Border Papers volume 1: April 1588

Pages 322-323

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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603. Bowes to Walsingham. [April 10.]

"Att thandes of this bearer John Ollever, I have receyved your lettre of the last of Marche last, having befor the recept therof, wrytten into Scotlande, by the commodyty of a trusty carryer retornyng to Edenbro. Butt as yett I have nott receyved any retorne or answer to the same.

I perceave that the Lord John Hamylton, Huntley, Crayford, Rothouse, Montrosse and others, are assembled att the curte, seking ane immedyatt chang of thoffycers in curte, and of the castle of Edenbro. Wherin albeyt that yt is like enoughe, that in thende, they shall obtayne a greatt parte of ther desieres, yett presently the Kyng yeldes nott so fully to this alteracion, as they hoped and desiered; and I think that my frindes do stay ther lettres to me, untill they may both wrytt with best certayntye, and also send with gud sayftye, which att this presentt they can hardly do. Upon recept wherof, I shall with sped (and so soone as the way shalbe clere) gyve you advertyshment—right humbly praying you, that in case you shall fynd that my labours in this matter shall nott bring profytt to hir Majesties service, honour to you (for whose sak I shalbe alwayes redy to imploy my self and wholl power), contentment to the partyes to be delte withall, or honesty to my self, yt may then please you to be meane, that I may be tymly rydde of this office. For I lyve still in feare that the partyes to be intertayned will look for some gratuytyes, wherin ther expectacions shalbe hardly satysfied, and that theron evill effectes shall spring. Yf l li. or such lyk somms were bestowed to releave the poore estat of Secundus, (fn. 1) yt myght enable hym for service, and yt wold encourage others to procede with better hope. Butt this I leave to your gud consideration. This bearer can informe you, both of the tyme and redynes of my lord Governour to the curte, and also of his lordshipes good meanes of intelligence in Scotland wher surely the King, and some others of gud quality have offred great kyndnes to his lordship, as att his lordshipes commyng wilbe better knowen to you, then I can inform you." Berwick. Signed: Robert Bowes.

p. Holograph. Addressed. Indorsed.

604. Huntyngdon to the Privy Council. [April 13.]

On the 7th instant I received your letters of the 2nd. I am not guilty of negligence, as conceived by her Majesty and your lordships, in certifying the forces here, having had no instructions sent as in my former commissions, though I trust the state of this country is good, as shall appear. Meantime I require powder, match and shot, to be sent to Newcastle, as determined before I left London. The musters were begun before your letter arrived, and shall be performed with all speed. York. Signed: H. Huntyngdon.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer signet: a bull's head, and garter motto.

605. Woddryngton to Walsingham. [April 19.]

"I was in some good hope to have got lycence for my repayre to court, now at my lorde Governors going up, and being stayd by his lordship, and lefte with the chardge of this pece (albeyt very unfyt therunto by reason of the great and excessyve chardges I have susteyned by my longe contynuance here without any consideracion), and lykewise being entreated by my good lady the Lady Hunsdon, to let my lady my wiffe accompany my lady Scroope her doughter to court, I have directed and appointed her to make her accesse unto your honour, and withall to acqueynt your honour with my decayed and declyninge estate—wherin I am most humbly to beseach your honour, that likeas I have allwaies heretofore fownde your honourable favour extended towardes myself in all my occasions whatsoever, so nowe yt wold please your honour to vouchsafe your good favoure and furtherance to my said bedfellowe, in such our causes and sutes, as she shall more at large and in particuler acqueynt your honour withall." Berwick. Signed: Henry Woddryngton.

¾ p. Addressed. Indorsed.


  • 1. John Colvile.