A History of the County of Stafford: Volume 9, Burton-Upon-Trent. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 2003.

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, 'Index', in A History of the County of Stafford: Volume 9, Burton-Upon-Trent, (London, 2003) pp. 223-240. British History Online [accessed 18 May 2024].

. "Index", in A History of the County of Stafford: Volume 9, Burton-Upon-Trent, (London, 2003) 223-240. British History Online, accessed May 18, 2024,

. "Index", A History of the County of Stafford: Volume 9, Burton-Upon-Trent, (London, 2003). 223-240. British History Online. Web. 18 May 2024,

NOTE: There are main entries for Burton town and the outlying townships (Branston, Burton Extra, Horninglow, Stapenhill, Stretton, and Winshill). The Burton Extra entries, however, are confined mostly to aspects of government and its topographical references are included in the Burton section. Page numbers in bold-face type are those of the principal reference. A page number in italic denotes an illustration on that page. A page number followed by n is a reference only to the footnotes on that page.

Abbey inn, see Burton: buildings (domestic)

Abbots Bromley

Abney, Mrs. -,

-, Edmund
-, Henry
-, Sam.

Adderley, Ralph

Addison, Joseph

Additional Curates' Society

aerated and mineral water

Aethelgifu (12th-cent. holy woman)

Aethelred, King

Aethelric (12th-cent. tenant)

Africa, southern and see
-, Southern Rhodesia

-, agricultural societies
-, allotments
-, nurseries
-, nurseryman

Air Training Corps

aircraft design

-, carving
-, and see gypsum

Albury (Surr.)

Allen fam.

Allied Breweries

-, Chas.
-, Henry, Lord Hindlip
-, Ric.
-, Sam.
-, fam.

Allsopp and Sons (later Allsopp & Co.) (brewers)

-, Mrs. Alice
-, Ric.


Alsop, Alice,

Alvaston (Derb.)

Alwine the deacon (and the priest)
-, Alwine, his s.,
-, Alwine, s. of second Alwine,
-, Vincent, s. of third Alwine,

America, North, and see United States of America

Anchor housing association

Andresey, see Burton

Andrew, St. (apostle)

Anglesey, marquesses of, see Paget angling


Anglo-Saxon period
-, churches
-, riding man (or radman)

Anlaf (Old English personal name)

Anne, St., chantry

Anne, queen of Richard II

Anslow, in Rolleston
-, as address
-, civil parish

Appleby, Wm.

Archibald and Davis (stained glass makers)

architects and see Barker, John;
-, Beck, Henry; Beckett, Sir Edw.;
-, Bodley, G. F.; Carpenter, R. E.;
-, Chapman, J. W.; Chatwin, J. A.
-, Churchill, Reginald; Dixon and
-, Moxon; Dunford, W.; Dunn,
-, A. M.; Durward, Brown, and
-, Gordon; Duvall, Brownhill;
-, Evans and Jolly; Giles and
-, Brookhouse; Goodwin, Fra.;
-, Hare, C. G.; Holmes, Edw.;
-, Home and Knight; Jenkins,
-, Thos.; Joyce, Nic.; Litherland,
-, R. S.; Lucy and Littler;
-, Micklethwaite, J. T.; Mitchell,
-, Jos. and -; Morley, J. K.;
-, Naylor and Sale; Royal, Wm.;
-, Scott, John Oldrid; Sheppard,
-, Ric., and Partners; Simpson,
-, Thos.; Smith, Fra., Ric., and
-, Wm.; Stevens, Henry;
-, Stevenson, R.; Street, G. E.;
-, Teale, J. M.; Underhill, C. F.;
-, Webb, Aston; Wyatt, James

Arleston, in Barrow-upon-Trent (Derb.)

army, supply of hats to

Arts and Crafts movement

-, Ann
-, John
-, Valentine

Ashbourne (Derb.)

Ashby-de-la-Zouch (Leics.)

Ashover (Derb.)

Ashurst, Wm.

asses, 'Spanish'

-, Benj.
-, Benj., his s.
-, Eliz., m. 1 Fra. Astle, m. 2 Thos.
-, Thorniwell, and n
-, Fra.
-, John
-, Ralph

Aston (Derb.)

-, Revd. John
-, Sarah, see Hopkins
-, Thos.

Ault, Sam.

Austin, Wm.

Australia, Aboriginal cricket team
-, aviation

-, Anthony
-, fam.

Bagnall, W. G. Ltd.

Baguley, E. E. Ltd.

Baguley, Ernest

Baguley Cars Ltd.

Baguley Engineers Ltd.

-, Clara
-, Emma
-, Marian

-, Mic. Evan, Baron Burton
-, Nellie Lisa, Baroness Burton, see Bass

Bakewell, Revd. Thos.

Ballard, James

Balk brook

Baltic trade


-, General
-, Particular

Barclay's Bank

Barker, John

Barnsley (Yorks., W.R.)

Barrow-upon-Trent (Derb.) and see Arleston

Barsby, Joseph, n

Barton-under-Needwood, in Tatenhill
-, as address
-, business park
-, Catholme
-, churchwardens
-, gas works
-, Holly Bank (later Hollyhurst House)
-, workhouse

Baslowe, Rob.

-, Abraham (or Abram)
-, Mrs. Ann
-, Hamar
-, John
-, Mic.
-, Sir Mic. Arthur, Bt., later Lord Burton, statue
-, Mic. Thos.
-, Nellie Lisa, Baroness Burton, m. Col.
-, James Evan Baillie
-, W. A. H. (later Sir Wm., Bt.)
-, Wm. (d. 1787)
-, Wm., his s.
-, Wm. (fl. 1869)
-, fam., arms

Bass and Co. (later Bass, Ratcliff, and Gretton)
-, breweries
-, museum of brewing
-, sports and social clubs
-, trade mark

Bass plc

Bass Developments plc

Bass and Smith (steam millers)

Bassett, Sir Wm.

Bate, Wm.

Bath (Som.)

Batty's Great London Circus

Bayly, Henry, see Paget

Beaudesert, in Longdon

Beavan, F. H., bp. of Southern Rhodesia

Beck, Henry

Beckett, Sir Edw., later Lord Grimthorpe

Bedford, duke of ,see Russell, John

Bedford, John Yates

Bee, Revd. Henry

-, Paul
-, Rob. (d. 1872)
-, Rob. (d. 1894)

Belgium, see Bruges; Brussels

-, Geo.
-, Rob. his s.,

Bene, Wm., abbot of Burton

Benedict, St.

Bennett, Wm.

Beohtric, abbot of Burton

Beorhtwine (12th-cent. tenant)

Berkshire, see Reading abbey

Bestfoods U.K. Ltd.

Beth Johnson housing association

Bethany, Sisters of

Betjeman, Sir John

Bewdley (Worcs.)

Bicknor, Alex. de, archbp. of Dublin

-, John Allen
-, Thos.

Birchenhead, John

Birmingham (Warws.)
-, as address

Blackett, Revd. James

blood letting

-, Edw.
-, Eliz., m. (3) Sir Hugh Paulet
-, John (fl. mid 15th cent.)
-, John (d. apparently 1524)
-, John (d. by later 1550s)
-, Susanna, n
-, Thos., n
-, Walter, n
-, Wm.
-, fam.

Blundell, John

Blurton, Rob.

Bocher (or Bochur), Rob.

Boddington Henry, & Co. (brewers)

Boden & Co. (lace makers)

Bodley, G. F.

Bond, Wm.

Bond End, see Burton

Bott, John

Bottinger, Dr. Henry

Boroughbridge (Yorks., W.R.)

Botrell, Peter

Bottesford (Leics.)

Bounde, Rob.

Bourne, Hugh

Bovril (beef extract)

Bowle (or Bowde), Ric.


-, John
-, Thos.

box making

Bradbourne, Sir Humph.

Bradbury, Lettice

-, John
-, Revd. Wm.

Bramcote, in Polesworth (Warws.)

Bramell, Revd. John

Branston brook

-, acreage
-, agriculture
-, Branston Hall (later House)
-, bridge
-, business park

-, charities
-, churches:
-, St. Matthew's
-, St. Saviour's
-, communications, see above bridge; canal; below ferry; fords; roads
-, the Elms
-, farms
-, ferry
-, fords
-, geology
-, green
-, guild priest
-, Hobridding
-, improvement commissioners
-, industry
-, inns
-, the Lawns
-, manor
-, Manor farm
-, manorial govt.
-, monastic grange
-, Old Pool Green
-, ordnance depot
-, parish govt.
-, pinfold
-, place-name
-, poor relief, poorhouse
-, population
-, post office
-, protestant nonconformity
-, reading room
-, Riverside Hotel, see below Trent House
-, roads, tollhouse
-, Roman Catholicism
-, Rough Hay
-, schools, Sunday schs.
-, sewerage,
-, Sinai park the
-, name
-, Sinai Park House
-, sports clubs
-, tithes
-, transport
-, Trent House (later Riverside Hotel)
-, village hall
-, wake
-, water park
-, water supply
-, Wayside Cottages
-, woodland

Branston, Wm., abbot of Burton

Branston Artificial Silk Co. Ltd.

Branston Gravels Ltd.

Brant(Old English personal name)


Breedon-on-the-Hill (Leics.)

Bretby (Derb.)
-, crematorium

-, Christian
-, Plymouth
-, United

brewing, see Burton: brewing; Horninglow: brewery


Bridgeman, Rob

-, Fra.
-, Joseph

Brierley, Joseph

-, Sam.
-, Wm.

Briggs, S., & Co. (later Briggs & Co.)


British Goodrich Rubber Co.

British Tyre and Rubber Co.

Brizlincote brook

Brizlincote, see Stapenhill

-, John of
-, Ric. of
-, Rob. of

-, Wm. of, abbot of Burton
-, Sir Thos.

Bromsgrove Guild (stained glass makers)

Brookes, Hugh

Brooks, Frank

brothels, see Burton: prostitutes

-, Ann
-, Isaac Hawkins
-, Revd. Wm.

Bruges (Belgium)

Bruning (12th-cent. reeve)

Brunt, James

Brussels (Belgium)

Brykhull, Rob. de, abbot of Burton

BTR Industries Ltd. (later BTR plc)

BTR Silvertown Ltd.

building societies and see Burton Freehold Land Society

bull baiting

Bunny Hall (Notts.)

Burdett, Mary, w. of Sir Rob., Bt.

burial mounds (tumuli)

Burlison and Grylls (stained glass makers)

Burrows, John

-, Dorothy, see Watson
-, Thos.
-, Wm.

-, acreage
-, agriculture
-, air raid (1916)
-, alabaster carving
-, almshouses, see Burton: housing
-, Andresey
-, medieval chapel

'Bacterium Club'



Bond End

Bond End Farm (formerly Kitchener's Barns)

borough (medieval)
-, burgages
-, burgesses
-, warden of the pyx

borough (municipal)
-, aldermen
-, corporation
-, mayors

borough (county)
-, aldermen
-, corporation
-, mayors


bowling greens

'boy of', see Darling,Thos.

brewing and see Burton: breweries; brewers; coopers; malting

-, bowling clubs
-, fire brigades
-, fishing rights
-, waste
-, water supply
-, and see Allsopp and Sons; Bass & Co.; Marston, John, and Sons Ltd.; Salt & Co.

-, paying church rates
-, paying for churches and church improvements
-, supporting protestant nonconformity
-, and see Allsopp, Chas., Henry, and Sam.; Bass, Mic., Mic. Arthur, Mic. Thos., and Wm. (bis); Bindley, John Allen; Charrington, Hugh Spencer; Clay, Joseph (bis), and Joseph Spender; Dicken, Thos.; Eadie, James; Evans, Henry; Evershed, Sydney; Finlay, James; Gilbertson, Rob.; Greaves, John (bis); Gretton, John; Hill, Chas., Thos., and Wm.; Leeson, Chas. (bis); Lyon, Chas.; Mason, Jonathan; Meakin, Lewis; Morecroft, Thos.; Mumford, Geof.; Musgrave, James, John and Wm.; Nicholson, Wm.; Poyser, Josiah; Printon, Benj.; Ratcliff, John, R. F., and Sam.; Robinson, Thos.; Salt, Thos. and Thos. Fosbrooke; Sanders, Sam., Sherratt, John and Wm.; Sketchley, Sam. (bis), and Wm.; Statham, Mary; Sykes, Thos.; Walker, John; Wardle, Henry; Wilders, Henry and Thos.; Wilkinson, Bruce; Wilson, Benj. (bis), John Walker, and Wm.; Worthington, Thos. and Wm. (ter)


bridges and see Trent, river: bridges

Broad Holme, see Burton: meadows

brothels, see Burton: prostitutes

buildings (domestic)
-, the Abbey (present Abbey inn),
-, Abbey Cottage
-, Bass Town House
-, the Hermitage
-, Hunter's Lodge
-, Manor House
-, Nether Hall
-, the Priory
-, and see Burton: housing

buildings (public):
-, Anglesey Hall
-, baths
-, Brewhouse Arts Centre
-, Byrkley Hall
-, community centres
-, St. George's Hall
-, St. Paul's Institute
-, Wetmore Hall
-, and see Burton: churches; hospitals; infirmary; law courts; inns; libraries; schools; town halls

Burton Club
-, canals
-, wharves
-, and see Peel's Cut
-, Caribbean Association
-, carriers
-, cement works
-, cemetery
-, Chamber of Commerce
-, charities
-, Church of England Young Men's Association
-, church rates,
-, churches:
-, All Saints'
-, Christ Church
-, Holy Trinity
-, organist
-, Labour Church
-, St. Luke's chapel
-, St. Margaret's
-, St. Martin's (Bond End mission)
-, St. Modwen's
-, curate
-, ecclesiastical district
-, minister (later vicar)
-, morning and evening bells
-, organist
-, patronal festival
-, poor box
-, Sunday schs.
-, vestry meeting in
-, St. Paul's
-, organ,
-, vicar of
-, and see Burton: guild; lectures
-, civic arms and regalia
-, civil parish
-, clothworking
-, calico
-, clothiers
-, cotton
-, dyers
-, felt
-, fullers
-, lace
-, wool
-, coach builder
-, commission of the peace
-, Conservative Party
-, clubs
-, Co-operative Party
-, co-operative societies
-, coopers
-, cooperages
-, crematorium
-, crosses
-, and see Burton: markets: cross
-, cultural life
-, and see Burton: libraries; museums; operatic society
-, Distress Committee
-, dovecots
-, education
-, further and adult
-, and see Burton: schools
-, electricity supply
-, engineering
-, entertainment
-, excise office
-, fairs
-, farms,
-, see Burton: Bond End;Grange; Shobnall; Upper Mills
-, felons prosecution of
-, fire fighting
-, fisheries
-, forges and foundries
-, Freemasons
-, friendly societies
-, gaols
-, gardens of remembrance
-, gas works
-, Grange farm
-, greens:
-, Fleet
-, Umpler
-, guild
-, Guildables ('Gildables')
-, the Hay, see Burton: meadows
-, health care
-, hospitals
-, and see Burton: infirmary
-, house of correction
-, housing
-, almshouses
-, council
-, leper house
-, lodging houses
-, slums
-, and see Burton: buildings (domestic)
-, immigrants
-, improvement commissioners
-, (under 1779 Act) (under 1853 Act)
-, industries,
-, see Burton: brewing;
-, brickmakers; cement works; clothworking; engineering; forges and foundries; leather working; malting; metalworking; printers; rope making; screw works; spade manufactory; timber merchants
-, infirmary
-, inns (and hotels)
-, Abbey
-, Angel
-, Bear
-, Blue Posts
-, Blue Stoops
-, Bowling Green
-, Bowling Green (later the Station Hotel)
-, Bull's Head
-, Crown
-, Devonshire Arms
-, George
-, King's Head
-, Midland
-, Old Crown
-, Swan on the Hoop
-, Talbot (1540s)
-, Three Queens
-, Vine
-, White Hart
-, and see Burton and District Licensed Victuallers' Association
-, iron industry
-, Islam
-, Kitchener's Barns,
-, see Burton: Bond End Farm
-, Labour Church,
-, see Burton: churches
-, Labour exchange
-, Labour Party
-, law courts:
-, county
-, magistrates'
-, record
-, lawyers
-, leather working
-, lectures (divinity)
-, leper house,
-, see Burton: housing
-, Liberal Party
-, clubs
-, libraries
-, Little Burton
-, malting
-, malt houses
-, maltsters
-, manor
-, surveys
-, tenants
-, manorial govt.
-, manorial officers:
-, bailiffs
-, high bailiff
-, bellman (or crier)
-, constables
-, coroners
-, crier, see bellman
-, dozeners (tithingmen)
-, hallswains
-, haywards (pinners)
-, herdsman
-, moor keepers
-, reeves
-, stewards, deputy stewards (later high bailiffs)
-, swanherd
-, swineherd
-, warrener
-, woodward
-, markets
-, bell
-, cross
-, halls
-, market place
-, watch tower
-, meadows
-, Broad Holme
-, Burton meadow
-, the Hay ditch,
-, Moor Mill Dam
-, Over meadow
-, Ox hay
-, Shipley meadow
-, Sidehalh
-, Stoney holme
-, Wallsitches
-, mechanics' institute
-, metalworking
-, mills:
-, cotton
-, flint
-, fulling
-, Upper (or Over)
-, Winshill (or Nether)
-, hand
-, horse
-, malt
-, Siward moor
-, tape
-, Upper (or Over)
-, wind
-, Winshill (or Lower)
-, monastic granges:
-, Bond End (Kitchener's Barns)
-, Shobnall
-, mosques, see Burton: Islam
-, 'Mudwennestow'
-, museums
-, music, music hall
-, New Close
-, newspapers
-, Oddfellows
-, operatic society
-, parish govt.
-, vestry
-, and see Burton: poor relief
-, parochial officers:
-, churchwardens
-, clerk
-, constables
-, highway surveyors
-, overseers of the poor
-, sexton
-, paving
-, pinfold
-, place-name
-, policing
-, curfew
-, night watch
-, poor relief
-, and see Burton: charities; soup
-, kitchens; workhouses; Burton
-, abbey: distributions to the poor;
-, Burton college: alms
-, population
-, post offices
-, printers
-, privies
-, prostitutes
-, protestant nonconformity
-, punitive instruments
-, and see Burton: house of correction; gaols
-, puritans
-, rabbit warrens
-, railways
-, station mission
-, workers
-, recreation grounds
-, roads
-, A38 bypass
-, Roman Catholicism
-, rope making
-, schools
-, Allsopp's boys
-, Allsopp's girls
-, art
-, Board
-, British
-, dame
-, grammar
-, National
-, private
-, Roman Catholic
-, science
-, special
-, speech and drama
-, Sunday
-, technical institute
-, screw works
-, sewers
-, Shaftesbury Institute
-, Shobnall
-, grange (later Shobnall Farm)
-, park
-, shops
-, bookshops
-, shopping arcades and centres
-, slums, see Burton: housing
-, social clubs
-, the Soho
-, soup kitchens
-, spade manufactory
-, sports
-, and see Burton: bowling greens
-, stone masons
-, streets
-, Almery/Almoner's Lane, see below Daddy's Lane
-, Anderstaff Lane (later Wetmore Rd.)
-, Anglesey Terrace
-, Bond St. (formerly Lion's Lane)
-, Broadway
-, Cat (later Station) St.
-, Clarendon Terrace
-, Cuts Lane, see below Union St.
-, Daddy's Lane (later Almery/ Almoner's Lane)
-, Dale St., see below Pinfold Lane
-, Fleet St. (formerly Dove Lane)
-, Fleetside (later Green St.)
-, Gough Side
-, Guild St. (formerly Guildables Lane)
-, Half St., see below Lichfield St.
-, High St.
-, Horninglow St.
-, James St.
-, Lichfield St. (formerly Half St.)
-, Lion's Lane, see above Bond St.
-, New St.
-, Orchard St.
-, Ordish St.
-, Park St., see below Pinfold Lane
-, Pinfold Lane (later Park St. and Dale St.)
-, St. Paul's Sq.
-, Station St., see above Cat St.
-, Union St. (formerly Cuts Lane)
-, Wetmore Rd., see above Anderstaff Lane
-, telephone service
-, temperance hall
-, hotels
-, theatre
-, timber merchants
-, yards
-, tithes
-, barns
-, town-centre redevelopment
-, town halls shops in
-, town lands
-, feoffees
-, financial contributions
-, Town House
-, transport
-, Trent Washlands
-, Upper Mills Farm
-, Volunteers
-, waste disposal
-, water supply
-, woodland
-, workhouses: (parish)
-, (union)
-, Young Men's Christian Association,

Burton, Barons, see Baillie; Bass

Burton, Wm.

Burton abbey
-, abbots
-, chamber in precinct
-, lords of Burton manor
-, spiritual jurisdiction
-, summoned to parliament
-, and see Bene, Wm.; Beohtric; Brykhull, Rob. de; Bromley, Wm. of; Branston, Wm.; Feld, Thos.; Flegh, Wm.; Geoffrey; Geoffrey Malaterra; Henley, Ralph; Ibstock, John of; Insula, Ric. de; Laurence; Leofric; Mathew, Wm.; Melburne, Wm.; Nicholas; Niel; Ownesby, Rob.; Packington, Thos.; Stafford, John of; Wallingford, Nicholas of
-, almoner almonry
-, chamberlain
-, chapter house
-, charnel house
-, church
-, dedication
-, parish altar
-, St. Modwen's shrine
-, dissolution
-, distributions to the poor
-, dovecot
-, estates
-, administration
-, surveys
-, foundation
-, gatehouse
-, graveyards
-, infirmarer infirmary ('great hall')
-, kitchener
-, monks
-, and see Eadric; Stapenhill, Rob. of
-, precinct
-, prior, see Stretton, John of
-, rector of Burton parish
-, rector of Stapenhill parish
-, seal
-, wool trade

Burton college
-, alms to the poor
-, bedesmen
-, dissolution
-, domestic buildings
-, estates
-, foundation
-, petty canon
-, singing man

Burton Extra
-, agric.
-, improvement commissioners
-, name
-, parish govt.
-, population
-, poor relief
-, tithes
-, tithing
-, township
-, vestry
-, water supply
-, workhouse
-, Burton parliamentary division
-, Burton poor-law union
-, workhouses

Burton school board

Burton and Ashby Light Railway

Burton and District Licensed Victuallers' Association

Burton and District Operatic Society

Burton and Stapenhill Farmers' Prize Society

Burton Association for the Rescue and Protection of Young Girls

Burton Blount (Derb.)

Burton Boat Company

Burton Box Co.

Burton Breweries Charitable Trust

Burton Brewery Co.

Burton Bridge brewery

Burton Building Society

Burton Community Church

Burton Constructional Engineering Co. Ltd.

Burton Farmers' Club

Burton Freehold Land Society

Burton, Uttoxeter, and Stafford (later Ashbourne) Union Bank

Burton Working Men's cricket club

Burton-on-Trent Artisans' Dwellings Co. Ltd.

Burton-on-Trent District Benefit Building Society

Burton-on-Trent ecclesiastical parish

Burton-on-Trent Health Society

Burton-on-Trent Industrial Co-operative Society

Burton-on-Trent Tramways Co. Ltd.

Burton-upon-Trent Civic Society

Burton-upon-Trent Co-operative Society

Burton-upon-Trent Natural History and Archaeological Society

Burton-upon-Trent Voluntary Aid Association

Burton-upon-Trent Waterworks Co.

Burton-upon-Trent Working Men's Co-operative Society

Burwey, Nic.

Butcher, Rodney


Butler, James

Butt, Wm.

Buxton, B. H.

Buxton & Thornley (engineers)

Byrd, Wm.

Byrkley Lodge, see Tatenhill

Caen, John de


-, Mudwyn, m. - Wyghtman
-, Ric.
-, Ric. (another)
-, Thos.
-, Wm.
-, Wm., his s.
-, fam.

Campbell Smith & Co.

Cannock Chase

Cant, R. B.

Canterbury, abps. of, and see Cranmer, Thos.; Theobald

Canterbury cathedral


Capewell, Geo.

Caribbean Association

Carlisle (Cumb.)

Carlsberg-Tetley (brewers)

Carnarvon, earls of

Carpenter, R. E.


Cartwright,Ric., see Royle, Ric.

Castle Donington, see Wilden Ferry

Catholme, see Barton-under- Needwood

-, dairying
-, feed
-, markets

Catton, in Croxall (Derb.)

Cauldwell, in Stapenhill (Derb.)
-, chapel
-, protestant nonconformity
-, tithes

cement works

Centrum 100 (business park)

Chad, St.

Chadwick, Ada

Chamberlain, Joseph

Champagné, Jane, m. Henry Bayley, later earl of Uxbridge

Chapman, J. W.

charitable relief
-, Charity Organization Society

Charles I

Charnels, Walter

-, Fra.
-, Hugh Spencer

Charrington, Messrs. (brewers)

Chartley, in Stowe

Chatham (Kent)

Chatwin, J. A.

Chawner, Rupert



Chelmorton (Derb.)

Cheltenham (Glos.)

Cheshire, and see Chester; Crewe


Chesterfield (Derb.)

Chesterfield, earls of, see Stanhope

Chetwynd, John



Christian Brethren, see Brethren

Christian Scientists

Church Association (later Church Society) Trust

Church of England Young Men's Association

Church of England Young Men's Society

Church Gresley (Derb.) and see Drakelow

Church Pastoral Aid Society

Churchill, Reginald

Churchman, John

Civil War

Clarence, duke of, see Plantagenet

-, John
-, Joseph
-, Thos.
-, Thos., his s.
-, and see Clarke; Clerk

-, Henry
-, John
-, Nathaniel
-, Nic.
-, R. G.
-, Ric.
-, Solomon
-, Wm.

Clerkenwell (Mdx.)

-, Henry
-, Revd. John, his w., see Harden
-, Joseph (d. 1800)
-, Joseph (d. 1824)
-, Revd. Joseph (d. 1839)
-, Joseph Spender
-, fam.

Clay Mills, see Stretton

Clay Mills Ironworks Co.

Clerk (or Clark):
-, Henry
-, John
-, Joy
-, Ric.
-, Rob.
-, Wm.

Cliff, Edw.

Clifton Campville

Clothworkers, Company of (London)


coal mining

Coats, E.

Cocket (otherwise Gascoigne):
-, Rob.
-, Rob., his s.

cock fighting

Colegate, Sir Arthur

Commissioners for Building New Churches

Conchubran (Conchobhar)

Conder Structures Ltd.

Congregationalists (formerly Independents)

Conservative Party

-, Wm.

-, Godfrey
-, Rob.
-, Thos. (fl. 1762)
-, Thos. (? same man)
-, Thos. (d. 1860s)

Co-operative Party

Coopers, Philanthropic Society of Journeymen

copyhold tenure

Cornhill, Wm., bp. of Coventry

Corpus Christi feast

-, Rob.
-, Wm.

council houses

Couper, - (alabaster painter)

Court of Augmentations, solicitor to

Coventry, as address

Coventry cathedral priory

Coventry (later Coventry and Lichfield), diocese of
-, bps., see Cornhill, Wm.; Meuland, Roger; Muschamp, Geof.; Peche, Rob.; Stavensby, Alex.
-, consistory court
-, and see Lichfield, diocese of

-, Eliz., m. - Rhodes (or Rodes)
-, Joyce
-, fam.

Cranmer, Thos., abp. of Canterbury

Crapper, John

Crewe (Ches.)

Cromwell, Thos.


Cripple, Wm., see Simons, Wm.

Crisp, Wm.


-, Benj.
-, Nic.

Crosse & Blackwell (food manufacturers)

Crossley, J. S.

Croxden abbey

Cubley (Derb.)

Cumberland, see Carlisle

Curtis, Boaz

Cuyly, Eliz., m. John Stanhope

Daddi (13th-cent. householder)

Dale brook

Dalrymple, Dan.

Daniel, Wm.

Danish invasions

Darerca, St.

-, Ric.
-, Wm.

Darley, W. B., Ltd.

-, John
-, Thos. ('boy of Burton')

da Vinci, Leonardo

Dawken, Edmund

Dean, Janet


Defoe, Dan.

Degge, Sir Simon

-, Wm.
-, Wm. (? his s.)


-, as address
-, dancing teachers
-, dentist
-, gaol
-, General Infirmary
-, Little Chester
-, museum and art gallery
-, protestant nonconformity
-, St. James's church

Derby Co-operative Society

Derby diocese

Derby Mercury

-, as address
-, in Civil War
-, protestant nonconformity
-, and see Alvaston; Arleston; Ashbourne; Ashover; Aston; Barrow-upon-Trent; Bretby; Burton Blount; Catton; Cauldwell; Chelmorton; Chesterfield; Church Gresley; Cubley; Derby; Drakelow; Egginton; Etwall; Fenny Bentley; Foremark; Hartshorne; Hatton; King Sterndale; Measham; Meynell Langley; Mickleover; Newhall; Newton Solney; Repton; Shipley; Stanton; Stapenhill; Swadlincote; Walton-on-Trent; Willington; Winshill; Wirksworth

Derbyshire, South:
-, constituency
-, district

Des Voeux, Revd. Henry

-, Humph.
-, Kath.
-, Margaret
-, Wm.

Devereux, Rob., earl of Essex

diabolical possession

-, Geo.
-, Thos.

Dixon & Moxon (architects)

Doncaster (Yorks., W. R.)

Donisthorpe (Leics.)

Dorman, Edw.

Dot (pre-Conquest personal name)

Dove, river
-, bridges
-, crossing
-, fishing
-, right to cut reeds


drainage pipes

Drakelow, in Church Gresley (Derb.)
-, chapel
-, lords of, see Gresley, Geof. de; Sir John

Drakelowe House, see Stapenhill

Drewery, Wm.

Drewry, James

Druids (friendly society)

Drury, Revd. Wm.

Dublin, abp. of, see Bicknor, Alex. de

Dudley and Wolverhampton Brewery plc

Dunford, W.

Dunn, A. M.

Dunstall Hall, in Tatenhill

Dunwell, Wm.

Durham (county), see South Shields; Stockton-on-Tees

Durward, Brown, and Gordon (architects)


Duvall, Brownhill (architects)

Eadie, James

Eadric (monk)

Eadric the forester

Eadric 'Streona'

Earnwig the hunter

Earp, Thos.

East Midlands Association (1643)

East Staffordshire:
-, council
-, district (later borough)

Easter Book

Easton Neston (Northants.)

Eatoughs Ltd.

Edge, Wm., see Mason, Wm.


Eccleshall, Peter

Ecclesiastical Commissioners

Edmund, King

Edward I

Edward II

Edward III

Edward VII

Egginton (Derb.)
-, sewage farm


Elizabeth II

-, Rob. Spencer
-, Rob. Spencer, his s.

Elveston, Wm.

English Grains Co. Ltd.

Erdeswick, Sampson

Erkall, Wm.

Essex, and see Leytonstone; Romford; Silvertown

Essex, earl of, see Devereux

ethnic minorities, see Caribbean Association; Chinese; Irish; negro servant; Pakistanis

Etwall (Derb.):
-, Blakeley farm


-, Henry
-, John, his s.
-, Martha, m. Wm. Worthington
-, Sarah, m. Thos. Worthington

Evans and Jolly (architects)

Everard & Co. (brewers)

Evershed, Sydney

-, Anne, w. of Sir Henry, Bt.
-, fam.

fairground machinery makers

Fauld, in Hanbury

Fehr, H.C.

Feld, Thos., abbot of Burton

Fenny Bentley (Derb.)

-, Sir Geo. and his w.
-, Thos.

Ferrers, Earl, see Shirley

ferries, see Trent, river

Field, in Leigh

Fiennes, Celia

Finlay, James

Finlow, Thos.

Finney, Wm.

First World War, see World Wars

fish, fisheries and see angling

Flegh, Wm., abbot of Burton

Fletcher, John

flint grinding

Florence (Italy)

Foljamb, Henry

-, Association
-, Rugby


-, Judith, w. of Thos.
-, Revd. Thos.

fords, see Trent, river

Foremark (Derb.)

Foresters (friendly society)

Fosbrooke, Leonard

Fotheringhay castle (Northants.)

-, John
-, Sir John Dickenson


Fox, Geo.

Frampton, Revd. Geo.

France, and see Calais; Paris

Francis, Bartholomew

Frawin the brewer

Freeman, Revd. H. B.


-, Revd. Peter
-, Revd. Thos., bp. of Lahore

friendly societies, see Druids; Foresters; Oddfellows

Friends, Society of (Quakers)

Fromund (12th-cent. householder)

Gascoigne, Rob., see Cochet, Rob. geese

Gefscocke, Anthony

Gell, Sir John

General Forage and Grains Drying Co. Ltd.

Geoffrey, abbot of Burton

Geoffrey Malaterra, abbot of Burton

George I

George IV, as Prince Regent

George V


-, John
-, John, his s.

Gilbert, Thos.

Gilbertson, Rob

'Gildhus', Wm. de, see William

Giles and Brookhouse (architects),

Gisborne, Revd. Thos.

Glamorgan, see Llandaff


Gloucestershire, see Cheltenham; Gloucester

Godgifu (Godiva), widow of Leofric, earl of Mercia

Godric (12th-cent. villein)


Gooderidge, Alice

-, Henry
-, Mary

Goodrich, Thos.

Goodwin, Fra.

Gough map

Gower, Lord, see Leveson-Gower grain drying

Grand Trunk canal, see Trent and Mersey canal

gravel working

Great Brington (Northants.)

-, Anthony
-, Thos.
-, Thos., his s.

-, John
-, John, his s.

Green, Thos.

Greening, A. T.

-, Thos.
-, fam.

Greensmith, T. C., & Co.

-, Geoff. de
-, Sir John

-, Fanny
-, Hugh Frederick
-, John (d. 1867)
-, John (d. 1899)
-, John, Lord Gretton (d. 1947)
-, John, Lord Gretton (d. 1982)
-, fam.

Greville, Sir Fulke

Grey, Thos., Lord Grey of Groby

Grimthorpe, Lord, see Beckett, Sir Edw.


Grinling, Edw.

Guest, Revd. Chas.

-, mining

Halbard, Philip

Hamel, Gustav

Hampshire, see Wherwell abbey; Winchester cathedral priory

Hanbury and see Fauld

Hanby, Thos.

Hansom, E. J.

-, John
-, his dau., m. Revd. John Clay

Hardman, John & Co. (stained glass makers)

Hardy, John

Hare, C. G.

Harpur, Henry

Harrison fam.

Hartshorne (Derb.)

Hassall, Revd. Wm.

-, Francis, Lord Hastings
-, Geo., Lord Hastings (later earl of Huntingdon; d. 1544)
-, Sir Geo. (later Lord Hastings; d. 1604)
-, Henry, earl of Huntingdon
-, Sir Wm., Lord Hastings
-, fam.

hat making

Hatton (Derb.)

-, Isaac (d. 1713)
-, Isaac (d. 1800)
-, Wm.
-, fam.

-, Geo.
-, Henry
-, John

Haythorn, Jonathan

'Heathcote', see Stanton

Henrietta Maria, queen of Charles I

Hendle (or Henley), Walter

Henley, Ralph, abbot of Burton

Henry I

Henry II

Henry III

Henry IV

Henry V

Henry VIII

Henson, Geo.

hermits, holy woman

Hexham (Northumb.)

Hildersham, Revd. Arthur

-, Chas
-, Joseph
-, Mary (? otherwise Mary Statham)
-, Thos.
-, Wm.

Hill and Son (organ builders)

Hinckley (Leics.)

Hindlip (Worcs.)

Hindlip, Lord, see Allsopp, Henry

-, John
-, Thos.

Hodgkins, Silvester

Hodson, Chas.

Hogg, Ric.

Holland, John

-, Garrett (d. prob. 1590s)
-, Garrett (or Gerrard), his grandson
-, Joseph (or Jasper)

Holmes, Edw.

Home and Knight (architects)

Honormead Schools group

Hope-Jones, Rob.

-, John
-, Sarah, m. John Auden
-, Wm.

Horner, Joseph

-, acreage
-, agriculture
-, allotments and potato grounds
-, Beam hill
-, bowling green
-, brewery
-, burial mounds (tumuli)
-, canal
-, charities
-, Charlotte James nursing home, see below Oakhurst
-, churches
-, St. Aidan's
-, St. Chad's
-, St. John the Divine
-, church hall
-, parish room
-, communications, see above canal; below railway station; roads
-, community centres
-, Eton park
-, factories
-, farms
-, geology
-, green
-, guild priest
-, Henhurst
-, Henhurst wood
-, horse racing
-, hospitals,
-, and see below workhouse
-, improvement commissioners
-, inns
-, institute and reading room
-, labour services
-, lock-up
-, manor
-, manorial govt.
-, moorland
-, Oakhurst (later Charlotte James nursing home)
-, Oddfellows
-, Outwood (common)
-, Outwoods (settlement)
-, Outwoods civil parish, see Outwoods
-, Outwoods recreation ground
-, parish govt.
-, pinfold
-, place-name
-, poor relief
-, the Poplars
-, population
-, post office
-, protestant nonconformity
-, rabbit warren
-, railway station
-, recreation grounds
-, reservoir
-, roads
-, tollhouse
-, Roman Catholicism
-, saw mill
-, schools
-, school-church
-, Sunday schs.
-, sewerage
-, steam mill
-, Shobnall Fields sports ground
-, sports clubs, 180-1; and see above horse racing
-, timber yard
-, tip (refuse)
-, tithes
-, transport
-, village
-, wake
-, water supply
-, Wetmore
-, woodland
-, workhouse (1839), (1884; later Queen's hospital)

Horobin, Jerome

-, fairs
-, mills
-, races
-, stud

-, Rob.
-, Walter

Hoskins, Abraham

Houghton, Col. Ric.

housing associations

Howeton, Wm.


Huntingdon, earls of, see Hastings

Hutson, Wm.

Ibstock, John of, abbot of Burton

ice skating

Incorporated Church Building Society

Ind Coope & Allsopp Ltd. (later Ind Coope & Co.) (brewers)

Independents, see Congregationalists Independent Labour Party


India Rubber, Gutta Percha and Telegraph Works Co.

industries, see alabaster carving; box making; brewing; brickmaking; cement works; clothmaking; coal mining; fairground machinery makers; flint grinding; footwear; grain drying; gravel working; hat making; gypsum mining; iron industry; leather working; locomotive manufacturers; machine gun manufacturer; metal working; motor car manufacturers; pottery industry; printing; quarrying; rope making; rubber tyre manufacturers; silk making; smallwares manufacturers; tile making; timber merchants; tobacco-pipe makers


Insula, Ric. de, abbot of Burton

Interbrew (Belgian brewing firm)

International Bible Students' Association, see Jehovah's Witnesses



iron industry

Islam, burials

Italy, see Florence; Rome

Jackson, Frances


James I

James 'the conductor'

Jefford, Harriet Walton

Jeffries, Revd. James

Jehovah's Witnesses

-, Mary
-, Mary (? her dau.)
-, Thos.

Jennings, John

Jess, Samuel

Jinny Nature Trail

John, King

-, Eliz.
-, Nathaniel
-, Dr. Samuel

Jones, Fred., & Co. Ltd.

Jones, Revd. Hugh

Joule, Chris. see Tole, Chris.

Joyce, Nic.


Kaye, Eliz., m. Francis, Lord North

Keele University

Kennington (Surr.)

Kensit, John

Kent, see Canterbury cathedral; Chatham

Kershaw, Ric.

Kind, John

Kind, J.B., Ltd.

King Sterndale (Derb.)

King's Bromley

Kitchener's Barns, see Burton: Bond End Farm

Knapper, Thos.

Knight, Ric.

Knox, J. E.

Kynnersley, Wm.

Labour Church

Labour Party

labour services, escort duty, villeinage,

Lahore, bp. of, see French, Thos.

Lake District

Lancashire, and see Liverpool; Manchester, Warrington

Lancaster, Thos. of, earl of Lancaster

Landor, Thos.

Lane, John

Lathbury, John

Latter Day Saints (Mormons)

Laurence, abbot of Burton

-, Sir Ivan
-, Sir Thos., 94

Lawson, John

lawyers, see Burton: lawyers

Leake, treaty of (1318)

leasehold tenure

leather working

leech (medical practitioner)

-, Barnabas
-, Fra.
-, Wm.

-, Chas.
-, Chas., his s.

-, as address
-, Wyggeston Hospital

Leicestershire, and see Ashby-de-la-Zouch; Bottesford; Breedon-on-the-Hill; Castle Donnington; Donisthorpe; Hinckley; Leicester, Loughborough; Measham; Overseal; Stapleford

Leigh, see Field

Leland, John

-, (12th-cent. reeve)
-, abbot of Burton
-, earl of Mercia, and see Godgifu the goldsmith

leper house

Lever, J. F., & Co. Ltd. (grain driers)

Leveson-Gower, John, Lord Gower

Lewis, Revd. Thos.

-, Chris.
-, Wm.

Leytonstone (Essex)

Liberal Party, and see Burton: Liberal Party: clubs

Liberal Unionist Party

Lichfield, as address bailiffs burgesses heretic burnt at turnpike road trustees St. Michael's parish, see Streethay: Wall

Lichfield, diocese of:
-, bps.
-, consistory court
-, palace
-, cathedral
-, chancellor
-, registry
-, theological college
-, and see Coventry and Lichfield, diocese of

Lichfield Diocesan Association for Preventive and Rescue Work

Lichfield Diocesan Church Building Society

Lichfield Diocesan Church Extension Society

Lincolnshire, and see Osbournby;Tattershall;Thornton

Litherland, R. S.,

Little Chester, see Derby

Liverpool, as address

Llandaff (Glam.)

-, branding
-, and see asses;
-, cattle;
-, deer;
-, dovecots;
-, geese;
-, horses;
-, oxen;
-, pigs;
-, poultry;
-, sheep;
-, swans

-, Revd. Owen
-, Sampson
-, Sampson, his s.
-, fam.

Lloyds TSB Bank

locomotive manufacturers,


-, Wm.
-, fam.

-, as address
-, architects
-, brewers
-, clothier
-, Gray's Inn
-, market
-, merchants
-, Vauxhall Gardens
-, Whitefriars Studio

London and North Western Railway Co.

London City and Midland Bank

Longdon, see Beaudesert

Loughborough (Leics.)

Low (or Lowe):
-, Agnes
-, John
-, Joseph
-, Ric.
-, Ric., his s.
-, Roger
-, Sam.
-, Thos. (fl. 1562)
-, Thos. (fl. 1610)
-, Thos. (fl. 1846)
-, Wm.

Lowe & Sons (builders)

Lucas, Revd. John

Lucy and Littler (architects)

Lynam, Geo.

Lyne, A.W.

Lyon, Chas.

-, (12th-cent. tenant)
-, John, his s.
-, Ric., son of John, see Brizlincote,
-, Ric. of

machine gun manufacturer

Mackennal, Revd. Alexander

Mainwaring, Edw.

Manchester, as address

Manet, Edouard

Mann, Crossman & Paulin Ltd.

Manners, Thos., earl of Rutland

Manning, Henry Edw., Cardinal

Manwaring, - (? Edw. Mainwaring)

Marley Tile Co.

Marmite Food Extract Co. Ltd.

Marston, John, and his sons,

Marston, John, and Sons (later Marston, Thompson, and Eversherd) Ltd. (brewers)

Martin's Bank

Martyn & Co.

Mary, Queen of Scots

Marylebone Cricket Club

-, Henry
-, Jonathan
-, Philip
-, Wm. (fl. 1854)
-, Wm. (fl. 1913)

Mason (or Edge), Wm.

Mason, W. H., & Son Ltd. (wood turners)

-, Wm.,
-, abbot of Burton
-, Sir Wm.

Mavesyn Ridware

McLean, Revd. Rob.

-, L. J.
-, Lewis

Measham (Derb., later Leics.)

medical practitioners, see dentists; leech; midwives; nurses; physicians; surgeons

Melburne, Wm., abbot of Burton

Mellor, Rob.

Mercia, earls of, and see Leofric

-, John
-, fam.


-, Arminian
-, Calvinistic
-, Independent
-, Primitive
-, Reformed (later United Methodist Free Church)
-, United Reformed
-, Wesleyan

Meuland, Roger, bp. of Coventry and Lichfield

Meynell Langley (Derb.)

Michelson, Nic.

Mickleover (Derb.)

Micklethwaite, J. T.

Middlesex, see Clerkenwell; West Drayton

Middleton, Revd. Wm.

Midland Bank

Midland Joinery Works Ltd.

Midland Railway Co.


Mills, David

mineral water, see aerated water

-, Joseph

Mitchells and Butlers (brewers)

Modwen, St.depicted on reredos, shrine

Molanus, Maj. Johannes

monastic granges and see Burton: Bond End Farm; Shobnall Grange

Moncur, Geo.

Monenna (Moninne), St.

Monks bridge, see Stretton: bridges

Moorecock, Wm.


Morecroft, Thos.

Morgan, Revd. Wm.

Morley, J. K.

Mormons, see Latter Day Saints

Morrey, in Yoxall

-, Sam.
-, Revd. Valerie
-, Wm.
-, Wm. (artist)
-, (widow)

Morris and Co.

Morton, J.H.

Morton, Rob., & Co. (engineers)

Mosley, Sir Oswald, Bt.

Mothers' Union

motor car manufacturers

-, John
-, Joseph

'Mudwennestow', see Burton

Mumford, Geof.

Muschamp, Geof., bp. of Coventry

-, James
-, John
-, Wm.

Napoleonic blockade

National Provincial Bank

National Society

National Telegraphic Co.

navy, supply of hats to

Naylor and Sale (architects)

Needwood forest

negro servant

Nether Hall, see Burton: buildings (domestic)

Newark (Notts.)


Newhall, in Stapenhill (Derb.) and n chapels graveyard

Newport (Salop.)

-, Henry
-, Kate
-, Wm.

Newton Solney (Derb.)

Newton Park

Nicholas, abbot of Burton (1187-97)

Nicholas, abbot of Burton (1216-22) see Wallingford, Nicholas of

Nicholson, Wm.

Niel, abbot of Burton

Norfolk, John of

-, migrant workers from ('Norkies'),
-, and see Norwich cathedral

Norreys, John le (14th-cent. tenant)

North, Lady, see Kaye

North Staffordshire Railway Co.

Northamptonshire, see Easton Neston; Fotheringhay castle: Great Brington; Oundle; Peterborough abbey

Northumberland, see Hexham

Norton, John

Norwich cathedral

-, as address
-, alabaster carving, centre for

Nottingham Roman Catholic diocese

Nottinghamshire, and see Bunny Hall; Grantham; Newark; Rampton

Nunns, John

nurses, nursing homes

Oddfellows (friendly society)

Offchurch (Warws.)

Offlow hundred

O'Grady, Revd. Wm.

-, Orm of
-, Ralph, his s.
-, Hugh, his grandson
-, Wm., his great-grandson

open fields

Orbit housing association

-, James (d. 1845)
-, James (fl. 1850s-60s)
-, Wm.
-, fam.
-, Orm (12th-cent. tenant)

-, John
-, Mrs.

-, Geo.
-, his dau.

Orton, Geo., Sons and Spooner Ltd. (fairground machinery makers)

Osborne, Wm.

Osbournby (Lincs.)

O'Sullivan, Revd. Patrick

Oundle (Northants.)

Outwood, see Horninglow

Outwoods civil parish

Overseal (Leics.)

Ownesby, Rob., abbot of Burton


Oxford Delegacy for Extra-Mural Studies

Oxford University

Oxfordshire, see Somerton; Yarnton

Packington, Thos., abbot of Burton

pagan worship, burials

-, Chas. Henry Alex., 6th marquess of Anglesey (d. 1947)
-, Geo. Chas., 7th marquess of Anglesey
-, Henry, Lord Paget (d. 1568), his monument
-, Henry, Lord Paget, later earl of Uxbridge (d. 1743)
-, Henry, Lord Paget, later earl of Uxbridge (d. 1769)
-, Henry (formerly Bayly), Lord Paget, later earl of Uxbridge (d. 1812), as patron of St. Modwen's church
-, Henry, Lord Paget, later 2nd marquess of Anglesey (d. 1869)
-, Henry, 4th marquess of Anglesey (d. 1898)
-, Henry Cyril, 5th marquess of Anglesey (d. 1905)
-, Henry Wm., Lord Paget, later earl of Uxbridge and then 1st marquess of Anglesey (d. 1854)
-, his portrait
-, Jane, ctss. of Uxbridge, see Champagné
-, Thos., Lord Paget (d. 1590)
-, Wm., Lord Paget (d. 1678)
-, Sir Wm., later Lord Paget (d. 1563)
-, his monument
-, Wm., Lord Paget (d. 1628)
-, Wm., Lord Paget (d. 1713)
-, Wm. Geo., 3rd marquess of Anglesey (d. 1880)

Paget family:
-, arms
-, estate
-, agents
-, management
-, house at Burton
-, motto
-, peerage titles
-, power to prove wills

Palmer, Rob.


-, Ellen
-, James
-, Ric. (d. 1570)
-, Ric. (fl. 1849)
-, fam.


Parkyns, Sir Thos.

Parr's (later Westminster) Bank

Patrick the swineherd

Paul, St., rule of

-, Eliz., see Blount
-, Sir Hugh

Peacock, B. F., & Co. (iron founders)

Peche, Rob., bp. of Coventry

-, John (d. 1816)
-, John (fl. 1834)
-, Joseph
-, Laurence
-, Rob.
-, Rob. John (fl. 1780)
-, Rob. John (d. 1857)
-, Wm.
-, fam.

Peel's Cut (canalised watercourse)

Peninsular War

Penkridge, see Pillaton


Pepys, Sam.

-, Ann
-, Chas. (fl. 1820s-30s) his son,
-, Chas. (d. 1847)
-, Joseph
-, Wm.

Perks, Chas., & Sons Ltd.

Peterborough abbey

Pevsner, Sir Nikolaus

Phillips, Wm.



Pillaton, in Penkridge

Pirelli Ltd.


Plantagenet, Geo., duke of Clarence

Plasplugs Ltd.

Plautus (Roman poet)

Pleasant Sunday (and Wednesday) Afternoons

Plot, Rob.

Plymouth Brethren

Podmore, W., & Sons (industrial millers)

Polesworth (Warw.), and see Bramcote

Pomeroy, F. W.

-, Fra.
-, Fra., his s.
-, Henry
-, John (d. 1732)
-, John (d. 1802)
-, John (d. by 1823)
-, John (d. 1837)
-, Philip (d. 1764)
-, Philip (d. 1808)
-, Rob. (fl. 1745)
-, Rob. (fl. 1820s)
-, fam.

pottery industry


Poyser, Josiah

-, Bronze Age
-, Iron Age
-, Mesolithic period
-, Neolithic period


Prescott (Salop.)

Presentation Sisters of the Blessed Virgin May

Priest, Wm.

Prince of Wales's (North Staffordshire) Regiment


Printon, Benj.

Priorslee (Salop.)

prostitutes, see Burton: prostitutes

protestant nonconformity and see Baptists; Brethren; Christadelphians; Christian Scientists; Congregationalists; Friends, Society of; Jehovah's Witnesses; Latter Day Saints; Labour Church; Methodists; Pentecostalists; Presbyterians; puritans; Salvation Army; Seventh Day Adventists; Spiritualists; Unitarians

Protestant Truth Society

Prudhomme, Wm.


psalm singers


-, Dan
-, Joseph
-, Thos.
-, Wm.

Quakers, see Friends, Society of quarrying

Queen Anne's Bounty

rabbit warrens

Rampton (Notts.)

Rangemore, see Tatenhill

-, John
-, R. F.
-, Rob.
-, Sam.
-, fam.

Rawlins, Revd. R. R.

Reading abbey

Recelbert (12th-cent. parish chaplain)

Redich, Alex.

Renold Chains Ltd.

Repton (Derb.)

Rhodes (or Rodes), Eliz., see Cox, Eliz.

-, John
-, Joseph
-, Sir Wm.

-, Geo.
-, Ric.

Rider House group

-, Dan.
-, Ferrers

Robin Hood's ford

-, Dan.
-, Joseph
-, Thos.
-, Wm.

Roddis, John

-, Stephen

Roe, Ric.

-, as address
-, churchwardens
-, gas works
-, high school
-, Rolleston Hall
-, and see Anslow

Rolleston Friendly Institution

Roman Catholicism schools

Romano-British period and see Ryknild Street


Romford (Essex)

rope making


Royal, Wm., & Associates (architects)

Royle (or Royley):
-, Gabriel
-, Ric. (fl. 1540s)
-, Ric. (otherwise Cartwright; d. prob 1589)

rubber tyre manufacturers

Rudhall, Abraham

Rugby football, see football


Rupert, Prince, count palatine of the Rhine

Russell, John, duke of Bedford


Rutland, earl of, see Manners, Thos.

Ryknield Engine Co. Ltd (later Ryknield Motor Car Co.)

Ryknild Street

Ryle brook

-, Bernard
-, James


St. Albans, Wm. of Reynold, his s.

St. John, John

Salisbury cathedral

Salisbury, Sir John


Salmon motor car

-, Thos.
-, Thos. Fosbrooke, his dau.

Salt & Co. (brewers)

Salters ford

Salvation Army

Sanders (Saunders):
-, Dan.
-, Sam.
-, Capt. Thos.
-, fam.


Saunders, see Sanders saw mill

Scandinavia influence, and see Vikings

Scobba (Old English personal name)


-, Geo.
-, John Oldrid
-, Warwick

Seal, Thos.

Second World War, see World Wars

Selleck, Mrs. Martha

Selwyn, Geo., bp. of Lichfield

Seventh Day Adventists


Sheffield (Yorks., W.R.)

Shelmerdine, Revd. Dan.

Sheppard, Ric. (later Richard Sheppard, Robson) and Partners (architects)

Shercliff, T. R., & Co. Ltd. (engineers)

-, John
-, Wm.

Shipley, Ric.

Shipley, in Heanor (Derb.)

-, Geo.
-, John
-, Rob., Earl Ferrers

Shobnall brook

Shobnall, see Burton

Shobwood Engineering (Burton) Ltd.

shoe making, see footwear

Shorthose, Wm.

Shrewsbury, Wm.

Shropshire, see Newport; Prescott; Priorslee; Whitchurch; Wroxeter

silk making

Silvertown, in West Ham (Essex)

Silvertown UK Ltd.

Simeon's Trustees

Simnett, John

Simons (otherwise Cripple), Wm.

Simpson, Thos.

Sinai park, see Branston

-, Sam.
-, Sam., his s.
-, Wm.

Slater, Edw.

Sleigh, Fred

Small, Wm.

Small, Taverner, and Sharp (smallwares manufacturers)


smallwares manufacturers

-, Fra.
-, Henry
-, Joseph
-, Ric.
-, Simon
-, Revd. Thos.
-, Wm. (fl. 1720s)
-, Wm. (fl. 1790s)
-, Revd. Wm.
-, Wm. Joseph, his w. Frances
-, fam.

Snetzler, John

Snow, Thos.

Somerset, and see Bath

Somerton (Oxon.)

soup kitchens

South Shields (Co. Durham)

South Staffordshire Waterworks Co.

Southern Rhodesia, bp. of, see Beavan, F. H.

Southwell diocese

-, John (d. 1586)
-, John (d. 1599)
-, Sir Rob., Lord Spencer
-, Sir Wm.

-, John
-, John, his s.

Spilsbury, Revd. F. M.


-, Thos. (fl. 1854)
-, Thos. (d. 1939), his father

sports, see angling; bowling; bull baiting; cock fighting; cricket; football; golf; horses (races); hunting; ice skating; rowing; sailing; swimming; tennis

Spriggs-Smith, Revd. W. J.


Stafford, archdeacons of

Stafford, John of, abbot of Burton

Stafford, John

Staffordshire county committee

Staffordshire county council

Staffordshire Yeomanry

Stamp, Fred.

-, Eliz., see Cuyly
-, Ferdinando
-, John
-, Philip, earl of Chesterfield (d. 1656)
-, Philip, earl of Chesterfield (d. 1714)
-, Philip, earl of Chesterfield (d. 1726)
-, Philip Dormer, earl of Chesterfield (d. 1773)
-, Sir Ric.

Stanton, Sam.

Stanton, in Stapenhill (Derb.) 'Heathcote'

-, acreage
-, as address
-, agriculture
-, Albury House
-, brickmaking
-, Bridge End Farm (later Scalpcliff House)
-, bridges
-, Brizlincote
-, Brizlincote Hall Farm
-, chapel
-, cemetery
-, churches:
-, Brizlincote chapel
-, Immanuel
-, St. Peter's
-, churchwardens
-, communications, see above bridges; below ferry; railway; roads
-, community centre
-, co-operative society store
-, the Croft (nursing home)
-, Drakelowe House
-, ferry
-, Ferry Cottage, House
-, friendly societies
-, geology
-, green
-, guild priest
-, Horse holme
-, housing estates
-, improvement commissioners
-, industry
-, inns
-, institute
-, manor
-, manorial govt.
-, mills
-, monastic grange
-, nursing homes
-, Oddfellows
-, parish govt.
-, Park Hill House
-, pinfold
-, place-name
-, poor relief, poorhouses
-, population
-, protestant nonconformity
-, rabbit warrens
-, railway
-, reading room
-, recreation grounds
-, Red Rose Club
-, Relief Society
-, revenants (living dead)
-, Rider House
-, roads, tollgate
-, Roman Catholicism
-, Scalpcliff hill
-, Scalpcliff House, see above Bridge End Farm
-, schools Sunday schs.
-, sewerage
-, sheltered housing
-, soup kitchen
-, sports clubs
-, spring
-, Stapenhill Great Farm
-, Stapenhill Hollows
-, Stapenhill House
-, tip (refuse)
-, tithes
-, transport
-, vicars of
-, village
-, water supply
-, Waterside
-, Waterside House
-, woodland
-, workhouse
-, youth centre
-, and see Cauldwell; Newhall; Stanton

-, John of
-, John s. of Ralph of (? same as John of)
-, daus. of Ric. of
-, Rob. of

Stapleford (Leics.)

Statham, Mary

-, John Clark
-, Wm.

Staton, J. C., & Co. (plaster manufacturers)

Stavensby, Alex., bp. of Coventry and Lichfield

Steele, Ric.

Steere, Thos.

Stephen, Oscar

Stevens, Henry

Stevenson, R.

Stocal Enamelled Tile & Iron Co. Ltd. (later Stocal Enamels Ltd.)

Stockton-on-Tees (Co. Durham)


Stokton, Ralph


stone masons

Stowe, see Chartley

Stramshall, in Uttoxeter

Street, G. E.

Streethay, in St. Michael's parish, Lichfield

-, acreage
-, agric.
-, bridges
-, canal
-, charities
-, church
-, Clay Mills
-, communications, see above bridges; canal; below railway station; roads
-, Dovecliff Hall
-, forge
-, geology
-, green
-, guild priest
-, industry
-, inn
-, labour services
-, manor
-, manorial govt.
-, midwife
-, mills, mill stream
-, monastic grange
-, Oddfellows
-, parish govt.
-, pinfold
-, place-name
-, poor relief
-, population
-, protestant nonconformity
-, railway station
-, roads, tollgate
-, schools,Sunday schs.
-, sewerage,sewage works
-, tithes
-, village, village hall (Priory Centre)
-, water supply
-, Western Park housing estate
-, Wetmore Hall Farm

-, Gamel of
-, John of, prior of Burton abbey

Stuart, D. G.

Stubbes, Philip

stud, see horses

Suffolk, migrant workers from


Surrey, see Albury; Kennington

Sutton, James

Swadlincote (Derb.)

Swallow, John




Swindlehurst, J. E.

Swynfen, Revd. Ric.

Sykes, Thos.

Tailor, John

Talbot, James

Talbot & Co.


Tate, Wm.

Tatenhill brook


Byrkley Lodge

-, and see Barton-under-Needwood; Dunstall Hall; Wychnor

Tattershall (Lincs.)

-, John
-, John, his s.

Taverner, John, & Sons Ltd. (smallwares manufacturers)

Taylor, J.

Teale, J. M.

temperance movement



Theobald, archbp. of Canterbury

Thompson, John, and Sons Ltd. (brewers)

Thomson, Ric.

Thorald the carpenter

-, Revd. C. F.
-, Edw.
-, Edw. John
-, Fra. (d. 1807)
-, Fra. (d. 1846)
-, John
-, Martha
-, Mary
-, Rob.
-, Rob., his s.
-, Thos. (d. 1786)
-, Thos. (d. 1843)
-, fam.
-, and see Thorniwell

Thornewill & Warham Ltd. (engineers)

-, Eliz., see Astle
-, Thos.
-, and see Thornewill

Thornley, Alfred

Thornton (Lincs.)

Throckmorton Plot

tile making

timber merchants


Tinkler, S.

Tinley, R. C.

tobacco-pipe makers

Tole (or Joule), Chris.

-, Rob.
-, Wm.

-, Henry (d. by 1529)
-, Henry (d. 1568 or 1569)
-, Henry (fl. 1623)
-, Rob. (fl. 1529)
-, Rob. (fl. 1621)

Toone, Thos.


trade unions

Trafalgar day

-, river
-, as boundary
-, bridges:
-, Burton bridge
-, chapel
-, Ferry bridge
-, St. Peter's bridge
-, Willington bridge
-, depicted on civic arms
-, embankments
-, ferries
-, fishing
-, Fleet channel
-, floods
-, fords
-, islands
-, and see Burton:
-, Andresey
-, navigation
-, pollution
-, swannery
-, weirs

Trent and Mersey canal (also Grand Trunk canal)

-, Chas.
-, Horace
-, John
-, Joseph
-, Joseph, his s.

Tresises Printers Ltd.

Trubshaw, James

Truman, Hanbury, Buxton & Co. (brewers)

tumuli, see burial mounds




Turton, Henry

-, castle
-, cement works
-, cotton mill
-, gas works
-, gypsum mine
-, market
-, school
-, Society of Friends (Quakers)
-, Stockley Park

Tutbury Jenny (train) workhouse

Tutbury priory, prior of

Tutbury rural district

Twynyho, Edmund

Twyst (or Twysse), Gilbert

Tyldesley, Sir Thos.

Underhill, C. F.

Underwood, Revd. Alfred


Union Mill Co.


United Presbyterian Church

United Reformed Church and see Methodist United Reformed Church

United States of America

Upper Trent Navigation Co. Ltd.

-, Blount's Hall Society of Friends (Quakers), and see Stramshall; Woodford

Uxbridge, earls of, and see Paget

Vatican Council, Second

Verdun, Bertram de

Vernon, Sir John

Victoria, Queen


Vincent, see Alwine

Virgil (Roman poet)

Voluntary Aid Association


-, John
-, Mrs. Sarah



-, John
-, Margery

Walker, Peter (brewery)

Wall, in St. Michael's, Lichfield

Wallingford, Nicholas of, abbot of Burton

Walsall, house of correction

Walton-on-Trent (Derb.)

-, Thos.,his widow
-, Wm.
-, Sir Wm. de la

Wardhough's travelling theatre

-, Fra.
-, Henry
-, Wm.

Wardle, Wm., & Co. (cattle feed manufacturers)

Warham, John

Warrington (Lancs.)

Warrington, Wm.


Warwickshire, and see Bramcote; Coventry; Offchurch; Polesworth

Waterloo, battle of

-, Dan. (d. 1683)
-, Dan. (d. 1702)
-, Dorothy, m. Wm. Burslem
-, Henry (fl. 1531)
-, Henry (d. 1663)
-, Dr. Henry
-, Hugh
-, John, his w.
-, Ric.
-, Rob.
-, Rob. (? another)
-, fam.

Wayte, Thos.

-, Aston (later Sir Aston)
-, John

Wedgwood, Josiah

Werneth, Messrs. (rubber type manufacturers)

-, John
-, Wm.

West Drayton (Mdx.)

West Ham (Essex), see Silvertown


Westminster abbey

Westminster (formerly Parr's) Bank

Wetmore brook

Wetmore, see Horninglow

Wetmore, Ralph of

Wherwell abbey


Whitchurch (Salop.)

Whitefield, Geo.

Whitefriars Studio, see London

Whitehurst, John


Wightman, Edw.

Wigston, Wm.

Wilcock fam.

Wilde, Oscar

Wilden Ferry, in Castle Donington (Leics.)

-, Anne
-, Eliz.
-, Henry
-, John
-, Thos.
-, Wm. (d. 1721)
-, Wm. (d. 1813)
-, Wm. (fl. 1820s), and his w. Eliz.
-, fam.

Wilfrid, St., bp. of York

-, Joseph
-, Ric.

Wilkins, Eliz.

Wilkinson, Bruce

William I

William (12th-cent. householder)

William (parker in Burton manor)

William (warden of Outwood, in Horninglow; ? same as Wm. the parker)

William 'de Gildhus' (or 'atte Gyldehus')

William 'le schipmon'

William the physician

Willington (Derb.)

-, Benj.
-, Benj., his s.
-, John
-, John Walker
-, Joseph (fl. 1793)
-, Joseph (fl. 1834)
-, Joseph (d. 1859)
-, Wm.

Wiltshire, see Salisbury cathedral

Winchester cathedral priory

Windsor, dean of

Wine (Old English personal name)

-, Abbeyfield House, see below Trent
-, Cottage
-, acreage
-, agric.
-, almshouses
-, Ashfield House
-, Bladon House (also Yeomanry House)
-, brickmaking
-, charities
-, church
-, community centres
-, farms
-, Foresters
-, Freemasons
-, geology
-, green
-, guild priest
-, hayward (or pinner)
-, hermitage
-, housing estates
-, improvement commissioners
-, industry
-, inns,Swan
-, institute
-, isolation hospital
-, manor
-, manorial govt.
-, mills, see Burton: mills
-, Moat Bank
-, monastic grange
-, nurse, nursing homes
-, Oddfellows
-, parish govt.
-, pinfold
-, place-name
-, poor relief
-, population
-, protestant nonconformity
-, quarry
-, recreation grounds
-, roads, tollhouse
-, Roman Catholicism
-, schools, Sunday
-, schs.
-, sewerage
-, slum clearance
-, tennis club
-, tip (refuse)
-, tithes
-, transport
-, Trent Cottage (later Abbeyfield House)
-, vicar of
-, village
-, wake
-, water supply, water tower
-, Waterloo Clump
-, Waterloo Mount
-, 'le Wodehuses'
-, woodland,
-, the Woodlands
-, Yeomanry House, see above Bladon
-, House

Winterton & Co. (auctioneers)

Wirksworth (Derb.)


Wombwell's menagerie

Wood, Wm.

Woodcock, Revd. Wm.

Woodford, in Uttoxeter

Woodhouse, John


Woodlane, in Yoxall

Woodward, Eliz.

Worcestershire, and see Bewdley; Hindlip

Workers' Educational Association

Workers' Union

World Wars:
-, First,air raid on Burton
-, Second

Worth, Henry

-, Martha, see Evans
-, Sam.
-, Sarah, see Evans
-, Wm. (d. 1800)
-, Wm. (d. 1825)
-, Wm. (d. 1871)
-, Wm. Henry
-, fam.

Worthington & Co. (brewers)

-, Geo.
-, Joseph

Wroxeter (Salop.)

Wulfhere, king of Mercia

Wulfric Spot

Wulfsige the Black

-, James
-, Job
-, Joseph
-, Sam.
-, Wm. (d. 1772)
-, Wm. (d. after 1779)

Wychnor, n Tatenhill

Wyggeston Estate Allotment Society

Wyggeston Hospital, see Leicester

Wyghtman, Mudwyn, see Caldwall

Yarnton (Oxon.)

-, Chas.
-, Wm.


Yeomans, John

York, bp. of, see Wilfrid

Yorkshire, and see Barnsley; Boroughbridge; Doncaster; Sheffield

Young, Fred

Young Men's Christian Association

Young Women's Club and Christian Association

Yoxall, and see Morrey; Woodlane