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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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Csar, Julius: his wall against the "Swysers," near Geneva, pp. 3001.

Cafford, Raf.: his arms, p. 61.

Caithness (Catenes), Earl of: (George):at Aberdeen meeting (30th May 1585), 318; lately met Huntly, &c. (29th Oct. 1586), 461; coming to parliament (July), 523; meets the Hamiltons, Huntly, &c. at Lithco (27th Jan. 18878), 587; Bothwell's [half] brotherB. takes refuge with him in Caithness (11th Aug.), 723.
-, (Katneys), Master of: brings a secret letter from Colville to Bothwell (10th Sept. 1593), 888.

Calais (Calles): Col. Sempill shipped from Conquet to (Jan. 15878), pp. 31011.

Calber, Mich.: bowman, p. 47.

Caldbeck: muster of, 91; (Cauldbeck) lordship, west of Wigdon: chiefly Lord Wharton's, p. 392.

Caldiegate: muster of, p. 54.

Caldwell (Cawdwell), laird of: a juror on Bothwell's trial (10th Aug.), pp. 488, 492.

Cales [Cadiz ?] in Spain: Dutch ship to come to London or Leith with figs, raisins, and "secke wynes" (26th Jan. 15934), p. 521.

Calfeild, Rob.: bowman, p. 49.

Calfhills, Jock [Armstrong] of: raids by, pp. 5589.
-, Syme [Armstrong] of: raid by, p. 558.

Callaley: horsemen in, p. 21; sheep, &c. stolen from, p. 362.

Callard, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 49.

Callerton: horsemen in, p. 21; High: one horseman, p. 22; Little: horsemen in, p. 21.

Calman, James: bowman, p. 50.

Calner, Tho.: his arms, p. 61.

Calthatt: muster of, p. 47.

Calverley, Thomas: commissioner, East and Middle Marches, p. 35; esq.: his equipment, p. 162; Mr: with Huntingdon on Sir John Forster's examination (in 1586), aud with Hunsdon thereon (7th Oct. 1587), 552; conducts the case, and writes the proceedings, p. 281; agrees in opinion with Hunsdon, p. 281.
-, Walter, of Holme Coltram: raid on and taken prisoner to Scotland (17th Nov. 1592), p. 421; 830; his release reported to Lowther (28th Nov.), 792.

Calvert, Jo.: absent, p. 44.
-, John: juror, Carlisle, 232.
-, Ric.: absent, p. 50.

Calwarth, Edw.: horseman, Norham, p. 159.

Cambuskynneth, Abbot of: (Dec. 1580), 2, 69.

Camelpeth (Kemelspeth), place of march meeting, 72; p. 31.

Campyon: his taking rejoices Lord Hunsdon (Aug. 1581), p. 71.

Cannon, Charles: bowman, p. 52.
-, Charles: bowman, p. 53.
-, Peter: bowman, p. 52.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 51.
-, Thomas: bowman, p. 44.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 51.
-, Thomas: spoiled, p. 440.
-, stock of, at Newcastle, 89; of brass and iron, various, in the border fortresses, pp. 5357.

Canonby (Cannabie, Cumberland): muster of, p. 43; kirk, p. 121; on West March: violently held by Grames for twenty-five years past (Oct. 1592), p. 422; yearly value (with Hairlawe), 5000 merks Scots, p. 422.
-, (Cammanvie), Chr.: his arms, p. 55.
-, James, of: raid by, 176.
-, John: his arms, p. 55.

Canongate (Kannygate): Arran ventures to the "back syde of" to see the French ambassador (Jan. 15856), 412.

Cape, Will.: spoiled, p. 431.

Captains, the: in Berwick, sell their men's pay (March 15923), pp. 4345; make their sons "out of school," lieutenants and ensignshow God curses these wicked gains and they die beggars, pp. 4345; suitors for their places ruined by cost of posting to London, and forced to the same practices, p. 437; the Queen orders enquiry into these abuses (27th March), 814, p. 443; thank Burghley for one year's arrear, and beg him for the other, 816; their monthly pay, 817.

Captheaton: horsemen in, p. 21; Whithouse: raid at, p. 110.

Cardington, Mr Ratcliffe's: Jesuits kept at (Oct. 1586), 458.

Cardros, Jo.: billman, p. 53.

Cards: Bothwell seen playing at, with Burley, in Netherby, on Sunday, 8th Oct., p. 415.

Cardue: muster of, p. 54.

Carewe, Roger: (absentee), pensioner, Berwick, p. 274; late pensioner, 895.

Carey (Carye), Anthony: his arms, p. 38.
-, Sir George: sent to Scotland (9th Sept. 1582), 135; now there (11th), 136; Forster due him 400l. (25th Oct. 1585), 379.
-, John: ridden to Court (9th Jan. 15878), 583; appointed chamberlain of Berwick on Lord Russell's death (1585)oppressed burgesses by forced leases and double charges in exchequergave one man's house by force to a servant of the governor'sdeparted and never returned (14th March 15923), p. 436; his extortions borne in silence, p. 437; reports on munitions there (21st March), 813; the Queen's instructions to, sent to Berwick in his father's absence (27th), 814; his monthly pay as captain of 100 men, 817; the town fears is sent down to annoy them (2nd April), 818; arrives there (3rd), 818; to Burghley, acknowledging his instructionsthat Bothwell is near at hand, &c. (4th), 819; sends reports to same, and that the provisions are next to nothing (12th April), 820; reports (1), on works, p. 445; (2), on musters, and (3), pensioners, p. 446; regulations by and the council of Berwick (14th), 822; petition to, by the gunners there against Vernon (17th), 823; to Burghley, that he will set right what he can, but the liberty through Sir H. Woddryngton's three or four years' disease makes it difficultthat he has had a general council and its resultVernon quite unfit for his office (18th April 1593), 824; Scottish news, of the chancellorSir Alex. Lindsay's favourJesuits, &c., p. 450; great need of a marshal, p. 450; the mayor's opinion of his proceedings, 825; to Burghley, of matters redressedhorsemen's petition against Vernonto know his own fee, for his purse is lowhis father's long absence the cause of abuses, &c. (27th April), 826; the horsemen's petition to him, p. 452; refuses the watchword to the mayor, and speaks of, but delays reformation (28th April), 827, p. 453; to Burghley, as to Vernon's promiseswill hold no conference with Bothwelldispleased at the coming of another as marshal as a slight on himselfhas put a prying Scotsman in prison, &c. (1st May), 830, p. 455; list of pensioners enclosed, and notes on them, p. 455; and munitions, p. 455; to Burghley, that whoever is marshal should come at onceVernon's state of debtthe question with the mayorhas succeeded his late brother at Norhamthe Papists' lead in Scottish Court, &c. (9th May), 833, p. 457; to same, in reply, has kept courts at Norham for last seven daysgreat quarrel of Humes and Carrs on opposite borderthe King's violence against Bothwellwishes decision as to the marshal, &c. (17th May), 835; the mayor still complains of him, and sends petition to the Queen (22nd May), 837; to Burghley, that he will cease asking the Queen for the marshalshipof his proceedingsincrease of the customsnews of Bothwell, &c. (24th May), 838; to Sir Robert Cecil, with thanks, 839; to Burghley, with maps, &c. of Berwickneed of a marshalsettlement of great feud between Gray and Woddryngton, &c.need of money (30th May), 840, p. 463; thought to intercept the mayor's letters to Burghley (1st June), 841; to Burghley, in answer, will not seek the marshalship again, but has not spent his estate in drunkenness but in the Queen's servicesends note of customsMelvin, the ambassador, has reached Eyemouth and expected in Berwick to-day (12th June 1593), 846; note of customs, 846; to same, that he has entertained Melvin, for the Queen's honour more than his demeritssubmits to her decision on the marshalship, though it disgraces him as unfitbegs an allowance for his maintenance, while serving her, and will do better than Sir T. Wilford can at firsthis father made him withhold the watchword, unwillinglywrites himself to conceal his disgrace (12th June), 847; to same, that repairs on pier begun, but not the bridge, for want of timberby his father's order has discharged Captain Walker for keeping up his company's pay for three years (18th June), 849; to same, of his discomforts, but keeps the town safereports great gathering in Scotland ended by Argyll and Hamilton drinking together in Edinburgh churchyardGeorge Kerr's escapea marshal much wantedwishes his own discharge (26th June), 850; note of Scottish newsthe Spanish blanksthe ministry's suspicionsthe Danish ambassadors, &c., 851; to Burghley, of "practise" by the chancellorHume gone to the Northarrival of Irish noblehis own money nearly spent (29th), 852; takes the musters at Berwick (2nd July), 854; Vernon's declaration before him that he had fully paid everyone, and his remarks thereon, 856; to Burghley, with fears he is ill from his long silencehis double chargesthe pay madepier being done, but cost too highthe marshal's meadows spoiling from neglecthis purse near an end, &c. (8th July), 857; note by, on the munitions of Berwick (10th), 858; on the soldiers', &c. pay (11th), 859; to Burghley, of Hume's doingsthe King's doubledealingCol. SempillPapist book dedicated to the Kingthe Irish lord taking physic, &c. (13th July), 860; to same, the Scottish parliament uncertainBothwell to be forfeited, King's dining with Papistsadvice to support Bothwell against him, &c. (18th), 862, p. 476; appointed temporary marshal by the Queen (20th July), 863; to Burghley, of Bothwell's secret entrance to Holyrood, kneeling to the KingJames Steward's probable arrival, &c. (24th July), 865; to same, excusing mistakes in last, but that Bothwell has the King's peaceis with himand James Steward chancellor (25th), 866; to same, excusing mistakes from haste that Steward's chancellorship is not confirmedcannot pay for news like Bowesthe reason why his father refused the watchwordthat no fee is named in his appointment as marshal "in some sort"excuses for his writing to his father and Sir Robert Cecill (28th July), 870, p. 479; to same, of Bothwell's message from Norham, and is going to meet him (31st), 871; to same, with Bothwell's account of his actionsto stand his trialhis expectations thereaftercoming to see the Queen as her sworn servantparties against himand will need assistance of 200 men for a month or two, till established (1st Aug.), 872, p. 481; gave Bothwell safe conduct to Newcastle, 873; the mayor, &c. petition Burghley against his oppressionillegal acts, and bad language used in public against them (3rd Aug.), 876; godfather to Ralph Gray's son, 877; to Burghley, with report of the trial and acquittal of Bothwell for witchcraft on 10th (12th Aug.), 878, pp. 4878; the assizethe King's attempt to get away defeatedhis anger, dissimulation, and discontentment at his acquittal, pp. 4889; severely rebuked by Elizabeth, Burghley, &c., for receiving Bothwell, excuses his "rash and foolish" act, and will never do the like againhas no power with Sir Simon Musgrave (24th Aug.), 883, p. 495; to Burghley, with news (28th), 884; (7th Sept.), 886; to Burghley, of ships and soldiers making ready in Spainleague of the Guises and Henry 4thBothwell's doingsBowes' jealousy of himself (13th Sept.), 888; sends him petition from the captains (16th), 890; his warrant to the paymaster, 894; to Burghley, of his marshal's courtthe 216 actions for debt against the soldiersand bad effectsthe pier done, and Tweed bridge nearly soasks 50l. to make a lodging for his man at Norham to "lie dry in" (29th Sept.), 896; takes the musters (4th Oct.), 898; eight absentees in his company, 898; to Burghley, with "an honest" Edinburgh merchant's scheme, to betray or take a Scottish ship with Spanish treasure, on getting 10 per cent. of italso of the fleet and army preparing to invade England (7th Oct.), 899; Erington sends a "playner" note of musters than Carey's (12th), 902; to Burghley, of the King's progress to Lauder and Jedburghsubmission of Huntly, Angus, and Errol on the road, and his reception of themhis doings against Bothwell's friends, &c. (16th Oct.), 905, p. 507; to same, with sorrow at his sickness, and hopes for recoverybegs his "goodness" for the soldiers' payrelates Bothwell's new plan to get the King into his keepingnames of his chief associates (31st Oct.), 911, p. 510; to Burghley, of the King's making peace between his nobles, unsuccessfully, he hopeswar between the customer and farmerhopes his health is betterhas caught Ogilvy, a seminary priest, and asks directions about himalso for his half-year's marshal's fee, being moneyless (26th Nov. 1593), 916; to same, of Errington's death, "leaving all his offices behind him," and recommending John Crane as successoron no account to appoint Captain Selbyasking directions about the priest, who is very chargeable (8th Dec.), 919, p. 515; to same, of the soldiers' pay madehis own great need of money, and hardship in getting an advance of itasking directions about the priest, &c. (19th Dec.), 923; note of works done, p. 518; to same, about Spanish ships at Bayonthe King's favour to Huntly's factionthe Queen's expected "lying in"suggesting another comptroller (26th Dec.), 924; to same, of Lord Zouch's arrival on 2ndhis own doubts of the King's sincerityand reminding him of his fee (4th Jan. 15934), 926; to same, of the priest's illnessZouche's arrival in Edinburgh on 5thand excusing his recommending two different men as controller, which he begs him to keep secret from Lord Hunsdon (10th Jan.), 927; to same, comparing himself to "the poor widow and her talent," with his newsthat he has sent the priest to Durham under escortplots of invasion by Spain, &c. (26th Jan.), 928; of Col. Sempill and 2000 Spaniards coming, 929; to same, that he can only send "market news"and order must be taken for the victualling, and ordnance office, the master being nearly always absent (15th Feb.), 930; to same, as to the defects in ordnance management (11th March), 936; to same, of Lord Hume's musters oppositeBothwell's entrance to Scotland on 1st April with but 60 horseHume's force observing himBothwell lying at Kelso that nightmarch to Dalkeith with 400 horse on 2nd, and arrival at Leith on 3rd Aprilhis encounter and defeat of Hume at Niddry in sight of the King and return to Leith (4th April), 940, pp. 5267; relates Bothwell's stay and escape at York, (22nd-24th March), p. 527; to same, of Bothwell's retreat to Kelso on 4th and the King's reported pursuit of him (5th April), 941; to Burghley, of Bothwell's new plan, if he can get a little money, to attack the papist earls, leaving the King alone (17th April), 946; to Sir R. Cecill in answer, with his doubts of the Kingto get a warrant for his feeand quicken his postmasters (26th April), 948; to Burghley, of Clopton's death, and anxiety in the town for a new paymasterhis own needobliged to sell a wardshiphis wife's mother dead to his loss, &c. (26th), 949; musters taken by, p. 532; to Sir R. Cecill, with enclosures from ColvillScottish news of the Spanish preparations, &c. (30th), 951; warrant sent by Burghley to Clopton for his pay, as marshal (3rd May), 952; to Burghley, of enquiry into London merchant's debtors at Berwickforfeiture in parliament of the papist earls for the "blanks"Montrose's objectionthe King's answerFowles, the bearer, going to London to get money from the Queen, &c. (8th June), 955; to same, of a raidthe King's preparations for the "christening," futile, without the Queen's help by money, &c. (19th June), 956; signs indenture of ordnance delivered to the new master in the North (24th June), pp. 53537; to Burghley, of the robbery of the Queen of Scots' jewels (in May)the two thieves' flight by Kelso and Tweedmouth to Shieldscapture by Bothwell, who gave up the men, keeping the jewelstheir delivery by Carey to the warden, and their execution in three days at Edinburgh by "quick justice"and Bothwell's crossing at Queen's ferry on 29th June to meet his friends at Stirling (1st July), 959; to same, that "God's will" was otherwiseand Bothwell with 80 horse lying in wait for the King between Stirling and Edinburgh, was discovered, his horses seized, and he and his party escaped on foot through Edinburgh, got such nags as they could and are now in Liddesdale (8th July), 962; to same, of need of legal assistance in any further dealing with the Londoner's debtors (15th), 963; to same, that the pay of Berwick was shortof Bothwell's truce by the Queen of Scots' means till after the "baptism"arrival of Danish and Brunswick ambassadorsand the independent views of the new master of ordnance (18th July), 964; to Sir Robert Cecill, that his messenger knew his dispatch was not for Carey before leaving Londonbut it had been secretly delivered [to Bothwell?] and the messenger sent for into Liddesdalethe Danish and Brunswick ambassadors are always drunk, &c. (18th July), 965; to Burghley, of Sir R. Cockburn's passing by to London, no doubt to get moneySir W. Stanley's arrival at Aberdeen doubtedBothwell refuses to join the papist earls, but will see after the baptismSpanish army comingthese "scarebogles" only to get money out of the Queen (29th July), 971; to same, of the receivers keeping back moneySir W. Stanley has arrived with moneyHuntly's reception of him and it, and the Bishop of Ross at StrathbogieSpanish and Dutch offers to the KingBothwell's views known to Sir Robert "Sissell," &c. (10th Aug.), 973; to same, that Sir W. Stanley is ambassador for Spainhis offer to the Kingthe latter angry at the slackness of Her Majesty's ambassador in coming, and delay of the baptism till 25thBothwell still quiet between Edinburgh and Fife (15th Aug.), 975; to Sir R. Cecill, with Colville's protest against warning given himarrival of Sussex at Edinburgh on 27th, and departure to Stirling next day in haste (29th Aug.), 977; Colville's protest, 977; to Burghley, replying to Harding's complaint, 978; to Sir R. Cecill that Colville has made his peace, but fears Bothwell's overthrowthe Low Country ambassadors have left Berwick for London (19th Sept.), 979; to Sir R. Cecill of delay in postshis dealings with Mrs Colven, as directedthe King's departure for the North, &c. (3rd Oct.), 982; musters before him at Berwick (16th Oct.), 984; to Cecill, that Colville and family, as ordered, had left England, enclosing two letters (17th Oct.), 985; to Burghley, of the King's intentions against HuntlyBothwell "little heard of"Lord Hume's hunting in Bamboroughshire, &c. (31st Oct.), 987; to Cecill, of the King's exploits against Huntly's party and their houses (18th Nov.), 990; to Burghley, of dispute between the mayor and customer of Berwick (27th Dec.), 994; to same, that they were near starvation, but for a chancethat Vernon is quite unfit as victualler, and he can name a very fit man, on hearingHume's wish to see him, &c. (31st Dec.), 997, p. 555.
-, Mr Robert: ambassador, asks leave to enter Scotland (19th Feb. 15867), 490; the King's reply (22nd), 490; leave refused, and his reply (25th), 490, 491; a piece of rope and libel brought to (7th March), 495; asks, and is appointed to meet the King's envoys on 14th, 497; informs his father, 497; Sir Robert:the King desires to see him privily (12th Jan. 15878), p. 303; Hunsdon replies he is gone to London (14th), 583; the King wishes to see him in private (23rd Jan. 15878), 586; brings Burghley's letter to Hunsdon (5th Feb.), 589; deputy under Scrope, confers at Newcastle with Lord Huntingdon (Sept. 1593), p. 500; his report on Scottish bills, p. 500; three of his men absentees, p. 504; "my brother Robin," brings Bothwell to visit Scrope at Carlisle without notice (23rd Oct.), 910; the King's reasons for seeing him (31st March 1588), p. 321; with the King at Dumfries (28th May), 607; due Vernon, 1003.
-, William: surveys Berwick (23rd Jan. 15867), 477; sends Carr of Ford's letter to his father (14th Sept.), 541; a captain in Berwick (26th), 543; served in Ireland (27th Sept.), p. 276; Captain W.:pay due to (30th Nov. 1587), 567; accounts with Vernon, 649, 650; signs petition to Burghley, 655; to Burghley, for the two years' pay due the garrison at Berwick (Oct. 1590), 693; if sold up, could not pay his company, and defrauds them though he got the money (14th March 15923), p. 435; deputy captain of Norham, seizes the burgesses' boats and netsresists the law, rails against the corporation and hopes soon to see no burgess in Berwick, p. 436; his daily extortions in Norhamshire secretly cursed, p. 437; his frauds go unchallenged, p. 437; "encroaches" on the Tweed salmon fishings, 810; his victualler in debt, 811, 818; report on munition (Mich. 1591), 828; the late (9th May 1593): p. 457; Captain [William?]: due Vernon, 1003.

Carham fields: p. 31; debateable parts, p. 32; late parcel of Kirkham monastery, p. 32; tenants in, 17; (Charam): muster of, 253; p. 160; Hume crosses Tweed at (25th Oct.), 987.

Cariswall, Anthony: surgeon, Berwick, fee, 687, 735; debt against the customer (11th July), 859.

Carlaverock: garrisoned by Maxwell, and Johnston expected a prisoner there (30th July 1585), 334; castle: Johnston a prisoner in (21st Aug.), 340; more straitly warded (20th Sept.), 349; Maxwell has 200 men fortifying it (10th June 1593), 845; p. 470.

Carleton: musters of, pp. 47, 58.
-, Ambrose, gent.: bailiff of Crosbie (1592), p. 395.
-, Ambrose: his arms, p. 41.
-, Ambrose: absent, p. 48.
-, Charles: billman, p. 47.
-, Gilb.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Lancelot: his horse "Gray Carver," 309; brings in Scots outlaws, 639.
-, Martyn: absent, p. 47.
-, Thomas: absent, p. 44.
-, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 45.
-, Thomas: his arms, 92.
-, Thomas: musters Eskdale ward, p. 37.
-, Thomas, younger: his family feud with the Musgraves, 148; and tampering with the coroner's jury, 148; doubtful, his estate (?), (1583), 168; ill affected in religionordered to appear before the Privy Council on 17th Feb. (Jan. 15834), 199, 200; Bewcastle complaint of him, 199, 200; Thomas Musgrave's enemy married "Thomas" Gorth Grame's daughter, p. 125; his wife's friends come to him and spoil at night returning, as Lord Scrope suspects, p. 125; late of Askerton: resets fifteen murderers at Arthrete, 233; has secret conference with three Armstrongs (Easter 1585), 309; his racing: goes to Askerton and Naworth with Kinmont, &c., 309; suspected of being in Arundel's conspiracy, 309; indicted for an authorised conference with the Grames (26th May), 429; son-in-law of Richard Grame "Meadop," brings in Scotsmen, 639; constable of Carlisle and land sergeant of Gilsland (1592), pp. 395, 402; Thomas: accused of taking Bothwell out of Carlisle on the Fair day (8th Sept.), p. 410; denies knowing him even by sight, p. 410; destroys Dick's Davie's houses by Lowther's order (20th Nov.), 790; charged by Lord Maxwell with keeping a Scotsman six months in Carlisle prison, p. 423; Scrope's constable, to be sent to meet Bothwell (7th Sept.), 887; takes two notorious evildoers, and one kept from him by Captain of Bewcastle (29th Oct.), 912.

Carletons: feud with the Musgraves, p. 103; Bothwell forbids the Armstrongs to aid them against Lord Dacre's tenants, &c. (22nd Sept. 1589), 652.

Carlisle: 20; castle: p. 32; citadel: p. 32; assizes at (17th Aug. 1584), 252, 256; munitions for (26th June 1585), 325; Robert Carey at (28th May 1588), 607; the Queen's tenants in socage under the constable, p. 391; castle: the captain's fees and grounds (13th Oct.), 781; the "provost, baliffes, and town of": "Falkland" bills for stolen horses, &c. on (1592), p. 516.
-, Bishop of (John): commissioner on march, p. 35; to the council on border defence (31st Jan. 158283), 150; letter to Walsingham forwarded, 425.
-, Dean of (Mr Wolley): his fee, 326.
-, the church of: muster of Sebourham tenants, p. 60.
-, (Carlill), Adam: Scotsman killed on border, 123.
-, Anth.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Christofer: spoiled, p. 431.
-, Gre.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Hugh: his arms, p. 54.
-, Mat. (2): their arms, p. 54.
-, Ran.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Steph.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 54.
-, Tho.: pension 20l. unpaid since 1587, 895.

Carlisles (Carlells), the: feuds with English Grames (June 1582), 127; a surname of the West March, 166; resetted by Scrope, pp. 148, 150; a great surname in Bridekirk, Annandalelong at feud with the Irwins, p. 394.

Carmichael, young (Hew): receives Coldingham, by King's order, from Laird of C. and delivers it to Bothwell (19th Nov. 1585), 393; younger, of that Ilk: cautioner for Elliot of Fallnish (Jan. 15901), 700.
-, Laird of (Sir John): keeper of Liddesdale, 72; lately with Walsingham from Scotland (1st June), 125; when keeper of Liddesdale brought offenders himself to Carlisle castle, p. 107; Fernihurst plans his murder (20th Dec. 1584), 270; warned by Scrope, 270; Scrope's conference with, and letter to Walsingham in his favour, by C.'s son, for the Queen's help to him (16th March 15845), 295; to get 40l. from Walsingham (17th May), 315; is paid by Scrope (3rd July), 326; takes refuge at Wark (27th April), 218; to remove to Newcastle (7th May), 224; Sir John: keeper of Liddesdale: a hostage after the Redswyre (1575), p. 201; 370; confers with Hunsdon (Dec. 1587), 579; to return on New Year's eve, p. 299; sends him two letters, from the King (private) and council (public) (13th Jan. 15878), 582; and credence to beware of some in Court, and London, specially Archibald Douglas, p. 303; these letters to Hunsdon (12th), p. 303; Hunsdon's replies as to his son Robert being a commissioner (14th), p. 304; 583; fails meeting on 15th Jan., 584; commission to, from the King (18th), 585; letter to Hunsdon (17th) and meets him (23rd), when another arranged on 25th at Foulden for border causes, 586; "familiar talk" with Hunsdon of the King's toleration of Papistsdealing with foreign princesgives solemn assurances of his sincerity in religion, &c., which Hunsdon disbelieves, p. 307; tells Hunsdon the reason of the lords' late meeting was to put away the chancellor and justice clerk, bring back the old religion and break the league with Englandthat the King would put them down, but cannot, without money (6th Feb.), 589, p. 312; his and other commissioners' proceedings, &c., 593; proclamation by, 594; to be made warden of west marches if he will take it (25th Feb.), 596; urgently presses Hunsdon to write to the King, and their discussions thereon, 597; (6th March), p. 319; asks Hunsdon to stop all letters from or to Archibald Douglas (8th March), 600; to same, for meeting (13th), 601; tells Hunsdon he is slow, "but the Devil sleeps not" (31st March 1588), p. 321; 614; private letter to Bowes sent to Walsingham (22nd July), 615; commended to same (26th), 616; takes Col. Sempill at Crichton, who is released by Huntly (8th Aug.), 620; receives 3000l. sent to Berwick for the King (9th Sept.), 633; in great danger and goes armed, p. 333; his receipt for 3000l. to Bowes, p. 333; to Bowes thereon, 634; his private letter returned by Walsingham to Bowes (9th), 635; master of the King's stables a commissioner on border causes (15th June 1590), 674, 675, 676; well affected to justice (30th June), 678; West March attempts since he became warden (Oct. 1588June 1590), p. 558; orders goods to be given back, p. 558; holds a march day at Roakley with Lord Scrope (17th Sept.), 685; his willingness to justice, 685; to appear before the King and council on 22nd inst. (6th Jan. 15901), 700; his promise to the King (13th Jan.), p. 374; meets Scrope at Carlisle (28th July), 714; signifies Lord Scrope's death to the King (June 1592), 747; his men turned out of Lochmaben by Bothwell (18th), 750; unable to act as warden at present (26th), 751; said to be taken by Bothwell and his life begged for (30th June), 754; to Lowther, in reply from Dumfries, with the King's thanks, and for his cousin's black horse (10th July), 758; to meet Cesford and deal with rebels in Liddesdale (11th), 759; to meet Cesford and deal with Whithaugh, &c.his word, not the King's, relied on (11th July), 760; resigns wardenry of west march (12th), 761; to Lowther, from Comlongan, that it is voluntary, and Maxwell more worthy of it, 761, p. 402; his removal from Court planned by Master of Gray and others (14th), 763, 765; commissioner for a treaty (1587), p. 413; to Lowther, from Spedlings, of the King's movements in the West, &c. (12th Oct.), 780; is to be ambassador to England, p. 414; 788; bill against Mr Orfewre set down by, 792; Irwin, a Scots thief, sent to him by Lowther to "pleasure" him (10th March 15923), pp. 433, 487; an English pensioner and enemy of Bothwell's, for doing justice on the border (10th Aug. 1593), p. 488; the King tells Bothwell to agree with him (16th Sept. 1593), 891; at council at Jedburgh (17th Oct.), 906; captain of the King's guard, complaint by, 921; takes 3000l. from Elizabeth to the King (in 1590), 988.
-, Wille, of Reidmyre: his black horse to be re-delivered by Johnston of Kirkhill (20th July), 758; complaint by, 921.

Carnabie, Mr (C.): his tenants, p. 16; Mr Cuthbert: his horsemen, p. 22; commissioner on marches, p. 35.
-, John: present when Lord Russell shot, p. 190.

Carnabies, the: gentlemen of the middle march, 166.

Carncors, Walter, of Lugat: cautioner for Chisholme of that Ilk (Jan. 15901), 700.

Carneguye, Sir Robert: a former commissioner, p. 104; 778.

Carnes, Ouswold: horseman, Twisell, p. 159.

Caroll, Edward: billman, p. 44.

Carre (Karre, Kerr), Andrew, laird of Fernihurst: promises to restore a "dune" horse taken by his tenant from Richard Fenwick's servant "under trest," St Andrews day, 1588, p. 364.
-, Andrew: deputy keeper of Liddesdale under Cesford (Aug. 1581), 103; Cesford's deputy, 659.
-, Andrew, of Fawdonsyde: chief adviser of Cesford, his conduct at a march meeting (1st July 1583), p. 104; his character known to Hunsdon, p. 104; his wife, Arran's sister; he advises Cesford to join latter (Dec.), 190.
-, Andrew, of Greenhead: rebel outlawed (July), 336, 440.
-, Andrew, "tutor of Graden": raid by, p. 349; alias "tutor of Graden": reset by Robin Ellot, p. 359.
-, Andrew, Robin Ellot's "man,": raids by, pp. 347, 351.
-, Andro, Laird of Corbett's son: raids by, pp. 363, 364.
-, George: horseman, Doddington, p. 157; of Dodington: raid on, p. 361.
-, George (2): horsemen, Forde, p. 157.
-, George, of Harbottle: sues for 4l., p. 361.
-, George, of Prumside mill: resets Peter Oliver, p. 359; raids by, pp. 360, 361.
-, Mr George: Spanish emissary, breaks prison (21st June 1593), 850; escaped, p. 475.
-, James, laird of Corbett: his bond for 30l., p. 364.
-, James, Corbett's son: horse stealer, p. 365.
-, James, of Greenhead: deputy warden of Cesford, takes 80 prisoners, p. 149.
-, James, of Morbottle, Corbett's bastard son: raid by, p. 362.
-, James, of Lintloe: denounced rebel (July 1585), 336, 440.
-, James: denounced rebel (July 1585), 336, 440.
-, James: keeper of the Armitage (1583), p. 127.
-, James: horseman, Akeld, p. 157.
-, Sir John, laird of Spielaw, and party worsted in a fray for possession, with Laird of Wedderburn (c. 17th May 1593), 835.
-, John, of Bowmer: his tenants, p. 18.

Carre, John, son of the Laird of Corbett: raids by, pp. 362, 3634.
-, "Blak Jok:" raids Ilderton, p. 113; "Black" Jocke, of Awtenburn: raids by, pp. 359, 362.
-, John: tenant, Eshett, p. 21.
-, John: horseman, Longhoughton, p. 160.
-, John: horseman, Lesbury, p. 160.
-, J.: (Nov. 1591), 736.
-, Ralph, of Grenehed: ploughed the Threape rig, p. 32.
-, Raphe: brother of C. of Ford, pensioner, Berwick, pp. 274, 455.
-, Rawfe, gent.: his equipment, p. 162.
-, Sir Robert, of Cesford: warden, slain at a "trewe" temp. James 4th, 343; p. 201.
-, Sir Robert, younger, of Cesford: to be keeper of Liddesdale and redress Scrope's and others' complaints (18th Nov. 1591), 736; warden of middle march, to Forster, postponing their meeting till 6th July, from troubles elsewhere (25th June), 750; still farther, being sent for by the King against Bothwell (2nd July), 755; claims the teinds of Kelso and Spronston (10th Sept.), p. 406; in Kirkmichael, with the King's expedition against Bothwell (11th Oct.), p. 414; keeper of Liddesdale "for a short time," p. 489; signs agreement against Bothwell, at King's instance (20th Aug.), 881; with the King at Jedburgh (15th Oct. 1593), p. 507; sent to a fray near, p. 507.
-, Robert: taken by Sir J. Forster for coining, &c., and imprisoned at Newcastle (2nd June), 673; his confession, 673.
-, Robert, of Swarland: outlaw, passes Jesuits over the border, p. 236; conveys Jesuits, &c. and letters over marches (May), 515; in Edinburgh (29th), 516; is far in Scotland (3rd June), 518; informs Carvill, and promises to decoy Jesuits to capture (23rd), 519; is in Edinburgh (16th July), 523; writes to Walsingham (18th), 524; again (31st July), 527; Walsingham to, 538; meets Carvill secretly on a moor and gives him Carr of Ford's letter to Walsingham (12th Sept.), 540.
-, Robert, Ancram's brother: denounced rebel (July 1585), 336, 440.
-, Robin: brother to the "gudman" of Neleshall, to ride with Mangerton for Bothwell (22nd Sept.), 652.
-, Sir Thomas, of Fernihurst: returning secretly (May 1580), 52; to receive Col. Steward and King's forces (20th April 1585), 305; meets Forster (22nd June), 323; his people taken in a fray and released (20th July), 329; at March meeting, where Lord Russell slain (27th), 330; composes the tumult, 330; another account of his great force, banners, &c. on the field, and the murder intended, 331, 332; charged with the murder, 335; Forster's account of his warlike demeanour, &c. (1st Aug.), 337; satisfied on the fray of 20th July (17th), 339. See Fernihurst, Laird of

Carre, Thomas, of Cavers: sued by Richard Fenwick for 25 kye, p. 359; and to enter Jock Hall of the Sikes in 15 days, p. 364.
-, Walter, of Litledayne: release of his sons demanded (9th Dec. 1587), 575.
-, Walter, of Lochtour: to Forster, of disturbances in Scotland (11th Aug. 1591), 723.
-, William, of Ancram: denounced rebel (July 1585), 336; accused of Lord Russell's murder (3rd Sept.), 346; attempted to take him prisoner, 359; Bothwell to see he gives Sir John Forster satisfaction (24th Dec. 1585), 397; rebel, outlawed (July), 440; has the King's peace (Feb. 15867), p. 248; by Bothwell's means, and raises 500 dalesmen to foray the middle march (18th March), 499; and slay Forster at a march meeting, 501.
-, William, of Cesford: warden of middle march, "shoots" a meeting (Nov. 1580), 67; goes to Edinburgh, 67; is to pacify Liddesdale, &c. (Dec.), 69; Lady Hume his sister, 70; writes to Forster, 70. See Cesford, Laird of.
-, William, of Fourd; his lands, &c., pp. 15, 16; levies heavy fines, &c., p. 21; resets Jesuits (Oct.), 458; to Walsingham, of the intended surprise of Berwick, discovered by his uncle in Scotland (11th Sept. 1587), 540; fails in duty at raid of Eslington (6th Dec.), p. 291.
-, William: horseman, Chatton, p. 160.
-, William: serves King's writ on Cesford (Oct.), 177.
-, "Dandes" Will, of Heyupp: raid by, p. 361.
-, Will, the Laird of Corbett's son: raids by, p. 362.
-, Captain: a chief man with Huntly, tries to get measurements of walls of Berwick, &c. (11th Sept.), 540; warns Huntly of Angus and others' plot to kill him (13th March 15889), p. 336.
-, . . . ., brother-in-law to Fernihurst: accused of Lord Russell's murder (4th Sept.), 346.
-, one, of Lynton: Scotsman, passes Jesuits over the border, p. 236.
-, Mr, of Sleforth: his tenants, p. 16.
-, a chief man of Bothwells (17th May), 228.

Carre, "Mistres," of Lesburie: her black horse stolen, p. 363.

Carres, the: feuds of, 41; adhere to Lennox, p. 26; hostile to Morton, p. 26; Kelso the cause, p. 26; strengthen themselves, 70; gentlemen of East Teviotdale and Liddesdale, 166; to be sent to Carlisle, till tried for Lord Russell's death (24th May), 428, 432; (12th June), 433; instructions as to, 436; are fled to the hills (17th), 439; and outlawed, 440; Burghley's notes on the (7th Aug.), 720.

Carrock, Albynie: his arms, p. 39.
-, David: his arms, p. 39.
-, John: his arms, p. 39.
-, John: his arms, p. 40.
-, Richard: his arms, p. 39.
-, Robert: his arms, p. 40.
-, Rowland: his arms, p. 40.
-, William: his arms, p. 40.
-, one: a notorious evildoer, taken by Scrope's constable by chance (29th Oct.), 912.

Carruddens, Arche: his arms, p. 41.
-, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Mathew, of the Garth: p. 558.

Carrudders, the: a surname of the west march, 166; spoil Dryfe water and dale, &c., under Robert Maxwell (April 1585), 311.

Cars-Menteth, Laird of: a fugitive (Feb. 15845), 286.

Carsop brig, 31.
-, burn, 31.
-, rig, p. 30.

Carswell: one horseman in, p. 22.

Carter, Anth.: bowman, p. 52.

Cartinge, John: his arms, p. 39.

Cartingeton: horsemen in, p. 22.

Cartmell, Wil.: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, one: liberated by Lord Scrope, 270.

Carvell, Captain John: repulses a Gretna raid (Sept. 1582), 133; repels a Scottish foray (Oct. 1583), 182; the Liddesdales in awe of, 182; rescued Sir Simon Musgrave and his son in two frays, 187, 269; John: captain, Berwick, 543; pay due to, 567; his bill, 1003.
-, Robert: gives Forster Scottish news (24th June), 323; sent back to Wotton with news of Lord Russell's death (31st July), 335, 337, 393; messenger to Scotland, 410; accompanies Randolph (24th Feb. 15856), 417; messenger to Master of Gray, 490; a rope and libel laid at his door in Edinburgh (4th March), 495; brings letters to Berwick (8th), 496; (1st April), 502; (22nd), 508; sends packets to Walsingham (24th), 509; to Walsingham, with news of the King and Court, Gray and Steward's dispute, &c. (12th May), 513; to same, farther news (29th), 516; with letter for Archibald Douglas (3rd June), 518; of Jesuits about the border (23rd), 519; with letter to Douglas (26th), 520; of discords, &c. in the Scottish parliament (16th July), 523; with farther news (18th), 524; with packet for A. Douglas, dispute of the King and preachers, &c. (30th), 526; with letter from R. Carr (31st), 527; of Scottish parliament, and vow of the nobles to revenge the Queen of Scots' death (3rd Aug.), 528; of King's proposed marriagereported death of Arran, &c. (30th Aug.), 536; with packet to Douglas (2nd Sept.), 538; with Carr of Ford's letter as to surprise of Berwick (12th), 540; with letter from Thomas Cranston (24th), 542; expected at Berwick from Edinburgh (7th Oct.), p. 277; his son sent with packet, 550; sent to Scottish council (12th), 555; Irish chiefs and men seen by him there, 555; warned he will lose his head if he goes back there, p. 280; brings a council letter to Hunsdon from Edinburgh, 557; to Walsingham, of his sicknessBuccleuch's foray, and Bothwell's message to Hunsdon (4th Dec.), 570; brings news from Scotland (11th Aug.), 621; pay due to, p. 340; signs petition to Burghley, 655; petitions Hunsdon for the two years' Berwick arrears (30th Oct. 1590), 692; complains to Burghley of Read, and his own men will mutiny (12th Aug. 1591), 726; to Burghley, for speedy relief, lest his men mutiny (10th Sept.), 730; sent with petition to Burghley (24th Jan. 15923), 796; petitions Burghley for arrears, 816; his monthly pay, p. 444; men absent (9th April), p. 446; 828; his absentees, 897; p. 532; to Burghley, of his dealings with A. Douglas's letters, as ordered by the ambassador (2nd June), 953, 959; takes 2000l. from Elizabeth to the King (in 1588), 988.

Case, Captain John: reports the meeting of Lennox and M. la Motte to Walsingham (30th Dec. 1582), 141; lying on W. March, his pay, 320; breaks the march, against orders, in a border scuffle (20th July 1585), 329; captures the Bells (Aug.), 443; demanded by Lord Maxwell, 443; of Berwick, at Carlisle, 543; accounts with Vernon (Mich.), 649, 650; the late: his debt, 811; his widow too poor to pay his debts (15th July), 963; his son pays 10l., 963; due Vernon, 1003.
-, Robert: due Vernon, 1003.

Cassillis, Earl of (John 5th):Glammis's nephew, proposed marriage to Argyll's sister hindered by the chancellor (Feb. 15901), 703.
-, Master of: (Sir Tho. Kennedy), gentleman of King's chamber (Dec. 1580), 69; his servant a witness, 513.
-, Countess of: wife of Lord J. Hamilton, left "in gage" for 200l. with Sir J. Forster (25th Oct. 1585), 379.

Castlecarrock parish: muster of, p. 38.

Castlehills, Berwick: assigned to the governor, p. 436.

Castlehowe, Cuthbert: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Ed. (2): bowmen, p. 52.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Jo.: bowman, 92.
-, Rowland: bowman, p. 52.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 52.

Castlemilk: land near, disputed between Maxwell and Herries, 804.

Castle Sowreby: muster of, p. 44.
-, spoils in, p. 431.

Cat well, Berwick: p. 10.

Caterlen, the town of: musters, p. 49.

Cathat, Lancelot: bowman, p. 47.

Cathcart, Lord: at Edinburgh (Dec. 1560), 69.

Catton, in Allondale: raid on (Oct. 1589), p. 347.

Caudgate brook, East March: p. 30.

Cauldron burn (on Tweed): pp. 31, 32; foot, pp. 31, 32.

Cauriave (?), Tho.: billman, p. 55.

Causton, Raph: horseman, Hetton, p. 159.
-, Ric.: horseman, Scremerston, p. 159.

Caverston: Cesford's town, "taken up," p. 293.

Cawdor, Laird of: once keeper of Liddesdale, 72.

Cawert, John: his arms, p. 61.

Cawmylles, near Berwick: 3000l. paid there to James 6th (9th Sept. 1588), 633.

Cawperton, Laird of: married to Lochinvar's sister (1581), p. 72.

Cawsey park: tenants of, p. 21.

Cecill (Cicill), Sir Robert: Lowther to, of Bothwell's musters (24th June 1592), 751; to John Carey, that the Queen dislikes his seeking the marshal's office (20th May), 838; Carey to, with thanks, and offers of service, and will cease asking it (24th), 839; Carey excuses himself to Burghley, for writing to (28th July), p. 479; blames Carey for receiving Bothwell (10th Aug.), p. 495; Locke's letter forwarded to, from Berwick (7th Sept.), 886; Locke obliged to write to, vi Carlisle (25th Oct.), 910; Scrope to, that his letter of 8th sent to Bothwell, whose reply he enclosesbeing quite out of the King's favour, asks the Queen's pleasure in dealing with him (26th Nov.), 917; the Dean of Durham to, with Colville's letter on Bothwell's attemptneed to beware of the King, whose sole aim is to reunite all his subjects, to the Queen's detriment, if successful (9th April 1594), 942; (Sissell), Sir R.: Carey to, acknowledging two letters,his doubts of the King, being a "Scotsman,"asking his interest for his money, &c. (26th April), 948; Dean of Durham to, that he evaded meeting Bothwell at Hexham on 25th, though latter came there (27th April), 950; Carey to, with Colville's letters, Spanish news, &c. (30th April), 951; letters to and from Carey on robbery of Queen of Scots' jewels (May), p. 538; Scrope to, of his often writing about Herries, and must now meet him (5th July), 960; Carey to, that his messenger knew for whom his letter of 4th was, [Bothwell?] not through himit was forwarded, and the bearer saw Bothwell and will reportthanks for his warning about Colville, &c. (18th July), _965; Scrope to, that Herries put off their meeting, and another warden may be appointed (19th July), 967; is fully acquainted with Bothwell's plans (10th Aug.), p. 544; Carey to, with Colville's protest against his warning receiveddeparture of Sussex for Edinburgh and his hurry to Stirling next daysearch for Bothwell there, &c. (29th Aug.), 977; Colville's protest, 977; the same to, that Colville has a remission, but fears Bothwell's "overthrow"the Low Country ambassadors have just left Berwick for London (19th Sept.), 979; Scrope to, with the King's letter and his replyhas caught two notable thieves, &c. (22nd Sept.), 980; Carey to, of slowness of the postshis dealings, as ordered, with Mrs Colvilleletters sent to Lady Bothwell, &c. (3rd Oct.), 982; to Scrope, to keep order while the King is in the North (8th Oct.), 983; Carey to, that Colville and his whole family have left England, as orderedsending two letters (17th Oct.), 985; Scrope to, with Buccleuch's letter (13th Nov.), 989; Carey to, of the King's return from wrecking Huntly's, &c. houses (18th Nov.), 990; to Scrope, as to Buccleuch's letterLady Scrope's recommendation, &c. (23rd Nov.), 991; Scrope to, of Kynmont's "motion" for assurance of his clan, and its discussion by his wardenryarrival of a German kinsman of the Queen at Edinburghthe King's embassy to Poland on behalf of Scots merchants there, &c. (4th Dec.), 992; the mayor, &c. of Berwick asks him to further their suit for the victuallingand offer for his favour, &c. (30th Dec.), 996.

Cesford, Laird of: to Selby (25th July 1581), 99; Scrope thinks him dilatory (Aug.), 101, 103; is keeper of Liddesdale, p. 72; at the Hermitage (17th Aug.), 105; writes to Scrope delaying (4th Sept.), 106; gives "fair words" (30th Sept.), 110; his feud with Fernihurst (Oct.), 111; writes contradictory letters to Scrope (21st, 22nd April 1582), p. 80; "shoots" meetings, 123; Scrope's discussion with him (17th June), 127; sends Scrope the King's letter for reply, and has had full instructions (29th June), p. 87; his signet, p. 87; Elizabeth to, requiring his concurrence with Scrope for justice (28th July), 130; Scrope's messenger, with letter demanding meeting (12th Feb. 15823), 153; replies to Scrope (14th), p. 96; march meeting with Scrope (1st July 1583), 164; disagreement at, and exchange of letters, p. 104; Andrew Ker his adviser, p. 104; at Hermitage, p. 104; refused a malefactor by Lord Hume, 175; keeps no march meetings, and has left his wardenry open (11th Oct. 1583), 177; to Forster, of border thefts, &c. (Oct.), p. 113; his delays with Forster, 181; with Scrope, 182, 183; meets Forster, [at Helterbourne], not to much effect (5th Nov.), 185; shows him the King's letter, 185; his delays, and joins the Arran faction, 190; letter of excuse to Forster, 190; a chief man in East Teviotdale, p. 127; two Englishmen with him, 202; letters to and from Forster(16th-17th Feb. 15834), p. 129; his armorial signet, p. 129; Forster to meet him, 203; is in Edinburgh (18th March), 204; letter to Forster (April), 206, 207; tells Forster the King has taken Liddesdale "out of his hand" (22nd), 214; is starting for Edinburgh, p. 132; was turned back within 4 miles of it (26th), 215; letters to Forster, 217; still delays redress (17th May), 227; sent for, to Court, 228; his dissension with Fernihurst (25th June), 239; rebuked by the King for slackness in office (July 1584), 242; Scrope's complaints of his delays, &c., p. 149; reset of English outlaws, p. 150; contention with Fernihurst for his wardenry (30th Sept.), 258; removed from office and warded at Aberdeen (6th Nov. 1584), 265, 266; will join party against Arran (23rd Oct.), 376; young Laird of, to Forster, to hold hand on C.'s wardenry when they leave border (25th), 379; appointed warden, provost of Jedburgh, and keeper of J. forest (26th Nov. 1585), 395; has done no redress yet and Forster complains (27th Dec.), 399; p. 215; from Roxburgh to Forster, adjourning a march meeting (10th Dec.), 470; signet, 470; to same, of further adjournment (23rd), 472; signet, 472; to Forster, further postponing meeting (4th Jan. 15867), 473; still further (21st), 476; expressing surprise at his failing to attend (16th Feb.), 485; that from the bad weather he cannot meet on 2nd and 3rd March (25th), 489; friendly with Forster, but "shoots" meeting him (6th March), 493; has kept two meetings and done justice (18th), 499; p. 253; his son meets the King at the Lochwood (1st April), 503; to Forster, adjourning meeting (12th May), 514; again (1st June), 517; raids on middle march by his people, pp. 2623; assures his own goods with Forster, pp. 2623; offers to meet him near Cheviot (13th Aug.), p. 266; meets at Stawford (18th), 531: Hunsdon to (6th Dec.), p. 292; his town of Caverton "taken up," p. 293; lately chasedhis friends slain, and narrowly escapes in his own wardenrythe chancellor never in his house (9th), p. 296; former meetings with Forster, p. 304; to Hunsdon, on meeting (11th Oct.), 553, 555; his tenants chief offenders, and Hunsdon will not meet him, 557; the King orders him to make redress, 557; asks Hunsdon, from Peebles, not to reset fugitives (4th Nov.), 559; Hunsdon to, agreeing, but accusing the King of privity to outrages, and despairing of justice (6th), 560; to Hunsdon, asking meeting, and latter's reply (13th), 563; incursions upon him (29th Nov.), 566; ordered to redress Fernehurst's outrage (11th Feb. 158990), 657; the Council to, p. 343; (26th), 659; to Forster, to name a day to meet (27th), 660; meets him (12th March), 663; meets Forster's deputy at Stawford and files bill on Fernehurst (12th March 158990), p. 357; his bond to Sir C. Collingwood for 50l. sterling, p. 363; to appear before the King and council on 22nd inst. (6th Jan. 15901), 700; still at feud with Fernyhurst (18th April), 709; "old" laird of: warden of Middle March, to "see to" bills of Titlinton, &c. (18th Nov. 1591), 736; to meet Carmichael in Liddesdale (11th July 1592), 759; to meet Carmichael and deal with Whithaugh (11th July), 760; sent with Lennox to cast his house downattacks him while under trust from Lennox, and dispute with the Duke thereon (15th Oct.), 784; meets Forster for justice (8th9th March 15923), 808; reported unable to keep meetings, being "at the point of death" (25th July 1593), p. 478; agreement with Maitland, Hume, &c., p. 498; takes assurance with Hume till Easter (14th Sept. 1593), 889; (with Buccleuch) and 400 horse, in Kelso with Hume, who, distrusting their favour to Bothwell, leaves it, they retreating to Halydon (1st April 1594), pp. 5256; promises before the council "to stay disorder" (24th Oct.), 986; accused by Carey of riding with 80 horse, spoiling two towns, and looking on, and his trumpet sounding while three men were killed "most bloodily" (31st Oct.), 987. See Carr, William.

Cesford, young Laird of: (with Buccleuch, &c.) forays East Marches with 2000 men (30th Nov.), 570; from private enmity attacks Eslington and spoils the Collingwoods, p. 290; his marriage at Dalkeith, to Lethington's daughter, stopped by the King (3rd Dec.), 574; married at Newbottell, his uncle's (on 5th), and sent to prison in Edinburgh Castle (6th), 574. See Carr, Sir Robert.

Chado, Henry: bowman, p. 49.

Chaitor, Christofer, esq.: equipment at muster, p. 162.

Chalener, Rob.: his arms, p. 57.

Chamberlen, Gilbert: horseman, Wark, 259.
-, Hen.: horseman, Crokam, p. 157.
-, John: bowman, p. 52.
-, Sir Thomas: embassy to Spain, 196.

Chambers, Chris.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Raphe: pensioner, p. 455.

Chancellor, the Lord: 42; meets the French envoys, p. 67.
-, (Scotland): addresses James 6th in parliament, on revenge for his mother's death, the lords vowing on their knees to aid him (29th July 1587), 528; with the King, p. 282; 557; not in favour (6th Dec. 1587), p. 292; his niece married to young Cesford at Newbottle (5th), 574; never at Halliden or Cesford in his life, but in Sept. at the Freirs near Kelso, p. 296; 577; conspiracy to kill him (Dec.), p. 299; trusts only in Elizabeth, who is advised to favour himhostile to Bothwell and suspects and fears Archibald Douglas, p. 299; a close friend to Carmichael (14th Jan. 15878), p. 303; shows a friend a letter about Hunsdon, p. 303; the Lithco plot against him, p. 312; the King comes to his "sister's daughter's" marriage to young Lugton, at Lauder (Feb. 15901), 703; takes him again to favourhis fire against Glammes still burning, and stirs up the "sleeping dog" Forfar to bite Glammes, 703; "shoulders" Lugton's case against Morton, for land, to latter's wrath, 703, p. 376; procures a bond between Bothwell, Hume, and Buccleuch to gain the King's favour (19th July), 713; bond dissolved, and is now hostile to them (30th July), 715; attempts to get Cowdenknows to give up Edinburgh Castle, 715; his "moyen" with Buccleuch spoils Bothwell's scheme (Aug.), 723; the Queen of Scots ill-pleased with his doings, 723; out of credit, and Glammes coming to accuse him of treason (36th Dec. 1591), 739; Bothwell's attack on him, not the King, p. 391; suspects the duke of privity to itBothwell's threat to hang him (4th Jan. 15912), p. 391; his asserted offers to Bothwell, if he submits (20th June), 748; his enemies of the "King's bed chamber" (24th), 749; Bothwell marching to "spoile him" at Lethington (26th), 751; scheme of Hamilton, Angus, and others to oust him from council, proposed for Elizabeth's permission by the Master of Gray through Burghley (14th July), 763; accused of dealings with the King of Spain and running his course, p. 403; factions against him, and expected to be "decourted" or stronger, by 29th (21st Aug.), 767; scuffle of his party near Dalkeith, with Lennox, &c., averted by North-Berwick's meansand he goes to Lethington, p. 405; expectations on 29th, p. 405; has licence to leave the country and fears for his lifein the West trying to make friends with Hamilton, &c. (10th Sept.), p. 406; reported still in favour, and at Drumlanrigwith provost of Lincluden his friendSpott seeking to reconcile Bothwell and him (17th Sept.), 771; Lowther to show him favour if he crosses the border (28th), 772; fails meeting Lincluden (28th), 773; is with the King at Lithco, where the Queen refuses to come while he remains (3rd Oct.), 775; he and his "lady" at Greenlaw with provost of Lincluden, or Lochinvar at Kennow, &c. (8th Oct.), 777; will have to cross the border, 777; his wife left for Court, p. 412; with the King in Dumfriesshire, and "chid" a little with Maxwell (12th Oct.), p. 414; is at Greenlaw, and sends to the King "every forty hours" (15th), p. 415; is certainly coming to England (5th Nov.), 787; daily expected at Court, in spite of Hume and other enemies (18th April 1593), p. 450; to be slain or taken by Sir George Hume, &c. (9th May), p. 457; cannot get "presence" of the King (26th June 1593), p. 469; "commanded" out of Edinburgh for a plot against Lennox, &c. (29th), 852; left with 170 horse and expected back 2nd July, p. 470; to be accused by late Arran of "lese majesty," p. 470; appoints a parliament (8th July), 857; in favour, if it "holds" (13th), 860; "Mautland the old": opposes Bothwell's party, p. 481; ill words and bad names bestowed on by Bothwell (2nd Aug.), p. 483; one of the conspirators against Darnley and a special mean of Queen Mary's death, p. 488; with Hume, &c. signs agreement against Bothwell, with the King's privity (20th Aug.), 881; "John, lord Thirleston," to remain from Court, p. 493; to "enter to" the King, p. 494; "Liddington, late chancellor," commanded to his own house (29th Aug.), 885; the late: kept from Court (13th Sept.), p. 498; yet the King procured his agreement with Hume, p. 498; the King desires Bothwell to agree with him (16th), 891; is practising last six weeks with the Hamiltons and Huntly, p. 499; the King stays with him at Lawder (12th Oct.), and goes with him to Jedburgh (16th Oct.), 905; at council there (17th), 906; "John Thyrlstane, chancellor": at council (17th Nov.), p. 513. See Maitland, John.

Chandler, Gawen: horseman, Cornelle, p. 161.
-, Geo.: horseman, Yesinton, p. 161.
-, Gilb.: horseman, Cornelle, p. 161.
-, Hen.: horseman, Ancroft, p. 159.
-, John (2) and junior (1): horsemen, Yesinton, p. 161.
-, John, of Yesingtoun: raid on, p. 363.
-, Nic.: horseman, Cornelle, p. 161.

Chapman dean head "causey": p. 31.

Chappelhowe, Anth.: nag, &c., p. 62.
-, John: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, Ric.: bowman, p. 62.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 62.
-, Tho.: billman, p. 62.
-, Wil., senior, &c. (2): bowmen, p. 65; (1), junior, bowman, p. 65.

Charletone, Cuthbert: prisoner, p. 110.
-, Edward: horseman, Warke, 259.
-, Edward, of Haselsyde: took writings from Fernihurst's messenger, 341.
-, Gilbert: senior and junior: taken prisoners, p. 110.
-, Henry: raid on, p. 349.
-, Persly: horseman, Downam, p. 157.
-, Ranold: prisoner, p. 110.
-, Roland: prisoner, p. 110.
-, Thomas: prisoner, p. 110.

Charletons, the: a surname of Tynedale, 166; in feuds, 168; six taken prisoners by the Armstrongs (30th Aug. 1583), p. 110.

Charlton, North, village of: tenants, &c., p. 17.

Charlton, South: tenants, p. 18; North: muster of, pp. 154, 159; South, pp. 154, 158.

Chatterton, Joan: widow of G. Conyers, her claim, 86.

Chatton: tenants in, p. 15.
-, muster of, pp. 153, 160.

Chaull, John: horseman, W. Lilborne, p. 157.

Cheke, Henry: commissioner on marches, p. 35.

Cheretrees (E. Teviotdale): p. 103.

Chester ward: muster of, p. 162.

Cheswick village: tenants, &c., p. 18; (Jeswick): muster of, pp. 153, 159.

Chevington, East: one horseman, p. 21.
-, West: horsemen in, p. 21.

Cheviot forest: bounds of, pp. 30, 31; Cesford offers to meet Forster "under" (13th Aug.), 529; (Cheavett): raid by the back of, p. 290.

Chillingham: tenants of, p. 15; muster of, pp. 153, 157; Sir J. Forster at (24th Nov. 1585), 394.

Chilton, Little (Durham): 73.

Chimhor, John: his arms, p. 56.

Chipchase Castle: a garrison at, would restrain the Scottish thieves, p. 103; forayers' route past, p. 126; 70 horse and foot to lie at (Sept. 1583), 175; garrison for, p. 253.

Chirden, John: absent, p. 46.
-, Ric.: absent, p. 46.
-, Rob.: (1), unfurnished, p. 46; (1), absent, p. 46.

Chirnsyde, Renian: Bothwell's man, his dealings with Richard Grayme, a witch, pp. 4867; explained by Bothwell on his trial (10th Aug.), p. 487.

Chirton, East and Middle: horsemen, p. 22.

Chisholme (Chessam), James: Buccleuch's servant, takes Capt. Bellasis prisoner, p. 290.
-, (Chesome), Sir James: "excommunicate," attends convention with Huntly, Crawford, &c. at Dumbrisle (4th July 1593), p. 475; not well received by Elizabeth, but could have done service, Carey thinks, p. 475; to be sent to Spain by the Danish ambassadors, p. 475.
-, James: sent by Huntly, &c. to Bothwell to join him (29th July), 971.
-, one John: late the King's master of household, returns from France with a gold chain worth 200 merks sterling (9th March 15878), p. 320.
-, Laird of: raid and murders by, in Bewcastle (Nov. 1588), 638; raid by, p. 356.

Chisholme, Walter, of that Ilk: and cautioners, to appear before King and council on 22nd inst. (6th Jan. 15901), 700.

Chollertoun: horsemen in, p. 21.

Chopwell wood: timber in, 28; timber at, for Berwick, 477; pp. 462, 466; charges of timber from, to Berwick (6th July), 855; timber from, 897.

Christene, Tho.: horseman, Embleton, p. 160.

Church of Scotland: their "indent" with the King, Bothwell, &c., 891; Huntly, Angus, and Errol to "satisfy" and be "reformed with" it, before pardon (16th Oct. 1593), p. 507; 908; "the Kirke" displeased at their trial being at Lithco, and support Bothwell's opposition (31st Oct.), p. 510.

"Cittydale, the," Carlisle: prisoners in (June), 436; a separate charge, held by Mr Dalston (13th Oct.), 781; a distinct office from the castle, granted to Mr John Dalston (Oct.), p. 417.

Clanricard, Earl of: captain of Armagh (1569), 196.

Clapot, Edw.: horseman, Lowick, p. 159.

Clark (Clerk), Alex.: horseman, Wark, 259.
-, Mr Androe, Jesuit: arrives in the North with letters from Spain (18th April 1593), p. 450; delay urged in these on the Papist lords (9th May), p. 457.
-, Anth.: bowman, p. 45.
-, Anth.: his arms, p. 60.
-, Anth.: billman, p. 64.
-, Charles: bowman, p. 45.
-, Chr. (4): bowmen, p. 45.
-, Chr.: his arms, p. 56.
-, Chr.: spoiled, p. 431.
-, Cuthbert: absent, p. 50.
-, Ed.: his arms, p. 41.
-, Ed.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Geo.: his arms, p. 60.
-, Gregory: bowman, p. 45.
-, Henry: nag, &c., p. 63.
-, Henry: billman, p. 64.
-, Ja.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Jeffray: spearman, p. 46.
-, Jo. (2), their arms, p. 45; (1), bowman, p. 45.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 52.
-, John (2): billmen, p. 53.
-, John (2): their arms, p. 55.
-, John: his arms, p. 56.
-, John: his arms, p. 57.
-, John: his arms, p. 60.
-, John: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, John: horseman, Lermouth, p. 157.
-, John: horseman, S. Charlton, p. 158.
-, John: horseman, Embleton, p. 160.

Clark, Leonard: absent, p. 45.
-, Mat.: horseman, Denneck, p. 158.
-, Mich.: absent, p. 47.
-, Nic.: absent, p. 47.
-, Nic.: his arms, p. 55.
-, Oswould: horseman, Old Accall, p. 158.
-, Phil.: absent, p. 47.
-, Ric.: bowman, p. 48.
-, Ric.: horseman, Chatton, p. 160.
-, Ric.: "preacher," Berwick, fee 50l., 687, 735.
-, Rob.: tenant, Eshett, p. 21.
-, Rob.: absent, p. 45.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 59.
-, Rob. (2): their arms, p. 60.
-, Rob.: billman, p. 63.
-, Rob.: horseman, Longhoughton, p. 160.
-, Rob.: horseman, Cornelle, p. 161.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 56.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 60.
-, Tho.: horseman, Lermouth, p. 157.
-, Tho.: horseman, Longhoughton, p. 160.
-, Tho.: horseman, W. Lilborne, p. 157.
-, Tho.: preacher, Berwick, 567.
-, Wil.: billman, p. 45.
-, Wil.: absent, p. 47.
-, Wil.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Wil.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Wil.: billman, p. 63.
-, Wil.: horseman, Orde, p. 159.

Clavering, Gawen: levies heavy fines, p. 22.
-, Robert, of Callalie: his tenants, &c., p. 18; present when Lord Russell shot, p. 190; his cause with Sir J. Selby (27th June), 521; raids on, p. 362; from Alnwick to Huntingdon, of forays, &c. (16th Oct.), 904.

Claxton, William, esq.: land and equipment, p. 162.

Claye, Wil.: horseman, Shipley, p. 161.

Clayrewood: horsemen in, p. 22.

Cleburne parish: muster of, p. 65.

Cleish, Laird of: the King displeased at Lord Scrope receiving him (Sept. 1583), 174.

Clementson, Anth.: his arms, p. 57.
-, Chr.: his arms, p. 57.
-, Ed.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, James: bowman, p. 50.
-, James: juror, Carlisle, 232.
-, Jo.: absent, p. 53.
-, Rob.: bowman, p. 50.
-, Tho.: spearman, p. 47.

Clenche, John: justice of assise, 252.

Clennell: horsemen in, p. 23; raid on (1587), p. 262.
-, Percevell: present when Lord Russell shot, p. 190; of Clennell: raid on, pp. 357, 358, 362.

Clere, Sir Edward, of Norfolk: p. 322.

Clerk Register, Lord: two of his children late married, all living together (Sept. 1591), 734.

Clewghe, Geo.: horseman, Mydelton, p. 158.
-, John: horseman, Burton, p. 161.
-, Tho.: horseman, Mydelton, p. 158.
-, Wil.: horseman, Ulchester, p. 158.

Clibborne, Tho.: spearman, p. 46.

Clifton, Tho.: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, field: horsemen in, p. 21; parish: muster of, p. 64.

Clopton, John: equipment at Durham muster, p. 162; Scrope asks a warrant on him for 200l., 270; to pay Scrope 200l. (21st Oct. 1585), 373; receiver, Northumberland, 687, 798; to be paymaster at Berwick (17th May), 835; is coming with the Berwick pay, though short (18th June), 849; makes it by Vernon's "forbearance" (7th July), 856; paid all except Vernon, &c. (8th), 857, 859; p. 479; 869; payments by, at Berwick (29th Sept. 1593), 894; to Carey, as to next pay (23rd Oct.), 911; "a very honest and careful man," p. 510; asked to pay Carey his "marshal's fee" (26th Nov.), 916; "diseased" and unfit to travel, sent his son and clerk to pay the garrison on 8th (19th Dec.), 923; greatly commended for "honest dealing," 923; his son's abstract of works at Berwick, p. 518; writes to Burghley therewith, and his inability from sickness, &c. (31st Dec), 925; deceased, 949.
-, William: p. 34; reckoning between, and R. Bowes treasurer of Berwick (24th March 15934), 937; made last pay for his father, is now receiver (26th April), 949; to Burghley, as to Carey's and other's pay, for instructions (27th May), 952, 956; has paid as much as he had, and borrowed money to pay some in full (18th July), 964; to Burghley, of his dealings at Berwick with Carey, &c. (27th July), 969; told Carey of the receiver's shortcomings, &c. (10th Aug.), 973; account with Bowes, as treasurer, Berwick, for year ending Michaelmas, 1594, 981; made the pay on Christmas Eve (31st Dec.), 997.

Closborne, Laird of (Kirkpatrick): married the Bishop of St Andrews' daughter (1581), p. 72; at variance with Lord Maxwell (24th Oct. 1592), p. 417; Lord Herries trying for peace (28th Nov.), 792; hopes of their agreement (10th March 15923), 804.

Cloth, Scots linen: customs on, at Berwick, pp. 5523.

Clowcroft manor (Durham): 73.

Cluny-Crichton, Laird of: put in Edinburgh Tolbooth, for communing with Bothwell (17th May 1593), 835; joins Bothwell's new scheme on the King at Lithco (31st Oct.), p. 510.
-, (Clonye), Gordon of: the King casts his house down (Nov. 1594), 990.

Clyde (Cloyd), the: Lennox wind-bound in, 140.

Cock, Henry: billman, p. 44.
-, Ja.: bowman, p. 53.
-, Jo. (2): unfurnished, p. 51.
-, John: pensioner, p. 455.
-, Tho.: bow, p. 50.

Cockburne, Geo.: unfurnished, p. 45.

Cockburn, Sir Richard: 906; p. 513; the King's secretary sent to London by post "for more money" (29th July 1594), 971; Sir Rob. (Richard?): takes 2000l. from Elizabeth to the King (5th Nov. 1594), 988.
-, Ric.: bowman, p. 53.
-, Mr Walter: with the Archbishop of St Andrews, 188.
-, Captain: sent to Morton (July 1577), 15.

Cockermouth Castle: p. 32; Scottish thieves near, 182.

Cocking, Cuthbert: unfurnished, p. 50.
-, John: unfurnished, p. 50.
-, Leonard: billman, p. 50.

Cocklaw: Lord Russell slain at, 336.

Cockpowlle, Laird of (Murray): married to Lord Somerville's daughter (1581), p. 72.
-, Sir J. Carmichael's aunt at, 761.

Coip, Peter: bowman, p. 45.

Coldingham, "abbot" of: (Dec. 1580), 69; the "prior" of: a gentleman of King's chamber, 69; prior of (Hume): a fugitive about Cornhill (Feb. 15845), 286; a son of Manderston, 292; Laird of: disputes barony of C. with Bothwell and ordered to deliver it (19th Nov. 1585), 393; prior of: disputes C. with Bothwell (10th Sept.), 448; his allies, 448.
-, (Cowledinghame), "abbacy" of: disputed between Morton and the Humes, p. 26; given to "old Manderston" for four years (March 15845), 292; the prior of C., his son, fugitive, 292; given to Bothwell (25th May), 516; and prior of C. removed (29th), 516; Hume to restore it to Bothwell and Laird of Spott (20th Aug.), p. 494.
-, Moor: a scout at (25th Feb. 15867), 490.

Coldingknowes, Laird of: gentleman of King's chamber (Dec. 1580), 69; meets Scrope and other commissioners (23rd Oct.), 376, 377; has joined the party against Arran, 376; with the lords (28th Oct.), 381; now captain of Edinburgh Castle (11th Nov.), 388, 389, 390, 391; has Lady Arran captive there (19th), 393; captain of Edinburgh Castle, sent to meet Robert Carey at Foulden (14th March 15867), 497; with the King, against Maxwell, at Dumfries (2nd April), 503; comes to convention (Oct. 1587), p. 282; urged by Lennox and Thirlstane, refuses to give up Edinburgh Castle (30th July 1591), 715.

Coleman, Anthony: accounts with R. Vernon (Michs.), 649; a petty victualler, Berwick, 719; issues excess tickets, 724; petty victualler, fails to appear before the paymaster (20th Aug.), p. 385; his father "of good wealth," lives in Norfolk, p. 385; the treasurer to answer for his overissue of tickets, p. 385; one: a victualler, due 130l. is out of Carey's jurisdiction; Bowes, who appointed him, should answer (15th July), 963.
-, Ric.: bowman, p. 50.

Colldell, Anthony: Queen's coroner, Carlisle, 232.

Collingwood, Adam: conveys Jesuits and letters over the march (21st May), 515.
-, Sir Cuthbert: p. 16; his horsemen, p. 21; commissioner, east and middle marches, p. 35; to Walsingham, of the King and the lords' doings (13th Nov. 1585), 389; swears to spoils (23rd Aug.), p. 268; to Walsingham, of Jesuits on border, Scottish forays and Forster's neglect of duty, &c. (21st May), 515; at Eslington, 515; the causes between, and the Selbys (27th June), 521; to Walsingham, of state of Border, Forster's neglect, &c. (12th July), 522; foray on Eslington by Scots (28th), 535; appointed keeper of Harbottle and Redesdale (31st), p. 269; to Walsingham, for sparing lives of Teviotdale prisoners, at request of John Hall of Otterburn, &c., who fear deadly reprisals (6th Oct.), 551; the mortal enemy of Sir J. Forster and "hatched" the plot against him (7th), 552; his note of Forster's faults (11th), 554; his malice fostered by Huntingdon (18th), p. 280; cannot charge Forster in Hunsdon's presence, but with frivolous personal matters, p. 281; has the ear of Huntingdonnever did the Queen a day's service while constable of Aluwick, in the rebellion timewas then a Papist, what now, Hunsdon knows not, p. 281; his keeping Harbottle not approved of, p. 282; helps in Scottish forays as an officer, but till then as little as others, 557; attacked by Buccleuch, &c. in his house of Eslington (30th Nov.), 570; sallies and escapes on horseback, one son wounded, the other taken, 570; requital of his "vayne jorney" with 900 men into Teviotdale (on 26th), 571; young Cesford's "mallis" against him; details of his defence, escape, capture and wounding of his sons, p. 290; follows the fray, takes some prisoners, but his cattle lost, p. 291; comes to report to Hunsdon at Berwick (6th Dec.), p. 291; 574; his son's release demanded, will be made in exchange (9th Dec.), 575, 576, 578; Buccleuch to, about his son's entry, under penalty, &c. (14th Jan. 15878), p. 304; his son a pledge (Feb. 15878), p. 315; his hard dealing with the Selbys might have been visited on him by Hunsdon, for his selling horses to Scots (15th March), 601; accuses Forster of intention to deliver his sons and friends to the Burnes at a march meeting (22nd June), 646; denied by Forster, 646; raid on his "gimmers" and "dinmonts" at Fawdon, p. 359; on his cattle at Branton, p. 359; on his horses at Bowtoun, p. 359; his cattle and gear at Ingram and in the outer curtain of Harbottle Castle, p. 359; sues Cesford on bond for 50l., p. 363; also John Burn, &c. for stealing his "slewe dogg" at Hasylrig, raids at Thornton and Eslington, p. 363; commended to Burghley by Bothwell (29th Oct.), 691; nine years' spoils, &c. from his tenants, 998.

Collingwood, Cuthbert: horseman, Shipley, p. 161.
-, Cuthbert, of Titlingtoun: raid on, p. 360.
-, Edward: outlaw, passes Jesuits over the border (Oct.), p. 236.
-, Gawenn, of Bewick: raids on, p. 362.
-, Henry: present when Lord Russell shot, p. 190; ordered redress by the King, not given by Fernehurst (27th July 1585), 359; of Ryle: raid on (1587), 595.
-, John: his lands, &c., pp. 14, 15; present when Lord Russell shot, p. 190; of Titlington: unhorsed following the fray, p. 359.
-, John, junior: present when Lord Russell shot, p. 190.
-, John: horseman, Kemerston, p. 157.
-, Ralph: his tenant, p. 18; present when Lord Russell shot, p. 190; of Bewick: raid on, p. 362.
-, Rob.: horseman, Longhoughton, p. 160.
-, Rob.: Walsingham writes to (16th May), 427; to be employed to "sound" Lord Maxwell (12th June), 433; Scrope's opinion of (13th Oct.), 458; his (anonymous) report to Scrope, 458; his favour and credit with Maxwell and Herries (Nov.), 463; his offer to spy for reward, and his report to Scrope (5th Nov.), 465.

Collingwood, Thomas: present when Lord Russell shot, p. 190; of Eslingtoun: raid on, p. 363.
-, Thomas, of Little Ryle: raid on, pp. 359, 363.

Collinson, Henry: nag, &c., p. 65.
-, John: (2) nags, &c., p. 64; eldest (1), billman, p. 64.
-, John: nag, &c., p. 65.
-, Ric.: nag, &c., p. 65.
-, Tho.: billman, p. 64.
-, Wil.: billman, p. 65.

Collmar (Colmore), Dr Clement: his equipment at muster, p. 162; to attend English commissioners (4th Sept.), 346; frame articles, give advice, &c., p. 196; charges drawn up by (11th Oct.), 359; reports state of the proceedings to Walsingham, 364.

Collopp, John: pensioner, Berwick, pp. 274, 455; petitions for balance of two years' pay, 816.

Colston, the Laird: a juror on Bothwell's trial (10th Aug.), p. 488.

Colville (Colving), Laird of Wemis: receives Dipling from Lord Oliphant (Nov. 1580), 67; James, of East Wemyss: sent by the King to London (4th Nov. 1583), 184.
-, Mr John: at Berwick with the King's letters, &c. (30th Dec. 1582), 142; at Richmond, 151; obtains licence to buy horses from Elizabeth at Court (before 1st Dec.), 190; Lord Hamilton's "special" letter to, sent to Walsingham (31st March 1585), 300; accompanies Lord Arbroth to Scotland (Oct. 1585), 380; letters to, from "the lords," dissatisfied at Knowles' message (24th Nov.), 394; his letters sent to Walsingham (17th July), 439; discourses with Walker on Lord Hamilton's change, and denies it (Feb. 15878), 598; notes on his letters signed Secundus, p. 318; "his poor estate"Bowes asks 50l. to be given him for services (10th April), 603; to Lowther, in behalf of Bothwell (25th Aug.), p. 407; draws up his case to show Elizabeth and Burghley, pp. 407, 408; with Bothwell at his secret entry to Holyrood (24th July), 880; the King's assurance to him, 880, p. 491; writes to Bothwell by the Master of Caithness (10th Sept. 1593), 888; in the raid of Falkland (1592), p. 516; in Bothwell's rearward in the fight at Niddry (3rd April 1593), p. 526; reports their prospects to the Dean of Durham (9th April), 942; "importunate" for his letters to Sir R. Cecill (30th April), 951; Carey ordered by Cecill not to let him come to Berwick (4th July), 965; warned by Sir R. Cecill not to come to Court, protests against it to Carey, and in writing (29th Aug.), 977; his protest, 977; Cecill's letter of 3rd Sept. to, 979; reports from Scotland his remission under the King's hand, &c. (19th Sept.), 979; Cecill orders his wife to leave Berwick (24th), which Carey delays on her suit, till Colville comes for her (3rd Oct.), 982; removes his wife and whole family on 14th (17th Oct.), 985; took 3000l. from Elizabeth to the King (in 1590), 988.

Colvile, Mr William: Lord Hamilton's letter to, sent to Walsingham (23rd April), 214; escaped with difficulty to Angus, &c. (1st May), 221.

Colwell: horsemen in, p. 22.

Coma, Cardinal de: his letter, 289.

Combalton, the Laird: a juror on Bothwell's trial (10th Aug.), p. 488.

Comerton: horsemen in, p. 21.

Compston, Chr.: his arms, p. 57.
-, Tho.: his arms, p. 57.

Cond (Condy), Prince of: reported unhorst in battle, and remounted by a Scotsman (17th Jan. 15878), 584.

Confydence , the hoy: of Harwich, 665.

Coniers (Conears), the late lord: his tenants, p. 16; warden of West Marches, gave up captainship of Carlisle castle to William, lord Dacre, temp. Henry 8th, p. 417.
-, Edward: pensioner, Berwick, p. 274; petty victualler, p. 385; pensioner, takes Berwick petition to Burghley (24th Jan. 15923), 796; late petty victualler: his debt, 811; is able for it, p. 442; pensioner, p. 455; one Mr: a pensioner, sells a gunner's "roome," p. 524; his debt to Pindlebury enquired into (8th June), 955; found solvent, i.e., when he gets his two years' pay, 955; due Vernon, 1003.
-, Gregory, the late: his widow's claim, 86.
-, John, esq.: his land and equipment, p. 162.
-, Mr, of Sockburne: the Queen specially thanks (23rd Aug.), 630.
-, Jo.: 25; p. 10; 85; auditor of exchequer, 844.
-, mount, Berwick: 477; p. 536.

Conneygarthe: horsemen in, p. 21.

Conningham, Robert: Lord Hamilton's servant, takes message to Forster (13th July 1585), 328; and letters (1st Aug.), 337.

Conquet: Col. Sempill ships at, from Spain, for Calais (Jan. 15878), pp. 31011.

Constable, Sir Henry: captain of horse, co. York (6th June), 608.
-, Michael, gent.: his equipment at muster, p. 163; due Vernon, 1003.
-, Sir Robert: marshal of Berwick, 14, 15, 16; reports on works, &c., 16; 23; to the council, 26; to Burghley, 28; to him and council, 31, 32; due Vernon, 1003.
-, Sir Robert: general of foot under Huntingdon (3rd Dec.), 569; with Huntingdon at Doncaster, on defence, &c. (15th May 1588), 606.

"Controller, Mr:" (1578), p. 10.

Cook, Henry: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Henry: horseman, Bousden, p. 158.
-, Raph: horseman, Jeswick, p. 159.
-, Ric.: horseman, Beill, p. 159.
-, Rob. (2): unfurnished, pp. 44, 47.
-, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 47.
-, Tho. (2): their arms, p. 61.
-, Tho.: horseman, Goswick, p. 160.
-, Wil.: absent, p. 44.
-, Wil.: horseman, Scremerton, p. 159.

Cookeham: the victualler of Berwick to have, 1002.

Cooklandes, Gilb.: horseman, Mushane, p. 158.

Cookeson, James: pensioner, p. 455.
-, Lancelot: nag, &c., p. 63.
-, William: his arms, p. 37.

Coperthwaite, Ewen: bowman, p. 64.

Coquet (Cockett), water of: Liddesdale forays on Forster, &c. beyond (May 1584), 228.

Corbet, Laird of: John Ker, his son, raids Ilderton (Oct. 1583), p. 113; Cesford writes to C. thereon, p. 113; charged with raid near Alnwick (11th Dec. 1587), 577; resets English refugees (Oct.), 458; passes them on to North of Scotland, p. 237.

Corbrigge town: horsemen in, p. 22; Earl of Northumberland's: p. 22.

Corby, Meikle and Little: muster of, p. 37; a "little" lordship: George Salkeld's, p. 392.

Corlesse (Cullace), David, of Auchfersey: sent by James 6th to bring Earl Bothwell home from Italy (Sept. 1581), p. 76; passed through Berwick (3rd Oct.), 111; his "special man," brings offer to Bothwell from the chancellor (6th April), 642.

Cornecrooke, Hob, of the: fugitive resetted in Liddesdale, p. 150.

Cornewalles, Sir Thomas: a former commissioner, p. 104; 778.

Cornhill village: tenants, &c., p. 18; town: p. 32; (East March): a strength, p. 103; muster of, p. 153; horsemen in, p. 161.

Coroner's inquest, a: 232; presentation by, 233.

Corry, Laird of (Johnston): slain, 413.
-, Watte: raid by, p. 558.

Cosser, Rob.: horseman, Dutchane, p. 161.

Cot, Wil.: his arms, p. 61.

Council of the North, the: 3.
-, Privy: a traitorous picture sent to, 3; orders for Berwick, 22; Constable to, 26, 32; instruct Hunsdon, 42; Scrope to, 43; Johnson to, 45; Forster to, with musters of middle march (May 1580), 50; on commissioners' meeting, 51; Bowes to, on same (June), 56; Forster to (July), 57; Bowes to (Aug.), 59; border notes by, 168; Scrope to, in reply (3rd Aug. 1583), 170; Forster to, of border redress, and delays by the Scots (4th Aug.), 171; Forster to, of Cesford's promise to meet on 5th Nov.the plague, &c. (30th Oct.), 181; of their meeting [at Helterbourne], to little effectthe King's lettercharges against himself, &c. (11th Nov.), 185; instructions to Forster (8th March 1583-4), 203; Forster's reply, 204; orders by, in the disputes between the governor, &c., and the corporation of Berwick, p. 147; orders for munition at Newcastle (12th Aug.), 251; orders for Berwick (26th May), 430; to the wardens of the marches, 431; Sir S. Musgrave to, defending his son Thomas as deputy of Bewcastle (16th June), 434; instruct Huntingdon as to charges against Sir J. Forster (Sept.), 451; order Huntingdon to garrison Harbottel (15th June), 519; and lay 200 foot on the marches (9th Sept.), 539; Huntingdon to, that powder and shot wanted (13th April), 604; that he cannot go to Newcastle from York for want of men and munition, &c. (23rd June), 611; from Hartlepool to, thanks for the Queen's acceptance of his servicealarms therehis readiness for defence, but economy of the Queen's money, &c. (17th Aug.), 625; Forster to, about a coiner taken, &c. (13th June), 673; instruct Captain William Selby to inspect ordnance, &c., along the march, and report (Dec. 1590), 699; Forster to, of Bothwell's committal to Edinburgh castle (18th April 1591), 709.
-, Scottish: the "new," letters from and to Forster (18th-24th Dec.), 399; order redress to Forster for Fernehurst's outrage (11th Feb. 158990), 657; write to the Lord-lieutenant Hamilton thereon, 657; to Maxwell, to await his arrival, p. 343; to Cesford, to find out the offenders, p. 343; to same, to meet Forster for justice (26th), 659, 660; from Jedburgh, to Forster (17th Oct. 1593), 906; to Bowes, of redress offered to Tyndale (17th Nov.), p. 512; to Bowes, that their wardens promise to stay disorder on their return (24th Oct.), 986.

Courcelles, M. de: packet sent to (29th Oct.), 466; packet sent to, 487; secret conference with Arran (Feb. 15867), 492; has three hours' conference with the King in garden of Holyrood (7th May), p. 258; ambassador in Edinburgh, robbed of his papers and ciphers while "at cheese," after dinner, by his servant Browne, who rides with them to Hunsdon at Berwick (5th Oct.), 549, 550; planned with connivance of Hunsdon and the marshal, but his jewels and clothes spared, 549, 550; sent to Burghley (7th), 552; sends to Hunsdon to stay a "Scotch boy," his servant, who had stolen 600 or 700 crowns and clothes, 552; his loss "stormed at" in Scotland, and himself nearly mad (12th Oct.), 555; to the ambassador in London (17th Jan.), 584.

Cowart, Wil.: unfurnished, p. 47.
-, Wil.: horseman, S. Charlton, p. 158.

Cowbie: muster of, p. 65.

Cowdale: muster of, p. 43.

Cowden, John: horseman, N. Charlton, p. 159.

Cowhill, Laird of: (Maxwell), slain by Drumlanrig, &c., 788.

Cowling, Jo.: bowman, p. 51.

Cowmanu, John: raid on, p. 358.

Cownethe, Laird of: married to Kirkconnell's daughter (1581), p. 72.

Cowper, Anth.: bowman, p. 45.
-, Hugh: nag, &c., p. 65.
-, John: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, John: billman, p. 65.
-, John: horseman, Weetwood, p. 158.
-, Rob.: spearman, p. 50.
-, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 45.
-, Tho.: bowman, p. 51.
-, Tho.: nag, &c., p. 64.
-, Tho. (Gamelsby): spoiled, 809.
-, Wil.: unfurnished, p. 49.

Cowpland: tenants in, p. 15; muster of, pp. 153, 157.

Cowson, Christopher, of Cowperhaugh: raid on, p. 348.

Cowtarde, John: his arms, p. 38.
-, John: his arms, p. 39.
-, Jo.: his arms, p. 59.
-, Lancelot: unarmed, p. 54.
-, Robert: raid on, p. 352.
-, Thomas: raid on, p. 352.
-, , . . .: Wattie Pringle's man, raid by, p. 364.

Cox, John: pensioner, Berwick, pp. 274, 455.

Cox, Rob.: pensioner, p. 455.

Coxone, Oliver: horseman, Hatherslaw, p. 157.

Coyke, Mark: his arms, p. 41.

Cracroft, Richard: pensioner, Berwick, p. 274.

Cragge, Alexander, of Whynatlie: raid on, p. 351.
-, Chris.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Mr Thomas: counsel for Bothwell (10th Aug.), p. 487; answers for him at trial, p. 487.
-, Doctor: Danish ambassador, at the King's charges till 10th July (29th June 1593), 851; to see the Queen's jointure settled, 851; said to be going (or sending) to Spain (18th July), p. 475.

Craggie, Wil.: his arms, p. 59.

Cragill, Anthony: his arms, p. 39.
-, John: his arms, p. 40.
-, John: wife of, raided, p. 356.
-, Michael: his arms, p. 40.
-, Michael, of Walton wood: raid on, p. 356.
-, Richard: his arms, p. 38.
-, Rowland: his arms, p. 40.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 40.
-, Thomas: absent, eger, p. 59.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 59.

Craige, the (Aberdeenshire): cast down by the King (Nov. 1594), 990.
-, the, Eskdale: herried by Dikkis Wattie, 241.

Craiston (Creston): muster of, p. 59.
-, Edm.: bowman, p. 62.

Crake, Andrew: his arms, p. 39.
-, John: his arms, p. 40.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 50.
-, Ric.: bowman, p. 49.

Crakingthorpe, H.: well affected, his estate (?) (1583), 168.

Cramlengeton: horsemen in, p. 22.

Crane, John: pensioner, Berwick, clerk of the checkes, p. 274; elder: pensioner, p. 455; deceased, 895; sometime a depender on the Duke of Somerset (12th Oct.), 902.
-, John: musters Hunsdon's 400 men (6th March), p. 319; 654; signs petition to Burghley, 657; to Hunsdon, of Norham repairs, defects of musters, &c. (25th July), 679; report to Selby of fallen tower at Berwick, p. 366; to Hunsdon, of survey at Norham (24th Aug.), 682; signet, 682; to Hunsdon, how to reduce cost of works at Berwick (19th Dec.), 695; deputy controller, surveys repairs of Berwick (13th Sept. 1591), 733; reports on munition, 813; on needful works (9th April), p. 446; has the customer and controller's seals in a locked box, as deputy controller (14th), p. 447; 854, 895, 897, 898; p. 504; deputy controller under Jenison and Errington for 30 years, and commended by latter to Burghley (12th Oct.), 902; recommended as comptroller of works by Carey (8th Dec.), p. 515; qualifications necessary, p. 515; Robert Bowes to Burghley, for him, 920; his long service under previous comptrollers and skill in reckonings (10th Jan. 15934), 927; Carey suggests his getting the clerkship of the check, and Captain Boyer the comptrollership, p. 520; is a favourite of Hunsdon, p. 520; much needed back for the books and accounts (15th Feb.), 930; thanks Burghley for his goodness in getting him made "comptroller of cheque and musters," and as he is the only man there "who can do it," offers to execute the office of works also, if authorised (29th Feb.), 932; note of the works (24th March), 938; to Burghley, with book of the worksof needful repairs at the Ferne and Holy islands waiting his warrant, &c. (13th April), 943; to Burghley, that Norham castle is "ruinated," ordnance dismounted, &c., but Wark is partly repaired (15th April), 945; note by, of most needful works at Berwick, 945, pp. 530, 532; writes and signs indenture of ordnance at Berwick, Newcastle, Tynemouth, Holy island, Wark, and Norham (24th June), pp. 5357; musters at Berwick (15th July), p. 541; 984.

Cranston, Cuthbert: 39.
-, (Chraynston), Mr Thomas: letter sent to Walsingham (24th Sept.), 542; in Bothwell's main body (3rd April 1594), p. 526.
-, Captain: holding Lochmaben castle against the Maxwells (27th May 1585), 317.
-, Laird of (Carr): a chief man in East Teviotdale, p. 127.

Cranstouns (Crinstouns), the: gentlemen of the East Marches, 166.

Craster: muster of, p. 154.
-, Edmond: present when Lord Russell shot, p. 190; the Laird of, Edmund C.:raids on, pp. 360, 361; sues Hunthill, &c. for bond of 30l., p. 364.

Crawe, Emmute: his arms, p. 40.
-, George: his arms, p. 40.
-, John (2): their arms, p. 39.
-, John, elder, &c. (3): their arms, p. 40.
-, Pawton (2): their arms, p. 40.
-, Rob.: billman, p. 47.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 40.

Crawford, Earl of: returns from France a papist (Aug. 1581), p. 71; meets, and rides to St Andrews with the King (27th June 1583), 163; at Court (21st Nov. 1583), 188; taken by the nobles at Stirling (23rd April), 214; 238; fray with Master of Gray (March 15845), 294; at Aberdeen meeting (30th May), 318; prisoner with the lords (16th Nov.), 391; in Arbroath's keeping (19th), 393; breaks ward and escapes, summoned to go to Blackness at his peril (28th Dec.), 400; to assist Bothwell for Coldingham (10th Sept.), 448; meets Huntly and others (Oct.), 461; leaves Court to see Arran in Ayrshire (Nov.), 465; is with the King (29th April), p. 256; gets Angus's "voise" against Bothwell (16th July), 523; asks the King to receive Huntly at Burleigh, p. 307; at Huntly's convention at Lithco (27th Jan. 15878), 587; was not there, 589; at Court, seeking change of officers, &c. (10th April), 603; nearly agreed with Glammis, but, at chancellor's instance, stirs up town of Forfar's old feud with G. (Feb. 15901), 703; at Dunibirsle at convention with Huntly, &c. (4th July 1593), p. 475; sought for in Stirling (25th Aug.), 977.

Crawford, the Captain of: worsted, with loss, on Crawford moor, by Maxwell's followers (30th July 1585), 334.
-, Hen.: horseman, Mushane, p. 158.
-, James: keeper of the post boat, Berwick, 567.
-, Richard, John Heron's man: raid on, p. 349.
-, moor: report on gold, &c. there, 11; foray on, by Maxwell's followers, and the Captain of C. worsted, with loss (30th July 1585), 334; Angus comes to the King on 6th July 1592, 757.

Craws, the: gentlemen of the East Marches, 166.

Craythorn, Mr: prisoner, York, 310.

Creke: 562.

Cressewell, Arthur: levies heavy fines, p. 22; Queen's lessee, p. 33.

Cressope foot. See Kirsop foot.

Crichton (Creghton): Bothwell in ward at, 258; castle: the King at, with Bothwell (Jan. 15856), 405, 406; Col. Sempill rides to Bothwell at (8th Aug. 1588), 620.
-, (Creighton), one: at convention with Huntly, Crawford, Hume, &c., at Dumbirsle (4th July 1593), p. 475.

"Crismas pyes": the Berwick garrison will eat "but could," without their pay, p. 510.

Crocklaw house: muster of, p. 153.

Crofte, Sir James: 42; at council, Otelandes (12th Aug. 1584), 251.

Croglyn: Francis Dacre and his son leave, for Scotland (30th Sept.), 651.

Crosbye, barony of: musters, p. 41; betwixt Carlisle and the border, the bishop of Carlisle's, p. 393; the steward's duty to watch the fords of Eden, for thieves, p. 393.

Crosbye, Wil.: horseman, Ancroft, p. 159.

CrosbyRavinsworth parish: muster of, p. 65.

Crose, M. de, the Queen of Scots' servant: secretary to D'Anville (31st Jan. 15856), 410.

Croser, "Kates" Adam: raid by, p. 349.
-, Archie, of the Bowholme: raids by, p. 380.
-, Arche: assures for the Liddesdale C's., p. 170.
-, "Quintins" Arche: raids by, pp. 3467, 349, 350, 351.
-, Arche "henhead": raid by, p. 351.
-, Gib's Arche: raid by, 595.
-, Clement, of Bornheades: raid by, p. 347.
-, "Martins" Clemie: raids by, pp. 348, 349; horse-stealing, p. 359; resetted, p. 363; steals kye and oxen, p. 364.
-, Clemye: assures for the Liddesdale C's., p. 170.
-, "nebles" Clemy: forays by, 229; raid by, 595.
-, Edward, "Adey Farlamdes": raid by, p. 349.
-, Eddye, "the pleg": raid by, p. 349.
-, Hob: raids by, pp. 347, 349.
-, John, of Stanysheil: raid by, p. 349.
-, John: raid by, pp. 349, 351.
-, "Eddies" (Adam's) John: raids by, pp. 348, 349, 351.
-, John: his arms "a gonne," p. 40.
-, Martin: raids by, and son, pp. 348, 349, 351.
-, Martin, late of Baxtoun lee: raid by, p. 364.
-, Martin: a suspicious stranger taken going to (May 1582), p. 85.
-, Rowie, "nebles" Clemye's brother: raid by, p. 351.
-, Will, of Ryckerton: raid by, p. 347.
-, "ill wild" Will: raids by, pp. 346, 348.

Crosers, the: raid in Bewcastle, p. 70; (Crossyers): thieves of Scotland, p. 103; a surname of Liddesdale, 166; "loose men:" their numbers, p. 106; their feuds, 168; of Bewcastle: "sore decayed" (1592), p. 394.

Crosseland, George: prisoner, York, 310.
-, John: prisoner, York, 310.

Crossick [le Croisic], a port of Brittany: shipping to be prepared at, for the Spanish forces (26th Jan. 15934), 928.

Croswhate, John: his arms, p. 54.
-, Ric.: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 48.

Crowe, Harbert: his arms, p. 40.

Crowe, Ric.: pensioner, p. 455.
-, Robert: his arms, p. 40.

Crowkham: tenants in, p. 15; muster of, pp. 153, 157.

Croyme, Wille: raid by, p. 356.

Cruckbaine, Leonard: his arms, p. 57.

Cruckdaike, Chr.: his arms, p. 58.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 58.

Cuke, Gilbert: his arms, p. 41.

Culgath: muster of, p. 49.

Cumberland: 2640 foot in (1583), 160; strong places on border of, 162; the landowners: their religion, &c., 168; foot armed 2300, unarmed 1340 (1584), 255; horsemen in, 568, p. 155; note of spoils in (1592-3), 801.

Cumberland, Earl of: (Geo.), commissioner on West March, p. 35; marshal of the field under Huntingdon (3rd Dec.), 569.
-, ward: musters of, pp. 5361; musters, 1309 men, 40 absent, &c., p. 61; Scrope's estimate of horsemen in, p. 65.

Cumcrooke, Hobbe of: an English outlaw sought for by Scrope, 200.

Cumdovoke: muster of, p. 54.

Cumrewe parish: muster of, p. 38.

Cumwhitton parish: muster of, p. 37; and Coothill: musters of, p. 61.

Cunisby, Mr: with the Queen's "cariadge" in Sussex's embassy, 977.

Cupbearer, royal: Thomas lord Scrope asks for office of, in succession to his father (20th Aug. 1593), p. 494.

Curer, Dande, of Mowe: raid by, p. 364.

Currie, John, of Mowe: theft, p. 360.
-, a thief, "set up" at Berwick, p. 10.

Curwen, Sir Henry: commissioner of West March, p. 35; well affected, his estate (?) (1583), 168; 357.
-, Mr: delivers note of spoils (March 15923), p. 440.

Curwens, the: gentlemen of the West Marches, 166.

Cutberdson, John: his arms, p. 54.

Cuthbret, Edw.: horseman, Newton, p. 160.
-, Hen.: horseman, Stamford, p. 160.
-, John (2): horsemen, Lermouth, p. 157.
-, John: horseman, Howick, p. 161.
-, Peter: horseman, Dunstone, p. 160.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 61.
-, Rob.: horseman, Howick, p. 161.
-, Rob.: horseman, Dunstone, p. 160.
-, Rob.: horseman, Newton, p. 160.
-, Roger: horseman, Lermouth, p. 157.
-, Wil.: spearman, p. 47.
-, Wil.: horseman, Stamford, p. 160.
-, Wil.: horseman, Howick, p. 161.