Index: K-Z

A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 7, the City of Birmingham. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1964.

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, 'Index: K-Z', in A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 7, the City of Birmingham, (London, 1964) pp. 583-598. British History Online [accessed 21 May 2024].

. "Index: K-Z", in A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 7, the City of Birmingham, (London, 1964) 583-598. British History Online, accessed May 21, 2024,

. "Index: K-Z", A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 7, the City of Birmingham, (London, 1964). 583-598. British History Online. Web. 21 May 2024,

Kalamazoo (Sales), Ltd.,

Kalamazoo Workers' Alliance,

Kaye, Anne, see Marrow; Sir Arthur,

Kean, Edm.,

Keble College, Oxford,

Keegan, A.,

Keen, Arthur,

Keep & Hinkley,

Keir, Jas.,

Kemble, Chas., John Philip,

Kemble, Sar., see Siddons

Kempson, Jas.,

Kendrick, Wm.,

Kenilworth rd.,

Kennedy, Rann,

Kenrick, Sir Geo., W. Byng,


Kent St. Baths,

Ketland, Thos.,

Ketland and Galton,

Ketley Colliery (Salop),

Kettle, John,

Kettle's Steel Houses,

Key Hill chap. (non-denominational),

Kidderminster rd.,

Kilcuppe (Field), Ric.,

Kilham, Alex.,

Kilkenny, Wm. de, bp. of Ely,

Kilmister, John, n

Kimberley, Lucy,

King, Dav., Edw., Greg., n; Jos., Capt. Rob. (fl. 1661), Rob. (d. c. 1718), fam.,

King Edward VI, Free Grammar Sch. of (Birm. Free Sch.), elementary (English) schs. of, n, governors, n, headmaster, see Evans (Chas.); Lower Middle schs. of, memorial chap., old buildings, and see King Edward's Foundation

King Edward VI's Grammar Sch., Aston, and see schools

King Edward VI's Grammar Sch., Camp Hill, and see schools

King Edward VI's Grammar Sch., Five Ways, and see schools

King Edward's Foundation,

King Edward's Rd.,

King St., theatre in,

King's Arms, Harborne,

King's College Chap., Cambridge,

King's Hall Little Theatre, n

King's Head, Harborne,

King's Heath, population (with King's Norton and Moseley), ward, and see All Saints' Ch.

King's Heath Chap. (Wesleyan),

King's Heath station,

King's Mill, see Pebble Mill

King's Norton, Baptists, charities, fairs, Friends at, inclosure, manor, Methodists, mills, market, par., n; par. administration, churchwardens, perpetual curate, see Hall (Thos.); poor relief, population, (with King's Heath and Moseley) Presbyterians, Puritans, Roman Catholics, n; vicars, vill., wards, and see St. Nicolas's Ch.

King's Norton [and Northfield] Urban District, Council,

King's Norton chap. (Particular Bap.),

King's Norton Council Secondary Schs., and see schools

King's Norton Girls' Grammar Sch., and see schools

King's Norton Metal Co.,

King's Norton School Board,

King's Norton station,

King's Norton Union,

Kingsbury, Wesleyan vill. mission, n

Kingsbury rd.,

Kingshurst Hall estate,

Kingsland Rd. Sch., and see schools

Kingsmead, Selly Oak,

Kingstanding, ward, n; and see St. Luke's Ch., St. Mark's Ch.

Kingstanding Rd.,

Kingston Row,

Kingswood, Presbyterian and Unitarian chap., minister, see Hobson

Kirby, Jas.,

Kirby, Beard and Co.,

Kirby's Pools,

Kirkholme, see Hope Lodge

Kirwan, Ric.,

Knight, Edw., of Wolverley (Worcs.), Hen., John,

Knightley, John, Mary, see Marrow

Knight's charity,

Knowle, Congregational ch.,

'Knyghton Court', Sedgley,

Kückler, C. H.,

Kunzle, C., Ltd.,

Kynnersley, Edw., John, and his w. Martha, Margery, see Bond

Kynoch, Geo.,

Kynoch Press,

Kynoch Town, estate and works on Ric. Thames,

Kynoch's (later I.C.I., Metals Divsion),

Labour Church Union,

labour exchanges,

Labour Party, and see Birm. Labour Ch.; Independent Labour Party

Labour Representation Committee,

Lacey, J. P.,

Lady Huntingdon's Connexion, see Methodists

Lady Mill, see Coldbath Mill

Lady Well,

Ladywood, ward, and see St. John the Evangelist, Ch. of, St. Margaret of Antioch, Ch. of,

Ladywood Rd., n,

Laight, John,

Lake Meadow,

Lakin, S.,

Lancaster, D. of, see Gaunt

Lancaster, Jos.,

Lancaster Railway Carriage Co.,

Lancasterian Free Sch., and see schools

Lanchester, F. W.,

Lanchester and Lodge, architects,

Lanchester Motor Co.,

Lander, Edwin, Wm.,

Landers, Barb.,

Lane, Edw., Hen., John, of Smethwick (fl. 1533), n, John (d. 1620), Lawrence, Thos., (Alane), Wm., fam.,

Lane's Mill, see Nether Mill

Langford, J. A.,

Langton, Steph., abp. of Canterbury,

Lapal, par., tunnel,

Lapwicke, John,


Latch & Batchelor, Ltd.,

Latham, Rebecca, Wm.,

Latimer, Geo. B.P.,

Latter-day Saints (Mormons), chaps., (Reorganized), chaps.,

Lauth, Bern.,

Law, Jas. Thos., n, Hon. Wm. Towry,

Lawden, J.,

Lawley, Francis, Sir Rob.,

Lawley St.,

Lawley St. station,

Lawrence St., corp. housing scheme,

Lawrence St. chap. (Southcottite),

Lawrence St. chap. (Unitarian), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Lea, Geo., Hen.,

Lea, N., and Son,

Lea Hall, Yardley,

Lea Hall estate,

Lea Hall station,

Lea mission room,

Leach, A. F., Chas.,

Leadbeater, Alfred,

Leamington, almshouses,

Leather Hall, New St.,

Leather Mill Pool,

Ledsam, Dan.,

Ledsam's, screw manufacturers, Edmund St.,

Lee, Jos., Thos., fam.,

Lee and Burman,

Lee Bank Rd.,


Legard, John,

Legge, Hon. Heneage, n, Wm., E. of Dartmouth (d. 1750), Wm., E. of Dartmouth (d. 1801), Wm., E. of Dartmouth (d. 1853), n

Legge St. chap. (Congregationalists), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Legge St. chap. (Wesleyan), and see nonconformists: places of worship


Leicester Arms (Freeth's Coffee Ho.), Bell St.,

Leicestershire, New Connexion of General Baptists,

Leitner, S.,

Leland, John,

Lench, Wm.,

Lench's Trust,

Lenton Priory, (Notts.), Prior,

Leopold St. mission room,

Lester, Thos., of London,

Lester and Pack, London,

Levett, Theophilus,

Lewis, John, Wm., Wm. Greatheed,

Ley Hill, corp. housing estate,

Liberal Catholics, Corporation St. meeting-room,

Liberal Club, (former)

Liberal Unionists,

Liberals, Party,


libraries, at Birm. and Midland Institute, at Mechanics' Institute, at People's Instruction Soc., public, see corporation: mun. undertakings

Lichfield, Thos. of (fl. 1199),

Lichfield (Staffs.), manor,

Lichfield, diocese, bps., (and see Hacket, Ryder, and bps. of Coventry and Lichfield), canons, see Fulnetby, Stafford (John de), chancellor, see Law (J. T.), dean and chapter,

Lichfield rd.,

Lichfield Rd. chap. (Wesleyan Meth.), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Lichfield St., workhouse,

Lichfield St. ragged sch. (Birm. Free Industrial Sch.), and see schools

Lichfield Turnpike,

Lickey Hills,

Lidbetter, H.,

Lifford, canal junction,

Lifford House,

Lifford La.,

Lifford (Dobbs) Mill,

Lifford Mills (G. R. Wilson's), King's Norton,

Lifford station,

Lightning Fasteners,

Limesey, Rob. de, bp. of Chester,

Lincoln Electric Co., Welwyn Garden City (Herts.),

Lindopp, -, inventor,

Lines, Sam., drawing academy of,

Linney, Jas., (the elder), Jas., (the younger),

Lisle, Vct., see Dudley (John)

Literary and Scientific Institute,

Little, Rob.,

Little Barr, John of, see Barr, John of

Little Barr, manor, and see Perry Barr

Little Bromwich, charities, manors, see Alum Rock, Ward End; township (Ward End) ward (with Saltley),

Little Cannon St., old fire station,

Little Cannon St. meeting-ho. (Unitarian), minister, see Little

Little Gn. La. Board (Council) Sch., and see schools

Little Hockley Pool,

Little Mill, see Sarehole Mill

Little Pk.,

Little Sisters of the Assumption, Edgbaston,

Little Sisters of the Poor, Harborne,

Littlehales, John,

Littler, Emile,

Littleton, E. J., Sir Edw., Marg. m. Sam. Marrow,

Liverpool, E. of, see Jenkinson


Liverpool (and Manchester) and Birmingham Railway,

Liverpool-Manchester Railway,

Liverpool rd.,

Livery St. chap. (Latter-day Saints), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Lloyd, Alice, Chas., Mrs. Elmira, Jas., Mary, Sampson (d. 1724), n, Sampson (d. 1779), Sampson S., Sam., Thos., fam.,

Lloyd and Harrison, Stourport (Worcs.),

Lloyd and Lloyd,

Lloyd and Summerfield, Park Glasshouse,

Lloyd's Slitting Mill, see Town Mill

Lobo, Jeronymo,

Lodge, Sir Oliver,

Lodge Hill cemetery,

Lombard St. chap. (New Connexion of General Baptists), and see nonconformists: places of worship; ministers, see Cheatle, Pike

London, assay office, see Goldsmiths' Hall Assay Office; communications with, emigration of workers to, immigrants from, industrial rivalry with, merchants and trade relations,

London, bp. of, see Compton (Hen.)

London Aluminium, Witton,

London and Birmingham Railway, Company,

London and North-Western Railway,

London Constitutional Soc.,

London-Midland Railway,

London Missionary Soc. of the Presbyterian Ch.,

London Small Arms Co.,

London Soc. for Constitutional Information,

London Working Men's Association,

Long, Geo., Hannah,

Long Moor,

Long Nuke Rd., corp. housing estate,

Longbridge, and see St. John the Baptist, Ch. of

Longbridge Mission, King's Norton,

Longbridge station,

Longdon (Staffs.), manor,

Longdon Hall, nr. Lichfield (Staffs.),

Longespee, Rog., bp. of Coventry and Lichfield,

Longueville, Eliz., see Roche; Geo., Ric.,

Lords Wood,

Lordswood Rd.,

Louis, H. T.,

Louis & Mier,

Lovegrove, H. W. W.,

Lovett, Wm.,

Lowe, Humph., of Coventry, John, library of, Thos.,

Lower Dartmouth St., locks,

Lower Meeting, Moor St., Deritend (Presbyterian),


'Loyal True Blues',

Lozells, ward, and see St. Paul's Ch., St. Silas's Ch.

Lozells St. Board Sch., and see schools

Lucas, J. P.,

Lucas, Jos., Ltd.,

Luckock, Jas.,


Ludford, Eliz., see Birmingham (fam.); Wm.,

Ludlow, E. & A., cartridge works,

Ludlow rd.,

Lunar Society,

Lundberg, A. P., & Sons, London,

Luvare (fl. before 1066),

Lyceum Theatre, see Alexandra Theatre

Lychefeld, Sim. de, and his w. Ellen,

Lyme Regis (Dorset),

Lyndhurst estate, Erdington,

Lyndon Gn., housing estate,

Lyndon Gn. Sch., and see schools

Lyndon, Joe,

Lysaght, John, of South Wales,

Lyric Cinema,

Lyttelton, Geo. Wm., Ld., Lyttelton (d. 1876),

Lyttleton, Edw.,

Maas Rd., Northfield, almshouses,

Macaulay, Thos. Babington,

McCarthy, E. F. M.,

McCulloch, John Ramsay,

McDonnell, T. M.,

Machin, John,

McIntyre, John, abp. of Birm. (R.C.),

Mackadown Farm, Sheldon,

Mackay, Chas.,

McKenna duties,

McKinley tariff,

Mackintosh, Chas., of Manchester,

Maconochie, Capt. -, governor of bor. gaol,

Macready, Wm. Chas., fam.,

Madan, Revd. - (fl. 1792),

Maddocks, Chas., S. W., n,

Madin, J. H. D.,

Magdalen Chap., see Immanuel

Magdalen College, Oxford,

Magdalen Home chap.,

Magdalen Home Trust,

Maidenhacche, Isabel de, see Mare; Joan de, m. John Daundely, John de, Marg. de, m. Wm. de Tendryng, Sybil de, m. Adam de Grymesarwe, Thos. de,

Major & Co.,

Malt (Moat) Mill,

Manchester, n, comparison with Birm.,

Manchester and Birmingham Railway,

Manchester Chamber of Commerce,

Manchester Commercial Soc., n

Manchester Constitutional Soc.,

Manchester Education Aid Soc.,

Manchester Screw Co., Manchester,

Manchester Union Soc.,

Mander, John,

Mange Plastics, Aston,

manors, and see under individual names

Mansell, Clara, Edw., Judith, Mary, Sar.,

Mansfield, Eliz., R.,

Mansfield College, Oxford,

Mantle, G. J.,

March, E. of, see Mortimer

Mare, Isabel de la, m. Thos. de Maidenhacche, John de la, of Garsington (Oxon.), n

Margetts and Addenbrooke,

Marist Brothers,

Market Hall, Bull Ring,

Market Hall ward,


Marks, G. C., of London,

Marmont and Taylor, Stroud,

Marriner, E. M.,

Marrow, Anne, m. Sir Arthur Kaye, Arabella, Edw., Eliz., see Whorwood; Marg., see Littleton; Mary, m. John Knightley, Sam. (fl. 1561), Sam. (d. 1636), Sam., (d. by 1686), Thos., Ursula, m. Rob. Wilmot,

Marsh, W., n

Marsh, Pet., House of,

Marshall, Isaac, John, W. P.,

Marston, John, Wolverhampton,

Marston Culey, in Bickenhill, manor,

Marston Gn., Congregational Ch.,

Marston Gn. Cottage Homes,

Marston Gn. Mental Hosp.,

Martin, S. J., Dr. S. W., W., - (fl. c. 1865),

Martin and Chamberlain,

Martindale, Ralph, and Co.,

Martineau, Sir Wilfred,

Maryvale (Old Oscott College), orphanage,

Mascall, Edw.,

Mason, B., John, Sir Josiah, and see Josiah Mason's Orphanage, and Mason's College; Sam.,

Mason, D., and Sons,

Mason, Josiah, pen manufacturers,

Mason's College, and see University

Masonic Temple, Broad St., see Engineering and Building Centre

Masshouse La., Franciscan ch.,

Massy, Bridget, see Arden; Eliz., see Holden; Hugh, John, Rob.,

Master Brass Founders Assoc.,

Masterman, J. H. B.,

Masterton, Jos., abp. of Birm. (R.C.),

Maternity Hospital, chap.,

Mathews, W. (the younger),

Matthews, Appleby, John, Wm.,

Maunsel, Emma, m. 1. Sir Hen. de Harcourt, Ric. de Pype, Wal., Wm. (fl. c. 1248), Wm. (? son of Wm., fl. 1248),

Maurice, Prince,

Maxey, Ant., Susan, see Poley

Maxstoke Priory,

Maxwell, Dr. - (fl. 1792),

Maypole estate,

Mechanics' Institute, see Birm. Mechanics' Institute

Mechanics' Institute movement, and see Birm. Mechanics' Institute

Medical Mission,

Medical School, see Queen's College

Medley's Mill, Bordesley,

Meeting Ho. Yard, Deritend, n

Mendelssohn, Felix,

Mercer, Alex. le, Geof. le (fl. 13th cent.), Geof. le (fl. 14th cent.), Hugh le, John le, Ric. le, Sim. le, Thos. le, Wal. le, of King's Norton, Wm. le, fam.,

Mercia, E. of, see Eadwin


Meriden Rural District,

Meriden Heath,

Meriden St., market,

Meriden St. (later Camp Hill) Sch. (King Edward VI elementary sch.),

Merry Hill,

Mersey, Riv.,

Messenger, Thos.,

Messenger and Sons,

Metal and Plastic Compacts, Ltd.,

Metal Sections, Oldbury,

Metal Window Assoc. (fmly. British Metal Window Manufacturers Assoc.),

Metallic Seamless Tube Co. (fmly. Metallic Tube and Flask Co.),

Metallic Tube and Flask Co., see Metallic Seamless Tube Co.

Metchley, in Edgbaston,

Metchley Abbey,

Metchley La.,

Methodist Central Hall, Corporation St., n, and see nonconformists: places of worship

Methodist chap. cttee.,

Methodist Conference (1953),

Methodists, and see Kingsmead; chaps., Bible Christian, Calvinistic, Calvinistic (Welsh Presbyterians), chaps., Lady Huntingdon's Connexion, chaps., New Connexion, Primitive, Temperance, Welsh Wesleyan, Wesleyan, (and see Wesleyan Education Cttee., Wesleyan Methodist Sunday Schs., Wesleyan Theological College), Central Mission, United Methodist Free Ch., United Methodists,

Metropolitan Amalgamated Railway Carriage and Wagon Co.,

Metropolitan Cammell Carriage and Wagon Co.,

Metropolitan Cammell Weyman Motor Bodies, Marston Gn. and Surrey,

Metropolitan Carriage and Waggon Co., Saltley,

Metropolitan Railway Carriage & Wagon and Finance Co., Saltley,

Metropolitan Railway Carriage, Wagon and Finance Co.,

Metropolitan Vickers Electrical Co.,

Miall, Edw.,

Michaelmas (Onion) fair,

Michel, John,

Middlemore, Humph., Isabel, w. of Thos., John, Marg., w. of Ric., Mary (d. 1686), m. Sir John Gage, Mary (fl. 18th cent.), Ric. (fl. 15th cent.), Ric. (d. 1647), Ric. (b. 1648), Rob., Thos., W., Wm., fam.,

Middlemore, Wm., saddlers,

Middlemore and Lamplugh,

Middlemore and Staplehall Estates Assoc.,

Middleton, E.,

Middleton Hall Farm, Northfield,

Middletons' Bedstead Co.,

Midland Bank (fmly. Birm. Banking sub Co.),

Midland Christian Union,

Midland Chronicle,

Midland Counties Railway,

Midland Electrical Manufacturing Co.,

Midland Employers' Mutual Assurance Co.,

Midland Evangelization Trust,

Midland Flint Glass Manufacturers,

Midland Institute, see Birmingham and Midland Institute

Midland Iron and Steel Wages Board,

Midland Nut and Bolt Manufacturers Assoc.,

Midland Political Unions,

Midland Productive Co-operative Tinplate Workers' Soc.,

Midland Railway Carriage and Wagon Co., Saltley,

Midland Railway Co.,

Midland Representative,

Midland Social Democratic Federation,

Midland Tar Distillers, Oldbury,

Midland Telephone Co. Ltd.,

Milan (Italy),

Miles St. mission room,

Milk St. mun. housing scheme,

Milkovich, Radovan,

Mill Farm, see Connop's Mill

Mill Inn, see Connop's Mill

Mill Pool Hill,

Mill Pool Hill Farm,

Millennians, see Birm. Millennians

Miller, Dr. John Cale, Wm., n

Millerite Second Adventists,

Millichamp, B.,

Millington, Thos.,

Millington, Thos., and Co.,

Millpool Hill, corp. housing estate,

Mills, Jas., Wal.,

mills, and see under individual names

Millward, Ezra, Wm.,

Millward, Wm., and Sons,


Minerva Inn, Peck La.,

Mining and Copper Co.,

Minor Theatre, Allison St.,

Minworth, Congregational ch., par., sewerage works,

Minworth Greaves,

Missions, Inter-Denominational and Undenominational,

Mitchell, Hen., John, Wm.,

Mitchell Cotts & Co., London

Mitchells and Butlers,

Moat Farm, Sheldon,

Moat House, manor ho. of Little Bromwich (Alum Rock),

Moat House Convent chap.,

Moat La.,

Moat Mill, see Malt Mill

Mockley, John,

Moilliet, J. L.,

Mole, E. E.,

Mole, -, coffin-furniture manufacturer,

Mole, Rob., and Sons,

Molyneux, Cecily, m. Hen. Fitz-herbert, John,

Mond fam.,

Mond, Brunner,

Mond Nickel Co.,

Monmouth St., tramway line,

Montacute (Montagu), John de, E. of Salisbury (d. 1400),

Montagu, John de (fl. 1204), John de (d. 1400), see Montacute

Montague St., market,

Montefiore, Claude,

Monument La. station,

Monument Rd., Ladywood, n

Monyhull Colony, King's Heath,

Monyhull Mission, King's Norton,

Moor End Gn.,

Moor Gn. (Farmon's) Mill,

Moor La., Baptist Sunday Sch.,

Moor Pool Hall,

Moor Pool La., see Ravenhurst Rd.

Moor St., gaol, Primitive Methodist meetings,

Moor St. chap. (Meth.), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Moor St. station,

Moore, John, Ric., n; T. J., Thos., fam.,

Moore, Paul, & Co.,

Moore, W. H., & Sons,

Mordaunt, Sir Chas., Sir John,

Morgan, Wm.,

Morland and Impey,

Mormons, see Latter-day Saints

Morning Chronicle,

Morris, Wal., Wm., artist,

Morris Motors, Oxford,

Mortimer, Rog., E. of March (d. 1330),

Moseley, and Civil War, n chap. of ease, charities, perpetual curate, see Cooper (Jos.); (with King's Norton and King's Heath), population, Presbyterian chap. at, ward, and see St. Agnes's Ch., St. Anne's Ch., St. Mary's Ch.

Moseley Boys' Grammar Sch., and see schools

Moseley rd.,

Moseley Rd. and Highgate Place mission room,

Moseley Rd. Board Sch. and see schools

Moseley Rugby Football Club,

Moseley station,

Moseley St. chap. (Wesleyan), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Moss, W.,

Moss Empires,

Motor Trade Assoc.,

Moundesley, King's Norton, mill,

Mouner, Thos. le,

Mount Pleasant, see Ann St.

Mount Zion Chap. (Bap.), Graham St., ministers, see Burnet, Dawson (Geo.)

Mountford, Fred., (Birmingham), Ltd.,

Mountfort fam.,

Moyse, Geo.,

Mulliner, H. H., coachbuilders,

Municipal School of Art, see Birm. Sch. of Art

Municipal Technical Sch., n,

Muntz, G. F., and see Muntz's metal; P. F., P. H.,

Muntz, G. & P., Water St. rolling mill,

Muntz Metal Co. Ltd., Smethwick,

Muntz's metal,

Munro, Alex., sculptor,

Murdoch, Wm.,

Murdock, John,

Murphy, Wm.,

Murray, J.,

Museum of Science and Industry (fmly. Elkington's electro-plating works),

Musgrave, Chris.,

Myattx, W. J., and Co.,

Naden, T.,

Nag's Head Inn,

Nantwich (Ches.),

Napier, Col. Wm.,

National Arms and Ammunition Co.,

National Assoc. for the Promotion of Social Science,

National Assoc. for the Protection of Trade Marks and Designs in Foreign Countries,

National Brassfoundry Assoc.,

National Charter Assoc.,

National (Chartist) Convention,

National (Chartist) Petition,

National Conference on Christian Politics, Economics and Citizenship,

National Co-operative Congress,

National Council of Social Services,

National Education League,

National Educational Union,

National Equitable Labour Exchange (Birmingham branch),

National Galvanized Sheet Assoc. (fmly. Galvanized Iron Trade Assoc.),

National Institute of Industrial Psychology, see Youth Employment Service

National Liberal Federation,

National Light Castings Assoc.,

National Public Schools Assoc., Birm. branch,

National School, Pinfold St., and see schools

National Society,

National Telephones Co.,

National Tube Co., Halesowen,

National Union of Conservative Associations,

National Union of Gasworkers and General Labourers,

National Union of Manufacturers,

National Union of Teachers: Birm. and District Assoc.,

National Union of Working Classes,

Natural History and Microscopical Soc.,

Navigation Inn,

Navigation Office,

Nechells (Echelles), as part of mun. bor. of Birm., charities, local authorities taken over by Birm. corp., manor, mills, and see Benton's Mill, 'Nechells Mills', Nechells Pk. Mill, 'Nechells Rolling Mill'; poor law administration, R.C. cemetery at, R.C. chap. (later ch.) at, ward, and see St. Catherine's Ch., St. Clement's Ch.; see also Duddeston and Nechells

'Nechells Mills',

Nechells Pk., slitting mill,

Nechells Pk. Mill (on Hockley Brook), see Benton's Mill

Nechells Pk. (Park) Mill (on Rivs. Rea and Tame),

'Nechells Rolling Mill',

Nechells Gn., chap. (Wesleyan),

Needwood Forest (Staffs.),

Nether Mill (later Lane's, Ashford's, Goode's Mill, and Witton Forge),

Netherton tunnel,

Nettlefold, J. S., fam.,

Nettlefold and Chamberlain, Smethwick,

Neusdadt & Barnett,

Neville Industrial Securities,

New Adelphi Theatre, see New Theatre, Moor St.

New Bridge,

New Cock Pit, Coleshill St.,

New Conveyer Co., Smethwick,

New Credenda Tube Co.,

New Hall, estate,

New Hall La., see Colmore Row

New Hudson Cycle Co.,

New Jerusalem British Sch., and see schools

New Jerusalem Ch., see Sweden-borgians

New John St.,

New John St. West,

New John St. West chap. (Wesleyan, Primitive Meth.), and see nonconformists: places of worship

New Market Hall, King's Norton,

New Meeting, Moor St. (Presbyterian and Unitarian meeting-ho.), ministers, see Edwards (John), Jones (Dav.), Priestley (Jos.), Sunday schs., Teachers' Soc., as St. Michael's R.C. ch.,

New Meeting St.,

New Mill, see Upper Mill

New Oscott, see Oscott College

New Oscott Rd., School Room Mission,

New St., n,

New St. police station,

New St. station,

New St. theatre, see Theatre Royal

New Summer St., chap. (Anglican), schoolroom licensed for worship,

New Theatre, Moor St. (fmly. Amphitheatre, New Theatre Royal, New Adelphi, Royal Grecian Theatre),

New Theatre (Tonk's Colosseum,Bingley Hall),

New Theatre Royal, see New Theatre, Moor St.

New Town Row,

New Walsall Rd.,


Newcomen steam engines,

Newdigate, Sir Ric., of Arbury, Sir Rog.,

Newhall Hill,

Newhall La. Friends' meeting-ho., and see nonconformists: places of worship

Newhall St.,

Newhall St. chap. (Catholic Apostolic Ch.), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Newhall St. ch. (Presbyterian) ('Scotch ch.'),

Newhall St. mission ch.,

Newhall St. Zion Chap. (Particular Baptists), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Newman, Ernest, music critic, Card. John Hen.,

Newman, Wm., and Sons,

Newport (Mons.),

Newport Pagnell, priory of, see Tickford

News Theatre,

Newton, W. H.,

Newton, L. H., & Co.,

Newton End, hamlet at,

Newton St.,

Newton-le-Willows (Lancs.),

Newton Regis,

Newtown Row chap. (Wesleyan), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Nicholls, John,

Nichols, Sir Edw., of Faxton (Northants.),

Nicol & Nicol,

Nobel Dynamite Trust,

Nobel Explosives Co., see Nobel Industries Ltd.

Nobel Industries Ltd. (later I.C.I. and fmly. British Dynamite Trust, Nobel Explosives Co., Explosives Trades Ltd.),

Noel, Sir And.,

Nokes, Wm.,

Nonconformist, The ,

Nonconformists, and see under denominations; and education, passim; and parliamentary reform, and Priestley riots, places of worship, for histories of individual places of worship see under relevant denomination in alphabetical lists pp. and under name of chapel for references elsewhere in the volume

'Non-Electors' Testimonial Cttee.',

Norman Cycle Co., Ashford (Kent),

North British Locomotive Co., Glasgow,

North Midland Railway,

North Wales rd.,

Northcote, Sir Stafford Hen., E. of Iddesleigh (d. 1887),

Northfield, manor, manor court, mills, nonconformists in, n; par., population, Roman Catholics, n; vill., wards, workhouse, and see St. Laurence's Ch.

Northfield Institute,

Northfield (Cotterell's) Mill,

Northfield station,

Northfield Union,

Northfield Urban District Council,

Northumberland, D. of, see Dudley (John)

Norton, Ld., see Adderley; Chas., Ric.,

Norton St. Board Sch., and see schools

Norwich Union Insurance Co., engine ho. in Congreve St.,

Norwood, John,

Nott, Hen.,


Nuneaton rd.,

Nut and Bolt Makers' Union,

Nutt, Fr., of Edgbaston,

Nye, Nat., n

Oakes, John, Thos.,

Oblates of Mary Immaculate,

O'Brien, Jas. Bronterre, n,

O'Connell, Dan.,

O'Connor, Feargus,

Offlow hundred (Staffs.),

Old and New Meeting Brotherly Society, see Birm. Brotherly Soc.

Old Cross (High Cross),

Old Forge (Hurstford) Mill, Sandwell or Forge La.,

Old Meeting, Phillip St. (later Old Meeting House St.) (Unitarian and Presbyterian meeting-ho.), minister, see Coates; Sunday schs.,

Old Meeting Ch., Bristol St., minister, see Thomas (Lloyd)

Old Oscott, hamlet at, and see Maryvale

Old School Hall, Coplow St.,

Old School mission, King Edward's Rd.,

Old Squarex (the Square), assembly room,

Old Wharf, Broad St.,

Oldacre, Eliz.,

Oldaker, W. and J. H., Ltd., Smethwick,

Oldbury (Salop.),

Oldbury (Worcs.),

Oldbury Railway Carriage Co.,

Oldemill, see Wodemill

Olds, M. and S., library of, in Suffolk St.,

Oliver, spy, see Richards (W. J.)

Oliver, Thos.,

Olton, Roman Catholics,

O'Neill, Arthur, Eliza,

Onion Fair, see Michaelmas fair

Oozells St. Board Sch. (later Geo. Dixon Higher Grade Sch.), and see schools

Openheimer, Alex. B.,

Operative Wire Drawers,

Opnaim, see Oppenheim

Oppenheim (Opnaim), Meyer, Nat.,


Oratorio Choral Society, see Festival Choral Soc.

Oratory of St. Philip Neri, Alcester St., later at Edgbaston, Ch. of the Immaculate Conception,

Oratory R.C. Sch., and see schools

Oratory Sch. (boys' public sch.),

Order of the Cross, Sanctuary Rooms,

Orders in Council,

Orford and Nash, architects,

Ormonde, E. of, see Butler

Osborn, F. B., Hen.,

Osborn and Reading, architects,

Osborne, F. J., Hen., J. P., Wm., - (fl. 1820), bookseller,

Osborne Rd. Sch., and see schools

Osbourne, Thos.,

Oscott, mills, Roman Catholics at, and see, Maryvale, Old Oscott, Oscott College

Oscott (St. Mary's) College, New Oscott, and see Maryvale; President of, and see Wiseman

O'Shaughnessy, W. F.,

Osler, A. C., Thos. H.,

Osler, F. & C., Broad St. Glass Works,

Osmond Cycle Co.,

O'Sullivan, Canon Michael,

Othen, Sim.,

Our Lady and St. Brigid, ch. and mission of, Northfield (R.C.),

Our Lady and St. Rose, ch. and mission of, Weoley Castle (R.C.),

Our Lady and St. Rose Primary Sch., Weoley Castle, and see schools

Our Lady Help of Christians, mission of, Stechford (R.C.),

Our Lady of Compassion, convent, Acock's Gn., later at Olton,

Our Lady of Fatima, ch. and mission of, Maypole (R.C.),

Our Lady of Fatima, ch. and mission of, Quinton (R.C.),

Our Lady of Lourdes, mission of, Yardley Wood (R.C.),

Our Lady of the Rosary and St. Teresa of Lisieux, ch. and mission of, Saltley (R.C.),

Outmoor Farm, Sheldon,

Over (Edgbaston Rolling) Mill,

Over Mill (later Fitter's, Brown's, Brooke's Mill),

Over Whitacre,

Overdale, Selly Oak (Chs. of Christ Theological College),

Overend and Gurney, n

Overton, see Water Orton

Owen, Rob., socialist and philan-thropist, Owenite Socialists,

Owen's bureau (labour exchange),

Oxford Canal,

Oxford Rd. chap. (Bap.), Moseley, and see nonconformists: places of worship

Oxford St. chap. (Congregational), and see nonconformists: places of worship; minister, see Harker

Oxford St. chap. (Meth. New Connexion), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhamp-formists: places of worship

Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway Co., see Great Western Railway


Oxygen St.,

Paddington (London),

Page, W., - (fl. before 1885),

Paget, Chas. Hen. Alex., Marquess of Anglesey (d. 1947), Thos., Ld. Paget (d. 1590), Sir Wm. (fl. 16th cent.), fam.,

Paget Rd. Council Sch., and see schools

Paine, Thos.,


Palladye, Ric.,

Palmer, J. H., John, John A.,

Palmer, John, & Sons, tool works of,

Palmerston, Lord, see Temple

'Pantechnatheca' (General Repository of Art), New St.,

'Paper Mill Bank',

'Paper Mill Meadow', n

Paradise St., post office, Old Wharf,

Paradise St. chap. (Congregational),

Paradise St. chap. (Lady Hunting-don's Connexion), and see nonconfornists: places of worship

Pare, Wm.,

Parham, Ld. Willoughby de, n

Park Farm, Handsworth,

Park Glasshouse, Birm, Heath, see Lloyd and Summerfield

Park Hall, Castle Bromwich,

Park La., Handsworth,

Park La, schoolroom,

Park Mill (on Hockley Brook), see Benton's Mill

Park Mill (on Rivs. Rea and Tame), see Nechells Pk. Mill

Park Rd., Moseley, synagogue in,

Park Rd. Mission, see St. Chrysostom's Mission

Park St., almshouses, R.C. chap. (mission),

Parker St., mission room,

Parkes, Alex., Dor., Eliz., see Priestley; Jos., Thos.,

Parkinson, Jas.,

Parles, Alice de, m. Sir Geo. de Castello, Alice de, Agnes de, John de, Osbert de, Pain de, Reynold de, Sim. de, Wm. de (d. by 1227), Wm. de (d. 1279), fam.,

parliamentary reform,

parliamentary representation, and see Birm. M.P.s: Attwood (Thos.), Bright, Chamberlain (Jos.), Muntz (G. F.), Scholefield (Joshua and Wm.), Spooner (Ric.)

Parr, Hen., Dr. Sam.,

Parson, A., and Sons,

Parsonage, The,

Parsonage House,

Parsons, C. A., John,

Parsonsx, C. A., & Co., Newcastle-on- Tyne,

Parva Barr, see Perry Barr


Patent Borax Co.,

Patent Butted Tube Co.,

Patent Enamel Co., Selly Oak,

Patent Metallic Airtight Coffin Co.,

Patent Nut and Bolt Co., Smethwick,

Patent Shaft and Axletree Co., Wednesbury (Staffs.), n,

Paul, Lewis,

Paynel, Fulk, Gervase, Hawise, m. John de Somery, Ralph, Rob.,

Payton, Mrs. B.,

Peake, Geo. (d. 1830), Geo. (d. 1879),

Peale, Hen.,

Pearce, Sam.,

Pearl Button and Stud Workers' Protection Soc.,

Pearsall, Thos.,

Pearson, Geo., J. L.,

Peart, Ric., library of,

Pebble (King's, Benson's) Mill,

Peche, Ric., bp. of Coventry,

Peck La.,

Peck La. chap. (Welsh Prebyterian), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Pedley, J. L.,

Peel, John, Dean of Worcester, Sir Rob., V. S.,

Pel, of Oldbury,

Pemberton, John, Jos., Rog., Thos., n fam.,

Penns Mill, Sutton Coldfield,

Penny Savings Bank,

Pentland, J. G.,

People's Chap. (Particular Bap.), Gt. King St., and see nonconformists: places of worship

People's Charter,

People's Hall of Science,

People's Instruction Soc.,

Pepwell, Edw., n

Perero, Augurio,

Perfect, - (fl. 1886),

Perfecta Tube Co., Aston,

Periam, Herb. W., Screw-makers,

Perkins, A. E.,

Perowne, John Jas. Stewart, bp. of Worcester,

Perrot, John,

'Perrot's Folly', Ladywood,

Perry, Alice of, w. of Philip, Hen. of (fl. 1333), Hen. of (another), Hugh of, Jas., of London, John of, Isolda of, w. of Ric., Marion of, w. of Phil., Phil. of, Ric. of (d. by 1303), Ric. of (fl. 1340), Wm. of (fl. 13th cent.), Wm. of (fl. 1333),

Perry, see Perry Barr

Perry & Co.,

Perry (Little, Pury, Parva) Barr (Perry), charities, churchwardens, locks, manor, mills, population, Roman Catholics, sewer, township, ward, and see St. John the Evangelist, Ch. of

Perry Barr Literary Institute,

Perry Barr (Perry) Common,

Perry Barr station,

Perry Barr Turnpike,

Perry Barr Urban District,

Perry Beeches, housing estate, and see St. Matthew's Ch.

Perry Bridge,

Perry Chain Co.,

Perry Common, see Perry Barr Common

Perry Hall, manor and manor ho.,

Perry Hall Playing Fields,

Perry Mill,

Perry Pk.,

Perry Smithy, Perry Barr,

Perry Stream, see Hol Brook

Perry Wood Brook, mills on,

Perryman, Eliza,

Pershore, John de,

Pershore rd., synagogue in,

Peshale, Sir Adam, Joyce, see Botetourt

Peter (fl. 11th cent.),

Peter (de Birmingham) the steward,

Peterloo massacre,

Petty, Lady Sophia, Ctss. of Shelburne, see Cartaret; Sir Wm., E. of Shelburne (d. 1805), n,

Philharmonic Assoc.,

Phillips, John, Rob., Thos., Wal., fam.,

Phillips, J. A., and Co., Smethwick,

Phillips' Mill, Mr., see Aston Brook Mill

Philosophical Institution, see Philosophical Soc.

Philosophical Soc. (Institution),

Phipson, John, Thos. Hen., fam.,

Phipson's factory in Broad St.,

Phosphor Bronze Co.,

Piccadilly, Wesleyan village mission, n

Pickard, Jas.,

Pickering, - (fl. 1769),

Pickford, Jos.,

Pickwick Club (cricket),

Picture Theatre, Handsworth,

Piddock, Eliz., see Cowper; Wm.,

Pig Mill (Pig Mill Forge),

Pig Mill Forge, see Pig Mill

Pigott St. Sch., see Bath Row Sch.

Pike, E. C.,

Pinfold St., n; head post office, mission,

Pinley, Ric.,

Pinson, Wm.,

Pitt, Wm., the younger,

Pitt Club,

Place, Francis,

Plant, Green and Manton,

Plants Brook (Ebroc), mills on,

Plants Brook Forge, Sutton Coldfield,

Plasterers' Union,

Plaunche, Eliz. de la, m. 1. John de Birmingham, Rob., Lord Grey of Rotherfield, John, Lord Clinton, Sir John Russell, Kath., de la, m. 1 Wm. de Birmingham, -, Sir Bern. Brocas,

Playfair, Dr. Lyon,

Playne and Lacey, architects,

Plevins, T.,

Plough and Harrow, Edgbaston,

Plume Works, Aston,

Plymouth, E. of, see Archer (Oliver)


Poley, Eliz., see Arden; Susan, m. Ant. Maxey, Sir Wm., of Boxstead Hall (Suff.),

Pollock, Thos.,

Polton, Wm.,

Polytechnic Institution,

poor law,

Poor Sisters of Nazareth, Selly Pk. and Rednal,

population, passim, and see under districts; occupational groupings of,

Porchester St. mission room,

Porter, Edw., G. R., Hen., and his w. Sar., Jas., Rob., Sam.,

Porter's blade mill, see Town Mill

Portland Rd.,

Portugal, trade with,

Porveur (Purveur), Ralph le, Wm. le,

Potter, H. V., Jos., of Lichfield,

Potter St. mun. housing scheme,

Potts, Thos.,

Poulton, W. F., of Reading,

Poulton and Woodman, of Reading,

Powell, J. H., John, Thos.,

Prattie, John,

Precision Alloy Castings (Birmingham),

Preedy, F.,

Prentice, Archibald,

Presbyterian Board,

Presbyterians, chaps. (Presbyterian Ch. of in England, Presbyterian Ch. of England, United Presbyterian Ch.), meeting-hos. (Presbyterian, Unitarian, Free Christian), Welsh, see Methodists, Calvinistic

Price, Godith, see Arden; Herb., John, T. G., Theo., Dr. - (fl. 1791), fam.,

Price and Saveker Ltd.,

Priest, Thos., & Sons,

Priestley, Eliz., m. Jos. Parkes, Jos., and Birm. Old Library, and Lunar Soc., and parliamentary reform, and repeal of Test and Corporation Acts, Wm.,

Priestley riots,

Prince Eugene, Worcester St.,

Prince of Wales Theatre, Broad St., (fmly. Royal Music Hall Operetta Ho.),

Prior's Conigre La., see Steelhouse La.

Priory (Colebrook Priory) Mill, n

Procter, Avery & Wood,

proof-house, Banbury St., Guardians,

Protestant Dissenting Charity Sch. for Girls, and see schools

Protestant Laymen's Assoc.,

Proud, F. T.,

Provincial Telephone Co. Ltd.,

public health,

Public Office, Moor St., council chamber at, gaol attached to,

Pugin, A. W. N., E. W.,


Purveur, see Porveur

Purry Barr, see Perry Barr

Pype, Emma de, see Maunsel; Hen. de, John de, Marg. de, see Harcourt; Margery de, Ric. de (fl. c. 1303, 1323), Ric. de (fl. after 1353), Thos. de, Abbot of Stonleigh,

Pype (Pype Hall), manor, manor ho. (later Wood End Ho.),

Pype Hall, see Pype

Pype Hayes, and see St. Mary's Ch.

Pype Hayes Hall (House), Pype Hayes Pk.,

Pype Hayes Pk.,

'Pype Orchard', site of Pype (Pype Hall) manor ho.,

Pyworthy (Devon),

Quakers, see Friends, Soc. of,

Queen Elizabeth Hospital (fmly. Birm. United Hosp.), Edgbaston,

Queen Elizabeth Sch. of Nursing,

Queen's (Accident) Hospital (later incorporated in Birm. United Hosp., named Queen Eliz. Hosp.), chap.,

Queen's College (fmly. Medical School, later Birm. Royal School of Medicine, later Queen's Faculty, University of Birm.), chap. (St. James's),

Queen's College Chambers, Clerical Library,

Queen's Theatre (Star Music Hall),


Queslett Rd.,

Quinton, (The), cemetery, par., population, and see Christ Ch., St. Boniface's Ch.

Quinton Hall,

Raby, Anne, John,

Rackhams' store, Coporation St.,

Raddlebarn La. Council Sch., and see schools

Radford, Wm.,

Radical Reform League,


Rag Fair,

Ragg, Geo.,

Ragg Mill,

Railway Gospel Mission,


'Rainwater' agreements (1933),

Raleigh Industries, Nottingham,

Randall, W.,

Randolph, Leo,

Ranns' Yard,

Raspe, R. E.,

Ravenhurst Rd. (Moor Pool La.),

Ravenhurst St., almshouses,

Rawsthorne, John,

Raymond, Oliver,

Rayner of Florence, prebendary of Gaia Minor,

Rea, John,

Rea, Riv. and valley, crossings, mills on, sewers,

Rea St. South Board Sch., and see schools

Reciprocity League, in Birm.,

Red Lion, debating soc. at,

Redd, Wm.,

Redditch (Worcs.),

Redemptorists, Erdington Abbey,

Redevelopment Areas,

Redfern, Wm.,

Redhill, Thos.,

Redhill Board Sch., and see schools


Rednal Mill, Rednal Elde, King's Norton,

Redruth (Corn.),

Redvers, Marg. de, see FitzGerold

Rees, Verner, Lawrence and Mitchell, architects,

Reeves, Chas., R. G.,

Reeves, Chas., rifle and sword makers,

Reform Bill (1832),

Reform Bill and Act (1867),

Reform League,

Reformed Episcopal Ch.,

Reformers' Union,

Regional Board for Industry,

Rendel Harris Reference Library, Selly Oak,

Renold Chains Ltd., Coventry,



Revolution of 1688,

Reynolds, E. F., H. H., J., Wm.,

Reynolds, John, and Sons,

Reynolds Tube Co.,

Rhodes, Matilda,

Rhythm Club,

Richard I, King,

Richards, Edw., W. J., alias Oliver, Wm., (fl. c. 1727), Wm. (fl. 19th cent.),

Richards, Westley, Arms and Ammunition Co.,

Richardson, W. (surgeon), Wm. (schoolmaster),

Rickman, Thos.,

Rickman and Hutchinson, architects,

Ricoard (fl. 1086),

Ride, John, of Darlaston,

Ridell, Emily,

Ridgacre, Quinton, Methodist Chap.,

Ridgeacre, Harborne,

Ridgeacre Rd., almshouses,

Ridout, Jeremiah,

Riland, John,

Riley, Wm.,

Rivers, Baldwin de, Marg. de, see FitzGerold; fam.,

roads, maintenance,

Robert (fl. 1086),

Roberts, Cath., Francis, J., Rob.,

Robertson, W. H. A., & Co.,

Robin Hood Free Debating Soc., see Free Debating Soc.

Robins, Josiah Y.,

Robinson Brothers,

Roche, Eliz., see Birmingham (fam.); Eliz. m. Geo. Longueville, Ellen, m. Sir Edm. Ferrers, Ld. Chartley, Thos.,

Roebuck, Dr. John,

Rogers, Canon Guy, John, martyr (d. 1555), John (fl. 18th cent.), n

Rokeby, Anabel de, m. 1. Sir John Gobaut, John Brown of Burbage (Leics.), Hen. de, Ranulf de,

Rollason, Abel, Jas., fam.,

Rollason Wire Co.,

Roman Catholics, and Irish immigrants, n; archdiocese of Birm., abps., see Grimshaw, Ilsley, McIntyre, Masterton, Williams (T. L.); diocese of Birm., bps., see Ilsley, Ullathorne; missions and churches since 1786, religious houses, schools, passim

Romsley Hall Sanatorium,

Rookery Rd.,

Room, Geo.,

Roper, W. H.,

Rose, John, Mrs. - (fl. 1833),

Rose Copper Co.,

Rotax Motor Accessories,

Rotheram, Rob., see Rotherham; Wm.,

Rotheram and Bedford, n

Rotherham, Edw., (Rotheram), Rob.,

Rotton, Abraham, Martha, Rob.,

Rotton Pk., reservoir, ward,

Rotton Pk. station,

Round, Jane,

Roundabout houses,


Rowley Regis (Staffs.), manor,

Rowntree, John Wilhelm,

Royal Africa Co.,

Royal Commission on Canals and Inland Waterways (Shuttleworth Commission),

Royal Commission on Friendly Societies (1874), report of,

Royal Commission on Monopolies and Restrictive Practices (1951),

Royal Exchange Assurance Co.,

Royal Grecian Theatre, see New Theatre, Moor St.

Royal Hotel, Temple Row,

Royal Institution for the Blind, Birm.,

Royal Music Hall Operetta House, see Prince of Wales Theatre

Royal Society of Arts,

Royal Sewing Machine Co.,

Rubber Manufacturing Co., see Dunlop Rubber Co.

Rubery (Worcs.),

Rubery County Sch., and see schools

Rubery Hill, mental hosp.,

Rudge Whitworth, Coventry and Birmingham,


Rugeley, Nic. and his w. Edith,

Ruggeley, Wm.,

Rupert, Prince,

Rushall (Staffs.),

Ruskin Buildings, Corporation St.,

Ruskin Hall, see Bournville village

Russell, Ld. John, E. Russell (d. 1878), Eliz., see Plaunche; Jos., Wm.,

Russia, trade with,

Ruston, Edw., John, Tanyard of, Deritend, Jonathan, Susannah,

Rutter, Thos.,

Ryan's Amphitheatre (Circus Chap.),

Rycknield (Icknield) St.,

Ryder, Hen., bp. of Lichfield,

Ryder St., corp. housing scheme,

Ryland, Jas., Louisa Ann, Sam., factory of, New St., Thos. H., Will, Miss - (fl. c. 1865), of Warwick, fam.,

Sacheverell, Dr. Hen.,

Sackville, Thos., n

Sacred Heart and Holy Souls, ch. and mission of, Acock's Gn. (R.C.),

Sacred Heart and St. Margaret Mary, ch. and mission of, Aston (R.C.),

St. Agatha's Ch., Sparkbrook, par.,

St. Agnes's Ch., Cotteridge, par.,

St. Agnes's Ch., Moseley, par.,

St. Agnes's Convent, see Dominican Nuns of Stone

St. Aidan's Ch., Small Health, par.,

St. Alban the Martyr, Ch. of, Bordesley, mission ho., par., vicar,

St. Ambrose's Mission Ch., see St. Mary and St. Ambrose

St. Andrew's Ch., Bordesley, par.,

St. Andrew's Ch. (fmly. Good Shepherd mission ch.), Hands-worth, par.,

St. Andrew's College, Selly Oak,

St. Andrew's Mission Ch., Stechford,

St. Andrew's mission room, New John St.,

St. Anne's Ch., and Mission, Alcester St.,

St. Anne's Ch., Duddeston, par.,

St. Anne's Ch., Moseley, par.,

St. Anne's Convent, Alcester St. and Lowe St., see Sisters of Mercy

St. Anne's Convent, Saltley, see Irish Sisters of Charity

St. Anne's Sch., Alcester St., and see schools

St. Anthony's Home, Bath St.,

St. Asaph's Ch., Birm., par.,

St. Augustine's Ch., Edgbaston, par.,

St. Augustine's Ch., Handsworth (R.C.),

St. Augustine's Sch., Handsworth, and see schools

St. Austin's chap., Shadwell St. (R.C.),

St. Barnabas's Ch., and Mission, Balsall Heath, par.,

St. Barnabas's Ch., Birm., par.,

St. Barnabas's Ch., Erdington, par.,

St. Bartholomew's Ch., Allen's Cross, par.,

St. Bartholomew's Ch., Birm., charities, par.,

St. Bartholomew's Ch., Edgbaston, par.,

St. Bartholomew's ward,

St. Basil's Ch., Deritend, par.,

St. Bede's mission ch., Greet,

St. Benedict's Ch., and Mission, Bordesley, par.,

St. Boniface's Ch., The Quinton, par.,

St. Brigid's College, Selly Oak,

St. Brigid's Ho., Weoley Pk.,

St. Brigid's Sch., Northfield, and see schools

St. Cadoc's Ch., Gwynfa Dale, see St. Peter's Ch., Hall Gn.

St. Catherine of Siena, ch. and mission of, Horse Fair, (R.C.),

St. Catherine's Ch., Nechells, par.,

St. Catherine's Sch., and see schools

St. Chad, Cathedral Ch. of (R.C.), Bath St.,

St. Chad's chap., Shadwell St. (R.C.),

St. Chad's Ch., Rubery (Worcs.), par.,

St. Chad's Convent, Bath St. and St. Mary's Row, see Sisters of Charity of St. Paul, Sisters of Mercy

St. Chad's mission, South Yardley,

St. Chad's Mission Ch., Stoneyhurst Rd.,

St. Chad's R.C. Sch., and see schools

St. Christopher's Ch., Sparkhill, par.,

St. Christopher's Ch., Springfield, par.,

St. Chrysostom's Ch., and Mission (fmly. Park Rd. Mission), Birm., par.,

St. Clair, G.,

St. Clement's Ch., Nechells, par.,

St. Clement's East mission room, Mount St.,

St. Clement's North Mission Ch., Cuckoo Rd.,

St. Clement's South mission hall, High Pk. St. and Thimble Mill La.,

St. Clement's South mission room, Long Acre,

St. Columba's Sch. mission, Dymoke St.,

St. Cuthbert's Ch., Birm., par.,

St. Cyprian's Ch., Hay Mills, par.,

St. David's Ch., Birm., par.,

St. David's (Welsh) Charity,

St. Dunstan's Ch., and Mission, King's Heath, (R.C.),

St. Edburgha Ch., Yardley, par.,

St. Edmund's Ch., and Mission, Tyseley, par.,

St. Edward's Ch., and Mission, Birm., par.,

St. Edward's Ch., and Mission, Selly Pk. (R.C.),

St. Edward's R.C. Sch., Selly Pk., and see schools

St. Ethelreda's Mission,

St. Faith and St. Laurence, Ch. of (fmly. St. Faith's Ch.), Harborne, par.,

St. Faith's Ch., see St. Faith and St. Laurence, Ch. of

St. Francis of Assisi, Ch. of, Bournville, par.,

St. Francis's Ch., Handsworth (R.C.),

St. Francis's Hall, Edgbaston,

St. Francis's Mission Ch., Arden Rd.,

St. Gabriel's Ch., Birm., par.,

St. Gabriel's Ch., Weoley Castle, par.,

St. Gabriel's mission room, Summer Rd.,

St. George's Ch., Birm., par., rectors, and see Garbett (John)

St. George's Ch., Edgbaston, par., perpetual curate, see Lea (Geo.)

St. George's Institute, see St. Michael's Mission

St. George's ward,

St. Germain's Ch. (fmly. City Rd. Mission Room), Edgbaston, par.,

St. Giles's Ch., Sheldon,

St. Giles's Mission Ch., Green La.,

St. Gregory the Gt. (fmly. the Good Shepherd), Ch. of, Small Heath, par.,

St. Helen's Tube and Metal Co.,

St. Hugh, Bp. of Lincoln, Mission Ch. of, Pineapple Grove,

St. James the Less, Ch. of, Ashted, 'assistant minister', see Howell (B.); par.,

St. James's Ashted Ch. Sch., and see schools

St. James's Chap. see Queen's College Chap.

St. James's Ch., Aston,

St. James's Ch., Edgbaston, charities, par.,

St. James's Ch., Handsworth, charities, par.,

St. James's church room, Aston,

St. James's mission room, Tower Rd.,

St. John, Priory of,

St. John and St. Basil, Ch. of, Deritend, see St. John the Baptist, Deritend

St. John the Baptist, Ch. (fmly. chap.) of, Deritend (later united benefice of St. John and St. Basil), charities, vicar,

St. John the Baptist, Ch. of, Harborne, par., vicar, see Gregg, Smith (Thos.)

St. John the Baptist, Ch. of, Longbridge,

St. John the Evangelist, Ch. of, Balsall Heath (R.C.),

St. John the Evangelist, Ch. of, Ladywood, par., vicar,

St. John the Evangelist, Ch. of, Perry Barr, par.,

St. John the Evangelist, Ch. of, Sparkhill, par.,

St. John's Convent, Moseley, see Sisters of Christian Schools

St. John's Mission (Church Army Mission, Prescott St.),

St. John's Mission, Ashted,

St. John's mission room, Couchman Rd., see under St. Mary and St. John, Ch. of, Shaw Hill

St. John's mission room, Sparkhill,

St. John's R.C. Sch., London Prentice St. (later Dalton St.), and see schools

St. John's Sch., Sparkhill, and see schools

St. Joseph and St. Helen, Ch. and Mission of, King's Norton (R.C.),

St. Joseph's chap., Aston Union Workhouse, Erdington,

St. Joseph's Ch., Nechells (R.C.),

St. Joseph's Convent, Nechells, see Sisters of Charity of St. Paul

St. Joseph's Mission Ch., Alcester Lanes End,

St. Jude's Ch., Birm., par.,

St. Jude's mission hall, Inge St.,

St. Katherine's mission room, Stanhope St.,

St. Laurence's Ch., Northfield, par.,

St. Lawrence mission hall, Hagley Rd.,

St. Lawrence's Ch., Birmingham, par.,

St. Lazar, Ch. of, Middleton Hall Rd. (Serbian Orthodox),

St. Leger, Anne, see Butler; Cath., see Compton; Geo., Sir Jas., John, fam.,

St. Luke's Ch., Birm., charities, par., vicars,

St. Luke's Ch., Kingstanding, par.,

St. Luke's Mission Ch., Balsall Heath,

St. Luke's Mission Ch., Cherrywood La.,

St. Luke's mission ho., Bromsgrove St.,

St. Margaret Mary, Ch. and Mission of, Perry Common (R.C.),

St. Margaret of Antioch, Ch. of, Ladywood, par.,

St. Margaret's Ch., Olton, par.,

St. Margaret's Ch. (fmly. chap.), Ward End (also called Little Bromwich), par.,

St. Margaret's Mission Ch., Somerset Rd.,

St. Mark's Ch., Birm., par., united benefice of St. Paul and St. Mark, see St. Paul's Ch., Birm.

St. Mark's Ch., Kingstanding, par.,

St. Mark's Ch. (fmly. Stockland Gn. mission room; St. Mark's Mission Ch.), Stockland Gn., par.,

St. Mark's Ch. (fmly. chap.), Washwood Heath, par.,

St. Mark's Mission Ch., see St. Mark's Ch., Stockland Gn.

St. Mark's Mission Ch., Wenman St.,

St. Martin's and Deritend ward,

St. Martin's Ch., Birm., charities, glebe, par., n, patrons, presbyterians in, rectors, and see Miller (J. C.), Parsons (John), Riland, Rogers (Canon Guy), Slader, Smith (Luke), Wills (Sam.); Sick and Needy Fund, Trustees,

St. Martin's La.,

St. Martin's Place,

St. Martin's Mission Church, Aston

St. Martin's Sch., Inge St.,

St. Martin's St.,

St. Martin's St. chap. (Wesleyan), and see nonconformists: places of worship

St. Martin's Trustees, see St. Martin's Ch.

St. Martin's ward,

St. Martin's Workingmen's Assoc.,

St. Mary and St. Ambrose, Ch. of (fmly. St. Ambrose's Mission Ch.), Edgbaston, par.,

St. Mary and St. John, Ch. of, Gravelly Hill North (R.C.),

St. Mary and St. John, Ch. of, Shaw Hill, par.,

St. Mary Magdalen, chantry of, see Erdington's chantry

St. Mary Magdalen, Chap. of, Masshouse La. (R.C.),

St. Mary Magdalen, Ch. and Mission of, Hazelwell, par.,

St. Mary Magdalen mission, Witton,

St. Mary the Virgin, Ch. of, Acock's Gn., par.,

St. Mary the Virgin, Ch. of, Billesley,

St. Mary's and St. Stephen's ward,

St. Mary's Ch., Aston Brook, par.,

St. Mary's Ch., Berwood Manor,

St. Mary's Ch. (fmly. Chap.), Birmingham, par., perpetual curate, see Burn; rectors, see Riland, Burn, Barrett (J. C.); vicars, see Riland, Burn

St. Mary's Ch., Handsworth, charity, par., rectors, and see Oakes (Thos.), Oakes (John), Smyth (Wm. fl. c. 1544), Wyrley (Wm. d. c. 1247)

St. Mary's Ch., and Mission, Harborne (R.C.),

St. Mary's Ch., Maryvale (R.C.),

St. Mary's Ch., Moseley, par., vicars,

St. Mary's Ch., Pype Hayes, par.,

St. Mary's Ch., Selly Oak, par., vicar,

St. Mary's College, see Oscott College

St. Mary's Convent, Handsworth, see Sisters of Mercy

St. Mary's Mission, Handsworth,

St. Mary's R.C. Sch., Handsworth, and see schools

St. Mary's Row,

St. Mary's ward, n,

St. Matthew, Guild of, see Guild of St. Matthew

St. Matthew's Ch., Duddeston, par.,

St. Matthew's Ch., Perry Beeches, par.,

St. Matthew's Mission Ch., Garrison St., and Garland St.,

St. Matthias's Ch., Birm., par.,

St. Michael and All Angels, Ch. of, Bartley Gn., par.,

St. Michael and All Angels, Ch. and Chap. of, Birm.,

St. Michael and All Angels, Ch. of, South Yardley, par.,

St. Michael's Ch., Boldmere, par.,

St. Michael's Ch., Handsworth, par.,

St. Michael's Ch., Moor St. (R.C.),

St. Michael's Mission, Camden St.,

St. Michael's Mission, Waterworks Rd. (St. George's Institute),

St. Michael's mission room, Handsworth,

St. Michael's National Sch., and see schools

St. Michael's R.C. Sch., and see schools

St. Monica's Ch., Edgbaston,

St. Nicolas and St. Edward, Ch. of, see St. Nicolas's Ch., Birm.

St. Nicholas's chap. (R.C.), Park St., later Well La.,

St. Nicolas's Ch., Birm., (later united benefice of St. Nicolas and St. Edward), par.,

St. Nicolas's Ch., King's Norton, par., vicars,

St. Nicholas's R.C. Sch., and see schools

St. Oswald of Worcester, Ch. of, Small Heath, par.,

St. Oswald's Ch., Bordesley, par.,

St. Patrick's Ch., Bordesley, par.,

St. Patrick's Ch., and Mission, Spring Hill (R.C.),

St. Patrick's C. of E. Sch. chap., Bordesley,

St. Patrick's R.C. Sch., and see schools

St. Paul and St. Mark, united benefice of, see St. Paul's Ch., Birm.

St. Paul's and St. George's ward,

St. Paul's Ch., Balsall Heath, par.,

St. Paul's Ch., Birm. (later united benefice of St. Paul and St. Mark), incumbents, see Kennedy, Latimer; par.,

St. Paul's Ch., and Mission, Bordesley Gn., par.,

St. Paul's Ch., Hamstead, par.,

St. Paul's Ch., Lozells, par.,

St. Paul's Convent, Selly Pk., see Sisters of Charity of St. Paul

St. Paul's mission room, Park Rd., Harborne,

St. Paul's Sch., Spencer St., and see schools

St. Paul's Sq.,

St. Paul's ward,

St. Peter and St. Paul, Ch. of, Aston, par., vicars, and see Aston Trustees

St. Peter and St. Paul, Ch. of, Pype Hayes (R.C.),

St. Peter's Ch., and Chap., Broad St. (R.C.),

St. Peter's Ch., Birm. (Spring Hill and George St. West), par.,

St. Peter's Ch., Birm. (Dale End), par.,

St. Peter's Ch., Hall Gn. (fmly. St. Cadoc's, Gwynfa Dale),

St. Peter's Ch., Handsworth, par.,

St. Peter's Ch., Harborne, par., vicars, and see Law (Wm. Towry)

St. Peter's Mission, Ashted,

St. Peter's Mission, Aston,

St. Peter's Mission, Berners St.,

St. Peter's Place,

St. Peter's R.C. Sch., and see schools

St. Peter's ward,

St. Philip Neri's orphanage,

St. Philip's Cathedral Ch. (fmly. Ch.), charities, par., n, n, rectors, and see Higgs, Yorke

St. Philip's R.C. Sch., and see schools

St. Saviour's Ch., Birm., par.,

St. Saviour's Ch., Saltley, par., vicar,

St. Saviour's Mission, see St. Simon's Mission Ch.

St. Silas's Ch., Lozells, par.,

St. Silas's mission room, Nursery Rd.,

St. Simon's Mission Ch., (St. Simon's Mission, St. Saviour's Mission), Heaton St. and Icknield St.,

St. Stephen's Ch., Birm., par.,

St. Stephen's Ch., Bristol,

St. Stephen's Ch., Selly Hill, par.,

St. Stephen's New Hall, Selly Hill,

St. Stephen's ward,

St. Teresa's Ch., Perry Barr (R.C.),

St. Thomas and Immanuel, united benefice of, see St. Thomas's Ch., Birm.

St. Thomas and St. Edmund of Canterbury, Erdington,

St. Thomas in the Moors, Ch. of, Balsall Heath, par.,

St. Thomas More, Ch. and Mission of, Sheldon (R.C.),

St. Thomas of Canterbury, Hosp. of, chap.,

St. Thomas's Ch., Birm. (later united benefice of St. Thomas and Immanuel), par., rectors, and see Marsh (W.)

St. Thomas's R.C. Grammar Sch., Erdington, and see schools

St. Thomas's ward,

St. Vincent de Paul, Ch. and Mission of, Vauxhall Grove (fmly. in Ashted Row) (R.C.),

St. Vincent's Convent, Gt. Brook St., see Sisters of Charity of St. Paul

St. Vincent's R.C. Sch., and see schools

St. Wulstan's Ch., Selly Oak, par.,

Salberg, Leon,

Salford Bridge,

Salford Junction,

Salisbury, E. of, see Montacute

Salisbury, Marquis of, see Gascoigne Cecil

Salt, T. C.,

Salterley Grange, sanatorium,

Saltley, charities, manor, mills, population, railway carriage works, Roman Catholics, sewerage works, township, ward (with Little Bromwich), and see St. Saviour's Ch.

Saltley Bridge,

Saltley County Grammar Sch., and see schools

Saltley Hall,

Saltley Hall chap., see Saltley Training College

Saltley Meadow,

Saltley Mill,

Saltley Mill Meadow, n

Saltley station,

Saltley Training College, chap. (fmly. Saltley Hall chap.),

Saltley Urban District,

Saltley with Washwood, township,

Saltley Wire Mills,

Salvation Army, halls,

Sanders, John,

Sandon Rd. mission,

Sandpits, police station,

Sandwell Hall mental hosp.,

Sandwell Pk., West Bromwich,

Sandwell Priory (Staffs.), prior of,

Sandwell ward,

Sandy La.,

Sankey, Jos., and Sons, Bilston (Staffs.),


Sarehole (Biddle's, High Wheel, Little) Mill,

Sargent, W. L.,

Saul, Thos.,

Saunders, Abraham, Alice, Cornelius, Dan., Geo., Julia,

Saundrested, John de, Marg. de, see Harcourt

Savage, R., Sam.,

Saville, J. J., & Co., Sheffield,

Saw Manufacturers Assoc.,

Sawley (Derb.), prebend of, in Lichfield Cathedral,

Saye and Sele, Ld., see Fiennes

Sayer, H. J.,

Schletter & Co.,

Schnadhorst, Francis,

Scholefield, Joshua, Wm.,

Scholefield St. mission room,

School of Design, see Birm. School of Art

School Sisters of Notre Dame,

schools, see alphabetical list pp. for histories of individual schools, and under name of school for references elsewhere in the volume

Schwarbrick, see Swarbrick

Schwarbrook, see Swarbrick

Schwerin, Morris,

Science and Art Department,

'Scotch Ch.', see Newhall St. ch. (Presbyterian)

Scotland, immigration from,

Scott, Adrian Gilbert, Ann, Edwin, Sir Geo. Gilbert, Ric., Mrs. - (fl. 1804),

Scott, W. & C., & Son,

Sea Horse, Buck St., temperance coffee tavern,

Seamen's and Boatmen's Friend Soc.,

Segrave, Hugh de, Isabel de, w. of Hugh, m. Thos. Blount,

Select Cttee. on the Commercial Distress (1848),


Selly Hill, see St. Stephen's Ch.

Selly Manor (reconstructed at Bournville),

Selly Oak, charities, ward, and see St. Mary's Ch., St. Wulstan's Ch.

Selly Oak Colleges,

Selly Oak Hospital,

Selly Oak Institute,

Selly Oak station,

Selly Pk., Roman Catholics at,

Serbian Orthodox Ch.,

Serck Radiators,

Serjeant, Wm., fam.,

Seventh Day Adventists, churches,

Severn, Riv.,

Severn St., synagogue in,

Severne, J. M.,

Severne Rd. Council Sch., and see schools

Shaftesbury House, hostel,

Shakespeare Memorial Library, see Birm. Central Reference Library

Shakespeare Tavern, New St.,

Shard End, and see All Saint's Ch.

Sharpness Docks and Gloucester and Birm. Navigation Co. (fmly. Gloucester and Berkeley Canal Co.),

Shaw, Ric., fam.,

Shaw Hill, see St. Mary and St. John, Ch. of

Sheepcote St., synagogue in,

Sheet Metal Workers' Union,


Sheffield Church Extension Soc.,

Shelburne, E. of, see Petty; Lady, see Carteret

Sheldon, Mary, Thos.,

Sheldon, manor, par., n; population, Roman Catholics, n; ward, n; and see St. Giles's Ch.

Sheldon mission ch., Tile Cross,

Shell Pool,

Shelley, Sir John, John (? another), Mary, see Gage; (Shirley), - (fl. 1745),

Shelmerdyne, Rob.,

Shelton, John, fam.,

Shenley Fields,

Shenley Fields Homes, Northfield,

Sherborne (Dorset),

Sherborne Mill, n

Sherbourne Rd. Dispensary,

Sherlock, Dr. -, fam.,

Sherwin, Nic., Ralph, fam.,


Shilton, Hen.,

Shirley, - (fl. 1745), see Shelley


Short, Ric.,

Short Heath,

Shrewsbury (Salop.),

Shrewsbury rd.,


Shut La., English Sch. in,

Shuttleworth Commission on Canals, see Royal Commission on Canals and Inland Waterways

Sibree, Pet.,

Siddons, Mrs. Sar.,

Siemens, Sir Wm.,


Silk and Mitton, architects,

Simcox, H. K., T. G., Thos. Green,

Simon the Treasurer (fl. 1200),

Simplex Electric Co., Oldbury,

Simpson, (? Edw.), Mercer,

Singer Manufacturing Co.,

Sir Harry's Rd.,

Sir John Soane's Museum, London,

Sisters of Charity of St. Paul, St. Paul's Convent, Selly Pk.; St. Chad's Convent, Bath St. and St. Mary's Row; St. Joseph's Convent, Nechells; St; Vincent's Convent, Gt. Brook St.; Vernon Rd. Convent,

Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, Bath St. and Shadwell St.,

Sisters of Christian Schools, St. John's Convent, Moseley,

Sisters of Mercy, St. Mary's Convent, Handsworth; St. Chad's Convent; St. Anne's Convent, Alcester St. and Lowe St., Old Oscott orphanage,

Sisters of Our Lady of Charity and Refuge, Bristol Rd.,

Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus, Edgbaston,

Sisters of the Retreat of the Sacred Heart, Edgbaston and later Harborne Hall,

Siviter fam.,

Sketchley, John,

Skipwith, T. C.,

Slader, Josiah, Tim., n

Slaney St.,

Slowe, Wm. atte,

Small, Wm.,

Small, Wm. H., part of Guest, Keen and Nettlefold group,

Small Heath, and see All Saints' Ch., St. Aidan's Ch., St. Gregory the Great, Ch. of, St. Oswald of Worcester, Ch. of

Small Heath station,

Small Heath Alliance, see Birmingham City Football Club

Small Iron Makers' Assoc.,

Small Tool Manufacturers Assoc.,

Smallbrook, Ric. (fl. 1651), Ric. (fl. 1707), fam.,

Smallbrook Ringway,

Smallbrook St., theatre in,

Smallheath ward,

Smeaton, John,

Smethwick, chap., charities, co. bor., manor, par.,

Smethwick rd.,

Smethwick School Board,

Smethwick summit,

Smiles, Sam.,

Smirke, R. S., Report on Birm. Trades by,

Smith, Adam, economist, Barnaby, Clement, Dav., Edw. (fl. 1612), Edw. (fl. 1720), Edw. Jas., Eliz., see Fitzherbert; F. C., Gypsy, Hen., J. Pigott, Sir Jas., John, Jos. (fl. 1701), of Edgbaston, Jos. (fl. 1745), Jos. (fl. 1759), Jos. (fl. 1764-8), Jos. (fl. 1770, 1790), Josh. Toulmin, Luke, Mary, w. of Luke, Nic., Orton, Dilettanti Library of, Sam., Thos. (fl. 1578), Thos. (fl. 1602), Thos. (fl. 1833), Thos. (d. by 1894), Thos. (fl. c. 1900), Vincent, n; W. Hawkes, Dilettanti Library of, Wm. (fl. 1546), Wm. (d. 1618), herald,

Smith, D., and Son, architects,

Smith, Thos., and Sons, Saltley,

Smith and Chamberlain,

Smith and Davis,

Smith and Horsfall,

Smith and Nephew Associated Companies, London,

Smith and Wright,

Smith St. Board Sch., and see schools

Smith St. mission hall,

Smithfield, fairs,

Smithfield Mkt.,

Smyth, Sir Wm. (fl. c. 1530), Wm. (fl. c. 1544),

Snow, A. L.,

Snow Hill, n

Snow Hill station,

Social Democratic Federation (fmly. Democratic Federation),


Socialist Lecture Cttee.,

Society for Free Debate,

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel,

Society of Artists,

Society of Arts,

Society of Cricket Players of Birm.,

Society of Free Catholics,

Society of Friends, see Friends

Society of the Chemical Industry,

Society of the Incarnation, Church Rd., Moseley, Chap.,

Society of the Incarnation of the Eternal Son, at Moat Ho., Alum Rock Rd.,

Soho, ward, and see Soho Foundry, Soho Manufactory

Soho and Winson Gn. station,

Soho Foundry, Smethwick,

Soho Hill,

Soho Hill chap. (Congregational), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Soho House, Handsworth Heath,

Soho Manufactory, Handsworth,

Soho mill pool,

Soho Pk.,

Soho Pool, see Gt. Hockley Pool

Soho rd.,

Soho Rd. Board Sch., and see schools

Soho rd. station,

Soho Works, see Soho Manufactory

Solander, Dan. C.,

Soley, T. L.,

Solihull, charities, Congregational ch., par., poor relief, Roman Catholic mission,

Somerset Rd. station,

Somery, Agnes de, w. of Rog., Hawise de, see Paynel; Joan, m. Thos. Botetourt, John de (d. 1322), John de (fl. 1323), n, Maud de, m. Hen. de Erdington, Ralph de, Rog. de (d. 1273), Rog. de (d. 1291), fam.,

Sonnenschein, A.,

South Africa, trade with,

South America, trade with,

South Metropolitan Electric Light and Power Co., London,

South Staffordshire Bolt and Nut Trade Wages Board,

South Yardley, and see St. Michael and All Angels, Ch. of

South Yardley mission room,

Southall fam.,

Southall, T. & W.,

Southall Brothers and Barclay,

Southampton, E. of, see Fitzwilliam

Southcott, Joanna,


Soutter, Wm., & Sons,

Spark Brook,

Sparkbrook, ward, and see Christ Ch., Emmanuel Ch., St. Agatha's Ch.

Sparkbrook chap. (Methodist New Connexion),

Sparkbrook Gospel Mission,

Sparkhill, ward, and see English Martyrs, Ch. and Mission of, St. John the Evangelist, Ch. of

Speedwell Gear Case Co., Witton,

Speedwell (Fitter's) Mill,

Spencer, Dr. Ben., (later Spencer-Churchill), Geo., Marquess of Blandford (d. 1840), Hen., Wm.,

Spencer-Churchill, see Spencer

Spernal Ash,

Spernore, Wm.,

Spilsbury, (? John),

Spiritualists, meeting places

Spon La.,

Spooner, Abraham, Eliz., see Brandwood; Isaac, Ric., n; fam.,

Spooner & Attwood, bankers, see Attwood & Spooner

Spooner-Lillingston, Abraham, Isaac,

Spring Hill Congregational College,

Spring La. mission room,

Spring Rd. station,

Springfield, ward, n; and see St. Christopher's Ch.

Spry, J. H.,

Spurrier, Fred., Hen., John, Thos.,

Spurrier's Pool,

Square, see Old Square

Stafford, Fulk, Humph., John de, Ric. de,

Stafford, archdeaconry, archdeacons, see Fulnetby

Stafford St.,

Staffordshire, M.P.s, sheriffs,

Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal,

Staffordshire pool,

Stamford, E. of, see Grey

Stamford (fam.), see Stanford

Stamford (Lincs.),

Stamped or Pressed Smallwares Trade Board,

Standard Motor Co., Coventry,

Standing Committee on Trusts,

Stanford, Anne, w. of Rob., n; Edw. (d. 1632), (Stamford), Edw. (fl. 1659), P. T., (Stamford), Rob., (Stamford), Sir Wm. (d. 1558), Wm. and his wife (fl. 1632), fam.,

Staniforth St.,

Staniforth St. Mission,

Stanley, Chas., Hugh de, and his w. Joyce, Jas., E. of Derby (d. 1651), n; Rog.,

Stannachetel (fl. 1086),

Stanton, Isaac, n; Jos., Thos.,

Stanton's Mill,

Staplehall Farm Recreation Ground, corp. housing estate near,

Star Music Hall, see Queen's Theatre

Star Tube Co.,

Stechford, n, ward, and see All Saints' Ch., Corpus Christi, Ch. and Mission of

Stechford Bridge,

Stechford iron church, see All Saints' Ch., Stechford

Stechford La.,

Stechford Mill,

Stechford station,

Steel Conduit Co., Witton,

Steelhouse La. (fmly. Prior's Conigre La.),

Steelhouse La. chap. (Congregational), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Steelhouse La. meeting-ho. (Methodist), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Steel's Mill,

Stephens, J. R.,

Stevens, J. V.,

Stevenson, Wm.,

Steward, Peter the, see Birmingham (fam.)

Stewarts and Lloyds,

Stich, Ric.,

Stiefel, R. C.,

Stiff, W. C.,

Stinton, Mary,

Stirchley, and see Ascension, Ch. of the

Stirchley Institute,

Stirchley Sch. chap., King's Norton,

Stirchley St. Board Sch., and see schools

Stirchley St. station, see Bournville station

Stirrop, Wm.,

Stockland Gn., ward, n; and see St. Mark's Ch.

Stockley, W. C.,

Stodely, John de,

Stoessiger, Frederich,

Stoke, Jonathan,

Stonall (Staffs.),

Stone Bridge,

Stonehouse Brook,

Stoneleigh Abbey, Abbots, and see Pype (Thos. de)

Stour Partnership, n

Stour, Riv.,

Stour Valley Rly.,

Stourbridge (Cambs.) Fair,

Stourbridge (Worcs.),

Stourbridge Canal,

Stourbridge rd.,

Stourport (Worcs.),

Stourton (Staffs.),

Stourton Castle (Staffs.),


Stratford-on-Avon Canal,

Stratford rd.,

Stratford Rd. Board Sch., and see schools

Street, J. C.,

street commissioners, see under Birmingham, Deritend and Bordesley, Duddeston and Nechells

Stroud (Glos.),

Stubbs, Jos.,

Stud La. mission hall,


Stukeley, Wm.,

Sturge, Eliza M., Jos.,

Sturge, J. and E., at Edgbaston and Selly Oak,

'Sturge Declaration',

Suffolk St.,

Sullivan, Sir Arthur,

Summer Hill,

Summer Hill chap. (Wesleyan),

Summer Hill Sch. (King Edward VI elementary sch.),

Summer La., asylum for children,

Summer La. Board Sch., and see schools

Summer St., corp. housing improvement scheme,

Summerfield, and see Christ Ch.

Summerfield Hospital, see Western House

Summerfield Pk.,

Summerton, Wm.,

Summer, Sir John,

Sunbeam Cycle Co.,

Sunday School Union,

Sunday schools, and see Westhill College

Sussex, n

Sutton, Sir Edw., Ld. Dudley (d. 1532), Sir John, Ld. Dudley (d. 1487), John de, Marg. de, w. of John, fam.,


Sutton Coldfield, charities, manor, rector, see Burgess

Sutton Coldfield Railway,

Sutton Pk.,

Swadkins Mill, see Upper Mill

Swain, Jas.,

Swallow Raincoats,

Swallow St. ragged sch., n

Swan Alley,

Swan Pool, n

Swan Tavern,

Swansea (Glam.),

Swanshurst, mill,

Swarbrick, (Schwarbrick, Swarbrook, Schwarbrook), Thos.,

Swarbrook, see Swarbrick


Swedenborgians (New Jerusalem Ch.), chaps.,

Swinburne, Jas.,

Swinney, Miles,

Swinney's Birmingham Chronicle (Warws. Weekly Journal),

Sycamore Ho., Handsworth,

Tabbener fam.,

Tachbrooke, prebend of, in Lichfield Cathedral,

Talbot, John, of Craston (Worcs.),

Tallis, Wm.,

Tally-Ho Clubs,

Tame, Riv., crossings, drainage, mills on, Salford Bridge aqueduct, sewerage works, water supply from, 'Wolfatbrugge',

Tame and Rea Drainage Board,

Tame Valley Canal,

Tamworth (Staffs.),

Tamworth Arms, meeting of Birm. Trades Council at,

Tamworth Turnpike Trust,

Tangye, Geo., Jas., Ric.,

Tangyes, Cornwall Works,

Tanhouse Estate Community Centre,

Tanner, J. T.,

Tanter Butts,

Taylor, Jas., John (d. 1775), button factory of, John (fl. 1815), n; Miss M., Ralph, Ric. (fl. before 1603), Ric. (fl. 1649), Sar., Thos., Wm., Zachary (fl. 1603), fam.,

Taylor and Lloyds' Bank,

Taylor and Osborne,

Taylor & Perry (fmly. John Taylor),

Taylor and White,

Taylor Memorial Home, chap.,

Taylors, Loughborough (Leics.),

Taylur, Thos. le,

Telephone House, Newhall St.,

Telford, Thos., engineer,

Telsen Electric Co., Aston,

Temperance Institute, Corporation St.,

Temple, Hen. John, Ld. Palmerston (d. 1865),

Temple Row,

Templeborough (Yorks.),

Ten Churches Fund (Birm. Ch. Building Soc.),

Tendryng, Marg. de, see Maidenhacche; Wm. de,

Teneray, Rob. de,

Tannall House, Harborne,

Tennant, Wm.,

Tennyson, Chas.,

Tessall Mill, see Hawkesley Mill

Test Act,

Teulon, S. S.,

Teynturer, Wm. le,

Thames, Riv.,

Theatre Royal, New St. (New St. theatre),

Theatre Royal, Aston,


Theatrical John Bull,

Theatrical Looker On,

Theodore St., mission hall,

Thimble (Breamotte's) Mill, Nechells,

Thomas, G. E., John, sculptor, Dr. John, Lloyd, Dr. Wm., Wm.,

Thomas St.,

Thomason, Edw., Yeoville,

Thompson, Wm.,

Thomson, R. W.,

Thomson and Wrightson, news room of, in New St.,

Thornton, John, Wm.,

Thornton, Anderson and Horncastle,

Thorpe, John,

Throckmorton, Ant., John, Kath., see Butler

Thrymalowe, Ric. de,

Tickford, manor, in Aston par.,

Tickford (Newport Pagnell) Priory (Bucks.),

Tijou, Jean,

Timmins, Sam., Wm., n

Tinplate and Gas Workers' Union,

Tinplate Workers' Union,

Tinsley, Eliza, of Sedgeley,

Tippetts, F. D.,

Tippin, Thos., Wal.,

Tipton (Staffs.),

Tipton Gn. (Staffs.),

Tivoli Theatre, see Hippodrome

Toft, Albert,

Toller, R.,

Tomlinson and Co.,

Tomson, Agnes, m. Wm. de Birmingham,

Tongue, A. J.,

Tonks, Wm. and Sons, see Tonks (Birmingham)

Tonks (Birmingham) (fmly. Wm. Tonks and Sons),

Tonk's Colosseum, Bingley Hall,


Tottyl, John,

Tower, The, Bagot St.,

town hall, see corporation: mun. buildings

Town (Digbeth, Farmer's slitting, Lloyds slitting, Porter's blade, Townsend's) Mill,

Townsend, John,

Townsend Club, Church St.,

Townsend's Mill, see Town Mill

trade clubs, and see trade unions

Trade Facilities,

trade unions, and see trade clubs

Trades Union Congress,

Transport and General Workers' Union,

Treaford Hall,

Trenow, F. W., n

Trent, Riv., n

Trent and Mersey Canal,

Triplex Safety Glass Co.,

Trittiford Mill,

Trittiford Pk.,

Truss, John,

Tube Assoc.,

Tube Investments,

Tube Products, Oldbury,

Tube Rolling Mills,

Tubeless Pneumatic Tire and Capon Heaton Ltd.,

Tubes Ltd. (fmly. Weldless Tubes Co.),

Tucker, J. H., electrical engineers,

Tufnol Ltd., Perry Barr,

Tungsten Lamp Assoc.,

Turner, Jas. (fl. 18th cent.), Jas. (fl. 1855), fam.,

Turner, John, button makers, Snow Hill,

Turner, John, gold-plating specialist (later Hammond, Turner & Son),

Turner Gas Engine Co.,

Turner's brasshouse,


Turton, Wm.,

Tyburn, Birm. and Fazeley Canal at, sewerage works,

Tyburn Rd.,

Tylor, Gilkes and Co., Heath St. South,

Typographical Assoc.,

Tyseley, and see St. Edmund's Ch.

Tyseley station,

Udwall La.,

Uffculme Open Air Sch., Queensbridge Rd., Moseley,

Ullathorne, Wm. Bernard, R.C. bp. of Birm.,


Ulwin (fl. 11th cent.),

Umberslade, Ld. Archer of, see Archer (Thos.)

Umpage, Chas.,

Unett St. chap. (Methodist New Connexion), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Union Chap. (Congregational), Harborne,

Union Row chap. (Congregational), Handsworth, and see nonconformists: places of worship

Union Soc., Slaney St., Snow Hill,

Union Tavern, Cherry St.,


Unionist Assoc.,

Unitarian Domestic Mission, Thorpe St. and Hurst St.,

Unitarians, churches, and see Free Christian Soc.

United Alkali,

United Birm. Hosps.,

United Kingdom Telegraph Co.,

U.S.A., trade competition, trade with,

United Steel Cos.,

United Wire Works,

Universal Community Soc. of Rational Religionists,

Universal Magazine,

University of Birmingham, and Selly Oak Colleges, Extra-Mural Department, Medical School(Queen's Faculty), see Queen's College; Students' Union,Y.W.C.A., Selly Oak, hostel, and see Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Mason's College, St. Francis's Hall, Edgbaston

Unmarked Bar Assoc.,

Upfill, Mary,

Upper Highgate St. Board Sch., and see schools

Upper (New, Bennett's, Swadkins) Mill,

Upper Priory, fire station,

Upper Roundabout Ho., High St.,

Upper Witton, see Witton

Usley, -, Baptist minister (fl. 1725), n

Van Wart, Hen.,

Vardy, A. R.,

Vaughton, Ric., Sam.,

Vaughton's Hole,


Vauxhall Gardens (fmly. Duddeston Hall grounds),

Vauxhall Rd.,

Vauxhall station,

Veritys Ltd.,

Vernon, Anne, John,

Vernon Rd. Convent, see Sisters of Charity of St. Paul

Vernon Rd. R.C. high and preparatory schools, Edgbaston,

Vesey, John,

Vicarage Rd. Mission,

Vicars, A.,

Vickers Ltd.,

Victoria, Queen,

Victoria Law Courts, Corporation St.,

Victoria Pk. (Handsworth),

Victoria Rd. chap. (Particular Baptist), Handsworth, and see nonconformists: places of worship

Victoria Sq.,

Villa St., Hockley, chap. (Catholic Apostolic Ch.), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Vince, C.,

Vincent, Dav., Hen.,

Vine Terr., Harborne,

Vittoria St. Sch.,

Vivian Rd., Harborne,

Vyntam, Blasius,

Vyse St.,

Wade, Dr. - (fl. 1839),

Wade, Chas., & Co.,


Waggon and Horses Inn, Handsworth, site of,

Waidson, John,

Wake Gn., Moseley, Toc H, windmill near,

Wakefield, Russell, bp. of Birm.,


Walker, Eliz., J., Ric., Thos., -(fl. 1751),

Walker's Heath, corp. housing estate,

Wall (Staffs.),

Wallis, Sir Whitworth, Wm., Dartmouth St. factory of,

Walsall (Staffs.),

Walsall and Hamstead Turnpike,

Walsall Rd.,

Walsh, Thos.,

Walter (fl. 11th cent.),

Walter, Hubert,

Walton, D. N.,

Walton, G. E., gold chainmakers,

Walton and Brown,

Ward, John, Rob., W. H., Wm. (fl. 1512), Wm. (fl. 1797), Wm. (fl. 1868), fam.,

Ward, H. H., & Co.,

Ward and Son,

Ward End, manor (Little Bromwich), manor ho., see Ward End Hall; population, township (Little Bromwich), and see Christ Ch., St. Margaret's Ch.

Ward End Hall,

Ward End Mill,

Ward End Pk.,

Wardbrough, Thos.,

Warden, Jos.,

wards, n, and see under names

Warley, Ralph,

Warley (Worcs.),

Warren, Thos. (fl. 18th cent.), Thos. (d. by 1874),

Warrington (Lancs.),

Warstone La.,

Warstone Pool, n

Warwick, earls of, see Beauchamp, Greville

Warwick, Wal. de,

Warwick, County Meetings,

Warwick and Birmingham Canal,

Warwick and Staffordshire Gazette,

Warwick Rd.,

Warwick Rd. chap. (Congregational, later Bible Pattern Fellowship), Acock's Gn., and see nonconformists: places of worship

Warwick St. mission room,

Warwickshire, M.P.s, and see Bromley (Wm.), Dugdale (D. S.), Holte (Sir Chas. fl. 1770s), Holte (Sir Rob.), Lawley (Francis), Lawley (Sir Rob.), Mordaunt (Sir Chas.), Mordaunt (Sir John), Newdigate (Sir Ric.), Skipwith

Warwickshire Constitutional Soc.,

Warwickshire County Cricket Club,

Warwickshire Weekly Journal, see Swinney's Birmingham Chronicle

Warwickshire Yeomanry,

Wash Brook,

Wash Mill, see Yardley Mill

Washing Machine Makers Assoc.,

Washmills Farm, n


Washwood Heath, ward, and see St. Mark's Ch.

Wasthill (Westhill) tunnel,

Watch Tower Bible and Tract Soc. see Jehovah's Witnesses

Water Orton (Overton), chap., par., township,

Water St., R. C. chap. in,

water supply,

Waterhouse, - (fl. 1800), rolled metal producer,

Waterloo St.,

Watery La.,

Watkins and Keen,

Watling St.,

Watson, Hen.,

Watt, Jas. (d. 1819), engineer, and Lunar Soc., and steam engine, ho. of, partnership with Boulton, Jas. (d. 1848),

Watt, James, & Co.,

Watts and Manton,

Waverley Rd. Higher Grade Sch., and see schools

Weakley, Jos., of Grahamstown, S. Africa,

Weaman, Dor., Mary,

Weaman estate,

Weaman St.,

Weatherhead, Leslie,

Webb, Sir Aston, E. Doran, Gilbert, Wm.,

Webb, John, & Co.,

Webbe, Ralph, n

Webley, P., and Son,

Webster, John, Jos., paper manufacturer, Jos., wire manufacturer,

Webster, Jas., Crown Metal Works, Solihull,

Webster and Horsfall, wire mills of,

Wedgwood, Josiah,

Wednall, see Wygnall

Wednesbury (Staffs),

Weekly Recorder and Saturday's

Weiss, T.,

Welch, C. K., E., Thos.,

Welche's Brook,

Welch's (Welsh) House, Harborne,

Weldless Steel Tube Makers Assoc.,

Weldless Tubes Co., see Tubes Ltd.

Well St., n

Wellesley, Arthur, D. of Wellington (d. 1852),

Wellhead La.,

Wellington Passage, synagogue in,

Wells, Rob., of Aldbourne (Wilts.),

Wells Gn., housing estate at,

Welsh Baptists, see Baptists

Welsh Charity, see St. David's

Welsh Congregationalists, see Congregationalists

Welsh Cross,

Welsh End,

Welsh House, see Welch's House

Welsh Market,

Welsh Presbyterians, see Methodists

Wentworth Pk. Ave., Toc H.,

Weoley, manor, ward, n

Weoley Castle, and see St. Gabriel's Ch.

Weoley Castle housing estate,

Weseham, Rog. de, bp. of Coventry and Lichfield,

Wesley, Chas., John,

Wesleyan Assoc.,

Wesleyan Central Hall,

'Wesleyan Christian Union',

Wesleyan Education Cttee.,

Wesleyan Methodist Sunday Schs.,

Wesleyan Theological College, Handsworth,

Wesleyans, see Methodists

West, E. C., John (fl. 1463), John (fl. 1693), Wm., fam.,

West Bromwich, charities,

West Bromwich Albion Football Club (fmly. West Bromwich Strollers),

West Bromwich Strollers, see West Bromwich Albion Football Club

West End Cinema, Suffolk St. (fmly. Curzon Hall),

West Heath hosp.,

West Heath mission room, King's Norton,

West Indies,

West Kent Power Co., Kent,

Western House (fmly. Birm. Workhouse, later Birm. Infirmary, Summerfield Hosp.),

Westhill College, Selly Oak (training institute for Sunday-sch. workers),

Westhill tunnel, see Wasthill

Westley, W.,

Westley Brook,

Westmacott, Sir Ric.,

Weston, Ric.,

Weston and Grice,

Westwood, Fred. W.,

Wheeler St. chap. (Welsh Congregational), and see nonconformists: places of worship

Wheeleys Rd.,

Wheelwright, John, of Lichfield, Wm.,

Wheelwright Rd.,


Whitacre, village mission, n

Whitacre Junction,

Whitbread, Sam.,

White, Geo., n, J. E., John, Thos.,

Whitehall Rd. mission ch.,

Whitehurst, John,

Whitfield, Geo.,

Whitfield, S. B., and Co.,

Whitley (Joint Industrial) Councils,

Whitmore, Thos., Wm.,

Whittall La., almshouses,

Whittall St., mission hall, R.C. pupil-teacher centre and independent sch. at,

Whittingham, John,

Whittlewood Forest (Northants.),

Whitwell, Thos.,

Whitworth, Chas., Jos., Rob.,

Whitworth and Yates, n

Whorwood, Eliz., m. Marrow, Sam., Sir Thos., Sir Wm., fam.,

Whyrl Hole, Sarehole Common,

Wiggin, Sir H. A., Sir Hen., W. H., Wal.,

Wiggin, Hen., & Co.,

Wilcox, John,

Wiley, W. E., pen makers,

Wilkes, E. V., John, politician, Hen.,

Wilkes, John, Sons and Mapplebeck,

Wilkinson, Anne, J., Dr. Wm.,

Wilkinson, Thos., & Sons,

Willett's Meadow,

Willett's Meadow Mill,

William, steward of Dudley (fl. before 1153),

William St. mission hall,

William White Memorial Sch., Windsor St.,

Williams, T. L., R.C. abp. of Birm.,

Williamson, F. J.,

Willies, Hen.,

Willington, Margery, m. 1. Thos. Holte, Ambrose Cave,

Willingworth Iron Co.,

Willmore, Thos.,

Willoughby fam.,

Wills, A. W., edge-tool manufacturer, Sam.,

Wilmore, Thos.,

Wilmot, Rob., Ursula, see Marrow


Wilsby, Thos., n

Wilson, G. R., Lifford Mills, King's Norton, see Lifford Mills; J. E., John Leonard, bp. of Birm., Thos.,

Wilson Rd. mission room,

Wiltshire, E. of, see Butler (Jas.)

Winchester (Hants), n

Windmill Hill,

Windmill St.,

Winfield fam.,

Winfield, Rob. Wal., and Co.,

Wingfield-Digby, S.,

Winson Gn., n borough gaol,

Winson Gn. Asylum,

Winson Gn. station,

Winson St. Mission,

Wiseman, Nic. Pat. Steph., cardinal,

Withering, Dr. Wm.,

Withers, Edw.,

Witton, And. de,

Witton (including Upper Witton), Beth Chaim Jewish chap., bor. cemetery, charities, manor, n; manor-ho., see Witton Hall; mill, population, (with Erdington), township, and see All Souls' Ch.

Witton Bridge,

Witton Common,

Witton Forge, see Nether Mill

Witton Hall,

Witton Lakes Pk.,

Witton station,

Wodemill (Oldemill), Yardley,

'Wolfatbrugge', see Tame, Riv.

Wolseley Motors Ltd.,

Wolseley Sheep Shearing Machine Co.,

Wolseley Tool and Motor Car Co.,

Wolsey, Sir Thos.,

Wolverhampton, Dean of, see Erdington, Giles de (b. 1272),

Wolverhampton Rd.,

Women's Bedstead Workers' Union (Assoc. of Women in the Bedstead Trade), n

Women's Hosp., chap.,

Wombourn (Staffs.), Vicar of, see Wilsby

Wood, C. P. S., Ellen, Dr. H. G., Sir. Hen., John,

Wood End Ho., see Pype, manor-ho.

Wood St. Rehoboth chap. (Welsh Presbyterian),

Woodbrooke (Friends' college), Selly Oak,

Woodcock, John,

Woodcock Hill, corp. housing estate,

Woodhall, John,

Woodland Pk. Mission, Northfield,

Woodman Inn, Easy Row,

Wooler, T. J.,

Wooley, Jas.,

Woolley & Co., grinders,

Woolley's Mill, see Heath Mill

Woolner, Thos.,

Woolrich, J. S., electro-plating process of,

Worcester, charities,

Worcester, diocese of: archdeaconry, bps., and see Gore (Chas.), Perowne; Dean, see Peel (John)

Worcester and Birmingham Canal,

Worcester rd.,

Worcester St.,


Workers' Educational Assoc.,

Workers' Union,

working conditions,

Working Jewellers' Trade Soc.,

Working Men's Liberal Conservative Assoc.,

Working Party Reports, Jewellery,

Workman's Hall, Selly Oak,

Worme, John, n

Worrall, John,

Worth, Dr. Wm.,

Wright, Ann, w. of Wm. (the younger), Edwin, Geo., J. S., John, Jos., of Saltley, Lemuel, Rob., Dr. Sam., W. B., Wm. (the elder), Wm. (the younger),

Wright, J. & E., Garrison St. works,

Wright and Jesson,

Wright, Bindley and Gell (fmly. Bindley and Gell),

Wright Saddle Co.,

Wrights' Ropes Ltd.,

Wrixam, Wm.,

Wroe, John,

Wrottesley, Wal.,

Wrottesley St., synagogue in,

Wrought Iron Tube Assoc.,

Wyatt, Jas., John, Sam.,

Wychall Farm, Northfield,

Wychall Farm, corp. housing estate,

Wychall Mill,

Wycliffe British Sch., and see schools

Wygnall (Wednall), Jas.,

Wynn, W. & C.,

Wyon, Pet., fam.,

Wyrley, Cornelius, Dor., w. of Thos., Eliz., see Cave; Guy of, Humph. (d. c. 1634), Humph. (fl. 1679, 1689), Humph. (fl. 1735), John of (fl. 1303), John (fl. 15th cent.), John (d. 1595), Sir John (fl. 1680s), John (fl. 1757), Rob. of (fl. 13th cent.), Rob. of (fl. early 14th cent.), Rog. of, Thos., Wm. of (d. c. 1247), Wm. of (fl. 1279), Wm. (d. 1561), fam.,

Wyrley and Essington Canal Navigations,

Wyrley Birch housing estate, Witton,

Wyrleys (Hamstead Hall) (manor-ho. of Hamstead and fmly. of Handsworth),

Wythall (Worcs.),

Wythall Heath (Worcs.),

Wyvill, Chris., of Yorks.,

Yardley, n, cemetery, Chap., manor, par., poor law, population, Roman Catholics, n, vicar, vill., wards, and see St. Edburgha's Ch.; South Yardley

Yardley Charity, Estates,

Yardley Council Secondary Sch.,

Yardley Educational Foundation,

Yardley Free Sch., and see schools

Yardley Gn. Rd. Hosp., see Yardley Rd. Hosp.

Yardley (Wash) Mill,

Yardley Rd. (later Yardley Gn. Rd.) Hosp.,

Yardley Rural District,

Yardley Trustees,

Yardley Wood, and see Christ Ch.

Yardley Wood station,

Yates, R. P., fam.,

Yates, John, & Co., Exchange Works, Aston, n

Yates and Hamper, n

Yates St. chap. (Particular Bap.), and see nonconformists: places of worship

York, Rowntree's report on poverty in,

York Rd. Sch., Hall Gn., and see schools

Yorke, Hon. Grantham,

Yorkshire Cttee. for the Reformation of Parliament,

Young, Arthur, agriculturist,

Y.W.C.A. College, Selly Oak,

Youth Employment Service (National Institute of Industrial Psychology),

Zion Chap. (Bap.), Newhall Hill, minister, see O'Nelil (Arthur)