Border Papers volume 1: August 1591

Pages 382-386

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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717. Woddryngton to Burghley. [Aug. 2.]

As your lordship in your letter dated 21st, received here the 26th July, conceived the charges too great, I have conferred with the Surveyor and other special workmen—they report that the charges can only be lessened thus—if Mr Raphe Grey and his tenants in the barony (fn. 1) will help with carriage, 200l. may be saved, viz., 150l. for the wall, and 50l. for the gatehouse, brewhouse and the great tower. "The quarry for walling is a myle of or therabottes, the lymestone twoe myle, and the coale fyve myle of. And besides, water troblesome to carie, by reason of the banckes, which must have long sloupe wayes cut for that purpose." What "husbandrie" is possible, shall be done.

It may please you to grant warrant for immediate repair of the bridge, the pier, and the wall behind the palace. Unless done before winter, they will cost her Majesty "trible charges." Berwick. Signed: Henry Woddryngton.

1 p. Marginal notes by Burghley. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer signet.

718. Scrope to Burghley. [Aug. 3.]

Informing him that on a summons from the King, Lords Maxwell and Herries and other barons of the West March, have this day started to join him with what men they could gather on short warning. Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer signet: Scrope's quartered shield and garter motto.

719. Vernon to Burghley. [Aug. 5.]

My servant Andrew Waller writes to me from Lynne on the 23d July, that a ship laden by him there with malt for her Majesty, was taken "thwart of Humber" by 3 sail of Spaniards and carried to the north. Her Majesty grants me relief of such losses, and I beg your lordship to procure me allowance of this new loss, as well as of what the Spaniards have taken from me these 2 years past—for I am unable to bear them.

Before I came to Berwick, Sir William Read had paid himself and his band their two years' pay, 846l. 16s., and your honour only appointed him 330l., so some must want—but I have begun and will pay so far as the money will stretch, serving these that have most need, first. In looking through the petty victuallers' account, we find at least 900l. in tickets of Colman appointed by Mr Treasurer, and also one Glover, who had no warrant to make them—whereby the town and the holders are like to lose. Also Sir Henry Wodrington the Marshal is due his fee for these two years, 100l. which is more than in the certificate. Praying your orders herein, for "Mr Marshall" is very earnest to have it out of this money. Berwick. Signed: Robert Vernon.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

720. Memoranda by Burghley. [Aug. 7.]

Notes as to the Carrs, Scotts, Humes, Lords Bothwell, Maxwell and Herries, and their connexions—also of the clan surnames on both sides of the Borders.

3 pp. Holograph. Indorsed: "7 Aug. 1591. The state of the frontyars of England and Scotland."

721. Writ to Sheriff of Cumberland. [Aug. 10.]

Commanding him to arrest and imprison Simon Grame alias Symme of Medhoppe in the county of Cumberland yeoman [and 18 others Grames, Betyes, Storyes, &c.] charged of felony and murder, for trial at next assises. "J. Clenche—apud civitatem Carliolensem x° die Augusti anno regni, &c. tricesimo tertio. Vera copia. Watkinson."

1 p. Parchment. Indorsed.

722. List of Grames, &c., Indicted. [1591.]

[Besides these 20 formerly named as indicted and outlawed for the wilful murder of George Grame of Medopp, 10 more are indicted as accessary.] Also the following persons for the murder of John Armstrong alias "Cokespoole," viz.

1. Edward Armstrong of Willyeavide in Gilsland allias Anthons Edward; 2. William Armstronge alias "Andro his Will"; 3. Rynion his brother; 4. Richie his brother; 5. Andrew Armestrong alias Ingrams Andro; 6. John Armstrong alias "Stoveluges"; 7. Gresaland Armestronge.

1 p. Indorsed: "Names of divers Grames and others indicted of murther and for other offences."

723. Walter Ker to Forster. [Aug. 11.]

In answer to your letter received this day—"I sall send you all that I cane, and all that is presently done sence my last letter. The King made proclemation and wes in mynd to cum to Kelso onlie for wraik of my lord Boithwell and Houm—bot be perswatioun of Wetherburne, Hutonhall and Northberweik, my lord Houm wes accordit with the King one this maner—he suld be in waird in Blaknes four or fyve dayis, and thane cum to his contrie to be furneisit, and thaireftir to pas out of Scotland within fourtie dayis. One his ganging in, the King stayit, and is gane our the water this last Fryday. I wrait to yow how Boithwell left the dres (?) that he mycht haif haid be the Chancler, and that wes be the moyene and draucht of Boucleuch, quha hes gottin ane evill brut in the contrie, for he wes the first that tuk ane gait with the King and Chancelor, and spilt the pourpes of all the rest. He hes gevin over the keiping of Ledilsdaill, and it is as yet without keiper. My lord Boithwell is to Caitnes to his brothere the Erll of Caitnes, my lord Merchell is in the caster of Edinbrouche in waird—quhilk castell will not be randerit as yet. Quhat be fair wordis and uther moyene, he is ane greit courteour agane baithe with the king and chanceler. The Maister of Glamis is fugetif and his hous randerit; himself wes soucht be the commandement of the King, be my lord Ogelbe and Maister Alexander Lyndsay, bot he escheivit, and is to the northe. My Lord Huntlie and the Duk is commandit to hald ane justice court in our contrie, and thinkis to hald it in Edinbrouche. The Queine hes ane grit deslyking of the chanceleris doingis, and sayis he seikis the wraik of the Kingis bluide. For this caus the ambassadour of Danmerk hes bene devers tymis in porposs with the King, bot cane nocht prevaill, and is gane to his contrie in ill content. I wald haiff maid your honour adverteisment or now, bot I thocht my cheif quha is with your honour, haid mair moyene to gait adverteisment nor I; bot alwayis quhat your honour will imploy me with, salbe obeyit to my pouer, my credit being savit sur. Referis all to [your?] honoris discression. . . . . From Louchtour the xj of Agust at nycht… Signed: Walter Ker of Louchtour. (fn. 2) "

2 pp. Holograph. Addressed. Indorsed.

724. Vernon to Burghley. [Aug. 12.]

Sir William Read having paid himself and his whole band their 2 years' pay ended at Michaelmas 1589, as I told your lordship in my last, viz., 846l. 16s., while he was only allowed 330l. by the "cedule," I must leave four captains of fifties unpaid, who were due for one year.

The 100l. due Sir Henry Woodrington in the treasurer's clerks' book, is not in that which I sent your lordship. He greatly desireth it, and if it please you, may be paid out of "Mr Thresorer his entertainement."

One Coleman a petty victualler appointed by the treasurer, has issued 700l. in tickets more than is due the garrison, and also received by tickets 86l. out of the Queen's store. Having had 120l. deducted for him, I stay the 86l., which the treasurer's clerk objects to, saying Coleman should pay it—but as the treasurer appointed Coleman and is responsible, I trust your honour will allow my acts herein, or the Queen will be a loser. I trust your honour will order "Mr Thresorer" to make Coleman and the other petty victuallers pay their creditors for their tickets in town and country, amounting to 1000l. "more then they have good upon the tow yeares paye"—or make those pay that appointed them. Berwick. Signed: Robert Vernon.

pp. Addressed. Indorsed.

725. Woddryngton to Burghley. [Aug. 12.]

Reporting his conference with Sir William Reed, the other captains and Mr Vernon on the arrival of the 3000l. a month before—the arrangement for payment—and the great dissatisfaction of the other captains with Sir William Reed, captain Selbie and Mr Vernon for the unequal payments contrary to the schedule. Berwick. Signed: Henry Woddryngton.

Postscript.—Assuring him that not only the captains and garrison, but also the town, have conceived such dislike of the "old pay maister" and Vernon, that they say openly, till they have a new paymaster, "these patched paies will never be amended, but rather worser then better."

pp. Addressed. Indorsed.

726. Captains Pickman, &c., to Burghley. [Aug. 12.]

Complaining of Sir William Reed's conduct, and praying that order may be taken for their own pay and that of their soldiers, who are ready to mutiny. Berwick. Signed: Rychard Pyckman, Robart Carvill, Edward Woode, Richard Haynes.

pp. Addressed. Indorsed.

727. Vernon to Burghley. [Aug. 19.]

Reporting a dispute between "Mr Marshall" and himself, regarding the former's fee of 100l., which is in reality a debt due to him by the treasurer for a loan. Requesting Burghley to hear both parties. Enclosing a "breif" of the disposal of all the money that has reached him, on which he will give farther explanations at his coming up, and show the Marshal's ill will to his payments. Berwick. Signed: Robert Vernon.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

Inclosed in the above:—

(Payments by R. Vernon.)

Note of payments to the officers, garrison and others at Berwick, 3060l. 6s. 1¼d., and sums due to several captains (86l. 3s. 1½d), who will not take them.

1 p. Indorsed: "19 Aug. 1591. Paymentes made to the garrison at Barwick by Mr Vernon."

728. Vernon to Burghley. [Aug. 20.]

I received at 8 o'clock last night, your honour's letter of the 12th, enclosing one to Sir William Read to repay the overplus money detained by him, which I sent him this morning—who replies that he trusts your honours will be good to him, for he has paid his company, and neither hath it, nor will pay it to me.

I inclose your lordships a declaration how we observed your instructions in all things but one—the article wherein the captains' clerks were to deliver a true copy of their books, showing the sums due to their soldiers—which they flatly refused, saying "we went aboute to paie them by poule"—to which "Mr Marshall" and Sir William Read agreed.

I hope your honour received the "breif" enclosed in my last, showing my payments and how little remains in my hands—wherein I followed the "cedule soe neare as I cold," and will satisfy your honour of the particulars at my coming. Berwick. Signed: Robert Vernon.

1 p. Addressed to Burghley. Indorsed. Wafer signet: a shield quarterly; 1 and 4 a fesse charged with 3 garbs; 2 and 3 a fret. Motto on scroll below: "Videte vigilate."

Inclosed in the above:—
"A declaration howe Sir William Read, Robert Vernon and capten William Selbye preceded accordinge to ther instructions, conserninge the paye for the yeares 1588 and 1589."

Under four heads—In the last, having summoned the petty victuallers to make oath what was due them—only Glover, Conyers and Gregson appeared—Anthony Coleman did not, who has "made out" 728l. 12s. 10d. in tickets, and your lordship knows my opinion, that either "Mr Thresorer" must bring him here, or a pursuivant be sent to do so, or "Mr Thresorer" must answer for him. He is said to be in Norfolk (where his father dwells, "of a good welthe as is reportid"). Signed: Robert Vernon.

pp. Indorsed as title.

729. Forster to Burghley. [Aug. 23.]

Having written to Mr Bowes as you directed, to know how many of the "pyratts" the King desired to have, he replied that as Hamilton and others have refused to prosecute, the King and Council will have none of them, as the enclosed letter shows. So I have sent them all to the common gaol at Newcastle, where they remain in great misery, and I hear of no prosecutor. So I have written to Roger Rames deputy vice-admiral, to warn the deputy judge of Admiralty to take speedy order for their trial.

Out of Scotland I hear that the Lord Hume and the Laird of Bucclench purpose to be at Berwick on Wednesday next to pass through England to some foreign country, and that the King goes on progress, and his nobility are quiet. At my house nigh Aluwick. Signed: John Forster.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

Inclosed in the above:—

(Bowes to Forster.)

Signifying that the Chancellor has told him, that as John Hamylton and the other complainants against the Englishmen for piracy on the coast of Orkney, have retired to Orkney, and will neither bear the charges of bringing the prisoners to Scotland, nor give evidence against them, the King will have none of them brought to Scotland. Edinburgh, 21st August 1591. Signed: Robert Bowes.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.


  • 1. Of Norham.
  • 2. A pen has been drawn through the signature.