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A History of the County of Shropshire: Volume 10, Munslow Hundred (Part), the Liberty and Borough of Wenlock. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1998.

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'Index: A-J', in A History of the County of Shropshire: Volume 10, Munslow Hundred (Part), the Liberty and Borough of Wenlock, (London, 1998) pp. 461-482. British History Online [accessed 20 April 2024]

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Aaron, John,

Abberley (Worcs.),

Abbey Foregate (in Holy Cross par., Shrewsbury):
-, St. Peter's ch.,
-, Shrewsbury abbey, q.v.
-, Whitehall,

Abcott (in Clungunford),

Abdon, fig.
-, Abdon (Abdon's) Marsh,
-, Brown Clee hill, q.v.
-, Cockshutford, q.v.
-, Coneybury, see Brown Clee hill
-, hos. (named),
-, Marsh gate, see Brown Clee hill
-, rds. (named),
-, Woodbank, see Brown Clee hill

Abdon Burf (in Cleobury North, Diddlebury, and Ditton Priors),

Abdon Clee Stone Quarry Co.,

-, Herb. (or Herb. of Stanway),
-, (or Abel), John,
-, his daus.,
-, his w., see Alice

Aberhafesp (Mont.),

Accumulated Investments Ltd.,

Achilles (fl. 12th cent.),

Ackland, Dudley,

Ackleton (in Worfield),

-, Anne, w. of Edw.,
-, Edm.,
-, Edw. (fl. 1621),
-, Sir Edw. (d. 1659),
-, Edw. (d. 1707),
-, Sir Edw. (d. 1716),
-, Edw. (d. 1747),
-, Edw. (d. 1767),
-, Edw. (d. 1775),
-, Edw. (fl. before 1786, ?another),
-, Eleanor, see Winsbury
-, Engelard of,
-, Sir Ferdinand Ric. Edw., see Dalberg-Acton
-, Frances, m. Wal. Acton,
-, John of (or John le Scot, fl. 1338),
-, John (fl. 1537), n
-, Joyce Stackhouse, see Wood Acton
-, (formerly Fullerton-Smith), R.C.,
-, Ric. (d. by 1488),
-, Ric. (d. 1590),
-, Ric. (fl. 1628),
-, Sir Ric. (d. 1791),
-, Rob. (fl. 1245),
-, Rob. (fl. 1570),
-, Rog.,
-, Sarah, m. John Whitmore,
-, Susanna, m. John Stackhouse,
-, Thos. (d. 1514),
-, Thos. (d. 1537),
-, (or Doughtie), Thos. (d. 1551),
-, Thos. (d. by 1553, another),
-, Thos. (d. 1678),
-, his w.,
-, Thos. (d. 1734),
-, (formerly Fullerton-Smith), Thos. Stackhouse,
-, Wal. (fl. c. 1400),
-, Wal. (d. 1641),
-, Sir Wal. (d. 1665),
-, Sir Whitmore,
-, Wm. (fl. 1431),
-, his s. Wm. (fl. 1431),
-, fam.,
-, and see Dalberg-Acton; Stackhouse Acton; Wood Acton

Acton, Baron, see Dalberg-Acton

Acton, Stone (in Rushbury),
-, Hill End,
-, Horse Pool Ho.,
-, Stone Acton Fm.,

Acton Burnell, n; plate
-, Acton Burnell Castle,
-, Acton Burnell Hall,

Acton Round, n,
-, Bakenell bridge, q.v.
-, Earl's wood, see Shirlett common
-, Lower Monk Hall,
-, Shirlett common, q.v.
-, Upper Monk Hall,

Acton Scott, n, n, fig.
-, Acton Scott Hall, frontispiece, plate
-, Alcaston, q.v.
-, Henley, n,
-, Mowsley,
-, Oakwood,
-, Woodhouses (Acton Woodhouse),
-, Tower, the, fig.

Acton Scott Historic Working Farm,

Acton Trussell (in Baswich, Staffs.),

Acton Woodhouse, see Acton Scott: Oakwood (Woodhouses)


Ada, sis. of John le Scot, earl of Chester, m. Sir Hen. de Hastings,

Adam the butler,
-, his s., see William

-, Avise,
-, Dorothy,
-, Eliz. (fl. 1580),
-, Eliz. (d. 1667), see Bearcroft
-, Fra., n
-, Joan, m. - Newnham,
-, John (fl. 1540), n
-, John (fl. 1563, another),
-, Mary,
-, Mic.,
-, Ric. (fl. 1544),
-, Ric. (fl. c. 1600),
-, Ric. (fl. 1606, another),
-, Ric. (fl. 1840),
-, Sarah, m. Wm. Crompton,
-, Thos., and his w.,
-, Wm. (fl. 1475),
-, Wm. (fl. 1493, another),
-, Wm. (fl. 1545),
-, Wm. (fl. 1580),
-, Wm. (d. 1637),

-, Mary, see Old
-, Nic.,

Addison, Chris., Vct. Addison,

Adley (in Brampton Bryan, Herefs.), n

-, Geo. (d. 1655),
-, Geo. (d. 1875),
-, Ric. (d. 1739),
-, Ric. (fl. 1761),
-, Revd. Ric. (fl. 1768),
-, Thos. (fl. c. 1651),
-, Thos. (d. 1735),
-, Thos. (fl. c. 1890),
-, Mr. (fl. 1793),
-, fam.,

Adys, John,

Aelfgifu (Elueua, fl. 1066),

Aelfric (Aluric, fl. 1066, ?two or more of this name),

Aelfric (Eluericus) 'the dean',

Aelmer (Elmar, fl. 1066),

Aelward, see Alweard

Aelwin, see Alwine

Aethelflaed, m. Aethelraed, ealdorman of Mercia,

Aethelheah, abbot of Iken,

Aethelraed, ealdorman of Mercia,
-, his w., see Aethelflaed

Affcot, Upper (in Wistanstow),

agents, land,

Agnes, dau. of Ermyntrude Hertwell,

Agnes, dau. of Rob. de la Mare, m. Rob. Mauduit, Ralph of Arden,

Agnes, w of Wal. the smith,

Agnes bridge (in Holdgate and Munslow),

Agostini, Agostino,

Agriculture, Ministry (formerly Board) of

agriculture and horticulture, see apple trees, drainage, land; drift roads; hops; livestock; marl; mills; Norfolk husbandry; orchards; parks and gardens; pear trees; pounds; straking; sugar beet; threshing contractors; water meadows

Ainsworth, Chas. Edw., plate

Air Force, Royal, see Air Training Corps; Royal Observer Corps

Air Training Corps,

Ajax (ship),

Alan, s. of Hugh le Gyrros,
-, his s., see Roger son of Alan

Alan son of Berengar, see Buildwas

Alan son of (or fitz) Flaald,
-, his s. Wm., see FitzAlan, Wm.

Alberbury, and see Loton; Wattlesborough

Albrighton, and see Whiston

Alcaston, Raymond of,

Alcaston (in Acton Scott), n,

Alcocke, Wm.,

Alcox, Edw.,

Aldenham (in Morville),

Aldersene, Wm., and his s.,

Aldon (in Stokesay),

Aldridge (Staffs.), see Barr Beacon

Alfred (?eponym of 'All' Stretton),

Algeard (Eliard, fl. 1066),

Alhmund (eponym of Alcaston),

Alice, dau. of Warin of Broseley, ?m. John Eaton,
-, her dau., see Amice

Alice, dau. of Wal. de Kenigford, m. 1 John Aberd, ?2 Hen. s. of John,

Alice, dau. of Hugh of Newton,

All Stretton, see Stretton, All

-, A. G.,
-, John (fl. c. 1542),
-, John (d. 1939),
-, W. B.,
-, Wm.,

Alleyn, Sir John,

Allsop fam.,

Almaer (Elmer, fl. 1066),

Almaine, Edm. of, earl of Cornwall,

Almoner's Ground, see Wenlock, Much

almshouses, and see homes; hospitals: eleemosynary

Almund (Elmund, fl. 1066, ?two of this name),

Alnodestreu hundred, n, n,

Alric (fl. 1066),

Aluric, see Aelfric

Alveley, and see Romsley

Alweard (Aelward, fl. 1066),

Alwine (Aelwin, Alwin, Elwin, fl. 1066, ?two or more of this name),

Amblecote (Staffs., in Old Swinford),

-, Eliz., m. John Sheppard,
-, arms,

-, United States of (U.S.A.), and see Washington, D.C.

Amice, dau. of Alice,

Amice, ?heir of Peter de Lacy, m. Schippeye,

Amice, m. Rob. s. of Waukelin,

-, Ric.,
-, Sam.,
-, and see Amyes

Amies, the (in Broseley),
-, Amies Lane,

ammunition, and see armaments; shells; shot

Amyes, Wm., and see Amies

Anabaptists, see Baptists


Anderton, Fra.,

Angles (tribe),

antiquaries, see Botfield, Beriah; Buddicom, Lilian H.; Buddicom, R. A.; Cranage; Dugdale, Sir Wm.; Hartshorne, C. H.; Knight, Frances; Langley, John (d. 1661); Leland; Randall, John

Antonine Itinerary,

Ape Dale,
-, 'Longefeldsdale' (Longfieldsdale), n,
-, upper,

Apley Forge, see Wrens Nest

Apley Park (in Stockton),

Apostles' Way,


apple trees, and see orchards

Appleyard, Edw., and his w. Sarah,

archery (shooting) butts, see butts

Archetel, see Arnketil

architects, see Banks, Edw.; Blomfield; Bodley, G. F.; Bratton; Bromfield, Jos.; Carline; Christian; Cockerell, F. P.; Cranston; Curzon; Davies, Mr.; Deakin, A. B.; Deakin, W. Scott; Donthorn; Duppa, T. D.; Eginton; Fleeming; Francis, F.; Gibbs; Goatley; Griffin & Weller; Griffiths, Rob.; Haddon; Halley; Haycock; Hayward, Wm.; Hewitt; Horder; Horton, Wm. (fl. 1863); Hotham; I'Anson; Kempson; Lynam; Maggs; Martin, Wm.; Nevett; Newton, Ernest; Nicklin; Oswell; Parker & Unwin; Pritchard, T. F.; Ridley, Geo., & Sons; St. Aubyn & Wadling; Sayer, C. E.; Seddon; Shaw, R. N.; Shayler; Smalman, John (d. 1852); Smith, S. P.; Steuart; Street; Telford; Tisdale; Webb, Phil.; Wyatt, Jas.; Wyatt, Lewis; Wyatt, Sir M. D.

Arden, Ralph of,
-, his w., see Agnes

-, Ric de,
-, Wal.,

area of outstanding natural beauty,

Argrimr (Aregrim, fl. 1066)

Arlescott, Rob. of, ?s. of Warin de Beysin,

Arlescott (in Barrow), n,
-, Arlescott Fm.,

armaments (ordnance):
-, depot,
-, production,
-, and see ammunition; cannon; guns

arms (heraldry), and see Ambler; Cressett; Crompton; Hamilton; Jenkes; Lacon; Lawley; Ludlow (fam.); More; Mytton; Owen; Pemberton; royal arms; Smalman; Wenlock (fam.)

-, artillery, see Shropshire & Staffordshire Artillery Volunteers; Shropshire Artillery Volunteer Corps; Shropshire Royal Horse Artillery; and see shooting
-, infantry, see King's Shropshire Light Infantry; Wenlock Loyal Volunteers
-, militia,
-, reserve forces (unspecified),
-, Territorial Army,
-, and see United States Army; Voluntary Aid Detachments

Arnegreave brookc (Mallebroch),

Arnketil (Archetel, fl. 1066),

Arnulf (fl. 1185),

Arras, see Darras

Art, Royal Academy of, president (P.R.A.),

artillery, see army; shooting

artists and designers, see Bodley, G. F.; Bodley, S.; Webb, Phil.; and see architects; china modeller; craftsmen; engravers; garden and landscape designers; painters; sculptors; stained glass makers

-, John of (fl. 1295),
-, Sir John d' (d. 1421),
-, John d' (d. 1435), earl of Arundel and duke of Touraine,

-, ctss. of, see Beatrice
-, earls of, and see Arundel; FitzAlan; Howard

Ascall, Ric., and his w. Eliz.,

Ash, Fra.,

Ashbourne (Derb.),

Ashbrook, see Stretton, Church

Ashes Hollow (in Church Stretton), see Long Mynd

-, Chris.,
-, John (d. c. 1455),
-, John (d. 1506),
-, Wm.,

Ashfield (in Ditton Priors), n,
-, Ashfield Fm.,

Ashfield and Ruthall (in Ditton Priors),

Ashmore Bro (in St. Michael's, Lichfield, Staffs.),

Ashton, Peter,

-, John,
-, fam.,

Ashwood (in Kingswinford, Staffs.),

assembly rooms, see meeting halls and rooms

-, Ann, m. Wal. Stubbs,
-, F. D.,
-, Sir John,
-, his w.,
-, Sir Ric. (d. 1688),
-, fam.,

Astley Abbots,
-, Colemoor green, n
-, Dunnelley common, n
-, and see Linley railway station; Nordley; Smithies, Lower; Stanley Hall; Wrens Nest

-, Bridget, see Harewell
-, Jeremiah,
-, John of, see Fourches
-, Thos.,
-, and see Eston

Aston (in Munslow), see Aston Munslow

Aston Botterell, and see Bold

Aston bridge (in Monkhopton and Morville),

Aston Eyre (in Morville),

Aston Munslow (Aston) (in Munslow),
-, hos. (named),

asylums, and see homes

Atcham, see Berwick Maviston

Atcham poor-law union,

Atcham rural (sanitary) district,
-, authority,
-, and see Shrewsbury and Atcham borough

Atherwell brook, see Linley brook

athletics, plate and see Olympian Society, National; Olympic movement; playing fields

Atkinson, Wal. Lacon, see Lacon

Atterley (in Much Wenlock), n,
-, Atterley Ho., n
-, and see Barrow, Atterley, and Walton manor

Atterley and Walton (in Much Wenlock), n,
-, and see
-, Barrow, Atterley, and Walton
-, manor; Walton

Atterley Way,

attorney general,

attorneys (solicitors), n,

Aubrey, bro. of Walinger of Sidnall,


-, Anne, see Pakington
-, Cath., m. Rob. Barker,
-, Hen. of (fl. 1227),
-, Sir Hen. (d. c. 1672),
-, Jas. of,
-, Mary,
-, fam.

Augustinian canonesses,
-, medieval, see named houses

auk, great,

Austin (fl. 1066),


Austria-Hungary, n

Auti (fl. 1066, ?two of this name),

aviator, and see gliding

Aymestrey (Herefs.), see Gatley; Lye, Upper

Aynho, Adam de,

Ayrshire cattle,

Ayscough, John,

Azo (fl. 1086),

Azur (Azor, fl. 1066),

Bablake School, see Coventry

Bache brook, n,

Bache Mill (in Diddlebury and Munslow),
-, Birmingham,
-, Liverpool,

Bacheler, John, and see Batchelour

Baddeley, Hermione, actress, see Clinton-Baddeley, Ruby Hermione Yolande

Baddow, Little (Essex),

badge making,

-, Alice, w. of John of, ?m. - Coleson,
-, Avice of,
-, John of,
-, Margery, w. of Ric. of,
-, Phil. of (or Phil. son of Steph.) (d. c. 1196),
-, Phil. of (d. c. 1258),
-, Phil. of (d. c. 1291),
-, Phil. of (fl. 1291, another),
-, Phil. of (d. 1345),
-, Ric. of,
-, Rog. of (fl. 1220),
-, Rog. of (fl. 1320),
-, Rog. of (fl. 1349, ?another),
-, Thos. of (fl. 1227),
-, his w., see Margery
-, Thos. of (d. by 1316),
-, Thos. of (fl. 1506),
-, Wm. of (fl. 12th cent.),
-, Wm. of (d. 1349),
-, fam.,

Badger, n,
-, fig.
-, Badger Dingle, q.v.
-, Heath, the, n,
-, hos. (named),
-, Badger Hall, n, fig. plates

Badger Dingle (in Badger and Worfield), fig.

Badlesmere, Guncelin of,

Baecg (?eponym of Badger),

-, John,
-, his w., see Margery
-, Margery, m. Ralph of Coven,

Baille, Pocock & Co.,

Bailleul, Reynold of (Reynold the sheriff), n,

Bailly, Wm., and see Bayley; Bayly

Bakenell (formerly Baknall) bridge (in Acton Round and Monkhopton),

-, Eliz., m. Thos. Boulton,
-, John,
-, Martha,
-, Ric. (fl. 1508), see Russell
-, Ric. (d. 1811),
-, Ric. (d. 1821),
-, Sarah, see Roberts
-, Thos. (d. c. 1752),
-, Thos. (fl. 1766),
-, Wm. (fl. 1747),
-, Wm. (fl. 1841),
-, fam., n,


-, Harriet, w. of S. G.,
-, her niece,
-, Rob.
-, S. G.,
-, fam.,

Baknall bridge, see Bakenell bridge

Balaam's Heath (in Tugford),

bald, Warin the, see Warin

Baldhild (Bathilde), St., queen of the Franks (Neustria),

Baldwin (fl. 12th cent.),

-, Abigail, w. of John,
-, Edw. (fl. 1650),
-, Edw. (fl. 1702),
-, Edw. (d. 1709, another), n
-, Edw. (d. 1730),
-, John (d. 1605),
-, John (fl. 1654),
-, John (d. 1680),
-, Ric. (fl. 1523),
-, Ric. (fl. 1635),
-, Ric. (fl. 1674),
-, Ric. (d. 1689, another),
-, Ric. (fl. 1733),
-, Rog.,
-, Stanley, Earl Baldwin of Bewdley,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Baldwyn; Baudewyn

-, Acton,
-, Chas. (d. 1675),
-, Chas. (d. 1706),
-, Chas. (d. 1751),
-, Edw. (fl. 1817),
-, Sir Sam. (d. 1683),
-, Sam. (fl. 1726),
-, Sir Tim.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam., n
-, and see Baldwin; Baudewyn

-, Benj. (fl. 1828),
-, Benj. (fl. 1838, ?another),
-, Edw.,
-, Eleanor, w. of Thos.,
-, John (fl. 1578),
-, John (fl. 1639),
-, Jos.,
-, Mary, w. of Wm.,
-, Silvanus,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm. (d. 1605),
-, Wm. (d. 1665),
-, fam.,

Bampton (Oxon.),

-, Maud, m. Wm. de Hastings,
-, Ric.,
-, Thurstan,
-, fam.,

bands (musical), and see minstrels; orchestra

Bank, the, see Aston Munslow; Wenlock, Much

bankers, and see banks

-, Chris.,
-, Edw.,
-, Eliz. Rathbone, Lady Banks, see Elliott
-, Wm.,

-, savings,
-, and see bankers

Banks & Co.,

Banks & Onions,


Baptists (Anabaptists),

-, R. H.,
-, fam.,

Barclays Bank,

bargemen and watermen,

-, building and repair,


-, Alex. le,
-, Apollonia, m. Fra. Canning,
-, Bestune,
-, Cath., see Audley
-, Herb.,
-, John le,
-, R. G.,
-, Ric.,
-, Rob.,
-, Rog. le,
-, Thos. le (fl. 1345),
-, Thos. (fl. 1553),
-, Thos. (d. 1704),
-, Thos. (fl. 1731),
-, Wm. (fl. 1573),
-, Wm. (fl. 1620, ?another),
-, fam.,

Barking abbey (Essex), n

-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,

Barnard, Baron, see Vane

Barnardo's, Dr. (charity),

-, B. R.,
-, (formerly Lutley), Bart.,
-, his grandfather,
-, John,
-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

Barnes, Thos.,

Barnett, Horatio,

Barnett's Leasow, see Jackfield

Barnett's Leasow Co.,

Barney, Jos.,

Barr Beacon (in Aldridge, Staffs.),

-, John,
-, Mrs. Susanna,
-, Thos.,

barristers, and see serjeants at law

Barrow, n,
-, n, fig. Arlescott, q.v.
-, Barrow, Atterley, and Walton manor,
-, q.v.
-, Barrow Fm. (Ho.),
-, Barrow Hill,
-, Barrow ward and district cttee., see Wenlock borough
-, Black Moors, the, see Shirlett common: Prior's wood
-, Caughley, q.v.
-, Darley, q.v.
-, Kennel Bank, see Shirlett common: Willey Heald
-, Marsh, the,
-, Marsh green,
-, Marsh manor, q.v.
-, Maypole Bank, see Shirlett common
-, Prior's wood, see Shirlett common
-, sanatorium, see Shirlett common
-, Shirlett common, q.v.
-, Smithies, the, q.v.
-, Swinney, q.v.
-, Waltons Eaves, see Shirlett common
-, White Mines, see Shirlett common
-, Willey Heald (Hill), see Shirlett common

Barrow, Atterley, and Walton manor (in Barrow and Much Wenlock), n,

Barrow ward, see Wenlock borough

barrows (tumuli),

Barthomley (Ches.), see Crewe

Bartleet, E. B.,

Barton, Edm.,

Baschurch, see Boreatton

Basile (or Sibyl, fl. 12th cent.),
-, her dau., see Eve

-, Edm., and his w. Agnes,
-, Wm. (fl. 1316),
-, Wm. (fl. 1455),
-, Wm. (fl. 1475),
-, fam., n

Baswich (Staffs.), see Acton Trussell

Batch, the (in Church Stretton), see Stretton, All

Batch (or Heath or Snowdon) brook (the Mert),

Batch Gutter (in Stoke St. Milborough), see Brown Clee hill

Batch valley (in Church Stretton), see Stretton, All: Batch, the

Batchelour, Benj., and see Bacheler

Bates, Wm.,

Bath, marquesses of, see Thynne

Bath (Som.),

Bath and Wells, bp. of, see Burnell

Bathilde, St., see Baldhild, St.

Bathurst, Edwin,

Battlefield college, n

battles, see Evesham; Naseby

Battlestones, see Cardington: Willstone hill

Baucott (in Tugford),
-, hos. (named), n,
-, rds.,

Baudewyn, Wm., and see Baldwin; Baldwyn

-, Benj.,
-, Edw.,
-, Eliz. (fl. 1677), see Ludlow
-, Eliz. (d. 1822), see Holland
-, Harriet (fl. c. 1800), m. Lewis Maxey,
-, Harriet (d. 1854), m. Vct. Boyne,
-, Lancelot,
-, Ric., n

Baxter fam.,

Bayley, John, prior of Wenlock, and see Bailly; Bayly

-, Ric.,
-, Thos., see Bayly

-, Geo.,
-, Hugh,
-, (or Baylis), Thos.,
-, and see Bailly; Bayley

-, C. E. M., m. John Christian Boodé, Baron de Villefranche,
-, Sir Hen. Wm.,
-, W. W. T.,

Bayston Hill (in Condover, Meole Brace, and St. Julian's, Shrewsbury),

Beaconhill (Hopton) brook,

Beam bridge (in Munslow and Tugford),

Beambridge (in Munslow),

bear baiting,

Bearcroft, Eliz., m. Wm. Adams, Geo. Lucy,

Beard, Thos., plate

Beatrice, dau. of Inês Pires, m. earl of Arundel and Surrey,

-, Mgt., m. earl of Shrewsbury,
-, Wm., Baron Bergavenny,

-, Hugh of (fl. 1271),
-, Hugh of (fl. 1305),
-, John of (fl. 1305),
-, John of (another)
-, Ric. of, bp. of London,
-, Rob. of,
-, fam.,

Beaumont, Joan, m. Baron Lovel, Sir Wm. Stanley,

Bebbington, Geo.,

Becca (eponym of Beckbury),

-, Hannah, w. of Peter,
-, John,
-, Maria, m. John Eaton,
-, Peter (d. 1798),
-, Peter (d. 1824),

-, Hugh of,
-, John of (fl. 1248),
-, John of (fl. 1316),
-, John of (fl. 1351, ?another),
-, Parnel of, m. Thos. de la Lowe,
-, Phil. of,

Beckbury, n, fig.
-, hos. (named),
-, Caynton Ho. or Hall,
-, Wall (Hine) Hill,
-, and see 'Kenbecleag'

-, H. J.,
-, his f.,
-, Kathleen F. M., m. L. E. Bury,
-, fam.,

-, E. W. Minton,
-, Laura Seraphina, w. of W. M.,
-, Priscilla, see Minton
-, S. W. Minton,
-, Thos. (d. 1822),
-, Thos. (d. 1837), and his w. Jane,
-, W. F.,
-, W. M.,
-, fam.,

Bedlam, see Southwark


Bee, Dan.,

beech mast,

bees, and see honey

Beggarhill brook,

Beggarhill Brook, see Callaughton

-, Eliz. de, m. Sir Rob. Swynnerton,
-, Sir Nic. de,
-, Rob. de,
-, his w. Maud, see Hertwell

Belgium, and see Flanders

-, John (f. 1758),
-, John (d. 1799, ?another),
-, Jos. (fl. 1870),
-, Jos. (fl. 1950),
-, Wm.,
-, fam., n

bell founders, see Belyetere; Clibury, Thos.; Clibury, Wm.; Corfill; Hughes, Ellis; Martin, John; Oldfield; Rudhall, Abel; Rudhall, Abraham; Rudhall, Thos.; Rudhall fam.; Taylor, John, & Co.

Bellême, Rob. of, earl of Shrewsbury (excluding refs. simply to his forfeiture of tenancies in chief of estates formerly held of Rog. of Montgomery by others),

Belswardine (in Leighton),

Belton, the Misses (fl. 1800),

Belyetere, Ric. le,

Benedictine monks,
-, medieval, see named houses; and see Cluniac monks

benefit clubs, see friendly societies

Bennett, John, n

Bennett Bros.,

-, Mrs. Charlotte,
-, D.,
-, G. R.,
-, Henrietta Selina, see Cockerell
-, J. I.,
-, Moses,
-, Moses Geo.,
-, R. G.,
-, R. L.,
-, Ralph (d. 1845),
-, Ralph (b. 1919),
-, Ralph Augustus,
-, Ralph Beaumont,
-, Stella, novelist,
-, fam.,

Bent, Rob.,

Bent Lane, see Ditton Priors

-, Anfred of,
-, Edw. (d. by 1680),
-, Sir Edw. (fl. 1958),
-, Fortunata, w. of Edw.,
-, Hamon of,
-, Jas.,
-, (formerly Dale), Jas. Floyer,
-, John of (fl. 1324),
-, John of (fl. after 1363, another),
-, John (d. 1633),
-, Lawr. (d. 1603),
-, Lawr. (d. 1652),
-, Margery, m. John Burnell,
-, Mary Clementina, m. J. F. Dale,
-, Sir Paul,
-, Phil. of (d. by 1283),
-, Phil. of (fl. 1330),
-, Phil. (d. 1713),
-, Ric. (d. 1575),
-, Ric. (d. 1720),
-, Rob. of (fl. 12th cent.),
-, Rob. of (d. c. 1204, another),
-, Rob. of (d. by c. 1249),
-, Rob. (fl. 1521),
-, Rog. of
-, Wal. of,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Benthall, n, fig. plate
-, Benthall Bank,
-, Benthall Marsh,
-, Bently, n
-, Bower Yard, q.v.
-, Bradley grange, q.v.
-, Gorge, the, civil parish, q.v.
-, Hilltop,
-, hos. (named),
-, Little Posenhall Fm.,
-, Hunger Dale, q.v.
-, Iron Bridge, q.v.
-, Ironbridge and Broseley rly. stn.,
-, Marsh manor, q.v.
-, Mine Spout,
-, Bailiff Ho., the,
-, Mines, the,
-, Spout Lane, q.v.

Benthall & Ironbridge Pottery Co.,

Benthall brook, plate

Benthall Edge, plates
-, Tykes Nest, plate

Benthall Pipe Co.,

Benthall Pottery Co.,

Benthall rails (Willey-Severn),

Benthall Stoneware Co.,

Benthalls, see Hargrove

Bentley, Wm.,

Bentley, Parva, see Oxenbold

Bently, see Benthall

-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,

Berechurch (Essex),

Berengar, Alan s. of, see Buildwas

Beresford, Wm.,

Bergavenny, Baron, see Beauchamp

Berkeley, Laconia, m. Edw. Browne,

Berkshire, see Bray

Berkswell (Warws.),

-, Eliz., m. Baron Chandos,
-, Sir Hen.,

Berner (fl. 1086),

Bernières, Otes of,

Berrington, n

Berry, Wm., n

-, Rob.,
-, Sir Rog.,
-, Ursula, see Lawley
-, fam.,

-, John of (d. by c. 1334),
-, John of (d. 1349),
-, Phil. of, see Mauveysin
-, Ric.,
-, Thos. of (fl. c. 1285), see Mauveysin
-, Thos. of (fl. 1349),

Berwick, Baron, see Noel-Hill

Berwick Maviston (in Atcham),

Besford (in Shawbury),

Beston, Rog.,

Betchcott (in Smethcott),

Betchcott brook,

Betchcott hill (in Smethcott and Church Stretton), fig.

Betenhull, John,

Bethlehem Hospital, see Southwark


Bewdley (in Ribbesford, Worcs.),

-, Adam de (d. 1238),
-, his dau., see Margery
-, his w., see Mabel
-, Adam de (d. by 1255, another),
-, Agnes, m. John de Morehall,
-, Anne, w. of John, m. Sir Thos. Latimer,
-, John,
-, Rob. de,
-, Thos. de,
-, Wal. de (d. 1309),
-, Wal. de (d. 1344),
-, Warin de,
-, his dau., see Margaret
-, his s., see Arlescott
-, fam.,

Bible, the,


Bidston (Ches.), see Birkenhead

Bigot, Azor,
-, his s., see Robert

Bileburie, see Larden Ditches

Bill, John,




Birch batch (in Broseley),

Bircher (in Yarpole, Herefs.),

Bird, Wm., and see Bridde; Byrd

Birdham (Suss.), n

Birkenhead (in Bidston, Ches.),

Birkin fam.,

Birmingham, bps. of,

Birmingham (Warws.), plate and see Selly Oak

Birmingham (in Munslow), see Bache Mill

Birtley (in Eaton-under-Heywood),

-, C. R. N.,
-, Chas.,
-, Edw.,
-, F. C.,
-, Geo. (d. c. 1610), and his w.,
-, Geo. (d. 1668),
-, J. N. R. N.,
-, Rowland,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Bishop's Castle,

Bishopsgate, see London

Bishton & Onions,

-, Rog. of,
-, Steph. of (or Steph. de Scotot, or de Eskotot),

-, Nether Bitterley,
-, Over Bitterley,
-, and see Cleeton; Hilluppencott; Ledwyche, Upper; Middleton

bitumen, see tar and pitch

Black Country (Staffs. and Worcs.),

Black Death,

Black Meres, see Hoar Edge and Blackhurst

Black Moors, the (in Barrow), see Shirlett common: Prior's wood

Black Mountains (Brec., Herefs., and Mon.), n

Blackburn (Lancs.), see Darwen, Over

Blackford (in Stoke St. Milborough), see Brown Clee hill

Blackhurst, see Hoar Edge and Blackhurst

Blacklands (Staffs., in Bobbington),


Blackwood (in Eaton-under-Heywood and Rushbury),

Blair, Eric Art. ('George Orwell', novelist),

Blake, F. W.,

Blakeman, Humph.,

-, Edw.,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, -, w. of Edw., see Lee
-, fam., n

Blakeway, Rose & Co.,

Blakeway, see Harley

blanket making,

Blayney, Art.,

Blists Hill (in Madeley),

-, Anne, m. Ralph Browne,
-, Fra. Turner,
-, Jane Eliz., see Crawley
-, Lucia, m. Fra. Turner, Edw.Harries,
-, and see Blythe

Blockley, Benj.,

Blodwel (in Llanyblodwel),

Blomfield, Sir Art. Wm.,

bloomeries, see ironworks

-, Sir Edw. (d. 1758),
-, Sir Edw. (d. 1765),
-, Jas., and his w. Isabella,
-, Sir Wal.,
-, Sir Wm.,
-, fam.,

Blunt, Wal.,

Blythe, Geo., and see Blithe

-, building and repair,
-, iron,
-, and see barges; coracle making; river traffic; sailmaker; ships; trows

Bobbington (Staffs., formerly Salop. and Staffs.), see Blacklands

Bockleton (in Stoke St. Milborough), n, fig.
-, Bockleton Ct.,

Bockleton brook,

Bodbury hill (and Ring) (in Church Stretton), see Long Mynd

Boddington, T. F.,

Bodenham (Herefs.), see Maund

Bodgate Lane, see Rowe Lane

-, G. F.,
-, S.,

Bog gate Lane, see Rowe Lane

Bog mine, see Kinnerton


Bold (in Aston Botterell),

Bold (in Willey),
-, Bold Fm.,

Boningale, see Whiston

-, C. E. L., m. John Hippisley,
-, C. E. M., see Bayntun


Boot, Sam.,

boot maker, and see shoemakers

Booth, Wm.,

Bore, Edwin,

Boreatton (in Baschurch),

boring (iron),

Borle brook,

Boscobel, see Brewood priory

Boscombe East (Wilts.),

'Bosle' (identified with Broseley),

Bosleie, Bernard de, n; and see Broseley (fam.)

Bot Street, see Watling Street


'Botelegee', see Botvyle

Boterell fam., n; and see Botterell

-, Beriah,
-, Isabella, see Leighton
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Botvyle (fam.)

'Botley', see Botvyle

Botte Street, see Watling Street

-, Drusilla, m. Edw. Price,
-, Edw. (fl. 1651),
-, Edw. (d. 1684),
-, Edw. (d. 1728),
-, Edw. (d. 1782),
-, Edw. (d. 1834),
-, John,
-, Thos. (fl. 1616),
-, Thos. (d. 1669),
-, Thos. (d. 1786),
-, fam.,
-, and see Boterell

-, Benj.,
-, John (fl. 1439), n,
-, (or Thynne), John (or John of the Inne; fl. 1524), n,
-, Martha, w. of Ric.,
-, Ric. (d. 1732),
-, Ric. (fl. 1732), and his s. Ric.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1439),
-, Thos. (fl. 1760),
-, Wal., n
-, Wm. (fl. 1439),
-, Wm. (fl. 1497),
-, fam.,
-, and see Botfield

Botvyle (in Cardington and Church Stretton), n,
-, 'Botley' ('Botelegee'),

Botwood forest (in Cardington and Leebotwood),

-, C. W., see Rouse-Boughton
-, Cath., see Pearce Hall

Boughton Rouse:
-, Sir C. W., see Rouse-Boughton
-, Cath., see Pearce Hall

-, Hugh of (fl. 1301),
-, Hugh of (?fl. 1327, ?another),
-, Rob. of (?two or more of this name),
-, Wm. of,

Bouldon (in Holdgate), fig.
-, hos.,

-, Rob. de,
-, fam.,
-, and see Bowdler

-, Eliz., see Baker
-, Thos.,
-, W. B.,

Boulton & Watt,

Boundary Commission, see Local Government Boundary Commission

boundary stone,

-, Cornelius,
-, G. Drinkwater,
-, Mgt., w. of Peter,
-, Peter,

Bourton (in Much Wenlock), n, n, n, n,
-, Bradeley (Goose, or West, Bradeley), n, n,
-, Henmoor hill,
-, hos. (named), n,
-, St. Mildburg Way,
-, Woodhousefield,

Bourton (Wenlock) hundred (leet jurisdiction in Wenlock liberty and boro.), n, n,
-, ct. meeting places,
-, end of,
-, lds.,
-, morcellation of,
-, origin of,

-, Joyce, m. Thos. Sprott,
-, Lucy, see Stephens
-, Sam.,
-, - (fl. early 19th cent.),
-, fam., n
-, and see Boullers

-, Anne, ?w. of John,
-, John,

Bower Yard (in Benthall),

Bowgate Lane, see Rowe Lane

-, Geo.,
-, Humphry,
-, Wm.,

bowls (game),

Bowman hill, see Preen, Holt

-, Vcts., see Hamilton; Hamilton-Russell
-, Vctss., see Baugh

Brace, Miss (fl. c. 1903),

Brackley, Wal. of, bp. of Ossory,

-, Hen. de,
-, Ralph,
-, Ric.,
-, (Bradeleye), Sir Rog. de,
-, fam.,
-, and see Bradley

Bradeley, Goose or West, see Bourton

-, Barons,
-, earls of, and see Bridgeman; Newport

Bradford (Yorks. W.R.),

Bradford hundred,

-, Geo. (d. 1868), and his w. Sarah,
-, Geo. (fl. 1905),
-, Helen, w. of Wm.,
-, T. J.,
-, T. W.,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Bradeley

Bradley (Bradley under Down, Buttermilk Bradley) (in Much Wenlock), n,
-, Bradley Rock,
-, and see Bradley grange; Farley, Wyke, and Bradley; Wyke and Bradley

Bradley (Staffs.), see Longnor

Bradley grange (est. in Benthall, Harley, Posenhall, and Much Wenlock),

Brampton Bryan (Herefs.), see Adley


brass engraver,

Bratton, Jos.,

Bravonium, see Leintwardine

Bray, Associates of Dr.,

Bray (Berks.),

-, Lewis,
-, Randle,
-, Ric.,
-, fam.,

Breconshire, and see Black Mountains; Llanfilo

-, Edm.,
-, Mgt., m. Thos. Marson,


Brewood priory (White Ladies) (in Boscobel),

Brewster, John,


-, distribution,
-, manufacture, n

Bridde (Burd), John (fl. 1582, ?two of this name), and see Bird; Byrd

-, Geo. Augustus Fred. Hen., earl of Bradford,
-, Geo. Cecil Orlando, earl of Bradford,
-, G. T. O.,
-, Sir Hen.,
-, Sir John,
-, Sir Orlando,
-, fam.,

-, John (fl. 1759),
-, John (d. c. 1804),
-, John (fl. 1838),
-, Thos. (d. c. 1720),
-, Thos. (fl. early 18th cent., ?another),
-, fam., n,

-, grammar sch.,
-, ho. of correction,
-, M.P.s,
-, roads to,
-, St. Mary Magdalen's ch.,
-, Square, the,

Bridgnorth district, n
-, council,

Bridgnorth highway district,
-, n,

Bridgnorth petty-sessional division, see Brimstree hundred

Bridgnorth poor-law union, n,

Bridgnorth rural (sanitary) district,
-, council (authority),

Bridgwalton (in Morville),

Brierley, see Monkhopton

Brierley Hill (in Kingswinford, Staffs.),

-, Anne, see Moreton
-, Sir Hugh,
-, Humph. (d. 1626),
-, Sir Humph. (d. 1691),
-, Sir Humph. (d. 1700),
-, Sir Humph. (d. 1734),
-, Sir Moreton,
-, Oliver,
-, fam.,

-, Mary, m. John Corfield,
-, Thos. (fl. 1706, two of this name),
-, Wm.,

Brighton (Suss.),

Brimfield (Herefs.),

-, Adam of (d. c. 1235),
-, Adam of (fl. 1255),
-, (or Longford), Rob. of,
-, his w., see Eve
-, fam.,

Brimstree hundred,
-, Bridgnorth petty-sessional division,

Bringewood (in Burrington, Herefs.),

Brisebon, Nic.,

Bristol (Glos.),

British (later Royal British) Legion,

Brittany (France),

Broad, R. N.,

Broad brook,


-, Isabel, see Halle
-, John,

Broadstone (in Munslow), n,

Broadstone(s) moor, see Enchmarsh

Brockhurst (in Church Stretton),
-, Brockhurst (ho. and sch.),
-, Stretton castle,

-, Hugh of,
-, Nic. of,
-, Rob. of,
-, Thos. of,
-, his s., see John
-, Wm. of,

Brockton (in Shipton and Stanton Long), n, n, fig.
-, Brockton's Cross,
-, Cottage Pool,
-, Highley (Brockton common),
-, hos. (named),
-, St. Mildburg's tithes,
-, St. Mildburg's well,

Brockton (in Sutton Maddock),

Brockton (Easthope) brook,

-, Alex. (d. 1811), plates
-, Alex. (d. 1830),

'Brodward' brook,

Bromedge Way,

Bromfield, John of,

Bromfield, see Felton, Rye

-, Sir Edw., n
-, Sir Hen.,
-, John,
-, Mgt. (d. 1598), m. Sir Ric. Newport,
-, Mgt. (fl. 1656), w. of Sir Edw.,
-, Rob.,
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1555),
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1587),
-, Wm. (d. 1707),
-, Wm. (d. 1769),

Bromwich, West, see West Bromwich

Broncroft (in Diddlebury),
-, castle,
-, Marston,

Bronze Age remains, see prehistoric remains

-, Comberford,
-, Edw. (fl. 1603),
-, Edw. (fl. 1681),
-, Eliz. (fl. 1603), see Higgins
-, Eliz. (d. 1785), m. Edw. Lloyd,
-, Fra.,
-, (formerly Townshend), Geo. Brooke Briggs,
-, John (fl. before 1540),
-, John (d. 1786),
-, Sir Rob.,
-, Thos. (d. 1668),
-, Thos. (d. 1742), n
-, Wadham,
-, fam.,

-, A. G.,
-, Wm. Penny, plate

Brookhampton (in Holdgate),
-, hos. (named),
-, King's Lane,

Broome, John (fl. 1828),

Broome (in Cardington),

-, Emme, w. of Phil. of,
-, Phil. of,
-, Rog. of,
-, Warin of,
-, his daus., see Alice; Mabel;
-, Margery
-, Wm. of,
-, and see Bosleie

Broseley (Burwardeslega), n, n, n, figs.
-, Amies, the, q.v.
-, Birch batch, q.v.
-, Birch Meadow, fig.
-, 'Bosle', q.v.
-, Broseley Gate,
-, Broseley ward and district cttee., see Wenlock borough
-, Broseley Wood, q.v.
-, Coalpit Hill,
-, Coalport bridge, q.v.
-, Coneybury,
-, ct. of requests,
-, Dunge, the,
-, Tileries, the,
-, Ferny bank,
-, Gitchfield, q.v.
-, Gorge, the, civil parish, q.v.
-, Harris's (Harrison's), Green,
-, Haynes Memorial (or Free) bridge, q.v.
-, Hockley Bank,
-, hos. (named), n,
-, Jackfield, q.v.
-, Marsh manor, q.v.
-, Prior's Hawksyard, q.v.
-, 'Priory land' ('capite land'),
-, rly. stn., see Benthall: Ironbridge and Broseley rly. stn.
-, Riddings, the, q.v.
-, roads to,
-, Rowton, q.v.
-, 'socage land' (Wilcox's fm.),
-, streets:
-, Barber Row,
-, Barratt's Hill,
-, Bridgnorth Rd.,
-, Chapel Lane,
-, Church St.,
-, Coalport Rd.,
-, Dark Lane,
-, Duke St., plate
-, Foundry Lane,
-, Fox Lane,
-, Hatch Lane,
-, High St., plate
-, Lampas Lane,
-, New Rd.,
-, Park View,
-, Queen St.,
-, Rough Lane,
-, Spout Lane, q.v.
-, Square, the, plate
-, Wilkinson Ave.,
-, Swinbatch, q.v.
-, Swinney, q.v.
-, Syner's Hill,
-, Tarbatch dingle, q.v.
-, town hall, plate
-, Victoria Hall, plate
-, War Memorial footbridge, q.v.

Broseley Association for the Prosecution of Felons,

Broseley Brick and Tile Manufacturers' Association,

Broseley Furnace Co.,

Broseley Gas & Coke Co.,

Broseley Literary Society,

Broseley Philharmonic Society,

Broseley Tileries Co. Ltd.,

Broseley ward, see Wenlock borough

Broseley Wesleyan Methodist circuit,

Broseley Wood (in Broseley),
-, Cockshutt,
-, Ferny Bank (Fernybank),
-, streets, etc.:
-, Bramblewood,
-, Cherrybrook est.,
-, Elizabeth Cresc.,
-, King St.,
-, Legge's Hill,
-, Quarry Rd.,
-, Underwood,
-, Woodlands, the (Childs Woodlands), n,
-, Ball's Lane,
-, Woodlands Fm.,
-, Woodlands Green (Woodlands Rd.),


-, Sir A. H.,
-, Miss C. (fl. 1895),
-, E. G.,
-, Edw.,
-, Lancelot ('Capability'),
-, fam.,
-, and see Browne; Wylde Browne

Brown Clee hill (in Abdon, Burwarton, Clee St. Margaret, Cleobury North, Diddlebury, Ditton Priors, Loughton, and Stoke St. Milborough), fig.
-, Abdon Burf, q.v.
-, Batch Gutter,
-, Blackford,
-, Thorn Lane,
-, Clee Burf, q.v.
-, Clee Liberty,
-, Coneybury,
-, Green Tump,
-, Marsh gate,
-, Mount Flirt,
-, Shortwood,
-, Toot Lane,
-, Woodbank,

-, A. S.,
-, Anne (fl. 1712), w. of Wm.,
-, Anne (d. 1767), see Blithe
-, Cath. (d. by 1809), see Pearce
-, Cath. (fl. 1816), m. Sir John Edwards,
-, Sir E. Humph.,
-, Edw. (d. 1740),
-, Edw. (d. 1751),
-, Eliz. (d. 1738),
-, Eliz. (d. 1839), w. of Isaac Hawkins (d. 1818),
-, Isaac Hawkins (d. 1760), poet,
-, Isaac Hawkins (d. 1818),
-, Jane, w. of Edw.,
-, John (fl. 1661),
-, John (d. 1746),
-, Laconia, see Berkeley
-, Mary,
-, Ralph (d. 1707),
-, Ralph (d. 1763),
-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,
-, (formerly Jones), Thos. Browne,
-, Wm. (d. by 1702),
-, Wm. (fl. 1732),
-, fam.,
-, and see Brown; Wylde Browne

Brunning (Bruniht, fl. 1066),

Bryce, John,

-, Eliz., Baroness Chandos, see Bernard
-, Jas., Baron Chandos,

Bryngwyn (Radnors.),

'Buchehale' (?Monk Hall),

Buckenhull, Gilb. de,

Bucknell, n, n

-, Eliz., see Pinches
-, Jacintha,
-, Lilian H., m. - Hayward,
-, R. A.,
-, R. J.,
-, R. P. G.,
-, W. S.,
-, fam.,

builders, and see stonemasons

building trade, and see bricklayers, builders; carpenters; glaziers; stonemasons; painter, house; plasterers; plumbers

-, Alan of (fl. 1176) (or Alan son of Berengar), n
-, Alan of (fl. 1228),
-, Alan of (fl. 1267),
-, Alice of, m. Edm. de Leynham,

-, Buildwas bridge,
-, Hunger Dale, q.v.
-, Tickwood, q.v.
-, West Coppice,

Buildwas abbey,

bull baiting,

Bullhill brook,

-, Edm.,
-, John (d. 1574),
-, John (fl. 1591),
-, Nic.,
-, Ric.,

Bullocks Moor (in Church Stretton), see Long Mynd

-, F. W. E.,
-, Wm.,

Burd, John, see Bridde

Burford, and see Court of Hill; Greete

burgages, n, n,


Burgh, Hubert de, earl of Kent,

Burgoyne, Rob.,

burial grounds (except churchyards), see cemeteries; charnel house

-, Eliz., m. Sir Thos. Trussell,
-, Gillian, w. of John,
-, Joan, m. Sir Thos. Lyttelton,
-, John,
-, Wm.,

Burley (in Culmington),

Burlison & Grylls,

-, Aline, Baroness Burnell, see Despenser
-, Sir Edw. (d. 1315), Baron Burnell,
-, Sir Edw. (d. 1377),
-, Hugh (d. 1286),
-, Hugh (d. 1420), Baron Burnell,
-, John,
-, Margery, see Benthall
-, (formerly Hadlow), Sir Nic., Baron Burnell,
-, Sir Phil.,
-, Ric.,
-, Rob., bp. of Bath and Wells,
-, fam.,

Burnet, Isaac,

Burnett fam.,

Burnhill Green (in Patshull, Staffs.),

Burrie, Wal.,

Burrington (Herefs.), see Bringewood

-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Burstall, Wm. of,

-, Hen., n
-, Rachel, m. Thos. Powell,
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Chandos Burton

Burton Court (in Eardisland, Herefs.),

Burwardeslega, see Broseley

Burwarton, n,
-, and see Brown Clee hill; Clee Burf

-, Kathleen, see Beckwith
-, L. C. N.,
-, L. E.,


Bush, the, see Stanton Long

Bushmoor hay (in Wistanstow), see Long forest

-, John (?two of this name),
-, Ric.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,



butler, Adam the, see Adam the butler
-, his s., see William

-, C. E. M., n
-, Thos.,

butler of England, chief,

butter making,

Buttermilk Bradley, see Bradley


butts, archery (shooting),

Buxton Rock quarry,

Byne brook,

Byrd, Ric., and see Bird; Bridde

Bytheway, Edw.,

C. H. R. (Development) Ltd.,

Cadbury Trust,

Caer Caradoc hill (Caradoc, 'Cordok') (in Church Stretton), n; fig. plate
-, Iron Age hill fort,

Caerleon (Isca) (Mon.),

Caernarvonshire, see Dolgarrog; Llandudno

-, John,
-, Mary, see Clifford

Calcott, Wm.,

Calcutts, see Jackfield

Callaughton (in Much Wenlock), n, n,
-, Beggarhill Brook,
-, Beggarhill Brook Fm. (formerly Bradley's Tenement),
-, Spoonhill, plate

Callaughton brook,

Callow brook, see Stretton, Little

Callow hill, Callow Hollow (in Church Stretton), see Long Mynd

-, Jenkyn,
-, John le, see John ap Rees
-, Maud, m. John Leighton,
-, Wal.,

-, univ.,
-, Lady Margaret professor of Divbinity,
-, St. John's Coll.,

Cambridgeshire, and see Cambridge; Ely; Ely abbey

Campbell Brick & Tile Co.,

-, Ric.,
-, Wm.,

-, Apollonia, see Barker
-, Eliza Minto, m. P. H. Howard,
-, Fra. (d. 1734),
-, Fra. (d. 1766),
-, Fra. (d. 1806),
-, Fra. (d. 1831),
-, Jane, w. of Fra.,
-, Rob. C.,
-, fam.,

cannon, plate and see armaments; guns

Canterbury, abp. of,

Canterbury (Kent), see of,

Canwell Priory (Staffs.),

Capacity Engineering Co.,

Capel Cure:
-, Alf.,
-, Fra.,
-, his w.,
-, G. N.,
-, fam.,


car accessories,

Caractusian Society,

Caradoc, see Caer Caradoc hill

Caradoc, Little, see Comley


caravan parks,

carbine range,

Cardeston, see Wattlesborough


Carding Mill valley, see Stretton, Church

Cardington, n, fig. plate
-, Barracks, the,
-, Holt Preen, see Preen, Holt; and see Preen
-, Ley Hill Fm.,
-, Willstone hill, plate
-, Battlestones,
-, and see Botvyle; Botwood forest; Broome; Cardington Hill; Chatwall; comley; Enchmarsh; Gretton; Hoar Edge and Blackhurst; Langley; Lawley, the; Lydley and Cardington manor: Lydley Hayes; Lydley preceptory; Plaish; Willstone

Cardington District Nursing Association,

Cardington Hill (in Cardington),
-, Pikes, the,

-, Edw.,
-, Eliz., m. Rowland Whitbrooke,
-, John,

Carington (or Smith):
-, Chas., Vct. Carrington,
-, Constantia (?Cath.), m. John Wright, Peter Holford,
-, Fra.,
-, and see Smith; Smyth; Smythe

-, Giles,
-, John, see King

Carline, John,


carpenter, Wm. the, see William the carpenter


carpet manufacturer,

Carr, G. L., bp. of Hereford,

Carrington, Vct., see Carington; Smith

Carter, Jas.,

Cartway, the,

-, Eliz. Penelope, m. - Ireland, John Hillman,
-, Hen.,
-, Mary Ann,
-, Penelope,

Carver, Geo.,

castello, Herb. de, see Castle Holdgate, Herb. of

Castle Frome, see Frome, Castle

Castle Holdgate:
-, Herb. of (or Herb. 'de castello'),
-, Wm. of,

Castle Holdgate, see Holdgate

Castle Holdgate barony, see Holdgate


-, breeds, see Ayrshire cattle; Hereford cattle; Indian cattle; Jersey cattle
-, dealers,

Caudwell brook, see Marsh brook

-, Phil. of,
-, Ralph of,

Caughley (in Barrow), n, n, figs.
-, hos. (named),
-, Inett,
-, Little Caughley,
-, Roving (Rovings), the,

Caus (in Westbury),


Causeway wood, see Hoar Edge and Blackhurst

Cavendish (formerly Chandler), Ric.,

Caynton House (Hall), see Beckbury: hos.

Cecily, dau. of Wm. Leyngleys, see Maud

cement making,

cemeteries (burial grounds),

Cenred, king of Mercia,

Ceolmund (eponym of Chelmick),

Ceolred, king of Mercia,

Chaddesden, Nic. de,

Chaddesley Corbett (Worcs.),
-, Harvington Hall,

Chaloner, Honora E. D., m. F. D. S. Field,

-, Agnes,
-, Humph.,
-, Rob.,
-, Steph.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

champion, Siward the, see Frankton

chancellors (ld. chancellors) of England,

-, cursitor,
-, keepers (ld. keepers) of the gt. seal, n,
-, master of the Rolls,

Chandler, Ric., see Cavendish

-, Baron, see Brydges
-, Baroness, see Bernard

Chandos Burton:
-, Constance M., see Vawdrey
-, and see Burton

Chandurs, John de,

Chantrey, Sir Fra. L.,

chaplain, Nic. the, see Nicholas

chaplain, Ric. the, see Richard

Chapman, Mary A. N., see Thursby-Pelham

charcoal making,

Charlcotte (in Neenton),

Charles I,

-, Edw., Baron Charlton, n
-, Thos. of, n

Charlton (in Wrockwardine),

charnel house,

Charterhouse, the, see London



Chatham, G. W.,

Chatwall (in Cardington),
-, Chatwall Hall, n,
-, Church Way,
-, Lower Chatwall,
-, Upper Leahills,
-, Yell Bank,

Chay, John de,

Checkley brook, n

Cheese, Edm.,


Cheese brook, see Hay brook

Chelles (Seine-et-Marne),


Chelmarsh petty-sessional division, see Stottesdon hundred

-, Frances,
-, John,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm., s. of Wm. of, see Erdulf
-, Wm. (fl. 1621),

Chelmick (in Hope Bowdler), n,
-, Manor Fm.,
-, Upper Fm.,

Chelsum, Jas.,

chemical works,

-, Alice de, m. Hugh of Periers, Geof. de Say,
-, Edw.,
-, Harriet Mgt., m. - Pigot,
-, Mary, m. Hen. Cressett,
-, R. H.,
-, and see Cheyne; John de quercubus; Oakes

Cheney Longville, see Longville, Cheney

Cheshire, n, n; and see Birkenhead; Chester; Clifton; Crewe; Eaton Hall; Merseyside; Nantwich; 'Wryme'

-, earldom,
-, earls of, see Edward I; Scot, John le

Chester (Deva),
-, chief justice of,

Chesterton (Hunts.),

Chetton, and see Criddon; Eudon Burnell; Eudon George; Loughton

Chetwynd fam.,

Cheyne, Phil. de, and see Cheney; John de quercubus; Oakes

Chichester, bp. of, see Neville

chicken hatchery,

-, Humph.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Childe; Childe-Pemberton

child welfare centre,

-, (formerly Childe-Pemberton), Chas. Baldwyn,
-, Joan, m. - Robinson,
-, John,
-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,
-, Wal.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Childe; Childe-Pemberton

-, C. O.,
-, Chas. Baldwyn, see Childe
-, and see Child; Childe; Pemberton

children's homes,

-, Ric. (fl. 1840),
-, Ric. (fl. 1858, another), see Childs Milner

Childs Milner:
-, (formerly Childs), Ric.,
-, and see Childs; Milner

Childs Woodlands see Broseley Wood: Woodlands, the

Chilton, John,

China, see Ning-po

china clay,

china modeller,

Chinese pigs,

Chingford (Essex),

Chirbury, Thos.,

Chiswick (Mdx.), see Turnham Green

-, in churches,


Cholmeley, Mary Cath., m. John Wright,

choral music, see choirs

Chorley (in Stottesdon),

Christian, Ewan,

Christine, dau. of Wm. Leyngleys, m. John le Poer,

Christine, dau. of Maud, n

Christ's Hospital, see London

Christy, S. H.,

-, Geo.,
-, Jos.,

church ales,

Church Commissioners,

Church Eaton (Staffs.), see Shushions

Church of England, see Church Commissioners; Ecclesiastical Commissioners; National Society; Queen Anne's Bounty

Church Patronage Trust,

Church Preen, see Preen, Church

Church Pulverbatch, see Pulverbatch, Church

church room, and see parish halls rooms

Church Stretton, Wm. of,

Church Stretton, see Stretton, Church

Church Stretton Advancement Association,

Church Stretton Aerated Water Co.,

Church Stretton Brick & Tile Co.,

Church Stretton Building Co. Ltd.,

Church Stretton Commoners' Association,

Church Stretton Developments Ltd.,

Church Stretton Entertainments Ltd.,

Church Stretton Land Co. Ltd.,

Church Stretton Ltd.,

Church Stretton Nursing Association,

Church Stretton Terra Cotta Works,

Church Stretton Town F. C.,

Church Stretton Water Co.,

Church Stretton Waterworks Co.,

Church Tugford, see Tugford: Great Tugford

-, Joan, w. of Ric.,
-, John,
-, Jos.,
-, Mat.,
-, Osias,
-, Ric.,
-, Rog.,
-, Thos. (?d. by 1593),
-, Thos. (fl. 1598),
-, Wm. (d. 1602),
-, Wm. (fl. later 17th cent.),
-, fam.,

Churchmoor, Old,



civic societies,

Civil War,

Clarke (Clark)
-, John (fl. c. 1631),
-, John (fl. 1647, ?another),
-, John (fl. 1661, ?another),
-, Ric.,
-, Rob.,
-, Thos.,
-, and see Clerk

Clarkson, Townley,

Claverley, see Gatacre; Ludstone

-, extraction,
-, importation,
-, industries (ceramic industries), and see bricks; electrical ceramics; firebricks; pipes, clay; porcelain; pottery; stoneware; terracotta; tiles
-, and see china clay; fireclay; marl

Clay brook,

-, Eliz.,
-, Rog.,

-, Geof. of (or Geof. de Clive), bp. of Hereford,
-, Herb. of, s. of Helgot,

Clee brook, see Pye brook

Clee Burf (in Burwarton, Clee St. Margaret, Loughton, and Stoke St. Milborough),

Clee Downton, see Downton, Clee

Clee forest or chase,
-, forester,
-, swainmote,

Clee Hills,
-, Brown Clee hill, q.v.
-, plateau, n,
-, Titterstone Clee, q.v.

Clee Liberty (in Clee St. Margaret), see Brown Clee hill

Clee St. Margaret, n,
-, Clee Liberty, see Brown Clee hill
-, Upper Cross Lanes,
-, and see Brown Clee hill; Clee Burf; Cockshutford; Thrift, the

Clee Stanton, see Stanton, Clee

Cleeton (in Bitterley),
-, Upper Cleeton,

Cleobury, John, and see Clibury

Cleobury Mortimer, and see Mawley

Cleobury Mortimer and Ditton Priors Light Railway,

Cleobury North, and see Abdon Burf; Brown Clee hill

Clerk (Clerke):
-, Adam,
-, Edw.,
-, Gillian, m. - Low (or Leye),
-, John,
-, Ric. (fl. 13th cent.),
-, his f.,
-, Ric. le (fl. 1329),
-, Ric. (fl. 1512),
-, Rob., n
-, Rog. le,
-, Rog. le (?another),
-, his s., see John
-, Thos. le (fl. 13th cent., ?two of this name),
-, Thos. (fl. c. 1496),
-, Thos. (fl. 1543),
-, Wm. (fl. 13th cent.),
-, Wm. (fl. 1477),
-, fam.,
-, and see Clarke

Clerkenwell (London, formerly Mdx.),

-, episcopal,
-, of the peace,
-, royal,
-, seignorial,
-, town,

Clevedon (Som.),

Cleveland, duke of, see Vane

-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, and see Cleobury

-, Anne, see Harewell
-, Dorothy, w. of Jas.,
-, Hen.,
-, Jas. (fl. 1534),
-, Jas. (d. 1613),
-, Mabel, m. John Huxley, n
-, Mary, m. Hen. Clifford, John Cage,
-, Wal. of (d. c. 1190),
-, Wal. of (d. 1263),
-, fam.,

Clifton (in Runcorn, Ches.),

clinic, see child welfare centre

-, (or Fiennes), Edw., Baron Clinton and Say (later earl of Lincoln),
-, Hugh de,
-, Ives de (fl. 1194),
-, Ives de (fl. 1301),
-, John de (fl. 1341),
-, John de (fl. 1348, ?another),
-, Phil. de,
-, Thos.,

Clinton-Baddeley, Ruby Hermione Yolande (Hermione Baddeley) and see Clinton

-, Geof. de, see Clee
-, Rob., Baron Clive,

-, Anne,
-, Thos. (fl. 17th cent.),
-, Thos. (fl. 1782),

Clively, Mgt.,

clock and watch making,

clog making,

-, Agnes, m. Rog. Harewell, Thos. Herbert,
-, Gillian, see Morehall
-, Joan, w. of Sir Wm.,
-, John,
-, Thos.,
-, Sir Wm.,
-, fam.,

-, dealers, see drapers; haberdasher; mercers; merchant tailors
-, processes, see blanket making; dyeing; fulling; tailoring; weaving

club rooms,

clubs and societies:
-, girls',
-, men's,
-, social,
-, women's,
-, youth,
-, and see named activities and organiza tions

-, Adam,
-, Hugh of,
-, his s., see William

-, barony, n

Clunbury, n; and see Walcot

Clungunford, see Abcott

Cluniac monks, and see named houses

Clyffe, Alan,


-, distribution,
-, extraction, n,
-, merchants,
-, miners (colliers),
-, owners or masters, and see named firms
-, prospecting,
-, uses,
-, and see coke; east Shropshire coalfield

Coal Board, National,

Coal Contractors Ltd.,

Coalbrookdale (in Madeley), n,
-, Strethill Fm.,

Coalbrookdale Co.,

Coalford, see Jackfield

Coalmoor Refractories (Horsehay) Ltd.,

Coalport (in Madeley),

Coalport (formerly Preen's Eddy or the Wood) bridge (in Broseley and Sutton Maddock),

Coalport Enterprises Ltd.,

Coalport sewage works, see Gitchfield

Coates, the (Coates under Leath, White Coats) (in Holdgate),

Coates, see Wenlock, Much

-, John of,
-, Wm. of (fl. 1292),
-, Wm. of (fl. 1318, ?another),
-, fam.,
-, and see Cotes

Coats (in Rushbury),
-, Coats, the (ho.),

Cobbold, R. H.,

Cochrane, Archibald, earl of Dundonald,

Cock (Cox):
-, John (?two of this name),
-, fam.,
-, and see Cocks; Cox

cock fighting,

-, F. P., plate
-, Henrietta Selina, m. R. A. Benson,

Cocks, Jeremiah, and see Cock; Cox


Cockshut common, see Downton, Clee

Cockshutford (in Abdon and Clee St. Margaret),
-, Brook Ho.,

Cohen, Rex D.,

-, production,
-, uses,

Colchester (Essex), see Monkwick

Cold Weston, see Weston, Cold

Cole, Thos. de la,

-, Anne Gregory, see Stackhouse
-, E. B., see Proctor
-, T. B.,
-, Thos., n

Colemoor green, see Astley Abbots

-, Alice, see Badger
-, Eliz., ?m. Rog. Elmbridge,

Coling, Ric.,

Colley, Ric.,

Collier, Adam,

colliers, see coal: miners

Colliersley (in Church Stretton and Woolstaston),
-, Stankleys Lane,

Colliersworks (in Linley),
-, Upper Forge,

-, Ann, see Corfield
-, John,
-, Ric.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

colour (paint) making,

Colway ('Calloweie'),

combers, wool,

Comberton, Great (Worcs.),

Comley (in Cardington), n,
-, Comley Cottage,
-, Little Caradoc,
-, Nether Comley,
-, Shootrough Fm.,

Common Pleas, justice of,

Commons Act (1908),


Compton (in Kinver, Staffs.),

Compton Wynyates (Warws.),

-, goods,
-, production,

Condover, n, and see Bayston Hill; Dorrington; Lyth, Great

Condover highway district, n

Condover hundred, n

-, Emma Lizzie, w. of Wm.,
-, T. C. P.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

conservation areas,

Conservative party, and see Peelites

Constance (Germany), council of,

consumption, see tuberculosis

Consumption, Association for the Prevention of,

-, Edw.,
-, John,
-, Mary, see Lee

Cook, Eliz., see Oxenbold

-, Geo.,
-, Thos., plate

Cookes, Thos.,

'coomes', the, see Cwms, the

-, Levi,
-, Ric.,

Cooper, C & J. H.,


copper mining,

Coppice, West, see Buildwas

coppicing, and see cordwood

coracle making,

Corbatch dingle, see Jackfield

Corbet, Rob. s. of (or fitz), see Robert son of Corbet

-, Dorothy, see Wolryche
-, Eliz., m. Sir Hen. Wallop,
-, Jerome,
-, John (d. by 1653, ?two of this name),
-, Peter,
-, Sir Ric. (d. 1492),
-, Ric. (d. 1684),
-, Ric. (d. 1770), see Corbett
-, Sir Rob. (fl. 1509),
-, Rob. (d. 1583),
-, Thos. (d. 1538),
-, Thos. (fl. 1805),

-, Edw. (d. 1653),
-, Edw. (fl. 1910),
-, (formerly Plymley), Jos., archdn. of Salop (Heref. dioc.),
-, (formerly Plymley), Panton,
-, R. W.,
-, (?or Corbet), Ric. (d. 1770),
-, Sir Ric. (d. 1774),
-, Uvedale,
-, Waties,
-, fam.,

Corby Castle (in Wetheral, Cumb.),

'Cordok', see Caer Caradoc hill


Corfe, Wm., and see Corve

Corfham (in Diddlebury), n,

-, Albert, and his w.,
-, Alice, w. of Ralph,
-, Ann (fl. c. 1649), m. Wm. Collins,
-, Ann (fl. 1783), m. Rob. Rawlins,
-, Augusta, w. of F. C.,
-, Edw. (fl. 1728),
-, F. C.,
-, Sir Fred. V.,
-, Geo.,
-, John (d. 1592),
-, John (d. 1667),
-, John (fl. before 1738),
-, John (d. 1741),
-, John (d. 1751),
-, John (d. c. 1777),
-, Lancelot,
-, Mary, see Bright
-, Ralph,
-, Ric. (fl. before 1505),
-, Ric. (fl. 1582),
-, Ric. (d. 1680),
-, Ric. (d. 1710),
-, Ric. (d. c. 1753),
-, Ric. (fl. 1762),
-, Ric. (d. 1770), n
-, Ric. (d. 1787), n
-, Rob. of,
-, Rog. of,
-, Sarah, w. of Ric.,
-, Thos. (d. 1598),
-, Thos. (d. 1657),
-, Thos. (fl. 1707),
-, Thos. (d. 1732),
-, Thos. (d. 1793),
-, Thos. (fl. 1803),
-, Thos. (d. 1815, ?another),
-, Thos. (fl. 1880),
-, Walthall,
-, Wm. of (fl. before 1245),
-, Wm. (fl. 1631),
-, Wm. (d. 1661),
-, Wm. (fl. 1710),
-, Wm. (d. 1751),
-, Wm. (d. 1759),
-, Misses, the (fl. 1850),
-, Mr. (fl. 1732),
-, Mr. (fl. 1769),
-, fam., n,
-, and see Corfill

Corfield, see Stanton Long

Corfill (or Wenlock), Wm., and see Corfield

Corfton (in Diddlebury),
-, Corfton Hall,
-, Elsich,

Corn, Hamon, and see Corne; Cornes

corn exchange (corn market), n; plate

Corne, Ann, m. Jos. Owen, and see Corn; Cornes

Cornes, Eleanor, n; and see Corn; Corne

cornstone quarrying,

Cornwall fam.,

Cornwall, earls of, and see Almaine; Richard, king of the Romans

Cornwall, and see Lizard, the


correction, houses of,

Corrie, T. F. M.,

-, J. S.,
-, John,
-, Ric. (d. 1824),
-, Ric. (d. 1825),
-, W. R.,

-, Hugh of,
-, John of,
-, Phil. of,
-, Rog. of,
-, Thos. of (fl. 1350),
-, Thos. of (fl. 1410),
-, his w.,
-, Wm. of,
-, and see Corfe

Corve, see Patton

Corve, river,

Corve Barn (or Park), see Patton: Corve

Corve Dale,
-, lower,
-, upper, fig.

corvisors, see shoemakers

Cosford brook, see Worfe, river

Cotbrook Lane, see Willey

-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,
-, and see Coats

Cothercott (in Church Pulverbatch),

Cothercott hill (in Church Pulverbatch and Church Stretton), n,
-, New Leasowes,
-, Thresholds,

Cotterell, Fra., see Lawley

-, Geo.,
-, Mrs. Mary,
-, Wm. (fl. 1637),
-, Wm. (fl. 1640, another),


Coulton, Phoebe,

council housing, see housing, council

councillor, royal, and see Privy Council

Cound, n
-, Golding, q.v.
-, Lower Cound,

Cound brook,

county council, see Shropshire County Council

county (shire) court,

county court, statutory,

County Courts Act (1846),

coursing, n

court houses, and see guildhall; market halls; town halls

Court of Hill (in Burford),

Courtenay, Eliz. (d. 1519), see Grey

courts, see Chancery; Common Pleas; coroners; county (shire) court; county court, statutory; court houses; Exchequer; eyres; forest eyres; gaol delivery justices; petty and special sessions; quarter sessions; requests

'Covelham' (unidentified),

-, Alice of, m. Rob. de Pendeford,
-, Ralph of,
-, his w., see Bagot

Coventry (Warws.), Bablake Sch., n

-, Giles (fl. 1534),
-, Giles (d. 1557),
-, Ric., and his w. Cath.,


-, Jasper,
-, Sim.,
-, Wm.,
-, and see Cock; Cocks

Coyney (Coyne), Rob.,

craftsmen, and see named crafts

Craig, Wm.,

Cranage, D. H. S.,

Cranmere (in Worfield),

Cranston, Jas.,

-, Wm. (d. 1697), earl of Craven, Baron Craven,
-, Wm. (d. 1711), Baron Craven,
-, Wm. (d. 1825), earl of Craven,

Craven, Barons, earls of,

Craven Arms (in Stokesay),

Craven Arms and Church Stretton Methodist circuit,

Craven Cinemas Ltd.,

Craven Dunnill,

Crawley, Jane Eliz., m. Fra. Turner Blithe, Wm. Yelverton Davenport,

-, Geo. (two of this name),
-, John,

Cressage, n

Cressall, P. A. G., and his w.,

-, Edw. (fl. 1577),
-, Edw. (d. c. 1645),
-, Edw. (d. 1672),
-, Edw. (d. 1755), bp. of Llandaff,
-, Eliz. (fl. 1698), m. John Minton,
-, Eliz. (d. 1792),
-, Fra. (d. 1606),
-, Fra. (d. c. 1640), n
-, Hen.,
-, Jane,
-, John,
-, Mary, see Cheney
-, Ric. (fl. 1527),
-, Ric. (d. 1601),
-, Ric. (d. 1677),
-, Rob.,
-, Thos. (d. 1566),
-, Thos. (d. 1679),
-, fam.,
-, arms,

Cressett Pelham:
-, (formerly Pelham), Frances, m. G. A. Thursby,
-, (formerly Pelham), Hen.,
-, Jane, w. of Hen.,
-, (formerly Pelham), John,
-, and see Cressett; Thursby-Pelham

Creswell, Thos.,

-, Gillian, see Morehall
-, Thos.,

Crewe (in Barthomley, Ches.),


Criddon (in Chetton), n

crime and punishment, see correction, houses of; cucking stool; felons, associations for prosecution of; gallows; gaols and lock-ups; murder; outlawry; police; riots; stocks; transportation

Crippin, Wm., n

Croggan & Co.,

-, Adam,
-, Eliz.,
-, Hen.,
-, Sarah, see Adams
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam., n
-, arms, n

-, Hamish,
-, John, n

crosses, standing,

-, Frances, see Warley
-, Nic.,

Crow, John,

Crowleasows, see Middleton (in Bitterley)

-, Edw. (fl. before 1593),
-, Edw. (fl. 1620),
-, Edw. (d. 1729),
-, Geo. (fl. 1641),
-, Geo. (d. 1705),
-, Geo. (fl. 1856),
-, John (d. 1776),
-, John (d. 1801),
-, Jos.,
-, Sim.,
-, Wm.,

Cruckton (in Pontesbury),
-, Cruckton Hall,

Crumpe (Crump):
-, Adam,
-, Anne, see Holland
-, fam.,

Crunells brook,


cucking stool,

Cuckolds' Row, see Rowe Lane

Cuffyn, John,

Culmington, n,
-, Mount Seifton,
-, and see Burley; Medley Park

Culvestan hundred,

Cumberland, see Corby Castle

Cupper, Ric.,


Curry, Albert,

Curzon, Hen.,

customary dues, see taxes and customary dues

customs, see bannering; church ales; harvest homes; maypole dancing; wakes

Cwm Dale (in Church Stretton), see Stretton, All

Cwm Head (in Wistanstow),

Cwms ('coomes'), the (in Church Stretton and Hope Bowdler),
-, Cwms Fm.,



-, (formerly Acton), Sir Ferdinand Ric. Edw.,
-, Sir John Emerich Edw., Baron Acton,
-, fam.,
-, and see Acton; Stackhouse Acton; Wood Acton

-, J. B.,
-, Jas. Floyer, see Benthall
-, Mary Clementina, see Benthall

-, ballroom,
-, maypole,
-, morris,
-, professional,

Danelaw, the, n

Danily, R. H.,

-, Abraham I (d. 1717),
-, Abraham IV (d. 1878),
-, fam.,

Darbyshire, Albert, plate

D'Arcy, Thos., and his w. Eliz.,

Darcye, Geo.,

Darlaston (Staffs.),

Darley (in Barrow, Linley, and Willey),

Darlington, Sam.,

Darras (de Arras):
-, Joan, see Harley
-, John,
-, Ralph,

Dartmouth, earl of, see Legge

Darwen, Over (in Blackburn, Lancs.),

Daughton, Wm.,

-, Mary, see Wolryche
-, Ric.,

-, Jane Eliz., see Crawley
-, Wm. Yelverton,

David, E. W. R.,

-, A. H.,
-, Fred,
-, Geo.,
-, John (fl. 1810),
-, John (fl. 1879),
-, John (fl. 1991),
-, Ric.,
-, Sneyd, poet,
-, Thos.,
-, W. A.,
-, Wm. (fl. 1742),
-, Wm. (fl. 1942),
-, Mr. (fl. 1855),
-, fam., n,

-, Ric.,
-, Susan I. B., m. J. H. A. Whitley,

Dawe, Rob.,

-, John (d. 1595),
-, John (d. 1680),
-, Mgt., w. of John, m. Thos. Jewkes,
-, fam.,

-, Ric. (fl. 1540),
-, Ric. (d. 1594, ?another), n
-, fam.,

-, Dawley Castle ironwks.,
-, Gorge, the, civil parish, q.v.
-, Horsehay, q.v.
-, Little Dawley, see Dawley, Little
-, Malinslee, q.v.
-, new town, see Telford

Dawley, Little (in Dawley),
-, Lightmoor,

Dawley Green and Madeley Methodist New Connexion circuit,

Day House, Lower, see Preen, Holt

Dayhouse, see Lydley Hayes

Dayhouse (Lower Dayhouse), see Preen, Holt

Dayrell, R. W.,

-, Sam.,
-, Mr. (fl. after 1842),
-, and see Deyos

de Gruchy, Geo.,

De Vesci:
-, Vct., see Vesey
-, Vctss., see Lister-Kaye

de Wet:
-, Louis H.,
-, Gabrielle M., see Drake

-, C. E. B.,
-, Sam.,

-, A. B.,
-, K. W.,
-, W. Scott,

dean, Aelfric the, see Aelfric

Dean, the (in Willey),
-, Dean Corner,
-, Little Dean Fm.,

Dean, forest of (Glos.),

Dean brook (in Linley and Willey),

Dean brook (in Munslow),

deaneries, rural,

Dear, W. S.,


Deeton, Mrs. Mary, and see Deighton

Defence, Ministry of,

Deighton fam., and see Deeton

-, David,
-, Jerome,

Denbighshire, see Llanymynech

Deowuc (eponym of Deuxhill),

Derby, n

Derby, the (flat race), see Epsom Downs

Derbyshire, and see Ashbourne; Derby; Foston; Repton

Derrington (in Ditton Priors),
-, hos. (named),

designers, see artists and designers; garden and landscape designers

Despenser, Aline le, m. Baron Burnell,

Deuxhill, Agnes of, and her husb.,

Deuxhill, n, n, fig.
-, Church Fm., (Deuxhill Hall),
-, Hall Fm., n,
-, Horsford bridge,
-, Old Sch. Ho.,

Deva, see Chester

-, Cath., w. of Rog.,
-, Rog.,

Deverill (? Longbridge Deverill, Wilts.),

Devon, ctss. of, see Grey


-, Mgt.,
-, Ralph,
-, and see Dayus

Dhu stone quarrying,

Dickens, Humph.,

Dickins, G. W.,

Dickinson, Barnard,

Diddlebury, and see Abdon Burf; Bache Mill; Broncroft; Brown Clee hill; Corfham; Corfton; Earnstrey Park; Hope Dale; Middlehope; Peaton; Poston, Great; Sutton; Sutton, Great; Westhope; Weston hill

Dinham, Joce of,

Dinmore (Herefs.) preceptory of Knights Hospitaller,

Diocese of Hereford Circulating Parish Library,

diorite quarrying,

Dirty Stanton, see Stanton Long

diseases, see Black Death; cholera; smallpox; tuberculosis; and see mental deficiency or illness

Ditches, the, see Larden Ditches

Ditton Priors, n, n, n, n, figs.
-, Bent Lane,
-, hos. (named),
-, Oakwood,
-, Powkesmore, n,
-, and see Abdon Burf; Ashfield; Ashfield and Ruthall; Brown Clee hill; Derrington; Hudwick; Middleton Priors; Netchwood; Ruthall; Sidnall

Dixon, H. T., archdn. of Ludlow,

doctors, see physicians

Docwra, Jane,

Dodd, And.,

'Dodeley way', see Middleton Priors

dog fighting,

Dogditch brook,

dogs, sporting, and see greyhounds; hounds; setters

dolerite quarrying,

Dolgarrog (in Llanbedr-y-Cennin, Caern.),

Domesday Book, n; and see Frenchmen

Done & Davies,

Donhead Hall (in Donhead St. Mary, Wilts.),


'Donkey land', see Homer

Donthorn, W. J.,

Dore, Mat., & Partners,

Dorrington (in Condover), n

Dothill (in Wellington),

Douai (Nord), Benedictine abbey,

Doughtie, Thos., see Acton

Doughty fam.,

Douglas (Isle of Man),

dovecots (pigeon houses), n,

Dowlais (in Merthyr Tydfil, Glam.),

Dowles (Worcs. from 1895), n

Downe, Thos.,

-, Sir A. H.,
-, Edw. (fl. 1807),
-, Edw. (fl. 1842),
-, T. R. C.,
-, Wm.,

Downing, Edm.,

Downs, the, see Wenlock, Much

Downton (Herefs.),
-, Downton Castle,

Downton, Clee (in Stoke St. Milborough), n,
-, Cockshut common,
-, East Fm. (formerly Downton Ho.),
-, Lackstone (Hackston) Lane,

Downton Hall (in Stanton Lacy),

drainage, land,

Drake, Gabrielle M., m. Louis H. de Wet,


-, Alan of,
-, his s., see William

drift (strake) roads, and see straking

drill halls (huts),

Droitwich (Worcs.),


Dublin, abp. of, see Talbot

Duckley Nap (in Church Stretton), see Long Mynd


Dudgeley (in Church Stretton), see Stretton, All

-, Ambrose, earl of Warwick,
-, Anne, ctss. of Warwick, see Whorwood,
-, Sir Edm.,
-, Eliz., see Grey
-, Jerome,
-, Sir John (d. 1553), duke of Northumberland, earl of Warwick,
-, Vct. Lisle,
-, John (fl. 1569),
-, John (fl. 1576, ?another),

Dudley (Worcs.),

Dudley brook,

Dudley priory (Worcs.),

Dudmaston (in Quatt),

-, Sir J. R. S.,
-, Sir Wm.,

Dun-Waters, Jas.,

Dundonald, earl of, see Cochrane

Dunge, the, see Broseley

-, Anne, see Smith
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

Dunnelley common, see Astley Abbots

Dunnill, Hen.,

Dunning (fl. 1066),

Duns Scotus, John,

-, Thos.,
-, (formerly Lloyd), Thos. Duppa,
-, fam.,

Duppa, Banks & Co.,

Durham, County,

Dutton, Mrs. Sarah,

Dycher, Geo.,


-, Ric. (fl. 1560), n
-, Ric. (d. 1604, ?another), n
-, Wm.,

Dykes, Walinger of the, see Sidnall

Eadric (Edric, fl. 1066, ?two or more of this name),

Eadric sylvaticus, see Edric the wild

Eadwig cild,

Ealdraed (Eldred, fl. 1086),

Eardington (in Quatford), n,

Eardisland (Herefs.), and see Burton Court

Eardisley (Herefs.),

Earl's wood (in Acton Round), see Shirlett common

Earnstrey Park (in Diddlebury),

Earnwig (Ernu, fl. 1066),

Earswick, New (in Huntington, Yorks. N.R.),

East Greenwich (Kent), see Greenwich, East

east Shropshire coalfield,

East Wall, see Wall, East

-, Edith, w. of John of,
-, Edw.,
-, John of (fl. 1255),
-, John of (d. c. 1306, ?another),
-, John of (d. c. 1383),
-, John (fl. 1412),
-, John (fl. 1427-40, one or more others),
-, John (fl. 1483), and his w.,
-, Rob. of, n
-, Rog. of,
-, Thos. of (fl. 1242),
-, Thos. of (d. c. 1348),

Easthope, Jones & Bathurst,

Easthope, n, n, n, fig.

Easthope's Cross,

Easthope's way,
-, Hilltop, q.v.
-, hos. (named),
-, Knaves Dale, q.v.
-, Mogg Forest, q.v.
-, Natal common, q.v.
-, rds.,

Easthope brook, see Brockton brook

-, John (d. by 1244),
-, his w., see Alice
-, John de (fl. 1344), see Eyton
-, John (fl. 1821),
-, his daus.,
-, Maria, see Beck
-, Moses (d. 1702),
-, Moses (d. 1776),
-, Ric.,
-, Rog. of,
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

Eaton, Church (Staffs.), see Shushions

Eaton, Water (in Penkridge, Staffs.), n

Eaton Bishop (Herefs.),

Eaton brook, see Lakehouse brook

Eaton Constantine, n

Eaton Hall (in Eccleston, Ches.),

Eaton-under-Heywood, n, figs. plate
-, hos. (named),
-, Lakehouse, see Wall, East
-, and see Birtley; Blackwood; Harton; Hatton; Haywood; Hungerford; Lily wood; Longville and Lushcott; Longville in the Dale; Longville, Lushcott, and part of East Wall; Lushcott; Millichope; Soudley; Ticklerton; Wall, East; Whitbach; Wolverton

Eaves, Edw., and see Eves

Ebnal (in Whittington), Sarn,

Ecclesiastical Commissioners,

Eccleston (Ches.), see Eaton Hall

Edgar, King,

Edge, Jos.,

Edge Top, see Wenlock Edge

Edric (fl. 1066), see Eadric

Edric (Hedricus, fl. 12th cent.),

Edric the wild (Eadric sylvaticus),

Education Act (1870),

Edward I,
-, as earl of Chester,

Edward III,

Edward IV,

Edward VI's charity, see Ludlow

Edward, Ralph s. of, see Ralph son of Edward

-, Sir Fra. (d. 1690),
-, Fra. (fl. 1721),

-, C. E.,
-, Cath., see Browne
-, Godolphin,
-, Jane, see Old
-, John (fl. 1684), and his w.,
-, Sir John (d. 1850),
-, Maria, see Pitt
-, Ric.,
-, Sam.,
-, Thos., n
-, fam.,

Edwin (d. 1071), earl of Mercia,

Edwin (fl. 1066),

Eele, Martin,


Eginton, Harvey,

Egremont, Eliz. S. M., m. Sir G. H. Harnage,

Einulfr (Einulf, fl. 1066),

'Ekinestaneston', see Kinson

Eldred, see Ealdraed

-, county council, n
-, parliamentary,
-, school board,

electrical ceramics,

electricity supply,

Eliard, see Algeard

-, P. F., dean of Windsor,
-, Misses, the (fl. 1908),
-, and see Elliott

Elizabeth I,

Ellesmere, n; and see Oteley

Ellestone, Thos.,

Elliott, Eliz. Rathbone, m. Sir W. M. Banks, and see Eliot

Ellis (fl. c. 1298),

-, F. R.,
-, Ric.,
-, Rob.,

Elmar, see Aelmer

-, Alice, ?m. Ric. Petit,
-, Eliz., see Coleson
-, John,
-, Rog.,

Elmer, see Almaer

Elmund, see Almund

Elsich, see Corfton

Eluericus, see Aelfric

Elueua, see Aelfgifu

Elwin, see Alwine

Ely (Cambs.),

Ely abbey (Cambs.), n

Emes, Wm., n,


Emme, dau. of Ernald le Fleming, n

Emme, dau. of Reynold of Pulverbatch, m. Herb. of Castle Holdgate,

Emsteleg, Rob. de,

Enchmarsh (in Cardington),
-, Broadstone(s) moor,
-, cross, the,
-, Netchleys, the,

engineer (engine driver),

engineering, and see blacksmiths; ironworks; named firms and products

England, Church of, see Church Commissioners; Ecclesiastical Commissioners; National Society; Queen Anne's Bounty

-, Ric.,
-, Wm.,
-, and see Lengleys; Leyngleys

English Partnerships,

engravers, see Grigs; Hancock

entertainment, recreation, and sport, and see athletics; bands; bear baiting; billiards; bingo; bowls; brothels; bull baiting; butts, archery; caravan parks; choirs; church ales; church room; cinemas; circuses; club rooms; clubs and societies; cock fighting; cockshoots; coursing; covert; cricket; dancing; dog fighting; dogs, sporting; drill halls; Epsom Downs; falconry; fiddler; fishing; football; foxhunts; game preserves; gaming; gardening; gliding; golf; Gone to Earth; greyhounds; guildhall; hockey; hounds; hunting; instruments, musical; kennels; knucklebones; libraries; literary societies; masonic hall; meeting halls and rooms; minstrels; morris dancing; mountaineering; museums; music; nature reserve; nature trail; Olympian Society, National; Olympic movement; opera; orchestra; parish halls and rooms; parks and gardens; pheasantries; playing fields; quoits; racehorses; racing; reading and news rooms; recreation grounds; recreation room; regatta; riding; rifle club; running; setters; shooting; shuffleboard; skating; sporting rights swimming pools; tennis; theatre; tobogganning; town halls; village halls; wakes; whist; wireless; wrestling; youth hostels

Enville (Staffs.),

Epsom Downs (Surr.), the Derby,

Erdulf, Wm., s. of Wm. of Chelmick,

Ernu, see Earnwig


Eskil (Oschil, fl. 1066),

Eskotot, Steph. de, see Bitterley

Essex, see Baddow, Little; Barking abbey; Berechurch; Monkwick; Ongar; Ramsden Heath; Wanstead Grove

Eston, Ric. de, n; and see Aston


Etruria, see Hanley

Eudon Burnell (in Chetton),

Eudon George (in Chetton),

Euges, Ric., see Hughes

-, David,
-, Rob. (fl. 1700, ?two of this name),
-, - (fl. 1836), and his w.,

Evans, Rob., & Son,

Evason, Ric.,

Eve, dau. of Basile, m. Rob. of Brimpton, Wal. de Witefeld,

Evelith (in Shifnal),

-, Eliz., see Langley
-, Ric.,
-, Rob.,
-, and see Eaves

Evesham (Worcs.), battle of (1265),

Evesham abbey (Worcs.), n, n

Exchequer, barons of,

excise office, local,

Exley, Wm.,

Exley, Wm., & Sons,

Eyr, Rob.,


Eyton (?Eaton), John de,

Eyton upon the Weald Moors, see Oakengates urban district

fairs, n,

Faithfull, N. C.,

falconry (hawking),

Farleigh Wallop (Hants),

Farley, Ric.,

Farley (and New Farley) (in Much Wenlock), n,

Farley, Wyke and Bradley (in Much Wenlock), and see Bradley; Farley; Wyke; Wyke and Bradley

Farley brook (the Rhe), and see Wenlock, Much: Shit brook

-, Guy of,
-, his w. Iseult,
-, Phil. of,

-, Edw.,
-, Eliz., see Tipton
-, John (fl. 1677),
-, John (fl. 1868),
-, fam.,

farmery, Ric. of the, see Middleton

Farnall, John,

Farnham, John,

Farquhar, Geo.,

Fayle, John,

Fazakerley, Anne, see Lutwyche

Fegg, see Wilderhope and Stanway

Feleburg (fl. 8th cent.),

Felhampton (in Wistanstow),

fellmongers, and see skins, dealer in

felons, associations for prosecution of,


Felton, Rye (in Bromfield),

Felton Butler (in Great Ness),

-, Hen. de (d. 1343), Baron Ferrers,
-, Hen. de. (d. 1388), Baron Ferrers of Groby,
-, Isabel de, Baroness Ferrers,
-, Wm. de (d. 1371), Baron Ferrers,
-, Wm. de (d. 1445), Baron Ferrers of Groby,

Ferriday, Wm.,


-, Edw. (fl. before 1588),
-, Edw. (fl. c. 1601),
-, Edw. (fl. 1640),
-, Hen. (fl. 1661),
-, John (fl. 1593),
-, John (d. 1690),
-, Ric.,
-, Rog.,
-, Sam.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,


-, Honora E. D., see Chaloner
-, Wm.,

Fiennes, Edw., see Clinton

Fildes fam.,

film, see Gone to Earth; and see cinemas

Finchley (London, formerly Mdx.),

fire services,




First World War,

Fisher, John,

fishing, and see eels; weirs


-, Beatrice, ctss. of Arundel and Surrey, see Beatrice
-, Edm., earl of Arundel,
-, Hen., earl of Arundel, n,
-, Isabel, w. of John,
-, Jane, m. Baron Lumley,
-, John (d. 1267),
-, John (d. 1272),
-, Ric. (d. 1302), earl of Arundel,
-, Ric. (d. 1376), earl of Arundel and Surrey,
-, Ric. (d. 1397), earl of Arundel and Surrey,
-, Thos., earl of Arundel and Surrey, n,
-, Wm. (d. 1160),
-, his f., see Alan son of Flaald
-, Wm. (d. 1210),
-, fam.,

FitzHerbert fam., n

Fitzpiers, John,

-, Edw.,
-, Fulk,
-, John,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

-, John,
-, Ric., Vct. Fitzwilliam,

Flaald, Alan s. of, see Alan son of Flaald

Fladbury (Worcs.), n; and see Wyre Piddle

flagstones, production of,

Flanders (Belgium and France), glass from,


Flavel fam., n

Flavell, Ric.,

flax, and see tow dresser

Fléchère, Jean-Guillaume de la, see Fletcher

Fleeming, T. H.,

-, Ernald le, n
-, his dau., see Emme
-, John (fl. 1756),
-, Dr. John (d. 1780),
-, Margery le, see Minton
-, her daus.,
-, Wm. le,

-, (de la Fléchère), J. W. (Jean-Guillaume),
-, Wm.,

Flintshire, see Overton


flying, see Air Training Corps; aviator; gliding

Foley, Phil.,


-, Hen. le,
-, Thos. le,
-, Wm. le (fl. 1216), and his w.,
-, Sir Wm. le (d. c. 1330),

-, Edm.,
-, Ric.,

Fordritishope, see Hope Bowdler

Forest, John,

forest eyres and justices,

-, Brooke,
-, Cecil, see Weld-Forester
-, Eliz., see Weld
-, Fra.,
-, Geo., n,
-, Geo. Cecil Weld, see Weld-Forester
-, John, n
-, John Geo. Weld, see Weld-Forester
-, Townshend,
-, fam., n,
-, and see Weld-Forester

-, Baronesses, see Jervis; Lamb
-, Barons, and see Weld-Forester

foresters, n, plate; and see keepers and parkers

Foresters, Ancient Order of,


forges, see blacksmiths; ironworks

-, Chas.,
-, Geo.,
-, Ric. (fl. 1509),
-, Ric. (d. 1605),
-, Thos., n
-, Wal.,

Forthraed (eponym of Fordritishope),

-, Edw.,
-, Wm.,

-, Jas.,
-, W. H.,
-, W. O.,
-, fam.,

Foston (in Scropton, Derb.),

foundries, see ironworks

-, Herb. of,
-, John le (or John of Aston),
-, fam.,

-, Ric. (d. c. 1774), and his w.,
-, Ric. (fl. 1851),
-, Miss (fl. 1910),

Fox, John, n; and see Foxe

Foxcote (in Ilmington, Warws.),

-, Chas. (d. 1590),
-, Chas. (fl. 1633),
-, Hen.,
-, and see Fox

foxhunts, n, and see hounds; hunting

Frampton on Severn (Glos.),

-, E. H.,
-, Sarah, see Howells
-, Thos.,

France, and see Baldhild, St. Brittany; Chelles; Douai; Flanders; Frenchmen (Domesday Bk.); Hiémois; le Mas priory; Lorraine; Napoleonic wars; Résenlieu; Tours; Vézelay

-, F.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Fraunceys

Frankley (Worcs.),

Frankton, Siward of (or Siward the champion),

Fraunceys, Eliz., and see Francis

Freeman, Fra.,


Frenchmen (Domesday Bk.),

friendly societies (benefit clubs),

Frodesley, n plate
-, Mershall's Way,

Frome, Castle (Herefs.),

Froysall, Ric.,

frying pans,

Fulcher (fl. 1066),

Fulk (fl. early 12th cent.),

fuller, Wal. the, see Walter the fuller

-, R. C., see Acton
-, Joyce Stackhouse, see Wood Acton
-, Thos. Stackhouse, see Acton
-, and see Smith; Smyth; Smythe


furnaces, see ironworks

Furnivalle, Baron, see Talbot

-, Eliz., see Penruddock
-, Thos., Vct. Gage,

-, Eliz., w. of Thos.,
-, John,

Galliers, Thos.,

Gallimore, Ambrose,


Gamble, D. M see Holder

gambling, see gaming

game preserves, see chases; cockshoots; covert; forests; hays; parks and gardens; pheasantries; warrens; and see deer; foresters; keepers and parkers; rabbits; warren, free; warrener

Gamel (fl. 1066),

games, see entertainment, recreation, and sport

gaming (gambling), and see named games

gaol delivery justices,


gaols and lock-ups, and see correction, houses of


garden and landscape designers, see Brown, Lancelot; Emes; Nesfield; Webb, John

Gardeners, National United Order of Free,


gardens, see parks and gardens

Gardner (formerly Panting), Rob.,
-, his w.,

Garner, Jos.,

-, Eliz., m. Jonathan Key,
-, fam.,

gas fires,

gas supply,

-, C. G. Milnes,
-, Lady Cath. H., see Wallop
-, Jas. Milnes,
-, Mary (d. 1869), see Williams Wynn
-, Mary (fl. 1953), m. H. D. O. Ward,
-, Mary Juliana, m. Lewis Motley,

-, Alice, w. of Thos., n
-, Eleanor, w. of John, m. Rog. Vaughan,
-, Fra.,
-, Humph.,
-, Joan, see Lee
-, John of (fl. 1255),
-, John (fl. before 1461),
-, John (d. by 1461, another),
-, John (d. 1499),
-, Rob.,
-, Thos. (d. 1368),
-, Thos. (fl. 1374), n
-, Thos. (fl. 1404, two of this name),
-, Wm. of (fl. 1398), n
-, Wm. (d. 1577),
-, Wm. (fl. 1608),
-, -, m. Thos. Heynes,
-, fam., n

Gatacre (in Claverley), n,

gate making,

gatehouses and gateways, n, and see lodges: gate keepers'

Gatley (in Aymestrey, Herefs.),

Gaunt & Co.,

Geares, John, and see Geers; Girros

Geers (Geerse):
-, Sarah, see Lutwyche
-, -, n
-, and see Geares; Girros


-, Joan de, m. earl of March,
-, Maud de, see Lacy

Genner, Wm.,

Genust (fl. 1066),


-, Geo.,
-, Hen., n

Gerelm (fl. 1086),

Germany, plate
-, king of, see Richard, king of the Romans
-, and see Constance

Gethne (fl. 1066),

-, Alice Eliz., w. of J. H.,
-, her ss.,
-, E. L. L.,
-, Edw. (d. 1794), historian,
-, Edw. (d. 1855),
-, Edw. (d. 1897),
-, Thos. (d. 1789),
-, Thos. (fl. 1799),
-, fam., n,

-, John,
-, Thos.,

Gibbs, Jas.,

Gibson, E. C. S., bp. of Gloucester, and his w.,

Gilberries, the (in Rushbury),

-, Edw.,
-, Eliz.,

Girros (Gyrros):
-, Adam de,
-, Hen. de (fl. c. 1260),
-, Hen. (fl. 1322),
-, Hugh le (or Hugh of Larden),
-, his s., see Alan
-, Rob. de (d. c. 1190),
-, Rob. de (fl. 1244),
-, Rob. (fl. 1358),
-, Rog. de (fl. 1231),
-, Rog. de (fl. after 1231, another),
-, Sibyl, m. John Jenkyns,
-, fam.,
-, and see Geares; Geers

Gitchfield (in Broseley),
-, Coalport sewage wks.,
-, Gitchfield (Withiesfield) Ho.,

Gitton, Jos.,

Glamorganshire, see Dowlais; Maerdynewydd

Glascott, John,

Glasier, see Glazier

Glass, Jos.,

glass, Continental,

glass making, and see glassman; stained glass makers


Glazebrook, Jas.,

Glazeley, and see Wadeley

Glazeley and District Nursing Association,

Glazier (Glasier):
-, Jas.,
-, Wm., and his w.,

glaziers, n

Glebe Farm (in Holdgate), n

Gleedon Hill, see Wenlock, Much


Gloucester, bp. of, see Gibson


Gloucestershire, see Bristol; Dean, forest of; Frampton on Severn; Gloucester; Prinknash abbey; Redmarley D'Abitot

Glover, Hugh,


Goatley, Graham,

Godebold (fl. 1086),

-, Agnes,
-, John,

Godwin, Fra., bp. of Hereford,

Godwine (fl. 1066, ?two of this name),

Gogbatch (in Church Stretton), see Long Mynd

Golding (in Cound),

Goldney, Thos.,

goldsmith, Wal. the, see Walter

goldsmiths, n, and see jeweller

golf, n,

Gone to Earth (film),

'Gonninghford yate', see Prestenden

Goodman, Mary,

Goodrich, Bartlet,

Goodricke, Hen.,

Goose Bradeley, see Bourton

Gordon, Osborne,

Gorge, the, civil parish (in Benthall, Broseley, Dawley, Madeley, and Sutton Maddock),

Gorri, John, and his w. Iseult,

Goscelin, hagiographer,

Gosnell, Rowland, prior of Wenlock,

Gospel Army,

Gotmond, John,

-, A. E.,
-, Griffith, n,
-, John,
-, Sarah, see Hide
-, T. R.,
-, Wm.,

Goulburn, Cuthbert,

-, Lawr.,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Leveson-Gower

Goxhill (Lincs.),

Grainger, Emma,

Grange, the (Hoarley Grange), see Wenlock, Much

-, Ric. (d. 1788),
-, Ric. (fl. 1802),

Granville, Earl, see Leveson-Gower

gravel digging,

-, Edw.,
-, Nic.,

Gray's Inn, see Holborn

grazier, n

Great Hudwick, see Hudwick

Great Ness, see Felton Butler

Great Oxenbold, see Oxenbold

Great Tugford, see Tugford

Great Western Railway,

Greatbatch, Wm.,

Greatrex, Gertrude,

-, Jos.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1724),
-, Thos. (fl. 1803),
-, Mr. (fl. 1834),
-, fam.,

Green Tump (in Stoke St. Milborough), see Brown Clee hill

Greensforge (in Wombourne, Staffs.),

Greenway, the, see Patton

Greenway Hill (in Church Stretton), see Long Mynd

Greenwich, East (London, formerly Kent),

-, Geof. of,
-, Peter of,
-, Phil. of,

Greete (in Burford),

Gregory, s. of Uchtred,

Gregory, W. C., see Halloran

Grenta (fl. c. 1110),

Gresley, Ferrars,

Gretton (in Cardington and Rushbury),
-, hos. (named),
-, Lea Lane,
-, Mullesgreve,
-, Oakwood,

Gretton common, see Haywood

-, Edw. (d. 1551), Baron Grey of Powis,
-, Edw. (fl. 1577),
-, Edw. (fl. 1602),
-, Eliz. (d. 1519), Baroness Lisle, m. earl of Devon,
-, Eliz. (d. c. 1530), Baroness Lisle, m. Edm. Dudley, Vct. Lisle,
-, Geo.,
-, Hen.,
-, John (d. 1504), Vct. Lisle,
-, John (d. 1594),
-, Joyce, see Leveson
-, Peter,
-, Reynold (d. 1440), Baron Grey of Ruthin,
-, Reynold (d. 1495), Baron Grey of Wilton,
-, Reynold (d. 1573), earl of Kent,
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

greyhounds, and see coursing

Griffin, Geof.,

Griffin & Weller,

Griffith, Peter,

-, Adam,
-, Edw.,
-, John,
-, Rob.,

Grigs, Fra.,

Grindle, Anne,


gritstone quarrying,

grocers, plate

Groom, R., Sons & Co.,

Groome, Thos.,


Grove, the (in Wistanstow),

Gruffudd ap Gwenwynwyn, lord of southern Powys,
-, his w., see Strange, Hawise le

-, Agnes, see Minton
-, Ric. de,
-, his daus.,

-, Chas.,
-, Frances, m. John Onions,
-, John,
-, fam.,

guildhall, plates and see court houses; marke halls; town halls


Guilsfield (Mont.), see Pool Quay

guns, and see armaments; shooting

'Guynyfordes yate', see Prestenden

Gwenwynwyn, Gruffudd ap, see Gruffudd

Gwilliam, Thos.,

Gwynn, Thos.,

Gyrros, see Geares; Geers; Girros

-, Margery, see Littlehales
-, Rowland,



Haddon, G. C.,

Haden, A. B.,

-, Ann, m. Hampden Powlett,
-, John of,
-, Sir Nic., see Burnell

-, Mgt., w. of Steph., m. 2 Sir Ric. Lewkenor,
-, Steph.,

Hadyngton, John,

hagiographer, see Goscelin


Haket, Wal.,

Halford, Thos.,

Halghton, see Haughton

-, Edw., historian, n
-, Eliz., m. Wredenhall Pearce, n,
-, Jas.,
-, Jane, see Ludlow
-, Wm. (d. 1560),
-, Sjt. Wm. (d. c. 1721),
-, Wm. (?one or more others),
-, and see Halle; Pearce Hall

-, Hen. de la,
-, Isabel de la, ?m. John Broadstone,
-, and see Hall; Pearce Hall

Halley, Fra.,

Halloran, Lawr. Hynes ('Hen.') ('W. C. Gregory'),

halls, public, see drill halls; guildhall; masonic hall; meeting halls and rooms; recreation room; sports hall; town halls

-, John (fl. 1546),
-, John (fl. 1579, ?another),
-, and see Holywell

Ham (in Kingston-upon-Thames, London, formerly Surr.),

-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

-, Gustavus, Vct. Boyne,
-, Gustavus Fred., see Hamilton-Russell
-, Gustavus Russell, see Hamilton-Russell
-, Harriet, Vctss. Boyne, see Baugh
-, arms,

-, Fred. Gustavus,
-, (formerly Hamilton), Gustavus Fred., Vct. Boyne,
-, Gustavus Mic. Geo., Vct. Boyne,
-, (formerly Hamilton), Gustavus Russell, Vct. Boyne,
-, Gustavus Wm., Vct. Boyne,
-, and see Hamilton; Russell

Hammer, the, see Nordley

-, Bernard,
-, John,
-, Vincent,
-, fam.,

Hamperley (in Church Stretton),

Hampshire, see Farleigh Wallop; Southampton; Vernhams Dean

Hampstead (London, formerly Mdx.), see St. John's Wood

Hampton (London, formerly Mdx.), see Hampton Court

Hampton Bishop (Herefs.),

Hampton Court (in Hampton, London, formerly Mdx.),

Hampton Lovett (Worcs.),

-, Chas., see Hanbury-Tracy
-, Henrietta Susanna, see Tracy

-, (formerly Sparrow), A. A. H.,
-, (formerly Sparrow), A. B. H.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Hanbury-Tracy; Sparrow

-, (formerly Hanbury), Chas., Baron Sudeley,
-, (formerly Hanbury), Henrietta Susanna, see Tracy
-, and see Hanbury-Sparrow; Tracy

Hancock, Rob.,

-, Anne,
-, Edw.,

Hancox, Wal.,

Handasyd Lutwyche (formerly Handasyd, née Lutwyche), Mrs. Clementina, and see Lutwyche

Handel, Geo. Frideric,

'Hanesty', see Hangstree Gate

hangings, painted,

Hangstree Gate ('Hanesty') (in Barrow and Willey),

Hani, West, see West Hecani

Hanley (in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs.),
-, Etruria,

Hann, D. G.,

Hanson, Mr. (fl. before 1716),

Hanwood, Great,
-, Hanwood Ho.,

harbinger, king's,

Harborne (Birm. and Staffs., formerly Staffs.), see Smethwick

Harchester, see Wigwig

Hardman, John, & Co.,

Hardy, Thos., novelist and poet,

-, Agnes (d. 1453), see Clopton
-, Agnes (d. 1511), w. of Wm.,
-, Agnes (d. 1562), m. Sir John Smith,
-, Anne, m. Jas. Clifford,
-, Bridget, m. Thos. Aston,
-, John,
-, his daus.,
-, Rog.,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Hargreaves & Craven,

Hargreaves, Craven & Dunnill,

Hargrove (Hargreaves) (in Rushbury),
-, Benthalls,

-, Burga of, see Willey
-, Joan of, w. of Rob., m. 2 John Darras,
-, Malcolm of,
-, Phil. of (fl. 1319),
-, Phil. of. (fl. c. 1357),
-, Ric. of,
-, Rob. of (d. 1349),
-, Rob. of (d. 1370),
-, fam.,

Harley, n, n, n, n, n, n,
-, Blakeway,
-, Bradley grange, q.v.
-, Harley, Wigwig, and Homer, q.v.
-, Harley hill (Wenlock Pitch),
-, Marsh manor, q.v.

Harley brook,

Harley, Wigwig, and Homer (in Much Wenlock),

'Harlithe', see Hoar Edge and Blackhurst

-, Eliz. S. M., see Egremont
-, Sir Hen. Geo.,
-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

'Harnage' slates, and see slates: stone

harness maker, and see saddlers

-, Caleb,
-, John, n
-, Thos.,

Harraden, Beatrice,

-, Edw.,
-, Fra., n,
-, Fra. Blithe, n,
-, Lucia, see Blithe
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Harris; Harryes

-, Jas.,
-, John, n,

Harrington (in Sutton Maddock),

-, John (d. 1572),
-, John (d. 1650),
-, Rob. (fl. 1601),
-, Rob. (d. 1699),
-, fam.,

-, Jos.,
-, Mary,
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1630),
-, Thos. (fl. 1660),
-, Wm., and his w.,
-, her s.,
-, and see Harries; Harryes

-, Nic.,
-, Thos. (d. 1731),
-, Thos. (d. c. 1794),
-, Thos. (fl. 1807),

Harris's (Harrison's) Green, see Broseley

Harryes, John, and see Harries; Harris

Hart, Wm. Cheney,

-, J. L.,
-, fam.,

Harton (in Eaton-under-Heywood), n,
-, hos. (named),

-, Wm. of (fl. 1327),
-, Wm. of (fl. 1335, another),

-, C. H.,
-, Eliz., see Huxley
-, F. H.,
-, Peter,
-, R. C.,
-, Ric.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1672),
-, Thos. (d. c. 1779),
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

harvest homes, plate

Harvington Hall, see Chaddesley Corbett

Hassold (Hassall):
-, Anne, w. of Edw.,
-, Edw.,
-, Eliza,
-, Honor (d. c. 1721), w. of Tim.,
-, Honor (fl. 1728),
-, Thos. (fl. 1611),
-, Thos. (d. 1707), and his w. Ann,
-, Tim.,
-, fam.,

-, Sir Hen. de. (d. 1250),
-, his w., see Ada
-, Sir Hen. de (d. c. 1269),
-, John de (d. 1313), Baron Hastings,
-, John de (d. 1325), Baron Hastings,
-, John de (d. 1375), earl of Pembroke,
-, John de (d. 1389), earl of Pembroke,
-, Lawr. de, earl of Pembroke,
-, Wm. de (d. by 1182),
-, his w., see Banastre
-, Wm. de (d. c. 1225),

Hateley, Jos.,

hatter, and see cappers; feltmaker

-, Sir Chris.,
-, Deborah, m. 1 Isaac Jones, Sir Edw. Hopton,
-, Ric. of,
-, his s., see John
-, Rob. of (fl. 13th cent., two or more of this name),

Hatton (in Eaton-under-Heywood), n, n,
-, hos. (named),

Hatton Grange (in Shifnal),

Haughmond abbey,

Haughton (Halghton):
-, Fra.,
-, John,
-, Phil,
-, Ric., and his w. Mgt.,
-, Rog. (fl. 1438),
-, Rog. (fl. 1541), n
-, Rog. (fl. 1623),
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Haughton (Haughton Croft) (in Morville),

Haughton (in Shifnal),

Haughton Croft, see Haughton (in Morville)

haulage contractor,

Haverkam fam.,

-, Ant.,
-, Thos.,

Hawkhurst hay (in Wistanstow), see Long forest

hawking, see falconry

-, Sir Caesar,
-, Rob.,
-, fam.,

-, Sir Jos. Hen.,
-, fam.,

Hawlyn, Thos.,

Haworth, Abraham,

Hawse & Denny,

Hay, the, see Lydley Hayes

Hay (formerly Cheese) brook,

Hay wood, see Haywood

Haybrook Pottery,

Haycock, Edw.,

Hayles, Thos.,

Haymes, R. E.,

-, Ric.,
-, Rowland,
-, Thos. (fl. 1620),
-, Thos. (fl. 1840),
-, Wm., n
-, fam.,
-, and see Heynes

Haynes Memorial (or Free) bridge (in Broseley and Madeley), plate

hays, and see parks: private

Hayton's Bent (in Stanton Lacy), n

-, Cath., w. of Sir Rowland, m. 2 Sir John Scott,
-, Sir Geo.,
-, J. (fl. 1987),
-, Joan, m. Sir John Thynne,
-, Sir John,
-, Lilian H., see Buddicom
-, Sir Rowland,
-, S. G.,
-, Wm.,

Haywood, see Lydley Hayes: Hay, the

Haywood (Hay wood) (in Eaton-under-Heywood and Rushbury),
-, Gretton common,
-, Hargrove (Hargreaves), q.v.
-, Mount Flirt,
-, Wall's Bank,

Hazledine, Wm.,

Hazler hill (in Hope Bowdler and Church Stretton), n, fig.

-, Chas.,
-, Rob.,

health and welfare, see almhouses; apothecaries; asylums; child welfare centre; children's homes; friendly societies; Health, Ministry of; Health Service, National; homes; hospitals, medicines; nursing physicians; Public Health Act; sanatoriums; spa; surgeons; wells and springs; and see diseases

Health, Ministry of,

Health Service, National,

Hearne, Mrs. Eliz., m. 2 - Paddy, n

-, John of the, and his w. Iseult,
-, Nic., bp. of Worcester,
-, Wm.,
-, and see Heathe

Heath, the, see Badger

Heath, the (in Stoke St. Milborough), n, n, figs. plate
-, hos. (named),
-, Sally (Cop) Coppice Lane,

Heath brook, see Batch brook

Heathe, Nic., and see Heath

Hecani, West, see West Hecani

Hedricus, see Edric

Heighway, Lewis,

Helgot (Helgot of 'Reisolent'),
-, his ss., n; and see Clee, Herb. of

Helmeth hill, see Stretton, Church

Hem, the (in Linley),

hemp, and see tow dresser

Hemus, Dan.,

Henderson fam.,

-, Rob. of,
-, Steph. of,
-, Wm. of,
-, fam.,

Henley, see Acton Scott

Henry I,

Henry II, n,

Henry III,

Henry IV,

Henry VII,

Henry VIII,
-, as duke of York,

Henry son of John, and his w. Alice,

Heptinstall (Hepinstall):
-, Agnes C.,
-, R. H.,
-, T. S.,

Herbert (fl. 1086),

Herbert 'de castello', see Castle Holdgate, Herb. of

-, Agnes, see Clopton
-, Edw., earl of Powis,
-, Geo. Augustus, earl of Pembroke and Montgomery,
-, Geo. Rob. Chas., earl of Pembroke and Montgomery,
-, Sidney, Baron Herbert of Lea,
-, Thos.,

-, Ric.,
-, Wm.,

Herdson, Hen.,

Hereford, bps. of, and see Carr; Clee; Godwin; Scory; Swinfield; Vere

-, cath. (dean and chapter),
-, St. Guthlac's priory,
-, and see 'Lydas'

Hereford cattle,

Hereford Diocesan Church Building Society,

Hereford diocese, n,
-, patronage board,
-, and see Diocese of Hereford Circulating Parish Library; Hereford Diocesan Church Building Society

Hereford sheep,

Herefordshire, n, and see Adley; Bircher; Black Mountains; Brimfield; Bringewood; Burton Court; Downton Castle; Eardisland; Eardisley; Eaton Bishop; Frome, Castle; Gatley; Hampton Bishop; Hereford; 'Homtun'; Leintwardine; Leominster; Leominster priory; Letton; Limebrook priory; Lugg, river; 'Lydas'; Lye, Upper; Maund; Richard's Castle; Ross-on-Wye; Stretton Sugwas; Sutton St. Nicholas; Tumberland; Wigmore

Herleton, Ralph de,

-, Adam (d. by 1255),
-, Adam (fl. 1284),
-, Ermyntrude,
-, her dau., see Agnes
-, John (fl. before 1255),
-, his heir (fl. 1255),
-, John (fl. c. 1255, another),
-, John (fl. 1348),
-, Maud, m. Rob. de Beke,
-, Ric.,

Hervy, John,

-, Elsie V., w. of G. S.,
-, G. S.,

Hewitt, Mr. (fl. 1862),

-, Thos.,
-, his w., see Gatacre
-, fam.,
-, and see Haynes

Hicks, Chas.,

-, Sarah, w. of Thos., m. 2 Wm. Gough,
-, Thos. (d. 1805),
-, Thos. (d. 1825),
-, Wm. (d. 1792),
-, Wm. (d. 1807),
-, Wm. (fl. 1807),
-, fam.,

Hiémois (France),

Hifnal (in Linley),
-, Wrensnest Fm.,

Hifnal ('Issnall') brook,

-, Wm. of,
-, fam.,

Higford (in Stockton),

-, Edw.,
-, Eliz., m. Edw. Brooke,
-, Ric.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1635),
-, Sir Thos. (d. c. 1685),
-, his children,
-, Wm.,
-, (or Hughes) fam.,

Highclear, see Monkhopton


Highley (in Stanton Long), see Brockton

Highways Act (1835),

Highways Act (1862),

-, Geo.,
-, Jas.,

-, Alice, m. Wm. Wilkes,
-, E. W.,
-, Eliz., see Ludlow
-, Fred.,
-, Geo.,
-, Geo. Nesse,
-, Humph.,
-, John,
-, Marshall,
-, Mary, see Nesse
-, Nesse (d. 1676),
-, Nesse (d. 1715),
-, Nesse (d. 1732),
-, Ric., see Noel-Hill
-, Sam. (fl. 1653),
-, Sam. (d. 1789),
-, Steph.,
-, Thos. (d. 1619),
-, Thos. (d. by 1656),
-, Thos. (d. 1656, another),
-, Thos. (d. 1702),
-, Thos. (d. 1720),
-, Thos. (d. 1780),
-, Thos. (fl. 1846),
-, Wm.,
-, Wm. Nesse,
-, Mr. (fl. 1876),
-, and see Noel-Hill

Hill, Court of, see Court of Hill

Hill End, see Acton, Stone

hill forts, n,

Hill rails (Willey-Severn),

-, Eliz. Penelope, see Cartwright
-, John,

Hilltop, see Benthall

Hilltop (in Easthope and Much Wenlock),
-, Hilltop Fm.,

Hilluppencott (in Bitterley),

-, Chas.,
-, fam.,

Hine Hill, see Beckbury: Wall Hill

-, Humph.,
-, John,

-, Alice, w. of Nic., m. 3 John Smallman,
-, Nic.,

-, C. E. L., see Boodé
-, fam.,

historians, see Dalberg-Acton, Sir John; Gibbon, Edw. (d. 1794); Hall, Edw.; Newth; and see antiquaries

Hoar Edge and Blackhurst (Black Meres) (in Cardington and Ruckley and Langley), plate
-, Causeway wood,
-, 'Harlithe',
-, Pingleys Heys ('Pymleies heys', 'Pynleshai'),

Hoare & Co., n

Hoarley Grange, see Wenlock, Much: Grange, the

Hobson, Wm.,

Hochekyns, Thos., and see Hotchkiss


Hodgebower, see Ironbridge

Hodghurst (in Church Stretton),

Hodgson, J.,

-, Otes of,
-, Wm. of,
-, fam.,

Hodnet, see Weston-under-Redcastle

Hodnet hundred,

Holborn (London, formerly Mdx.)
-, Gray's Inn,
-, Lincoln's Inn,

-, D. M., m. - Gamble,
-, Maude Mary,
-, P. G.,

Holderness (Yorks. E.R.),

Holdgate (Castle Holdgate), n, n, fig.
-, Agnes bridge, q.v.
-, barons, barony of,
-, liberty,
-, Blue Hall,
-, Bouldon, q.v.
-, Brookhampton, q.v.
-, Castlemoor,
-, Coates, the, q.v.
-, Gallitree bank,
-, Glebe Fm., q.v.
-, Hall Fm. (Holdgate Hall), plate
-, Holdgate Fm. (Lower Fm.),
-, and see 'Stantune'

Holford, Constantia (?Cath.), see Carington

-, Anne, w. of Wm., m. - Crump,
-, Bernard,
-, Mrs. Dorothy,
-, Eliz., m. Benj. Baugh,
-, Frances,
-, Mgt.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1642),
-, Thos. (d. 1722),
-, Wm. (d. 1590),
-, Wm. (d. 1642),
-, Wm. (d. 1699),
-, Wm. (d. 1736),

Holland House, see Kensington

-, Anne (fl. 1684), see Ludlow
-, Anne (d. 1724), m. Sir Hen. Oxenden,
-, Eliz.,
-, John,

Hollyhurst, see Lydley Hayes

Hollyman, Mrs. Esther,

-, Harold, n
-, Thos.,
-, Canon - (fl. 1908),

Holt, Kath., see Stackhouse

Holt (Worcs.),

Holt, the, see Preen, Holt

Holt Preen, see Preen, Holt

Holywell, David (or Wm.), and see Hallywell

-, Adam atte (or de la),
-, Peter del,
-, Ric. del,

Homer ('Donkey land') (in Much Wenlock),

homes (convalescent, nursing, and residential), and see almshouses; asylums

homespun cloth,

-, Edw.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Humphrey

'Homtun' (possibly near Leominster, Herefs.),

Hondeslowe, Rog., and see Onslow

honey, and see bees

Honsome, Wm.,

-, Miles of,
-, Steph. of,

Hope Bowdler (Fordritishope, Hope Bollers or Buthlers) n, fig.
-, Chelmick, q.v.
-, Cowbatch (?Cwmbatch) cross,
-, Cwms, the, q.v.
-, Hazler Barn,
-, Hazler hill, q.v.
-, Hope (How) batch,
-, Hope Bowdler hill,
-, Hope gate,
-, hos. (named),
-, Ragdon, q.v.
-, Woodgate,

Hope Dale (in Diddlebury and Rushbury),

Hope valley (in Worthen),

Hopkins & Co.,


-, Deborah, see Hatton
-, Edw.,
-, Geo.,
-, Ric. (?two of this name),
-, Thos. (d. by 1599),
-, his w.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1602),
-, Wal. of (fl. c. 1251),
-, Sir Wal. of (d. 1305, another),

Hopton Bank (in Hopton Wafers) Primitive Methodist circuit,

Hopton brook, see Beaconhill brook

Hopton Cangeford,

Hopton Wafers, see Hopton Bank

Hopwood fam.,

Hord (Horde):
-, Eve, see Wotherton
-, John,
-, Ric.,
-, Rog.,
-, fam.,

Horder, P. R. Morley,

Hornblower fam.,

-, Chas. Silvester,
-, Chas. Kenneth,

Horningsham (Wilts.), see Longleat House

Hornsey Gates,

Horridge, Wal.,

Horsehay (in Dawley, Wellington, and Little Wenlock),

Horseley, Wm., and his w. Isabel, and see Horsley

Horsford brook,

Horsley, John, and see Horseley

Horsley, see Willey

Horsleymoor, see Willey

-, Wm. (d. 1844),
-, Wm. (fl. 1863),

Horwood Bros.,

Hospitaller, Knights, n, and see Dinmore preceptory

-, eleemosynary, and see almshouses
-, medical, and see sanatoriums
-, psychiatric, see asylums

Hotchkiss, Wm., and see Hochekyns

Hotham, F. H.,

hounds, and see dogs, sporting; kennels

household, king's:
-, chief butler of England,
-, keeper of the Wardrobe,
-, king's harbinger,
-, steward,

housing, council,

Housing Act (1936),

Housman, A. E., n

How, John,

-, Alice Clare, see Maxwell
-, Eliza Minto, see Canning
-, P. H.,
-, P. J. C.,
-, Phil., earl of Arundel,
-, T. W.,
-, Thos. (d. 1524), earl of Surrey (later duke of Norfolk),
-, Thos. (d. 1554), duke of Norfolk,
-, Thos. (d. 1572), duke of Norfolk,
-, Thos. (d. 1626), earl of Suffolk,
-, Thos. (fl. 1919),
-, Ursula, m. Sir H. J. Lawson, Hugh Levin,
-, fam.,

-, Edw. (fl. 1822),
-, Edw. (d. 1830, ?another),
-, Eliz.,
-, Geo.,
-, J. M.,
-, Mary,
-, Sarah, m. Thos. France,
-, Thos. (fl. 1783), n
-, Thos. (fl. 1870),

Huckle, Godfrey, see Kneller

-, Eliz.,
-, Fra. (fl. 1701),
-, Fra. (d. 1811),

Hudwick (in Ditton Priors and Monkhopton), n,
-, Great Hudwick (in Ditton Priors),
-, Hudwick Ho. (Fm.),
-, Little Hudwick (in Monkhopton),

Hugh, Osbern s. of (or fitz), see Osbern son of Hugh

Hugh son of (or fitz) Turgis,

-, Edw.,
-, Ellis,
-, (Euges), Ric.,
-, W. J.,
-, his f.,
-, fam., see Higgins

-, Reynold of, n
-, Rog. of,

Hughley (Lee, 'Legh', 'Leye') n, n, fig. plate
-, hos. (named),
-, Ippikin's Rock,
-, Newfoundland,

Hughley brook, see Plaish brook

Hull, W. W.,

Hull, see Kingston upon Hull

Humbald, prior of Wenlock,

Humbert (or Imbert), prior of Wenlock,

Humphrey, Wm., and see Homfray

hundreds, n, and see named hundreds

Hunger Dale (in Benthall, Buildwas,and Much Wenlock),
-, Mallebroch, see Arnegreave brook

Hungerford (in Eaton-under-Heywood and Munslow),
-, Holloway ('hall of Hungerford'), n,
-, Holloway Fm.,
-, Muxhill, n,
-, Hungerford Fm.,

Hunning (Hunnit, fl. 1066),

-, Geo.,
-, Rowland (d. 1699),
-, Rowland (d. 1811),
-, Rowland (d. 1835),
-, Rowland (d. 1878),
-, his w.,
-, Rowland (d. 1943),
-, Thos. (d. 1753),
-, Thos. (d. 1777),
-, fam.,

hunting, and see coursing; falconry; fox- hunts; game preserves; warren, free

Huntingdonshire, see Chesterton

Huntington (Yorks. N. R.), see Earswick, New

-, Ric. (d. 1794),
-, Ric. (fl. 1800),

huntsman, Rog. the, see Roger

Hus (Huss), Jan (John),

-, Thos.,
-, his w.,
-, Wm.,

Hutton, Wm.,

-, Eliz., m. R. C. Hartshorne, n
-, John (fl. 1572),
-, John (fl. 1659), n
-, Mabel, see Clifford
-, Mary, m. Edw. Jones, n
-, fam.,

Hwicce (tribe), n


-, C. W. Campbell,
-, David,
-, T. B.,
-, Wm.,

I'Anson, E. B.,


-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

-, Rog. of,
-, Wm. of, and his mother Agnes,

Iken abbey (Suff.),

Ilmington (Warws.), see Foxcote

Imbert, see Humbert

Inard (fl. 1185),

inclined planes, n; plate

Incorporated Church Building Society,

Independents (Congregationalists),

Indian cattle,

industrial estates,

Inett, see Caughley

Ingleby Holdings Ltd.,

Inne, John of the, see Botvyle

Instone, Annie Ada,

instruments, musical,

Ippikin's Rock, see Hughley

-, Alice,
-, Christine,
-, Sir John,
-, Maud, see Swynnerton
-, Wm.,

-, Eliz. Penelope, see Cartwright
-, Sarah Eliz., m. - Sidebotham,
-, Thos.,

-, chancellor of,
-, people from,

Iron Age remains, see prehistoric remains

Iron Bridge, the (in Benthall and Madeley),

Iron Bridge & District Gas Co. Ltd.,

iron industry,
-, pig iron,
-, smelting,
-, wrought iron,
-, and see blacksmiths; engineering; ronfounders; ironmasters; ironworkers; ironworks; manufactures and products

Ironbridge (in Madeley), n, n, n,
-, Hodgebower,
-, rly. stn., see Benthall

Ironbridge Gas Light Co.,

Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust,

ironfounders, plate and see named firms and founders

-, forgemasters,
-, and see named firms and masters


-, distribution,
-, miners,
-, mining,

-, furnacemen,
-, and see blacksmiths

ironworks, plate
-, bloomeries,
-, boring mills,
-, forges,
-, foundries, plate
-, furnaces, n, n,
-, plating forge,
-, rolling and slitting mill,
-, smithies,
-, turning mill,
-, and see engineering; named firms and Works

Isabel, dau. of Rog. de la More, n

Isca, see Caerleon

Isle, the (in St. Chad's, Shrewsbury),

'Issnall' brook, see Hifnal brook


Ithenard the tanner,

Jabet, Ric.,

Jackfield (in Broseley), fig. plates
-, Barnett's Leasow,
-, Calcutts,
-, plates
-, Calcutts Ho., plate
-, Coalford,
-, Old Hall, the,
-, Corbatch Dingle,
-, Ladywood,
-, Lloyd (Lloyds) Head,
-, Preen's Eddy,
-, Rock, the,
-, Rock Ho.,
-, Salthouses,
-, streets:
-, Calcutts Rd.,
-, Chapel Rd.,
-, St. Mary's Close,
-, Tuckies, the,
-, Werps, the,
-, Woodhouse,
-, Woodhouse Fm.,

Jackfield Encaustic Tile Works, fig.

Jackfield ware,

James I,

James II,

James, s of Sim.,

James (fl. c. 1240),

-, Benj.,
-, Hen., novelist,
-, John (fl. 1556),
-, John (fl. 1623),
-, John (fl. 1714),
-, John (fl. 1870),
-, Silvester,
-, Wm. (fl. 1644),
-, Wm. (?fl. after 1675, another),
-, Revd. Wm. (fl. 1698),
-, Wm. (fl. 1774),
-, Mrs. (fl. 1885),

Janyns, Thos., and see Jennings; Jennyns

Jeffrey, R. H.,

Jeffreys, Wm.,

Jeffries, Edw.,

-, (Jenks), Thos. (fl. 1648), n,
-, Thos. (fl. 1667),
-, and see Jenkes; Jenks

-, Frances, m. Rog. Williams,
-, Fra. (d. 1627),
-, his w., n
-, Fra. (fl. 1703),
-, his daus.,
-, Geo.,
-, Herb. (d. 1654),
-, Herb. (fl. 1696),
-, John (fl. 15th cent., two of this name),
-, John (fl. earlier 16th cent.),
-, John (fl. 1608),
-, Mgt. (fl. 1589), see Lutley
-, Mgt. (d. 1674), m. Bart. Lutley, n,
-, Rowland,
-, Sarah,
-, Thos. (fl. 15th cent.),
-, Thos. (fl. 16th cent.),
-, Wm.,
-, -, m. Ant. Kynnersley,
-, fam.,
-, arms,
-, and see Jenckes; Jenks

-, C. E.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Jenkyns

-, Ant.,
-, David,
-, Thos. (fl. 1648), see Jenckes
-, Thos. (d. c. 1684), n
-, and see Jenckes; Jenkes

Jenkyns, Sibyl, see Girros; and see Jenkins

Jennings, Leonard, and see Janyns; Jennyns

Jennings, Latham, & Jennings,

Jennyns, John, and see Janyns; Jennings

Jersey cattle,

Jervis (formerly Ricketts), Mary Anne, m. 2 Baron Forester,

-, Jos.,
-, Ric.,

jeweller, n; and see goldsmiths

-, Mgt., see Dawes
-, Thos.,

Jewsbury & Brown,

jobmastering, and see livery

John, s. of Thos. of Brockton,

John, s. of Rog. le Clerk,

John, s. of Ric. of Hatton,

John, s. of Wm.,

John (fl. earlier 13th cent.),

John (fl. after 1280, two or more of this name),

John, Hen. s. of, see Henry son of John

John, Ric. s. of, see Richard son of John

John, Wm. s. of, see William son of John

John ap Rees (or le Cambray),

John de quercubus, and see Cheney; Cheyne; Oakes

-, A. H.,
-, Amy,
-, Geo.,
-, Sir Rob.,
-, Mrs. (fl. 1797),

Johnson-Richards Group, H. & R.,

-, Chas.,
-, David,
-, Deborah, see Hatton
-, E. G.,
-, Edw. (d. 1648),
-, Edw. (fl. before 1760),
-, Ellis,
-, Frances, see Leigh
-, Isaac (fl. 1616),
-, Isaac (d. 1652, another),
-, Jasper (fl. 1710),
-, Jasper (fl. 1803),
-, Jennifer,
-, Jesse,
-, John,
-, Mary, see Huxley
-, Morgan (d. 1817),
-, Morgan (d. 1825),
-, Randolph (d. c. 1668), n
-, Randolph (d. c. 1710),
-, Ric. (fl. 1631),
-, Ric. (fl. 1800),
-, Ric. (fl. 1921),
-, Sam.,
-, Sir Thos. (fl. 1760),
-, Thos. (fl. 1830),
-, Thos. Browne, see Browne
-, Sir Thos. John, see Tyrwhitt Jones
-, W. T.,
-, Wm. (fl. 1802),
-, Wm. (d. 1870),
-, fam.,
-, and see Trevor-Jones; Tyrwhitt Jones

Jones & Bathurst,

Jones & Mytton,

Jones, Pott, & Mytton,

-, Jeremiah,
-, Judith, poet, w. of Jeremiah,

-, Ralph,
-, Thos.,

jurist, n

justices (judges), and see chancellors; Chancery; master of the Rolls; Chester: chief justice of; Common Pleas, justice of; Exchequer, barons of; forest eyres and justices; justiciar of Shropshire; peace, justices of the

justiciar of Shropshire,