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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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Abberdoure: sued for by Angus (Jan. 15856), 409.

Abbey, Anth.: billman, p. 51.
-, John: nag, &c., p. 64.

Abbott, George: bowman, p. 45; billman, p. 45.
-, Ric.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 45.

Aberdeen, Bishop of: Cunnyngham, the King demands recall of his excommunication (July 1587), 526; refused by the ministry, 526.
-, meeting of Huntly and other nobles at (30th May 1585), 318; (Awberdeen): Armada reported off (19th Aug. 1588), 627.

Abergeldi, Gordon of: the King casts his house down (Nov. 1594), 990.

Acates , the: 665.

Ackelinton town: horsemen, 20.

Acrigge, William: deputy surveyor and master mason, surveys Berwick, 477, 654; signs petition to Burghley, 655; report on Norham (24th Aug.), 682; repairs of, in progress (20th Oct.), 688; signet, 688; to Hunsdon, how to reduce cost of works at Berwick, &c. (19th Dec.), 695; surveys repairs of Berwick (13th Sept.), 733; reports on works (9th April), p. 446; surveyor, 897; commended by Errington to Burghley for his expertness and care (12th Oct.), 902, 938.

Actoun town: horsemen, p. 21; (Aicton), muster of, p. 59.

Acyton, John: his arms, p. 55.

Adame, John: horseman, Longhonghton, absent, p. 160.
-, John: horseman, Longhoughton, p. 160.
-, Tho.: horseman, Longhoughton, p. 160.

Addamson, John: his arms, p. 56.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 56.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 56.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 56.

Addison, Henry: absent, p. 48.
-, John: his arms, p. 59.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 56.
-, Wil.: pensioner, p. 455.

Admiral, the Lord: with the Queen (Dec. 1587), p. 293; despatches ships, p. 293; sends the pinnace Advice to watch the Armada, 626.

Advysse , the: pinnace sent to watch the Armada, 626.

Aglionbie: muster of, p. 61.

Aglionby, Mr: his muster of Cumwhinton, &c., p. 61.
-, Edward: to Burghley of the divisions, officers, clans, &c. on both sides of the West Marches (March 1592), 743, pp. 3925.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 61.
-, Tho.: unarmed, p. 59.

Ainsley. See Eansley.

Akheade: muster of, p. 55.

Akild: tenants in, p. 15; (Ayeckild), muster of, pp. 153, 157.

Albert, Rob.: bowman, p. 45.

Alcorne, Jo.: absent, p. 46.

Aldermen. See under Berwick.

Aleheston [Elpheston ?], James: arrested by Bothwell with the King's letters on him (4th Aug.), p. 490.

Aler, John: horseman, Tilmonth, p. 159.

Alford, Roger: warrant to, 1.

Alkatre: muster of, 91.

Allanbie: musters of, pp. 43, 50.
-, William: his arms, p. 44.
-, William: gent., juror, Carlisle, 252.

Allandale, East and West: copy holders in, p. 22.

Allantons, Nether and Over: horsemen in, p. 23.
-, raid on, p. 351.

Allen (Aleyn), Dr: lately made a cardinal (5th Nov. 1586), 465.
-, John: gentleman, recommended for office at Berwick (Sept. 1581), 109.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 51.

Allerdale ward beneath Darwen: muster of, 1040 men, 244 only "furnished," 91; south of Holme, p. 392; duties of the gentlemen and "yomen," p. 392.

Allever, John: sent by Bowes to Walsingham (21st Dec. 1583), 193.

Allison (Allanson), Chris.: bowman, p. 52.

Allison, Cuthbert: billman, p. 51.
-, Edward: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, George: his arms, p. 41.
-, Geo.: horseman, Mydelton, p. 158.
-, James: his arms, p. 42.
-, Jeffray: bowman, p. 52.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 45.
-, Jo.: billman, p. 51.
-, Lancelot; billman, p. 63.
-, Robert: his arms, p. 42.
-, Rob.: unfurnished, p. 51.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 41.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 49.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 52.

Almaine, a noble personage of: near akin to the Queen of Scots, arrives at Edinburgh (4th Dec.), 992; entertained by the King though he need not lay out, by help of a loan from the lawyers, p. 552.

Alman, Martyn: billman, p. 52.

Alne (Ale), water of: p. 30.

Alnam (Aylenam) town: horsemen in, p. 20.
-, raids on (1587): p. 262.

Alnebourgh: muster of, p. 43.

Alnwick abbey: Sir John Forster's house, p. 215. Passim.
-, lordship: members of, pp. 17, 18, 20; division of, p. 30; town: horsemen in, p. 20; march traitors, English and Scots, executed at a warden's court (11th April 1587), p. 255; raids at and near (1587), pp. 2623; Park, p. 267; west Park of: cattle stolen from, p. 361; Fair: raid at, p. 361; the plague bad at, and men "in marvelous fear" (13th March 158990), 663; Lord Hume dines with the Lord Warden at (27th Oct. 1594), 987.

Alston Moor: redress promised for (Nov. 1591), 736.

Alva, Duke of: 196.

Alwardby: muster of, p. 43.

Amans, Wil.: horseman, Horton, p. 157.

Amisfield (Empsfeild), Laird of: in raid on Johnston, Bonshaw, &c. (5th May), 425; at variance with Maxwell (24th Oct. 1592), p. 417; Lord Herries trying for agreement (28th Nov.), 792; his tenant spoiled, himself and men chased and narrow escape from English west marchers (16th Feb. 15923), p. 429; hopes of agreement with Maxwell (10th March), 804.

Ammunition, weapons, &c.: at Newcastle (detailed), 89.

Amores, John: horseman, Newton, p. 160.
-, Rob.: horseman, Gryndon, p. 159.
-, Tho.: horseman, Gryndon, p. 159.
-, Wil.: horseman, Newton, p. 160.

"Amyence" iron: at Berwick, 426.

Anbell: horsemen at, p. 22; their heavy rents, p. 22; how paid, p. 23.

Anckrofte: muster of, pp. 153, 159.

Anderson, Arche (Dalton): raid on, p. 361.
-, Christopher: his arms, p. 42.
-, Chr.: his arms, p. 58.
-, Henry: his arms, p. 42.
-, John: prisoner, p. 347.
-, John, of Hatherwick: prisoner, p. 347.
-, "Laird": raid on, p. 361.
-, Michael: his arms, p. 42.
-, Mich.: his arms, p. 58.
-, Nich.: horseman, Shipley, p. 161.
-, Ralph, of Davisheil: raid on, p. 347.
-, Rob. (2): horsemen, Akeld, p. 157.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 42.
-, Tho. (2): their arms, p. 58.
-, Wil.: billman, p. 45.

Andersons, the: a surname of Redesdale, 166.

Andertoun, John: a coiner, "a great pest," to be apprehended (14th Sept.), p. 547; Scrope promises to do so (21st Sept.), p. 547.

Andrewe [Armstrong], Bessie's: raid by, 176; a fugitive resetted in Liddesdale, p. 150.
-, Hugh: absent, p. 44.
-, John: his arms, p. 58.

Anelle, John: in Elderton, complains to Randolph of his landlord's usage (18th June), 435.

Anfeeld, Thomas: pensioner, Berwick, pp. 274, 455.

Angerton: horseman in, p. 21.

Angus, Earls of: (Arch., 8th):bond to Forster (Sept.;1580), 26; his influence in West Teviotdale, 26; at Edinburgh assembly of nobles (Dec.), 28; agreed with Morton, 28; his sister wife of Lord Maxwell (Aug. 1581), p. 72; his forfeiture desired by Lennox and Arran (Sept.), 109; expected to take effect (Nov.), 113, 114; minded with Bothwell, to pursue the King (2nd June 1583), 163; Bothwell ordered by the King to leave him, and himself to depart from Scotland (11th Nov.), 186; his friend Endermarkye suspected by Lord Scrope (17th Dec.), 192; "evil handled" by the King, his friends banished, and himself to be tried (20th Feb. 15834), 202; takes refuge at Wark (27th April), 218; directed to stay at Newcastle (7th May), 224; his kinsman Archibald Douglas executed, 224; privy to Peartree's "matter" (22nd Dec. 1584), 270; asks Forster to hold hand when he leaves the Border (25th Oct. 1585), 379; to Forster on behalf of Jedburgh (28th Oct.), 382; at Court (16th Jan. 15856), 406; the King said to have given Dalkeith to him (24th), 408; sues earnestly for it, Aberdour, and the earldom of Morton (26th), 409; reconciled by the King with the Hamiltons (6th Feb.), 414; expected to help the prior of Coldingham against Bothwell (10th Sept. 1586), 448; lieutenant of Borders (Nov.), p. 239; "jarres" with Lord Maxwell, p. 239; Lady Johnston's false charges against him, p. 239; offers loyal services to the King (6th March 15867), p. 250; with him at Dumfries against Lord Maxwell (2nd April), 505; absent from convention (10th May), p. 258; fears to lose Dalkeith and get Draffen instead, p. 258; summons Teviotdale lairds before the King (13th), 514; raids by his people, pp. 2623; votes with Crawford and falls out with Bothwell (16th July), 523; divorced from his wife, Rothes' daughter (13th), and asked in church (16th), to Mrs Jean Lyon, widow of young Lochleven, p. 264; lieutenant on Border, and writes to Forster from Jedburgh (18th Aug.), 532, 533; still on the Border (30th Aug.), 536; quarrels with Bothwell about tithe, and gives him the lie before the King (16th Oct. 1587), p. 282; 557; Elizabeth expected too much of him, p. 287; writes to Hunsdon, of incursions moved by him (29th Nov.), 566; to Hunsdon for redress (Dec. 1587), p. 293; Bothwell's grudge at his lieutenancy, p. 293; is sickly and of less credit on Border than Bothwell (8th Dec.), 574; to Hunsdon, from Tantallon, on exchange of prisoners (9th Dec.), 575; Hunsdon's reply, and to meet at Foulden (11th Dec.), 577, 578; to Hunsdon, of a West Border raid, p. 299; the late (1593), his and the Countess of Angus's dealing with Richard Greyme, a "witch," p. 487; (William 9th):"the new erle," plots with Mar and others to kill Huntly (13th March 15889), 641, p. 336; makes a "fyne" of 40,000 merks Scots, with the King, for his earldom, and is at Court, p. 336; denies conspiring with Bothwell against the King, but the chancellor only (31st Dec. 1592), 741; turned out of council to prison, but rides off, p. 391; makes his peacejoins the King on Crawford Moor (6th July)comes to Lochwood (7th) with Hamilton, Maxwell, and 1000 horse, to persuade Johnston to seek peaceand on to Dumfries, 757, p. 400; his scheme with Hamilton, Bothwell, &c., to turn out the chancellor and others, propounded by Master of Gray to Burghley for Elizabeth's concurrence, &c. (14th July), 763; at Podene, Dumfriesshire, and attends the King "as wardour" (12th Oct.), 780; "lies close" (18th April 1593), p. 450; still in Scotlandsends message to the King denying his signature to the Spanish blanks (29th June 1593), 851; confers with Hume, &c. in the North, and decides on action against the King, religion, &c. (13th July), 860; reported to intercede for Bothwell, 867; in Court with the King (29th Aug. 1593), p. 496; meets the King going to Jedburghkneels and asks pardonand ordered to stand his trial first "and satisfy the ministers" (13th Oct.), 905, p. 507; to be "reformed to the Church of Scotland" and obtain Elizabeth's favour, 908; his trial to be at Lithco on 2nd Nov. (31st Oct.), p. 510; this unpleasing to the Kirk, &c., p. 510; asks Carey to use Ogilvy the priest well (8th Dec. 1593), p. 515; forfeited by the King's means, in Parliament, for signing the Spanish "blanks" (8th June 1594), 955.

"Anguston": bond by Cesford for (Dec. 1580), 70.

Annand: Johnston comes to, as warden (Feb. 15823), 153; Maxwell and Herries at, to deal with the Grames (29th April), 220; attack on, by Scrope's deputy, &c., complained of (July), defended by Scrope, 241; Lord Maxwell and forces at (6th May 1585), 312; (4th July), 327; Maxwell expected at (21st Aug.), 340; 40 horses stolen at, p. 422; water of: Johnston's lands on burned (5th May), 425.

Annandale: the principal offenders in, 167; the warden of: his deputy and sheriff lie in Dumfriestheir duties, p. 393; the country strong in surnames, pp. 393, 394; the chief of these, pp. 393, 394.

Anne of Denmark, the Queen: dislikes the Chancellor for persecuting the "King's bluide" (11th Aug.), 723; her Danish gentlewoman releases young Logie through her chamber (Aug.), p. 405; often sent for, refuses to come to Lithco while the chancellor is there (8th Oct. 1592), 775; her jointure to be settled before the Danish ambassadors depart (29th June 1593), 851; her bedroom door purposely fastened against the King, when Bothwell appeared (24th July), pp. 482, 490; Bothwell's hints to the Dean of Durham of her knowledge of affairsa wise ladysilent and more to be trusted than some, p. 491; escorted by Bothwell to Falkland by the Queen's ferry (16th Aug.), p. 493; her fruitfulness apparent and "very manifest" (20th), p. 494; Edinburgh offers 15,000l. Scots (1400l. sterling) for her lying in there (26th Dec.), 924; her jeweller, a Dane, not paid his wages, takes away a few jewels of small value, and escapes to Englandsent back and hanged, 959; procures a truce with Bothwell till after her son's baptism (18th July 1594), 964.

Anson, Chris.: billman, p. 52.
-, Henry: billman, p. 64.
-, Jo.: billman, p. 44.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 53.
-, John: his arms, p. 59.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 53.
-, Thomas: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 50.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Tho. gent.: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, Wil.: nag, &c., p. 64.

Anthonye, Mark: to be examined, 3.

Anthorne: muster of, p. 58.

Anwick, John: horseman, Lesbury, p. 160.

Anycke: horsemen in, p. 22.

Apedaile, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 47.
-, Wil.: unfurnished, p. 47.

Aperder, in Kent: 296.

Appilby, Thomas: p. 8; 73.

Applegarth, Laird of (Jardine): married to Lord Somerville's daughter (1581), p. 72; well affected to England (July 1583), p. 106; raided by Johnston, and reprisal expected (22nd March 15856), 419; in raid on Johnston, Bonshaw, &c. (5th May), 425.

Aray, Chr.: bowman, p. 64.
-, Geo.: billman, p. 62.
-, John: nag, &c., p. 63.
-, John: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, Mic.: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, Wil.: nag, &c., p. 63.

Arbroath: given to Lord Hamilton (July 1587), 528. See Hamilton, Lord.

Archbould, Cuthbert: horseman, New Accell, p. 158.
-, Edw.: horseman, Embleton, p. 160.
-, Geo.: horseman, Cornelle, p. 161.
-, James: horseman, New Accell, p. 158.
-, John: horseman, Ford, p. 157.
-, Ric.: horseman, New Accell, p. 158.
-, Wil.: horseman, Fenton, p. 157.
-, Wil.: horseman, Ford, p. 157.

Archere, Edw.: horseman, Swennoe, p. 160.
-, Lancelot: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Lancelot: 37 sheep stolen from, 26 came back, 809.
-, Rob.: horseman, Lowick, p. 159.

Arden (Ardren), Robert: (absentee) pensioner, Berwick, p. 274; late victualler in Flanders under Leicester, p. 274; "one": served in Berwick till town "weary of him," sues for a place (31st March 1588), p. 322; "a little busy fellow," customer, hinders sea traffic to Berwick (12th July 1593), p. 467; balance of pay stopped for debt, 859; late pensioner (29th Sept. 1593), 895.

Arden, Robert (Gilcrux): spoiled, p. 431.

Argyle, Earls of: (Colin, 6th):64; going to the Border for the first time (Nov. 1580), 66; put off, p. 28; returns to Edinburgh, 69; at variance with Arran, leaves Court (18th Aug. 1581), 105; banished Court and will lose office (Sept.), 107; his "gentle nature" and the "Countess's forwardness," p. 76; to assist Bothwell for Coldingham (10th Sept. 1586), 448; not at Parliament (July 1587), 523; (Arch. 7th):"the young," Cassillis's proposed marriage to his sister hindered by the Chancellor (Feb. 15901), 703; sides with Atholl against Huntly (24th May 1593), p. 462; drinks with Hamilton in Edinburgh churchyard, and reconciled (26th June), 850, 852; at Court for Parliament (13th July), 860; chief justice of Scotland, his deputy sits at Bothwell's trial, p. 486; said to have slain 300 of Huntly's men, and taken 12,000 cattle, in revenge of Moray's death (7th Sept. 1593), 887; with 10,000 "Highlandes men" reported to have taken the King at Stirling (1st July 1594), p. 539; expected to "meet" Huntly on 30th Sept. (3rd Oct.), 982; to be lieutenant for the King against him (31st Oct.), 987; "convenying" at Stirling with his friends (18th Nov.), 990.
-, the Tutor of: addicted to Popery (16th Jan. 15856), 406.

Arkelby: muster of, p. 43.

Arkell, Tho.: horseman, Ewerd, p. 157.

Armada, the Spanish: reports of (11th Aug.12th Sept. 1588), 620634; off Eyemouth (9th Aug.), p. 328; 60 ships off West coast, p. 328; in the Moray frith (11th Aug.), 621; off Norway or Shetland (13th), 623; followed by the Advice pinnace, 626; in Shetland (20th), 628; in the North isles there (9th Sept.), 632; off Fair island on 10th Aug., bound for Spain, pp. 3323.

Armathwate: muster of, p. 61.

Armerer, Cuthbert: sent by the King to Hunsdon, &c., with letters (20th June 1584), 237; promoting friendship between Bothwell and Hunsdon (30th Aug.), 536; to attend Hunsdon at secret meeting with Bothwell (6th Dec.), p. 293; urges repairs at Norham Castle, 679; instructed, 682; his evil doings in Norham and Iland shires under Carey, p. 437.
-, John: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 56.
-, Roger: his tenants, p. 16.
-, Tho.: horseman, Belford, p. 161.

Armerer, "Widowe": horseman, Lesbury, absent, p. 160.

Armett, Chris.: bowman, p. 51.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 51.
-, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 51.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 51.

Armitage. See Hermitage.

Armor, Clement: horseman, Belford, p. 161.
-, David: horseman, petition (20th April), p. 452.

Armour: stock of at Newcastle (detailed), (Feb. 1581), 89.

Armstrong, Aby: Rynyon's son, p. 122.
-, Ebye: goodman of Waddusles, p. 122.
-, Ebbey, of the Gingells: raid by, 229.
-, "Thome's" Abye: p. 122.
-, Alexander: "the gatwarde," married "Gawin's Will" Foster's daughter, p. 122.
-, "Ill Wills" Sandy: his offspring, p. 122.
-, "Hebbies" Sandie: raid by, p. 421.
-, Alic (Gyngles): raid by, 595.
-, Sande: son of "Waddusles," p. 122.
-, Andrew: Englishman, to be delivered (Nov. 1591), 736.
-, Andrew, of the Harlawe: p. 122.
-, "Ingrams" Andro: indicted, 722.
-, "the ladyes" Andrew: p. 122.
-, Andrew, of Kyrkton: p. 122.
-, Andrew: raid by, p. 352.
-, Andro (Whithaugh): raids by (1587), 595, pp. 348, 352.
-, "Red" Andrew, of Kirkhill: assures with Forster, p. 171.
-, Anton, of Wylyave, Gilsland: his daughter married to the "Laird's Jock," p. 121.
-, Arche, of Arkilton: assures with Scrope and Forster, p. 170.
-, "Sandes" Arche: p. 122; Alexander's Arche, servant to Whithaugh, raid by, 595; raids by, pp. 347, 349, 351.
-, "Andrews" Arche: raid by, p. 356; his horse slain, p. 356.
-, Archie: brother to "the ladye's Andrew," p. 122.
-, Arche: "Cockers" son, raid by, p. 558.
-, Arche: son of "old" Whithaugh, raid by, p. 351.
-, "Rynyon's" Arche: p. 122.
-, Arche (Chengle's brother): p. 122.
-, Arche: "Thoms Abyes brother," p. 122.
-, Creste: goodman of the Langholm Castle, married Rob. Grame of the Fald's sister, p. 122.
-, Creste, of Borngles: married Thomas Gorthe Grame of Esk's daughter, p. 122.
-, young Christofer: son of John's Christie, raid by, 176.

Armstrong, young Christie, of Barneleishe: raids by, pp. 4201; 558.
-, Christofer: (John's Christie), burns the Langholm (Sept. 1581), 110; "John's Christie," keeper of Langholm under Lord Maxwell (1585), 321.
-, "Pawtons" Christie: assures for himself and 3 brothers, p. 171.
-, "Sandes" Creste: p. 122; Crestie, his son, p. 122; his daughter married to Rowe Foster, p. 123.
-, David: his arms, p. 40.
-, Davie "bangtail": raids by, p. 350.
-, Dave, of Kannonby: married "Patyes" Gorthes Gram's daughter, p. 123.
-, Dave: son of "Waddusles," p. 122.
-, Dave, of Whetlesyde: p. 122.
-, Eamont, of Wisgills: raid by, 176.
-, Edward: (2), their arms, p. 40.
-, Edward: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Edward: raid on, p. 348.
-, "Anthons" Edward, of Willyeaver: indicted, 722.
-, Elle (Chengles' brother): married John Foster of Krakrop's daughter, p. 122; Elley, of the Gingells, raid by, 229.
-, Eme (Chengles' brother): p. 122; Emey, of the Gingells raid by, 229.
-, "Sandes" Forge: p. 122.
-, Francis, of Whittaughe: raid by, 229; raids by, 595, pp. 348, 352.
-, "Kinmont's" Francis: p. 122.
-, Francis: brother to "the ladyes Archie," p. 122.
-, Gawin: his arms, p. 40.
-, Gavin: Eckie's son, raid on, 176.
-, Renyen's Geordie, of Arcleton Ewesdale, and his sons: raid by (Aug. 1583), 174.
-, George, of Arkilton: assures with Scrope and Forster, p. 170; raid by, 595.
-, Geordie, of Catgill: raid by, 791.
-, George (3): their arms, p. 40.
-, George (in Gillesland): raid on, p. 70.
-, Gorthe, of the Bygams: dwells there, married Will of Carlill's daughter, p. 122.
-, Gorthe, of Rowenburn: married Jeme Taylor of Harperhill's daughter, p. 123.
-, "Kinmont's" Gorthe: p. 122.
-, Gorthe, Rynyon's son: p. 122.
-, "young" Gorthe, of Arkylton: married Will of Radhall's daughter, p. 122.
-, Gresaland: indicted, 722.
-, Ecktor: assures for his "bairns," p. 170.
-, Ecky (Hector), of the Gyngles: raids by, 174, 176, p. 122; raid by, 229; assures with Scrope and Forster, p. 170; raid by, 595.

Armstrong, "ould" Hector, of the Harlawe: p. 122; his daughter married to Will Grame of the Fald, p. 126.
-, "young" Hector, of the Harlawe: married Fargus Grame's daughter, p. 122.
-, Ecktor, of the Hilhouse: raids by, 595.
-, Hector, of Tweden: p. 122.
-, Eckie, of Twedden: assures at Whithaugh with Forster, p. 171; raids by (157987), 595.
-, Hector, of the Stobbam: p. 122.
-, Ingram, of Castleton: raids by, p. 349.
-, Jeme: "Kannonby's" brother, p. 122.
-, Jenking: his arms, p. 40.
-, John: horseman, Kilham, p. 157.
-, Jock, of the Calfhills: raid by, 176; dwells there, p. 122.
-, Joke, "Castills": p. 123.
-, Joke, "the Lordes Joke": his dwelling at Denyshill near Kyrsop, and married an Armstrong of Wylyave in Gilsland, p. 121; "the Laird's Jock," raid by (1587), 595; sheepstealing by Mungo and Jock Armstrong, his servants, at Heatherieburn, p. 350.
-, "the Lordes" John: married Ritchie Grayme of Meadop's sister, and his two sons ride in England, p. 121.
-, "Joke, the lord's John's" son: married Hobbe Foster of Kersope Alye's daughter, p. 121.
-, John, of the Hollus: married Water Grayme of Netherby's sister, p. 122; raids by (15878), p. 350.
-, John: raid on, by Elliots, &c., p. 350.
-, John, Whithaugh's son: raid by, p. 352.
-, John, "of the Score": raid by, p. 351.
-, John, "stowlugs": indicted, 722.
-, John, alias Cokespoole: murdered, 722.
-, Jock, of Monckbehirst: assures with Forster, p. 171.
-, John, of Tornewynholm: assures with Scrope and Forster, p. 171.
-, Kinmonth's Jock: raids by (Sept.Oct. 1583), 176; his descent, p. 122.
-, Jock, of Kynmott: raids by (1587), 595; raids by, pp. 4201; took W. Calverley prisoner, 792.
-, John, "skinabake": p. 123.
-, Joke, "Walls": p. 123.
-, John, "of Whetaugh": p. 122; his daughter married to John Foster (younger), of Rone, p. 123.
-, Joke: son of "John of Whetaugh," p. 122.
-, Joke, of Tweden: p. 122.
-, Lance, old laird of Whitaughe, and his sons and nephews: p. 122; the chief evildoer on the March, and his capture desired by Scrope, 198; murdered Will Noble, p. 124; assures with Forster for his house, &c. (20th Dec. 1584), pp. 1701.

Armstrong, Martyn: "young" Gorthe's brother, p. 122.
-, Mathew: raid by, pp. 347, 349.
-, Mathew: raid on, at Heatherieburn, p. 350.
-, Patton, of the Harlawe: p. 122.
-, Richard: his arms, 40.
-, Dik, of Dryup: dwells at High Morgarton, his wife a Scot, p. 122; raid by (May), 229; "a head theife" taken in a raid, and in Carlisle Castle (12th June), 234, 235; raid by, p. 347.
-, Richie: "Andro his Will's" brother, indicted, 722.
-, Riche, "carhand" :p. 122.
-, "Ekkes" Riche: p. 122.
-, Hob (Robert) "the tailor": raids by, pp. 347, 349, 350, 351, 359, 364.
-, Hobbe, of Whittaugh: raid by, 229.
-, Robin, "Whithaugh": raids by, 595, p. 351.
-, "redneb" Hob: raid by, p. 352.
-, Hobbe: "John of Whetaugh's" son, married Jeme Foster of Stangerthsyde's daughter, p. 122.
-, Rowland: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Rowy: "Cockers" son, raid by, p. 558.
-, "the Lordes Rowye": dwells on Tarras syde, and married "ould" Archie Grame's daughter, pp. 1212.
-, Rynyon, of Gingills: raid by, p. 351.
-, "Ecktors" Rynyon, of the Harlaw: raids by, pp. 3501.
-, Rynyon, "of Tweden": p. 122; raids by, 595, p. 349.
-, Rynyon: "young" Gorthe's brother, p. 122.
-, Rynyon: "Thom's Abye's brother, p. 122.
-, Rynion: brother of "Dryupp," raid by, p. 347.
-, "the lordes" Runyon: dwells at the Thornythaite, p. 121
-, Rynion: "Andro his Will's" brother, indicted, 722.
-, "Sandes" Rynyon: p. 122.
-, Rynyon, "gaudee": p. 122.
-, Sim, laird of Mangerton: married a Foster of Kirsopfoot, p. 121; taken in his own house (10th Jan. 15834) by Lord Scrope's men, and lodged in Carlisle Castle, 198; no laird of Mangerton ever so taken without loss, 198; a chief evildoer on the March, 198; Sym of Mangerton, &c., to be delivered for bills (Jan. 15901), 700; delivery promised by Bothwell, &c. (13th), p. 374.

Armstrong, Sim: young laird of Whetaughe, p. 122; Sym: young Whithaugh, raids by (157987), 595.
-, Sym: raid by (Aug. 1583), p. 110.
-, Sym: Hugh Harden's son, raid by, 176.
-, "young Sime": dwells on Mangerton flats, married "Robin's Rowye" Foster's daughter, p. 122.
-, Sime, "Whetlesyd": married (1) Robin Foster's daughter, (2) "little" Thome Grayme's daughter, p. 122.
-, Sym: horseman, Yesinton grange, p. 161.
-, Thomas (3): their arms, p. 40.
-, Thome, of the Gyngles: raid by (Aug. 1583), 174.
-, "old" Thome, of Chengles: p. 122.
-, young Tom, of the Gingells: raid by, 229.
-, Thomas, of the Gyngils: assures with Scrope and Forster, p. 170.
-, old and young Thom, of the Gingles: raid by, 595.
-, "Androwis" Thome, of the Gyngles: raid by (Aug. 1583), 174.
-, "Eckies Tom," of the Harlawe: raid by, 229.
-, Thome (Chengles' brother): married Gourth Routlishe's daughter of "shetbelt," p. 122.
-, "the Lordes" Tom: dwells at High Morgarton, p. 121.
-, Thomas, of Maynes: raids by, p. 349.
-, "Rowye's" Thom, of Mangerton: raid by, 595.
-, Thome, of Rowenburn: p. 123.
-, "Sandes Rynyons" Thome: p. 122.
-, "Hector's" Thome: p. 122.
-, "Kinmont's" Thome: p. 122.
-, Symon's Thome: a chief offender, 167.
-, "Sim's Thom": dwells on Demayne Holme by Liddell, married Wat Storye's, of Hove end on Esk, daughter, p. 122; raid by, 595.
-, "Smys" Thome: raid by, p. 350.
-, Sym's Thom, of Kirkhill: assures with Forster, p. 171.
-, William: his arms, p. 38.
-, William (2): their arms, p. 40.
-, William, of Kinmonthe: raid by (Aug. 1583), p. 109; Will, "called Kinmont:" dwells at Morton rigg on Esk, p. 121; his wife Hotchan Grame's daughter, p. 122; his sons, &c., p. 122; his sister married to "Thomas" Gorth Grame, p. 125; Will alias Kynmont, and Jocke his son: asked by Scrope in exchange for two principal Graymes, pp. 14950; Will, "Kinmonth:" raids and murder by, 595; in a Tynedale day foray, with 1000 horse, 6th Oct. (19th Oct.), 908; before the King, but nothing done, 908; intended another on 29th Oct., as Lord Scrope informed (31st Oct.), 912; bill against him "fyled" by the King on him (17th Nov.), p. 512; chief of the clan, "moves" for assurance with Scrope, and sends him names of 300 to join it (4th Dec.), 992; under consideration to gain time, 992.
-, William (Bewcastle): raid on, p. 558.
-, Willie, of the Gingells: raid by, 229.
-, "Andro his" Will: indicted, 722.
-, "Geordy Bigholmes" Wille: raid by, p. 558.
-, "Geordie Calfhill's" Will: raids by, p. 558.
-, "Kynmontes" Wille: raids by, pp. 4201.
-, Wille: "Kannonby's" brother, p. 123.
-, Will: eldest son of "Waddusles," is English, lives on land given by Henry 8th to "old Sand" A., p. 122.
-, "Hector's" Wille: p. 122.
-, of Powterlampert: p. 122.
-, . . "the bungell:" servant to Mangerton, raids by, p. 350.
-, . . of Thornewhattie, and William and George his nephews: assure with Forster, p. 171.

Armstrongs: four notable thieves of the, put in Carlisle gaol, and three executed, 147, 149; revenges by their clan, 147, 149; a surname of the English East and West Marches, 166; also of Liddesdale, 166; "loose men," p. 106; the Scottish, at feuds, 168; on Lyddal: their several branches, alliances, &c., pp. 120123; assurance by, to Scrope and Forster (18th Dec. 1584), 271; for the house of Whithaugh only, p. 170; of Tinnes or Puddyborne, 274; stirred up against Johnston, and burn Lochwood under Robert Maxwell (6th April 1585), 303; further raids by, 308; in Dryfesdale, Lockerbie, &c. (1st May) 311; Lord Maxwell takes Laugholm out of their hands (17th June), 321; run a foray on Crawford Moor (30th July 1585), 334; of Arkilton and "Gingells" foray Myndrom in Glendale (Feb. 158990), p. 343; strong in Liddesdale, the chief is A. of Mangerton: in Annandale, near Sark, "Kinmont" an A., and 100 "able men of his name," p. 394; all of these "are ever riding" in England, p. 395; excepted from the King's remission to Bothwell's followers (8th Oct.), p. 412; of Calfhills: raids in Bewcastle, 101; raid and murder by, p. 421; of the Harlaw and their friends, &c., p. 122; of the Langholm and their allies, p. 122; of Mangerton, the, and their alliance in England, pp. 121122; their feuds with the Musgraves, the Robsons of Tynedale, and the Taylors, p. 126; of Melyonton, and their allies, &c., p. 122; of Tunnis alias Puddingburn, p. 102; called Kynmonths: raid in Orton, 801.

Arnasco, the Duke: has 40,000 men ready for some enterprise (30th April 1594), p. 533.

Arnett, Robert: bailiff of Falkland, complaint by (1592), p. 516.

Arnum: spoiled (1587), p. 263.

Arran, Earl of (James Hamilton): in ward (Oct. 1562), 2.

Arran, Earl of (James Steward):ill affected to Scrope, 101; his brother to marry Archibald Douglas's wife, if divorced (Aug. 1581), p. 71; at variance with Argyll, 105; with James 6th in progress through West of Scotland (Sept.), 109; desires Angus's forfeiture, 109; controversy between Duke of Lennox and him (Oct.), 112, 113; opposes restoration of Darnley's murderers (Nov.), 114; the King at his house of Kinniel (4th May), 121; friendly with Lennox, 121; suspected evil influence with James, 122; reveals to Lennox a plot of the ministry (30th June), 128; at Court (16th Nov.), 188; Cesford joins his party (1st Dec.), 190; his sister wife of Andrew Ker of Faudonsyde, 190; breach with Lindsay reconciled (24th June 1584), 238; his promise doubted by Scrope (24th July), 249; to meet Hunsdon (11th Aug.), 250; his letter to (30th Sept.), 258; his "accustomed" treatment of the nobles, 258; writes to Hunsdon of change of opposite wardens, &c., (6th Nov.), 265, 266; Walsingham warns Hunsdon against him and his wife for dealing with the King's mother, &c., 267; recovered from sickness (9th April 1585), 304; said to be banished from Court with his wife and brothers (23rd June), 322; Lady A. had built a "barras" on the Castle Hill, 322; his hatred to the Master of Gray questioned (24th), 323; the report of his banishment not confirmed, though the public hatred great against him and his fall expected (26th), 324; said to be dealing with Maxwell's brother Robert (4th July), 327; his evil influence with James 6th against the Hamiltons, 328; Scrope sends for news of him to Lord Maxwell (29th), 333; report of his restoration to favour (9th Oct.), 362; suspected of Lord Russell's murder (23rd Aug.), 341; presumptions from his wardenship of the Marches, &c. (4th Sept.), p. 195; received Fernihurst at Kinneil six days before murder, 348; his wife at Ayr with two ships awaiting him and a "great personage" (21st), 350; Fernihurst's letters to, "extant" (11th Oct.), 359; little proof against him, and left out of the bill, 363; expected to join the King at Stirling (23rd Oct.), 376; tries to raise horsemen at 16d. a day, 376; not in Stirling Castle (4th Nov.), 387; at Dunbarton and joined there by Lady Arranfled from Edinburgh (5th Nov.), 388; his stuff of Kinneil taken to Linlithgow, 389; 100 men sent to seize him at Ayr (12th), 390; at large (16th), 391; his retreat not known (18th), 392; his favourers put away from Court (24th), 394; has secret intelligence with the King (13th Jan. 15856), 404; at Ayr (14th), 405; the lords to meet him (16th), 406, 409; conferred with the French ambassador in Edinburgh three days (13th Jan.), and returned to Ayr (31st), 410; ordered to leave Scotland, 410; still at Ayr (9th), 412; ordered to go by the 21st Feb., 414; still at Ayr favoured by many (13th Feb.), 415; spoke with Bothwell at Roslin, 415; expected to go by 4th March (24th), 417; suspected of a plot against the lords, and his brother arrested, but released by the King, 417; his "traitery" (17th July), 439; restoration expected, being friendly with Hamilton (10th Sept.), 448; the French ambassador warned against, by Lord Maxwell (13th Oct.), p. 236; reported to send Holt to France (Oct.), p. 237; visited by Lord Crawford at Bargany (Nov.), 465; guides the King, and his public recall expected, 465, p. 239; (late): secret conference with Courcelles (March 15867), p. 248; Lord Maxwell at Ayr with, and the King connives at papists there (11th April), 505; writes to the King of treachery devised by the Council (April), 512; ordered to ward in Lithco, but tells the King his poverty and fear of death prevents him (May), 516; told to shift for himself, 516; reported slain by the "Orcades," or by Drumwhassil in revenge of his father's death, &c. (30th Aug.), 536; Hunsdon accused of underhand dealings with (14th Jan. 15878), p. 303; James Stewarde, late "called:" his saying if he "recovers Court" (20th Feb. 1592 3), 800. See Steward, James.

Arthington, Mistress: prisoner, York, 310.

Artht (laird of): on Council (24th Oct.), 986.

Arthur, Edw.: horseman, Stamford, p. 160.
-, James: attends Archbishop of St Andrews, 188.
-, John: pensioner, Berwick, p. 274.
-, Rob.: horseman, Embleton, p. 160.
-, Wil.: horseman, Stamford, p. 160.

Articles, Lords of the: the King's letter to (July), 526; appointed (16th July 1593), p. 475.

Arundel, Earl of (Philip):his lordship of Morpeth, p. 21; horsemen in his barony of Burgh (April 1583), 159; is "doubtful," 168; his land of Gilsland open to the Scots riders, p. 124; Scrope thanks Walsingham for news of his "commyttrie" (27th April 1585), 308; inquiry as to his adherents on the West Marches, 309; dispute with Francis Dacre on the Dacre succession (1588), 639.

Asbrig, Geo.: his arms, p. 56.
-, John: his arms, p. 56.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 51.
-, Percival: bowman, p. 45.
-, Ric.: billman, p. 45.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 56.
-, Mic.: his arms, p. 56.
-, Wil. (2): their arms, p. 56.

Ashby, Mr: ambassador in Edinburgh (22nd July), p. 327; packet from, sent to Walsingham (26th), 616; news of Armada from (11th Aug.), 621; (13th), 623; (20th), 628; informed of the 3000l. for the King of Scots and arranges as to it (9th Sept.), 633.
-, Mr William, sent for to Bowes by the King, delivered, and sent to the Castle (2nd April 1594), p. 528; threatened with "the bootes," p. 528.
-, Mr William: late merchant of the Staple (Sept. 1591), 734.

Ashe, Lancelot: pensioner, Berwick, p. 274; Hunsdon's chamber servant, gets an illegal lease from John Carey his son, of a house at Berwick, and pulls out the owner, p. 436; pensioner, p. 455.

Ashton (Aston), Roger: his adventures between Alnwick and Twisell, &c. (Aug. 1581), 104; crosses Tweed into Scotland, p. 73; his letter from Earl of Leicester reported safe (29th Nov.), 113; letters forwarded to Walsingham (Feb. 15856), 414, 417; letters sent to Walsingham (7th Nov.), 466; Walsingham's to, sent secretly (1st Dec.), 468; to take the King's patent to Maxwell (7th March 15867), p. 248; sends letter to Walsingham (30th April), 511; to Walsingham (27th June), 521; in Edinburgh (Dec. 1591), p. 389; at Fernihurst and Chillingham: his inquisitiveness about the Master of Gray's movements (Oct.), 776; takes 4000l. from Elizabeth to the King (1586), 988.

Ashton, Mr: receiver of the Duchy of Lancaster, assists in the Berwick pay (31st Dec. 1593), 925.

Ashtrees, the laird of: raid by, 174.

Aske, manor of: the Queen refuses a mortgage on (6th Sept. 1590), 690; offered to the Queen by Robert Bowes and his son as security of 200l. yearly, 697.

Askeham parish: muster of, p. 64.

Askerton tower: p. 32; lordship, muster of, p. 40; a captain needed for, p. 102; Thomas Carlton at, 309; Castle: the steward of Gilsland's residence, p. 392.

Aspatria: muster of, p. 43; (Asportrick): spoils in, p. 431.

Atchison, Anthony: quartermaster, Berwick, p. 536.
-, John: levies heavy fines, p. 22.

"Atchisons": a base Scottish coin (15 to the English shilling) used by the paymaster at Berwick (at 13 to the shilling), to cheat the garrison and townsmen (Feb. 15923), pp. 4267.

Athe, John: absent, Longhoughton, p. 160.
-, Robert: horseman, Lowick, p. 159.
-, William: horseman, Longhoughton, p. 160.

Athole (Athell, Atholl), Earl of (John, 5th):at meeting of nobles, Edinburgh (Dec. 1580), 69; in entail of Crown (Aug. 1581), 105; at Aberdeen meeting (30th May), 318; said to have attacked and burned Perth (29th Oct. 1585), 382; addicted to papistry (16th Jan. 15856), 406; expected by the King (29th April), p. 256; hurt at Perth by his horse falling (May), p. 258; sent for by the King to "accord" him and Huntly (29th), 516; absent from Parliament (16th July), 523; warned to join Bothwell at meeting with Forster (Feb. 15901), 702; supports Moray against Huntly, the King's attempt to compound the feud, &c. (13th Feb.), p. 376; joins Bothwell's party against the chancellor (30th July), 715; his scheme with Hamilton, Angus, Bothwell, &c. against the chancellor and others, propounded by the Master of Gray to the Queen by Burghley, for her concurrence, &c. (14th July), 763; kills 50 of Huntly's men, and Argyll takes his part (24th May 1593), p. 462; in Edinburgh for Parliament (13th July 1593), 860; present at Bothwell's sudden appearance to the King (24th July), 865, 866, 867; said to offer conference to Carey, and service to Elizabeth, p. 475; Carey not certain of him now, p. 479; swore to take Bothwell's part, and serve the Queen, as Bothwell assures Carey, pp. 4812; his countess's clever arrangements for bringing Bothwell into Holyrood by a postern gatetaking the guard's arms away, and Bothwell up to the King's bedroom door, &c., 877, 880; his speech to the King on Bothwell's behalf, 877, 880; on the jury on Bothwell's trial and acquittal (10th Aug.), pp. 488, 492; remains in Edinburgh (20th), p. 493; discharged Court till 20th Nov., p. 493; in Bothwell's new scheme on the King at Lithco (31st Oct.), p. 510; Huntly's chief man revolts to (26th Jan. 15934), p. 520; expected to join Bothwell with 2000 men (4th April), p. 525; is in arms on Fife side, p. 526; to meet Bothwell, &c. near Stirling on 31st (17th April), 946; presses him more than his purse will bear, 946; Bothwell gone to (28th June), 958; reported at Stirling with 10,000 "Highlandes men" (1st July), p. 539; Bothwell "trysted" with him, but returned (8th July), 962.

Atkinson, Anth.: his arms, p. 43.
-, Anthony: his arms, p. 59.
-, Chris.: absent, p. 51.
-, Chris.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Chr.: his arms, p. 56.
-, Chr.: his arms, p. 57.
-, Chr.: his arms, p. 61.
-, Cuthbert: bowman, p. 53.
-, Edward: his arms, p. 39.
-, Edward: nag, &c., p. 65.
-, Edward: horseman, Swennoe, p. 160.
-, Geo.: his arms, p. 59.
-, John: his arms, p. 37.
-, John (4): their arms, p. 38.
-, John: his arms, p. 40.
-, John (2): their arms, p. 41.
-, Jo.: absent, p. 44.
-, Jo.: his arms, p. 46.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 47.
-, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 49.
-, Jo. (2): bowmen, p. 50.
-, Jo. bowman, p. 52.
-, Jo. (3): bowmen, p. 53; (1), p. 53.
-, John: his arms, p. 55; unarmed, p. 55.
-, John: his arms, p. 56.
-, John (4): their arms, p. 57.
-, John: unarmed, p. 59; his arms, p. 59.
-, John: billman, p. 65.
-, John: musters Leith ward, p. 43; deputy of Penrith: his arms, p. 43; gent., steward of Penrith and Queen's Hamms for Thomas Knevett (1592), p. 395.

Atkinson, John: horseman, Haggerston, p. 158.
-, John: spoiled, 809.
-, Lawrence: his arms, p. 55.
-, Leonard: his arms, p. 46.
-, Mich.: horseman, Neasbeat, p. 157.
-, Nichole: billman, p. 44.
-, Richard: his arms, p. 37.
-, Richard (2): their arms, "pichefork," &c., p. 38.
-, Richard: his arms, p. 41.
-, Ric.: unarmed, p. 56.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 58.
-, "deaf" Richard: 309.
-, Rob.: absent, p. 52.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 59.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 59.
-, Rob. (2): their arms, p. 61.
-, Rob.: horseman, Chatton, p. 160.
-, Rob.: horseman, Lesbury, p. 160.
-, Rowen: his arms, p. 41.
-, Rowland: horseman, Fenwick, p. 159.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 38.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 45; bowman, p. 46.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 48.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 49.
-, Tho.: billman, p. 52.
-, Tho. (3): bowmen, p. 53.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 58.
-, William: his arms, p. 37.
-, William: his arms, p. 38.
-, William: his arms, p. 39.
-, William: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 45; unfurnished, p. 45.
-, Wil.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 53.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 55.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 57.
-, Wil.: horseman, Howick, p. 161.
-, Wil.: spoiled, p. 431.

Auston, Anth.: his arms, p. 57.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 60.

Averieman, John: provost of Falkland, complaint by (1592), p. 516.

Autenchesterres (Aunchester): muster of, 253; p. 157.

Awcok, Jo.: bowman, p. 53.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 49.

Awder, Robert: present when Lord Russell shot, p. 190.
-, William, of Woodenn: raid on, p. 364.

Awkyn, Hugh: unfurnished, p. 51.

Awsten, George: spoiled, 801.

Axidaill, Ric.: unfurnished, p. 47.

Ayde , the: of Bristol, bound for Scotland, 629.

Ayle, John: unarmed, p. 56.

Ayr: two ships at, and Lady Arran, expecting her husband and some "great personage" (21st Sept. 1585), 350; new town of: 100 men search at for Arran (14th Nov. 1585), 390; Arran at (14th Jan. 15856), 405; came to Edinburgh from and returned again to, 410; still at (9th Feb.), 412, 415.
-, sheriff of: with the King and his forces at Lochwood, &c. (11th Oct. 1592), 780.