Horninglow: Nonconformity

A History of the County of Stafford: Volume 9, Burton-Upon-Trent. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 2003.

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Four people in Horninglow were presented in 1668 for not coming to church. (fn. 14) They included 'Lady' Ford, possibly Judith, the wife of Thomas Ford, a Presbyterian who was ejected from Church Gresley (Derb.) in 1672 and who died at Wetmore in 1678 or 1679. (fn. 15) The two houses in Horninglow licensed for protestant worship c. 1690 were probably for Presbyterians. (fn. 16)

The Independent (or Congregational) minister at Burton registered a chapel in Horninglow in 1808, but nothing further is known about it. (fn. 17)

The children of some Horninglow familes were baptized in the Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Burton in 1819, 1828, and 1836. (fn. 18) A chapel was built in Horninglow in 1841 attached to the tollhouse on the main road east of the village. On Census Sunday 1851 it had an afternoon congregation of 50 adults and an evening one of 12 adults, besides Sunday school children. (fn. 19) A new chapel was opened on the same site in 1876 (fn. 20) and a schoolroom on the opposite side of the road in 1888. (fn. 21) In 1905 the chapel was replaced by one in front of the Sunday school, built of red brick with orange stone dressings in an 'Anglican style'. (fn. 22) That chapel was demolished c. 1985, (fn. 23) but the disused schoolroom remained standing in 1999.

A Wesleyan Methodist mission room in Sydney Street, registered in 1881, was replaced by a chapel in 1897. (fn. 1) Since 1972 that building has been used by Pentecostalists, as the New Testament Church of God. (fn. 2)

There was a Primitive Methodist society at Outwoods by 1828, and a chapel was opened at the west end of Beamhill Road in 1861. (fn. 3) Services ceased in 1971, and the chapel was later demolished. (fn. 4) A Primitive Methodist chapel was opened in Forest Road in 1886. Closed in 1996, it was converted into a house in 1998. (fn. 5) Also in 1886 Primitive Methodists registered a chapel in Wetmore Road. (fn. 6) Services ceased in 1961, and from 1976 the building was used by Jehovah's Witnesses until 1986, when Anglican services were introduced from St. Modwen's in Burton. (fn. 7)

A United Free Methodist mission chapel was opened in Carlton Street in 1898 for seceders from the Wesleyan chapel in Horninglow village. The building became a school room in 1906, when a new chapel adjoining it was opened. (fn. 8) Services ceased in 1966, and the congregation moved to St. Thomas's church in Belvedere Road. The former chapel became a Methodist youth centre and later a doctors' surgery, still its use in 1999. (fn. 9)

A Primitive Methodist chapel was opened at the corner of Belvedere Road and Mona Road in 1907. Of brick with bright red stone dressings, it has a side tower with a spire. It became the present St. Thomas's Methodist church in 1966, after the congregation was joined by those from Methodist churches in Carlton Street and in Victoria Street, in Burton. A church hall was built at the back in 1958 and extended in 1993. (fn. 10)

The registration in 1883 of a meeting room in Shobnall Road by Latter Day Saints (Mormons) was cancelled in 1895. (fn. 11)

Christian Bethren registered a room in Wyggeston Street in 1938, having previously met in Dallow Street, in Burton. They still met in Wyggeston Street in 1960, but the registration was cancelled in 1964. (fn. 12)

Jehovah's Witnesses moved their Kingdom Hall from Station Street in Burton to a site in Horninglow Road North in 1944. They returned to Burton in 1952, moving in 1976 to the disused Methodist chapel in Wetmore Road. They opened their present hall in Dover Road, in Horninglow village, in 1986. (fn. 13)

Spiritualists who had previously met in Burton registered the former National school in Horninglow Road North as a church in 1976, and they still met there in 1999. (fn. 14a)


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