Border Papers volume 1: August 1590

Pages 365-366

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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680. Sir John Selby to Hunsdon. [Aug. 11.]

"Upon Thursday at night last a pece of the castill wall did fall. I have bene and sene the thing, as also I have caused Mr Surveyour and John Crane to vew the same"—their reporte in writing is here inclosed. As directed by you, I have the Forsters in ward here. They have been with me, praying I would take their bond to lie in the country and answer the law, but I have refused till I hear your honour's pleasure. Berwick. Signed: Jhon Selbye.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed: "Sir John Selby about the rownde towre in the castell which is fallen downe."

Inclosed in the above:—

(Crane's report to Selby.)

"Please it your worship there is a breatche in the round tower at the castell, wheron the great ordenaunce do stande, which fell downe the vijth of Auguste at night with the extreamytie of wynde and rayne. The saide tower is xvij yardes high and in compasse xiij yardes, wherof there is fallen at the grounde xvj square yardes, and the resydue standing is rent in two places from the foote to the toppe, the lyme wherof is so olde and rotten that it cannot stande this winter unlesse it be amended. Besydes that the same is thonly place for thordenaunce in the castell to stande on, so as if the saide tower do fall, the fittest place for any ordeuaunce to stande on, wilbe utterly condempned." Not signed.

½ p.

681. Bowes to Burghley. [Aug. 15.]

"Albeytt that by myn other lettres with these, and with greatt heavynes, I have expreshed my distressed case, wounding me many wayes by the sight as well of her Majesties sharpe displeasure, certyfied by your lordship to be conceyved, and ones intended to have beyn putt in execution on me (yf your lordships accustomed favour and compassion of me, and my poore estate, had nott stayed the curse therof)—as also of my presentt disabilytie to gyve such tymely satysfaccion to the garryson att Barwick, as your lordship honorably advised, and as to my dewty dewly apperteyueth: yett by these presentes I have thought yt mete, truly to acknowledge that I have beyn hitherto cheyfly commended to hir Majesties grace, and especyally advanced preserved and defended by your lordships gudnes. By the contynuance wherof, I hope to be comforted in these presentt calamytyes, or otherwise to ende my myseryes, with the tymely ende of my wretched lyffe. Therfor beyng resolved to make my flight only to your lordships succurre and refuge, I do right humbly besech your gud lordship to vouchsafe to receave me and lett me nott perysh with shame, butt stand by your ayde, that I may serve you, and that also my selfe, my sonne, our services and sequeles commyng of us, may be bound to honour and serve your lordship and all discending on you. These bearers Jhon Allever and Christophre Sheperson my servantt, shall informe your lordship in the particularytyes of my sutes in this matter, and of my power to accomplysh the meanes to be found for hir Majesties contentement, and the garrysons satysfaccion. . . Att Edenbro." Signed: Robert Bowes.

1 p. Holograph. Addressed. Indorsed.

682. John Crane and William Acrigge to Hunsdon. [Aug. 24.]

As your honour commanded Cuthbert Armeror, we have surveyed the gatehouse and powderhouse at Norham, and find that the charges for stuff and workmanship will amount to 20l., besides the lead required—about one "fother" and a half—the price of which will be 14l., so as the whole charge will be 34l., or thereabouts, which is nothing to what they will cost her Majesty if not seen to in time. So when your pleasure is signified to us, we shall see it done. Berwick. Signed: John Crane, Willm Acrigge.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed by Walsingham. Wafer signet: A crane standing; "J.C." at top.