Border Papers volume 1: June 1587

Pages 260-261

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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517. Forster to Walsingham. [June 3.]

I enclose your honour a letter from the "Kings secretarie," in reply to mine lately sent to him for reformation of the late attemptate of Lidesdale Easdale and Ewesdale, also the warden's letter for continuing our meetings, thus encouraging the disorderly people—therefore it is necessary to place 50 men at Harbottle, as I recommended, for a time till the Border is quiet, to avoid further charges. At my house nigh Alnwick. Signed: John Forster.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

Inclosed in the above:—

(1) (Sir John Maitland to Forster.)

As desired in your letter of the 27th I will be a mean to the King and Council for redress of the late attemptate by Liddesdale and their accomplices on the 9th instant, and if the King had not gone to. Fiffe before your messenger arrived, I would have written more specially by him. But the landlords of the surnames complained of have been charged to appear before the Council here at a short day, when I will be a furtherance to my power, that the warden shall be directed to answer you in justice. "Edinburgh the last day of May 1587." Signed: Jo. Maitland.

¾ p. Addressed. Wafer signet: a lion rampant couped at the joints; "S.J.M." outside of shield.

(2) (Cesfurde to Forster.)

"I am to ryde in to courte the morne, verray tymelie for the Bordour effaris, speciallie to complane on Liddisdaill and the rest of the brokin cuntreyis for thir laitt incursiouis, and luikis that ye will send your scharpe lettre eftir me, complaning upoun thir attemptis, afferming in the samin gif spedie redres be nocht had, ye will nocht ansuer for Tindaill and Riddisdaill, sua that the Bordouris ar lykelie to brek. I am nocht certane of my returne, bot luikis befoir the samin to sie ordour takin with thir materis, swa that I can nocht keip our appoinctitt metingis on Twisday and Wedinsday nixt, bot sall nocht faill to appoinct the samin within viij dayis eftir my hamecuming. The bearer heirof hes ane freind of his callit Willie Kirktoun, takin at Morpeth, quhay he trowis be presentitt to your lordschip. I man ernistlie requeist your lordschip to schaw him all the favour ye can, for my caus, sua far as law and ressoun will permitt. . . Frome Kelso the first of Junij 1587." Signed: Cesfurde.

½ p. Addressed. Wafer signet as before.

518. Carvylle to Walsingham. [June 3.]

"This day I receyved a letter from Mr Richard Dowglas directed to Mr Archibalde; yt semeth to be of some ymportance, because I was requested to hast it away with expedition." I have had no further conference with Robert Carr, who is far in Scotland, but have sent word to speake with him. The King is gone to Faulkland, and Richard Dowglas is gone to him, on whose return there will be some news. "The embassadours for Denmarck are gone a weke synce. And uppon Monday last, the Kinge made proclamacion that non of his subjectes sholde have any conferrence or dealinge with any Englishe men; and also that ther sholde no fleshe be eaten within his whole realme of Wednesdayes and Fridayes, without speciall lycence from his Majestie for bothe those causes." Berwick. Signed: Robart Carvylle.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer signet: an antique head.

519. The Council to Huntingdon. [June 15. 1587.]

Authorising him to place 50 "shott" of Berwick garrison in Harbottle castle, and to supply their place with a like number from Yorkshire under the leading of some discreet person.

pp. Official fair copy. Indorsed: "M. to the Earl of Huntington for the levy of 1ty shott to be layd at Harbottel 15 June 1587."

519. Carvylle to Walsingham. [June 23.]

"I have of late spoken with Robert Carr, who hath tolde me of the hawnte here in Northumberland of David Inglebee and serteyne Jhesuwites with hym, of which number Holt is one, who came very lately from beyonde the seas. Carr hathe promysed me by devise to practice to gett them together, that they may be apprehended all in one howse. And therfore uppon his prosedinge in the action, your honour shalbe further advertised, that ye may write to Sir Henry Woodrington knighte marshall of this towne, to assiste me in the cause. . . . Further he enformed me, that one Pickerd a yonge man whose livinge lieth abowte Gisburroughe in Yorkeshire, came into Scotland to one Jerratt a Jhesuwite borne in Langcaster shire, and passed prively through Glendale, and so on farther in to Englande; and where they be nowe he knoweth not. Thus trusting your honour will be myndefull of the man for his chargies, that he may the better go abowte his busynes, I end." Berwick. Signed: Robart Carvylle.

¾ p. Addressed. Indorsed: "From Capten Carvile."

520. Carvylle to Walsingham. [June 26.]

This day I received a letter from Mr Richard Dowglas, to the "lorde embassadour," to be sent with speed. I have done no more in the matter I last wrote of, as I chiefly stay till I hear from your honour. I need not trouble advertising of the outrages done on Friday last the "xxxiijth" (sic) instant by the Scots of Liddesdale in the Middle Marches, as you know already, but it is expected the East Marches will shortly be attacked; all by the means of Earl Bothwell, as I am informed. Berwick. Signed: Robart Carvylle.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

521. Sir John Selby to Walsingham. [June 27.]

"This day att twoo a clock, I have receaved a letter to your honour from Roger Aston out of Scotland, which I have sent hereinclosed. . . . Wheras I understand that my lorde of Huntingdon is eyther instantly att London, or wilbe their very presently, I most humbly beseche your honour to stand good freind unto me towching the causes depending betwene Sir Cuthbert Collingwood, Mr Clavering and me, and my sonne. I desyre nothing rather than quyetnes, and yf yt may stand with your honoures pleasure to move my sayd lord to sett downe somme favorable ordre therin, I shall think my selfe greatly bound unto your honour for the same." Berwick. Signed: John Selbye.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed: "From Sir John Selby."