Border Papers volume 1: January 1593

Pages 423-424

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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794. State of the English West Borders. [Jan. 16–18. 1592–93.]

"The present state of the Englishe west borders amongest other matters certified by a man of creditt to his frend the 16th of January last 1592.

There hathe bene of late in the west parte of that marches great ridinge (meaninge greate spoilinge) and men taken in theire owne howses and had as prisoners into Scotland, so as they do there nowe kepe a greate and stronge watche and determyned to loose all theire lyves rather than theire goodes; and nowe at this instante they doe ride and spoile everywhere (meaninge upon that marches) and small helpe but that every man looke to themselves. There shold have bene a damarche, (fn. 1) but the the officer now of that Englishe border was sicke.

Bodwell hathe bene remayninge in the est parte of that Englishe march (as it is said) neer this twoe monethes laste.

More, certified by a gentelman of good creditt to his frende the 18 of the same moneth.—

That contry of Englishe west border remayneth still under the suppression of theeves and robbers, with small reformacon of any magistrate.

There is of late a shipp of valure come in and partly brought into the lordshipp of Holme, wherat there is much adoe. A Flusshiner is the owner therof, and by some not thought to be forfayt."

½ p. In an official hand. Indorsed by Burghley's clerk.

795. Lowther to Burghley. [Jan. 18.]

Of late (as you will perceive by the enclosed copy of my letter to Lord Maxwell) "their was (without my knowledg) one combat appointed to be fowghting, betwixt one Englisheman and a Scotesman, whereof, withall haist I dyd my best goodwill to make staye . . . Yet notwithstanding my diligence in that behalf so used, the Scottes dyd attempt to enter into England, and commytt the sayd fact." Carlisle. Signed: R. Lowther.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

796. Woddryngton to Burghley. [Jan. 24.]

By general consent of the garrison here, we have elected Captain Selbye, and the bearers hereof, Captain Carvell and Edward Conyers pensioner, to lay our petitions before your lordship both regarding our pay and the good of her Majesty's service. As "the payes are neyther tymelie kept nor yett trulye payed," I hope your lordship will take some order for redress of the premisses, and for the needful works more particularly named in the said petitions. The payment of these is alwayes in victuals and tickets, which last often remain in poor men's hands, who can get no payment for them. The workman with 10d. per diem gets not 7d. of it, and the labourer with 7d. gets not above 4½d. of it—"a lamentable thinge." So the provisions for works, which might be bought for 12d. or 16d. ready money, cost 2s. and 2s. 6d.—whereas if order were taken for money in due time, 40l. would be saved in every 100l., her Majesty would be better served, the workmen contented, and the officers freed of blame. Berwick. Signed: Henry Woddryngton.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer signet: bull's head; "H. Woddrington: Loy sans fine."


  • 1. March day.