Border Papers volume 1: December 1565

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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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6. Note of Regulations for the Borders. [Dec.]

A clause from the "Indent between the commissioners at Berwick in the yere 1556" is referred to.

There are 16 heads of orders:—


3. Warden meetings not to be held on the very March, for all men, ill and good, have access in armour, and such numbers of deadly feuds standing, it is hard to eschew brawling and bloodshed. Each warden therefore to meet his turn with the other, certain miles within his charge, at a town if possible, with not more than 100 men, under special assurance of the other officer.

8 and 9. No subject of either realm to plough, sow or pasture in the several grounds of the other, notwithstanding any lease or tolerance, under penalty of forfeiting allegiance.

10. The debateable ground between the East March of England and the Middle March of Scotland to be divided by commissioners—if possible by a march dike, as was done on the West Border betwixt Reddenburn and the Fell.

11. A special commission to be held twice yearly, to execute the penalty of death on persons "thrice fowle."

13. All private trysting without the wardens' consent forbidden.

14. Marriages on the West March between English and Scots inhibited.

15. Care to be taken to reconcile the deadly feud contracted at the last accident, otherwise the peace will be in great hazard.

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