Border Papers volume 1: March 1594

Pages 523-524

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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935. Scroope to Burghley. [March 8. 1593–94.]

Lord Herries has informed me that the King means to impose on him the office of warden of this opposite West March, which he will not accept without her Majesty's "likinge," and has entreated me to be a mean to procure the same with all expedition. He offers his best services to her Majesty, saving his duty to his own sovereign, and "by reason of his importunacie," [could not refuse to promise to lay the matter before your lordship, as you know his "deserving and Romishe affeccion," better than I do,—for her highness's pleasure or at least your good advice to me, with speed.

I am greatly beholden for the Council's late letters touching Thomas Musgrave deputy captain of Bewcastle, whom as directed, I have commanded to remain in this city, till your and their farther pleasure. As he has now submitted to me, and promised due service in his charge for the future, and his abode here will be more chargeable than his ability may well bear,—if it please your lordships to cast into oblivion his late conduct, and restore him to his charge, he will conduct himself so as to deserve your favour hereafter. Carlisle. Signed: T. Scroope.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer signet as before.

936. Carey to Burghley. [March 11.]

I find in your letter of 26th February not only the amendment of your health but also your acceptance of my "rude" letters on her Majesty's service. And as your lordship is fully informed of all matters in Scotland, "seeing my self am put in so small trust therewith," I write no more thereof than necessary, desiring only there may be care had of this town in my unworthy charge, as is fit there should.

Touching Mr Richard Musgrave's answers enclosed in your letter. First, he confesses that Sir Simon was but once here in the year. In the second, that Sir Simon left orders with the master gunner to execute his office. It may be true, and so may my objection, that nothing was done. For since Christmas, when Captain Selby went to Sir Simon's, and how they agreed, I know not,—and on his return on "my often chyding and compleyning," there have been 14 carriages for ordnance made up, and some things of small moment done.

For the third part, his son coming here at Christmas for his pay, &c., my only mistake was "Richard" for "John" as I did not know them. But he that was here consented to sell a "roome" to one John Barnard of this town, which was bought of Sir Simon's butler. Of this I do not complain as a fault, for I had rather see a very mean man appear, than a name only, whereof there be too many in that office." Another, named John Sainct, is to have a gunner's "roome," sold by one Mr Conyers a pensioner. "I do not doubt but others may be fownde owt, if I wolde be curiouse in seekinge! But I could sooner fynd faultes then have sufficient authorytie to amend theme."

Referring these matters to your wisdom, I am only doing my duty in signifying them. Berwick. Signed: Jhon Carey.

pp. Addressed. Indorsed.

937. Pay at Berwick. [March 24.]

The reckoning between Robert Bowes esquire treasurer of Berwick and William Clopton esquire for the treasure received for the garrison and charges paid for the first half year beginning the last of September 1593 and ending 24 March next following.

Total receipt from the receivers of York, Northumberland and Lincoln (including 85l. 12s. 9¼d. balance in his hands for 1593), 6085l. 12s. 9¼d.

Payments [detailed] to the Lord Hunsdon governor, and other officers military and civil, the garrison &c. [detailed], 6791l. 8s. 6d. Thus surplusage beyond the receipts 705l. 15s. 8¾d.

Note of sums remaining unpaid to the governor and several of the officers and pensioners to be answered at Michaelmas next, 633l. 8s. 11¾d.

Surplusage due Mr Clopton 72l. 6s. 9d.

3 pp. Indorsed. Note on margin by Burghley's clerk: "horse 80, foote bandes 600."

938. Note of half-year's work at Berwick. [March 24.]

Between last of September 1593 and 24 March next following.


On the long bridge over Tweed, ward and watch houses, bridges and rails about the town walls, the new gate, and making a gate in the "Cunny garthe," 41l. 10s. 4d.

Glazing windows of the fort of Holy Island &c., under charge of Sir Williame Reade, 4l. 6s. 6d.

The powder house at Norham Castle, 10s. 2d.

Sum total 120l. 5s. 9½d.

Signed: Exr. per Joh[an]em Crane, Will'm Acrigge.

pp. Indorsed.