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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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Eamont, John, of Hillhouse: father of Hob of Whithaugh, p. 356.
-, Rob.: billman, p. 50.
-, Rob.: billman, p. 52.

Eamontson, Anth.: billman, p. 53.
-, Cuth.: billman, p. 52.
-, Jo.: bowman, p. 52.
-, Jo.: (1) bowman, p. 52; (1) billman, p. 52; (2), absent, p. 52.
-, Lancelot: his arms, p. 57.
-, Robert: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Robert (2): bowmen, p. 50.
-, William: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, William: bowman, p. 52.

Eansley (Ansley), Davie: "Fallawe's" son, raids by, pp. 360, 363; reset by, pp. 360, 363.
-, Raiph, of Cleethaugh: raids by, pp. 360, 362, 364.
-, Roger, of Cleethaugh: raids by, pp. 360, 361, 362.
-, Thome, of Swinside: raid by, p. 358.
-, Thome, of Sleethaugh: raid by, pp. 361, 364.
-, William, of Fallawe: raid by, p. 360.

Earlle: tenants in, p. 15; muster of, pp. 153, 160.
-, Christopher: his arms, p. 37.
-, John: (1) his arms, p. 37; (2), p. 38.
-, John: unarmed, p. 58.
-, Nicolas: his arms, p. 38.
-, Robert: his arms, p. 38.
-, Robert: his arms, p. 61.

Earsden: horsemen in, p. 22.

Easengtoun: tenants in, p. 16; (Yesinton): muster of, pp. 153, 161.

Easmy, Anth.: his arms, p. 60.
-, John: his arms, p. 57.
-, John: his arms, p. 59.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 60.

Eastilrig: able men in, p. 42.

Easton, John: his arms, p. 55.
-, Rob.: his arms, p. 57.

Echewike: horsemen in, p. 22.

Eckles (Heckells): near Kelso, Lord Hume retreats to, on Bothwell's advance (1st April 1594), pp. 5256.

Edderston: muster of, p. 153.

Eddleston kirk: men of, complain (1592), p. 517.

Eden river: p. 32.

Edenhall: muster of, p. 47; Earl Bothwell at, with Sir Simon Musgrave (10th March 15923), p. 433; vicar of, robbed of 16 sheep, p. 440.

Edie, Clement's: raid on, 176.

Edinburgh, the town of: angry with Lennox imprisoning their townsmen at Stirling (April 1582), 116; Lennox expected to have the castle, and make Lord Seton provost and deputy keeper (May 1582), 121, 122; George Douglas, late keeper under Morton, 134; border riders at gates of, p. 102; to provide shipping, &c., for Lord Seton going to France (8th Nov.), 184; the King at, and receives the son of the late Duke of Lennox with kindness (16th), 188; plague very sore in (23rd May), 316; (30th), 318; castle twice demanded from Arran, whose wife builds a "barras" on the castle hill (23rd June 1585), 322; report yet unconfirmed (26th), 324; the plague vehement in, 324; castle: Cowdenknowes made captain (11th Nov.), 388; Lady Arran fled from, on 5th, 388, 389; the late constable comes to Court (10th), 390, 391, 393; Lord Maxwell sent to (24th Jan. 15856), 407; escorted at night by Glammis and the King's guard, 409; the plague sore at (14th Nov. 1587), 563; the town refuses to accept a provost from the King, and "the principalls" are warded (3rd Oct.), pp. 41011; Bothwell's peace proclaimed at the Cross (24th July 1593), 866; and by ten heralds and "trumpets" in the town, 866; provost of, procures agreement between the King and Bothwell (14th Aug. 1593), p. 493; town council of, their "indent" with the King, Bothwell, &c., 891; Bothwell at, taking advice, p. 499; King leaves it for Lawder (12th Oct.), 905; town asks him to try Huntly, Angus, and Errol there instead of Lithco, but refused (31st Oct.), p. 510; send "hagbutes" there as his guard, but to help Bothwell's design, p. 510; offers 15,000l. Scots towards the Queen's "lying in," &c. (26th Dec.), 924; the provost, with 60 men, lets "his good friend" Bothwell pass out by a "wickyate" (2nd July 1594), 962.

Edingeton: horsemen in, p. 22.

Edleugham: horsemen in, p. 22.

Edmonston, Captain: 2.

Edname, John, and widow E., his mother: raid on, 791.
-, Roger: his wife spoiled, 801.
-, "Wedowe," of the Greyne, Gilsland: raid on, p. 558.

Ednel, John: his arms, p. 60.

Egborwait: able men, &c. in, 91.

Eiden, Robert: merchant of Newcastle, 155.

Eldere, Emant: horseman, Longhoughton, p. 160.
-, Hen.: horseman, Chatton, p. 160.
-, John: horseman, Newham, p. 158.
-, John: horseman, Longhoughton, p. 160.
-, Tho.: horseman, Lesbury, absent, p. 160.
-, Wil. (2): horsemen, Longhoughton, p. 160.

Elderton (Middle Marches): English tenant expelled, and Scots put in (18th June), 435; owned by one Elderton, a writer of supplications at Court and Westminster, 435.

Eleshawe (Redesdale): raid at, 132.

Ellford village: tenants, &c., pp. 17, 33.
-, (Ellforth): muster of, pp. 154, 158.

Elgyn: Huntly laying men at, against Moray (13th Feb. 15901), p. 376.

Elizabeth, Queen: to be "gossip" to Queen Mary (April 1566), 10; R. Johnson to, 44; her lands, &c. on East March, pp. 1516; report on her lands in Northumberland (1580), 78; order for Sir R. Lee, &c., 95; her reception of Randolph on return from Scotland (1581), 96; of the French embassy for her marriage to Anjou, p. 67; dines with them, p. 67; Hunsdon's dissatisfaction at her keeping him at Berwick, &c. (Aug.), 102; letter to, from King James, forwarded (30th June 1582), 128; her letter to Cesford to redress disorders for his wardenry (July), 130; commission to Scrope, &c., on Lord Russell's murder (4th Sept.), 345; her displeasure at the answers of the Scottish commissioners (16th Oct.), 370; thanks Scrope and the commissioners, and dismisses them (30th Oct. 1585), 383; Lady Hamilton writes to her (26th Nov.), 395; despatches Randolph to the King (13th Feb. 15856), 415; sends Robert Carey to the King with a letter (Feb. 15867), 490; esteemed by the papists a bastard daughter of Henry 8th, p. 250; to Forster, that Hunsdon will inquire into his conduct (21st Aug.), 534; her appointments on Marches (156087), p. 269; Huntingdon (?) accused by Hunsdon of maliciously informing her against him (27th Sept.), 548; advised on no account to make the dean bishop of Durham, though Huntingdon backs him, p. 276; Courcelles' stolen papers will show her the dealings of France in Scotland (6th Oct.), p. 277; satisfied with Hunsdon's report of Berwick (18th Oct.), 556; informed of arrears of pay there, 556; of the King of Scots' illwill to her, and her need of 1000 men on border, pp. 2823; Court of Scotland reported by Bowes hostile, &c. (10th Nov.), 561; her mode of dealing with the King of Scots condemned by Hunsdon as too dilatory, and Angus, Mar, &c. no help to her,his own advice not listened to, &c. (14th), p. 287; sends Huntingdon as lieutenantgeneral to the border (27th), 565; instructs Huntingdon to raise 10,000 foot, &c., and names officers under him (3rd Dec.), 569; Hunsdon tells her he will not serve under him, but go to prison rather (6th), 572; the King's proposals by Bothwell for her amity, p. 293; Bowes deprecates her displeasure at his being in arrear (8th Dec.), 573; the King's amity pressed on her by Hunsdon (8th Dec.), p. 295; his further messages, &c., by Bothwell's envoy, hints as to more money, &c. (14th Dec.), pp. 2978; her innocence of Mary's death asserted by Hunsdon, to her satisfaction (28th Dec.), 579; advised to favour chancellor Maitland, and make sure of the King "whylst the iron is hot," to save her purse, p. 299; a proposal to her to fortify the line of the Roman wall, pp. 3002; advised by Hunsdon that the King means revenge, but dissembles, and to strengthen her borders (17th Jan. 15878), 584; solemnly assured by the King, through Carmichael, of his constancy to their league, &c., &c. (23rd), p. 307; the late Queen Mary's gentlewoman's speeches against her in Edinburgh harden people's hearts against her, pp. 307, 308; Archibald Douglas's ill offices between the King and her, pp. 307, 308; advised to "deal kindly" to gain the King, though she "pay dearly" (2nd Feb.), p. 309; warned that Archibald Douglas is no longer ambassador, p. 309; her letter to the King kept back by Hunsdon as "hard" and inopportunequibbling at his demands, to her future lossthat only money out of hand, not such dealing, will secure him (3rd Feb.), 588, p. 311; Hunsdon excuses his plain words, p. 311; again advised to "deal roundly," and help the King with money at once, or the time will be lost (6th Feb.), p. 312; advised by Hunsdon to restore Sir John Forster to his wardenry, as freed of all charges (25th), p. 316; her pleasure asked as to writing to the King, who urgently wishes it, p. 317; thanks her commissioners for their services (1st March), 599; is slow to answer the King of Scots, in Hunsdon's opinionmay repent it (31st March 1588), p. 321; "mislikes" Hunsdon's letterdelays reappointing Sir John Forster, or allowing Hunsdon to return to Court on his urgent affairs, pp. 321, 322; thinks Huntingdon negligent (2nd April), 604; to trust in God, p. 324; Huntingdon to, of state of defences at Newcastle, Durham, &c. (3rd Aug.), 619; the same to, with news of the Spanish fleet brought by the Advice pinnace, and the necessity of keeping the King of Scots as a friend (19th Aug.), 626; her thanks to noblemen and gentlemen of the northern counties, &c. (23rd), 630; gives the King of Scots 3000l. (10th Sept.), 633; the King to, with thanks for her bounty (11th), 634; petition to, by Mathew Johnson for redress, and repayment of loans to her officers at Berwick (18th Feb. 15889), 640; promised by her (in 1580), 640; Bowes informed (wrongly) that she will defray the arrears of pay at Berwick, on getting security (7th June 1590), 672; her "gracious clemency and bounty" therein, p. 354; her sharp displeasure with him, and severe measures intended, only "stayed" by Burghley till he raises the money (15th Aug.), 681; she refuses to "imprest" any money, or let him have any on mortgage, but expects him to "sell outright" and pay her garrison at once (24th Oct.), 690; Bowes' abject suit to her to relieve his arrears, and for an imprest of his salary as ambassador to pay his Scottish creditors (Oct. 1590), p. 369; the Berwick garrison ready to petition her, 692; Bowes and his son's proposal of lands in security of 1000l. yearly, 697; her high offence that the garrison not yet paidthreat to recal Bowes as "wounding her honour" (24th March 15901), 707; her repeated refusal to advance him money, except on security for repayment, p. 378; his trust in her grace, p. 378; Forster thinks the Scottish Court quarrels, mere policy to get money from her (30th July), 715; sends James Hudson, ambassador, to Scotland, with letter to the King (1st Dec. 1591), 737; to show her care for his safety, and how to reform a "person there" [Bothwell?], and his course, as convenient, p. 389; humbly asked by Bowes for his salary, and charges borne for her, p. 389; the securities to be made to her by him for his debts shown to her, and need of a patent for salt to assist him in his difficulties, p. 389; scheme of Hamilton, Angus, Bothwell, &c., to remove the chancellor and others from Court, proposed by the Master of Gray to Burghley for her "permission" on conditionsGray to be a pledge with her (14th July 1592), 763; their earnest offers of "great sums" from the King of Spain, and to the Master himself within six days past, rejected as "true Christians," &c., p. 403; Bothwell desires his peace by her means, and offers to deliver four Jesuits in return (20th Aug.), 766; Bothwell desires his letters to be shown to her, p. 407; with his objects in the late enterprise at Falkland, pp. 407, 408; her permission for the Master of Gray lying in Northumberland suspected by the King, but denied (7th Oct.), 776; the King's message that if she keeps doubtful amity, he may call to mind "old done deeds" touching him in blood, &c. (15th Oct.), p. 415; publicly forbids aid to Bothwell, but allows him to be resetted on her border, p. 415; the mayor of Berwick presents book of complaints against Lord Hunsdon, &c., to her (14th March 15923), 806; book of complaints, p. 434; table of abuses, pp. 434, 4358; is prayed to conceal him from Hunsdon's anger, and appoint a commission of enquiry, p. 438; petition to, by the mayor and corporation, with names of commissioners suggested, 810; instructions to John Carey, sent as deputy governor to enquire into and reform abuses (27th March), 814; Carey's sense of her royal dealing with him in sending him to Berwick to reform abuses (18th April), 824; wishes her to recal or pay him a salary, lest he take to "bribing" or "selling places," p. 450; to send a marshal, p. 450; the corporation of Berwick's offers to her, for the purveyor's place (28th), p. 453; powder for her coronation days, p. 453; pleased with Carey's "diligence" (1st May), 830; Scrope asks her pleasure if Bothwell offers service, 831; is cheated at Berwick (9th May), 833; her pleasure asked on Border intermarriages (12th May), p. 459; is informed of Lady Woddryngton's interfering in her late husband's duties, 836; mayor, &c., of Berwick petition against Hunsdon and Carey (22nd), p. 461; dislikes Carey being marshal (24th), 838, 839; reminded of the town's suit for the victualling (1st June), 841; her public and secret orders about Bothwell not easily executed by Lord Scrope (10th June 1593), 845; averse to Carey's being marshal (12th June), 846, 847; Scrope publishes her proclamation against Bothwell (13th June), 848; is greatly overcharged for works at Berwick (8th July) 857; "refuses" Sir James Chesome (18th July), p. 475; advised by Carey to retain Bothwell to deal with the King, and "save her purse," p. 475; orders Scrope and Forster to enforce her late proclamation against Bothwell, &c., more straightly, as her subjects have broken it (20th July), 862; authorises John Carey to act temporarily as marshal of Berwick (20th July), 863; Lord Herries' offer to her if the warden delivers 15 Scottish outlaws who murdered his brother (20th July), 864; Forster acknowledges her new orders regarding Bothwell (25th), 867; Bothwell's intention to wait upon her, for directions, as her sworn servant, and to ask her for 200 men to support him, till fully established (1st Aug.), 872, p. 481; Bothwell's thanks before the Dean of Durham for her permission of his stay in Northumberland, and vow of loyalty to her (2nd Aug.), p. 482; the King's earnest attempts to find out what support she gave him, futile, p. 482; and charged with ingratitude to her, p. 482; is "the most gracious instrument of God, and ornament of the Christian world," p. 483; is advised to be careful in the union between the Catholic and Protestant parties in Scotland, lest the latter be wrecked, and her assistance looked for to guide the King, p. 483; the dean's further account of the King's extreme urgency to find out her support of Bothwell, and Bothwell's assertion of his joining with his party (15th Aug.), p. 491; recommended to employ Bothwell as fittest for her service in Scotland, p. 492; Scrope asks for her cup-bearer's place held by his father (20th Aug.), p. 494; her displeasure with Carey for receiving Bothwell signified to him by Burghley, Hunsdon, &c., his fault humbly excused, and her pardon sought (24th Aug.), 883, p. 495; Scrope asks her pleasure as to Bothwell (26th Nov.), 917; Carey thinks a year long to serve her for nothing (19th Dec.), 923; "hath many irons in the fire" (15th Feb. 15934), 930; Forster (at Durham) prays Burghley's good offices with her for his return home, (16th), 931; Herries wishes her "liking" before accepting the West March wardenry (8th March), 933; Bothwell's petition to allow him refuge and support, or make his peace, 934; Herries urgent to know her pleasure (26th April), 947; A. Douglas complains to, of his letters stopped (May), 953; D. Fowlys sent from the King to get money from (8th June), 955; is "indisposed" to Herries being warden, but wishes to learn his position (13th July), 967; Sir R. Cockburn sent to, by post, for more money (29th July), 971; her pleasure on an offer by Bothwell desired by Forster to save her money (5th Aug.), 972; commands the president to admit four new members on the council of the north (14th Aug.), 974; and Hunsdon to appoint William Selby, clerk of the ordnance (19th Aug.), 976; Sussex her ambassador, hurried off to Stirling without his carriages, &c. (28th Aug.), 977; orders Scrope and Forster to keep order while the King pursues the papist earls (8th Oct.), 983; her payments to the King (from 1586 to 1594), and her remarks on the amount promised, 988; shown by Cecill Buccleuch's letter to Scrope (23rd Nov.), 991; petition by the corporation of Berwick for victualling the town, and inducements offered, p. 554.

Elizabeth Drake , the: to go to Scotland, 629.

Ellengham village: tenants, &c., in, p. 17; (Eillingham): muster of, pp. 154, 160.

Ellengeton: tenants oppressed by fines, p. 22.

Ellergill, Symond: billman, p. 47.

Ellerker, Sir Robert: p. 31.
-, Captain: 591.

Ellerton, Wil.: absent, p. 50.

Ellis, Captain: Mr Secretary's man, requires handsome recruits, p. 282; 591; Captain Steven:his bill against Buccleuch, &c. (Nov. 1588), 638; attacked in Gilsland, p. 356.

Ellison, John: his arms, p. 39.

Ellot (Elwodd, Elwold), Ad.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Adam, "Condus": p. 121.
-, Adam (Edie), of the Shaws: p. 121; raids by, 229, 595.
-, Eddie, "Davie Carlinge's" son: raids by, pp. 347, 348, 349, 364.
-, Adam: son of Davy of Dunlies, raid by, p. 349.
-, Alexander, of Fallon (Fallineshe): raids by, pp. 3501.
-, Anthony, "of the Benks": raid and murder by, p. 350.
-, Arche, of Glenworren: assures for the Ewesdale Ellots, p. 170.
-, Arche, of Hill: p. 121; raids by, 132, 229, 595, p. 380; assures for Ramesgill (18th Dec. 1584), p. 170.
-, Arche, "Fire the braes": p. 121; Arche, of the Shawes: brother to Edie E., foray by, 229; Archie, of Shaws, "Fire the braes": raid by, 595; Arche, "Fyrebraies": assures for his branch (18th Dec. 1584), p. 170.
-, Arche, of the Park: assures for his house (18th Dec. 1584), p. 170.
-, Arche, "the clark's" brother: p. 121.
-, Arche: brother to Redheugh, p. 121.
-, "Gawens" Arche: raid by, 229.
-, "Hobbes" Archie: raid by, 229.

Ellot, Arche: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, "Martins" Arche: raids by, pp. 348, 349, 350, 351, 356; Martin's Arche, of Clyntwood: raids by (1587), 595, p. 352.
-, Arche, of Dewes leases: raid by, p. 347.
-, Arche, of Lareston burn: raid by, p. 351.
-, Arche, of Ramesgill: raid by, p. 347.
-, "Wills" Arche, of [Stychill] hill: raids by, 595, pp. 347, 348, 349, 351.
-, Christopher: his arms, p. 39.
-, Dandie, of Bradley: raid by, 176; his "grayne," p. 121; raid by, p. 356.
-, " Martins" Dande: raids by, pp. 3501.
-, Dande: "Bohomes" son, raid by, p. 349.
-, (Andrew) of Blackhall: raid by, p. 347.
-, Davie, of Bracley: assures for Goramberye till Fastern's eve (18th Dec. 1584), p. 170.
-, Davie, the "Carling:" raids by, 229, 595; raids by him and son, pp. 347, 348, 350, 351.
-, Davie, of Hongrige: assures for Goramberye till Fastern's eve (18th Dec. 1584), p. 170.
-, Davie, son of elder Will: takes assurance with Scrope and Forster (18th Dec. 1584), p. 170.
-, "Hobs" Davy, of Dewes leases: raid by, p. 347.
-, Edward: bowman, p. 44.
-, Gabriel, of the Park: raids by, pp. 346, 347.
-, Gawan: brother to Redhengh, p. 121.
-, Gawine, of [ ]: raid by, p. 351.
-, Gawan: "the clarke," p. 121.
-, "Jeymes Gawen," of the Armitage burn: foray by, 229.
-, "Wilcox" Gawen: raid by, 595.
-, "James" Geordie: raid by, 595.
-, Gybbe, of the Shaws: p. 121.
-, Gibbe: brother to Redheugh, p. 121.
-, "Martens" Gib: raids by, pp. 348, 349, 350, 351, 352.
-, "Martens" Gib: the cosen, raids by, pp. 348, 350, 352.
-, Gib: Robin's son, raids by, pp. 349, 359.
-, Hobb, of Autenburn: raid by, p. 362.
-, Hob (Robin): "the larde of Bornhead," raids by, 229, pp. 347, 350, 351.
-, "Fydler's" Hob, of Burnhead: raid by, 595.
-, Hobbe, of the Heughus: p. 121.
-, Hob, of the Leys: raids by, p. 380.
-, Hob, of the Park: raid by, 132.

Ellot, Hobb, of Ramsegill: assures for his branch (18th Dec. 1584), p. 170; raid by, 595.
-, "Yll" Hobbe, of the Ramsgill: Gawen E. of Roughlee's son, forays by, 229.
-, "Wills" Hobb: assures for Ramsegill, p. 170.
-, Hobb, of the Shawes: raids by, pp. 351, 380.
-, Hob, of Stany shiel ("Stanshiele"): raids by, pp. 3467, 348, 350, 356.
-, Hob, of Thorlesopp: raids by, pp. 346, 347, 348, 350.
-, Hobb, "Bowholms," of Tevidale: excepted from assurance, p. 170; raids by, 595, pp. 347, 348, 349, 351.
-, Hobb, "Bullie": raids by, pp. 3501.
-, "curst" Hobbe: p. 121.
-, Hobbe: "the clark's" brother, p. 121.
-, "Gawens" Hob: raid by, p. 356.
-, "Hobbs" Hobbe: p. 121.
-, "Martins" Hob: raids by, pp. 3512.
-, Robin: "the tailor," raid by, p. 347.
-, "Scot's" Hobbe: p. 121.
-, "yll" Hobb: raids by, p. 380.
-, James, of the Birks: raid by, pp. 3467, 349.
-, James, the Hill: raids by, 132, 176; James, "on the Hill": raids by, pp. 347, 348, 350, 351.
-, James, of Milbornehome: raid by, 595.
-, Jeme, of the Park: p. 121.
-, "Arche" Jamie: raids by, pp. 349, 359.
-, James: "Arches" brother, raids by, p. 380.
-, James: "Martins man," raid by, p. 350.
-, "gray Wills" Jeme: p. 121.
-, James: his arms, p. 38.
-, Jeffrey (2): their arms, p. 38.
-, John, of the Braudley: p. 121.
-, John, of Bohomes: raids by, 595, p. 351.
-, John, "lard of Burnhead": raids by, pp. 349, 359.
-, Joke, "Copshaw": p. 121.
-, John, "Cowshawes": raid by, p. 356.
-, John, of Dewhouses: assures for Ewesdale, p. 170.
-, John, of the Hewghouse: assures for his branch (18th Dec. 1584), p. 170; raids by, 595, pp. 347, 348.
-, John: brother to Heughouse, p. 121.
-, Joke, of the Hill: p. 121.
-, John, of the Hillend: raid by, p. 347.
-, John, of the Park: raids by, pp. 110, 346, 347.
-, "Roweis" John, of the Park: assures for his house (18th Dec. 1584), p. 170.

Ellot, "Sim's" John, of the Park: p. 121.
-, young John, of the Park: raid by, 132.
-, "Scot's Hob's" Jock, of the Parke: raids by, 132, 595; assures for his house (18th Dec. 1584), p. 170.
-, Joke, of Ramsgill: p. 121.
-, John, of the Steele: raid by, p. 346.
-, "long" Jock: raids by, 176, pp. 348, 350, 352, 356.
-, John, of Thornesope: p. 121.
-, John: "the child," raid by, p. 347.
-, Joke: "half lugs," p. 121; raid and murder by, p. 350.
-, Jocke: "Archies" nephew, raids by, p. 380.
-, John: "cull the spade," raid by, p. 356.
-, "Martens" John: raid by, p. 349.
-, Jocke: "red" Martin's brother, foray by, 229.
-, John: his arms, p. 38.
-, John (2): their arms, p. 39.
-, John: his arms, p. 41.
-, John: absent, p. 44.
-, John: bowman, p. 45.
-, John: his arms, p. 58.
-, John: his arms, p. 60.
-, John (Kirkoswald): his wife's "weathers" stolen, p. 431.
-, Leonard (2): their arms, pp. 39, 41.
-, Mark, of the Hill: raid by, p. 347.
-, Martin, of the Bradley hyghe in Liddel: p. 121; his "grayne," p. 121; his daughter married to Francis Foster of Kyrsop foot, p. 123; refuses the King to pledge for all Liddesdale, only his own "graine" (April 1584), 214; sent to Edinburgh castle, 214; Scrope and Forster to meet at his house (12th Nov. 1584), 268; assures for the house of Redheugh (18th Dec. 1584), 278; and for some Teviotdale lairds, p. 170.; ordered by Bothwell to hunt for venison for the King's marriage (22nd Sept. 1589), 652; a bill referred to his oath (April 1590), 668; raid by his "man" and son, p. 347; by his man, p. 351; sons and nephew, p. 351; Tynedale bill against him, and the King "fyles" it himself (17th Nov.), p. 512.
-, "red" Martin, of Hewghouse: raids by, 132, 229, 595; Martin, of the Hewghouse: assures for his branch (18th Dec. 1584), p. 170.
-, Martin, of the Pricking haugh: raid by, p. 349.
-, Martinge, son of elder Will: assures with Scrope and Forster (18th Dec. 1584), p. 170.
-, "Ritchies" Martin: p. 121.

Ellot, Martin: his arms, p. 41.
-, Peter: his arms, p. 41.
-, Peter: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, Renyen, of Dewhouses: assures for Ewesdale, p. 170.
-, Rynion, of Dodborne: raids by, pp. 3501.
-, "Renyon" Will, of Thorleshope: raid by, p. 351.
-, "Bessie's wife's" Riche: raid by, 595.
-, Richard: his arms, p. 38.
-, Richard: his arms, p. 41.
-, Robin, of Redheugh: chief of his clan, p. 121; his brothers and retainers, p. 121; dwell between the Hermitage and Whethaugh tower, p. 121; his sister married to Will Grame, second son of old Ritchie of Netherby, p. 125; refuses the King to pledge for all Liddesdale, only his own "graine" (April 1584), 214; sent to Edinburgh Castle, 214; assures for his house and clan (18th Dec. 1584), 278; and for Teviotdale lairds, &c., p. 170; raids by himself, son, man, &c., pp. 347, 351.
-, Robert, of Thorlosope: assures for his branch (18th Dec. 1584), p. 170.
-, Robin: "the bastard of Glenvoren," raid by, p. 347.
-, Robin: his son, man, servant, &c., p. 359.
-, young Rob.: his brother a chief offender, 167.
-, Robert: bowman, p. 44.
-, Robert: absent, p. 47.
-, Roger: his arms, p. 39.
-, Rowland: his arms, p. 40.
-, Rowie, of Ramsegill: assures for R., p. 170.
-, Sime, of Hardin: p. 121.
-, Sime: son of Martin of Bradley, p. 121.
-, Syme: raid by, p. 347.
-, Thom, of Copshaw: raid by, 595.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 37.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 38.
-, William, of the Fallenashe: assures for house of Redheugh (18th Dec. 1584), 278; and cautioner to appear before King and council on 22nd inst. (6th Jan. 15901), 700.
-, Will, of Fyttington (Fydderton) (2): raids by, pp. 347, 350, 351.
-, William, of Fidilton: assures for Ewesdale, p. 170.
-, Will, of Goddambury: raid by (1587), 595.
-, Will, of Gorenberye: raid by, p. 350.
-, Will, of Harskarth: brother to Redhaugh, p. 121; "Robins Will," of Harskarth: raid by (1587), 595; Will, of Hartscarth: kills two Dods of Tyndale in a feud (Aug.), 879; raid by, 961.

Ellot, Will, of Mossepatrickhope: assures for Goramberye till Fastern's Eve (18th Dec. 1584), p. 170.
-, Will, of the Hewghouse: raids by, pp. 348, 350.
-, Will, of the Steele: p. 121; assures for his branch (18th Dec. 1584), p. 170; Will, elder, of the Steill: raids by, pp. 347, 348, 350, 351; "old Will:" p. 352.
-, Will, younger, of the Steile: raids by, pp. 347, 348, 350, 351; "old" and "young" Will, of the Steill: raid by, p. 356.
-, Will, of the Stretchellhill, alias "henhead": foray by, 229.
-, Willie, of Thorlosoppe: raid by, 229.
-, "gray" Will: p. 121.
-, Will, "the Dale": raid by, 176; "Will I dally": foray, with 1000 men, in Tynedale (7th Oct; 1593), p. 505; (of Lawreston): has been before the King, nothing done to (19th Oct.), 908; bill of Tyndale against him, p. 512; the King and council's letter to Bowes, "fyling" him, &c. (17th Nov.), p. 512.
-, William: his arms, p. 37.
-, William: his arms, p. 41.

Ellottes, the: outrages in Bewcastle (MarchJuly 1581), pp. 69, 70; called the "Borneheeds": grayne of, p. 121; of the Park: the "grayne of," p. 121; on the Liddel: p. 120; their chief, and different "graynes," p. 121; their raid near Hexham checked at Bewcastle, prisoners retaken, and a principal man slain (22nd Jan. 15834), 199; of Liddisdale: their head and branches, p. 121; feud with the Fenwicks, p. 126; foray Bewcastle in open day (2nd May), 222; and continue (7th), 225; Scottish thieves, pp. 102, 103; a surname of Liddisdale, 166; "loose men," their numbers, p. 106; their feuds, 168; of Thorlesope: assure till Fastern eve with Scrope and Forster (18th Dec. 1584), p. 170; of Goramberye: assure with Scrope and Forster, p. 170; of Park: assure with Scrope and Forster, p. 170; of Liddesdale:their assurance with the English wardens till Fastern's eve (18th Dec. 1584), 271, 278; extended till Easter, p. 172; their "band" with Forster hinders justice (May), p. 259; too well treated by him (June), pp. 2623; of Ewesdale: foray Myndrum, p. 343; one of the two surnames of Liddesdale, ride most in Gilsland, Alston moor, &c., p. 394; their chief Elwood of Lariston, p. 395; "ever riding," p. 395; do not join Bothwell's force (24th June), 749.

Elphingston: the Treasurer rides to (Aug. 1592), p. 405.

Elsdoun, Percevell, of the Mote: raid on, p. 360.

Elsewicke: horsemen in, p. 22; complain of charges, p. 22; muster of, p. 159.

Elterburne (East March): p. 31.

Embden: 3.

Emerson, Jo.: bowman, p. 47.

Emmarton: muster of, p. 43.

Emontill: muster of, p. 153.

Empsfield, Laird of (Charteris): married to Lord Herries' daughter (1581), p. 72; his sister wife of Kirkmighell, p. 72;( Emesfeilde), Laird of: well affected to England (July 1583), p. 106.

Empson, John: examined by Forster, 296.

Emulton village: tenants, &c., p. 17; the Queen's house there, p. 17; (Embleton): muster of, pp. 154, 160.
-, Gabr.: horseman, Doxford, p. 160.

Endermarkye, Laird of: Angus's friend, allowed to live at Carlisle, 192: visitors to, from Scotland, and Scrope suspicious of him (17th Dec. 1583), 192: Bowes' notes about him (13th Jan. 15834), 198.

Endernesse. See Inverness.

Erengeton, George: levies heavy fines, p. 22.
-, Mark, of Ponttilande: raid on, p. 361.
-, Nicholas: 39; (Herington, Arrington), Captain Nicolas: 96; sues to James 6th for English merchants' goods (May 1581), 97, 98; 109, 114; appointed controller at Berwick (31st March 1588), p. 322; 854; controller of works (July 1593), 869; his note of unaccounted for money in treasurer of Berwick's hands (29th Sept.), 895; complimented by Carey for his care and diligence (29th Sept.), p. 502; on state of repairs of pier and bridge (30th), 897; defects of musters (4th Oct.), 898; on absentees with Hunsdon, Robert Carey, &c., p. 504; to Burghley, with Berwick accounts, praising the services of John Crane and Acrigg the surveyor (12th Oct.), 902; his signet, 902; 914; "Master": controller of works and clerk of check of musters, died at Berwick (8th Dec.), 919; Crane recommended to succeed him, p. 515; is thought dying by Bowes, who recommends Crane, 920; the late: 927, 932; the late.: p. 541; was clerk of the ordnance, Berwick, 973.
-, Thomas: his house of Haughton forayed (1587), 535.
-, Wille: a "very lewd person," p. 92.

Eringtons, the: in feuds (1583), p. 106.

Erroll (Arroll), Earl of: at Edinburgh meeting of nobles (Dec. 1580), 69; at Aberdeen meeting (30th May), 318; meets the Hamiltons, Huntly, &c. at Lithco (27th Jan. 15878), 587; with the King and Huntly when Angus and others' plot discovered (13th March 15889), p. 336; joins Bothwell's party (30th July), 715; (not Arran) with the King at Falkland (June 1592), 754; his scheme with Hamilton and others to turn out the chancellor, &c., proposed through Burghley for Elizabeth's concurrence, &c. (14th July), 763; lies close, hoping for favour (18th April 1593), p. 450; in Scotland "in one corner or other" (29th June 1593), 851; with Hume, Huntly, &c. decides on action against King, religion, &c. (13th July), 860; at Court awaiting parliament, 860; at the "convencion" with Huntly, &c. in Dumbirsle on 4th July, p. 475; in Court with the King (29th Aug. 1593), p. 496; meets the King going to Jedburghkneels and asks pardonand ordered to stand his trial first (13th Oct.), 905, p. 507; to satisfy the Church of Scotland, and obtain Elizabeth's favour (19th Oct.), 908; his trial to be at Lithco on 2nd Nov. (31st Oct.), p. 510; [this unpleasing to the "Kirk" and others, p. 510; asks Carey to use Ogilvy the priest well (8th Dec. 1593), p. 515; forfeited by the King's means in parliament for signing the Spanish "blanks" (8th June), 955.

Erskine, Master of: his two sons arrested by Bothwell at Holyrood, with letters (11th Aug.), p. 490.
-, (Askin), Alexander: arrested by Bothwell at Holyrood (11th Aug.), pp. 48990.
-, James: detained at Berwick (12th March 15845), 292.
-, James: arrested by Bothwell at Holyrood (11th Aug. 1593), pp. 489, 490.
-, (Askyn), Thomas: arrested by Bothwell at Holyrood (11th Aug.), pp. 489, 490.

Eshett: horsemen in, p. 21; oppressed with fines, &c. by Carr of Ford, p. 21.

Esington ward: muster of, p. 162.

Eskdale (Eysdale), the Batsons of: p. 106; inhabited by the Battesons, p. 121.
-, (Eyssdall) ward, Cumberland: musters of (Feb. 1581), 90; total arms and weapons in, p. 42.

Eske water: p. 32; horsemen in, 54; the men of: not mustered, p. 42; (Aske): the Queen's, leased to Grames, light horse in (April 1583), p. 99; the water of, and fords on: 162, p. 102; the: is a "fair river," receives the Liddell, Black and White Levens, the Ewes and Sark waters, p. 121; how the Grames first inhabited it, within living memory (1583), p. 124; succeeded the Storyes, p. 124; horsemen in, p. 155; the "best" Grames and many, dwell on both sides, under no government but the lord warden, p. 393; the greatest surname on West Border, 500 able men, p. 394; the Storyes on are "decayed," p. 394.

Eslington: horsemen in, p. 21; raid by Buccleuch, young Cesford, &c., and 2000 men on (30th Nov.), 570; resistance and escape of Sir C. Collingwood, but his son and Captain Bellasis taken, &c., 570, p. 290; raids at, p. 363.

Esmyer, Cuthbert: absent, p. 44.

Espelie: horsemen in, p. 22.

Essex, Earl of: his success in Low Countries (26th Oct. 1586), 463; the King of Scots writes to (11th Sept.), 634; letter asked under his hand, by a plotter to capture Spanish treasure (7th Oct. 1593), 899.

Etherstone: Thomas Forster's tenants in, p, 16.

Ettaill, New: tenants in, p. 15; Old: tenants of, p. 16; castle: p. 32.
-, New: the Queen's, p. 33; Old: the Queen's, p. 33; Lord Hume gets hounds at (21st Oct.), 987.

Etterby: raids on, 791, p. 430.

Euetson, John: unfurnished, p. 48.

Eure (Ewer), William, lord: his tenants, &c., pp. 21, 22; raises rents, pp. 21, 22; royal writ to (1581), 95, 355; (Evers): a commissioner on border causes (May), 431; excuses his coming to Court, from infirmity, and his law case at Durham (4th July), 438; the Queen to (27th Nov.), 565.
-, (Ralph) lord: placed on the council of the North (14th Aug. 1594), 974.
-, Ralph, esq.: captain of horse, co. York (6th June), 608.

Eward: tenants in, p. 15; muster of, pp. 153, 157.
-, Alex. (2): horsemen, Wark, 259.
-, Cutbert: horseman, Carham, p. 160.
-, Edm.: horseman, Scremerton, p. 159.
-, Geo. (2): horsemen, Wark, 259.
-, Humfrey: horseman, Wark, 259.
-, Nic.: horseman, Lowick, p. 159.
-, Pawle: horseman, Wark, 259.
-, Phil.: horseman, Carram, p. 160.
-, Prestir: horseman, Wark, 259.
-, Richard: horseman, Wark, 259.
-, Tho.: horseman, Wark, 259.
-, Wil.: horseman, Chatton, p. 160.
-, Wil.: horseman, Wark, 259.

Ewbank, Jo.: unfurnished, p. 47.

Ewene, John: horseman, Bousden, p. 158.

Ewer, Cuthbert: bowman, p. 45.
-, John: his arms, p. 44.
-, John: absent, p. 47.
-, Ric. (2): spearmen, p. 47.

Ewes (Use), water: meets Esk near Laugholm castle, p. 121.

Ewesdale: the "Gingles" of, 106; (Ewsdall): "a civil people, never ride in England" (1592), p. 394.

Exchequer, officers of: to raise the King's revenue to 57,000 marks Scots, by revoking grants, taking thirds of spiritualities and temporalities of monasteries (Feb. 15901), p. 376.

Eyemouth (Heymouth): letters, &c. to James 6th, from Spain, France, and Prince of Parma arrive at (28th April), p. 256; report of the Armada off (9th Aug.), 620.

Eyles, Thomas: his arms, p. 41.

Eytherslaw (Hatherslaw): muster of, pp. 153, 157.