Border Papers volume 1: Addendum, August 1590

Pages 558-559

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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681 (*). Attempts by the Scottish West Marchers. [Aug. 21. 1590.]

"West Marches.—Attemptes done sithence the Larde of Carmighell his acceptance of thoffice of wardenrie, aswell in the tyme of his presence, and absence with the King."—

Thursday, 21 Aug. 1589, Gillesland.—Mathewe Blackburne of Darmontstead against Wille Armstrong son to Geordie of Calfhills, &c., for 6 old kye and oxen, 30 sheep and his insight 6l. On margin "xxli."

March 1588.—Henry Birkbeck of the Wodsyde, against Edward Johnston "shealing in the water of Mylk," for a "graye trotting meare." On margin "xls."

August 1589.—Wedowe Ednam and Thome Tailier of the Greyne in Gillesland, against Jock Bell and Thome Bell, brether to "Reydcloik," for 9 nolt, a naig and their insight 5l. sterling. On margin "xxxli."

July 1589.—Agnes Stag of Cargo, "wedowe," for 4 oxen, 3 naiges. The Lorde of Carmichael caused some part of these goods to be given back.

February 1589.—John Briskco of Thoneby more within the parish of Aikton, Burgh barony, against Rob Grame son to Riche of Langrig, Andrew Rome "John's Andrewe," Jamy Rome, &c., for a meare, his insight, "with gold money and jewells," to the value of 30l. sterling. On margin "xxxijli."

August 1589.—John Bulman "tenant to my lorde Scropp in Gillesland," against Watte Bell of Mydlebyhill, Jock Goodfellowe, Thome Tomson of the maynholme of Hodholme, for 5 kye. One "kowe" challenged with Watte Bell, another with Thome Tomson. On margin "viijli."

"Soundaie, 25 Januarij 1589."—Wille Grame of Slelandes in Leaven, against young Christie of Barngleishe, Geordie Kang, Watte Corry, Hebby and Jock sons to "Priors John," Syme of Fingland, &c., for 10 kye and oxen, 4 young nolt, and his insight, "taken of Geordie Hetherton and my Lordes Scroppes slowthounde," and 9 other Englishmen prisoners. On margin "xlli."

4 February 1589.—Robert Barwaies, John Martyndaill of tHolme, against Geordie Johnston of the Mylfeild, &c., for 3 meares. On margin "ixli."

"Thexcuse."—Jock Johnston son to Geordy of Mylfeild, Abraham of Newby, John Murrey, Mathew Carrudders of the Garth, "man to Edward of Boneshawe."

March 1589.—William Armstrang and his tenants against Davie Litle of Glenyar (?), Davie Bell of the water of Mylk, Rowy and Arche Armstrong sonnes to the "Cockers," for 6 horse and meares. On margin "xxxli."

February 1588.—Malle Blackburne of Darmontstead in Gillesland, against Wille Armstrang son to Geordie of Bigholms, Wille and Syme of Calfhill, Alie of the Syde, for 94 sheep, 1 naig, 3 oxen, insight 20l. sterling. On margin "lxli."

November 1588.—Margaret Forster of Allergarth, Bewcastle, against Pawtie of Harlawe, Wille of Biggams, Wille Kang, Dick of Dryupp, Jock of Calfhills, &c., for 18 kye and oxen and her insight, 5l. sterling. On margin "xlli."

November 1588.—Thome Forster of Allergarth against the said persons, for insight of his house and "wrytinges," 5l. On margin "vli."

12 June 1590.—John Grame of Sark against John Bell brother to "Reydcloik," John Johnston of the Innergarth dwelling of the water of Mylk, for a "browne baye naig." On margin "ls." Sum total 278l. 10s.

3 pp. Written by Scrope's clerk. Indorsed as title. And by Burghley: "21 Aug. 1590." See Scrope's letter to Burghley No. 685.