Border Papers volume 1: November 1565

Pages 2-3

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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5. The Earl of Bedford to the Earl of Leicester. [Nov. 12. [1565.]]

"It is nowe so long sythens I heard from your lordshippe, as I do therefore in maner thinke my selfe halfe dead." I hear from friends above that the Queen thinks "verie evill of my service here," whether it be that I am too forward to help these good lords, I cannot guess. "For sythe I receyved her Majesties sharpe lettre of the xxth of the last, for the Erle of Murreys comming up, wherat her Majestie was offended, I never herd word nor directe aunswere from her Majestie of suche thinges as I have twise sythens written to her highenes for." I am well assured I have not gone beyond my commission, having been so wisely advised by your lordshippe, for if I had licenced the 300 men sent to Carlisle, to pass to the lords into Scotland,—"as her majesties lettres did warraunte and will me to do,"—there would by this time have been some demonstration of the Scottish Queen's inclination to war, and I would have been very loth to have heard from her Majesty thereon. I pray God will give her Majesty a better opinion of me, and myself grace to do her service, for I have not deserved her displeasure. "I most hartely praye your lordshippe lett me heare as well the worst as the best, if ther be any evill in it at all, that I may seeke with my selfe wherin I have offended, and so make my purgacion as well as I can, to take awaye from her Majestie that evill opinion, and frome me that great anguisshe and sorowe of heart I feele; and even as you love me, good my Lord, satisfie me herin."

I am sorry to hear from Mr Randolph of a rumour in Edinburgh, that your lordship and the Duke have fallen out, and sorrier that it has come to the Queen of Scots, who I fear has too many friends at Court. "I have herd indede that betwene your lordshippe and my Lord of Sussex, some like matter hath happened, which is not to be accompted of. I trust your wisdome shall waye matters well enoughe, and therof shall I be gladde with all my hearte, as he that hathe good cause to love and honour you while I lyve." The Earl Bothwell has set some of his rank riders to spoil the Scots that bring us victuals, but I hope we shall take some, as a watch is set near the Bound road. "It was written to me from thence that the mariage daye should be the xjth of this monethe. I have long desiered to heare therof, and am gladde if it be so. I praye God sende them as moche joye and good successe as can be desiered. I do not doubt but your lordshippe will have in your good remembraunce the sure making of the joincture. My trust is therefore your lordshippe will so honorably deale herin as she maye praye for youe all the dayes of her lief, whome you have so moche bounde unto you." I send Mr Randolph's letter to show how I get my Scottish news. Berwick.

Signed: F. Bedford.

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