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A History of the County of Northampton: Volume 5, the Hundred of Cleley. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 2002.

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Place names are grouped under civil parishes, with ancient counties given for parishes outside Northamptonshire. Peers are indexed under family names.

Abbotts Way, in Roade q.v.

Abingdon Brewery Co.

Abington Avenue Congregational Church, in Northampton q.v.

Abthorpe; Foscote in

Aceshill, ?in Ashton q.v.

Adam (fl. early 12th cent.)

Adam son of Warin

Adams, William

Adderley, Henry Arden 5th Lord Norton

Addington, Anne: see Brown, Anne; Elizabeth: see Row, Elizabeth; Henry; Robert; Thomas; charity of

Adkins, Edward Goodman; Joseph

Adlestrop (Gloucs.)

adult education: see education, adult and community

Agar, Bernice Ellen

agricultural contractors


Akeley (Bucks.), Akeley Wood School in

Akeley Wood First School, in Wicken q.v.

Alan, count of Britanny

Alan the forester

Alan son of Hamon

Alan the Templar

Albright & Co.

Albrinci, honor

Alcock, Robert

Aldeham, Isabel wife of Thomas de Aldeham; Thomas de


Alderton, advowson; archaeology; boundaries; brickmaking; bus services; carrying services; castle; charities; charity estate in; church; communications; education; farming; geology; inclosure; inns and alehouses; landscape and settlement; local government; manorial buildings; manorial custom; manorial demesnes; manors and other estates; mentioned; mills; Nonconformity; open fields; population; public utilities; rectory; retailing; suit of mill; topography; trades and crafts
-, Bozenham Mill Lane in; Bozenham Mill Road in; Brick Kiln Close in; Brick Kiln Farm in; Burch Field in Church; Lane in; Dunmore Meadow in; Dunnemannesmede in; Glebe Farm in; Glebe House in; Gorges Close in; Grafton Park in; see also Grafton Regis, Grafton Park in;; Potterspury; Potterspury Park in;; Grafton Regis Brickworks in; Horton House in; Horton's & Manor Farm in; Horton's Farm in; Longcroft in; Manor Court in; Manor Farm in; Manor House in; Moor in; Moor Lane in; Moor Meadow in; Northampton Road in; Plough inn in; Plumpton Field in; Pury Road in; Roundmote in; Sandhill Field in; Spring Lane Cottages in; Spring Lane in; The Haven in; The Manor in; The Mount in; The Nook in; The Round House in; Twyford in; Twyford Bridge in; Twyford Field in; Twyford Mill ?in; Windmill Field in; Windmill Leys in; Wood Field in; Wood Lane in

Alderton Church and Town Charity

Alderton Field, in Shutlanger q.v.

Alexander, John

Alford, Mrs. Joanne

Allan, J. D.

Allen, Anthony Daniel, charity of; Janet; John

Allerton, organ-builders

Allied Schools Agency Ltd.


Almaine, Edmund of, earl of Cornwall



Alsop, Charles H.


Alvescot (Oxon.)


America: see United States of America

Ames, John

Amey Roadstone

Amos, George John Thomas; William

Ampthill (Beds.)

Anchor, in Potterspury q.v.

Andrew, William

Andrews; Gervase Mrs.

Angel, William

Anglesey, marquess of: see Paget, H. W. G.

Anglo-Saxon discoveries

Angoulême, count of: see Brun, Hugh le

Anketil, Robert son of

Annand, Alexander; Edwin; Sophia Louise

Anne, queen of England; see also Queen Anne's Bounty

Anne of Bohemia, queen, wife of Richard II

Anne of Denmark, queen, wife of James

Ansley, George

Apsley, Sir Allen; Frances wife of Benjamin Bathurst

Aquila, honor

Arden, John

Ardern, Isabel wife of John son of Alan later of Ralph de Ardern; Ralph de

Aris, John

Arlington, countess of: see Bennet, Isabella; earl of: see Bennet, Henry

Armitage Coppice, in Passenham q.v.

Armitage Grove, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Armites Half Acre, in Furtho q.v.

Arnold, Edmund; charity of; George; Mary wife of Edmund Arnold later of Sir George Etheridge; Thomas, brother of Edmund; Thomas the elder; Thomas the younger

Arundel, earl of: see FitzAlan, Richard; Elizabeth, Mrs. Tordoff; family; Felicia wife of Francis (d. 1736); Francis (d. 1654); Francis (d. 1712); Francis (d. 1736); Francis of the Inner Temple; Francis of Roade; Harriet: see Wentworth, Harriet; Isabella: see Wentworth, Isabella; Mrs. (fl. early 18th cent.) Thomas, archbishop of York afterwards archbishop of Canterbury; Thomas (d. 1733)

Arundel Marbles

Ash Hill Field, in Stoke Bruerne q.v.

Ash Pole Spinney, in Furtho q.v.

Ash Wood, in Ashton and Roade, qq.v.

Ashby: see Canons Ashby; Castle Ashby

Ashby; John; Robert; Thomas

Ashton, archaeology; boundaries; bus services; carrying services; charities; church; communications; curate of; education; farming; geology; inclosure; inns and alehouses; landscape and settlement; local government; manorial buildings; manorial custom; manors and other estates; mentioned; mills; Nonconformity; open fields; population; postal services; proposed canal; public utilities; rector; rectory; retailing; suit of mill; tithes; trades and crafts
-, Aceshill ?in; Ash Wood in; Ashton & Pury, manor of; Ashton Lodge in; Ashwood Farm in; Blackslade in; Bozenham Field in; Breach Field in; Cook's Close in; Crown Inn in; Doctor's Lane in; Gilbertscroft in; Hartwell Clear Copse in; Hartwell Lodge in; Hartwell Park in; Hartwell Road in; Home Farm in; Little Ashton in; Manor Farm in; Manor House in; Mantells Sart in; Old Rectory in; Orchard Cottage in; Portway in; Rectory Cottage in; Rectory Farm in; Rectory Lodge in; Roade Hill in; Rowley Wood in; South Field in; Stoke Road in; The Green in; The Warren in; Tithe Barn in; Vale Farm in; Vine Cottage in; Warren Field in; Windmill Furlong in

Ashton, Rowland de; William de

Ashton & Pury, manor: see under Ashton; Paulerspury

Ashton Lodge, in Ashton q.v.

Ashton Pury, manor: see under Ashton; Paulerspury

Ashton Road, in Hartwell; Roade; Stoke Bruerne qq.v.

Ashton Tithing, in Hartwell q.v.

Ashwood Farm, in Ashton q.v.

Ass Field, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Assart Farm, in Potterspury q.v.


Astcote, in Pattishall q.v.

Asycough, Lady

Atkins, J. D.

Atkinson, family; J. H.; John Jepson; Philip York

Atrio, Ralph son of Richard de; Richard son of Richard de

Attwell, William

Atwood, William

Aubin, William de

Augustine, Robert

Ault, James

Aumale, duke of: see Edward, duke of Aumale etc.

Austen, Thomas

Australia, emigration to

Austria, prisoners of war from

Avalon, Hugh of, bishop of Lincoln

Awchin, Robert

Axbridge (Som.)

Aylesbury (Bucks.)


Ayres, Francis

Ayscough, John


Backhouse, Joseph

Bacon, Anthony n.; Francis; Henry; John (fl. 1440); John the younger; Laurence; Richard


Badeslegh, Robert de

Badger's Farm, in Furtho q.v.

Badgeworth (Gloucs.)

Bagot, Mary wife of Charles Viscount Fitzhardinge later earl of Falmouth afterwards of Charles Sackville 6th earl of Dorset

Bahamas, The

Bailey, Mary


Baker, George; William; Miss

Baldwin, Mary Ann

Baligan, John; Richard (fl. c. 1247); Richard (fl. 14th cent.)

Ball, Edward; John; Thomas

Ballantyne, Ann

Ballard, H. Paul

Ballinger, J. T.

Baltinglass, dowager viscountess: see Temple, Anne

Banastre, Dorothy, wife of William 2nd Lord Maynard; Dynham; Elizabeth; Lawrence; Margaret, wife of Sir Robert: see Dynham, Margaret; Margaret daughter of Lawrence; Sir Robert

Banbury (Oxon.)

Bancroft Field, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Band of Hope

Banfield, Adam de

Bangor (Caerns.)

Banister, John

Banks, Henry

Baptist Church

Baptist Union


Barber, Thomas, charity of

Barford, James

Barge public house, in Cosgrove, q.v.

Baring, Marie Anne Louise wife of 6th duke of Grafton

Barker, Andrew; Edward; Francis; Jane 1st wife of Sir William Fermor 2nd Bt.

Barley Barns, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Barley Mow, in Cosgrove, q.v.

Barn Close, in Roade q.v.

Barnardo, Dr., charity of

Barnes, James Edward

Barnet (Herts.), battle

Barnett, George

Barnsdale, William

Barr, J. P.

Barrington, Sir Thomas Bt.

Barrow; John, charity of; Thomas

Barton, Henry Jonas

Barton Hall, in Neatishead q.v.

Basford's Coaches

Basse, Richard

Basset, Gilbert; Isabel: see Ferrers, Isabel

Bataylesplace, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Bate, Richard; Walter

Bath (Som.); stone from

Bathurst, Allen, 1st Lord Bathurst of Battlesden later Earl Bathurst; Benjamin (d. 1704); Benjamin son of 1st Lord Bathurst of Battlesden; Earl: see Bathurst, Allen; Bathurst, Henry; family; Frances: see Apsley, Frances; Georgina Countess Bathurst: see Lennox, Georgina; Henry 2nd Earl Bathurst; Henry 3rd Earl Bathurst

Bathurst of Battlesden, Lord: see Bathurst, Allen

Batison, John

Battlesden (Beds.)

Battoms, Thomas

Bayeux (Calvados), bishop of: see Odo, bishop of Bayeux

Beachampton (Bucks.)

Beachampton, William de

Beale; George; Thomas Gerrard; William; William Francis

Bearcroft, Edward

Bears Watering, in Cosgrove, q.v.

Beatty, R. H.

Beauchamp, Alice: see Toeni, Alice; Anne (d. 1449); family; Guy earl of Warwick; Guy son of Thomas earl of Warwick; Henry duke of Warwick (d. 1446); Isabel wife of Patrick Chaworth later of Hugh le Despenser; see also Despenser, Isabel; Maudit, Isabel; John; Margaret wife of Oliver St. John the younger; Mary wife of Henry Matlath; Maud countess of Warwick; see also FitzGeoffrey, Maud; Miles de; Reynburn son of Thomas earl of Warwick; Richard earl of Warwick (d. 1439); Sybil; Thomas earl of Warwick (d. 1369); Thomas earl of Warwick (d. 1401); William earl of Warwick

Bebington, Henry

Bedford, duchess of: see Luxembourg, Jacquetta de; duke of: see Tudor, Jasper; earl of: see Russell, William; John duke of; Thomas

Bedfordshire, Furtho estate in; lacemaking in

Bedingfield, Elizabeth: see Strode, Elizabeth; Philip

Beech House, in Potterspury q.v.

Beeches, The: see Potterspury, Beech House in

beehive making

Behrman, Behrman, Boris; Leopold; see also Leopold Behrman Ltd.

Bell, M. C. Farrar; see also Clayton & Bell


Belvidere Academy/House, in Old Stratford q.v.

Bennet, Henry, earl of Arlington; Isabella wife of 1st duke of Grafton, later of Sir Thomas Hanmer

Bennett, Daniel Dighton; Geoffrey; John; Robert; Thomas; W. E.

Benniworth (Lincs.)

Benson, John; J. S.

Benton, Diana wife of Leonard; Leonard (d. 1665); Leonard (d. 1681); Leonard son of Leonard the younger

Berkeley, Charles Viscount Fitzhardinge later 1st earl of Falmouth; Sir Robert

Berkhamsted (Herts.), honor

Berlin (Germany)

Bernar the scribe of Potterspury

Berry Hill Field: see Paulerspury, Heathencote in

Berwick, in Shrewsbury q.v.

Best, Henry

Bethany Room, in Deanshanger q.v.

Bethnal Green (Mdx.)

Béthune (Pas-de-Calais)

Betton's Charity

Bevin, James

Bevis Marks, in London q.v.

Bexley Heath (Kent), Welling in

bicycle making

Biddlesden (Bucks.); abbey

Bidwell Meadow, in Cosgrove q.v.

Biggin, George; John; Mary Anne wife of Major-General John Mansel

Biggs, John; Joshua; Thomas

Bignell, Richard

Bignell's Lane, in Paulerspury q.v.

Bigwood, G.

Billing, Great: see Great Billing

Billing, Edward; Nicholas

Bilney, Roger de

Bilson, -

Bird, Edward; John; Mary; William; see also D. A. Bird Ltd.

Birkes, William

Birmingham (Warws.)

Birt, William


Bishop, Thomas

Bishopsgate Street, in London q.v.

Black Horse, in Potterspury; Old Stratford qq.v.

Blackburn, John

Blackmoors Head, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Blackslade, in Ashton q.v.

Blacksmith's Close, in Hartwell q.v.

blacksmiths' forges

Blackwell, J. T.

Blackwell End, in Potterspury q.v.

Blagden, Claude Martin, bishop of Peterborough

Blake, Sue


Blanche of Lancaster wife of John of Gaunt

Bland, family

Blawemuster, John

Bletchingdon (Oxon.)

Bletchley (Bucks.)

Bletsoe (Beds.)

Bliss, John

Blisworth; manors and other estates; rectory; Blisworth Hill in; Blisworth Tunnel in; Plain Woods in; The Plain in

Blisworth Road, in Roade q.v.

Bloodywell, Richard

Bloore, James

Blount, Walter

Bloxham, Edward; Hopcroft; John; Mary: see Fowkes, Mary

Blue Ball, in Potterspury q.v.

Blundell, John

Blunsom, James

Blunt, C. A.; Charles; Edward; family; J.; John; John Edward; Juliana: see Leybourn, Juliana; Mrs.; Robert; Stephen; S. V.; William

Blunt's Farm, in Roade q.v.

Boarstall (Oxon.)

Boat Inn, in Stoke Bruerne q.v.


Bodaly, Daniel; Robert

Boleyn, Anne, queen, wife of Henry VIII

Bolingbroke, Henry earl of Derby: see Henry IV, king of England; see also Panton alias Bolingbroke

Bolton, J. H.

Bond, Frances wife of William Crane; Lawrence; William

Bonde, Alice wife of Henry; Alice: see also Clerne, Alice de; Henry


Booth, James; Mary: see Sharp, Mary

Boreman, Sir William

Borough, Anna Maria: see Lake, Anna Maria

Boroughbridge (Yorks.), battle

Bosenhoe, Henry de; Isabel wife of Thomas; Maud; Robert; Thomas; charity of; see also Bozenham

Bosenhoe Charity: see under Stoke Bruerne

Bosworth, J. S. C.

Boteiller, Joan la: see FitzJohn, Joan

Boteler, Alice wife of Thomas le jun.; Isabel wife of John Everard later of John Vesey; Joan wife of Thomas le sen.; Robert; Thomas le jun.; Thomas le sen.

Boucherett, Isabella wife of Matthew; Matthew

Boughton, Thomas

Bourne End, in Bovingdon q.v.

Bourton, Richard

Boveton, Alice wife of William; William

Bovingdon (Herts.), Bourne End in

Bowell, Alfred

Box Close, in Hartwell q.v.

Boycott, in Stowe q.v.

Boyes, William; William Osborne

Boyle, Charlotte sue jure baroness Clifford; Charlotte wife of 4th duke of Devonshire; Richard 3rd earl of Burlington

Bozenham, in Hartwell q.v.;

Bozenham Field, in Ashton q.v.

Bozenham Mill; Bozenham Mill Farm, in Hartwell q.v.

Bozenham Mill Road, in Alderton q.v.

Bozenham, Ralph de; Reginald de; see also Bosenhoe


Brackley, Viscount: see Egerton, Thomas

Bradbury, Mrs. wife of Thomas; Thomas


Bradden, Baldwin de; family; Geoffrey de; William

Bradfield, John

Bradford, William

Bradlaugh, Charles

Bradshaw, William

Bradwell (Bucks.); priory

Brafield, Ada Francis: see Smith, A. F.; Harry; John; John Cook

Braha, William

Brampton, William of

Bransby, A. E.

Branson, George Frederick

Brasenose College, in Oxford q.v.


Braunspath, John; Julia: see Culpeper, Julia

Brazier, W. J.

Breach Field, in Ashton; Passenham; Roade qq.v.; see also Paulerspury, Plumpton End in

bread charities: see under charities

Breauté, Faukes de

Breckinridge, Florence Louise wife of Sir Thomas George FermorHesketh 7th Bt.; John C., Vice-President of the U.S.A.; John Witherspoon

Brereton, Thomas

Breton, William

Brettingham, Matthew

Brewer, Joan wife of William Brewer (d. 1232); Margaret wife of William de la Ferté; William (d. 1226); William (d. 1232)

brewing and malting

Brian, Guy de

Briary Lodge, in Passenham q.v.

Brice, Bertram Albert George; George Albert; Hettie Michele wife of G. A. Brice

Brick Kiln Close; Brick Kiln Farm, in Alderton q.v.

Brick Kiln Spinney, in Wicken q.v.

Brickdale, Eleanor

Brickhill, Great: see Great Brickhill

Bricklayer's Arms: see Paulerspury, Pury End in


Bridge Road, in Cosgrove, q.v.

Bridges, John

Briggs, John

Brihtgevescroft, in Roade q.v.

Bringhurst (Leics.)

Brington, Great: see Great Brington

Bristol: chocolate factory in; St. Monica Trust in; see also Society of Merchant Venturers of Bristol

Bristol, earl of: see Digby, George

Britannia Ironworks

Britanny, count of: see Alan, count of Britanny

British schools: see education

British Waterways

Britten, John; Richard


Broad Water, in Easton Neston, q.v.

Brochole, Hugh de

Brodsworth (Yorks.)

Brograve, Elizabeth: see Maynard, Elizabeth; Sir Thomas

Broke, Thomas

Broneman the forester

Bronze Age remains: see Prehistoric remains

Brook Field, in Hartwell q.v.

Brooke, Elizabeth, wife of William Lord Parr

Brooke of Warwick Castle, Countess: see Maynard, Frances Evelyn; Earl: see Greville, Francis

Brookes, Elizabeth: see Gurney, Elizabeth; J. H.; William

Brookesby, Catherine: see Hartwell, Catherine; Thomas

Brooksby, Robert

Broughton, Anne; Catherine wife of William Howard; John (d. 1489); John (d. 1518); John de (fl. 1361); John son of John (d. 1489); John son of John (d. 1530); Robert

Brown, Anne wife of Henry Addington; family; J. A. T.; John; Lancelot; Peter; Richard; Thomas; William; see also Talbot, Brown, Panter & Partners

Brown & Mayor

Browne, Elliott Kenworthy; Mary wife of 3rd earl of Pomfret; Thomas; Thomas Trollope

Brownswood; Brownswood Green, in Cosgrove; Potterspury qq.v.

Brun, Hugh le, count of Angoulême; Isabella le; John le; Mary le wife of Robert de Ferrers, earl of Derby; William le

Brydges, Annabella wife of Henry Brydges; Henry; James; Robert

Buckby, Long: see Long Buckby

Buckhurst, Lord: see Sackville, Thomas

Buckingham (Bucks.); bus services; carrying services; Nonconformity; plague at; Talbot Inn in; see also Grand Junction Canal, Buckingham Arm; Grand Union Canal, Buckingham Arm; Buckingham Arm Canal Society

Buckingham Arm Canal Society

Buckingham Canal: see Grand Junction Canal, Buckingham Arm; Grand Union Canal, Buckingham Arm; Buckingham Arm Canal Society

Buckingham, duke of: see Villiers, George; John bishop of Lincoln; Joseph; Thomas

Buckingham and Chandos, dukes of

Buckinghamshire, brick and tile making; Furtho estate in; lacemaking in; pottery making in


Bull, Francis Desvaux; Walter John; William

Bull Inn, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Bunberry, John

Buncher, family; John

Bune, Edward

Bungalow Café, in Paulerspury q.v.

Bunning, Thomas

Burch Field, in Alderton q.v.

Burgess, Robert

Burgh, Aveline de: see FitzJohn, Aveline; Richard de earl of Ulster

Burghersh, Bartholomew; Henry bishop of Lincoln

Burghley, Lord: see Cecil, Sir William

Burghley (Rutland),

Burgoyne, Robert

burial boards

Burlington, 1st earl of (2nd creation): see Cavendish, G. A. H.; 3rd earl of: see Boyle, Richard

Burman, Thomas

Burman Farm, in Roade q.v.

Burman Farms Ltd.

Burnell, William

Burnill, William

Burrows, Frederick; Harry; John

Burton-upon-Trent (Staffs.)

bus services

Busby, Ralph

Bushnell, William

Buskins, -; charity of

Butler, A. G. S.; Charles Lennox; Mary

Butlin, William

Buttemilne: see Paulerspury, Cuttle Mill in

Butterley Ironworks (Derbys.)

Butterworth, Richard


Byfleet (Surrey), West Byfleet in

Cademan Bridge: see Paulerspury, Cappenham Bridge in

Cadogan, Edith Mary Winifred wife of 3rd Lord Hillingdon; Edward; Edward Mordaunt

Caen (Calvados); stone from

cafés, transport

Calais (Pas-de-Calais), Staple

Caldecote, in Towcester q.v.

Calderwood, Samuel

Callard, William

Calverton (Bucks.)

Cam, Helen William Herbert

Cambridge, Clare Hall in; Pembroke Hall in; St. John's College in; University, Lady Margaret chair of Divinity in; Norrissian chair of Divinity in; Regius chair of Divinity in

Cambridge, Princess Mary of

Camden chair of Ancient History: see Oxford, University

Campbell, Colen; John Frederick Earl Cawdor

Campegio, Cardinal

Campion, Edward; Joseph; Mary

canals: see Grand Junction Canal; Grand Union Canal

Cancefield, Robert

Canons Ashby

Canterbury (Kent), archbishops of: see Arundel, Thomas; Kilwardby, Robert; Laud, William; cathedral

Canvin, family; Richard

Capel, David; George; Horatio

Caporne: see Fitzhugh alias Caporne

Cappenham Bridge, in Paulerspury q.v.

Cardwell, Edward

Carey, Edmund; George 2nd Lord Hunsdon; Henry 1st Lord Hunsdon; Henry earl of Dover; John 3rd Lord Hunsdon; William

Carlton Sart, ?in Old Stratford q.v.

Carmarthen (Carms.), Trinity College in

Carpenter, Anthony (d. 1658); charity of; Anthony the younger; John; Richard; William

Carr, Daniel

carrying services

Carter, Laurence

Cartwright, Emma wife of William; Henry; William

Carvel: see Carville

Carvell, John the elder; John the younger; William

Carville, John Richard

Casterton: see Little Casterton

Castle Acre (Norfolk)

Castle Ashby

Castle Close; Castle Yard: see Yardley Gobion, Moor End in

Castleford, William de

Castlemaine, countess of: see Villiers, Barbara

Castleman, Emma wife of Henry Castleman; family; Henry; W. H.; William

Castlethorpe (Bucks.)

Castlethorpe Wharf, in Cosgrove q.v.

Catchgate, in Easton Neston q.v.

Catesby, Edward; George; John; Margaret: see Parles, Margaret; Richard; Robert; William

Catherine of Aragon, queen, wife of Henry VIII

Catherine of Braganza, queen, wife of Charles II

Cauz, Maud de wife of Ralph FitzStephen

Cave, Charles Horace Frederick see also C. H. Cave Ltd.

Cavendish, Anne, wife of Lord Charles FitzRoy (d. 1865); George Augustus Henry 1st earl of Burlington of 2nd creation; William 4th duke of Devonshire

Caversfield (Oxon.)

Caves: see Smith alias Caves

Cawdor, Earl: see Campbell, J. F.

Cayno, John

Cecil, Sir William Lord Burghley

C. H. Cave Ltd.

Chacombe: see Chalcombe

Chaddesdon, Ralph

Chalcombe, priory

Chalkpits: see Quarrying

Chalmers, John

Chamber, John

Chamnet, Peter de

Champayne, Robert

Chancellor, Robin Duff

Chandler, Richard

Chandos: see Buckingham and Chandos

Chanteaux, Roger

Chantrey, Francis


Chapel Close, in Old Stratford q.v.

Chapel Farm, in Hartwell q.v.

Chapel Furlong, in Furtho q.v.

chapels, medieval

chapels of ease, modern; see also mission rooms

Chapman, D. & Sons; Henry; John Franklin; Mrs. William

charities, bread; clothing; coal

Charles, prince of Wales, later King Charles I

Charles II, king of England

Charlton, Edward; Edward William; G. V.

Chastillon, Joan: see Combemartin, Joan; John de the elder; John de the younger; Margaret wife of John de Chastillon (d. after 1417)

Chater, Thomas

Chatsworth (Derbys.), Chatsworth House in

Chaucer, Alice wife of Sir John Philip later of Thomas Montagu 4th earl of Salisbury afterwards of William de la Pole 4th earl of Suffolk

Chaumbre, William de la

Chauncey, John; Margaret wife of John Chauncey

Chaunteux, Roger

Chawlke, John

Chaworth, Gundred de la: see Ferté, Gundred de la; Isabel: see Beauchamp, Isabel; Maud wife of Henry of Lancaster; Pagan de (d. 1279); Pagan de (fl. early 13th cent.); Patrick de (d. 1283); Patrick de (d. c. 1258)

Cheadle (Cheshire)

Chedneto, Ralf de

Cheere, Henry

Cheley Well, in Potterspury q.v.

Chenduit, barony

Cheney, Henry Lord; John; Lord: see Cheney, Henry; Ralph

Cherry Tree Lodge, in Passenham q.v.

Cheshunt, Alice: see Combemartin, Alice; Walter de the elder; Walter de the younger

Chesney, Robert bishop of Lincoln

Chester (Cheshire)

Chester, Ranulph earl of (1231)

Chesterfield (Derbys.), battle of

Chettle, Mrs.

Chevening (Kent), Chipstead House in

Chewe, John

Cheyne, Agnes: see Cogenhoe, Agnes; Alexander; John; Ralph

Chibnall, Richard

Chichester, bishop of: see Gunning, Peter

Childe, Walter

children's homes

Chipstead House, in Chevening q.v.

Chislehampton (Oxon.)

Chiswick (Mdx.)

Chivall, Catherine wife of John Chivall; Elizabeth; John

Chivall's Charity

Chocques, Anselm de; family; fee; Gunfrid de

Cholmeley, Elizabeth; Sir Hugh Bt.

Chowns, Messrs.

Christ Church, in Oxford q.v.

Church, Edward; John of Hartwell; John of Whittlebury; Richard; William

Church End, in Paulerspury; Potterspury; Roade qq.v.

Church of England Men's Society

Church of England Temperance Society

Church of England Tract Society

Church Field, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Church Field Close, in Wicken q.v.

Church House, in Deanshanger q.v.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Church Land, in Stoke Bruerne q.v.

Church Lands, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Church Lane, in Alderton; Deanshanger; Grafton Regis qq.v.

church schools: see education

Cirencester (Gloucs.), abbey

Civil War

Clairvaux, William de

Clakke Mill: see Potterspury, Potterspury Mill in

Clanvowe, Thomas

Clanwilliam, earl of: see Meade, R. J.

Clapham, John; Margery wife of John Claypole (fl. 1488); Mrs.; charity of

Clapp Mill: see Potterspury, Potterspury Mill in

Clare, James; John; William of Alderton; William of Grafton Regis the elder; William of Grafton Regis the younger; William of Potterspury

Clare Hall, in Cambridge q.v.

Clarence, duke of: see Plantagenet, George

Clark, Jemima

Clarke, Anne wife of William; Christopher (d. 1622); Christopher jun.; Edward; Elizabeth; family of Cosgrove Lodge; family of Old Stratford; family of Potterspury; family of Puxley; family of Willoughby (Warws.) etc.; Francis of Deanshanger; Gabriel; charity of; Hedley Joseph; Henry (d. 1574); Henry (d. 1597); John of Deanshanger; John of Hardingstone; John of Hardingstone the younger; John of Willoughby (Warws.); Nicholas; Penelope wife of William Clarke of Deanshanger; Reginald; Richard; Robert; Robert of Spratton; Sarah: see Saxby, Sarah; Silvester; W. F.; William (d. 1563); William (d. 1604); William (d. 1712); William of Deanshanger; William of Old Stratford

clay quarrying: see brickmaking; quarrying

Claypole, John (fl. 1488); John of Northborough; Margery: see Clapham, Margery

Clayton & Bell

Cleaver, Joseph

Cleley, hundred; AngloSaxon discoveries; boundaries; early estates; geology; medieval settlement; meeting place; prehistoric discoveries; Roman discoveries; tenure

Cleleywell Field, in Potterspury q.v.

Clements, Henry

Clere, Matthew de

Clericus, Henry; Maud wife of Henry Clericus

Clerk, Robert le

Clerne, Alice de wife of Henry Bonde; Muriel de wife of Richard de Levendon; Peter de

Cleveland, duchess of: see Villiers, Barbara; dukes of: see FitzRoy, William; FitzRoy formerly Palmer, Charles

Clever, William

Clifford, baroness: see Boyle, Charlotte; Robert de

Clifton Reynes (Bucks.)

Clinton: see Pelham-Clinton, Henry

Cloncurry, Lord: see Lawless, Valentine

clothing charities; clothing clubs: see charities, clothing

Co-operative stores


Coade Stone

coal charities; coal clubs: see charities, coal

coal mining

Cobham, John; Viscount: see Temple, Richard

Cobs Bush, in Cosgrove, q.v.

Cock, John

Cock Inn, in Potterspury q.v.

Cockayne, Anne wife of Sir Hatton Fermor; Sir William

Cockeram, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.

Cockerill, Robert

Coco, Agnes wife of Hugh Coco Hugh

Codlin: see Fawcett alias Codlin

Coffee Pot, in Yardley Gobion q.v.


Cogenhoe, Agnes wife of John Cheyne; Elizabeth: see Wolverton, Elizabeth; William de

Coke, Jane

Cold Higham; Grimscote in

Coles, Alice wife of John Coles; John

Coleson, Richard

College Lane chapel, in Northampton q.v.

College Row, in Paulerspury q.v.

Collier, Joseph; Thomas


Collins, John; R. C.; Robert; William


Colson, John; William

Combemartin, Alice wife of John de Oxenford later of Walter de Cheshunt afterwards of John de Staunton; Isabel wife of William de St. John later of John de Daventry afterwards of Richard de Rothing; Joan wife of Andrew de St. Liz later of John de Wolverton afterwards of John de Chastillon; Margery wife of William de Combemartin later of Adam de Courteenhall; Stephen de; William de (d. 1318); William de (fl. 1334)

Comberford: see Cumberford

Combes, Thomas

community centres: see village halls

comprehensive schools: see education, secondary

Compton, James earl of Northampton; William

Conant, Henry John

Conduit Close, in Paulerspury q.v.

Congregational Church

Congregational Union

Connor: see Down and Connor

Constable, Sir Robert

continuing education: see education, adult and community

Cooke, Anne wife of John (fl. 1632); Anne wife of John (fl. 1674); Elizabeth wife of John Cooke later of John Wykes; family of Ashton; family of Paulerspury; Sir George; John (d. bef. 1669); John (fl. 1596); John (fl. 1674); John of Hartwell Park; John of Stoke Bruerne; Thomas; widow; William

Cook's Close, in Ashton q.v.

Cooper, Ann; John; Pearson; Thomas; W. P.

Cope, Anne wife of John son of Stephen Cope; Anne wife of William Lovett later of John Heneage; Edward; Joan wife of John Cope; Joan wife of Stephen Cope; John; John (d. 1414); John (d. bef. 1434); John son of Stephen; Stephen

coppices: see woodland

copyhold tenure: see estate management

Corbett, Edelina


corn rents

Cornelius, Anne: see Whalley (later Cornelius), Anne

cornmills: see water-mills; windmills

Cornwall, duchy of; duke of: see Edward, Prince of Wales; earldom of; earls of: see Edmund of Almaine; Gaveston, Piers; John of Eltham; Edward; Robert

Cosgrove, advowson; archaeology; boundaries; canal; charities; church; communications; education; farming; geology; glebe; inclosure; inns and alehouses; landscape and settlement; local government; manors and other estates; mills; Nonconformity; open fields; population; parsonage; quarrying in; rector; rectory; retailing; trades and crafts; windmill
-, Barge public house in; Barley Mow in; Bears Watering in; Bidwell Meadow in; Bridge Road in; Brownswood Green in; Brownswood in; Castlethorpe Wharf in; Cobs Bush in; Cosgrove Cottage in;: see Cosgrove, Old Dower House in; Cosgrove Green in; Cosgrove Hall in; Cosgrove Lodge in; Cosgrove Priory in; Cosgrove Tithing in; Crown estate in; Elm Farm, Elm Tree Farm in: see Cosgrove, Cosgrove Lodge in; Elms Farm in; Furtho estate in; Furtho Tithing in; Goldsbury Mill ?in Green Farm in; Hall Place in; Hanslope Way in; Hisworth Hook Meadow in; Isworth in; Kenson Field in; Knotwood Coppice in; Knotwood in; Little Manor in; Longwood House in; Manor Close in; Manor Farm in; Mansel Close in; Mansel Farm House in; Marford Meadow in; Middle Field in; Moor Field in; Navigation Inn in; Northampton Road in; Old Dower House in; Old Stratford in; and see under Old Stratford; Park Close in; Plough public house in; Potterspury Tithing in; Puxley in: see Passenham, Puxley in; Quarry Bridge in; Quarry Field in; Rectory Farm in; St. Vincent's well in; South Mead in; Stansifurlong in; Stratford Road in; The Elms in: see Cosgrove, Cosgrove Lodge in; The Priory in; The Quarries in; Victory Hall in; Yardley Road in

Cosgrove Cottage: see Cosgrove, Old Dower House in

Cosgrove Green; Cosgrove Hall, in Cosgrove q.v.

Cosgrove House, in Walthamstow q.v.

Cosgrove Lodge, in Cosgrove q.v.

Cosgrove Lodge Ltd.

Cosgrove Priory, in Cosgrove q.v.

Cosgrove Road, in Old Stratford q.v.

Cosgrove Sand & Gravel Co. Ltd.

Cosgrove Tithing, in Cosgrove and Furtho qq.v.

Costerd, John

Cottesmore (Rutland)


Cotton, George

Cotton End, in Hardingstone q.v.

council houses: see housing

country houses, construction and repair; see also manorial buildings


Courteenhall, Adam de; Joan wife of Adam de; Margery: see Combemartin, Margery

courts baron; courts leet: see manor courts

Coventry (Warws.), migration to Shortley in, St. Anne's priory in

Covington, -

Cowes: see East Cowes

Cowley, Amos Samuel

Cox, Hatton; John; Oliver; Thomas the elder; Thomas the younger; William

Coxe, Seymour

Coxe Stocking, in Passenham q.v.

Coy, Frederick

Cozens, Robert

Crane, Edith; Frances: see Bond, Frances; Sir Francis; Francis (d. 1700); Joan: see Bond, Joan; Joan, Mrs. Bond; Mary; Mary wife of Sir Francis; Sir Richard Bt.; William


Crawley: see North Crawley

Criel, Margery de

Cripps, Cyril Thomas family

Croft Lane, in Roade q.v.

Cromwell, Idonea: see Leybourn, Idonea; John; Oliver

Cromwell's Fee, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Cross, Joseph Thomas & Sons; William

Cross Brothers

Crossley, Frederick H.

Crowland (Lincs.), abbey; abbot of

Crown Inn, in Ashton q.v.

Croydon (Surrey)

Crupper, Vincent

Cullers Breach: see Paulerspury, Plumpton End in

Culpeper, Agnes wife of Walter; Alexander (fl. 1487-1516); Alexander (fl. 1537); Eleanor wife of Thomas Culpeper; Elizabeth wife of Thomas Culpeper; Elizabeth: see also Hartshill, Elizabeth; family; John (fl. 1365); John (fl. 1429); John (fl. 1476); Julia wife of John Culpeper later of John Braunspath; Thomas (fl. 1367); Thomas (fl. 1379); Thomas (fl. 1420); Thomas (fl. 1534); Walter

Culver Field, in Wicken q.v.

Cumberford, Dorothy wife of Thomas; family; Joan: see Parles, Joan; John; Thomas; William

Cumberland, Fermor estate in

Cummin, Ingram

curacies, perpetual

Cursham, Curzon

Curson, Mary wife of Sir George; Fermor; Thomas

Curtis, Maud wife of Thomas Curtis; Thomas

Cut, family of Hulcote: see under Hulcote; Humphrey

Cuttle Brook, in Furtho q.v.

Cuttle mill, in Furtho; Paulerspury qq.v.

cycle making: see bicycle making; motor car building

D. A. Bird Ltd.

Dacre, Lord: see Lennard, Thomas

Dacre of the South, Lord: see Lennard, Francis; Lennard, Richard

Dagenham (Essex)

Dagnall; Dagnall & Dovehouse Farm; Dagnall Fields; Dagnall Great Field, in Wicken q.v.

Dalby, William

Dalscote, in Pattishall q.v.

dame schools: see education

Damory, Richard (d. 1330); Richard the younger

Daniel, -

Dapifer, Ralph

Darcy, Sir Arthur

Daventry, priory

Daventry, Isabel: see Combemartin, Isabel; John de

David I, king of Scots

Davies, Thomas

Davis, ?Thomas

Dawkins: see Dawkins-Pennant; Dawkins-Pennant (formerly Dawkins)

Dawkins-Pennant, George Hay

Dawkins-Pennant (formerly Dawkins), Juliana Isabella Mary 1st wife of 1st Lord Penrhyn of Llandegai

Dawson, John; Thomas; widow

Day, John; Miss; Priscilla, charity of

Dayrell, Frances: see Knight, Frances; John Langham; Paul

Deacon, Samuel

Dean, G. A.


Deanshanger, boundaries; brickmaking; carrying services; charities; charity estate in; church; education; farming; inclosure; industry; ironfounding and engineering in; limeburning; local government; manorial buildings; manors and other estates; mentioned; Nonconformity; open fields; oxide works; quarrying; topography; trades and crafts; tramway; waterworks; see also Passenham
-, Bethany Room in; Church House in; Church Lane in; Crown estate in; Deanshanger Field in; Deanshanger Home Farm in; Dovehouse Farm in; Folly Road in; Fox & Hounds in; Great Farm in; Hayes Lane in; High Street in; Holy Trin;ity church in; Honey Hill in; Hospital in; Hospital Lane in; Kingsbrook School in; Little London in; Manor Farm in; Manor House in; North Field in; North Fields Farm in; Northfields Farm in; Old Copse Farm in; Old Copse in; Poor's Field in; Puxley Road in; Ridgmont in; Snelshall Farm in; South Field in; The Green in; The Hayes in; The Kiln in; Union Chapel in; White House in

Deanshanger, John,

Deanshanger Field; Deanshanger Home Farm, in Deanshanger q.v.

Deanshanger Ironworks

Deanshanger Oxide Works Ltd.

Deanshanger Oxides Ltd.

Deanshanger Road, in Old Stratford; Wicken q.v.

Deddington (Oxon.)

deer parks: see parks and gardens

Delagard, Anna Maria: see Draycott, Anna Maria

Delapre abbey, in Northampton q.v.

Denby, John

Denelfescroft: see Paulerspury, Heathencote in


Denys, Sir George William


Derby (Derbys.), honor

Derby, earls of: see Ferrers, Robert; Ferrers, William; Henry IV, king of England

Derbyshire, coal trade; lead smelting; pottery manufacture

Derry (Ireland), diocese of

Derson, William

deserted medieval villages: see depopulation

Despenser, Agnes wife of Simon le; Anne wife of Edward le; Anne wife of Thomas le; Edward le; Hugh le; Isabel wife of Richard Beauchamp earl of Warwick; Simon le; Thomas le

Devall, John

Devereux, Robert 2nd earl of Essex; Robert 3rd earl of Essex

Devon, stone from

Devonshire, 4th duke of: see Cavendish, William; duchess of: see Boyle, Charlotte

Dey, Thomas Henry

Dickens, family Walter William

Digby, Anne wife of 2nd earl of Sunderland; George earl of Bristol; Sir John

Dingley; preceptory

Dingley, Edward see also Dyngley

Direct Process Iron Co. Ltd.

disinfectant manufacture

Ditchingham (Norf.)

Dive, Alice wife of Henry de (d. c. 1277); Dorothy wife of Richard Wake; Elizabeth wife of Henry Dive (d. c. 1360): see Lewknor, Elizabeth; Guy Henry (d. 1327); Henry (d. c. 1277); Henry (d. c. 1360); John (b. c. 1320); John (d. 1265); John (d. 1272); John (d. 1310); John (fl. 1493); Martha wife of Henry Dive (d. 1327); Sybil wife of John Dive (d. 1265); William

Dobree, Nicholas Peter

Doctor's Lane, in Ashton q.v.



Dogsmouth Bridge; Dogsmouth Brook, in Furtho q.v.

domestic economy centres: see education, secondary

Donhault, Gregory; Jerome; William; see also Downhall; Downhall (later Donhault)

Dorman, F. W.

Dorset, earldom of earls of: see under Sackville; marquesses of;see also under Grey

Doughty, George Brownlowe; Philip

Douglas, George Sholto, 17th earl of Morton;see also Douglas-Pennant; Douglas-Pennant (formerly Douglas)

Douglas-Pennant, Blanche Georgiana: see FitzRoy, Blanche Georgiana; Edward Sholto 3rd Lord Penrhyn of Llandegai;E. H.; family; George Sholto Gordon 2nd Lord Penrhyn of Llandegai; Hugh Napier Lord Penrhyn of Llandegai; Juliana Isabella Mary: see Dawkins-Pennant (formerly Dawkins), J. I. M.; Lady Louisa Maria Louisa; see FitzRoy, Maria Louisa; see also Douglas; Douglas-Pennant (formerly Douglas)

Douglas-Pennant (formerly Douglas), Edward Gordon 1st Lord Penrhyn of Llandegai

Dove, Frances: see Downhall, Frances; John; Thomas; William; William father of Thomas Dove

Dovecote Farm, in Roade q.v.


Dovehouse Farm, in Deanshanger q.v.

Dover (Kent), castle honor

Dover, earl of: see Carey, Henry

Dowbrygge, Nicholas

Dower House, in Stoke Bruerne q.v.

Down and Connor, bishop of: see Hutchinson, Francis

Downe, William

Downes, Henry

Downhall, Elizabeth wife of Robert Downhall; Frances wife of Sir William Dove; Robert; Thomas brother of Robert Downhall; Thomas (fl. 1579); William (d. 1505); William (d. 1627); William (fl. 1663); see also Donhault; Downhall (later Donhault)

Downhall (later Donhault), Gregory

Dowsett Engineering Construction Ltd.

Dowsett Mineral Recovery Ltd.

D'Oyley: see Oyley, d'

drainage: see sewerage services

Drake, family

Draper, Millicent wife of Edward Mansel the elder

Draycott, William

Draycott (formerly Delagard), Anna Maria wife of 2nd earl of Pomfret

Draycott Hall, in Reeth, Femington & Healaugh q.v.

Drayton, Henry

Drayton Parslow (Bucks.)

Drinkwater, Anne: see Southern, Anne; Peter

Druce & Warr

Drummond's Bank

Duck, Arthur; Martha wife of Nicholas Duck; Mary wife of William Harbord; Nicholas

Ducklington (Oxon.)

Dudley, John; Robert earl of Leicester

Duke Street, in London q.v.

Dumsby, William

Dun Field, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Dunchurch (Warws.)

Duncombe, George; Isabel wife of Thomas Duncombe; Thomas

Dungannon, 3rd Viscount: see Hill-Trevor, Arthur

Dunkerley, Cecil Lawrence

Dunkley, Benjamin; family; Richard

Dunmannysmede, in Roade q.v.

Dunmore Meadow, in Alderton q.v.

Dunn, Edward

Dunnemannesmede, in Alderton q.v.

Dunsby: see Dumsby

Dunstable (Beds.), friary

Duras, Louis de 2nd earl of Feversham

Durham, prebendary of: see Sharp, Thomas

Durrant, - Mrs.


Dyer, George Herbert Barley

Dyneley, William

Dyngley, William see also Dingley

Dynham, Sir John; Margaret wife of Sir Robert Banastre

E. & H. Roberts Ltd.; see also under Roberts

Eakley; Eakley Lanes, in Stoke Goldington q.v.

Eales, Edgar

Earls Barton

Early, David

Easebourne (Sussex)

East Ashalls Coppice, in Passenham q.v.

East Cowes (Isle of Wight)

East End, in Paulerspury q.v.

East Greenwich (Kent)

East Hunsbury, in Northampton q.v.

East Pury: see Potterspury

East Wickham (Kent), Welling in

Eastcote, in Pattishall q.v.

Easthill, in Paulerspury q.v.

Easton, Great: see Great Easton

Easton, Edmund

Easton Estate & Mining Co. Ltd.

Easton Maudit

Easton Neston, archaeology; brickmaking; charities; church; communications education; farming; geology; inclosure; ironstone quarrying in; landscape and settlement; local government; manors and other estates; mentioned;mills; Nonconformity; open fields; population; quarrying; rectory; retailing
-, Broad Water in; Catchgate in; Easton Neston House and Park in; Easton Neston Lodge in; Henwood in; Horse Close in
-, Hulcote in; bridge in; Hall Close in; Manor Farm in; manors and other estates mentioned open fields Hulcote Wood in; Northampton Road in; Nun Wood in; Pomfret Lodge in; Rick Yard in
-, Sewardsley in; farming ironstone quarrying manors and other estates mentioned nunnery
-, Showsley Farm in: see Easton Neston, Sewardsley in; The Shires in; Waterhall in; Wymundsley in

Easton Neston Educational Foundation

Easton Neston Lodge, in Easton Neston q.v.

Easton Neston Mineral & Towcester, Roade & Olney Junction Railway

Eaton, Anne Sarah

Eaton Socon (Beds.)

Ebbern, James

Ecclesiastical Commissioners


Ede, Edmund; Isabel wife of Robert Pigott; Jake; John; Margaret

Eden (formerly Henley), Robert 6th Lord Henley


Edmondes, Christopher

Edmonds, Thomas

Edmund of Almaine earl of Cornwall

Edmund earl of Lancaster and Leicester (d. 1296)

Edmund the king's brother Earl Ferrers

Edmund of Langley duke of York

education; adult and community; board schools; British schools; elementary and primary; lace schools; night schools; nursery classes; private schools; secondary; Sunday schools; workhouse schools

Edward earl of Rutland, duke of Aumale and duke of York

Edward, prince, later king Edward I

Edward, prince of Wales (d. 1376)

Edward the Elder, king

Edward II, king of England

Edward III, king of England

Edward IV, king of England

Edward VI, king of England

Edwards, George; George Leonard; Leonard


Edwinstowe (Notts.), Edwinstowe Hall in

Edy, James; Philippa wife of James; William

Egerton, Francis Charles Granville 4th earl of Ellesmere; Thomas Lord Ellesmere later Viscount Brackley

Egg Rings, in Hartwell q.v.

Eginton, Harvey

Elden, James Mrs.

Eldington, William de

Eldred, John

Eleanor of Castile, queen, wife of Edward I

Electricity Commission

electricity services

elementary education: see education

Elementis PLC

Elias, hermit of Grafton

Elizabeth, empress of Austria

Elizabeth I, queen of England

Elizabeth Newman, charity of

Elizabeth Newman's Educational Foundation

Ellesmere, earl of: see Egerton, F. C. G.; Lord: see Egerton, Thomas

Elliott, John Thomas

Elm Farm; Elm Tree Farm: see Cosgrove, Cosgrove Lodge in

Elmes, John (fl. 1711) John (fl. 1779) Richard

Elms, The: in Hartwell; Yardley Gobion qq.v.; see also Cosgrove, Cosgrove Lodge in

Elms Farm, in Cosgrove q.v.

Eltham, John of earl of Cornwall

Ely, bishop of: see Gunning, Peter

Ely, Thomas

Emerson, Christopher; Cuthbert; Thomas; see also Emmerson

Emery, James Frederick Kate

emigration schemes

Emmerson, George see also Emerson

Emmett, Mrs. Mary

Empson, John; Peter; Richard; Thomas

enclosure: see inclosure

endowed schools: see education

Enfield (Mdx.)

engineering railway: see under Wolverton

England, Hugh de Thomas

Erpingham, Thomas

Essex, evacuee children from

Essex, earls of: see Devereux, Robert; FitzPeter, Geoffrey

estate management

Estenestone, Geoffrey de

Estneston, Eustace de

Estre, L': see L'Estre

Etheridge, Mary: see Arnold, Mary; Sir George

Eton, Robert

Eu, Eustance de

Eustace son of Thomas

Euston (Suffolk)

Euston, countess of: see Waldegrave, Charlotte Maria; earls of: see under FitzRoy

evacuee children: see Second World War

Evangelisation Society

Evans, Ann wife of John Evans later of William Manning; Butler; Henry; John

evening classes: see under education


Everard, Isabel: see Boteler, Isabel; John

Everdon, Silvester Thomas

Evesham (Worcs.), abbey

Exeter College, in Oxford q.v.

Eye, Robert de

Eyton, Margaret: see Mauntell, Margaret; William

F. Palmer & Son (Quarry) Ltd.

Faber, Robert

Fairford (Gloucs.)

fairs: see markets and fairs

Falcon Inn, in Old Stratford q.v.

Faldoe, John William

Falmouth, countess of: see Bagot, Mary

Fancutt, Charles

Fane, Mildmay, earl of Westmorland

Far Cotton, in Hardingstone q.v.

Farrar Bell, M. C.

Farrer's, Messrs.

Fawcett alias Codlin, John


Fawtrart, Peter

Fearn, Mrs. William

Feary, John

Fegan's Homes, in Stony Stratford; Yardley Gobion qq.v.

Fenn, Robert

Fenn Field, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Fennes, Ingram de

Fenny Stratford (Bucks.)

Ferguson, Alexander Agar

Fermor: see also Fermor-Hesketh

Fermor, Anna Maria Arabella wife of Sir Thomas George Hesketh (later Fermor-Hesketh) 5th Bt.; Anne Catherine: see Poulett, Catherine; family; George; George 2nd earl of Pomfret; George 3rd earl of Pomfret; George William Richard, 5th earl of Pomfret; Hatton; Henrietta Louisa: see Jeffreys, Henrietta Louisa; Henrietta sister of 5th earl of Pomfret; Jane: see Barker, Jane; John; Katherine; Mary; Mary: see also Curson, Mary; Maud wife of John; Richard; Robert; Robert George; Sophia: see Osborne, Sophia; Thomas, 1st earl of Pomfret; Thomas Hatton George; Thomas William 4th earl of Pomfret; William of Somerton Sir William 1st Bt.; Sir William 1st Lord Lempster; see also Fermor-Hesketh; Fermor-Hesketh (formerly Hesketh)

Fermor-Hesketh, Anna Maria Arabella: see Fermor, A. M. A.; family; Frederick 2nd Lord Hesketh; John Breckinridge; Sir Thomas 1st Lord Hesketh; Sir Thomas Alexander 3rd Lord Hesketh; Sir Thomas George 7th Bt.; Sir Thomas Henry 6th Bt.; Thomas Sharon see also Fermor; Fermor-Hesketh (formerly Hesketh)

Fermor-Hesketh (formerly Hesketh), Sir Thomas George, 5th Bt. see also Fermor; Fermor-Hesketh

Ferne, George

Ferrers, Ankaret de: see Strange, Ankaret le; Earl: see Edmund the king's brother; Edward; George Henry de (fl. 1086); Isabel wife of Gilbert Basset; Letitia; Mary: see Brun, Mary le; Robert de (d. 1139); Robert de (d. 1279); Robert de (d. c. 1162); Thomas de; William de earl of Derby (d. 1190); William de earl of Derby (d. 1247); William de earl of Derby (d. 1254); William de (fl. c. 1353)

Ferrers of Groby, Lord: see Grey, John

Ferrey, Benjamin

Ferrière, La (Indre-et-Loire)

Ferté, Gundred de la wife of Pagan de Chaworth; Margaret: see Brewer, Margaret; William de la

Fettiplace, Edmund

Feure, Henry le the elder; Henry le the younger

Feversham, earl of: see Duras, Louis de

Fiddes, Chris

Fillongley (Warws.)

Finall, Elizabeth Henry William

Finch, Daniel Daniel earl of Nottingham later earl of Winchilsea; John

Finchampstead (Berks.)


Finnegan; Christopher family

fire services

First World War
-, war memorials

Fish, Thomas

Fisher, George James Margery Mrs.


Fishweirs, in Paulerspury q.v.

FitzAlan, Richard earl of Arundel and Surrey

FitzGeoffrey, John; Maud wife of William Beauchamp earl of Warwick

FitzHamon, William

Fitzhardinge, Viscount: see Berkeley, Charles; Viscountess: see Bagot, Mary

Fitzhugh, alias Caporne, Richard

FitzJohn, Aveline countess of Ulster; Isabel wife of Robert de Vieuxpont; Joan wife of Theobald la Boteiller; John Maud; Richard

FitzPeter, Geoffrey earl of Essex

FitzRalph, Beatrice daughter of Hugh, wife of Robert de Salceto (d. 1236); Hugh

FitzRoy, Alfred William Maitland 8th duke of Grafton; Augustus Charles Lennox 7th duke of Grafton; Augustus Henry 3rd duke of Grafton; Blanche Georgiana wife of 3rd Lord Penrhyn of Llandegai; Charles (d. 1829); Charles 1st Lord Southampton; Charles 2nd duke of Grafton; Charles 3rd Lord Southampton; Charles Alfred Euston 10th duke of Grafton; Charles Patrick Hugh; Lady Charles wife of Lord Charles (d. 1865): see Cavendish, Lady Anne; Lady Charles wife of Lord C. P. H.: see Miller-Stirling, Diana; Lord Charles 2nd son of 3rd duke of Grafton; Lord Charles 2nd son of 4th duke of Grafton; Charlotte, Viscountess Dungannon Charlotte Maria: see Waldegrave, C. M.; Francis; F. T. W. Coke; George; George Henry 4th duke of Grafton; George Robert; George son of Barbara Villiers Henry 1st duke of Grafton; Henry 5th duke of Grafton; Hugh Denis Charles 11th duke of Grafton; John Charles William 9th duke of Grafton; Maria Louisa 2nd wife of 1st Lord Penrhyn of Llandegai; Mrs. of Salcey Lawn; William duke of Cleveland; William Henry 6th duke of Grafton; see also FitzRoy (formerly Palmer)

FitzRoy (formerly Palmer), Charles duke of Cleveland see also FitzRoy

FitzStephen, Maud: see Cauz, Maud de; Ralph

Fitzwilliam, Earl: see Fitzwilliam (later Wentworth-Fitzwilliam), William

Fitzwilliam (later Wentworth-Fitzwilliam), William, Earl Fitzwilliam

Flanders, tapestry from

Flaxman, John

Fleet Street, in London q.v.

Fleetwood, Judith wife of Sir Miles Sir Miles

Fleming, Margaret wife of Thomas Furtho; Stephen


Flower, Francis

Flowers Barn Farm; Flowers Farm, in Passenham q.v.

Foddy, John

Folly, The, in Hartwell; Passenham qq.v.

Folly Lane, in Hartwell q.v.

Folly Road, in Deanshanger q.v.

Fonmon (Glam.)

For Stratford: see Old Stratford

Ford, R. E.; William

Forest Gate (Bucks.)

Forest Hill (London)

Forest Road, in Hartwell q.v.

Forester, Agnes wife of Hugh le; Eleanor daughter of Thomas le; family; Hugh le; Isabel wife of Richard Hartshill; Joan daughter of Thomas le; Joan wife of Thomas le (d. 1356); John le (fl. 1330); John le (fl. temp. Hen. III); Lucy wife of Simon Rous; Pauline; Richard le; Robert le; Thomas le (d. 1356); Thomas le (d. 1361); see also Forrester; Stratford

forestry: see Salcey Forest; Whittlewood Forest; woodland

Forestry Commission

Forfett, Edward; Frances wife of Isaac Riviere; John; Phyllis: see Hobbs, Phyllis

Forrester, Pulter see also Forester

Forster, E. L.; William

Foscote, in Abthorpe q.v.

Foster, Alice Joel Thomas William

Foulby, in Huntwick with Foulby and Nostell q.v.

Fountaine, family; Jim; Robert F.; Vera

Fowkes, Mary wife of Hopcroft Bloxham; Robert; Thomas; William; see also Fowkes alias Smith

Fowkes alias Smith, Emma wife of John, later of William Cartwright; John see also Fowkes; Smith

Fowler, Thomas

Fox & Hounds, in Deanshanger q.v.

Fox Covert, in Roade q.v.

Foxley, Anne wife of John Foxley; Elizabeth wife of Thomas Foxley; family; John; Joseph; J. W.; Richard; Thomas; Thomas & Sons; Thomas Bliss; William

framework knitting

Framstead, in Paulerpsury q.v.

François, Henriette

Franklin, C. H. family John Nathan; Richard; T. B.; William

Fraunceys, John

Freeman, Thomas

Fremington: see Reeth, Fremington & Healaugh

French, Christopher; Sarah; Thomas

Friday, Geoffrey John

Friends of Friendless Churches

Frith Coppice, in Potterspury q.v.

Frost, John; Thomas; William John N.

Frusellu, Walter

fuel charities: see charities, coal

Fullerton, Sir James

Furness, James

Furnice, John

Furtho, boundaries; charities; church; communications education; farming; geology; glebe; inclo sure landscape and settlement; local government; manorial buildings; manors and other estates; Nonconformity; open fields; population; quarrying; rector; rectory;
-, Armites Half Acre in; Ash Pole Spinney in; Badger's Farm in; Chapel Furlong in; Cosgrove Tithing in; Cuttle Brook in; Cuttle mill in; Dogsmouth Bridge in; Dogsmouth Brook in; Furtho House in; Furtho Tithing in; Hanslope Way in; Hare Stocking Spinney in; Hermitage Meadow in; Knotwood Farm in; Knotwood in; Manor Farm in; Middle Field in; Moor (or Moors) Field in; Moors Furlong in; Potterspury Field Gate in; Potterspury Tithing in; Quarry Bridge in; Quarry Field in; Rectory Farm in; Temple Lane in; The Moors in

Furtho, Adam son of Walter de (d. c. 1320); Anne wife of Anthony Staunton; Anthony (d. 1558); Catherine; see Hartwell, Catherine; Dionisia daughter of Henry de; Edward (d. 1620); Edward (d. 1621); Elizabeth wife of Anthony Furtho; Elizabeth wife of Thomas Furtho: see Watson, Elizabeth; family; Henry son of Adam de; Henry son of Walter de; Isabel daughter of Henry de; John of London; John son of Henry de; John son of William (d. 1376); John son of William (d. 1457); John son of William of Stony Stratford; Margaret wife of William son of Henry de Furtho; Margaret: see also Fleming, Margaret; Nightingale, wife of Samuel Mansel, later of Francis Longeville; Sarah wife of Henry de; Thomas father of Edward; Thomas (fl. 1457); Walter de (fl. 1240); Walter de (fl. 1277); William (d. c. 1411); William (d. 1457); William (d. 1499); William (d. 1504); William (d. c. 1383); William de (fl. 1358); William (fl. 1190); William son of Adam de; William son of Henry de; William son of William (d. 1457); William son of William (d. c. 1358)

Furtho House, in Furtho, q.v.; see also Old Stratford

Furtho Tithing, in Cosgrove and Furtho, qq. v.

Fust, Edward see also Fust (formerly Gorges)

Fust (formerly Gorges), Cicely see also Fust

Gage, Thomas

Gallard, Joseph; Samuel; Thomas; Thomas the younger


gardens: see parks and gardens

Gardiner, Agnes wife of Stephen Gardiner; Alice wife of Roger Gardiner; Isabel; John; Robert Roger Stephen; Thomas

Gardner, Isaac John Sarah Grace: see Hewson, Sarah Grace; William; William Alfred

Garlick, John Mary

Garner, J. E.

Garnon, Margery: see Harrowden, Margery; see also Garnnon (or Gernon)

Garnon (or Gernon), William; see also Harrowden, Margery

Garratt, Herbert

Garton, Joseph

Garvestone (Norfolk)

gas services

Gates, George Henry Pearson

Gaudy, Sir Charles

Gaunt, John of: see John duke of Lancaster

Gaveston, Piers earl of Cornwall



Gee, family Norman

Gee, Walker & Slater Ltd.

Gelley, Mabel

General Land Drainage & Improvement Co.

General Post Office see also postal services

George duke of Clarence: see Plantagenet, George

George I, king

George II, king

George Inn, in Roade q.v.

Gerardville, Eustace de


Germany; prisoners of war from; teachers from

Gerrard, William

Gibbins, W. D.

Gibbs, Anthony; Charles (fl. 1700); Charles (fl. 1753); Edward; family; John; Thomas; William

Gibson, -

Giffard, Christina wife of Edward Gif fard; Edward; Osbert; Richard; see also Gyffard

Gilbertscroft, in Ashton q.v.

Gilby, John

Gillman, -

Gines, Peter de Robert de


Gittens, George

Gladman, Benjamin


Gleadah, John

Glebe Farm, in Alderton; Wicken qq.v.

Glebe House, in Alderton q.v.

Glebe lands

Gloucester, cathedral prebendary

Gloucester, dukes of: see Humphrey; Richard, duke of Gloucester, later King Richard III

Glover, John Katherine wife of John

Glyn, Mills & Co.

Glynne, Gertrude Jessy 2nd wife of 2nd Lord Penrhyn of Llandegai

Gobion, family Henry (fl. 1228); Henry (fl. 1297); Henry (fl. 1315); Henry (fl. 1344); Henry (fl. 1378); Hugh (fl. 1167); Hugh (fl. 1330); Isabel wife of Henry Ivo; Joan wife of Ivo Gobion; John; Simon; Thomas

Gobion's Manor, in Yardley Gobion q.v.



Godfrey, John

Godmanchester (Hunts.)


Godwin, John

Goldington, Isabel de wife of William de Nowers; Peter de

Goldsbury Mill, ?in Cosgrove q.v.

Goldsmith, family

Good, Henry

Goode, John

Goodman, Elizabeth wife of George Goodman; Everard; Francis; George; John; Samuel; William

Goodred, George (or Gregory)

Goodrich, family John Mary wife of George Shedden

Goodridge, George Louisa

Goodson, William

Gordon, Mary

Gordons Lodge, in Hartwell q.v.

Gorges, Frances wife of Sir Thomas Hesilrige; John de; Ralph de; William; see also Gorges (later Fust)

Gorges (later Fust), Cicely see also Gorges

Gorges Close, in Alderton q.v.

Gossage, Gerald

Gould, Jack

Gower Street, in London q.v.

Grafton, dukes of: see under FitzRoy; Isabella duchess of: see Bennet, Isabella

Grafton, H.M.S.

Grafton, honor; alienation of estates from; annexation of estates to; and see under individual parishes; creation estate management; and see under individual parishes; honor courts; mortgage; see also Wakefield Lodge Estate

Grafton Estate Settlement Trust

Grafton Estates Co.

Grafton Fields Farm, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Grafton House: see Grafton Regis, Grafton House/Manor; Grafton House (built 1961) in

Grafton Hunt

Grafton Lodge; Grafton Manor, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Grafton Mill: see Hartwell, Bozenham Mill in

Grafton Park: see Grafton Regis, Grafton Park in; Potterspury, Potterspury Park in

Grafton Pastures, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Grafton Regis, archaeology boundaries; carrying services; charities; church; education; farming; and First World War; geology hermitage/chantry in; inclosure; inns and alehouses; landscape and settlement; local government; manorial buildings; manorial custom; manors and other estates; market grant mentioned; milling; mills; Nonconformity; open fields; population; quarrying; rectory; retailing; suit of mill; trades and crafts
-, Armitage Grove in; Bancroft Field in; Barley Barns in; Blackmoor's Head in; Bull Inn in; Church Field in; Church Lands in; Church Lane in; Dunmore Meadow in: see Alderton, Dunmore Meadow in; Fenn Field in; Grafton Fields Farm in; Grafton House (built 1961) in; Grafton House/Manor in; Grafton Lodge in; Grafton Park in; Grafton Pastures in; Great House in: see Grafton House/Manor in; Hill Field in; King's Arms in; King's Close in; Leach Meadow in; Low Field in; Mill Field in; Northampton Road in; Old Park in; Old Rectory in; Paddocks Farm in; Plain Field in; Sties Field in; Stone Bridge in; Twycross Field in; Twyford Field in; Twyford Meadow in; Upper Field in; White Hart in; Yardley Mill Holme in

Grafton Regis Brickworks, in Alderton q.v.

Grafton Road, in Roade q.v.

Grafton Woodville: see Grafton Regis

Graham, Elizabeth wife of John Graham; John

grammer schools: see education, secondary; Towcester, grammar school

Grand Junction Canal; Buckingham Arm; Northampton Branch; see also Grand Union Canal

Grand Junction Canal Co.

Grand Junction Inn, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Grand Union Canal; Buckingham Arm; see also Grand Junction Canal

Grange Farm, in Hartwell q.v.

Grant, Alexander Thomas see also Grant-Thorold; Thorold

Grant-Thorold, Alexander William Thorold; family; Harry; see also Grant; Thorold

Grantham (Lincs.)

gravel quarrying: see quarrying

Gravesend, Richard, bishop of Lincoln

Gray, Henry John

Gray's Close, in Paulerspury q.v.

Great Addington

Great Billing

Great Brickhill (Bucks.)

Great Brington

Great Dagnall Field, in Wicken q.v.

Great Deanshanger: see Deanshanger, manor of

Great Easton (Essex)

Great Farm, in Deanshanger; Wicken qq.v.

Great Field, in Wicken q.v.

Great Harrowden

Great Houghton

Great House, in Paulerspury q.v.; see also Grafton Regis, Grafton House/Manor in

Great Hyde Field, in Roade q.v.

Great Missenden (Bucks.), abbey

Great Ouse, river

Great Outwood Coppice: see Paulerspury, Outwoods in

Great Weldon

Great Westy Field: see Paulerspury, Heathencote in

Greathead, Samuel

Greaves, William

Green, Anne wife of Sir Nicholas Vaux, Lord Vaux of Harrowden; Edwin; Elizabeth; family; Henry (d. 1369); John; Mary (d. 1434); wife of Sir Thomas Green (fl. 1428); Mary wife of Thomas Green (d. 1417); Maud wife of Sir Thomas Parr; Maud wife of Thomas Green (d. 1461); later of Richard Middleton; Thomas (d. 1391); Thomas (d. 1417); Thomas (d. 1461); Thomas (d. 1506); Thomas of Wicken; William; William de la

Green Farm, in Cosgrove, q.v.

Green Parrot Hotel, in Old Stratford q.v.

Greens Norton; brickmaking; hundred; manors and other estates; Caswell in, electronics factory; Kingsthorne Mill in

Green, The, in Ashton; Stoke Bruerne qq.v.

Greenwich: see East Greenwich

Greenworth, Roger

Grestain (Eure), abbey

Gretton, Frederick John

Greville, Francis, Earl Brooke of Warwick Castle

Grey, Edmund Lord Grey de Ruthyn, later earl of Kent; Edmund Lord Grey de Wilton; Elizabeth: see Hastings, Elizabeth; family, marquesses of Dorset; Florence: see Hastings, Florence; Jane, queen of England; John; of Hartwell; John Lord Ferrers of Groby; John Lord Grey de Wilton; Margaret wife of Richard Wake; Reynold Lord Grey de Ruthyn; Roger Lord Grey de Ruthyn; Thomas 1st marquess of Dorset; Thomas 2nd marquess of Dorset; Grey de Ruthyn, Lord: see Grey, Edmund; Grey, Reynold; Grey, Roger; Grey de Wilton, Lord: see Grey, Edmund; Grey, John

Griffen, Col. John

Griffith, David

Griffiths, Richard

Grim, Robert

Grimscote, in Cold Higham q.v.

Grimsdick, - Edward family

Grisbrook, Thomas

Gristmill: see Paulerspury, Twygrist Mill in

Grose's Ltd.

Grosseteste, Robert bishop of Lincoln


Guilsborough; Nortoft in

Gullet, The; Gullet Farm, in Whittlebury q.v.

Gunneville, William de

Gunning, Peter

Gurden, Stephen

Gurney, Elizabeth wife of William Brookes; Elizabeth wife of William Gurney; family; Henry; John (d. 1839); John (d. 1845); John of Towcester; Mary wife of Littleton Westley; William

Guthlac, St.

Gyffard, Elizabeth wife of John; John; see also Giffard



Hackney, in London q.v.

Haddon: see West Haddon

Haddon, Peter

Hailey, Alfred

Haines, Thomas

Hainton (Lincs.)

Haite, John

Hale Hole Fields, in Wicken q.v.

Hales, Anne: see Wotton, Anne; Sir Edward 1st Bt.; Sir Edward 2nd Bt.; Edward son of Sir Edward Hales 2nd Bt.

Halifax, 1st marquess of: see Savile, George; 2nd marquess of: see Savile, William

Hall, James John; Thomas

Hall Close, in Easton Neston; Paulerspury, Yardley Gobion, qq.v.

Hall Field, in Paulerspury; Roade, qq.v.

Hall Leys Close, in Shutlanger q.v.

Hall Place, in Cosgrove, q.v.

Hall Wood, in Roade q.v.

Hall Yard, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Ham Meadow, in Passenham q.v.

Hamfordshoe, hundred

Hamon son of Hamon

Hamon son of Mainfelin

Hampstead (Mdx.)

Hampton Court (Mdx.)

Hanbury-Tracy (formerly Leigh), Thomas Charles 2nd Lord Sudeley of Toddington

Handicraft centres: see Education, secondary

Handley, in Towcester q.v.

Hanger Lodge; Hanger Walk, in Passenham qq.v.

Hanging Sart, in Passenham q.v.

Hanmer, Isabella: see Bennet, Isabella; Sir Thomas


Hanslope (Bucks.); barony; manors and other estates; mills; Nonconformity; suit of mill; Hartwell Park in; St. Mary's chapel in

Hanslope Way, in Cosgrove; Furtho qq.v.

Hanslope, Maud daughter of Michael of, wife of William Maudit; Michael of; Winemar de: see Winemar the Fleming

Harbord, Sir Charles; Grace wife of Thomas Hatcher Katherine: see Russell, Katherine; Letitia wife of - Winn Mary: see Duck, Mary; Sir William

Harding, Robert

Hardingstone; poor law union; rural district; Cotton End in; Pomfret Arms in; Far Cotton in; Rush Mills in

Hardingtone and Old Stratford turnpike trust

Hardley Field, in Potterspury q.v.

Hardman, -

Hare Stocking Spinney, in Furtho q.v.

Harefield Park (Mdx.)

Harland, G. S.

Harlesdon (Mdx.)


Harlestone, Richard de

Harley Field, in Potterspury q.v.

Harman: see King-Harman



Harris, Christopher of Hanslope; Christopher of Yardley Gobion; Edward Edward Swinfen jun.; Elizabeth wife of Edward Harris; Elizabeth wife of John Harris the elder; Frances George; Henry; charity of; J. E.; John (d. 1750); John the elder; John son of Richard; John the younger; Mary; charity of; Moses; Richard; Thomas; William; W. J.

Harrison, Isabella: see Sams, Isabella; John; John Butler; Michael; Mrs. J. B.: see Sams, Isabella; William

Harrisons & Crosfield PLC

Harrold, Joseph

Harrow-on-the-Hill (Mdx.)

Harrowden: see Great Harrowden; Little Harrowden

Harrowden, Henry de;John; John de, clerk; Lord: see Vaux, Thomas; Margaret wife of Richard Harrowden; Margaret wife of William Harrowden; Margery wife of Henry Skenard later of William Garnon; Maud wife of Henry de later of Richard Tebaud; Richard; Robert de; Robert de; clerk; Robert de the younger; Thomas William (d. 1423); William (d. 1447)

Harry, Alice wife of R. J. Harry Richard John

Harte, Sir Henry

Hartshill, Elizabeth wife of John Culpeper; Isabel: see Forester, Isabel; Margaret: see Stafford, Margaret; Maud 1st wife of John de Hartshill Lord Hatch; Philip de; Richard; Sir John de Lord Hatch

Hartwell, boundaries; bus services; carrying services; charities; church; communications; education; farming; geology; inclosure; landscape and settlement; local government; manorial custom; manors and other estates; mills; Nonconformity; open fields; perpetual curacy; population; rectory; sawmills; trades and crafts; waterworks;
-, Ashton Road in; Ashton tithing Blacksmith's Close in; Box Close in; Bozenham in; Bozenham Mill Farm in; Bozenham Mill in; Brook Field in; Chapel Farm in; Egg Rings in; Folly Lane in; Forest Road in; Gordons Lodge in; Grange Farm in; Hartwell End in; Hartwell Green Farm in; Hartwell Green in; Hartwell Park in; Laythick Copse in; Lower End in; Nether Farm in; Newlands in; Nonleys in; Park Farm in; Park Road in; Portway in; Prentice Coppice in; Ravenshead Farm in; Rowley Wood in; Salcey Avenue Salcey Close in; Salcey Green in; Salcey Lawn in; Sandpit Copse in; Stonepit Farm in; The Elms in; The Folly in; The Sarts in; Tithe Farm in; Town Field in; Wallis's Field in; Wike in; Windmill Hill Furlong in Windmill Piece in

Hartwell, Catherine wife of William Furtho (d. 1504) afterwards of Thomas Brookesby; Geoffrey de Henry de; John of (fl. 1242); John of (fl. 1346); John (fl. 1428); Nicholas de; Simon de; William de

Hartwell Clear Copse, in Ashton q.v.

Hartwell, End; Hartwell Green; Hartwell Green Farm, in Hartwell qq.v.

Hartwell Lodge, in Ashton q.v.

Hartwell Park, in Hartwell q.v.

Hartwell Road, in Ashton; Roade qq.v.

Haskett, James

Hasleborough Walk

Hastings, Dionise wife of Miles de Hastings; Elizabeth wife of Roger de Grey Lord Grey de Ruthyn; Florence wife of Edmund Grey Lord Grey de Wilton; Isabel: see Valence, Isabel de; John de Lord Hastings (d. 1313); John de Lord Hastings (d. 1325); Juliana: see Leybourn, Juliana; Lords: see under Hastings, John de; Miles de

Hatch, Lord: see Hartshill, Sir John de

Hatcher, Grace: see Harbord, Grace; John

Hatton, Christopher 1st Lord Hatton of Kirby; Christopher 2nd Lord Hatton of Kirby; Christopher (d. 1587); Christopher (d. 1619); Dorothy wife of John Newport; John; Sir Thomas Bt.; see also Hatton alias Newport

Hatton alias Newport, Sir William see also Hatton

Hatton of Kirby, 1st Lord: see Hatton, Christopher; 2nd Lord: see Hatton, Christopher

Haukerus, Joan

Haustede, Anne wife of William de Haustede; Elizabeth de; John de; William de

Haven, The, in Alderton q.v.

Haven Nurseries, in Paulerspury q.v.

Haverhill (Suffolk)

Haversham (Bucks.),

Hawes, James R. P.

Hawise wife of William son of Hamon

Hawkesley, Roger de Sybil

Hawkins, William

Hawksmoor, Nicholas

Hayes, Edward; Francis; William (d. 1808); William son of William Hayes the younger; William of Wansford

Hayes Lane; The Hayes, in Deanshanger q.v.

Haynes, George Katherine wife of William Haynes; William

Haywood, John see also Heywood

Hazleton (Gloucs.)

Healaugh: see Reeth, Fremington & Healaugh

Heath, Charles Sir Robert Thomas

Heathencote, in Paulerspury q.v.

Heathencote Farm; Heathencote Fields: see Paulerspury, Heathencote in

Heaton, John

Hedge, John Susanna

Heginbottom, Denis

Heighton, William

Hellins, John Mrs. wife of John


Henbury, in Sturminster Marshall q.v.

Heneage, Anne: see Cope, Anne; John of Benniworth; John of Hainton; Thomas

Henley: see Eden (formerly Henley)

Henley, Lord: see Eden (formerly Henley), Robert

Henry, duke of Lancaster (d. 1361)

Henry, earl of Lancaster (d. 1345)

Henry, prince of Wales

Henry the chaplain of Heathencote

Henry clericus of Cosgrove

Henry son of Robert

Henry I, king of England

Henry II, king of England

Henry IV, king of England

Henry V, king of England

Henry VI, king of England

Henry VII, king of England

Henry VIII, king of England

Henshaw, John; Stephen Hoe Susanna: see Hoe, Susanna

Henson, John

Henwood, in Easton Neston q.v.

Herbert, Thomas

Herbert House Seminary for Young Ladies, in Roade q.v.

Hermitage Close; Hermitage Grounds; Hermitage House, in Old Stratford qq.v.

Hermitage Meadow, in Furtho q.v.


Herne, Thomas of London; Thomas of Potterspury; William

Heron, William Lord Say

Hertford (Herts.)

Hesilrige, Andrew; Arthur son of John; Arthur son of Thomas; Elizabeth wife of John Hesilrige; family Frances: see Gorges, Frances; John; Mary wife of Arthur Hesilrige son of John, later of Samuel Rolt; Sir Thomas 1st Bt.; Thomas son of Arthur

Hesketh, 1st Lord: see Fermor-Hesketh, Sir Thomas; 2nd Lord: see FermorHesketh, Frederick; 3rd Lord: see Fermor-Hesketh, Thomas Alexan der; Christian Lady: see McEwen, C. M.; Sir Thomas George: see Fermor-Hesketh (formerly Hesketh), Sir T. G.

Hesketh Estates

Hewitt, Robert

Hewson, Francis Arthur Alexander; Henry Newington Clarke; Sarah Grace wife of William Gardner

Hey, John

Heybourne, Richard

Heydon, Sir John Sir William

Heyford: see Nether Heyford; Upper Heyford

Heyford Ironworks

Heywood, John see also Haywood

Higgs, Joan wife of John Higgs the elder; John the elder; John the younger

High Street, in Deanshanger q.v.

Higham Ferrers see also Cold Higham

Highcroft, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Highfield, in Roade q.v.

highways administration: see also turnpike roads

Hill, Charles Mackenzie; family; James

Hill, The; Hill Farm, in Paulerspury q.v.

Hill Field, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Hill House, in Potterspury q.v.

Hill-Trevor, Arthur 6th Viscount Dungannon

Hillier, family Goody; John of Old Stratford (fl. 1646); John of Old Stratford (fl. 1675); John of Old Stratford (fl. 1711); John of Potterspury (d. 1567); John of Potterspury son of John the younger; John of Potterspury the younger; Margaret; Robert; Thomas; see also Hillyer

Hillingdon, 3rd Lord: see Mills, Arthur Robert; Lady: see Cadogan, E. M. W.

Hillyer; George William see also Hillier

Hilsdon, F. G.

Hilton, in Shareshill q.v.

Hilyard, Richard family

Hinchingbrooke, Viscount: see Montagu, John

Hindes, John Richard the elder; Richard the younger; William

Hindman, Thomas

Hinds, Mary

Hisworth Hook Meadow, in Cosgrove q.v.

Hitchin (Herts.),

H.M. Wills Charity for Chronic and Incurable Sufferers

Hoare, Abigail wife of Thomas Woodward; family; John; Robert; Thomas; William

Hobbes, William

Hobbs, John; Judith wife of John; Mary wife of William Hobbs; Mary: see also Penn, Mary; Matthew; Phyllis wife of John Forfett; William

Hobson, Richard

Hoe, Catherine wife of Matthew Warwick; family; Stephen (d. 1713); Stephen (fl. mid 17th cent.); Susanna wife of John Henshaw

Hoe Way, in Roade q.v.

Hogshaw (Bucks.)

Holbech, Edward


Holding, Matthew

Holland, Maud wife of Robert de; Robert (fl. 1316)
-, Robert (fl. 1599)

Hollis, Mrs. Evelyn

Holloway, in London q.v.

Holsworthy (Devon)

Holwell, Stephen

Holywell Field, in Potterspury q.v.

Home Farm, in Ashton; Potterspury; Wicken qq.v.

Home Farm & Little Hill Farm, in Wicken q.v.

Homestead Farm, in Potterspury q.v.

Honey Close, in Paulerspury q.v.

Honey Hill, in Deanshanger q.v.

Hook Norton (Oxon.), barony

Hopcraft, William

Hopton (Derbys.), Hoptonwood in

Hoptonwood, in Hopton q.v.

Horner, William

Hornton (Oxon.)

Horse Close, in Easton Neston q.v.


Horseshoe public house, in Shutlanger q.v.

Horton, Alice wife of John Horton; family; James; John (d. 1723); John (d. 1739); John Sheridon; Joyce; Thomas of Alderton; Thomas of Yardley Gobion (fl. 1749); Thomas of Yardley Gobion (fl. 1784)

Horton House; Horton's Farm, in Alderton q.v.

Horwood: see Little Horwood

Hosier, Anna Maria wife of John Sharp Charles; Elizabeth wife of Thomas Prowse

Hoskin, Paul

Hospital, The; Hospital Lane, in Deanshanger q.v.

hospitals, medieval: see hermitages

Houghton: see Great Houghton; Little Houghton

housing, local authority

How, Thomas William

Howard, Agnes, wife of William Paulet, 3rd marquess of Winchester; Belidah Catherine: see Broughton, Catherine; Thomas 2nd duke of Norfolk; William

Howes, William

Howland, Richard, bishop of Peterborough

Howson, William

Hoxton, in London q.v.

Huddimore, in Stoke Bruerne q.v.

Hudson, Mary Ann

Hugh of Avallon, bishop of Lincoln

Hugh son of Otto

Hugh of Wells, bishop of Lincoln

Hughes, Edith Maud Elizabeth William

Hulcote, in Easton Neston q.v.

Hulcote, Agnes wife of Fulk de (fl. 1357); Agnes wife of Fulk de (fl. 1457); Alice wife of John de Hulcote; family Fulk de (fl. 1357); Fulk de (fl. 1457); John (d. 1482); John de (fl. 1215); John de (fl. 1242); John de (fl. 1274); John de (fl. 1428); Richard

Hulcote Charity

Hulcote Wood, in Easton Neston, q.v.

Hull: see Kingston-upon-Hull

Hum, Robert de

Humet, William de

Humphrey Geoffrey son of

Humphrey of Lancaster, duke of Gloucester

Hunfred, William son of

Hunger Hill Field, in Stoke Bruerne q.v.

Hunsbury: see Northampton, East Hunsbury in

Hunsbury Hill Ironworks

Hunsdon, 1st Lord: see Carey, Henry; 2nd Lord: see Carey, George; 3rd Lord: see Carey, John

Hunsdon's Woods, in Roade q.v.

Hunt, Joan wife of John Longeville John Margaret: see Wolverton, Margaret; Maurice see also Hunt alias Robinson

Hunt alias Robinson, Henry see also Hunt

Hunter, A.;


Huntingdon (Hunts.), honor

Huntingdon, Juliana countess of: see Leybourn, Juliana

Huntwick with Foulby and Nostell (Yorks.), Nostell in

Hurst Farm, in Wicken q.v.

Husselbee, Maurice

Hussey, R. C.

Hutchinson, Francis

Hutt, John

Hyde; Hyde Close; Hyde Farm; Hyde Field; Hyde Road, in Roade q.v.

Ilford (Essex)

Iliffe, Enoch

inclosure; see also open fields

Independent Church: see Baptist Church; Congregational Church; United Reformed Church


industry and see under individual industries, trades and crafts

infant schools: see education

Ingall, George

Ingman, H. J.

Ingram, Sir Arthur; Christopher Austin; John

Innocent III, Pope

Innocent VIII, Pope

inns and alehouses

Inwood, Amaziah; John

Ipres, John de

Ipswich (Suffolk)

Ireland, duchess of: see Vere, Philippa de

Iron Age discoveries: see prehistoric discoveries

iron oxide manufacture

ironfounding; see also engineering

ironstone mining



Isabel wife of John son of Alan

Isabel wife of John son of John of Wick Hamon the elder

Isabella, queen, wife of Edward II

Isle of Sheppey (Kent)

Islington (Mdx.)

Isworth, in Cosgrove, q.v.

Ive, Christian wife of William Ive; William

Ivory, Josiah

Jackson, John Richard; Thomas

James, - Edward Gerence (or Gerontius); Jack Peter; Richard; Richard, John & Son

James I, king of England

Janes, R. W.

Jarvis, Joseph Robert

Jarvis's charity

Jayne, George

Jefcoate, H. B.

Jeffery, William

Jeffrey, Emily

Jeffreys, Henrietta Louisa wife of 1st earl of Pomfret; John 2nd Baron Jeffreys of Wem

Jellett, Edward Henry

Jelley, family John

Jennings, Christian wife of Thomas Jennings; Thomas

Jersey, St. Brelade's in

Jerusalem, Hospital of St. John of: see Knights Hospitallers

Jesus College, in Oxford q.v.

Joan, princess of Wales, wife of Edward the Black Prince

Joan, queen, wife of Henry IV

John, Alan son of

John, count of Mortain, later King John

John, prince, earl of Cornwall (fl. 1328)

John duke of Bedford

John duke of Lancaster

John of Eltham, earl of Cornwall

John son of Alan

John son of John son of John

John son of John of Wick Hamon the elder; the younger,

John son of William de Pury

John Rylands University of Manchester Library, in Manchester q.v.

Johnson, Ezekiel Garret; Robert; William

Jones, Ann David Maldwyn; Inigo; John; Richard; Thomas; William; William John

Josselyn, Anne wife of John Josselyn; John

Jubilee Row, in Towcester q.v.

Judge, William

Judith, countess

junior schools: see education

Jurdin, George John