Border Papers volume 1: June 1592

Pages 396-399

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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747. James VI. to Richard Lowther. [June 16.]

"Our servand the Laird of Carmichaell upoun the recept of your lettre, hes signified unto ws the death of the Lord Scrope of gude memorie late Lord Wardane of that West Marche, quhilk treulie wer na plesant newis unto ws (saulffing Goddis pleasour), in consideratioun of his honorable doingis in administratioun of justice and intertenyment of the amitie betuix the realmes during the haill space that he hes continewit officiar in thay boundis." Since no new warden is yet appointed, we heartily desire you to keep good order, as we have proclaimed the like over our West and Middle Marches and commanded our wardens accordingly. Halyruidhous. Signed: "Your gude freind James R."

½ p. Addressed: "To oure trustie and weilbelovit Mr Richerd Lowtheare esquere wardane deputy of the West Marche of England." Royal wafer signet.

748. Richard Lowther to Burghley. [June 20.]

"Th'erle of Bothwell hath uppou Sondaye laste taken Loughmabell one of the Kinges howses on this oposyte frontyer, where he seeketh to strengthen him selfe. Yt is sayed he hath received lardge offerrs from the Lord Chauncellour, and that if he will submitt himselfe and go in to the Kinge, he shall be restored to his former estate—wherto he hath answered that the same bainge done, yt shall be redilie seene what inclyninge he will give to those and all former faire speeches with their consequenses. The Kinge hath sent for the Lord Maxwell and the Lard Johnston, but they have refused to obaye that charge, and as ys thought will take parte with Bothwell, as all the wardenrie oposyte with many of oures also will do, if they be not tymely and well stayed.

For the space of these eighte daies laste paste, sithence the deceass of the Lord Scrope, this office (thankes be to God) hath bin in very good quietnes—but this accident will now occasion misrule on both sydes, unles tymely order be provided." Carlisle. Signed: R. Lowther.

"Postscript.—Bothwell entred Loughmaben as is reported in womans apparell. At the sealinge upp hereof I received her Majesties lettre with your lordshippes by my servante, for which I akknowledge my selfe deeply beholden to your lordship."

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

749. Lowther to Burghley. [June 24.]

"Bothwell now betaketh him selfe to the feilde, openly prosecutinge his purpose, and hath combyned him selfe with the Lordes Maxwell and Herris (fn. 1) and the cheife of all the surname of the Scottes, together with the whole oposyte heade borderers, the Elwoodes onely excepted. He hath appointed his wholl forces that he can raise in these partes to meete him tomorrowe at the heade of the water of Yarrowe 40 myles from this place, for whence he intendeth to ryde towardes the Kinge, and looketh to meete with some forces from his frendes on the further syde of the water of Forth, and to have meanes for the accomplishement of his intended interprise by some of the kiuges bed chamber, who hardlie favour the lord chauncellour and ar drawne to affect the course of Bothwell. So as these matters are nowe so rype and forwarde, that withoute wyse and powerfull gatheringe they will hardly receive repulse and staye. . . . Humblie praying your lordship, yf her Majesties pleasure be to contynue me in this chardge untill the assizes, your lordship will be pleased to wryte your favorable lettres unto the justices thereat to shewe me countenance, for the better advancement of her highnes services—withoute the which I shalbe the less able to performe the expected good offices which I wishe, and ar requisyte to be done." Carlisle. Signed: R. Lowther.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

750. Forster to Burghley. [June 25.]

I received this day a letter from Sir Robert Karr, putting off the meeting for redress appointed between us on Tuesday the 27th, till Thursday "come viijth daies" the 6th July next, on account of some "imanneute appearance" of trouble likely to happen in Scotland. "Erll Bothwell hath taken the castle of Loughmaban, beinge the Kings cheifeste streingth one the Weste Borders of Scotlande, and hath expellede Sir John Carmychaells men from the same, and hath gotten a great companey of evill disposede parsons to be participant with him, purposeinge to make somme commotione and trouble one the Borders." The King has made proclamation at Kelso and Jedburgh for all men to be ready with armour and victuals on an hour's warning on pain of death, and to keep good order, so as yet the Borders are quiet and all men at their usual "places of sommereings." At my house nigh Aluwick. Signed: John Forster.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

751. Lowther to Burghley. [June 26.]

I humbly offer thanks for your continued favour to me, and crave your lordship to make known to her Majesty how greatly I am bounden to her highness for committing to me, her old servant, the charge of this place for the time, which I shall keep as my life, till her highness's further pleasure is determined.

I have viewed the ordnance, powder and munition here, which is very small, as the particulars will show.

"As I wrote to Sir Robert Cicill that the Lord Bothwell was preparinge forces of the oposyte fruntyer, so is he now set forwarde with greate nombers to spoile the Chauncellour in his howse at Liddington. So as there is small hope for the presentt of any good redresse or justice to be had of Scotland." For I think Sir John Carmichael cannot come to execute his office here, nor will there be any more redress for Liddesdale than for those 14 years past, viz. none at all. Carlisle. Signed: R. Lowther.

"I am perswadyd that Bothewell will kyll the Chancelor, and taik the King in to his custody. And, that done, he ys an enemy to her Majeste."

1 p. The postscript holograph. Addressed. Indorsed by Burghley. Armorial wafer signet of 6 quarters.

752. The Same to the Same. [June 26. 1592.]

"At the puttinge upp of this pacquett, yt was credybly enformed unto me, that either the surprise is already made of the Kinges person to be put into the handes of Bothwell, or elles all Bothwelles purposes in this jurney will fall in vayne to the grownd—and then he will undoubtedly fall to the spoyle both of his enemies at home and abroade." Signed: R. Lowther.

½ p. Probably a postscript to the last letter.

753. The Same to the Same. [June 30. 1592.]

"Even nowe I have received such advertisements of the overthrowe of Bothwell, as partely may appeare to your lordship by the inclosed, which is confirmed unto me by two severall persons commed from the feild reportinge a greate loss on Bothwelles parte, him selfe retiringe towardes Peebles with a hundred of the best horsed men—leavinge behind him the Lord of Spott deade in the towne of Falkland, where he was slaine with a peece. And divers others as is thought, slaine hurte and taken. Thus much for this interime of tyme." Carlisle. Signed: R. Lowther.

"My Lord Scrope here doth use me moste honorably and curteously as his father did."

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

754. Lowther to Burghley. [June 30. 1592]

"Such newes as is broughte unto me I have thought it my duetie to make knowne to your lordship, thinkinge the same to be certenly true—savinge that I am perswaded yt is the Earle of Arell and not Arrau that is with the Kinge." Carlisle. Signed: R. Lowther.

"I thinke there ar lettres intercepted, for I looke for advertisementes many wayes."

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

Inclosed in the above:—

"(Illegible) Me lord, eftir my hayrte comendationis in lefull maner. Forsomekle to adwartis your lordship that thare is one bwrges of Jedbwrght callid Johne Penman who hes send on boy to me be word of mouthe sayand me lord Bothwell hes the Kingis Majeste gottin in his keiping wythe xxiiij men in to his henes compane, the Earll of Arren being the fyrst of his hienes compane, that come to entreit for quyetnes. Me lord Bothwell hes tayne the Laird of Carmychell and George Hwyme being ennemyis to me lord. The Kingis hienes did mak parsueyt to sawif thare lyfis efter that they had qwyet all materis. The word is they haif had the King eyther to Sanct Johnstoune or ellis to Dwnde. Farther me lord I cane nocht wryt at this pressent, bot so soine as I cane haif any ma nowellis your lordship schall be adwartesyt, so commytis you to God be youris." Signed: "Ye wayt qwha."

½ p. Holograph. Addressed: "To me lord warden be this delywerd."


  • 1. Herns has been crossed out by Lowther.