Border Papers volume 1: September 1591

Pages 386-388

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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730. Captains Pickman, &c., to Burghley. [Sept. 10.]

Referring him to their former petition, which they fear has not reached him, for on demanding of Mr Vernon the pay appointed by the schedule under his lordship's own hand, they received a flat denial, as he had not been repaid by Sir William Read as ordered. Praying speedy relief, lest their men mutiny from urgent necessity. Berwick. Signed: Rychard Pyckman, Richard Haynes, Robert Carvill.

pp. Addressed. Indorsed.

731. Woddryngton to Burghley. [Sept. 13.]

Since my last of 12th August, when I reported the discontent of the unpaid captains and their men, and my trouble in pacifying them, I got a promise from Mr Vernon, that he would pay them all that remained "good," of the two years, before his departure for London. But afterwards he flatly denied his promise, saying he had no money till next receipt, and could not get back that which Sir William Read had kept—and is now gone hence, leaving them unpaid. With great ado I have kept them quiet, though they have been so ill dealt with. I must complain to your honour of the "cunnyng and partiall dealing" of Vernon, Read and Selbye, who have disobeyed your instructions. They have also neither paid my 100l. fee for two years, nor given their bond, as they promised, if I waited till Christmas. Berwick. Signed: Henry Woddryngton.

pp. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer signet as before.

732. Sir William Reed to Burghley. [Sept. 13.]

I have received your honour's and my lord Chamberlain's letters of 12th August. I understood your honour's words to be, that the captains, soldiers, and garrison should be fully paid, the victuallers, merchants, and "tickattes" to wait—for some of the garrison might be removed and could not go without their pay. So at my coming I paid my "bande and the creditors" what was due to each man. He that drew up the schedule might have made it clearer, how the pay was to be divided. If I had known of it, I would have paid none—but on my credit, I paid before I saw it.

Your lordship writes that I was my own "carver" for the 6000l. I brought to the Earl of Huntingdon—" I confesse my faulte," yet your honour made no allowance for it, and I stayed 40l. for the carriage. I was sent for by my lord Chamberlain in the Queen's name to be "serjant majour" under him in camp, bringing with me such as "was worthy to be corporalle and officers in the feilde under me." I brought 24, and got 29l. or 30l. for the carriage of their "armors" and my charges. Then I was sent off by your lordship and the Council at once to my lord President with that 6000l.—that journey costing me 200l. for these 24 up and down "post," their meat, and all they wanted. "My lord, I have past all offices in the feilde almost that belonge to a souldier—and whether I have discharged them with creditt or no, lett the worlde judge; I aske no favor of all the eyes and the best. And nowe my lorde am I come to be delte worse withall then anye other captayne! My creditt I have paide alwaies both the souldier, victuler and others, they nevir compleyned of me in anye such matter.

My lorde I do confesse you have bene my best frend I have in Englande. I trust you will consider I do not forgett—first, yow were a meane for my lease, and afterward for the patten of the Holy Ilande. Yt had bene gone if your lordship had not holden with me. And now I have had your favour countenaunce to have yt for my sonne. My lorde, a good nature will not forgett these thinges. In recompence, yow shall finde me redie to serve yow and youres whensoever yt shall please yow or them to appointe me during life. And for the rest, if I have done anie wronge, as surelye I thinke not, I referr them to your lordships pleasure. For if the captaynes had bene paid accordinge to the schedule, they should have bene paid more then their good, and I contynuallie beare vc li. and upwardes"! Berwick. Signed: Wyllyam Reed.

2 pp. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer signet as before.

733. Needful Repairs at Berwick. [Sept. 13.]

Surveyed by Sir Henry Woddrington, Robert Vernon, William Acrigge surveyor of works, and John Crane deputy comptroller.

Breaches in the wall near the Tweed—the long pier at the haven mouth, of which 9 bays are broken—the long bridge over Tweed, wherof the joints and braces are shrunk towards the sea, the rails decayed and the whole in danger of falling if not repaired. Total cost 170l.

"Memorandum.—The places before sett downe are fare more in decaye than they were when they were first certyfied of."

pp. Indorsed.

734. John Kelsterne to … [Sept. 29.]

Sending him copies of letters regarding his application to Lord Burghley for the office of comptroller of the post of Berwick vacant by the late death of William Walker in Edinburgh. Captain William Selby will support his application when he comes up to London in about 15 days. "He is now lodged in Litle Wood stret at signe of the Bell at a chandelors howse." No signature.

½ p. Holograph. Indorsed: "26 Sept. 1591. Scottish lettres and other writinges sent to my lord by Mr Powlten, beiuge lost neare his howse and browght to him."

Inclosed in the above:—

(1) Kelsterne's application to Burghley for the post, referring him to the Lord Clerk Register of Scotland, who has written on his behalf to Mr Kelligrew and Mr William Ashbye sometime a merchant of the Staple, two of his chosen friends, adding that he is "living onlye uppon relife, depending upon the Clerk Register, who gretlye is chardgid otherwais, with too of his children late maryed, and in his howsald all to gethers." Edinburgh the 26th September 1591.

1 p. Certified "copia verbatum." Holograph.

(2) The Council of Berwick to Burghley in favour of Kelsterne as "a well meneing honest pore man, in want and neydfull," well deserving relief for former services. Berwick, 28th September 1591.

1 p. Copy by Kelsterne—who adds that Sir Harry Wodryngton, Sir John Selby, Sir William Readd, and captain William Selby, had signed it. They heard that the ambassador had written on behalf of Walker's boy only 12 years old—but he would take it as his deputy.

735. Reckoning Between Bowes and Vernon. [Sept. 29.]

"The reckenynge betwene Robert Bowes esquier threasurour of Barwicke, and Robert Vernon esquier surveyour of her Majestes victualls there, for one whole yeare ended at Mychaelmas 1591."

Receipts by R. Vernon, from Lincoln, York, North-umberland, &c., including 100s. "for the wages of theminister of Barwicke," 15,028l. 8s. 2d.
Payments to the governor, officers, garrison andothers, 14,353l. 11s. 10¼d.
So remaining in Vernon's hands, 674l. 16s. d.
Demanded by him as allowance for losses by theSpaniards in 1588, and 1590, 603l. 16s. 8d.
Thus remaining in his hands, 70l. 19s. d.

Signed: Ex. per Chr. Sheperson.

[Among the payments are, Hunsdon as governor, 666l. 13s. 4d.; the knight marshal, 260l.; Bowes as treasurer, 463l. 6s. 8d.; John Sleigh mayor, (fn. 1) 10l.; Rychard Moryce and Anthony Cariswall, surgeons, 18l. 5s. each; Richard Clerke, "preacher," 50l.; Wyllyam Selby "minister," 100s.; Sir Henry Wodryngton and Mr Raphe Gray of Horton for repairs of Wark castle by Lord Burghley's order, 90l.]

pp. In Sheperson's writing. Indorsed.


  • 1. 8th in order of precedence.