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A History of the County of Northampton: Volume 5, the Hundred of Cleley. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 2002.

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Kainneto, Peter de

Kay, Thomas

Kaye, Augusta Hatfield: see Wentworth A. H.; John Hatfield

Keen, -

Keire, Sir George


Kemp, Bennett; Sarah: see Winters, Sarah

Kendale, Robert de

Kendall, family; John; William

Kennell, Thomas

Kenson Field, in Cosgrove; Potterspury qq.v.

Kent, evacuee children from

Kent, earl of: see Grey, Edmund

Kent, William; see also Smith alias Kent

Kerrich, Walter John

Kersebrook, Henry; Robert

Keterich, Richard

Ketley (Shropshire), ironworks


Keynes, family; Joan wife of Roger de Lewknor; Ralph de; Richard de; William de; William son of Ralph de

Kiln, The, in Deanshanger q.v.

Kilwardby, Robert, archbishop of Canterbury

Kinewinescroft, in Roade q.v.

King, Benjamin

King-Harman, Sir Charles

Kingdom Field, in Wicken q.v.

King's Arms, in Grafton Regis q.v.

King's Close, in Grafton Regis q.v.

King's Hill Field, in Passenham q.v.

King's Holme Meadow, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Kingsbrook School, in Deanshanger q.v.

Kingsthorne Mill, in Greens Norton q.v.

Kingsthorpe; Hospital of St. David and the Holy Trinity in

Kingston, -; Benjamin; family; John the elder; John of Grafton Regis; John son of Robert; John the younger; Lady; Margaret; Matthew; Robert; Thomas; charity of; William son of Robert

Kingston-upon-Hull (Yorks.)

Kirby, family; Henry; John the elder; John the younger; Thomas

Kirkby, Robert

Knight, Frances wife of John Knight the elder; Frances wife of John Langham Dayrell; George Coldham; John the elder; John (fl. 1446); John Rush; John the younger; Mary wife of John Knight the younger; William

Knightley, family; Joan: see Skenard, Joan; John; Sir Edmund; Sir Richard; Ursula: see Vere, Ursula de

Knighton, -

Knights Hospitallers

Knights Templars

Knotwood, in Cosgrove; Furtho qq.v.

Knotwood Coppice, in Cosgrove, q.v.

Knotwood Farm, in Furtho q.v.

Kyriel, Margery de

lace schools: see education



Lacy, William

Lake, Anna Maria wife of Sir Richard Borough

Lalor, Anne Louisa

Lambert, James; John; Simon; William

Lamburne, Catherline; Elizabeth wife of Richard Lamburne; Richard

Lamore: see Yardley Gobion, Moor End in

Lancashire, Fermor estate in

Lancaster, Blanche of, wife of John of Gaunt; Duchy of; dukes of: see Henry duke of Lancaster; Henry VII, king; Humphrey of Lancaster; John duke of Lancaster; earls of: see Edmund earl of Lancaster and Leicester; Henry earl of Lancaster; Thomas earl of Lancaster

Lands Improvement Co.

Lane, Catherine wife of John Osborne; family; Judith wife of William, later of Paul Dayrell; Sir Ralph; William; William son of William

Langham, Edward; Sir James

Lansdown, John; Richard (d. 1694); Richard of Woodborough

Laon (Aisne)

Lasborough: see Westonbirt with Lasborough

Lathbury, John

Lathbury (Bucks.)

Latter Day Saints, Church of Jesus Christ of

Laud, William archbishop of Canterbury

Lavendon (Bucks.), abbey

Law, E. F.

Lawford, Robinson

Lawless, Valentine Lord Cloncurry

Lawson, Cmdr.; Cyril Brian Thomas; Hon. Mrs. wife of Cmdr.

Layng, Henry

Laythick Copse, in Hartwell q.v.

Lea: see Lister-Lea

Leach, Thomas de Blois

Leach Meadow, in Grafton Regis q.v.

lead oxide manufacture

Leaper, Richard

leases: see estate management

Leckhampstead (Bucks.); Limes End in

Leckhampstead Road, in Wicken q.v.

Lee, Emma; John; Louisa; Mary wife of P. H. Lee
-, Philip Henry; Robert

Leeds, duke of: see Osborne, Thomas

Leeson, Jane; charity of

Legh, Frances; Robert de la; Sir Edward

Leicester (Leics.); honor

Leicester, Agnes wife of William Leicester; earls of: see Dudley, Robert; Edmund earl of Lancaster and Leicester; Robert earl of Leicester; Sidney, Robert; William

Leigh: see Hanbury-Tracy (formerly Leigh), T. C.

Leighton Buzzard (Bucks.)

Lem, James; Joseph; (fl. 17th cent.); Joseph (fl. 18th cent.); Joseph (fl. 19th cent.); Michael

Lempster, Lord: see Fermor, Sir William, 2nd Bt.; Sophia: see Osborne, Sophia

Lennard, Francis Lord Dacre of the South; Richard Lord Dacre of the South; Thomas Lord Dacre later earl of Sussex

Lennox, Charles 4th duke of Richmond; duke of: see Stuart, Lewis; Georgina wife of Henry Bathurst, 3rd Earl Bathurst; Lord George Henry

Lenton (Notts.), priory

Leominster, Lord: see Fermor, William, 1st Lord Lempster

Leon, Eustace de

Leopold, Emperor

Leopold Behrman Ltd.; see also Behrman, Leopold

Lepper, family; John; Thomas; William; charity of; William & Son

Lestock, Richard

L'Estre, family; John de; Ralph de; Richard de; Robert son of Ralph de; William de

Levendon, Muriel: see Clerne, Muriel; Richard de

Lewes (Sussex), archdeacon of

Lewisham (Surrey)

Lewknor, Elizabeth wife of Henry de Dive (d. c. 1360) later of Sir Edward de Twyford; Joan: see Keynes, Joan; Joan wife of John de Mershe; John; Roger de; Thomas de (fl. 1297); Thomas de (fl. 1361)

Leybourn, Idonea de: see Vieuxpont, Idonea de; Juliana wife of John de Hastings Lord Hastings (d. 1325) later of Sir Thomas le Blunt afterwards of William de Clinton earl of Huntingdon

Leys, The, in Roade q.v.

Leytonstone (Essex)


Lichesmor, in Stoke Bruerne q.v.

Lidyate, in Roade q.v.

Lightfoot, John; Richard

Lightwood, Richard

Lillingstone, Joan wife of Robert; Robert

limeburning; see also quarrying

Limes End, in Leckhampstead q.v.

limestone quarrying: see quarrying

Lincoln (Lincs.) ; bishops of: see Avalon, Hugh of; Chesney, Robert de; Gravesend, Richard; canon of diocese

Lincoln's Inn, in London q.v.

Lineham, R. H.

Linford: see Little Linford

Lingfield (Surrey)

Linnell, Dr.; Harry; James; Richard widow

Lion Inn, in London q.v.

Lisle, Agatha de; Geoffrey de; Gerard de; Henry de Maud wife of Geoffrey de

Lister-Lea, Mrs. Mabel


Little Ashton, in Ashton q.v.

Little Casterton (Rutland), Tolethorpe Hall in

Little Dagnall Field, in Wicken q.v.

Little Harrowden

Little Hill, in Wicken q.v.

Little Horwood (Bucks.)

Little Houghton

Little Hyde Field, in Roade q.v.

Little Lawford (Warws.), mills

Little Linford (Bucks.)

Little London, in Deanshanger q.v.

Little Manor, in Cosgrove q.v.

Little Stow Field, in Passenham q.v.

Little Westy Field: see Paulerspury, Heathencote in

Little Wicken: see Wicken, Wicken Hurst in

Littledean (Gloucs.)

Littleford, John

Lloyd, John; Leonard; Samuel

Lobthorpe, in North Witham q.v.

local government: see manor courts; parish meetings and councils; poor law unions; rural district councils; vestries

Loges, Simon de

Lombe, Mrs.; R. H. F.

London, carrying services; to commuting to; evacuation of children from
-, Bevis Marks; in Bishopsgate Street in; Duke Street in; Fleet Street in; Forest Hill in; Gower Street in; Hackney College in; Holloway in; Hospital of the Savoy in; Hoxton in; Lincoln's Inn in; Lion Inn in; Middle Temple in; Portman Square in; St. James's Square in; St. John Street in; St. Martin' in; the Fields in; St. Paul's cathedral in; Spitalfields in

London & Birmingham Railway

London & North Western Railway

London & South Western Bank

London Chamber of Commerce

London Road, in Old Stratford; Roade qq.v.

Londonderry: see Derry

Long Buckby; Murcott in

Longcroft, in Alderton q.v.

Longdendale (Cheshire)

Longeville, Francis; George (d. 1458); Henry (d. 1713); Henry (d. 1741); Joan: see Hunt, Joan; John (d. 1439); John (d. 1541); Margaret; Nightingale: see Furtho, Nightingale; Richard; see also Longfield

Longfield, Sir Arthur; see also Longeville

Longley, Thomas

Longwood House, in Cosgrove, q.v.

Loraine-Smith, Loraine

Lou, Agnes wife of Philip de Paveley; Alice wife of Anketil le Lou; Amice wife of John le Lou; Anketil le; Emma wife of John le Lou; Hugh le; Joan daughter of John le; John le; Margery, wife of Philip son of John le Lou; Philip le (fl. temp. Hen. III); Philip son of John le; Robert le (d. 1262); Robert le (fl. 1220); Robert le (fl. 1325); see also Wolf(e)

Loughborough (Leics.)

Loughton (Bucks.),

Lovell, family; Isaac; charity of; John; John of Towcester; Philip

Lovell's (Master's Fund) Educational Endowment

Lovett, Anne: see Cope, Anne; Thomas; William

Low, John

Low Field, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Lowe, George; Jeremy

Lower End, in Hartwell; Potterspury qq.v.

Lower Gullet, in Whittlebury q.v.

Luberd, Roger

Lucas, John; Sir Gervase

Lucy, Margaret wife of William Lucy; William

Ludlam, Joseph

Luffenham: see North Luffenham

Luffield Abbey (Bucks.); priory; see also Silverstone

Lumbard, Henry

Lumbert, John

Lumley, John

Lunn, Ada Beatrice

Lupus: see Lou

Luton (Beds.)

Lutyens, Sir Edwin

Luxembourg, Jacquetta de wife of John duke of Bedford later of 1st Earl Rivers

Lye, Le, in Passenham q.v.

Lye and Pondmead Field, in Potterspury q.v.

Lymbergh, Tydemann de

Lynton, John

Lyons, Gilbert; Joan: see Napton, Joan de; John de Richard; Roger

McEwen, Christian Mary, wife of 2nd Lord Hesketh; Sir John Bt.


Madrid (Spain)


Maids Moreton (Bucks.)



Maling, William

Mallery, Reynold

Maltby, Ann Barrows

malting: see brewing and malting

Maminot, Walchelin; Walchelin the younger

Manchester (Lancs.), John Rylands University of Manchester Library in

Manfield, Messrs., shoe manufacturers

Manley, Lawrence

Manners, Roger

Manning, Ann: see Evans, Ann; Isaac; Mary Ann William

Manor, The, in Alderton q.v.

Manor & Horton's Farm, in Alderton q.v.

Manor Close, in Cosgrove q.v.

Manor Court, in Alderton q.v.

manor courts

Manor Farm, in Alderton; Ashton; Cosgrove; Deanshanger; Easton Neston; Furtho; Passenham; Paulerspury; Wicken qq.v.

Manor House, in Ashton; Deanshanger; Passenham; Wicken qq.v.

manorial buildings: see also country houses; and under individual parishes

Mansel, Charles; Christopher; Edward (d. 1696); Edward (d. 1704); Edward (d. 1742); family; Frances: see Saxton, Frances; Frances Charlotte: see Thorold, Frances Charlotte; George; George Christopher; Henry Longueville, professor Henry, rector of Cosgrove; John, major-general; John, rector of Cosgrove; John Christopher (d. 1839); John Christopher (d. 1895); John (d. 1729); Maria Margaret; Mary Anne: see Biggin, Mary Anne; Millicent: see Draper, Millicent; Nightingale: see Furtho, Nightingale; Robert Robert Stanley; Samuel

Mansel Close; Mansel Farm House, in Cosgrove q.v.

Mansfield College, in Oxford q.v.

Mantells Sart, in Ashton q.v.

Mantle Sarts, in Roade q.v.

Mantles Holme, in Roade q.v.

Manton, Lord: see Watson, J. R. E. R.

Mapledurham (Oxon.)

March; earls of: see Mortimer

Marchmont, in Polwarth q.v.

Marden (Wilts.)

Mare, Hawise de la, wife of Adam de Furtho

Marford Meadow, in Cosgrove q.v.

Margaret, queen, wife of Henry VI

Marisco, Robert de

markets and fairs

Markham, A. B.; C. A.; Frank; John

Marks, Theodore

Marriott, Anthony; family; John (fl. 1591); John (fl. 1650); Lucy wife of John Marriott; Mary wife of Anthony Marriott (fl. 1632); Richard; Robert (d. bef. 1632); Robert (fl. 1567); Thomas; William (d. 1731); William (d. c. 1720), charity of; William (fl. 1534); William of Potterspury

Marriott & Nichol Charity: see Lovell, Isaac; Marriott, William (d. c. 1720)

Marsden, John

Marsh, William; see also Mershe

Marshall, Guy; John; Sir George

Marsham, Ferdinand; Thomas

Marston Moretaine (Beds.)

Martin, John James; Thomas

Martyrs' Memorial and Church of England Trust

Martyrs' Memorial Trust

Mary I, queen of England

Mary of Cambridge, Princess

Mary of Teck, queen, wife of George V

Masom, George; William

Mason, H. W. & Sons; John Williams; Nash; family; Samuel

Master, William

Masters, Frederick George; J. & Co.

Masters & Shuter

Matlath, Henry; Mary: see Beauchamp, Mary

Matthew, Robert

Maud, daughter of Henry duke of Lancaster

Maud, daughter of Michael of Hanslope

Maud, wife of Hamon son of Mainfelin

Maude, Constantine Richard Moorson Mitchinson

Maudit, family; Isabel wife of William de Beauchamp earl of Warwick; John; Maud wife of William: see Hanslope, Maud; Robert; William earl of Warwick; William (fl. 1242); William (fl. c. 1131)

Mauleye, John de

Mauntell, Amicia wife of Walter; Beatrice wife of Robert; Elizabeth wife of John (fl. 1476); family; Henry (fl. 1326); Henry (fl. mid 15th cent.); John (d. 1424); John (d. 1503); John (d. 1541); John (fl. 1356); John (fl. 1434); John (fl. late 14th cent.); Margaret wife of John Mauntell (d. 1503) later of William Eyton; Margaret wife of Thomas Mauntell; Michael; Robert (d. c. 1284); Robert (fl. 1300); Robert (fl. c. 1185); Thomas; Turstin; Walter (d. 1249); Walter (d. 1356); Walter (d. 1487); Walter (d. 1529)

Mauntell's Wood(s), in Roade q.v.

Mauquency, family; Geoffrey son of Gerard de; Gerard de (fl. late 12th cent.); Gerard son of Geoffrey de (fl. early 12th cent.)

Mauvesin, Henry

Maynard, 1st Viscount: see Maynard, Charles; 2nd Lord: see Maynard, William; 2nd Viscount: see Maynard, Charles; 3rd Viscount: see Maynard, Henry; Banastre Charles 1st Viscount Maynard 2nd Viscount Maynard; Charles Henry; Dorothy: see Banastre, Dorothy; Elizabeth wife of Sir Thomas Brograve; family; Frances Evelyn wife of Francis Greville, Earl Brooke of Warwick Castle; Henry 3rd Viscount Maynard; trustee of; John William 2nd Lord Maynard

Mayor: see Brown & Mayor

Mays Way, in Potterspury q.v.

Meade, Edward Brabazon; Richard James 4th earl of Clanwilliam

Meadow View, in Potterspury q.v.

Meakins, Joshua

Meanfallow, in Paulerspury q.v.

Melun, Jehun de, sire de Tancarville

Mentmore (Bucks.)

Mephisto Prize Medal Gang Plough

Mercers, Worshipful Company of

Merchant Taylors' School

Merrell, George

Merricke, Robert

Merriell, George

Merry, Anthony; Henry; Mr. and Mrs. J. G.

Mershe, John; William; see also Marsh

Merton College, in Oxford q.v.


Meverell, Henry

Michael, Catherine wife of

Michael of Hanslope

Michael son of Ralph

Middle Field, in Cosgrove; Furtho; Paulerspury; Wicken qq.v.; and see Paulerspury, Heathencote in

Middle Temple, in London q.v.

Middleton, Maud: see Green, Maud; Richard

Middleton by Youlgreave (Derbys.)

Middleton Cheney

Middleton (Lancs.)

Midland Automobile Engineering Co.

Midland Lace Association

Midland Railway

Mildenhall (Wilts.)

Mill, at: see Miller

Mill Field, in Grafton Regis; Roade qq.v.; and see Paulerspury, Heathencote in

Mill Furlong; Mill Lane; Mill Lane Close; Mill Way Furlong, in Shutlanger q.v.

Millegan, Robert

Miller, Margery; Nicholas; Robert' Sybil

Miller-Stirling, Diana wife of C. P. H. FitzRoy

mills: see horse-mills; paper mills; water-mills; windmills

Mills, Arthur; (fl. 1850) Arthur Robert 3rd Lord Hillingdon; Benjamin; Francis; the Misses

Milner, Henry

Milton Keynes (Bucks.)

Milton Malsor

mineral railways: see tramways, mineral

mineral water, proposed exploitation of

Missenden: see Great Missenden

mission rooms; see also chapels of ease

Mitchell, Joan; John; William

Mixbury (Oxon.)

moated sites

Mody, Richard

Moiun, William de

Molines, John

Molyneaux, James

monasteries: see religious houses; and under names of houses

Monastery, The, in Shutlanger q.v.

Monastery Farm: see Shutlanger, The Monastery in

Monksbarn; Monkswood, in Paulerspury q.v.

Monson, Lord: see Monson, William; William, 1st Lord Monson

Montagu, Alice: see Chaucer, Alice; Anne wife of Richard Neville earl of Warwick; John, Viscount Hinchingbrooke, later 5th earl of Sandwich; William; de see also Montague; Mountague

Montague, Elizabeth wife of John Montagu Viscount Hinchingbrooke; George 1st earl of Halifax; George 2nd earl of Halifax; Ralph; see also Montagu; Mountague;

Montgomery, family; Harry; J. M.; W. N.

Moor, The, in Alderton q.v.

Moor End; Moor End Lane, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Moor Field, in Cosgrove q.v.

Moor Lane; Moor Meadow, in Alderton q.v.

Moore, David; John; Stephen

Moors, The; Moors Field; Moors Furlong, in Furtho q.v.


Moravian Church

Mordaunt, Miss; Sir Charles Bt.; Elizabeth: see Prowse, Elizabeth; family; Sir John Bt.; Major-General Thomas Osbourne

More, La: see Yardley Gobion, Moor End in

Morgan, Francis; John

Morin, Robert


Morris, Ann

Morris Ashby Ltd.

Morris Ashby Smelting Co. Ltd.

Morse, Hugh de

Mortain, counts of; see also John, king of England; Robert, count of Mortain; William, count of Mortain

Mortimer, Catherine wife of Thomas earl of Warwick; Edmund de earl of March (d. 1381); Edmund de earl of March (d. 1425); John; Lawrence; Roger de earl of March (d. 1360); Roger de earl of March (d. 1398); Thomas; Waleran de

Mortlake (Surrey)

Morton, 17th earl of: see Douglas, George Sholto; George John Percy

Mothers' Union

motor car building


Mottram [in Longdendale] (Cheshire)

Mould, John


Mount, The, in Alderton q.v.

Mount Field, in Wicken q.v.

Mount Hill Avenue, in Old Stratford q.v.

Mount Mill; Mount Mill & Limes End Farm, in Wicken q.v.

Mount Pleasant Chapel, in Northampton, q.v.

Mountague, George; see also Montagu; Montague

Mowbray, honor; Thomas de, earl of Nottingham and duke of Norfolk

Mrs. Arundell's Close, in Roade q.v.

Mulso, Thomas

Mundy, Edward Miller

Murcott, in Long Buckby q.v.

Murdac, Maud wife of Robert; Robert; Thomas;
-, William

Mursley (Bucks.)

Muscott, in Norton [by Daventry] q.v.


Mylne, R. S.

Nailour, Jane

Napton, Adam de; Agnes: see Salceto, Agnes de; Joan de wife of Roger Lyons; Robert de

Nash (Bucks.)

Nash Mason: see Mason

National schools: see education, elementary and primary

National Society; Northamptonshire branch

National Trust

Navigation Inn, in Cosgrove; Stoke Bruerne; Yardley Gobion qq.v.

Neatishead (Norfolk), Barton Hall in

Neely, Andrew C.; Andrew; the younger

Nelson Café, in Potterspury q.v.

Neolithic remains: see Prehistoric remains

Neswick, Robert

Nether Farm, in Hartwell q.v.

Nether Heyford

Nevada (U.S.A.)

Neville, Anne: see Montagu, Anne; Anne countess of Warwick; Anne wife of Richard duke of Gloucester; Cecily wife of Richard duke of York; Elizabeth wife of Simon Simeon later of Sir John la Warre; Lord la Warre Isabel wife of George duke of Clarence; John de Lord; Richard earl of Salisbury (d. 1460); Richard earl of Warwick and Salisbury; Robert de

New Charity: see Stoke Bruerne, New Charity

New College, in Oxford q.v.

New Inn, in Roade q.v.

New Learning Ltd.

New Park, in Paulerspury q.v.

Newbold, John

Newbolt, William Henry

Newbolt Close, in Paulerspury q.v.

Newbury (Berks.), battle

Newcastle-under-Lyne, duke of: see Pelham-Clinton, Henry

Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Northumber land), cathedral

Newcome, William

Newington: see South Newington

Newlands, in Hartwell q.v.

Newman, Elizabeth; John; S. J.; Thomas


Newnham, John de

Newnsham, Sir Thomas

Newport, Dorothy: see Hatton, Dorothy; John; see also Hatton alias Newport

Newport Pagnell (Bucks.); Nonconformity; poor law union; Tickford in

Newton: see Water Newton

Newton, Arthur Henry; (d. 1901) Arthur Henry jun.; Georgina Tregonning wife of A. H. Newton sen.; Henry Charles; Richard Palmer; Thomas; see also Windsor & Newton

Nichol, Thomas; charity of

Nicholas of Hartwell

Nicholson, Otho

Nickson (or Nixon), Richard; William

Nixon: see Nickson

Noell, Edward

non-ferrous metal founding

Nonconformist schools: see education, British schools

Nonconformity; see also Baptist Church; Congregationalism; Methodism; Moravian Church; Mormonism; United Brethren

Nonleys, in Hartwell q.v.

Nook, The, in Alderton q.v.

Norbury, John

Norfolk, Grafton estates in

Norfolk, duke of: see Mowbray, Thomas de

Norris, family


North Buckinghamshire Congregational Association

North Buckinghamshire Water Board

North Crawley (Bucks.)

North Field; North Fields Farm, in Deanshanger q.v.

North Luffenham (Rutland)

North Sheen (Surrey), priory in

North Witham (Lincs.), Lobthorpe in

Northampton, archdeacon; of archidiaconal education committee; bus services; carriage of coal from; carrying services; castle guard; commuting from; commuting to; corporation; deliveries from; expansion; of Fermor estate in; and First World War; lace exhibition at; manors and other estates; market; mentioned; migration; to Nonconformity; railway services; religious houses in; and see under St. Andrews's priory in; St. James's abbey in; St. John's friary in; St. John's hospital in; as sub-regional centre rural district; tramroad; to Wesleyan Circuit
-, Abington Avenue Congregational Church in; All Saints' church in; Austin friary in; Central Girls' School; College Lane chapel in; Delapre abbey in; East Hunsbury in; Friars Minor in; Hunsbury Hill in Mount Pleasant Chapel in; National school in; Roman Catholic cathedral in; St. Andrew's priory in; St. Francis and Therese Roman Catholic church in; St. Giles's parish in; St. James's abbey in; St. John's friary in; St. John's hospital in; Southern District in; Town and County School

Northampton, earl of: see Compton, James; marquess of: see Parr, William; William de

Northampton & Banbury Junction Railway

Northampton Brewery Co.

Northampton Co-operative Society

Northampton Electric Light & Power Co.

Northampton Infirmary

Northampton Road, in Alderton; Cosgrove; Easton Neston; Grafton Regis; Roade; Stoke Bruerne qq.v.

Northamptonshire Association of Bap tist Churches

Northamptonshire Association of Congregational Churches

Northamptonshire Baptist Association

Northamptonshire Church Education Society

Northamptonshire County Council

Northamptonshire Naturalists' Trust

Northamptonshire Record Society

Northumberland, earl of: see Percy, Henry de

Northumbria, earl of: see Tostig, earl of Northumbria

Nortoft, in Guilsborough q.v.

Norton [by Daventry], Muscott in; see also Greens Norton

Norton, Lord: see Adderley, H. A.; W. E.

Noseley (Leics.)

Nostell, in Huntwick with Foulby and Nostell q.v.

Nottingham, earls of: see Finch, Daniel; Mowbray, Thomas de

Nottinghamshire, alabaster from

Nowers, Isabel de: see Goldington, Isabel de; William de

Nun Wood, in Easton Neston, q.v.

Nuncourt, Elizabeth wife of Richard Nuncourt; Richard

nunneries: see religious houses; and under names of houses

Oakley, Dorothy wife of John Oakley; John; Richard; Samuel

O'Brien, Donogh, style Lord O'Brien; Lord: see O'Brien, Donogh; Sophia: see Osborne, Sophia

Odo, bishop of Bayeux

Ogilby, John

Ogle, Beatrice wife of Cuthbert (d. 1633); Cuthbert (d. 1633); charity of; Cuthbert (fl. 1726)


Old Charity: see Bosenhoe, Thomas, charity of

Old Churchyard, in Wicken q.v.

Old Copse, in Deanshanger; Passenham qq.v.

Old Copse Farm, in Deanshanger q.v.

Old Dower House, in Cosgrove q.v.

Old Hill Avenue, Mount Hill Avenue in

Old Park, in Grafton Regis; Paulerspury qq.v.

Old Rectory, in Ashton q.v.

Old Stow: see Old Stratford

Old Stratford, boundaries; brickmaking; canal at; carrying services; chapel in: see hermitage/chapel in; charities; church communications; education; hermitage/chapel in; industry; inns and alehouses; landscape and settlement; local government; manors and other estates; mentioned; mills; Nonconformity; population; tolls; topography; trades and crafts
-, Belvidere Academy/House in; Black Horse Inn in; Carlton Sart ?in; Chapel Close in; Cosgrove Road in; Deanshanger Road in; Falcon Inn in; Furtho House in; Green Parrot Hotel in; Hermitage Close in; Hermitage Grounds in; Hermitage House in; London Road in; Saracen's Head in; Swan Inn in; Trinity House in; Trinity House/School in; Welch Harp in; Wharf Lane in; White Lion in; Willow Terrace in

Old Talbot, in Potterspury q.v.

Old Windmill Inn, in Paulerspury q.v.

Oliver, Richard

Oliver & York's Bank

Olney (Bucks.)

Onan, Henry; Thomas

open fields; see also inclosure; and under individual parishes

Orchard Cottage, in Ashton q.v.


Osbeston, Edmund

Osborn, George; Lewis

Osborne, John; Sir Robert; Sophia wife of Lord O'Brien later of 1st Lord Lempster; Thomas; Thomas 1st duke of Leeds

Osmund the forester

Osney, in Oxford q.v.

Ostler, George


Otto, Hugh son of

Ouse: see Great Ouse

Ouseley, Richard; Sybil

Out Field, in Wicken q.v.

Outram, Benjamin

Outwards; Outwoods: see Paulerspury, Outwoods in

Oxenford, Alice: see Combemartin, Alice; John de the elder; John de the younger; John son of John de Oxenford the younger

Oxford, castle; diocese mentioned; university; Camden chair of Ancient History in; Waynflete professor in
-, Brasenose College in; Christ Church in; Exeter College in; Jesus College in; Mansfield College in; Merton College in; New College in; Osney abbey in; St. Alban's Hall in; St. John's hospital in; St. Mary's Hall in; Winchester College in;: see Oxford, New College in; Worcester College in

Oxford, earl of: see Vere, John de

oxide manufacture

Oyley, Henry d'; Margery d' wife of Henry earl of Warwick (d. 1229); Nigel d' Robert d;'

Packhorse Inn, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Packington alias Rockingham, Richard Robert

Padbury (Bucks.)

Padbury, Alice wife of Michael Padbury the elder; Michael the elder; Michael the younger

Paddocks Farm, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Page, John; Thomas

Paget, H. W. G. 3rd marquess of Anglesey

Paine, Alan

Pales Park, in Shutlanger q.v.

Palmer: see also F. Palmer & Son (Quarry) Ltd.

Palmer, Barbara wife of Eyre Whalley Francis; John (d. 1679); John (d. 1688); John (d. 1761); Joseph; Richard; Roger; Thomas (d. 1715); Thomas (d. 1732)

Panter, P. J. J.; see also Talbot, Brown, Panter & Partners

Panton, William

Panton alias Bolingbroke, William

paper mills

Parish, Horace

parish meetings and councils

Park Close, in Cosgrove q.v.

Park Corner Field, in Wicken q.v.

Park Farm, in Hartwell; Paulerspury; Wicken qq.v.

Park Field; Park Hall, in Paulerspury q.v.

Park House; Park Lodge: see Wicken, Wicken Park in

Park Road, in Hartwell q.v.

Park Royal Woodworkers Ltd.

Park View, in Towcester q.v.

Parker, Caleb; family; Thomas

Parkins, Richard; see also Perkins

Parkinson, John

parks and gardens

Parles, Alice wife of Ralph Parles (d. 1420); Alice wife of Ralph Parles the younger; family; Joan wife of John Cumberford; John; Katherine wife of Ralph (d. 1420); Margaret wife of John Parles later of Robert Catesby; Ralph (d. 1420); Ralph (d. c. 1420-30); Ralph son of Ralph the younger; Walter William

Parles Park, in Shutlanger q.v.

Parmenter, Stephen

parochial church councils

Parr, family Lady: see Brooke, Elizabeth; Lord: see Parr, William Lord Parr; Maud: see Green, Maud; Sir Thomas; Sir William; William Lord Parr later marquess of Northampton

Parrott, John


Passelawe, Robert

Passenham, allotment in Whittlewood; in Anglo-Saxon Chronicle; archaeology; boundaries; carrying services; charities; charity estate in; church; communications; education; farming; fishery; geology; inclosure; landscape and settlement; local government; manorial buildings; manors and other estates; mills; Nonconformity; open fields; population; rector; vestry; see also Deanshanger; Old Stratford
-, Armitage Coppice in; Breach Field in; Briary Lodge in; Cherry Tree Lodge in; Coxe Stocking in; Dagnall in; East Ashalls Coppice in; Flowers Barn in; Flowers Farm in; Ham Meadow in; Hanger Lodge in; Hanger Walk in; Hanging Sart in; King's Hill Field in; Le Lye in; Little Stow Field in; Manor Farm in; Manor House in; Old Copse in; Old Stratford in; and see under Old Stratford; Passenham Manor in
-, Puxley in, boundaries; inclosure; local government; manors and other estates; mentioned; population; tithes; topography; Puxley Farm in; Puxley Glebe Farm in; Puxley Grange Farm in; Puxley Green Farm in; Puxley Green in
-, Shrobb in; Shrobb Lawn in; Shrobb Lodge in; Shrobb Walk in; Stollege Lodge in; The Folly in; West Ashalls Coppice in; Windmill Furlong in

Passenham, Alice daughter of William de Passenham; Alice wife of Henry de; Henry de; Margaret de; William de (d. 1278); William de (d. 1298)

Passenham Manor, in Passenham q.v.

Passenham Relief in Need Charity

Passenham United Charities

Paterson, William

Pattishall, Astcote in; Dalscote in; Eastcote in

Pattishall, John de; Maud wife of John de; Simon de; William de

Paulerspury, archaeology; bakery; bicyle making; brickmaking; bus services; carrying services; charities; church; common fields; communications education; farming; framework knitting; geology; inclosure; lacemaking; landscape and settlement; local government; manorial buildings; manors and other estates; mentioned; mills; Nonconformity; open fields; population; postal services; potash making; pottery making; quarrying retailing; and Second World War; topography; trades and crafts; woodland in
-, Ashton Pury manor in Berry Hill Field in; Bignell's Lane in; Bungalow Café in; Cappenham Bridge in; Church End in; College Row in; Conduit Close in; Cuttle Mill in; East End in; Easthill in; Fishweirs in; Framstead in; Grafton Park in; see also Grafton Regis, Grafton Park in;; Potterspury; Potterspury Park in;; Gray's Close in; Great House in; Hall Close in; Hall Field in Haven Nurseries in
-, Heathencote in, Berry Hill Field in; brickmaking; chapel; Denelfescroft in; farming Great Westy Field in; Heathencote Farm in; Heathencote Green in; Little Westy Field in; local government; manors and other estates; medieval settlement; mentioned; Middle Field in; Mill Field in; Nonconformity; population; potash making; topography; Towcester Field in; windmill
-, High Street in Hill Farm in; Honey Close in; Manor Farm in; Meanfallow Brickyard in; Meanfallow in; Middle Field in; Monksbarn in; Monkswood in; New Park in; Newbolt Close in; Old Park in; Old Windmill Inn in; Outwood(s) in; Park Farm in; Park Field in; Park Hall in; Paulerspury Hill Farm in; Paulerspury House in; Paulerspury Park Farm in; Paulerspury Park in; Plum Park Farm in; Plum Park in; Plumb Hall in; Plumb Park Inn
-, Plumpton End in, Breach Field in; Cullers Breach in; Manor House in; mentioned Stockings Field in
-, Plumpton Hall in; Plumpton in; Plumpton Park Field in; Plumpton Park in; Plumpton Pury in;
-, Pury End in, Bricklayer's Arms in; church life; education; forge; local government; manors and other estates; mentioned Nonconformity; quarrying; retailing; Roman/ Saxon discoveries; topography
-, Pury Hill Farm in;; Pury manor: see Ashton Pury manor; Red Lion in; Shrubby Woodhill in; Tews End in; The Hill in; The Warren in; Toothill Field in; Towcester racecourse in; Twygrist Mill in; Venture Café & Filling Station in; White Hart Inn in; Windmill Furlong in; Wood Hall in; Woodhill Pond in

Paulerspury House, in Paulerspury q.v.

Paulet, Agnes: see Howard, Agnes; William 3rd marquess of Winchester

Paveley, Agnes: see Lou, Agnes le; family; Geoffrey de (d. 1198); Geoffrey de; (fl. 1210); Ilbert de; Isabel de; wife of Sir John; St. John; Ivetta de; Joan wife of John de Paveley (d. c. 1392); John de (d. c. 1392); John de (fl. 1329); Lawrence de (d. 1349); Lawrence de (d. c. 1282); Lawrence de (fl. 1290); Philip de (b. c. 1258); Philip de (fl. 1329); Richard de (1199); Richard de (1241); Robert de (d. 1194); Robert de (d. 1250); Robert de (d. 1288); Robert de (d. 1346); Robert de (fl. 1086); Robert de (fl. 1352); Robert de (fl. early 12th cent.); Sarra wife of Robert (d. 1288); Walter de (1358); William de

Paxton, Thomas

Payne, E. A.; James

Peace & Plenty, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Peacock, Richard

Peake, George; Joseph; Nicholas; William; charity of; William son of George Peake

Pearse, James

Pease, Richard

Peasland, Samuel

Peasnall, Phoebe; William

Peck, Richard

Peckham (Surrey)

Pedder, Thomas; charity of

Pedder's Farm, in Potterspury q.v.

Peissi, Robert de

Pelham-Clinton, Henry Pelham 5th duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne

Pell, Frederick; Mary Ann; Thomas; Thomas Frederick; William

Pembroke, countess of: see Valence, Margery de; earls of: see Tudor, Jasper; Valence, Aymer de; Valence, William de

Pembroke Hall, in Cambridge q.v.

Penarth (Glam.)

Penn, family; Mary wife of John Hobbs; Thomas

Penn Bush Fields, in Wicken q.v.

Pennant: see Dawkins-Pennant; Douglas-Pennant

Penne, Hugh

Penrhyn (Caerns.), Penrhyn Castle in

Penrhyn of Llandegai, 1st Lord: see Douglas-Pennant (formerly Douglas), Edward Gordon; 2nd Lord: see Douglas-Pennant, George Sholto Gordon; 3rd Lord: see Douglas-Pennant, Edward Sholto; 4th Lord: see Douglas-Pennant, Hugh Napier; Lady: see FitzRoy, Maria Louisa; Glynne, Gertrude Jessy

Penson, Robert

Penzance (Cornwall)

Peppercorn, William

Perceval, Charles

Percival's Bank

Percy, Henry de, earl of Northumberland (d. 1408)

Pericom PLC

Perkins: see also Perkins

Perkins, Richard; Thomas; see also Parkins

Perkins Farm: see Hartwell, Hartwell End in

perpetual curacies

Perrers, Alice

Perry, Henry de; William de

Pesenest, Thomas

Peterborough abbey; bishops of: see Blagden, Claude Martin; Howland, Richard; dean and chapter; diocesan training college

Pevensey (Sussex), castle

Pever, Thomas

Peveril, William (d. 1113); William (d. 1153)

Pewtress, John Barber

Peyvre, Paul (1238)

Phelips, Francis

Philip, Alice: see Chaucer, Alice; David Thomas

Phipps, Ada Ruby Melville, Trust Fund; Pickering; T. E. D.

Phipps & Co.

Pianoforte Supplies Ltd.

Pickerell, Cicely wife of John Pickerell; John

Picot, Peter


Pierce, John

Pig & Whistle, in Wicken q.v.

Pightle, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Pigott, Isabel: see Ede, Isabel; Robert; Thomas

Pilgrim Trust

Pilkington, James; T. William

Pinfold, John

Pinkney, honor

Pinto, Francisco

Pittam, John; Robert; Thomas

Plain, The, in Roade q.v.

Plain Field, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Plain Woods, in Blisworth; Stoke Bruerne qq.v.

Plant, Walter

Plantagenet, George duke of Clarence; Richard: see Richard duke of Gloucester, later King Richard III; Richard, duke of York (d. 1460)

playgrounds; playing fields: see recreation grounds

Plescy, Lord: see Plessis, Hugh de

Plessey Ltd.

Plessis, Christian: see Sandford, Christian; Hugh de the elder; Hugh de the younger Lord Plescy; John de; John earl of Warwick; Margery: see Warwick, Margery countess of

Plough Inn, in Alderton; Cosgrove; Shutlanger qq.v.

Plowman, Henry; William

Plum Park; Plumb Hall; Plumb Park Inn, in Paulerspury q.v.

Plumpton, see also Paulerspury, Plumpton in

Plumpton End, in Paulerspury q.v.

Plumpton Field, in Alderton q.v.

Plumpton Park; Plumpton Park Field, in Paulerspury q.v.

Pointer, John

Pole, Alice: see Chaucer, Alice; Anne wife of Thomas de la Pole; de la, family; Edmund de la; Katherine de la; Michael de la 1st earl of Suffolk; Michael de la 2nd earl of Suffolk; Michael de la son of 2nd earl; Richard de la; Thomas de la (d. 1420); Thomas de la (d. 1430); William de la William de la 4th earl of Suffolk, later duke of Suffolk


polish manufacture

Pollard, John

Polwarth (Berwicks.), Marchmont in

Pomfret, countess of: see Browne, Mary; Draycott, Anna Maria; Jeffreys, Henrietta Louisa; earls of: see under Fermor

Pomfret Arms, in Hardingstone q.v.

Pomfret Lodge, in Easton Neston q.v.

Pondmead Field: see Potterspury, Lye and Pondmead Field in

pontage, grants of

Pontefract (Yorks.)

Pontefract, earls of: see under Fermor

poor law unions

poor relief

Poor's Field, in Deanshanger q.v.

population; and see under indi- vidual parishes

Porter, Charles; Endymion

Porter's Lodge, in Wicken q.v.

Portman Square, in London q.v.

Portsmouth (Hants.), Southsea in

Portway, in Ashton; Hartwell; Roade qq.v.

Post Office: see General Post Office; postal services

postal services

potash making

Potter; family; John; Richard; Sydney Albion; see also Smith alias Potter

Potters, The, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Potterspury, advowson and rectory; allotment in Whittlewood; archaeology; bellfounding; boundaries; charities; church; communications; education; farming; geology; inclosure; inns and alehouses; landscape and settlement; local government; malting; manorial; buildings; manors and other estates; mentioned; mills; night police; Nonconformity; open fields; poor law union; population; pottery making; suit of mill; tanning; topography; trades and crafts; vicar; vicarage; water-mill; woodland; workhouse; see also Yardley Gobion, workhouse
-, Anchor in Assart Farm in; Beech House in; Beeches Farm in; Black Horse in; Blackwell End in; Blue Ball in; Brownswood Green in; Brownswood in; Cheley Well in; Church End in; Cleleywell Field in; Cock Inn in; Frith Coppice in; Hardley Field in; Harley Field in; High Street in; Hill House in; Holywell Field in; Home Farm in; Homestead Farm in; John Hellins School in; Kenson Field in; Lower End in; Lye and Pondmead Field in; Mays Way in; Meadow View in; Nelson Café in; Old Stratford in; and see under Old Stratford; Old Talbot in; Pedder's Farm in; Potterspury House in; Potterspury Lodge in; Potterspury Mill in; Potterspury Park in; and see also Grafton Regis, Grafton Park in; Pury Lodge in: see Potterspury Lodge in; Puxley in: see Passenham, Puxley in; Queen's Oak Farm in; Red Lion in; Reindeer in; St. Anthony's in; Talbot alehouse in; Taylors Moor in; The Beeches in; Undivided Land in; Wakefield Home Farm in; Wakefield Lawn in; Wakefield Lawn Lodge in; Wakefield Lodge in; Wakefield Walk in; White House in; and see also under Yardley Gobion; White Rose Farm in; Windmill Close in; Windmill Field in; Wood Memorial & Institute in; Yardley Gobion in: see Yardley Gobion

Potterspury Field Gate, in Furtho q.v.

Potterspury House, in Potterspury q.v.

Potterspury Rural District Council

Potterspury Tithing

pottery making

Poulett, Catherine 2nd wife of Sir William Fermor 2nd Bt.; John 3rd Lord Poulett; Lord: see Poulett, John

Poverty Yard, in Roade q.v.

Powell, Daniel; Emmeline Jane; Sir Richard

Poynter, John

practical instruction centres: see education, secondary

Pratell, John

Pratt, Gregory

prehistoric discoveries

Prentice Coppice, in Hartwell q.v.

preparatory schools: see education, private schools

Preston, family; Geoffrey de; Gilbert de; John; Laurence de; Michael de; Richard de; Samuel; Thomas; Arthur Walter de

primary schools: see education, elementary and primary

Primitive Methodism: see Methodism

priories: see religious houses; and under names of houses

Priors Marston (Warws.)

Priory, The, in Cosgrove q.v.

prisoners of war

private schools: see education, private schools

Prizage Fund

Prospect House, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Prowse, Elizabeth: see Hosier, Elizabeth; Sharp, Elizabeth; Elizabeth wife of Sir John Mordaunt Bt.; George; Mary wife of J. M. Rogers; Thomas

Prudde, Robert

public houses: see inns and alehouses

Pugeys, Imbert

Pugh, Clifford Walter; George

Purbeck, Isle of (Dorset), stone from

Purleigh Wood (Northants.)


Pursell, Roger Thomas

Pury: see Paulerspury; Potterspury

Pury Clack: see Potterspury, water-mill

Pury End; Pury Hill Farm, in Paulerspury q.v.

Pury Lodge: see Potterspury, Potterspury Lodge in

Pury Park: see Paulerspury, Paulerspury Park Farm in; Potterspury, Potterspury Park in

Pury Road, in Alderton q.v.

Pury, Aubrey de; John; Robert de; William de

Puxley, in Passenham and Potterspury: see under Passenham

Puxley Farm; Puxley Glebe Farm; Puxley Grange; Puxley Green, in Passenham q.v.

Puxley Road, in Deanshanger q.v.

Puxley, Alice de wife of Hugh de Brochole; William de

Pyncombe, Mrs.

Pyru, Robert de

Pyttes, family; Thomas

Pywell, Bryan William; Hannah Amelia

Quarries, The; Quarry Bridge; Quarry Field in Cosgrove; Furtho qq.v.

quarrying; see also ironstone mining

Queen Anne's Bounty

Queen Victoria Clergy Fund

Queen's Oak Farm, in Potterspury q.v.


Radcliff, John (d. 1730); John son of William; John the younger; William; see also Ratcliff(e)

Radcliffe, Dr. John, Trustees of the Will of

Raffield, John

railway engineering: see Wolverton, railway works

railways; see also tramroads; tramways


Rainham (Essex)

Ralph; Michael son of

Ralph son of Roger of Northampton

Ramsey, Sir John

Ransom, family

Ranulph earl of Chester

Ratcliff (Mdx.)

Ratcliff, Robert; see also Radcliff

Ratcliffe, Thomas; see also Radcliffe

Ratledge, John; William

Ravenser, Thomas

Ravenshead Farm, in Hartwell q.v.

Rawlins, John

Ray, George

Reade, Frances wife of Samuel Reade; Samuel

Reading (Berks.)

recreation grounds

Rectory Cottage, in Ashton q.v.

Rectory Farm, in Ashton; Cosgrove; Furtho qq.v.

rectory manors

Recusancy; see also Roman Catholicism

Red Lion, in Paulerspury; Potterspury qq.v.

Reed, Benjamin

Reeth, Fremington & Healaugh (Yorks.), Draycott Hall in

Reeve, Christopher

refreshment rooms: see transport cafés

Reindeer public house, in Potterspury q.v.

religious houses; lands of

Rendall, Frederick S.

rents: see estate management


Revai, Andew

Reve, Thomas

Revell, family; Hugh; Robert (fl. 1186); Robert (fl. 1243); Robert (fl. 1375); Robert (fl. temp. Hen. I) Roger

Revis, Henry

Reynolds, Messrs., ironmasters; Mrs. Kathleen M.; Paul

Rhodesia: see Southern Rhodesia

Richard duke of Gloucester: see Richard III

Richard duke of York: see Plantagenet, Richard

Richard I, king of England

Richard II, king of England

Richard III, king of England

Richard son of William

Richardson, Comfort wife of J. C. Richardson; George Edward; Henry; John Cole; John (d. 1713); John (d. 1757); Richard; Roger; Selina; William

Richmond, duke of: see Lennox, Charles

Richmond-Watson, J. H.; R. N.

Rickmansworth (Herts.)

Rickyard, in Easton Neston q.v.

Ridgmont, in Deanshanger q.v.

Ridgway, Rupert

Ridings, The, in Roade q.v.

Ridley, Mrs.

Rigby, Alexander; Christopher; Jake

Riparis, Margery de

Ripley (Derbys.), Butterley Ironworks in

Risley, John the elder; John the younger

Risley (Derbys.)

Rivers, 1st Lord: see Woodville, Richard; 2nd Earl: see Woodville, Anthony; 3rd Earl: see Woodville, Richard

Riviere, Frances: see Forfett, Frances; Isaac

Roade, archaeology; boundaries; charities; charity estate in; church; communications; commuting to; education; engineering; farming; inclosure; lacemaking; landscape and settlement; local government; manorial buildings; manors and other estates; milling; mills; Nonconformity; open fields; population; proposed canal; quarrying; railway; railway station; tithes; topography; trades and crafts
-, Abbotts Way in; Ash Wood in; Ashton Road in; Barn Close in; Blisworth Road in; Blunt's Farm in; Breach Field in; Brihtgevescroft in; Burman Farm in; Church End in; Community Centre and Playing Field Association Croft Lane in; Dovecote Farm in; Dunmannysmede in; Fox Covert in; George Inn in; Grafton Road in; Great Hyde Field in; Hall Field in; Hall Wood in; Hartwell Park in; Hartwell Road in; Herbert House Seminary for Young Ladies in; High Street in; Highfield in; Hoe Way in; Hunger Hill Field in; Hunsdon's Wood in; Hyde Close in; Hyde Farm in; Hyde Field in; Hyde in; Hyde Road in; Kineswinescroft in; Lidyate in; Little Hyde Field in; London Road in; Mantle Sarts in; Mantles Holme in; Mauntell's Wood(s) in; Mill Field in; Mrs. Arundell's Close in; New inn in; Northampton Road in; Portway in; Poverty Yard in; Priest's House in; Roade Boarding School in; Roade Cutting in; Roade Mill in; Roade School in; Robert Stephenson public house in; Rode Land in; Roman Catholicism St. Lawrence's Roman Catholic Church in; Shortwood in; Simplex factory Somereshale in; Somerhale in; Stratford Road in; Sudden's Close in; Sumerhale in; Summer Hall Field in; Summerale in; The Leys in; The Plain in; The Ridings in; The Sarts in; The Sixty in; Thorpe Wood House in; Thorpe Wood in; Thorpewood Farm in; Town's House in; Travell's Farm in; Vicarage in; Warwick House School for Girls in; West Well Field in; Wood Leys Farm in; Woodleys in; Yew Tree Terrace in

Roade, Eleanor daughter of Ralph de; Ralph de

Roade Boarding School; Roade Cutting, in Roade q.v.

Roade Feoffee and Chivall Charities

Roade Feoffees' Charity

Roade Hill, in Ashton q.v.

Roade Mill; Roade School, in Roade q.v.

roads: see highways administration; turnpike roads; Watling Street

Robbins, Isaac

Robert, count of Mortain

Robert, earl of Leicester

Robert of Cosgrove Mill

Robert (fl. 1086): see Paveley, Robert de

Robert the miller of Alderton

Robert son of Anketil

Robert son of Roger the miller of Cosgrove

Robert son of William de Pury

Robert Stephenson public house, in Roade q.v.

Roberts, Albert; Arthur; Bertram Douglas; Caroline wife of John; E. & H.; Eden John; Edwin; Eric; family; George; Harry S.; Henry; John; Luke; Richard; Rupert Percival; Thomas; Thomas John Edwin; see also E. & H. Roberts Ltd.

Robinson, - Ann; family; Isaac; John; Thomas; William & Son; see also Hunt alias Robinson


Rockingham: see Packington alias Rockingham

Roddis, Thomas jun.; Thomas sen.; see also T. Roddis Ltd.

Rode Land, in Roade q.v.

Rodknight, John; William

Roe Field, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Roffe, Richard de

Roger, James

Roger the miller of Cosgrove

Roger of Northampton

Roger undertenant of Wick Dive

Rogers, James; John Methuen; Mary: see Prowse, Mary; William

Rolfe, Henry

Rolls Royce Enthusiasts' Club

Rolt, Samuel; Stephen

Roman Catholicism; see also Recusancy

Roman discoveries

Roman roads: see Roman discoveries; Watling Street

Rookery Farm, in Stoke Bruerne q.v.

Rookes, Christopher John

Roos, Anne wife of Robert Roos; Robert


Roper, Benedict; John; John Clarke; William

Rose, Mrs. Edward Elizabeth

Rotherham, John


Rothing, Isabel: see Combemartin, Isabel; Richard de

Rothwell, William

Round House, The; Roundmote, in Alderton q.v.

Rous, Lucy: see Forester, Lucy

Rouse, E. Clive

Row, Elizabeth wife of Thomas Addington

Rowley Wood, in Ashton q.v.

Rowslade Field, in Shutlanger q.v.

Royal Air Force, Salcey Forest depot

Royal Condor Motor & Cycle Works

Royal Insurance Co.

Rudd, William the elder; William the younger

Ruffe: see Rolfe

Rufford (Lancs.), Rufford Hall in

Rufus, William

Rugby (Warws.)

Rumeney, Alan de

rural district councils; and see under Hardingstone; Northampton; Potterspury; Towcester

Rush Mills, in Hardingstone q.v.

Rushall (Staffs.)

Rushworth, Francis

Russell, - Edward; John; Katherine, wife of William Harbord; Robert; Stephen; Thomas; William earl of Bedford, later duke of Bedford

Rutland, earl of: see Edward earl of Rutland, later duke of York

Ryder, Thomas

Rye, John; Lewis

Rythe, John

Ryvers, Lords, later Earls: see under Woodville

Sackville, Charles 6th earl of Dorset; countess of: see Bagot, Mary; Edward 4th earl of Dorset; Richard 5th earl of Dorset; Thomas Lord Buckhurst, later 1st earl of Dorset

Sadler, Henry; Ralph

Safleto: see Salceto

St. Alban's Hall, in Oxford q.v.

St. Albans (Herts.)

St. Anthony's, in Potterspury q.v.

St. David and the Holy Trinity, Hospital of, in Kingsthorpe q.v.

St. Francis and Therese R. C. church, in Northampton q.v.

St. Ives (Hunts.)

St. James's abbey, in Northampton q.v.

St. James's Square, in London q.v.

St. John, family; Giles de; Isabel: see Combemartin, Isabel; Paveley, Isabel; John (d. 1424); John (d. 1525); John (fl. 1540); Margaret: see Beauchamp, Margaret; Margery or Margaret: see Waldegrave, Margery or Mar garet; Oliver grandson of Oliver St. John the elder; Oliver son of John St. John; William

St. John of Jerusalem, Hospital of: see Knights Hospitallers

St. John Street, in London q.v.

St. John's College, in Cambridge q.v.

St. Lawrence's Roman Catholic Church, in Roade q.v.

St. Liz, Andrew de; Joan: see Com bemartin, Joan

St. Martin's in the Fields, in London q.v.

St. Mary's Hall, in Oxford q.v.

St. Monica Trust

St. Neot's (Hunts.)

St. Paul's cathedral, in London q.v.

St. Philbert, Sir Adam de

St. Pierre-sur-Dives (Calvados)

St. Vincent's well, in Cosgrove, q.v.

Sainthill, Robert

Salceto, Agnes de wife of Adam de Napton; Beatrice: see Fitz Ralph, Beatrice daughter of Hugh; Mary de wife of Simon de Thorpe; Robert de (d. 1223); Robert de (d. 1236)

Salcey Avenue; Salcey Close, in Hart well q.v.

Salcey Forest; charity; R.A.F depot; in timber from

Salcey Green, in Hartwell q.v.

Salcey Jig & Tool Co.

Salcey Lawn, in Hartwell q.v.

Salcey Precision Engineering Co. Ltd.

Salisbury, bishop of: see Waltham, John; earl of: see Neville, Richard

Salt Lake City (Utah)

Sams, Barwick John; Isabella wife of J. B. Harrison

Samwell, William

San Francisco (Calif.)

sand quarrying: see quarrying

Sanders, William Watkins

Sanderson, John

Sandford, Christian wife of John de Plessis; Hugh de

Sandhill Field, in Alderton q.v.

Sandpit Copse, in Hartwell q.v.

Sandwell, in West Bromwich q.v.

Sandwich, earl of: see Montague, John

Sandy (Beds.)

Sansome, David

Saracen's Head, in Old Stratford q.v.

Sargeant, Henry Charles; Joe; John

Sarts, The, in Hartwell and Roade, qq.v.


Saunders, Alfred; John; William

Savage, Geoffrey; George; Henry Alfred; Herbert Augustus Thomas; James; Maud; Robert; Thomas; William

Savigny-sur-Braye (Loir-et-Cher), abbey

Savile, Dorothy wife of 3rd earl of Burlington; George 1st marquess of Halifax; William 2nd marquess of Halifax

Savoy, Hospital of the, in London q.v.

sawmills; see also timber merchants

Sawyer, Edward

Saxby, Nicholas, charity of; Sarah wife of John Clarke of Deanshanger

Saxton, Frances wife of Edward Mansel the younger

Say, Geoffrey de; Lord: see Heron, William; Say, William; Nicholas de; William (d. 1295); William Lord (d. c. 1271)

Scales, John; Margery wife of John

school boards: see education, board schools

schools: see education

Sclipton, Robert de

Scott, James; Miss; Richard; Simon

Scrivener, Alfred; Emma; family; Fanny; Job; John; Joseph; Margaret; Margaret wife of Thomas Scrivener; Richard Thomas

Seabrooke, George

Seaman, John

Searle, Thomas

Sebright, John

Second World War; evacuation of children

secondary schools: see education, secondary

Sedgewick, John Obadiah

Seers, William

Selby, Richard de

select vestries: see vestries

Sellis, Jane

Selveston, Alice wife of William de; William de

Sethen, William

Seville (Spain)

Sewardsley, in Easton Neston q.v.

sewerage services

Seymour, Robert; Thomas

Shackleton, William

Shakeshaft, family; William

Shakespeare, William, supposed por trait of

Shareshill (Staffs.), Hilton in

Sharon, Florence Emily wife of Sir T. G. Fermor-Hesketh 7th Bt.; William

Sharp, Miss A. M.; Anna Maria:; see Hosier, Anna Maria; Elizabeth wife of George Prowse; charity of; Granville; John; John Hosier; Mary wife of James Booth; Thomas

Shaw, in Stoke Bruerne q.v.

Shedden, family; George (d. 1855); George son of R. C. Shedden; Mary: see Goodrich, Mary; Robert Roscow Cole; William George

Sheen: see North Sheen

Shefford, John

Shenley (Bucks.)

Shepherd, -

Sheppard, Ann wife of William Sheppard; Christopher; Francis; John; Mrs. Anna; Richard; Richard Edward; William

Sheppey, Isle of (Kent)

Shepshed (Leics.)

Sherd, William

Shipley (Derbys.)

Shires, The, in Easton Neston, q.v.

Shirley, William


Sholebrooke Lodge; Sholebrooke Walk, in Whittlebury q.v.

shops: see retailing

Shoreditch, John de

Shortley, in Coventry q.v.

Shortwood, in Roade q.v.

Showsley: see Easton Neston, Sewards ley in

Shrewsbury (Shropshire), Berwick in

Shrewsbury, duke of: see Talbot, Charles

Shrobb Lawn; Shrobb Lodge; Shrobb Walk, in Passenham q.v.

Shrubby Woodhill, in Paulerspury q.v.

Shuter: see Masters & Shuter

Shutlanger: see also Stoke Bruerne

Shutlanger, archaeology; boundaries; bus services; carrying services; charities; church; communications; education; farming; geology; inclosure; inns and alehouses; iron stone mining; landscape and settlement; local government; manors and other estates; mentioned; mills; Nonconformity; open fields; population; and Second World War; trades and crafts; see also Stoke Bruerne
-, Alderton Field in; Hall Leys Close in; Horseshoe public house in; Mill Furlong in; Mill Lane Close in; Mill Lane in; Mill Way Furlong in; Pales Park in; Parles Park in; Plough public house in; Reading Room in; Rowslade Field in; Shutlanger Grove in; The Monastery in; Wood Field in

Shutlanger Grove, in Shutlanger q.v.

Sidney, Dorothy wife of Henry Spencer earl of Sunderland; Robert earl of Leicester

Siemens, Charles William

Silsby, Matthew; Nathaniel

Silverstone; R.A.F. station; Silverstone Luffield manor in

Simeon, Elizabeth: see Neville, Elizabeth; Simon; Thomas

Simkins, John; Mary; Richard

Simmons, John

Simplex: see Pianoforte Supplies Ltd.

Simplex factory, in Roade q.v.

Simplex Polish Co. Ltd.

Simpson, -, architect -, of Cosgrove mill -, Dissenting teacher; John

Sisun, Thomas


Sixty, The, in Roade q.v.

Skenard, Joan wife of Sir Richard Knightley

Skenard (or Skinnerton), Henry; Margery: see Harrowden, Margery

Skene, Maria Margaret Ann; Philip

Skinnerton: see Skenard

Skippon, Sir Philip


Slater, William the elder; William the younger; see also Gee, Walker & Slater Ltd.

Slee, William

Slinn, Kenneth George

Slye, James

Smith, -, of Cosgrove; A. Ada Frances wife of Harry Brafield; Ann Fortune, wife of the duke of Grafton; Edna; Ellen; family, of Grafton Regis; Henry; Henry; John; Humphrey; John of Old Stratford; John of Potterspury; John of Stoke Bruerne; Joseph of Grafton Regis the elder; Joseph of Grafton Regis the younger; Joseph of Heathencote; Josiah Michael; K. G. & Son; Mary; Nicholas; Richard; Samuel; Stephen; Sydney Edward; Thomas; William of Hartwell; William of Potterspury ;see also Loraine-Smith

Smith alias Caves, Thomas

Smith alias Fowkes, Emma wife of John, later wife of William Cartwright; John

Smith alias Kent, William

Smith alias Potter, John; William

Snelshall, in Tattenhoe q.v.

Snelshall Farm, in Deanshanger q.v.

Snitterfield (Warws.)

Snoxall, family

Society of Merchant Venturers of Bristol

Somereshale; Somerhale, in Roade q.v.

Somerset, Edward duke of

Somerton (Oxon.)

Sommerly, -, painter

Sotheby, Admiral; William

South Field, in Ashton; Deanshanger qq.v.

South Mead, in Cosgrove q.v.

South Newington (Oxon.)

South Wingfield (Derbys.)

Southampton, 1st Lord: see FitzRoy, Charles; 3rd Lord: see FitzRoy, Charles; countess of: see Vernon, Elizabeth

Southern; Anne wife of Peter Drink water; John
-, Mary wife of John Drinkwater

Southern Rhodesia

Southsea, in Portsmouth q.v.

Southwark (Surrey)

Southwell, Francis

Sparrow Lodge, in Wicken q.v.

Spatchford, Eleanor

Spencer, Charles 3rd earl of Sunderland; Dorothy: see Sidney, Dorothy; family Henry, 1st earl of Sunderland; John of Althorp (d. 1600); John (d. 1522); John (fl. 1556); Lady: see Wriothesley, Penelope; Robert 1st Lord Spencer of Wormleighton; Robert 2nd earl of Sunderland; William, 2nd Lord Spencer of Wormleighton

Spencer of Wormleighton, Lords: see Spencer, Robert; Spencer, William

Spicer, William

Spigurnel, family; Henry; Ralph; Robert; Sarah wife of Henry; Thomas

Spinall, Elizabeth, charity of; Elizabeth wife of John Spinall, charity; of John

Spitalfields, in London q.v.

Sponne School, in Towcester q.v.

sports and social clubs: see village halls


Spring Lane; Spring Lane Cottages, in Alderton q.v.

Springfield, Hugh de

Spurrier, Anne: see Wittes, Anne; Thomas

Stafford, Margaret 2nd wife of John de Hartshill Lord Hatch; Robert

Staffordshire, pottery manufacture

Stainborough (Yorks.), Wentworth Castle in

Stalman, William

Stamford Baron St. Martin Without

Stamford (Lincs.)

Stanford-in-the-Vale (Berks.)

Stanhope, John Lord Stanhope of Har rington

Stanhope of Harrington, Lord: see Stanhope, John

Stanley, William

Stansifurlong, in Cosgrove, q.v.

Stanton-on-the-Wolds (Notts.)

Stantonbury (Bucks.)


Stapp, Edward

Staunton, Alice: see Combemartin, Alice; Anne: see Furtho, Anne; Anthony

Steere, Isaiah

Steiner, Rudolf

Stephen, king of England

Stephen (fl. 1086)

Stephenson, Robert

Stevens, George

Stewart, J.

Sties Field, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Stirling: see Miller-Stirling

Stoakes, John

Stocking Close; Stocking Field, in Wicken q.v.

Stockings Field: see Paulerspury, Plumpton End in

Stoke Bruerne, archaeology; bakery; boundaries; brickmaking; bus services; canal; carrying services; charities; charity estate in; church; communications; education; farming; geology; inclosure; inns and alehouses; landscape and settlement; local government; manorial buildings; manors and other estates; mills; Nonconformity; open fields; population; quarrying; rector; rectory; ropemaking; topography; trades and crafts; see also Shutlanger
-, Ash Hill Field in; Ashton Road in; Boat Inn in; Bosenhoe Charity Bread Charity Church Charity Church Land in; Dower House in; Huddimore in; Hunger Hill Field in; Lichesmor in; Navigation Inn in; New Charity New Estate Charity Northampton Road in; Old Charity: see Bosenhoe, Thomas, charity of; Plain Woods in; Rookery Farm in; Shaw in; Shaw Wood in; Shu tlanger in: see Shutlanger; Stoke Gap in; Stoke Park in; Stoke Pavilions in: see Stoke Park; Stoke Plain in; Stoke Wood in; The Green in; Waymor in; Wentworth Way in; Windmill Field in; Wood Field in

Stoke Gap, in Stoke Bruerne q.v.

Stoke Goldington (Bucks.); Eakley in; Eakley Lanes in

Stoke Park, in Stoke Bruerne q.v.

Stoke Pavilions: see Stoke Bruerne, Stoke Park in

Stoke Plain, in Stoke Bruerne q.v.

Stoke Road, in Ashton q.v.

Stoke Wood, in Stoke Bruerne q.v.

Stokes, George; Richard

Stollege Lodge, in Passenham q.v.

Stone Bank, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Stone Bridge, in Grafton Regis q.v.

stone quarrying: see quarrying

Stonepit Farm, in Hartwell q.v.

Stony Stratford (Bucks.); bank; bridge; bus services; carrying services; commuting to; Fegan's Home in; leper hospital; local government; manors and other estates; market; mill; Nonconformity; St. Giles parish; in St. John's hos pital in; workhouse

Stony Stratford Light Railway Co.

Stops, William George

Stork, John

Story, William; see also Stury

Stow, Old: see Old Stratford

Stowe, John (d. 1695); John the younger; William

Stowe (Bucks.) ; Boycott in, mill; chaplain of


Strafford, 1st earl of (2nd creation): see Wentworth, Thomas; 2nd earl of (2nd creation): see Wentworth, William; 3rd earl of (2nd creation): see Wentworth, F. T.

Strange, Ankaret le wife of Thomas de Ferrers

Stratford: see Fenny Stratford; Old Stratford; Stony Stratford

Stratford, Agnes wife of Hugh de the elder; Alan de; Hugh de the elder; Hugh de the younger; see also Forester

Stratford & Wolverton Rural District

Stratford Bridge, in Stony Stratford q.v.

Stratford Road, in Cosgrove; Roade qq.v.

Stratford-upon-Avon (Warws.)

Stratford-upon-Avon & Midland Junction Railway

street lighting

street tramways: see tramways, street

Strete, Robert

Strode, Ann; Elizabeth wife of Philip Bedingfield; Sir George

Stuart, Lewis duke of Lennox

Stubbs, William

Sturdy, Herbert Frank

Sturges, John Mackenzie

Sturgess, William; William David; W. S. & Sons

Sturminster Marshall (Dorset), Hen bury in

Stury, William; see also Story

Sudden's Close, in Roade q.v.

Suddington, Thomas de

Sudeley of Toddington, 2nd Lord: see Hanbury-Tracy (formerly Leigh), T. C.

Suffolk, Grafton estate in

Suffolk, earls and dukes of: see under Pole, de la


Sumerhale; Summer Hall Field; Sum merale, in Roade q.v.

Sunbury-on-Thames (Mdx.)

Sunday schools: see education, Sunday schools

Sunderland, 1st earl of: see Spencer, Henry; 2nd earl of: see Spencer, Robert; 3rd earl of: see Spencer, Charles; countess of: see Digby, Anne; Sidney, Dorothy

Sunley, Bernard

Surrey, evacuee children from

Surrey, earl of: see FitzAlan, Richard; Warenne, William de

Sussex, earl of: see Lennard, Thomas

Sutton, Joan; Robert

Swain (fl. 1086)

Swain son of Azor

Swan, Henry

Swan Inn, in Old Stratford q.v.

Swanbourne (Bucks.)

Swannell, John; charity of

Sydney: see Sidney


T. Roddis Ltd.

Talbot, Brian; Catherine wife of Brian Talbot; Charles duke of Shrewsbury

Talbot, Brown, Panter & Partners

Talbot alehouse, in Potterspury q.v.

Talbot Inn, in Buckingham q.v.

Tancarville (Seine-Maritime), sire de: see Melun, Jehun de


Tarry, John Thomas

Tassell, Michael

Tattenhoe (Bucks.) Snelshall in; priory

Taylor, Samuel

Taylors, bellfounders

Taylors Moor, in Potterspury q.v.

Tebaud, Maud: see Harrowden, Maud; Richard

Tebbet, John

Technical Instruction Act classes: see education, night schools

telephone services

Templar, Alan the

Temple, Anne, dowager viscountess Baltinglass; Anne: see also Throckmorton, Anne; Sir Peter Bt. Sir Richard Bt. Viscount Cobham

Temple Lane, in Furtho q.v.

tenancies at will: see estate management

Tetbald (fl. 1086)

Teulon, Samuel Sanders

Tew, Charles John

Tews End, in Paulerspury q.v.

Thame (Oxon.), grammar school

Thanet, earl of: see Tufton, Sackville

Thomas, earl of Lancaster (d. 1322)

Thomas, Eustace son of

Thomas, monk of the hermitage of Grafton

Thomas, James; John (d. 1857); John (d. 1939)

Thompson, Alwyn Ralph; Mrs. Frances

Thomson, Leonard

Thorne, family; Thomas

Thornhagh, Sir Andrew; Letitia wife of Sir Andrew Thornhagh

Thornton (Bucks.)

Thorold, Frances Charlotte wife of Robert Mansel; Helen wife of Alexander Grant; William; see also Grant; Grant-Thorold

Thorpe, Mary: see Salceto, Mary de; Ralph de Simon de

Thorpe Wood; Thorpe Wood House; Thorpewood Farm, in Roade q.v.

Throckmorton, Anne wife of Sir Arthur Throckmorton; Anne wife of Sir Peter Temple; Sir Arthur; Elizabeth wife of Richard Lennard Lord Dacre of the South; family; Mary wife of 2nd Lord Wotton of Marley; Sir Nicholas

Thurleigh (Beds.)

Tibbs, William

Tickford, in Newport Pagnell q.v.

Ticknall (Derbys.)


Tiffield, Alan de

tile making: see brickmaking

Tillemans, Peter

timber merchants; see also sawmills

Timms, William

Tinchebray (Orne) battle,

Tingewick (Bucks.),

Tingewick, Agnes wife of Elias de Tingewick the elder; Elias de the elder; Elias de the younger; family; John de; Rose wife of John de; William de

Tintwistle (Cheshire)

Tiptoft, Sir John

Tissington, George

Tite, George; John; William

Tithe Barn, in Ashton q.v.

Tithe Farm, in Hartwell q.v.


Toddington (Beds.)

Toeni, Alice wife of Guy Beauchamp earl of Warwick

Tolethorpe Hall, in Little Casterton q.v.

tolls: see Old Stratford, tolls

Tombs, John

Tombs Farm, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Tomkins, -

Tomlinson, John

Tompkins, William

Tony, Michael

Toothill Field, in Paulerspury q.v.

Tordoff, Elizabeth: see Arundel, Eliza beth

Tostig, earl of Northumbria

Tottenham (Mdx.)

Toulouse, William de


Towcester; bank; brickmaking; bus ser vices; carrying services; charities; commuting to; education; estate development; Fermor estate; grammar school; highway board; ironworks; local government; manors and other estates; markets and fairs; mentioned; mills; Nonconformity; open fields; plague; poor law union; racecourse; and see under Paulerspury; railways; Roman occupation; rural district council; savings bank; secondary modern school; shoe factory; vicarage
-, Caldecote in; Church of England school in; Grafton Hunt stables in; Handley in; Jubilee Row in; Park View in; Sponne School in; Wood Burcote in

Towcester Co. Ltd.

Towcester Field: see under Paulerspury, Heathencote in

Towcester Ironstone Co.

Towcester Mill & Trading Co. Ltd

Towcester Mineral & Brick Co.

Towcester Mineral & Brick Co. Ltd.

Towcester Old Bank

Towcester Racecourse Co. Ltd

Town Field, in Hartwell q.v.

Town's House, in Roade q.v.

Townsend Farm, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Tramell, -


tramways, mineral; street

transport cafes

Travell, Alexander; Elizabeth; family

Travell's Farm, in Roade q.v.

Treasury, H.M.

Treen, John

Tremenel, John; Roger

Tresham, Laurence

Trevor, Sir Thomas; see also Hill-Trevor

Trimnell, William

Trinity College, in Carmarthen q.v.

Trinity House/School, in Old Stratford q.v.

Trotter, Henry Robert

Truslowe, -

Tudor, Jasper, earl of Pembroke, later duke of Bedford

Tufton, Sackville, earl of Thanet

Tunstall (Kent)

turnpike roads

Turstin: see Mauntell, Turstin

Turvey, Henry; Roger

Turville, Geoffrey de

Tutbury (Staffs.), honor; priory

Tutty: see Twedye alias Tutty

Twedye alias Tutty, William

Twicket(t)'s Mill: Twigget(t)s Mill; Twigrist Mill: see Paulerspury, Twygrist Mill in

Twisden, Roger

Twisleton, John

Twycross Field, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Twyford; Twyford Bridge, in Alderton q.v.

Twyford Field, in Alderton; Grafton Regis qq.v.

Twyford Meadow, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Twyford Mill, in Alderton q.v.

Twyford, Edward de; Elizabeth: see Lewknor, Elizabeth; Robert; Rose wife of Robert; William

Twygrist Mill, in Paulerspury q.v.

Ufford, Edmund de

Ulster, countess of: see FitzJohn, Ave line; earl of: see Burgh, Richard de

Undivided Land between Potterspury and Yardley Gobion: see under Potterspury

Union Chapel, in Deanshanger q.v.

Union workhouses

United Brethren

United Christians

United Counties bus company

United Reformed Church

United States of America, emigration to

Upper Field, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Upper Heyford

Upton [near Peterborough]

Uxbridge (Mdx.)

Vale Farm, in Ashton q.v.

Valence, Aymer de, earl of Pembroke; Isabel, wife of Lord Hastings; William de, earl of Pembroke

Valentine, Samuel

Vaux, Anne: see Green, Anne; Mrs. Catherine later Mrs. Warwick; Nicholas Lord Vaux of Harrowden; Thomas 2nd Lord Vaux of Harowden; William 3rd Lord Vaux of Harrowden

Vaux of Harrowden, Lords: see Vaux, Nicholas; Vaux, Thomas; Vaux, William

Veale, Richard

Veaux, Baron Eugene Amable Adolphus Edward; Baroness Ethel Marie de

Venture Café & Filling Station, in Paulerspury q.v.

Vere, John de earl of Oxford; Philippa de duchess of Ireland; Ursula de wife of George Windsor later of Sir Edmund Knightley

Verney, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Verney, later of Richard Verney; Ralph Earl Verney; Richard Thomas

Vernon, Bertie Wentworth; Elizabeth wife of 3rd earl of Southampton; family; George Augustus; Henrietta Harriet: see Wentworth, H. H.; Henry Albermarle; Henry Charles Edward; Henry Charles Erskine; Henry father of F. W. T. Vernon Wentworth; Henry of Hilton; Isabella wife of Bertie Wentworth Vernon; Levison William Federick; see also Vernon Wentworth (formerly Vernon)

Vernon Wentworth (formerly Vernon), F. W. T.; see also Vernon

Vesey, Isabel: see Boteler, Isabel; John of Clifton Reynes; John the elder; John the younger; William

vestries; select

Vickers, Charles

Victoria, queen of England: see Queen Victoria Clergy Fund

Victoria & Albert Museum

Victory Hall, in Cosgrove, q.v.

Vieuxpont, Idonea de wife of Sir Roger de Leybourn later of John Cromwell; Isabel de: see Fitz-John, Isabel; Maud de wife of William Beauchamp earl of Warwick

village halls;

Village Pound Trust, Hartwell

Villiers, Barbara, duchess of Cleveland George, duke of Bucking ham; J. C.

Vine Cottage, in Ashton q.v.

Virginia (U.S.A.)

Vitor, Simon

Voluntary Aid Detachments

Wake, Elizabeth wife of Richard; family; Sir Hereward Bt.; Joan; John; Sir John Bt.; Margaret wife of Richard Wake of Hartwell; Richard (d. 1581); Richard (d. 1628); Richard (fl. 1531); Richard of Hartwell; Robert; Thomas; Sir William

Wakefield Lawn; Wakefield Lawn Lodge, in Potterspury q.v.

Wakefield Lodge, in Passenham and Potterspury: see Potterspury, Wakefield Lodge in

Wakefield Lodge Estate, and First World War; inclosure; income; and industry; management; and see under individual parishes; model farms; sale of; see also Grafton, honor

Wakefield Walk, in Passenham and Potterspury; see Potterspury, Wakefield Walk in

Waldegrave, Charlotte Maria countess of Euston Margery or Margaret, wife of Sir John St. John; Richard; Sir William

Wales, principality of princes of: see Charles; Henry

Walkelin, abbot of St. James, Northampton

Walkelin, Henry son of

Walker: see Gee, Walker & Slater Ltd.

Wallis's Field, in Hartwell q.v.

Walsingham, Sir Francis

Walter (fl. temp. Hen. I)

Walter parson of Paulerspury

Walter son of Winemar

Walter, William son of

Walter, Sir John; Major Robert; William

Waltham, John, bishop of Salisbury

Walthamstow (Essex), Cosgrove House in

Walton, George; Richard

Walton Hall, in Wellesbourne Hastings q.v.

Wanley, James; John

Wansford, paper-mill in


War Agricultural (Executive) Committees

war memorials: see First World War

Ward, Thomas

Warenne, John de earl of Surrey; William de earl of Surrey

Warin, Adam son of

Warner, John

Warr: see also Druce & Warr

Warr, John; Robert; Thomas; William

Warre, Elizabeth: see Neville, Elizabeth; John la Lord la Warre Lord la: see John la Warre; Lord la Warre

Warren, The, in Ashton; Paulerspury qq.v.

Warren Field, in Ashton q.v.

Warren, Benjamin; Daniel; Hannah; Paul; Richard; Samuel; Sarah

Warwick, Alice countess of: see Beauchamp, Alice; Anne countess of: see Neville, Anne; Catherine countess of: see Mortimer, Catherine; Catherine wife of Stephen Warwick; Catherine: see also Hoe, Catherine; duke of: see Beauchamp, Henry; earls of: see Beauchamp, Guy; Beauchamp, Richard; Beauchamp, Thomas; Beauchamp, William; Maudit, William; Plessis, John; Edward earl of family; Frances Evelyn, countess of: see Maynard, F. E.; Henry earl of (d. 1229); John (d. 1785); John (d. c. 1781); Margery countess of: see Oyley, Margary d' wife of Henry earl of Warwick; Margery suo jure countess of Warwick later wife of John de Plessis; Matthew; Maud countess of: see FitzGeoffrey, Maud; Mrs. Catherine; Stephen (d. 1744); Stephen (d. 1842); Susanna; Thomas earl of (d. 1242); Thomas earl of (fl. 1284)

Warwick House School for Girls, in Roade q.v.

Washington, Anne wife of Sir William Washington Sir William

water, mineral, proposed exploitation of

Water Newton (Hunts.)

water supplies


Waterhall, in Easton Neston, q.v.

Waterhouse, Nathaniel

'Watfeld' (unidentified; Northants.)

Watford, John

Watford (Northants.)

Watkin, Thomas

Watkinson, Grace

Watling Street

Watson, Claire Georgina wife of 3rd Lord Hesketh; Elizabeth wife of Thomas Furtho; J. R. E. R. 3rd Lord Manton; Thomas; see also Richmond-Watson

Wattes, William

Watts, Thomas

Waymor, in Stoke Bruerne q.v.

Waynflete professor of moral and meta-physical philosophy, in Oxford q.v.

Wayte, William

Webb, Christopher; Edwin; family; James; Sarah; William

Webster, Elizabeth

Wednesbury (Staffs.)

Weedon, John de; Ralph de (fl. 1316); Ralph de (fl. 1346); Ralph de (fl. c. 1520)

Weedon Beck

Weelsby (Lincs.), Weelsby House in

Weir, William

Welch Harp, in Old Stratford q.v.

Weldon: see Great Weldon

Welford, Elizabeth

Wellesbourne Hastings (Warws.), Walton Hall in

Welling, in Bexley Heath and East Wickham (Kent)

Wellingborough All Saints' church in

Wellow (Som.)

Wells, Grace

Wendover (Bucks.)

Wennington, Lawrence

Wentworth, Augusta Hatfield wife of John Hatfield Kaye; Frederick Thomas, 3rd earl of Strafford (2nd creation); Harriet wife of Thomas Arundel; Henrietta Harriet wife of Henry Vernon; Isabella wife of Francis Arundel (d. 1712); later of Richard Whitlock; Peter; Thomas 1st earl of Strafford (2nd creation); Sir William; William 2nd earl of (2nd creation); see also Fitzwilliam (later Wentworth Fitzwilliam); Vernon Wentworth

Wentworth Castle, in Stainborough q.v.

Wentworth Vernon: see Vernon; Went worth

Wentworth Way, in Stoke Bruerne q.v.

Wesleyan Methodism: see Methodism

Wesleyan Methodist Connexion

West, Charles; Edward of Deanshanger the elder; Edward of Deanshanger the younger; Edward of Paulerspury; Miss Richard; William

West Ashalls Coppice, in Passenham q.v.

West Bromwich (Staffs.), Sandwell in

West Byfleet, in Byfleet q.v.

West Germany: see Germany

West Haddon

West Pury: see Paulerspury

West Stratford: see Old Stratford

West Well Field, in Roade q.v.

West Wratting (Cambs.), West Wratting Park in

Westbury-on-Trym (Gloucs.)

Westerham (Kent)

Western Australia, emigration to

Westlake, W. H. J.

Westley, Littleton Mary: see Gurney; Mary Percy

Westmorland, earl of: see Fane, Mildmay

Weston, Arthur; Henry; H. T. F.; Sarah

Weston Favell

Westonbirt with Lasborough (Gloucs.), Westonbirt School in

Westoning (Beds.)

Westy Fields: see Paulerspury, Heathencote in

Whaddon (Bucks.) Whaddon Chose in

Whalley, Barbara: see Palmer, Barbara; Eyre; Francis Edward; John of Cosgrove (d. 1647); John of Cosgrove (d. 1671), charity of; John of Grafton Regis; Palmer Roger (fl. 1787); Roger (fl. 17th cent.); Thomas; Thomas Palmer; see also Whalley (later Cornelius)

Whalley (later Cornelius), Anne see also Whalley

Wharf Lane, in Old Stratford q.v.

Wharf public house, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Wharton, marquess of: see Wharton, Thomas; Thomas, 1st marquess of Wharton

Whatton, E. & Sons

Wheeler, John

Whirlett, Daniel

Whitby (Yorks.)

White, Ebenezer James

White Hart Inn, in Grafton Regis; Paulerspury qq.v.

White House, in Deanshanger; Potterspury qq.v.; see also Yardley Gobion, union workhouse

White Lion public house, in Old Stratford; Wicken qq.v.

White Rose Farm, in Potterspury q.v.

Whitehouse, W. H.


Whitford, John

Whiting, Butlin Charles Reginald

Whitlock, family Isabella; see Wentworth, Isabella; John; R.; Richard; Thomas; Wil liam

Whitmell, John

Whitmore, William

Whitney, James

Whittlebury; The Gullet in; Gullet Farm in; Lower Gullet in; Sholebrooke Lodge in; Sholebrook Walk in

Whittlewood Forest; allotment to Paulerspury in; coal charities; outtowns of; timber from; see also under Pas senham; Potterspury

Whitton, Anthony; Edward; charity of; Richard; Robert

Wick; Wick Dive; Wick Hamon: see Wicken

Wick Park: see Wicken, Wicken Park in

Wicken, allotment in Whittlewood; archaeology; boundaries; brickmaking; bus services; carrying services; charities; church; communications; education; farming; geology; inclosure; inns and alehouses; lacemaking; landscape and settlement; local government; manorial buildings; manors and other estates; mill; Nonconformity; open fields; population; quarrying; rector; trades and crafts
-, Akeley Wood First School in; Brick Kiln Spinney in; Church Field Close in; Culver Field in; Dagnall & Dovehouse Farm in; Dagnall Farm in; Dagnall Fields in; Dagnall Great Field in; Dagnall in; Deanshanger Road in; Glebe Farm in; Great Dagnall Field in; Great Farm in; Great Field in; Hale Hole Fields in; Home Farm & Little Hill Farm in; Home Farm in; Hurst Farm in; Kingdom Field in; Leckhampstead Road in; Little Dagnall Field in; Little Hill in; Little Wicken in: see Wicken Hurst; Manor Farm in; Manor House in; Middle Field in; Mount Field in; Mount Mill & Limes End Farm in; Mount Mill in; Old Churchyard in; Out Field in; Park Corner Field in; Park Farm in; Park House: see Wicken Park; Park Lodge in: see Wicken Park; Penn Busk Fields in; Pig & Whistle in; Porter's Lodge in; Sparrow Lodge in; Stocking Close in; Stocking Field in; White Lion public house in; Wick Dive in; Wick Hamon in; Wicken Hurst in; Wicken Lodge in: see Wicken Park; Wicken Park in; Wicken Park School in; Wicken Road Farm in; Wicken Wood in; Wood Furlong Field in

Wicken Hurst, in Wicken q.v.

Wicken Lodge: see Wicken, Wicken Park in

Wicken Park School, in Wicken q.v.

Wicken Relief in Need Charity

Wicken Road Farm, in Wicken q.v.

Wickens, family; Jeremiah; John; Robert; Thomas the elder; Thomas the younger; William

Wickham: see East Wickham

Wickins, Joseph Smith

Wigginton (Oxon.)

Wigley, George

Wigmore, Richard

Wike, in Hartwell, q.v.: see also Wicken

Wike, Hamo de Robert de

Wikemill, Alice mother of Henry Wikemill; Alice wife of John Wikemill; Henry; John (fl. 13th cent.); John (fl. 14th cent.)

Wilcox, Robert; W. H.

Wilde, Henry

Wilding, Henry

Wilkes, Mr. of Ashton

Willard, John

William of Bath; of Grafton; of Pury

William son of Hamon (d. 1248); son of Hunfred; son of William of Passenham (d. 1278)

William archdeacon of Northampton

William count of Mortain (fl. 1106)

William count of Mortain (d. 1159)

William, Richard son of

Williams, Humphrey; Sir John, Lord Williams of Thame; Thomas

Williams of Thame, Lord: see Williams, Sir John

Willifer, John

Willis, Browne Thomas

Willison, Matthew

Willoughby (Warws.)

Willow Terrace, in Old Stratford q.v.

Wills, George; Grace; Henry Herbert; H. G.; Monica wife of Henry Herbert; see also H.M. Wills Charity for Chronic and Incurable Sufferers

Willywatt Mill, in Woodford q.v.

Wilmington (Sussex), priory

Wilson, Marthana; Mary Robert

Wilton, Lord Grey de: see Grey, John

Wimborne Minster (Dorset)

Winchester, honor

Winchester, marquess of: see Paulet, William; marchioness of: see ward, Agnes

Winchester College, in Oxford q.v.

Winchilsea, earl of: see Finch, Daniel

Windmill, Nicholas

Windmill Close, in Potterspury q.v.

Windmill Field, in Alderton; Potters pury; Stoke Bruerne qq.v.

Windmill Furlong, in Ashton; Passen ham qq.v.

Windmill Hill Furlong, in Hartwell q.v.

Windmill Leys, in Alderton q.v.

Windmill Piece, in Hartwell q.v.


Windsor, George Ursula: see Vere, Ursula de

Windsor & Newton

Winemar the Fleming

Wingfield: see South Wingfield

Winn, Lady Sir Rowland Bt.

Winston (Co. Durham), Bridgewater Arms in

Winterbottom, George Harold jun.; George Harold sen.

Winters, Sarah wife of Benett Kemp

Winwood, Sir Ralph

Wise, family John

Witham, North: see North Witham

Witney & Hardwick Lime Co. Ltd.

Wittes, Anne wife of Thomas Spurrier

Wolf, Peter le Robert le Waleran le see also Lou

Wolfe, Anketil Isabella wife of; William; William; see also Lou

Wolsey, Cardinal Thomas

Wolston (Warws.)

Wolverton (Bucks.), barony; carrying services; education; mentioned; munitions factory; railway works; tramway

Wolverton, Cecily daughter of John de (d. 1349); Constance daughter of John de (d. 1349); Elizabeth wife of William de Cogenhoe; Joan 2nd wife of John de Wolverton (d. 1349); Joan: see Combemartin, Joan; Joan daughter of John de (d. 1349); John de (d. 1341); John de (d. 1349); Margaret wife of John Hunt; Ralph de (d. 1351); Sarah daughter of John de (d. 1349)

Wolverton, Stony Stratford & District Light Railways Co. Ltd

Wolverton & District Archaeological Society

Wolverton & Stony Stratford Tramway

Women's Institute

Wood, Anthony; Caroline; Charles; Elizabeth; family of Alderton; of Potterspury; Henry; John; Joseph; Richard; Thomas

Wood Burcote, in Towcester q.v.

Wood Field, in Alderton; Shutlanger; Stoke Bruerne qq.v.

Wood Furlong Field, in Wicken q.v.

Wood Hall, in Paulerspury q.v.

Wood Lane, in Alderton q.v.

Wood Leys Farm, in Roade q.v.

Wood Memorial & Institute, in Potterspury q.v.

Woodborough (Som.)

Wooddell, John


Woodfield, John

Woodford; Willywatt Mill in

Woodhill Pond, in Paulerspury q.v.

Woodhull, John

woodland; see also parks and gardens; Salcey Forest; Whittlewood Forest

Woodrising (Norfolk)

Woodville, Anthony 2nd Earl Rivers; Elizabeth wife of John Lord Ferrers of Groby afterwards of King Edward IV; family; Hugh de; Isabel wife of John (fl. 1367); Jacquetta: see Luxembourg, Jacquetta de; James de; John (d. 1504); John de (fl. 1284); John de (fl. 1325); John (fl. 1383); John (fl. 1442); John son of 1st Earl Rivers; John son of John de (fl. 1329); John son of Richard (fl. 1367); John son of Walter de; Richard 1st Earl Rivers; Richard 1st Lord Rivers; Richard 3rd Earl Rivers; Richard (b. c. 1310); Richard (d. 1441); Thomas (d. 1435); Walter

Woodward, Abigail: see Hoare, Abigail; Edward; family; Francis; James; Robert (or Robin); S. C.; Thomas


Wootton, Mrs.

Worcester College, in Oxford q.v.

Worcester (Worcs.)

workhouses; parish; union; see also poor relief

Works, Office of

World Wars: see First World War; Second World War

Wormleighton (Warws.)

Wotton, Anne wife of Edward Hales; Mary: see Throckmorton, Mary; Thomas 2nd Lord Wotton of Marley

Wotton of Marley, Lord: see Wotton, Thomas

Wotton Underwood (Bucks.)

Wratting Park, in West Wratting q.v.

Wren, Christopher (fl. 1521); Sir Christopher

Wreschner, Abraham; Hans Jakob; Kurt Nathan

Wright, Job; John; Robert; Stephen

Wriothesley, Penelope wife of 2nd Lord Spencer of Wormleighton

Wykes, Elizabeth: see Cooke, Elizabeth; John

Wyleford, Mary Richard de

Wymersley, hundred

Wymundsley, in Easton Neston, q.v.

Wynne, Sir Watkins Williams

Yardley, Richard de

Yardley Chase, in Yardley Hastings q.v.

Yardley Gobion, brickmaking; canal; charities; charity estate in; church; education; farming; inclosure; inns and alehouses; landscape and settlement; local government; manorial buildings; manors and other estates; mentioned; Nonconformity; open fields; pottery making; suit of mill; topography; workhouse; see also Potterspury, workhouse in; see also Potterspury
-, Ass Field in; Bataylesplace in; Coffee Pot in; Cromwell's Fee in; Dun Field in; Fegan's Home in; Gobion's Manor in; Grafton Park in; Grand Junction Inn in; Hall Close in; Hall Yard in; Highcroft in; King's Holme Meadow in
-, Moor End in; castle; Castle Close in; Castle Yard in; local government manorial; custom; manors and other estates; Moor End Farm in; suit of mill; topography
-, Moor End Lane in; Navigation Inn in; Packhorse Inn in; Peace & Plenty public house in; Pightle in; Prospect House in; Roe Field in; St. Leonard's chapel in; Stone Bank in; The Elms in; The Potters in; Tombs Farm in; Townsend Farm in; Wharf public house in; Yardley House in; Yardley Mill in; Yardley Wharf in

Yardley Hastings; Yardley Chase in

Yardley House; Yardley Mill, in Yardley Gobion q.v.

Yardley Mill Holme, in Grafton Regis q.v.

Yardley Road, in Cosgrove q.v.


Yew Tree Terrace, in Roade q.v.

Yewdale, William

York, stone from

York, archbishop of: see Arundel, Thomas; duchess of: see Neville, Cecily; dukes of: see Edmund of Langley duke of York; Edward earl of Rutland later duke of York; Plantagenet, Richard duke of York (d. 1460); see also Oliver & York

Yorkshire, North Riding, Fermor estate in

Young, William James

Zouch, Almaric de