Border Papers volume 1: January 1592

Pages 390-391

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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740. Scrope to Burghley. [Jan. 1. 1591–92.]

"I have received your lordship's late lettre together with an inclosed examynacion of one Thomas Doddinge of Kendall in Westmerland, declaringe againste one supposed and so named James Grame, for the utteringe of counterfaited Scottish dolloures unto him—which Grame your lordship requiereth to have apprehended and examyned, that your lordship might be farther satisfied in that behalfe. The truth is that uppoun my inquierie, I do understand that there is no such Greame on the border that is an Englisheman; but I am informed that a Scotsman called James Hebburne, who giveth oute his name to be James Grame, doth sometymes repaire to Pereth as a chapman or marchant; for whose apprehencion I shall do my uttermoste endevour at his next cominge to Pereth againe . . . I doubt not but your lordship hath bin advertised of the bolde entreprise made by Bothewell in the Holirood house the kinges pallace at Edenburgh, uppoun Mondaye laste (fn. 1) at nighte: and therefore I forbeare further to trouble your lordship at this presente therein." Carlisle. Signed: H. Sep.

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741. Forster to Burghley. [Jan. 4.]

"I doubte not but your lordship hath had trewe advertismente of the rashe attemptate commytted by my Lord Bothwell in the courte of Scotland—for the which eight of his companey wer hangede—sence which tyme the Earles of Angus, Mar and Mourton and others of the nobilitie wer accusede uppon Frydaye laste befor the Kinge, to be participante of Bothwells conspiracie. Who denyede that they purposede anythinge againste his Majestie: but that they wer as the reste of the nobilitie in worde and deade contrarie to the Chauncelor, who they said abussede his grace, the nobilitie and commoun weill. In respecte wherof they wer putt oute of the counselhouse, and wer to be charged into warde—but they paste to their horses and rode of the towne. Also (I ame enformed) that the Chauncelor doth accuse the Ducke (fn. 2) as one suspectede for this conspiracie, bycause for xxtie dayes bypaste, he helde house in the Abbey and never befor, wher he made banketts to sundrie of the kings chamber, and soe to have layed this platt, for the which, the Ducke and moste parte of his husholde, are suspectede; and the holl Duglesses and Stewarts togeather with the holl towne of Leithe are likwise suspectede. The Erll Bothwell is beyounde the water as yett, and hath wrytten to the Chauncelour that he shall hange him selfe and xxtie for one of thos that wer hangede for this conspiracye. But proclamatione is made againste him and all his confederatts, and the towne of Edenbroughe is commaunded to take upe men of warr, of all which I ame credebelie enformede." At my house nigh Alnwick. Signed: John Forster.

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  • 1. 27 Dec.
  • 2. Lennox.