Border Papers volume 1: July 1590

Page 365

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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679. John Crane to Hunsdon. [July 25.]

"Albeit it maye be thought a presumption in me (beinge a poore man) to wryte unto so honorable a personadge, yet … maye it please your honour to be advertised, that Cuthbert Armeror hathe sondrie tymes bene in hande with the surveiour here and me, for somme reparacions to be done at Norham (the greate decaye wherof and present neade to be amended) the saide Armeror nowe being there can best enforme your lordship… I thought it my parte to revyve the remembrance therof to your good lordship." The making up the new gate now almost half done, and slating of your lodging are now in hand, according to your warrant, and though there are sundry small matters very needful, nothing shall be done without warrant.

For the abuses thought to be committed by the captains in discharging or placing soldiers without warrant or Mr Marshall's privity—there are none such passed in the muster books under my charge without warrant or Mr Marshall's consent. It may be that between the musters, the captains make exchanges which I cannot know, as they never present their rolls before the muster. I trust your lordship shall find that I always do my duty to her Majesty and your honour. I am no way beholden to the captains more than is due to the office as my predecessors held it, which is, putting an able and well furnished man in their hands on occasion. "Thus renderinge my moste humble thanckes for all your lordships greate goodnes and bounties towardes me your poore oratour… I commit your honour to thAlmightie, to whom I daylie praye long to continue your lordshipes . . favour with our moste gracious sovereigne, to whose lyfe I beseche God still to adde fiftein yeares, that his glorious Ghospell maye longe florishe amongest us." Berwick. Signed: John Crane.

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