Border Papers volume 1: May 1580

Pages 19-24

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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49. Scrope to Walsingham. [May 1.]

Having this day received a letter from the Privy Council of 26th April, signifying that her Majesty and the K. of Scotland have appointed commissioners to meet the Border wardens at Berwick on the 20th instant for redress of complaints, I shall make ready to attend the same. As to the latter part of their lordships' letter, charging me with slackness in replying to their former letter of 25th January last, ordering a certificate of the decay of horses and men here, I enclose copy of my reply of 8th February, sent to you by post—as yet unanswered,—and will proceed when I receive the instructions asked. Meanwhile I have ordered the inhabitants to be in readiness as heretofore. Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

50. Sir John Forster to the Privy Council. [May 2.]

As ordered in your lordships' letter, I have assembled the inhabitants within my office, and send a muster book of all the able horsemen here, being 1134. But I cannot give the difference of this, and the muster in the first year of Her Majesty's reign, for the books were stolen in the late rebellion. The causes of their "unablenes" are mentioned in the book, and are various. My opinion is that one chief cause is the great fines and raising of rents by their landlords—and if your lordships would cause order to be taken against these practices, it would encourage the tenants to provide themselves for service. Another cause of the scarcity of horses is the traffic of the West marchers selling them into Scotland. Your lordships impute negligence in my sending this book—but must consider that my bounds are great, and I have been so troubled with sickness taken at the last Warden meeting, that I could not go abroad. At my house nigh Alnwick. Signed: John Forster.

2 pp. Addressed. Indorsed.

Inclosed with above:—

(Muster of the Middle Marches.)

"The Certificat of Sir John Forster knighte lorde warden of the Midell Marches of Englaund foranenst Scotlaund, uppon the mouster taken beffore hym of all the able horsemen furneshed within his office of the Midell Marches as the names of these that are abell and unfurneshed—taken the xxvjth of Marche 1580 at the Mutelawe within the said Midell Marches."

Alnwick Lordship, the Earl of Northumberlands.—Aylenam town, furnished, 11, unfurnished, 10. Some sit on half lands, and some decayed by the dear years and their own negligence. Fawdon town, 5. Beyneley town, unfurnished, 4; 7 alleging that 16 were "sore burned" in the two years' war. Shilbottell town, 1. Unfurnished; 19 who cannot keep "horse and geire," their ground is so bare and small. Alnewicke town, 6. Rougeley town, 4. Sheiledikes, 5. Byltoun town, 10. Total furnished in Alnwick lordship, 46.

Warckeworth Lordship.—Byrlenge town, 7. Overbustoun, 8. Ackelinton town, 5. Easter Thrustoun, 2. Wester Thrustoun, 3. Guysouns, 2. Warckeworth, 1. Total furnished in Warckeworth lordship, 28.

Mr Raphe Graies tenants.—Morricke, 5. Togstoun, 6. Total furnished, 11.

Rotheberrie Forest, the Earl of Northumberlands.—Able horsemen furnished, 8. The other tenants say they were so spoiled in the rebellion time, they have been unable to get horses since.

Pruddoe lordship, the Earl of Northumberlands.—Barrosforthe, horsemen furnished, 2. Other 17 say they sit on holdings of 10s. apiece, and cannot keep horse and armour. Byrtkeleye, 2. Other 9 give the same reason. Whelpengetoun, 1. Other 15 say their "fermeholdes" are too small. Ovenghame, 1. Other 5 give same reason. Harlawe of the hill, 1. Other 5 not able, can allege no default, but that some lost goods by theft. Horseleye, 2. Other 14 tenants say their holdings are only 13s. 4d. apiece. Headlie and Headliewood, 21 tenants, none able, their holdings only 8s. or 10s. rent. Pruddoe, 11 tenants, none able for same reason. Whittell, 4 tenants, unable for same cause. Rowchester, furnished, 2. Whittchester, 2. Total furnished in Pruddo lordship, 13.

Wilambe, parcel of Tynmouth lordship, 1. Other 7 have too small holdings. Captheaton, 1. Chollertoun, 6 tenants, all unable for that Thomas Swymborne of Captheaton their master took a "demayne" out of their holdings and great "greshums" of them. Screanewood, 2.

Longehorseley, 14 tenants of John Horseleis, none able, their tenements are very small, the years so dear, and corn scarce.

The Lord Ogells tenants.—Botwell, 20. Trytlengeton, 2. Conneygarthe, 6 tenants, none able, their holdings too small. Ogell town, 9. The other tenants unable from the "scartie of otes and haie." Heppell baronrie, 3. Flotterton, 2. Wartoun, 1. Mickell Trewytt, 1. Littell Trewytt, 1. Littell Tossen, 1. Lurbottell, 8. Northe Midelton, 4. The Lord Ogells able horsemen, 52.

James Ogells tenants of Cawsey Park.—Cawsey Park, 3. Rytton, 1. Hyley and the Grainge, 7. Total, 11.

Roiall Town, 5. Tngoe, 3.

Lawrens Thorntons tenants.—Netherwitton, 11. Other 9 not able from their small holdings. Wyndegaites, 11. Todborne, 1. Framlengeton, 1. Other 9 tenants unable from their small holdings, and Mr Haggarston of Haggarston took great "greshoms" of them. Actoun town, 4. Olde Felton, 1. East Chevengeton, 1. Langschawes, 2. Bockenfeilde, 4.

Morpeth Lordship, the Earl of Arundels.—Hebescott, 2. Horseley, 1. Morpeth town, 4. Duddoe, 1. Clyftonfeilde, 2. Benredge, 1. Stobbhill, 1. Owgham, 5. Angerton, 2. Comerton, 2. Nethertoun, none able. Stannengeton, 1. The other tenants of Morpeth lordship say they paid great "greshams" in the late Lord Dacre's time, and now pay new fines again, and are unable to furnish themselves. Whaltoun, 6. Trewicke, 2. Swarland, 3. Other tenants and those of Glontles are unable from their small holdings.

Mr Richard Fenwicke of Stantons tenants.—Stanton, 8.

Mr Robert Proctors tenants.—Shawdoun, 5. Glanton, 3. Eshett; 4 of the tenants say they paid 4 years' fine to William Carr of Fourde 7 years since, and unless he gets a new gressum he will discharge them. And John Graie, Robert Reade, John Carr and Robert Clarke, with 7 others, are so overcharged with carriages by him, they cannot keep horses. Callyley, 7. Yetlengeton, 6. Bavengeton, 7. Thockerengeton, 9. Fetherstonhaughe, 12. Lemedon, 1. Olde Bewycke, 11. New Bewycke, 1. Wepperdoun, 3. East Lilborne, 7.

Sir Cuthbert Collengwoodes tenants.—Eslingeton, 4. Thrunton, 4. Barton, 2. Bolton, 2. Tytlengeton, 1. Ingram, 1. Wetslaid, 1. Total furnished, 15.

West Chevengton, 9. Hadstoune, 3. Owgham grainge, 3.

Robert Lisles tenants of Felton, 6. Thorntonsheles, 2. Haistand, 1. Other 11 say in the Queen's first year, one Marmaduke Throkilde took 4 years' grassum of them, and in a year took 100 marks of the officer and let him a lease in reversion of the town, and is this two years suing the officer to recover his interest, to their undoing.

Mr Robert Dallavells tenants.—Seaton Dallavell, 7. Harteley, 6. Hallywell, 6. Cullerton, 5. Dissengeton, 5. Hedwen, 1. Total of Robert Dallavells horsemen, 30.

Bywell Lordship, 101.

Lord Ewers tenants.—Kyrckeley, 5. Other 11 tenants unable on their small holdings of 10s. Barwick on the hill, 5. Other 7 unable. Littell Callerton, 2. Throple, 12 tenants unable, spoiled in the rebellion. Neweton Underwood, 10 tenants unable from small holdings. Sturton Graynge, 8 tenants, all footmen. Lord Ewers has "enhanced" their rents from 40s. to 5l. a-piece, and they cannot keep horses. Mytford, 1. Total of Lord Ewers tenants furnished, 13.

Newham, 2. Keynton, 2. Horton grainge, 3. There are 4 tenants there of Ursula Brandlens, so overcharged with service and great fines—having paid in this 12 years 40l. a-piece for a holding of 46s. 8d. a-piece—they cannot keep horses.

Pontylond parish.—Pontyland town, 1. Mersfen, 8 tenants, unable, "can allege no occasion but in themselves." Dunengeton, 1. 7 others would not "shewe thereselves." Hie Callarton, 1. 7 others unable. Darretteshall, 2. Prestwicke, 2. Shotton, 1. 9 others unable. Cramlengeton, 4. Sighell, 3. Burrodon, 2. Benton, 3. Other 11 tenants unable from their small holdings, 20s. or 13s. 4d.

Killengeworthe, 7 tenants unable, their holdings so bare, and for great gressums paid to Thomas Killengeworthe. Whitslaide, 2. Other 7 unable. Mytford, Mosseden and Espelie, 7. Edingeton, 1.

Corbrigge Town, the Earl of Northumberlands, 13.

Mr Cuthbert Carnabies tenants.—Halton, 1. Satlengstones, 1. Clayrewood, 5. Whittengeton, 1. West Matfen, 9. Meldoun, 7. Bolambe, 1. Mydeltoun, none able, were sore spoiled in the rebellion. Belsoe, 2. Bradford, 3. Littell Swymborne, 1. Shortflatt, 4.

The Baronrie of Langeleye, 23. There are also there "five score and od" unfurnished, being with the deceased Earl of Northumberland in the rebellion, and spoiled by the Queen's garrisons.

Mr William Fenwickes tenants of Wallengton, 40.

Mr Henrie Wooddrengtons tenants of Wooddrengeton and Dridrige, 27. Hawghton, Hemsaughe, Swymborne and Colwell, 24. Newebegynn, Woodhorne, Shotton and Plessey, in the hands of the Ladie Wooddrengeton, 9.

Sir George Radcliffes tenants.—Develstone, 8. Whittengstall and Newelandes, 8. Cartengeton, 4. Total 20.

The Regality of Hexham and Hexhamshire, 40. Six score copyholders, mostly in E. and W. Allendale, &c., the Queen's tenants, unfurnished, are bound by their "copies" to find horse and armour, who "taverne there land" and give it by will as though they were freeholders. As the steward and officers cannot remedy this without a special commission, the Lord Treasurer is prayed to issue the same.

The Suppressed Lands.—Anycke and Sandoe, 8. Echewicke and Dalton, 5. Nether Warden and Over Warden, 6. Dotland town, 8. tenants, unable from small holdings. The Paieshill and the Holehouse, 2. Total of the suppressed lands, 22.

Mr Luke Ogells horsemen, 13.

John Swymbornes tenants of Edlengham, 6.

Ellengeton, 20 tenants, whereof none able, having paid eight years' fines a-piece to Gawen Claverenge, Arthure Cressewell and George Erengeton, "at the leaste."

Carsewell, 1. Other 10 tenants unable, having paid fines of 20 nobles, and 12l. for holdings of 26s. 8d. and 40s. to Cuthbert Mousegrave and John Atchesoun. The last could not get his money, and sued them.

Mr Ildertons tenants—Ilderton, 14. Rossedoun, 13.

Tynmoutheshire—Backeworth, Mortoun, Earsden, Prestoun, Monck Seaton, Wheatelea, East Chirton, Midle Chertoun, Hawxley, Anbell, Dentoun, Benwell, Elsewicke; of all these towns, 6. The "inhabitants" of Benwell and Elsewicke say they cannot serve as they did before the abbey was suppressed. Those of Hauxley and Anbell are so "exacted" by the Queen's officers, they are ready to give up their holdings. Those of Tynmouthshire are not able, by reason that the corn that they call the "hall corne," and pay yearly, doth so undo them, paying 24 "boales" of corn for 20s. of rent, and some 10 "boales" of wheat for 20s. and so of long time. Note in another hand. The tenants in Ambell and Hauxley were accustomed to pay partly money and partly corn. At the "Auditt" the custom is, the price of the "rent corn" is delayed till the audit "twelfemoneth after, and then of curtesie of thofficers yt ys set at a grote in a bowll, under the price of the markett at Newcastell."

Northe Tyndale and Southe Tyndale, 134. Reddesdale, 91. Divers are unfurnished, for they have ever had a custom, if a man have issue ten sons, 8, 6, 5 or 4, and sits on a holding but of 6s. rent, every son shall have a piece of his father's holding. Their chief service therefore is on foot as bowmen, "the place serving well for the same."

The Ten Towns Belonging To Harbottel Castle.—Clennell, 7. Newetowne, 2. Nether Allanton, 3. Parkehead, 1. Over Allanton, 1. Bydelston, 14. Netherton, 5. Farnton, 1. Sharperton, 7. Burrodon, 6. Total 47. Newehall, 1. Lyntorigges, 1.

Total furnished in the Middle Marches 1134.

Another summation.

Total tenants in the same, 1670.
Horsed and furnished, 1145
Unfurnished, 525

18 pp. In a clerk's hand, Indorsed: "Muster book of the Middle Marches." Not signed.

2. Another copy with slight variations.

16 pp. Written by Forster's clerk. Indorsed: "May 1580, the Muster book of the Middle Marches."

51. Forster to the Privy Council. [May 10.]

As ordered by your letters of 26th April, I have prepared my rolls against the coming of the Commissioners, and have conferred with Mr Selby deputy warden of the East Marches, as to complaints to be laid before them. As Mr Johnson of Berwick was ordered by Mr Selby to make a plot of the debateable ground in the East Marches, I caused a friend of my own to draw a plot of the same within my office, and send the copy inclosed. The Bishop of Durham is to be at my house on the 16th of this present, from whence I shall accompany him to Berwick. Alnwick. John Forster.

1 p. Contemporary copy.

52. Bowes To Walsingham. [May 10.]

I received your last of the 3rd on the 8th instant. It is here denied that the Bishop of Ross is at Diep, as stated in your letter of the 22nd April. I desire to know the truth. It is also denied that Farnyhyrst is goue from France to Spain, but reported on his way here secretly, though his license is newly restrained. My copies of the treaties of the Debateable ground are in so "evill" a hand, I pray you send me the same.

The way is now open for her Majesty to bind Scotland to her, and all things are ready. Some noble personage would be most apt for that service. I shall be "prest" as her highness shall command me. But if she think good to delay, my being here cannot prevail. Striveling. Robert Bowes.

1p. Contemporary copy in same hand.

53. The Pier At Berwick. [May 21.]

The charges of the pier from the 29th of April 1577, which was the beginning thereof, till the 21st of April 1580.

[Divided under heads—chief officers, hardhewers, quarrymen, barrowmen, labourers, carriages, smiths, carpenters, sawyers, coble hire, boys, baring the quarry at St Cuthbert's well, thatching the masons' lodges at Salterspith and St Cuthbert's well, freights, sounding the haven, &c.]

Total, 1112 l. 8s. 10¼d. 2 placks.

18 pp. Indorsed by Burghley: "From 29 April 1577 untill 21 Maij 1580."

54. Muster Of The West Marches. [May 28.]

"A breviat of the muster of the light horsemen founde furneshed with horse, steil coit or jack, speare and steil capp, fit for service uppon the Borders, certified to the Lorde Scroppe lorde warden of the West Marches of Englande towardes Scotland, the 28th of Maie, 1580."

Burghe barony, 100. Gillesland, 100. Quens Haymes, 100. Eske, 100. Leaven, 20. Bewcastle, 40. Holme Coltram, 60. =520. In another hand: Difference between above, and 1583—Decayed in Gillesland, 60. Queenes Hames, 90. Beaucastle, 4. Holme Coltram, 40. Total decay, 194. Increased in Leaven, 10.

1p. Indorsed.

2. Another note of the first part only.

½ p. Indorsed.

55. Scrope To [Walsingham]. [May 30.]

I have received your letter of the 6th instant in answer to mine of the 1st, and understand the explanation of my supposed negligence is satisfactory to my lords. I find by Lord Dacre's muster book anno primo Marie, the number of light horsemen here was then 580, and none has been made since. I send the breviate now made showing the number to be 520, besides the gentlemen of the wardenry and their household servants, esteemed to be about 200. If their lordships or you can find authority for charging the country with a larger number, I will do my diligence to enquire, and meantime have given strict orders about those now certified. Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

1 p. Indorsed. Inclosing the preceding.