Border Papers volume 1: December 1584

Pages 167-169

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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270. Scrope to Walsingham. [Dec. 22.]

The Laird of Fernyhirst, the new warden of the Middle March, has also accepted the keepership of Liddesdale, whereof the lord warden of our Middle March has I trust advertised you. "But even on Frydaye last, Kynmontes Jock and his complices of the West Marche of Scotland under the Larde Johnston, have ridden emongest the Trombles within Pharnyhirstes wardenrye, and have spoyled and taken awaye foure skore head of nolte, and halfe a skore of horses, besydes the kylling of fyve or six parsons Scottishmen. This bolde attempt emongest them selves, in myne opynyon will hardlie be reformed; so as what face of justice soever be made to us warde, there is no hope the same shall comme to good effect." This march was never in better quiet, and we are now a good deal aforehand with our neighbours. "For the matter of Peertre, according to your lettre, I have kept the same secrete, saving to thErles of Angass and Marre, who I trust will use yt as the same behoveth. According to your later letter, I have sett Cartnell at libertie. I am informed of late that Pharnyhirst hath ben abowt a speciall practise for the killing of the Larde of Carmighell in one Dyckes Davyes house on the borders of England. This schedule inclosed conteyneth his name that sholde doe the facte. But now that Mr Carmighell ys therewith acqueynted by my meanes, I trust the daunger and perill be the lesse."

I have already disbursed 120l. for the victualling of the captains and soldiers on the frontier, of my own money, and as they must be paid weekly, do heartily desire you to procure a warrant on Mr Clopton the receiver for the Bishopric and Northumberland, to disburse 200l. to me, and that it may arrive before the twelfth day after Christmas, when he must make up his account. Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

pp. Addressed. Indorsed.

271. Scrope to Forster. [Dec. 28.]

I have received by this bearer your letter and note of the assurance sent to you by the Ellottes, Armstronges and other surnames of Lyddysdale, Ewsdale and Tyvydale, to be kept between you and them for your wardenry, and betwixt me and them for this, until "Faster even" next. I am well content with this, and neither I nor any under my rule shall in any way attempt or commit anything in breach of it to the persons in the schedule, till the said day—which is as ample assurance as I ever gave to any Scotsman since I took office. Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

1 p. Addressed.

272. Council Minute to the Wardens. [Dec.]

Signifying that her Majesty having had assurances by the Master of Gray ambassador of Scotland, of the King's sincere desire for continuance of peace and amity, they shall forthwith make proclamations in their several wardenries commanding peace to be kept, and arrange days of meeting with the opposite wardens for mutual redress of offences, making a collection of such as are not redressed, to be considered by the commissioners to be appointed on both sides.

pp. Draft corrected by Walsingham. Indorsed: "Dec. 1584. M. to the wardens of the Marches."

273. Obligation for a Tenant. [Dec. 1584.]

The officer of each wardenry of both realms shall see that the lord, possessor or bailiff of the ground where an offender dwells, shall on receiving notice of the offence, do his utmost to produce the offender to appear and answer before his warden under the treaties—and if negligent herein, his own warden shall charge him with redress of his tenant's offence, saving that he shall not suffer death for the same.

½ p. Written by Scrope's clerk. An extract from a treaty.

274. Memoranda on the Borders. [1584.]

"Provisions for the safer keping of the Borders agaynst theves and outlawes in time of peace."


Rokeley castle to be kept as in William lord Dacres time—and the fords guarded at ebbtide to prevent the thieves of Greteney, Redhawle, Stilehill and other the Debatable lands of Kinmowthes retinue, which commonly ride through the barony in the night to the in country. The Graymes who dwell at Netherby and the Mote to be compelled by the Lord Warden to perform their duty according to their tenures, in keeping the night watches at the fords—without making away their furniture to the Scots, forbearing for alliance, or sharing the spoil.

Bewcastle in defenceless condition, owing to the feuds of the Graymes and Musgraves lately happened. The 100 Berwick foot to lie at Cresoppe, and assist to keep down the Armstronges of Tinnes alias Puddyborne, the Whithaches and Mangertouns, and Elwoods.

References to the Treaty of 23 Sept. 1563, and its clauses cited. Also some special causes of the decay of the horsemen on the Marches.

6 pp. In the handwriting of Thomas Phillips. Indorsed by Burghley.

275. Victualling of Berwick. [1584.]

Robert Vernon having contracted to supply the victuals of 1500 men for a year—it is agreed in case her Majesty shall increase the garrison to 4000, they shall be victualled by him at the same rate, on receiving due warning and sufficient money prests, while the "overplus" of men remains, and he being also allowed 2 men at 8d. each per diem for each 100 men above the 1500, for all extra charges attending their victualling.

1 p. Indorsed: "The copie of an article for an imprest to be delivered to Vernon victuler of Barwicke, the garrison exceadinge xvc men."

276. Notes on the Borders.

Under 12 heads—regarding the old boundaries, castles and places of strength, their owners, passes and fords, horse and foot in the several wardenries, laws and customs, &c., and where information on these several points is to be found.

1 p. Official handwriting. Indorsed: "Notes of collections for the Borders."

277. Decay of the Borders.

"An abstract of the causes of the decayes of tenancyes and services uppon the Borders taken out of the certificates."

Set down under three heads and sixteen sub-heads—with remedies recommended,—viz., exclusion of Scots, suppressing fends among the border gentlemen, closer residence of the wardens, &c.

5 pp. In official writing. Indorsed.