Border Papers volume 1: November 1592

Pages 418-423

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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787. Lowther to Burghley. [Nov. 5.]

On receipt of your lordship's last of the 23d October with her Majestys pleasure, I have done my uttermost to apprehend the "parties named by the Kinges lettre to be receiptours of Bothwell, and uppon my lettre to Water Grame, I have him in redynes heare to answere the particular chardge contayned in the kinges said lettre: and I did also thinke I shoulde have gotten Dickes Davye—but he escaped my handes and fled into Scotland, where he hath erected sheildes for his refuge, so as I cannot come by him at this presente." I have informed the ambassador in Scotland as you directed. "I am this daye certenly advertised that the Chancellour will assuredlie come into Ingland, but howe shortly I knowe not. Even nowe also I have received the lettre herewith inclosed from the Lord Hamilton . . . I understand the gentleman for whom he wryteth, is his baster sonne, and he who (as is thought) let slipp oute of warde Lammerston and Netherey. The partie himselfe came not to me, but sent the lettre by Robert of the Faulde." I do nothing with him till I learn her Majesty's pleasure. Maxwell and the barons will not be made friends.

The "bad borderers" have made divers incursions here, so we have had "9 or 10 followinges into Scotland, and ar lyke to have moe, if it be true, that the presente warden have let the raignes lose to those ill men, as it is thought he hath." I pray your lordship to remember the allowance for my charges since I entered on office here, "for I am ill able to defraye any more oute of myne owne small store." Carlisle. Signed: R. Lowther.

I send your lordship a Scottish note which came to my handes at the makinge upp hereof.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

Inclosed in the same:—

(Lord Hamilton to Lowther.)

"This beirar being to repair unto your cuntrey for sic occasioun as he will schaw yow, I have thocht guid to accumpany him with thir few lynes to yow, thairby to pray yow effecteously he may have your favour and guidwill sa lang as he is in tha pairtis quhair ye have pouar. . . So referring the rest to the beiraris declaratioun. . . Frome Hammylton the last of October 1592. Signed: Your assurit loving frinde J. Hammilton."

¾ p. Addressed: "To the right wirschipfull Maister Louder hir Majesties varden of the Wester Marcheis of Ingland foranentis Scotland." Indorsed. Wafer signet: Hamilton and Arran quarterly.

788. Lowther to Burghley. [Nov. 14.]

The Lord Maxwell himself appointed a march meeting "at Gretno kirk the xiiijth of this instant," to which I agreed and sent my clerk over to him, but he has prorogated our meeting till 12th December as by his letter inclosed. I fear this will "imbolden the insolent borderers under his office" to make disorders.

I am also informed that notwithstanding all this filing of bills aforehand, and interchanging notes, Lord Maxwell does not mean to proceed with redress, "without speciall delyverie be made of Mr Orfewre for lending of his horse, for the bill of Fawkland." But I will make no answer to this till we meet, and then only as you shall signify to me your pleasure.

"I ame likwise crediblie advertised, that the barrons hath obteyned one instrument and decre at the Kinges handes, importing that the Lorde Maxwell shuld make staye from any further entermedling with them, untill the vth of Januarie next comyng, at which tyme the force of his said comissione ys appointed to be argued by the advise of counsell—which straing cowrse of dealing (as it is sayd) stirrith up the Lorde Maxwell for to send speciall men of credit unto the Larde of Drumlanrig, for to will him either to reforme suche fawltes, as he and his had done to the Maxwels, otherwise the bounde of assurance emongest them taken for the deedlie feid and slaughter of the Larde of Cowhill, to be geven upp." Carlisle. Signed: R. Lowther.

2 pp. Addressed. Indorsed.

Inclosed in same:—

(Maxwell to Lowther.)

I have received your letter as to our meeting on Tuesday next and your good will to proceed with justice. "Bot in my opinioun I think it sall content baith our soveranis better, geif quhen we meit, present delyverie of offenderris be maid on ilk syid, rather nor to conswme the schort day quhen we ar met, in the answering of the billis and disputationis that may ryis thairanent." Therefore if it please you, I will prorogate our meeting for a month till the 12th of December, and on the 21st your clerk may be sent to me at Annand with a "noit" under your hand of the Scottish bills that you or Lord Scrope has answered or will answer. And next morning I will send a like "noit" with my clerk to Carlisle of such Inglish bills as I will answer or Carmichael has answered. So as on the interchange of these, each of us may signify to the other the bills to be first redressed, and have the offenders on both sides ready for delivery. This I hope will hasten justice with least trouble "in this tempestuous wether." . . From Drunfreis the xj day of November 1592." Signed: J. Mortoun.

1 p. Addressed: "To the rycht honorable Schir Richard Lowther of Lowther lord warden," &c. Indorsed. Wafer signet: 1, a saltire; 2, a double-headed eagle displayed; 3, three hedgehogs (?); 4, a St George's cross; on an escutcheon of pretence, 2 mullets on a chief.

789. Debt of the Treasurer of Berwick. [Nov. 20. 1592.]

"Barwicke.—In the severall accomptes of Robert Bowes esquier thesaurer there for diverse yeares ensewinge, he is indebted as followethe."—

From the 20th to the 24th year (5 years).

Sum total 3819l. 3s. ¼d.

"Memorandum.—The first twoe accomptes are declared, and the other three are readye to be declared when it shall please your lordeshippe."

1 p. Official hand. Indorsed: "A breife estymat of Mr Bowes his debt for v yeares anno xxiiijto 20 November 1592."

790. Lowther to Burghley. [Nov. 21.]

"In respect that Dickes Davy Grame is, and hath contynewed a denounced effugityve and outlaw, . . . I have caused by my sonne and Thomas Carleton, with thre hundred men, his howeses in England yeasterday to be dymolyshed and raysed, according to your honorable direction, and suche advertishement as I had from Mr Bowes her Majesties ambassyder lykewyse in that behallfe." As I expected, there have been great outrages by the disordered borderers of Scotland, since the prorogation of the meeting between Lord Maxwell and me. And I send your lordship an abstract, as I have also done to Mr Bowes, for timely redress.

By special intelligence, I feare there is great likelihood of further disorder, and I fear "the store of Spanishe gould" will help it on this Border.

I pray for a warrant to the receiver for some money towards my great charges. Carlisle. Signed: R. Lowther.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

791. Complaints of English West Border. [Oct. 4–Nov. 26.]

"Breviate of the laite attemptes done and comytted upon the inhabitantes within the West Marches of England."—

4th October 1592.—Widow Edname and John Edname her son, complain upon John and Willie Johnston of Tunnergarthe, Oswald Bell of the Hill, Richie and John Bell, sons to Jockie, for taking 20 kye and oxen and 1 black mare.

Oct. and Nov.—The inhabitants of Etterby, complain upon the Yrwens, called the Kanges upon the Stankhewgh, Geordie Armestrange of Catgill and others, for taking 3 nags, and hurting 6 persons of said town.

19 October 1592.—The tenants of the highland, complain uppon Andro Rome, Jamy Rome, Gawen Johnston of the Readhall, David Johnston of Prescotsyde, Rob Grayme of Langrigges and Christie Grayme called Geordies Christie; for 24 kye and one horse.

Wednesday, 25 Nov. 1592.—James Tailler of Boltonfell foite, and John Tailler his brother, upon Kynmontes Jocke, younge Will of Kynmonte, Willie Kange, Geordie Kange, Richie Kange, and Thome of Rowanburne, for 10 sheep, 2 "gaite" and their insight.

Thursday, 16th November 1592.—The said James and John Tailler, upon said Kynmonts Jock, young Will of Kinmont and Thome of Rowanburn with 24 persons, for coming in "myde afternone" to Bolton fell and taking 30 kye and oxen, one brown "rackinge" (fn. 1) mare, and hurting divers in peril of death.

November 1592.—Roger Bulman of Skailby, uppon William Armstrange called Kynmontes Willie, Christie Armestrange called younge Christie of Barneleishe, Thome of Rowanburne, &c., for taking 11 kye and oxen, 4 "stottes," a "whye," 2 mares, and mutilating the complainer.

November 1592.—[ ] Rowtledge of Comecrocke, upon Sandie Armestrange called Hebbies Sandie, Willie Wawghe his man, Fargasies Willie of Kirkleheade, for taking 20 sheep, 20 "gaite" and 6 kye and oxen.

November 1592.—The wife of Thomas Tyffinge, upon [ ] Yrwen otherwise called Willockes of the Turneshawe, and others, for taking her husband prisoner, 1 horse and insight—and since for again coming to the house "threatninge and beatinge the sayd poore woman for to grant where her husband money laide," and taking 3 kye and her insight.

November 1592.—Dicke Grayme of Bewcastle and the wife of Quinting Rowtledge, upon the Armestranges of Calfhill, &c., for taking 60 kye and oxen, 40 sheep, a horse, his insight, and cruelly killing said Quinting.

17 November 1592.—Walter Calverleye of th'Holme Coltram, upon Kynmontes Jock, Kynmontes Wille, Christie Armestrange of Barneleish, and 27 persons for taking and keeping him prisoner, also a mare price 24l., 2 horses, 10l., a gold chain, jewels, gold, silver, writings and household stuff.

pp. Written by Lowther's clerk. Indorsed.

792. Lowther to Burghley. [Nov. 28.]

I signified to your lordship that the chief stay to the proceedings between Lord Maxwell and me was "the first fyling and delyvering" of Mr Orfewre for the rode of Falkland, and it now plainly appears by the two enclosed letters from Lord Maxwell to me, and by my own knowledge otherwise, that the bill is specially set down under the hand of Sir John Carmichael, so that Maxwell cannot answer without a warrant from the King. He has put off a conference appointed between us today, on account of "dyettes" for justice that he has appointed at Lochmaben, thinking that till I answer the "bill of Fawkland," against Mr Orfewre of Crofton, no meeting is necessary. But herein I make stay as your lordship directed, "in respect that the gentleman in this caise is verie hardlie delt withall, being noe speciall offender, but onelie (as I ame informed) by the lone of his horse."

I hear that Lord Herries is earnestly dealing to pacify the troubles between Lord Maxwell and the barons, as yet without effect. Maxwell and Johnston are often "tristing" about the "combres" betwixt them and their friends, which I cannot learn are ended. Maxwell is taking up 100 horse to attend on himself at Annan and Langholme, where he purposes to stay this winter, to suppress "yll men (as he saieth)" and stay incursions.

"I doe heare that young Mr Caverly of the Holme (who was taken prisoner by Kynmontes Jocke, and others conteyned in a bill I sent to your gwd lordship) ys come home, but in what sorte, for this present I cannot advertishe your good lordship."

I beg your remembrance of me for a warrant to the receiver of Cumberland, to pay me the 210l., as I wrote before. Carlisle. Signed: R. Lowther.

2 pp. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer signet as before.

793. Complaints by Lord Maxwell. [Oct.—Nov.]

"Compleynes John earle of Morton, lorde Maxwell, Lorde Warden of the West Marches of Scotlande, and steward of Annandedaile, upon Riches Will Graime, Sandye Graime sonne to Thomes Geordie, Walter Grame of Netherbie, Thomes Christie, Davie of Bankhead, Fergus Christie, Brades Robe, Jocke his brother, Robes Willie, Rob Storie, Jenkin Storye, Gib Storye, Geordie Gallowaye, and Rob of Falde, for the wrongus, violent and maisterfull occupacone for xxx yeares bypast, of the haille landes of the parishe of Kirkanders, and stewardry of Annerdalle, and taking up the males profyttes and dewties there, together with the vicarage and personage tenantes [teinds?] of the said holle landes within the said parishe, perteyning to me and my predecessors as taxman thereto sett to us by the Abbott of Gedbroughe, the valew and profyttes of the said landes estymaite yearely to two thowsand pound sterlyng."

The same lord—"upon William Grame of Mylhill, Sime of Plompe, Fergie Plompe, Leny of Plompe, Francie Yrwen of Greatneyhill, litle Thomes Arche, Rob of Falde, Watt Grame sonne to Gibbes Geordie, Walter Grame of Netherbie, Rob Grame sonne to litle Thome, Fergus Christie, Fergie of Medoppe, Rob Yrwen, Thome the Fouler, Wills Fergie, Riche Grame of Brakinghill, for the wrongus, violent and maisterfull occupacione and intrucione of them in possessione of the landes and barony of Springkell, Logane and Watoune by themselfs, their servantes tenantes and others in their names of their cawsing comand and assistance by uptaking of the male farmes, and dewties of the said landes and barony from my tenantes and occupiers thereof, and depasturing of their goodes thereof and using the same at their pleasur thir xxv yeares bypast—the profytt and valewe of my foresaid landes and barony estimate yearely to the some of two thowsand fyve hundreth poundes usuall money of Scotland.

The same lord—"upon Walter Grame of Netherbie, William Grame of Moite, Riche of Brekinghill, Fergie Grame of Moite, for the wrongus, violent and maisterfull occupacone and intrusione of themselves in the possessione of dyvers landes in Scotland upon the West Marche, called the Haire lawe and Cannonby, by them selfves, their servantes and others in their names, of them cawsed comand and assistance, and uptaking of the malefarmes and dewties of the same, and pasturing of their goodes thereupon and otherwise using the same at their pleasure thir xxv yeares bypast—the profytt and valew of the said landes estimat yearely to the some of fyve thowsand merke usuall money of Scotland."

23 October 1592.—The said lord and Robert Maxwell of Castlemylke, "upon Francie Grayme of Moite, Rob Grame sonne to Fergy Christie, [ ] Grayme his brother, Fergus Christie Grame their father, Englishmen, for the comyng into Scotland without conduct upon daye light, awaiting, and lying for the slawghter of the said Robert Maxwell of Castle of Mylke at the moite of Rockell xxtie myles within Scotland, and chasing of him by the space of v myles where he narrowly escaped their handes by the provisione of God;—and there venturing backe the foresaide persons, raised fyer in the Mylfeild at the howse of John Johnston in Mylfeild, and thereafter raised fyer and brunte my proper landes of Logane—the skaithe estimaite to one hundrethe pounde sterling."

23d of October 1592.—"Compleynes John Gerden of Kirklebride upon John Grame of Peartre, for the taking having and resett of the said John Gerden of ix kye and oxen furthe of the saide landes of Kirklebride in Gallowaye, xxxtie myle within Scotlande.—The excuse, my lorde warden and the said Johns owne hande.

Octobre 1592.—Compleynes John Grene of Perkingrige, upon John Grame of Peirtree, for the takinge havinge and resett, fraye the said John Grene furthe of the said landes of Parkingrige of xiij kye and oxen, one meare, one fellie.

28 Novembre 1592.—Compleynes John earle of Morton lorde Maxwell of Kirkkonnell and others, upon John Storie of Stagmyre, Thome Storie of Howende, Thoms Willie, Alies Willies Johnne, Fargy the Plumpe, Blacke Jockes Johnne,"—for taking at the town of Annand 40 horse, 16 prisoners, ransoming them, their horses and armour, taking their purses, gold and silver, slaying Thomas Browne and mutilating John Browne, to the value of 100l. sterling. "To excuse the foresaid bill,—Robe of Falde, Will of Rosetres, Hutchius Andrew, Richies Will Grame.

6 Novembre 1592.—Compleynes Harbert Lynsaye of the Maynes, upon John Yrwen of Gritney hill and Mathew Yrwen his brother, Francie Yrwen of Gritney hill, John Yrwen his brother, Wattie Yrwen sonne to Mathew of Gritney hill, for takinge havinge and resett of ix horse and meares furthe of Sothicke. Thexcuse—Will of the Rosetrees, Hutchins Androe, Richies Wills Jocke, Gaires Richie.

August 1588.—Compleynes George Harries of Karrauthrie and Cuthbert Greare of Dalskarthe, upon Willie Yrwen of Gritney hill, Fargie the Plump, John Storie of Stagmyre, Thome Storie of Howeade, Will Grame of Mylhill, for the burninge of theire hale place and howses with his insight and plenyshinge, takinge havinge and resett of fower score kyne and oxen, vj horse and meares—skeithe of the burninge two hundreth pounde sterlinge. The excuse—Will of Rosetrees, Geordy his brother, Wate Storie of Howende, and theire owne handes.

10 Februarie 1591.—Compleynes William Maxwell of Kilbray, upon Francie Grame sonne to Fargis Christie, Robe Grame his brother," for taking 8 oxen, 2 kye and 3 young nolt. "Thexcuse—Fargies Christie, Richie of Breckinhill, Francie Grame of Moite.

May 1592.—Compleynes Alixander Kirkpatrike [of Kirkmichael (fn. 2) ] upon Davie Richeson man to the good man of the Moite, for takinge havinge and resett and lennynge of his horse to Pawtie of the Heirelawe and gettinge full parte for the said horse and for takinge [from his lands of Releithall] (fn. 2) ix oxen one cowe, one stirke, insight worth xltie pounde. Thexcuse—Thomas Carelton, Richie of Moite.

November 1592.—Compleynes John Gardon of Trewghare, upon Jocke Grame of Peretree"—for taking 6 kye and oxen, hurting his servants, and taking their insight.

"May 1591.—Compleynes William Mycalle, upon John Grame of Pertee" for a "soore" horse and a black horse.

"6 November 1592.—Compleynes Herbert Lynseye of Maynes servante to the saide Earle of Morton, upon John Irvynge sonne to Will of Gretney hill, Mathew Irvynge his brother, Francis Irvinge sonne to Watte of Gritney hill, John Irvynge his brother, Watte Irvinge sonne to Mathew of Gritney hill," for taking 9 horses and mares on the lands of Sothike. Duplicate.

May 1592.—The said lord warden and John Irvinge in Starkhewghe upon Mr Thomas Carletone for taking said John out of his house in Scotland, "incarciratinge of him in the castle of Carlisle, where he remayned for the space of half a yeare, and when your Majestie was at Jedbroughe, I wrote to the wardon of Englande for his releif, who refused to doe the same."

5 pp. In two hands. Indorsed by Lowther's clerk: "Scottes bills sent from the Lorde Maxwell, 1592."


  • 1. i.e., pacing.
  • 2. In a duplicate entry.