Border Papers volume 1: June 1590

Pages 353-365

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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672. Bowes to Burghley. [June 7.]

"By lettres received as well from my lord Chamberlaine as allso from Sir William Read, I understand that it hathe pleased her Majestie to vouchsave to defray and paie to the garrisons at Barwick suche somes of monie as remaine due and unpaied to them by me, notwithstanding that I had received before suche porcions of her Majesties treasure as should have dischardged the same; and that for the suertie of the repayment of the sommes to be diffrayed by her Majestie, to the use mencioned, and to be paied againe to her Majestie by me at daies and rates to be appointed by your lordship, I should give sufficient assurance to her Majestie, and sent to your lordship my sonne Rafe Bowes to accomplish the same.

The gracious clemencie and bountie of her Majestie towardes me in this great errour, committ by thoccasions before signified to your lordship (and which nevertheles I rather coufesse with all humilitie then seeke to excuse by any meane) justlie byndeth me to render to her Majestie most humble thanckes, and to present therewith my life service and whatsoever I possesse to remayne and be disposed at her Majesties good will and pleasure. And for the tymelie conveiance of suche assurances as ought to be made for the suertie of the repayment aforesaid, I have sent to your lordship my sonne Rafe Bowes this bearer, with order and instructions, as well to exhibit to your lordship all that lieth in my powre for th'execution and performance of this repayment, and also right humblie to pray your lordships favorable goodnes … in the continewance of your lordships accustomed countenance and help, which hitherto have releived and preserved myself, state and creditt … The rest I leave to the report and creditt of my sonne." Edinburgh. Signed: Robert Bowes.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

673. Forster to the Council. [June 13.]

"Heareinge certaine brute made, that Robert Carr and others shoulde practise coyneinge and other notorious factes within myn office of the Middle Marches, I founde the meanes to gett him out put, and uppon the secounde of this instante June, I caused my servauntes to apprehende the said Robert Carr at a place called the Glantlees in Northumberland wher his wife dwelte, togeather with two Sothrens that commytted a cruell murder in the Bishopricke of Durham. And the next daie after, I caused one William Reave the coyner him selfe to be taken, and tooke their seaverall confessiones, which I have sent to your honours inclosed, wherby yt shall appear what a man Robert Carr is, in practiseinge of coyneinge, and recetteinge of murderers and horse steilers; who coyned at the Snype house, and beinge a convicte man, did breake the prison at Newcastell and escaped once alreadie." I beg to know your pleasure what should be done with Carr and the coiner, whom I keep here under watch and ward. I have sent the two Sothrens to Durham to abide trial. At my house nigh Alnwick. Signed: John Forster.

1 p. Addressed: To Burghley and the rest of the Council. Indorsed.

674. Commission for Border causes. [June 15.]

"Apud Halyruidhous decimo quinto die mensis Junij anno domini 1590."

Appointment of John lord Thirlstane chancellor, Sir Lues Bellenden of Auchnoull knight, clerk of Justiciary, Sir Robert Melvin of Murdocairnie knight, treasurer depute, Mr Robert Dowglas provost of Linclouden, collector general, Sir James Hume of. Coldenknowes, knight, captain of the castle of Edinburgh, Sir John Carmichell of that Ilk, knight, master of his highness's stables, and Alexander Hay of Easter Kennat, clerk of register, as special commissioners to hear and determine all Border causes—commanding them to sit in Edinburgh every Monday in the year at 7 o'clock A.M. in summer, and 8 o'clock in winter, three to be a quorum, and (in the Chancellor's absence) the eldest to be president. All other commissions of justiciary to be suspended, and proclamation to be made at the market crosses of Edinburgh, Duns, Lawder, (fn. 1), Selkirk, Peiblis, Lanark, Dumfreise, Locht maban, and other places needful, and "this present proclamacion" and relative acts to be printed.

2 pp. Broad sheet. Indorsed: "Commissioners appointed by the convencion for Border causes."

675. Order by the King of Scots. [June? 1590.]

The King with advice of the Lords of Secret Council commands Douglas, Hume, Carmichael and Hay, four of the commissioners in last number, to consider the state of the Borders and how it may be amended.

¼ p. Indorsed.

676. Sir John Selby to Burghley. [June 22. 1590.]

I have received your honours letter of the 17th instant, wherein your lordship, expecting Sir John Carmichael's coming from the Scottish king with some complaints, requires me to inform you of any counter demands that we may oppone thereto for these East Marches. These are as follow:—

At Michaelmas 1588, 100 Liddesdale and West Tevidale theives raided Mannyelawes of cattle, &c. worth 200l., and no redress has yet been got from Lord Hume the warden.

At Christmas 1588, 120 Liddesdale thieves burned West Newton, "two Chrysten soules" a man and a boy, and carried off horse, nowte, &c., worth 300l. sterling. The wardens deny redress, and the King and Council ordered Bothwell to make satisfaction, which is still delayed.

In February last, 200 Liddesdale thieves burned Myndrome, the barns, corn, and cattle, carrying off goods worth 300l. or 400l. sterling. Through Mr Bowes the ambassador, and the Council of Scotland (in the Kings absence) I procured a meeting with the warden of Tevedall, and filed the bill, but can get no delivery; and the warden though he seems very willing, can get no obedience of Liddesdale for this bill or others.

I have had no day of truce with the Scottish wardens since last October, which is one great cause of the thieves' boldness. These Liddisdale men are the most disordered of all the Border—they come in great bands through Tevedall and "the Mare" into these East Marches, and return with their booty quietly the same way, without resistance, as they have no warden to answer for them by Border law. Also they dwell so far within their country from these East Marches, that revenge by us is almost impossible. Meetings ought to be kept monthly by the wardens or their deputies, and the want of this in my opinion (which your lordship asks) is one of the greatest causes of these disorders. If the Scottish wardens "wold spere, fiell and dilyver upon theyr honors, for stowethes and attemptates," I think the English wardens would answer for their parts. And I doubt not my lord Chamberlain would promise the like for this wardenry. Berwick. Signed: Jhon Selbye.

pp. Addressed. Indorsed.

677. Scrope to Burghley. [June 25.]

I received yours of the 17th on Sunday last—the delay in answering "was occasioned throughe my disease in my mouth (so troublinge me for the tyme) that I was not able to speake and give any direccions." But now having some ease, in answer to your enquiries, I have sent herewith some few of the greatest of the late Scottish outrages upon us, which are meetest for redress "and reserve th'others, beinge a multitude (not to be forgotten) and to many to troble your lordship withall at this presente, and would requier a speciall messenger to carrye them"! For the later, I think best, that offer be made to redress any proved injuries by those in my wardenry, on receiving the like from the Scots. I make this general offer, because I know not the particulars wherein they are most grieved. Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

Inclosed in the above:—

(Lord Scrope's "Breviat" of complaints.)

22 Sept. 1588.—Adam Storie and Will Storie of the Peilehill, upon Dick of Driupp, the Whisgills, and 100 men, for murder of a mylner, John Tailior, and William of the Park, burning the myln and twelve houses and taking 100 nolt.

24 Sept. 1588.—Hecky Noble upon said Dick and other 100 Scots for "burnyng to dede his sonne John, and his wief great with child," 9 houses and taking 200 nolt.

27 November 1588.—"Henrie lorde Scropp and capten Steven Ellies" upon the Lairds of Buccleuch and Chesame, the young Laird of Whithaugh and 100 Scots, who pretending some outrage in Bewcastle or Gilsland, by accident fell upon the watch set that night, killing Mr Rowden, Nicholas Twedell, Jeffrey Naitby, Edward Stanton.

8 Sept. 1588.—Thomas Barnefather—poor widow Hunter and poor widow Hetherton, upon Arche Ellot son to Martin, Syms Thome, Hob of Whithaugh, Martins Gib, two sons of Arches Hobbes, John Nyckson of Lareston burne, and 60 Scots, for killing John Hunter and John Hetherton, and taking 40 kye and oxen.

16 July 1588.—John Mydelton esquire upon Geordy Nickson, Wille Simpson, Henrie Nickson sonne to Geordy, Arche Nickson, Wille Croyme, Hobbe Ellot of the Sheale, Clemy Nickson, "lang" John Ellot, and 40 men, for taking 60 oxen.

Aug. 1589.—The wife of John Cragell and Michaell Craggell of Walton wodde upon Andrew and John of Whithawghe, Hob of Whithawghe son to John Eamont of Hilhouse, for taking 31 kye and oxen, a naig, and spoil of his house.

"About Alhallowmes," 1588.—The bailiff of Tarnossett and Anthony Hetherton his brother, upon "Gawens" Hob Ellot, John Ellot "Cowshawes," John Nickson of Kilforde, John Ellot "Cull the spade," for taking in "playne dayelight, thir hirdes," and 24 kye and oxen.

"St Andrewmes," 1588.—Hobbe Tweddell of Burdoswolde upon "olde" Will Ellot and "young" Will Ellot of the Steill, "lang" John Ellot, &c., for taking 30 kye and oxen, a horse, a meare, and insight xll.

"Mertynmesse," 1588.—Roger Watson and his neighbours of Rinyonhill, upon Arche Armestrong "Andrews son," Francis and Andrew of Whithawgh, &c. for taking 24 kye and oxen, a "lyrehorse," insight xli. sterling.

Memorandum.—"At this heirshipp Arche Armstrang horse was slayne and had therfore bestowed of him the sayd lyrehorse."

November, 1588.—Robert Tweddell of Burdoswold, upon Georg Nickson of Kelleley, Jenkin his son, John Nickson and Eddy of Larestonburne, Dand Ellot of Braydley, &c., for taking 26 kye and oxen, 2 horse, spoile, &c.

2 pp. Broad sheets. Written by Scrope's clerk. Indorsed: "28 Junij 1590. West Marche. Certificat of the disorders committed on thos Borders."

678. Forster to Burghley. [June 30.]

I received your letter to send up the complaints, while on my way to York, where I was forced to go by a forged information exhibited against me in the "Starr chamber" by William Selby, for such a trifling matter as the like was never heard of, viz. 13s. 4d., as I believe the Council will certify, before whom I answered at York—and this delayed me. But I now enclose the copy of all since the last treaty at Berwick, as they stand unredressed.

I humbly beg the Queen and Council to move the King and Council of Scotland first to release the English pledges for whom the country calls, and secondly to cause "Liddesdaile, Easdaile and Ewsdaile and thos brocken countries" which have not answered for 20 years, make due answer—for the opposite warden refuses, and though I have divers letters and promises from the Earl Bothwell and have twice met with Thomas Trotter his deputy, nothing is yet done. If your honour desires to have the complaints before the treaty, name the years and you shall have them. Trusting some good course shall be taken with Sir John Carmichael, who showed himself well disposed at last treaty. At my house nigh Alnwick. Signed: John Forster.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

Inclosed in the above:—
"Billes of Tyvidale fyled by the Comissioners at Barwick and not as yet delyvered for."

Steven Dunn and Nycholas Pott of the Woodsyde upon Wat Scott larde of Bucclewghe, &c., who reft a gray horse worth 5l. sterling, 20 nobles money, insight 20l., burned houses worth 200l., and killed a man, 3d Aug. 1587.

George and William Wanles of Dortres, Anthony and John Hedlie of the Stobs, upon Robert Trumble of the Barnhill, James Trumble of Stonyleache, George Trumble of Bullerwell, Watt Trumble of Hoppesborne, James Davison of Burnirig, and 200 men, for a day foray and taking 80 kye and oxen, 240 sheep, 10 horses and meares, insight 20l. sterling, burning 10 houses and taking 6 prisoners, 3d June 1587.

John Davison, Raphe Lighton and Richard Simpson of Whawton upon Andrew Rotherford, son to William of Lyttlehewgh, Andrew Frysell of Overton, Jamy Hall of Heavisyde, younger, Raph Robson of Owston, Rynion Robson his brother, for stealing 28 kye and oxen, a horse, etc., 13 Oct. 1587.

Sir Henry Woodryngton knight, upon Thomas Simpson of Sharplea, man to the Laird of Hunthill, Alexander Mowe, James Myler of Hawtonborne, Thomas Younge "Thome the Clann," George Borne "the Henn," Thome Denatson "short Thome," &c., for "ryvinge" 10 "stotts, and whies," and 3 whies more of Mr Raphe Grayes from Owghame grainge, 30 Dec. 1587.

Hewgh Urpeth of the Newtowne, Raphe Robson of Owston, Jamye Davison of Burnirig, &c., for "reavinge" 60 kye and oxen, 3 horses and mears, price 10l., 100 "olde sheepe and gate," and insight 20l., 21 Feb. 1587.

Parcevell Clennell upon John Scott "the Tinckler," and his son Andrew Scott "the Breadie," Adam Scott "little Peck," Thomas Ladelie "Lyalles Thome," Dande Olyver "the Lover" and his son Eddie, Thome Sharpe of Swinsyde mylne, William Rutherford of Lyttlehewghe, James Hall of Heavyside thelder, and other 500 men, for a day foray, taking 80 kye and oxen, 7 horses and meares, insight 20l. sterling, and taking and ransoming 8 prisoners, on 9th May 1587.

Tristram and Randal Dod of Sydwood upon the Laird of Pharnyhirst and 100 men, for burning the town of Sydwood in Tyndale, corn, hay, &c., worth 300l., burning and carrying off 100 kye and oxen, 200 sheep, 60 "gate," 2 horses and meares, and taking Tristram and Raudall into Scotland prisoners, 31 Jany. 1589.

At the Staweford 12th March 1589, the warden of the Middle March of Scotland and Nycholas Forster gentleman, deputy for the warden of England, met for justice.

The above bill fowle by the warden of Scotland on Farnehirst sworn by Tristram Dod to 12 old oxen, 16 old kye, 5 younger nowte of 3 year old, 4 "styrks" of 2 year old, 100 "yewes," 40 "hoggs," 22 old "gate" and 8 gate of a year old—insight spared till the delivery, and then to be given in writing. He also swore he lacked 1 old sow and 3 hoggs. For the whole burning, the names of 8 gentlemen of England to be sent to the Scottish warden by this day eight days—any 4 of them to serve. This not yet done.

Bills committed by the Scottish Middle march men since the meeting of the Commissioners.

Percevell Clennell of Clenuell upon George Dugles called "Pealman," Thomas Dugles and Thome Eansley of Swinside, for 12 kye and oxen at Martinmas 1587.

Albany Rotherforde, William Younge, John Ildertoun, Robert Turner, John Smithe and others of Ildertoun, upon Mungo Dugles of Capupp, Adam Dugles of Hownam, Andrew Dugles of the Brea, George Bambrough of Capupp and other 60 men for reiving 40 kye and oxen, 80 sheep and insight worth 60l. sterling, and wounding 4 men, on 12th January 1587. To quitt this bill, Dande Pringle of Todesknowe, the goodman of Gaitshawe, James Younge of the Cove.

John Hall of Gressounfeild, John Hall of Davisheile, uppon James Trumble of the Stonyletche, Gawenn Trumble of the Wowley, Alexander Oliver of the Westerhouses, Jocke Weittie servant to James Trumble, and 40 others, for reif of 20 kye and oxen, insight worth 20l. sterling, and 10 men and 10 horses taken prisoners following within English ground and ransomed for 40l. sterling, in January 1587.

Cuthbert Ogle of Lurbottle upon Thomas Burn of Autennburne, Mark Burnn of Elisheughe, James Hall of Hevisid younger, and Charles Burne, &c., for reif of 16 kye and oxen, 2 nagges and insight 20l. sterling, on 30 June 1587.

"My lord warden of the Middle Marches," upon the Laird of Pharnihirste, and the Lady of Pharuihirste his mother-in-lawe, George Pile of the Millnheughe the elder, for money lent to the late lairde of Pharnihirste, "disceased," in the time of his banishment to England—as appears by his writing and the said lady's his wife.

The said lord warden and Roger Younge, Broxfeild, his servant, upon Eddie Ladley and Thomas Ladley of the Haughe, Andrew Wawghe of Wadishill and others, for stealing 8 young nolt, a bull, and 30 "yewes," 28 September 1588.

The said lord warden and John Cowmann, upon Davie Ladley of Antreahawghe, Eddie Ladley "greatt leges," William Trumble "Will the ladd," for reif of 10 yewes and 10 lambs, and spoiling a man, "att Saincte Elling daye," 1588.

The same and Raiphe Salkeld, upon Eddie and Thome Ladley of the Haugh for stealing a "black nage"—January 1587.

The said lord warden upon Hobb Heslopp "the Crealmann," Edie Dugles brother to Heughe Dugles, servants to the Laird of Hunthill, Thome Heslopp of Swinden brother to Hob Heslopp, George Heslopp of same "Jordane" Heslopp, servants to the goodman of Elishewgh, for stealing 6 kye and oxen from Branshaugh, August 1588.

The same upon Eddie Ladley "great leges," and Davie Ladley of the Roughley, for stealing out of the Hefferlawe more 6 kye and oxen, December 1588.

The same and Steven Wathie upon Jocke Young "Blackhall," and Hobb Younge "Hob of the boge," his man, for stealing 8 "weathers" from Myddeltoun hall, 10 January 1588.

The said lord warden upon Percevell Robsoun and Alexander Pearsoun of the Sowcoatt, men to the Laird of Mowe, for stealing 20 "weathers," August 1587.

The said lord warden and Jocke Sandersoun, upon Eddie Rotherforde of Neather Chatto and his son for stealing 18 sheep 14 days before "Fastenns even," and spoiling a man of 10s. sterling, 1588.

The said lord warden and John Salkeld, upon Rennye Ladley and Thome Ladley of the Haughe, Steven Ladley of the Banke, Davie Ladley of the Roughley for stealing 14 horses and meares, March 1588.

The said lord warden and Jocke Willsoun, upon Dande Dugles of Capopp, Hob Heslopp of the same "the Crealeman," men to the Laird of Hunthill, for stealing 16 horses about Candlemas 1588.

The same, upon Giles Dugles and Wattie Davisoun of Hownam kirke, men to the Laird of Hunthill, Eddie Dugles of the same, William Burnn of Watshood, man to the Laird of Grennheed, for stealing 27 "hoges," about "St Helingmas" 1587.

The same and his tenants of Myddletoun Hall, upon Gib Ellott son to Robine Ellott, John Noble servant to said Robine, John Shevell his man, Andrew Karr alias the tutor of Gradoun reset by Robine Ellot, James Ellott "Arches Jamye," John Ellott the laird of Burnheedes, Clement Croser "Martin's Clemye," for stealing 4 horses and mears, 14 June 1589.

The same upon William Dugles of Yarnside, Eddie Ladley "great leges," Robine Armstrong "Hob the taillour," Thomas Trumble of Hoppesburnn the younger, Jock Sheile of the Kirkeknowe, for stealing 11 kye and oxen, a black mear, insight 5l. sterling, Wednesday before "Our latter Lady daye in harvest" 1589.

The said lord warden upon Peter Oliver "somtymes receipt with" George Karr of Prumsyde myll, for stealing 8 sheep from Wardenn, Christmas even 1589.

Richard Fenwicke, upon Thomas Karr of Cavers for "a bande" of 25 kye and oxen—"Quitt by the parties othe."

Sir Cuthbert Collingwood knight, upon Jock Dugles and Adam Dugles his brother, Michael Bambrough of Capup and his son Eddie, for stealing 40 "gimers and dinmondes" from Fawdoun, and "a blacke basand horse," June 1587.

The same and his tenants of Brantoun, upon Hobb Davisoun of Fumerden, Will Taitt of the Burn fitt, Dande Young of Feltershawes, Richard Younge his brother, Jocke Younge "Blackehall," Thome Younge "Gennetes Thome" of Clifton, Marke, George, and Charlie Burne of Elishewghe, Richard Frame of the Woodend, and Jocke Burne younger of Cliftoun coatt, with 30 men, reiving from Brantoun 30 kye and oxen, 6 horses and mears, insight, silver and gold coined and uncoined, in October 1587.

The said Sir Cuthbert and his servant James Scott of Bowtoun, upon Richie Frame of the Woodend, Charlie, Marke, and George Burne of Elishewgh, for stealing 6 horses and mears in March 1587, and John Collingwood of Titlingtoun was "strokenn" from his horse in following.

Thomas Collingwood of Litle Ryle and John Kirsop of Hedglee, upon Jocke Younge "Blackhall," Thomas Younge called "Thome of the townhead" of Autenburn, John Storie, Dande Palmer, Dande Hall, "black" Jocke Karr, all of the same, Richie Younge of Feltershawes, Jocke Younge "the basterd," of the same, Watt Younge of Blagdenn "Jenetes Watte," James Younge of the same, and Richie Frame of the Woodende, for stealing 16 kye and oxen, "a mear and her furnitur," worth 5l. sterling, and household gear 5 markes sterling, 16 August 1588.

Sir Cuthbert Collingwood and his tenants of Ingram, upon George, Charles, and Mark Burne of Elishewghe, Dand Younge of Feltershawes, Gib Burne of the Loughe, Richie Frame of the Woodend, and Jock Burn the younger, for reiving from Ingrame, 30 kye and oxen, insight worth 5l. sterling, wounding Thomas Tevidaile, 28 June 1588.

The same, upon Jock Burne of the Coatt younger, Mark, Charlie and George Burne of Elisheugh, Richie Frame, Thome Burne of Autenburne and Jocke Younge "Blackhall," who "in forcible manner entred the outter courttinge of Harbottle castle," and took 60 kye and oxen, 14th August 1588.

William Lightoun of Lemmauton upon Jocke Dugles of Hownam kirke, Jamye Dugles of the Dicke son to Rinyon Dugles, and said Rinyon, for reiving 14 kye and oxen, 2 mears, killing one man and maiming 6 others at "St Bartholemeutide" 1588."

Thomas Dicksoun of Whittoun, upon Dande Pringle of Hownam, Wattie Priugle his bastard son, Hob Pringle of Kelsoe, William Pringle of Chatto, for stealing a horse at Midsummer 1588.

Andrew Gibsoun of Hedgley, upon Jocke Younge "Blackhall," Thome Younge of the Cove, Thome Younge of the Town heed, for stealing insight worth 10l. sterling, Sept. 1588.

Cuthbert Collingwood of Titlingtoun, upon John Burne of the Coate, elder, Hobb Pringle of Cliftoun son to Watt, John Davisoun of Fowmertoun, George Karr of Prumsyde milln, and 40 men for reiving 120 kye and oxen, 6 horses and mears, insight worth 30l. sterling, on 25 November 1587.

Edward Shaftoe of Bavingtoun, upon John Davisoun of Amerstoun, for stealing 60 "yews and lambes," about Michaelmas 1587.

Percevell Reed and young Thome Reed of the Old towne, upon Thome and Lionell Ladley of the Hawgh for reaving 40 kye and oxen, 80 sheep, a black meare, and insight worth 20 marks sterling, at "Our Ladie day in harvest" 1587.

Henry Galloun of Callishe parke, upon Dande Heslopp and George Heslopp of Swinsyde, and Jock Currie of Mowe, for stealing 3 oxen, at Michaelmas 1587.

Roger Proctor of Shawdoun and Mathew Tailler of Glantoun upon Watte Young "Watt of the knowe," Richie Younge son to Will of Feltershawes Jock Younge of Autenburue, "Blackhall," James Younge of Blackdenn, Thome Younge of Autenbourn "Thome of the townheed," Charlie Burne of the Woodende, and George Burne brother to Jock a Burne, for reiving 20 kye and oxen, insight 5l. sterling, and in the pursuit 10 horses taken from the followers in English ground with furniture, and 5 men maimed, 23 July 1588.

"Maister Slingsbie persoun of Rothburie," and Thomas Dickesoun, upon Will Davisoun of the Marche cleughe, Jamye Hall of Hevisyde younger, and Robert Hall of same his brother, Will Davisoun of Throgdenn, John Davisoun his brother and Peter Hall of Hevisid, for stealing 20 kye and oxen, 20th July 1588.

Jeukine Humble of Wartoun, upon Jamy Hall of Heviside thelder, Jamye Hall and Hob Hall his sons, Willie Hall of Hevisyd, Jamy Hall of Capupp, James Robsoun of the Burewens, Rinioun Robsoun the younger of Middlesknowes, for stealing 24 kye and oxen, 6 young nolte, and 4 "calves," 13th August 1588.

The Laird of Crawster, upon John Rotherford of the Toftes, who stole 4 kye and an oxe from Heatoun about Christmas 1587.

Luke Ogle and Robert Hadstoun of Eglingham, upon Jocke Younge "Blackhall," Dande Younge of Feltershawes, Thome Younge "the gune," George Burne of Elisheughe, and Cuthbert Burne of the Lough, for reaving 6 kye and oxen at "Allhallowes daye," 1587.

Percevell Elsdoun of the Mote, upon Philip Rotherford and his son Andrew Rotherford, Jock Rotherford of the Toftes and his son Andrew, William Ensley of Fallawe and his son Davie, George Pile of Myllnhewghe elder, and George Pile his son, Jocke Hall of the Sickes, for reiving 24 kye and oxen, a horse worth 3l. sterling, at Michaelmas 1587.

Thomas Hall of Stitchellheughe, upon Jocke Hall of the Seckes, George Pile of Millnheughe younger, Davie Eansley son to William of Fallaw, William and Thome Hall and Raiphe Robsouu of Middlesknowes, and Roger Eansley of Cleathaughe, for reiving 12 kye and oxen, a mare worth 3l. sterling, on 29 June 1588.

William Heedley of Monckrige, upon said Davie Eansley, Raiphe Robsoun, Thome Hall of Foulsheiles, the said Jocke Hall, Davie Pile son to George of Milln heughe, the said Roger Eansley and Raiph Eansley of Cleethaughe, for 24 kye and oxen, a horse worth 3l., on 12 Aug. 1588.

George Gren of Allentoun, upon Hobb Oliver and Will Burne of Hownam, for 12 kye and oxen stolen from Pigdenn, January 1587.

Robert Lisley of Hazande and George Karr of Dodington, upon Dande Rowle of Bowdoun, for reset of 5 kye and oxen.

The same and his servant Thomas Gray upon Hobb Robsoun of Bearupp, Mungo and Geles Dugles of Hownam kirke, for 4 kye, on 10 August 1588.

William Gray, upon Jocke Dugles of Dowgles rawe, Adam Dowgles of Hownam kirke, Andrew Dowgles of the Brea, Dande Dowgles of Capupp and Andrewe Dowgles his brother, for 6 kye and oxen stolen from Alnwicke west parke, 10 Aug. 1588.

James Burne of Warkeworthe, upon Wattie Pringle younger of Over Chatto, Robert Pringle of Keksey, and William Trewhitt of Over Chatto, for 14 kye and oxen, stolen 22d August 1588.

William Graye of Aluwicke, upon Jocke Heslopp of Mowe, and Jocke Dowgles of Capupp for 4 "stotes and whies" stolen from Shilbottlewood, on 13 February 1587.

Heughe Forster of Edderstoun and Adam Mowe of Roddam, upon Davie Pringle of Over Chatto, Wattie Pringle bastard son to Dande Pringle of Hownam, Thome Rotherforde of Neather Chatto, for reaving 11 oxen at Aluwicke "faire," 1588.

Cuthbert Dune of Glanton, upon George Karr of Prumsid milln, William Davisoun of Fowmertoun, &c. for reif of 30 kye and oxen, 2 horses and mears, 3l. sterling coined mony, and insight worth 40s. sterling, about Allhallowmas 1587.

George Kar of Harbottle, upon Jocke Gilchriste of the Hott for his debt of 4l. sterling.

The Laird of Trewhitt, upon Jock Burne of the Coatt, Thome Burne of Autonburne, Charlie and Marke Burne of Elisheugh, for theft of 16 kye and oxen, and insight worth 20 nobles sterling, at Candlemas 1587.

The same, upon Charles Robsoun of the Wells, Jock Hall of the Sickes, Jamye Hall of Newbiggine, Peter Hall of Capupp, Rynioun Robsoun the youuger of Owstoun and his brother Raiphe Robsoun, for reif of 20 "yewes and wethers," a horse and meare, 10l. sterling, insight worth 20 marks sterling, on 8 January 1587.

"Laird" Audersoun, upon Thome Ladley of the Haughe, Roger Eansley and Thome Ansley of Slesthaughe, for reif of 17 kye and oxen, a horse worth 5l. sterling, and insight worth 20 marks, in Lent last 1588.

Lewes Pott of Trewhitt, upon George Davisoun of Throgden, William Mowe of Mow mayns, Henry Davisoun of the Burne fitt and Thome Younge of the Townheed, for 6 kye and oxen, a meare, and insight worth 40s. sterling, at Lammas 1587.

Edmund Crawster and Mr Nicholas Forster, upon Dande and James Younge sons to Feltershawes, Thome Young of Autenburne, Jocke Young, "Blackehall," John Pringle of Clifton and John of Kelsey, George Karr in Prumsyde milln, Robert Davisoun of Easter Fowmertoun, Watte Pringle of Cliftoun, for stealing 18 kye and oxen, 29 October 1588.

Michael Turner, upon Jocke Pringle of Cliftoun, called "Jocke of Kelsey," Will Davisoun of Throgden, Will Carr of Heyupp, son to Dande Carr, for stealing 3 kye from the Barne yeardes, 29 October 1588.

William Gibsoun of Shipbankes, upon Thomas Burne of Autonburn, Jock Young, "Blackhall," Mark Young of the Cove for 10 kye and oxen, a nage, and insight 20s. sterling, July 1587.

Marke Errington of Ponttilande, upon Jock Hall of the Sickes, for 3 kye about Alhallowmas 1587.

Arche Aydenn and Robine Forster, upon Andrew Rotherford son to Jocke of the Toftes, Robin Rotherford his brother, William Frissell of Overtoun, Andrew Frisell his brother, for reif of 14 kye and oxen from Daltoun (?), 8 days before St Lukes day 1588.

Arche and Thome Heedley of Garrett sheiles, upon Robin Learemonthe of the Whitt crose, Davie Pile, Raiphe and Roger Eansley of Cleethaughe, Rynioun Robsoun of the Wells, John Hall of the Sickes for reif of 50 kye and oxen, "a dune meare and a paire of plewe irons," on Tuesday after Palm Sunday 1589.

Thomas Gibsoun of Shipbanckes, upon Robine Wintropp of Ancram spittle, for stealing 10 kye and oxen, a nage and insight.

John Hall of Otterburne and Jenkine Browne of Hatherwicke, upon Mathew Robsoun son to Geordie of Carisheughe, John Robsoun "the Pudge," Jocke Hall of the Sickes, for reif of 18 kye and oxen, a meare worth 5l. sterling, about 30 July 1589.

Mathew Tedcastle of Hazeun, upon Jockie Burne of the Coatt elder, for stealing 6 kye and a "stote" 22d August 1589.

Thomas Reed of Burrotoun and John Reed his brother, upon James Hall of Hevisid younger, James Robsoun of the Burvens, John Mow son to Launce, and 20 men for reiving 24 kye and oxen, and a horse worth 10l. sterling, 4 September 1589.

"Wedow" Stawper of Thorntoun, upon Raiphe, Rynioun, and Jock Robsouns, Will and Thome Hall of Middlesknowes, and Jock Hall of the Sickes, for stealing 6 oxen and a meare, at "Bartlewmew tyde" 1588.

Rolland Grenn and Raiphe Swane of Alnwicke, upon Raiphe Mowe "brother to the Laird," Thome Marshall of Mowe, Davie Pringle of Chatto, John Young of Kelsey, George Brewes, "webster," of Colerouse, for 7 kye and a "stote," stolen September 1589.

Cuthbert Forster of Charltoun, upon John and Will Karr sons to the Laird of Corbett, James Karr of Morbottle, bastard son to the said laird, for stealing 30 kye and oxen, in Lent 1588.

Gawenn Collingwood of Bewicke, upon Jock Burne of the Coatt younger, Thome Burne of Autenburn, Raiphe Burue "shorte necke," of the Coatt, Charlie Burne of Elisheughe, Gib Burne of the Lough, for reif of 10 kye and oxen and a launce, 6 September 1589.

Raiphe Collingwood, Gawenn Collingwood, Raiphe Reavley and Thomas Mill, of Bewicke, upon John Burne of the Coatt elder, Jock Burne his son, and Dande Younge of Cesford, for reif of 24 kye and oxen, 3 horses and mears, and insight worth 10l. sterling, 18 November 1588.

The said Raiphe and Gawenn, and Raiphe Rosedenn of New Bewicke, upon Dande Heslopp of Swindenn, Dand Glenwhom of Mowe, for theft of 4 kye and oxen, and a meare, 27 November 1588.

Robert Claveringe of Callilie, upon Raiphe Hall of the Sickes, William Hall his brother, and Thomas Dugles of Swyuside, for stealing 12 "yewes," from Callalye, at Candlemas 1589.

The same upon said Raiphe and Will Hall, Andrew Hall of the Sickes "Jennettes Andrew," Gibbie Hall of Swinsyde, for stealing 18 "yewes" from Callaly, at Christmas 1587.

William Yewle, uppon Peter Hall of Capupp and James Hall of Hownam "Jockes Jamye," for stealing from Callilye "one sorrel meare," price 5l., Maye 1588.

John Radclife upon the young laird of Mowe, for 13 kye and oxen, 3 horses furnished, and spoil of 3 "onsetes," in harveste 1589.

Percevell Clennell, upon Giles Dowgles "Gile the gose," of Over Chatto, for 6 kye and oxen, at Christmas 1587.

William Miller of Chattoun, upon Jock Storie and Hob Ellott of Autenburne, Wattie Young of Cliftoun, James Young of Blackdenn son to "Hobb the goonne," "blacke" Jocke Karr of Autonburn, for 4 kye and oxen, September 1589.

William Selbie of Pawstoun, upon Adam Dowgles in Hownam kirk, Dande Dowglas of the Brea, George Hall of Newbiggine, for stealing 5 score sheep from the Loughe house, Candlemas 1589.

"Mistres" Karr of Lesburie, upon Davie Graye of Mowe, for a black horse price 5l., stolen "att Wallrishe daye" last 1589.

Thomas Hall of Stitchell heughe, upon Davie Eansley son to William of Fallawe, younge George Pile of Mille heughe, Raiphe Robsoun of Middlesknowes for 12 kye and oxen, and a meare price 20 nobles, at Midsummer 1588.

John Chanler of Yesingtoun, upon Robert Davisoun of Fowmerdenn for 6 kye and oxen, at Midsummer last 1589.

Arche Reed of Blackeupp, upon Raiphe Robsoun of Middlesknowes, younge George Pile, Davie Eansley of Fallawe, for a brown mear price 20 marks, stolen Midsummer 1588.

Sir Cuthbert Collingwood upon the Laird of Cesford for his "bounde" for 50l. sterling.

The same, upon John a Burne of the Coatt, and John Pringle of Linburn, for 4 kye and oxen, and a "slewe dogg," reft fourth of Hasylrigge 1588.

The same, and his tenants of Thorntoun, upon Jock a Burne of the Coatt, elder and younger, Mark Burne of Elisheughe, George Burne there, Mark and Steven Burn of the Lough, for coming with 30 men to Thorntoun, spoiling Henry Smithe and the township of houshold "stoof," value 100l. sterling, slaying 3 men and maiming 6 men and women.

The saide Sir Cuthbert, upon George Haslopp of Swinden and "litle" Jock Hall of Caldrouse, for stealing 10 kye from Eslington, November 1588.

Thomas Collingwood of Eslingtoun upon Raiphe Burne of Cliftoun, and Daud Hall of Autenburn for stealing 12 kye and oxen from Eslingtoun, August 1589.

John Swinburnn of Edlinghame upon Dande Hall of Awtoun burne and Dande Young of Woodsyde, Dande Glenwhom of Mowe, and William Hall of Woodsydende, for 9 kye and oxen, harvest 1587.

Thomas Collingwood of Litle Ryle upon Raiphe Burne of the Coatte son to John a Burne of the same, Raiphe Burne "shortnecke," Charles and Mark Burne of Elisheugh, Richard Young of Feltershawes, Jocke Young of Awtenburne "Jocke of Blackehall," and Thomas Younge of same "Thome of the Towneheed," for stealing 11 oxen from Hedglee, August 1589.

Robert Lysley and Thomas Garrett, upon James Hall of Hevisyd, Robert Hall his brother, and Patte Trumble of Litleheughe, for stealing 8 kye and oxen, a horse price 4l.; 8 "lyninge sheetes," 53s. 4d.; 6 "cod pillers," 4 "kirchers," 4 "railes," 20s. 4d.; "a table clothe, six greatt candlestickes, fower greatt chargers, two lesse chargers, iij salt fates, a sworde and ane axe, a wayne ropp, ane hat, a capp, a dager," &c., August 1589.

Michaell Hebborn of Hebborn upon Dand Young of Cliftoun son to "the crooked plege," William Hall of Howman kirke, "ostler," Jocke Hall his man, "short Thome," for stealing 44 sheep about St James day 1587.

The same upon Eddie and Jocke Dowgles of Hownam kirk, William Dowgles of Capupp, brother to Peter Dowgles, Peter and Jock Dowgles, &c., for 7 kye and oxen at Whitsunday 1587.

Robert Roddame upon Andrew and Richard Rotherford sons to William of Litleheughe, Andrew Carr son to the Laird of Corbett, John Dowgles of Hownam kirk, Dande Dowgles of the Brea, for stealing 14 kye and oxen from Litle Houghton, 2 Sept. 1589.

John Forster upon Thomas Ladley of the Haughe for reset of Clement Croser son to Martine, William Oliver of Lustrother, &c., who had stolen 14 kye and oxen, 2 horses and insight worth 20l. sterling, 15 October 1589.

Florence Forster upon Hobb Robsoun of Bearupp for stealing 2 "stages," from Hobberslawe "in winter," 1588.

Lionell Robsoun and John Rotherford upon David Eansley son to William of Fallawe, for reset of 6 kye, Whitsunday 1587.

John Swinburne upon George Brewes of Colerouse for 2 oxen, October 1589.

The same upon Raiphe Eansley of Cleithaughe, and George Hall, Andrew Hall his brother and Jocke Hall, all of Newbiggine, and George Dowgles "pealeman," for 7 oxen and spoile of a house 10l. sterling.

The same upon William Davisoun of Marchcleugh, for reset of a meare about "St Andrew daye" 1587.

William Awder and John Branxtoun of Woodenn, upon James Hall of Hevisid, for theft and reset of 15 kye and oxen, 3 horses and meares and insight worth 40s., 27 October 1589.

Andrew Pringle, upon [ ] Cowtart, man to Wattie Pringle of Cliftoun and Jocke Storie of Awtennburn, man to James of the Cove, for theft and reset of 3 oxen from Lesburie Monday after Michaelmas 1587.

John Hall of Davisheile upon Jocke Hall, called "Jocke of the Sikes," and "Alexanders Peter" Hall of Capupp, for theft and reset of 16 kye and oxen, 4 young nolt, a horse and a meare, 40s. money and insight 40s., on Palm Sunday 1588.

Elizabeth Thortoun "wedowe" upon Raiph Robsoun of Middles knowe, William Hall of Groundsnewke, Jock Hall of the Sickes, Thomas Hall of Foule sheilds, etc., for 14 kye reft from Stanton shields, 12 January 1589.

Francis Radclif of Cartingtoun esquier, upon John Mowe young laird of Mowe, "for troubling his mann Raiphe Fenwick, Roger Fenwick and Edward Hall in their lawful troad in following xxxtie sheipp," driven by him, taking them prisoners, robbing them of 2 horses with furniture, " a dag, a dager, a speare, a steal cappe, a liam (?)," on Sunday 1st February 1589.

Robert Metford of Sighell, upon Richard Rotherford son to William of Litleheugh, young James Hall of Heavisyd, for theft and reset of 8 oxen, a cow and a nage, and insight 3l. sterling, in August 1589.

William Fenwick of Blagdenn upon Dande and Richard Young of the Woodsyde, for theft and reset of 3 horses and mears, 27 June 1589.

Bartrame Forster upon Thomas and Raiphe Eansley of Cleethaughe, Andrew and William Frisell sons to the Laird of Overtoun, Jocke Rotherford of Edgerstoun, Davie Ladley of the Sonnye syde, Martine Croser late of Baxtoun lee, Clement Croser his son, Robert Armstrong "Hobb the taillour," Eddie Ellott son to Davie "the Carling," for reiving from Wood burne 12 kye and oxen and insight 5l. sterling, at "Mertlemas" 1589.

Roger Procter of Shawdoun upon Thomas Marshall, Hobb Oliver, and Dande Curer of Mowe, George Brewes and Hobb Heslopp of Colerous, and William Fell alias "William the ostler," of Mowe, for theft and reset of 40 "yewes and weathers" from Hawdenn, the 26 December 1589.

The same upon Jock and George Heslopp of Swindenn, for theft and reset of 2 meares, "one browne another bey," on "Hollithursevenn" 1589.

Edmund Crawster of Crawster, upon John Rotherford laird of Hunthill, William Rotherford of Litleheugh, and James Karr laird of Corbett, for their "bounde" to him for 30l. sterling, whereof they have not kept promise.

Richard Fenwick of Stantoun upon Thomas Carr of Cavers, for his bond to enter Jock Hall of the Sikes within 15 days, which he hath not performed.

The same upon Andrew Kerr laird of Pharnihirst for a "dune" horse, taken by his tenant "under trest" from Richard's servant made prisoner, which the said laird promised to redress by his letter "donne att St Andrew day 1588."

Nicholas Maners of the Newtownn, upon William Davisoun of Woddenn house for reset of 114 sheep stolen 19 September 1589.

John Branxtoun of Woodenn, upon John and Andrew Carr sons to the Laird of Corbett, John Middlemest of the Graunge, Jock Dowgles of Hownam kirk, and Dande Dowgles "Dande of the brea," for theft and reset at Woodenn of 2 meares one "whitt," the other "beye," on first Thursday in Lent 1589.

John Rey of Hadstoun upon James Younge of the Cove, Mark Younge his brother, Thome Young of the [ ], Jocke Younge "Blackehall," Thome Burne of Elisheughe, Mark Burne his brother "Ander," John, and James Kar sons to the Laird of Corbett, for theft and reset from Hadstoun of 3 mears and insight worth 3l. sterling, "the first whole weeke in Lent" 1589.

John Horsley of Horsley esquier, upon Jock a Burne of the Coatt, his son John, Thomas Burne of Autenburne, Charles Burne of Elisheughe, for theft and reset of 7 oxen and a cow from Horsley about 14 days before Michaelmas 1589.

The same upon Andrew and Richard Rotherford sons to William of Litleheugh, Adam Rotherford of Chatto, William Rotherford of Litleheugh, for theft and reset of 4 oxen, 3 kye and a "gray mear," from Horsley on 3d May 1590.

Henry Rotherford of Myddletoun hall upon Dand Davisoun of Hosley, Robert Davisoun, Hatherlandes, for theft and reset from the Newtown in Rothburie forest, of 16 kye and oxen, a mear "couler whitt," price 40s. and insight 5 marks, about last of November 1589.

19 pp. Indorsed: "July 1590. Bill of Tividale filed by the Comrs. but not delivered."


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