A History of the County of Stafford: Volume 9, Burton-Upon-Trent

This volume covers the town of Burton-upon-Trent on the county's eastern boundary, along with its suburbs and satellite villages on either side of the river, including Stapenhill which was formerly in a separate parish in Derbyshire.

Victoria County History - Staffordshire. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 2003.

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Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
List of illustrations ix-xi
Foreword xii-xiii
Abbreviations xv-xvii
Introduction 1-2
Burton-upon-Trent: Introduction 3-5
Burton-upon-Trent: General history 5-20
Burton-upon-Trent: Population 20-22
Burton-upon-Trent: Administrative areas 22
Burton-upon-Trent: Communications 22-31
Burton-upon-Trent: Growth of settlement 31-46
Burton-upon-Trent: Manor and other estates 46-48
Burton-upon-Trent: Monastic precinct 48-53
Burton-upon-Trent: Economic history 53-84
Burton-upon-Trent: Local government 85-97
Burton-upon-Trent: Parliamentary representation 97
Burton-upon-Trent: Public services 97-107
Burton-upon-Trent: Established church 107-130
Burton-upon-Trent: Roman Catholicism 130-131
Burton-upon-Trent: Protestant nonconformity 131-139
Burton-upon-Trent: Islam 139-140
Burton-upon-Trent: Education 140-147
Burton-upon-Trent: Social and cultural activities 147-156
Burton-upon-Trent: Charities for the poor 156-162
Outer Burton: Introduction 163
Branston: Introduction 163-167
Branston: Manor 167-170
Branston: Economic history 171-172
Branston: Local government 173
Branston: Established church 173-174
Branston: Nonconformity 174
Branston: Education 175
Branston: Charities for the poor 175
Horninglow: Introduction 175-181
Horninglow: Manor 181
Horninglow: Economic history 181-184
Horninglow: Local government 184-185
Horninglow: Established church 185-187
Horninglow: Nonconformity 187-188
Horninglow: Education 188-189
Horninglow: Charities for the poor 189
Stretton: Introduction 189-192
Stretton: Manor 192
Stretton: Economic history 192-194
Stretton: Local government 194
Stretton: Established church 194-195
Stretton: Nonconformity 195-196
Stretton: Education 196
Stretton: Charities for the poor 196
Winshill: Introduction 196-201
Winshill: Manor 201-202
Winshill: Economic history 202-204
Winshill: Local government 204
Winshill: Established church 204-205
Winshill: Other churches 205
Winshill: Education 206
Winshill: Charities for the poor 206
Stapenhill: Introduction 207-211
Stapenhill: Manor and other estates 211-213
Stapenhill: Economic history 213-214
Stapenhill: Local government 215
Stapenhill: Established church 215-218
Stapenhill: Roman Catholicism 218-219
Stapenhill: Protestant nonconformity 219-220
Stapenhill: Education 220-221
Stapenhill: Charities for the poor 221
Index 223-240