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A History of the County of Shropshire: Volume 4, Agriculture. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1989.

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kale, see crops: green

kant morkie,

kant tydion,


Kempton (in Clunbury), and see Clunton and Kempton

Kenley, n

Kenstone (in Hodnet),

Kent, John of,

Kent, and see Deptford

Kenwick park (in Ellesmere), n,

-, Geo., Baron Kenyon,
-, Lloyd, see Tyrell-Kenyon
-, fam.,

Kenyon, Barons, see Kenyon; Tyrell-Kenyon

Kerry (Mont.),

Kerry Hills (Mont.),

Ketley (in Wellington),

Kidderminster (Worcs.),

-, earls of, see Needham
-, Vcts., and see Needham
-, Vctss., see Offley

Kilsall, see Donington

-, Ric.,
-, Rob.,

King's Norton (Worcs.), see Bournville

Kingsland (Herefs.),

Kingston, duke of, see Pierrepont

Kingston (Herefs.),

Kinlet, n , and see Earnwood

-, man.,
-, and see Dovaston and Kynaston; Edgerley; Maesbrook, Lower and Upper; Tyr-y-coed

Kinnerton (in Wentnor),

-, Thos.,
-, -, breeder,

Knighton (Radnors.),

Knighton (Staffs.),

-, welshry,
-, and see Caldicott

Knox, Ronald A.,

Knyvett, Sir Hen., n

Kraft Dairies Ltd.,

Kynaston fam.,

Kynaston, see Dovaston and Kynaston


Kyre Wyard or Kyre Magna (Worcs.), n

labour, labourers, frontispiece,
-, allotments, pastoral enterprises,
-, child,
-, costs,
-, diet,
-, as drovers,
-, emigration,
-, enfranchised, n
-, farm servants, n, and see famuli; oxmen; slaves
-, female,
-, hiring of,
-, housing, and see cottages
-, immigrant,
-, juvenile,
-, and machinery,
-, 'poor', the, equated with, n
-, problems,
-, seasonal,
-, sickness and old age,
-, supply,
-, trade unions,
-, wages, n,

labour services, see services

Labourer's Friend Society,

Lacon fam.,

Lacy, Rog. de,


Lake District (Cumb., Lancs., and Westmld.),

lakes, see ponds, pools, and lakes

Lancashire, n, and see Lake District; Liverpool; Manchester

land market,
-, peasant,

land values, n,
-, falling,
-, rising,

Langley (in Ruckley and Langley),

Larden (in Shipton),

Lascelles, Lady Marg. Selina, m. Vct. Boyne,

Laundry farm, see Nesscliff

Lawes, Sir J. B.,

-, Beilby, Baron Wenlock, n
-, Sir Fra.,
-, Mary Anne, Lady, see Talbot
-, Rob., Baron Wenlock,
-, Thos. (d. 1559),
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1646), n
-, fam., n,

Lawley, the, see Cardington

le Strange, see Strange

Lea (in Bishop's Castle),


Leamington (Warws.),

leases, leaseholds, n , n,
-, of beehives,
-, of bird traps,
-, champart,
-, conditions, covenants,
-, of fisheries,
-, of fishing rights,
-, for lives (freehold),
-, of livestock,
-, long,
-, of mills,
-, quousque,
-, standard, n
-, stock-and-land,
-, for years (chattel),

Leath, Ric.,

leather trade,

Leaton (in St. Mary's, Shrewsbury):
-, Leaton heath,
-, Leaton Shelf plantations,

Leaton (in Wrockwardine), Overley Hall,

Leaton Knolls, see Berwick

Ledwyche (in Ludford),

-, Sir Humph.,
-, Ralph,
-, Ric.,
-, fam., n

Lee Brockhurst,

-, Cress grange, n
-, and see Botwood

Leegomery (in Wellington),

Leek (Staffs.),

Lees, John,

Lege (? Longnor),

Leicestershire, and see Bosworth, Market

-, Sir Baldwin,
-, Sir Baldwyn, n,
-, Sir Charlton (d. 1780),
-, Sir Charlton (d. 1784),
-, Charlton Thos.,
-, Frances Christina, m. E. G. Baldwyn-Childe (formerly Childe),
-, Hugh,
-, Isabella, m. Beriah Botfield, Alf. Seymour,
-, Sir Mic. John Bryan,
-, Sir Rob.,
-, Stanley,
-, Wm.,
-, fam.,


Leintwardine (Herefs., formerly partly Salop.), see Jay

Leiston (Suff.),

Leland, John,

Leofric, earl of Mercia,
-, his w., see Godiva, Ctss.

Leominster (Herefs.),

-, Jas., n
-, Sir Ric.,
-, his s., n
-, Sir Wal.,
-, fam., n,
-, and see Sutherland-Leveson-Gower

-, Geo. Granville, duke of Sutherland (d. 1833),
-, as marquess of Stafford,
-, Geo. Granville (d. 1861), see Sutherland-Leveson-Gower
-, Geo. Granville Wm., see Sutherland-Leveson-Gower
-, Granville, marquess of Stafford, n
-, as Earl Gower,
-, Granville Geo., Earl Granville,
-, (formerly Gower), Sir Wm.,
-, and see Sutherland-Leveson-Gower

Lewis fam.,

leys, see mixed farming

Leyte, Ric.,


Lichfield (Staffs.),
-, bp. (later bp. of Chester), and see Coventry and Lichfield
-, diocese,

Liebig, Baron Justus von, n

lieutenants, deputy,

-, abbey,
-, abbot,
-, canons,
-, est.,
-, treasurer,
-, arable farming,
-, Cheswell Grange,
-, daffodils, n
-, Donnington, q.v.
-, freeholds,
-, geol.,
-, Honnington Grange,
-, improved fms.,
-, inc.,
-, Lilleshall Grange (home fm.),
-, Lilleshall pk.,
-, livestock, n,
-, Lubstree pk.,
-, meadow,
-, Muxton, q.v.
-, New Lodge Fm., n
-, open fields,
-, Pain's Lane, q.v.
-, woods, n,

Lilleshall House, see Sheriffhales

lime, liming,

lime works (kilns and quarrying), n

Lincoln, earl of, see Clinton


Lincoln Hill, see Ironbridge

Lincolnshire, and see Boston; Lincoln; Stamford

Lincolnshire Farmers' Union,


Lingen fam.,


Linley (in More),
-, Beach, the,

Little Drayton, see Drayton, Little

Little Rhadley, see Rhadley, Little

Little Wenlock, see Wenlock, Little

Little Wollaston, see Amaston

Little Wytheford, see Wytheford, Little

Littleford, John,

-, Sir Adam, n
-, Joan, see Burley
-, Sir Thos.,
-, fam.,

Liverpool, earl of, see Jenkinson


livestock and pastoral farming,
-, animal diseases, q.v.
-, autumn slaughter,
-, beekeeping, q.v.
-, breeding, breeds,
-, cattle, q.v.
-, dairy farming, q.v.
-, deer, q.v.
-, demesne,
-, expanding,
-, fattening, q.v.
-, goats, q.v.
-, hawks, q.v.
-, hired,
-, horses, q.v.
-, mixed farming, q.v.
-, nos.,
-, pigs, q.v.
-, prehistoric,
-, rearing, q.v.
-, specialized,
-, transhumance (straking),
-, value of,
-, wood-pasture economy, q.v.

Llandrinio (Mont.), see Cymmerau

Llanfair hills (in Llanfair Waterdine), n,

Llanfyllin (Mont.), n

Llangedwyn Farmers' Co-operative Cheese Association,

Llanhedric, see Shadwell

Llanyblodwel, and see Bryn farm; Cefn-y-maes

-, Sam. (fl. c. 1600),
-, Sam. (fl. 1797),
-, fam.,

LLoyd fam., n

Lloyd George, David,

Llwyn-y-mapsis, see Sweeney

Llywelyn ap Iorwerth (Llywelyn the Great),

local authorities, and see boroughs; parishes; poor-law unions; urban districts

Loch, Jas., n,

Lockhart, J. W.,

Lodge farm, see Quatt

-, Blackwell Hall,
-, City,
-, aldermen,
-, ld. mayors,
-, town clk.,
-, cloth, wool trade,
-, Deptford, q.v.
-, Holborn, q.v.
-, Islington, q.v.
-, livestock for,
-, mkt. gardens around,
-, merchants, tradesmen,
-, auctioneers,
-, cheesemongers,
-, mercers,
-, restaurateur,
-, milk supply,
-, Oxford Street, q.v.
-, Salop. men in,
-, univ.,
-, Westminster, q.v.

London & North Western Railway,

Long forest,
-, Bushmoor hay,
-, Hawkhurst hay,
-, Lythwood hay,

Long Meadowend, see Aston on Clun

Long Mountain (partly Mont.),

Long Mynd,
-, arable farming,
-, inc.,
-, livestock and pastoral farming,
-, plantations,
-, prehist. rem.,

Longden (in Pontesbury),
-, Longden Man.,

Longdon upon Tern,

Longe, Rob.,


Longford (in Moreton Say),
-, Fordhall fm.,

Longleat (in Horningsham, Wilts.),

Longnor, n, and see Lege; Micklewood

Lonsdale, A. P., see Heywood-Lonsdale


Loton (in Alberbury),
-, Loton Hall, Pk., and est.,

Loughton (in Chetton), and see Brown Clee Hill; Clee Burf

Lovekyn, Wm.,

-, Fra., Vct. Lovel, n, n
-, John, Baron Lovel,

Lower Hayton, see Hayton

Lower Heath, see Prees

Lower Measbrook, see Maesbrook

Lower Millichope, see Millichope

Lubstree park, see Lilleshall

Ludford (formerly partly Herefs.), and see Ledwyche

-, John of,
-, Lawr. of,
-, his w.,
-, Nic. of,
-, fam.,

-, agric. educ.,
-, artist,
-, boro.,
-, recorders,
-, bridge,
-, butchers,
-, Carmelite friary,
-, cattle,
-, cloth ind.,
-, club, soc.,
-, fulling mills,
-, hosps. (medieval),
-, malting for,
-, marketing, n,
-, fairs, n,
-, tolls, n,
-, merchants,
-, tanning,
-, town foundation,

Ludlow Agricultural Society,

Lumley fam.,

Luther, Rob.,

Lutwyche fam.,

Lutwyche, see Wilderhope and Stanway

Lydbury North, n, and see Acton; Down; Plowden; Walcot

Lydham (partly Mont.),
-, Roveries, the,

Lydley Hayes (in Cardington),
-, Lydley preceptory,
-, man., see Cardington

Lymore (Mont.),

Lynches farm, see Yockleton

Lyon-Dalberg-Acton (formerly Dalberg-Acton):
-, John Emerich Hen., Baron Acton,
-, Ric. Maximilian, Baron Acton,

-, Lady Charlotte Barbara, see Cooper
-, Hen.,

Lythwood (in Condover), n, n
-, Lyth Hill,

Lythwood hay, see Long forest

machines, see tools, equipment, and machines

Mackley, Tom,

Mackrory, John,

Mackworth fam.,

madder, see crops: dye

-, Coalbrookdale, q.v.
-, demesne, n,
-, Hay, the, q.v.
-, holdings, peasant, n,
-, hops,
-, inc.,
-, Ironbridge, q.v.
-, labourers' conditions,
-, man.,
-, 'old field',
-, pigs, n
-, Timber wood, q.v.
-, tithe,
-, town promotion,
-, vicar,

Madog ap Maredudd, king of Powys,

Maelor creamery, see Marchwiel

Maesbrook, Lower and Upper (in Kinnerley),

Maesbury (in Oswestry),

Mainstone (partly Mont.), n, n

-, Art.,
-, C. K.,
-, fam.,

Malinslee (in Dawley),

Malpas (Ches.),

malting, malt trade,


mangold-wurzels, see crops: roots

Mansell, Edm.,

manure, see fertilizers: dung

Marbury (Ches.), the Nether Marbury Heys,

March, earls of, and see Mortimer

Marchamley (in Hodnet),

marcher lords, lordships,

Marches of Wales, Council in, see Wales, Council in Marches of

Marchwiel (Denb.), Maelor creamery,

Market Bosworth, see Bosworth, Market

Market Drayton, see Drayton, Market

Market Drayton & District Agricultural and Small Holding Society,

Market Drayton Steam Ploughing, Cultivating & Thrashing Co. Ltd., n

market gardening,

markets and fairs, marketing,
-, commodity futures,
-, credit in,
-, fairs,
-, forestalling,
-, wholesale,
-, and see Milk Marketing Board

marl, see fertilizers


'Marsetelie', see Marsley

Marshall & Lewis,

Marsley ('Marsetelie', in Habberley),

Marston, Fra.,

Martin, Wm.,

maslin, see crops: cereal (mixed corn)

Matthews, Sam.,

mattock, see tools, equipment, and machines

Maurice, Edw.,

Mawddwy (Merion.),

Maxstoke (Warws.), n

-, Ric.,
-, Sam.,

meadows, see grass

Meat Traders, National Federation of, see National Federation of Meat Traders

Medewe, Phil. de,

Mediolanum (Whitchurch),

Meeson (in Great Bolas), Meeson heath,

Meire, John,

-, man.,
-, and see Cymmerau

Meole Brace, n, and see Bank, the; Bayston Hill; Pulley

Meole brook, see Rea, river


-, ealdorman of, see Eadric Streona
-, earls of, and see Edwin; Leofric
-, king of, see Offa

meres and mosses (fenlands, marshes),

Merionethshire, see Mawddwy

merlins, see horses

Merrington (in Preston Gubbals),

Mersey, river, n

messor, see officers, landlords': overseer


Micklewood (in Longnor),

Middlesex, see Harefield; Holborn; Islington; Oxford Street; Westminster

Middleton, Rob. of,

Middleton (in Bitterley), Crowleasows fm.,

Middleton (in Oswestry),

Middleton Priors (in Ditton Priors),

Middleton Scriven, n,

militia, county, registrar of,

Milk Marketing Board,

Millenheath (in Prees),

Millichope, Lower (in Munslow), n

-, fulling (walkmills),
-, horse,
-, multure,
-, seigneurial monopoly of,
-, stones, and see tools, equipment, and machines: quernstones
-, water,
-, wind,

-, toll exacted by,

minerals, mining, and quarrying, and see clay; coal mining; lead; lime works; salt

Minor, J. B., n

minster churches,

Minsterley (in Westbury),
-, common rts.,
-, creamery, n,
-, demesne,
-, Hogstow forest,
-, lead miners,
-, livestock,
-, pk.,
-, tenures,
-, wages,
-, Welsh raids,

-, Peter of,
-, Ric.,
-, Wal. of,

Minton (in Church Stretton),

mixed farming,
-, alternate husbandry,
-, cattle-corn husbandry,
-, convertible husbandry,
-, 'high' farming,
-, leys, n
-, sheep-corn husbandry,

moats, and see farmhouses: defended


monasteries, religious houses,
-, dissolution,
-, estates, see estates, landed; granges


Monkhopton, n; and see Netchwood; Oxenbold

Monkmeole (in St. Chad's, Shrewsbury),

Montford, n,
-, Montford Bridge,
-, and see Ensdon House; Forton; Forton heath

Montfort, Baron, see Bromley

Montgomery, Rog. of, earl of Shrewsbury),

Montgomery (Mont.),
-, honor of,

Montgomeryshire, and see Alberbury; Corndon Hill; Cymmerau; Gorddwr; Kerry; Kerry Hills; Llanfyllin; Long Mountain; Lydham; Lymore; Mainstone; Montgomery; Plas Dolguog; Powis Castle; Stoke, Church; Trelystan; Worthen; Welshpool

Moodie fam.,

Moortown (in Ercall Magna),

Moorwood, see Pontesbury

Morcar, earl of Northumbria,

Morda, river,

More, R. J.,

More, see Linley; Rhadley, Little

Moreton Corbet, n,

Moreton Say, see Longford; Styche; Ternhill

Morfe forest,
-, Claverley bailiwick,
-, 'Skyneresmore',

Morlas brook,

Morris, C. R., see Morris-Eyton

-, (formerly Morris), Col. C. R.,
-, fam., n,

-, Welsh (prid deed),

-, Sir Hugh,
-, Joan, m. Ric. Talbot,
-, Rog. de, Baron Mortimer (d. 1326),
-, Rog. de, earl of March (d. 1330),
-, fam.,

Morton (in Oswestry),

Morville, n,
-, Aldenham
-, Bridgwalton, see Walton
-, Croft Fm., n
-, Harpswood bridge, q.v.

Moseley, Wal.,

mosses, see meres and mosses

Mostardmaker, Edw. le, n

motor transport,

motorways, see roads and bridges: roads

Mount Gilbert forest, see Wrekin forest

Much Wenlock, see Wenlock, Much

muck, see fertilizers: dung

Mucklewick (in Hyssington),

multure, see mills

Munslow, n, n,
-, hund.,
-, man.,
-, and see Broadstone; Millichope, Lower


murrain, see animal diseases

Murroll, Wm.,

museum, agricultural, see Acton Scott

mustard: see crops

Muxton (in Lilleshall),

-, agric. equipment,
-, arable farming,
-, bailiff,
-, Balderton, q.v.
-, Baschurch Pools, q.v.
-, corn badger,
-, fishery,
-, Hadnall, q.v.
-, Hardwick, q.v.
-, Haston, q.v.
-, inc.,
-, leaseholds,
-, livestock, n,
-, Myddlewood common,
-, Newton, q.v.
-, pk.,
-, pools,
-, Shotton, q.v.
-, wastes,
-, Webscott, q.v.
-, woods, n,

Myddlewood common, see Myddle

Myndtown, n

-, John (fl. 1552),
-, John (d. 1834),
-, John Fox Fitz-Giffard,
-, fam.,

N.F.U., see National Farmers' Union


Nagelon, Thos.,


Nantmawr, see Trefonen

Nash, John,

Nash (in Burford),

National Farmers' Union (N.F.U.),

Nateley Scures (Hants), see Hook

National Federation of Meat Traders,

National Institute of Agricultural Botany, see Cambridge

National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty,

National Union of Agricultural & Allied Workers, n

National Union of Agricultural Workers,

-, Fra. Chas., earl of Kilmorey, Vct. Newry, and his aunt,
-, his mother, see Colville
-, Fra. Jack, earl of Kilmorey,
-, Rob., Vct. Kilmorey, n
-, Thos., Vct. Kilmorey,
-, fam.,

Neen Savage, Overwood fm.,

Neen Sollars,

neifs, see customary tenants

Neolithic period,

Ness, Great,
-, Oliver's Point,
-, and see Alderton; Felton Butler; Nesscliff

Nesscliff (in Great Ness),
-, Laundry fm., n

Netchwood (in Ditton Priors and Monkhopton),

Nether Gorddwr, see Gorddwr

Nether Marbury Heys, see Marbury

Nether Stanway, see Wilderhope and Stanway

'Neuton' (in Clun),

New House farm, see Stoke St. Milborough

New Lodge Farm, see Lilleshall

New Ruyton, see Ruyton in the Eleven Towns

New Zealand,

Newcastle (in Clun),
-, Caer-din ring,
-, Vron promontory fort,

Newnham (Hants), see Hook

-, Sir Fra.,
-, Ric., Baron Newport,
-, Thos.,
-, Wm.,
-, fam., n,

Newport, Vct., see Bridgeman

-, burgesses,
-, corn badger,
-, horse dealers,
-, inc.,
-, malting for,
-, marketing,
-, fair,
-, Smithfield,
-, Newport marsh, n
-, rly.,
-, roads,
-, sugar beet,
-, town foundation,
-, vegetables,
-, vivary,
-, wool staplers,
-, Y.F.C.,

Newport & District Agricultural Co-operative Trading Society Ltd.,

Newport & District Agricultural Society,

-, Vct., see Needham
-, Vctss., see Colville

newspapers, and see Eddowes's Shrewsbury Journal; Shrewsbury Chronicle

Newton (in Myddle):
-, Harmer Hill,
-, Harmer Moss,

Newton (in Stokesay),

Newton (in Worfield),

'Nimrod', see Apperley

Noel-Hill (formerly Hill):
-, Ric. Noel, Baron Berwick,
-, Hon. Thos. Hen.,
-, Wm., Baron Berwick,
-, and see Hill


Norbury, see Whitcot

Norbury (Staffs.), see Weston Jones

Norden, John,

Nordley (in Astley Abbots),

Nordley, King's (in Alveley),

Norfolk, duchess of, see FitzAlan, Eliz.

Norfolk, and see Houghton, New; Norwich

Norman Conquest,

North America, see America, North

North Herefordshire and South Shropshire Agricultural Labourers' Mutual Improvement Soc.,

North York Moors (Yorks. N.R.),

Northampton, earl of, see Howard



Northern parliamentary division of Salop.,

Northfield (Worcs.), see Bournville

Northumberland, duke of, see Dudley

Northumberland, n

Northumbria, earl of, see Morcar

Northwood (in Wem),

-, Bonham,
-, John,

Norton (in Condover),

Norton, King's (Worcs.), see Bournville

Norwich (Norf.),

Nottinghamshire, n

-, John (d. 1811),
-, John (d. 1897), n
-, fam.,

Oakeley (in Bishop's Castle), n,

Oakengates (in Shifnal and Wom-bridge),

Oakly Park, see Bromfield

Oaks (in Pontesbury),

oats, see crops: cereal

Obley (in Clunbury),

Offa, king of Mercia,

Offa's Dyke,

officers, landlords',
-, agents (managers), land stewards, n, n,
-, architect, est., n
-, auditors, n
-, bailiffs and reeves,
-, gamekeepers,
-, house stewards,
-, overseers (messor),
-, parkers,
-, receivers,
-, surveyors,
-, warreners,

Offley, Mary, m. Vct. Kilmorey, n


Old Pool, see Wem

Oldbury, see Harpswood bridge

Oldbury (now Worcs., in Halesowen),

Oldfield Common, see Stanton Lacy

Oliver (formerly Olivers):
-, Bold,
-, John (d. 1780),
-, John (d. 1789),

Onibury, n, and see Vernolds Common

Onny, river,

Onny, West, river, see West Onny, river

Onslow, Rog. of,

Onslow (in Pontesbury and St. Chad's, Shrewsbury), n,
-, heath,

open fields, see fields


Orleton (Herefs.),

Orleton (in Wrockwardine),

Ormsby-Gore, Fra. David, Baron Harlech,

Osbaston (in Ercall Magna),

-, assarts,
-, agric. educ.,
-, agric. soc.,
-, Aston, q.v.
-, burgages,
-, burgesses,
-, cloth finishing,
-, Crickheath, q.v.
-, Cynynion, q.v.
-, demesne,
-, servants,
-, fmrs.' assoc.,
-, fmrs.' co-op.,
-, game,
-, gwelyau,
-, hay,
-, Hisland, q.v.
-, honey,
-, inc.,
-, livestock, n,
-, lordship, man., n,
-, Duparts, n
-, receiver,
-, surveyor,
-, Traian,
-, meadows,
-, Maesbury, q.v.
-, marketing,
-, fairs, n
-, merchants,
-, Middleton, q.v.
-, mills,
-, Morton, q.v.
-, N.F.U.,
-, pks., n
-, pasture,
-, Sweeney, q.v.
-, tenures,
-, Treflach, q.v.
-, Trefonen, q.v.
-, warren,
-, Welsh raids,
-, welshry,
-, Weston Cotton, q.v.
-, woods, n
-, wool collected at,
-, Wootton Fawnog, q.v.

Oteley (in Ellesmere),


Overley Hall, see Leaton

Overley Hill (in Wellington and Wrockwardine),

overseers, see officers, landlords'

Overwood farm, see Neen Savage

-, (formerly Pemberton), E. W. Smythe, n,
-, Thos.,
-, and see Smythe Owen

Owlbury (in Bishop's Castle),

owner occupation,

oxen, see cattle

Oxenbold (in Monkhopton and Stanton Long), n,


Oxford Street (in St. Marylebone and Westminster, London, formerly Mdx.), n

Oxfordshire, and see Banbury; Oxford

oxmen (bovarii),

oyer and terminer, commissions of,

Pain's Lane (in Lilleshall, Shifnal, and Wrockwardine),


Palmer, John, n

-, of goats,
-, and see tack

Pantulf fam.,

paper making,

-, poor relief,

-, Jos.,
-, T. N.,

parkers, see officers, landlords'

parks, n,
-, common rights in,

parliament, M.P.s,

-, Ric. (d. 1809),
-, Ric. (d. 1850),


pasture, see grass

Patshull, Wm.,

Pattingham (partly Staffs.),

paupers, see poor

-, co. clks. of the,
-, co. justices of (magistrates),

Pearce, Geo.,

peas, see crops: leguminous

Peasenhall (Suff.),

-, cutting,

Peate, Adam,

Pecknall (Mont., in Alberbury),

pedlars, see chapmen

Peele fam.,

Pegolotti, Francesco Balducci,

-, E. W. Smythe, see Owen
-, Revd. R. N.,
-, Rob. (d. 1794), n
-, Rob. (d. 1816), n
-, fam.,
-, and see Childe-Pemberton

Penegoes (Mont.), see Plas Dolguog

'penimen', see customary tenants: at will

Penkridge (Staffs.),

Penn (Staffs.),

Pentre Hodre (in Clun),

Peplow (in Hodnet),


Percy, A. C., see Heber-Percy

Perkyn, Ric.,

Perry, river, n,

Perseverance Ironworks, see Castle Foregate

Perton, John,


Peshall fam.,


-, Wackley fm.,


-, Cath.,
-, Wm.,

physical environment, and see regions, agricultural

Picken, Wm.,

Picklescott (in Smethcott),

Picklescott Hill (in Smethcott and Church Stretton),

-, Evelyn, duke of Kingston,
-, fam., n

pigeons (doves),

Pigot, Hugh,

-, Rob., n
-, fam.,

pigs, swine,
-, breeding, breeds,
-, Berkshire,
-, Chinese,
-, Essex,
-, Neapolitan,
-, Old Spot,
-, Shropshire,
-, White,
-, herd size,
-, nos.,
-, reared, kept, by smallholders and labourers,
-, trade in,
-, and see animal diseases; fattening; pannage; rearing; tack

Pim Hill (in Preston Gubbals),

Pimley, see Uffington

Pinches, Wm.,

pinfolds, see pounds

Pinsell, Humph.,

Pitchford, n, n
-, Pitchford Hall, n
-, and see Buriwood

pitchforks, see tools, equipment, and machines

place names,

Plaish (in Cardington),

Plaish brook,

-, Edw., duke of York, see Edward IV
-, Ric., duke of York,

Plas Dolguog (in Penegoes, Mont.),

Plaxton, Revd. Geo.,

Plealey (in Pontesbury),

Plessis, John du, earl of Warwick,

Plimley, Sam., and see Corbett (formerly Plymley), Jos.

ploughbote, see estovers


ploughs, see tools, equipment, and machines

-, demesne,
-, lack of,
-, peasant,
-, size,
-, supervision of,
-, and see cattle: oxen; horses

Plowden fam.,

Plowden (in Lydbury North),

Plymley, Jos., see Corbett; and see Plimley

Plymouth, earls of, see Windsor; Windsor-Clive


political parties and groups, see Conservatives; free-traders; Liberals; royalists; Whigs

politics, and see franchise, parliamentary; parliament

ponds, pools, and lakes, n,
-, drained,
-, fishponds (stews, vivaries),
-, mill,
-, work on (labour service),

-, Moorwood,
-, and seeArscott; Cruckton; Farley; Longden; Oaks; Onslow; Plealey; Pontesford Hill; Wood-house

Pontesford Hill (in Pontesbury),

-, Hen.,
-, Wal.,

pools, see ponds

poor (paupers, destitute), the,
-, relief of, see parishes; poor-law unions; workhouses
-, and see beggars; labour; vagabonds

poor law, n,

poor-law unions,

-, Cath.,
-, Rog.,
-, fam.,

-, falling, low,
-, rising,

porthyant bagell, see rents


potato lifters, planters, see tools, equipment, and machines

potatoes, see crops

potteries, and see earthenware trade

pottery containers, see tools, equipment, and machines

-, breeds,
-, ducks,
-, geese,
-, turkeys,

pounds, pinfolds,

-, Hen.,
-, fam.,

-, ctsses. of, see Herbert
-, earls of, n, and see Clive; Herbert
-, marquesses of, see Herbert

Powis Castle, in Welshpool (Mont.),

Powkesmoor, see Ditton Priors

Powlett (formerly Vane), Harry Geo., duke of Cleveland, n,

Powys (formerly Feilding), Hon. H. W.,

Powys, king of, see Madog ap Maredudd

Poynton (in Ercall Magna),

Pradoe, see Eardiston

Preece, W. G.,

Preen, Church, n, n,
-, Preen common,
-, priory,

Preen, Holt (in Cardington),

-, arable farming,
-, assarts,
-, Black Death,
-, Calverhall, q.v.
-, commons,
-, Darliston, q.v.
-, demesne, n
-, Dogmoor, n
-, encroachment on waste,
-, Higher Heath, n
-, hops,
-, horse dealers,
-, labourers' housing,
-, livestock, n,
-, Lower Heath,
-, man., n, n
-, mkt. and fair,
-, marling,
-, meadow,
-, Millenheath, q.v.
-, open fields,
-, Prees Heath,
-, saffron,
-, Sandford, q.v.
-, tenures,
-, Whixall, q.v.
-, Whixall Moss, q.v.
-, Willaston, q.v.
-, woods, n,
-, wool,

prehistoric periods, n,
-, est. or territorial boundaries,
-, and see barrows; Beaker period; Bronze Age; burials; fields; Iron Age; Neolithic period

Presthope (in Much Wenlock), n
-, Presthope common,

Preston Boats (in Upton Magna),

Preston Brockhurst,

Preston Gubbals, see Merrington; Pim Hill

Preston Montford (in St. Alkmund's, Shrewsbury),

Price, -, breeder,

-, cereal, n,
-, falling, low,
-, guaranteed, and see government aid
-, rising, high,

prid deed, see mortgages: Welsh

-, Ric.,
-, Rog.,

Priorslee (in Shifnal),

-, Geo.,
-, John (d. 1837),
-, John (d. 1891),
-, fam.,

Probert, John,

protection, and see corn laws

public houses, see inns

Pugh, Mr.,

Pulley (in Meole Brace and St. Julian's, Shrewsbury), frontispiece

pulses, see crops: leguminous

-, Wm., earl of Bath, n,
-, fam.,

Pulverbatch, Church, and see Boveria; Cothercott

Purslow (in Clunbury),
-, hund.,

purveyors, Crown,

-, 'Cwatbridge',

-, Dudmaston, q.v.
-, Lodge fm., Quatt Malvern,

quernstones, see tools, equipment, and machines


Raby Castle (co. Dur.),


Radnorshire, and see Beacon Hill; Knighton

Ragleth Hill, see Stretton, Little


Ransomes, Sims, & Head,

rape, see crops: green

rat, musk,

rates, local (incl. parish),
-, for the poor,

Ratlinghope, n, n
-, priory,
-, and see Boveria; Gatten

Rayleigh, Baron, see Strutt

Rea, river (Meole brook, Rea brook),

Rea, South, river, see South Rea, river

Rea Valley heavy horse soc.,

reaping machines, see tools, equipment, and machines

rearing livestock,
-, cattle,
-, horses, q.v.
-, pigs,
-, sheep,

rebellions, rebels, and see customary tenants: villeins

receiver general (in Salop.),

receivers, see officers, landlords'

recreation, see entertainments, recreation, and sport

Rednal (in West Felton),

Redrice (in Upper Clatford, Hants), n

reeves, see officers, landlords': bailiffs and reeves

regions, agricultural,
-, specialization,
-, and see Clee Hills: plateau; coalfield, east Shropshire; dairying districts; Ryeland; sandstone plain, eastern; Weald Moors; Wheat-land

religious houses, see almshouses; collegiate churches; hospitals; minster churches; monasteries

-, allowances, rebates, from, remission
-, of,
-, arrears of,
-, assize,
-, collection, n
-, cottage,
-, decayed, fossilized, nominal,
-, high, increased,
-, interest charge on improvements added to,
-, low, reduced,
-, porthyant bagell,
-, rack (economic),
-, renders in kind,
-, corn,
-, eel,
-, milk,
-, poultry,
-, reserved,
-, servile tenants',

Reynold the sheriff, see Bailleul

-, H. P.,
-, John,
-, Ric.,

Rhadley, Little (in More),

Rheims (Marne, France), abbey of St.-Remi, abbot,

Rhodesia, Southern,

Richard's Castle (partly Herefs.), and see Woofferton

Richmond & Chandler,

Ridley (in Bunbury, Ches.), n

Ritton (in Wentnor), Bog mine,

rivers, streams, and brooks,
-, bylets (barge gutters),
-, dammed,
-, ferries,
-, fisheries, weirs,
-, fords,
-, hemp and flax watered in,
-, irrigation,
-, power source, and see mills: water
-, traffic on,
-, water supply,

roads and bridges:
-, bridges,
-, roads,
-, diverted, n
-, drove,
-, motor transport, q.v.
-, motorways,
-, stretward, q.v.
-, turnpike,

Roberts, Thos.,

Rock Lane, see Stanton Lacy

Roden (in Ercall Magna),
-, Rodenhurst,

Roden, river,

Rodenhurst, see Roden


Rodway, see Cherrington

Rofe, Thos.,

rollers, see tools, equipment, and machines

Rollisword, Rob. de,

Romano-British period,
-, villas,

Romsley (in Alveley),

root cutters, see tools, equipment, and machines

roots, see crops

Rossall (in St. Chad's, Shrewsbury),

rotations, see crops: rotation of; grass: artificial

-, Sir C. H.,
-, (formerly Boughton Rouse, formerl Boughton), Sir C. W.,

Roveries, the, see Lydham

Rowett Institute, see Aberdeen

-, Revd. Ric. (fl. 1793), n
-, Mr. (fl. 1635),

Rowley park, see Cleobury Barnes

Rowton Castle (in Alberbury),

Royal Agricultural Society of England,


Ruckley (in Stanton Lacy), see Hamlets, West

Ruckley (in Tong), grange,

Ruckley and Langley, see Hawksley; Langley

Rushbury, n, n; and see Stoneacton; Wilderhope and Stanway

Ruskin, John,

rustling, see theft: of livestock

Ruyton, New, see Ruyton in the Eleven Towns

Ruyton in the Eleven Towns,
-, Allans wood,
-, arable farming,
-, assarts,
-, Baggy Moor, q.v.
-, Black Death,
-, burgesses,
-, commons,
-, Coton, q.v.
-, demesne,
-, servants,
-, Eardiston, q.v.
-, fmrs.' club,
-, holdings, peasant,
-, labour services,
-, livestock, n,
-, man.,
-, mkt. and fair,
-, New Ruyton,
-, Shelvock, q.v.
-, vicar,
-, Welsh raids,
-, woods, n

Rychard, Ric.,

rye, see crops: cereal

rye grass, see grass: artificial

Ryeland, the,


S.S.S.I.s, see sites of special scientific interest

saffron, see crops: dye

sainfoin, see grass: artificial

St. Asaph diocese,

St. Ives (Hunts.),

St. Martin's, see Bronygarth

St. Marylebone (London, formerly Mdx.), see Oxford Street

St.-Omer (Pas-de-Calais, France),

St.-Remi, abbot of, see Rheims

Salop archdeaconry (in Heref. dioc.),

Salop County Council, see Shropshire County Council

Salt, Thos., n


Salusbury fam.,

Sambrook (in Cheswardine and Chetwynd), Sambrook Hall,

Sampson, Ric., bp. of Coventry and Lichfield,

Samuelson & Co.,

Sandford fam.,

Sandford (in Prees),

Sandford (in West Felton),

sandstone plain, eastern,

Sansaw, see Clive

Savage, Wm.,

Saville, Sir Geo., marquess of Halifax,

score (weight), n

Scory, John, bp. of Hereford,

Scotland, n, and see Aberdeen; Forfarshire

scythes, see tools, equipment, and machines

Second World War,


serfs, servi, see slaves

-, carrying, carting,
-, labour,
-, commuted,
-, pool work, see ponds
-, sheep washing,
-, weeding,
-, military,
-, riding,
-, villein,

Severn, river,
-, bridges,
-, grazing on banks,
-, fisheries,
-, fulling mills,
-, sheep washing,
-, transport,

Severn Gorge,

Severn-Trent Water Authority,

sewers, commissioners of,

Seymour, Isabella, see Leighton

Shadwell (in Clun), Llanhedric,

share cropping, see crops

Shareshill, Sir Wm. of,

Sharpstone Hill (in Condover, St. Julian's, Shrewsbury, and Sutton),

Shavington (in Adderley),

Shawbirch (in Eyton upon the Weald Moors and Wellington),

-, heath,
-, and see Acton Reynald; Charlton; Wytheford, Great; Wytheford Heath; Wytheford, Little

-, n,
-, breeds,
-, Clun (Forest),
-, Dorset,
-, Down (downland), Southdown,
-, Kerry Hill,
-, Leicestershire (New Leicester),
-, Longmynd,
-, longwools,
-, Merino,
-, Ryeland,
-, short-woolled,
-, Shropshire,
-, Welsh,
-, 'common',
-, flock sizes,
-, folded on arable,
-, trade in,
-, 'flying flocks',
-, nos.,
-, products:
-, wool, q.v.
-, milk,
-, and see animal diseases; mixed farming; rearing


Sheinton brook, n

Shelderton (in Clungunford),

Sheldon fam.,

Shelton (in St. Chad's and St. Julian's, Shrewsbury), pauper lunatic asylum (mental hosp.),

-, Foxhill Fm., n

Shelvock (in Ruyton-XI-Towns),


Sheppen Fields, see Cothercott

sheriff, Reynold the, see Bailleul

Sheriff Hutton (Yorks. N.R.), see Stittenham

Sheriffhales (partly Staffs.), n,
-, Lilleshall Ho.,
-, and see Woodcote

sheriffs (high sheriffs),

Sherratt, John,

Shifnal, n,
-, n,
-, Drayton Lodge fm., n
-, Upton common,
-, and see Bridwick; Decker Hill; Hatton; Hollinswood; Oakengates; Pain's Lane; Priorslee; Wyke

Shifnal Agricultural Society, n

Shipton, see Larden

Shire Horse Society,

Shirlett forest,
-, Bentley hay,


Shorey, Ric., and his w. and s.,

Shortwood, see Stanton Lacy

Shotton (in Myddle),

shovels, see tools, equipment, and machines

shows and meetings, agricultural, n,

-, n, n,
-, man.,
-, Shrawardine Castle,

Shrewsbury, earls of, n, and see Belléme; Montgomery; Talbot

-, abbey, see Abbey Foregate
-, agric. shows at,
-, boro.:
-, burgesses,
-, corporation,
-, liberties,
-, town clk.,
-, bridges,
-, carectae,
-, Chester St.,
-, chyards.,
-, Corn Exchange,
-, dairying around,
-, friaries,
-, inds., manufactures:
-, agric. implements,
-, brawn, n
-, brewing,
-, cloth finishing,
-, malting,
-, mills,
-, Smithfield Ironwks., n
-, tanning, n
-, inns,
-, livestock,
-, malting for,
-, marketing,
-, cattle sales,
-, dairy produce,
-, fairs, n
-, firewood, n
-, horse sales,
-, mkt. ho.,
-, Smithfield,
-, stallage,
-, staple,
-, merchants, traders, etc.:
-, butchers,
-, corn badgers,
-, drapers,
-, fmrs.' co-op.,
-, fish,
-, graziers,
-, mercer,
-, Samuelson Implement Depot,
-, seamstress,
-, steam ploughing co.,
-, wool,
-, murage,
-, N.F.U.,
-, parishes:
-, Holy Cross, see Abbey Foregate; Wenlock Road
-, St. Alkmund's, see Castle Foregate; Coton; Preston Montford
-, St. Chad's, see Betton Strange; Bicton; Bicton heath; Horton Lane; Monkmeole; Onslow; Rossall; Shelton
-, St. Julian's, see Bayston Hill; Bicton heath; Coton; Pulley; Sharpstone Hill; Shelton
-, St. Mary's, see Albrighton; Astley; Berwick; Castle Foregate; Clive; Coton; Leaton
-, pavage,
-, potatoes grown for,
-, professions:
-, artist,
-, attorneys,
-, banker,
-, land agent,
-, solicitor,
-, Quarry, the,
-, river traffic,
-, roads, n
-, St. Giles's Hospital, see Wenlock Road
-, Shirehall, see Abbey Foregate
-, Shrews. Tech. Coll., see Abbey Foregate
-, suburbs, and see Abbey Foregate; Bayston Hill; Bicton heath; Castle Foregate; Coton; Meole Brace; Wenlock Road
-, vegetables,
-, vineyard,
-, Welsh raids,

Shrewsbury and District Farmers' Association,

Shrewsbury Chronicle,

Shrewsbury Steam Cultivation Co. Ltd., n

Shrewsbury Steam Cultivation Society, n

Shropshire Adult College, see Atcham: Attingham Hall

Shropshire & West Midlands Agricultural Society, n, n,

Shropshire Agricultural Association,

Shropshire Agricultural Protective Society,

Shropshire Agricultural Society,

Shropshire Association of Parish and Town Councils,

Shropshire Beet Sugar Co.,

Shropshire Chamber of Agriculture,

Shropshire (formerly Salop) County Council,

Shropshire Farm Institute, see Walford (in Baschurch)

Shropshire Farmers Ltd.,

Shropshire Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group,

Shropshire Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs,

Shropshire General Agricultural Society,

Shropshire Groundwater Scheme, see water

Shropshire Practical Farmers' Association,

Shropshire Sheep Club, n

Shropshire War Agricultural Executive Committee,

Shukar, Ric.,

sickles, see tools, equipment, and machines


Siefton (in Culmington),

Siefton forest,

silage, see grass

sites of special scientific interest (S.S.S.I.s),

Siward (fl. 1066),

skins, hides,
-, goat,

-, Wm.,
-, fam.,

'Skyneresmore', see Morfe forest

Skynner, John,

Slack, W. J., n

-, R. A.,
-, fam.,

slave trade,

slaves (serfs, servi),

Sleap (in Ercall Magna),

sledges, see tools, equipment, and machines

-, bordars, q.v.
-, cottars, q.v.
-, unfree,

-, county-council,

Smethcott, and see Betchcott; Boveria; Picklescott; Picklescott Hill

-, Geo.,
-, John,
-, Wm.,
-, and see Smyth; Smythe; Smythe Owen

-, Wm. the, see William
-, Hen. the, see Henry

Smithfield Club,

Smithfield Ironworks, see Shrewsbury: inds.

smiths, and see farrier

-, Rog.,
-, fam.,
-, and see Smith; Smythe; Smythe Owen

Smyth, Jas., & Sons,

-, N. O., see Smythe Owen
-, fam., n
-, and see Smith; Smyth

Smythe Owen (formerly Smythe), N. O., and see Owen


societies, county agricultural,

societies and clubs:
-, agric.,
-, co-operative trading, and see Co-operative Wholesale Society
-, farmers',
-, friendly,

soiling, see fattening: covered feeding

solskifte system, see fields: open

Soudley wood, see Worfield

South Rea, river (Rea brook),

South Shropshire Farmers Ltd.,

Southern, John,

Southern parliamentary division of Salop.,

Sowdley, Great (in Cheswardine),

Spain, n

-, John,
-, Wm.,

-, W. H., and his ss.,
-, fam.,

Speen (Berks.), see Benham Park

Spencer, Alice, m. Vct. Brackley, n; and see Spenser

Spender, Griffith,

Spenser, Wm., and see Spencer


Spoonhill, see Callaughton

sport, see entertainments, recreation, and sport; field and country sports

spreaders, mechanical, see tools, equipment, and machines


-, Edw., duke of Buckingham,
-, Hen., Baron Stafford, n, n
-, Rog., Baron Stafford,
-, fam., n,

-, Barons, and see Stafford; Stafford-Jerningham
-, earls of,
-, marquesses of, see Leveson-Gower
-, Vct., see Howard

Stafford (Staffs.),

Stafford-Howard fam., n

Stafford-Jerningham (formerly Jerningham), Hen. Valentine, Baron Stafford,

Staffordshire, n, and see Aqualate; Backbrook; Black Country; Blymhill; Brewood; Brewood forest; Burton abbey; Drayton, Market; Forton; Haywood; Knighton; Leek; Lichfield; Pattingham; Penkridge; Penn; Sheriffhales; Stafford; Stoke-upon-Trent; Tamworth; Trentham; Weston Jones; Weston under Lizard; Wolverhampton

Stamford (Lincs.),

Stanhope, Hon. Edw.,

-, Sir Beville,
-, F. A. H.,
-, (alias Stanier Phillip Broade), Fra.,
-, fam.,

-, Ferdinando, earl of Derby,
-, Frances, m. earl of Bridgwater, n
-, fam.,

Stanmore (in Worfield):
-, Stanmore Grove ('Gitton's Folly'), n
-, Stanmore Hall,

Stanton heath, see Stanton upon Hine Heath

Stanton Lacy, n, n, n,
-, apples,
-, arable farming,
-, bailiff,
-, commons,
-, cottagers,
-, demesne,
-, dovecot,
-, Green Lane,
-, Hamlets, West, q.v.
-, harvesting,
-, Hayton, Lower and Upper, q.v.
-, Hayton's Bent, see Hayton
-, Henley, q.v.
-, herbage,
-, Hopton, q.v.
-, inc.,
-, livestock,
-, man.,
-, meadows,
-, mole plough,
-, Oldfield Common, n
-, Rock Lane,
-, Ruckley, see Hamlets, West
-, Shortwood, n
-, tenures,
-, Vernolds Common, q.v.
-, Welsh labourers,

Stanton Long, n; and see Oxenbold

Stanton upon Hine Heath,
-, Booley, q.v.
-, Hatton, High, q.v.
-, Hine heath,
-, Stanton heath,

Stanway, Nether, see Wilderhope and Stanway

Stapeley Hill (in Chirbury),

Stapleton, Hugh,

Stapleton-Cotton, Charlotte Anne, see Ellis-Fletcher

statistics, national agricultural, n,

steam engines, see tools, equipment, and machines

Stedman, Thos.,

Steedman, Edw., n

Steventon fam., n

stewards, see officers, landlords'

Stiperstones, the,
-, forest or chase,


Stittenham (in Sheriff Hutton, Yorks. N.R.),

Stockton, n, and see Apley Park; Apley Terrace plantations; Winscote heath

Stoke, Church (partly Mont.), and see Brompton; Corndon Hill

Stoke Heath, see Stoke upon Tern

Stoke St. Milborough, n
-, New Ho. fm.,
-, and see Bockleton; Brown Clee Hill; Clee Burf; Heath; Titterstone Clee Hill

Stoke upon Tern, n,
-, Helshaw, q.v.
-, Stoke Heath,
-, Woodhouse Fm.,

Stoke-upon-Trent (Staffs.),

Stokesay, n, and see Craven Arms; Newton

Stone, Thos.,

stone (weight), n

stone quarries, and see lime works

Stoneacton (in Rushbury):
-, Hill End,

Stoney Stretton, see Stretton, Stoney

storage pits, see farm buildings: grain stores (prehistoric)

Stottesdon (formerly partly Herefs.), and see Farlow

Stour, river,

Stourbridge (Worcs.),

straking, see livestock and pastoral farming: transhumance

Strange (le Strange):
-, Ankaret, Baroness Strange of Blakemere, m. Baron Talbot,
-, John (d. c. 1233),
-, John (d. c. 1269),
-, John (d. 1309),
-, Rog.,
-, fam.,

Strange of Blakemere, Baroness, see Strange

Strange of Knockin, Barons, n

streams, see rivers, streams, and brooks

Street, A. G.,

Stretton, All (in Church Stretton),

Stretton, Church (Stretton-en-le-Dale),
-, Botvyle, q.v.
-, Boveria, q.v.
-, Brockhurst castle,
-, Caer Caradoc Hill, q.v.
-, Hazler Hill, q.v.
-, Helmeth Hill,
-, inc.,
-, labourers' conditions,
-, man.,
-, marketing,
-, fair,
-, Minton, q.v.
-, Picklescott Hill, q.v.
-, Stretton, All, q.v.

Stretton, Little, Ragleth Hill,

Stretton, Stoney (in Westbury),

Stretton Dale,

Stretton-en-le-Dale, see Stretton, Church

Stretton Hills,


strike (measure), n

strike's seedness, acre equivalent of,

Strine, river or brook,

Stringer, John,

Strutt, Rob. John, Baron Rayleigh,

Stury, Ric.,

Styche (in Moreton Say),

Suffolk, see Bury St. Edmunds; Ipswich; Leiston; Peasenhall

Suffolk, earl of, see Howard

sugar beet, see crops: roots

sugar beet lifters, see tools, equipment, and machines

Sundorne (in Haughmond),
-, Sundorne Castle,

Surrey, earls of, and see Warenne

Surrey, and see Deptford

-, land, see officers, landlords'
-, tithe, n

Sussex, n, and see Arundel

Sutherland, dukes of, and see Leveson-Gower; Sutherland-Leveson-Gower

-, Cromartie, duke of Sutherland,
-, (formerly Leveson-Gower), Geo. Granville, duke of Sutherland,
-, (formerly Leveson-Gower), Geo.Granville Wm., duke of Sutherland,
-, (formerly Leveson-Gower) fam.,

Sutton, and see Sharpstone Hill

Sutton Maddock, and see Brockton

Sutton upon Tern (in Market Drayton),


swedes, see crops: roots

Sweeney (in Oswestry),
-, Llwyn-y-mapsis,

Swinfield, Ric., bp. of Hereford,

tack (greystack, wormtack), and see pannage

-, Alethea, m. earl of Arundel,
-, Edw., earl of Shrewsbury,
-, Fra., earl of Shrewsbury,
-, Geo., earl of Shrewsbury, n,
-, Gilb., Baron Talbot,
-, Joan, see Mortimer
-, John, Baron Furnivalle, later earl of Shrewsbury (d. 1453),
-, John, earl of Shrewsbury (d. 1654),
-, Mary Anne, m. Sir Fra. Lawley,
-, Ric., Baron Talbot,
-, fam., n,

Talbot, Baroness, see Strange


Tamworth (Staffs. and Warws.),

Tanat, river,

Tanner, Hen.,

tanning, n,

Tasley, n

taxes, taxation,
-, customs and excise:
-, maletot (1294),
-, 'whisky money',
-, death duties,
-, exemption from,
-, geld,
-, lay subsidies,
-, (1306),
-, (1327),
-, (1340),
-, Hearth Tax (c. 1688),


Telford (formerly Dawley) new town,

Teme, river,

Templars (Knights Templar),

tenant right,

Tench, Mr.,

-, commuted,

Tern, river,

Tern (later Attingham) Hall, Park, and estate, see Atcham

Ternhill (in Market Drayton and Moreton Say),

terra regis, see estates, landed: royal

Tetchill (in Ellesmere),

-, of game, see poaching
-, of livestock,
-, rustling,

-, Mic.,
-, Thos. (d. c. 1558),
-, Thos. (fl. 1586),

Thornes, Thos.,

threshing machines, see tools, equipment, and machines

-, Ld. Alex. Geo.,
-, Sir Hen. Fred. (d. 1680), n, n,
-, Sir Hen Fred., marquess of Bath (b. 1905), n
-, Thos. Hen., marquess of Bath,
-, fam., n,

Tibberton (in Edgmond),
-, Tibberton Manor,

Ticklerton (in Eaton-under-Heywood),

Tiler fam.,

Tilley (in Wem),

Tilstock (in Whitchurch),

timber, see woodland: products

timber trade,

Timber wood (in Madeley and Little Wenlock),

tithe, n,
-, appropriated,
-, calves,
-, foals,
-, garden,
-, hay,
-, lambs,
-, moduses,
-, impropriated,
-, paid in kind,
-, piglets,
-, rectorial, n
-, vicarial, n
-, wool,
-, and see surveyors

Titterstone Clee Hill (in Bitterley and Stoke St. Milborough),

Toke fam.,

toll, see millers

Tomkins, -, breeder,

Tong, n, n, and see Ruckley

tools, equipment, and machines (agricultural),
-, axes,
-, bee stalls,
-, bells, livestock,
-, carts,
-, carectae,
-, carrae,
-, chaff cutters,
-, dairy,
-, milking machinery,
-, drills,
-, flails,
-, flint,
-, forks,
-, harrows,
-, harvesters, combine,
-, hay rakes,
-, haymakers (tedding machines),
-, hoes,
-, hooks,
-, horse-powered, see horses
-, iron,
-, marling auger,
-, mattock,
-, mills, q.v.
-, oil-cake breakers,
-, pitchforks,
-, ploughs,
-, potato lifters,
-, potato planters,
-, pottery containers,
-, prehistoric,
-, quernstones,
-, reaping machines, n,
-, rollers,
-, root cutters,
-, scythes,
-, seed basket,
-, shovels, spades,
-, sickles,
-, sledges,
-, spreaders, mechanical,
-, steam engines, power,
-, sugar beet lifters and harvesters,
-, threshing machines, n,
-, tractors, n,
-, trusser,
-, tumbrils,
-, turnip cutters,
-, wagons,
-, wains (plaustra),
-, water-powered,
-, wheelbarrows,
-, winnowing fans and machines,
-, wooden,
-, and see agricultural engineering

Tories, see Conservatives

Toulouse (Tarn-et-Garonne, France),

tourism, n

Tower, Brownlow R. C.,

-, fashionable,
-, feeding of,
-, large, n,
-, new,
-, privileges,
-, shops,
-, slums,
-, street and night soil,
-, and see boroughs; murage; urban districts

Townsend, Thos.,

Townshend, Chas. ('Turnip'), Vct. Townshend, n

-, new,

tractors, see tools, equipment, and machines

trade, and
-, see badgers; broggers; butchers; cattle; chapmen; cloth and wool trade; earthenware trade; horses; leather trade; malting; markets and fairs; moneylending; pigs; sheep; timber trade; wine trade

trade unions, see labour

tradesmen, see craftsmen

Traian, see Oswestry: lordship

transhumance, see livestock and pastoral farming

Transport and General Workers' Union, n

Treflach (in Oswestry),
-, Woodhill,

Trefonen (in Oswestry),
-, Nantmawr,

Trelystan (Mont., in Worthen),

Trent, river,

Trentham (Staffs.),

Trussell, Eliz., Lady, see Burley

Tugford, n, n, n
-, Balaam's Heath, n

Tully, -, breeder,

tumbrils, see tools, equipment, and machines


Tuppe, Wm.,


turkeys, see poultry

turnip cutters, see tools, equipment, and machines

turnips, see crops: roots

Twitchen (in Clunbury),

Twyford (in West Felton), the Fords,

Tyr-y-coed (in Kinnerley),

Tyrell-Kenyon (formerly Kenyon), Lloyd, Baron Kenyon,

Tyrwhitt, Gerald Hugh, see Tyrwhitt-Wilson

Tyrwhitt-Jones (formerly Jones), Sir Thos. John,

Tyrwhitt-Wilson (formerly Tyrwhitt), Gerald Hugh, Baron Berners,

Uckington (in Atcham),

-, Pimley,
-, and see Haughmond Hill

underdraining, see drainage, artificial

Unigate Dairies,

United Hunt,

United States of America, see America

Upper Clatford (Hants), see Redrice

Upper Gorddwr, see Gorddwr

Upper Hayton, see Hayton

Upper Maesbrook, see Maesbrook

Upper Wood Farm, see Hopton Cangeford

Upton, Waters,

Upton common, see Shifnal

Upton Cressett,

Upton Magna:
-, arable farming,
-, assarts,
-, blacksmith,
-, common rts.,
-, demesne,
-, Downton, q.v.
-, Haughmond Hill, q.v.
-, Haughton, q.v.
-, livestock, n, n, n, n,
-, man., n,
-, meadow,
-, Preston Boats, q.v.
-, woods, n

urban districts, n

vagabonds, and see beggars

Vale Royal abbey (in Whitegate, Ches.),


-, Chris. Wm., Baron Barnard,
-, Harry Geo., see Powlett
-, Wm. Harry, earl of Darlington,
-, fam.,

varneth, see fines: surrender

Varnolds Common, see Vernolds Common

vegetables, see crops

Venables, Lazarus Jones,

Verdon, Isabel de, m. Baron Ferrers of Groby,

vermin, and see rat, musk

Vernolds (Varnolds) Common (in Culmington, Onibury, and Stanton Lacy), n,

-, Sir Ric.,
-, fam.,

Vesey, Yvo Ric., Vct. De Vesci, n

vetches, see crops

veterinary lectures,

Victoria, Queen,

-, dormitory,
-, 'open',

villeins, see customary tenants



Viroconium Cornoviorum (Wroxeter),

Voulare, Rog. le, and see Fowler

Vron promontory fort, see Newcastle

-, Hen. n,
-, fam.,

Vyrnwy, river,

Wackley farm, see Petton

wagons, wains, see tools, equipment, and machines

Wakeman, Sir Offley David,


Walcot fam.,

Walcot (in Clunbury and Lydbury North), n,

Walcot (in Wellington),
-, Allscott sugar factory, n,

Wales, n,
-, admin. divs.,
-, border and Marches,
-, assarts,
-, horse breeding,
-, Welshmen,
-, welshries, q.v.
-, and see marcher lords
-, cloth,
-, Denbighshire, q.v.
-, Flintshire, see Breaden Heath; Caerwys; Whixall Moss
-, geol.,
-, gwelyau, q.v.
-, hills,
-, labourers from,
-, language,
-, law and customs, tenures,
-, livestock,
-, Merionethshire, see Mawddwy
-, Montgomeryshire, q.v.
-, ploughing,
-, raids and rebels from,
-, Radnorshire, q.v.
-, rulers, and see named rulers
-, timber,

Wales, Council in Marches of,

Walford, Fra.,

Walford (in Baschurch),

Walford Coll. of Agric. (formerly Salop. Fm. Inst.),

Walker fam.,

walkmills, see mills: fulling

Waller, Wm.,

Wallop, Lady Cath. Henrietta, m. C. G. Milnes Gaskell,

Wallop (in Westbury),

Walpole, Col. Rob., n

Walton fam.,

Walton (? Bridgwalton, in Morville),

Walton, High, farm, see Bromfield

-, Rowland W.,
-, Steph.,
-, T. C.,
-, T. H.,
-, Wm., n

Warenne, John de, earl of Surrey,

Waring fam.,

warren, free,

warreners, see officers, landlords'


wars, world, and see First World War; Second World War

-, Hen. de Grey,
-, fam.,

Warwick, earls of, see Dudley; Plessis

Warwickshire, n, and see Arden forest; Birmingham; Combe Abbey; Coventry; ingham; Combe Abbey; Coventry; Leamington; Maxstoke; Tamworth; Whitmore Park; Willenhall

waste, see commons and wastes; Domesday Book

-, Salop. Groundwater Scheme,
-, and see drainage; ponds; rivers

water authorities,
-, and see Severn-Trent Water Authority

water meadows, see grass

water mills, see mills

water supply,

Waters Upton, see Upton, Waters

Wathes Bros.,

Wathes, Cattell & Gurden Ltd.,

Watling Street,

Watling Street Demesne or Wellington Hay (in Wellington),
-, Ercall, the,

-, Geo.,
-, Jas.,

Wattlesborough (in Alberbury and Cardeston),
-, Bretchell, Gt.,
-, Wattlesborough Heath,

Watts, W. W.,

Weald Moors, the,

Weaver, Thos., n

Weaver, river, n

Webscott (in Myddle),


weeds, frontispiece, and see services: labour

Weeseland, see Ercall Magna

weights and measures, see acres; bushels; carucates; nooks; perch; score; stone; strike; strike's seedness; virgates

-, Eliz., m. Brooke Forester,
-, Geo.,
-, Sir John,
-, Lt.-Col. Thos., n
-, fam.,

-, Cecil Geo. Wilf., Baron Forester,
-, Geo. Cecil Beaumont, Baron Forester,
-, Geo. Cecil Brooke, Baron Forester,
-, (formerly Forester), John Geo. Weld, Baron Forester,
-, Orlando Watkin Weld, Baron Forester,
-, (formerly Forester) fam., n,

-, agric. engineer,
-, Apley Castle, q.v.
-, Aston, q.v.
-, auctioneer and est. agent,
-, bacon,
-, dairying around,
-, Dothill, q.v.
-, fmrs.' club,
-, Hadley, q.v.
-, Ketley, q.v.
-, Leegomery, q.v.
-, marketing,
-, Smithfield,
-, N.F.U.,
-, Overley Hill, q.v.
-, poultry,
-, Shawbirch, q.v.
-, town promotion,
-, Walcot, q.v.
-, Watling Street Demesne, q.v.
-, windmill,
-, Wrekin, the, q.v.

Wellington Hay, see Watling Street Demesne

Wellington hay, see Wrekin forest

-, Ric.,
-, Thos.,

Welsh mortgages, see mortgages

Welshampton, and see Breaden Heath

Welshmen, see Wales: border and Marches

Welshpool (Mont.), and see Powis Castle

welshries, and see Clun; Gorddwr; Knockin; Oswestry

-, barony,
-, club, soc.,
-, common rts.,
-, dairying and cheese,
-, drover,
-, Edstaston, q.v.
-, honey,
-, inc.,
-, labourers' housing,
-, livestock and pastoral farming, n,
-, lordship, man., n,
-, marketing,
-, fairs,
-, mills,
-, Northwood, q.v.
-, Old Pool,
-, pks.,
-, P.O.W. camp,
-, co. council smallholdings,
-, sparrowhawks,
-, tenures,
-, Tilley, q.v.
-, Welsh raid,
-, woods, n,
-, wormtack, n

Wem Cow Club,

Wenlock, John, Baron Wenlock, n

Wenlock, Barons, n; and see Lawley; Wenlock

Wenlock, Little;
-, assarts,
-, common rts.,
-, demesne,
-, Huntington, q.v.
-, inc.,
-, man., n,
-, meadows,
-, open fields,
-, pigs,
-, tenures,
-, Timber wood, q.v.
-, woods,

Wenlock, Much, n,
-, boro., n, n
-, Bourton, q.v.
-, Bradeley, q.v.
-, Callaughton, q.v.
-, demesne, n
-, Farley common, q.v.
-, inc.,
-, labour services,
-, labourers' wages,
-, marketing, n,
-, fair,
-, Presthope, q.v.
-, priory,
-, prior,
-, est., n,

Wenlock Abbey, post-Dissolution est. and residence,
-, Westwood common,
-, Wigwig, q.v.
-, Windmill Hill,
-, wood,

Wenlock Agricultural Reading Society,

Wenlock Edge,

Wenlock Farmers' Club,

Wenlock priory, see Wenlock, Much

Wenlock Road (in Holy Cross par., Shrewsbury), St. Giles's hosp.,

Wentnor, and see Adstone; Kinnerton; Ritton

West Felton, see Felton, West

West Hamlets, see Hamlets, West

West Indies, n

West Onny, river,

Westbury, and see Caus; Hayes forest; Minsterley; Stretton, Stoney; Wallop; Whitton; Yockleton

Westhope (in Clun),

Westhope (in Diddlebury),

Westminster, duke of, and see Grosvenor

Westminster (London, formerly Mdx.), abbey, and see Oxford Street

Westmorland, see Lake District

Weston, Wm.,

Weston (in Clun),

Weston (in Oswestry), see Weston Cotton

Weston, Cold,

Weston Cotton (in Oswestry):
-, Cotton, n
-, Weston,

Weston Jones (in Norbury, Staffs.), n

Weston Lullingfields (in Baschurch), the Berth,

Weston under Lizard (Staffs.),
-, Weston Pk.,

Weston-under-Redcastle (in Hodnet),
-, Bury Walls,
-, Citadel, the,

Westwood common, see Wenlock, Much

Whaddon (Wilts.),

wheat, see crops: cereal


Wheatland, the,

wheelbarrows, see tools, equipment, and machines



Whitchurch (partly Ches.),
-, arson in area,
-, Ash Magna, q.v.
-, Blakemere, q.v.
-, bylaws,
-, commons,
-, dairying and cheese, n
-, demesnes,
-, Dodington, q.v.
-, encroachment on waste,
-, heath,
-, inc.,
-, man., n
-, marketing,
-, fairs, n
-, marl pits,
-, Mediolanum, q.v.
-, mills,
-, pigs,
-, rector,
-, steam ploughing co.,
-, tenures,
-, Tilstock, q.v.
-, Welsh raids,
-, Yockings Gate,

Whitchurch Dairy Farmers' Association,

Whitchurch Steam Ploughing, Cultivating & Thrashing Co. Ltd., n

Whitcot (in Norbury),

Whitcott Keysett (in Clun),

White, Ric., n

Whitegate (Ches.), see Vale Royal abbey

-, Hon. R. G.,
-, Hon. W. T.,

-, Eliz., m. Sir Wm. Craven,
-, T. C.,
-, T. C. D.,
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1653),
-, Thos. (d. 1846),
-, Sir Wm.,
-, Wm. Wolryche, n
-, fam., n,

Whitmore Park (in Holy Trinity, Coventry, Warws.), n


Whitton (in Westbury),

Whixall (in Prees), and see Whixall Moss

Whixall Moss (in Hanmer (Flints.) and Prees),

Wigmore (Herefs.),

Wigmore Basin (Herefs.),

Wigwig (in Much Wenlock), n


-, Revd. Sam.,
-, fam.,

Wilderhope and Stanway (in Rushbury):
-, Lutwyche,
-, Stanway, Nether,

will, tenants at, see customary tenants; rents: rack

Willaston (in Prees),

Willenhall (in Holy Trinity, Coventry, Warws.), n

-, Burga of,
-, Wm. of, and his w. Margery,

Willey, n,
-, Bold, q.v.
-, rector, n
-, Willey Hall and est.,

William I, the Conqueror,

William the smith,

Williams, John,

Williams Wynn, Sir Watkin (d. 1789), n,

Willstone Hill (in Cardington),

Wilmington (in Chirbury),

Wiltshire, and see Longleat; Whaddon


Winchfield (Hants), see Hook

Windmill Hill, see Wenlock, Much

Windsor, Other Lewis, earl of Plymouth, n; and see Windsor Clive; Winsor

Windsor, Baron, see Windsor-Clive

Windsor (Berks.),

-, Other Rob. Ivor, earl of Plymouth,
-, Rob. Geo., earl of Plymouth, n as Baron Windsor,

wine trade,

-, John,
-, Thos., n
-, kinswoman of,

Winnington (in Alberbury),

winnowing fans and machines, see tools, equipment, and machines

Winsbury (in Chirbury),

Winscote heath (in Stockton and Worfield),

Winsor, Ric., and his f., and see Windsor


Wistanstow, n

woad, see crops: dye

Wollaston, Little, see Amaston

Wollerton (in Hodnet), Wollerton wood, n

-, Fra.,
-, Sir Thos., n
-, fam.,

Wolverhampton (Staffs.),

Wombridge, n
-, priory,
-, and see Coalpit Bank; Oakengates

Women's Institutes,

Women's Land Army,

Wood, Sam.,

wood-pasture economy,


Woodcote (in Sheriffhales),

Woodhill, see Treflach

Woodhouse (? in Pontesbury),

Woodhouse Farm, see Stoke upon Tern

-, clearance (felling),
-, commoned, intercommoned,
-, coppices,
-, demesne,
-, division of,
-, enclosed,
-, forests, q.v.
-, grass and pasture in,
-, 'hays' (Domesday Bk.) in,
-, imparked,
-, management,
-, plantations,
-, products,
-, bark,
-, brushwood,
-, charcoal,
-, deadwood,
-, firewood,
-, timber,
-, underwood,
-, reduction of,
-, royal,
-, sheep pasture,
-, swine fattening, pig feeding,
-, trenches,
-, and see Domesday Book; forests; grass; livestock and pastoral farming; wood-pasture economy

Woodward fam.,


Woofferton (in Richard's Castle),


wool trade, see cloth and wool trade

Woolstaston, n,

Woolston (in West Felton),

Wootton Fawnog (in Oswestry),

-, bps.,

Worcestershire, and see Black Country; Bournville; Evesham; Halesowen; Holt; Kidderminster; Kyre Wyard; Oldbury; Stourbridge; Worcester; Wyre chase

-, Apley Terrace plantations, q.v.
-, bees,
-, Bradney, q.v.
-, Burcote, q.v.
-, Chesterton, q.v.
-, copyholds,
-, Hallon, q.v.
-, Hilton, q.v.
-, livestock,
-, Newton, q.v.
-, potatoes,
-, Soudley wood,
-, Stanmore, q.v.
-, sugar beet,
-, Winscote heath, q.v.
-, Worfield wood,


wormtack, see tack

Worthen (partly Mont.), and see Aston Pigott; Aston Rogers; Earl's Hill; Hope; Trelystan

Wotherton (in Chirbury),

Wrekin, the (in Wellington and Wroxeter), n, and see Wrekin forest

Wrekin Farmers,

Wrekin (Mount Gilbert) forest,
-, Wellington hay,

Wrenbury (Ches.), see Combermere abbey

-, Hugh,
-, fam.,

Wrockwardine, n, n, n,
-, Wrockwardine Hall,
-, and see Admaston; Allscott; Leaton; Orleton; Overley Hill; Pain's Lane; Wrockwardine Wood

Wrockwardine Wood (in Wrockwar dine), n,

Wroxeter, n, n, n, n, and see Donnington; Viroconium Cornoviorum; Wrekin, the

Wycherley, Dan.,

Wyke, the (in Shifnal),

Wykes fam., n

Wynn, Sir Watkin Williams, see Williams Wynn

Wyre chase, ? formerly forest (partly Worcs.),

Wyre Forest coalfield,

Wytheford, Great (in Shawbury),

Wytheford, Little (in Shawbury),

Wytheford Heath (in Shawbury),

Y.F.C.s, see Young Farmers' Clubs

Yockings Gate, see Whitchurch

Yockleton (in Westbury), n
-, 'Country World' (formerly 'Butterfly World'),
-, Lynches fm. (the Lynches),

York, dukes of, see Edward IV; Plantagenet

-, abp.,

Yorkshire, n,
-, East Riding, see Beverley
-, North Riding, see Bedale; North York Moors; Stittenham

-, Art.,
-, John,
-, Thos., abp. of York,
-, fam.,

Young Farmers' Clubs (Y.F.C.s),