Border Papers volume 1: May 1588

Pages 323-324

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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606. Huntyngdon to Walsingham. [May 15.]

Having sent for Sir Henry Lee and Sir Robert Constable, they met me here on Monday night, and yesterday Lord Darcy, Mr Bamboroughe and others joined, and we spent the whole day to good purpose. I have appointed the training to begin in Whitsun week—3 days together every 15 days— to end on 22 July, as harvest will begin soon after.

While Scotland showeth good countenance, I would remind you to send the necessary provisions to Newcastle. I shall take care the powder is not so consumed, as once I heard you say it was. If Guise and his master differ in earnest, our case shall be the better, but I trust none of that kind, for they are both at heart deadly enemies to our good sovereign. I hope the proverb shall prove true—"Pride will (fn. 1) have a fall"—and then the Pope nor his champions shall not triumph as they desire. But to hinder them the better of their purposes, we must continue to make the necessary provisions, and then we may with the better spirits commit the success to God. Her Majesty shall find as good service in these parts as can be wished (if war do come) if necessaries are provided. I have waded into this matter further than I did mind, for I hear from those coming from London no news but of war, and after our long happy peace, which hath been so much abused by us, it may be the Lord will send a war somewhat to correct us. But let her Majesty trust in God, and the courageous hearts of her subjects, for no doubt by his grace and favour they will give her enemies such a welcome as shall nothing pleasure them. I mind to spend my life upon it. Doucaster. Signed: H. Huntyngdon.

pp. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer signet: a bull's head, and garter motto.

607. Bowes to Walsingham. [May 28.]

"Yesternyght after the gates were shott, I receyved this packett inclosed, addreshed to Mr Arch. Dowglas, and with earnest request to gett ytt spedely conveyed to hym. It may therfor please you to gyve order, that yt may be delyvered to hym with expedytion, together with myn owne letter, advertyshing hym of the tyme of the delyvery of this packett to my handes.

The jorney of the Kyng to Dunfrese, and thoccasion of the repayre of Mr Robert Carye to Carlysle, are alredy advertyshed to you by Mr Cary. And this day I have byn informed, that his abode with the Kyng ther will nott be longer, nether shall the kyng have any cause to tary any longer tyme in those partes, seyng Maxwell is alredy departed quyetly into the north. Wherof, and of all other occurranttes presently ther, Mr Archbald will (I trust) gyve you understanding with best certayntye, and therfor to his reporte I do wholly leave the same." Berwick. Signed: Robert Bowes.

1 p. Holograph. Addressed. Indorsed.


  • 1. Originally "shall."