Border Papers volume 1: April 1590

Pages 346-353

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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666. Scrope to Burghley. [April 11. 1590.]

"By a lettre this daye received from Mr Bowes out of Scotland, yt shoulde seeme that the Bishopp of Dirrie latlie aryvinge at Glasco, hath ben at this weste hande with the Lorde Herris and others thereaboutes, and nowe seeketh to drawe some forces of horsmen and footemen oute of that realme into Ireland, there to stirre a rebellion againste her Majestie." Maxwell, Herris, and other Catholics are to levy horsemen in aid, and Mr Bowes wishes me to search out the matter with diligence.

I hear Maxwell musters all the men he is able, both horse and foot, "and hath prepared divers ensignes and giddons in a redines for them."

When I learn more I shall acquaint your lordship therewith. Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

¾ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

667. Scrope to Walsingham. [April 11.]

[A letter to the same effect]. Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

¾ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

668. Middle March Bills, &c. [April 13–19.]

"Lyddesdale.—At the Belles Kyrk the xiijth of Aprill 1590, William Fenwick gentleman, deputie for the warden of the Myddle Marches of Englande, and Thomas Trotter deputie for the Lorde Bothewell, keper of Lyddesdale, principally mett for redressinge of attempts on bothe sydes."

A bill of Steven Pescods, John Pescods, &c., "fowle" upon John Ellott of the Steele, Hob of Thorlesopp, John and Gabriel Ellott of the Parke, James Ellott of the Binks, George Simpson, John Shevell, Steven Shevell, and John Nixon, &c., found to be committed since the King's departure out of Scotland, but delivery put off by Thomas Trotter, till he had his lord and master's answer.

A bill of Sir John Forster uppon Arche Croser, and Will Croser, quit by their oaths, referred to Robin and Martin Ellott, quit by Martin's oath, but Robin refused to swear, whereby the bill is fyled under the truce.

For the bill of Thomas Hall of Gersomfeeld and others on Hob Ellott of Stanny sheile, John Ellott of the Hewghewse, Hob Ellot of Bohomes, Eddie Ellott sonne to Davye "the Carlinge," Thomas Trotter confesseth though he had his lord's orders for redress on the 12th instant, he had no time to convene the parties complained by this day of meeting, but promises to do so next Friday, when they shall make redress, if not, the bill to be fyled at the next meeting.

For Richard Thirlway's bill upon Arche Ellott and Hob of Bohomes, referred to the deputy of Liddesdales oath till next meeting.

William Loren's bill upon Hob "the Taillour," Mathew Armestronge, Adam Ellott son to Davie, and "Alexanders Arche" Armestronge, "fowle" conditionally, not yet fyled.

At the Bells Kyrke the last day of April 1590 before same deputies.

It was proclaimed on behalf of both the sovereigns that all prisoners unlawfully taken should be set free and their bonds discharged, since the said King's departure—notwithstanding Thomas Trotter's promise therein, divers of the Queen's subjects are still detained, and their bondsmen pressed for payment of their ransoms.

Bills of Liddesdale since the King's departure.

Raphe Anderson of Davisheile complains upon Robert Armestronge, called "Hob the taillour," Clement Croser of Borneheades, Rychard Armstronge called "Dick of Dryupp," Rynioue Armestronge his brother, and others, for stealing 6 oxen, and taking John Anderson prisoner and ransoming him the morrow after St Luke's day 1589.

Raphe Hall of Gersomffeeld, John Anderson of Hatherwick, Thomas Hall of Otterborne, Robert Wintropp, Peter Bell, Hewghe Mewers, Clement Hall and Thomas Hedlie, complain upon James Ellott, called "James of the Hill," Robine Ellott called "the Taillour," William Ellott called "Will of Fyttington," Arche Ellott of Ramesgill, Hob Ellot called "Hob the larde," Marke Ellott of the Hill, Will Croser of Ryckerton, John Ellot of the Hillend, Robine Ellott "the Bastarde of Glenvoren," Davye Ellot "Hobs Davie," of Dewes leases, Arche Ellott of the same, Will Ellott of Fyttington, Andrewe Ellott of Blackhall, John Ellot "the Child," and others, for taking said Raphe Hall and others prisoners at the Kyrke forde at "Martlemas' 1589, and ransoming them—who took from them 8 horses and mares, and still keep them prisoners.

Steven Pescood, John Pescood, Robert Stevenson, Arthure Thompson, Nicholas Yeldert, Robert Thompson, Gilbert Thompson, complain upon William Ellott of the Steile the younger, Hob Ellott of Thorlesopp, John Ellott and Gabriel Ellott of the Parke, James Ellott of the Byrks, George Simpson, Hob Croser, George Nixon called "ill drowned Geordie," John Nixon of Lareston, for coming at Martinmas last 1589 with 80 persons to the town of Over Warden and stealing 22 oxen, 20 kye, 6 horses and meares with insight value 100l. sterling, and in pursuing their goods and lawful "trod," Arthure Thompson, Robert Stevenson, Anthony Stok, Mathew Leadbeter, were taken prisoners and ransomed at 23l. 13s. 4d. sterling, Anthony Stokes' horse taken worth 4l. [besides others taken and ransomed at sums from 40s. to 9l., horses, &c. taken worth 4l. to 6l.]

Hewghe Rowle and John Rowle of Catton in Allondale complain upon William Ellott called "Will of the Steile" the elder, and his son Will, Andrew Karr man to Robine Ellott and others, for stealing from Catton 30 kye and oxen, 4 horses and meares, and sundry prisoners, Cuthbert Rowle, Clement Troop [and 15 others named—ransoming them from 13s. 4d. to 5l., taking their horses, value 40s. to 5l., "a slewe dog" price 10l., a sword and spear price 20s.] six days after St Luke's day 1589.

Sir John Forster complains upon Arche Croser, "Quintins Arche," Will Croser, called "ill wild Will," belonginge to Martine Ellott, Syme Ellott Martin's son and others for stealing 8 nowte from Medupp 14 days after "Symon daye and Jude," 1589.

John Stoke and Edward Armstrong complain upon Arche Ellott "Martin's Arche," and his brother Gib, and Martin's Gib being Martins cosen, elder Will of the Steile, "longe" Jocke Ellott, Arche Nixon and others, for stealing 20 kye and oxen, 2 horses and meares, and spoiling 2 horses value 6l., 28th November 1589.

The tenants of Langupp complain upon the Laird of Mangerton &c. for stealing 23 kye and oxen, 5 horses and meares, 40 sheep, and insight of 4 horses, 10l. sterling on 9 November 1589.

Cristopher Cowson of Cowperhaugh, Sir John Forster's tenant, complains upon Steven Sheile and Jock Sheile, &c. for stealing 3 kye, a meare, and insight value 10l., 30 January last.

James Pott and Rennie Pott of Carick, Robert Pott and John Pott complain upon Arche Ellott of the Hill, James Ellott of the Hill, Clement Croser "Martin's Clemie," James Dowgles goodman of Yerlesyde, Thomas Ladelye of the Hawghe, Jock Henderson of Prenderlethe, &c. for stealing 16 kye and oxen, and insight worth 20l., on 30 January last—and taking Jessie Pott and Clement Pott prisoners, following their goods same night.

Thomas Reade called the "larde of the Borne," complains uppon Arche Ellott of the Hill, his brother James, Martin Croser and his son Clement, and 20 others coming to the Borne in Redesdale, and stealing 30 kye and oxen, a grey meare and insight worth 20 marks, at "Martlemas" last.

John Robinson and George Person of Todborne Steile complain upon Andrew and Francis Armstrong sons to the laird of Whythawgh, &c., for stealing 40 kye and oxen, 2 horses, insight value 20l., and maiming said John, Jerard Orde and others, damage 100l., 20 days after Candlemas last.

Rowland Wawker complains upon Will Ellot of the Steile the younger, Jock Sheile, Ginkyne Nixon and Steven Sheile, &c. for stealing 6 kye and a "stott," 12th February last.

William Henderson of Fallofeeld complains uppon Martin's Gib, Hob Ellott of Thorlesopp and John Croser "Eddies John," &c. for stealing 24 kye and oxen, 20 February last.

Robert Younger of Halliden complains upon Martin's Arche and Will Ellott of the Hewghehouse, &c. for stealing 8 kye on 24 February last.

John Dawson of Elrington complains upon Martin's Arche, Hob Ellott, called "Hob of Behomes," William Rydlie, &c. for stealing 4 kye and "a whye (fn. 1) of 2 yere old," on 1st November last.

John Forster of Heathpole servant to Sir John Forster, complains upon John Ellott of the Hewghehouse, Clement Croser, "Martin's Clemye," John Croser "Eddies John," Gib Forster of Fowlesheiles &c. to the number of 30, who stole 6 oxen, 6 kye, 4 young nowte, ane horse, 10l., a nag, 40s., a sword, 13s. 4d., a steil cap, 10s., a dagger and knives, 4s., 2 spears, 6s. 8d., 2 "dublets," 12s., 2 pair of "breches," 8s., a cloke, 5s., a "jerkyne," 2s. 6d., "a womans kertle and a paire of sleaves," 10s., 9 "kerchers," 18s.; 7 "railes," 7s.; 7 "partletts," 7s.; 5 "paire of line sheitis," 27s.; 2 "coverletts," 10s.; 2 "lynne sherts," 7s.; a "purs and 6s. in monie"; a womans purs and 2 "silke rybbons," 2s.; a "windinge clothe," 6s.; a "fetherbed," 8s.; a "cawdron," 13s. 4d.; a "panne," 2s. 6d.; 4 "bonde of hempe," 2s. 8d.; a "paire of wooll cards," 20d.; 4 "childrens coates," 8s.; 3 "sherts," 3s.; on 3d November last.

Thomas Hall of Gersomfeeld, George and William Wanles of Dortres, James and Clement Pott of Potts Dortres, complain upon Hob Ellott "Hob of the Stain sheile," John Ellott "John of the Hewgheowse," Hob Ellott "Hob of Bohomes," Eddie Ellott son to "Davye the Carlinge," and 100 others in open foray, reaving 60 kye and oxen, 6 horse and meares and insight, value 40l, with 10 prisoners on 27 March 1590.

John Hall of Otterborne complains upon Clement Croser, son to Martin, John Croser, Archie Croser, "Kates" Adame Croser, Arche Ellott of the Hill, &c. for stealing 10 kye, 6 oxen, insight, value 100 marks, on 8 February last.

Thomas Rotherforde of Blackhall complains upon Gib Ellott, "Martins Gib," Arche Ellott and John Ellott sons to Martyn, and Martine Ellott of the Prickinge hawghe for stealing 5 horses and a "fole," on Thursday after Martlemas 1589.

Nycholas Storye complains upon John Croser of Stauyesheile, Arche Croser "Quintins Arche," Hob Croser his brother, Eddye Croser "the Pleg," &c., for stealing 3 horses and meares, a sword, 3 coverletts, 3 yards of whyte, 4 yards of russett, 3 sacks, in money 6s. on "Fastings eve 1590."

William Loren complains upon Robert Armstrong "Robine the taillor," Rinion Armstrong of Tweeden, Mathew Armstrong, Adam Ellott son to Davie of Duulies, "Alexander's Arche" Armstrong, &c. for coming to Trewhit the 26th January last, breaking Robert Storie's house, taking away a black mare price 4l., money and insight 5 marks, carrying said Robert prisoner to Scotland, and keeping him.

Richard Thurlwall complains upon "Willes Arche" Ellott of Stychill hill, Robine Ellott "Bohomes," Dande his son &c., who stole from Thurlwall 6 oxen, 6 kye, 6 young "nowte of 2 yere old," on 18th March last.

John Heron of Chipchace esquire and Agnes Heron late wife to Cuthbert Heron, upon "Quintin's Arche" Croser, "Eddies John" Croser, who stole 100 wethers, 14th March last. The same complain upon Renyon Armestronge of Twedon, Ingram Armestronge of the Castleton, and Archebalde Croser alias "Whyntynes Arche," for stealing 7 score of "yowes and wetheris," and 3 score of "hoggis" about 16th March last 1589. The said John Heron complains upon the said Renyon, John Croser, alias "Adams John, Whyntons Arche" Croser, for stealing 9 horse and mears about Michaelmas last 1589.

The said John complains upon Edward Elloit son to Davye, Robert Armestrong alias Tayler, for stealing 5 horse and meares about Martinmas last 1589.

The said John Heron and Richard Crawforde his man complain upon said "Whyntins Arche," "Adams John," Ingram Armestrong and Thomas Armstrong of Maynes, for stealing 16 kye and oxen, insight to 13l. "Englishe," about Candlemas last.

The said John and Henry Charlton complain upon James Ellot of the Bynckes for a gelding and his furniture worth 20 marks Englishe, about Candlemas last.

The said John Heron complains upon "Whyntius Arche," Edward Croser alias "Adey Farlamdes," "Adams John," and the "Tayllour," for stealing 12 horse and meares "about Michaelmas gone twoo yeare 1588."

Also on "Whyntin's Arche," said Ingram and Thomas Armstrong of the Maynes, for stealing a black gelding "to the vellowe" of 20l. sterling, about Martinmas last 1589.

"My lord warden" and the tenants of Middleton hall complain upon Gib Ellott son to Robin, John Noble servant to Robin, John Shevell his man, Andrew Karre alias "the tutor of Gradon," James Ellott "Arche Jamye," John Ellott called "the lard of Burneheades," Clemett Croser "Martyns Clemy," &c. for stealing 4 horse and meares on 23d of June last.

The same complain upon William Dowgles of Yerneside, Eddie Ladelie "Greteleges," Hobe "the Tayllor," Thomas Trumble of Hoppesborne, younge Jocke Sheile of Kyrknowe, &c. for stealing 11 kye and oxen, a black mear, insight worth 6l. sterling, "the Wennesday after Our Ladie daye in harvest 1589."

Percevell Read of Trowhen complains upon Will Ellott of Fydderton, Alexander Ellott of Fallon, Rynion Ellott of Dodborne, Robin Ellott "the laird of Borneheades," Hob Ellett "Hob bullie," Davye "the Carlinge," Rynione Armestrong "Ecktors Rynion" of the Harelawe, and 80 others for an open foray at Trowhen "on Whitsond Mounday 1589," and reaving 51 kye and oxen, 3 horse and meares, 60 yards of "lynne clothe" and killing 2 men, "which is alredie agreed fyled and sworne by the sight of iiij Englishemen and iiij Scottesmen 1589."

Cuthbert Rewle and George Dawson of Allondale complain upon William Ellott younger of the Steill, and "Martins Gib," &c. for stealing 9 kye at Easter 1588.

Anthony Grenwell, Thomas Heroun and Lancelot Teesdalle complain upon Arche Ellott son to Martin, &c. for stealing 12 kye and oxen, and insight worth 6l. from Stealie, on 16 September 1588.

Percevell Thurlwall, Lancelot Robson and William Thurlwall complain upon Steven Sheill, John Sheill, Will Ellott of the Steill elder, Will Ellott the younger, Arche Nixon "Cowfowle," George Simpson, &c. for stealing 16 kye and oxen, spoiling 3 houses value 30l., in January 1588.

John Armestrong complains upon said Will of the Steill, Martin's Arche, Martin's Dande, Hob the tayleer, Thome Armstrong "Smys Thome," &c. for stealing 6 kye and a bull, and insight 3l. 6s. 8d., the first Satterdaye in Lente 1588."

Margrete Rydlie "wedow" and her tenants of the Wodhall, complain upon William Rydlie of Hawcuppe, Will Ellott of the Hewghouse, Clement Nixon called "Cleshe," Arche "Cowfowle," Steven and John Sheill, Robin Ellott of Thorlesoppe, &c. for stealing 28 kye and oxen, 3 horses and mears and insight worth 20l. sterling, on 25 October last.

Christofer Shorte of the Reshell and Thomas Makepeace the Lord warden's tenants, complain upon Syme Armstrong of Whithawghe, Will Ellott of Gorenberye, &c. for stealing 36 kye and oxen, 3 horses and mears, and insight worth 8l., on 28 November 1588.

The tenants of Greiuridge complain uppon Arche Ellott, elder Will of the Steill, "longe" John Ellott, Martins Gib "being Martins cossen," &c. for stealing 6 kye and oxen, 3 horse and meares, insight of 3 houses worth 20l. sterling, on 28 November 1588.

Roger Jowcy, Thomas Pott, John Jowcy, "wedowe Virletson and wedowe Hewme of Wingates, complain upon James Ellott "James on the hill," Anthony Ellott "Anthony of the benks," John Ellot "halfe lug," Hobbie the taylor, and 60 others, for running a foray at Windgates, taking 100 kye and oxen, 4 horse and mears, slaying one George Hewme, left 6 or 7 in peril of death, spoiled 5 houses of goods worth 30l. sterling, about "St Lucks day" 1589.

William Hall of Gersomffeld complains on Quintins Arche Croser, Hob Ellott called "Hob of Stansheile," &c. for stealing 6 kye, 4 young "nowte," 2 "whyes," 2 "stottes" and insight worth 5l. sterling, frome Steward sheile, the Frydaye at night after Fastinges even 1589."

My lord warden and Mathewe Armestrong complain upon Davie Armstrong "Bangtaile," Jock Armstrouge of the Holles, [ ] Armestrong "the Bungell," servant to the Laird of Mangerton, &c., for stealing from the Heatherie burne, twoo oxen, a "stote," and a "whye of fowre yeare old," a "broune mear," at Lammes 1587.

The same complain upon the said Davie "Bangtaile," Jocke of the Holles, [ ] Armestrong "Bungell," Mungo and Jock Armestrong servants to the "Laird's Jock," &c., for stealing 37 "wedders" from Heatherie burne at Candlemas 1588.

Percivell Thirelwall, William Thirlewall, Launcelot Robson, and Robert Roule all of Dntland, &c., complain upon Arche Ellott son to Martin Ellot, James Ellott Martin's man, Will Ellott of the Steill elder, and Will Elliot younger, Arche "Cowfowle," Steven and John Scheill, &c., for stealing 16 kye and oxen, and insight worth 26l. sterling, on 21 January 1588.

George Hewrde of the Langley elder, William Hewrde of same, elder, George Hewrde of the same younger, complain upon said Arche Martin's son, Gib Ellott "Martin's Gib," Will Ellott of Steile younger, Arche Ellott of the Larestone burne, Andrew Carr Robin Ellot's man, Clemye Nixon "the Clashe," for stealing a horse and a meare, insight worth 17l. sterling, cruel wounding and maiming of Christofer Hewrde of the Whithall and taking him prisoner, 24 January 1588.

Jock Sanderson, Auton Wilkingson and Clement Wilkingson of the Lynbrigges complain upon Hobb Nixon of Kelleley, Jenken Nixson his brother, Geordie Nixson of the Larestone burne, John Noble Martin Ellott's man, Clemy Croser Martin's son, Jock Sheill Robin Ellott's man, Steven Sheill his brother, for stealing 13 kye and oxen, 3 horses and meares, and insight worth 6l. sterling, on 6th March last.

Edward Shaftoo of Bavington complains upon Hob "the Taillour," Arche Armstrong son to the "owld" laird of Whithaugh, Robine Armstrong of Whithaugh, Alexanders Arche Armstrong for stealing 18 oxen, a bull and 7 old kye, a horse and a meare, about 8th September last.

The Larde of Varren John Snawdon of Lynbrigges, John Wilkenson of Dunsgren, George Gren of Allenton, with the rest of the town of Allenton and Liubriggs, complain upon Will Ellott of Fidderton, Hobb Ellott larde of the Burne heades, "Quintins" Arche Croser, Renyon Armestrong of the Gyngills," and 200 others for reiving 100 kye and oxen, 20 horses and meares, spoiling the town, and taking 20 men prisoners, 23d June 1589.

The Larde of Troghwen, James Hedley of the Garret sheills and others, complain upon Alexander Ellott of Falleneshe, Renyon Ellott of Dodburne, Will Ellott of Fidderton, Arche Ellott of the Hill, James Ellot his brother, Hobb Ellott of the Burneheades, Davie "the Carlinge," Hobbe Ellott "Hobbe bullie," Robin "the taillor," Renyon Armstrong son to Ector, Thome Trumble of Hoppisburne, Davie Laidlea "Cuddis Davie," "Quintins" Arche Croser, "Eddies" John Croser, Rowie Croser brother to "Nebles" Clemye, and 100 others, for a day foray and reiving 100 kye and oxen, 5 horses and meares, "lynn clothe" worthe 10l. sterling, slaying 2 men and taking 2 prisoners, on 19 May 1589.

The said larde complains on said Will of Fidderton, Dande Ellott "Martins Dande," Will Ellott of Thorleshoppe "Renyon Will," Hobb Ellott of the Shawes, Hobb "Bohomes," Hobb "Bullie," for reaving 24 kye and oxen, 100 "yewes and wedders," and insight worth 30l. sterling, about 26 November 1588.

Alexander Hall of Wodhall and Thome Hedley of the Neatherhowses, complain upon Gawine Ellott of [ ], Hobbe Ellott larde of the Burneheades, Will Ellott of Fidderton, John Ellott of Bohomes, Arche Croser "Henhead," "Quintins Arche" Croser, John Armstrong "John of the score," for reaving 30 kye and oxen, 6 horses and mears, about 2 July 1589.

William Robson and Mathew Thompson of Allerweshe, complain upon Arche and John Ellott sons to Martinge Ellott, Dande Ellott brother's son to said Martinge, John Croser, Clemy Nixson "the Clashe," Jenkene Nixson, for reaving 16 kye and oxen, 3 horses, insight worth 20l. sterling, and taking and ransoming said William Robson, "the first weike in Lent 1589."

Robert Frenche and Alexander Cragge of Whynatlie, &c. complain upon Robin Ellott of Reidhewghe, Martinge Ellott, and Arche and Hobb, Martiu's sous, Will Ellott of the Steill younger (elder?) and Will Ellott of the same younger, for reaving 60 kye and oxen, 2 horses, insight worth 100l. sterling, and burning 5 houses and 2 "stakes" of corn, the last of September 1589.

Thomas Blenkesopp, Raiphe Walles, Georg Walles, Nicholas Tesdale, Robert Younger, Nicholas Tesdalle the elder, Henrie Robson, Henrie Smythe, John Smythe, Thomas Cowtart, John Harrison, William Tesdale, William Harrison, Henrie Parker, Richard Liddell, Henrie Lyddell, John Bell, Henrie Bell, Richard Gray, Robert Cowtarte, Henrie Ramshatt, and Robert Walles, &c., complain upon Andrew Armstrong son to the Larde of Whithawghe, Francys and John Armstrong his brothers, of Whithawghe, Arche Ellott of Clentwood, Hob Ellott, Gib Ellott his brother, Marting Ellott called "Martinges Gib," James [ ], and old Will Ellot of the Steile, George Simpson, John Ellott "longe John," Andrew and "red nebb" Hob Armstrong for "about St Luck's day 1589" coming to the Blackcluche in Kirkhawhe and reaving 40 "yowes," 10 "hogges," and taking the complainers prisoners following the lawful "trode," with their horses and furniture and ransomed them for 180l. sterling.

14 pp. In two hands. Indorsed in another: "Feb. 1587. Booked alredy. Complayntes of the Midle Marches since the treaty of Barwick."

669. Bowes to Burghley. [April 15.]

The captains in Berwick having learned that your lordship and the Council have been informed, that though they had been fully paid by me, yet they had not satisfied their creditors—I ought in truth to acknowledge that I have not yet given them their pays as I ought, and had purposed, and was travayling to have performed long before this time, as by the petition exhibited to your lordship by my son Rafe Bowes, is known to you. Order is given to all the receivers allowed to make payment to me, to deliver to Mr Robert Vernon such money as they are due to me, for the garrison for the half year ended "at th'annunciacion of our Ladie the Virgin" last past—so as to make full payment to the garrison for that half year. For the remaining pay still due, "I shall ether with the help of her Majestie, or els by sale of landes and other meanes to be made by me, give them (fn. 2) payment and satisfaccion with all the spede that can be in the same… So as the want of payment of their soldiors and creditours is not by their default, but by myne owne errour, growen by the accidentes and necessities expressed in the peticion remembred, for the which I submitt myself with all humilitie, and promis redresse with all expedicion in my powre." Praying your lordship to give order to Mr Vernon accordingly. Edinburgh. Signed: Robert Bowes.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed. Note by Burghley: "His contentation that Mr Vernon shall make pay at Barwyk."

670. Bowes to Burghley. [April 16.]

"For your lordships great goodnes to me in attempting to move her Majestie for my releife, to pay the arreradges behinde to the garrison at Barwick, growen by the occasions expressed in the peticion exhibited to your lordship by my sonne, I do bothe most humblie thanck your lordship and allso likewise beseeche the same to vouchesafe to receive and take me into your lordships protection and favor. Before this it hath pleased your lordship to be the cheife meane and instrument to her Majestie to raise me to the state wherunto her Majesties bountie, by your lordships comendacions, hath called me, and wanting now some other comfartes and help, which before I enjoyed, and standing also at this present in the greatest distresse that ever oppressed me, I can flye to no succour other then to the grace of her Majestie to be obtayned by your lordships accostomed goodnes towards me.

For the timelie payment of all the remaines dew to the saide garrison, I have beene and am still contented, to sell my landes and other of my possessions whatsoever, and to engaige a sufficient portion of my sonnes inheritance in the right of his wife, which might well have redeemed me in dewe season, in case I could have attended thexecution of the bargaines accorded for the same. And that her Majestie may be pleased with me, and the garrison satisfied by me, I am and shalbe ready bothe to lay downe my life, libertie, landes and all that I possesse in earthe, and also faithfully serve her Majestie in whatsoever sorte shall best like her Majestie to comaunde me, I do therfore eftsones and righte humblie beseeche your good lordship to attempt ones againe to move her Majestie for an imprest for me, to cleere the garrison at Barwick, and to deliver me from the greifes which perce farther into my hart then the message of deathe to be sent to me." Edinburgh. Signed: Robert Bowes.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed: "Mr Robert Bowes to my L. from Edenbr." And by Burghley: "For loone of monny to pay his dett, upon sale of landes." Wafer signet indistinct.

671. Forster to Burghley. [April 17.]

"Uppon my Lord Hammeltons repaire to the Borders one Weddensdaie laste, I wrote to his lordship, craveinge that order might be taken for redresse of all attemptates commytted sence the Kinges departour, and that he would backe the warden in exequuteinge of justice for the partie of Scotland as I should doe for … myne office, who sent his servaunte to me with the answear therof promesseinge to take order accordeinglie"—which is herein inclosed. But he has suddenly left for the West Marches, and has done nothing. The cause as I hear from his servant is Lord Hume's agreement with Lord Bothwell—for Lord Hume accompanied Lord Hamilton to Kelso, and promised to bring his whole power next morning to Jedworth, but instead, rode to Creighton to Bothwell—which my lord takes to be done "in defaceinge as it wer of him," and therefore left this. His return is not yet known. At my house nigh Alnwick. Signed: John Forster.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

Inclosed in the same:—

(Hamilton to Forster.)

Acknowledging his letter and thanking her Majesty for her good will. That order will be taken without delay before his departure from the district. "As for the Inglis fugitives allegeit … to be reset be the Lairds of Hunthill and Overtoun, quha ar occasioun of greit diseordour, thai ar plainlie denyit to be reset heir." But if on trial it is found otherwise, the resetters shall be punished. "Off Jedwart this xvj of Aprile 1590." Signed: Your lo. very assurit gud frind J. Hammilton.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer signet: Hamilton and Arran quarterly—a coronet aboce.


  • 1. "Quey," a young cow.
  • 2. i.e., the captains.