Border Papers volume 1: April 1565

Pages 1-2

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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4. The Earl of Bedford to the Earl of Leicester. [April 18. 1565.]

I have received your "gentle letter" of the 10th instant, and heartily thank you for your friendly advice touching my coming up before St George's Feast, as I do for your other goodnesses and remembrances of me. Mr Secretary, however, sent me the Queen's letter dispensing with my attendance, and leaving my coming up to my own convenience after her Majesty's service was done with the opposite warden here, with whom a meeting was appointed, though since "shotte" by him till a few days after Easter, which will prevent me starting till St George's feast be past. For I must not break with them, as they have so often done with me,—peradventure of policy, thinking I would have been sooner gone.

"The Lord Dar[n]ley is verie often visited by that Quene, as well in the most extremitie of his sicknes, without all feare of syckenes or thinfection thereof, and ever sythens commeth verie often to him. I am sure the Protestants there will nothing like the same, and I am for my parte verie sorie therefore, allbeit I wold not wishe that my Ladies grace his mother should understand of my good affection therein. This newes a man of thErle of Lennoxs told me, who brought a letter to her grace."

I hear it is now determined that the fortifications are to be taken in hand this summer, and though time has been lost, I hope the result will be good. "Lett me ones agayne trouble you for the poore man Captaine Browne, he hathe done her Majestie verie good service, and being nowe at great charges for the folowing thereof, consumeth himselfe, and more shall do, unlesse your honorable lordshippes helpe be extended unto him. . . . I wold in like maner crave your lordshippes good favour to Johnson the surveyor, who by his declaracion of things heretofore hidden, hathe gotten him selfe many enemies, and onelesse your lordshippe stand his good lord, maye therefore fare the worse." Berwick. Signed: F. Bedford.

pp. Modern copy. The original with the other letters of Bedford here, formed part of the Conway Papers, but is now missing. The flyleaf, however, No 55 of the Domestic State Papers (Elizabeth), Addenda, Vol. XII., addressed to Leicester, and thus indorsed:—" 18 April 1565. My L. of Bedford to My L. of Leycestre," is in all likelihood that of the missing letter.