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A History of the County of Shropshire: Volume 10, Munslow Hundred (Part), the Liberty and Borough of Wenlock. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1998.

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'Index: K-Z', in A History of the County of Shropshire: Volume 10, Munslow Hundred (Part), the Liberty and Borough of Wenlock, (London, 1998) pp. 482-506. British History Online [accessed 11 April 2024]

Keay & Co., and see Key

keepers (gamekeepers) and parkers, and see foresters; lodges: park or keepers'; warrener


Kempe, C. E.,

Kempson, F. R.,

-, Rob.,
-, Sim.,
-, Steph.,
-, fam.,

'Kenbecleag' (possibly Beckbury), n,

-, Wal. de,
-, his dau., see Alice
-, Mgt., w. of Wal. de,

Kenley, Parnel of,


Kennel Bank (in Barrow), see Shirlett common: Willey Heald


Kensington (London, formerly Mdx.),
-, Holland Ho.,

Kent, earls of, see Burgh; Grey

Kent, see Canterbury; Greenwich,
-, East; Ospringe; Woolwich Arsenal

Ketil (Chetel, fl. 1066),

Ketley, John,

Ketley (in Wellington and Wombridge),

Kettle, Mary Rosa Stuart ('Rosa Mackenzie Kettle', novelist),

-, Eliz., see Garrett
-, John,
-, Jonathan,
-, fam.,
-, and see Keay & Co.

Kidderminster (Worcs.),

Kidson, John,

Killick, H. S., and his w.,

-, Adam le,
-, Edm.,
-, (or Carles), John,
-, Mgt.,
-, Nic. le,
-, Wm. le,
-, fam.,

King's Evil,

King's Hay (in Morville), see Shirlett common

king's household, see household, king's

King's Shropshire Light Infantry,

Kingsley, Hen.,

Kingsley (in Morville),

Kingston upon Hull (Yorks. E.R.),

Kingston-upon-Thames (Surr.), see Ham

Kingswinford (Staffs.), see Ashwood; Brierley Hil


Kinnersley, Wm., of, and see Kynnersley

Kinnerton (in Wentnor), Bog mine,

Kinson ('Ekinestaneston') (in Stoke St. Milborough), n, fig.
-, Lydall (Lyde) Lane,

Kinver (Staffs.), see Compton; Whittington

Kirby, Rob.,

Knaves Dale (in Easthope and Rushbury)

Kneller (formerly Huckle), Godfrey,

-, Frances, m. T. P. Stackhouse (later Stackhouse Acton),
-, Ric.,
-, T. A.,

Knighteleye, Rog.,

Knighton (Radnors.),

Knott, Ric., n,

Knoville, Isabel de,


-, Maud, see Rowsley
-, Wm.,

-, Chas., and his w. Alice,
-, Sir Edw. (d. 1641),
-, Edw. (d. 1656),
-, Edw. (fl. 1661),
-, Fra. (d. 1581),
-, Sir Fra. (d. 1652),
-, Sir Fra. (d. 1661),
-, Geo.,
-, Thos.,

-, Ant. (d. 1621),
-, Ant. (fl. 17th cent., another), his w., see Jenkes
-, Ant. (d. 1760),
-, Ant. (d. 1804),
-, Clement (d. 1758),
-, Clement (fl. 1774),
-, Dorothy, see Petit
-, Fra. (d. 1633),
-, John (d. c. 1514),
-, John (d. 1750),
-, R. L.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1577),
-, Thos. (d. 1680),
-, Thos. (d. 1689),
-, Thos. (d. 1843),
-, and see Kinnersley

Kynston, Ric.,

-, Higgins,
-, John, and his w. Eliz.,
-, Thos., n

'la More', see Larden: Moorhouse, the

Labour party, n,

-, Chris.,
-, Edw. (fl. 1503),
-, Edw. (d. 1564),
-, Edw. (fl. 1599), his w.,
-, Edw. (d. 1637),
-, Edw. (d. c. 1685),
-, Edw. (d. 1709),
-, Sir Fra. (fl. 1625),
-, Fra. (d. 1686),
-, Fra. (d. 1735),
-, Fred. (fl. 1809),
-, Revd. Fred. (fl. 1851),
-, Jas. (d. 1667), n
-, Jas. fl. 1720),
-, Lancelot (fl. 1567),
-, Lancelot (fl. 1575, another),
-, Mary, w. of Thos.,
-, Sir Ric. (fl. 1428), n, n
-, Ric. (fl. 1446), n, n
-, Sir Ric. (d. 1503),
-, Ric. (d. 1543),
-, Ric. (fl. 1637),
-, Ric. (d. 1676),
-, Ric. (d. 1751),
-, Ric. (d. 1803),
-, Rob.,
-, Rowland (d. 1608),
-, Rowland (d. 1657), n
-, Rowland (d. 1756),
-, Silvanus,
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1536),
-, Thos. (d. 1640),
-, Thos. (d. 1725),
-, Thos. (d. 1809),
-, Thos. (d. 1815),
-, Wal.,
-, (formerly Atkinson), Wal. Lacon,
-, Wm. (d. 1462), n, n
-, Wm. (fl. 16th cent.),
-, fam.,
-, arms,

-, Hugh de,
-, Margery de, m. John de Verdun,
-, Maud de, m. Geof. de Geneville,
-, Peter de,
-, his heir, see Amice
-, Rog. de,
-, Wal. de,
-, fam.,
-, honor of,

Lady Forester Trust,

Ladywood, see Jackfield

Laing, F. A., see Wolryche-Whitmore

Lakehouse (in Eaton-under-Heywood), see Wall, East

Lakehouse (Eaton, Straw, or Stree) brook (Strebrook, Stradbrook),

Lamb, Alexandrina, Vctss. Melbourne, m. 2 Baron Forester,

Lambart, Lydia A. G., m. A. A. K. Legge,

Lancashire, and see Darwen, Over; Liverpool;> Manchester; Merseyside

Lancing College (Suss.),

land agents, see agents, land

Landmark Trust,

-, Cath., ?m. Wm. Lutwyche, n,
-, Wm., see Lutwyche

-, Ada, see Page
-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,

-, And., n,
-, Eliz. (fl. 1661), m. 1 Wm. Langley, Rob. Eves,
-, Eliz. (fl. 1770), m. Edw. Purcell,
-, Fra.,
-, Herb.,
-, John (d. 1661),
-, John (d. 1693),
-, John (fl. 1813),
-, Mennes,
-, Sam. (d. 1697),
-, Sam. (d. 1698),
-, Thos. (fl. 1613),
-, Thos. (fl. 1717),
-, Wm. (fl. c. 1500, two of this name),
-, Wm. (fl. before 1650),
-, fam.,

Langley (in Cardington and Ruckley and Langley),

-, Gilb.,
-, Thos.,

Langworth (formerly Roberts), Alice,

-, Hamon of,
-, his s., see William
-, Hen. of,
-, Hugh of, see Girros
-, Otes of,
-, Ric. of,

Larden (in Shipton),
-, hos. (named), plate
-, Moorhouse, the ('la More'; More, formerly Moor, Hall),
-, Nether Larden,
-, Over Larden,

Larden Cottage, see Brockton: Brockton Grange

Larden Ditches (the Ditches; also Bileburie, Wylleburi, and Wynbury Castle) (in Rushbury and Shipton),

Latchard fam.,

-, Anne, see Beysin
-, Sir Thos.,


law officers, see attorney general; solicitor general

-, Art., Baron Wenlock,
-, Barbara, w. of Ric.,
-, Beilby, Baron Wenlock,
-, (Thompson 1820-39), Beilby Ric., Baron Wenlock,
-, Caroline Eliz., m. - Molyneux,
-, Sir Edw.,
-, Eliz., see Newport
-, (or Cotterell), Fra. (fl. 1567),
-, Fra. (d. 1583, another),
-, Sir Fra. (d. 1696),
-, Sir Fra. (d. 1851),
-, Mary Anne, see Talbot
-, P. B., see Lawley-Thompson
-, R. T., Baron Wenlock,
-, Ric. (d. 1567),
-, Ric. (d. 1569),
-, Ric. (d. 1624),
-, Rob. (fl. 1600),
-, Sir Rob. (d. 1779),
-, Sir Rob. (d. 1793),
-, Rob. (d. 1834), Baron Wenlock,
-, Thos. (fl. 1477),
-, Thos. (d. 1559), his w.,
-, Thos. (d. 1622),
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1646),
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1729),
-, Thos. (fl. 1803),
-, Thos. (fl. 1835, ?another),
-, Ursula, m. 1 Sir Rog. Bertie, Sir Geo. Penruddock,
-, Wm. (fl. 1890),
-, Wm. (fl. 1898, ?another),
-, fam.,
-, arms,

Lawley, the (in Cardington), plate

Lawley-Thompson (formerly Thompson, formerly Lawley), P. B., Baron Wenlock, and see Lawley; Thompson; Thomson

Lawleys Cross, see Wyke

Lawrance, Chas., and see Lawrence

Lawrence the miller,

Lawrence, Wal., and see Lawrance

Lawson, Ursula, see Howard

lawyers, and see attorney general; attorneys; barristers; jurist; justices; serjeants at law; solicitor general

le Mas priory (France),

-, mining,
-, smelting,

Leahills, Upper, see Chatwall

Leamoor Common (in Wistanstow),

Leasowes, New (in Church Stretton), see Cothercott hill

Leath, the, see Stanton Long

Leath common, see Tugford

-, crafts, see boot maker; gloving; harness maker; saddlers; shoemakers
-, dealers, see fellmongers; skins, dealer in
-, processes, see curriers; skinners; tanning

-, Geof. of (d. by 1254, ?two of this name),
-, Geof. of (fl. 1255-94, ?two of this name),
-, Rog. of,

Ledwyche, Upper (in Bitterley), Roundthorn,

Ledwyche brook,

-, Eliz., see Lucy
-, Fulk,
-, Geo.,
-, Sir Hugh of (fl. 1203),
-, Hugh of (fl. 1271),
-, Hugh of (fl. 1313), n
-, Humph.,
-, Jane, m. - More,
-, Joan of, m. Thos. Gatacre,
-, (Lye), John (fl. 1560),
-, John (fl. 1639),
-, Margery, see Sprenchose
-, Mary, m. John Conyers,
-, Phil. of,
-, Ralph,
-, Ranulph of,
-, Sir Reynold of (fl. 1316),
-, Sir Reynold of (fl. 1340, ?another),
-, Reynold of (fl. 1373),
-, Ric. of (d. by 1369),
-, Ric. (d. 1498),
-, Ric. (d. 1516),
-, Ric. (fl. 1542),
-, Ric. (fl. 1546, ?another), and his w. Joan,
-, Ric. (d. 1591),
-, Rob. de,
-, Rog. de,
-, Thos. of (?fl. 1176),
-, Thos. of (fl. c. 1223),
-, Thos. (fl. 1693), and his w. Eliz.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1748),
-, Wm.,
-, -, m. Edw. Blakeway,
-, -, m. John Wilkinson,
-, fam.,
-, and see Leia; Leigh; Low

Lee, see Hughley

Leebotwood, n, and see Botwood forest

Leegomery (in Wellington),

-, John, n
-, Sebastian, n
-, Mr. (fl. 1712),

'Lege', see 'Lingen'

-, A. C.,
-, Lydia A. G., see Lambart
-, Wm., earl of Dartmouth,

'Legh', see Hughley

Leia (Lehe), Peter de, prior of Wenlock, and see Lee; Leigh; Low

Leicester, earl of, see Sydney


Leicester sheep,

Leicestershire, and see Leicester; Loughborough; Theddingworth

-, Frances, m. Jasper Jones,
-, Fra.,
-, and see Lee; Leia; Low

Leigh, Abbot's (Som.),

Leigh Pottery Co. Ltd.,

-, Devereux,
-, Dorothy, w. of Wm.,
-, Edw. (d. 1455), n,
-, Edw. (fl. before 1487),
-, Sir Edw. (d. 1593),
-, Eliz., see Stapleton
-, Sir Frederic, Baron Leighton of Stretton,
-, Harcourt,
-, Hen.,
-, Isabella, m. 1 Beriah Botfiled, Alf. Seymour,
-, John (d. 1496),
-, John (fl. 1497), n
-, John (d. 1532),
-, Margery, see Sprenchose
-, Maud, see Cambray
-, Nic. (fl. 1610), n
-, Nic. (fl. early 17th cent., ?another),
-, Ralph,
-, Ric. (d. by 1605),
-, Ric. (d. 1605),
-, Ric. (d. 1733),
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1519),
-, Thos. (d. 1600),
-, Sir Wm. (d. 1520),
-, Wm. (d. 1533), n,
-, Wm. (fl. 1605),
-, Wm. (d. 1607, another), n
-, Sir Wm. (fl. 1614), poet, n
-, Wm. (fl. early 17th cent., ?another)),
-, Mr. (d. by c. 1710),
-, fam.,

Leighton, and see Belswardine

Leintwardine (Bravonium) (Herefs.), plate and see Letton; Tumberland

Leintwardine hundred, n

Leland, John,

Lengleys, John, and see English; Leyngleys

Leofric, earl of Mercia,

Leominster (Herefs.),

Leominster priory (Herefs.),

Lesser Poston, see Poston, Lesser

Letton (in Leintwardine, Herefs.), n

-, Jas.,
-, John,
-, Joyce, m. Geo. Grey,
-, Sir Ric.,

Leveson-Gower, Granville Geo., Earl Granville, and see Gower; Leveson

Levin, Ursula, see Howard

-, Edw., n
-, John,
-, Mgt., m. Fulk Pinches,
-, Ric., n
-, Thos. (fl. 1514),
-, Thos. (d. 1598),
-, fam.,

-, Frances, w. of John,
-, Geo.,
-, H.,
-, John (d. 1804),
-, John (fl. 1850),
-, Penryn,
-, Wm.,
-, Mr. (fl. later 18th cent.),
-, fam.,

-, Mgt., see Hadnall
-, Sir Ric.,

Ley Hill Farm, see Cardington

Leye, see Lee; Leigh; Leia; Low

'Leye', see Hughley

-, Wm.,
-, his daus., see Christine; Maud; Smethcott, Margery of
-, and see English; Lengleys

-, Alice de, see Buildwas
-, Edm. de,
-, fam.,

Liberal party,

-, monastic,
-, private,
-, public, and see reading and news rooms

Lichfield, bp. of,

Lichfield (Staffs.):
-, dioc., n
-, St. Mic.'s par., see Ashmore Brook

'Lige', see 'Lingen'

lighting, street,

Lighting and Watching Act (1833),

Lightmoor, see Dawley, Little

Lightmoor Co.,

Lightwood (in Ditton Priors), see Middleton Priors

Lightwood (in Rushbury), see Wilderhope and Stanway: Stanway (Upper Stanway)

Lilford, Baron, see Powys

Lilleshall, see Oakengates urban district

Lilleshall Co., plate

Lily wood (in Eaton-under-Heywood and Rushbury),

-, distribution,
-, production,
-, uses,

Limebrook priory (in Lingen, Herefs.),

-, distribution,
-, extraction, n, plates

Lincoln, earl of, see Clinton

Lincoln's Inn, see Holborn

Lindop fam.,

-, cloth,
-, yarn,

-, Sir Hen., and his w. Alice,
-, Jane, m. Wm. Shelley,
-, Ralph,
-, fam.,

'Lingen' (probably 'Lege' or 'Lige'), perhaps an early est. including Harley, Hughley, Kenley, and Preen,

Lingen (Herefs.), n; and see Limebrook priory

-, Phil. of,
-, his heirs,
-, Ralph of,
-, Ric. of (fl. 1130s),
-, Ric. of (?others of this name),
-, Wal. of,

Linley, fig.
-, Colliersworks, q.v.
-, Darley, q.v.
-, Hem, the, q.v.
-, Hifnal, q.v.
-, Linley Hall,
-, Linley Lane,
-, Linleygreen, q.v.
-, rly. stn., see Linley railway station
-, Wrens Nest, q.v.

Linley (in More),

Linley (Atherwell, Smithy) brook,

Linley railway station (in Astley Abbots),

Linleygreen (in Linley and Willey),
-, Linley Villa,

Liobsynd, abbess,

-, Baronesses, see Grey
-, Vcts., see Dudley; Grey; Plantagenet
-, Vctss., see Grey

Lister-Kaye, Frances Loïs, m. Vct. De Vesci, and see Lyster

literary societies,

Little Caradoc, see Comley

Little Caughley, see Caughley

Little Hudwick, see Hudwick

Little Oxenbold, see Oxenbold

Little Posenhall Farm, see Benthall: hos.

Little Preen, see Preen, Holt

Little Tugford, see Tugford

Littleford, Jacob,

-, Chas.,
-, John (d. 1761),
-, John (d. 1810),
-, Margery, w. of Ric., m. Rowland Habberley,
-, Ralph,
-, Ric. (fl. 1627),
-, Ric. (d. by 1711),
-, Ric. (fl. 1717),
-, Rowland, n
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

-, Adam (d. 1612),
-, Sir Adam (d. 1647),
-, Alice (d. 1529), see Winsbury
-, Alice (d. c. 1588), w. of Sir Edw.,
-, Anne (fl. 1622), Baroness Lyttelton, see Lyttelton
-, Anne (fl. 1645), m. Sir Thos. Littleton (or Poyntz),
-, Anne (fl. 1697), see Milner
-, Sir Edw. (d. 1558),
-, Sir Edw. (d. 1574),
-, Edw. (d. 1610),
-, Sir Edw. (d. 1622),
-, Edw. (d. 1645), Baron Lyttelton of Munslow, n,
-, Geo.,
-, John (d. 1560),
-, John (d. 1693),
-, John (fl. 1708),
-, Ric. (d. c. 1517),
-, Ric. (d. 1654),
-, Sam.,
-, Thos. (d. 1622),
-, (or Poyntz), Sir Thos. (d. 1681),
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1710), n,
-, Wm. (fl. 1599),
-, Wm. (d. 1605, ?another),
-, Wm. (fl. before 1629),
-, fam.,
-, and see Lyttelton

Liverpool (Lancs.), plate

Liverpool (in Munslow), see Bache Mill

livery (stabling), and see jobmastering

-, breeds:
-, cattle: Ayrshires, Herefords, Indian, Jerseys,
-, sheep: Herefords, Leicesters, Longmynds, Merinos, Ryelands, Shropshire Downs, Shropshires, Southdowns,
-, pigs: Chinese,
-, and see bees; carp; chicken hatch-ery; dovecots; ducks; eels; fish-ponds; perch; ponies; swans; trout

Lizard, the (Cornw.),

Llanbedr-y-Cennin (Caern.), see Dolgarrog

Llancarfan (Glam.), see Maerdynewydd

Llandaff, bp. of, see Cressett

Llandrinio (Mont.),

Llandudno (Caern.),

Llanfilo (Brec.), n

Llangynyw (Mont.):
-, Ffridd Mathrafal,
-, Park Mathrafal,

Llanwyddelan (Mont.),

Llanyblodwel, see Blodwel

Llanymynech (Denb., Mont., and Salop.), hill fort, n

-, Abraham,
-, Edw.,
-, Eliz., see Brooke
-, Evan, n
-, Geo.,
-, Hen.,
-, John,
-, Thos. Duppa, see Duppa
-, Wm. (fl. 1805),
-, Wm. (fl. 1826),
-, Mrs. (fl. 1833), ?w. of Wm.,
-, Misses, the (fl. 1835),

Lloyd, John, & Co.,

Lloyd (Lloyds) Head, see Jackfield

Lloyd, Jones & Bathurst,

Lloyds, the (in Madeley),

Lloyds Bank,

Local Government Act (1888),

Local Government Boundary Commission,

Lodge, Thos., and his w. Anne,

-, forester's, n; plate
-, gate keepers', and see gatehouses and gateways
-, park or keepers',
-, warrener's,

-, Ann, m. Hen. Sprott,
-, Fra.,
-, Thos. (d. 1546),
-, Thos. (d. 1603),
-, Thos. (d. 1676),

London, John,

London, bp. of, see Beaumais

-, Bishopsgate, n
-, Charterhouse, the,
-, Christ's Hosp.,
-, Paul's Cross,
-, Royal Mint,
-, Stationers' Co.,
-, town clk.,
-, and see Clerkenwell; Finchley; Greenwich, East; Ham; Hampstead; Hampton Court; Holborn; Kensington; Neasden; St.John's Wood; Southwark; Turnham Green; Wanstead Grove; Westminster; Woolwich Arsenal

London, Little (in Munslow),

London Lead Co.,

London Road (in Holy Cross par., Shrewsbury):
-, Shrewsbury Technical Coll.,

Long brook,

Long forest,
-, Bushmoor hay or wood,
-, Hawkhurst hay or wood,

Long Mynd, the, plate
-, Ashes Hollow, n
-, Batch, the (Batch valley), see Stretton, All
-, Bodbury hill,
-, Bodbury Ring,
-, Bullocks Moor, fig.
-, Callow hill,
-, Callow Hollow,
-, Carding Mill valley, see Stretton, Church
-, Cwm Dale, see Stretton, All
-, Duckley Nap,
-, Gogbatch,
-, golf course,
-, Greenway Hill,
-, High Park Ho.,
-, Longmynd forest or chase (Stretton forest),
-, Minton Hill,
-, Mott's Rd.,
-, New Pool Hollow,
-, Novers hill, see Stretton, All
-, Packetstone hill,
-, Port Way, q.v.
-, Round hill,
-, Townbrook hollow,
-, and see Longmynd Hills Committee; Longmynd sheep

Long Stanton, Thos. of, see Stanton

Longbridge Deverill (Wilts.), see Deverill

'Longefeldsdale' (Longfieldsdale), see Ape Dale

Longford, Rob. of, see Brimpton

Longford, n

Longleat House, in Horningsham (Wilts.),

Longmynd forest or chase, see Long Mynd

Longmynd Hills Committee,

Longmynd sheep,

Longnor, n,

Longnor (in Bradley, Staffs.), n

Longville, Cheney (in Wistanstow), n,

Longville and Lushcott (in Eaton-under-Heywood), and see Longville in the Dale; Longville, Lushcott, and part of East Wall; Lushcott

Longville in the Dale (in Eaton-under-Heywood), n,
-, hos. (named),
-, and see Longville and Lushcott; Longville, Lushcott, and part of East Wall

Longville, Lushcott, and part of East Wall (in Eaton-under-Heywood), and see Longville and Lushcott; Longville in the Dale; Lushcott; Wall, East

Lorraine (France),

Loton (in Alberbury),

Loughborough (Leics.),

Loughton (in Chetton), and see Brown Clee hill; Clee Burf

-, Fra., Vct. Lovel, n,
-, Joan, Baroness Lovel, see Beaumont
-, John, Baron Lovel,

Low (or Leye):
-, Gillian, see Clerk
-, - (fl. 1401),
-, and see Lee; Leigh; Leia

-, Art.,
-, Dan.,
-, Geo. (fl. 1694),
-, Geo. (fl. 1807),
-, Hugh,
-, John,
-, Parnel de la, see Beckbury
-, Thos. de la,
-, fam.,

Lower Chatwall, see Chatwall

Lower Cound, see Cound

Lower Day House, see Preen, Holt: Dayhouse

Lower Millichope, see Millichope

Lower Netchwood, see Netchwood

Lower Norncott, see Norncott

Lower Stanway, see Wilderhope and Stanway

Lower Tugford, see Tugford: Little Tugford

Lower Wood (in Church Stretton),
-, Acrebatch,
-, Bog Lane,
-, Brook Ho.,
-, Malt Ho.,
-, Pennsylvania,

-, Mrs. Jane,
-, W. Layton,

Loxley (in Uttoxeter, Staffs.),

-, Benj.,
-, John (fl. 1763),
-, John (fl. 1793, ?another),
-, Mgt., w. of Wm.,
-, Wm. (d. 1731),
-, Wm. (d. 1760),

-, Eliz. (d. 1667), see Bearcroft her dau. Eliz., m. Geo. Lee,
-, Geo.,
-, fam.,

-, Anne, m. John Holloway,
-, Eliz. (d. 1575), m. Humph. Hill,
-, Eliz. (fl. 1677), m. Ric. Baugh,
-, Frances,
-, Geo. (d. 1670),
-, Geo. (d. 1677),
-, Humph.,
-, Jane, m. Jas. Hall,
-, Joan, m. Ric. Walwen,
-, Sir John (fl. before 1395),
-, John (d. c. 1398),
-, Kath., m. - Rawlins,
-, Lawr. of (d. 1294),
-, Sir Lawr. of (fl. 1340),
-, Lawr. (d. 1538),
-, Maurice (fl. 1505),
-, Maurice (d. 1595),
-, Rowland,
-, Thos. (d. 1581),
-, Thos. (fl. 1623),
-, Wm. of (fl. 1305),
-, (or Rowton), Wm. of (fl. 1333),
-, Wm. of (fl. 1344, ?another), n
-, Wm. (fl. 1428),
-, fam.,
-, arms,

Ludlow, n,
-, archdn. of, see Dixon; Whately
-, Edw. VI's charity,
-, Ludlow Palmers' guild, q.v.
-, M.P.,
-, roads to,

Ludlow and Craven Arms Methodist circuit, see Shropshire South Methodist circuit

Ludlow highway district and poor-law union,

Ludlow Palmers' guild,

Ludlow rural deanery,

Ludlow rural (sanitary) district,

Ludstone (in Claverley),

Lugg, river (Herefs.),

Lumas, Rob.,

Lumley, Baroness, see FitzAlan

Lure, Sampson,

Lushcott (in Eaton-under-Heywood), n,
-, Lushcott Fm.,
-, Oakham (Hoccum),
-, Oakham Fm. (formerly Hockums ho.),
-, and see Longville and Lushcott; Longville, Lushcott, and part of East Wall

Lusignan, Geof. of,

Lussa (eponym of Lushcott),

Luther, Moses,

-, Adam (d. 1590),
-, Adam (d. c. 1678),
-, Bart. (d. 1716), n,
-, Bart. (d. 1783), see Barneby
-, Jenkes,
-, John (fl. before 1581),
-, John (d. 1589, ?another),
-, John (d. 1645),
-, Mgt. (fl. 1589), m. Geo. Jenkes,
-, Mgt. (d. 1674), see Jenkes
-, Phil.,
-, Ric.,
-, fam.,

-, Anne, m. - Fazakerley,
-, Cath., see Lane
-, Clementina, see Handasyd Lutwyche
-, Edw. (d. 1614),
-, Edw. (d. 1639),
-, Sir Edw. (d. 1709),
-, Eleanor, see Mayhew Lutwyche
-, Eliz. (fl. 1639),
-, Eliz. (d. 1776),
-, Herb. of,
-, Hugh of,
-, John (d. 1615),
-, John (fl. 1672),
-, Ric. (three of this name before 1586),
-, Sarah (fl. 1639),
-, Sarah (d. 1793), m. Thos. Winford (formerly Geers),
-, Thos. of (fl. 13th cent.),
-, Thos. (fl. 15th cent.),
-, Thos. (d. 1734),
-, Wm. of (fl. 1203),
-, Wm. of (fl. c. 1265),
-, Wm. of (fl. 1302),
-, Wm. of (fl. after 1302, ?one or more others),
-, Wm. (fl. 1418),
-, Wm. (d. 1773),
-, (formerly Lane), Wm. (d. 1823),
-, his f.-in-law, n
-, his w., n
-, fam.,

Lutwyche, see Wilderhope and Stanway

Lydall (Lyde) Lane, see Kinson

'Lydas', large early estate near Hereford,

Lydbury North, see Plowden; Walcot

Lydley and Cardington manor (in Cardington and Church Stretton),

Lydley Hayes (Lydley) (in Cardington), n,
-, Hay, the (Haywood),
-, hos. (named),
-, Lydley and Cardington man., q.v.
-, Nether Lydley,
-, Penkridge Hall,
-, Templar preceptory, see Lydley preceptory

Lydley preceptory (Templar) (in Cardington), n

Lye, John, see Lee; and see Lee; Leia; Leigh; Low

Lye, Upper (in Aymestrey, Herefs.), n

Lynam, Chas.,

Lyon, Mrs. Gladys,

-, Eleanor,
-, John,
-, and see Lister-Kaye

Lyth, Great (in Condover), n

-, Anne, m. Baron Lyttelton,
-, Bridget, see Pakington
-, Gilb.,
-, Joan, see Burley
-, John (d. 1532),
-, Sir John (d. 1590),
-, Sir Thos., n,
-, Sir Wm.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Littleton

Lyttelton, Baron, see Littleton

Mabel, dau. of Warin of Broseley, m. Adam de Beysin,

McCartney, Rob.,

McCartney, Rob., & Sons,

-, (formerly McLintock), John,
-, fam.,
-, and see McLintock

Maclaren, Ian, see Watson

-, J. R., and his w.,
-, John, see McClintock
-, fam., and see McClintock

Macnamara, Eliza Walwyn, m. Sir Thos. John Tyrwhitt Jones,

MacNeice, Fred. Louis, n

Mad brook,

Maddox, John,

Madeira Islands,

-, Sam.,
-, fam.,

Madeley, n, n,
-, Madeley ward and district cttee., see Wenlock borough
-, and see Blists Hill; Coalbrookdale; Coalport; Gorge, the, civil parish; Haynes Memorial (or Free) bridge; Iron Bridge, the; Ironbridge; Lloyds, the; Madeley Wood; War Memorial footbridge

Madeley poor law union,

Madeley rural (sanitary) district,
-, authority,

Madeley ward, see Wenlock borough

Madeley Wood (in Madeley), plate

Madeley Wood Co.,

Maerdynewydd (in Llancarfan, Glam.),

'Magana', see Maund

Magee, G. A.,

Maggs, J. K.,

Magonsaete (tribe), n, n,

mail, see posts and post offices

-, Anne, w. of John, see Wilding
-, John,
-, Rog., bp. of St. David's,

Malinslee (in Dawley),

Mallebroch, see Arnegreave brook

malting, n,


Malvern, Great (Worcs.),

Man, Isle of, see Douglas

Manchester (Lancs.),

Mankind Quarterly, n

-, Mary, see Old
-, Ric.,
-, Sam., n,
-, fam.,

manufactures and products:
-, badge making, q.v.
-, buttons, q.v.
-, cement making, q.v.
-, chemical works, q.v.; and see colour (paint) making; salt making
-, clay, q.v.; and see Jackfield ware; saggar works
-, clog making, q.v.
-, coke, q.v.
-, concrete, q.v.
-, coracle making, q.v.
-, engineering, q.v.; and see car accessories; clock and watch making; cylinders; gas fires; stove, ship's
-, flagstones, q.v.
-, food and drink, see brewing; butter making; cheese; honey; mineral water
-, gate making, q.v.
-, glass making, q.v.
-, iron, see frying pans; pipes, iron
-, leather: crafts, q.v.
-, mats, rubber, q.v.
-, munitions, see armaments: production; cannon; guns; shells; shot
-, oil production, q.v.
-, paper making, q.v.
-, rope making, q.v.
-, slates, q.v.; and see 'Harnage' slates
-, textile: see carpet manufacturer; cloth; cotton; flannel; flax; hemp; homespun cloth; linen; rug making; tweed; wool; yarn
-, and see trade, trades, and occupations; woodland products and work

Mapp, Thos.,

-, ctss. of, see Geneville
-, earls of, and see Mortimer; Plantagenet

March Border Ltd.,

-, Joan, see Markys
-, John,
-, and see Marks

-, Edm. de la,
-, Ralph de la, n
-, Rob. de la,
-, his dau., see Agnes
-, Rog. de la (?two or more of this name),
-, Thos. de la, and his w.,

Marett, John, n

Margaret, dau. of Warin de Beysin,

Margate (Kent), see Westgate-on-Sea

Margery, dau. of Adam de Beysin, m. Thos. of Badger,

Margery, dau. of Warin of Broseley, m. John Bagot,

market halls (market houses), plates and see corn exchange; court houses; guildhall; town halls

-, fig. and see
-, corn exchange; market halls

-, G. J.,
-, W. F.,
-, and see Marcus; Markys

Markys (? Marcus), Joan,


-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

-, G. W.,
-, H. R. ('Peter'),
-, J. R. N.,
-, and see Mershe

Marsh, the (ho.), see Barrow

Marsh, the (in Wistanstow),
-, Marsh Fm.,

Marsh (Caudwell ?, Mar, Quinny) brook,

Marsh green, see Barrow

Marsh Head, see Posenhall

Marsh Lane, see Rowe Lane

Marsh leet, n
-, ct. meeting places,
-, end of,
-, extent and members,
-, within liberty and boro. of Wenlock: Atterley, Barrow, Benthall, Bradley, Broseley 'Priory land', Caughley, Coalbrookdale (part), Farley, Harley (part), Posenhall, Prestenden, Presthope demesne, Shirlett, Walton, Wigwig, Willey, Wyke,
-, outside liberty and boro. of Wenlock: Acton Round (part),
-, origin (late medieval) of,
-, reinvigoration of (early 17th cent.),

Marsh manor (in Barrow, Benthall, Broseley, Harley, Posenhall, and Much Wenlock):
-, also called Wyke manor,
-, chief ho., see Barrow: Marsh, the
-, ct. and leet jurisdiction, see Marsh leet
-, lds.,
-, descent,
-, origin (as Marsh grange),
-, 'parish', conceived as,

Marshall Osborne & Co. Ltd.,

Marshbrook (in Church Stretton and Wistanstow), n,

Marshbrook Brick Works,

Marson, Mgt., see Breeze

Marston, see Broncroft

-, John,
-, Wm.,

Martyn, Sam.,

Mary, Missionaries of the Company of (Montfort Fathers),

Mas, le, see le Mas

-, Chas.,
-, Clement,
-, Jas.,
-, John,
-, John K.,
-, Ric. (fl. c. 1850),
-, Ric. (fl. 1913, ?another),
-, Thos. (d. 1705),
-, Thos. (d. 1732),
-, Thos. (d. 1757),
-, Zachariah,

mason, Peter the, see Peter the mason

masonic hall,

masons, see freemasons; stonemasons

Massey, Randal,

mast, beech,


mats, rubber,

-, A. P.,
-, Geo.,

Maud (wrongly Cecily), dau. of Wm. Leyngleys,
-, her daus., and see Christine

-, Rob.,
-, his w., see Agnes
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Maund ('Magana') (in Bodenham, Herefs.),

Maundevile, Eliz.,

-, Rog.,
-, fam., n

Maurice, Hen., and see Morris

Mausall, John, see Mousell

-, Alice, see Minton
-, Hen.,
-, John (d. 1324),
-, John (d. 1326),
-, John (fl. 1347),
-, Peter,
-, Phil. (or Phil. of Berwick),
-, Saer,
-, Thos. (or Thos. of Berwick),
-, fam.,

Maverley, Chas.,

-, Anne Mary, m. A. B. Wood,
-, Art.,
-, Geo.,
-, John Hornby,
-, fam.,

Maw & Co.,

Mawley (in Cleobury Mortimer),

Maxey, Harriet, see Baugh

Maxwell, Alice Clare, m. P. J. C. Howard,

Mayden, Wm., and his w. Joyce,

Mayflowe (ship),

-, Eleanor, see Mayhew Lutwyche
-, Sophia,

Mayhew Lutwyche (formerly Mayhew, née Lutwyche), Mrs. Eleanor, and see Lutwyche; Mayhew

Maypole Bank (in Barrow), see Shirlett common

maypole dancing,

Mayre fam., and see Meire

Meadowley (in Morville),

medicine, see health and welfare


Medley Park (in Culmington),

Medlicott, Peter,

Medlicott (in Wentnor),

meeting (assembly) halls and rooms,
-, church,
-, club,
-, parish,
-, village,
-, and see drill halls; guildhall; masonic hall; recreation room; sports hall; town halls

Meire fam., and see Mayre

Mells (Som.),

members of Parliament, see Parliament

mental deficiency or illness, and see asylums; homes

Meole Brace, and see Bayston Hill

Mercantile & General Reinsurance Co.,


merchant of the staple, and see wool: merchants

merchant tailors,

-, coal,
-, cotton,
-, hops,
-, seeds,
-, timber,
-, tobacco,
-, wool, and see merchant of the staple
-, and see merchant tailors; tea dealer

Merchelm, king of the West Hecani (or Hani), half-bro. of St. Mildburg,

Mercher, Cath.,

-, ealdorman of, see Aethelraed
-, earls of, and see Edwin; Leofric
-, kings of, see Cenred; Ceolred; Penda

-, J. (fl. 1801),
-, John (d. 1713),
-, Mary, m. John Oxenbold,
-, Mary Gladys, see Webb
-, Moses,

Merewalh, king of the West Hecani (or Hani),

Merino sheep,

Merseyside (Ches. and Lancs.),

Mershall's way,

-, John,
-, Wm.,
-, and see Marsh

Mert, the, see Batch brook

Merthyr Tydfil (Glam.), see Dowlais

Mesolithic remains, see prehistoric remains

Metcalf, Eliz.,

Methodists, plate

Metz, Warin of,

Micklethwait, R. M.,

Middlehope, Wm. of,

Middlehope (in Diddlebury),

Middlemore Emigration Homes, see Selly Oak

Middlesex, see Clerkenwell; Finchley; Hampstead; Hampton Court; Holborn; Kensington; Neasden; St. John's Wood; Turnham Green; Westminster

-, Ric. (or Ric. of the farmery), and his w.,
-, Wm. of,
-, and see Myddleton

Middleton (Middleton Higford) (in Bitterley), n,
-, Crowleasows,

Middleton Priors (in Ditton Priors),
-, 'Dodeley way',
-, Further Middleton,
-, Hither Middleton,
-, Hyde Fm.,
-, Lightwood,
-, Middleton Baggot,
-, Middleton Lodge (Hall),
-, Middleton North,
-, 'Othleye (Overleye) way',

Middleton Scriven,

Midland Bank,

Midland Gliding Club,

-, west,

Mildburg, St.,
-, anniversary,
-, feasts,
-, half-bros., see Merchelm; Mildfrith
-, relics, n,

Mildfrith, ruler of the West Hecani (or Hani), half-bro. of St. Mildburg,

Miles, Josiah,

milestone, Romano-British,

militia, see army

miller, Lawr. the, see Lawrence

miller, Wm. the, see William

millers, n,

-, E. H.,
-, Edw.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1787),
-, Thos. (fl. 1868),
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

-, Edw., n
-, Rog. of (fl. 1199),
-, Rog. of (or Rog. Tosty, d. c. 1243, ?another),
-, his dau.,
-, Thos. of,

Millichope (in Eaton-under-Heywood and Munslow), n, n,
-, Lower (Nether) Millichope (in Munslow),
-, Millichope Hall, Pk., and est., plate Moustry, the,
-, Topley (or Millichope Knoll), n,
-, Upper Millichope (in Eaton-under-Heywood),
-, Upper Millichope Fm. (formerly Millichope Ct.),
-, Upper Millichope Lodge, plate

Millichope brook,

Millichope Knoll, see Millichope: Topley

-, functions, raw materials, and products:
-, boring,
-, carding,
-, china clay,
-, colour grinding,
-, corn, not indexed
-, cotton,
-, fulling,
-, malt,
-, muncorn,
-, needles,
-, paper,
-, rolling and slitting,
-, sawing,
-, turning,
-, power sources:
-, horse,
-, steam,
-, water, not indexed
-, wind, see windmills
-, and see plates

Millward, Wm., and his w.,

-, Anne, m. John Littleton,
-, Edw., and his w. Etheldra,
-, Eliz., see Page
-, Fra. (d. 1710),
-, Fra. (fl. 1768),
-, Ric.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Childs Milner

Milnes Gaskell, see Gaskell

Miner, Jas.,

mineral water,

-, distribution, and see railways: private; river traffic; tramways and waggonways
-, extraction, see mines and quarries
-, mineral rights,
-, workers, see miners; quarrymen

miners, and see coal: miners; ironstone: miners

mines and quarries, n, plate
-, building stone,
-, flagstones,
-, mining engineer,
-, owner, and see named owners
-, roadstone,
-, slates, stone,
-, workers, see miners; quarrymen
-, and see Buxton Rock; china clay; clay; coal; copper; cornstone; Dhu stone; diorite; fireclay; fluorspar; gravel; gritstone; ironstone; lead; limestone; quartz; roadstone; sandstone; shale; siltstone; silver; soapstone; tar and pitch; tin

Minshall, Anne,

Minster (Kent), see Westgate-on-Sea

Minsterley (in Westbury),


Mint, the Royal, see London

-, Adam of,
-, Agnes, m. Ric. de Grymenhull,
-, Alice, m. Saer Mauveysin,
-, Anne,
-, Edw. (d. 1781),
-, Edw. (fl. 1787),
-, Eliz. see Cressett
-, Herb.,
-, Isabel, w. of John of,
-, John of (d. 1263),
-, John (fl. 1698),
-, Mary, m. Delabere Pritchett,
-, Peter of,
-, Priscilla, m. Thos. Beddoes,
-, Ric. of (fl. 1233),
-, Ric. (fl. 1668),
-, Ric. (fl. 1953),
-, Sam.,
-, Sarah, w. of Thos.,
-, Thos. (d. 1674),
-, Thos. (d. 1726),
-, Thos. (d. 1737),
-, Thos. (d. 1765),
-, Wal. of,
-, Wm. (fl. 1428),
-, Wm. (d. c. 1701),
-, and see Mynton

Minton (in Church Stretton), n,
-, Callow brook,
-, hos. (named),
-, Minton Hill, see Long Mynd
-, Packetstone hill, see Long Mynd
-, Queensbatch mill,

Minton Batch (in Norbury and Church Stretton),

Minton, Hollins & Co.,

Mivert, Eliz., n

-, Rog.,
-, fam.,


modeller, china,

Mogg (Monk) Forest (in Easthope, Rushbury, and Shipton),

Molière, Jean-Baptiste,

-, Caroline Eliz., see Lawley
-, John,

Monaco, see Monte Carlo

Monk Forest, see Mogg Forest

Monk Hall, Lower and Upper, see Acton Round

Monk Hall (in Monkhopton), n,
-, Field Hall,
-, and see 'Buchehale'

Monkhopton (formerly Hopton), n, n, fig.
-, Aston bridge, q.v.
-, Bakenell bridge, q.v.
-, Brierley,
-, Great Oxenbold, see Oxenbold
-, Highclear,
-, hos. (named),
-, Little Hudwick, see Hudwick
-, Monk Hall, q.v.
-, Monkhopton Lane,
-, Netchwood, q.v.
-, Pool bridge, q.v.
-, Sudford,
-, Weston, q.v.
-, Woolshope,

monks, see religious

Monkton Farleigh priory (Wilts.), n

Monkwick (in St. Giles's, Colchester, Essex),

Monmouthshire, see Black Mountains; Caerleon

Monnow, river,

Monte Carlo (Monaco),

Montfort Fathers,

-, Baldwin of,
-, his s., see William
-, Rog. of, earl of Shrewsbury (excluding refs. to him simply as Domesday tenant in chief of estates held by others),

Montgomery, earls of, see Herbert

-, castle,
-, honor of,
-, provost of,
-, seneschal of,

Montgomeryshire, see Aberhafesp; Llandrinio; Llangynw; Llanwyddelan; Llanymynech; Montgomery; Newtown; Pool Quay; Powys; Welshpool

Monyngton, Maurice,

Moody, Tom.,

Moor, the (in Stoke St. Milborough),

Moor brook,

-, John,
-, Ric.,
-, and see Mora; More

-, Ric. of the (fl. before 1306), his s., see Richard
-, Rog. of the (fl. 1355), see More
-, Rog. of the (fl. 1378), see More
-, Thos. of the (fl. 1305),
-, Wm., see More

Moorhouse, the, see Larden

Moorhouse brook,

Mor brook,

Mora, John de, and see More; Moore

-, Cath.,
-, Chas.,
-, Edw. (d. c. 1554),
-, Edw. (d. 1558),
-, Hen.,
-, Jane, see Lee
-, Jasper (d. 1614),
-, Sir Jasper (d. 1987),
-, John (d. 1586),
-, John (d. 1762),
-, Leighton,
-, Mary, see Sheppard
-, R. H. G.,
-, Ric. (fl. 1422),
-, Ric. (fl. 1434, ?another),
-, Ric. (fl. 1463),
-, Ric. (fl. 1463, another),
-, Ric. (fl. 1529),
-, Ric. (d. 1643),
-, Ric. (d. 1698),
-, Rob. (d. 1545),
-, Rob. (d. 1719),
-, Rob. (d. 1780),
-, Rob. Jasper,
-, Rog. of (fl. 1199),
-, Rog. of (fl. c. 1255),
-, Rog. de la (or Rog. of the Moorhouse) (fl. 1355),
-, his dau., see Isabel
-, Rog. de la (or Rog. of the Moorhouse) (fl. 1378, another),
-, Sam.,
-, T. J. M.,
-, Thos. (d. 1567),
-, Thos. (fl. 1602),
-, Thos. (d. 1620, ?another),
-, Thos. (d. 1689),
-, Thos. the elder (d. 1767),
-, Thos. the younger (d. 1767),
-, (formerly Willes), Thos. (d. 1804),
-, (or Moorhouse), Wm. (fl. 1422),
-, Wm. (fl. 1505),
-, fam.,
-, arms,
-, and see Moore; Mora

More, see Linley

More (formerly Moor) Hall, see Larden: Moorhouse, the

-, Gillian de, m. 1 John Clopton, 2 Thos. Crewe,
-, John de,
-, his w., see Beysin

Morell, John,

-, Anne, m. Humph. Briggs,
-, Ric.,

Moreton Corbet,

-, Ann ('Nanny'),
-, Art.,
-, C. D.,
-, Eliz.,
-, Mrs. Frances,
-, Geo.,
-, Rob.,

Morley, R. W.,

-, Chas.,
-, Chris.,
-, Cyrus,
-, John (d. 1769),
-, John (fl. 1874),
-, Josiah,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Morehall

-, Evan,
-, Sir Sam. M.,
-, and see Maurice

Morris & Co.,

morris dancing,

-, Edm. de, earl of March,
-, Joan, ctss. of March, see Geneville
-, Rog. de (d. 1330), earl of March,
-, Rog. de (d. 1360), earl of March,
-, fam.,

Morville, n, n, n,
-, King's Hay, see Shirlett common
-, and see Aldenham; Aston bridge; Aston Eyre; Bridgwalton; Haughton; Kingsley; Meadowley; Shirlett common

Moseley, Wm.,

Motley, Mary Juliana, see Gaskell

Mott, Chas.,

Mott's Road (in Church Stretton), see Long Mynd

Mount Flirt, see Brown Clee hill; Haywood

Mount Seifton, see Culmington


-, Alice, m. - Palmer,
-, Benj.,
-, Mary, w. of Ric.,
-, Ric.,

mounts, garden,

Mousell (or Mausall), John,

Mowsley, see Acton Scott

Much Wenlock, see Wenlock, Much

Much Wenlock and District Society,

Much Wenlock & Severn Junction Railway Co.,

Mucklow, A. & J., Ltd.,

Mudle (? Myddle), Rob. de, n

Municipal Corporation Act (1835),

-, John (f. 1564),
-, John (fl. 1568, ?another),
-, Rob. of,
-, Thos.,

Munslow, n, figs.
-, hos. (named),
-, rds., and see Apostles' Way; Rowe Lane
-, Rock, the (Castle Hill),
-, and see Agnes bridge; Aston Munslow; Bache Mill; Beam bridge; Beambridge; Broadstone; Hungerford; London, Little; Millichope; Poston, Lesser; Rowe Lane; Thonglands; Topley; Yeld, the

Munslow hundred, fig.

Münster, Count P. A. W., and his w.,


Musegreave (in Rushbury),

-, private, plate
-, public,

music, and see bands; choirs; fiddler; instruments, musical; minstrels; opera; orchestra; organ builder

-, Fra.,
-, John,

Myatt & Yates,

Mychell, Edm.,

Myddelmore, Hen.,

Myddle, Rob. of, see Mudle

Myddle, see Shotton

Myddleton, Thos., and see Middleton

Mynton, Thos., and his w. Anne, and see Minton

Myston, John,

-, Amy,
-, Anne,
-, Edw.,
-, H. G.,
-, Hen. (d. 1663),
-, Hen. (d. 1688),
-, Hen. (d. 1731),
-, Hen. (d. 1757),
-, Mary, w. of Thos.,
-, Thos. (d. 1752),
-, Thos. (d. 1787),
-, Thos. (d. 1874),
-, fam.,
-, arms, n

nail making,

Nantwich (Ches.), n

Napoleonic wars,

Naseby (Northants.), battle of (1645),

Natal brook,

Natal (Natle) common (in Easthope, Stanton Long, and Much Wenlock),

National Coal Board,

National Fire Service,

National Health Service,

National Olympian Society, plate

National party,

National Society for Promoting Religious Education in Accordance with the Principles of the Church of England,

National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty, n,

natural beauty,
-, area of outstanding, n,
-, and see National Trust

naturalists, n, and see botanists

nature reserve, and see sites of special scientific interest

nature trail,

navvies, n

Navy, Royal,
-, Armaments Depot,

Neachells (in Wolverhampton, Staffs.),

Neasden (in Willesden, London, formerly Mdx.),

needle making,

Neen brook, see South Rea, river

Neenton, and see Charlcotte

Nene brook, see South Rea, river

Neolithic remains, see prehistoric remains

Nesfield, W. A.,

Ness, Great, see Felton Butler

-, Mary, m. Thos. Hill,
-, Wm.,

Netchleys, the, see Enchmarsh

Netchwood (in Ditton Priors and Monkhopton),
-, Lower Netchwood,
-, Upper Netchwood, n,

'Netebech', see Stretton, All: Batch, the

Nether Bitterley, see Bitterley, Nether

Nether Comley, see Comley

Nether Larden, see Larden

Nether Lydley, see Lydley Hayes

Nether Millichope, see Millichope

Nether Smithies, see Smithies, Lower

Nether Stanway, see Wilderhope and Stanway

Nether Tugford, see Tugford: Little Tugford

Nevett, Sam.,

Nevill, Mary, m. Thos. Smith,

Neville, Ralph de, bp. of Chichester,

New Earswick, see Earswick, New

New Farley, see Farley

New House (in Tugford),

New Leasowes (in Church Stretton), see Cothercott hill

New Town, see Wenlock, Much: Bank, the

new town, see Telford new town

New Willey Co.,

New York, see Stanton Long: York Cottage

Newcomen, Thos.,

Newell, Ric.,

Newfoundland, see Hughley

Newnham (Newnam):
-, Hen.,
-, Joan, see Adams
-, Wm. (fl. 1625),
-, Wm. (d. c. 1735), and his w.,

-, Eliz., m. Thos. Lawley,
-, Sir Fra. (d. 1623),
-, Fra. (d. 1708), Baron Newport (later earl of Bradford),
-, Mgt., see Bromley
-, Sir Ric. (d. 1570),
-, Sir Ric. (d. 1651), Baron Newport,
-, Ric. (d. 1723), earl of Bradford,
-, Thos., Baron Torrington,


news rooms, see reading and news rooms


Newth, Sam.,

-, Art.,
-, Ernest,
-, Hugh of,
-, his dau., see Alice
-, Sir Peter,

Newton (in Stoke St. Milborough), n, fig.

Newtown (Mont.), n,

Nicholas, s. of Rob. of Walton,

Nicholas, Rob. s. of, see Robert son of Nicholas

Nicholas the chaplain,

Nicklin, W. & J.,

Nickson, Jane, see Oxenbold

Ning-po (Chekiang prov., China),

-, Margaret, see Strange
-, and see Noel-Hill; Nowell

-, Chas.,
-, (formerly Hill), Ric., Baron Berwick,
-, and see Hill; Noel; Nowell

nonconformity, protestant, see protestant nonconformity

Norbury, and see Minton Batch; Whitcot

Nordley (in Astley Abbots), n,
-, Hammer, the,

Norfolk, duke of, see Howard

Norfolk husbandry,

-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

Norncott, Rog.,

Norncott (in Stoke St. Milborough), n, figs.
-, Lower Norncott, n,
-, Upper Norncott,

Norncott brook, see Tugford brook

-, Thos.,
-, fam., n
-, and see Norys

Northamptonshire, and see Naseby; Norton Hall; Peterborough abbey; Theddingworth

Northfield (Worcs.), see Selly Oak

Northumberland, duke of, see Dudley

-, Art.,
-, Bonham,
-, Geo. (fl. c. 1600),
-, Sir Geo. (fl. 1714),
-, Jane, see Owen
-, -, w. of Art.,
-, fam.,

Norton Hall (Northants.),

Norton-in-Hales, n


Norwich, bp. of, see Yonge

Norys, Ric., and see Norris

novelists, see Benson, Stella; Blair; Hardy; Harraden; James, Hen.; Kettle; Kingsley; Saville; Smith, Sarah; Watson; Webb, Mary; Windsor, G. R.

Novers hill (in Church Stretton), see Stretton, All

-, Dorothy, see Petit
-, Jas.,
-, Thos.,
-, and see Noel; Noel-Hill

Nugent, M. W. B., and his w.,

-, Harriet Esther,
-, Preston,

nuns, see religious

nursery (garden),

nursing, and see homes

Nuway Rubber Mat Co.,

Oakengates urban district (in Eyton upon the Weald Moors, Lilleshall, Preston upon the Weald Moors, Shifnal, Wellington, Wombridge, and Wrockwardine),

Oakes, Mic., n; and see Cheney; Cheyne; John de quercubus

Oakham, see Lushcott

Oaks (in Pontesbury),

Oakwood, see Acton Scott; Ditton Priors

Oare, Chas.,


Observer Corps, Royal,

Odd Fellows,

Offenham (Worcs.), n

Oftfor, bp. of Worcester, n

-, Mrs. Mary,
-, (Ogdon) Rob., n,

oil production,

-, Fra. (fl. 1620), n
-, Fra. (d. 1622, ?another),
-, Fra. (d. by 1678),
-, Jane, m. Ric. Edwards,
-, John (fl. 1681),
-, John (fl. 1692),
-, Mary, m. Nic. Addenbrooke,
-, Mary, m. Ric. Manning,
-, Mic., n
-, Ric. (d. 1626),
-, Ric. (d. 1692),
-, Sam.,
-, fam.,

Old Churchmoor, see Churchmoor, Old

Old Mint Press,

Old Swinford (Staffs. and Worcs.), see Amblecote; Stourbridge

Oldfield, Ric.,

Olympian Society, National, plate

Olympic movement, plate and see Wenlock Olympian Society

Ongar (Essex), Blake Hall,

-, Dan.,
-, Frances, see Guest
-, John (fl. 1731),
-, John (d. 1819), n
-, John (d. 1859),
-, W.,
-, fam.,

Onny, river,

-, Edw.,
-, Eliz.,
-, Ric.,
-, and see Hondeslowe


orchards, n, and see apple trees; nursery; pear trees


Ordnance Survey,

organ builder,

Orwell, Geo., see Blair

Osbern son of (or fitz) Hugh,

Osbern son of (or fitz) Richard,

Osbert (fl. 1170),

-, Chas.,
-, Mary, see Whitmore

Oschil, see Eskil

Osland, Geo.,

Ospringe (Kent),

Ossory, bp. of, see Brackley

-, Joan, n
-, John (fl. 1477), n
-, John (fl. before 1517, ?another),
-, and see Wossolde

Oswaldslow liberty or hundred (Worcs.), n

Oswell, A. E. Lloyd,

Oswestry, Thos.,

Oswestry, n
-, barony of, n,

Oteley (in Ellesmere),

'Othleye way', see Middleton Priors

Ottar (Otro, fl. 1066),

Ottery, Rog. of,

Ottley, Sir Chas., and his w.,

Ouen (?Owen), St., bp. of Rouen,


Over Larden, see Larden

Over Stanway, see Wilderhope and Stanway

Over Tugford, see Tugford: Great Tugford

'Overleye way', see Middleton Priors

Overton, Mgt.,

Overton (Flints.),

Owayn, Rog., and see Owen

Owen, St., see Ouen

-, Ann, see Corne
-, E. H.,
-, Edw.,
-, F. C.,
-, Geo.,
-, Herb.,
-, Jane, m. Bonham Norton,
-, Jos.,
-, Thos.,
-, arms, n
-, and see Owayn

-, Alice, w. of Ric.,
-, Eliz., m. - Cook,
-, Jane, m. - Nickson,
-, John,
-, Mary (d. 1769), see Meredith
-, Mary (d. 1811), m. Ric. Pinches,
-, Phil.,
-, Ric. (d. 1589),
-, Ric. (d. 1798),
-, his bro.,
-, his nieces,
-, Thos. (fl. 1704),
-, Thos. (d. 1717, ?another),
-, Wm. (fl. 1514),
-, Wm. (fl. 1550, ?another),
-, fam.,

Oxenbold (in Monkhopton and Stanton Long),
-, Bentley, Parva (in Stanton Long),
-, Great Oxenbold (in Monkhopton and Stanton Long), n, n, n, n,
-, Little Oxenbold (in Stanton Long),
-, Nether Old Oxenbold (in Stanton Long),
-, Old Ho. (formerly Oxenbold Leasows or Leasow Ho.) (in Stanton Long),
-, Old Oxenbold (in Stanton Long),
-, Poplars, the (in Stanton Long),

Oxenbold brook,

Oxenbold (later Shipton) manor leet (late medieval), in Wenlock liberty and borough,
-, members subject to the leet:
-, Corve,
-, Larden,
-, Patton,
-, Shipton,
-, Skimblescott,
-, Weston,

Oxenden, Anne, see Holloway

-, ctss. of, see Trussell
-, earls of, see Vere

-, univ.,
-, Christ Ch.,
-, Oriel Coll.,

Oxfordshire, see Bampton; Oxford

P.R.A., see Royal Academy of Art, president

Pacie, Edw.,

Packetstone hill (in Church Stretton), see Long Mynd

Paddy, Eliz., see Hearne

-, Ada, m. Ric. Langford,
-, Alice, ?w. of Nic.,
-, Eliz., m. Fra. Milner,
-, Harry,
-, John (fl. 1401),
-, John (fl. 1640),
-, Nic.,
-, fam.,

paint (colour) making,

Painter, Wm.,

painter, house,

painters (artists), and see de Wet, Louis H.; Knight, Frances; Leighton, Sir Frederic; Randall, John; Smallwood; Smirke; Smith, John Halphed; Smith, John Homes; Stretton, Phil. Eustace

-, on hangings,
-, heraldic, and see arms
-, on tiles,
-, on wainscot,
-, on walls and ceilings,
-, and see painters

-, Anne, m. Sir Hen. Audley,
-, Bridget, m. John Lyttelton,
-, Humph. (fl. 1544),
-, Humph. (d. 1631),
-, Sir John (d. 1560),
-, John (d. 1578),

-, Alice (d. 1633), w. of Hen.,
-, Alice (fl. 1841), see Mountford
-, Edw. (d. 1677),
-, Edw. (fl. 1807),
-, Hen.,
-, Lancelot,
-, Lawr.,
-, Ric.,
-, Rob.,
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1553),
-, Thos. (d. 1732),
-, Wm. (fl. 1563),
-, Wm. (d. 1593, ?another),
-, Wm. (d. 1777),

pans, frying,

Panter, Patrick,

Panting, Rob., see Gardner

Pantulf, Wm.,

paper making,

Papillon, Thos.,

Paramore (Parramore):
-, John,
-, Ric.,
-, Wm.,

-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,

Parker & Unwin,

parkers, see keepers and parkers

parks and gardens:
-, gardens, n,
-, parks:
-, private, n,
-, public,
-, and see garden and landscape designers; gardening; grottos; hays;
-, mounts; nursery; obelisks; recreation grounds; rotundas; summer houses; statuary; temples

-, Acts, see named Acts
-, Ho. of Commons:
-, elections,
-, members, n,
-, speakers, n,
-, Long Parliament, n

Parliamentarians (Civil War), and see regicide

Parr fam.,

Parramore, see Paramore

-, John,
-, Ric.,
-, Wm.,

parties and groups, political, see named parties and groups

Parva Bentley, see Oxenbold

Pass, Sarah,

-, John,
-, Mary, see Smith
-, W. S.,

patronage board, see Hereford diocese

Patshull (Staffs.),

Patson, Ralph,

Patten, Ric.,

Pattingham (Staffs.),

-, Hugh of (fl. 1256),
-, Hugh of (fl. 1348),
-, Phil. of,
-, Sibyl of,
-, Steph. of,

Patton (in Stanton Long), n,
-, ch. (possibly early par.),
-, Corve (Corve Barn, Corve Pk.), n,
-, hos. (named),
-, Greenway, the,

Patton hundred,

'Patton way',

-, Sir Geo. Onesiphorus,
-, Sir Onesiphorus,

-, clerks of the,
-, justices of the (magistrates),
-, sessions of the, see petty and special sessions; quarter sessions

'Peandan Wrye' (Penda's 'Wrye'),

pear trees, and see orchards

-, Ann, m. Wm. Thomson,
-, Cath. (d. 1808), see Pearce Hall
-, Cath. (d. by 1809), m. Thos. Browne,
-, Chas., see Pearce Hall
-, Eliz., see Hall
-, Jas.,
-, John,
-, Ric.,
-, Wm., see Pearce Hall
-, Wredenhall,
-, and see Pierce

Pearce Hall (formerly Pearce):
-, Cath., m. Sir C. W. Boughton (later Boughton Rouse, later Rouse Boughton),
-, Chas., n
-, Wm.,
-, and see Hall; Halle; Pearce; Pierce

Pearson, Rog.,


Peaton (in Diddlebury),

-, Randle,
-, Wm.,

Peckham, Sir Edm.,

Peckledy, see Heath, the

-, Hugh of, n
-, Sir Wal. of, n

Pee, Ric.,


Pelham, see Cressett Pelham; Thursby-Pelham

Pelsall (in Wolverhampton, Staffs.),

-, Rob. (d. 1794),
-, Rob. (d. 1816),
-, Rob. Norgrave,
-, Thos., n,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,
-, arms, n
-, and see Childe-Pemberton

Pembroke, earls of, and see Hastings; Herbert

Penda, king of Mercia,

Penda's 'Wrye', see 'Peandan Wrye'

Pendeford, Rob. de,
-, his w., see Coven

Penhill, Reynold de,

Penkridge, see Lydley Hayes

Penkridge (Staffs.),
-, Eaton, Water, q.v.
-, Pillaton,

Pennsylvania, see Lower Wood

-, Eliz., m. - Gage,
-, Sir Geo.,
-, Ursula, see Lawley

Pepys, Hen., bp. of Worcester,

perch (fish),

Percy, Thos., earl of Worcester,

Periers, Hugh of,
-, his w., see Cheney

Perkins, Miss (fl. 1806),

Perry fam., n

Pershore (Worcs.), see Pinvin

'Pertley', see 'Petelie'

Peshall, Maud, see Swynnerton

'Petelie' ('Pertley', 'Purteley', 'Putlee'), probably Perkley (in Much Wenlock), n,

Peter son of Reynold,

Peter the mason, and his w. Maud,

Peterborough abbey (Northants), n, n

-, Alice, see Elmbridge
-, Dorothy, m. John Kynnersley, Thos. Nowell,
-, Hen.,
-, John,
-, Ric.,
-, Rob.,
-, Thos.,

petty and special sessions of the peace,



Phelipps, Fra., and see Phillipps; Phillips

Philip, neph. of Steph. of Smethcott, n

Philip son of Stephen, see Badger

Phillipps, John, and see Phelipps; Phillips

-, Ambrose,
-, Chas.,
-, Edw. (fl. 1735),
-, Edw. (d. 1782), n
-, Edw. (d. 1785), n
-, Edw. (?another),
-, Fra.,
-, G. M.,
-, Phil.,
-, Ric. (fl. c. 1700),
-, Ric. (fl. 1787),
-, Rob.,
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Phelipps; Phillipps

-, Edm.,
-, fam.,

Phipps, Edwin,

physicians (doctors),

-, Sir Rog. (fl. 1278, ?d. 1294), his s. Rog. (fl. 1279), n

Picklescott (in Smethcott),

Pickthorn (in Stottesdon), fig.

Pierce, Wm., and see Pearce; Pearce Hall

Pierce & Co.,

pig breed, see Chinese pigs

pigeon houses, see dovecots

-, Eliz., m. Thos. Russell,
-, Wm.,

Pigot, Harriet Mgt., see Cheney

Pigott fam.,

Pikes, the, see Cardington Hill

Pilgrim Lane, see Wilderhope and Stanway

Pilkington, Ashworth,

Pillaton (Staffs.), see Penkridge

-, Eliz. (d. 1822),
-, Eliz. (d. 1859), m. R. J. Buddicom,
-, Fulk,
-, John,
-, Mgt., see Lewes
-, Mary, see Oxenbold
-, Ric. (d. 1639),
-, Ric. (d. 1720),
-, Ric. (d. 1789),
-, Thos.,
-, Wm. (d. 1631),
-, Wm. (d. c. 1680),
-, Wm. (d. 1712),
-, Wm. (d. 1727),
-, Wm. (d. 1752),
-, Wm. (d. 1818),
-, Wm. (d. 1849),
-, fam.,

Pingleys Heys, see Hoar Edge and Blackhurst

Pinnock, Wm., and his w. Eliz.,

Pinu, Guillaume de, archdn. of Vézelay,

Pinvin (in St. Andrew's, Pershore, Worcs.), n

pipemakers (workers),

pipes, clay:
-, drainage and sanitary,
-, tobacco, fig. and see pipemakers

pipes, iron,

Pirbright Lodge (Surr.),

Pires, Beatrice, see Beatrice

pit props,

pitch, see tar and pitch

-, Geof. of (fl. c. 1260),
-, Geof. of (fl. 1320),
-, Ric. of (fl. c. 1300),
-, Ric. of (fl. 1312, another),

Pitchford, n

-, Benj.,
-, Fra. (fl. 1811),
-, Fra. (fl. 1827, ?another),
-, Humph.,
-, his daus.,
-, Maria, m. - Edwards,
-, Thos. (fl. 1773),
-, Thos. (fl. 1875),

Plaish (in Cardington), n, n, n,
-, Church Lane,
-, Plaish Hall, plate

Plaish (Hughley, Ree, or Rey) brook, and n,
-, Washing brook?,

-, Art., Vct. Lisle,
-, Eliz., Vctss. Lisle, see Grey
-, Ric., duke of York and earl of March,


plasterwork, plate

plating (iron),

playing (sports) fields, and
-, see recreation grounds

playwrights, see Farquhar; Molière

Plowden (in Lydbury North),


-, Jos., see Corbett
-, Panton, see Corbett

Plymouth Brethren,

-, John le,
-, his w., see Christine
-, Rog. le,
-, fam.,

poets, see Browne, Isaac Hawkins, (d. Davies, Sneyd; Hardy; Housman; Jordan, Judith; Leighton, Sir Wm. (fl. 1614); MacNeice; Webb, Mary; Wyke, Ric.

police, plate

political groups and parties, see Chartists; Conservative party; Labour party; Liberal party; National party; Parliamentarians; Peelites; regicide; Royalists


Pontesbury, and see Cruckton; Oaks

Pool, Wm., and see Poole

Pool bridge (in Monkhopton and Stanton Long),

Pool Quay (in Guilsfield, Mont.),

Poole, Jos., and see Pool

Poole & Lloyd,

poorhouses, see workhouses and poorhouses

Pope, Cath., n

Poplars, the, see Oxenbold

porcelain (china), fig. plate
-, workers, and see china
-, modeller

port (river), and see river traffic

Port Way, the (Long Mynd),

portable buildings,

-, Jas.,
-, W. E. B.,
-, Wm.,

'Portway (Ditton Priors to Much Wenlock)',

portways, and see Port Way; 'Portway'

Posenhall, figs.
-, Bradley grange, q.v.
-, Haybrook Pottery, n,
-, Marsh Head,
-, Marsh manor, q.v.
-, Posenhall green,

Posenhall Farm, Little, see Benthall

posting house,

posting stables, and see jobmastering; livery

postmaster general, n


Poston, John, n

Poston, Great (in Diddlebury),

Poston, Lesser (Little or Lower) (in Munslow), n, fig.

posts (mail) and post offices, and see posting house; posting stables; postmaster general; postmasters

Potteries, the (Staffs.), and see Hanley; Stoke-on-Trent

pottery (earthenware):
-, distribution,
-, manufacture,
-, and see porcelain; stoneware; terracotta

Potts, E. B.,

pounds (pinfolds),

-, Edw.,
-, Eliz., w. of Ric.,
-, Mic. Latham,
-, R. M. W.,
-, Rachel, see Burton
-, Ric. (d. 1806),
-, Ric. (d. 1845),
-, Rob.,
-, Sam.,
-, Thos. (d. c. 1670), n
-, Thos. (fl. 1776),
-, Thos. (fl. 1812),
-, fam.,

Powis, earl of, and see Herbert

Powke, Wm.,

Powkesmore, see Ditton Priors

-, Ann, see Hadnall
-, Anne, see Smith
-, Hampden,
-, Wm.,

-, Sir Littleton,
-, Revd. Thos. (fl. 1762),
-, Thos. (d. 1767),
-, Thos. (d. 1800), Baron Lilford,

Powys, marcher lordship later in Mont.,

Poyner, Ralph,

Poyntz, see Littleton

-, G. F. W.,
-, Geo.,
-, fam.,

-, Hen.,
-, Jas.,
-, Wm. (two of this name),

Preen (in Cardington and Church Preen), early estate and medieval parish including Church Preen (see Preen, Church) and Holt Preen (see Preen, Holt), n

Preen, Church, n, n
-, Preen Manor,
-, Preen priory, q.v.

Preen, Holt (Little Preen or Preen Girros) (in Cardington),
-, Bowman Hill,
-, Dayhouse (Lower Dayhouse or Day Ho.),
-, Holt, the,
-, Holt Fm.,
-, Holy mill,

Preen priory (in Church Preen), n,

'Preen way', see Easthope

Preen's Eddy, see Jackfield

Preen's Eddy bridge, see Coalport bridge

Prees, see Sandford

prehistoric remains,
-, Mesolithic,
-, Neolithic,
-, Bronze Age, and see barrows
-, Iron Age, and see hill forts


Pressburger, Emeric (formerly Emmerich, Imre Josef),

Prestage fam.,

Prestage & Broseley Tileries Ltd.,

Prestage & Co.,

Prestenden (in Barrow),
-, 'Winneford (Gonninghford, Guynyfordes) yate',

-, John of (?two or more of this name),
-, his s., see Thomas
-, Margery of,
-, Ralph of (fl. 12th cent.),
-, his s., see Roger
-, Ralph of (fl. 1262),
-, Thos. of,

Presthope (in Much Wenlock), plate
-, Black Barn Fm.,
-, Five Chimneys, the,
-, Plough Fm.,

Preston, Thos.,

Preston upon the Weald Moors, see Oakengates urban district

-, Dan.,
-, Drusilla, see Botterell
-, Edw.,
-, and see Price-Stretche; Pryce

Price-Stretche, T. E., and see Price; Pryce

prime minister,

Primrose Bank, see Thonglands

Prinknash abbey (Glos.),


Prior's Hawksyard (in Broseley),

Prior's Tongue, see Willey: parks (medieval)

Prior's wood (in Barrow), see Shirlett common

Priorslee (in Shifnal), Snedshill,

-, Mrs. Fanny,
-, Geo.,
-, John (d. 1837),
-, John (d. 1891),
-, Mary Anne,
-, Thos. Farnolls,

-, Delabere,
-, Mary, see Minton

Privy Council, and see councillor, royal

-, (formerly Coleman), E. B.,
-, Hen.,

professions, see actresses; architects; artists and designers; attorneys; auctioneers; aviator; bankers; barristers; broadcaster; garden and landscape designers; land agents; lawyers; painters (artists); physicians; sculptors; surgeons; and see trade, trades, and occupations

Proffit, Mrs. (fl. 1900),

prostitution, see brothels

protestant nonconformity, see Baptists; Gospel Army; Independents; Methodists; Presbyterians; Quakers; United Reformed Church

-, John,
-, fam.,
-, and see Price; Price-Stretche

Public Health Act (1872),

public services, see cemeteries; electricity supply; fire services; gas supply; lighting, street; National Fire Service; sewage disposal; water supply

publisher, n

-, Hugh,
-, Wm.,

-, Reynold of,
-, his dau., see Emme

Pulverbatch, barony of,

Pulverbatch, Church, and see Cothercott; Cothercott hill; Wilderley

pump maker,

-, Alice, m. Sir Wm. Winsbury,
-, Edw.,
-, Eliz., see Langley
-, Emme, w. of Thos.,
-, Hugh,
-, John,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam., n,

-, Jessie Constance,
-, Wal.,

-, John,
-, Nic.,

Purslow hundred, n

'Purteley' ('Putlee'), see 'Petelie'

Puttenham (Surr.),

Pye (Clee) brook,

Pynde, Nic.,

'Pynleshai', see Hoar Edge and Blackhurst

Quäck, Emil,

Quakers (Friends),

quarries, see mines and quarries


quarter sessions of the peace,

quartz, n

Quatford, and see Eardington

Quatt, n, and see Dudmaston; Wootton

quays, see wharves and quays

Queen Anne's Bounty,

quercubus, John de, see John de quercubus; and see Cheney; Cheyne; Oakes

-, H. B., w. of R. H.,
-, R. H., n

Quinny brook, see Marsh brook

quo warranto proceedings, n,





-, Cath., w. of Sir John,
-, Sir John,
-, fam.,


Radnorshire, and see Bryngwyn; Knighton

Ragdon (in Hope Bowdler), hos. (named), n,

Ragleth hill, see Stretton, Little

railway contractor,

railway engineer,

-, private, plate and see inclined planes; tramways and waggonways
-, public, plate

Rainforth, Edw.,

Rainsford, Hen.,

Ralph, s. of Roger,

Ralph son of Edward,

Ramsden, Sir John,

Ramsden Heath (in Ramsden Bellhouse, Essex),

-, John,
-, T. M.,

Ratlinghope, and see Ratlinghope priory; Stitt

Ratlinghope priory,

-, Ann, see Corfield
-, Kath., see Ludlow
-, R. C.,
-, Rob.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1590),
-, Thos. (fl. 1799),
-, fam., n

-, John,
-, Wm.,

Raymond, s. of Vivian of Rossall,

Raynolds, John, and see Reynoldes; Reynolds

Rea, South, river (Rea brook), see South Rea, river

-, F. W.,
-, Jos.,
-, Thos.,

reading and news rooms, and see libraries: public

recreation grounds (fields), and see parks: public; playing fields

recreation room,

Redhode, John,

Redmarley D'Abitot (Glos., formerly Worcs.),

Ree brook, see Plaish brook

Rees, John ap, see John

Reform Act (1832),



registrar, superintendent,

Reigate, Gilb. of,

'Reisolent', Helgot of, see Helgot

religious (monks and nuns) and religious orders, see anchoress; Augustinian canonesses; Benedictine monks; Cluniac monks; Hospitaller, Knights; Lydley preceptory; Montfort Fathers; Sacred Heart, Convent of the; St. Louis, sisters of; Sion, sisters of Our Lady of

Repton (Derb.),

requests, local court of,

Research and Preservation (Historical) Ltd.,

Résenlieu (Orne),

Reve, Thos.,

Rey brook, see Plaish brook

Reynold (fl. 1151), prior of Wenlock,

Reynold (d. by 1120), and his w. and s.,

Reynold, Peter s. of, see Peter son of Reynold

Reynold the sheriff, see Bailleul

Reynoldes, Ric., and see Raynolds; Reynolds

-, Ric.,
-, Thos, (d. c. 1663), n
-, Thos. (fl. 1730),
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Raynolds; Reynoldes

Rhe, the, see Farley brook

Ribbesford (Worcs.), see Bewdley

Richard I,

Richard, king of the Romans and earl of Cornwall,

Richard, s. of Ric. of the Moorhouse,

Richard, s. of Phil. of Sutton,

Richard (fl. before 1321), chaplain of Barrow,

Richard (fl. 1086),

Richard, Osbern s. of (or fitz), see Osbern son of Richard

Richard son of John,

Richard the chaplain (fl. 15th cent.),

Richard of the farmery, see Middleton

-, Bryan,
-, Mrs. Mary,
-, Ric., n

Richard's Castle (Herefs. and Salop.), barony of,

Ricketts, Mary Anne, see Jervis

Riddings, the (in Broseley),
-, Lower Riddings,
-, Riddings Lane,
-, Upper (High) Riddings,

Rider, Geo.,


-, Eleanor,
-, Reynold (Reginald),
-, Ric.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1541),
-, Thos. (fl. 1565, ?another),

Ridley, Geo., & Sons,

Ridsdale, Edw.,

Ridware, Sir Rog. of,

rifle club,


Ripon Observer, n

river traffic, and see bargemen and watermen; barges; boats; coracle making; ferries; port (river); trows; wharves and quays

Rivers Pollution Prevention Act (1876),

roads and transport, see buses; coaching; drift roads; ferries; inclined planes; portways; railways; tarmac; toll gates and houses; tramways and waggonways; turnpike roads; and see river traffic


Robert, ?s. of Azor Bigot,

Robert, s. of Turold of Verley,

Robert (fl. 1086, ?two of this name),

Robert, Wm. s. of, see William son of Robert

Robert son of (or fitz) Corbet,
-, his daus.,

Robert son of Nicholas (?two of this name),

Robert son of Waukelin,
-, his w., see Amice

Robert, Evan,

-, Alice, see Langworth
-, Dinah,
-, John, see Wele
-, Jonathan,
-, Ric.,
-, Sarah, m. Thos. Baker,
-, Thos. (fl. 1681),
-, Thos. (fl. 1851),
-, fam., n

-, Benj.,
-, Geo.,
-, Joan, see Childe
-, John (fl. before 1518),
-, John (fl. 1829),
-, Ric.,
-, Wm.,
-, - (fl. c. 1830),
-, fam.,

Rock, the, see Jackfield

Rock Metal Co.,

-, Edw.,
-, Noah,
-, Sam.,
-, Serjant,
-, fam.,

Roden, Sam., & Co.,

Roden, river,

Roger, s. of Ralph of Presthope,
-, his s., see Ralph

Roger, s. of Steph. of Smethcott,

Roger (fl. c. 1211), clerk,

Roger son of Alan,

Roger the huntsman (venator),

Rogers, Miss (fl. 1806),

rolling (iron),

Roman Bank (in Rushbury),

Roman Catholicism, see

Romano-British remains,
-, brooches,
-, burials,
-, church, possible,
-, coins,
-, drain, possible, n
-, enclosures,
-, milestone, possible,
-, pottery,
-, quarry, possible, n
-, roads, and see Watling Street
-, sculpture,
-, villas or other houses,

Romans, king of the, see Richard

-, Ives of,
-, Leo of,

Romsley (in Alveley),

rope making,

Roper, Wm.,

-, John,
-, Jos.,
-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,

Rose, John, & Co.,

Ross-on-Wye (Herefs.),

-, Thos. of,
-, Vivian of,
-, his s., see Raymond
-, fam.,

Rotsey, Ant.,

rotundas, garden, and see summer houses; temples

Rouen, bp. of, see Ouen, St.

Round hill (in Church Stretton), see Long Mynd

Roundthorn, see Ledwyche, Upper

-, Sir C. H.,
-, (formerly Boughton Rouse, formerly Boughton), Sir C. W.,
-, Cath., see Pearce Hall
-, Mary F.,
-, Sir W. St. A.,
-, fam.,

Roving(s), the, see Caughley

Rowe (Bodgate, Bog gate, Bowgate, Marsh) Lane (in Munslow and Stanton Long),
-, Cuckolds' Row,

rowing, see regatta

-, E. T.,
-, John, see Stanley

-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,

Rowman Lane, see Rushbury

Rowmers Corner (in Barrow), see Shirlett common

-, Hen.,
-, John (fl. 1435, two of this name),
-, John (fl. c. 1497),
-, John (d. 1561),
-, Maud, m. Wm. Knyfton,

Rowton, Wm. of, see Ludlow

Rowton (in Broseley),

Royal Academy of Art, president (P.R.A.),

Royal Air Force, see Air Training Corps; Royal Observer Corps

royal arms,

Royal British Legion,

royal clerks, see clerks: royal

Royal Mint, the, see London

Royal Navy,
-, Armaments Depot,

Royal Observer Corps,

Royalists (Civil War),

-, Edw. (fl. 1617),
-, Edw. (d. 1638, ?another), and his w. Anne,
-, Fra. (fl. 1605),
-, Fra. (fl. c. 1659),
-, Judith, m. Fra. Tarver,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,

Ruckley (in Ruckley and Langley),

Ruckley and Langley, and see Hoar Edge and Blackhurst; Langley; Ruckley

-, Abel,
-, Abraham,
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

rug making,

Runcorn, Baron, see Vosper

Runcorn (Ches.), see Clifton


-, Herb. of,
-, his sisters, and see Willey, Parnel of

Rushbury, n, fig.
-, brooks (named),
-, Fegg, see Wilderhope and Stanway
-, Gretton common, see Haywood
-, hos. (named),
-, Lutwyche, see Wilderhope and Stanway
-, Rowman Lane,
-, Stanway, see Wilderhope and Stanway
-, Wall's Bank, see Haywood
-, woods (named),
-, and see Acton, Stone; Blackwood; Coats; Gilberries, the; Gretton; Hargrove; Haywood; Hope Dale; Knaves Dale; Larden Ditches; Lily wood; Mogg Forest; Musegreave; Roman Bank; Wall; Wall, East; Wall Bank; Wilderhope and Stanway; Yeld, the

Rushbury & Eaton Association for the Prosecution of Felons,

-, Edm.,
-, Edw.,
-, Eliz. (fl. 1662), see Pigge
-, Eliz. (d. 1713), w. of Wm.,
-, John (fl. 1432),
-, John (d. 1437, ?another), n
-, John (fl. 1590),
-, John (fl. 1790),
-, John (d. 1814),
-, Mgt., w. of Thos.,
-, Ric. (d. by 1460),
-, (or Baker), Ric. (fl. 1508),
-, Rog.,
-, Thos. (d. by 1432),
-, Thos. (fl. 1666),
-, Thos. (d. 1687),
-, Thos. (d. 1746), and his w. Eliz.,
-, Wal.,
-, Wm. (fl. 1460),
-, Wm. (fl. 1590),
-, Wm. (d. 1686),
-, Wm. (fl. 1712),
-, Wm. (d. 1727),
-, Wm. (fl. 1753),
-, Revd. Wm. (fl. 1766),
-, fam., n,
-, and see Hamilton-Russell

-, John of (d. by 1203),
-, John of (fl. 13th cent., ?two or more of this name),
-, Phil. of,
-, Ric. of,

Ruthall (in Ditton Priors),
-, Lower Ruthall,
-, Ruthall Fm.,
-, Ruthall Manor,
-, Upper Ruthall,
-, and see Ashfield and Ruthall

Rutter, Wm.,

Rye Felton, see Felton, Rye

Ryeland sheep,


Ryton (in Condover),

Sabery fam., see Savery

Sacred Heart, convent of the,

saddlers, and see harness maker

Saemaer (Semaer, fl. 1066),

saggar works,

sail maker,

St. Aubyn & Wadling,

St. David's, bp. of, see Mainwaring

St. Dunstan's (charity),

St. John's Wood (in Hampstead, London, formerly Mdx.),

St. Louis, Sisters of,

St. Mildburg Way (in Shipton, Stanton Long, and Much Wenlock),

Salop, archdn. of (Heref. dioc.), and see Corbett; Vickers; Wheeler; Wolverhampton

Salop Infirmary, see Shrewsbury

Salop Pottery Co. Ltd.,

Salopian China Manufactory, fig.

Salopian China Warehouse,

Salopian Decorative Art Pottery Co.,

-, H.,
-, Mrs. H.,

salt making,

Salter, Rog.,

Salthouse(s), see Jackfield

Saltonstall, Mary, see Weld

Salusbury, C. A.,


Sande, Eliz., n; and see Sandes; Sond

Sandes, Edw., n, and see Sande; Sond

-, Folliot,
-, Geo.,
-, Holland,
-, Hugh,
-, Humph.,
-, Nic.,
-, Ralph of,
-, Ric. of (d. 1249),
-, Ric. (fl. 1497),
-, Ric. (d. c. 1532),
-, Ric. (d. 1860),
-, fam.,

Sandford (in Prees),

sandstone quarrying, and see gritstone quarrying

Sandwich, Hamon of,

-, Sam.,
-, Thos., and his w.,
-, fam., n
-, and see Zankey

Sargeon, Mary,

Sarn, see Ebnal

-, John (fl. 1404),
-, Sir John (fl. 1486),
-, Sir John (fl. 1600),
-, Maud, see Swynnerton
-, fam.,

-, Chas. (two of this name),
-, (or Sabery) fam.,

Saville, Leonard Malcolm,

savings banks,


saw mills,


-, Geof. de,
-, his w., see Cheney
-, Rog. de,

-, C. E.,
-, Edw.,

Scaltoke, Wm.,

Schippeye, Wm. de,
-, his w., see Amice

scholars, see writers and scholars

school boards,


scientific interest, sites of special,

Scirmidge, the, fig.

Scory, John, bp. of Hereford, n

-, Isabel, w. of Reynold le,
-, John le (d. 1237), earl of Chester,
-, his sis., see Ada
-, John le (fl. 1338), see Acton
-, Reynold le,
-, his f., see Thomas
-, Wal. le (fl. 1263),
-, Wal. le (fl. 1328),
-, fam.,
-, and see Duns Scotus; Scott


Scotot, Steph. de, see Bitterley

-, Cath., see Hayward
-, fam., n
-, and see Duns Scotus; Scot

Scropton (Derb.), see Foston

sculptors, see Baker, Wm. (fl. 1747); Chantrey; Clarke, Rob.; Hancox; Wood, F. D.; and see wood carvers


Second World War,

-, Cecily, w. of Wal. le,
-, Wal. le,

Seddon, J. P.,

seed merchant,

Seifton, Mount, see Culmington

Selly Oak (in Birmingham, formerly in Northfield, Worcs.), Middlemore Emigration Homes,

Selman, Fra.,

Selznick, David O.,

Semaer, see Saemaer

serjeants at law,

Serjeantson, Marian, plate

setters (gun dogs),

Severn, river, plates
-, ferries over,
-, Hill rails, q.v.
-, traffic, see river traffic
-, weirs,

Severn gorge, plate

Severn Valley Gas Corporation Ltd.,

Severn Valley line (West Midland Railway),

-, Cath., w. of Thos.,
-, Thos.,

sewage disposal,

Seward, see Siward

-, Alice, w. of Nic.,
-, Isabella, see Leighton
-, Nic.,

Shadwell, see Wenlock, Much

shale quarrying,

-, Ric. Norman,
-, fam.,

Shawbury, see Besford; Wytheford forge

Shayle, F. H.,

Shearer, Wal.,


sheep breeds, see Hereford sheep; Leicester sheep; Merino sheep; Ryeland sheep; Shropshire Down sheep; Shropshire sheep; Southdown sheep

Sheinton, n,

-, Jane, see Lingen
-, Wm.,

shells (artillery), and see ammunition

Shelton (in St. Chad's and St. Julian's, Shrewsbury), pauper lunatic asylum,

-, Edw. (fl. 1608),
-, Edw. (fl. 1614, another),
-, Eliz. (fl. 1652), w. of Isaac, n
-, Eliz. (d. 1779), see Ambler
-, Isaac,
-, John (d. c. 1568),
-, John (d. 1631),
-, John (fl. 1650, two of this name),
-, John (d. 1765),
-, John (fl. 1794),
-, Mary, m. Hen. More,
-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,
-, fam., n

sheriff, Reynold the, see Bailleul

-, n, and see
-, Bailleul; under-sheriffs

Shields, W. H.,

Shifnal, n, n, and see Hatton Grange; Haughton; Oakengates urban district; Priorslee; Stafford Park industrial estate

Shifnal poor-law union and rural (sanitary) district,

ships, and see Ajax; Mayflower

Shipton, fig. plate
-, Brockton, q.v.
-, Easthope Memorial Hall,
-, hos. (named),
-, Shipton Hall, fig.
-, Larden, q.v.
-, Larden Ditches, q.v.
-, Little Shipton,
-, Mogg Forest, q.v.
-, St. Mildburg Way, q.v.
-, Skimblescott, q.v.
-, Skimblescott bridge, q.v.

Shipton cross,

Shirlett common (in Acton Round, Barrow, and Morville), former hay of Shirlett forest, fig.
-, Earl's wood,
-, King Edw. VII Memorial Sanatorium,
-, King's Hay,
-, Maypole Bank,
-, parkland, see Willey: parks (17thcent.)
-, Prior's wood,
-, Black Moors, the,
-, Rowmers Corner,
-, Shirlett monument,
-, Walton's Eaves,
-, White Mines,
-, Willey Heald or Hill,
-, Kennel Bank,
-, Willey pk. (17th-cent.), see Willey:
-, parks

Shirlett forest,
-, Shirlett hay, see Shirlett common

Shirley fam.,

shoemakers (corvisors), n,

-, game, and see cockshoots
-, military or target,

shooting (archery) butts, see butts

Shootrough Farm, see Comley

shot, and see ammunition

Shotton (in Myddle),

Showsmith, Thos., n

-, ctss. of, see Beauchamp
-, earls of, and see Bellême; Montgomery; Talbot

-, n,
-, n, n,
-, abbey, see Shrewsbury abbey
-, castle,
-, St. Mic.'s chap.,
-, Castle Gates,
-, co. gaol,
-, Holy Cross par., see Abbey Foregate; London Road
-, roads to,
-, St. Alkmund's ch.,
-, St. Chad's par., see Isle, the; Shelton
-, St. Julian's par., and see Bayston Hill; Shelton
-, St. Mary's ch.,
-, St. Peter's ch., see Abbey Foregate
-, Salop Infirmary,

Shrewsbury abbey,

Shrewsbury and Atcham borough,

Shrewsbury & Hereford Railway,

Shrewsbury hundred,

Shrewsbury Methodist circuit,

Shrewsbury School,

Shrewsbury Technical College, see London Road

'shrift corn',

Shropshire & Staffordshire Artillery Volunteers,

Shropshire Artillery Volunteer Corps, 1st,

Shropshire Constabulary, plate
-, chief constable,

Shropshire County Council:
-, education,
-, election, n
-, fire service,
-, health service,
-, libraries,
-, museums,
-, planning,
-, smallholdings,
-, social services,

Shropshire Down sheep,

Shropshire Provident Society,

Shropshire Royal Horse Artillery,

Shropshire sheep,

Shropshire South (formerly Ludlow and Craven Arms) Methodist circuit,


Shushions (in Church Eaton, Staffs.), n

Shyer's brook, n

Sibyl, see Basile


Sidebotham, Sarah Eliz., see Ireland

-, Thos. of,
-, (or the Dykes), Walinger of (?two of this name),
-, his bro., see Aubrey
-, Wm. of,

Sidnall (in Ditton Priors), n, n,
-, Sidnall Fm.,

siltstone quarrying,

silver mining,


Simon (fl. before 1192),
-, his ss., see James; William

Simons, Thos.,

Simpson, Wm.,

Singer (or Wenlock), Ric., prior of Wenlock,

singers, church, see choirs: in churches

Sion, sisters of Our Lady of,

Sir Hugo (racehorse),

sites of special scientific interest,

Siward (Seward, fl. 1066, ?two of this name),

Siward (fl. 1086, ?another),

Siward the champion, see Frankton


Skett, John,

-, John of,
-, Rog. of (fl. 1255),
-, Rog. of (fl. 1325),
-, Wal. of,

Skimblescott (in Shipton), n,

Skimblescott bridge (in Shipton and Stanton Long),

Skinner, J. L.,


skins, dealer in, and see fellmongers

Skrymsher, Thos.,

Slack, Wm.,

-, Humph.,
-, John (d. 1632),
-, John (d. c. 1654),
-, Ric.,

-, stone:
-, production,
-, use,
-, Welsh,

Slaughter fam.,

slitting (iron),

-, Alice, see Hints
-, Geo.,
-, John (fl. 1563),
-, his ss.,
-, John (fl. 1612),
-, John (fl. 1811),
-, Ric.,
-, Wm.,
-, his s. and grdss.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Smalman


Smallwood, Jas.,

-, Ellen, w. of Fra.,
-, Fra. (fl. 1583),
-, Fra. (d. 1639),
-, Hen.,
-, John (fl. c. 1799),
-, John (d. 1852),
-, Steph.,
-, Thos. (d. 1590),
-, Thos. (fl. 1640),
-, Thos. (d. 1693, ?another),
-, Thos. (fl. 1734),
-, fam.,
-, arms,
-, and see Smallman

-, Margery of, dau. of Wm. Leyngleys,
-, Steph. of,
-, his neph., see Philip
-, his s., see Roger

Smethcott, n, n; and see Betchcott; Betchcott hill; Picklescott

Smethwick (Staffs., in Harborne),
-, Soho foundry,

Smirke, Rob. (d. 1845),

smith, Wal. the, see Walter the smith
-, his w., see Agnes

-, Agnes, see Harewell
-, Ann, see Ward
-, Anne (fl. 16th cent.), m. Wm. Powlett,
-, Anne (fl. 1814), m. Thos. Dunne,
-, Cath., see Southcote
-, Chas., see Carington
-, Clement,
-, Constantia (?Cath.), see Carington
-, Edm.,
-, Sir Fra. (d. 1629),
-, Fra. (d. 1701), Vct. Carrington,
-, Fra. (d. 1721),
-, Fra. (fl. 1748), see Carington
-, Hen.,
-, Jas.,
-, Sir John (d. c. 1547),
-, John (fl. 1550),
-, Sir John (fl. 1584),
-, John (fl. before 1819), and his w. Anna,
-, John (fl. 1843),
-, John Halphed,
-, John Homes, n
-, Mary (fl. 1561), see Nevill
-, Mary (d. 1857), m. John Patrick,
-, Phil. Eustace, see Stretton
-, Sam. Pountney, plate
-, Sarah ('Hesba Stretton', novelist),
-, T. J.,
-, his w.,
-, Thos. (fl. 1560),
-, Thos. (fl. 1808),
-, Thos. (fl. 1819, another),
-, W. H.,
-, Wm. (fl. 1559),
-, Wm. (d. 1758),
-, Wm. (d. 1819),
-, Wm. (d. 1837),
-, -, m. John Halphed Smith,
-, fam.,
-, and see Smyth; Smythe

Smith, W. H., Ltd.,

Smitheman fam.,

smithies, see blacksmiths; ironworks

Smithies, the (in Barrow and Willey),
-, Upper (or Over) Smithies,
-, Bank Fm.,

Smithies, Lower, Nether, or Willow (in Astley Abbots and Willey),

Smithy brook, see Linley brook

Smyth, Mrs. Mary, and see Smith; Smythe

-, Sir Edw. (d. 1714),
-, Sir Edw. (d. 1811),
-, Sir Edw. Jos.,
-, Geo.,
-, H. R.,
-, Rog.,
-, and see Smith; Smyth

Sneade, Sam.,

Snedshill, see Priorslee

Snowdon brook, see Batch brook

soapstone (steatite), n,

societies, see clubs and societies

Soho foundry, see Smethwick

solicitor general,

solicitors, see attorneys

Somerset, and see Bath; Clevedon; Leigh, Abbot's; Mells; Ston Easton

Sond, John, n; and see Sande; Sandes

Sotherton, John,

Soudley (in Eaton-under-Heywood and Hope Bowdler), n,

South Rea, river (Rea brook, earlier Neen or Nene),

South Shropshire district,

South Shropshire Hills area of outstanding natural beauty, n,

South Wales & Cannock Chase Coal & Coke Co.,

Southampton (Hants), n, n

Southcote, Cath., m. Fra. Smith, n

Southdown sheep,

-, Fra.,
-, Miss M. H.,
-, and see Southorn

Southern parliamentary division,

-, Edwin,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Southern

Southorn, Wm., & Co., fig.

Southwark (London, formerly Surr.), Bethlehem Hosp. ('Bedlam'),

-, R. B.,
-, T. M.,

Sowbach (in Stanton upon Hine Heath),

spa, projected,

Sparkes, Jos.,

-, A. A. H., see Hanbury-Sparrow
-, A. B. H., see Hanbury-Sparrow
-, Art. (d. 1898),
-, Art. (d. 1921),
-, Cecil B.,
-, W. H.,
-, fam., n; and see Hanbury-Sparrow

speakers of Ho. of Commons, n,

special sessions of the peace, see petty and special sessions

Spicer, Agnes,

-, spinning wheels,
-, and see yarn

Spoonhill, see Callaughton

sporting rights, and see coursing; falconry; fishing; hunting; shooting: game; warren, free

sports and games, see entertainment, recreation, and sport

sports fields, see playing fields

sports hall,

Spout Lane (in Benthall and Broseley),

Spragges, Thos.,

-, Edw.,
-, Fulk (fl. 1376),
-, Fulk (fl. 1398, ?another),
-, Sir Fulk (fl. 1447),
-, Fulk (d. by c. 1499),
-, Sir John (fl. 1350),
-, John (fl. 1483), and his w. Maud,
-, Mgt. (fl. 1376), w. of Fulk,
-, Mgt. (d. c. 1499), see Winsbury
-, Margery, m. Ric. Lee, Wm. Leighton,
-, Ric. (fl. 1272),
-, Ric. (fl. 1316),
-, Rog. (fl. 1240),
-, Rog. (fl. 1260),
-, Rog. (fl. c. 1316),
-, Wal.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam., n,

springs (ancient, holy, or medicinal), see wells and springs

-, Ann, see Lokier
-, Eliz., m. Wm. Toldervey,
-, Hen. (d. by 1721),
-, Hen. (d. 1744),
-, Joan,
-, John,
-, Joyce, see Bowdler
-, Ric.,
-, Sam.,
-, Thos.,
-, his w.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Yate Sprott

Stableford (in Worfield),

Stableford bridge (in Badger and Worfield),

stabling, see jobmastering; livery

-, Anne Gregory, m. T. B. Coleman,
-, Edw. Wm., see Wynne-Pendarves
-, Frances, see Knight
-, John,
-, Kath., m. W. F. Holt,
-, Susanna, see Acton
-, Thos. Pendarves, see Stackhouse Acton
-, fam.,

Stackhouse Acton:
-, (formerly Stackhouse), Frances, see Knight
-, (formerly Stackhouse), Thos. Pendarves,
-, and see Acton; Dalberg-Acton; Stackhouse; Wood Acton

-, Joan, w. of Nic. of,
-, Nic. of,


Stafford Park industrial estate (in Shifnal),

Staffordshire, n, n, n, and see Acton Trussell; Amblecote; Ashmore Brook; Ashwood; Barr Beacon; Black Country; Blacklands; Brierley Hill; Canwell Priory; Compton; Darlaston; Eaton, Water; Enville; Greensforge; Hanley; Lichfield; Longnor; Loxley; Neachells; Patshull; Pattingham; Pelsall; Penkridge; Potteries, the; Shropshire and Staffordshire Artillery Volunteers; Shushions; Smethwick; Stafford; Stoke-on-Trent; Stoke-upon-Trent; Tipton; Uttoxeter; West Bromwich; Weston-under-Lizard; Whittington; Wolverhampton

stained glass makers, see Burlison & Grylls; Davies, John (fl. 1879); Done & Davies; Evans, David; Hardman; Horwood Bros.; Kempe; Morris & Co.; Tower; Wailes & Strang; Warrington; and see glass, Continental

-, Chas.,
-, Chas. Price,
-, Edw.,
-, Eleanora, w. of John,
-, J. P.,
-, John (d. 1782),
-, Revd. John (d. 1806),
-, John (d. 1867),
-, Ric.,
-, fam.,

Stank Stone brook,

-, Sir Hen. Morton ( John Rowlands),
-, Joan, see Beaumont
-, Sir Wm.,
-, Mr. (fl. 1796),

Stanley Hall (in Astley Abbots),

-, Sim. of,
-, (or Long Stanton), Thos. of (fl. 1250),
-, Thos. of (fl. 1255, another),

Stanton, Clee (in Stoke St. Milborough), n, n,
-, hos. (named),

Stanton Lacy, and see Downton Hall; Hayton's Bent

Stanton Long (Dirty Stanton), n, n, n, n, n, fig. plate
-, Brockton, q.v.
-, Bush, the,
-, Corfield,
-, Corfield Cross,
-, hos. (named),
-, Leath, the, n,
-, Natal common, q.v.
-, Oxenbold, q.v.
-, Patton, q.v.
-, Pool bridge, q.v.
-, Rowe Lane, q.v.
-, St. Mildburg Way, q.v.
-, Skimblescott bridge, q.v.
-, and see 'Stantune'

Stanton upon Hine Heath, see Sowbach

'Stantune', pre-Conquest estate including Holdgate and Stanton Long,

Stanway, Herb. of, see Aberd

Stanway, see Wilderhope and Stanway

Stanway brook, n,

staple, merchant of the, and see wool: merchants

-, Burga of, see Willey
-, Eliz., m. Edw. Leighton,
-, Hugh,
-, Phil. of,
-, Wm. of,

Starkie, M. Y.,


statuary, garden,

steam engines:
-, manufacture,
-, use,

steam power, and see steam engines

steatite, see soapstone

-, Caleb,
-, John,
-, Rog.,
-, Sarah,
-, fam.,

Stephan, Peter,

Stephen, King,

Stephen, Phil. s. of, see Badger

-, Edw.,
-, John (d. 1830),
-, John (fl. c. 1870),
-, Lancelot the elder (fl. 1680, prob. d. 1711),
-, Lancelot the younger (fl. 1711, prob. d. c. 1738),
-, Lucy, w. of Lancelot, m. Sam. Bowdler,
-, Mic. (fl. 1611),
-, Mic. (d. by 1680),
-, Mic. (fl. 1731),
-, Mic. Pye,
-, Peter,
-, Thos. (fl. 1727),
-, Thos. (d. 1747, ?another),
-, Thos. (d. 1787),
-, fam.,

Steuart, Geo.,

steward of the king's household,

Stiperstones (in Worthen),

Stiperstones, the,

Stitt (in Ratlinghope),

stocks (penal),

Stockton, see Apley Park; Higford

-, John,
-, Ric.,
-, Sarah, ?w. of Thos.,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, and see Stokes

Stoke-on-Trent (Staffs.), and see Stoke-upon-Trent

Stoke St. Milborough, n, n, n, figs.
-, Batch Gutter, see Brown Clee hill
-, Blackford, see Brown Clee hill
-, Bockleton, q.v.
-, Brown Clee hill, q.v.
-, Clee Burf, q.v.
-, Clee Downton, see Downton, Clee
-, Clee Stanton, see Stanton, Clee
-, Green Tump, see Brown Clee hill
-, Heath, the, q.v.
-, Moor, the, q.v.
-, Mount Flirt, see Brown Clee hill
-, Newton, q.v.
-, Norncott, q.v.
-, Pel Beggar,
-, Shortwood, see Brown Clee hill
-, Stoke Bank,
-, Stoke Court,
-, Stoke Gorse,
-, Stoke St. Milborough Lodge,
-, Thrift, the, q.v.
-, Toot Lane, see Brown Clee hill
-, Upper Ho.,
-, Weston hill, q.v.

Stoke-upon-Trent (Staffs.), and see Hanley; Stoke-on-Trent

Stokes, G. M., and see Stoke

Stokesay, n; and see Aldon; Craven Arms

Ston Easton (Som.),

Stone Acton, see Acton, Stone

stonemasons, and see builders


Stoney Stretton, see Stretton, Stoney


Story, Wm.,

Stott, E. N.,

Stottesdon, and see Chorley; Pickthorn; Wrickton

Stottesdon hundred, n, n
-, Chelmarsh petty-sessional division,

Stour Valley (Staffs. and Worcs.),

Stourbridge (Worcs., in Old Swinford),

stove, ship's,

Stradbrook, see Lakehouse brook

strake roads, see drift roads

straking, and see drift roads

Strand brook,

-, Ankaret le, Baroness Strange, m. Baron Talbot,
-, Cath.,
-, Gillian le, m. - of Wappenbury,
-, Guy le,
-, Hamon le,
-, Hawise le, m. Gruffudd ap Gwenwynwyn,
-, John le (d. 1178),
-, John le (d. 1269),
-, John le (d. 1309), Baron Strange of Knockin,
-, John le (d. 1323), Baron Strange of Knockin,
-, Mgt. le, m. - Noel,
-, Maud le, m. - of Sutton,
-, Ralph le,
-, fam.,

Straw brook (Strebrook, Stree brook), see Lakehouse brook

Street, G. E., and see Strete

Strefford (in Wistanstow), n

Strensham (Worcs.),

Strete, Edw., and see Street

Strethill Farm, see Coalbrookdale

-, Hesba, see Smith
-, (formerly Smith), Phil. Eustace,
-, Rob. of, n

Stretton, All (in Church Stretton),
-, Batch, the (Batch valley),
-, possibly 'Netebech',
-, Borton's (Burton's) mill,
-, Bullocks Moor, see Long Mynd
-, Castle Hill,
-, Cwm Dale,
-, Duckley Nap, see Long Mynd
-, Dudgeley,
-, Dudgeley Ho.,
-, Dudgeley (formerly Dagers) mill,
-, Gogbatch, see Long Mynd
-, Gorsty Bank,
-, hos. (named), and see Long Mynd: High Park Ho.
-, Inwood,
-, Novers hill,

Stretton, Church (Stretton-en-le- Dale), n, figs. plates
-, Ash (Nash) brook,
-, Ashbrook,
-, Battle Field,
-, Betchcott hill, q.v.
-, Bodbury hill (and Ring), see Long Mynd
-, Botvyle, q.v.
-, Brockhurst, q.v.
-, Caer Caradoc hill, q.v.
-, Carding Mill valley, plate
-, Carding Mill,
-, castle, see Brockhurst
-, Colliersley, q.v.
-, Cothercott hill, q.v.
-, Cwms, the, q.v.
-, Hamperley, q.v.
-, Hazler hill, q.v.
-, Helmeth hill and wood,
-, Hodghurst, q.v.
-, hos. (named),
-, Bank Ho.,
-, Buck's Head ('Manor Ho.'),
-, Denehurst,
-, Hall, the (Stretton Hall),
-, Mynd Ct. (Rectory),
-, Norfolk Lodge (Rectory),
-, Old Rectory,
-, Park Ho. (the Park),
-, Sandford Ho.,
-, Scotsman's Field,
-, Stretton Ho. (the Retreat),
-, Tiger Hall, n,
-, White Ho., the,
-, Woodcote,
-, housing estates,
-, Long Mynd, q.v.
-, Lower Wood, q.v.
-, Marshbrook, q.v.
-, Minton, q.v.
-, Minton Batch, q.v.
-, New Pool Hollow, see Long Mynd
-, roads and streets in and near the town,
-, Beaumont Rd.,
-, Brooksbury,
-, Burway Rd. (formerly Brook St.),
-, Carding Mill Valley Rd.,
-, Central Ave.,
-, Chelmick Drive,
-, Church St. (formerly Back Lane), plate
-, Churchill Rd.,
-, Churchway (formerly Cub Lane),
-, Clive Ave.,
-, Crossways,
-, Cunnery Rd.,
-, Easthope Rd.,
-, Essex Rd.,
-, Hazler Crescent,
-, Hazler Lane,
-, Hazler Orchard,
-, Hazler Rd.,
-, High St. (formerly Bristol Rd.), plates
-, Kenyon Rd.,
-, King's Ct.,
-, Links Rd.,
-, Longhills (Rd.),
-, Ludlow Rd.,
-, Lutwyche Rd.,
-, Madeira Walk,
-, Mott's Rd., see Long Mynd
-, Poplar Drive,
-, Ragleth Rd.,
-, Rectory Gardens,
-, Sandford Ave. (formerly Lake Lane and Station Rd.),
-, Shrewsbury Rd.,
-, Square, the,
-, Stanyeld Rd.,
-, Trevor Hill,
-, Watling St., Watling St. North, Watling St. South, and see Watling Street
-, Windsor Place,
-, Woodcote Edge,
-, roads to,
-, Stretton, All q.v.
-, Stretton, Little, q.v.
-, Tower Bldgs.,
-, Town brook,
-, Townbrook hollow, see Long Mynd
-, World's End,

Stretton, Church, Commoners' Association,

Stretton, Church, highway district,

Stretton, Church, poor-law union and rural (sanitary) district,

Stretton, Little (in Church Stretton),
-, Ashes brook,
-, Ashes Hollow, see Long Mynd
-, Callow brook, n
-, Callow hill, Callow Hollow, see Long Mynd
-, Cross Bank,
-, hos. (named),
-, Oakley (Hockley) mill,
-, Ragleth hill and wood, n, plate
-, Wiresytch coppice,

Stretton, Stoney (in Westbury),

Stretton-en-le-Dale, see Stretton, Church

Stretton forest, see Long Mynd: Longmynd forest or chase

Stretton Hills Mineral Water Co.,

Stretton Laundry,

Stretton Society,

Stretton Sugwas (Herefs.), n

Stretton Westwood, see Wenlock, Much: Westwood

-, John,
-, Ric.,

Strode, Grace, m. Hen. Thynne,

-, Ann, see Astley
-, Miss E. M.,
-, Jonathan,
-, Wal. (d. 1697),
-, Wal. (d. 1754),
-, Wal. (d. 1766),
-, Wal. (d. 1815),
-, Wal. (d. 1865),
-, Wm.,

Stuckey, K. M.,

Studley Castle (Warws.),

Sudeley, Baron, see Hanbury-Tracy

Sudford, see Monkhopton

Suffolk, earl of, see Howard

Suffolk, and see Iken abbey

sugar beet,

summer houses, and see rotundas; temples


-, ctss. of, see Beatrice
-, earls of, see FitzAlan; Howard

Surrey, and see Epsom Downs; Ham; Pirbright Lodge; Puttenham; Southwark

Sussex, and see Birdham; Brighton

-, Adam of,
-, Geof.,
-, John,
-, Madoc of,
-, Maud of, see Strange
-, Phil. of,
-, his s., see Richard
-, Ric. (fl. c. 1410),
-, Ric. (fl. 1563),
-, Wm.,

Sutton, n,
-, n, fig.

Sutton (in Diddlebury),

Sutton, Great (in Diddlebury), n

Sutton Maddock, and see Brockton; Coalport bridge; Gorge, the, civil parish; Harrington

Sutton St. Nicholas (Herefs.),

Swain, R. A.,


Swains of Stretton Ltd.,


swimming pools,

Swinbatch (in Broseley),

Swindon (Wilts.), see Walcot

Swinfield, Ric., bp. of Hereford,

Swinford, Old (Staffs. and Worcs.), see Amblecote; Stourbridge

Swinney (in Barrow and Broseley), fig.
-, hos. (named),
-, Swinney ferry,
-, Swinney wharf,
-, Willey wharf,

Swire, Sir Adrian,

Swire, John, & Sons,

Swyfte, John,

-, Eliz., see Beke
-, Maud, m.1 Humph. Peshall, 2 Wm Ipstones, 3 John Savage,
-, Sir Rob.,

Sy, Thos.,

Sydney, Rob., earl of Leicester,

-, H. P.,
-, Winifred C. J., see Wellesley

sylvaticus, Eadric, see Edric

Tailor, Adam, and see Taylor

tailoring, and see merchant tailors

-, Ankaret, Baroness Talbot, see Strange
-, Geo., earl of Shrewsbury,
-, Sir Humph.,
-, John (d. 1453), earl of Shrewsbury,
-, as Baron Furnivalle,
-, John (d. 1460), earl of Shrewsbury,
-, John (d. 1473), earl of Shrewsbury,
-, Sir Lewis,
-, Mgt., ctss. of Shrewsbury, see Beauchamp
-, Mary Anne, m. Sir Fra. Lawley,
-, Sir Ric. (d. 1396), Baron Talbot,
-, Ric. (d. 1449), abp. of Dublin,
-, fam.,

Talbot, Baroness, see Strange

Tankerville, earls of,

tanner, Ithenard the,

tanning, n,

tar and pitch, and see tarmac

Tarbatch dingle (in Broseley),

tarmac (asphalt),

-, Fra.,
-, Judith, see Ruckley
-, Wm.,

-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,
-, - (fl. 19th cent.),

taxes and customary dues, see geld; 'shrift corn'; terciary; 'varneth'

-, Benj.,
-, Fra.,
-, Job,
-, John,
-, Lancelot (fl. 1599),
-, Lancelot (fl. 1702),
-, Mgt., w. of Ric.,
-, Ric., (fl. 1662),
-, Ric. (d. 1697, ?another),
-, Ric. (d. 1741),
-, Ric. (d. 1757), n
-, Rob.,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm. (d. 1713),
-, Wm. (fl. 1796),
-, fam.,
-, and see Tailor

Taylor, John, & Co.,

tea dealer,

Telford, Thos., n

Telford (formerly Dawley) new town,
-, Stafford Park industrial estate, q.v.

Tellet, Edw.,

Templar, Knights, see Lydley preceptory

temples, garden, and see rotundas; summer houses

Tenbury Wells (Worcs.),

-, Rob.,
-, Rowland,



Terne, Chris., n

terracotta making,

Territorial Army,

textile manufactures, see manufactures and products

Thanet, Steph. of,

theatre (drama), and see actresses; minstrels; playwrights

Theddingworth (Leics. and Northants.),

Thomas, s. of John of Presthope,

Thomas, supposed f. of Reynold le Scot, n

Thomas (d. by 1255),

-, B. G.,
-, David,
-, John,
-, Sam.,

-, Beilby Ric., see Lawley
-, P. B., see Lawley-Thompson
-, T. H.,

Thomson, Ann, see pearce

-, Rayner of,
-, Ric. of,
-, Rob. of,
-, Rog. of,
-, Wm. of (fl. c. 1114),
-, Wm. of (fl. c. 1240),

Thonglands (in Munslow),
-, Little Thonglands,
-, Primrose Bank,
-, Thonglands Fm.,

Thorn Lane, see Brown Clee hill: Blackford

Thorne, Rob.,

Thornes House (in Wakefield, Yorks. W. R.),

Thorsten (Turstin, fl. 1066),

threshing contractors,

Thresholds (in Church Stretton), see Cothercott hill

Thrift, the (in Clee St. Margaret and Stoke St. Milborough),
-, Thrift (Frith or Pel) Lane,

-, Fra.,
-, Mgt., see Whorwood
-, Thos.,

-, Frances, see Cressett Pelham
-, Hen., see Thursby-Pelham

-, (formerly Thursby), Hen.,
-, J. A. H.,
-, Mary A. N., m. F. K. Chapman,
-, fam.,
-, and see Cressett-Pelham

-, John (d. 1760),
-, John (d. 1789),
-, John (fl. 1805),
-, Maurice (fl. c. 1750),
-, Morris (fl. 1728, ?another),
-, R. P.,
-, Wm. Morris,
-, fam.,

-, Ld. Alex.,
-, Lady Beatrice,
-, Grace, see Strode
-, Sir Hen. Fred. (d. 1680),
-, Hen. Fred. (d. 1992), marquess of Bath,
-, Joan, see Hayward
-, John (fl. 1524), see Botvyle
-, Sir John (d. 1580),
-, Sir John (d. 1604),
-, John (d. c. 1648),
-, John (?another),
-, Thos. (fl. 1497),
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1642),
-, Thos. (d. 1714), Vct. Weymouth,
-, Thos. (d. 1837), marquess of Bath,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

Ticklerton (in Eaton-under-Heywood),
-, n,
-, Claybrook,
-, hos. (named),

Tickwood (in Buildwas and Much Wenlock),
-, Tickwood Hall (formerly Ho.),

Tileries, the, see Broseley: Dunge, the

-, distribution,
-, manufacture, fig.

Tilley, Hen.,

Tillotson, Lionel,

timber trade,
-, and see pit props; saw mills;
-, sawyers

tin prospecting,

Tipper, Wm.,

-, Mrs. Anne,
-, Benj.,
-, Eliz., m. Edw Farmer,
-, fam., n

Tipton (Staffs.),

Tisdale, Thos. W. M.,

tithe barn,

Tithe Commissioners,

Titterstone Clee,

tobacco merchant,


Todd, John, n

token coinage,

Toldervey, Eliz., see Sprott

toll (turnpike) gates and houses,

-, Jas.,
-, Wm.,

Tomkys, Thos.,


Topley, see Millichope

Torrington, Baron, see Newport

Tosty, Rog., see Millichope

Touraine, duke of, see Arundel

Tournai, Gerard of, and see Turneye

Tours (Indre-et-Loire),

Tovey, Rob.,

tow dresser,

Tower, W. E.,

town clerk,

town halls, plate; and see court houses; guildhall; market halls

Townbrook hollow (in Church Stretton) see Long Mynd

-, Geo. Brooke Briggs, see Brooke
-, Sir Hen.,

Townson, Rob.,

-, Henrietta Susanna, m. Chas. Hanbury,
-, Hen. Leigh, Vct. Tracy,
-, Susannah, see Weaver

Trade, Board of,

trade, trades, and occupations, see apothecaries; bakers; bargemen and watermen; bell founders; blacksmiths; booksellers; boot maker; brass engraver; bricklayers; builders; building trade; butler; cappers; carding; carpenters; china modeller; clerks; coal; combers; wool; coopers; craftsmen; curriers; dairymaids; drapers; drovers; dyeing; engineer; engravers; fellmongers; feltmaker; gaoler; glassman; glaziers; gloving; goldsmiths; grazier; grocers; haberdasher; hairdressing; harness maker; hatter; haulage contractor; industrial estates; iron industry; ironmonger; jeweller; jobmastering; laundering; livery; malting; maltsters; markets; mercers; merchant of the staple; merchant tailors; merchants; millers; nail making; navvies; needle making; organ builder; painter, house; pewterer; pipemakers; plasterers; plumbers; posting house; posting stables; printing; publisher; pump maker; railway contractor; railway engineer; saddlers; sail maker; sawyers, seed merchant; shoemakers; skinners; skins, dealer in; spinning; stabling; stained glass makers; stationers; stonemasons; tailoring; tanning; tea dealer; tobacco merchant; toolmakers; tow dresser; vintner; weaving; wine selling; wood carvers; and see manufactures and products; professions

tramways and waggonways, and see inclined planes; railways: private

transportation (penal),

Treasure, John,

Tresham, Geo.,

-, A. E.,
-, A. S.,
-, Edith Mary, w. of R. H., m. Edw. Williamson,
-, Hubert,
-, R. H.,

Trevor-Jones, Phil., and see Jones; Trevor; Tyrwhitt Jones


Trow brook,

trows, plate

-, Edw.,
-, Eliz. (fl. 1458), see Burley
-, Eliz. (?d. by 1527), m. earl of Oxford,
-, John,
-, Sir Thos.,

tuberculosis (consumption),

Tuckies, the, see Jackfield

Tudor, John,

Tugford, n, fig. plate
-, Balaam's Heath, q.v.
-, Baucott, q.v.
-, Beam bridge, q.v.
-, Great (Church or Over) Tugford,
-, Leath common,
-, Little (Lower or Nether) Tugford,
-, New Ho., q.v.

Tugford (Norncott) brook,

Tumberland (in Leintwardine, Herefs.), n

tumuli, see barrows

Turberville, Rob.,

Turgis, Hugh s. of (or fitz), see Hugh son of Turgis

-, Edw.,
-, Fra.,
-, Lucia, see Blithe
-, Thos., plate
-, Thos. Berks,
-, W. S.,
-, fam.,

Turneye, Ralph de, and see Tournai

Turnham Green (in Chiswick, London, formerly Mdx.),

turning (iron),

turnpike roads, and see toll gates and houses

Turstin, see Thorsten


Twyne, Mrs. Mary,

-, Edm.,
-, Edw.,

Tyceford, Jas. de,

Tycford, John de, prior of Wenlock,

Tykes Nest, see Benthall Edge

Tyler, Thos. le,

-, Hugh (d. 1343),
-, Hugh (fl. 1360),
-, John,
-, Sir Ric.,
-, Sir Rog.,

Tyrwhitt Jones:
-, Eliza Walwyn, see Macnamara
-, (formerly Jones), Sir Thos. John,
-, and see Jones; Trevor-Jones

U.S.A., see America: United States of

Uchtred (d. c. 1150),
-, his s., see Gregory


Uluric, see Wulfric

Ulwin, see Wulfwine

-, deputy,

United Hunt,

United Reformed Church,

United States Army,

United States of America (U.S.A.), see America: United States of

Upper Barn, see Larden

Upper Cleeton, see Cleeton

Upper Leahills, see Chatwall

Upper Millichope, see Millichope

Upper Netchwood, see Netchwood

Upper Norncott, see Norncott

Upper Riddings, see Riddings

Upper Smithies, see Smithies, the

Upper Stanway, see Wilderhope and Stanway


Upton Cressett,

Upton Magna,

Uttoxeter (Staffs.), and see Loxley

V.A.D. (Voluntary Aid Detachments),

-, Chris. Wm., Baron Barnard,
-, Wm. Harry, duke of Cleveland,


-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

-, Francesco,
-, John,

-, Eleanor, see Gatacre
-, M. S.,
-, Rog.,
-, Sir Wm.,
-, fam.,

-, Constance M., m. J. Chandos Burton,
-, Dan.,

Venables, Wm. de,

venator, Rog., see Roger the huntsman

Venymer, Thos.,

-, John de,
-, Margery de, see Lacy
-, Tibbald de,
-, fam.,

-, Eliz. de, ctss. of Oxford, see Trussell
-, John de (d. 1540), earl of Oxford,
-, John de (d. 1562), earl of Oxford,
-, Wm. de, bp. of Hereford,

Verley, Turold of,
-, his s., see Robert

Vernhams Dean (Hants)

-, Frances Loïs, Vctss. De Vesci, see
-, Lister-Kaye
-, Yvo Ric., Vct. De Vesci,

Vézelay (Yonne),

-, Anne,
-, Valentine,
-, Wm., archdn. of Salop (Heref. dioc.),

Vickers, Son & Pritchard,

Victory (boat),

village halls, and see church room; parish halls and rooms

Villefranche, Baroness de, see Bayntun

Villiers, E. H.,

vintner, and see wine selling

Viroconium Cornoviorum,

Voluntary Aid Detachments (V.A.D.),

volunteers, see army

Vosper, D. F., Baron Runcorn,

Wadeley (in Glazeley),

-, Miss A. J.,
-, Miss G.,
-, Hen.,
-, T. J.,

waggonways, see tramways and waggonways

Wailes & Strang,

-, Benj.,
-, Humph.,
-, Ric. (fl. 18th cent.),
-, Ric. (fl. 1840),
-, Wm. (d. 1800),
-, Wm. (d. 1829),
-, Wm. (fl. 1837),

Wakefield (Yorks. W. R.), see Thornes House


-, Anna, w. of Humph.,
-, Humph. (d. 1743),
-, Humph. (d. 1766),
-, Wm. (d. 1807),
-, Wm. (d. 1860),

Walcot (in Clunbury and Lydbury North),

Walcot (in Swindon, Wilts.),

Wales, n,
-, Marches of, and see Wales, Council in Marches of
-, navvies from,
-, raiders from,
-, roads to,
-, slate and stone from,
-, wool from,

Wales, Council in Marches of, n, n

Walford, John,

-, And.,
-, Chas.,
-, Fra.,
-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,
-, Sjt. - (fl. 1801),
-, fam.,

-, C. L.,
-, Eliz., w. of John,
-, John,
-, Martha,
-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Walle

Wall (in Rushbury),

Wall, East (in Eaton-under-Heywood and Rushbury),
-, Gilberry pool,
-, hos. (named),
-, Lakehouse,
-, and see Longville, Lushcott, and part of East Wall

Wall, West, see Wall under Heywood

Wall Bank (in Rushbury),

Wall (Hine) Hill, see Beckbury

Wall under Heywood (West Wall) (in Rushbury),
-, hos. (named),

Wallasey (Ches.),

-, Thos.,
-, Wm. (two of this name),
-, and see Wall

Walleye, Wm. de,

-, Lady Cath. H., m. C. G. Milnes Gaskell,
-, Eliz., see Corbet
-, Sir Hen.,
-, Rob.,
-, fam.,

Wall's Bank, see Haywood

-, Phil.,
-, Rob., (fl. 1176),
-, Rob. (fl. c. 1225, ?another),
-, fam., n

Walter son of Warin,

Walter the fuller,

Walter the goldsmith (fl. 1342),

Walter the smith (fl. 1221),
-, his w., see Agnes

Walton, Rob. of,
-, his s., see Nicholas

Walton (Wenlock Walton) (in Much Wenlock),
-, Walton Fm.,
-, and see Atterley and Walton; Barrow, Atterley, and Walton manor

Walton brook,

Waltons Eaves (in Barrow), see Shirlett common

-, Joan, see Ludlow
-, Mgt., w. of Ric.,

Wanstead Grove (London, formerly Essex),

Wappenbury, Gillian of, see Strange

War Memorial footbridge (in Broseley and Madeley),

-, Ann, m. Thos. Smith,
-, Edw. (fl. 1514),
-, Edw. (fl. 1564),
-, Hen., n
-, John,
-, Mary, see Gaskell
-, Ric. (fl. 1615),
-, Ric. (fl. 1726),
-, fam.,

Warde, Frances,

Wardrobe, keeper of,

Warin (fl. 1120s),

Warin, Wal. s. of, see Walter son of Warin

Warin the bald,

-, Bart.,
-, Frances, m. Nic. Crosthwaite,
-, Hen.,
-, Nic.,
-, Ralph,

-, G. S. M.,
-, fam.,

Warminster (Wilts.),

-, Jos. Loxdale (d. 1888),
-, Jos. Loxdale (d. 1909),
-, fam.,

warren, free,



Warrington, Wm.,

wars, see Civil War; crusades; First World War; Napoleonic wars; Second World War

-, ctss. of, see Whorwood
-, earls of, see Dudley

Warwickshire, n; and see Berkswell; Birmingham; Compton Wynyates; Coventry; Foxcote; Studley Castle; Wootton Wawen

Wase, John,

Washing brook, see Plaish brook

Washington, D. C. (U.S.A.),

watch making, see clock and watch making

Watenhull, John de,

Water Eaton, see Eaton, Water

water meadows,

water supply, fig. and see wells and springs

watermen, see bargemen and watermen

-, Fulk,
-, John (fl. 1687),
-, John (fl. 1737),
-, John (d. by 1772),
-, Wm. (fl. 1687),
-, Wm. (fl. 1779),
-, Wm. (d. 1826),
-, fam., n

Watling (Bot, Botte) Street, plate and see Stretton, Church: roads and streets

Watling Street (in Wellington), n

Watson, John ('Ian Maclaren', novelist),

Watt, Jas.,

Wattlesborough (in Alberbury and Cardeston),

Waukelin, Rob. s. of, see Robert son of Waukelin

-, Sophia,
-, W. H.,

Weal, Hamon, and see Wele

-, Art. (d. 1687),
-, Art. (d. 1710),
-, Art. (d. 1764),
-, Susannah, m. Hen. Leigh Tracy,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,


-, F. W.,
-, John,
-, Mary Gladys (née Meredith), novelist and poet, and see Gone to Earth
-, Phil.,

Webster fam.,

weirs, n,

Welby, Hen.,

-, Dorothy,
-, Eliz., m. Brooke Forester,
-, Geo. (d. 1701), n,
-, Geo. (d. 1748),
-, Sir John (d. 1666),
-, his w.,
-, Sir John (d. 1681),
-, Mary, m. - Saltonstall,
-, fam.,

-, Alexandrina, Baroness Forester, see Lamb
-, (formerly Forester), Cecil, Baron Forester,
-, Cecil Geo. Wilfred, Baron Forester,
-, Cecil Theodore, Baron Forester,
-, Geo. Cecil Beaumont, Baron Forester,
-, Geo. Cecil Brooke, Baron Forester,
-, (formerly Forester), Geo. Cecil Weld, Baron Forester,
-, (formerly Forester), John Geo. Weld, Baron Forester,
-, Mary Anne, Baroness Forester, see Jervis
-, Orlando Watkin, Baron Forester,
-, fam.,
-, and see Forester; Weld

Wele (Weole):
-, Edm.,
-, (or Roberts), John (fl. 1557),
-, John (fl. 1560, ?another),
-, Wm. (fl. c. 1440, ?two of this name),
-, Wm. (fl. 1488), and his w. Alice,
-, fam.,
-, and see Weal

Welles, John, Vct. Welles, and see Wells

Wellesley, Winifred C. J., m. H. P. Sykes,

Wellington, n, n, and see Dothill; Horsehay; Ketley; Leegomery; Oakengates urban district; Watling Street; Wrekin, the

Wellington & Severn Junction Railway,

Wellington rural district,

-, Hen., n
-, Wm.,
-, and see Welles

wells and springs:
-, ancient, holy, or medicinal, fig. and see mineral water; spa, projected
-, bituminous,
-, 'burning',
-, saline,

Wells Drinks,

Welshpool (Mont.),

-, Eadric (Edric) of,
-, Joan, m. Nic. Wyvell,
-, John, Baron Wenlock,
-, Ric. (b. c. 1304),
-, Ric. (d. 1521), see Singer
-, Wal. of, abbot of Westminster,
-, Wm., see Corfill
-, arms,

Wenlock, Barons, and see Lawley; Lawley-Thompson; Wenlock

Wenlock, Little, n, n, n, and see Horsehay

Wenlock, Much, n, figs. plates
-, abbey, see Wenlock priory
-, Almoner's Ground, the,
-, Coates,
-, Atterley; Atterley and Walton, qq.v.; and see Barrow, Atterley, and Walton manor
-, Bank, the, New Town,
-, Bell Hole,
-, Bourton, q.v.
-, Bourton Lane,
-, Bradeley, Goose or West, see Bourton
-, Bradley, q.v.; and see Bradley grange; Farley, Wyke, and Bradley; Wyke and Bradley
-, Callaughton, q.v.
-, Callaughton Lane,
-, Corn Exchange (formerly Mkt.), plate
-, court leet,
-, crosses:
-, Hamon Weal's (formerly Jilote) weeping cross,
-, Spital cross,
-, Downs, the,
-, Downs Fm.,
-, Downs Lane,
-, Farley; Farley, Wyke, and Bradley, qq.v.
-, Gleedon hill,
-, Grange, the (formerly Hoarley Grange),
-, Green Lane,
-, guildhall (Wenlock boro.), plates
-, Hilltop, q.v.
-, Holy Trinity par. ch. (and clergy), figs. plates
-, churchyard, fig. plate
-, par., n, n,
-, hos. (named),
-, Wenlock Abbey, post-Dissolution est. and residence, n, n, n, figs. plate
-, Hunger Dale, q.v.
-, Linden Field recreation ground,
-, Marsh manor, q.v.
-, Natal common, q.v.
-, Perkley, n; and see 'Petelie'
-, Presthope, q.v.
-, priory, see Wenlock priory
-, roads to,
-, Romano-Brit. remains,
-, rural boro.,
-, St. Mildburg Way, q.v.
-, St. John's hosp.,
-, Shadwell, n
-, Shit brook ('Schittebrook') (Farley brook's name in the town), fig.
-, streets, fig. plate
-, Back Lane,
-, Barrow (formerly Southpool) St., fig.
-, Bourton Lane,
-, Bourton Rd.,
-, Bridgnorth Rd.,
-, Bull Ring, fig.
-, Crescent, the,
-, Downs Lane,
-, High Causeway,
-, High (formerly Spittle or Hospital) St., plate
-, King St. (formerly Fox Lane or Mardol Rd.), n, n,
-, Linden Ave.,
-, Mardol Lane,
-, Mardol Terrace,
-, New Rd.,
-, Oakfield Pk.,
-, Queen St., n, n
-, Racecourse Rd.,
-, 'Revelone',
-, Rowsell (later St. Milburga's Row),
-, St. Mary's Lane (formerly St. Mary Way, Mary Lane), n,
-, Sheinton St.,
-, Smithfield Rd. (Powke Lane), n,
-, Southfield Rd.,
-, Station Drive,
-, Swan Meadow,
-, Sytche Close,
-, Victoria Rd.,
-, Walton Hills,
-, Westwood Lane,
-, Wilmore St., fig.
-, 'Wyvelleslone',
-, Tickwood, q.v.
-, Walton, see Atterley and Walton; Barrow, Atterley, and Walton manor; Walton
-, wells,
-, St. Mildburg's (Wimperis) well,
-, St. Owen's well,
-, Shady well,
-, Wenlock ward and district cttee., see Wenlock borough
-, Westwood, n,
-, Stretton Westwood,
-, Wigwig, q.v.
-, 'Wininicas', q.v.
-, Wyke; Wyke and Bradley, qq.v.

Wenlock abbey, see Wenlock priory

Wenlock Abbey, see Wenlock, Much: hos. (named)

Wenlock Agricultural Reading Society,

Wenlock borough (Franchise), figs.
-, allotments for rate assessment, n
-, guildhall, see Wenlock, Much
-, parliamentary boro., M.P.s, fig.
-, rural boro., see Wenlock, Much
-, wards and district cttees., fig.
-, Barrow,
-, Broseley,
-, Madeley,
-, Wenlock,

Wenlock Edge, plates
-, Edge top,

Wenlock Farmers' Club,

Wenlock Franchise, see Wenlock borough

Wenlock Franchise Savings Bank,

Wenlock Gas Co.,

Wenlock Herald,

Wenlock hundred, see Bourton hundred

Wenlock liberty and borough,
-, boro. (Franchise), see Wenlock borough
-, fiscal privilege, see Wenlock priory: minster
-, leet jurisdictions within, and see Bourton hundred; Marsh leet; Oxenbold manor leet; Wenlock, Much: court leet
-, liberty,

Wenlock Loyal Volunteers, plate

Wenlock minster ('church of Wenlock', St. Mildburg's church), see Wenlock Priory: minster

Wenlock Olympian Society, plate

Wenlock Pitch, see Harley: Harley hill

Wenlock priory (originally abbey, then minster) and priors, n, n, fig.
-, abbey (double monastery), fig.
-, women's church,
-, bldgs., fig. plate
-, Abbey Gate,
-, almonry,
-, chapter ho.,
-, churches, fig. Lady chap.,
-, cloister, fig. lavatory,
-, dormitory, reredorter,
-, grange,
-, 'infirmary',
-, precinct wall and tower,
-, prior's lodgings, fig. and see Wenlock, Much: hos. (named) (Wenlock Abbey)
-, refectory, fig.
-, sacristy ('sextry'),
-, liberty, see Wenlock liberty and borough
-, minster (incl. refs. to the abbey's pre-Conquest successor 'church of Wenlock' or St. Mildburg's church),
-, fiscal privilege on estates of,
-, par., see Wenlock, Much: Holy Trinity par. ch. (par.)
-, site and precinct,

Wenlock Railway Co.,

Wenlock rural deanery, n,

Wenlock Smithfield Co.,

Wenlock Walton, see Walton

Wenlock ward, see Wenlock borough

Wenner, Max V.,

Wentnor, and see Kinnerton; Medlicott

Weole, see Wele; and see Weal

Werps, the, see Jackfield

Wesley, John, n,

West Bradeley, see Bourton

West Bromwich (Staffs.),

West Coppice, see Buildwas

West Hecani (West Hani),
-, rulers, see Merchelm; Merewalh; Mildfrith

West Indies,

West Midland Railway, see Severn Valley line

west midlands, see midlands

West Wall, see Wall under Heywood

Westbury, and see Caus; Minsterley; Stretton, Stoney; Wigmore; Yockleton

Westgate-on-Sea (in Margate and Minster, Kent),

Westhope, John of,

Westhope (in Diddlebury),

Westminster (London, formerly Mdx.),

Westminster abbey (London, formerly Mdx.), abbot, see Wenlock, Wal. of

Weston, Ric. of,

Weston (in Monkhopton),
-, Weston Ho.,

Weston, Cold,

Weston hill (in Cold Weston, Diddlebury, and Stoke St. Milborough),

Weston-under-Lizard (Staffs.),

Weston under Redcastle (in Hodnet),

Weston's brook,

Westons Portable Buildings,

Westwood, see Wenlock, Much

Wetcowood Ltd.,

Wetheral (Cumb.), see Corby Castle

Weymouth, Vct., see Thynne

wharves and quays, and see river traffic

Whately, H. E., archdn. of Ludlow,

Wheathill, Adam of,


-, Fra., archdn. of Salop (Heref. dioc.),
-, John,

Wheelwright, Thos.,



Whiston (in Albrighton and Boningale),

Whitbach (in Eaton-under-Heywood), n,

-, Eliz., see Careswell
-, Rowland,
-, fam.,

Whitcot (in Norbury),

White, Mat.,

White Coats, see Coates, the

White Ladies, see Brewood priory

White Mines (in Barrow), see Shirlett common

Whitefoot, Thos.,

Whitehall, see Abbey Foregate

Whitehurst, Mr. (fl. c. 1791),

-, J. B.,
-, fam.,

-, J. H. A.,
-, Susan I. B., see Davis

-, Geo.,
-, John,
-, Mary, m. - Osborne,
-, Sarah, see Acton
-, Thos. (d. 1795),
-, Thos. (d. 1846),
-, Sir Wm.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Wolryche-Whitmore

Whittingham, Jesse,

Whittingslow (in Wistanstow), n, fig.

Whittington, and see Ebnal

Whittington (in Kinver, Staffs.),

-, Anne, m. earl of Warwick,
-, Mgt., m. Thos. Throckmorton,
-, Sir Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, his w.,

Wicke, Ric., and his w. Amy, and
-, see Wyke

Wicumbe, John de,

Wigmore (Herefs.),

Wigmore (in Westbury),

Wigwig (in Much Wenlock), n, n, n, n,
-, Harchester,
-, Wigwig Hall (Fm.),

Wigwig brook,

Wilcock, Wal.,

Wilcokes, Wm.,

-, Geo.,
-, Ric.,
-, Rog., and his w. Joyce,
-, Rowland, and his w. Eleanor,

wild, Edric the, see Edric the wild

Wilde, John, and see Wylde Browne

Wilderhope and Stanway (in Rushbury),
-, Fegg,
-, Fegg Fm.,
-, Lutwyche,
-, Lutwyche Hall, plates
-, Pilgrim Lane,
-, Stanway, n,
-, Lower (Nether) Stanway,
-, Upper (Over) Stanway, Lightwood, Stanway Manor, Stanway Manor Fm.,
-, Wilderhope,
-, Wilderhope Fm.,
-, Wilderhope Manor, n; plate

-, Ric. of,
-, Yvette of,

Wilderley (in Church Pulverbatch),

Wilderely Hill, n

-, Anne, m. John Mainwaring, n
-, Edw.,
-, Jack,
-, Ric. (d. c. 1670), n
-, Ric. (fl. 1775),
-, Ric. (d. 1820),
-, Ric. (fl. 1991),
-, Sam.,
-, fam., n

Wildman, Sarah,

-, Alice, see Hill
-, Fra.,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,

-, J. B., n,
-, John, his w., see Lee
-, Wm.,

Willes, Thos., see More

Willesden (Mdx.), see Neasden

Willett, Wm.,

-, Alan of, n
-, And. of,
-, Burga (fl. 1255), w. of Nic. of,
-, Burga of (fl. 1337), m. 1 Phil. of Stapleton, Ric. of Harley,
-, Hugh of,
-, Mgt. of, ?m. Rog. Wolryche,
-, Nic. of,
-, Parnel, sis. of Herb. of Rushbury, w. of Warner of,
-, Phil. of,
-, Warner of (fl. c. 1115),
-, Warner of (fl. 1200), n,

Willey, n, n,
-, n,
-, Bold, q.v.
-, Cotbrook Lane,
-, Darley, q.v.
-, Dean, the,
-, estate,
-, Hangstree Gate, q.v.
-, Hill rails, q.v.
-, Horsley,
-, Horsleymoor,
-, Linleygreen, q.v.
-, parks,
-, medieval pk., Prior's Tongue,
-, 17th-cent. pk. (mostly in Shirlett),
-, 19th-cent. pk., n,
-, Rudge wood,
-, seats (of Lacons, Welds, Foresters, and Weld-Foresters),
-, Willey Hall (demolished c. 1812),
-, Willey Hall (built 1812-20),
-, Smithies, the, q.v.
-, Smithies, Lower, q.v.

Willey Estates Co.,

Willey Heald or Hill (in Barrow), see Shirlett common

William I,

William, s. of Adam the butler,

William, s. of Hugh of Clun,

William, s. of Alan of Drayton,

William, s. of Hamon of Larden,

William, s. of Baldwin of Montgomery,

William, s. of Sim.,

William (fl. 13th cent.),

William (fl. 1318),

William son of John,

William son of Robert,

William the carpenter,

William the miller,

-, Frances, see Jenkes
-, Jas.,
-, John,
-, Mary Ann, ?w. of T. C.,
-, Ric.,
-, Rog.,
-, T. C.,
-, Watkin, see Williams Wynn
-, fam.,

Williams Wynn:
-, Mary, m. J. Milnes Gaskell,
-, (formerly Williams), Sir Watkin (d. 1749),
-, Sir Watkin (d. 1840),
-, Sir Watkin (d. 1885),
-, fam.,
-, and see Williams; Wynn; Wynne- Pendarves

Williamson, Edith Mary, see Trevor

Willow Smithies, see Smithies, Lower

Willstone, John,

Willstone (in Cardington),
-, Lane Head,
-, Long pool,
-, Lower Fm.,

Willstone hill, see Cardington

Wilson, H. O.,

Wilthryth (?eponym of Wilderhope),

Wiltshire, and see Boscombe East; Deverill; Donhead Hall; Longleat House; Monkton Farleigh priory; Walcot; Warminster

Wimborne, Barons,


-, G. R., novelist,
-, John,
-, Sarah, w. of John,

Windsor (Berks.),

wine selling, and see vintner

Winford, Sarah, see Lutwyche

'Wininicas', early estate probably including Much Wenlock,

'Winneford yate', see Prestenden

Winsbury (Wynnesbury):
-, Alice (?fl. before 1400), see Purcell
-, Alice (d. 1529), m. Ric. Littleton,
-, Eleanor, m. Ric. Acton,
-, Eliz., ?w. of Sir John,
-, Hamlet,
-, Sir John,
-, Mgt., m. Fulk Sprenchose,
-, Sir Wm. (fl. before 1400),
-, Wm. (fl. before 1400, another),
-, Wm. (d. 1502),
-, fam., n

Winwood fam.,


'wise woman', and see witch, reputed

Wistanstow, n, n,
-, Bushmoor hay, see Long forest
-, Cheney Longville, see Longville, Cheney
-, Hawkhurst hay or wood, see Long forest
-, and see Affcot, Upper; Cwm Head; Felhampton; Grove, the; Leamoor Common; Marsh, the; Marshbrook; Strefford; Whittingslow; Woolston

witch, reputed, and see 'wise woman'

Witefeld, Wal. de,
-, his w., see Eve

Withiesfield House, see Gitchfield

Witts, John,

Wode, Rob. de la, and see Wood; Wood Acton; Woods

Wolfe, Fra., n

Wolff, Sir Jacob,

Wolley, Thos., and see Woolley

Wolmer, Hugh,

-, And.,
-, Dorothy, w. of Wm., m. 2 Jerome Corbet,
-, Fra.,
-, Humph.,
-, John (d. 1537),
-, John (d. 1685),
-, Sir John (d. 1723),
-, Mgt., see Willey
-, Mary, w. of John, m. 2 Ric. Dauntsey,
-, Rog.,
-, Thos. (d. by 1507),
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1668),
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1701),
-, Wm. (fl. 1431),
-, Wm. (d. 1566),
-, fam., n
-, and see Wolryche-Whitmore; Woolridge

-, (formerly Laing), F. A., and his w.,
-, J. E. A.,
-, and see Whitmore; Wolryche; Woolridge

Wolverhampton, Nic. of, archdn. of Salop (Heref. dioc.),

Wolverhampton (Staffs.), and see Neachells; Pelsall

Wolverhampton Metal Co.,

Wolverley (Worcs.),

Wolverton (in Eaton-under-Heywood), n,
-, Wolverton Manor,

Wombourne (Staffs.), see Greensforge

Wombridge, see Ketley; Oakengates urban district

Women's Institute,

Womerton (Woodhouse) (in Church Stretton),

-, Alex.,
-, Anne Mary, see Maw
-, Augustus, see Wood Acton
-, F. D., n
-, R. F. M.,
-, and see Wode; Wood Acton; Woods

Wood, Lower, see Lower Wood

Wood Acton:
-, (formerly Wood), Augustus,
-, Joyce Stackhouse, m. R. C. Fuller-ton-Smith (later Acton),
-, Mrs. Laura Charlotte,
-, and see Acton; Dalberg-Acton; Stackhouse Acton; Wode; Wood; Woods

Wood bridge, the, see Coalport bridge

wood carvers, see Hill, Wm.; Hill, Mr.

Wood Lane,

Woodard Schools (Southern Division) Ltd.,

Woodbank (in Abdon), see Brown Clee hill

-, Ric.,
-, S. W.,
-, Thos.,

Woodgate, see Hope Bowdler

-, John, n
-, Ric.,
-, Wm., n

Woodhouse, see Womerton

Woodhouse, the, see Jackfield

Woodhousefield, see Bourton

Woodhouses, see Acton Scott: Oakwood

woodland products and work, see bark; beech mast; charcoal making; coppicing; cordwood; pit props; saw mills; timber trade

Woodlands, the, see Broseley Wood

Woods, H. D., and see Wode; Wood; Wood Acton

Woof, Edw.,

-, merchants, and see staple, merchant of the
-, and see carding; combers, wool; yarn: woollen

Woolfson, Rowe & Co.,

Woolley, Art. Geo., and see Wolley

Woolridge fam., and see Wolryche; Wolryche-Whitmore

Woolshope, see Monkhopton

Woolstaston, and see Colliersley

Woolston (in Wistanstow), n

Woolwich Arsenal (London, formerly Kent),

Wootton (in Quatt),

Wootton Wawen (Warws.),

Worcester, bps. of, and see Heath; Oftfor; Pepys

Worcester, earl of, see Percy

-, cath.,
-, see of,

Worcester Porcelain Manufactory,

Worcestershire, and see Abberley; Bewdley; Black Country; Chaddesley Corbett; Comberton, Great; Dowles; Droitwich; Dudley; Dudley priory; Evesham; Evesham abbey; Fladbury; Frankley; Hampton Lovett; Holt; Kidderminster; Malvern, Great; Offenham; Oswaldslow liberty; Pinvin; Redmarley D'Abitot; Selly Oak; Stour Valley; Stourbridge; Strensham; Tenbury Wells; Worcester; Wyre Piddle

Worfe, river (Cosford brook), n,

Worfield, and see Ackleton; Badger Dingle; Cranmere; Stableford; Stableford bridge

workhouses and poorhouses:
-, parochial,
-, union,

World's End, see Stretton, Church

Worthen, see Hope valley; Stiperstones

Worthington, Nathaniel,

Wossolde, John and see Oswald

-, Eve of, m. Ric. Hord,
-, Hugh of,

-, Bryan,
-, Edw.,

-, Ric. (fl. 1635),
-, Ric. (fl. 1681),
-, fam.,

Wrekin, the (in Wellington and Wroxeter),

Wrekin, the, proposed 'borough' of,

Wrekin district,

Wrekin forest,

Wrens Nest (later Apley Forge) (in Astley Abbots and Linley),

Wrensnest Farm, see Hifnal

Wreocensaete (tribe), n


Wrickton (in Stottesdon),

-, Anne,
-, Constantia (?Cath.), see Carington
-, Edw. Carington,
-, John (d. 1792),
-, John (fl. 1796),
-, John (d. 1826),
-, John Fra.,
-, Mary Cath., see Cholmeley
-, Ric.,
-, fam.,

Wright & Jesson,

writers and scholars, see antiquaries; bibliographer; botanists; ethnographer; geologist; hagiographer; historians; hymnologist; jurist; mathematician; naturalists; novelists; playwrights; poets

Wrockwardine, and see Charlton; Oakengates urban district; Wrockwardine Wood

Wrockwardine hundred,

Wrockwardine Wood (in Wrockwardine) Primitive Methodist circuit,

Wroxeter, n; and see Viroconium Cornoviorum; Wrekin, the

'Wrye', Penda's, see 'Peandan Wrye'

'Wryme' (Ches.), n

Wulfric (fl. 963),

Wulfric (Uluric, fl. 1066),

Wulfwine (Ulwin, fl. 1066),

-, Jas.,
-, Lewis,
-, Sir Mat. Digby,

-, Isaac,
-, Ric., poet,
-, Misses, the (fl. 1829),
-, fam.,
-, and see Wicke

Wyke (in Much Wenlock),
-, Lawleys Cross,
-, manor, see Marsh manor
-, hos. (named),
-, and see Farley, Wyke, and Bradley; Wyke and Bradley

Wyke and Bradley (in Much Wenlock), n, and see Bradley; Farley, Wyke, and Bradley; Wyke

Wyke (or Bradley) Lane,

Wylde, R. B., see Wylde Browne; and see Wilde; Wylde Browne

Wylde Browne:
-, (formerly Wylde), R. B.,
-, T. W.,
-, and see Brown; Browne; Wilde

Wylleburi, Wynbury Castle, see Larden Ditches

-, Thos.,
-, fam.,

-, Sir John,
-, Maurice,
-, fam.,
-, and see Williams Wynn; Wynne-Pen-darves

Wynne-Pendarves (formerly Stackhouse), Edw. Wm., and see Williams Wynn; Wynn

Wynnesbury, see Winsbury

Wyre Piddle (in Fladbury, Worcs.), n, n

Wytheford forge (in Shawbury),

-, Joan, see Wenlock
-, Nic.,

Yarchester (in Harley),

-, linen,
-, woollen,
-, and see spinning; tow dresser

Yarpole (Herefs.), see Bircher

-, A. C.,
-, A. C. McC.,
-, Sam., see Yate Sprott
-, Thos. (fl. 1422),
-, Thos. (d. 1772),
-, and see Yates

Yate Sprott (formerly Yate), Sam., and see Sprott; Yate; Yates

-, Fra.,
-, John,
-, and see Yate; Yate Sprott

Yeld, the (in Munslow and Rushbury),

Yell Bank, see Chatwall

Yockleton (in Westbury),

-, Fra.,
-, Hen.,
-, Hugh le,
-, Phil., bp. of Norwich, n
-, Thos.,
-, W. J.,
-, Sir Wm. (d. by 1505),
-, Wm. (d. 1565),
-, and see Young

York, Edw. of, duke of York, n

York, dukes of, and see Henry VIII; Plantagenet; York

Yorkshire, n, and see Bradford; Earswick, New; Holderness; Kingston upon Hull

-, Art.,
-, Ric.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Yonge

youth clubs,

youth hostels,

Zankey, Jerome, and his w. Joan, and see Sankey

-, Art. Edw. Demetre de Stourdra,
-, A. E. J. D.,