belsize),

Post Office:
-, telephone exchanges,
-, tube rly.,

-, Geo., builder and auctioneer,
-, Geo. (fl. 1864),
-, Geo. W.,
-, H. G.,
-, Thos., & Sons, (fl. 1860),
-, Thos. (fl. 1880s),

Potter's Bldgs.,

Povey, Chas.,

-, (formerly Roberts), Art. Annesley,
-, Edw., min. of Hampstead, n
-, John,
-, John Powell (formerly Roberts),
-, --, stained glass maker,

-, Maj. Percy,
-, fam.,

Pownall, Geo.,

Powys, Hen. Littleton,

Praed, Wm.,

Praed St.,

-, Reg.,
-, Rob.,

Prater, Wm., n

Presbyterian Church of Wales (formerly Welsh Calvinistic Methodists),


Prest, Wm., min. of Hampstead, n

Prestott, Peter, min. of Hampstead, n

Price, Geo.,

Pridham, Amy,

Priestley, J. B.,

Primrose Gdns.,

Primrose Hill, in Hampstead (part),
-, Barrow Hill,
-, ch.,
-, gymnasium,
-, rly. tunnel, pl.
-, schs.,

Primrose Hill Ct.,

Primrose Hill Rd.,

Prince Arthur P.H.,

Prince Arthur Rd.,

Prince Consort Rd.,

Prince Edward Mansions,

Prince of Wales hotel,

Prince's Sq.,

Princess Ct.,

Princess Royal P.H.,


-, John,
-, --, nurseryman,
-, and see Pryor

Priory Ct.,

Priory Lodge,

Priory Rd.,

-, Geo.,
-, Jack,


Prospect Ho.,

Prospect Pl. (Hampstead town),

Prospect Pl. (Kilburn),

Prospect Pl. (Paddington), see Edgware Rd.


Providence Corner,

Providence of the Immaculate Conception, Sisters of,

Provost & Co.,

Provost Rd.,

Pruce, John,

Prudential Assurance Co.,

-, Hannah, see Hoare
-, Rob.,
-, Thos. Marlborough,
-, -, m. Chas. Toller,
-, fam.,
-, and see Prior
-, the Pryors (flats),
-, the Pryors (ho.),

publishers, see writers

Pugin, E. W.,

Pugin & Pugin,

Pulling, -, builder,

Purdey, Jas., & Sons,

Purrett, Chas.,

Putney, Sam.,

Pye, John,

Pyne, Wm. Hen.,

Quadrangle (flats),

Quakers, see Society of Friends

Queen Charlotte's (formerly lying-in) hosp.,

Queen Eliz. Ho.,

Queen Mary's maternity home,

Queen's Coll., Oxford, provost of,

Queen's Gdns.,

Queen's Head P.H.,

Queen's Mansions,

Queen's Pk., in Paddington (formerly Chelsea detached),
-, baths,
-, chs.,
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, flats,
-, growth,
-, halls and institutes,
-, hotel,
-, housing and council est.,
-, libr.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pop., density,
-, pub. ho.,
-, roads,
-, schs.,

Queen's Pk. Ct.,

Queen's Pk. Rangers football club,

Queen's Rd.,

Queensborough Terr.,


Quennell, C. H. B.,

Quex Pk. (Kent),

Quex Rd.,

-, Bart.,
-, Helen, see Loftis
-, fam.,


Rachman, Peter,

Rackham, Art.,

-, Ann,
-, Rob., earl of Sussex,

Radford, Ern., and his w. Dollie,


Radnor Pl.,

Railway hotel,

Railway Mission,

Rainham (flats),

Ralph of Yeoveney,

Ralph Ct.,

Ramsay, Jas., earl of Dalhousie,

Ramsbury, Chas.,

-, Hen.,
-, Jas. H., & Son (Randalls of Paddington),
-, T. Gurney,

Randolph Ave.,

Randolph Cres.,

Randolph Gdns.,

Randolph Rd.,

Ranelagh Rd.,

Ranelagh sewer,

Rank Organization,

Ranulf Rd.,

-, Alex.,
-, Alex., his s.,

-, A.,
-, -, of Croydon,

Ravenshaw St.,

-, Eliz., m. Giles Earle (d. 1759),
-, Sir Wm.,

Rayne, Max, Baron Rayne,

-, H. A.,
-, Wm.,

-, John,
-, Wm., n

-, Ern.,
-, Sir Herb.,

Reade, Ric., and his w. Anne,

Real Property Co.,

Red Ho.,

Red Lion P.H. (Belsize),

Red Lion P.H. (Kilburn),

Red Lion P.H. (Paddington green),

Red Lion P.H. (Westbourne green),

Red Lodge,

Red Watch, see Honeycombe

Redington Gdns.,

Redington Lodge, pl.

Redington Rd.,

Reeder, -, builder,

Regency Lodge,

Regent's canal,

Regent's Canal and Dock Co.,

Regent's Villas,

Regent's Villa Mews,

-, And.,
-, Eliz., m. Chas. Maddocks Hardey,
-, John, n,
-, Mary, m. - Buffar,

Reid, Thos. Mayne,

Renfrew Ho.,

Rent Day P.H.,

Repton, Humphry,

reservoirs, see Grand Junction Waterworks Co.

-, Jabez,
-, Sir Josh.,
-, Sam.,

-, Thos.,
-, Thos. Wm.,

Rhys, Ern.,

Richard of Crokesley, abbot of Westm.,

Richard of Ware, abbot of Westm.,

Richard the forester,

-, Ric.,
-, fam.,

Richardson, Sam., his Clarissa Harlowe,

Richborough Rd.,

Richford Lodge,

Richmond, ctss. of, see Beaufort

Riddell, Jane, wid. of Sir John Riddell, Bt.,

Riddle, John,

Ridgeway, C. J., dean of Carlisle,

riding schs.,

rifle and pistol shooting,

-, Jeremy Jepson,
-, Sarah, see Bucknell
-, Thos. (fl. 1750),
-, Thos. (d. 1770),
-, Thos. E. T.,
-, Revd. Thos.,
-, Revd. Thos. Hyde,
-, fam.,

Ripleys est.,

Ripon, bp. of, see Carpenter

Rippin, Dorothy,

ritualism and High Church practices (and Anglo-Cathm.),

Rixton, John,

Robarts, Abraham, and see Roberts

Robert, s. of Nicol,

Robert Close,

-, Art. Annesley, see Powell
-, John, see Powell
-, John, architect,
-, Mary, w. of Thos. (fl. 1800),
-, Sarah,
-, Thos. (fl. 1672),
-, Thos. (fl. 1800),
-, Sir Wm., n, n
-, Mrs. (fl. 1889),
-, fam.,
-, and see Robarts

Roberts Bros.,

-, Field-Marshal Sir Wm.,
-, Marg.,
-, and see Hall, Stan.

Robin, Wm.,

Robins, Wm.,

-, Revd. Gerard,
-, John, bp. of Lond.,
-, Mrs. (fl. 1767-71),

-, E. R.,
-, Dame Flora,

Roche, Chas. Mills,

Roebuck P.H.,

Roff & Sons,

Roger, s. of, see Hamon

Rogers, Sam.,

Roke (or Rook), fam.,

Rokele, Martin de la,

Rolfe, Fred.,

Rollo, John, Baron Rollo,

Roman Catholicism,
-, schs.,
-, and see Adoration of the Sacred Heart; Charity of St. Vincent de Paul; Dames Anglaises; Dominican Sisters; Hope, Sisters of; Immaculate Heart of Mary; Jesus, Society of; Mary Immaculate; Mercy of the Holy Cross; Notre Dame de Bon Secours; Old Roman Caths.; Passionist Fathers; Providence, Sisters of; St. Charles Borromeo; St. Dorothy; St. Marcellina

Romford (Essex), Dagnam Pk.,

Romilly, Sir Sam.,

Romney, Geo.,

Romney Ho.,

Rondu Rd.,

Rook, see Roke

the Rookery,

-, John Moore,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,

Rose, R.,

Rose Cottage,

Rose Lodge,

Rose Mount,

Rosecroft Ave.,

Rosemount Rd.,

-, Dante Gabriel,
-, Eliz., see Siddal

Rossi, J. C. F.,

Rosslyn, earl of, see Wedderburn

Rosslyn Ct.,

Rosslyn Gdns.,

Rosslyn Grove,

Rosslyn Hill,

Rosslyn Hill Ho.,

Rosslyn Ho., pl.

Rosslyn Lodge,

Rothermere, Vct., see Harmsworth

Rothery, Wm.,

Rothschild fam.,

Rottenberg, Gerson,

Rous, Jos.,

Rous's Bldgs.,

Rouw, Hen.,


Royal Assoc. for the Deaf and Dumb,

Royal East Middlesex Militia,

Royal Exchange Assurance,

Royal Free hosp.,

Royal Humane Soc.,

Royal Lancaster hotel,

Royal Liver Co.,

Royal Naval asylum,

Royal Norfolk (formerly New Norfolk and Norfolk Sq.) hotel,

Royal Oak P.H.,

Royal Sailors' Daughters' Home, see Hampstead town

Royal Sea-Bathing infirmary,

Royal Soldiers' Daughters' Home, see Hampstead town

Royston Hall,

Royston Rd.,

rubbish and manure collecting,

Rudall Cres.,

Rudd, John,

le Rudyng, est.,

rugby football,

Ruislip, see Northwood

Rumsey, Thos.,

Rundell, Mary Eliz.,

Running Horse P.H.,

Ruskin, John,

-, Anne, see North
-, Frances, see Cholmeley
-, Sir John, and his wid. Eliz.,
-, John (fl. 1565),
-, John (fl. 1929),
-, Thos.,

Russell Ho.,

Russians, see immigrants

Rutland, Benj.,

-, John (fl. 1347),
-, John (fl. 1450),

-, Brune,
-, Judith, see Tyler

Sabatini, Rafael,

Sackville-West, Victoria, her All Passion Spent,

Safeway Food Stores,

Sailors' Orphan Girls' Home, see Frognal

Sainsbury, John,

St. Agnes Villas, see Bayswater Rd.

St. Alban, Vct., see Bacon, Fras.

St. Aubyn, J. P.,

St. Charles Borromeo, Oblate Fathers of,

St. Columba's hosp.,

St. Crispin's Close,

St. Cuthbert's Rd.,

St. Dorothy, Sisters of,

St. George, Hanover Sq., Westm., par. of,
-, burial ground (formerly in Paddington),
-, chapel,
-, lecturer,
-, St. George's Row, see Bayswater Rd.

St. George's Fields Ltd.,

St. George's Rd.,

St. George's Terr., see Kilburn High Rd.

St. Giles, Gerin of, see Gerin

St. James's Mansions,

St. John:
-, Jane, m. Rob. Atye, Sir Chas. Pleydall,
-, John,
-, Sir Rowland,
-, Sir Oliver, Bt.,
-, fam.,

St. John Stevas, Norman, Baron St. John of Fawsley,

St. John's Ct.,

St. John's Pk. Villas, see Haverstock Hill

St. John's Wood, in Hampstead (part),
-, baths,
-, chs.,
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, est.,
-, flats,
-, growth,
-, housing and council est.,
-, libr. (Swiss Cottage),
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pub. hos.,
-, retail trade,
-, roads,
-, schs.,
-, theatre,

St. John's Wood Pk.,

St. John's Wood Pk. Investment Co.,

St. Jude's Cottage,

St. Kilda (ho.),

St. Luke's hosp.,

St. Marcellina, Sisters of,

St. Margaret, Westm., par. of,
-, rectory,

St. Margaret's Rd.,

St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Westm., par. of,
-, ch., n, n

St. Marylebone, see Marylebone

St. Marylebone Housing Assoc.,

St. Mary's hosp.,
-, bldgs., pl.
-, medical sch.,
-, workforce,

St. Mary's Mansions,

St. Mary's Sq.,

St. Mary's Terr.,

St. Michael's St.,

St. Pancras,
-, Asylum for Journeymen Tailors,
-, chamber of commerce,
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, Gospel Oak, q.v.
-, Kenwood, q.v.
-, metropolitan boro.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, Parliament Hill, q.v.
-, Parliament Hill Fields, q.v.
-, pub. hos.,
-, schs.,

St. Paul's cathedral, Lond.,
-, canons, see Ainger; BeresfordPeirse; Brown, Ric.; Campbell, Archibald; Forrest;
-, Hardman; Smith, Jos.

St. Peter's Pk., in Paddington,
-, chs.,
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, flats,
-, growth,
-, housing and council est.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pop., density,
-, poverty,
-, roads,
-, schs.,

St. Peter's Rd.,

St. Petersburgh Ho.,

St. Petersburgh (formerly Petersburgh) Pl.,

St. Stephen's Gdns.,

Sale St. (later Pl.),

-, Frank,
-, Norwich,
-, Wm.,

Salisbury, canon of, see Dunster

the Salt Box,

Salter, Jos.,

Saltram Cres.,

Salvation Army,

Samuel, Herb., Vct. Samuel,

Samuel, Basil & Howard,

Samuel Properties,

Sandby, Paul,

Sandell, Jos., & Co.,

Sandell Perkins,

Sanders, John,

-, John,
-, Ric. Burdon,

Sandfield Lodge,

Sandgate, see North End

Sandiford (or Sandiforth), Bern., perpetual curate of Paddington,

Sandringham Ct.,

-, Ant.,
-, Frances, m. Sir Thos. Savile,
-, Rob.,
-, Thos., and his wid. Marg.,
-, fam.,

Sandwell Cres.,

Sandwell Ho.,

Sandwell Mansions,

Sandy Rd.,

Sansom, Wm.,

Sappton, John,

Saracen's Head P.H.,

Sarah Siddons Ho.,

Sarre Rd.,

Sartorius, Rear-Adm. Sir Geo.,

Sarum Chase,

Satterchott, Thos.,

Saumarez, Adm. Jas., Baron de Saumarez,

-, Frances, see Sands
-, Sir Thos.,

Saxon Hall,

Saxon Ho.,

-, John,
-, Wm.,
-, Wm. Oliver,

Scarborough (Yorks.),

Scarlett, Frank,

Scarrotts Corner,

Scheemakers, Thos.,

Schiavonetti, Luigi,

Schofield, Dr.,

Schreiber, Chaim,

Schwarzkopf, Elisabeth,

Schweppes (later Cadbury Schweppes),

-, Adrian Gilb.,
-, Sir Geo. Gilb.,
-, Geo. Gilb.,
-, Sir Giles Gilb.,
-, John Oldrid,
-, Julia Marg.,
-, Wm.,

Scott Cars,

Scrope, Hen. le,

Scudamore, John,

sculptors, see Bacon, John, sr. and jr.; Banks; Behnes; Bonomi; Bushnell; Chavalliaud; Cramphorn; Earp; Gabo; Gibbons, Grinling; Graves; Hepworth; Kendrick; Moholy-Nagy; Moore, Chris. and Hen.; Nicholls; Nollekens, Jos.; Rossi; Rouw; Scheemakers; Sealey; Skeaping; Thomas, John; Thornycroft; Walker, A. G.; Westmacott; Wyatt, Mat. Cotes

Sealey, Thos.,

Searle, C. G.,

Searsfield est.,

Second Covent Garden Property Co.,

Sedley, Sir Chas.,

Seifert, R., & Partners,

Selfridge, Gordon,
-, Selfridges Ltd.,

Serman (or Surman), Wm.,

Serres, Dominic,

servants, see domestic servants

Seventh-day Adventists,

Sevington St.,

-, Hannah,
-, Hen.,

Sexton, G. A.,

-, Edw., duke of Somerset,
-, Jas. Rice,

Seymour St.,

Shaftesbury Ho.,

Shaftesbury Pk., see Battersea

Shakespeare's Head P.H.,

Shannon, earl of, see Boyle

-, Cecil,
-, Chas. Smithee,
-, Horatio,

-, Revd. E. N.,
-, Hen.,
-, Revd. Hen.,

-, Bernard,
-, John (d. 1832),
-, John (d. 1870),
-, Martin,
-, Ric. Norman,

-, Geo., Baron Eversley,
-, Sir John Geo.,

-, Dan.,
-, Gilb., bp. of Lond. and abp. of Canterbury,
-, Gilb. (fl. 1712),
-, Sir Jos., ld. mayor of Lond.,
-, Judith, m. - Jodrell,
-, Mary, m. - Craddock,

Shelford Lodge,

Shelley, Percy Bysshe,

Shepheard, -, brewer,

-, J. J.,
-, John, asst. curate of Paddington,
-, Rob.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Sheppard, Jack,

Sherborne, Baron, see Dutton

-, Helen Selina, later ctss. of Dufferin,
-, Ric. Brinsley,

Sheriff, Alex.,

Sheriff Rd.,

Shields, Fred.,

Shillibeer, Geo.,

Shirland Mews,

Shirland Rd.,

Shirley, Rob., Earl Ferrers,

Shoot Up Hill,

Shoot Up Hill est.,

Shoot Up Hill farm,

Shooter, Eliz.,

Shout, Rob.,

-, Eliz., w. of Jas.,
-, Eliz., dau. of Jas.,
-, Jas.,
-, Rebecca,

Sibthorp, Mr. (fl. 1753),

Sickert, Wal.,

Siddal, Eliz. (Lizzie), m. Dante Gabriel Rossetti,

-, Sarah,
-, Wm.,

Siddons Ho.,

Sidney, Fred.,

Sidney Boyd Ct.,


Silver St.,

-, Rob.,
-, Mary,

Simmons, John, and see Symmons

Simovic, see Bickerdike

Simpson, Sir John,

Sinclair, John, Baron Pentland,

singers, see musicians

Sinton (or Linton), Geo.,

Sisters of the Church,

Sitwell, Dame Edith,

Sixth Ave.,

Skardu Rd.,


Skeaping, John,

Skerrett, Hen.,

Skinner, John,

Slanning, John,

-, Jane, see Stanwix
-, Rob.,


-, John (fl. 1371),
-, John (d. 1420),
-, fam.,

-, Frances, see Vavasor
-, Hen.,

Sloper, Jos., (& Co.),

Slyes est., ho.,

Smale, Mat.,

Smalley, Revd. Cornwall,

smallpox hosp.,

-, Augustus Fred.,
-, Basil Woodd,
-, F. Danby,
-, Geo.,
-, Dr. Heywood,
-, Hugh,
-, John,
-, John Thos.,
-, Jos., perpetual curate of Paddington,
-, T. Rog.,
-, Thos., bricklayer,
-, Thos., grocer,
-, Wm. (fl. 1516),
-, Wm. (fl. 1774),

Smithfield, see London

Smyrna Rd.,

Snelgar, Jacob,

Snell, A. Saxon,

Snelling, Ric.,

Snow, Ralph, n

-, Armine,
-, Edw. (fl. 1687, 1729),
-, Edw. (d. 1766), n, n,
-, Jane, m. - Hill,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Snoxell's farm,

-, Bridget, see Barnham
-, John,
-, Steph.,
-, Sir Wm.,
-, Sir Wm., Bt.,

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge,

Society for the Maintenance of the Faith,

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts,

Society of Friends (Quakers),

Solent Rd.,

Somali Rd.,

Somerset, duke of, see Seymour

Somerset, see Bath

Soskice, Frank, Baron Stow Hill,

Sotheby, Sam.,

Soutar, A. & J.,

South End Close,

South End farm,

South End Green, see Hampstead town

South End Ho.,

South Hampstead Sanitary Laundry Co.,

South Heath (ho.),

South Hill Pk.,

South Hill Pk. Rd.,

South Villa,

South Wharf Rd.,


Southwick Pk. (Hants),

Southwick St.,

Sovereign brewery,

Sovereign Mews,

Sovereign St.,

Spain, Chas.,

Spalding, Hen.,

Spalding & Cross,

Spaniard's End, in Hampstead,
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, Parkgate,
-, pub. hos.,

Spaniard's P.H.,

Spaniard's Rd., tollho.,

-, Isabel, w. of Mic., m. Rob. Davies,
-, Mic.,

Spedan Tower,

Spence, Sir Basil,

-, Herb.,
-, Hilda, see Carline
-, Sir Stan.,

Spencer Ho.,

Spencer Walk,

Spender, Sir Steph.,

Spilsbury, Sir Bernard,

Spire Ho.,


Spitzel, Louis,

sports and recreations:
-, sports centres,
-, and see archery; athletics; bathing; bowling; boxing; cricket; cycling; fencing; fishing; football; gymnastics; harriers; hawking; hockey; hunting; lawn billiards; lawn tennis; riding; rifle and pistol shooting; rowing; rugby football; skating; squash; trap-ball

Spotted Dog P. H.,

Sprince, Hugh,

Spring Cottage,

Spring St.,

Springfield Lane,

Springfield Rd.,

Springfield Villas,

Sprint, John, min. of Hampstead,


Squire, Joshua,

Squire's Mount,

Stacey, Geo.,

Stafford Ho.,

Stafford hotel,

Stag and Hounds P. H.,

-, Alex.,
-, Margery,

stained glass artists and makers, and see Burne-Jones; Clayton & Bell; East; Gibbs, Messrs.; Hill, G. H.; Holiday; Lavers & Westlake; Mill glass works; Morris; Noble; Powell, -; Wailes; Wilson & Hammond

Stamp, Edw. Blanshard,

Stanfield, Clarkson,

Stanfield Ho.,

-, Kath., ctss. of Chesterfield, w. of Hen., Ld. Stanhope, m. 2 Jan van den Kerchove, Dan. O'Neill,
-, Philip, earl of Chesterfield (d. 1714),
-, Philip, earl of Chesterfield (Ld. Stanhope) (d. 1726),
-, Philip Dormer, earl of Chesterfield (d. 1773),
-, Philip, earl of Chesterfield (d. 1815),

Stanhope Pl.,

Stanley Gdns.,

Stanley Pl.,

Stanley St.,

Stanton, see Biscoe

Stanwick, see Stanwix

Stanwix (or Stanwick):
-, Jane, m. Rob. Slaughter,
-, Jos., and his wid. Mary,
-, Mary, m. Jas. Battin,

Star St.,

-, Eliz.,
-, Geo.,
-, John,
-, Thos.,
-, Mrs. (? Eliz.),

Station Rd.,

Steele, Sir Ric.,

Steele's Cottage,

Steele's Mews,

Steele's Rd.,

Steele's studios,

Steevens, Geo.,

Stenning, A. R.,

Stephen, King,

Stephen, Doug.,

Stephens, Jas.,

-, Cecil,
-, Rob.,

Stephenson Ho.,

Sterne, Laurence,

Stevens, Alf.,

-, J. J.,
-, Rob. Louis,

-, Jane, ctss. of Galloway,
-, Wm., earl of Blessington,

Still P.H.,

-, Rob., bp. of Bath and Wells,
-, Rob., his cousin,
-, Thos.,

-, Hen.,
-, John,

Stoke, West (Suss.),

-, Adrian,
-, John,

Stoll, Sir Oswald,

Stone, Rob.,

-, Sir Geo., Bt.,
-, Jas.,
-, Revd. Sir Jas., Bt.,
-, Ric.,
-, Sir Thos., Bt.,
-, fam.,

Stopes, Marie,

Stormont, Vct., see Murray, Wm. David

Stow Hill, Baron, see Soskice

Stowe Ho.,

-, Lytton,
-, Lt.-Gen. Sir Ric.,

Strand Hotels,

Strange, Dr. W. Heath,

Stranraer Pl.,

Strathearn Pl.,

Strathray Rd.,

Streatley (flats),

Streatley Pl.,

-, G. E.,
-, W. C.,
-, fam.,

Stringfield, Thos.,

Strome Ho.,

Stuart, Lt.-Gen. Sir John,

Sturat Tower,

studios, see Mall; Steele's; Wychcombe

Sturges, Revd. Sim.,

Sturgis (or Turgis), fam.,

Suburban hotel,

Sugden, Howard,

Sumatra Rd.,

Summerson, Sir John,

Sun Ho.,

Sun P.H.,

Sunderland Terr., n



Surman, see Serman

Surrendale Pl.,

Surrey, see Claygate: Cranleigh; Leatherhead; Lightwater

Sussex, duke of, see Augustus Fred.

Sussex, earl of, see Radcliffe, Rob.

Sussex, see Stoke, West

Sussex Arms hotel,

Sussex Gdns., pl.

Sussex Lodge,

Sussex Mews,

Sussex Pl.,

Sussex Sq.,

Sutcliffe, Mrs. (fl. 1829),

Sutherland Ave.,

Sutherland Gdns.,

Sutherland Housing Assoc.,

Sutherland Paris Developments,

Suttle, W. H.,

Swan P. H.,

Swanleys (flats),

Swaythling, Baron, see Montagu, Sam.

Sweet, Hen.,

Swinstead, Geo.,

Swiss Cottage, in Hampstead,
-, libr., see St. John's Wood
-, pub. ho.,
-, retail trade,
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, sch.,

Swiss Cottage Holiday Inn,

Swiss Cottage P. H.,

Sybrand, Wm.,

Sydney Ho.,

Symmons, John, and see Simmons

Symmons's ho., pl.

T.F.P. Architects,

T.S.W. Ho.,

Taft, John,

Tagore, Sir Rabindranath,

Talbot Rd.,

Talbot Sq.,

Tandlewell Trading Co.,

Tanza Rd.,

Taplow Ho.,

Tarring, J.,

Tasker, Fras.,

Tasker Rd.,

-, Edwin,
-, Wm.,

-, C., & Son,
-, Chas.,
-, Jas.,
-, Wal.,
-, fam.,

-, Ric.,
-, Rob.,
-, Rog.,

Tavistock Clinic,

Tavistock Lodge,

Tavistock Rd.,

-, A. S.,
-, John,
-, Ken.,

-, Geo. Ledward,
-, John (fl. 1765),
-, John, 'water poet',
-, John, & Co.,

Taylour, Mary, mchnss. of Headfort,

tea gardens,
-, Bayswater,
-, Flora (later Victoria),

Tecton, architects,

Teil, John,

Templar Ho.,

Templars, see Knights Templars

Temple, Sir Ric., Bt.,

Temple Pk.,

Temples (later Hospitallers') est.,

Templewood Ave.,

Tenniel, Sir John,

Tennyson, Alf., Baron Tennyson,


tenure, customary, see Hampstead, man.

Territorial Army,

-, Revd. C. J.,
-, Revd. G. F.,
-, Quinlan,

Ters, see Gers

Tesco Stores,

Teulon, S. S.,

Thackeray, Wm. Makepeace,

theatres and concert halls, and see Hampstead town: Everyman; Kilburn: Theatre Royal; Metropolitan Music Hall

Theatre West (co.),


Theosophical Soc.,

-, Alex. Edw.,
-, Capt. Art.,
-, Augustus Fred.,
-, Lt.-Col. Evelyn Wm.,
-, Laura (Laura Bell, w. of Augustus Fred.),
-, Rob.,
-, Selina, see Frederick
-, Thos. (d. 1850),
-, Thos. (d. 1900),
-, fam.,

-, J. A.,
-, John,
-, and see Pollard; Whitfield

Thomas & Son,

-, Fras.,
-, John (d. 1843),
-, John, physician,

Thorngate Rd.,

Thornhill, John,

Thornton, Ric.,

Thornycroft, Sir Hamo,

-, John (d. 1687),
-, John, grandson of John,
-, Rob.,
-, Mr. (fl. 1650),

Thorplands est.,

Three Gables,

Three Horseshoes P.H.,

Three Jolly Gardeners P.H.,

Three Pigeons P.H.,

Three Tuns P.H.,

Thurlow, Theresa,

Thurlow Rd.,

Thurso Ho.,


Thyateira, metropolitan of,

-, Mary, n
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

Tidey, Dan.,

Tildesley, David,

Tilford (or Titford):
-, Chas., and his w. Rebecca,
-, Eliz., m. Jas. Shuter,

Till, Chas.,

timber merchants,

Timms, Revd. G. B.,

Tindal, Sir Nic. Conyngham,

Titchborne Pl.,

Titchborne St.,

-, Geo. (d. 1829),
-, Geo. (fl. 1835),

Toleman, Jas.,

-, Chas.,
-, Edw.,
-, Mary Anne, m. Chas. Holford,
-, Thos.,

Tomblin, Jas.,

Tomlins Town, see Paddington

Toms & Partners,

-, Fras. (d. 1877),
-, Frank (d. 1924),

Topolski, Feliks,

Torquay St.,

Torridon Ho.,

Torrington, ctss. of, see Crew

Tottenham, Noel Pk. est.,

Tout, T. F.,

the Tower,

Tower Close,

Tower Ho.,

Tower Royal works,

Townsend, John,

Towse, John, his wid.,

Toxophilite (later Royal Toxophilite) Soc.,

Train, G. F.,


Tree, Sir Herb. Beerbohm,

Trehearne & Norman, Preston & Partners,

Treherne Croft est.,

Treherne Ho.,

Tremlett, Revd. F. W.,

Trevelyan, Sir Chas.,

Trinidad and Tobago, high commission of,

Trinity Close,

Trinity Ct.,

Trollope, Ant.,

Trott, Wm.,

Troyes Ho.,

-, Chas.,
-, Emma, see Parkinson

Trusthouse Forte,

Tudor Close,

Tudor Ho.,

Tulloch, Eliz.,

Tunbridge Wells (Kent),

Tunnard, Chris.,

Turgis, see Sturgis

-, Ambrose,
-, Geo.,
-, J., & Son,
-, John (fl. 1734),
-, John (d. 1688),
-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,

Turnham, John,

Tyburn, in Marylebone:
-, gallows ('Tyburn tree'),
-, man.,

Tyburn brook,
-, stream (another),

Tyburn shrine, see Adoration of the Sacred Heart

Tyburnia, in Paddington, pl.
-, chs.,
-, Connaught village,
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, farm,
-, flats,
-, growth,
-, hotels and boarding hos.,
-, housing est.,
-, Jews,
-, office blocks,
-, pop., density,
-, pub. hos.,
-, retail trade,
-, roads,
-, schs.,

-, Jos.,
-, Judith, w. of Thos.,
-, Judith, m. - Ryves,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,

Ulysses Rd.,

-, Alice, see Barnham
-, Evelyn,
-, Sir John,

Unigate (co.),

Unit One (artists),

Unitarian Soc.,


United Arab Emirates, president of,

United Church of God in Christ,

United Dairies,

United Drapery Stores,

United Land Co.,

United Sanctuary of the New Day of the Nook,

United States, see immigrants

University College sch.,
-, preparatory sch.,

Unwin, Sir Stan.,

Uplands (ho.),

Upper Bowling Green Ho.,

Upper Chalcot Lane, see England's Lane

Upper Chalcot's farm,

Upper Flask P.H.,

Upper Frederick St.,

Upper Frognal Lodge,

Upper Hyde Pk. Gdns., see Bayswater Rd.

Upper Hyde Pk. St.,

Upper Park Rd.,

Upper Seymour St. West,

Upper Terr.,

Upper Terr. Ho.,

Upper Terr. Lodge,

-, Col. Art.,
-, Fulk Greville, see Howard
-, Jane,
-, John Davis,
-, Thos.,

Upton farm,

Usher's Wiltshire Brewery,

Utopian Housing Soc.,

Uwins, Thos.,

Uxbridge Pl., see Bayswater Rd.

the Uxbridge rd., see Bayswater Rd.

Vale Cottage,

Vale Ho.,

Vale Lodge,

Vale of Health, pl.
-, Anglo-German club,
-, Athenaeum club,
-, dom. bldgs.,
-, flats,
-, growth,
-, Hatch's Bottom,
-, hotels,
-, ind.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pond,
-, poorhos., see Hampstead, poorhos.
-, pop.,

Vale of Health P.H.,

Vallett, see Vaslet

-, Sir Hen. (Harry), his wid.,
-, Hen., Vct. Barnard (later duke of Cleveland),

Vane Close,

Vane Ho., pl.

Vansittart, Geo.,

-, Cornelius,
-, John,

Vaslet (or Vallett), Lewis,

-, C. Evans,
-, Rob.,

-, Eliz., see Beckwith
-, Frances, m. Hen. Slingsby,

-, ambassador of,
-, ch. of Santa Maria della Salute,

Ventris, Mic.,

-, Geo.,
-, Wm.,

Verlaine, Paul,

Vernon, Gen. Chas.,

Vestris, Mme., see Mathews

veterinary college,

Victoria, Queen,

Victoria Grove,

Victoria Mansions,

Victoria Mews, Rd.,

Victoria St.,

Victory (Ex-Services) club,

Vigers, Edw.,

Vigor, Revd. Tim. Stonhouse,

Villa Henriette,

Village Mount,

Villas on the Heath,

Villedeuil, marquis de,

Villiers, Geo. Herb. Hyde, earl of Clarendon,

-, Eliz.,
-, John,
-, John, his s.,
-, Ric.,
-, Rob., and his wid. Eliz.,

Vine Ho.,

Vipand, Hen.,

the Vivary,

Vivian, John,

Volta Ho.,

volunteers, see Hampstead Volunteers

Vortex, see Coward

Voysey, C. F. A., his fa.,

-, Geo.,
-, Lewis, n

-, Anne, m. - Baesh,
-, Anne, w. of Sir Wm., m. 2 Thos. Bushell,
-, Armagil,
-, Armenegilda, m. - Mordaunt,
-, Jas.,
-, Sir Wm.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Wachter, fam.,

Waddell, Helen,

Wade-Farmer, F.,

Wadham Gdns.,

-, Revd. H. R.,
-, Jas. F.,

Wagner, John Fred.,

Wailes, W.,

Waite, Hen.,

Waitrose (co.),

Wake, Sir Isaac,

Wakeford, Hen.,

Walbrook, Anton,

-, John David,
-, Frances Sarah,
-, Wm.,

-, prince of (later Edw. VII),
-, prince of (later Geo. II),
-, princess of (Caroline of Ansbach),
-, princess of (Caroline of Brunswick),
-, Prince William of,
-, and see Charlotte Augusta

Walford, Cornelius,

-, A. G.,
-, Adm. Sir Baldwin Wake, Bt.,
-, Fred.,
-, Thos.,

Wallace, Edgar,

Wallas, J. C.,

Walmsley, Jos.,

-, Horatio, Ld. Walpole, later earl of Orford,
-, Hon. Ric.,

Walter of Wenlock,

-, Sam.,
-, -, wid.,

Walters, - (fl. 1858),

Walterton Rd., (est.),

Walton, Sir Wm.,

-, Jas.,
-, John, and his w. Isabel,
-, Wm.,
-, and see Connell

-, Isaac,
-, J., & Sons,
-, Sam.,

Ware, Richard of, see Richard

Waring, Misses,

Warlock Rd.,

-, Langhorn, min. of Hampstead,
-, Peter,

Warrington Cres.,

Warrington hotel,

Warrington Lodge hosp.,

Warrington Terr.,

Wartnaby, W.,

Warwick, Septimus,

Warwick, earl of, see Dudley

Warwick Arms P.H.,

Warwick Ave.,

Warwick Cres.,

Warwick (est.),

Warwick farm,

Warwick (formerly Warwick Arms and Pears n's Warwick) hotel,

Warwick Pl., Rd.,

Warwick Rd. West,

washerwomen, see laundering

Water Gdns.,

Waterford (Ireland), bp. of, see Hussey, Thos.

Waterhouse, Alf., and see Hall

Waterlow, Sir Ern.,

Waterson, J. P.,

Wates Ltd.,

Watkins, Wm.,

Watling Street, see Edgware Rd.

Watno, John,

-, Thos.,
-, Lady,

Watson's Yard, n

Watson-Wentworth, Thos., earl of Malton,

Watts & Co.,

-, Alec,
-, Art.,
-, Evelyn,

-, Thos. Brooke,
-, Thos. Bruce,

Waverley Rd.,

Weatherall, Thos.,

Weatherall Ho.,

-, Beatrice,
-, Mary,
-, Phil.,
-, Sidney,
-, Thos.,

Webheath (est.),

Wedderburn, Alex., Baron Loughborough and earl of Rosslyn,

Wedderburn Rd.,

Wedgwood Walk (est.),

Weech Hall,

Weech Rd.,

-, Harry,
-, Thos., and his w. Susanna,

-, Jane, w. of Ric., m. 2 Edw. Fust,
-, Ric.,

Weir, And., Baron Inverforth,

Welbeck Abbey (Notts.),

Welbeck Mansions,

-, Ric., & Sons,
-, fam.,

Well Rd.,

Well Passage,

Well Walk,
-, fountain,

-, Jane, m. Sir Thos. Wilson, Bt. (d. 1798),
-, John, and his wid. Margaretta Maria,

Wellesley, Art., duke of Wellington,

Wellesley Ho.,

Wellesley Lodge,

Wellington, duke of, see Wellesley

Wellington Ho.,

Wellington Terr., see Bayswater Rd.

-, Miss E. G.,
-, H. G.,
-, T. K.,

Wells Bldgs.,

Wells Ho.,

Wells hotel,

Wells P.H.,


Welsh C.E. Church,

Welsh Calvinistic Methodists, see Presbyterian Church of Wales

Wenlock, Walter of, see Walter

Wentworth Ho.,

Wentworth Pl.,

Wesleyans, see Methodists

Wessex Gdns.,

-, Chas., Baron De La Warr,
-, Anne, his w., see Wilde
-, Revd. Ric. Temple,

West Cottages,

West Croft,

West End, in Hampstead,
-, chs.,
-, dom. bldgs., pl.
-, farms and farm hos.,
-, flats,
-, Fortune Green,
-, growth,
-, Hackney (New) Coll.,
-, housing and council est.,
-, ind.,
-, Jews,
-, New West End,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, pop. (hos.),
-, pub. hos.,
-, retail trade,
-, roads,
-, schs.,

West End est. (Kilburn priory),

West End Hall,

West End Ho.,

West End Lane,

West End Pk.,

West Hampstead, see Hampstead, West

West Hampstead Mews,

West Heath Rd.,

West Indians, see immigrants

West London Auxiliary Sunday Sch. Union,

West London Ethical Soc., see Ethical Church

West Middlesex Water Co.,

West Stoke, see Stoke, West

Westbere Rd.,

Westbourne Ct.,

Westbourne (or Westbourne green) est., cts., man. ho. and see Knightsbridge

Westbourne farm (or Westbury),

Westbourne Gdns., (est.),

Westbourne green, in Paddington, pl.
-, baths,
-, Turkish baths,
-, chs., pls.
-, dom. bldgs., pls.
-, farms and farmhos.,
-, flats,
-, growth,
-, halls and institutes,
-, Athenaeum,
-, Porchester hall,
-, hotels,
-, housing and council est.,
-, librs.,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, office blocks,
-, Orme's green,
-, pop.,
-, density,
-, poverty,
-, pub. hos.,
-, retail trade,
-, roads, pl.
-, schs.,

Westbournia, q.v.

Westbourne green farm,

Westbourne Green Lane,

Westbourne Grove, pl.

Westbourne Grove Terr.,

Westbourne Grove West,

Westbourne Ho. (ho.),

Westbourne Ho. (office block),

Westbourne Manor Ho.,

Westbourne Pk.,

Westbourne Pk. building soc., see Leek & Westbourne

Westbourne Pk. Rd.,

Westbourne Pk. Villas,

Westbourne Pl. (later Westbourne Pk.) est.,

Westbourne Pl. (ho.), pl.

Westbourne stream,

Westbourne St.,

Westbourne Terr.,

Westbourne Terr. North,

Westbourne Terr. Rd.,


Westbury, Baron, see Bethell

Westbury Ho.,

-, Bart.,
-, Edw.,

Westchester Ho.,

Westcroft (est.),

Western Gas Light Co.,

Westfield, Ric.,

Westfield Coll., Lond.,

Westgate-on-Sea (Kent), sch.,

Westlake, see Lavers

Westland hotel,

Westmacott, Sir Ric.,

Westmead (est.),

-, abbey, q.v.
-, Alice of, q.v.
-, Belgravia,
-, city (18th-cent.),
-, commissioners of sewers,
-, diocese, bps.,
-, Eye (or Ebury), q.v.
-, Hyde Park, q.v.
-, Kensington Gdns., q.v.
-, Knightsbridge, q.v.
-, Law Courts (Strand),
-, London. boro., q.v.
-, man., see Hyde
-, sch.,
-, St. George, Hanover Sq., q.v.
-, St. James's hosp.,
-, St. Margaret, q.v.
-, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, q.v.

Westminster, duke of, see Grosvenor

Westminster, Lond. boro. (City),
-, as housing authy.,
-, arms,
-, cleansing depot,

Westminster abbey:
-, abbey and abbots,
-, as lords of Hampstead,
-, as lords of Paddington and Westbourne,
-, and see Herbert; Humez; Richard of Crokesley; Richard of Ware; Walter of Wenlock
-, almoner,
-, bailiff,
-, (dean and) chapter,
-, new work,
-, priors,
-, and see Clare; Nicholas of Litlington
-, sacrist,

Westmorland, see Belle Isle

Westway, pl.

Wetherall, Bart.,

Whalley, Revd. Thos. Sedgwick,

Wharrie, Mrs. (fl. 1935),

Wheatley, Mrs. (fl. 1647),

Wheatsheaf P.H.,

Whibley, T. E.,

the Whinns,

Whistler, Jas.,

Whitcomb, Cath.,

-, Hen. (fl. 1524),
-, Hen. (fl. c. 1780),
-, John,
-, Rob.,
-, Sam.,
-, Wm.,
-, W. Hen., & Sons,

White Bear P.H.,

White Hart P.H.,

White Ho. (Belsize),

White Ho. (Chalcots),

White Ho. (Hampstead town),

White Ho. (Spaniard's End),

White Ho. (West End),

White Horse P.H.,

White Lion P.H. (Hampstead town),

White Lion P.H. (Paddington green),

White's hotel,

Whitefield, Geo.,

Whitefoord, Caleb,

Whiteley, Wm.,
-, employees,
-, shop bldgs., pl.

Whitehall hotel,

Whitestone Ho.,

Whitestone P.H.,

Whitfield & Thomas,

Whittock (? Whitlock), Wal.,

Whitton (est.),

Widgett, see Woodgate

Widley Rd.,

Wight, see Wright

Wigram, Sir Rob., Bt.,

Wilberforce, Wm.,

Wilcox, Revd. John,

-, Sjt. John,
-, Anne, m. Chas. West, Baron De La Warr,

Wilde's ho.,

the Wilderness,

Wildman, Thos.,

Wildwood Corner, see North End

Wildwood Cottage,

Wildwood est., in Hendon,

Wildwood Grove,

Wildwood (ho.),

Wildwood Lodge,

Wildwood Terr.,


Wilkes, John,

-, G. H.,
-, Herb.,

Wilks, Rob.,

-, Sir Fras.,
-, Revd. Edw.,

-, cemetery,
-, ch.,
-, char.,
-, Jews,
-, Kilburn priory lands in,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, Queen's pk. (open space),
-, schs.,
-, urban dist. council,
-, as housing authy.,

-, Wm. (d. 1913),
-, Wm. (d. 1915),

William IV,

William, s. of, see Otes

William Fred., duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh and earl of Connaught,

William of Cleeve, Sir,

William the linendraper,

-, Sir Owen,
-, W. & S.,
-, W. Chas.,
-, Watkin,

Williams-Ellis, Sir Clough,

Willis, Fred.,

-, Benj. Edw.,
-, Dobson,
-, Janette Anne, see Carlile

Willoughby Rd.,

Willow Ho.,

Willow Pl.,

Willow Rd.,

-, Revd. Sir Geo. Percy Maryon-, Bt.,
-, Sir Hubert Guy Maryon Maryon-, Bt.,
-, Dame Jane, see Weller
-, Sir John Maryon, Bt.,
-, Ric.,
-, Sir Spencer Maryon, Bt.,
-, Sir Spencer Pocklington Maryon Maryon-, Bt.,
-, Sir Thos., Bt. (d. 1798),
-, Sir Thos. Maryon, Bt. (d. 1821),
-, Sir Thos. Maryon, Bt. (d. 1869),
-, fam. (later Maryon-),

Wilson & Hammond,

Wiltshire, see Grittleton Hall

Wimpey, Geo., & Co.,

Winch, Mina,

Winchester, bp. of, see Ilchester

Winchester Mews, Rd.,

Windmill Hill,

Windmill Hill Ho.,

Windmill Ho.,

Windsor (Berks.), St. Geo.'s chapel,

Windsor (est.),

Windsor Ct.,

Windsor Terr., see Haverstock Hill

-, Anne, w. of Wm.,
-, Chas. Hen.,
-, Lt.-Col. Chas. Hen.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Wingrove, Emily, m. W. H. Hudson,

Winmill, C. C.,

Winsland St.,

-, Joshua,
-, Ralph Farr,
-, Ralph,
-, Rob.,
-, Wm.,

-, John,
-, Thos.,

Wiseman, Nic., Cardinal,


Wodehouse, Phil., Baron Currie,

Wodesour, see Woodsore

Wolfe, Jonas,

Wolfit, Sir Don.,

Wolsey, Thos., Cardinal,

Women's Co-operative Guild,

-, Sir Hen.,
-, Sancton,
-, Mr (fl. 1725),
-, and see Douglas

Wood Field (flats),

wood working,

Woodbine Cottage (Vale of Health),

Woodbine Cottage (West End),

Woodchester St.,

Woodchurch Rd.,

-, Revd. Basil,
-, Basil Geo.,
-, Basil Thos.,
-, Chas. Hen. Lardner,
-, Rob. Ballard,

Woodfield Rd.,

Woodgate (or Widgett), John,

Woodhorn (Northumb.),

Woodhouse, Edw.,


-, Sir Wm.,
-, Wm.,

Woodsore (or Wodesour):
-, Phil.,
-, Wm.,

-, John,
-, Mary,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

-, Leonard,
-, Virginia,

Woolworth, F. W., & Co.,

Worcester, dean of, see Forrest

Wordsworth, Wm.,

Worthington, Thos.,

Wotton, Baron, see Kirkhoven

Wragge, Theophilus,

Wraith, Jas.,

Wray, C. G.,

Wren, Sir Chris.,

Wrench, Wm.,

-, Ada,
-, Sir Almroth,
-, John,
-, Leslie,
-, Thos.,
-, Violet H.,
-, (or Wight) Wm.,

Wright & Co.,

writers and publishers, and see Agate; Aikin; Amis; Baillie; Balchin; Barbauld; Barrie; Bax, Clifford; Beerbohm; Bentley, E. C.; Besant; Boswell; Bragg; Braine; Brighouse; Brontë; Buckingham; Buckle; Burney; Caine; Carlyle; Coward; Du Maurier, Daphne and Geo.; Charles; Christie; Clarke, Chas. Cowden and Mary Cowden; Collins, Wilkie; Cooper, John Julius; Cronin; Dickens; Edgeworth; Evelyn; Faber; Farjeon; Fleming, Ian and Peter; Fox, Wm. Johnson; Fry, Chris.; Galsworthy; Garnett, Ric.; Gibbons, Stella; Gilbert; Gregory; Hardy; Hogg; Howard, Eliz. Jane; Hudson; Hunt, Jas.; Huxley; Inchbald; Irving, Washington; James, Hen.; Jerome; Joad; Jonson; Knight, Chas.; Knox; Laski; Lawrence, D. H.; Le Carré; Longman; Lovell; Lynd; Macaulay; Mackenzie; Madariaga; Mansfield; Martin, Kingsley; Meredith; Milne, A. A.; Monsarrat; Morison; Morley; Mortimer, John; Muir; Mulock; Murry; Nevinson, Hen.; Ollier; Orwell; Park, John Jas.; Pearson, Hesketh; Pemberton; Pepys; Priestley; Radcliffe, Ann; Reid; Rolfe; Ruskin; Sabatini; Sackville-West; Sansom; Shaw, Bernard; Sheridan, Helen and Ric.; Stevenson, Rob. Louis; Stokes, Adrian; Strachey, Lytton; Summerson; Thackeray; Tout; Trollope; Underhill; Unwin; Waddell; Walford; Wallace; Waugh, Alec, Art., and Evelyn; Webb, Mary; Wells, H. G.; Woolf, Leonard and Virginia

-, John,
-, Sir Rob. (d. 1606),
-, Sir Rob. (d. 1614),
-, Sir Thos.,

Wrottesley, Revd. Fras. John,

-, Geo.,
-, Jas. (d. 1813),
-, Jas., s. of Mat. Cotes,
-, Sir Mat., s. of Mat. Cotes,
-, Mat. Cotes,
-, Sir Mat. Digby,

Wychcombe studios,

Wylde, Wm.,

Wyldes est., in Hendon,


Wymering Rd.,

Wynn, Wm.,


Yale Ct.,

Yellow Ho.,

-, Ric.,
-, Rob.,

Yeoveney, Ralph of, see Ralph

Yeoveney, in Staines,

Yerkes, Chas. Tyson,

Yoga sch., see St. John's Wood, schs.

York, dean of, see Bate, H. N.

York Villa,

Yorke, Sir Wm., Bt.,

Yorkshire, see Scarborough

Yorkshire Grey P.H.,

Yorkshire Grey Yard, n

Young, Keith,

Ypres, earl of, see French, John

Zakaria & Associates,

Zins, Stefan,

zip fastener making,

Zohrab, Count Edw.,