Border Papers volume 1: January 1585

Pages 169-171

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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278. Forster to Walsingham. [Jan. 8. 1584–85.]

In reply to your letter of the 2d instant, signifying the Council's desire to know on what ground the assurance is taken with the principal inhabitants of the opposite Marches,—seeing I could get no redress for these ten years from King, Council or Warden, and that the offer came from themselves, I thought it for her Majesty's honour and the quietness of her subjects, and have taken it only till the first week in Lent next, though they desired to have the assurance longer,—which I refused till I knew her highness's pleasure.

Lord Scrope approves of it, and my Lord Hunsdon being acquainted of it by my former letters, and now at Court, I wrote not again to him. I enclose the copies of the bandes and assurances, and keep the principals signed with their hands for my discharge.

Upon receipt of the Council's former letters, as to the "godlie peace" on the offers made by the Master of Gray, I made due proclamation, and acquainted the opposite warden therewith—expecting to have had a speedy meeting with him. He lies at Jedworthe with a larger garrison than any warden ordinarily has, I know not for what cause. At my house nigh Alnwick. Signed: John Forster.

Postscript.—No like offer was ever made by such people to a warden, and if ever I did her Majesty any services, this is one.

pp. Addressed. Indorsed.

Inclosed in the above:—

(Copy of the Assurance of Liddesdale.)

Made at the Harmytage Castle the 18th December 1584, taken of an honourable lord Sir John Forster knight lord warden of the Middle Marches of England, for his wardenry, and likewise in the West Wardenry under the Lord Scroope's office.

"First—We Robert Ellot of Readhewghe, Martinge Ellot, William Ellot of the Fallenashe, for our hole house of Readhewghe," men and servants dwelling on our heritage and steading within Liddesdale and Tevidale wheresoever it lies, shall keep the said assurance till "Fasternes eve next to come," and that "wee shall lelilie and trewlie keip this our bonde for all quarrells, bloods and goods, contraversies or what trowbles that ever hathe bene bypast," to the said wardens of the Middle and West Wardenries. "Subscribed before witnes.

Davie Ellot and Martinge Ellot sonns to Elder Will, taiks the burden upon us for ourselves, brethren, and brethren bairnes and servands, to keip the same assurance as the howse of Readhewghe is abowe writtin. Subscribed with our hands at the pen.

William Forster larde of Fowlesheils, taiken the burden upon me for my bairnes and servands," in like manner and subscribed as last.

"Davie Ellot of Bracley, Will Ellot of Mossepatrickhope, Davie Ellot of Hongrige, wee and ilke one of us for our hole branche of Goramberye," in like manner and subscribed as last.

"Arche Ellot of the Parke, Scotts Hobbs Jock of the Parke, Roweis Johne of the Parke, wee and ilke ane of . . . us for the hole branche comenge of the howse of the Parke," in like manner and subscribed as last.

"Robert Ellot of Thorlosope, William Ellot of the Steill, Arche Ellot called Fyrebraies, wee and ilk one of us . . . for the hole branche comenge of the howse of Thorlosope," in like manner and subscribed as last.

"Martinge Ellot of the Hewghehowse, John Ellot of the Hewghehowse, we and ilke ane of us taiks the burden upon us for the hole branche comenge of our howse and our servands, except one man called Hobb Bowholms dwellinge in Tevidale," in like manner and subscribed.

"Hobb Ellot of Ramsegill, Arche Ellot of the Hill, Rowie Ellot of Ramsegill, Wills Hobb Ellot, we and ilke one of us . . . for our hole branche of Ramsegill," in like manner and subscribed.

"Edwarde Nixson of Dunleybire, Herrie Nixson, Arche Nixson of the Steill," for our whole branch and name in Liddesdale, in like manner and subscribed.

"Arche Croser and Clemye Croser," for all the Crosers in Liddesdale, in like manner and subscribed.

"Arche Ellot of Glenworren and William Ellot of Fidilton, Renyen Ellot and John Ellot of the Dewhowses," for the Ellots of Ewesdale, in like manner and subscribed.

"Thomas Armestrange of the Gyngils, Eckkie Armestrange of the same," in like manner as Readhewghe.

"Arche Armestrange of Arkilton, George Armestrange of the same," in like manner.

"Ecktor Armestrange" for himself and his bairns in like manner.

"The Larde of Gledstanes for hymselfe and his rowmes, the Larde of Harret for hymselfe and his rowmes, Davie Dowgles for his rowmes, John Gledstones of Wyndeton hall, and his rowmes, William of Flecks and his rowmes, Johne Henderson of Hethersheils and his rowmes. Robert Ellot of Readhewghe and Marting Ellot of Brayley stands bounde for the assurance of the said persons.

David Batie of the Black Eske, Mongoes Jame Batie, Nicollas Johne Batie, and John Batie of the Crose, and Nycoll Batie of Whisgyll for there branches tennents and servands," as above written and with our hands at the pen.

The Larde of Whithawgh's Assurance for the Armstrangs.

"At Whitawghe the xxth daie of December 1584 where we have taiken of the right honorable Sir John Forster knyght lorde warden of the Myddle Marches of Englande one lawfull assurance unto one prefixed daie, the daie and date of Fasternes eve next to come.—

In the first I Lancey Armestrange of Whithawghe assures for my selfe and my howse and dependers upon me and my servands and suche lyke, Eckkie Armestrange of Twedden, dwellinge benethe Twedden upon the Larde of Mangertons grounde, beinge one of my howse and beinge upon the grounde where skaithe was done. . . bynds me by this my writinge to performe and keip the promyses of our said assurance, as the howse of Readhewghe. . . .

Syms Thome Armestrange and Reade Androwe Armestrange of Kirkhill, assures for there selves for there beinge upon the grounde with the Ellots," as above written.

"The Larde Ryngie dwellinge in Debaitable lande and his brother the Lards Rowye" assures as above.

"Jocke Armestrange of Monckbehirst assures for hym selfe, brether and tennents as above writtin.

"Pawtons Cristie Armestrange assures for hym selfe and his thre brether" as above.

"Johne Armestrange of Tornewynholme assures for hym selfe, brether and tennents" as above.

"Armestrange of Thornewhattie and his brothers sonnes William and George, assures" as above.

"The Lards Jock assures for hym selfe his tennents and servands as the rest of his surname hathe done."

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