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A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 7, the City of Birmingham. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1964.

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, 'Index: A-J', in A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 7, the City of Birmingham, (London, 1964) pp. 569-583. British History Online [accessed 21 May 2024].

. "Index: A-J", in A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 7, the City of Birmingham, (London, 1964) 569-583. British History Online, accessed May 21, 2024,

. "Index: A-J", A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 7, the City of Birmingham, (London, 1964). 569-583. British History Online. Web. 21 May 2024,

Note: The following abbreviations have been used: abp., archbishop; Alex., Alexander; Alf., Alfred; Amb., Ambrose; anc., ancient; And., Andrew; Ant., Anthony; Assoc., Association; Aug., Augustus; Ave., Avenue; b., born; Bap., Baptist; Barb., Barbara; Ben., Benjamin; Bern., Bernard; Birm., Birmingham; bor., borough; bp., bishop; Brig., Brigadier; bro., brother; B.S.A., Birmingham Small Arms Co.; Cambs., Cambridgeshire; Capt., Captain; Card., Cardinal; Cath., Catherine; Ch., Church; chap., chapel; Chas., Charles; Ches., Cheshire; Chris., Christopher; Co., Company; co., county; C. of E., Church of England; Col., Colonel; Corn., Cornwall; corp., corporation; Ctss., Countess; Cttee., Committee; d., died; Dav., David; Derb., Derbyshire; Dor., Dorothy; E., Earl; Edm., Edmund; Edw., Edward; Eliz., Elizabeth; fam., family; fl., flourished; fmly., formerly; Fr., Father; Fred., Frederick; Geo., George; Geof., Geoffrey; Glam., Glamorganshire; Gn., Green; govt., government; Greg., Gregory; ham., hamlet; Hants, Hampshire; Hen., Henry; Herb., Herbert; Herts., Hertfordshire; hist., history; ho., house; hosp., hospital; Humph., Humphrey; Jas., James; Jos., Joseph; Josh., Joshua; Kath., Katherine; La., Lane; Leics., Leicestershire; Lieut., Lieutenant; loc., local; m., married; Marg., Margaret; Mat., Matthew; Maur., Maurice; med., medieval; Meth., Methodist; Mic., Michael; mkt., market; M.P., Member of Parliament; mun., municipal; Nat., Nathaniel; Nic., Nicholas; Northants., Northamptonshire; nr., near; par., parish; Pat., Patrick; Pet., Peter; Phil., Philip; Pk., Park; Prim., Primitive; Prof., Professor; Q., Queen; R.C., Roman Catholic; Rd., Road; Ric., Richard; Riv., River; rly., railway; Rob., Robert; Rog., Roger; Sam., Samuel; Sar., Sarah; Sch., School; Sim., Simon; Soc., Society; Sq., Square; Staffs., Staffordshire; St., Street; Steph., Stephen; Suff., Suffolk; Terr., Terrace; Theo., Theodore; Thos., Thomas; Univ., University; Vct., Viscount; Vctss., Viscountess; vill., village; w., wife; Wal., Walter; Wm., William; Worcs., Worcestershire; Y.W.C.A., Young Womens' Christian Association.

Abbott, A. J.,

Aberdale Cycle Co., London,

Abingdon Works,

Abraham, John,

Academy of Arts,

Accident Hosp., see Queen's Hosp.

Accles, J. G.,

Accles and Pollock, Oldbury,

Accles Arms and Ammunition and Manufacturing Co.,

Accles Ltd.,

Acock's Gn., ward, and see St. Mary the Virgin, Ch. of

Acock's Gn. station,

Adams Hill Sch., Bartley Gn.,

Adcock, J. S.,

Adderley, Anne, see Arden; Arden, Sir Chas., Chas. Bowyer (fl. 1760), Chas. Bowyer, Ld. Norton (d. 1905),

Adderley Pk.,

Adderley Pk. Iron Co.,

Adderley Pk. Rolling Mills,

Adderley Pk. station

Aeronautical Soc.,

Africa, trade with,

Africa Company,

Afzelius, Adam,


Ailverd (fl. 11th cent.),

Ainge, Jos., Sam.,

Alane, see Lane

Albert, Prince Consort,

Albert and Myra Carter Soldiers' Home,

Albert Rd. Higher Grade Board Sch., and see schools

Albright, Arthur,


Alcester Lanes End,

Alcester rd.,

Alcester St., R.C. par.,

Aldeport, Ric. de,

Aldersley (Staffs.),

Alderson, Bern.,

Aldridge (Staffs.),

Alexandra (Lyceum) Theatre,

Alfred (fl. 11th cent.),

Alfred St. Mission,

All Saints' Ch., Birm., par., rectors,

All Saints' Ch., Gravelly Hill, par.,

All Saints' Ch., King's Heath, par.,

All Saints' Ch., Shard End,

All Saints' Ch., Small Heath, par., vicar,

All Saints' Ch., Stechford, par.,

All Saints' Mission, Witton,

All Saints' Mission Ch., Oscott,

All Saints' ward, population,

All Souls' Ch., Witton, par.,

Allcock, Wal.,

Allcock St. Board Sch., and see schools

Allday, Jos.,

Alldays and Onions,

Allen, G. C., H., John, John (? another), Jos.,

Allen's Cross, see St. Bartholomew's Ch.

Allestrey, Alice, see Booth; Booth, Wm.,

Allison St. mission room,

Alston, Amelia, Jas.,

Alston, Jas. and Sons,

Alston and Armitage,

Alum Rock (Little Bromwich), manor,

Aluminium Co., Oldbury,

Aluminium Wire and Cable Co., Redditch,

Alvechurch, Baptist chap. at,

Alwi (fl. 11th cent.),

Alwin (fl. 11th cent.),

Amal, see Amalgamated Carburettors Ltd.

Amalgamated Carburettors Ltd.,

Amalgamated Engineering Union,

Amalgamated Soc. of Carpenters and Joiners,

Amalgamated Soc. of Engineers,

Amalgamated Soc. of Gasworkers, Brickmakers and General Labourers,

Amalgamated Toolmakers' Union,

America, trade with,

American Knights of Labour,

Amherst, Ctss., see Archer

Amicable Debating Soc.,

Amphitheatre, see New Theatre, Moor St.

'Amphitheatre' ('Gentleman's Private Theatre'), Livery St.,

Anacreontic Soc.,

Anderson, P. G., n

Anderton, Isaac, Ric., T., Thos.,

Anderton Sq., Whittall St.,

Andrew fam.,

Andrews, Frank B., Hen., John,

Anglesey, Marquess of, see Paget

Anglican Evangelical Group Movement,

Anglican Industrial Christian Fellowship Training College, Selly Oak,

Anglicans, in gen., and dissenters, and education, for schools see alphabetical list, and Roman Catholics, social work of, and see College of the Ascension; St. Brigid's College

Anglo-American Council on Productivity, n

Ankers, Ann, Mary,

Ann, Rob.,

Ann St. (fmly. Mount Pleasant; later part of Colmore Row), hay and straw market, horse fair, and see Colmore Row

Ann St., sch., and see Girls' Lancasterian Sch.,

Anstruther, see Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe

Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, Fitzroy Hamilton, Brig. Sir R. H., Rachel, see Gough-Calthorpe

Anti-Corn Law League,


Anti-Slavery Soc.,

Apollo Glee and Musical Soc.,

Apostolic Ch.,

Apostolic Faith Ch.,

Archbishop Benson Church Hall, Austin Rd.,

Archbishop Williams' Roman Catholic Secondary School, and see schools

Archdale, Jas.,

Archdale, Jas., and Co.,

Archer, And., Ld. Archer of Umberslade (d. 1778), Anne Eliz., n; Harriet, n; Oliver, E. o. Plymouth, n; Sar., m. 1. -, 2, Earl Amherst, n; Thos., Ldf Archer of Umberslade (fl. 1747). Thos. (fl. 17th-18th cent.), Thos. (fl. 1781),

Archibald, G. H.,

architecture, religious, passim, passim, passim; secular, passim

Ardeer (Ayrshire),

Arden, Anne, m. Sir Chas. Adderley, Bridget, m. Hugh Massy, Dor. (fl. 1608), see Fielding; Dor. (fl. 1643), m. Hervey Bagot, Edw., Eliz. (fl. c. 1428), see Clodeshale; Eliz. (fl. 1643), m. Sir Wm. Poley, Godith, m. Herb. Price, Hen., John, Martin, Mary, w. of Edw., Ralph de (fl. 1291), n; Ralph (fl. c. 1360), Rob. (fl. c. 1428), Rob. (d. 1636), Rob. (d. 1643), Wm.,

Arden, Forest of,

Arden Rd. Board Sch.,

Ardern, Nic.,

Arena Theatre,


Ariel Motors,

Aris, Thos.,

Aris's Birmingham Gazette, see Aris's Gazette

Aris's Gazette (Birmingham Gazette; Aris's Birmingham Gazette),

Arklow (Wicklow, Ireland), gunpowder works,

Armitage, Jas., chemists,

Armstrong Cycles Ltd.,

Arthur St. and Dixon Rd. mission ch.,

Artisans' Cttee., of

Artisans' Library (Bristol St. Soc.),

Ascension, Ch. of the (Hall Gn. Chap., fmly. Job Marston Chap.),

Ascension, Ch. of the, Stirchley, par.,

Ascensiontide fair,

Aschi (fl. 11th cent.),

Ash, Dr. John, estate and house of,

Ashbury Railway Carriage Co., Manchester,

Ashcroft Estate, Gt. Brook St.,

Ashford's Mill, see Nether Mill

Ashold Sewerage Works,

Ashted, barracks, locks, and see St James the Less, Ch. of

Ashted Row,

Askerick, Eliz., see Birmingham (fam.); Mary, w. of Wm., Wm. (fl. 1549, 1559), Wm. (fl. 1575),

Askin, Chas.,

assay office, see Birm. Assay Office

Assemblies of God,

Associated Electrical Industries,

Associated Motor Cycles Ltd., London,

Association of Axlemakers, Tinned Sheet, Hoopmakers and Heavy Ironfounders,

Association of Chambers of Commerce,

Association of Women in the Bedstead Trade, see Women's Bedstead Workers' Union

Astbury, Col. Thos.,

Astley, Wal.,

Aston, T. H., W. S., Wal.,

Aston, Wm., button makers,

Aston, n, charities, fairs, Holte estates in, manor of, other manors in Aston anc. par., med. vill. of, M.P. for, see Kynoch (Geo.); mills, and see Aston Brook Mill, Aston Furnace, Aston Furnace Mill, Aston Mill; par., loc. govt. and poor relief, population, rector of, see Kilkenny; religious hist., Roman Catholics in, n; township of, vicars of, and see Foster (Josiah), Grent, Peake (Geo., d. 1830), Peake (Geo., d. 1879), Spencer (Dr. Ben.); ward, and see St. James's Ch., St. Peter and St. Paul, Ch. of (par. ch.)

Aston, archdeaconry of,

Aston Board of Guardians,

Aston Brook, see St. Mary's Ch.

Aston Brook Mill (Bourn Work, Gisborne's, Hooper's, Mr. Phillip's),

Aston Chain and Hook Co.,

Aston Church Rd.,

Aston Furnace,

Aston Furnace Mills,

Aston Hall, and Park,

Aston Higher Elementary Board Schs., and see schools

Aston Hill, glass factory on,

Aston Lower Grounds, cycle track at,

Aston Manor, bor., fire brigade, par., population, wards,

Aston Manor Urban District,

Aston Mill,

Aston Rd.,

Aston Rural Sanitary District,

Aston School Board, and see passim

Aston station,

Aston Trustees,

Aston Union, Workhouse chap.

Aston United cricket club, see Birmingham Cricket Club

Aston Villa Football Club,

Aston Villa Wesleyan Chapel,

Athenaeum, educational soc.,

Athenaeum Hall, Temple Row,

Athenic Institute,

Atherstone rd.,

Atkins, - (fl. before 1652),

Atkinson, Rob.,

Atlas Works, Paradise St.,

Attwood, John, ho. of,

Attwood, Thos., n, and Birm. Political Union, and Chartism, and Mechanics' Institute, and Orders in Council, and radicalism, M.P. for Birm., on industrial unrest, on metal trades, on wages, fam.,

Attwood & Spooner (fmly. Isaac Spooner), bankers,

Austin, Abraham, Sir Herb., Jacob, Susannah, Lieut. -, deputy governor of bor. gaol,

Austin Motor Co.,

Australia, trade with,


Avebury Ho.,

Avern fam.,

Avern's Mill, see Edgbaston Mill

Avery, W. and T., Ltd.,

Avon, Riv.,

Aylesbury, Phil. de, Rog. de, Wal. de, n

Aylesford, E. of, see Finch (Heneage)

Babbage, Chas.,

Babbs Mill,

Bacchus Rd.,

Bache, Francis Edw.,

Baddeley, Ric.,

Baddesley Clinton, Franciscan mission at,

Baekeland, L. H.,

Bagley, Mat.,

Bagot, Arden, Dor., see Arden; Egerton Arden, Hervey, Margery, m. Wal. Holte, Sir Wm. (fl. before 1377), Wm. (fl. 18th cent.), fam.,

Bailey, John, & Co.,

Bailey, Nokes and Co.,

Baileys, Edmond,

Bakelite, see Damard Lacquer

Baker, Jos., Julia, Thos.,

Bakewell, Rob., of Derby,

Baldwin, E. of Devon,

Baldwin, Jas., n, Sherborne paper factory of, Jos., Thos.,

Baldwins, of Stourport (Worcs.),

Balfour Cttee. on Industry and Trade (1924-9),

Ball, Eliz., Emma, J.,

Ball and Goddard, architects,

Balloon St. chap. (Meth.), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Ballot Soc.,

Balsall Heath, charities, mosque at, par., population, Sikh temple at, ward, Wesleyan chap. at, and see St. Barnabas's Ch., St. Paul's Ch., St. Thomas in the Moors, Ch. of

Bangham Pit, corp. housing estate,

Bank Alley, Dale End, Meth. chap., and see nonconformists: places of worship

Bank of England,

Bankes, Thos., n


Banks, Aquilla, Sir Jos., Ric., Thos.,

Banner, Ric., Sam.,

Banner's Croft,

Bannister, Wm.,

Baptist Missionary Soc.,

Baptists, chaps., General or Arminian, New Connexion, Particular or Calvinistic, Strict, chaps., Welsh, John Bright St. chap., and see Birm. and District Baptist Women's League

Barber, J. Vincent, drawing academy of, Jos.,

Barber, W. L., and Co.,

Barber Institute of Fine Arts, in Birm. Univ.,

Barclay fam.

Barker, Rog. le, T. B.,

Barker and Allen Ltd.,

Barnes, Ernest Wm. , bp. of Birm.,

Barningham (Norf.),

Barnsley (Yorks.),

Barr, Geoff. of (fl. 1337), Guy of, John of (Little Barr) (fl. 1291, 1293), John of (Little Barr) (fl. 1316), John of (Little Barr) (fl. c. 1340), Ric. of (fl. 1284), Ric. of (fl. 1356), Wm. of,

Barr Brook, see Hol Brook

Barr St. Reform Association,

Barratt, O. W.,

Barrett, J. C., Jeremiah,

Barrow, Candia, m. John Cadbury, John, fam.,

Barrs, John, Ric.,

Barry, Chas., E. M.,

Bartholomew St. Connexion chap. (Lady Huntingdon's Connexion), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Bartlett, W. E.,

Bartley Gn., chap. of ease at, Methodists at, and see St. Michael and All Angels, Ch. of

Baskerville, John, and Lunar Soc., factory of, ho. of, shop of,

Baskerville House,

Baskerville's Windmill,

Bassano and Fisher,

Basset, Josiah, n

Bassett's Pole,

Bateman, J. J.,

Bateman and Corser,

Bateman & Drury,

Bates, Harry, sculptor,

Bath Row, as Redevelopment Area, police station,

Bath Row sch. (King Edward elementary sch., fmly. in Pigott St.),

Bath St. chap. (Wesleyan), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Batsford, Sam.,

Baugh, Ben.,

Baxter, Ric.,

Bayliss, John, T. R., Wm. (fl. 17th cent.), Wm. (fl. 18th cent.),

Bayly, Thos. (d. c. 1657), Thos. (another, fl. 1658),

Beard, - (fl. 1854), of Hankerton (Wilts.)

Beardsworth's Repository,

Beauchamp, Anne de, Ctss. of Warwick, Joan, w. of Sir Wm. Beauchamp of Bergavenny, Marg. de, Ctss. of Warwick, w. of Thos., Ric. de, E. of Warwick (d. 1439), Thos. de, E. of Warwick (d. c. 1401), fam. (earls of Warwick),

Beaufort, John, Marquess of Dorset, and his w. Marg.,

Beazley, S.,

Beddows, Wm.,

Bedell, John,

Bedford, Wm.,

Bedson, Geo., Wm.,

Bedstead Federation,

Bedstead Manufacturers' Assoc.,

Bedstead Workmen's Assoc.,

Beech, Geo. and Wm., stockbrokers,

Beech Lanes,

Beecham, Sir Thos.,

Beeches, The, Selly Oak,

Belasyse, Bridget, Vctss. Fauconberg, see Gage; Thos., Vct. Fauconberg,

Belcher, Wm.,

Belcher, Jas., and Sons, 'Artisans' Libraries' of,

Belgium, trade competition with,

Bell, And., E. Ingress, Ric., n; Thos.,

Bell Barn Rd. chap. (Welsh Baptist),

Bell Inn, Suffolk St.,

Bell La., Congregational and R.C. chap. in,

Bell St., basement shops in Market Hall in, fish market,

Bellaers, Tobias,

Bellamy, Jos.,

Belliss and Morcom,

Bellows, Tobias,

Bellrope Croft, nr. Five Ways,

Bell's Farm, King's Norton,

Belmont Glass Works,

Belmont Row chap. (Wesleyan), and see nonconformists: places of worship


Benford, Dan.,

Bennet, T. P., & Son,

Bennett, John, Mrs. - (fl. early 16th cent.), n

Bennett's Hill, post office,

Bennett's Mill, see Upper Mill

Benson, Guy, John,

Benson's Mill, see Pebble Mill

Benton, Ric., Rob., fam.,

Benton's (Nechells Pk., Park Mill) Mill (on Hockley Brook),


Berean Press,

Berington, Jos.,

Berkeley, Sir Maur.,

Bernard, Jas.,

Berners, John,

Berwood, see Curdworth

Berwood Hall Farm, see Curdworth

Berwood Manor, see St. Mary's Ch.

Best, R. H., Ric. (fl. 1659), Ric. (fl. 1679), Wm., fam.,

Best & Hobson,

Best and Lloyd,

Beston, W. F.,

Bethany Mission Ho., King's Rd.,

Betteridge's Croft,

Betts, Wm., and Co.,

Betty, W. H.,

Bewdley (Worcs.),

Beyer, Peacock & Co., Manchester,

Bible Advocate, see Ecclesiastical Observer

Bible Christians, see Methodists

Bible Pattern Church Fellowship,


Bicknell, Geo.,

Biddell's Mill, see Sarehole Mill

Biddulph, John,

Bidford-on-Avon (Warws.),

Bidlake, W. H.,

Bill, A. A., sandpaper manufacturer,

Bill, Geo.,

Billesley Common, see Holy Cross, Ch. of the

Billesley Council School, and see schools

Billesley Farm Estate, Council Community Centre,

Billing, Martin, Son and Co.,

Billingsley, John,

Bilston (Staffs.),

Bindley, W. A.,

Bindley and Gell, see Wright, Bindley and Gell

Bingley Hall, cycle track at, Elim Ch. meetings at, Gladstone's speech at,

Binns, John,

Birch, Edw., Geo. (fl. 1588), Geo. (fl. before 1663), Geo. (d. 1721), Geo. (fl. 1775), and his w. Anne, John, of Smethwick, John Wyrley (d. 1775), Sam., Thos. (d. by 1689), Sir Thos. (d. 1757), Wm., Wyrley (d. 1866), Wyrley (fl. 1866), fam.,

Birchfield, corp. housing estate, and see Holy Trinity, Ch. of the

Birchfield End, ham. at,

Birchfield Rd.,

Birkbeck, Geo.,

Birkenhead (Ches.),

Birlec, see Birm. Electric Furnaces

Birmingham, Agnes de, see Tomson; Edw., Eliz. de, see Plaunche; Eliz. de, w. of Fulk, m. 2 Wm. Coleson, Eliz., w. of Edw., m. 2 Wm. Ludford, Wm. Askerick, Eliz. de, m. Thos. Roche, Fulke de, Hen. de, Isabel, see Hilton; Isabel de, w. of Wm., m. 2 Pet. de Chalons, Isabel de, w. of Wm., Isabel de, w. of Thos., Joan de, w. of Fulk, Joan de, w. of Wm., Sir John de, Kath. de, see Plaunche; Marg. de, see Bollsstered; Maud de, w. of Wm., Nic. de, (Bramingaham), Peter de (the Steward), Thos. de, Wm. de (fl. 1171), Wm. de (fl. 1232, 1263), Wm. de (d. 1265), Wm. de (d. by 1302), Wm. de (fl. 1284, 1291), Wm. de (d. c. 1345), n, Wm. de (fl. c. 1345), Wm. de (bro. of Fulk), Wm. de (fl. 1424), Wm. de (? another, fl. early 15th cent.), Wm. de (d. by 1425), Wm. de (d. 1478), Wm. de (d. 1500), fam.,

Birmingham: bishops, see under diocese. 'borough' of, med. town and vill., corporation, see under separate entry corporation. manor, manor ho. (in court of Malt or Moat Mill), manor court, officials, par., n, churches, see All Saints', Bishop Latimer Memorial Ch., Bishop Ryder Memorial Ch., Christ Ch., Immanuel, Queen's College Chap., St. Asaph's, St. Barnabas's, St. Bartholomew's, St. Chrysostom's, St. Cuthbert's, St. David's, St. Edward's, St. Gabriel's, St. George's, St. Jude's, St. Lawrence's, St. Luke's, St. Mark's, St. Martin's (par. ch.), St. Mary's, St. Matthias's, St. Michael and All Angels, St. Nicolas's, St. Paul's, St. Peter's (Dale End), St. Peter's (Spring Hill), St. Philip's (cathedral), St. Saviour's, St. Stephen's, St. Thomas's; officers: board of guardians, churchwardens, constables, overseers, vestry, population, rectors, and see Rogers (Guy), Wills (Sam.). Street Commissioners,

Birmingham Aluminium Casting Co., Smethwick,

Birmingham Amateur Dramatic Assoc.,

Birmingham Amateur Harmonic orchestral soc.,

Birmingham and Blakedownpool Trust,

Birmingham and Derby Junction Railway,

Birmingham and District Baptist Women's League,

Birmingham and District Labour Representation Council,

Birmingham and District Trades Journal,

Birmingham and District Works Amateur Football Assoc.,

Birmingham and Edgbaston Debating Soc.,

Birmingham and Edgbaston Proprietary Sch., Five Ways,

Birmingham and Fazeley Canal, Co.,

Birmingham and Gloucester Railway,

Birmingham and Liverpool Junction Canal,

Birmingham and Midland Adult Deaf and Dumb Assoc.,

Birmingham and Midland Eye Hosp.,

Birmingham and Midland Institute, Paradise St.,

Birmingham and Midland Soc.,

Birmingham and Oxford Junction Railway,

Birmingham and Provincial Gunmakers' Assoc.,

Birmingham and Staffs. Gas Light Co.,

Birmingham and Warwick Junction Canal (later part of Grand Union Canal),

Birmingham and Wednesbury Turnpike,

Birmingham and Wolverhampton Chronicle,

Birmingham Architectural Soc.,

Birmingham Argus,

Birmingham Art Gallery, see Birm. City Museum and Art Gallery, Birm. Central Lending Library and Art Gallery

Birmingham Assay Office, Little Cannon St.,

Birmingham Assoc.,

Birmingham Assoc. for the Protection of Liberty and Property against Republicans and Levellers,

Birmingham Assoc. for the Refutation and Suppression of Blasphemy and Sedition,

Birmingham Assoc. for Unmarried Mothers and their Babies,

Birmingham Athletic Club,

Birmingham Banking Co., see Midland Bank

Birmingham Battery and Metal Co.,

Birmingham Boys and Girls Union,

Birmingham Brotherly Soc., (Old and New Meeting Brotherly Soc., Birm. Unitarian Brotherly Soc.),

Birmingham Canal,

Birmingham Canal Navigations, see Company of the Proprietors of the Birm. Canal Navigations

Birmingham Central Lending Library and Art Gallery,

Birmingham Central Reference Library, Shakespeare Memorial Library,

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, and see Birmingham Commercial Committee

Birmingham Christian Evidence,

Birmingham Christian Social Council,

Birmingham Chronicle,

Birmingham Church Building Soc., see Ten Churches Fund

Birmingham Church Extension Soc., and see Bishop of Birmingham's Fund

Birmingham Citadel (Salvation Army), Corporation St.,

Birmingham Citizens Soc.,

Birmingham City Football Club, (fmly. Small Heath Alliance),

Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery, Congreve St.,

Birmingham City Orchestra,

Birmingham City Transport Central Club,

Birmingham Civic Soc.,

Birmingham College of Arts and Crafts,

Birmingham Commercial Ctte. (later Birm. Chamber of Commerce),

Birmingham Complete Suffrage Union,

Birmingham Compressed Air Power Co.,

Birmingham Conservative Assoc.,

Birmingham Co-operative Soc.,

Birmingham Corporation, see corporation

Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank, see Birm. Municipal Bank

Birmingham Council of Social Service,

Birmingham Council of the Evangelical Free Churches,

Birmingham Cricket Club (incorporating Britannia and Aston United clubs),

Birmingham Cricket Soc.,

'Birmingham Crusade',

Birmingham Daily Mail,

Birmingham Daily Post,

Birmingham Diocesan Catholic School Assoc.,

Birmingham District Unitarian Assoc.,

Birmingham Education Soc.,

Birmingham Electric Furnaces (Birlec),

Birmingham Electric Supply Co. Ltd.,

Birmingham Exchange, Engineering Centre,

Birmingham Executive Council,

Birmingham Fabian Soc.,

Birmingham Film Soc.,

Birmingham Fire Office,

Birmingham Flute Soc.,

Birmingham Free Industrial Sch., see Lichfield St. Ragged Sch.

Birmingham Free School, see King Edward VI, Free Grammar Sch. of

'Birmingham Friendship Housing Assoc.',

Birmingham Gas Light and Coke Co.,

Birmingham Gazette, see Aris's Gazette

Birmingham General Dispensary, see General Dispensary

Birmingham General Hospital, see General Hospital

Birmingham Hampden Club,

Birmingham Heath, English school at, Wiggins factory at, windmill,

Birmingham Hospitals Council,

Birmingham Household [Electricity] Supply Assoc.,

Birmingham Industrial Museum,

Birmingham Industrial Trust,

Birmingham Infant Sch. Soc., passim

Birmingham Infirmary, see Western House

Birmingham Jewellers' and Silversmiths' Assoc.,

Birmingham Joiners and Carpenters,

Birmingham Journal,

Birmingham Labour Church (later Birm. Socialist Ch.),

Birmingham Liberal Assoc.,

Birmingham Liberal Unionist Assoc.,

Birmingham Library (Birm. New Library, Birm. Old Library), and see Birm. Central Lending Library and Art Gallery,

Birmingham Loyal and Constitutional Assoc., n

Birmingham Magazine,

Birmingham Mechanics' Institute,

Birmingham Metal and Munitions Co.,

Birmingham Metal Co.,

Birmingham Millennians,

Birmingham Mining and Copper Co.,

Birmingham Municipal Bank (fmly. Birm. Corp. Savings Bank), Broad St.,

Birmingham Musical and Amicable Soc.,

Birmingham Musical Assoc.,

Birmingham Musical Festivals,

Birmingham National Sch., and see schools

Birmingham New Library, see Birm. Library

Birmingham News,

Birmingham, North Warwickshire and Stratford-on-Avon Railway,

Birmingham Old Library, see Birm. Library

Birmingham Operative Tinplate Workers' Soc.,

Birmingham Oratorio Choral Soc., see Festival Choral Soc.

Birmingham Plate Glass Co., Smethwick,

Birmingham Political Council,

Birmingham Political Union,

Birmingham Post,

Birmingham Presbyterian Synod,

Birmingham Printers,

Birmingham Race Course,

Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Co., Smethwick,

Birmingham Red Book,

Birmingham Reform Assoc.,

Birmingham Regional Hospital Board,

Birmingham Register or Entertaining Museum,

Birmingham Registered Gunmakers,

Birmingham Religious Education Soc.,

Birmingham Repertory Theatre,

Birmingham Roman Catholic Friendly Soc.,

Birmingham Royal School of Medicine, see Queen's College

Birmingham School Board, and see list of schools, passim

Birmingham School Board Higher Education Fund,

Birmingham School of Art, (fmly. School of Design),

Birmingham Schools Dinner Soc.,

Birmingham Screw Co.,

Birmingham Settlement, Summer La., nursery school at,

Birmingham Small Arms and Metal Co., see Birmingham Small Arms Co.

Birmingham Small Arms Co. (for a time Birm. Small Arms and Metal Co.),

B.S.A. Cycles,

B.S.A. Radio,

B.S.A. Tools,

Birmingham Socialist Ch., see Birmingham Labour Ch.

Birmingham Soc. for Constitutional Information,

Birmingham Soc. of Artists, n

Birmingham Soc. of Arts,

Birmingham Statistical Soc. for the Improvement of Education in Birmingham,

Birmingham Stock Exchange Assoc.,

Birmingham Sunday Soc.,

Birmingham Trades Council,

Birmingham Union,

Birmingham Union and Patriot's Friend Soc.,

Birmingham Union Soc.,

Birmingham Union Soc. of Radical Reformers,

Birmingham Unitarian Brotherly Soc., see Birm. Brotherly Soc.

Birmingham Unitarian Domestic Mission,

Birmingham United Corresponding Soc.,

Birmingham United Fire Brigade,

Birmingham United Hospital, and see Queen Eliz. Hosp.

Birmingham Waste Co.,

Birmingham Waterworks Co.,

Birmingham Wesleyan Central Mission,

Birmingham West Suburban Railway,

Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Dudley Railway,

Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Stour Valley Railway,

Birmingham Workhouse, Lichfield St., Dudley Rd. and Western Rd., Winson Gn., and see Western Ho., Dudley Rd. Hosp.

Birwelco Ltd.,

Bishop, Hen.,

Bishop Gore Church Hall,

Bishop Latimer Memorial Ch., Birmingham, par.,

Bishop Lightfoot Church Hall,

Bishop of Birmingham's Fund,

Bishop Ryder Memorial Ch., Birmingham, charities, par.,

Bishop Westcott Church Hall,

Bishop's Croft (fmly. Harborne Ho.), Harborne,

Bissell, Jas., n; John,

Bisset, Jas.,

Black, Wm.,

Blackham, Chas., Thos., -, ironmonger (fl. 1730),

Blackman, A., Cath.,

Bladon, Thos.,

Blake Boiler Co.,

Blakeland St. mission room, Ward End,

Blakesley Hall, Yardley,

Blakeway, Wm.,

Bland, J. G.,

Blandford, Marquess of, see Spencer

Blakensee, I.,

Blatchford, Rob.,

Blews, Wm., & Sons,

Blocksuch, Ric., n

Blood, Fred.,

Bloomsbury Institution,

Bloomsbury St.,

Blount, Isabel de, see Segrave; Thos.,

Bloxwich, Humph., Ric.,

Bloye, Wm., sculptor,

Blucher St., Singer's Hill, Synagogue,

Blue Coat School, chap. and see schools

Blythe, Riv., crossings,

Blythe Bridge,

Boden, Ben., toy factory of, in Temple St., Edw.,

Bodkin, Prof. T.,

Bodmer, J. G.,

Bodymoor Heath, village mission, n

Boeddicker, G. A.,

Bollsstered, Marg., m. Wm. de. Birmingham,

Bolton (Lancs.), corporation,

Bond, Alice, m. Mich. Joyner, John, of Coventry, Margery, m. Edw. Kynnersley, Thos., of Coventry,

Bond St. chap. (Particular Bap., later United Meth.), and see nonconformists: places of worship; minister, see Edmonds (Edw.)

Bondman, John,

Bonehill, C. G., gunmakers,

Bonell, Wm.,

Booth, Alice, m. Wm. Allestrey, Hen., Ld. Delamere (d. 1694), Hen. (d. by 1926), Jas., Percival, R. T., Wm., of Inner Temple, London (fl. 1620), Wm. (fl. 1650), Wm. (? another),

Booth, Jas., and Co.,

Bordesley, and Civil War, charities, locks, manor, manor court manor ho. (Bordesley Hall), M.P. for, see Broadhurst; mills, township, ward, and see Holy Trinity, Ch. of the, St. Alban the Martyr, Ch. of, St. Andrew's Ch., St. Benedict's Ch., St. Patrick's Ch.; see also Deritend and Bordesley

Bordesley and Deritend Sch., and see schools

Bordesley Gn., housing estate,

Bordesley Hall, and see St. Paul's Ch.

Bordesley High St.,

Bordesley station,

Bordesley Steel Co.,

Bordesley St. chap. (Prim. Meth.), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Bordesley St. hall (Salvation Army), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Bordesley St. wharves,

Boroughbridge (Yorks.),

Botetourt, Joan, see Somery; Sir John (b. 1319), John (d. by 1370), John (d. 1386), Joyce, m. Hugh Burnell, Joyce, m. Sir Adam Peshale, Kath.,

Botham, J. R.,

Boughton, Chester, and Stonebridge Trust,

Boult, Sir Adrian, Mat. (d. 1759),

Boulton, Ann, Mat. (d. 1809), and brass trade, and coining, and Lunar Soc., and New Hall, and parliamentary reform, and Royal Soc. of Arts, and Soho, and Theatre Royal, and trade with America, and trade with France, ho. of (Soho Ho.), monument to, partnerships of, warehouse of, fam.,

Boulton and Fothergill,

Boulton and Watt,

Boulton Rd. Board Sch., mission at,

Boulton's Mutual Assurance Soc.,


Bourn, Sam.,

Bourn Brook, mills on,

Bourn Work Mill, see Aston Brook Mill


Bournbrook Mills,

Bourne, John, Wm., Wm., of Dudley (Worcs.),

Bourne, Riv., crossing,

Bournville, plan of, Cadbury Bros. at, educational facilities at, par., and see St. Francis of Assisi, Ch. of

Bournville Village (estate), Friend's Meeting Ho., population, Ruskin Hall, and see Bournville Village Trust

Bournville Co-operative Hall,

Bournville (Stirchley St.) station,

Bournville Village Trust,

Bourton on the Water (Glos.),

Bowcoate, Thos.,

Bowes, Anne, see Huddlestone; fam.,

Bown, Wm., cycle maker,

Bowyer, Edw.,

Boyce, Jas., and Son,

Bracebridge, Abraham, of Atherstone; Chas. Holte, Mary Eliz., see Holte; W. H.,

Brademedewe, Ric. de,

Brades, village,

Bradewell, Ric.,

Bradford, E. of, see Bridgeman

Bradford, John, Sam.,

Bradford St., market,

Bradford St. chap. (Meth.), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Bradford St. chap. (Particular Bap.), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Bradley, Presbyterian meeting ho. at,

Bradshawe, Nic.,

Bradwell, John de, Ric., n; Rob., n; Rog. de, n

Brampton Bros.,

Brandis, Jos.,

Brandwood, Edw., Eliz., m. Isaac Spooner, Eliz. (fl. 1778), Jane, John, - (d. 1759 or 1760),

Brandwood End, cemetery, tunnel near,

Brandwood ward, n

Branston St. chap. (Wesleyan), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Brass Cock Finishers' Union,

Brass Masters' Assoc., see Brassfounders' Employers' Assoc.

Brass Wire Assoc.,

Brassfounders' Employers' Association (fmly. Brass Masters' Association),

brasshouse, nr. Broad St.,

Brassworkers' Union,

Brassworkers Soc.,

Bray, Sir Edm., Sir Reynold,

Breamotte, John,

Breamotte's Mill, see Thimble Mill

Breauté, Fawkes de, Marg. de, see FitzGerold

Bree, Dr. Rob.,

Breeden (J. & W.) and Booth,


Brenard, John,

Brentford (Middx.),

Brentnall, Ben.,

Brethren, chaps. Open Brethren, chaps.,

Brewer, Jehoiada,

Brick Kiln La., see Horse Fair

Bridewell House,

Bridge St. chap. (Meth. New Connexion), and see nonconformists; places of worship

Bridge St. Sch., and see schools

Bridge St. West,

Bridgeman, Geo. Aug. Fred. Hen., E. of Bradford (d. 1865), n; Sir Hen., Sir John (d. 1710), Sir John, of Castle Bromwich (fl. 1719),

Bridgeman's Apollo Gardens, Aston,

Bridgenorth rd.,

bridges, and see under individual names (Blythe, Bromford, Chesford, Deritend, New, Perry, Salford, Saltley, Stechford, Stone, Witton)

Bridgewater, C.,

Brierley Hill, bullbaiting,

Briggs, Mary,

Bright, John, and Chartists, and Home Rule, death of, M.P. for Birm.,

Brighton Rd. station,

Brindley, Jas., Wm.,

Brinsley, Wm.,


Bristol rd., tramway line,

Bristol Rd. chap. (Wesleyan), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Bristol St., Central Synagogue,

Bristol St. Board Sch., and see schools

Bristol St. Ragged Sch., n

Bristol St. Soc., see Artisans' Library

Britannia Brewery,

Britannia Cricket Club, see Birmingham Cricket Club

British Aluminium Co., London,

British and Irish Magnetic Co.,

British Assoc.,

British Cocoa and Chocolate Co.,

British Copper Manufactures,

British Cyanides,

British Cycle and Motor Cycle Manufacturers Union,

British Cycle Corporation,

British Dyestuffs,

British Dynamite Trust, see Nobel Industries Ltd.

British Electricity Authority,

British Industrial Plastics, Oldbury,

British Industries Fair,

British Ironfounders' Assoc.,

British Leather Cloth Manufacturing Co.,

British Metal Window Manufacturers Assoc., see Metal Window Assoc.

British Motor Corporation,

British Museum or Universal Register,

British Non-Ferrous Metals Federation,

British Non-Ferrous Metals Research Assoc.,

British Productivity Council, n

British School, Severn St., and see schools

British Soc. for the Protection of Christianity among the Jews, Birm. auxiliary,

British Thomson-Houston, Rugby,

British Timkin Ltd.,

British Transport Commission,

British Tube Assoc.,

British Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.,

Broad St., basin, civic centre plan, wharf,

Broad St. Board Sch., and see schools

Broad St. chap. (Presbyterian), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Broad St. Glass Works, see Osler

Broadbent, Thos.,

Broadhurst, Hen.,

Broadmoor Meadow, n

Broadmoor Pool, n

Brocas, Sir Bern., Kath., see Plaunche

Brock, Thos.,

Brockhouse, J., and Co., of West Bromwich,


Bromford Bridge,

Bromford Bridge station,

Bromford Forge, n,

Bromford Forge station,

Bromford La.,

Bromford Mill,

Bromford Tube Co.,

Bromford ward, n

Bromford Wire Works, Erdington,

Bromilow, While, and Smeaton, architects,

Bromley, Wm.,

Bromley, Fisher and Turton, Sheffield,

Bromsgrove (Worcs.), n, Baptist ch.,

Bromsgrove rd.,

Bromsgrove St.,

Bromwich, And., Thos.,

Bromwich, Presbyterian meeting ho. at,

Bromwych, Godwin de, Guy de, Hen. de, Rob. de, Rog. de, Sim. de, Thos. de (fl. before 1262), Thos. de (fl. 1262),

Brook Fields,

Brooke, John, Lucy, see Huddlestone; Rob.,

Brookes (Oldbury),

Brooke's Mill, see Over Mill


Brooks, J. B., J. G., Thos., - (fl. 1791),

Brooks, J. B., and Co.,

Brookvale Pk., Witton,

Broome, Mic.,

Broomfield, John,

Broomhall Mill,

Brotherly Benefit Soc.,

Brotherton & Co., Leeds,

Brougham, Hen. Pet., Bar. Brougham and Vaux (d. 1868),


Brown, Anabel, see Rokeby; Chas., Edw., Eliza, Hen., Jenkyn, John, of Burbage (Leics.), Jos.,

Brown Fintube (Gt. Britain),

Brown, Marshalls and Co., Saltley,

Brown's Mill, see Over Mill

Brunel, Isambard Kingdom,

Brueton, Gibbons and Williams,

Brushmakers, trade club,

Bryan, Jarvis, Sam., Tom.,

Buch fam., of Harborne,

Buckingham, dukes of,

Buckingham, T. P.,

Buckland End,

Buckley, - (fl. 1898),

Buckton, Chas.,

Builders' Union, Grand Lodge of,

Building Trades Exchange, Cannon St.,

Bull La.,

Bull Ring, Chartist meetings at, demolition of shops and houses in, fairs, gen. market moved to, projected shopping centre, trade union meeting at,

Bull Ring Mission,

Bull St., assembly rooms,

Bull St. Friends' Meeting House, and see nonconformists: places of worship

Bulstrode, Marg., see Hall; Wal.,

Bunbury Rd., corp. housing estate,

Bunce, J. T.,

Bunn, Alf.,

Buntingford-Westmill (Herts.), par.,


Burgess, John,

Burgilon, Rog.,

Burke, Edm., statesman,

Burke and Sansome, n

Burlington, Chas., n

Burman & Sons,

Burn, Edw.,

Burne-Jones, Sir Edw.,

Burnell, Sir Edw., Sir Hugh, and his w. Joyce, Joyce, see Botetourt; Joyce, m. Sir Thos. de Erdington,

Burnet, John,

Burt, John,

Burton-on-Trent (Staffs.),

Butler, Anne, m. Sir Jas. St. Leger, Jas., E. of Wiltshire (d. 1461), n, Thos., E. of Ormond (d. 1515), John, Kath., w. of John, m. Ant. Throckmorton, Ric., Wm., Mrs. - (fl. before 1773),

Butler, S., & Co.,

Butler, W. & J.,

Button Assoc.,

Buttons Limited,

Byrne Bros.,

Cacock's Mill, see Harborne Mill

Cadbury, Barrow,

Cadbury Bros., Bournville,

Cadbury, Candia, see Barrow

Cadbury, Dr. Edw., Dame Eliz., Geo. (d. 1922), and Bournville village, and Soc. of Friends, Geo. (d. 1954), John, Ric., fam.,


Callow Brook,

Calthorpe, Lds., see Gough-Calthorpe

Calthorpe, Barb., m. Hen. Gough, fam.,

Calthorpe Pk.,

Calthorpe Rd.,

Calves Croft Mill,

Cambden, Hen.,

Cambridge St., Millerite Second Adventists meeting place in,

Camden, Wm.,

Camden St. Board Sch., and see schools

Camillian Fathers, Perry Barr,

Cammell Laird, Birkenhead,

Camomile Gn.,

Camp Hill, R.C. convert school at, railway terminus,

Camp Hill sch.(King Edward VI elementary sch., fmly. Meriden St. sch.),

Camp Hill station,

Campbell, Alex.,


Cannon Hill Museum,

Cannon Hill Pk.,

Cannon St. chap. (Baptist), and see nonconformists: places of worship; ministers, see Turner (Jas., fl. 18th cent.), Pearce

Capon, Heaton and Co.,

Cardinal College, Oxford, see Christ Ch., Oxford

Carey Hall, Selly Oak,

Carles, Jos.,

Carless's steel house, Coleshill St.,

Carlton Theatre, Saltley,

Carlyle, Thos., button makers,

Carmalt, - (fl. 1906),

Carmelites, Yardley,

Carpenter, Frances, m. Sir Hen. Gough-Calthorpe, R. C., Sam., and Artisans' Library, Wm., and Artisans' Library,

Carpenter of Nazareth, mission ch. of, Adderley Rd.,

Carron ironworks (Stirlingshire),

Carrs La.,

Carrs La. Congregational chap., ministers see Brewer, Dale, James (J.A.); school,

Carrs La. Town Mission,

Carter, Alice,

Carteret, Lady Sophia, m. Wm. Petty, Ld. Shelburne, n,

Cartland fam.,

Cartland, Jas., and Sons,

Cartwright, Major -,

Carver, Edw., Hen.,

Case, Alfred, and Co., n

Cased Tube Manufacturers Assoc.,

Casson, Sir Hugh,

Castello, Alice de, see Parles; Sir Geo. de, Wm. de,

Castiron Research Assoc., Alvechurch,

Castle Bromwich, airfield, British Industries Fair at, chapel of ease, manor, mills, par., township,

Castle Bromwich Bridge,

Castle Bromwich Mill,

Castle Bromwich rd.,

Castle Bromwich Rural District,

Castle Bromwich station,

Castle Farm, Northfield,

Castle Ironworks (Salop),

Castlon, Ralph,

Castner-Kellner Alkali Co.,

Catesby (Northants.),

cathedral, see St. Philip's

Cathedral House, Newhall St., mission room,

Catherine St. Mission, Aston,

Catholic Apostolic Ch., chaps.,

Catholic Assoc.,

Catholic Emancipation,

Catholic Poor Sch. Cttee.,

Cave, Ambrose, Eliz., m. Wm. Wyrley, Margery, see Willington

Cavendish Rd. Hall,

Cecil Hall slum mission,

cemeteries, see corp.; Granville St. Jewish cemetery,

Central Nonconformist Cttee.,

Central Synagogue, Bristol St.,

Chad Brook,

Chalons, Isabel de, see Birmingham (fam.); Pet. de,

Chamberlain, Arthur, Austin, John Hen., Jos., n, and Conservatives, and Birm. Trades Council, and education, and Fair Trade League, and Irish question, and Liberal Unionists, and Nettlefolds, and unemployment, Colonial Secretary, elected M.P., emergence in Birm. politics, mayoralty, Pres. of Board of Trade, Neville,

Chamberlain, Enoch, Abbey St. works,

Chamberlain and Hookham Ltd.,

Chamberlain Memorial Fountain, Chamberlain Sq.,

Chance, Jas. T., Wm., fam.,

Chance Bros. & Co., Spon La., Smethwick,

Chance & Homer,

Chandos, Marquess of, see Grenville, Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos

Chantrey, Sir Francis Legatt,

Chapel St., Birm. Millennians' meeting-ho. in,

Chapman, Sam., Thos., library of in Bull St., Wm.,

Chapman's Windmill,

Charities, and see Charity Commissioners

Charity Commissioners,

Charles I, King,

Charles, Hen.,

Charles Henry St. chap. (Chs. of Christ), and see nonconformists: places of worship

charter of incorporation, granting of,

Chartists, and see Christian Chartist Ch.

Chatwin, J. A., and building of Birm.'s churches, and Bishop Ryder Memorial Ch., and Holy Trinity Ch., Birchfield, and St. Augustine's Ch. and St. Clement's Ch., and St. Gabriel's Ch., Birm., and St. James's Ch., Handsworth, and St. John's Ch., Ladywood, and St. Lawrence's Ch., and St. Mark's Ch., Washwood Heath, and St. Martin's Ch., and St. Philip, Cathedral Ch., and St. Saviour's Ch., and Summer Hill Catholic Apostolic Ch., Philip,

Chaucer, Thos.,

Cheadle (Staffs.),

Cheatle, Geo., n

Cherry Orchard Church Hall, Handsworth,

Cherry St. Methodist Chap., and see nonconformists: places of worship

Chesford Bridge,

Chester, assay office,

Chester, bp. of, see Limesey

Chester rd.,

Chidlaw, Jas.,

child-labour, and see Children's Employment Commission

Children's Employment Commission,

Children's Hosp., Ladywood Rd., chap.,

Chinn Brook, mills on,

Chislehampton (Oxon.), n

Christ Ch. (Particular Bap.), Aston,

Christ Ch., Colmore Row, par., vicars, and see Spry

Christ Ch., Oxford (Cardinal College; Henry VIII's College),

Christ Ch., The Quinton, par.,

Christ Ch., Sparkbrook, par.,

Christ Ch., Summerfield, par.,

Christ Ch., Ward End,

Christ Ch., Yardley Wood, par., vicar,

Christ Ch. mission, Perry Barr,

Christ the King, ch. and mission of, Kingstanding (R.C.),

Christadelphian magazine,

Christadelphians, n; meeting-rooms,

Christian Advocate, see Ecclesiastical Observer

Christian Brothers,

Christian Chartist Church, chaps.,

Christian Community, meeting-rooms,

'Christian Israelites',

Christian Scientists, churches,

Christian Social Council (fmly. Crusade Continuation Cttee.),

Church Army Hostel, Granville St.,

Church Army Mission, see St. John's Mission

Church Association Trust,

Church Hall, Quinton Rd. West,

Church Hill, Northfield,

Church House, Edgbaston,

Church House, Soho Rd.,

Church Inn,

Church of the Messiah (Unitarian), Broad St., minister, see Crosskey

Church of the Messiah, Fazeley St., Domestic Mission of,

Church of the Saviour (Unitarian), Edward St., and see nonconformists: places of worship; ministers, see Dawson (Geo.), St. Clair, Street

Church Rd., Edgbaston,

Church Rd., Northfield,

Church Rd. Sch., Yardley, and see schools

Church Rd. station,

Church Schools Assoc.,

Church Society Trust,

Churches of Christ (Disciples of Christ), chaps. Theological College (Overdale, Selly Oak),

Churches of God, Alleyne Rd. hall, Erdington,

Churchill, Ld. Randolph,

Circus Chapel, see Ryan's Amphitheatre

City Mission,

City of Birmingham Choir,

City Rd. Council Sch., and see schools

City Rd. mission room, and see St. Germain's Ch., Edgbaston

City Temple, Warwick Rd. (Bible Pattern Church Fellowship),

Civic Centre, see corp.: municipal buildings

Civil War,

Claerwen Dam (Wales),

Clarence, D. of, see George

Clarendon, E. of, see Hyde

'Clarion Cinderella Club',

Clarion Cycling Club,

Clark, Peter, Ric., Thos. (fl. 1797), Thos. (fl. 1812),

Clarke, Jos., Ric.,

Clarke, Chapman and Co., Gateshead (Co. Durham),

Clarkson, R. H., and Sons,

Clay, Hen.,

Clempson's Croft,

Clent(Worcs.), manor,

Clevedon St., parochial hall in,

Clifford, Dr. John, Roger de,

Clifford, C., and Sons,

Clifford St., Lozells, Toc H.,

Clifton Rd. Sch., and see schools

Climax Weldless Tubes Co.,

Clinton, Eliz. de, see Plaunche

Clipper Pneumatic Tyre Co.,

Clive, Edw. Bolton, n

Clodeshale, Eliz. de, m. Rob. Arden, John de, Ric. de (d. 1360), Ric. de (d. 1428), Rog. de, Wal. de, fam.,

Clowes, Thos., Wm.,

Coach and Horses, Bell St.,

Coates, John,

Cobbe, Thos. Venables,

Cobbett, Wm.,

Cobden, Ric.,

Cockersall, John,

Cofton Hackett,

Cokefield, Rose de, m. 1. Adam de Erdington, Thos. de Erdington,

Colborne Fields,

Cold Rolled Brass and Copper Assoc.,

Coldbath (Holte's, Holt, Greethurst, Lady) Mill,

Cole, Riv., crossings, mills on,

Cole Valley, sewers,

Colebrook Priory Mill, see Priory Mill

Coleman St. mission room,

Coleshill, John,

Coleshill, Colehaven Homes, congregational ch.,

Coleshill rd.,

Coleshill St.(later Belmont Row) Meth. chap., and see nonconformists: places of worship

Coleson, Eliz., see Birmingham (fam.); Wm.,

College of Commerce, Broad St.,

College of the Ascension, Selly Oak,

College Rd.,

Collings, Jesse,

Collins, Jas., John, n, Wm.,

Colmore, Chas., Wm., fam., estate of,

Colmore Row (fmly. Ann St. and New Hall La.),

Combination Acts,

Commercial Herald,

Company of Gunmakers of Birmingham,

Committee of Non-Electors,

Company of the Proprietors of the Birmingham Canal Navigations (Birm. Canal Navigations),

Committee on Artisans and Machinery (1824),

Communications, see bridges, canals, railways, roads

Complete Suffrage Union,

Components Tube Co.,

Compton, Cath., m. Geo. St. Leger, Hen., bp. of London, Census of, Sir Wm.,

Concentric Manufacturing Co., n

Conder, Neville,

Congreaves Lodge Retreat, Kingsbury Rd.,

Congregational Union,

Congregationalists, chaps., Welsh Congregationalists, Wheeler St. chap.,

Connop, Ben.,

Connop's Mill (Mill Inn, Mill Farm),

Conservatives, and see Unionism

Constitution Hill,

Constitution Hill chap. (Wesleyan), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Convent of Mercy, Maryvale, Old Oscott, buildings,

Conybeare St., almshouses,

Cook, Ann, Ben., Edw.,

Cooke, G. F., Harry, S N.,

Cooke and Twist,

Cooksey Rd. mission room,

Coombes, Edith,

Cooper, John (fl. 1673), John (? another), John Tunks, Jos., Wm. (fl. 1615), see Cowper; Wm. (fl. 1728), fam.,

Cooper, Wm., and Goode,

Co-operative Congress,

Co-operative Societies, Owenite Co-operative Soc.,

Co-operative Soc. Hall, Erdington,

Cooper's Mill, see Heath Mill

Cooper's Windmill,

Cope, John,

Copec House Improvement Soc.,

Coplow St. mission,

Copper and Brass Extended Uses Council,

Coppice (nr. Coseley, Staffs.),

Corder and Turley,

Cornforth, Cath.,

Cornwallis, Sir Chas. (fl. 1629), Chas. (fl. 1661),

Corporation Act,

Corporation St.,

Corpus Christi, ch. and mission of, Stechford (R.C.),

Corn Exchange, Carrs La.,


corporation: in gen., development of, arms, seals, insignia, plate, committees: airports, assessments, Council Estates, education, electricity, n; finance, Free Public Libraries and Museums, gas, n; general purposes, health, housing, parks, public assistance, Public Libraries, public works, sewerage, town planning, tramways, water, mun. buildings: Civic Centre, Council House, town hall, See also Public Office, Moor St. mun. undertakings: baths (public), cemeteries, electricity, entertainment, see Birm. City Orchestra; fire brigade, gas, gaol, health, housing, mun. bank, museum, see Birm. City Museum and Art Gallery; parks, poor relief, police, public libraries, and see Birm. Central Lending Library, Birm. Reference Library; sewerage, transport, water, see also page references under education officers, mayor (lord), (and see Chamberlain (Jos.) (Neville), Scholefield (Wm.), Smith (Sir Jas.)); medical officer of health, surveyor, town clerk, treasurer,

Coseley Hill tunnel,

Cossins, J. A.,

Cottage of Content Inn, Ladywood,

Cotterell's Mill, see Northfield Mill

Cotteridge, and see St. Agnes's Ch.

Cotton, John,

Cotton, Ballard & Blow, architects,

Cornforth, John, wire makers,

Council House, see corp.: municipal buildings

Court, W. H. B.,

Court Oak Rd.,

Coventry, n, cycle trade in, M.P.s for, motor trade in, St. Michael's par.,

Coventry, diocese of: archdeaconry, and see archdeacons Kilkenny, Riland (John); bps. of, and see Peche, see also Coventry and Lichfield, bps. of,

Coventry and Lichfield, bps. of, and see Longspee, Weseham

Coventry Canal,

Coventry Gazette and Birmingham Chronicle,

Coventry Priory, Prior,

Coventry Recorder,

Coventry rd.,

Cowper (Piddock), Eliz., Thos., n; (Cooper), Wm. (fl. 1615), (Piddock), Wm. (fl. 1623),

Cox, David, G. B., Geo., W. Sands,

Cox Bros. and Holland,

Crab Mill, Moundesley,

Crabbe, Dr. W. T.,

Crabbe, Dr., Memorial Mission,

Crabmill Farm, Moundesley,

Cranbury St., mission room,

Crane, Wal.,

Crane, Fred., Chemical Co.,

Cranstoun, Jas.,

Crawley, Sir Amb.,

Crescent Theatre,

Crewe (Ches.),

Crittall Manufacturing Co., Braintree (Essex),

Crockett, John,

Crockett's Rd. church room,

Croft, Geo.,

Crofts, Dr. - (fl. before 1810),

Crompton, Eliz., n; Jos.,

Crompton and Co.,

Crooley, John,

Crosskey, H. W.,

Crouch and Butler, architects,

Crouch, Butler, and Savage, architects,

Crowley, Anne, John,

Crowley's Orphanage, Edgbaston,

Crown Copper Co.,

Crown Inn, Deritend,

Crown Inn (nr. Union Passage),

Crownshaw, Chapman and Co., Sheffield,

Crusade Continuation Cttee., see Christian Social Council

Cubitt, Jas., of London,

Curdworth, anc. par., Berwood manor (Berwood Hall Farm),

Curtis, Revd. - (fl. 1792),

Curtler, John, of Walsall,

Curzon, Ric., and his w. Isabel, Ric. Wm. Penn, E. Howe (d. 1870), n

Curzon Hall, see West End Cinema

Curzon St. station,

Cut Nail Assoc.,

Czapski, Count,

Daily Argus,

Daimler Co., Coventry,

Dale, Sir Dav.,

Dale, Dr. Rob. Wm.,

Dale End, 'mill house' near,

Dallaway, Sar.,

Dalloway, John (fl. 1700) John (fl. 1784), Wm.,

Dalloway's Mill, n

Damard Lacquer (Bakelite), Tyseley factory of,

Daniell, S. A.,

Darby, Abraham, n

Darlaston (Staffs.),

Darlaston Rivet and Nut Makers Assoc.,

Darley, John,

Dartmouth, earls of, see Legge

Dartmouth St., flatted factories in,

Dartmouth St. Board Sch., and see schools

Darwall, Dr. John,

Darwin, Dr. Erasmus, of Lichfield,

Darwin St. mission room, Deritend,

Daundely, Joan, see Maidenhacche; John,

Davenport, B. J., Frank,

Davis, F. H., G. B., Jos., Sam., W., W. J., n,

Dawes, Sam.,

Dawson, Geo., J. E.,

Day, Thos.,

Day's Crystal Palace Music Hall (Day's Music Hall),

De Lancey, Col. -, n

de Lys, Gabriel Jean Marie,

de St. Fond, Faujas,

de Tocqueville, Alexis,

Deaf and Dumb Institute,

Deakin, Wm.,

Deakin, Wm., and Sons,

Dean St. mission hall,

Defoe, Dan.,

Delamere, Ld., see Booth (Hen.)

Delph, Black (Staffs.),

Delta Metal Co., London and Birmingham,

Democratic Federation, see Social Democratic Federation

Dempster, A. E.,

Dempster and Heaton, architects,

Demuth, Lewis, & Co.,

Dene, Wm.,

Dennett, J. T.,

Dennis Rd. Council Sch., and see schools

Dent, R. K.,

Derby, E. of, see Stanley (Jas.)

Derby, rly. line to,

Deritend, and Civil War, and manor of Birm., as part of bor. of Birm., branch library at, bridges, cattle market at, chap. of ease, (and see St. John the Baptist, ch. of, Deritend), charities, charities, growth of, inns, local authorities taken over by Birm. corp., mills in, par., n; police station, poor law administration in, riv. crossings at, township, ward, and see St. Basil's Ch., St. John the Baptist, Ch. of

Deritend and Bordesley, part of bor. of Birm., population of township of, street commissioners, ward,

Deritend Bridge,

Deritend Forge, see Heath Mill

Deritend Mills, see Heath Mill

Derwent, Riv.,

Dester, Ric.,

Devereux, Sir Edw., and his w. Kath., Mrs. Essex, Sir Geo., Sir Wal., Vct. Hereford,

Devon, E. of, see Baldwin

Deyster, Adam le, Hen. le, John le (fl. 1332), John le (fl. 1340), John le (fl. 1365), Ric. le (fl. 1322), Ric. le (fl. 1380), fam.,

Dick, G. A.,

Dickens, Chas., novelist,

Dickinson, Blithe,

Digbeth, and Civil War, charities, fairs, fire of insanitary conditions in,

Digbeth Branch Canal,

Digbeth Institute,

Digbeth Mill, see Town Mill

Digby, Ld., see Digby, Wm.

Digby, Wm., Ld. Digby (d. 1752),

Digby St. ragged sch.,

Dilettanti Library (Smiths'),

Dilettanti Musical Soc.,

Dilke, Sir Chas. Wentworth,

Dingley's Hotel, Moor St.,

Diocesan Home for Girls, Moseley,

diocese (of Birmingham), archdeaconry, bishops, (for other livings in gift of the bp., passim), and see Barnes, Gore (Chas.), Wakefield, Wilson (John Leonard); provost,

Disciples of Christ, see Churches of Christ

Disraeli, Ben.,

Dixley, John de (fl. 1291), John de (fl. 1323), Sar. de, w. of John, Wm. de,

Dixon, A. S., Geo., and Liberals, and education, as trade arbitrator, Hen.,

Dobbs, J.,

Dobbs Mill, see Lifford Mill

Docker, Bern., Frank Dudley,

Docker Brothers,

Dod, Rob.,

Dodd, J.,

Dog Pool Mill, see Dogpool Mill

Dogpool (Dog Pool) Mill,

Dolobran (Montgomery), Lloyds' ironworks at,

Dolphin, Edw., n; Ric.,

Domesday Survey,

Dominican Nuns of Stone, Third Order of (St. Agnes's Convent, Erdington),


Donaldson, John,

Dorset, Marquess of, see Beaufort

Doughty, - (fl. 19th cent.),

Douglas, A. E., R. K.,

Dove House pool,

Dowell, Jas., and his w. Eliz.,

Dowlais Iron Co. (S. Wales),

Dowler, Geo., Plume Works, Aston,

Downes, Chas.,

Downey, Pat.,

Drake, Hen., Jas.,

Drakeford, Ric.,

Drew (fl. 1086),

Drew, John,

Droitwich (Worcs.),

Droitwich Rd.,

Drury and Bateman, architects,

Drynamels Ltd.,

du Cros, Arthur, Harvey,


Duddeston, charities, 'hamlet' of, manor, ward, and see St. Anne's Ch., St. Matthew's Ch.

Duddeston and Nechells, township of, as Redevelopment Area, population, street commissioners, ward,

Duddeston Bridge, n,

Duddeston Hall,

Duddeston Hall grounds, see Vauxhall Gardens

Duddeston House (Hall), near Saltley Bridge, n

Duddeston Mill,

Dudley, Ld., see Dudley (Edw.), Sutton (Edw.)

Dudley, Edw., Ld. Dudley (d. 1586), John, Vct. Lisle, Duke of Northumberland, T., Wm., fam.,

Dudley (Worcs.), n, barony, burgesses,

Dudley, Birmingham, and Wolverhampton Turnpike,

Dudley Canal, Company, tunnel,

Dudley Castle,

Dudley rd., tramway line,

Dudley Rd. Board Sch., and see schools

Dudley Rd. Hosp. (Infirmary Hosp.),

Dudley St.,

Dugdale, D. S., Sir Wm.,

Duke St.,

Dukesayle, Ric.,

Dunlop, J. B.,

Dunlop Rubber Co. (fmly. Rubber Manufacturing Co.), Castle Bromwich,

Dunn, J. G.,

Dunn and Hansan, architects,

Dunnett, G.,

Dwarfholes Mill,

Dymmock, Anne, m. Sir Wal. Earle, Francis, Sir Hen., Humph., of Cesters Over (Monks Kirby),

Dyson Hall mission ch., Aston,

Eachus, S. H., of Wolverhampton,

Eades, Jas.,

Eadie Manufacturing Co., Redditch (Worcs.),

Eadwin, E. of Mercia,

Eagle and Ball, Colmore St.,

Eagle Foundry,

Eagles, Vincent,

Earle, Anne, see Dymmock; Sir Wal., of Charborough (Dors.),

East, Hen., Marion, see Hay; Thos. (fl. 1427), Thos. (fl. 1478),

East India Co., n,

East Retford (Notts.),

Easy Hill, ho. of John Baskerville,

Easy Row,

Eaves, John, Ric.,

Ebbles, R.,

Ebenezer British Sch., and see schools

Ebroc, see Plants Brook

Ecclesiastical Observer (Bible Advocate; Christian Advocate),

Echelles, see Nechells

Edgbaston, Alice de, Hen. de, Isabel de, w. of John, John de (d. by 1361), Sir Ric. de, Rog. de,

Edgbaston, architecture, as part of mun. bor. of Birm., chapel of ease, 'Chirchebrugge', cricket ground, death rate, education in, and see relevant schools in list, growth of, local authorities taken over by Birm. corp., manor, manor mill, mills, mosque, par., churchwardens, officers, select vestry, population, Roman Catholics, sewers, unionism in, ward, windmill, and see St. Augustine's Ch., St. Bartholomew's Ch., St. George's Ch., St. Germain's Ch., St. James's Ch., St. Mary and St. Ambrose, Ch. of; see also Metchley

Edgbaston C. of E. Sch., and see schools

Edgbaston Golf Club,

Edgbaston Hall,

Edgbaston High Sch.,

Edgbaston (Avern's) Mill,

Edgbaston Pk., pools,

Edgbaston Pool,

Edgbaston Rolling Mill, see Over Mill

Edgbaston St., n,

Edge, Chas.,

Edge Tool Manufacturers Assoc.,

Edgeworth, Ric. Lovell,

Edinburgh Sessional Sch.,

Edison Accumulators,

Edmonds, Edw., Geo., n, and Birm. Hampden Club, and Birm. Mechanics' Institute, and Birm. Political Union, and Catholic Emancipation,

Edmund St.,

education, adult, and see Athenaeum, Birm. and Midland Institute, Birm. Sch. of Art, Birm. Mechanics' Institute, Literary and Scientific Institute, Municipal Technical Sch., People's Hall of Science, People's Instruction Soc., Polytechnic Institution, Selly Oak Colleges; nonconformists and and see pp. passim; Roman Catholics and, and see pp. passim

Education League, see National Education League

Edward St. Board Sch., and see schools

Edward St. Sch. (King Edward VI elementary sch., fmly. George St. West Sch.),

Edwards, Hugh, John, Wm. (fl. 1654), Wm. (fl. 1778),

Eginton, Francis, H.,

Elan Valley (Wales), dam and reservoir,

Electra Theatre, Station St.,

Electric and International Co.,

Electric and Ordnance Accessories Co.,

Electric Lamp Manufacturers Assoc. of Great Britain Ltd.,

Electric Telegraph Co.,

Electricars Ltd.,

Elesmore, Rob.,

Eley Bros.,

Elim Ch., churches,

Elim Four-square Gospel Mission,

Eliza Brown Trust,

Elizabeth, Princess (later Q. Elizabeth I),

Elkington, Geo. and Hen., patent of,

Elkington fam.,

Elkington and Co., showrooms,

Elkington St. Board Sch., and see schools

Ellen Knox Memorial Hall, Aston,

Ellen St., Hockley,

Elliot & Sons, Frederick St.,

Elliott's Metal Co. (later Elliott's Patent Sheathing and Metal Co.), Selly Oak,

Ellis, Chas. & Sons, Wychall,

Ellis, G., & Sons,

Ellis, Ric., and Co.,

Ellis St. mission room,

Elliston, Rob. Wm.,

Elwell, Saul,

Ely, bp. of, see Kilkenny

Emery, Chas., Sam.,

Emily St., tenement scheme,

Emmanuel, ch. and par., Sparkbrook,

Empire Theatre,

Employers' Liability and Workpeople's Provident and Accident Co.,

Endowed Schs. Commissioners,

Enfield government small arms factory,

Engineering and Building Centre (fmly. Masonic Temple), Broad St.,

Englefield, Francis, Sir Thos.,

English Electric Co., London,

English Market,

English Martyrs, ch. and mission of, Sparkhill (R. C.),

English Schools, see King Edward VI, Free Grammar Sch. of

Engraving Metals,

Enraght, Ric. Wm.,

Ensor, Sir Rob.,

Erdington, Anne de, see Harcourt; Eliz. de, w. of Giles, Giles de (fl. c. 1220), Giles de (b. 1272), Sir Giles de (fl. c. 1359), Hen. de (fl. 1135-66), Hen. de (d. 1282), Hen. de (fl. 1286-1336), Joan de, w. of Hen., Joyce de, see Burnell; Marg. de, w. of Thos., Maud de, see Somery; Pet. de, Rog. de, Rose de, see Cokefield; Sybil de, w. of Sir Thos., Thos. de (d. 1218), Sir Thos. de (d. 1395), Thos. de (d. 1434), and his w. Anne, Thos. de (d. 1467), Wm. de,

Erdington, bridges, charities, growth of, manor, manor court records, manor ho. (early), and see Erdington Hall; mills, par., population, (with Witton), Roman Catholics, sewer, township and vill., wards, Wesleyan chap. at, windmills, and see St. Barnabas's Ch.

Erdington Abbey,

Erdington Almshouses,

Erdington 'Concerted Action Council',

Erdington Cottage Homes,

Erdington Fulling Mill,

Erdington Girls' Grammar Sch., and see schools

Erdington Hall (manor ho.),

Erdington Homes (fmly. Aston Union Workhouse) Chap.,

Erdington House,

Erdington National Sch., and see schools

Erdington R.C. Sch., and see schools

Erdington station,

Erdington Urban District, Council,

Erdington's chantry (chantry of St. Mary Magdalen),

Essex, Nicol and Goodman, architects, n

Essington, W. Webb,

Ethell, Mic., - (fl. 1826),

Europe, trade with,

European Common Market,

Evangelical Alliance,

Evans, Arthur, Brooke, Chas., Edw., Ric., Thos. (fl. 1684), Thos. (d. c. 1902), fam.,

Evans and Askin,

Evans' Library,

Evered, R. G.,

Evered and Co., Smethwick,

Everitt, Allen, and Sons, Smethwick,

Evesham (Worcs.),

Evesham rd.,

Excelsior Radiators, Leeds,

Exchange, Stephenson Place,

Exchange Chambers telephone exchange, New St.,

Exeter, ragged school,

Explosive Trades Ltd., see Nobel Industries Ltd.

Export Credits,

Express Lift Co., Northampton,

Eykyn, Rog.,

Fabian Soc.,

Fair Trade League, in Birm.,

Fairbanks Rim Manufacturing Co.,


Fallows, J. A.,

Far East, trade with,

Farm St. Board Sch., and see schools

Farm St. mission room,

Farmer, Jas., Jos., mill of, see Town Mill; fam.,

Farmer and Galton, Steelhouse La.,

Farmers' Bridge locks,

Farmer's Slitting Mill, see Town Mill

Farmon Mill, see Moor Gn. Mill

Farnsworth, Ric.,

Faucher, L.,

Fauconberg, Vct. and Vctss., see Belasyse

Fawkener, John,


Fazeley St.,

Federation of British Industries,

Federation of Liberal Assocs.,

Feeney, John,

Fellows, Noah,

Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, churches,

female labour,

Fendermoulders' Union,


Fentham, Geo.,

Fentham's Trust,

Fenton, Geo.,

Ferrers, Sir Edm., Ellen, see Roche

Festival Choral Soc. (fmly. Birmingham Oratorio Choral Soc.),

Festival of Entertainments (1960),

Fiddian, J. W.,

Field, H. O., Hen., Ric., see Kilcuppe

Fielden, John,

Fielding, Dor., m. Hen. Arden,

Fiennes, Wm., Ld. Saye and Sele (d. 1662),

Filemakers' Union,

Finance Corporation for Industry,

Finch, Chas., Heneage, E. of Aylesford (d. 1812),

Finch Rd. School mission room,

Fincher, Wm.,

Finigan, T. A.,

Fircroft College, Selly Oak,

Fire Brigade Headquarters, Corporation St.,

Firs estate,

First Day schools,

Fisher, Edw., Thos., see Hawkins

Fisher and Ludlow, n

Fisher St. ragged school, n

Fitter, John, Thos., of Bordesley, fam.,

Fitter's Mill, see Over Mill

Fitter's Mill (another), see Speedwell Mill

Fitz Ansculf, Wm.,

FitzGerold, Hen., Marg., m. Baldwin de Rivers, Fawkes de Breauté, Warin,

Fitzherbert, Cecily, see Molyneux; Eliz. m. Wm. Smith, Eustace,

Fitzwilliam, Sir Wm. (later E. of Southampton, d. 1542),

Five Ways,

Five Ways House, Islington Row,

Five Ways station,

Flecknoe, Jos.,

Fleet St., mission,

Fleming, J. H.,

Flersheim, Herz Moses, Löb Herz,

Flint Glass Makers' Friendly Society,

Fog Signal Assoc.,

Foley, J. H., Phil. (fl. 1690), Thos., fam.,

Follow, Cornelius,

Ford, Ric., Wm. (fl. 1689), Wm. (fl. 1817),

Ford, Whitmore and Brunton,

Forge Meadow, fulling mill at,

Forest of Dean, n

Forrest, Ralph, n

Forster, W. E.,

Fort Dunlop, Erdington,

Forward Engineering Co., n

Foster, A. H., Josiah, Rob.,

Foster, Rob., & Co.,

Fothergill, John,

'Foulford, le', ford,

Foundry Rd.,

Fox, Geo. (of Soc. of Friends), John, Jos., Sam., Wm., Col. - (fl. 1644),

Fox, Henderson & Co., Smethwick,

Fox Hollies, ward, n

Fox Hollies Hall, Yardley,

Fox Hollies Pk.,

Foxhall, Francis,

Foyle, C. H.,

France, trade with,

Francis, John,


Frankley, corp. reservoirs,

Frazer, Wm.,

Frazer Brothers,

Frederick St. Strict Baptist chap., and see nonconformists: places of worship

Free Christian Churches,

Free Christian Soc.,

Free Church Council,

Free Church of England and Reformed Episcopal Ch., meeting places,

Free Debating Soc. (Robin Hood Free Debating Soc.),

Free (Grammar) Sch., see King Edward VI, Free Grammar Sch. of

Freeman, E. A.,

Freer, Canon T. H.,

Freeth, John, Jonathan, n

Freeth St. mission,

'Freeth's Coffee House', see Leicester Arms

French Revolution, influence of, French Revolutionary Wars,

Friends, Soc. of (Quakers), and education, and Selly Oak Colleges, meeting-rooms, riots against,

Friends' Foreign Mission Assoc., see Friends' Service Council

Friends' Service Council (fmly. Friends' Foreign Mission Assoc.),

Friends' Severn St. Christian Soc.,

Frog Mill,

Froggery, synagogue in,

Fry, J. S., and Sons, Bristol,

Full Gospel Churches, chs.,

Full Gospel Testimony Believers,

Fullalove, Jos.,

Fullard, Thos.,

Fulnetby, John,

Fussell, John,

Futurist Cinema,

Gabriel and Co.,

Gage, Bridget, m. Thos. Belasyse, Vct. Fauconberg, Sir John, Mary, see Middlemore; Mary, m. Sir John Shelley,

Gaia Minor, prebend in Lichfield diocese,

Gaiety Music Hall (fmly. Holder's Concert Hall),

Gallimore, Chas.,

Galton, Sam. (the elder), Sam. (the younger), fam., n,

Galvanized Iron Trade Assoc., see National Galvanized Sheet Assoc.

Gammon, Wm., table ware and lamp makers,

Ganio, Hen. de,


Garbett, John, n, Sam., and Birm. Commercial Cttee., and Lunar Soc.,

Garrett blade mill, Garrett's Moor,

Garrett's Gn. Community Centre,

Garrick, David, actor,

Garrison La., Bordesley, municipal flats,

Garrison La. Board Sch., and see schools

Gascoigne-Cecil, Rob. Arthur Talbot, Marquis of Salisbury (d. 1903),

Gas Strip Assoc.,

Gas Tube Assoc.,

Gatling Gun Co.,

Gaunt, John of, D. of Lancaster (d. 1399),

Gee, G E.,

Geffon, Wm.,

Gem, Thos.,

Gem St., King Edward VI elementary Sch. in,

Gem St. Board Sch., and see schools

Gem St. Industrial Sch., and see schools

General Chamber of Manufacturers, (Birm. Ctte.), (London),

General Coffin Furniture Co.,

General Dispensary,

General Electric Co., Witton,

General Hospital (later incorporated in Birm. United Hosp., named Queen Eliz. Hosp.), chap.,

General Institution for the Instruction of Deaf and Dumb Children,

General Repository of Art, see 'Pantechnatheca'

'Gentleman's Private Theatre', see 'Amphitheatre'

George I, King,

George, D. of Clarence,

George Cadbury Assembly Hall, Selly Oak,

George Dixon Higher Grade Sch., Oozells St. (fmly. Oozells St. Board Sch.), and see schools

George St. Mill,

George St. West Sch., see Edward St. Sch.

Germany, emigration to, immigration from, trade competition, trade with,

Gib Heath,

Gibbins (Gibbons), - (fl. 18th cent.),

Gibbins, Smith & Goode, bankers,

Gibbons, see Gibbins

Gibbs, Jas.,

Gibbs, John, Ltd., King's Heath,

Gibson, Thos.,

Gibson and Shore,

Gifford, Edwin Hamilton,

Gilbert, Jane,

Gill, Thos., - (fl. 1810),

Gillott, Jos.,

Gillott, Jos., & Sons,

Gilpin, Wm.,

Girdler, Rob. (the elder), n; Rob. (the younger), n; (Girdlow), Sam.,

Girdlow, see Girdler (Sam.)

Gisborne, Zachary,

Gisborne's Mill, see Aston Brook Mill

Gisburne, Thos.,

Gladstone, Wm. Ewart,


Glasier, Bruce,

Glebe Farm estate,


Gloucester and Berkeley Canal Co., see Sharpness Docks and Gloucester and Birm. Navigation Co.

'Gloucester Junction' railway,

Glover, Chas., Sar.,

Gobaut, Anabel, see Rokeby; Sir John,

Godmund (fl. 1086),

Golden Lion Inn, Deritend (later erected in Cannon Hill Pk.),

Goldsmith, Edekin, John, Wm., fam.,

Goldsmiths' Hall Assay Office, London,

Gooch, Sir Thos., Sir Thos. Sherlock, n; fam.,

Gooch St., as Redevelopment Area,

Gooch St. chap. (Prim. Meth.),

Good Shepherd, ch. of the, Small Heath, see St. Gregory the Gt.

Good Shepherd, mission ch. of the, Handsworth, and see St. Andrew's Ch., Handsworth

Good Shepherd, mission ch. of the, Small Heath, and see St. Gregory the Gt., Ch. of

Goode, Wm.,

Gooderd, see Goodyer

Goode's Mill, see Nether Mill

Goodman, Geo., Ltd.,

Goodwin, Francis,

Goodyear, C.,

Goodyer (Gooderd), John,

Gore, Chas., bp. of Birm., n; Dr. Geo.,

Gospel Hall (Brethren), Gt. Charles St., and see nonconformists: places of worship

Gospel Standard,

'Gospel Temperance' mission,

Gosta Green, market,

Gough, Barbara, see Calthorpe; Hen. (d. 1724), Sir Hen. (d. 1774), Sir Hen., Ld. Calthorpe (d. 1798), see GoughCalthorpe; John (d. 1828), John (d. 1844), Sir Ric., Wal., fam.,

Gough-Calthorpe, Sir Aug. Cholmondeley, Ld. Calthorpe (d. 1910), Frances, see Carpenter; Fred., Ld. Calthorpe (d. 1868), Geo., Ld. Calthorpe (d. 1851), n, Sir Hen., Ld. Calthorpe (d. 1798), Pet., Ld. Calthorpe (b. 1927), Rachel, m. Fitzroy Hamilton Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, Gen. S. J., Ld. Calthorpe (d. 1912),

Gower, Mary, Rob.,

Gower's Farm,

Gowshall, Oldbury,

Grafton, Mole and Baron,

Graham St. chap. (Bap.), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Graham St. chap. (Congregational), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Grainger, R. D.,

Grand Junction Canal,

Grand Junction Railway, Co.,

Grand Theatre (later Grand Theatre of Varieties),

Grand Theatre of Varieties, see Grand Theatre

Grand Union Canal,

Grantham, Lady Lucy,

Granville, St., Jewish Cemetery, rly. terminus,

Gravelly Hill, ward, n; and see All Saints' Ch.

Gravelly Hill station,

Great Barr, bridge, charities, manor,

Great Barr station,

Great Barr St.,

Great Charles St.,

Great Colmore St.,

Great Exhibition (1851),

Great Francis St. mission room,

Great Hampton Row,

Great Hampton St.,

Great Hockley Pool (Soho Pool),

Great King St., People's Chap. (Particular Baps.), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Great Lister St.,

'Great Moor',

Great Stone Inn, Northfield,

Great Western Railway, (fmly. Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway Co.),

Greatbrook St. glass factory,

Greaves, John, Capt. Ric.,

Green, J. R., J. S., Jas., Thos., fam.,

Green Man Inn, Erdington,

Greenaway, Geo., n

Greener, Wm., gun makers,

Greenfield House, Harborne,

Greenfield Rd.,

Greenfield St.,

Greenhow, Dr. - (fl. 1860),

Greenwood, Geo.,

Greet, manor windmill,

Greet Board Sch., and see schools

Greet Mill,

Greethurst, manor, n

Greethurst Mill, see Coldbath Mill

Gregg, T. Huband,

Grene, Ric.,

Grenfell, Geo.,

Grenfell and Accles,

Grent, John,

Grenville, Temple-Nugent-Brydges- Chandos-, Ric., Marquess of Chandos and D. of Buckingham (d. 1839),

Gresswold, Rob.,

Greswolde-Williams, J. F.,

Greville, Geo., Earl Brooke, E. of Warwick (d. 1816),

Grevis estate,

Grew, J. A.,

Grey, Elizabeth, Lady Grey of Rotherfield, see Plaunche; Geo. Harry, E. of Stamford (d. 1819),

Grice, Jos.,

Griffin, Cardinal Bern. W., n; Matthias,

Griffin's Brook,

Griffiths, G. O., Thos., - (fl. 1837),

Grimshaw, F. J., R.C. Abp. of Birm.,

Grocery Exchange, Newhall St.,

Groom, Tom,

Grosvenor Hotel, Edgbaston,

Grosvenor St. West mission room,

Grote, Geo.,

Grove, Hen.,

Grove La. Council Sch., mission,

Grubb, Edw., n

Grymesarwe, Adam de, John de (bro. of Adam), John de (son of Adam, d. c. 1360), Maud de, Sybil de, see Maidenhacche

'Guardians of the Standard of Wrought Plate in Birmingham',

Guest, Geo., J. E., boarding sch. of, Jas., T., Wm., fam.,

Guest and Co., South Wales,

Guest, Keen and Nettlefold,

Guest St.,

Guild of St. Matthew,

Guild of the Holy Cross,

Guildford St. chap. (Particular Bap.), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Guildhouse Ch., see Broad St. chap.

Gun Makers Assoc., of London,

Gunmakers Assoc.,

Gunn, Humph., n

Hacket, John, bp. of Lichfield,

Haddon, J.,

Haddon, Thos., and Stokes,

Hadley, Ben., Felix, Mary, Sar., Thos., fam.,

Hadley and Shorthouse, Eyre St. works,

Hadley Works, Stafford,

Hagley rd.,

Hagley Rd., mission,

Hagley Rd. Ch. (Bap.), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Hagley Rd. railway station,

Haigh, Dan., Harry,

Hale, W.,

Halesowen (Worcs.), par., Rector,

Halesowen Abbey,

Halesowen Rd.,

Halford Cycle Co.,

Hall, Emma, Marg., m. Wal. Bulstrode, n; Thos.,

Hall and Son, architects,

Hall Gn., chap. of ease, par., Roman Catholics, united Protestant services at, ward, n; Wesleyan chap. at, and see Ascension, Ch. of the, St. Peter's Ch.

Hall Gn. Chapel, see Ascension, ch. of the

Hall Gn. Hall, Yardley,

Hall Gn. Parochial Church Council,

Hall Gn. station,

Hall of Memory, Baskerville Ho. garden,

Hallam, Sleigh and Cheston, n

Hallens (Hollands), fam.,

Hammond, John,

Hammond, Turner & Son (fmly. John Turner),

Hampden Club, see Birm. Hampden Club

Hampton, n, ward,

Hamstead, Hen. of (fl. 1213), Thos. of (fl. 1250, 1293),

Hamstead, ham., manor, med. estate of, mills, vicar, see Wyrley, Wm. of; and see St. Paul's Ch.

Hamstead Bridge,

Hamstead Hall, see Wyrleys

Hamstead Mill, Old Walsall Rd.,

Hamstead Mill Farm,

Hamstead Rd. chap. (Bap.), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Hamstead Village Institute,

Hancock, Thos.,

Hands, Thos., - (fl. before 1794),

Hands, John, and Sons,

Handsworth, bridges, cemetery, charities, fire brigade, forge at, manor, market, nonconformists, n; par., churchwardens, local administration, Vestry, old town hall, population, rectors, and see Ainge (Jos.), Fulnetby, Oakes (John), Oakes (Thos.), Randall; Roman Catholics, n, convent sch., township, united Protestant services at, wards, and see St. Andrew's, Ch., St. James's Ch., St. Mary's Ch. (par. ch.), St. Michael's Ch., St. Peter's Ch.

Handsworth and Smethwick station,

Handsworth Bridge Trust,

Handsworth Cavalry,

Handsworth Grammar Sch., and see schools

Handsworth Heath,

Handsworth School Board, and see passim

Handsworth Turnpike,

Handsworth Urban District, Council,

Handsworth Wesleyan Theological College, Friary Rd.,

Handsworth Wood,

Handsworth Wood station,

Hansom, Chas., Jos. Aloysius,

Hansom, Thos.,

Harborne, as prebend of Lichfield, Baptists, chap. of ease, charities, manor, mun. housing estate, par., population, Rectors, and see Ganio; Roman Catholics, sewers, vicars, see Bayly, Garbett (John), Law (Jas. Thos.); vill., ward, workhouse, and see St. Faith and St. Laurence, Ch. of, St. John the Baptist, Ch. of, St. Peter's Ch. (par. ch.); see also Ridgeacre

Harborne chap. (Congregationalist),

Harborne Endowed Sch., and see schools

Harborne Hall, see Sisters of the Retreat of the Sacred Heart

Harborne Heath,

Harborne Heath chap. (Bap.),

Harborne Heath chap. (Wesleyan),

Harborne House, see Bishop's Croft

Harborne Manor,

Harborne (Cacock's) Mill,

Harborne Railway,

Harborne rd.,

Harborne Tenants Ltd.,

Harborne Terr., Harborne,

Harcourt, Anne de, m. Thos. de Erdington, Emma de, see Maunsel; Sir Hen. de, Marg. de, m. John de Pype, John de Saundrested, Sir Wm.,

Harcourt's Ltd.,

Harden (Harding), Judd,

Harding, see Harden

Hardman, John, Josiah,

Hardwick, Philip,

Hardy, Jas., patent forged axle of,

Hardy, Spicer and Co.,

Harford, Edwin,

Harker, - (fl. 1789),

Harney, Julian,

Harper, Ewen,

Harper, E. and J., architects,

Harris, John, n; Wm. (fl. 1790), Wm. (fl. 19th cent.), fam.,

Harris, L. G., brush makers, Stoke Prior,

Harris, Rice, Islington glass works of,

Harrison, Arthur, Hen., John, n

Harrison and Smith,

Harrison and Tracey,

Harrison (Birmingham) Ltd.,

Hart, W. H.,

Hart's Gn.,

Harvey, Geo., Sam., W. A.,

Hastings, Selina, Ctss. of Huntingdon,

Hatchford Brook,

Hatton, nr. Warwick,

Havergal Ho., Hatchett St.,

Hawke, T.,

Hawker, Isaac, glass house of, in Spiceal St.,

Hawker Siddeley Group Ltd., London,

Hawkes, Hen., J. H., Jacob, fam.,

Hawkes, O. C., mirror makers,

Hawkesley Farm, King's Norton, site of,

Hawkesley Farm housing estate,

Hawkesley Hall, King's Norton,

Hawkesley House, King's Norton,

Hawkesley (Tessall) Mill,

Hawkeslow, Ric. de,

Hawkins (or Fisher), Thos.,

Hawkins and Co.,

Hawkins and Hickling,

Hawkins, Thos. P., and Son,

Hawthorn Brook, mills on,

Hay, Marion de la, m. Thos. East, Wm. de la, and his w. Marion,

Hay Hall, Yardley,

Hay Mill,

Hay Mills, and see St. Cyprian's Ch.

Hay Mills mission chap.,

Haybarn, manor,

Haydon, W. F.,

Haynes, J. M., n

Hayward, Thos.,

Hazelwell, manor, and see St. Mary Magdalen, Ch. of

Hazelwell Mill,

Hazelwell station,

Hazlewell, Wm. de,

Headlam, Stewart,

Heath, Arthur, John, n; Wm.,

Heath (Cooper's, Woolley's) Mill (Deritend Forge, Deritend Mills),

Heath Mill La., temporary ch.,

Heath St., (Harborne), see High St., Harborne

Heath St. Mission,

Heathfield Hall, Handsworth,

Heathfield Rd.,

Heaton, Ralph,

Heaton St., Hockley, Salvation Hall, and see nonconformists: places of worship

Heaton's Mint, Icknield St.,

Hebrew National Sch., and see schools

Hector, Dr. Edm., ho. of, in Old Sq.,

Heeley, John, Ric.,

Heeley & Co.,

Hemlingford hundred,

Hen and Chickens, New St.,

Henderson, John, actor,

Heneage St. chap. (Particular Bap.), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Henley (Warws.),

Hennessey, N.,

Henry II, King,

Henry III, King,

Henry IV, King,

Henry VIII, King,

Henry VIII's College, see Christ Ch., Oxford

Hercules Cycle Co.,

Hereford, Vct., see Devereux (Sir Wal.)


Herschell, Sir Wm.,

Hetherington, Hen.,

Hevingham, Chris., Mary,

Hewitt, J. T.,

Hicks, Jane, of Chadwick (Worcs.),

Higgs, Wm.,

High Cross, see Old Cross

High Park St. Schs., mission room,

High St., debtors' prison,

High St. (Heath St.), Harborne,

High St. chap., Erdington (Bap.), minister, see Dawson (J. E.)

High-Speed Steel Assoc.,

High Wheel Mill, see Sarehole Mill

Highbury Hall, King's Norton,

Highbury Little Theatre, n

Highbury Pk.,

Highcroft Hall Mental Hosp. (fmly. Aston Union Workhouse),

Highfield Rd. Council Sch., and see schools

Highgate Pk.,

Highter's Heath,

Hildersham, Sam., n

Hill, Alfred, Dr. Alfred, B., Dan., Geo. (fl. c. 1678), Geo. (fl. 1792), n; Micaiah, fam.,

Hill Gn. Little Theatre, n

Hill St., head post office,

Hill St. mission room,

Hillary, Marg., w. of Sir Rog., Sir Rog. (d. 1356), Sir Rog. (d. 1400),

Hillel, Annie,

Hilton, Isabel, m. Wm. de Birm.,

Hinckesman, John,

Hinckley, Hen.,

Hinckley rd.,

Hinks, Ric., n

Hinks, Wells and Co.,

Hiorne, Dav., Wm.,

Hipkins, Mary,

Hipkiss, H., and Co.,

Hippodrome (Tivoli Theatre),

Hirons, Jas.,

Hobbiss, H. W.,

Hobson, John,

Hockley, English Sch. at, par. pound,

'Hockley Abbey',

Hockley Brook, mills on,

Hockley Heath,

Hockley Hill,

Hockley Hill chap. (Welsh Presbyterian), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Hockley station,

Hoddinott, Wm.,

Hodgehill Common,

Hodgett, Thos.,

Hodgetts, John, of Deritend, Nicholas, of Handsworth, Wm.,

Hol Brook (Perry Stream, Barr Brook), mills on,

Holborn Hill,

Holden, Arthur, Eliz., m. Rob. Massy, John, of Stourbridge (Worcs.) (d. 1759), John (fl. 1811), Humph. (d. 1601), Humph. (fl. 1662), Rob., Thos., fam., n

Holden, Arthur, & Sons,

Holder's Concert Hall, see Gaiety Music Hall

Holford, estate,

Holford Mill,

Holford Works,

Holiness missions,

Holinsworth, A. B., C. B.,

Holland, Hen., and Co.,

Holland House, London,

Holland House, Selly Oak,

Hollands, see Hallens

Hollier, Eliz.,

Hollins, Pet., Wm., fam.,

Hollis, Isaac, and Sons,

Holloway Head, Beth Hamedrash,

Hollymoor Hosp.,

Holme Pk.,

Holmes, Edw., Jas., Wm.,

Holt, A., of Kenilworth, W. F., and see Holte

Holt Brewery,

Holte, Aymer (Adelmare), Sir Chas. (fl. 1706), Sir Chas. (fl. 1770s), Edw., and his w. Dor., John atte (fl. 1327, 1352), John atte (fl. 1366), John (fl. 1390), John (fl. 1441), Sir Lister, Ragg Mill of, Margery, see Bagot; Margery, see Willington; Mary, Mary Eliz., m. Abraham Bracebridge, Sir Rob., n, Dame Sar., Sim., Thos. (fl. 1519), Thos. (fl. 1545), n; Thos. (d. 1654), Wal., Wm., and his w. Joan, Lady - (? a dowager, fl. 1725), fam.,

Holte's Mill, see Coldbath Mill

Holy Cross, ch. of the, Billesley Common, par.,

Holy Cross, Guild of the, see Guild of the Holy Cross

Holy Family, ch. and mission of, Small Heath (R.C.),

Holy Souls sch., Acock's Gn., and see schools

Holy Trinity Ch., Birchfield, par., Vicar,

Holy Trinity Ch., Bordesley, par., vicar, see Enraght

Holy Trinity Cricket Club,

Holy Trinity mission ch., Aston,

Holyhead rd.,

Holyoake, G. J.,

Homeland Missionary Soc.,

Hone, Wm.,

Honeyborne, Josiah,

Hook, Maria,

Hookham, Geo.,

Hooper, Thos.,

Hooper's Mill, see Aston Brook Mill

Hope, Hen., and Sons, Smethwick,

Hope Lodge (fmly. Kirkholme),

Hope St. Emmanuel Free Ch., minister, see Stanford (P.T.)

Hope St. Sch., and see schools

Hopkins, Jos., Satchell, n; Wm.,

Hopwas, Hen.,

Horse Close,

Horse Fair (fmly. Brick Kiln La.),

Horsfall, Jas., - (fl. 1891),

Horton, John, of Deritend, Joshua,

Hoskins and Sewell,

Hospital Saturday Fund,

Hospital St., almshouses,

Hospital Sunday Fund,


hospitals, and see under individual names (Birm. and Midland Eye, Children's, Dudley Rd., General Dispensary, General, Highcroft Hall Mental, Hollymoor, Jaffray, Maternity, Queen Elizabeth, Queen's, Sandwell Hall Mental, Selly Oak, West Heath, Winson Gn. Asylum, Yardley Rd.)

Hot Club,

Howard, John, prison reformer,

Howe, Earl, see Curzon

Howell, B., Wm.,

Howitt, T. Cecil,

Hoyland, J. W.,

Huddlestone, Anne, m. John Bowes, Lucy, m. John Brooke, Ric., and his w. Margery,

Hudson, J., and Co. (Whistles),

Huggeford, Rob.,

Hughes, Jas.,

Hughes Stubbs Metal,

Hughes-Johnson Stampings,


Hulle, John le,

Hulston, Jas.,

Hume, Jos., Radical leader,

Humphreys, Wm.,

Humphries, H.,

Hunt, Basil, Hen., Jos., P. J., Thos., Wm.,

Huntingdon, Ctess of, see Hastings

Hurd, John,

Hurst Mill,

Hurst St., synagogues in,

Hurstford Mill, see Old Forge Mill

Hussey, R. C.,

Hutchinson, Hen. H.,

Hutton, Cath., Hugh, Thos., Wm., historian, n, and amusements, and female labour, and friendly socs., and his fam., and religious groups, and riots, and trade, library of, memorial bust of, on fashion, on insanitary conditions, on roads, on street commissioners, social analysis by, windmill of, Wm. (fl. 1908),

Hutton's Windmill, Handsworth,

Huxley, Dor.,


Hyde, Edw., E. of Clarendon (d. 1674),

Hyndman, H. M.,

Icknield Port Rd. station,

Icknield St., see Rycknield St.

Iddens, Sam., (the younger), Sam. (the elder),

Iddesleigh, E. of, see Northcote

Ideal Benefit Society,

Ilene Works, Edgbaston,

Ilsley, Edw., bp. of Birm. (R.C.),

Immanuel, ch. of (Magdalen Chap.), Birm., par. and see St. Thomas's Ch., Birm.

Immanuel, ch. of, Highter's Heath,

Imperial Chemical Industries, and see Nobel Industries; (Metals Division), see Kynoch's

Imperial Economic Conference (1932),

Imperial Mills,

Imperial Theatre,

Impey, F.,

Incandescent Electric Lighting Co.,

Independent Labour Party,

Independents, chaps.,

Industrial and Commercial Finance Corporation,

Industrial Christian Fellowship, Training College, Weoley Pk. Rd.,

Infirmary Hospital, see Dudley Rd. Hosp.

Ingall, G., J.

Ingall and Hughes,

Ingall and Son,

Ingall, Parsons, Clive and Co.,

Inge, W. P., Wm., fam.,

Ingleton Rd.,

Ingram, Thos.,

Innes, D. P.,

Institute of Metals,

Institute of Scientific Research,

Institution of Mechanical Engineers,

International Bible Students' Assoc. see Jehovah's Witnesses

Ionic Plating Co.,

Ireland, immigration from, trade with,

Irish Meadow, Ward End,

Irish Sisters of Charity (St. Anne's Convent, Saltley),

Iron Plate and Braziers' Industrial Co-operative Soc.,

Isaac, Jos.,



Islington glass works, see Harris (Rice)

Italy, trade with,

Jabet, Ric.,

Jackson, Sir Barry, Geo., Jas., Ric.,

Jacobites, rebellion of riots,

Jaffray Hospital,

Jaguar Cars, Ltd., Coventry,

Jamaica Row, market,

James II, King,

James, Eliz., Emma, Harry, see James Cycle Co.; Howell, John Angell, Thos., - (fl. 1873),

James Cycle Co. (fmly. Harry James),

James, Jas., & Sons, Screw Manufactory, Bradford St.,

James, Son and Avery,


Japan, trade competition,

Jarrow Tube Co.,

Jeffreys, Geo.,

Jeffs, Wal.,

Jehovah's Witnesses (fmly. Watch Tower Bible and Tract Soc., and International Bible Students' Assoc.), meeting rooms,

Jenkins, W.,

Jenkinson, Rob. Banks, E. of Liverpool (d. 1828),

Jennens, Ambrose, Humph., John, Wm., Mrs. - (fl. 1781), fam.,

Jennens Row,

Jennings, John, Wm.,

Jephcote, Wm.,

Jerrom, Sam.,

Jessop, Wm., and Sons, Sheffield,


Jewellers' Assoc.,

Job Marston Chap., see The Ascension, ch. of

John St.,

Johnson, Edw., F. D., John, Rob. Aug., Sam., lexicographer, Gen. W. A.,

Johnson, Pinchin, group, n

Johnstone, Edw., home of,

Johnstone St. mission,

Joint Industrial Councils, see Whitley Industrial Councils

Jones, Aaron, Chas., Dav., Edw., John (fl. 18th cent.), John, of Smithcote, John Gale,

Jones, Smart & Co., Aston,

Jones's Coventry, Warwick and Birmingham Magazine,

Jordain, Wm.,

Jordan, Edw., Thos., - (fl. 1730),

Jorden, Widow,

Josiah Mason Orphanage, Erdington,

Joyner, Alice, see Bond; Mic.,

Joyner, Chas., and Co.,


Juggins, Ric.,

Jurdan, Thos., Wm.,