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A History of the County of Oxford: Volume 18. Originally published by Boydell & Brewer for the Institute of Historical Research, Woodbridge, Suffolk, 2016.

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a. acre(s)
Abbrev. Rot. Orig. Rotulorum Originalium Abbreviatio, temp. Hen. III, Edw. I (Record Commission, 1805)
Acts of PC Acts of the Privy Council of England (HMSO, 1890–1964)
All Souls (Codr.) All Souls College, Oxford (Codrington Library)
Alum. Cantab. to 1751; 1752–1900 J.A. Venn (ed.), Alumni Cantabrigienses to 1751; 1752–1900 (Cambridge, 1922–54)
Alum. Oxon. 1500–1714; 1715–1886 J. Foster (ed.), Alumni Oxonienses, 1500–1714; 1715–1886 (Oxford, 1888–92)
Antiq. Jnl Antiquaries Journal
Arch. Archive(s)
archaeol. archaeology, archaeological
Archaeol. Jnl Archaeological Journal
archit. architecture, architectural
BAR British Archaeological Reports
BBA Brightwell Baldwin village archive (curated by Mrs K. Greenham, Upperton)
BL British Library
Benson and Miles, Upper Thames D. Benson and D. Miles, The Upper Thames Valley: an Archaeological Survey of the River Gravels (Oxford, 1974)
Benson ct rolls Benson manorial court rolls 1591–1781 (in private possession); consulted in a typescript calendar by Sandra Roe and Karen Selway-Richards
Berrick Millennium Bk D. Shaw (ed.), The Berrick and Roke Millennium Book, through the Eyes of the Villagers: An Account of the Villages of Berrick Prior, Berrick Salome, Roke and Rokemarsh at the Dawn of 2000 AD (Berrick parish council, 1999)
Bicknell, Warborough J. Bicknell, The Villages of Warborough and Shillingford (2005)
Black Prince's Reg. Register of Edward, the Black Prince, preserved in the Public Record Office (4 vols, 1930–33)
Blair, A-S Oxon. J. Blair, Anglo-Saxon Oxfordshire (1994)
Bldgs List Historic England (formerly English Heritage) Listed Buildings descriptions
Boarstall Cart. H.E. Salter (ed.), The Boarstall Cartulary (OHS 88, 1930)
Bodl. Bodleian Library, Oxford
Book of Fees The Book of Fees (HMSO, 1920–31)
Bp Fell and Nonconf. M. Clapinson (ed.), Bishop Fell and Nonconformity: Visitation Documents, 1682–3 (ORS 52, 1980)
Brewer, Oxon. J.N. Brewer, A Topographical and Historic Description of the County of Oxford (London, 1819)
Briers, Nuffield P.M. Briers, The History of Nuffield [Oxford, 1939]
Bridge, Swyncombe J.S.C. Bridge, A Short History of Swyncombe (1955)
Bryant, Oxon. Map (1824) A. Bryant, Map of the County of Oxford (1824)
Burke's Peerage; Landed Gentry J. Burke and others, A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage; A Dictionary of the Landed Gentry
Burtt and Clarke, Benson J. Burtt and P. Clarke, Benson. A Century of Change: 1900–2000 (Wallingford, 2004)
CBS Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies, Aylesbury
CCA Canterbury Cathedral Archives
CCC Archives of Corpus Christi College, Oxford
CERC Church of England Record Centre, London
CJ Journals of the House of Commons
CLHG, Chalgrove; Through the Chalgrove Local History Group, Chalgrove: An Oxfordshire Village (1990);
Lens Chalgrove Scene Through the Lens (2000)
Cal. Chart. Calendar of the Charter Rolls preserved in the Public Record Office (HMSO, 1903–27)
Cal. Close Calendar of the Close Rolls preserved in the Public Record Office (HMSO, 1892–1963)
Cal. Cttee for Money Calendar of the Proceedings of the Committee for Advance of Money, 1642-1656: preserved in . . . Her Majesty's Public Record Office (HMSO, 1888)
Cal. Cttee for Compounding Calendar of the Proceedings of the Committee for Compounding, &c, 1643-1660: preserved in . . . Her Majesty's Public Record Office (HMSO, 1889–92)
Cal. Fine Calendar of the Fine Rolls preserved in the Public Record Office (HMSO, 1911-62); Calendar of Fine Rolls of the Reign of Henry III preserved in The National Archives (2007–9)
Cal. Inq. Misc. Calendar of Inquisitions Miscellaneous (Chancery) preserved in the Public Record Office (HMSO, 1916–2003)
Cal. Inq. p.m. Calendar of Inquisitions post mortem preserved in the Public Record Office (HMSO, 1904–2009)
Cal. Inq. p.m. Hen. VII Calendar of Inquistions post mortem, Henry VII (HMSO, 1898–1955)
Cal. Papal Regs; Cal. Papal Pets Calendar of Papal Registers: Papal Letters (HMSO and Dublin 1893–1998); Petitions (HMSO, 1896)
Cal. Pat. Calendar of the Patent Rolls preserved in the Public Record Office (HMSO, 1891–1986; List & Index Soc. 1999–2011)
Cal. QS W.J. Oldfield, 'Calendar of quarter sessions records in Oxfordshire Record Office': open-shelf MSS vols in OHC
Cal. SP Dom. Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series (HMSO, 1856–2006)
Calamy Revised, ed. Matthews Calamy Revised: being a Revision of Edmund Calamy's Account of the Ministers and Others Ejected and Silenced 1660–2, ed. A.G. Matthews (1934, repr. 1988)
Cant. & York Soc. Canterbury and York Society
Cat. Catalogue
Cat. Ancient Deeds A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds in the Public Record Office (HMSO 1890–1915)
Cath. Rec. Soc. Catholic Record Society
Census Decennial Census Reports: published as Parliamentary Papers (1801–1921); by HMSO (1931–91); online at dissemination (2001–11)
Ch. and Chapel, 1851 K. Tiller (ed.), Church and Chapel in Oxfordshire, 1851: The Return of the Census of Religious Worship (ORS 55, 1987)
Ch. Bells Oxon. F. Sharpe, The Church Bells of Oxfordshire (ORS 28, 30, 32, 34, 1949–53)
Ch. Ch. Arch. Archives of Christ Church, Oxford
Chamberlain, 'Benson' F.P. Chamberlain, 'Benson Past and Present' (OHC, BENS/944: photocopy of unpublished MS essay and notes (1937) in possession of the Chamberlain family, Preston Crowmarsh)
Chant. Cert. R. Graham (ed.), Chantry Certificates and Edwardian Inventories of Church Goods (ORS 1, 1919)
Char. Com. Charity Commission
Char. Don. Abstract of Returns relative to Charitable Donations for the Benefit of Poor Persons (Parl. Papers 1816 (511), xvi)
Char. Digest General Digest of Endowed Charities (Parl. Papers 1871 (292-II), lv)
Chisholm, Ewelme A. Chisholm (ed.), Glimpses of an Oxfordshire Village: Ewelme 1900–2000 (Ewelme Society, 2000)
Claydon Ho. Verney family papers at Claydon House, Middle Claydon, Bucks. (Claydon House Trust)
Close Close Rolls of the Reign of Henry III preserved in the Public Record Office (HMSO, 1902–15)
Complete Baronetage G.E. C[okayne], Complete Baronetage (Exeter, 1900–9)
Complete Peerage G.E. C[okayne] and others, The Complete Peerage (2nd edn 1910–59)
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Cornwall Accts L.M. Midgley (ed.), Ministers' Accounts of the Earldom of Cornwall 1296–7 (Camden 3rd ser. 66–7, 1942–5)
Cur. Reg. Curia Regis Rolls preserved in the Public Record Office (HMSO, 1922–2006)
Cuxham map (1767) Estate map in Merton College, Oxford, MCR/G/CUX/9/1 (survey in ibid. 5.30)
Davis, Benson map R. Davis, 'A Survey of the Open Fields and Old Inclosures ... of Benson ... Berwick and Ewelme' (1788): copy in Bodl. (R) MS C17:49 (141)
Davis, Oxon. Map (1797) R. Davis, A New Map of the County of Oxford (1797)
Dir. Directory
Ditmas, Benson E. Ditmas, The Ditmas History of Benson, with new appendices by P. Smith and J. Leighfield (Bensington Society 2009)
Dugdale, Mon. W. Dugdale, Monasticon Anglicanum, ed. J. Caley and others (1817–30)
EA Ewelme Society, Ewelme Historical Archive (held in the 'Stable' Annexe, Ewelme primary school; curator Mrs Carol Sawbridge)
EHR English Historical Review
Educ. of Poor Digest Digest of Returns to the Select Committee on the Education of the Poor (Parl. Papers 1819 (224), ix)
EHR English Historical Review
Emden, OU Reg. to 1500; 1501–40 A.B. Emden, Biographical Register of the University of Oxford to AD 1500 (Oxford, 1957–9); AD 1501 to 1540 (Oxford, 1974)
Evans, Ch. Plate J.T. Evans, Church Plate of Oxfordshire (Oxford, 1928)
Exeter Coll. Archives of Exeter College, Oxford
Farrer, Honors W. Farrer, Honors and Knights' Fees (3 vols, London, 1923–5)
Fasti 1066–1300; 1300–1541 John le Neve, Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae, 1066–1300, III, Lincoln, ed. D.E. Greenway (London, 1977); 1300–1541,I, Lincoln, ed. H.P.F King (London, 1962)
Feudal Aids Inquisitions and Assessments relating to Feudal Aids preserved in the Public Record Office (HMSO, 1899–1920)
Fraser, 'Brightwell' A.C. Fraser, 'A History of Brightwell Baldwin' (unpubl. typescript in 3 vols (c. 1980s), in BBA)
Gaz. Gazette
Gent. Mag. The Gentleman's Magazine (1731–1922)
Geol. Surv. Geological Survey
Gibbons (ed.), Liber Antiquus A. Gibbons (ed.), Liber Antiquus de Ordinationibus Vicariarum Tempore Hugonis Wells, Lincolniensis Episcopi, 1209–1235 (1888)
Gibson (ed.), 1690 Poll J. Gibson (ed.), Politics and Loyalty in Post-Revolution Oxfordshire: the '1690' County Parliamentary Poll; the Associated Oath Rolls, 1695–6 (Oxon. Family History Soc. 2011)
Gibson (ed.), Contribs 1661 J. Gibson (ed.), Oxfordshire Contributors to the Free and Voluntary Present to King Charles II, 1661 (Oxon. Family History Soc. 2011)
Glasscock (ed.), Subsidy 1334 R.E. Glasscock (ed.), The Lay Subsidy of 1334 (British Academy Records of Social and Economic Hist. n.s. 2, 1975)
Godstow Latin Cart. E. Amt (ed.), The Latin Cartulary of Godstow Abbey (Oxford, 2014)
Goodall, God's Ho. J.A.A. Goodall, God's House at Ewelme: Life, Devotion and Architecture in a Fifteenth-Century Almshouse (Aldershot 2001)
Grundy, Saxon. Oxon. G.B. Grundy, Saxon Oxfordshire: Charters and Ancient Highways (ORS 15, 1933)
Harvey, Cuxham P.D.A. Harvey, A Medieval Oxfordshire Village. Cuxham, 1240–1400 (1965)
Harvey, Cuxham Records P.D.A. Harvey (ed.), Manorial Records of Cuxham, Oxfordshire, circa 1200–1359 (ORS 50, 1976 for 1974)
Hearne's Colln Remarks and Collections of Thomas Hearne, ed. C.E. Doble, D.W. Rannie and H.E. Salter (11 vols, OHS 1885–1921)
Hepple and Doggett, Chilterns L.W. Hepple and A.M. Doggett, The Chilterns (2nd edn, 1994)
HER; PRN Oxfordshire Historic Environment Record; Primary Record Number
HMC Historical Manuscripts Commission, since 2003 part of The National Archives
HMSO Her (His) Majesty's Stationery Office
ha. hectare(s)
Harl. Soc. Harleian Society
Hearth Tax Oxon. M. Weinstock (ed.), Hearth Tax Returns for Oxfordshire, 1665 (ORS 21, 1940)
Hist. GWR E.T. MacDermot and C.R. Clinker, History of the Great Western Railway (1982 reprint)
Hist. Parl. The History of Parliament: Commons (1964–2010, in progress): accessed online at
Hodgson, QAB C. Hodgson, Account of the Augmentation of Small Livings by the Governors of the Bounty of Queen Anne (2nd edn, London, 1845)
Holmes, 'Benson C. Holmes, '"In Bynsingtun land.. .": Benson and the Oxfordshire Chiltern Hundreds in the Anglo-Saxon and Early Medieval Periods' (unpubl. Oxf. Univ. Dept for Continuing Education dissertation, 1997)
IoE Images of England (
inclo. inclosure
Jefferys, Oxon. Map (1767) T. Jefferys, The County of Oxford (1767)
Judge, Stadhampton C. Judge, The Parish of Stadhampton: A Pictorial Record of the Past (2001)
Keats-Rohan, Domesday People K. Keats-Rohan, Domesday People: a Prosopography of Persons occurring in English Documents, 1066–1166 (2 vols, Woodbridge, 1999–2002)
KSRL Kenneth Spencer Research Library (University of Kansas, USA)
L&P Hen. VIII Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, of the Reign of Henry VIII (HMSO, 1864–1932)
LJ Journals of the House of Lords
LMA London Metropolitan Archives
LPL Lambeth Palace Library
LRS Lincoln Record Society
Langley Cart. PR. Coss (ed.), The Langley Cartulary (Dugdale Soc. 32, 1980)
Leland, Itin. (ed. Toulmin Smith) Itinerary of John Leland, ed. L. Toulmin Smith (1906–10)
Linc. Coll. Archive of Lincoln College, Oxford
Lincs. Arch. Lincolnshire Archives (incl. bishops' registers consulted on microfilm in Bodl.)
Lowndes Stone estate bk Estate book of the Lowndes Stone family for Brightwell Baldwin c.1720–1860: MS in possession of Tessa Mogg of Watlington (formerly of Brightwell Park)
Lunt (ed.), Val. Norw. W.E. Lunt (ed.), Valuation of Norwich (Oxford, 1926)
Magd. Coll. Archives of Magdalen College, Oxford
Merton Coll. Muniments of Merton College, Oxford.
Misc. Gen. et Her. J.J. Howard and W.B. Bannerman (eds), Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica (London, 1868–1938)
Moreau, Departed Village R.E. Moreau, The Departed Village: Berrick Salome at the Turn of the Century (Oxford 1968)
MSRG Medieval Settlement Research Group
N&Q Notes and Queries
NMR Historic England Archive, Swindon (until 2015 the National Monuments Record)
n.s. new series
Napier, Hist. H.A. Napier, Historical Notices of the Parishes of Swyncombe and Ewelme in the County of Oxford (1858)
Newton, Oxon. Glass P.A. Newton, Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi I, County of Oxford: a Catalogue of Medieval Stained Glass (1979)
Nonarum Inquisitiones Nonarum Inquisitiones in Curia Scaccarii (Record Commission, 1807)
OAS Rep. Reports and Transactions of the North Oxfordshire Archaeological Society, 1853–86, and of the Oxfordshire Archaeological Society 1887–1949
OAHS Proc. Proceedings of the Oxford Architectural and Historical Society (1860–1900)
OBR Oxfordshire Buildings Record
ODNB H.C.G. Matthew and B. Harrison (eds), Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford, 2004): accessed online at
OCC Oxfordshire County Council
OHC Oxfordshire History Centre (formerly Oxfordshire Record Office and Oxfordshire Studies)
OHS Oxford Historical Society
ORCC Oxfordshire Rural Community Council
ORCC, Kimber Rep. [Sir Charles Kimber], 'Report on the Review of Oxfordshire Parish Charities' (ORCC typescript report, 1979): copy in OHC
ORS Oxfordshire Record Society
OS Ordnance Survey
Oldfield, 'Clerus' MS index to clergy of Oxford diocese by W.J. Oldfield: copies in OHC and Bodl.
Orr, Oxon. Agric. J. Orr, Agriculture in Oxfordshire (Oxford, 1916)
Oseney Cart. H.E. Salter (ed.), The Cartulary of Oseney Abbey (OHS 89–91, 97–8, 101, (1929–36))
Oxf. Ch. Ct Deposns J. Howard-Drake (ed.), Oxford Church Courts: Depositions, 1542–1639 (10 vols, Oxford, 1991–2008)
Oxf. Jnl Jackson's Oxford Journal
Oxf. Jnl Syn. 'Chronological Synopsis and Index to Oxfordshire Items in Jackson's Oxford Journal 1753–80', ed. E.C. Davies; '1781–90', ed. E.H. Cordeaux (typescripts 1967, 1976: copies in OHC and the Bodleian Library)
Oxon. Atlas K. Tiller and G. Darkes (eds), An Historical Atlas of Oxfordshire (ORS 67, 2010).
Oxon. Eyre, 1241 J. Cooper (ed.), The Oxfordshire Eyre, 1241 (ORS 56,1989)
Oxon. Fines H.E. Salter (ed.), Feet of Fines for Oxfordshire, 1195–1291 (ORS 12, 1930)
Oxon. FS S. Morley (ed.), Oxfordshire Friendly Societies, 1750–1918 (ORS 68, 2011)
Oxon. Inventories M.A. Havinden (ed.), Household and Farm Inventories in Oxfordshire, 1550–1590 (ORS 44, 1965)
Oxon. Peculiars S.A. Peyton (ed.), Churchwardens' Presentments in the Oxfordshire Peculiars of Dorchester, Thame and Banbury (ORS 10, 1928)
Oxon. Poll, 1754 The Poll of the Freeholders of Oxford, taken at Oxford on 17–23 April 1754
Oxon. Visit. W.H. Turner (ed.), Visitations of Oxfordshire in 1566, 1574, and 1634 (Harl. Soc. 5,1871)
Oxon. Visit. 1669–75 G.D. Squibb (ed.), The Visitation of Oxfordshire 1669 and 1675 (Harl. Soc. n.s. 12, 1993)
Oxon. Wills J.R.H. Weaver and A. Beardwood (eds), Some Oxfordshire Wills (ORS 39, 1958)
PAS Portable Antiquities Scheme
PN Oxon. M. Gelling, Place-Names of Oxfordshire (English Place-Name Soc. 23–4, 1953–4)
PO Arch. The British Postal Museum & Archive, London
PO Dir. Oxon. Post Office Directory of Oxfordshire (1847–77)
PRS Pipe Roll Society
Page, Barentin's P. Page, K. Atherton, and A. Hardy, Barentin's Manor: Excavations of the Moated Manor at Harding's Field, Chalgrove, Oxfordshire, 1976–9 (2005)
Par. Colln FN. Davis (ed.), Parochial Collections by Anthony Wood and Richard Rawlinson (ORS 2, 4, 11, 1920–9)
par. reg. transcript OHC, transcripts of parish registers
Parker, Eccl. Topog. J.H. Parker, Ecclesiastical and Archit. Topography of England: Oxfordshire (1850)
Parker, Guide J.H. Parker, A Guide to the Architectural Antiquities in the Neighbourhood of Oxford (Oxford, 1846)
Parl. Papers Parliamentary Papers
Pat. Patent Rolls of the Reign of Henry III preserved in the Public Record Office (HMSO, 1900–3)
Pearce, 'Cert. 1593' S. Spencer Pearce, 'A Certificate of the Oxford Clergy, 1593', OAS Rep. (1913), 145–70
Pearce, 'Clergy' S. Spencer Pearce, 'Clergy of the Deaneries of Henley and Aston and of the Peculiar of Dorchester during the Settlement of 1559 and Afterwards', OAS Rep. (1918), 127–89
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Pipe R Pipe Roll
Poll Taxes 1377–81, ed. Fenwick C.C. Fenwick (ed.), Poll Taxes of 1377, 1379 and 1381, pt 1 (British Academy Records of Social and Economic Hist. n.s. 27, 1998); pt 2 (n.s. 29, 2001)
Poor Abstract, 1777; 1787 Reports of Select Committees on Poor Laws, 1775–7 and 1787 (Parl. Papers, HC Series 1, vol. ix)
Poor Abstract, 1804; 1818 Abstract of Answers and Returns relative to the Expense and Maintenance of the Poor (Parl. Papers 1804 (175), i; 1818 (82), xix)
Poor Rate Retns, 1822; 1825; 1830–1; 1835 Select Committee on Poor Rate Returns: Reports (Parl. Papers 1822 (556), v; 1825 (334), iv; 1830–1 (83), xi; 1835 (444), xlvii)
Prister-Cruttwell, Ewelme E.M. Prister-Cruttwell, Ewelme Past and Present, its History and its People (priv. print., 1976 edn): copy in OHC, EWEL 944 (PRI)
Proc. Soc. Antiq. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries
RO Record Office
RS Rolls Series
Rec. Com. Record Commission
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Rep. Com. Char. Reports of the Commissioners for Charities (1819–40), indexed in Parl. Papers 1840 (279), xix (2)
Retn Papists 1767 E.S. Worrall (ed.), Return of Papists 1767 (Cath. Rec. Soc. 1989)
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Roe, 'Crowmarsh' S.A. Roe, 'The Manorial Economy of Preston Crowmarsh, 1322–92' (Oxf Univ. Dept of External Studies dissertation, 1987: copy in OHC, CROWb/944.2)
Roe, 'Warborough' S.A. Roe, 'Warborough and Shillingford c.1538-c.1688: Continuity and Change in an English Parish (London Univ. MA dissertation, 1992)
Rot. Chart. Rotuli Chartarum, 1199–1216 (Record Commission, 1837)
Rot. de Oblatis et Finibus T.D. Hardy (ed.), Rotuli de Oblatis et Finibus temp. regis Johannis (1835)
Rot. Gravesend FN. Davis (ed.), Rotuli Ricardi Gravesend Episcopi Lincolniensis AD MCCLVIII-MCCLXXIX (LRS 20, 1925)
Rot. Grosseteste F.N. Davis (ed.), Rotuli Roberti Grossesteste Episcopi Lincolniensis AD MCCXXXV-MCCLIII (LRS 11, 1914)
Rot. Hund. Rotuli Hundredorum temp. Hen. III & Edw. I (Record Commission, 1812–18)
Rot. Litt. Claus. Rotuli Litterarum Clausarum, 1204–27 (Record Commission, 1833–44)
Rot. Litt. Pat. Rotuli Litterarum Patentium, 1201–16 (Record Commission, 1835)
Rot. Parl. Rotuli Parliamentorum (6 vols, 1767–77)
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s.a. sub anno (under the year)
SMA South Midlands Archaeology (formerly CBA Group 9 Newsletter)
Sanders, Eng. Baronies I.J. Sanders, English Baronies, 1086–1327 (Oxford, 1960)
Sandford Cart. A.M. Leys (ed.), The Sandford Cartulary (ORS 19 and 22, 1938–41)
Sawyer The Electronic Sawyer Online Catalogue of Anglo-Saxon Charters (www.
Secker's Corresp. A.P. Jenkins (ed.), The Correspondence of Thomas Seeker, bishop of Oxford 1737–58 (ORS 57, 1991)
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Selway Richards, 'Warborough' K. Selway Richards, 'The Battle for Warborough Green: an Analysis of an Enclosure under the 1845 General Enclosure Act' (Oxf. Univ. MSt. Dissertation 2001)
ser. series
SGC Windsor Archives of St Georges Chapel, Windsor
SJC Muniments of St Johns College, Oxford
Sherwood, Oxon. Churches J. Sherwood, A Guide to the Churches of Oxfordshire (Oxford, 1989)
Skelton, Antiq. Oxon. J. Skelton, Illustrations of the Principal Antiquities of Oxfordshire (Oxford, 1823–7)
SOAG South Oxfordshire Archaeological Group
SODC South Oxfordshire District Council
Stephenson, Brasses M. Stephenson, A List of Monumental Brasses in the British Isles (1926)
Stonor Archive Stonor family archive, Stonor Park (private collection)
Stonor Letters; Stonor Suppl. C.L. Kingsford (ed.), The Stonor Letters and Papers, 1290–1483 (Camden 3rd ser. 29–30,1919); idem, Supplementary Stonor Letters and Papers, 1314–1482 (Camden 3rd ser. 34,1924); reissued as C. Carpenter (ed.), Kingsford's Stonor Letters and Papers 1290–1483 (1996)
Stonor map (1725) Stonor estate map: reduced photocopy in Bodl. (E) C17:49 (91) (original at Stonor Park)
Subsidy 1526 H.E. Salter (ed.), Subsidy Collected in the Diocese of Lincoln in 1526 (OHS 63, 1909)
Summers, Congreg. Ch. W.H. Summers, History of the Berkshire, South Buckinghamshire and South Oxfordshire Congregational Churches (1905)
TNA The National Archives, London
Tax. Eccl. Taxatio Ecclesiastica Anglie et Wallie . . . circa AD 1291 (Record Commission, 1801)
Tiller, Benson K. Tiller (ed.), Benson: A Village Through its History (Bensington Soc. 1999)
Trans. Transactions
VAG Vernacular Architecture Group
VCH Victoria County History
Valor Eccl. Valor Ecclesiasticus, temp. Hen. VIII (Record Commission, 1810–34)
Visit. Dioc. Linc. A. Hamilton Thompson (ed.), Visitations in the Diocese of Lincoln 1517–31 (LRS 33, 35, 37, 1940–7)
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Warborough map (1606) Corpus Christi College, Oxford, MS 533, Langdon Maps I, map 22
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