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A History of the County of Shropshire: Volume 4, Agriculture. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1989.

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Abbey farm, see Buildwas

Abbey Foregate (in Holy Cross par., Shrewsbury),
-, fairs,
-, Shirehall,
-, Shrews. abbey,
-, abbot,
-, est.,
-, Shrews. Tech. Coll.,

Abdon, and see Abdon Burf; Brown Clee Hill

Abdon Burf (in Abdon, Cleobury North, and Ditton Priors),

Aberdeen, Rowett Inst.,

Abingdon abbey (Berks.),

Ackers (formerly Coops), Jas.,

Aconbury priory (Herefs.),

acres, n
-, field,
-, statute,
-, and see strike's seedness

-, Sir Wal.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Dalberg-Acton; Lyon-Dal-berg-Acton

Acton, Barons, see Dalberg-Acton; Lyon-Dalberg-Acton

Acton (in Clun),

Acton (in Lydbury North),

Acton Burnell,

Acton Reynald (in Shawbury),

Acton Round, n, n,
-, man., n

Acton Scott, n, n
-, Acton Scott Working Fm. Mus.,
-, Home Fm.,

Adam (fl. c. 1295),

-, Thos. (d. c. 1547),
-, Thos. (d. c. 1558),
-, Thos. (fl. 1650),
-, Thos. Harper,

Adcote (in Baschurch),

-, arable farming,
-, assarts,
-, bailiffs,
-, dairying,
-, holdings, peasant,
-, inc.,
-, livestock and pastoral farming,
-, man.,
-, mkt. and fair,
-, pks.,
-, Shavington, q.v.
-, vegetables,

Admaston (in Wrockwardine),
-, Donnerville,

Adstone (in Wentnor),

advowry, tenants in,

Aethelgar (fl. before 1066),

affers, see horses: work

Africa, and see Rhodesia, Southern

agents, see officers, landlords'

agistment, see grass

Agricultural & Allied Workers, National Union of, see National Union of Agricultural & Allied Workers

Agricultural Botany, National Institute of, see Cambridge

agricultural engineering, and see dairy equipment

Agricultural Labourers' Union,

agricultural officer, chief, see county agricultural organizer

'Agricultural Revolution',

Agricultural Society, Bath and West of England see Bath and West of England Agricultural Society

Agricultural Society, Shropshire and West Midlands, see Shropshire and West Midlands Agricultural Society

Agricultural Society of England, Royal, see Royal Agricultural Society of England

Agricultural Workers, National Union of, see National Union of Agricultural Workers

Agriculture, Central Chamber of,

Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Ministry of,

Agriculture, Shropshire Chamber of, see Shropshire Chamber of Agriculture

Agriculture and Fisheries, Board of,
-, president,

Alberbury (partly Mont.), n, n,
-, priory,
-, Tall Cottages, and see Amaston; Braggington; Builthy Rock; Hayes; Loton; Pecknall; Rowton Castle; Wattlesborough; Winnington

Albrighton, n, n, n, n,

Albrighton (in St. Mary's, Shrewsbury),
-, heath,

Aldenham, see Morville

Alderton (in Great Ness),

Alison, Revd. Archibald,

All Stretton, see Stretton, All

Allans wood, see Ruyton in the Eleven Towns

Allcroft, J. D.,

Allfield (in Condover),

allotments, see labour

Allscott (in Wrockwardine),

Allscott sugar factory, see Walcot

almshouses, medieval,

Alsop, John, n

alternate husbandry, see mixed farming

Alveley, Sim. of, and his fam.,

Alveley, and see Coton Hall; Nordley, King's; Romsley

Amaston (in Alberbury),
-, Wollaston, Little,

-, North,
-, United States,
-, War of Independence,
-, and see British Columbia; Chile; Havana; Mexico; Peru; West Indies


ancient demesne,

Anglo-Saxon period,

animal diseases (murrain):
-, cattle,
-, foot and mouth disease, q.v.
-, horse,
-, pig,
-, sheep,

Ape Dale,

Apley Castle (in Wellington),

Apley Park (in Stockton),

Apley Terrace plantations (in Stockton and Worfield),

Apperley, C. J. ('Nimrod'),


Aqualate (in Forton, Staffs.),

arable farming,
-, contraction of,
-, crops, q.v.
-, extension of,
-, fields, open, see fields
-, mixed farming, q.v.
-, prehistoric,

Arch, Jos.,

Archer, John,

architect, estate, see officers, landlords'

architecture, buildings:
-, conservation of,
-, and see cottages; country houses; farm buildings; farmhouses

Arden forest (Warws.),

-, commander in chief, n
-, paymaster,

Arscott (in Pontesbury),



-, ctsses. of, see Dacre; Talbot
-, earls of, n; and see FitzAlan; Howard

Arundel (Suss.),

Ash Magna (in Whitchurch),

-, John,
-, Thos., and his w.,

Ashdown, Geo., and his f.,

Ashford Bowdler,

Ashley Cooper, Lady Charlotte Barbara, see Cooper

Ashwood fam., n

assarts, assarting, n,
-, let,

Astley (in St. Mary's, Shrewsbury),

Astley Abbots, and see Hoards Park; Nordley

Aston (in Oswestry),
-, Bromhurst pk.,
-, grange,

Aston (in Wellington),

Aston, Church (in Edgmond),

Aston Botterell, see Charlcotte

Aston Eyre,

Aston on Clun (in Hopesay),
-, Long Meadowend, n,

Aston Pigott (in Worthen), n

Aston Rogers (in Worthen),

-, Attingham (formerly Tern) Hall, Pk., and est., n,
-, Salop. Adult Coll.,
-, vicar,
-, and see Berwick Maviston; Chilton; Cronkhill; Duncot; Emstrey; Hernes; Uckington

-, Margery,
-, Wm.,

Attingham, Edith of,

Attingham, see Atcham

Aubigny fam.,

auditors, see officers, landlords'

-, Jas. de,
-, fam.,

Audley, Barons, n


axes, see tools, equipment, and machinery

Back brook (in Forton and Gnosall, Staffs.),

Badder, Mr.,



Baggy Moor (in West Felton, Hordley, and Ruyton-XI-Towns),

bailiffs, see officers, landlords'

Bailleul, Reynold of (Reynold the sheriff),

Baker, Edw.,

Bakewell, Rob.,

Balaam's Heath, see Tugford

Balderton, John of,

Balderton (in Myddle),

-, Cath., see Childe
-, Chas.,
-, Wm. (fl. 1600),
-, Wm. (d. 1824), see Childe
-, fam.,

Baldwyn-Childe (formerly Childe), Frances Christina, see Leighton; and see Childe

Banbury (Oxon.),

Bank, the, Bank Farm (? in Meole Brace),


Barber, R. J.,

Barber & Sons,

Barbour, Sam., see Hill

bark, see woodlands: products

Barker fam.,

barley, see crops: cereal

Barlow (in Hopesay),

Barnard, Baron, see Vane

baronetcies, invented for sale,

Barrow, n, and see, Caughley


Baschurch, n, and see Adcote; Boreatton; Eaton; Walford; Weston Lullingfields

Baschurch Pools (in Baschurch and Myddle),

bastardy, illegitimacy,

-, earl of, see Pulteney
-, marquesses of, n; and see Thynne

Bath and West of England Agricultural Society,

Bathoe, Jerome,

Baugh, Geo., n

Bayley, John, prior of Wenlock,

Bayston Hill (in Condover, Meole Brace, and St. Julian's, Shrewsbury),

Beach, the, see Linley (in More)

Beacon Hill (in Beguildy, Radnors.),

Beaker period,

beans, see crops: leguminous

Beckbury, n,

Bedale (Yorks. N.R.),

Beddoes, Wm.,


Bedfordshire, see Bedford; Dunstable

beekeeping, bees,

beet, sugar, see crops: roots

beggars, and see vagabonds

Beguildy (Radnors.), see Beacon Hill

-, J. M.,
-, John,

Belgium, see Bruges; Damme; Flanders

-, Patrick, n
-, Thos.,

Bellême, Rob. of, earl of Shrewsbury, n

bells, livestock, see tools, equipment, and machines

Benham Park (in Speen, Berks.),

Benson fam.,

Bent Lane, see Ditton Priors


Benthall Edge,

Bentley hay, see Shirlett forest

Beobridge (in Claverley),

Bergavenny, Barons, n

Berkshire, and see Abingdon abbey; Benham Park; Windsor

Berners, Baron, see Tyrwhitt-Wilson

Berrington, and see Betton Abbots; Buriwood; Cantlop; Eaton Mascott; Hernes

Berry, Rob., n

Berth, the, see Weston Lullingfields

Berwick, Barons, and see Hill; Noel-Hill

Berwick (in St. Mary's, Shrewsbury),
-, Berwick, Gt.,
-, Berwick Ho.,
-, Leaton Knolls,

Berwick Maviston (in Atcham),

Berwyn Mountains,

Betchcott (in Smethcott), n

Bettinson, Wm.,

Betton Abbots (in Berrington), n

Betton in Hales (in Market Drayton),

Betton Strange (in St. Chad's, Shrewsbury),

Bettws-y-crwyn, n, n

Beverley (Yorks. E.R.),

Bickerton, Sam.,

Bicton (in Clun),

Bicton (in St. Chad's, Shrewsbury),

Bicton heath (in St. Chad's and St. Julian's, Shrewsbury),


birds, and see falcon; hawks; heronries; partridges; pheasants; pigeons; poultry; swans; wildfowl; woodcock

Birkinshaw, Ric.,

Birmingham, and see Bournville

Bishop, Wm.,

Bishop's Castle,
-, cattle,
-, dairying around,
-, foundation, owners,
-, heavy horse soc.,
-, labourers' conditions,
-, Lea, q.v.
-, marketing, n
-, fair,
-, Oakeley, q.v.
-, Owlbury, q.v.

-, Geo.,
-, John (d. 1803),
-, John (d. 1809),

Bitterley, see Henley; Middleton; Titterstone Clee Hill

Black Country (Staffs. and Worcs.),

Black Death,

Blackmore (Essex),

Blackwell Hall, see London

Blakemere (in Whitchurch), n,

Blymhill (Staffs

Bockleton (in Stoke St. Milborough),

Bog mine, see Ritton

Bolas, Chas., n, n

Bolas, Great, see Meeson

Bold, Rob. of, and his dau.,

Bold (in Willey),

Booley (in Stanton upon Hine Heath),

Boraston (in Burford),


Boreatton (in Baschurch),n

Boreton (in Condover),

Borle brook,

'Boror' park, see Clun

boroughs, n, n


Bostocke, Ralph,

Boston (Lincs

Bosworth, Market (Leics.),

'Botelegee' (in Cardington),

-, Beriah,
-, Isabella, see Leighton
-, Thos.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Garnett-Botfield

Botiler fam.,

Botvyle (in Cardington and Church Stretton),

Botwood (in Cardington and Leebotwood),

Boughey, Sir Thos. F.,

Boughton, Sir C. H. Rouse-, see Rouse-Boughton

Boughton Rouse (formerly Boughton), Sir C. W., see Rouse-Boughton

-, John,
-, fam.,

Bournville (Birmingham, formerly in Northfield and King's Norton, Worcs.),

Bourton (in Much Wenlock), n,

bovarii, see oxmen

Boveria (in Church Pulverbatch, Ratlinghope, Smethcott, and Church Stretton),

Bowdler, Audley, n

Bowen-Jones (formerly Jones), Sir John Bowen,

Boyne, Vctss., see Lascelles

-, Vct., see Egerton
-, Vctss., see Spencer

Bradeley (in Much Wenlock), n

Bradford, earls of, n; and see Bridgeman

Bradford hundred, S. div.,

Bradley fam.,

Bradney (in Worfield),

Braggington (in Alberbury), n,

Breaden Heath (in Hanmer (Flints.) and Welshampton),

Brereton, Sir Ric.,

Bretchell, Great, see Wattlesborough

brewers, brewing,
-, cottage,
-, domestic, n

Brewood (Staffs.),

Brewood forest (partly Staffs.),

-, Geo. Augustus Fred. Hen., earl of Bradford,
-, Gerald Mic. Orlando, Vct. Newport, later earl of Bradford, n
-, Sir John,
-, Orlando, earl of Bradford,
-, Orlando Geo. Chas., earl of Bradford,
-, Ric. Thos. Orlando, earl of Bradford,
-, fam.,

bridges, see roads and bridges

Bridgnorth, n
-, boro.:
-, burgess,
-, parl. rep.,
-, bridge,
-, clubs, soc.,
-, iron foundry,
-, livestock and pastoral farming,
-, marketing,
-, fairs, n
-, merchants,
-, river port,
-, roads,
-, St. Mary Magdalen's coll.,

Bridgwalton, see Walton

-, ctsses. of, see Haynes; Stanley
-, dukes of, and see Egerton
-, earls of, and see Egerton

Bridwick (in Shifnal),

-, Sir Moreton, n
-, fam., n, n


British Association for the Advancement of Science, n

British Columbia (Canada),

Broadstone (in Munslow),

Brockhurst castle, see Stretton, Church

Brockton (in Sutton Maddock),


Bromfield, n,
-, Halford, q.v.
-, Halton, q.v.
-, man.,
-, Oakly Pk., n, n
-, 'old field',
-, prehist. rem.,
-, priory,
-, Walton, High, fm.,

Bromhurst park, see Aston (in Oswestry)

-, Sir Geo., and his w.,
-, T. W.,
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1555),
-, his cousin,
-, his dau., n
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1587), n
-, Thos., Baron Montfort (d. 1799),
-, fam.,

Brompton (in Church Stoke),

Broncroft (in Diddlebury),

Bronygarth (in St. Martin's),

Bronze Age,

-, Cath., m. Wm. Forester,
-, Sir Rob.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam., n,

brooks, see rivers, streams, and brooks

Broseley, n, n,

Broun, Wm., and see Brown; Browne

Brounker, Wm.,

-, Sir A. H.,
-, Lancelot ('Capability'),
-, Wm.,
-, and see Broun; Browne

Brown & Lock, n

Brown Clee Hill (in Abdon, Burwarton, Clee St. Margaret, Cleobury North, Ditton Priors, Loughton, and Stoke St. Milborough),

-, Isaac Hawkins,
-, Ric.,
-, Wm.,
-, and see Broun; Brown

-, Baron, see Cust
-, Earls, see Cust; Egerton-Cust

Bruges (Belgium),

Bryan, Rog.,

Bryn farm (in Llanyblodwel),

Buckingham, dukes of, n; and see Stafford, Edw.

Bucknell (partly Herefs.),

-, abbey,
-, Abbey fm.,

Builthy Rock (? Bulthy, in Alberbury),

Bullhill, see Cound

Bullhill brook,

Bullock, Ric.,

Bunbury (Ches.), see Ridley

Buntingsdale (in Market Drayton),

Burcote (in Worfield),

Burd, Timotheus,

Burford, and see Boraston; Nash

-, Hugh,
-, Sir John, and his daus.,
-, fam.,

burials, prehistoric, and see barrows

Buriwood (in Berrington, Condover, and Pitchford),

-, Eliz., m. Sir Thos. Trussell,
-, Joan, m. Sir Thos. Littleton,
-, Wm.,

-, Edw., Baron Burnell,
-, Hugh,
-, fam.,

-, Albert,
-, Edw.,
-, Hen.,

Burton abbey (Staffs.),

Burwarton, n; and see Brown Clee Hill; Clee Burf

Burwarton Poultry Society,

Bury St. Edmunds (Suff.),

Bury Walls, see Weston-under-Redcastle

bushels, n
-, Winchester, n

Bushmoor hay, see Long forest

Butcher, John,


'Butterfly World', see Yockleton: -'Country World'

Buttery (in Edgmond),

C.A.P., see Europe: European Community

C.L.A., see Country Landowners' Association

cabbages, see crops: green

Cadbury Bros.,

Caer Caradoc Hill (in Church Stretton),

Caer-din ring, see Newcastle

Caerwys (Flints.),

Caird, Sir Jas.,

Calcott, Thos.,

Caldicott (in Knockin),

Callaughton (in Much Wenlock), n
-, Spoonhill,

Calverhall (in Prees),
-, Cloverley,

-, Cambridge Animal Nutrition Res. Unit,
-, Nat. Inst. Agric. Botany,

Camlad, river,

Campbell, Colin,

Canada, see British Columbia

Canning fam.,

Cantlop (in Berrington),

caples, see horses

Caradoc, Caer, see Caer Caradoc Hill

Cardeston, and see Wattlesborough

Cardington, n,
-, Cardington and Lydley Hayes man.,
-, Cardington Hill,
-, Lawley, the,
-, and see 'Botelegee'; Botvyle; Botwood; Chatwall; Enchmarsh; Lydley Hayes; Plaish; Preen, Holt; Willstone Hill

carectae, see tools, equipment, and machines: carts

Carew, Ric., n

Carpenter, Thos.,

carrae, see tools, equipment, and machines: carts

Carson, Rachel Louise, n

Carter, John,

carts, see tools, equipment, and machines

-, small,

Carver, Mr.,

Castle, Bishop's, see Bishop's Castle

Castle, Richard's, see Richard's Castle

Castle Foregate (in St. Alkmund's and St. Mary's, Shrewsbury):
-, Perseverance Ironwks.,

Catherton (in Cleobury Mortimer), n

-, artificial insemination,
-, breeding, breeds,
-, Alderney,
-, Angus,
-, Ayrshires,
-, Bishop's Castle,
-, Channel Islands,
-, Devon,
-, Durham,
-, Friesians,
-, Herefords, n,
-, Holderness,
-, Indian,
-, Jersey,
-, Lancashire,
-, Leicester,
-, Longhorns,
-, Montgomeryshire Smoky Faced,
-, Shorthorns,
-, Teeswater,
-, Welsh,
-, white-faced,
-, herd sizes,
-, hiring,
-, nos.,
-, oxen,
-, disused to plough,
-, surplus to subsistence requirements,
-, trade in, n
-, and see animal diseases; mixed farming; rearing

Caughley (in Barrow), n

Caus (in Westbury), n,
-, lordship, man.,
-, welshry, see Gorddwr

Cefn-y-maes (in Llanyblodwel),

censarii, see customary tenants

Central Chamber of Agriculture, see Agriculture, Central Chamber of

Central Landowners' Association, see Country (formerly Central) Landowners' Association

chaff cutters, see tools, equipment, and machines

Chambre fam.,

chantries, dissolved,

chapmen, pedlars,

charcoal, see woodlands: products


Charlcotte (in Aston Botterell),

Charles I,

Charlton fam.,

Charlton (in Shawbury),

chases, see forests: royal

Chatwall (in Cardington),

Chelmarsh, n, n

Cherrington, Thos.,

Cherrington (in Edgmond),
-, Day Ho. fm.,
-, Rodway,

Cheshire, and see Chester; Combermere abbey; Malpas; Marbury; Ridley; Vale Royal abbey; Whitchurch

Cheshire Cheese Federation,

-, bp., see Lichfield

Chesterton (in Worfield),

Cheswardine, n, and see Chipnall; Sambrook; Sowdley, Gt.

Cheswell Grange, see Lilleshall

Chetton, and see Faintree; Loughton

-, Sir Phil. de,
-, fam.,

-, Chetwynd Hall,
-, and see Howle; Sambrook

chief agricultural officer, see county agricultural organizer

Child's Ercall, see Ercall, Child's

Childe's School, see Cleobury Mortimer

-, C. O., see Childe-Pemberton
-, Cath., m. Chas. Baldwyn,
-, (formerly Childe-Pemberton), Chas. Baldwyn, n
-, Frances Christina, see Leighton
-, (formerly Baldwyn), Wm.,
-, Wm. Lacon,
-, fam.,

-, (formerly Childe), C. O., n
-, Chas. Baldwyn, see Childe
-, fam.,


Chilton (in Atcham),

Chipnall (in Cheswardine):
-, Hill, the, n, n,

Chirbury, n, n, n,
-, priory,
-, and see Stapeley Hill; Wilmington; Winsbury; Wotherton

Chirk (Denb.),

Cholmondeley, Reg.,

Church Aston, see Aston, Church

Church Pulverbatch, see Pulverbatch, Church

Church Stoke, see Stoke, Church

Church Stretton, see Stretton, Church


Cirencester (Glos.),

Citadel, the, see Weston-under-Redcastle

Civil War,

Clare fam., n

Clark, Joyce,

Clarke, Thos.,

Clatford, Upper (Hants), see Redrice

Claverley, and see Beobridge; Gatacre; Hopstone

Claverley bailliwick, see Morfe forest

-, marl, see fertilizers
-, refractory,
-, worked or dug,

Clayton & Shuttleworth,

clearances, rural, n,

Clee Burf (in Burwarton, Clee St. Margaret, Loughton, and Stoke St. Milborough),

Clee chase (formerly forest),

Clee Hills, n,
-, plateau,
-, and see Abdon Burf; Brown Clee Hill; Clee Burf; Titterstone Clee Hill

Clee St. Margaret, and see Brown Clee Hill; Clee Burf

-, Ann, m. Vct. Hill,
-, Jos.,

Clegg-Hill (formerly Hill):
-, Rowland Clegg, Vct. Hill,
-, Rowland Ric., Vct. Hill,

Clempson, Wm.,

Cleobury Barnes (in Cleobury Mortimer):
-, agric. equipment,
-, arable farming,
-, dairying,
-, demesne,
-, servants,
-, livestock and pastoral farming,
-, man.,
-, pk.,
-, Rowley pk.,

Cleobury Mortimer,
-, Catherton, q.v.
-, Childe's Sch.,
-, Cleobury Barnes, q.v.
-, Doddington, q.v.

Cleobury North, and see Abdon Burf; Brown Clee Hill

Cleveland, duke of, see Powlett

Clifford fam., n

-, bad weather,

-, (or Fiennes), Edw., Baron Clinton and Say, earl of Lincoln,
-, Sir Wm., Baron Clinton,

-, Edw., earl of Powis, n, n
-, as Baron Clive, n,
-, Henrietta Antonia, Lady Clive, see Herbert
-, Hon. R. H., n, n, n
-, Rob., Baron Clive,
-, fam.,
-, and see Windsor-Clive

Clive (in St. Mary's, Shrewsbury),
-, Sansaw,

Clopton, Joan, Lady,

cloth making, and see mills: fulling

cloth and wool trade,

clover, see grass: artificial

Cloverley, see Calverhall

clubs, see societies and clubs

Cludde, Anna Maria,

-, Acton, q.v.
-, Bicton, q.v.
-, 'Boror' pk.,
-, carting services,
-, fulling,
-, holdings, peasant,
-, hund.,
-, livestock,
-, lordship, man., n,
-, marketing,
-, fair,
-, meadow,
-, mills,
-, 'Neuton', q.v.
-, Newcastle, q.v.
-, oats,
-, Pentre Hodre, q.v.
-, rural sanitary dist.,
-, Shadwell, q.v.
-, tenants,
-, Welsh raid,
-, welshry,
-, Westhope, q.v.
-, Weston, q.v.
-, Whitcott Keysett, q.v.
-, woods, and see Clun forest
-, wool collected at,
-, wool wagons,

Clun, river, n,

Clun forest, n, and see Clun: woods

Clunbury, n,
-, Clunbury common,
-, Clunbury Hill,
-, vicar,
-, and see Clunton; Clunton and Kempton; Kempton; Obley; Purslow; Twitchen; Walcot

Clungunford, and see Shelderton

Clunton (in Clunbury),

Clunton and Kempton (in Clunbury),

coal mining,

Coalbrookdale (in Madeley),

coalfield, east Shropshire, n,

Coalpit Bank (in Wombridge),

Coates (in Holdgate),

Cockayne-Cust (formerly Cust), Capt. H. F.,


Cockshutt (in Ellesmere),

Cold Hatton, see Hatton, Cold

Cold Weston, see Weston, Cold

Colemere (in Ellesmere),

Colfox, Thos.,

collegiate churches, and see minster churches

Columbia, British, see British Columbia

Colville, Anne Amelia, m. Vct. Newry,

Colwich (Staffs.), see Haywood

Combe Abbey (Warws.),

Combermere abbey (in Wrenbury, Ches.),

common agricultural policy (C.A.P.), see Europe: European Community

commons and waste, n
-, approved, improved,
-, assarted, cleared,
-, cultivated,
-, intermittently,
-, disputes over,
-, divisions of,
-, encroachments on,
-, cottagers' and squatters', n,
-, geese on,
-, horses on,
-, inc.,
-, intercommoned,
-, marl dug,
-, open (never inc.),
-, pressures on,
-, oppressed, overburdened,
-, in royal forests,
-, stinted,
-, warrens on,
-, and see Domesday Book; forests: woods and wastes

Condover, n,
-, Allfield, q.v.
-, assarts,
-, Bayston Hill, q.v.
-, Boreton, q.v.
-, Buriwood, q.v.
-, common rts.,
-, copyholds,
-, demesne leased, n
-, Dorrington, q.v.
-, holdings, peasant, n,
-, hund.,
-, inc.,
-, labour services,
-, livestock,
-, Lythwood, q.v.
-, man.,
-, Norton, q.v.
-, open fields,
-, pk.,
-, Sharpstone Hill, q.v.
-, vetches,

Coningsby, Sir Thos.,

conservation, see architecture

conservationist (environmental, 'green') policies,

Conservatives (Tories),

conventionary tenants (conventionarii, see customary tenants

convertible husbandry, see mixed farming

-, Anne,
-, Jas.,

Cooper (or Ashley Cooper), Lady Charlotte Barbara, m. Hen. Lyster, and see Cowper

Coops, Jas., see Ackers

Co-operative Wholesale Society,

coppices, see woodlands

copyholders, see customary tenants

-, Sir And. (d. 1835),
-, And. (d. 1856),
-, (formerly D'Avenant), Sir Corbet,
-, Fulk,
-, H. D.,
-, Sir John,
-, Sir John Vincent,
-, Peter, Baron Corbet,
-, Rob. (fl. c. 1250),
-, Sir Rob. (d. 1740),
-, Sir Vincent, n
-, fam., n,

-, E. R. T.,
-, Sir Edw. (d. 1653), n
-, Col. Edw. (d. 1895),
-, (formerly Plymley), Jos., n, and see Plimley
-, Sam.,
-, Thos.,
-, fam., n,


Corfham (in Diddlebury),

Corfton, Herb. of,

Corfton (in Diddlebury),

corn laws, n,

Corndon Hill (Mont., in Church Stoke and Hyssington),

Corve, river,

Corve Dale,
-, lower,

Cotes, John,

Cothercott (in Church Pulverbatch), n
-, Sheppen Fields, n

Coton (in Ruyton-XI-Towns),

Coton (in St. Alkmund's, St. Julian's, and St. Mary's, Shrewsbury),

Coton Hall (in Alveley),

cottagers, and see cottars; squatters

cottages, n,
-, improvement of,
-, model,
-, mud-built,
-, stone,
-, and see gardens; industry


Cotterell, Mr.,

Cotton, Phil., and see StapletonCotton

Cotton (in Oswestry), see Weston Cotton

Cotwall (in Ercall Magna),
-, Holtesmoor,

-, Bullhill,
-, and see Harnage

Cound brook,

country houses, manor houses, n

Country (formerly Central) Landowners' Association (C.L.A.), n,

'Country World', see Yockleton

county agricultural organizer (later chief agricultural officer),

county agricultural societies, see societies, county agricultural

county analyst,

county asylum, see Shelton

county boundary,

county councils, and see Shropshire County Council

county expenditure, cuts in,

county government,

county magistrates, see peace: co. justices of

county officials, and see county agricultural organizer; county analyst; peace: co. clks. of the; sheriffs

Coventry (Warws.), and see Whitmore Park; Willenhall

Coventry and Lichfield (formerly Coventry, later Lichfield and Coventry), bps. of, and see Lichfield

-, Ric.,
-, -, drover,
-, and see Cooper

Craddock, Jos.,

craftsmen, tradesmen, n; and see farrier; smiths; wheelwrights

-, Eliz., Lady, see Whitmore
-, Geo. Grimston, earl of Craven,
-, Sir Wm. (d. 1618),
-, Wm., earl of Craven (d. 1697), n
-, as Baron Craven,
-, Wm., Baron Craven (d. 1769),
-, Wm., Baron Craven (d. 1791),
-, Wm., Baron Craven, later earl of Craven (d. 1825),
-, Wm., earl of Craven (d. 1866),
-, fam., n,

Craven Arms (in Stokesay), n,

Creamore, see Edstaston

Cress grange, see Leebotwood

Cressage, n,

Cressett, Edw.,

Crickheath (in Oswestry),

crime, and see arson; incest; felons; outlaws; poaching; rebellions; theft

Crimean War,

Croft Farm, see Morville

Crompton fam.,

Cronkhill (in Atcham),

-, cereal (corn, grain), n,
-, barley,
-, mixed corn, dredge, maslin,
-, oats,
-, rye,
-, wheat, European 'mountain', strains,
-, yields, n,
-, and see mixed farming
-, damaged by animals,
-, dye (madder, saffron, woad),
-, flowers,
-, fodder,
-, fruit,
-, hops,
-, and see hop yards; orchards; vineyards
-, green,
-, cabbages,
-, kale,
-, rape,
-, herbs,
-, industrial,
-, flax,
-, hemp,
-, leguminous,
-, beans,
-, peas,
-, pulses,
-, mustard,
-, new,
-, potatoes,
-, roots, n,
-, mangold-wurzels (mangolds),
-, sugar beet,
-, swedes,
-, turnips, n, Scotch,
-, rotation of,
-, share cropping,
-, spraying,
-, surplus:
-, to mkt. demand,
-, to subsistence needs,
-, value, valuation, of,
-, vegetables,
-, vetches,
-, yields,

Crose Mere, see Ellesmere

Crowleasows farm, see Middleton (in Bitterley)

Cruckton (in Pontesbury),

Crudgington (in Ercall Magna),

Cuba, see Havana

Culmington, n, n, n, n, and see Siefton; Vernolds Common

Cumberland, see Lake District

Curdworth, John,

Cureton, John,

-, Adelbert Wellington Brownlow, Earl Brownlow, n,
-, H. F., see Cockayne-Cust
-, John Wm. Spencer Brownlow, see Egerton-Cust
-, Peregrine Fra. Adelbert, Baron Brownlow,
-, fam.,

customary dues, obligations, and payments, and see amobyr; heriot; kant morkie; kant tydion; merchet; millers: toll; mills: multure; terciary; tunc

customary tenants, tenures,
-, bond, servile,
-, censarii,
-, conventionary (conventionarii),
-, copyhold,
-, lack of,
-, neifs,
-, villeins,
-, chattels,
-, land,
-, manumission,
-, rebellious,
-, rich,
-, sequela (brood),
-, at will,
-, 'penimen',

'Cwatbridge', see Quatford

Cymmerau (in Llandrinio (Mont.) and Melverley),

Cynynion (in Oswestry),

Dabbs, Ric.,

-, Anne, m. earl of Arundel,
-, Geo., Baron Dacre of Gilsland,
-, Wm., Baron Dacre of Gilsland,
-, fam.,

Dacre of Gilsland, Barons, and see Dacre

dairy equipment, manufacture, and see tools, equipment, and machines

dairy farming,
-, milking ewes,
-, goats' milk,

dairying districts:
-, N. Salop.,
-, S.E. Salop.,

-, Sir John Emerich Edw., later Baron Acton, n
-, John Emerich Hen., see Lyon-Dal-berg-Acton
-, Ric. Maximilian, see Lyon-Dalberg-Acton

Damme (Belgium),

Dana, Revd. Edm.,

Darby, Abraham (III) (d. 1789),

Darlington, earl of, see Vane

Darliston (in Prees),

Dartmoor (Devon),

d'Aubigny fam., see Aubigny

D'Avenant, Corbet, see Corbet

Davenport fam.,

-, Geo., n
-, Hen.,
-, John,
-, T. Powell,
-, fam.,

-, J. W.,
-, John,

Dawley (Great Dawley), and see Dawley, Little; Malinslee

Dawley, Little (in Dawley),

Dawley new town see Telford

Day House farm, see Cherrington

De Vesci, Vct., see Vesey

Dean, Alex.,

Decker Hill (in Shifnal),

Dee, river, n,

-, fallow,
-, hunting, q.v.
-, red,
-, roe,

demesne farming, demesnes,
-, farming abandoned, demesnes let,
-, home farms,
-, labour services on, see services, labour
-, parks, q.v.
-, small-sized demesnes,

Denbigh, earl of, see Feilding

Denbighshire, and see Chirk; Marchwiel

Dennis, T. E.,

Dent, Allcroft & Co.,


Deptford (London, formerly Kent and Surr.),

Derby, earls of, and see Stanley


Derbyshire, n; and see Derby

Derrington (in Ditton Priors),

destriers, see horses: war

Deuxhill, Agnes of,


Devon, n; and see Dartmoor

Dicken fam.,

Diddlebury, and see Broncroft; Corfham; Corfton; Westhope

Dinan, Joce de,

Dingle Dairies,

diseases, animal, see animal diseases

Disraeli, Benj., n

distilling, n


Ditton, Earl's, see Doddington

Ditton Priors,
-, Bent Lane,
-, Powkesmoor,
-, and see Abdon Burf; Brown Clee Hill; Derrington; Middleton Priors; Netchwood

diversification, agricultural,

-, J. W.,
-, John,

Doddington (in Cleobury Mortimer):
-, Earl's Ditton, n

Dodington (in Whitchurch):
-, agric. equipment,
-, arable farming,
-, assarts,
-, bailiff,
-, blacksmith,
-, customary payments,
-, dairying,
-, demesne,
-, servants,
-, labour services,
-, liming,
-, livestock,
-, marling,
-, overseer (messor),
-, turbary,

Dodson, John,

Dogmoor, see Prees


Dolguog, see Plas Dolguog

Domesday Book,
-, exemplified,
-, social classes recorded in,
-, 'waste' recorded in,
-, woodland recorded in,

Donington, n, n,
-, Kilsall,

Donnerville, see Admaston

Donnington (in Lilleshall),

Donnington (in Wroxeter),

Dorrington (in Condover),


Dothill (in Wellington),

Dovaston and Kynaston (in Kinnerley),

doves, see pigeons

dower, and see free bench

Down (in Lydbury North),

Downton (in Upton Magna),

Downward, Geo.,

drainage, artificial (underdraining),
-, forgone,
-, loans, grants, for,

Drayton, Little (in Market Drayton),

Drayton, Market (partly Staffs.), and see Betton in Hales; Buntingsdale; Drayton, Little; Sutton upon Tern; Ternhill

Drayton Lodge farm, see Shifnal

dredge, see crops: cereal (mixed corn)

drills, see tools, equipment, and machines

Drinkwater, Marg., m. J. P. Heywood,

drovers, droving,

Druce, Edric,

du Plessis, see Plessis

ducks, see poultry

Dudley, John, earl of Warwick, later duke of Northumberland,

Dudmaston (in Quatt), n,

Dun, Thos.,

Duncot (in Atcham),

dung, see fertilizers

Dunstable priory (Beds.),

Duparts, see Oswestry: lordship

Durant, Geo.,

Durham, county, see Raby Castle


E.E.C., see Europe

Eadric Streona, ealdorman of Mercia,

Ealdred (fl. 1066),

Eardiston (in Ruyton-XI-Towns),
-, Pradoe,

Earl's Ditton, see Doddington

Earl's Hill (in Worthen),

Earnwood (in Kinlet),

earthenware trade, and see potteries

earthworks, ancient, and see barrows; farmhouses: defended; fortified enclosures; hill forts; moats

East Anglia,

East India Co.,

east Shropshire coalfield, see coalfield, east Shropshire

Eaton (in Baschurch),

Eaton Constantine,

Eaton Mascott (in Berrington),

Eaton-under-Heywood, n, and see Ticklerton

Ebourne, Ric.,

Eddowes's Shrewsbury Journal,

Edgerley (in Kinnerley),

Edgmond, n,
-, Harper Adams Agric. Coll.,
-, and see Aston, Church; Buttery; Cherrington; Tibberton


Edith, queen of St. Edward the Confessor,

Edric the wild,

Edstaston (in Wem), Creamore,

-, agric.,
-, elementary,
-, horticultural,
-, secondary,

Edward the Confessor, St.,

Edward I,

Edward II,

Edward III,

Edward IV, duke of York,

-, Chas.,
-, Godolphin, n
-, J., n

Edwin, earl of Mercia,

eels, see rents: renders in kind

-, Fra., duke of Bridgwater, n
-, Sir John, earl of Bridgwater,
-, John Wm. Spencer Brownlow, see Egerton-Cust
-, Sir Ric., n
-, Sir Thos., Baron Ellesmere and Vct. Brackley, n,
-, his step-daus.,
-, fam.,

Egerton-Cust (formerly Egerton, formerly Cust), John Wm. Spencer Brownlow, Earl Brownlow,

Elizabeth I,

Ellesmere, Baron, see Egerton

-, assarts,
-, Black Death,
-, cheese fair,
-, Cockshutt, q.v.
-, Colemere, q.v.
-, co. council smallholdings,
-, Crose Mere,
-, dairy equipment manufacture,
-, dairying and cheese,
-, milk factory,
-, demesne,
-, geol.,
-, Hampton, q.v.
-, holdings, peasant, n
-, Kenwick pk., q.v.
-, livestock,
-, lordship,
-, mkt.,
-, meres,
-, Oteley, q.v.
-, rly.,
-, socs.,
-, tenures,
-, Tetchill, q.v.
-, woods,

Ellis-Fletcher, Charlotte Anne, m. R. W. Stapleton-Cotton,

emigration, see labour

Emstrey (in Atcham),

Enchmarsh (in Cardington),


Ensdon House (in Montford),

entertainments, recreation, and sport, and see cinema; field and country sports; horse racing; horse riding; hunting; television; tourism; wireless

entry fines, see fines

environmental policies, see conservationist policies

environmentally sensitive areas, n

Epping (Essex),

equipment, see tools, equipment, and machines

Ercall fam.,

Ercall, Child's,
-, man.,

Ercall, High, see Ercall Magna

Ercall, the, see Watling Street Demesne

Ercall Magna (High Ercall),
-, arable farming, n
-, assarts,
-, burgage plots (supposed), n
-, common,
-, Cotwall, q.v.
-, Crudgington, q.v.
-, eels,
-, Hatton, Cold, q.v.
-, Haughton, q.v.
-, holdings, peasant,
-, improved fms.,
-, labour services,
-, livestock,
-, man.,
-, mkt.,
-, Moortown, q.v.
-, Osbaston, q.v.
-, Poynton, q.v.
-, Roden, q.v.
-, Sleap, q.v.
-, sugar beet,
-, tenures,
-, warren,
-, Weeseland, n

Erdington fam.,

Essex, see Blackmore; Epping

estates, landed,
-, aristocratic and gentry,
-, compulsory purchase of,
-, encumbered with debt, and see mortgages
-, episcopal,
-, fam. companies owning, n
-, institutional owners,
-, Iron Age,
-, management, n; and see officers, landlords': agents
-, monastic, and see Abbey Foregate: Shrews. abbey; granges, monastic; Haughmond: abbey; Lilleshall: abbey; Wenlock, Much: priory
-, multiple,
-, records of,
-, royal, n, n
-, terra regis, n; and see ancient demesne
-, and see forests; woodlands
-, sales of, n,
-, to lawyers,
-, to industrialists, merchants, and townsmen,
-, and see land market
-, trustees of,

-, firebote,
-, hedgebote,
-, housebote,
-, ploughbote,

-, European Community, formerly European Economic Community (E.E.C.),
-, common agric. policy (C.A.P.), n
-, 'single market',

Evans, Ric.,

-, Thos., n
-, Wm.,

Evesham (Worcs.),

experimentation, agricultural,

Express Dairy Co.,

extra-parochial places,

-, justices in,

-, T. C.,
-, Thos., n,
-, fam.,
-, and see Morris-Eyton

Eyton on Severn,

Eyton upon the Weald Moors, n
-, Eyton Hall,
-, and see Hortonwood; Shawbirch

Faintree, Adam of,

Faintree (in Chetton),

fairs, see markets and fairs




fare fee, see fines: surrender

Farley (in Pontesbury),

Farley common (in Much Wenlock),

Farlow (formerly Herefs., in Stottesdon), n

farm buildings, n,
-, barns, granaries, n,
-, cart hos.,
-, cattle sheds (byres),
-, dairies,
-, dovecots,
-, drift hos.,
-, farmhouses, q.v.
-, grain stores (prehistoric),
-, storage pits,
-, granges, monastic, q.v.
-, hos., see farmhouses
-, new,
-, oast hos.,
-, pigsties,
-, poultry hos.,
-, sheepcots,
-, stables,

farm servants, see labour

Farmer, Thos.,

farmers' clubs, see societies and clubs

farmhouses, farmsteads,
-, defended,
-, moated farms,
-, villas, see Romano-British period



fattening, feeding, livestock,
-, covered, yard, feeding,
-, soiling,
-, pigs, swine,

-, H. W., see Powys
-, Rudolph Wm. Basil, earl of Denbigh,


Felton, Hercules,

Felton, West, and see Baggy Moor; Rednal; Sandford; Twyford; Woolston

Felton Butler (in Great Ness),

-, stone,

-, Wm. de, Baron Ferrers of Groby (d. 1371),
-, Wm. de, Baron Ferrers of Groby (d. 1445),

Ferrers of Groby, Baroness, see Verdon

fertilizers, dressings,
-, bone-based,
-, compost,
-, dung, manure, muck,
-, guano,
-, linseed residue,
-, malt dust, n
-, marl,
-, mould,
-, mud (from ponds),
-, nitrogen,
-, nitrates,
-, phosphates,
-, potash,
-, rape seed residue,
-, slag,
-, soot,
-, superphosphate,
-, and see lime

field and country sports, and see hawks; horse racing; horse riding; hunting

-, names,
-, open,
-, common grazing in,
-, disappearance, inc., of,
-, late surviving,
-, new, extended,
-, origins,
-, solskifte system,
-, prehistoric,
-, and see fallows

-, Celia,
-, Edw., earl of Lincoln, see Clinton

-, entry,
-, manumission,
-, renewal (for leases),
-, surrender (fare fee, varneth),

firebote, see estovers

First World War,


fisheries, see rivers

Fitz, n; and see Forton heath

FitzAer, John,

-, Edm., earl of Arundel,
-, Eliz., m. duke of Norfolk,
-, Hen., earl of Arundel,
-, John (d. 1240),
-, John (d. 1267),
-, Ric., earl of Arundel (d. 1376),
-, Ric., earl of Arundel (d. 1397),
-, Thos., earl of Arundel,
-, his sis.,
-, fam., n, n

-, Sir Ant., n
-, John,

FitzJohn, Wm.,

-, Sir Fulk,
-, fam.,

flails, see tools, equipment, and machines

Flanders (Belgium and France),

Flavel, -, farmer,

flax, see crops: industrial

Fletcher, Charlotte Anne Ellis-, see Ellis-Fletcher

flint tools, see tools, equipment, and machines

Flintshire, see Breaden Heath; Caerwys; Whixall Moss

flowers, see crops

food-processing factories, n,

foot and mouth disease,

footpaths, public,

-, ancient demesne,
-, arable farming,
-, dairying,
-, Ford Mansion,
-, hops,
-, hund.,
-, labour services,
-, livestock,
-, man., n,
-, open fields,
-, pastoral farming,
-, potatoes,
-, tenures,
-, Welsh raid,
-, woods,

Fordhall farm, see Longford (in Moreton Say)

Fords, the, see Twyford

-, Brooke,
-, Cath., see Brooke
-, Eliz., see Weld
-, Geo.,
-, John Geo. Weld, see Weld-Forester
-, Sir Wm. (d. 1718),
-, Wm. (d. 1758),
-, and see Weld-Forester

Forester, Barons, n, and see Weld-Forester

Forestry Commission,

-, royal, and see Brewood forest; Long forest; Morfe forest; Wrekin forest; Wyre chase
-, granted to subjects (chases), and see Clee chase; Hayes forest; Stiperstones: forest or chase; Wyre chase
-, woods and wastes so called, and see Clun forest; Minsterley: Hogstow forest; Siefton forest

Forfarshire, n

forks, see tools, equipment, and machines

fortified enclosures,

Forton (in Montford),

Forton (Staffs.), n; and see Aqualate; Back brook

Forton heath (in Fitz and Montford), n

-, Sir Edw.,
-, W. O.,
-, fam.,

Fosters (agric. engineers),

Foulkes, P. H.,

Fowler, E. Parsons, and see Voulare


-, Chas. (d. 1590),
-, Sir Chas. (d. 1634),
-, Edw.,
-, Rog.,
-, Wm., and his heirs,
-, fam.,

Foxhill Farm, see Shelve

France, and see Flanders; Frenchmen; Gascony; Rheims; St.-Omer; Toulouse

franchise, parliamentary,

franchises, and see markets and fairs; warren, free

free bench,


Frenchmen (in Domesday Bk.),

friendly societies, see societies and clubs

Frodesley, n

fruit, see crops

fulling, see mills

Fullwood, R. J., & Bland,

Furber, Ric.,

Furnivalle, Baron, see Talbot

gallows, n

-, laws,
-, and see deer; hares; partridges; pheasants; poaching; rabbits; warrens; woodcock

gamekeepers, see officers, landlords'

gardens, n,
-, cottage, n
-, 'field',
-, school,
-, and see market gardening

Gardiner, Ric.,

Gardner, Jas.,

Garnett-Botfield (formerly Garnett) fam.,

Garrett, Ric., & Sons,

Gascony (France),

Gaskell, Lady Cath. Henrietta, see Wallop

-, E. L.,
-, Galfry Wm.,
-, fam.,

Gatacre (in Claverley),

Gatten (in Ratlinghope),

geese, see poultry


George, David Lloyd, see Lloyd George


Gilbert, Thos.,

Girros, Rob. de,

'Gitton's Folly', see Stanmore (in Worfield): Stanmore Grove

Gladstone, W. E.,


gleaning, n,

Glendower, Owen,


Gloucestershire, and see Bristol; Cirencester; Gloucester

Gnat, Maud,

Gnosall (Staffs.), see Back brook


Godiva, Ctss.,

Gorddwr, Upper and Nether (partly Mont.),
-, welshry of Caus,

-, John,
-, Ric.,

government aid and support of agriculture, n, and see Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Ministry of
-, 'set-aside' scheme,

-, Wm., see Leveson-Gower
-, Woodgate, and his ss.,
-, and see Leveson-Gower; Sutherland-Leveson-Gower

Gower, Earl, see Leveson-Gower

Gower & Son,

granges, monastic,

Granville, Earl, see Leveson-Gower

grass, pasture,
-, agistment,
-, in arable (open) fields,
-, artificial, rotational,
-, clover,
-, leys, see mixed farming
-, rye grass,
-, sanfoin,
-, boosy pastures,
-, herbage and pasturage,
-, sales,
-, improved,
-, left unploughed,
-, management,
-, meadows, hay, n,
-, aftermath (ruannum, n),
-, common,
-, conserved,
-, demesne,
-, pressure on,
-, ploughed up,
-, silage,
-, water meadows,
-, in woodland,

-, Mary,
-, her dau., n
-, Wm., n

gravel pits,

Gray, W. C., and see Grey

Gray's Inn, see Holborn

Great Berwick, see Berwick

Great Bolas, see Meeson

Great Bretchell, see Wattlesborough

Great Dawley, see Dawley

Great Hanwood, see Hanwood, Great

Great Ness, see Ness, Great

Great Sowdley, see Sowdley, Great

Great Wytheford, see Wytheford, Great

Green Lane, see Stanton Lacy

'green' policies, see conservationist policies

Greete, n, n

Gresley, Marg.,

-, Edw., Baron Grey of Powis,
-, his s., n
-, fam.,
-, and see Gray

greystack, see tack

Greystoke, Barons, n

-, Edw.,
-, fam.,

Grimsby, Nic. of,


Groom fam.,

Grosvenor, Gerald Hugh, duke of Westminster,

guano, see fertilizers

Guest, Ralph,



Gwynn, Wm.,

Gynnell, Rog.,

Habberley, n, n, and see, Marsley

Hadley (in Wellington), n,

Hadnall (in Myddle),

Haggard, Sir H. Rider,

Halesowen (Worcs., formerly partly Salop.), abbey, and see Oldbury

Halford (in Bromfield), n

Halifax, marquess of, see Saville

Hallon, Humph.,

Hallon (in Worfield),


Halton (in Bromfield),

Hamlets, West (in Stanton Lacy), Ruckley,

Hampshire, and see Hook; Redrice; Winchester

Hampton (in Ellesmere),

Hanmer (Flints.), see Breaden Heath; Whixall Moss

Hanwood, Great,

Harcourt, Wm. de,

Hardwick (in Myddle),

Harefield (Mdx.), n


Harlech, Baron, see Ormsby-Gore

Harley, Wm. of,

Harley, n,

Harley brook, n

Harmer Hill, see Newton

Harmer Moss, see Newton

Harnage (in Cound),

Harold Godwinson, King,

-, (or Henson), John,
-, -, widow,

Harper Adams Agricultural College, see Edgmond

Harpswood (or Harpsford) bridge (in Morville and Oldbury),

-, Edw.,
-, John,
-, Sir Thos. (d. c. 1649),
-, Thos. (d. 1848),
-, fam., n,

-, Edw.,
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1630),
-, Wm. (d. c. 1669),
-, Wm. (fl. 1693),
-, fam.,
-, harrows, see tools, equipment, and machines

harvesters, combine, see tools, equipment, and machines

Harwood, Thos., see Hill

Haston (in Myddle),

Hatton (in Shifnal),
-, Hatton Grange,

Hatton, Cold (in Ercall Magna),

Hatton, High (in Stanton upon Hine Heath),

Haughmond or Haughmond Demesne, n,
-, abbey,
-, abbot,
-, est.,
-, Homebarn Grange,
-, and see Sundorne

Haughmond Hill (in Uffington and Upton Magna),

Haughton (in Ercall Magna and Upton Magna),

Havana (Cuba),

Hawkhurst hay, see Long forest


Hawksley (in Ruckley and Langley), n

Hawkstone (in Hodnet),
-, Hawkstone Hall, Pk., and est.,

Hawley, Mr.,

Hay, the (in Madeley),

hay, see grass: meadows

hay rakes, see tools, equipment, and machines

Hayes (in Alberbury),

Hayes forest, chase (in Westbury),

haymakers, see tools, equipment, and machines

Haynes, Charlotte Cath. Anne, m. earl of Bridgwater,

Hayton, Lower and Upper (in Stanton Lacy),
-, Hayton's Bent,

-, Sir John,
-, Sir Rowland, n,
-, Mr., n
-, fam.,


Haywood (in Colwich, Staffs.),

Hazeldine, Rastrick & Co.,

Hazler Hill (in Hope Bowdler and Church Stretton),

-, Nic., bp. of Worcester,
-, Wm.,

Heath (in Stoke St. Milborough), n, n

Heath, Higher and Lower, see Prees

-, assarted, cleared,
-, commoned,
-, cottage encroachments,
-, inc., improved,

-, (formerly Percy), A. C.,
-, A. E. H., n

hedgebote, see estovers

-, fruit trees in,

Helmeth Hill, see Stretton, Church

Helshaw (in Stoke upon Tern),

hemp, see crops: industrial

Henley, Wal. of,

Henley (in Bitterley and Stanton Lacy), n

Henry I,

Henry II, n

Henry III,

Henry IV,

Henry the smith,

Henson, John, see Harper

herbage, see grass

-, Barbara, m. earl of Powis,
-, Edw., n
-, Edw. Jas., earl of Powis, n,
-, Fra.,
-, Geo. Chas., earl of Powis,
-, Geo. Edw. Hen. Art., earl of Powis,
-, Henrietta Antonia, m. Baron Clive, later earl of Powis,
-, Hen., Baron Herbert of Chirbury,
-, Hen. Art., earl of Powis,
-, Wm., marquess of Powis (d. 1745), n
-, Wm., marquess of Powis (d. 1748),
-, fam.,

herbs, see crops

-, bps.,
-, diocese, and see Salop archdeaconry

Herefordshire, and see Aconbury priory; Bucknell; Farlow; Hereford; Jay; Kingsland; Kington; Leominster; Ludford; Orleton; Richard's Castle; Stottesdon; Wigmore; Wigmore Basin


Hernes (in Atcham and Berrington),


-, J. P.,
-, Marg., see Drinkwater

Heywood-Lonsdale (formerly Lonsdale), A. P.,

-, John,
-, Ric. (? two of this name),

High Ercall, see Ercall Magna

'high' farming, see mixed farming

High Hatton, see Hatton, High

High Walton farm, see Bromfield: Walton

Higher Heath, see Prees


highway surveyors,

-, John (d. c. 1558),
-, Revd. John (d. 1891),
-, Noel, Baron Berwick,
-, Ric. (d. 1727),
-, his heirs,
-, his nephs.,
-, Sir Ric. (d. 1808),
-, Ric. Noel, see Noel-Hill
-, Sir Rowland (d. 1561), n
-, Sir Rowland (d. 1783),
-, Sir Rowland, Vct. Hill (d. 1842),
-, Sir Rowland, Vct. Hill (d. 1875), n,
-, Rowland Clegg, see Clegg-Hill
-, Rowland Ric., see Clegg-Hill
-, (formerly Barbour), Sam.,
-, (formerly Harwood), Thos., n
-, Thos. Hen., see Noel-Hill
-, Thos. Noel, Baron Berwick,
-, Wm., see Noel-Hill
-, fam.,

-, Vcts., see Clegg-Hill; Hill
-, Vctss., see Clegg

Hill, the, see Chipnall

Hill End, see Stoneacton

hill forts,

Hilton (in Worfield),

Hine heath, see Stanton upon Hine Heath


Hisland (in Oswestry),

Hitchcock, Wm.,

Hoards Park (in Astley Abbots),

Hodnet fam.,

Hodnet, n, and see Hawkstone; Hopton; Kenstone; Marchamley; Peplow; Weston-under-Redcastle; Wollerton

hoes, see tools, equipment, and machines

Hogstow forest, see Minsterley

Holborn (London, formerly Mdx.), Gray's Inn,

Holdgate, n; and see Coates

Hollins, Art.,
-, his w.,

Hollinswood (in Shifnal), n

Holt (Worcs.),

Holt Preen, see Preen, Holt

Holtesmoor, see Cotwall

Home Farm, see Acton Scott

home farms, see demesne farming

Homebarn Grange, see Haughmond

Honnington Grange, see Lilleshall

Hook (in Nateley Scures, Newnham, and Winchfield, Hants),

hooks, see tools, equipment, and machines

hop yards,

Hope (in Worthen),

Hope Bagot,

Hope Bowdler, and see Hazler Hill

Hope Dale,

Hopesay, and see Aston on Clun; Barlow

hops, see crops: fruit

Hopstone (in Claverley),

Hopton (in Hodnet),

Hopton (in Stanton Lacy),

Hopton Cangeford, Upper Wood Fm.,

Hopton Wafers, n, n,
-, Hopton Ct.,

Horde fam.,

Hordley, and see Baggy Moor

Horningsham (Wilts.), see Longleat

Hornsby, Ric., & Sons,

horse racing,

horse riding,

-, aristocratic and gentry owners of,
-, breeding, breeds,
-, Suffolk Punches,
-, caples,
-, cart, pack,
-, coach,
-, engines, implements, machinery, worked by, and see mills
-, hunters,
-, merlins,
-, to plough,
-, rearing, n,
-, size,
-, trade in,
-, war (destriers),
-, work, draught, n
-, affers,
-, pit ponies,
-, and see animal diseases

Horton Lane (in St. Chad's, Shrewsbury),

Hortonwood (in Eyton upon the Weald Moors),

Hospitallers (Knights Hospitaller), n

hospitals, medieval,

Houghton, New (Norf.), n

Houle fam.,

housebote, see estovers


Howard, A. E.:
-, Hen., earl of Northampton, n
-, Hen. Fred., earl of Arundel,
-, Phil., earl of Arundel,
-, Thos., earl of Suffolk (d. 1626), n
-, as Baron Howard of Walden, n
-, his ss., n
-, Thos., earl of Arundel (d. 1646),
-, Wm., Vct. Stafford,
-, fam.,
-, and see Stafford-Howard

Howard, Jas. & Fred.,

Howle (in Chetwynd),

Hughley, n

Hughley brook, n

hundreds, n; and see named hundreds

hunter-gatherer communities (preagricultural),

hunting, n,
-, deer,
-, and see horses: hunters

Huntingdonshire, see St. Ives

Huntington (in Little Wenlock),

-, John,
-, Thos.,

Hutton, Sheriff, see Stittenham

Hyssington (partly Mont.), see Corndon Hill


illegitimacy, see bastardy


inclosure, and see commons and waste; fields: open

Inclosure Commissioners,

India, n; and see East India Co.; nabobs

Indies, West, see West Indies

-, cottage,
-, wages in,
-, and see brewers; clay; cloth making; coal mining; distilling; dyeing; iron industry; lime works; malting; minerals, mining, and quarrying; paper making; potteries; tanning

inns, public houses,

Interregnum, the, and see Civil War

Ipswich (Suff.),

-, Ric.,
-, Thos. (d. 1554),
-, Thos. (d. 1650),
-, fam.,

-, labourers from,

Iron Age,

iron industry, manufactures,

Ironbridge (in Madeley), Lincoln Hill,

Islington (London, formerly Mdx.),


James I, n, n

Jay (now Herefs., in Leintwardine),
-, Jay Morsse,

Jellicorse, Wm.,

Jenkinson, Chas. Cecil Cope, earl of Liverpool,

Jerningham, Hen. Valentine, see Stafford-Jerningham

-, Sir Thos.,
-, fam.,

John, King,

Johnson, Thos.,

-, Edw.,
-, John,
-, John Bowen, see Bowen-Jones
-, Thos.,
-, Thos. John, see Tyrwhitt-Jones

Justice, Hen.,

justices (judges), royal, and see eyre; oyer and terminer; peace: co. justices of