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Pages 573-598

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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Back, John: unarmed, p. 58.

Backhouse, John: his arms, p. 59.

Backeworth: horsemen in, p. 22.

Bacon, Adam: his arms, p. 57.
-, Eamont: unfurnished, p. 51.
-, Edward: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, James: absent, p. 46.
-, John (2): their arms, p. 57.
-, John: his arms, p. 58.
-, Lancelot: his arms, p. 54.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 57.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 58.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 59.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 58.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 61.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 60.

Badkyne, Wil.: horseman, Cornelle, p. 161.

Bailiffs, two water: on each side of West March, their liberties and duties (1592), pp. 394, 395.

Bailye, William: messenger from Maxwell to Arbroath, nearly taken on the English side of Border (19th Sept. 1585), 349.

Bainbrigge, Thomas: gent., his equipment at muster, p. 162.

Baker, Rob.: horseman, Old Accall, p. 158.
-, Wil.: horseman, Branxton, p. 158.
-, Wil.: horseman, Langton, p. 161.

Bale, the: Rutledges in, p. 123.

Balfour (Balflower, Bawforde), Sir James: chief murderer of Darnley, acquitted by assize (Aug. 1581), 105; "in some darkness," yet advises the Council (Sept.), p. 76; Lennox urges, but is refused, his restoration (29th Nov.), 113, 114.
-, Sir James, of Bomline, (?) and inhabitants of the town of B., &c.: complaint by (1592), p. 516.
-, John: bailiff of Falkland, complaint by (1592), p. 516.
-, Mr Michael: once keeper of Liddesdale, 72.

Ballard alias John Fortescue: a spy, reports to Walsingham the state of the King, Scotland, &c. (6th March 15867), 494; is going to Wark on Tweed for his purposes, p. 251. See Corrigenda.

Ballendyne (Bellenden), Sir John: a former commissioner, p. 104; 778.
-, Sir Lues, of Auchnoull: clerk of justiciary, commissioner on border causes (15th June 1590), 674. See Justice Clerk.

Balmerinoch, Abbot of: (Dec. 1580), 69.

Balqwhen, Laird of: closely pursued by young Johnston, crosses the West March to Medhope (1st May), 221; reaches Carlisle, in "simple order," stripped by Johnston, welcomed by Scrope (2nd May), 222; his brother "a proper man," taken prisoner, 222.

Bamburgh Castle: members of, p. 17; lordship, p. 30; castle, p. 32; members of liberty, p. 33; town: muster of, p. 154; Sir J. Forster at (16th Feb. 15845), 285; 120 destitute Scots land near (6th Nov. 1586), 466; a Scottish ship at Warne near, to carry off wheat (18th April 1593), 825; Sir John Forster's "slack" answer, 825; Sir John Forster at (16th Sept. 1593), p. 499.
-, Eddie: son to Michael, sheep stealing, p. 359.
-, George, of Capupp: raid by, p. 358.
-, Michael, of Capupp: sheep stealing, p. 359.
-, Thomas: sergeant major under Huntingdon (3rd Dec.), 569.
-, shire: Lord Hume hunts in (26th Oct.), 987.

Bampton: muster of, p. 58.

Banke, Arthur [Johnston], of the: slain, 413.
-, Chr.: nag, &c., p. 65.
-, Edward: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, John: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Jo. (2): bowmen, pp. 50, 51.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 50.
-, Tho.: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, Wil.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 50.

"Banketing house," the: the French embassy received by the Queen in, and dine with her (1581), p. 67.

"Bankrupts": the garrison of Berwick "stuffed with," and the town a "cage of unclean birds," p. 434.

Banton grange: muster of, p. 62.

Bapthorp, Mr: prisoner, York, 310.

Barche, the: (Annandale), forayed (Nov. 1583), 241.

Barckley, Arthur: pensioner, pp. 274, 455.

Barde, Tho.: horseman, Lesbury, p. 160.

Bardolfe, John: late innkeeper at Doncaster, wears Lord Arundel's coat and cognisance, a suspected Papist, 309; his doings at Penrith, 309.

Bargany, laird of: a gentleman of King's chamber (Dec. 1580), 69.

Bargany (Aburgaynie), laird of: James Steward (Arran), at his house (Nov. 1586), 465.

Barges in Waverton: spoiled, p. 431.

Bargott, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 47.

Barker (Berker) Allen: pensioner, p. 455.
-, Anth.: bowman, p. 45.
-, Charles: billman, p. 45.
-, Jenkyn: bowman, p. 45.
-, Jo. (1): his arms, p. 45; (2) bowmen, p. 45; (1), billman, p. 45; (2), absent, p. 45.
-, Jo.: spearman, p. 46.
-, Jo.: absent, p. 47.
-, John: spearman, p. 50.
-, John: horseman, Yesinton grange, p. 161.
-, Leonard: absent, p. 45.
-, Mic.: horseman, Ulchester, p. 158.
-, Percevell (2): billmen, p. 45.
-, Ric.: horseman, Fleeton, p. 158.
-, Rob.: unfurnished, p. 46.
-, Tho.: billman, p. 45.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 50; absent, p. 50.
-, Tho.: horseman, Elford, p. 158.
-, Tho.: horseman, Branxton, p. 158.
-, William: his arms, p. 44.
-, Wil.: absent, p. 45.
-, Will.: spoiled, p. 431.

Barmor: tenants of, p. 16; and Gotherickstead: muster of, pp. 153, 158.

Barnard, John: buys a gunner's "roome" of Sir S. Musgrave's butler, p. 524.

Barnbarrowe, Laird of: sent to Denmark (April), 512; sits on Bothwell's trial (10th Aug. 1593), p. 486.

Barnelms: the Privy Council at (Dec. 1582), 157.

Barne (Barnes), Edmund: his arms, p. 59.
-, Edw.: absent, p. 56.
-, Edward: absent, p. 59.
-, John (3): their arms, p. 56.
-, John: unarmed, p. 58; (3), their arms, p. 58.
-, John (4): their arms, p. 59; (1), absent, p. 59; (1), unarmed, p. 59.
-, John, of Wigdon: robbed, p. 431.
-, Mungo: his arms, p. 55.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 58.
-, Rob. (3): their arms, p. 59.
-, Rowland: his "harquebuze," p. 44.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 55.
-, Tho.: p. 56.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 60.
-, Thomas: juror, Carlisle, 232.
-, Thomas: spoiled, p. 431.
-, Wil.: unarmed, p. 55.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 58.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 59.

Barne, Wil.: his arms, p. 60.

Barnefather, Christopher: his arms, p. 42.
-, Cuthbert: his arms, p. 42.
-, Davye: merchant, spoiled, 801.
-, Gilbert: his arms, p. 40.
-, Jenking: his arms, p. 41.
-, John: his arms, p. 40.
-, Peter: his arms, p. 41.
-, Randell: his arms, p. 41.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 40.
-, Thomas: raid on, p. 356.

Barnes manor (Durham): 73; near Bishopwearmouth: Bowes and his son at, arranging their affairs, saltpans, coalpits, &c. (1st Dec.), 737.

Barrabye, Wil.: nag, &c., p. 65.

Barratt, George: lieutenant in Berwick, 543.

Barrosforthe: horsemen in, 20.

Barrowe, George: absent, p. 47.
-, Jo.: his arms, p. 46.
-, Mich.: spearman, p. 47.
-, Mich.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 46.
-, Wil.: unfurnished, p. 46.

Barton: horsemen in, p. 21; parish: muster of, p. 63.
-, Hugh: unfurnished, p. 51.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 51.
-, Lancelot: billman, p. 64.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 60.
-, Thomas: confers on Berwick works (Dec. 1581), 115; deputy comptroller, surveys Berwick, 477; p. 319; Mr: controller, 927.
-, Wil.: absent, p. 51.

Barwick-on-the-hill: horsemen in, p. 21.

Barwise, Henry: his arms, p. 59.
-, John: his arms, p. 56.
-, John: unarmed, p. 58.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 56.
-, Ric.: certifies muster, p. 61; of Hekirk: doubtful, his estate (?) (1583), 168.
-, Richard: esq., juror, Carlisle, 252; steward of Wigden (1592), p. 395.
-, Robert: spoiled, 801.
-, Robert: raid on, p. 558.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 59.

Bas (Basse), laird of: a juror on Bothwell's trial (10th Aug.), pp. 488, 492; at Council (24th Oct.), 986.

Bassenthwait: able men, &c. in, p. 42.

Baslens (?) Captain: 591.

Basset, Mr, in Nottinghamshire: the Queen thanks (23rd Aug.), 630.

Bateable. Sec Debatable.

Batic (Bayte, Bait), Allen, (Eskdale): his daughter married to Riche Grame (the Mote), p. 125.

Batie, Davie, of the Black Esk: assures with Scrope and Forster, p. 170.
-, Geo.: unfurnished, p. 50.
-, Hugh: Scotsman, late of Brackenhill, laborer, indicted, 232.
-, Mongo's Jame: assures with Scrope and Forster, p. 170.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 50; unfurnished, p. 50.
-, John.: horseman, Norham, p. 159.
-, John, of the Crose: assures with Scrope, &c., p. 170.
-, "Nicollas" John: assures with Scrope, &c., p. 170.
-, Nicol, of Whisgyll: assures with Scrope, &c., p. 170.
-, Ric.: billman, p. 65.
-, Thomas: maimed, p. 70.
-, Wil.: absent, p. 46.
-, Wil.: spearman, p. 50.

Bateson, John (John of the Score): raid by, 595.

Battisons (Batsons), the: a surname of the West March, 166; of Eskdale, "loose men," p. 106; number of, p. 106; inhabit Eskdale, p. 121; spoil Dryfe water, &c. under Robert Maxwell (April 1585), 311; foray Myndrom, p. 343.

Bauterberyhill, Berwick: p. 10; (Baldersburie), to be restored to Berwick, p. 147.

Bavington: horsemen in, p. 21.

Bawden (Bowdon), John: horseman, Denneck, p. 158.
-, John: horseman, Elford, p. 158.
-, Wil.: horseman, Elford, p. 158.
-, Wil.: horseman, Stamford, p. 160.

Bawmer, Jeffray: unfurnished, p. 51.
-, Jo.: absent, p. 51.

Bawne, Tho.: his arms, p. 59.

Baxter, Anth.: billman, p. 62.
-, Edw.: his arms, p. 60.
-, Henry, younger: billman, p. 63.
-, John, younger: bowman, p. 62.
-, Lancelote: bowman, p. 62.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 49.
-, Rob. (2): billmen, pp. 62, 63.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 62.

"Bay salt" (money): four barrels of, taken from Stanley's ship at Aberdeen, rescued by Huntly (July 1594), 973.

"Bay Sandforth": wins a Liddesdale race, and given to Laird of Mangerton (Easter, 1585), 309.

Bayle, Stephen: ambassador of Denmark, at the King's charges till 10th July (29th June 1593), 851; to see the Queen's jointure settled, 851; said to be going (or sending) to Spain (18th July), p. 475.

Baynes, Adam: absent, p. 46.
-, Ric.: unfurnished, p. 46.
-, Roland: unfurnished, p. 46.
-, Wil.: absent, p. 46.

Bayon "in Portugall": 48 Spanish men of war at, bound for Scotland (26th Dec. 1593), 924.

Beachein (Beacham), John: his arms, p. 38.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 49; unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Philip: bowman, p. 49.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 38.

Beamonde: muster of, p. 59.
-, Anth.: spearman, p. 50.
-, Symond: his arms, p. 46.

Beanly (Beyneley) town: horsemen in, p. 20; forayed (1587), 535.

Becke, Anth.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Henry: his arms, p. 54.
-, John: unarmed, p. 54.
-, John: spoiled, p. 431.
-, Leonard: spoiled, p. 431.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 54.

Beckwith, Captain: on West March, p. 248.

Bed, Anth.: his arms, p. 60.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 61.

Bedaggen, Mungo: Scotsman, late of Stubbellpeth, laborer, indicted, 232.

Bederoule, Laird of (Trumbull): a chief man in West Teviotdale, p. 127; his son and cousin german slain at Eslington (30th Nov. 1587), 574; Watty Trumbull, another son, in same raid, 574.

Bedford, Earls of: Francis (2nd):to Leicester of Darnley and Queen Mary (April 1565), 4; to same (Nov.), 5; to Throkmorton, 7, 8; (April 1566), 9, 10; governor of Berwick and warden of East Marches (1563), p. 269; Forster to Walsingham on his son's death, and to favour his grandson (28th July 1585), 330; died same day, 330; the late, "his just and godly government" of Berwick, p. 425; (Edward 3rd):kept by Sir John Forster till his father's funeral over (28th Sept. 1585), 355; sent to the Lord President (20th Oct.), 379; the Queen offended at Sir John Forster's long delay therein, 379; "the young": Huntingdon and Lady H. thanked for their kindness to (27th Dec.), 398.

Bednell village: tenants, &c., pp. 17, 33; (Beidnell): muster of, pp. 154, 158.

Begavy: house of, cast down by the King (Nov. 1594), 990.

Beill village: tenants, &c., p. 19; muster of, pp. 153, 159.

Bell, Adam: horseman, Ancroft, p. 159.
-, Andrew: his arms, p. 41.
-, Christopher: his arms, p. 40.

Bell, Cutbert: horseman, South Charlton, p. 158.
-, David (2): their arms, p. 39.
-, David (2): their arms, p. 40.
-, Davy, of Overdenton: raid on, 176.
-, Davie, of the water of Mylk: raid by, p. 558.
-, Edmond (2): their arms, p. 39.
-, Edmond: their arms, p. 40.
-, Edmond: absent, p. 44.
-, George (2): their arms, p. 39.
-, George: his arms, p. 40.
-, George: his arms, p. 59.
-, George: horseman, Dutchane, p. 161.
-, George, of Annan: "yoman," water keeper for Scotland (1592), p. 395.
-, Gregory (2): their arms, p. 39.
-, Harbarte: his arms, p. 40.
-, Henry, younger, &c. (2): their arms, p. 42.
-, Henry: raid on, p. 352.
-, Humfray (4): their arms, p. 39.
-, Humfray: his arms, p. 41.
-, Jeffrey: his arms, p. 38.
-, Jeffray: his arms, p. 40.
-, John: his arms, p. 38.
-, John: elder, younger, &c. (5): their arms, p. 39.
-, John: elder, younger, &c. (5): their arms, p. 40.
-, John: his arms, p. 41.
-, John: unfurnished, p. 34; absent, p. 34.
-, Jo.: spearman, p. 46.
-, John: his arms, p. 57.
-, John: his arms, p. 58.
-, Jo.: his arms, p. 60.
-, John: horseman, South Charlton, p. 158.
-, John: horseman, Beill, p. 159.
-, John: raid on, p. 352.
-, Jock: "Reydcloiks" brother, horse and nolt stealer, pp. 5589.
-, "Jockies" John: raid by, 791.
-, Jokke: his daughter married to Gorth Grame, p. 125.
-, Mathew: his arms, p. 37.
-, Oswald of the Hill: raid by, 791.
-, Patten: his arms, p. 42.
-, Peter: his arms, p. 39.
-, Peter: taken prisoner, p. 347.
-, Richard (3): their arms, p. 39.
-, Richard: absent, p. 44.
-, Richard: billman, p. 63.
-, Richard: sent by Scrope to Walsingham with border outrages, &c. (Sept. 1583), 174; Scrope's "servant," 283, p. 174.
-, Richard: horseman, S. Charlton, p. 158.
-, "Jockies" Richie: raid by, 791.
-, Robert (3): their arms, p. 39.
-, Robert: his arms, p. 40.

Bell, Robert: late of Medhoppe, laborer, indicted, 232.
-, Robert: horseman, Howick, p. 161.
-, Roger: his arms, p. 41.
-, Rowland: his arms, p. 39.
-, Symond: his arms, p. 39.
-, Thomas (3): their arms, p. 39.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 40.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 61.
-, Thomas: horseman, Beill, p. 159.
-, Thomas: horseman, Kyllam, p. 161.
-, Thomas: horseman, Bradford, p. 161.
-, Thome: "Reydcloik's" brother, raid by, p. 558.
-, Thomas, "smith": spoiled, p. 431.
-, Wat: his daughter married to Riche Grame, grandson of "old" Riche, p. 125.
-, Watte, of Mydlebyhill: raid by, p. 558.
-, William: his arms, p. 38.
-, William (3): their arms, p. 39.
-, William (2): their arms, p. 40.
-, William: absent, p. 45.
-, William: his arms, p. 55.
-, William: horseman, Hebborn, p. 159.
-, William: his daughter married to Francis Grame, grandson of "old" Riche, p. 125.
-, "Sign of the": 734.

Belltower, Berwick, 17.

Bells: two slain by the English Grames in feud (19th May 1582), 123; feud a great one (June), 127; a surname of the West March, 166; at feud with the Grames, p. 126; resetted by Scrope, pp. 148, 150; in a foray on Crawfurd Moor (30th July 1585), 334; lately taken by Captain Case (Aug.), 443; a great surname in Annandale, long at feud with the Irwins, p. 394; the most in Gilsland, p. 394.
-, kyrk, Liddesdale: March meetings at (13th30th April 1590), 668.

Belbank, the: next Gilsland, dwellers in, p. 124.

Bellamye: Scrope's messenger, 263.

Bellasses, Richard, Esq.: his equipment at muster, p. 162.
-, (Bellys, Bellowse), Captain: defends Eslington and made prisoner (30th Nov.), 570; was in Sir C. Collingwood's "vayne jorney" to Teviotdale (on 26th), 571; issues from Eslington, holds ruined house on the hill and defends it stoutly, till his men slain and himself prisoner, p. 290; his rash defence severely blamed by Hunsdon, as quarter offered twice (8th Dec.), 574; his release discussed between Angus and Hunsdon (9th11th Dec.), 575, 577, 591.

Bellforth: tenants in, p. 16; (Belford): muster of, pp. 153, 161.

Bellister, Laird of: raid on (Aug. 1587), 595.

Bellman, Christofer, of Hedderswood: raid on, 176.

Belsoe: horsemen in, p. 22.

Bendall, Christopher: his arms, p. 40.
-, John: his arms, p. 39.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 39.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 61.
-, William: his arms, p. 39.
-, [ ]: spoiled, 801.

Bennett, Ric., younger: nag, &c., p. 62.

Benredge; one horseman in, p. 21.

Benson, Chris.: unfurnished, p. 45.
-, Edw.: absent, p. 47.
-, Edw.: bowman, p. 53.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Tho.: billman, p. 52.
-, Mr Wil.: nag, &c., p. 63.
-, Wil. (1): bowman, p. 52; (1), absent, 52.

Benton: horsemen in, p. 22.

Benwell: horsemen in, p. 22.

Beomishe park: ash timber for Berwick from, 897.

Berington: Queen's land, p. 33; muster of, pp. 153, 159; mains: muster of, p. 153.

Berwick, Marshal of: Scottish news by (1562), 2; his suit to Leicester (1565), 9, 12. See also Constable, Woddrington.
-, works, &c. at, 1417; the new pier at, described, 1417; p. 7; charges, pay, &c. at, 19, 20; inns at, 21; works, 2227; state of pier, 37; works, 38; three years' cost of the pier, 53; fortifications, &c., five years, 58; limits of the "Bowndes," p. 31; ordnance at (Feb. 1581), 85; works at, (in 1581), 108; Keswick copper for, 108; gibbet for a felon, 108; Tolbooth, St Nicholas ward, the cisternhead, &c., 108; works done (Mich. 1582 to March), and estimate for more, 154; the bridge, tower, and gates, wharf, walls, &c., 154; causey at the Cat well, 154; slates, lead, &c., 154; treasurer's account for 1584, 248; "preacher," keeper of post boat, tipstaves, &c., 248; the liberties, freedom, &c. of, infringed by the marshal and others, pp. 1413; the population about 2000 (1584), p. 142; the salmon fishings, p. 142; the church too small for the people, and in decay, and a new one required, p. 143; the old parish church as fair as any in England, but taken down by Henry 8th for the fortifications, p. 143; mayor of, &c.: complaints against the marshal for misgovernment, hindering justice, &c., &c. (May 1584), 230; against the governor, victualler, &c. (June), 240; Hunsdon the governor's, answer to these, p. 144; mayor's reply to the governor's answer, p. 145; their humble requests therein, p. 146; addition to, p. 147; "postills" thereto by the Privy Council, p. 147; estimate of work to be done at (April 1585), 301, 302; bricks brought from Hull to, offer to make them cheaper on spot, 301; "Ewry plas," p. 178; the Snowk, p. 178; munitions, &c. (7th May), 426; council minute as to victuals, &c. (26th), 430; soldiers' daily rations at (18th Oct.), 459; survey of, for repairs of wharf, walls, iron gates, long bridge, pier, &c., 1920l. (Jan. 15867), 477; governors, officers, and number of garrison, &c. temp. Henry 8th and Elizabeth (31st Aug.), 537; oaths of the several officers and statutes, p. 269; alleged design by Huntly, &c., to take the town (12th Sept.), pp. 2701; Hunsdon acquainted therewith, and to make it as safe as the Tower of London, pp. 2701; 541; his remarks on the officers and men (26th), 543; heights of the old and new walls, and depth and width of the ditches (27th Sept. 1587), 544; to be kept secret, 544; list of the pensioners of, 545; the walls strengthened and extended by Hunsdon (18th Oct.), 556; pay of the garrison in arrear, &c., 556; surprise of the town a mere brag of Bothwell's, p. 282; two years' pay (1588, 1589) due the garrison by Bowes, 648; Vernon's statement of victuals due thereon, 649; and declaration of debt due the captains, 650; necessary stores for town (24th Nov.), 654; the garrison petition Burghley for their pay, 655; schedule of the same, 656; works done at (29th Sept. 1590), 686; receipts for, 687; treasurer's fees, 688; the garrison's petitions for two years' arrears of pay, 692, 693; needful repairs at gates, bridges, towers, &c. (14th Dec. 1590), 694; surveyor's report on (19th Dec.), 695; note of needful works, 698; victualler's declaration as to pay (25th March 1591), 708; needful repairswall on Tweedlong pier, long bridge over Tweed (13th Sept.), 733; council of, recommend a post controller, 734; reckoning of pay between treasurer and surveyor of victuals (Mich. 1591), 735; munitions sent to (3rd April 1592), 744; the mayor of, to Burghley, with articles against Vernon, showing his unfitness as paymaster and victualler (6th Feb. 15923), 797.; articles of his shortcomings, shifts, abuses, and debts, pp. 425 8; the same to Burghley, that the town may undertake the victualling (2nd March), 803; deputy mayor, &c. of, to Burghley, with fresh complaints of Vernon's misdoings, &c. (13th March 15923), 805; the mayor in London as burgess in Parliament, 805; and petitions the Queen against abuses suffered by Hunsdon and his officers (14th), 806; the Book of Complaints, pp. 4348; the watchword withheld from the mayor to degrade him, p. 436; the Queen begged to conceal his name, pp. 4378; Vernon's reply, pp. 4389; the mayor accused of cheating him, pp. 4389; privileges of, by royal charters, &c., described (17th March 15923), 810; are now greatly infringed by the governor's toleration of abuses, 810; the mayor, &c. petition the Queen against the lord governor, his officers, and the garrison (17th), 810; munition required for (21st), 813; Carey's instructions to reform abuses, &c. (27th), 814; provisions to be shipped to, 815; monthly pay of the garrison, 817; the deputy mayor, &c., to Burghley, of Hunsdon's "most bitter letter" on the mayor's complaint to the Queen, and their fears of him, begging his good offices (2nd April), 818; Carey's note of (1) needful works, p. 445, (2) defaults of musters, and (3) the pensioners, p. 446; regulations for the town, &c. (14th April), 822; p. 448; complaint of the gunners against Vernon (17th), 823; the mayor and the town clerk's "men" docked of pay by the deputy-governor (28th April 1593), 827; munitions for, 828; the town seal, p. 461; a marshal urgently wanted, 826, 830, 833, 835, 840; fees of, 844; note of customs of (June 1593), p. 466; musters at (2nd July), 854; timber for (6th), 855; munitions for (10th), 858; soldiers' pay and works (11th), 859; additional (26th), 869; payment of works and garrison (29th Sept. 1593), 894; sums not accounted for by treasurer (158193), 895; repairs of bridge and pier (30th Sept.), 897; musters at (4th Oct.), 898; works at (1593), p. 518; pay at (24th March 15934), 937; present garrison, 600 foot, 80 horse, 937; half-year's repairs at, &c., 938; considered weak, as 100 men at Carlisle and 100 in the country (5th April), p. 528; the Cowgate of "bordes," the Mary gate and gates of the keep and tower on Tweed bridge of "iron," need "tymeliest" repair, can only be opened and shut by men with great danger (14th April), 944; p. 529; walls and tower, p. 529; musters at (18th), p. 532; ordnance at, delivered to the new master (24th June), 957; musters at (15th July), p. 541; corn leaves daily without custom (18th), 966; pay at (29th Sept.), 981; musters at (16th Oct.), 984; note of customs at (15th Dec.), 993; mayor, &c. of petition against the customer (27th Dec.), 995; ask Sir R. Cecill for his good offices, 996; their petition to the Queen, p. 554; the town nearly starved by Vernon's insufficiency (31st Dec.), 997; note of necessaries for, 999; of deficiencies in provision, 1000; garrison rations, 1001; Vernon's covenants for supplies, 1002; his debts, &c., 1003.

Berwick, Robert: bowman, 92.

Bewcastle: horsemen in, 54; of great strength, p. 32; the men of: not mustered, p. 42; Liddesdale outrages in (MarchJuly 1581), pp. 69, 70; the Queen's, light horse in decayed, and remedy doubtful (April 1583), pp. 99100; country scarce of men, and succour needed, p. 102; nightly raids in, 174; horse and foot for, 175; complaints by, 161, 176; small clans in, Nobles, Taylors, Storyes, &c., p. 124; men of, petition Walsingham (Dec. 1583), 191; forayed (24th Nov.), 191; horsemen in, p. 155; betwixt Gilsland and Liddesdale, under a captain, his duties, pp. 393, 395; surnames in, p. 394; question of Thos. Musgrave as deputy (June), 432, 433, 434; the people rude by nature, 434; captain of: bills of outrages by Buccleuch, &c., in his office (27th Nov.), 638.

Bewdall village: tenants, &c., pp. 17, 33; muster of, p. 154.

Bewycke, New: horsemen in, p. 21; lordship of: p. 30; town: p. 32; New: forayed (1587), p. 262; Old: horsemen in, p. 21; raid by Hunthill in (11th Aug.), pp. 2667.

Bewlie, Anth.: unarmed, p. 60.
-, Charles: bowman, p. 45.
-, Edw.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Edw.: unarmed, p. 60.
-, Geo.: billman, p. 50.
-, Geo. (2): their arms, p. 60.
-, Jeffray: his arms, p. 60.
-, John: billman, p. 45.
-, Jo.: billman, p. 47.
-, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, John: his arms, p. 54.
-, John, senior, &c. (7), their arms, p. 60; (1), unarmed, p. 60.
-, Mic. (1): unarmed, p. 60; (1), his arms, p. 60.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 45.
-, Tho.: absent, p. 47.
-, Tho. (2): their arms, p. 60.
-, Wil. (3): their arms, p. 60.

Bewsher, John: nag, &c., p. 63.

Bewsher, Lancelot: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, Lawr.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Lawr. (1): nag, &c., p. 63; (1), billman, p. 63.
-, Robert: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Steph.: nag, &c., p. 63.
-, Thomas: bowman, p. 63.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Wil.: nag, &c., p. 64.

Bicknell, 562.

Bieres, William: his arms, p. 40.

Biggams, Wille [Armstrong] of: raids by, pp. 5589.

Biglandes: muster of, p. 59.
-, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, John: his arms, p. 54.
-, John: his arms, p. 56.
-, John: his arms, p. 57.
-, Jo.: his arms, p. 59.
-, Jo.: his arms, p. 60.
-, Nic.: his arms, p. 56.
-, Rob., junior: his arms, p. 59.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 54.

"Bilbow" in Spain: Col. Sempill arrives from, with money (13th July 1593), 860.

Bird, Clement: spoiled, 809.
-, Cuthbert: bowman, p. 44.
-, Hugh: billman, p. 45.
-, Hugh: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 49.
-, John: spoiled, 809.
-, Rowland: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Tho.: billman, p. 64.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 50.

Birkbeck, Alex.: bowman, p. 49.
-, Henry, of Wodsyde: his trotting mare stolen, p. 558.
-, Jo.: absent, p. 44.
-, John: bowman, p. 44.
-, Thomas: bowman, p. 44.

Birkhead, Jo.: bowman, p. 53.

Birkmire: muster of, 91.

Birtby: muster of, p. 43.

Biston, Sir George: 665.

Blackborne, Cuthbert: his arms, p. 40.
-, Malle, of Darmontstead, Gillesland: raid on, p. 558.
-, Mathew: his arms, p. 40.
-, Mathew, of Darmonstead: raid on, p. 558.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 52.
-, William: his arms, p. 40.
-, William, of Sandbedd, yeoman: indicted, 232.

Blackcluche, in Kirkhaugh: raid on, p. 352.

Black Dob, the: on Leven, p. 121.

Blackell: muster of, p. 60.

Blacklock (Blaiklock), Christopher: his arms, p. 42.

Blacklock, Edward: his arms, p. 41.
-, Geo.: his arms, p. 61.
-, Hugh: his arms, p. 61.
-, John: his arms, p. 37.
-, John (2): their arms, p. 41.
-, John (2): their arms, p. 42.
-, John: his arms, p. 61.
-, Nich.: unfurnished, p. 46.
-, Nich.: his arms, p. 57.
-, Richard: his arms, p. 41.
-, Richard: his arms, p. 42.
-, Robert (2): their arms, p. 42.
-, Rowland: his arms, p. 41.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 42.
-, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 61.
-, William (2): their arms, p. 41.

Black Know (East March), p. 31.

"Blackmale": levied by Liddesdale on their countrymen without redress (May 1592), 746.

Black Myddynes, Tynedale: raid at, 174.

Blackness castle: the Justice Clerk made captain (11th Nov.), 388; late constable ordered to deliver it, 390, 391; Crawfurd (escaped) ordered to return at his peril (28th Dec.), 400; Lord Maxwell committed to (19th Aug.), 627.

Blacknowhait: muster of, p. 46.

Black Terres: the Scots thieves of, p. 102.

Bladon: timber brought from, for Berwick, 897.

Blaine, John: unarmed, p. 59.

Blake, Wil.: his arms, p. 61.

Blamire, Edw. (2): their arms, p. 54.
-, John: his arms, p. 54.
-, Rob.: unarmed, p. 54.
-, Tho.: absent, p. 48.
-, Tho. (3): their arms, pp. 53, 54.

Blanche, Wil.: horseman, Renington, p. 158.

"Blanckes," the Spanish: Huntly, Angus, and Erroll, &c., forfeited for signing (8th June 1594), 955.

Blandeston, Laurence: commissioner on Marches, p. 35.

Blanerassed: muster of, p. 43.
-, Christopher: his arms, p. 41.
-, Mr Thomas: his arms, p. 44.

Blantyre, abbot of: (Dec. 1580), 69; (prior of): at Council (24th Dec. 1585), p. 215; prior of: in Edinburgh for Parliament (13th July 1593), 860; prior of: president, to meet and bring Bothwell to the King (10th Sept. 1593), 888.

Blaunde, John: billman, p. 64.

Blaxon, James: his arms, p. 59.

Blaxton, John, Esq.: his land and equipment, p. 162.

Blaxton, William, senior, gent.: his equipment at muster, p. 163.
-, William, junior, gent.: his equipment, p. 162.

Bledforde, John: his arms, p. 59.

Blen, Tho.: his arms, p. 58.

Blencrak: muster of, p. 43.

Blenkarne: muster of, p. 49.

Blenkesopp, Thomas: raid on, p. 351.

Blenknow, Jo.: billman, p. 50.
-, Wil.: unfurnished, p. 47.
-, Wil.: unfurnished, p. 48.

Blenknowe and Lathes: muster of, p. 51.

Bletherne, John: his arms, 38.

"Blewe cappe laddes:" (i.e. Scots) to be employed on Borders by a spy (6th March 15867), 494.

Blisse, Gilb.: spoiled, p. 440.
-, Richard: billman, p. 44.

Blith, Tho.: bowman, p. 52.

Blithman (Blithe), Richard: Scotsman exchanged for a Spaniard (6th Sept. 1590), 683, 684.

Bloody shirts: shown to Walsingham on the Borders, 191.

Blowet, Brittany: 8000 Spaniards at (30th April), p. 533; (Blavet?) in Brittany: Spanish forces at (26th Jan. 15934), 928, 929.

Blowhen, Laird of: a juror on Bothwell's trial (10th Aug.), p. 488.

Bluspild, Rob.: unarmed, p. 58.

Bocke, John: his arms, p. 59.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 54.

Bockenfield: horsemen in, p. 21.

Bockhowse, John: his arms, p. 58.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 58.

Boddy, Cuthbert: bowman, p. 52.

Boggett, Jo.: absent, p. 46.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 50.

Boghead, the, Tynedale: raid at, 174.

Bolambe: one horseman in, p. 22.

Bold: muster of, p. 43.

Bollome, Gawen: horseman, Newtowne, p. 157.
-, Rob.: horseman, Chatton, p. 160.

Bolton, Geo. (1): horseman, Lermouth, p. 157; (1), Myndrom, p. 157.
-, James: pensioner, p. 455.
-, John: nag, &c., p. 65.
-, John: horseman, Lermouth, p. 157.
-, Nicholl: horseman, Myndrom, p. 157.
-, Tho.: horseman, Myndrom, p. 157.
-, horsemen in, p. 21; wood: muster of, 91.
-, Scrope going to, on urgent business, for a week (10th June), p. 466.
-, in Allerdale: spoils in, p. 431.

Bombie, Laird of: (Thomas Maclellan), married to Lochinvar's sister (1581), p. 72; goes abroad (3rd Oct.), 111; ill-affected to England (July 1583), p. 106; with Lord Maxwell at Lincluden (26th May 1585), 317; at variance with Lord Maxwell (24th Oct. 1592), p. 417; Lord Herries trying for peace (28th Nov.), 792; hopes of their agreement (10th March 15923), 804.

Boms: muster of, p. 58.

Bonat, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 53.
-, Wil.: unfurnished, p. 53.

Bonde, John: horseman, Spindleton, p. 160.

Bone, John: his arms, p. 60.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 47.
-, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 47.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 57.

Bonjedworth, Laird of (Douglas): a chief man in West Teviotdale, p. 127.

Bonnie (?), Mr Francis: his default in equipment, p. 163.

Bonshaw, the: stoutly defended against Lord Maxwell (16th June 1585), 321; Johnston asks Scrope to relieve it, 321; still besieged (4th July), 327; house, 425;syde, &c., burned by the Maxwells (5th May), 425.
-, Edward (Irwen), of: Scrope to bind with his followers, 167; the goodman of, at Lochwood with Johnston, yields his house to the King (7th July), 757; hopes to be received to peace (11th), 759; laird of: Edward Irwen, submits and delivers his house to the King (11th July), 760; says "openly" he has no confidence in the King's word, but relies on Carmichael's, 760; has a free remission (8th Oct.), p. 412; Edward (Yrwen): his son at raid of Falkland (1592), p. 516; Mathew Carrudden, his man, p. 558.
-, the Irwins, of: "proper men" (1592), p. 394.

Bonson, Hew: bowman, p. 52.

Bonsor, Anthony: unfurnished, p. 44.

Bordeaux: reports from, at Berwick of Guise's defeat, 584; (Burdeux): Spanish ships coming to (13th Sept.), 888; 50 have arrived at (7th Oct.), 899.

Borders, the: regulations for, 6; agreement, &c. as to, 39, 41; decay of, p. 30; divisions of the three Marches, p. 30; 31; acts, commissioners, &c. for, 7983; musters of West March, 90, &c.; notes of the (1583), 196; English: charges of 450 horse and foot on, 254; total foot mustered, armed 7174, unarmed 7959 (1584), 255; horsemen furnished 1754, unfurnished 2053, p. 155; limits and divisions of the, 356; extra forces for the (17th Feb. 15867), 486; reports of, to Walsingham, from his anonymous spy (6th March), 494; English: plan to restore the line of the Roman wall, pp. 3002 English West: state of, while the warden sick (16th Jan. 15923), 794.

Borders, Scottish: can muster 2000 to 3000 horse (6th Dec. 1587), p. 290.

Borne, in Redesdale, the: raid on, p. 348.

Borradill, Tho.: billman, p. 64.

Borthwick (Burthick), Lord: once keeper of Liddesdale, 72; joins Bothwell against the chancellor (30th July 1591), 715.

Bost, Davy: spearman, p. 47.
-, (John): Jesuit, haunts Cumberland and Westmorland (1583), 168; (Boaste, Boost), John: a suspected Jesuit, searched for by Lord Scrope, p. 92; his places of hiding, p. 92; at Edinburgh, 515; his trial: why stayed? (9th April 1594), 942.
-, Lancelot: his arms, 92; resets "lewd persons," p. 92.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 47.
-, Tho.: bow and spearman, p. 48.

Botchardgait: musters of, p. 57.

Botcherbie: muster of, p. 60.

Bothwell, Earls of: (James 4th):rebels (Oct. 1562), 2; fortifies Hermitage, 2; annoys Berwick (1565), p. 3; once keeper of Liddesdale, 72; who died in Denmark, "clean exempted" in Parliament, and his lands given to his nephew (July 1587), 528; (Francis Stewart 5th):James 6th sends to Italy for him (Sept. 1581), p. 76; to be schooled at Paris by the Archbishop of Glasgow, p. 76; is of great promise, if not corrupted thereby, p. 76; likely to be keeper of Liddesdale (April 1583), 158; minded to ride after James to St Andrews (27th June), 163; at Kelso: ordered to come to Court at once (Nov.), 186; is now there (21st), 188; chief ruler in Liddesdale, p. 127; at Kelso (23rd April), 214; was ordered there from Edinburgh with his 2000 men, by the King, and to keep 20 miles from Court, 215; his chamberlain (a Douglas) taken with letters and imprisoned, 215, 217; ordered by the King to "refuse" four of "his chefest men" (17th May), 228; warded (?) at Crichton (30th Sept.), 258; at Kelso: malcontent (12th March 15845), 292; expected at Drumlanrig (23rd29th July), 329, 333; joins Angus's party at Kelso (23rd Oct.), 376; asks Forster to hold hand when they leave the Border (25th), 379; to Forster, on behalf of Jedburgh (28th Oct.), 382; made lord chancellor to console him for the captainship of Edinburgh (11th Nov.), 388; in the Merse pursuing Fernyherst (13th), 389, 391; disputes Coldingham with the laird of C., and receives possession till the King decides between them (19th Nov.), 393; writes to Forster from Liulithgow in friendly terms (24th Dec.), 397; entertains the King at Crichton (14th16th Jan. 15856), 405, 406; at Court, 405, 406; said to have spoken with Arranat Roslin (13th Feb.), 415; very inward with the French ambassador, and has secret speech with Arran (17th Feb.), 416; keeper of Liddesdale (18th April), 421; the King refuses his attendance to Falkland (27th), 422; comes to the border (17th July), 439; forays Maxwell's lands (8th Sept.), 447; 11 of his men taken, 447; his dispute for Coldingham and powerful allies (10th), 448; Scrope to, for a March meeting (12th), 449; proclaims Maxwell (24th), 450; said to refuse redress for Liddesdale (26th Feb. 15867), 491; outrageous threat to Sir Thomas Gray's man (6th March), p. 249; encourages W. Ker of Ancrum to a foray on Middle Marches (18th), 499; Scrope to, for redress, 500; musters from Crichton 500 or 600 dalesmen to slay Forster at a march meeting (25th), p. 253; with the King to attack Lord Maxwell (2nd April), 505; warns lairds of Teviotdale to attend the King (13th May), 514; Coldingham abbey adjudged to by the King (25th), 516; raids in Middle March by his people, pp. 262-3; dissention with Angus and stays from Parliament (16th July), 523; friends with Hume, 523; keeper of Liddesdale, 525; granted his uncle Earl Bothwell's lands in Parliament, 528; to Forster, of meeting at the Reidswyre (15th Aug.), 530; not going to Denmark (30th), 536; Cuthbert Armorer friendly with, 536; to assemble men for surprise of Berwick (11th Sept.), 540; surprise of Berwick only his brag (18th Oct.), p. 282; an evil councillor of the King: quarrels in his presence with Angus about a tithe, p. 282; rides to Branksome and Hawick (Nov.), 560; his "trumpet" in a foray by Buccleuch, and goods taken to the Armitage, p. 285; to Hunsdon, on late attempts (30th Nov.), 568; sends his chief kinsman Rob. Hepburn to Hunsdon (1st Dec.), 570; again (on 3rd), excusing his servants' accompanying Buccleuch's former raidthe accident of his being at Branksomeand wishing to meet privately with him on the King's behalf, &c., p. 293; Hunsdon's reply, p. 293; ordered to send for Buccleuch and ward him at Blackness (6th Dec.), 574; his credit on Border better than Angus's, 574; the only man the King will deal through, p. 295; not yet agreed with the chancellor or the Humes (28th), p. 299; brings Bishop of Dunblane's commission to the King, p. 307; begs stay of excommunication against him, wishes the King to accept his offers of money and men from Spain, p. 307; entertains Mrs Kennedy, the late Queen's gentlewoman, at dinner, who declares her mistress's martyrdom (17th Jan.), p. 308; too fickle to be trusted, yet holds with the King (6th Feb.), p. 312; Scrope to deliver a pledge to, for Liddesdale, p. 315; Col. Sempill rides to, at Crichton (8th Aug.), 620; made lieutenant of King's army (19th), 627; gets Spanish gold (9th Sept.), 632; at Court (18th March 15889), p. 336; his intended foray failsat Kelso, waiting Huntly, &c.their designs against the chancellor, and the latter's offers to B. (7th April), 642; to laird of Mangerton, for "venison to the King's marriage" and not to trouble Lord Dacre's tenants (22nd Sept.), 652; promises Bowes redress for Liddesdale (11th Feb. 158990), 657; his deputy meets Forster's for redress (13th19th April), 668; Lord Hume joins him at Crichton (April 1590), 671; delays redress for Liddesdale, though ordered by the King (22nd June), 676; (30th), p. 357; the King to press him to answer for Liddesdale (6th Sept.), 685; to Burghley, commending Sir Cuthbert Collingwood (29th Oct.), 691; ordered with his cautioner to appear before the King and council on 22nd (6th Jan. 15901), 700; Forster asks adjournment of meeting (4th Feb.), 701; his huge gathering of border nobles and men alarms Forster, 702; whose son Nicholas meets him on 8th, p. 374; his promise to the King in council (13th Jan.), p. 374; letters to and from Forster (21st Jan.4th Feb.), pp. 3745; calls Forster his inferior, p.375; is straitly warded in Edinburgh Castle, on the motion of the "mynisters," for frequenting Lord Ruthven's daughter (18th April), 709; escapes from ward to Liddesdale (28th June), 711; joins himself to Hume and Buccleuch by means of the chancellor (19th July), 713; is "driven" to break with the chancellor, or lose the nobility (30th July), 715; his connexions noted by Burghley (7th Aug.), 720; the King's intention to attack him at Kelso stayed (6th Aug.), 723; has left Liddesdale and gone to his brother in Caithness (11th Aug.), 723; the Queen (of Scots) displeased at these events, 723; referred to in Elizabeth's letter (1st Dec.) to the King by Hudson as "the person" (?), p. 389; his "bold enterprise" on Holyrood House (27th Dec. 1591), 740; a "rash attemptate," 741; his associates summoned before the King (31st Dec.), 741; others suspected, and he threatens to hang the chancellor, p. 391; the chief land owner of Liddesdale, p. 394; has taken Lochmaben Castle (18th June 1592), entering it in "woman's apparel" (20th), 748; takes the field with Maxwell, the Scotts, &c., to march towards the King (24th June), 749; expelled Carmichael's men from Lochmaben, and the King proclaims him (25th), 750; marching to kill the chancellor at Lethington (26th), 751; report of his success, 752; of his repulse at Falkland (30th), 753; is returning towards Peebles, 753; report of his taking the King, Carmichael, &c., 754; the King prepares to march against him in the W. March, 10 of his allies hanged (2nd July), 755; names of his English followers wanted, 756; thought he will come in, and his wife lurk "in corners" of Cumberland (8th), 757; his supporters in Liddesdale to be seen to (11th), 759; expected to "get Court" again (13th July), 762; scheme by him, with Hamilton, Angus, and others, to remove chancellor, &c., from Court, proposed verbally by Master of Gray for Burghley's approval (14th), 763; returns to the Hermitage, seeks Elizabeth's favour, offering to give up four Jesuits (20th Aug.), 766; offers his son in pledge, 766; two of his friends at Court seized, little heard of him of late, p. 405; search made in Teviotdale for him, &c. (Sept.), p. 406; Fernehurst and Hunthill to be charged before the council for his reset, p. 406; J. Colvile to Lowther on his behalf (25th Aug.), p. 407; himself to Lowther, with letter to be shown the Queen and Burghley, p. 407; his account of his late enterprise, reasons for it, and anxious care of the King's person and dignity, &c., and credence for Laird of Spott (9th Sept.), pp. 4078; at Edinburgh, pp. 4078; messenger from, to the Chancellor at Drumlanrig, for peace with him (17th), 771; resetted among the English Grames, and in Carlisle on the Fairday (8th Sept.), escorted by Thomas Carleton (28th Sept.), p. 410; Hamilton refuses consent to his banishment (3rd Oct.), 775; is in Edinburgh consulting the "church," p. 411; is roving on the Scottish Marches, excepted from the King's general remission, the Queen of Scots kindly disposed to him (8th Oct.), p. 412; commissioner for a treaty (1586), p. 413; the King marching against him and his adherents (10th Oct.), p. 413; proclamation at Carlisle against his abettors there (13th Oct.), 781; his reset at Netherby with his wife (Sunday, 8th Oct.), and playing at cards with Burley, a traitor, complained of by the King (13th Oct.), p. 415; plays at football openly on Esk (12th Oct.), p. 415; a "muffled" man brings a message of comfort to him (16th), 784; was not in house of Netherby, 784; report that he will submit doubted, the King's wrath great, all his castles, offices, &c. taken from him, no chance of favour (25th Oct.), p. 418; his resetters sought for in Cumberland (5th Nov.), 787; has been on the English east march for two months (16th Jan. 15923), p. 424; is openly at Edenhall with Sir S. Musgrave, "very pleasant and merry" (10th March 15923), p. 433; reported to be near Berwick (4th April), 819; Carey, warned by Burghley, promises not to see him (1st May 1593), and thinks a faction should be nourished, "to keep his nails shorter," &c., 830; appears at Langerbie moor horse race, wishing to speak to Scrope, who avoids him till further orders (30th April), 831; his design to kill Sir George Hume and seize the King, p. 457; the King still violent against him (17th May), 835; sought, but refuses, to join the Spanish party, till England casts him off (24th May), p. 462; Scrope ordered publicly to disown him, but encourage him in secret (10th June 1593), 845; is much favoured in Cumberland, though obliged to "pawn his jewels" till Elizabeth assists him, 845; Scrope proclaims him at Carlisle Cross (13th June), 848; showed himself next day at Gaterley moor at a horse race (1st July), 853; his forfeiture expected again in Parliament (18th), p. 475; thought by Carey fitted to oppose the King's popish leanings, but is in danger from a disease or two upon him, p. 475; the Queen orders straight proclamation against him, and his abettors to be seized and punished, &c. (20th July), p. 476; was lately in Newcastle, p. 476; his secret entrance to Holyrood, kneels before the King, and asks pardon, &c. (24th July), 865; his peace proclaimed at the Cross of Edinburgh, &c. (24th), 866, 867, 868; comes to Norham, shows Carey that he is in favour, and will dine with him (31st July), 871; his account to Carey why he crossed the border till his trial fixed, intends to see her Majesty for her directions, state of his party, their enemies, &c., and will need 200 men from her for a month or two till established (1st Aug.), 872; p. 481; is going to get some hounds and horses to please the King, p. 481; passes through Alnwick and sends message to Forster (1st Aug.), 873; has warned his men for 6th at Jedburgh, 873; visits Dean Mathew at Durham (3 P.M. 2nd Aug.), 874; long account of his meeting the King, their conversation, the King's attempt to find what Elizabeth had done for him, reference to his mother's death, p. 482; his speech in reply for her Majesty, ill opinion of Maitland, recommendation of James Steward as chancellor, view of union of parties desired by Elizabeth, his forces, meeting Sir Robert Melvin that afternoon, &c., and can keep the King against Spain, p. 483; his character, accomplishments, &c., p. 484; visit to Sir W. Read, and accounts of the King's and his meeting, &c., 877; his sword and pistol in hand, and the King's fear, 877; got two hounds from Read, p. 486; his trial (10th Aug., 1 P.M. to 10 at night), the judges, the charge and depositions against him, 878; his three counsel, his speech, and witches' confessions, p. 487; his second speech, the jury and acquittal, the King's attempt to escape detected by him (3 A.M., 11th), p. 488; imprisons the messengers, the King's discontent at his acquittal, &c., p. 489; and desire to cut his throat if possible, pp. 48990; was tried in the Tolbooth, p. 490; Dean Mathew's corrected account of their meeting, Bothwell's speech to the King, the latter's attempt to escape to the Queen's chamber (locked against him), &c. (15th Aug.), p. 490; the King's "wooing" him to find out Elizabeth's support in his attempts, his hints of Queen Anne's support of Elizabeth, the King's attempt to cut his throat, and dissimulation, p. 491; thought a "rare man" in support of Elizabeth, p. 492; the King gets up an agreement by Hume, Maitland, &c. against him (20th Aug.), 881; Forster's account of trial, jury, &c., 881; his agreement with the "mynistrie," provost of Edinburgh, &c., on 14th Aug. for remission and restoration, signed by the King, p. 493; escorted the Queen to Falkland (16th Aug.), and presents the King with 2 horses and 12 hounds, p. 493; discharged Court till 20th Nov., p. 493; Scrope's account of these events, 882; Carey rebuked by Elizabeth, Burghley, &c., for receiving him at Berwick, and humbly excuses himself (24th Aug.), 883; is commanded from Court to his own house (29th Aug.), 885; to do justice for Liddesdale, intended to go to Court on 1st (7th Sept.), 887; his men ordered out of Stirling on 7th, message from Colville brought secretly to him to come and ask pardon again to content the King, declined, and he is much "dislyked" (13th Sept.), 888; the King's admission to a "depender" about the agreement against him. p. 498; the King as hostile to him as ever (14th), 889; written to by the King to agree with Huntly, Hume, &c., and attend a convention, declines, and will first consult the Kirk, the town of Edinburgh, &c. (16th Sept.), 891; is at Edinburgh, the King at Falkland, "bent" against him, p. 499; his friends' houses in Teviotdale to be pulled down by the King (16th Oct.), p. 507; away from Court (19th Oct.), 908; brought by "Robin" Carey to Carlisle Castle, stays all night with Scrope (23rd Oct.), 910; his letters stopped on East Marches, 910; his new scheme to get possession of the King at Lithco, with the help of the Kirk, the town of Edinburgh, &c. (31st Oct.), 911, p. 510; his chief associates, p. 510; Cecill's letter of 8th sent to him by Scrope, and his reply forwarded (26th Nov. 1593), 917; at Carlisle and in the "deepest displeasure that may be" with the King, 917; large bills against his English followers in the raid of Falkland, 921, pp. 51617; guarantees delivery of Musgrave's prisoner to Lord Scrope (19th Dec.), 922; his petition to Elizabeth to make his peace, or give him shelter, 934; reply thereon, 935; enters Scotland with but 60 horse, musters at "the Moss tower," and enters Kelso with 600 horse (1st April), marches towards Dalkeith (on 2nd), followed by Hume, and reaches Leith sands (on 3rd), draws out to Niddry, beyond the castle guns, attacked by Hume, drives him back to the gates of Edinburgh, and retires to Leith at night (4th April), 939, pp. 5257; Hume's vow to bring him alive or dead to the King, p. 526; his prayer, and cry of "courage for God and the Kirk," before joining battle, and his officers' names, in the rearward, p. 526; his visit to York, 22nd24th March before, and narrow escape at Toplife, riding "in his hose" only, p. 527; his retreat from Dalkeith to Kelso, pursued (as reported) by the King's forces (4th April), 941; his "going back" will put his enemies in too great pride, p. 528; the Dean of Durham to Sir R. Cecill, that he is not discouraged but he may submit or agree with the King (9th April), 942; if he can raise money, intends about the 30th to meet Atholl and the Fife barons near Stirling with 3000 men, attack Huntly and the papists, leaving the King behind them (17th April), 946; report of his meeting the Dean of Durham at Hexham denied by latter to Cecill (27th April), 950; has been at the "Hermytage" stirring up the Liddesdale men to raid the English March, but now gone to Atholl (28th June), 958; took the Queen of Scots' servants with her stolen jewels at Shields, gave the men up to Carey, keeping the jewels, and was then about Newcastle and Wallington, p. 538; reported to cross at Queensferry to meet his friends near Stirling on 29th June (1st July), p. 539; was at Leith, and crossed to Atholl, returned to lie with 80 horse a mile from Edinburgh, for the King coming from Stirling; by chance discovered, his horses seized, and all fled on foot through Edinburgh to Liddesdale, and now there (8th July), 962; makes a truce to do nothing till the baptism over (18th July), 964; a messenger from Sir R. Cecill to, with letters, sent into Liddesdale by Carey (18th July), 965; has kept Liddesdale quiet till now, by the "oversight" of the Queen (24th July), 968; puts off the three papist earls' request to join them till the baptism over (29th July), 971; his offer to Forster to keep Liddesdale quiet submitted to Burghley (5th Aug.), 972; in his own jurisdiction, sometimes about Edinburgh, &c., among his friends, living quietly (10th Aug.), p. 544; was at Dalkeith on 12th, and escaped to Fife, afraid of betrayal "on this side" (15th Aug.), 975; sought for in Stirling (28th Aug. 1594), 977; Colville fears his "overthrow" for joining the papist earls (19th Sept.), 979; Cecill's letter to Lady B. sent by Carey to the Moss Tower (2nd Oct.), 982; "is little heard of, as a man able to do nothing" (31st Oct.), 987.

Botwell: horsemen in, p. 21.

Boubye: muster of, p. 62.

Bounds of Berwick: pp. 10, 31;road, p. 31; driven by Carey, the mayor, &c., and extra cattle or sheep turned off (27th April 1593), 826; the freemen's and others yearly races for the meadows of, cause "quarrels and blood" (30th May), p. 463.

Bourchier, Sir Ralph: captain of horse, co. York (6th June), 608.

Bourough, Lord: ambassador, salute to, 828.

Bousted, Jo., junior (1): his arms, p. 61; (1), unarmed, p. 61.
-, Martin: his arms, p. 61.

Bowaldeth: muster of, p. 42.

Bowbanck, Mat.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Wil.: unfurnished, p. 48.

Bowbaynt (Bowmont) water: p. 31.

Bowch, John: unarmed, p. 56; (2), their arms, p. 56.
-, Pat.: his arms, p. 56.
-, Rowland: his arms, p. 59.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 56.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 59.
-, Tho., &c. (Blennerhasset): spoiled, p. 431.

Bowch, Wil. (2): their arms, p. 56.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 59.

Bowden, Edw.: horseman, Fenwick, p. 159.
-, Geo.: horseman, Stamford, p. 160.

Bowe, Hugh: juror, Carlisle, 232.

Bowes, Sir George: reports on gold in Crawford Moor, 11.
-, Sir George, of Streatlam: the late (?) (Oct. 1580), p. 27.
-, Raphe: accredited by his father Robert to Walsingham (20th June), 609; presents his father's petition to Burghley (15th April), 669; to assist his father out of his wife's estate, 670; sent to Burghley with credence as to security for his father, &c. (7th June), 672; Burghley's favour asked for (15th Aug.), 681; ready to sell or mortgage his wife's estate to help his father, but cannot get a fair price, &c. (Oct.), p. 369; proposals as to lands in security, 697; is ready to impoverish himself and family for life (24th March 15901), 707, p. 378; Mr Raff: relieved from prison by Burghley's order, with one year's salary of his father as treasurer of Berwick (Mich. 1592), 774.
-, Sir Robert: p. 31; a former commissioner, p. 104; 778.
-, Robert: treasurer of Berwick and ambassador to Scotland, 17; to Burghley, on pier, &c. at Berwick, 17; on Scots affairs, 18; his accounts, 19, 20; receipts, 29; letters and accounts, 305; disputes with surveyor of works, 446; desires to leave Scotland (May 1580), 52; to the Privy Council (June), 56; to same (Aug.), 59; to Laurence Thomson, 69; to the Council, 61; back in Scotland (Sept.), 62; to Walsingham, from Berwick (Oct.), 64; at Streatlam on his brother's affairs, 65; royal grants, &c. to, 73; commissioner on Marches, p. 35; to Burghley, with notes to injure Lennox (Feb. 1581), 87; Walsingham to, 88; recommends Archibald Douglas to Lord Burghley (29th July 1581), 100; at Auckland, 100; accounts of work at Berwick and Holy Island (for 1581), 108; to Burghley, with same, and news from Scotland (30th Sept.), 109; to same, as to the cost of works and need of money (12th Dec.), 115; is M.P. for Berwick, wishes leave to attend parliament, 115; Walsingham's lost packet to, found by Forster's man, 145; his letter of encouragement to Lord Claud Hamilton, 146; 158; to Scrope, from Edinburgh, that he only gets "good words" (17th June 1583), p. 101; Scrope's note to (July), 169; his letter (26th Sept. 1578), p. 108; to Walsingham, as to Scottish traffic, &c. (18th Oct. 1583), 178; commends a burgess of Berwick to Walsingham (22nd Nov.), 189; to same, as to his loan of 3000l. for relief of his debts (21st Dec.), 193; with letter to Lady Lochleven from Hay, the clerk register, and on duplicity of Scotsmen, 194; Lord Huntingdon's "goodness" in the loan, 193, 195; writes to Scrope of Endermarkye, 198; Walsingham's letter sent to (23rd April 1584), 214; ordered as to money sent to Forster (26th), 216; account as treasurer of Berwick (16th July), 248; his house rent, 248; surveys Berwick (23rd Jan. 15867), 477; supplies no money to Carvell, 527; has not paid the Berwick garrison for a 12 month (Oct. 1587), 556; his excuses as to disposal of 2000l. for works, &c., not true, 556; to Walsingham, with news of Scotland, his isolation at Court there, his poverty in spite of the Queen's liberality, and cessation of further news (10th Nov.), 561; to same, from Aske, to make his excuses to the Queen (13th), 562; declaration of his debt for pay of Berwick (30th Nov.), 567; to Burghley thereon, deprecating the Queen's displeasure (8th Dec.), 573; from Aske, to Walsingham, as to Lord Hamilton, John Colvile, &c. (1st March), 598; notes on letters, p. 318; to Walsingham, from BerwickScottish news, advising payment to Colvile for intelligence, and wishing his own discharge (10th April), 603; to same, with letter for Archibald Douglas (28th May), 607; from Barnes, to same, for release from office, messages by his son, &c. (20th June), 609; to same, from Fenham, with two packets for Arch. Douglas, Scots news (26th), 613; to same, from Berwickthe King's dissatisfaction at money offered to himhopesof moreletters toArch. Douglas (4th July), 614; to same, with letters to Arch. Douglasa private one from Carmichael to himself, to be kept secret, &c. (22nd), 615; advises thanks to Carmichael, &c. (26th), 616; to same, news of the Spanish fleet in Shetland, &c.advice to send the King "some comfort" to keep him steady (20th Aug.), 628; to Burghley, of the 3000l. received for the Kingits payment to Carmichaelthe King's thankfulnessnews of the Spanish fleet, &c. (10th Sept.), 633, p. 333; Carmichael's receipt to him (9th Sept.), p. 333; sends Walsingham the King's letters to Elisabeth and EssexCarmichael's to himself, &c. (12th Sept.), 634; to same, with packet to Arch. Douglas (17th), 635; to same, from Aske, with another packet for Douglasof his own poverty, &c. (1st Nov.), 637; his debt of two years' pay (15889) to the garrison of Berwick (Mich.), 648; his man's promise thereon to Vernon, 649; the garrison petition Burghley to appoint another paymaster, 655; to Forster, from Edinburgh, that redress promised for late outrages on his march (11th Feb. 158990), 657; Lord Hamilton to, thereon, p. 343; ambassador in Edinburgh, p. 343; to Forster, on meeting for redress (26th), 659; reports to Scrope the Bishop of Derry's evil doings with Herries and Maxwell for aid in Irish rebellion (10th April), 666; to Burghley, confessing his failure to pay the garrisonasking that Vernon may receive and pay the last half yearand himself with the Queen's help and sale of lands, will pay up the two years still due (15th April), 669; humbly thanking him for his great goodness with her Majesty for his relief in this distressthat he has no other succour than her Majesty, but will sell lands and also borrow on the estate of his son's wifepraying meanwhile an "imprest" from the Queen to clear the garrison and deliver him from heartfelt grief (16th), 670; to Burghley, from Edinburgh, thanking the Queen for her bounty in vouchsafing to advance him money for the garrison arrears at Berwick, and accrediting his son as to the securities for repayment (7th June 1590), 672; humble confession of his "great error," p. 354; to same, of his heaviness at the Queen's sharp displeasure, compassionately stopped in execution by his meanshis inability to pay the garrison arrears, as advised by himand praying for his succour in finding the means, as his servants will show (15th Aug.), 681; his servant takes a Scotsman prisoner from Newcastle to Berwick (Sept.), 683; reckoning between him and Vernon (Mich.), 687; his fees, &c., as treasurer of Berwick (1590), 580l. 3s. 4d., 688; to Burghley, from Edinburgh, lamenting the Queen's refusal to lend him any money or accept a mortgage on his estate, and that she thinks he ought to sell "outright," which Burghley regrets he cannot alterthat his son is ready to mortgage or sell his wife's estate to help himdifficulties in finding purchasers or lendershumbly begging his salary as ambassador, to pay his Scottish creditors (Oct.), 690, p. 369; his confused accounts with Vernon, and the watch of Berwick "cry out" against them for their pay (23rd Dec.), 696; note of his lands for security of 1000l., 697; Forster to move the King on border affairs (4th Feb. 15901), 701; to Hunsdon, of quarrels at Scottish Courtfeud of Huntly and MorayIsland chiefs in prison, plans to raise the King's revenue, &c. (13th Feb.), 703; to Burghley, deprecating the Queen's threat to recall him, as discrediting her service, offering all his own and his son's means for her satisfaction, and has instructed his servant thereon (24th March 15901), 707, p. 378; his petition for certain sums disallowed (2nd May), 710; still ambassador, and to move the King for redress of outrages (28th June), 711; Forster to, as ambassador (19th July), 713; to Scrope, of new keeper of Liddesdale (28th), 714; to be made to answer for his under-officers at Berwick (12th Aug.), 724; owes the marshal a loan of 100l., 727; must present or answer for his petty victualler (20th Aug.), 728; to Forster, as to pirates, p. 386; reckoning with Vernon for Berwick pay (Mich. 1591), 735; his salary, 735; to Burghley, from Barnes, of his successor's passage to Scotland, that he gave him hints for conduct there, as directedbegging money for his house rent, &c. at Edinburghdirections to Vernon at Berwick in his absencestate of the securities offered to the Queen, his heavy losses therein, and asking a patent to sell salt for his relief (1st Dec.), 737, p. 389; his servant petitions Burghley for his master's salary (4th Dec.), 738; again ambassador at Edinburgh, writes to Lowther that Bothwell's "reset" complained of (18th Sept.), p. 410; state of his fees as treasurer of Berwick for three years past (Mich. 1592), 774; one year paid to relieve his son from prison, 774; writes to Lowther to attend the King in force on 10th (6th Oct.), 777; to same, to lend the King a cannon against his rebels (10th Oct.), 779; his debts as treasurer of Berwick (20th Nov.), 789; has "corrected their sins for sixteen years" (6th Feb. 15923), 797; his salary applied to his debts, p. 425; moneys paid to by receivers (15th Feb. 15923), 798; to Lowther, from Edinburgh, as to English prisoners, &c. (8th Feb.), p. 429; before his time "selling pay" at Berwick unknown (March 15923), p. 435; his unfaithfulness in office shown, pp. 435, 437; owes money for which Vernon is sued, though he was pressed for it, 812; "lord ambassador," is hourly expected at Berwick from Scotland (4th April), 819; men absent are with him there (9th), pp. 446, 447; to Carey, from Edinburgh, that Sir R. Melville is starting (10th July), p. 466; Scrope to, that he has proclaimed Bothwell (13th), 848; to Burghley, of the assembly of nobles, &c., 850; his letters sent to Burghley (18th July), p. 475; the Queen's purse helps him to better news than Carey (28th July), p. 479; his packet forwarded by Carey (31st July), 871; one of Bothwell's " unfriends" (2nd Aug.), p. 482; 879; ambassador, to Scrope, of Bothwell's offer for Liddesdale (Sept.), 887; letters forwarded to Burghley (13th Sept.), p. 498; is jealous of Carey's dealing in Scottish matters, p. 498; "indent," as ambassador with the King, Bothwell, &c., 891; Huntingdon advises Scrope to move the King by him (26th), p. 500; sums to be accounted for by him, as treasurer of Berwick (158193), 600l. 18s. 2d., 895; an absentee with him (4th Oct.), p. 504; note of moneys not yet accounted for (12th Oct.), 902; Forster sends to, at Jedburgh, with the King for redress (15th Oct.), 908; to Forstr, with the King and council's letters thereon (19th Nov.), 915; Forster's reply to, and the King and council's letter (17th Nov.), p. 512; writes to see to the seminary priest taken at Norham (8th Dec.), p. 515; from Edinburgh, to Burghley, recommending Crane, 920; his man refuses Carey's fee as marshal, without warrant, and requires his bill to repay it (19th Dec.), 923; his clerk helps in the Berwick reckonings (31st Dec.), 925; reckoning between him as treasurer and W. Clopton for the half year's pay (24th March), 937; his house in Edinburgh "guarded," and the King sends to him for William Ashby, "a dealer for both the ambassadors" (2nd April), putting him in prison, p. 528; ambassador (27th May 1594), 952; William Hoppe, his man, delivers him (not the party addressed) a packet of Arch. Douglas's (Dec. 1593), 953; Lord Zouch's ("ambassador also") order thereon, 953; to Forster, with doubts of redress, but has "moved" the King (6th July 1594), 961; Collman, one of his Berwick victuallers, owes 130l., and cannot be found, Vernon thinks Bowes responsible (15th July), 963; reports to Carey the arrival of the Danish and Brunswick ambassadors, and preparations for the young "prince's" baptism (18th July), 964; tells Scrope the King intends making Hamilton warden of the West March (19th July), 967; Forster says he can get nothing done by him (5th Aug.), 972; hurries off to Stirling with Sussex, on the King's messages (28th Aug. 1594), 977; his account as treasurer of Berwick, 981; Sir R. Cecill's letter of 24th sent to by Carey "with speed," (29th Sept.), 982; and of 27th (on 2nd Oct.), 982; expected at Berwick "certainly" to-morrow (17th Oct.), p. 549; Scottish Council to, that their wardens shall stay disorders (24th Oct.), 986; received 3000l. for the King from Lord Huntingdon (in 1588), 988; at Court when Cecill receives Scrope's and Buccleuch's letters of 13th Nov., was promised redress by the King before leaving Edinburgh (23rd Nov.), 991.

Bowes, Thomas: merchant, Newcastle, 155.
-, Sir William, of Streatlam Castle: the late, the arms entrusted to, awanting (23rd June 1588), 610.
-, William: commissioner on marches, p. 35; William, esq.: musters Durham light horse (30th Sept. 1584), 260; his landsand equipment, 260; commissioner on Lord Russell's murder (4th Sept. 1585), 345; to Walsingham, as to the Scots' views (5th Oct.), 358; "Sir" William, to same, on state of proceedings (9th Oct.), 365; further proceedings (21st), 374; that commission at an end (24th), 377; Sir William: the Queen specially thanks (23rd Aug.), 630.
-, Jane, lady: her equipment, p. 162.

Bowghen, the Laird of: the King displeased at Lord Scrope receiving him (Sept. 1583), 174. See Balqwhen, Laird of.

Bowman, Anth., elder: nag, &c., p. 62; younger: footman, p. 62.
-, Clemet: his arms, p. 54.
-, John: horseman, Howick, p. 161.
-, Peter: spoiled, 801.
-, Ric.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Rob. (3): footmen, p. 62.
-, Rowland: bowman, p. 49.
-, Rowland: billman, p. 62.
-, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Tho. (3): bowmen, p. 62.
-, Wil.: spearman, p. 46.
-, Wil., younger: billman, p. 62.
-, Wil.: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, Scrope's servant deceased: his evil dealings, 333.

Bowmer "stead": tenants, &c., p. 18.
-, muster of, p. 160.

Bownes, Mat.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Robert: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Tho.: unarmed, p. 56.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 59.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 59.

Bownestower: p. 32.

Bownus: Esk "takes the sea" at, p. 121.

Bowsdenn: tenants of, p. 16.
-, Queen's lands, p. 33.
-, muster of, pp. 153, 158.

Bowton, Wilfrair: horseman, Lermouth, p. 157.

Boyd, Cornell: in Bothwell's vanguard against the King (3rd April 1594), p. 526.

Boyer, Will.: petitions for arrears, 816; his monthly pay, p. 444; pensioner, p. 455; Capt.: sent by Carey to Burghley with maps, &c. of Berwicka travelled man and linguist (30th May), 840; his pension "voyd" on appointment to Capt. Walker's company (8th July), p. 473; his absentees, 897; wishes Burghley to try him as comptroller for a yearrecommended by Carey (26th Dec.) 924; has travelled much and has more skill in fortifications than Crane (10th Jan. 15934), p. 520; once presented by Hunsdon to Burghley at Theobald's, with the plans of Berwick, p. 520; his absentees, p. 532.

Boyes, Ingram: spoiled, 801.

Braban, Thomas: unfurnished, p. 44.

Bradell, Mr: receiver of Northumberland, warrant for 200l. to Lord Scrope (6th May), 223, 226; cannot or will not pay Scrope (31st), 231; receiver of Cumberland, 158, 172, 483.

Bradford: horsemen in, p. 22; (Breadforth): muster of, pp. 153, 161.
-, Bart.: horseman, Orde, p. 159.
-, Barth: horseman, Burton, p. 161.
-, John: horseman, Tougall, p. 158.
-, Lyonell: horseman, Newham, p. 158.
-, Thomas: his lands of B., p. 17; to Huntingdon from Alnwick, of forays, &c. (16th Oct.), 904.

Bradley (Braydley), Anthony: absent, p. 44.
-, Young Dand [Elliot] of the: raid by, 176.
-, Edw., younger: bowman, p. 62.
-, James: nag, &c., p. 62.
-, Mich.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Ric.: nag, &c., p. 62.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 65.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 62.

Bradroed, Baron of: ambassador of the Low Countries, leaves Berwick for London (19th Sept.), 979.

Braithat: muster of, p. 47.
-, John: his arms, p. 54.
-, Thomas: bowman, 92.

Brakynburie, Henry: gent., his equipment at muster, p. 162; Mr: his suit commended by Sir R. Cecill, 942.

Bramley, John: his arms, p. 56.

Brampton parish: muster of, p. 39.
-, in Gilsland: raids in, 801.

Brand, Nic.: horseman, Newham, p. 158.

Brandholme: able men, &c. in, 91.

Brandlen, Ursula: oppresses her tenants, p. 22.

Brandon, Lady: widow of Sir J. Strangwith, p. 16; liferents Lowick, p. 33.

Branksam: Buccleuch makes a foray from, 560.

Branshaugh: raid on, p. 358.

Brantoun: raid on, p. 359.

Branxtoun: tenants in, p. 14; muster of, 253; p. 158.
-, Hen.: horseman, Twisell, p. 159.
-, John, of Woodenn: raids on, p. 364.
-, Tho.: horseman, Ewerd, p. 157.
-, Tho.: horseman, Longhoughton, p. 160.

Braton: muster of, p. 43.

Brechin, Bishop of (Dec. 1580): 69.

Brekensyde, the: Lord Maxwell and Johnston "together in" (12th Oct. 1592), p. 414.

Brende, John: in Queen's service at Berwick, 95.

Brent island: force at, for France (1562), 2; Sir R. Melvyn's, p. 405.

Brewerton, one: a Cheshire Jesuit resetted by Lord Seton (June 1582), 126.

Brewes, George "webster," of Colerous: raids by, pp. 362, 363, 364.
-, Raph: horseman, Spindleton, p. 160.

Brick: shipped at Hull for Berwick, offer to make them cheaper on the spot, 301.

Brickwell, Captain: the late (Sept.), 543; "the late honest," succeeded by William Carey (March 15923), p. 437.

Brid, Will.: spoiled, p. 431.

Briddyman, Will.: pensioner, p. 455.

Bridge, the great: Berwick, p. 12; the long: Berwick, urgently needs repairs (9th April 1593), p. 445; cost of repairs (30th Sept. 1593), 897; "gravelled" (1593), 110l. 2s. 6d., p. 518.

Bridgend of Corby: mustered, p. 37.

Bridkirk: muster of, p. 43.

Brigg, Hugh: his arms, p. 54.
-, John: his arms, p. 56.
-, John: his arms, p. 59.

Brigges, Richard: commended to Walsingham (20th Oct.), 372.

Brisat, President: his oration to Elizabeth's Council on the French marriage (1581), p. 67.

Briskoo: muster of, p. 57.
-, Anth.: his arms, p. 57.
-, Cuthbert: his arms, p. 55.
-, Edw.: his arms, p. 57.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 50.
-, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 51.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 52.
-, John: his arms, p. 59.
-, John, of Thorneby more, Aikton: raid on, p. 558.
-, Lancelot: bowman, p. 51.
-, Peter: bowman, p. 53.
-, Thomas: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Wil.: absent, p. 47.
-, Wil.: billman, p. 51.

Briskoo, Wil.: his arms, p. 60.

Brisse, William: his arms, p. 39.

Briven, John: his arms, p. 58.

Broade, Francis: pensioner, p. 455.

Bromefield: spoils in, p. 431.

Bromefields, the: gentlemen of the East Marches, 166.

Bromell, Geo.: absent, p. 46.
-, Mich.: spearman, p. 47.

Brommell, town of: burned by Lord Maxwell (May 1585), 311.

Brothal, William: absent, p. 44.

Brothe, Robert: absent, p. 44.

Broughton, Great (York): 73.
-, Great and Little: musters of, p. 43.

Browell, Rog.: horseman, Shipley, p. 161.

Browhame: muster of, p. 64.
-, Gilbert: billman, p. 64.
-, Peter: nag, &c., p. 64.

Browne, Ad.: unfurnished, p. 51.
-, Anthony: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Chr.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Chr.: wife of, by herservant, bowman, p.63.
-, Clement: his arms, p. 57.
-, Edw.: his "harquebuze," p. 44.
-, Edw.: nag, &c., p. 65.
-, Edw.: horseman, Newton, p. 160.
-, Gawan: his arms, p. 37.
-, Geo.: his arms, p. 58.
-, Henry: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Hugh: absent, p. 44.
-, Hugh: unfurnished, p. 47.
-, Hugh: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Hugh: spoiled, 809.
-, James: his arms, p. 54.
-, Jenkine, of Hatherwick: raid on, p. 362.
-, John (2): their arms, p. 38.
-, John: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, John: absent, p. 46.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 48.
-, John: bowman, p. 50.
-, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 51.
-, John: his arms, p. 53.
-, John (1): absent, p. 56; (1), his arms, p. 56.
-, John: billman, p. 57.
-, John (1): unarmed, p. 58; (1), his arms, p. 58.
-, John: his arms, p. 59.
-, Jo. (2): their arms, p. 60.
-, Jo.: his arms, p. 61.
-, John: horseman, Heslerige, p. 158.
-, horseman, Melfield, p. 158.
-, John: abbot of New Abbey, resets four Jesuits there (3rd Feb. 15856), 411; educated at Oxford, a very learned man, and great with Lord Maxwell, 411, 412; John Browne, his brother, also harbours Jesuits close by, 412.

Browne, John (Berwick): to Burghley, 803; gent.: suggested for the inquiry into abuses at Berwick (17th March 15923), 810.
-, John: mutilated, p. 422.
-, Lancelot: billman, p. 51.
-, Mat.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Mat.: horseman, Chatton, p. 160.
-, Mic.: nag and "callever," p. 64.
-, Mungo: his arms, p. 57.
-, Percevell: absent, p. 47.
-, Raph: horseman, Lowlyne, p. 159.
-, Ric. (1): absent, p. 46; (1), spearman, p. 46.
-, Ric.: nag, &c., p. 63.
-, Ric.: spoiled of 100 sheep, 809.
-, Robert: his arms, p. 38.
-, Robert: bowman, p. 44.
-, Rob.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 60.
-, Rob., senior: billman, p. 63.
-, Rob.: horseman, Milfeld, p. 158.
-, Rob.: horseman, Horkley, p. 159.
-, Rob.: horseman, Chatton, p. 160.
-, Rowland: his arms, p. 37.
-, Rowland: bowman, p. 49.
-, Rowland: spoiled, p. 431.
-, Thomas: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Tho.: bowman, p, 50.
-, Tho. (4): their arms, p. 54.
-, Tho. (2): their arms, p. 61.
-, Tho.: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, Thomas: Queen's coroner, Carlisle, 232.
-, Tho.: horseman, Embleton, p. 160.
-, Thomas: slain at Annan, p. 422.
-, Valentyne: treasurer, 1; captain: p. 2, 7; Sir Valentine: treasurer of Berwick, 13, 14; late treasurer, 25; timber felled by, 28; his lands, p. 17; treasurer of Berwick (1560), pp. 269, 322; left a year's provision in Berwick for Vernon, p. 427; store left by, for Vernon, 1002; bills and "spetiallties" received from him, 1003.
-, William: his arms, p. 38.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 50.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Wil.: horseman, Doddington, p. 157.
-, one: an emissary in Edinburgh, 'can do no good with the keys" given him, awaits Walsingham's orders by Carvell (12th May 1587), p. 258; long his servant, robs M. de Courcelles of all his papers and ciphers, while at dinner, and rides with them to Hunsdon at Berwick (5th Oct.), 549; would have brought his jewels and clothes, but forbidden by Hunsdon, 549, 550.
-, one: in Foard, p. 236.

Brownrig, Ed. (2): bowmen, p. 53.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Jo. (2): bowmen, p. 53; (1), absent, p. 53.

Broxfeld "hamlett": tenants, &c., p. 18.

Bruce, Mr Robert: "the chief preacher in Edinburgh," Reynold's book against him (13th July 1593), 860.

Bruges (Bridges): Col. Sempill goes to Duke of Parma at (Jan. 15878), p. 310.

Brummered, Tho.: his arms, p. 60.

Brunfield: muster of, p. 43.

Brunskell, Ambrose: bowman, p. 49.

Brunswick, Duke of: his ambassador arrives in Scotland (18th July), 964; is "every day almost drunk," 965; was entertained at Berwick by Carey at the Queen's command, 973.

Buccleuch, Laird of: 47; his sister wife of Johnston (1581), p. 72; a chief man in West Teviotdale, 127; has joined the lords (29th Oct.), 382; with Bothwell, forays Maxwell's lands (8th Sept.), 447; meets the King at Lochwood to march against Lord Maxwell (2nd April), 503; with 200 men forays Redesdale (1587), 535; makes a foray to Bewcastle from Branxsome, p. 285; goods taken to Hermitage, p. 285; forays East Marches with 2000 men (30th Nov.), 570; attacks Eslington and spoils the Collingwoods, p. 290; Bothwell knew not of his former raid, p. 293; committed by the King to Blackness (8th Dec.), 574; his bond for 100l. to enter young Collingwood, p. 304; outrages in Bewcastle by (158788), 638; to meet Bothwell at Peebles against the chancellor (7th April), 642; raid in Gilsland (27th Nov. 1588), p. 356; "Wat Scott:" laird of B., p. 357; Scrope to Burghley of his cruelties and "ill offices" to his march (12th July), 712; joins Bothwell in bond by the chancellor's means (19th), 713; made keeper of Liddesdale (28th), 714; joins Bothwell, &c. against the chancellor (30th July), 715; Burghley's note of his connexions (7th Aug.), 720; deals with the chancellor and spoils Bothwell's plans (11th Aug.), 723; resigns Liddesdale, 723; to pass through Berwick on 25th Aug., 727; (with Cesford) and 400 horse, in Kelso, with Hume, who, distrusting their favour to Bothwell, leaves it, they retreating to Halydon (1st April 1594), pp. 5256; promises the council to keep order (24th Oct.), 986; to Scrope that he will only answer for Liddesdale since 20th Oct., when appointed keeper (9th Nov.), 989; his signet, 989; his letter shown to the Queen by Cecill, and order to be taken therein (23rd Nov.), 991.

Buchanan, Laird of: a conspirator, p. 172; on Bothwell's assize (10th Aug.), p. 492.

Buckabankes: muster of, p. 54.

Buckbarrowe, Chris.: bowman, p. 53.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 52.

Buckle, Geo.: unfurnished, p. 49.

Buckton village: tenants, &c., p. 19; Queen's land, p. 34; muster of, pp. 153, 159.

Bugills Gar: forayers' route by, p. 126.

Bull, Ric.: his arms, p. 59.

"Bull, the," Doncaster: master of, 309.

Bullocke, Geo.: horseman, Kyllam, p. 161.

Bulman, Christopher (2): their arms, p. 41.
-, Clem.: spearman, p. 46.
-, Edward: his arms, p. 41.
-, John (4): their arms, p. 41.
-, John: his arms, p. 54.
-, John, Gilsland: raid on, p. 558.
-, Richard: his arms, p. 41.
-, Roger: his arms, p. 41.
-, Roger, of Skailby: raid on, 791; of Woodhead: stripped of everything, 801.
-, Steven: his arms, p. 41.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 39.
-, Thomas (3): their arms, p. 41.

Bulmer, Antonie, junior: land and equipment p. 162.
-, Mr: his works on Crawford Moor, p. 5.

"Bumbardes": two in Berwick Castle, p. 536.

"Bungell," a Scotsman nicknamed: "lighte on" and taken by Carlton Scrope's constable, carried away and let go by the Captain of Bewcastle, to Scrope's displeasure (31st Oct.), 912.

Bunting, James: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Nic.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Thomas: unfurnished, p. 44.

Burbanck, J.: bowman, p. 51.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 53.
-, Mat.: bowman, p. 50.
-, Mich.: unfurnished, p. 47.
-, Peter: bowman, p. 45.
-, Ric.: unfurnished, p. 51.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 50.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 45.
-, Wil.: absent, p. 47.
-, Wil.: absent, p. 50.

Burde, Adam (2): their arms, pp. 37, 38.
-, Humfray: his arms, p. 37.
-, William: his arms, p. 38.

Burduppe, Middle March: open foray at, 229.

Burgh barony: horsemen in, 54; and town: musters of, p. 58; Lord Arundel's: horsemen in (April 1583), 159; Rokeby Castle the chief strength, 162; the steward of: foray and murder by (Nov. 1583), 241; defended by Scrope as "in revenge," p. 150; horsemen in, p. 155; under a steward: his duties, pp. 391, 395; the surnames in, p. 394; the bailiff of: bill on (1592), p. 516; the officer of, should occupy Rockliffe Castle, 954.

Burghley, Lord: (W. Cecill), lord treasurer, reports to, 16; 18, 22, 23, 24, 27, 28, 31, 33, 34; Vernon to, for money, 36; 42; Bowes to, with matter against Lennox (Feb. 1581), 87; meets the French envoys for the Duke of Anjou's marriage (1581), p. 67; his reply to the President, p. 67; entertains them at dinner, p. 67; R. Bowes to, recommending Archibald Douglas (29th July), 100; Scrope to, with Liddesdale outrages (Aug.), 101; Hunsdon to, that he must leave Berwick at Michaelmas, his bad opinion of Archibald Douglas, &c. (11th Aug.), 102; Scrope to, with list of Scottish border lords and lairds, &c. (12th Aug.), 103; news of Scottish Court (18th Aug.), 105; with Border news (4th Sept.), 106; Sir H. Woddryngton to, with Scottish news (21st Sept.), 107; Bowes to, of King James's progress in West of Scotland, his change in religion, and Court news, &c. (30th Sept.), 109; Scrope to, of Lord Maxwell's demands for redress, 110; Woddryngton to, on same, &c. (3rd Oct.), 111; Sir J. Forster to, on the Scottish parliament (13th Oct.), 112; Sir John Selby to, thereon (29th Nov.), 114; Bowes to, for cost of works at Berwick (12th Dec.), 115; Sir J. Selby to, of the Scottish "alteracion" (9th Sept.), 135; excusing his delay in sending news (11th), 136; of the Duke of Lennox embarking for France (26th), 140; Forster to, on behalf of Lisle of Felton, 179; Thomas Musgrave to, on the border riders, their clans, intermarriages, &c. (1583), pp. 120127; instructs Forster as to 2000l. sent him for Davison, &c. (26th April), 216; warrant to Scrope for 200l. (6th May), 223; at council, Otelandes (12th Aug.), 251; Hunsdon to, regarding W. Hopwood, and suspicions of him (21st Nov.), 269; threatened the like fate with the Queen of Scots (6th March 15867), p. 250; letter to Anthony Tirrell in Scotland, returned (12th May 1587), p. 258; Hunsdon to, of supposed designs on Berwick, and is hastening to see it safe (14th Sept.), 541; Hunsdon to, on Huntingdon's information against him, state of Berwick for defence, choice of a bishop of Durham, &c. (27th Sept.), 548; same to, with the French ambassador's papers stolen by his servant at dinner (6th Oct.), 549; his hope they will be of value, opinion of charges against Forster, &c. (7th), 552; same to, with Cesford's letter, request for 1000 men, Irish nobles in Edinburgh, the French ambassador's anger at his loss, &c. (12th), 555; same to, of Berwick, non-payment of garrison by the treasurer, charges against Forster frivolous or malicious, opinion of Sir Cuthbert Collingwood's motives, the King's duplicity, border outrages, &c. (18th), pp. 2802; of the Scottish council's evasions, scarcity of men on border, and urging the 1000 men for a month or two, 557; that no redress yet obtained, apathy of gentlemen rising to the frays, suspicions of treachery in some, and will make them "hop headless, "if convicted, the Queen's bad management in dealing with the King of Scots, his committal to Spain, &c. (14th Nov.), pp. 2868; Hunsdon to, of Sir C. Collingwood's vain journeyraid on his house in reprisalhis defence, escape, losses, &c. (6th Dec.), pp. 2901; the same to, that he will not disgrace himself by serving under Huntingdon, and will rather go to prisonmeeting the deputy of the Mersemessages from the King and Bothwell to deal privately with him in State affairs, pp. 2913; Bowes to, excusing his arrears at Berwick, and praying his good offices with the Queen (8th Dec.), 573; Hunsdon to, further dealing with the King's messenger Hepburn, their conversation, and his bad opinion of the Herons and Ridleys (8th), pp. 2945; the same to, further conference with Hepburnhis credence from the King, who desires some "offer" from the Queengives assurances "on his honour," &c. (14th Dec.), pp. 2978; same to, factions of the Scottish noblesKing's wish for amityadvises the Queen to favour the chancellorand relates Randolph's extortions from the posts (28th Dec.), pp. 298300; the same to, with 2 letters (1 private) from the King and council, and his repliesand he is charged with secret dealing with Arran (14th Jan. 15878), 582; Hunsdon to, delay of commissioners' meeting by arrival of Ladylanddoubts as to the Kingrumoured defeat and death or hurt of Guisemoney wanted, &c. (17th Jan.), 584; with news of commissionerscause of delay explainedday fixed to meet (23rd), 586; conversation with Carmichaelthe King's solemn assurances of amity, &c., dealings with papists explained, p. 307; arrival of one of the late Queen's gentlewomen from France, her interview with the King, and moving stories of his mother's executiondiscredit of Archibald Douglas, pp. 307, 308; Hunsdon to, disapproving the Queen's letter to the King as "hard"her parsimony shortsighted, and will cost her heavily in the endmoney sent him from Spain, &c.what she gives Arch. Douglas is cast away (3rd Feb.), 588, p. 311; same to, glad the Queen is looking to her estate in timeCarmichael's account of the late assembly of lordsthe King's state, and need of money if he is to keep the Spanish party down (6th Feb.), 589, p. 312; same to, that Commission ended to good effectvalue of Forster's helpadvice to the Queen to restore him to his wardenry, though unsolicited (25th Feb.), 596, p. 316; of Carmichael's great urgency for his writing to the Kingtheir conversations thereon, &c., 597; of Archibald Douglas and his dismissal, and how he learned itdisbanding soldiers, &c. (6th March), 599; of his warden courtsubmission of Ridley of Willimanswick and Renold Heron to the Queen's mercyflight of othersall to the surprise, but quiet of the countryletter from the King, &c. (15th), 601; the same to, complains of neglect of his labour with the Kingthe Queen's delay in answering his letterits danger and his hope she may not repent it, p. 321; will answer the Queen's "mislike" of his letter on hearing what it isasks decision on his son Robert's goingthe re-appointment of Sir John Forster and his own return to London for urgent private affairs, &c., pp. 321, 322; Bowes to, of 3000l. paid by him to Carmichael for the Kingits thankful receipt and probable disposal (10th Sept.), 633; of the Spanish fleet in Orkney and further enquiries of ittroubles at Scottish Court, &c., 633; p. 333; Woddryngton to, of the attempt by Angus, &c. against Huntlythe King's dealings and dining, &c. with himhis departure to his own country, &c. (18th March 15889), 641; petition to, by the Berwick garrison, for a new paymaster, 655; Scrope to, of Bishop of Derry's practices with Maxwell and Herries for aid of Irish rebels (11th April 1589), 666; Bowes to, confessing his failure to pay the Berwick garrisonasking that Vernon pay last half yearand himself with the Queen's help or otherwise will pay up the two years still due (15th April), 669; same to, with humble thanks for his great goodness with her Majesty in this present distresshaving no other succour to fly tothat he will sell his lands and borrow on the estate of his son's wifepraying meanwhile an "imprest" from the Queen to clear the garrison and deliver him from heartfelt grief (16th), 670; Sir J. Forster to, of Hamilton leaving the border (17th April 1590), 671; Bowes to, with thanks for the Queen's goodness in assisting him to pay the arrears of Berwick, and as to security (7th June), 672; Sir J. Selby to, with Scottish complaints required (22nd June), 676; Scrope to, with a few of "the greatest" only (25th), 677; Forster to, with his bills as ordered (30th), 678; Bowes to, with grief at the Queen's sharp displeasureonly stayed from execution by his compassionpraying succour in his present calamity and help in his suit for means to pay off the garrison arrears (15th Aug.), 681; Woddryngton to, of a Spanish prisoner at Berwick (6th Sept.), 683; Scrope to, of march meeting with Carmichael, settlement of all claims in his time, and commends him (18th Sept.), 685; has made a plan of his March, &c., 685; Bowes to, lamenting the Queen's refusal of a mortgage or to lend him moneythat his son is ready to sell or mortgage his wife's estate to help himdifficulties in finding buyers or lendersrefers particulars to his servanthumbly begs arrears of salary as ambassador to pay his Scottish creditorsand an advance of money if continued, &c. (Oct.), 690, p. 369; Bothwell to, commending Sir C. Collingwood's acts (29th Oct.), 691; petition to, from the Berwick garrison, 693; Forster to, with reasons for not meeting Bothwell, &c. (10th Feb.), 702; Scrope to, of grievous raids (23rd Feb.), 705; Bowes to, deprecating the Queen's threat to recal him as discrediting her serviceoffering all his own and his son's means to satisfy her, and has instructed his servant therein (24th March), 707, p. 378; Scrope to, of outrages (28th June), 711; in reply, of Buccleuch's "ill offices," and his bad opinion of him (12th July), 712; Forster to, of Bothwell's new bond by the chancellor's means with Hume, &c. (19th July), 713; Scrope to, of meeting with Carmichael (28th), 714; Forster to, of Bothwell's new change against the chancellor, &c. (30th), 715; Sir William Read to, on disposal of 3000l. brought to Berwick, (30th), 716; Woddryngton to, on charges at Norham (2nd Aug.), 717; Scrope to, that Maxwell, &c. have left to join the King (3rd Aug.), 718; Vernon to, of his losses at seathe pay at Berwick, &c. (5th Aug.), 719; notes on the border clans, surnames, &c. (7th), 720; Vernon to, of shortcoming in the pay, Bowes' debt to the marshal, &c. (12th), 724; Woddryngton to, complaints as to the pay, need of a new paymaster, &c., 725; four captains to, thereon, 726; Vernon to, with note of disposal of money, difference with the marshal, &c. (19th), 727; Vernon to, that Sir W. Read has not, and will not repay him his company's pay (20th Aug.), 728; declaration to, 728; Sir J. Forster to, of Hume and Buccleuch's passing in a day or two (23rd Aug.), 729; Captain Pickman, &c. to, of Vernon's refusal to pay them (10th Sept.), 730; Woddryngton to, of his refusal, after promising, and his "cunning, &c.," 731; Sir William Read to, excusing his conduct, and confessing his obligations to him for past favours (13th Sept.), 732; J. Kelsterne to, for the vacant controllership of the post of Berwick (29th Sept.), 734; R. Bowes to, from Barnes, of Hudson his successor's passage to Edinburgh, advised by him for guidanceasking money to meet his house rent, &c. at Edinburghdirections to Vernon in his absenceand after settling the Queen's securities, for the grant of a patent to sell his salt to repay his heavy charges (1st Dec.), 737, p. 389; Sheperson to, asking for Bowes' allowances, &c., as ambassador (4th Dec.), 738; Forster to, of the chancellor's failing credit, Glammis' charge of treason against him, &c. (16th Dec.), 739; Scrope to, about a coiner, and Bothwell's attack on Holyrood on 27th Dec. (1st Jan. 15912), 740; Forster to, on same, and eight of Bothwell's people hanged, Angus, &c.'s riding off, and suspicion of others (4th Jan.), 741; same to, that the King and Queen at Lythco, Huntly in ward, &c. (18th March), 742; Edward Aglionby to, of the divisions, officers, and borderers' names on both sides of the West Marches (1592), 743; Scrope to, asking relief for his border people (9th April), 745; Christofer Dacre to, with his plan for defence from Liddesdale (May), 746; Richard Lowther to, of Bothwell's taking Lochmaben CastleLord Scrope's death eight days beforeMaxwell and Johnston's course, &c. (20th June), 748; the same, of Bothwell's mustering forces to march against the King (24th June), 749; Forster to, thereon, and the King's proclamation against Bothwell, &c. (25th), 750; Lowther to, with thanks for appointment as wardenBothwell's proceedings, &c. (26th), 751, 752; the same to, of Bothwell's repulse at Falkland and retreat (30th), 753; the same, with farther news, 754; Forster to, of the King's coming to the West against Bothwell, &c. (2nd July), 755; Lowther to, for directions if the King arrives and demands his rebels, 756; the same to, of Angus making his peace, coming to the Lochwood to urge Johnston to the like course, &c. (8th July), 757; same to, that the King at DumfriesJohnston and others' submission there, &c. (11th July), 759; to see Lowther's letter to Stanhope (11th July), 760; Lowther to, of Carmichael's resignation of wardenry (12th), 761; of the King's departure (13th), 762; Woddrington to, with Gray's, &c. scheme against the chancellor and others for the Queen's support (14th), 763; Lowther to, of powder received (18th), 764; of meeting with Maxwellhis privileges as warden, &c. (12th Aug.), 765; of Bothwell's return to the march, and offers in return for Elizabeth's countenance (20th), 766; Forster to, of factions about the King (21st), 767; note of these, p. 405; same to, farther news (10th Sept.), pp. 405, 406; Lowther to, in reply, with Bothwell and Colvile's letters of explanation (13th Sept.), p. 406; their letters, pp. 4078; Woddryngton to, Berwick pier damaged, and Tweed bridge ready to fall (11th Sept.), 770; Lowther to, that the chancellor is near Dumfries (17th), 771; and he will treat him as ordered (18th), 772; of the King's movementsthe chancellor'scomplaints of Bothwell's reception about Carlisle, &c. (28th), 773; Forster to, the King and chancellor, &c. at LythcoQueen's refusal to come therehis doubts of the King, &c. (3rd Oct.), 775; Ralph Gray of Chillingham to, denying revelation of his private instructions to harbour the Master of Gray (7th Oct.), 776; sending the Master's letter by his brother, 776; Lowther to, that the chancellor and "lady" are near DumfriesBothwell on the borderexcepted with the Armstrongs, from remissionMaxwell and his neighbours at enmity, &c. (8th), 777; W. Feilding to, with list of border treaties and march laws, &c. at Carlisle, 778; Lowther to, with Bowes' letter asking loan of a cannon for the King (13th), 779; same to, is awaiting the KingLord Scrope's funeralfees of office, &c., 781; Feilding to, can find no more border treaties (13th), 782; Lowther to, with letters and verbal threat from the King, and Maxwell, for Bothwell's reset in spite of the Queen's proclamation (15th Oct.), 783; chancellor is still near Dumfries, p. 415; from same, of the Duke and Cesford's proceedings in Liddesdaleis still awaiting the King's arrival, &c. (18th), 784; from same, in reply, that Maxwell's preparations probably against his unfriendly neighbourstheir names fees and arrangements of former wardens and officers at CarlisleMaxwell's fends, &c. (24th Oct.), 785, p. 417; Sir J. Forster to, of his borderneed of a new commission of enquirythe King's severe measures against Bothwell and Gray, prove their fall or his dissimulation (25th Oct.), 786, p. 418; Lowther to, of search for Bothwell's resetters and escape of oneLord Hamilton's letter with his bastard son, &c. (5th Nov.), 787; same to, of Maxwell's dispute with his neighbour barons, &c. (14th), 788; same to, that, as ordered, he had destroyed Dick's Davy's housesand sending West Border complaints (21st Nov.), 790; note of complaints, 791; of Maxwell's proceedings, &c. (28th), 792; of a duel on his march (18th Jan. 15923), 795; Woddryngton to, sending the petition of the Berwick garrison for pay, &c. (24th), 796; the mayor of Berwick to, with articles of complaint against Vernon as even worse than Bowes (6th Feb.), 797, p. 425; articles against Vernon as "paymaster," 797, pp. 425, 426; his private debts, p. 427; abuses as "victualler," pp. 4278; Lowther to, of Maxwell's doubt if he was still wardenand for a warden to be appointed at Carlisle (19th Feb.), 799; of the King's pleasure at his search for prisonersdestruction of Dick's Davy's housereported saying of James Stewart, late earl of Arran, &c. (20th Feb.), 800; the same, of meeting Maxwell, his promise for justice, while his commission held force, &c. (1st March), 802; the mayor of Berwick, that the town may be victualler in place of Vernon (2nd March), 803; Lowther to, of "100 days" quiet on marchMaxwell's good order, and likelihood of following Hamilton's courseadvising 50 horse on marchand the Grame's longexpired leases to be looked into (10th March), 804; Lowther to, that Bothwell openly at Edenhall with Sir S. MusgraveMaxwell's private message for the Queen's favour, &c. (10th), p. 433; deputy-mayor of Berwick to, farther complaints of Vernon (13th March), 805; the mayor (in London) as burgess in parliament, 805; Vernon to, with his replies (17th March), 807; the reply, pp. 4389; Forster to, of march meetings kept, 808; petition to, by John Saterfrett, 811; R. Vernon to, in reply (18th March), 812; the Berwick garrison to, with thanks for one-half their two years' pay, and praying for the rest, 816; the deputy-mayor to, of Hunsdon's "bitter letter "for their complaint of abuses, asking his good offices (2nd April), 818; John Carey to, of his arrival at Berwick, receipt of the Queen's instructionsBothwell is near, &c., (4th April), 819; the same to, with notes of faults and wants, &c., scarcity of stores (12th April), 820; report of works, 820; default of musters, and order on pensioners, p. 446; Sir J. Selby to, about the customer and late controller of posts, Berwick (14th April), 821; John Carey to, that he will set right what he can, but the liberty through Sir H. Woddryngton's long illness makes it difficulthas had a general council, and its resultVernon unfit for office (18th April 1593), 824; Scottish newsthe chancellor, Sir A. Lindsay's favour, Jesuits, &c., p. 450; and great need of a marshal, p. 450; the mayor of Berwick to, that John Carey withheld the watchword by his father's ordersspeaks of reform, but does nothingmenacing letters from his father, and asking Vernon's place for the town (28th April), 827, p. 453; Vernon to, as to his accounts, &c. (30th April), 829; Carey to, doubting Vernon's promises, will hold no conference with Bothwell, displeased at another being marshal, as a slight on himself, has put a prying Scotsman in prison, &c. 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(15th), 963; same to, of partial pay theretruce with Bothwell by the Queen's means till the "baptism" overarrival of ambassadors of Denmark and Brunswick for it, &c. (18th July), 964; John Harding to, that corn passes Berwick without entry, 966; Scrope to, of Liddesdale raid (24th July), 968; W. Clopton to as to the unpaid officers, &c. (27th), 969; Scrope to, news from Edinburgh (28th), 970; Carey to, Cockburn's passage by Berwick to London, for money, he thinksSir W. Stanley's arrival at Aberdeen doubted (29th), 971; Forster to, advising acceptance of Bothwell's offer for Liddesdale (5th Aug.), 972; Carey to, that Sir W. Stanley did arrive, Huntly's reception of him, his companions and moneySpanish offers to the Kingpapist offers to Bothwell refused, &c. (10th Aug.), 973; same to, that Stanley seems to be ambassador of Spainthe King angry at her Majesty's ambassador's delaybaptism put off till 25thBothwell about Edinburgh and Fife (15th Aug.), 975; John Carey to, that on enquiry Harding's complaint is untrue (29th Aug.), 978; the same to, Bothwell little heard ofHume's hunting four days in England, &c. (31st Oct.), 987; Harding to, of increased custom, dispute with the farmer, &c. (15th Dec.), 993; note of customs, 993; Carey to, of dispute between the corporation and Harding, and the latter in fault (27th Dec.), 994; the mayor, &c. to, of Harding's wrong-doing against them, 995; Carey to, of the town's poor estate, rescue by chance, from starvationVernon's utter insufficiencyoffers to name another victuallerLord Hume's desire to meet him, &c. (31st Dec.), 997; notes necessary tools, &c. for Berwick, 999.

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