Shipton-on-Cherwell: Education

Pages 266-267

A History of the County of Oxford: Volume 12, Wootton Hundred (South) Including Woodstock. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1990.

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No school was recorded in Shipton-on-Cherwell until 1808 when William Turner and the rector paid an old woman to teach c. 20 children in an evening school. (fn. 63) In 1815 there was a day school, attended by 4 boys and 5 girls, and the parish clerk taught 20 children in a Sunday school. (fn. 64) A day school attended by 20 children and supported by their parents was reported in 1817 and 1833 but had ceased by 1854 when only the Sunday school survived. (fn. 65)

In 1854 a school was built on land belonging to V. J. Turner; it was supported by children's pence, by Turner or his tenant, and by New College. (fn. 66) In 1868 the day school was attended by 12 boys and 17 girls, and a further 13 working boys attended a night school; the rector would not admit boys under 12 to the night school, considering they should be at day school. (fn. 67) Attendance at the day school had fallen to 12 boys and 8 girls by 1871, although the school could accommodate 33. (fn. 68) The building seems to have been enlarged in the 1870s, and in 1880, when a government grant was first received, it had room for 41 children although only 10 attended. (fn. 69) Attendance rose to 18 in 1890 and to 24 in 1906, but in 1926, despite local protests, the school was closed because of low numbers. (fn. 70) The building, then in ruins, was demolished c. 1969. (fn. 71)

CHARITIES FOR THE POOR. The inclosure Act of 1768 allotted 4 a. of furze to the poor for fuel. By 1967 the land had long ceased to be used for that or any other charitable purpose, and the trustees applied to the Charity Commissioners for a scheme to regulate its use. Under a Scheme of 1969 the land was leased, and the rent, £52 in 1979, applied to relief in need. (fn. 72)


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