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A History of the County of Oxford: Volume 18. Originally published by Boydell & Brewer for the Institute of Historical Research, Woodbridge, Suffolk, 2016.

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The following note summarizes the most important primary and secondary sources used for this volume. It should be used in conjunction with the List of Abbreviations.



Material in Oxfordshire History Centre (OHC, formerly Oxfordshire Record Office) includes tithe and inclosure awards; diocesan and archidiaconal records (including church terriers and visitation returns); Nonconformist records; quarter sessions records (including 18th- and 19th-century land taxes and victuallers' recognizances); parish records, including some vestry minutes and churchwardens' or overseers' accounts; miscellaneous private deeds; and locally proved wills and probate inventories (available online). Especially relevant are honor of Ewelme papers and court rolls (CH/E); 18th- to 20th-century Benson court books (Stapleton collection); 17th- to 19th-century Fifield manor deeds (Hedges collection); 20th-century records of Turner's Court Farm School (O33); 15th- to 20th-century Brightwell Baldwin deeds (E43); Lowndes-Stone-Norton family deeds and papers for Brightwell Baldwin (LSN); Ewelme material in the Taylor collection, MSS dd Par Ewelme, and Acc. 6188; Simeon and Weld family estate papers for Newington parish (Vor.); and miscellaneous deeds in SL8, SL12, SL26, and in the Lightfoot and Lowndes collection. Additional OHC material includes sale catalogues, newspaper cuttings, 19th- and 20th-century printed ephemera, parish register transcripts, and extensive photographic collections (searchable online).

Material in the Bodleian Library includes topographical drawings and photographs (e.g. MSS Top. Oxon. a 64–9, c 483–503, c 521–2); estate sales particulars; printed ephemera (in GA Oxon. c 317); 16th- to 18th-century Berrick Salome deeds (MSS dd Wykeham-Musgrave c 54–8); 17th- to 18th-century Britwell Prior deeds (MS dd Weld c 7); 18th-century Ewelme honor court rolls (MSS dd Ewelme Honor d 1–3); and 15th-to 20th-century records of Ewelme almshouse (MSS dd Ewelme). Digitized Bodleian sources for Rycote House are available at The Library also holds microfilms of medieval bishops' registers preserved in Lincolnshire Archives.

Important Oxford College collections for the area are held by Christ Church (Benson and Chalgrove); Corpus Christi (Warborough); Exeter (Benson); Lincoln (Berrick Salome and Chalgrove); Magdalen (Benson, Berrick Salome, Chalgrove, Nuffield, Brightwell Baldwin); Merton (mostly Cuxham); and St John's (Warborough). Material ranges from the Middle Ages to the 20th century and includes deeds, surveys, court rolls, estate papers, correspondence, and maps.

Archaeological data in the Oxfordshire Historic Environment Record (HER) are searchable via www. (data to 2010 only) and Aerial photographs and archaeological collections in the Ashmolean Museum are partly searchable at collections/online.


Material in The National Archives (TNA), mostly catalogued online, includes legal records (e.g. E 134, JUST 1, STAC 8); inquisitions post mortem (C 132–142); feet of fines (CP 25); lay subsidies and other taxation records (E 179); medieval deeds (in E 210, E 326); and wills and inventories proved at Canterbury (PROB 3–4, PROB 11). Medieval account rolls for Crowmarsh Battle (in Benson) are in SC 6/958/5–16, while detailed surveys of Benson (1606) and Ewelme (1609 and 1649), including parts of Warborough and Swyncombe, are in LR 2/224, E 315/388/1, and E 317/Oxon/io, with additional Ewelme material in E 178/4404 and E 178/1821. Miscellaneous manorial accounts and court rolls in SC 2 and SC 6 cover the honors of Wallingford and (later) of Ewelme, including Benson and its former members. Later TNA records include registers of places of worship (RG 31), 19th- and 20th-century education records (ED 2, ED 21), tithe records (IR 18), Valuation Office field books c.1910 (IR 58, including some building plans), and 19th- and 20th-century farm surveys and maps (MAF 32, MAF 68, MAF 73).

Material in the British Library (BL) includes miscellaneous deeds amongst (e.g.) Harleian and Additional Charters; topographical drawings (e.g. Add. MS 36372–3); and antiquarian and heraldic collections. London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) holds surveys of Benson manor in 1628 (CLA/044/03/004/004/001, CLA/044/03/007/013), and miscellaneous Royal Sun Alliance insurance records. Lambeth Palace Library (LPL) holds miscellaneous records relating to Canterbury cathedral's peculiar of Newington, while the Church of England Record Centre (CERC) at Bermondsey holds 19th- and 20th-century material for Great Haseley Account books in the British Postal Museum and Archive (POST 2–3) include 17th- to 20th-century references to Nettlebed.


Berkshire Record Office holds deeds and papers relating to Benson, Berrick Salome, Nuffield, and Warborough in D/ESt (Paul, Fane, and Stapleton papers), D/EH, and other miscellaneous collections. Records of the Warborough Quaker meeting (D/F/2B8) cover several nearby places, and include some medieval deeds. The Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies (CBS, formerly Buckinghamshire Record Office) holds records relating to Soundess in Nettlebed (AR1/93, Mackenzie collection), and to Canterbury cathedrals peculiar of Newington, including wills (MSS Wills Pec.) and 17th-century church court records and churchwardens' presentments (in MSS Archd. Berks). Dorset History Centre holds papers relating to Britwell Prior in Newington parish (D/WLC, Weld collection), while the Cope papers in Hampshire Record Office (2M55 and 43M48) contain 16th- to 19th-century Ewelme material including deeds, leases, surveys, and maps. Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies holds 17th-to 19th-century records relating to Turner's Court (in Benson) and Ewelme manor (DE/Am, Hucks family papers).

Northamptonshire Record Office holds records relating to Huntercombe (in Nuffield) amongst the Langham of Cottesbrooke collection, and some Chalgrove material in the Finch Hatton collection (FH). Suffolk Record Office (Bury St Edmunds) holds draft court rolls of 1647 for Holcombe (in Newington) and Brightwell Baldwin (E 3/11/1.15), while West Sussex Record Office holds records of Newington manor amongst papers of the Bisshopp family of Parham, including uncatalogued 17th- and 18th-century deeds (accession 8285).

Canterbury Cathedral Archive (CCA) holds extensive medieval records relating to the cathedral priory's Newington estate, including an almost unbroken series of court rolls 1270–1430, accounts, rentals, surveys, deeds, and letters. Especially important are a rental of c.1275 (DCc-Rental/116), and a detailed survey of 1489–90 (DCc-MA/31, ff. 106–58). The Verney papers at Claydon House (Bucks.), held by the Claydon House Trust, include deeds, leases, maps, and court rolls (mostly 16th- to 17th-century) relating to Fifield and Preston Crowmarsh in Benson, while King's College, Cambridge holds medieval court rolls for Bee abbey's Swyncombe manor. St George's Chapel, Windsor, holds extensive material for Great Haseley, ranging from the Middle Ages to the 19th century and including surveys, court rolls, and maps. The privately owned Stonor family archive at Stonor Park, sampled by kind permission of Lord Camoys and the Stonor family, includes deeds, leases, court rolls, and brick books relating to Nettlebed. The Kenneth Spencer Research Library, University of Kansas, USA holds 14th- to 18th-century deeds for Holcombe in Newington (MS 239, kindly supplied as scans), while the Huntington Library, San Marino, California, USA holds medieval accounts relating to Preston Crowmarsh in Benson (BA139–142 and 144–6, summarized in Roe, 'Crowmarsh').

Ewelme Historical Archive (kept in the Stable Annexe of Ewelme school and curated by Mrs Carol Sawbridge) includes a wide range of secondary and primary material, including transcripts of parish council minutes and a village scrapbook compiled in 1961–2. Brightwell Baldwin Village Archive (curated by Mrs K. Greenham of Upperton) includes parish meeting minutes 1894–1989, Brightwell Baldwin and Cuxham Women's Fellowship papers, and historic photographs. Documents still in Brightwell Baldwin church include vestry and PCC minutes from 1889 and a charities book 1902–49, while Brigadier and Mrs Mogg of Watlington (and formerly of Brightwell Park) possess the estate book of William Francis Lowndes Stone, which includes copies of Brightwell Baldwin court rolls (1722–1830) and of leases, surveys, and miscellaneous material for Brightwell and Holcombe (in Newington) c.1830–60.

South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) holds extensive planning records from the mid 20th century onwards, accessible via the SODC website. The Historic England Archive at Swindon (formerly the National Monuments Record) holds archaeological surveys, building surveys, and aerial and other photographs (


Detailed estate maps survive for several vale parishes, the earliest (for Newington in 1595) showing the church, rectory house, and glebe lands (All Souls College, Oxford, Codrington Library, Warden's MS 3, ff. 42V.-43). Seventeenth-century maps showing fields and buildings survive for Warborough in 1606 (Corpus Christi College, Oxford, Langdon Maps I/22); Fifield and Preston Crowmarsh (in Benson) in 1638 (Claydon House, 12/1/33–12/1/36); Huntercombe (in Nuffield) in 1665 (Northants. RO, L(C) 2486); Chalgrove in 1679 (Magdalen College, Oxford, MP/1/56); and Golder in 1612, showing parts of Easington, Chalgrove, and Warpsgrove (Magdalen College, MP/1/77). Eighteenth-century estate maps survive for Great Haseley in 1701, 1729, and c.1790 (OHC, O8/1/M/1; St Georges Chapel, Windsor, CC 11232 and CC 11232/9); Nettlebed and neighbouring parishes in 1725 (reduced photocopy in Bodleian Library, (E) C17:49 (91), from an original at Stonor Park); Cuxham parish in 1767 (Merton College, Oxford, MCR/G/CUX/9/1); Ewelme in 1767, 1764 and 1815 (OHC, MS dd Par Ewelme a 1; Hants RO, 43M48/1085 and 43M48/1090); Huntercombe (in Nuffield) in 1770 (Northants. RO, Map 687); and Benson, Berrick Salome, and Ewelme in 1788 (Bodleian Library, (R) MS C17:49 (141), with schedules in Christ Church, Oxford (T.viii.b.68–71) and OHC (MS dd Par. Ewelme c 11)). The earliest detailed printed maps are Jefferys, Oxon. Map (1767) and Davis, Oxon. Map (1797)-

Oxfordshire History Centre (OHC) holds 19th-century tithe maps for every parish except Brightwell Baldwin, and inclosure maps covering all or part of Benson, Berrick Salome, Chalgrove, Cuxham (from an original in Merton College), Ewelme, Great Haseley, Newington (with Britwell Prior mapped separately), and Warborough. Other 19th-century manuscript maps show Exeter Colleges Benson and Warborough estate in 1802 (OHC, CJ IX/xii/i); Ewelme manor house and part of Nuffield in 1804 and 1817 (TNA, MPE 1/951; OHC, CH/E/I/ii/id); parts of Newington in 1811 and c.1825 (OHC, CH XXIV/25; West Sussex RO, Add. MSS 45635); the Henley-Dorchester turnpike road (with proposed changes) in 1825 (OHC, P270/M/1); Chalgrove in 1822 (Magdalen College, MP/1/57); Holcombe (in Newington) in 1826 (OHC, MS dd Par. Newington, a 1); Benson, Berrick Salome, Ewelme, and parts of Warborough in 1833 (Magdalen College, MP/1/82, survey in MP/2/OXON/4); Ewelme 'home parish' in 1834 (OHC, MS dd Par. Ewelme a 5, survey in ibid, c 11); and parts of Ewelme and Nuffield in 1867 and 1889 (plans in private possession at Fords Farm, showing Days (or Fords) and Warren farms). Other useful maps survive in sales particulars in OHC, the Bodleian Library, and Berkshire Record Office, while the earliest large-scale Ordnance Survey maps date from the 1870s.



The most important printed sources, including editions of governmental records in The National Archives, publications of the Oxfordshire Record Society, and monastic cartularies, are noted in the List of Abbreviations. Other printed sources (besides trades directories) include:

Anon., The History of the Famous May-Pole at Ewelme in Oxfordshire (1702): copy in Bodl. GA Oxon 8° 11

Gelling, M (ed.), The Early Charters of the Thames Valley (1979)

Hannah, G. (ed), The Deserted Village: The Diary of. . . James Newton of Nuneham Courtney 1736–86 (1992)

Macray, W.D., 'Calendar of Charters in Magdalen College' (typescript volumes in Magdalen College)

Moritz, K.P, Travels. . . Through Several Parts of England in 1782 (1795 edn), esp. 146–57

Report on the Estates vested in the Trustees of the Almshouse in Ewelme (1870 and 1906): copies in GA Oxon. 8° 950 and GA Oxon. 8° 872

Robinson, M.W, Benson: Preliminary Report on the Survey and Plan (1965): copy in OHC

Robinson, M.W, Chalgrove: Report on the Survey and Plan (1966): copy in OHC

Sale Particulars, Brightwell Estate (1942): copy in OHC

Sale Particulars, Brightwell Park (1955): copy in Bodl. GA Oxon c 224 (28)

Sale Particulars, Brightwell Park (2011): copy in OHC, accession D13/229

Sale Particulars, Chalgrove Estate (1942): copy in Magdalen College

Sale Particulars, Chalgrove Estate (1949): copy in OHC

Sale Particulars, Culham and Newington Estates (1856)

Sale Particulars, Ewelme Park (1889 and 1934): copies in Bodl. and OHC

Sale Particulars, Fifield Estate (1900): copy in Bodl. GA Oxon. b 90 (45)

Sale Particulars, Freehold Estates ... in Ewelme [etc.] (1890): copy in Bodl. GA Oxon. b 92*/1 (28)

Sale Particulars, Holcombe Estate (1911): copy in Bodl. GA Oxon. b 91 (34)

Sale Particulars, Honors of Wallingford and Ewelme (1817): copy in OHC

Sale Particulars, Huntercombe Estate (1894): copy in Bodl. GA Oxon. b 91

Sale Particulars, Rycote Estate (1911): copy in OHC

Sale Particulars, Stonor Estate (1894): copy in Bodl. GA Oxon. b 92

Sale Particulars, Swyncombe Estate (1921): copy in OHC

Sale Particulars, Warpsgrove Estate (1837): copy in OHC

Scargill-Bird, S.R. (ed.), Custumals of Battle Abbey in the reigns of Edward I and Edward II (1887) (for Preston Crowmarsh)

Scheme for the Management and Regulation of the Almshouse at Ewelme . . . Directed by the High Court of Chancery (1860): copy in GA Oxon. 8° 950


Particularly relevant publications in the List of Abbreviations include Bicknell, Warborough; Blair, A-S Oxon.; Bridge, Swyncombe; Briers, Nuffield; Burtt and Clarke, Benson; CLHG, Chalgrove and Through the Lens; Chisholm, Ewelme; Ditmas, Benson; Goodall, God's Ho. (Ewelme); Harvey, Cuxham; Hepple and Doggett, Chilterns; Judge, Stadhampton (for Brookhampton); Moreau, Departed Village (Berrick Salome); Napier, Hist. (Ewelme and Swyncombe); Orr, Oxon. Agric; Page, Barentin's (Chalgrove); Pearman, Bensington; Prister-Cruttwell, Ewelme; Summers, Congreg. Ch.; and Tiller, Benson. Other relevant publications include:

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Significant dissertations in the List of Abbreviations are Holmes, 'Benson'; Roe, 'Crowmarsh'; Roe, 'Warborough'; and Selway Richards, 'Warborough'. Chamberlain, 'Benson, and Fraser, 'Brightwell' comprise unpublished village histories and historical notes. Other unpublished work includes over 30 Oxfordshire Buildings Record (OBR) surveys of vernacular buildings in the area, many undertaken for the VCH or the South Oxfordshire Project. Listings are available via the OBR website ( Additional unpublished work includes:

Howell, J., and Lindsay-Gale, L., 'Archaeological Report for PAGE [Parishes against Gravel Extraction]' (2003)

Keevill, G., 'Archaeological Impact Assessment for PAGE of Proposed Gravel Extraction in the Benson, Berinsfield, Berrick Salome ... and Warborough Area - RAS 13' (submitted to Oxfordshire County Council 19 August 2010)

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Tate, E., 'Working Men's Club, Nettlebed' (Open Univ. BA thesis, 1980): copy in OHC

Vince, J., 'The Franklins of Fords Farm, Ewelme' (unpubl. typescript: copy in OHC, Ace. 6450)


An expanding body of web-based material is available through the websites of the archives listed above, and at British History Online (, which includes published VCH volumes and a wide range of national published sources. Some local village websites (e.g. that for Nettlebed) include historic photographs and other relevant data. More extensive web listings are available on the VCH website (, under 'Writing for the VCH').